MINECRAFT: Back Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 33

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video, you're missing out on some serious Nether action. Our her...
MINECRAFT: Back Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 33
MINECRAFT: Back Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 33

MINECRAFT: Back Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 33

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest video, 'MINECRAFT: Back Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 33'? It's my favorite one so far!

simon: Oh yeah, that was a blast! Especially when Neebs died unexpectedly. Classic Neebs move!

appsro: I know, right? But despite his demise, we still managed to conquer the Nether like pros. We're unstoppable!

neebs: Hey now, don't make fun of my untimely death! It was all part of the plan to keep things exciting for our viewers.

Hey there, Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video, you're missing out on some serious Nether action. Our heroes are diving back into the dangerous yet beneficial world of the Nether, despite Neebs' surprising death in the last episode. Trust me, it's worth the watch!

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The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series! Their cinematic approach to gameplay commentary is absolutely hilarious and makes the game so much more entertaining to watch.

In the latest episode, the crew heads back into the Nether after Neebs' unfortunate death last time. Even though the Nether is crazy dangerous, Neebs is determined to get his stuff back. The banter between the guys as they battle zombie pigmen and avoid lakes of lava is comedy gold!

Neebs Gaming has such great chemistry as a team. You can tell they're real life friends just having a blast playing games together. Their jokes and reactions feel so natural, like you're hanging out with them. And they aren't afraid to make themselves look ridiculous for the sake of entertainment.

The cinematic editing adds so much production value too. The way they cut between different camera angles and add goofy sound effects and music builds the drama and adventure so well. It really enhances the gameplay footage into something cinematic and engaging to watch.

Overall, Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series is the absolute best way to experience this game without playing it yourself. Their commentary and editing transform a standard survival game into an immersive adventure comedy. I could watch these goofballs surviving the zombie apocalypse for hours! Definitely check out their channel for some top-notch gaming entertainment.

