MINECRAFT: Neebsylvania

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Neebs diving into the world of Minecraft and starting a brand new...
MINECRAFT: Neebsylvania
MINECRAFT: Neebsylvania

MINECRAFT: Neebsylvania

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Just wanted to say that the Neebsylvania Minecraft video is hands down my favorite. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch me build a whole new world?

simon: Oh please, Neebs. We all know the real reason this is your favorite video is because you finally get to be the king of your own little digital kingdom. It's like a dream come true for you!

neebs: Ha! You caught me, Simon. But hey, who wouldn't want to rule over Neebsylvania with an iron fist? It's the perfect mix of chaos and creativity!

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget the real star of this video - me! I mean, my comedic timing and witty one-liners really elevate the whole Neebsylvania experience. You're welcome!

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's all about Neebs diving into the world of Minecraft and starting a brand new adventure. I was so excited when I saw the title because I knew it was going to be epic.

The video kicks off with some awesome montage music by the Jingle Punks called "The Story Unfolds", which sets the perfect tone for Neebs' new Minecraft world. As he starts building and exploring, you can see his creativity and enthusiasm shining through. It's always so cool to see Neebs tackle a new game and put his own spin on it.

I love how Neebs always brings his trademark humor and fun-loving attitude to everything he does, and this video is no exception. As he delves deeper into Minecraft, you can tell he's having a blast and that energy is infectious. The way he interacts with the game and his audience is what makes Neebs Gaming so special. If you're a fan of Minecraft or just love watching entertaining gameplay, you definitely need to check out this video. I can't wait to see what other adventures Neebs has in store for us in the future.

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Here is a multi-paragraph endorsement in a conversational tone:.

Man, have you seen Neebs Gaming's latest Minecraft series? It's so cool to see them start from scratch and build up an entire world block by block. I love their creativity - the way they come up with these elaborate buildings and landscapes just by gathering materials and crafting things together.

And the storylines they create are hilarious! Like how they built that whole western town and took on bandit characters. The voice acting cracks me up. It really feels like you're watching a little animated movie unfold. Especially with the music and sound effects they add in post-production. Top notch cinematic gameplay right there.

But what really makes their Minecraft series stand out is the chemistry between the guys. You can tell they're just having a blast playing together. And it's contagious! Their commentary is so natural and funny. It's like chilling with your funniest friends. I'm totally invested in their adventures and always excited to see what they'll build next.

Plus, Neebs Gaming takes the cinematic approach to the next level. The custom camera work and editing brings out details and drama that you just don't get playing Minecraft yourself. It's the next best thing to being in the game. Almost feels like you're right there crafting and exploring alongside them.

So if you're looking for a fun, lighthearted Minecraft series with awesome builds, hilarious commentary, and cinematic flair, you gotta check out Neebs Gaming. Their videos are a blast to watch and the best way to experience Minecraft without actually playing it yourself. I'm telling you, their Minecraft series is crazy addicting!

Neebs Gaming
The official Neebs Gaming website


alright guys this is the moment only a7.139.67
few people been waiting for yeah my11.3097.98
crash yeah let's do it16.84.47
suck it [ __ ] yeah kids love this19.2893.271
minecraft I hear21.273.9
I like this minecraft I do i do scream I22.566.209
enjoy noobs noobs noobs lanuza25.176.96
Midland underscore memes Marcelin names28.7695.461
Albania oh I like Neves Oh Vania meep32.134.109
Sylvania like that yo yep I thought you34.234.56
need something you can do Nebraska nice36.2395.07
god no I'm voting for noobs Selene all38.794.589
right Eve Sylvania is simon win leaves41.3092.551
i win all right yeah done done create43.866.66
man mail in your own should we just yeah47.525.539
lay I'm doing it shoulda done hardcore50.525.609
nobody oh that's me done yeah Harding in53.0598.14
it song I'm all the grass really singing56.1297.951
a shitty song create new world I did a61.1997.051
key chain oniy world build to mean lives64.086.359
he's gonna play the game Simon's gonna68.255.22
be stupid and Earth crows gonna get70.4395.911
pissed off here to work oh that was good73.474.649
I like that we know you insulted me I76.353.72
liked it how we can oh are we doing it I78.1195.551
saw it flashing downloading 10024 see80.075.13
you ever seen with the horses in my83.673.87
draft oh there are neither oh that one's85.26.419
up his ass oh oh it's a half teeth to87.546.119
human voices what about it look at it91.6194.89
yeah oh yeah I like the anal noobs93.6596.151
gaming patrons are smarter than your96.5095.551
average YouTube viewer so the human99.813.75
horse appeared Jones you can't just be102.063.449
talking about but joke's on my channel103.564.169
hey man I'm sorry uh a horse's head up105.5094.081
another horse's ass is funny for me and107.7292.67
it always will be109.592.52
where does NIMH Sylvania begin they've110.3993.51
put us in a good place haven't they yeah112.113.75
they have some really nice sometimes113.9093.06
they just drop you in the middle of a115.862.549
desert now this is flourishing116.9693.421
man this is a fertile place how much118.4094.771
abundance what's this is like America120.394.619
this is what America was like before we123.184.58
start from the ND yeah it was125.0095.731
America this is the promised land yeah I127.763.67
like it130.743.48
I hear Neeb Sylvania I think castle yeah131.435.22
I think big like haunted has castle134.223.78
yeah all right that big mountain way136.653.0
over there but he just has to survive138.03.27
the first night recorders what do you139.653.45
mean oh honey material yeah you know you141.273.27
need to find some trees cut down trees143.13.6
yeah no let's tell my hand seeds get144.544.5
seeds wait what is that stead of dead146.74.41
what is that got spots on another horse149.044.68
it's a horse buried in the ground what151.114.65
though I've never seen this guys you're153.724.65
looking at that one's big oh yeah it was155.764.92
an absolute wolf wolf158.373.9
that is a wolf Carl are you kill a160.684.05
chicken boy yeah Oh take his chicken162.275.1
looking at me like that leaves you a164.734.44
meat from a wolf why are you looking at167.374.47
me like that what you need wood oh boy169.174.62
it's aa it's a pack take that chicken171.844.35
meat nice taste chicken oh Jesus what173.794.29
are you doing oh wait a minute why176.193.6
trimming I don't like when you have178.083.42
floating trees it's weird179.792.94
well if you cut them down they'll181.53.51
disappear Lily okay so let's go ahead182.734.83
and make something a place a shelter185.015.76
okay right yep yeah it could be a small187.568.13
place for the first night right Hey kill190.778.58
him no I don't want dad what'd you do195.695.91
dig into a damn water there I was hoping199.353.84
to make a little house you have a little201.63.75
underground sauna you can have a pool203.194.2
inside your head ya know work with the205.354.35
water man with it was meant to be look207.394.74
at that nice yeah this could be a pool209.74.56
so I take the wood huh give its noobs212.134.889
noobs go watched rallies and associate214.263.27
to everybody217.0193.481
yep course that horse is freaking isn't217.535.429
on that was stuck and it's freaking220.53.989
double horse what are you doing down222.9591.861
go are you doing stick your head in224.825.55
pickle a nice smile so now here what are228.033.33
you doing in there230.372.43
little tip you shouldn't walk behind231.363.78
horses like that kick that's how Simon232.83.39
lost his balls235.145.22