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come out the portal AppStore we throw0.032.82
all the stuff down and go back in and1.383.24
get the rest of it I'm trying I got to2.853.719
get into the portal Duggan [ __ ]4.624.62
all right then that's dummy Eggman now6.5695.131
oh no don't be oh no higher Oh God9.245.069
I'm to eat up all your stuff oh good11.73.3
alright what do I got other work this15.04.02
take it Neves where are you guys17.014.83
obsidian I'm out I'm at the house yeah I19.024.05
got out of the nether all right I got a21.843.48
deal Grand Theft Auto is that everything23.074.5
Lord this place is stressful [ __ ] I just25.3211.399
sold a car guys we got to go back in and27.5710.649
get the rest of my stuff yeah I'm worth36.7194.291
and I will let me let me heal up um this38.2194.921
is yours diamond sword I know you like41.013.779
that I do like that43.142.91
doraleous lets you and I run in real44.7892.131
quick and get the rest of neat stuff46.053.239
I'll help you battle alright yeah nobody46.925.49
else died okay let's run back over here49.2895.401
this is where it was noobs where are you52.414.98
um I'm here from here okay needs outside54.694.65
tell the wife I don't have that I loved57.392.79
her hi59.342.609
I seen deep stuff and going for it I'm60.183.57
playing security won't you again so I'll61.9493.24
be Pigman don't seem to be interested in63.753.479
you know other nice didn't either hey65.1895.851
guys well guys the just do is die oh so67.2295.341
you're cursed until you die thank71.044.23
goodness yeah guess so that makes sense72.574.08
well you go over there slowly one good75.272.55
test answer sorry76.653.63
whoa okay yeah yeah yeah run get back to77.824.53
the portal oh boy heck no [ __ ] this80.282.4
she's so hard be back Vic wants to live82.683.81
here I want to go back no I don't want85.112.759
to live there but I think there's86.493.269
there's goodies to be something you just87.8694.231
hit one and he's behind you oh god now89.7594.081
he's attacking me Simon did you smack92.13.33
what I saw him smack it damn it93.845.209
did you give make sure Simon dies yeah95.436.149
are you still in the UH yeah I just99.0494.081
wanted to see if they're still friendly101.5793.9
I think I might have oh no he's103.133.22
attacking me again105.4793.511
run er tackle yeah yeah I'm brake island106.354.17
I'm gonna wreck the portal I think I'll108.993.14
make it out neebs110.524.68
guys how do you make arrows you kill112.134.87
skeletons hey should be able to bones115.24.11
bones and what feather yeah bone that's117.03.93
what the Indians used to use bone and119.313.089
Flint needs get back to the house I can120.932.479
give you what I got122.3994.951
that place I don't want to go back dick123.4095.35
was making arrows with bones in the127.353.299
middle need somebody said make up a bone128.7592.621
come over130.6492.381
Indians used to do that and instead131.383.93
what's he doing in fact that in there's133.035.19
some boots I know I think you had a135.315.7
bunch of bread yep I got your fishing138.225.07
rod flint and steel I had a magic141.014.14
fishing rod yeah I've got it for you oh143.293.18
here's your map neebs145.153.66
oh yeah that's important I would say146.475.7
that was a mildly successful mildly I148.814.74
bet if I had this diamond horse armor152.173.96
before and that's all I got Murray would153.553.29
still be with us156.134.26
mm-hmm can we make a pool in the nether156.845.71
of water yeah we'll see why we couldn't160.393.99
I think right around that portal we can162.553.72
make sort of a base kind of like we have164.384.35
right here yeah but another base you're166.273.87
right just so we can have all the168.733.99
resources and we can come back and throw170.144.08
the [ __ ] we get in there yeah we have a172.723.51
few chests there maybe we build the base174.223.57
around the portal so when we enter it's176.233.03
already we know boom we're in a safe177.793.33
zone Suns going down guys you think we179.262.73
should get some rest181.123.3
three creepers outside our house where181.995.64
um over by Ella Murray's grave you want184.424.59
me to kill them no come on187.632.55
everybody back in the house get some189.017.35
sleep guys creeper are you pretty hard190.188.82
forward I didn't do it oh damn I196.364.5
memorial get [ __ ] right yeah are you199.05.49
kidding yeah I told you well [ __ ] aren't200.864.8
you guys supposed to like we are204.493.96
probably go guys holy [ __ ] did you see205.664.5
that goodness gracious208.454.41
my god you see how close that was hello210.165.4
like that is so close to the house yeah212.864.17
that's it that's why we built the whole215.564.56
thing up top mm-hmm - look out before we217.035.4
go it's true oh you're such a dick with220.124.92
today we will rebuild yeah yeah but a222.435.04
right Nick yeah you're still dicta head225.044.89
no I'll take me a dick if it means being227.476.63
a right eye down Ella sorry hey come on229.935.01
you [ __ ]234.12.88
Oh did your did your mule Memorial get234.943.69
blown up I didn't have a meal as a horse236.983.36
as a beautiful white coconuts238.632.85
no but didn't you guys both have240.343.03
Alzheimer's I swear to God still in good241.484.74
shape are you why are you playing with243.375.52
us and then put the big flower there246.223.69
yeah like that248.892.97
yeah that's all right here lies Ella249.914.86
Murray stupid [ __ ] horse I got blown up251.866.58
twice even less she was dead254.776.529
stupid [ __ ] thick I didn't do anything258.444.18
yeah you didn't move when I told you to261.2993.151
move I was trying to but I was stuck in262.623.54
my inventory turns out you need to push264.456.08
a button hey let it go man266.164.37
she's dead my baby you have to come to271.648.92
peace with this yeah you know it takes278.494.2
time [ __ ] and get some eggs make some280.564.26
chickens it'll make you feel better get282.694.08
mine straight up no straight up over284.824.16