sad but true I need that yeah now maybe236.197.28
make a pickaxe of that horses I need a240.366.03
would pick a song no he's making a Kenny243.475.11
sticks you need sticks for the demon246.392.7
oh hey rod so he can crucify the horse249.096.63
it's been a while there you go really252.445.38
all right so now you have a wooden255.722.97
pickaxe ooh257.823.12
it's also a moustache on a stick258.695.7
Oh whoo what is that what is that I've260.944.35
never seen that264.393.45
ah listen Cole oh wow that's the good265.293.45
stuff okay267.843.12
oh boy hell if you can get it without268.745.06
drowning I do I need a stone pickaxe270.965.67
maybe it'll be quicker oh it's gonna get273.85.32
dark pretty soon oh is that it okay276.633.99
we're finding out where's the Sun279.123.33
you don't even built shelter yeah yeah280.623.54
no we gotta see stone pickaxe I get that282.454.59
cold come on it's head cold dig oh yeah284.165.19
one one stick one coal there you go oh287.044.5
now we're talking yeah man we're gonna289.354.05
have a cosy play wasted all of your coal291.544.44
look at this smiley guy all right no get293.46.15
it go get help that's good you have an295.985.01
indoor and outdoor pool now me yeah I299.552.01
like that300.993.18
my the monsters aren't gonna swim under301.565.31
that a wet bar oh this place is looking304.175.43
pretty nice so be nice yes Kevin a nice306.874.53
little stumpy on the ceiling close it up309.63.18
there because it's getting nighttime311.43.78
raining outside I'd say it is nighttime312.784.62
officially this is like the grotto at315.184.59
the Playboy Mansion I was there once317.44.95
yeah yeah are you doing that I'm big319.774.41
party boy you're a lot of satis not a322.353.75
dirt lot of sex I don't believe that324.184.23
story one bit yeah believe what you want326.14.92
doraleous I'm River the grotto you don't328.413.14
know that331.023.21
what we don't do I don't think your331.555.05
parents would have let you go my parents334.235.25
took me I'm not thinking about going out336.63.569
oh you are mm-hmm ooh little you live340.1694.561
and dangerous yeah here's a lift342.363.63
dangerous there you go344.734.189
Oh I remembered little bunny ryeom ooh345.995.94
you guys ever eat rabbit I have so bye348.9195.921
very tasty with us it was your dog story351.935.76
night that's a creeper in it yep that is354.845.76
a creeper where right green see in front357.695.1
to oven guys this hanging with the360.64.71
hosana see spider oh man yeah behind362.795.129
your your fun up zombie zombie hey365.317.38
zombie sword we don't like367.9197.541
what are you doing Oh get back my house372.695.41
close yourself oh man or do it is back375.464.44
in your house and clatter the one thing378.13.81
about this area yeah come on get in379.93.99
there shut her down these fields are381.914.29
rampant last Halloween like right around383.894.23
I was playing a little bit that's how386.25.1
you about my zombie overload mm-hmm it388.124.98
was insane how many zombies were coming391.35.37
at my house like kids same kids all kind393.15.43
of real Souls both you think he's396.673.6
talking about in the game in the game398.534.68
Oh Holly no no no I was playing400.276.21
minecraft okay good I was play minecraft403.215.46
but we don't have any more candy I feel406.483.66
like it was because of Halloween maybe408.673.39
someone can back me up on this but tons410.144.8
of zombies and baby zombies were coming412.064.23
at my house I felt like I was in a414.943.15
horror movie like not a living dad like416.294.5
it was so many men like these 75 Oh like418.094.35
I mean there's throughout the night I420.794.71
probably killed 30 or more he's not422.445.1
gonna give up oh and he's in water he'll425.53.6
stay alive in the morning I well you can427.545.76
see him right when you wake up all right429.18.85
buddy again how'd you hear that oh is433.36.36
that an Enderman I think you should go437.953.93
out those believes that's almost done439.664.32
yeah like I said look dangerous now what441.886.3
is that what's what bad what yeah what443.984.77
is that448.182.16
yeah no the shed that looks clearly448.754.47
different deer right here I mean I all450.344.35
right man they've added a lot of stuff453.224.26
yes torito's Bennelong Tomatoes looks454.694.59
like Doritos knows there's nothing about457.483.42
that looks like this go out there and459.282.54
kill something460.93.93
you're the sword now yeah go out there461.824.96
walk one in demand was there he'll be464.834.2
able begun cuz intervene skate water I466.785.04