three what's the plan what we're doing286.774.86
making chickens not throwing eggs are288.984.66
you know a [ __ ]291.637.14
Oh his chickens change here we go293.646.72
doraleous you rolled it yeah yeah I298.772.76
think we're good to go you're on your300.362.97
mule we got a bond now you can put301.533.98
saddle bags on that grouse wait a second303.334.44
this was a hybrid it should have been305.514.87
it's not this stupid [ __ ] thing it is307.774.41
a hybrid I thought it was I can't do the310.383.3
bacon you hear you do yes it's not a312.183.239
double jump you got to do the bar313.684.44
look how badass horse oh you did the315.4196.541
armor yeah snuffle oh yeah I can't make318.127.16
it mine's wearing gold right now oh yeah321.967.2
that is nice shut up dick I look sharp325.288.139
yeah white horse gold armor dad oh there329.164.59
we go333.4193.421
okay did you make it yeah Here Come two333.759.0
eggs we're making life oh yeah baby336.848.19
chicken gets much more efficient to feed342.755.39
chickens seeds and make make a chicken345.035.82
100% of the time then the waste a348.145.32
thousand eggs to make one chicken we're350.853.96
not talking about efficiency we're353.463.87
talking about fun efficiency is Hey look354.813.99
at this we started out with what two357.332.97
chickens no no what's with all these358.83.27
inbred little [ __ ] we have now this is360.32.49
anybody else we're laggy which one's362.793.689
Adam and waggling I think I think364.53.9
Mexicans let's get out of here366.4794.021
we're in Simon and Abel now we're past368.43.66
all that all right what's the plan I370.54.32
don't know man are we gonna try to build372.065.01
a base at the portal I think that's a374.822.79
good idea377.072.909
we have to call it something too so guys377.614.71
just start thinking of names nether base379.9797.021
no base in the nether netherworld382.326.96
you guys can't other nether Britches now387.03.96
you got to call it like fort something389.284.229
corta corta nether babe god dammit you390.964.56
were personal the base through the393.5092.88
no like you means come over here it's396.3897.051
important to see happiness that's a400.3194.771
party right there just think about it403.443.84
needs twenty some episodes ago this405.095.759
would have been like a statue to me I407.285.91
would have eaten all these animals yep410.8494.891
now what I won't harm them now guys have413.194.71
you met uh you met my mule but hey415.744.26
what's the names get on get off get off417.94.71
so we can see the name snippy snippy the420.06.03
mule snippy yep let's mipi suck it I422.615.339
expected something I need I need to get426.033.69
a horse to play him in charge of name in427.9495.791
the portal base yellow dragon woo um429.728.039
[ __ ] fart that's a great has that one433.748.06
[ __ ] fart we quickly hot queef God437.7597.291
Queen is that the head what's that the441.87.48
name of our fort yeah hot queef high hot445.059.359
cleave alpha alpha HQ a nether queen449.286.93
nether the nether queef another queef454.4094.651
nether queef need if that's what y'all456.216.03
like alright so we gotta get up in the459.064.59
morning and build the nether queef and462.244.32
that's that alright nether queef alpha463.654.53
because we might want another nether466.562.37
queef yeah468.183.0
so let's gear up let's grab everything468.933.93
we need to build it we should make it471.183.299
really Pleasant down there okay queef472.864.5
yeah let's go grab some stone make it474.4795.97
like ours wood I don't think we want to477.364.649
use a lot of wood we definitely want to480.4493.451
make it we need to make chest no chest -482.0093.331
alright yeah ya know we should have some483.93.239
chest in the queef get all up in that485.347.139
queef mmm nice hot queef what is wrong487.1395.791
with us492.4792.841
so we need to make something real nice492.934.229
what's down there495.323.37
we're not do building something really497.1593.48
yeah but now you're hey when you're in498.694.349
the nether you don't stay there it gets500.6394.231
depressing then I want witty little503.0393.541
piece of home down the coast I'll go504.874.38
there you get to take your mind off of506.585.97
all the nastiness while in the queef I509.255.969
need you guys to refer to me as my512.556.45
nether named Keith Urban I'll be queen515.2195.7
for Southerland hahaha creepers519.03.99
thinking laqueefa queen with queen522.998.28
we are five years old535.775.41
are we gonna make it so that the the538.115.08
base surrounds it so we never we never541.184.86
spawn into danger not at the plan yeah543.195.22
that was the one yeah that's a good idea546.044.92
I think all [ __ ] lava right a big big548.415.88
lava right at you out oh my god let's550.966.0
catch on fire who's got water coming at554.295.7
come here come here thick oh right556.965.069
behind you thick thick thick come right559.995.88
up quick quickly I tried I tried yeah562.0296.091
look how did lava get all over me565.875.85
Simon damn it Simon [ __ ] [ __ ] holy [ __ ]568.125.94
portal why is there love at the portal571.724.26
Oh guys because I has got a couple574.064.05
through you guys need to get rid of that575.983.66
I'm not I'm Angie we can't go through578.114.229
the ice now okay well hold on a second I579.644.86
can get through the mud Simon right now582.3394.62
no coming from this side to that side is584.53.33
way too dangerous586.9592.461
I'm staying on this side too that lavas587.833.09
take where's the water who's got the589.423.419
water thick I had water and I tried to590.924.38
put you out and it didn't do anything no592.8394.5
watch watch this dryly okay it's gonna595.33.93
be fun okay you're doing good names just597.3393.69
do that quicker Oh watch out Simon599.234.29
you're on fire I know that's what I said601.0296.571
that was the point yeah Oh [ __ ] watch603.527.14
this go through the portal Oh God on607.65.19
fire designing that little things610.665.31