remember that Enderman your minute ender469.033.96
man's in demand471.823.78
eight waters wonder if I went Enderman472.994.41
go to sleep they put on their tender475.65.13
wear nice yeah is everything I got it477.44.89
Zee thanks for bringing me into that480.734.23
piece of [ __ ] was slightly like white482.295.56
angry ah really hot on fire484.965.38
no I did it did see I want to see that487.854.23
ah creeper well you got a look at the490.343.84
[ __ ] screen Simon well you distracted492.083.51
me with your stupidness so where'd you494.181.98
I love the white you I'm running bad496.163.54
idea bad idea498.714.53
yeah yeah no go run run oh boy oh boy499.75.61
you need to get your house right here503.244.41
shitty situation ya'll said to go mouth505.314.5
no I didn't I did who said this Simon507.653.9
the one who's gonna play nice yes Simon509.813.51
Oh what happened look at uh I was511.558.07
writing oh god it gonna be man was that513.327.95
not exciting it was alright I was519.622.97
exciting thank you521.273.27
look at me they're up never never a522.594.83
[ __ ] party a little [ __ ] prodigy524.545.58
going on right there horse and skeleton527.426.63
maybe smiling about it in a zombie there530.126.09
are a lot of zombies out there see I534.054.59
feel like because it's close to536.214.83
Halloween they pump up the zombie you're538.643.03
no you're crazy play this on hallow541.675.55
Hallows Eve I will not do it we're not543.986.6
good ok we need food we need the food547.225.91
food skeleton over there and sheep all550.583.93
right kill that rabbit I'm sorry but553.134.62
it's the first white round oh I'm sorry554.515.34
there you got rabbit oh right now let's557.753.6
rabbit hide that's not that's not gonna559.852.73
work and you don't have coal and I don't561.352.73
know what I can do with it I don't562.583.09
either sorry yeah you need to get like564.085.4
some cow but now she and sheep will give565.675.94
you food now - you get more really yep569.483.99
there's a spider and some spine spiders571.613.48
are friendly in the sunshine or a kayak573.473.72
we just attack it whatever I wanted some575.094.5
strong ring hey strings good you can577.196.66
fish yeah yeah yeah we good all right579.597.71
Cal I don't want you to be afraid get583.854.76
him from behind587.34.23
I'm sorry it'll be quick okay it was588.614.69
looking shot was nobody shot I put wood591.533.33
nerd oh you see a thing down there at 12593.33.96
wood uh-huh throw that at the bottom594.868.25
really and then throw the beep I am did597.267.11
not know that you didn't know you could603.113.35
use whoa604.374.73
if your face yeah nice to have more606.463.84
steaks now are you sure you can eat609.14.049
sheep I'm pretty sure you might as well610.35.46
go ahead and kill cow right now a couple613.1494.531
because you don't have any other meat615.764.23
see ya your meatless I have two steaks617.684.409
right there in my inventory no I know619.994.62
but you know I'm saying alright so why622.0893.781
wouldn't you want to kill them the right624.613.09
here is getting attention to me alright625.873.27
he's gonna look at you eat him in the627.74.62
poop oh just hit him in the boat look629.145.009
alright run with a severed leg that's632.323.72
just mean alright and you made his last634.1493.75
moments really horrified you know if636.043.03
you're happy with chaos that's going637.8992.731
down I promise I'm gonna get a fishing639.073.12
pole and you'll all be fine640.637.019
let's see if we get some mutton man642.198.79
alright yeah what's up okay uh you're647.6494.681
gonna want to head back home Suns going650.983.359
down now push it it takes a little while652.333.72
after the Sun Goes Down for the mobs to654.3393.781
show up we had time but hey you know you656.053.69
can make a pickaxe you can do it at your658.124.08
home a little more plan your layout talk659.745.01
about our day Hey look this this what662.23.75
we're working on right now think about664.753.24
it could be the basement to needs castle665.954.77
I think it is the basement assuming667.994.71
you've got enough wood to build a door670.723.78
to don't have to do this technique over672.74.079
now why waste the wood to make a door674.53.54
make a door to your basement yeah676.7793.541
alright shot cook all this yeah you may678.044.23
as well then you could go make a door680.324.95
raw mutton yeah make that cook yeah lamb682.275.55
taste aluminum lamb I have yeah it's a685.274.05
little bit let me do it while you're out687.823.93
of your damn mind sorry am i are you out689.323.15
of your mind691.752.25
Oh little lamb shanks the little692.473.989
lollipops you've had like good lamb hey694.03.51
see that place back there in your696.4593.781
hallway here yeah I mean that's almost697.514.68
ripe for a door to go that way right700.243.75
he doesn't like door now the anti door702.193.78
no no no not really a door but a pathway703.995.01
your little uh whatever pathways lead to705.976.45
Doritos it's like your gateway drug Oh709.06.089
our screwed that's it guys game over712.425.22
what happened well that's ready I don't715.0893.661
really want to eat it cuz it's not it717.643.27
tastes good now there best cold that718.754.23
cold mutton just like pizza you know720.914.14
yeah you know it's gross cold722.986.299
sure what sake sake is very good cold no725.057.95
that's a gross good look at hands729.2796.901
working you gotta tell them anything you733.06.529
know what's really great pubic hair736.185.12
yeah Buick Carol yeah which oh that's739.5294.201
great Carolyn samurai love wait never741.34.229
live haven't ya little bit said I didn't743.734.74
like that oh oh yeah yeah those are745.5294.591
unloved but do you understand that some748.473.179
sakis are better cold and some are750.123.42
better warm y'all seem to go both ways751.6492.911
like Simon yes I do go both ways754.564.92
sometimes at least you'll not sock757.0793.69
bye-bye sock759.482.609
sigh I was one of your things that you760.7693.331
try to yeah look how well it went for762.0894.17
you yeah it was terrible it was a good764.13.989
way to go there after oh yeah that was766.2594.83
so ever went that way yeah yep now you768.0895.31
have a hallway every house comes a sure771.0894.531
hallway we know your basement bedroom773.3994.591
let's make a plan guys okay what do we775.623.54
need when you when you would would777.994.23
cotton wool that's that's it wolf yep779.164.799
wood and wool I'd like to get a fishing782.223.39
pole too because I feel bad killing this783.9593.331
cows down there spider right there to785.612.669
there straight ahead there he is yeah787.2916.68
yeah yeah there is look at that against788.27919.41
two arrows muhahaha you got one in your803.977.32
dick yeah still there yeah he's in the807.6896.541
water you know what you should do um you811.294.409
should kill that [ __ ] and then fill in814.235.219
that water hole oh boy oh [ __ ] there you815.6998.43
go okay all right that's our town there819.4497.94
you go all right yeah824.1293.26
looks like a [ __ ] prison cell can we869.635.23
live right there872.585.04
and then to string right there boom874.867.86
patient Helen Tonkin no way that's gonna877.629.51
work that works if that that would be it882.728.01
makes a noise doesn't it oh I did bobble887.137.11
wow this is like the Deadliest Catch890.736.03
it's not even nothing like nothing dead894.244.23
nothing yeah it wouldn't like that you896.763.93
know there's a horrible reference right898.475.1
playin minecraft [ __ ] idiot [ __ ]900.694.8
crabs in the Alaska would you shut up903.573.33
little idiot905.497.08
my god so we all agree it's kind of like906.98.94
Deadliest Catch nothing like no thank912.577.47
you I'm doing it guys hey it's just like915.846.39
the Kardashians okay so everything's920.044.32
burning alive look at it I slept in my922.235.55
new brand-new bed got a brand new fish924.366.66
and play but you know what what this is927.786.21
not where I'm gonna reside long term931.024.5
where's the castle gonna be I think933.993.93
that's for another day innit [ __ ] yeah935.524.41
it is but every where's he gonna be I937.923.66
mean are you gonna move somewhere else939.933.75
or is just a place maybe okay why don't941.583.96
we should have a plan well here's the943.683.57
plans this long-term right we're gonna945.544.44
upload this video yeah and see if people947.254.95
like it or not they don't they want to949.984.47
see what comes of Nev sylvania yeah do952.23.96
you want to see more neighbors of Vania954.455.07
if not I'll quit playing it okay it's956.164.92
been months since I played you okay us959.523.24
we're not done all right961.083.54
don't you all right us we're not done962.763.84
hey if you want to have an ending for964.623.72
this thing with your fishin [ __ ]966.64.14
trunk catch a fish and head out yeah we968.345.99
should catch a fish is bad Enders970.743.59
this pawn big enough that should be I979.685.99
mean is it easier one982.353.32

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