attacking I'm getting it [ __ ] christ612.795.64
yes there you go come and burn to death615.976.48
oh there's some creepy noises down this618.436.96
[ __ ] sure that like baby noise or622.456.27
whatever that's a gas noise I don't have625.395.16
a pickaxe anymore you go628.724.65
would you like a sand floor oh no you630.554.35
want me to pick this up right here bring633.373.689
you yeah we could have a sand floor634.94.649
yeah looks nice Pigman coming to637.0593.72
investigate think we're all good639.5492.52
everyone's cool with these guys right640.7793.78
Simon what don't you go through the642.0695.13
portal grab as much sand as you can in644.5594.56
the night time it's nighttime okay647.1994.26
just dig oh it's night yep well don't649.1194.14
die I'll go with you can we make a well651.4593.66
now we need to make about one of those653.2593.63
wells let's make you some armor Simon655.1194.23
thank you hmm so you guys aren't eating656.8894.74
baby oh boy yeah I'm glad but I'm gonna659.3495.4
other way okay I serve gas you know have661.6295.91
my bow and arrow I'm going through the664.7496.03
portal yeah I kind of do folded through667.5396.63
the portal Oh Simon gypsum yeah our670.7797.34
chests not in the chest that I'm in uh674.1697.65
welcome iron boots for Simon man even if678.1196.28
we build bill if we build something the681.8194.83
gas just gonna blow it up I think we684.3994.59
have to make it strong don't we how do686.6493.18
you do that688.9892.88
got it out of something strong didn't689.8294.83
say that if we use stone Hawk691.8694.98
it'll get uh yeah I thought so stone694.6594.77
block it all right and sand Simon you696.8493.87
have any room so we can bring some sand699.4293.69
there well I do and I brought I only700.7194.77
have 35 is only only sand I could find703.1193.84
that all that was if only there was a705.4894.83
desert nearby yeah we're gonna be your706.9595.85
smart ass if I could come out here and710.3193.78
dig mom saying cuz I knew it was a712.8093.36
murmur we know how long he's gonna last714.0994.62
with that armor one hit me did I give716.1695.19
you any uh when you picked up any of my718.7195.07
stuff was an arrow involved in any way721.3595.25
an arrow arrows you need some arrows723.7895.16
yeah I don't know about I have 20 arrows726.6094.59
so chances are when we do it right now728.9494.65
cuz some [ __ ] attack me well why are731.1994.41
you looking at the ground at night me733.5993.93
yeah why are you looking at me and not735.6093.78
saying anything because I was killing737.5294.35
the thing that was killing you oh really739.3894.71
you didn't see anything under Matt guys741.8793.63
there's an Enderman right by the portal744.0996.98
he's glad he's friendly is he yeah745.5095.57
okay neebs yeah like what you got going751.243.91
on here with ass and what happened here753.84.35
I want to make up gas dance but I'd like755.155.36
to make this sand one block deeper why758.154.56
you're wasting all this ego then we get760.514.42
rid it no no dig up this sand and put it762.714.83
one block deeper why because all those764.934.29
again I don't have to step up to step on767.543.81
the floor oh [ __ ] do whatever get you769.223.69
what I can killed over here guys we're771.355.88
invaded let's go you're invaded oh sorry772.918.21
I think I just killed the gas I did777.236.78
you're welcome why does it matter if it781.125.38
drops in just two blocks deep I think784.014.47
it'll look better you won't see it it's786.52.55
yeah but then if you keep doing this789.053.3
this isn't gonna look how I want but790.942.46
whatever do what you want I don't792.353.18
understand listen after I don't793.43.51
understand what you're telling what you795.532.97
want make it [ __ ] I don't understand796.913.15
what you're telling I'm trying to do it798.54.2
it can't do this and then put sand here800.066.9
so that we have a floor okay and not do802.76.42
make the sand one block deeper Wow806.964.05
that's all I'm asking is it just me Gus809.123.12
the L understand well he's saying I'm811.013.54
not there give me I don't have anything812.243.93
because I [ __ ] died cuz Simon's an814.555.52
idiot so give me really it's like this816.177.05
had this just happened now why why am I820.076.33
an idiot one that killed me when when823.224.59
you dug the damn hole and let all the826.43.93
lava loose holy [ __ ] you don't let [ __ ]827.815.16
go do you all you [ __ ] guess what what830.336.0
what [ __ ] a creeper just blew up832.975.1
right next to the portal and now you836.333.39
guys are trapped there's a portal here838.073.87
well guess what on this side it's not839.724.23
lit I can't get in there fry even if I841.943.93
wanted to oh I got to see what happens843.953.63
should I try to go through try to go845.873.98
Apsara is this what you were doing your851.826.1
did you just holy [ __ ] it's right yeah854.315.02
lit yeah I wasn't lying857.922.669
oh look oh I thought you were talking859.333.99
look down here what to your left860.5895.19
what look to your left there's another863.324.709
one is that a replacement portal hey865.7794.591
another portal appeared so that means868.0294.021
that we could break up that then use870.374.53
that stuff up there it wow that's a872.054.77
loophole Oh gasps oh I'm gonna break874.93.6
this game down I've got arrows you have876.823.209
a diamond pickaxe I do I need a shovel878.52.58
Kenneth what do you guys bring me a880.0293.961
shovel no you can go [ __ ] yourself yeah881.084.17
gas is down Oh gasps I don't really like885.256.15
where this one is though no but we have888.75.22
it yes listen awesome is embrace it how891.44.73
did the other one blow up off a creeper893.926.59
who was a creeper after me I guess whoo896.137.45
you realize that that is very rare hmm900.515.47
this is very rare oh yeah go ahead and903.584.5
it wasn't like that there was like a908.083.42
regular air like seeing a unicorn in a909.3394.641
coloring book911.52.48

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