MINECRAFT: A Missing Person - New Neebsylvania 16

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 16: A Missing Person? If not, you're ...
MINECRAFT: A Missing Person - New Neebsylvania 16
MINECRAFT: A Missing Person - New Neebsylvania 16

MINECRAFT: A Missing Person - New Neebsylvania 16

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? It's my favorite one yet!

simon: Oh yeah, the one where someone goes missing in Minecraft? That was hilarious!

appsro: I couldn't stop laughing when they were trying to build that storage/welcome center. Classic Neebsylvania chaos!

neebs: And don't forget the epic music choices in that episode. 'Cataclysmic Molten Core' really set the mood!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you caught the latest episode of Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 16: A Missing Person? If not, you're in for a treat! In this episode, the gang is faced with a tragic murder in Minecraft, leading them to build a new storage/welcome center in Neebsylvania. But wait, one of the guys seems to have gone missing! What could have happened to them?

As a huge fan of the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel, I couldn't wait to see how they would tackle this mystery. The team always brings their unique humor and camaraderie to every episode, making it a joy to watch. Plus, their creativity in building and exploring the Minecraft world never fails to impress me. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how they would solve the case of the missing person.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out Neebsylvania by clicking the link provided in the description. It's always fun to explore their Minecraft world and see the amazing structures they create. And don't forget to follow them on all their social media channels to stay updated on their latest adventures. Whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or Google+, there are plenty of ways to connect with fellow fans and share your love for Neebs Gaming.

And of course, I can't talk about a Neebs Gaming video without mentioning the awesome music they use. From Kevin MacLeod's tracks to The Jingle Punks, the music always sets the perfect tone for their adventures. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to dive into the world of Neebsylvania in Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 16: A Missing Person. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I gotta tell ya, Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series is just the best. I mean, their cinematic approach to capturing the gameplay is absolutely top-notch. It really makes you feel like you're right there with the gang, living the adventures yourself.

The production quality is insane too. The way they edit the footage, add custom music, and do funny voiceovers really takes it to the next level. It's like watching a fully produced TV show! And the way they tell ongoing stories across multiple episodes sucks you right in.

Like in this latest one where one of the guys goes missing. There's real mystery and intrigue there! It leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. And the new storage building they're constructing looks epic. I love seeing their big projects come together.

But it's not just the production that makes Neebs Gaming so great. Their personalities really shine through and make you care about these characters. You get invested in their relationships and laugh at their hilarious antics.

And you can tell they're just having a total blast playing together. Their chemistry is off the charts and it's simply fun to hang with them. I always walk away from their videos feeling happy and entertained.

So if you're looking for a truly cinematic and immersive way to experience Minecraft, Neebs Gaming is hands down the best channel out there. Their videos are the next best thing to playing the game yourself. I'd highly recommend giving their series a watch. You'll get sucked right in to the incredible world they've built!

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man there's so much work to be done we0.033.96
got to make this thing look better now1.923.45
you'll notice what I did3.993.599
whilst not recording I made a giant5.375.28
spider on top of the hill so things can7.5895.34
happen when we're not rolling yeah yeah10.654.319
it's no fun there though I had a blast12.9293.781
I'm sure is that what you wanted to do14.9696.421
Simon through you is it I mean were you16.716.18
working on something I was trying to put21.393.809
some coarse dirt and random places to22.894.92
annoy you huh I don't have enough25.1994.351
Forrester to I was gonna spell out screw27.814.65
you but I only have 15 actually would29.553.9
like to see you do that32.464.14
would ya I'm not here somewhere else but33.454.32
I'd like to see you spell something in36.63.51
the ground I'd be interested to do it37.774.23
myself learn how to spell first it'll be40.1111.129
great hey should we make our little Hut42.011.61
nicer did y'all notice that what and51.2394.111
Rahzel built looked 10 times better than53.613.839
what is really good it did cuz I mean55.353.9
when we first made this thing we had57.4492.761
nothing to work with59.252.219
oh and then there was also the fact that60.212.369
he's probably put in five or six61.4692.821
thousand yes why don't we make this62.5792.641
something we're proud of64.294.71
shall we why should wait here's what I I65.226.75
would think um we could potentially tear69.05.25
this down and make our base of71.975.28
operations or like a hodgepodge of all74.255.04
of our house now guys I'll write right77.254.38
here let's let me remind you that's the79.294.56
reveal ground right there yes sir oh can81.633.66
I jump in for a second just hold on real83.854.199
just real quick I mean like this is like85.294.8
you go to a big place like Battlefield88.0494.5
Park yeah you need that like big parking90.093.779
lot area like oh it's like the Welcome92.5493.39
Center I know there's the Welcome Center93.8694.621
look we're here we've made it can I make95.9395.101
my point now go for newbs yeah the up98.494.82
top one is supposed to be the castle101.044.969
that require or that that gets attention103.315.14
yeah so are we gonna be building a106.0094.0
castle on top of the mountain everything108.452.699
is that if that's what everybody wants110.0093.121
to look at it right now I see a big dick111.1493.36
sticking out of the mountain yeah that's113.132.849
just supply dropping no that's gonna114.5092.011
okay however but like yes of course you116.523.69
have to look up and see this grand118.9794.111
castle have to but still this is ever we120.215.699
spend most of our time in this little123.095.16
thing for obvious reasons now but we125.9093.66
make it great and here's the other thing128.253.45
when you leave in the morning129.5693.331
climb a ladder and you're on the roof131.72.67
that way you don't get surprised by132.94.08
three creepers staring at ya I get it134.377.08
sunset sunset gap you see this abstract136.986.72
come here oh yeah if you're like staring141.453.78
right down the river that looks nice143.74.02
doesn't it mm-hmm I like it145.234.5
we're going to bed yeah I suppose it's147.725.28
bed time guys three creepers we're out149.735.88
here or by Symons Museum I think they're153.04.349
just admiring the museum you ready for155.613.689
this let's get I'm try to get one at a157.3493.39
time all right this is what should lock159.2993.061
onto me first three as soon as you guys160.7393.841
say what Darrell is Euler I'm going with162.363.989
this one come on buddy ler how do you164.584.8
actually learn oh here come over to me166.3494.681
to come all right I got on both side169.384.199
here got one hit on one or all three171.034.86
coming here they're all three coming all173.5794.891
right yeah could use a up not trying to175.897.95
go there got him nice well done well178.477.62
done guys yeah well done well done well183.842.52
should we make let's let's pick a goal186.363.87
okay I go that everybody is happy about188.44.61
dick won't be happy with it should we a190.236.36
make this prettier like something nice193.016.789
like it looks good like Andrew Zales196.596.929
house and it has like a place up top we199.7995.25
can exit through the top and not to203.5196.261
worry about creepers that's a what's B205.0497.53
what is B somebody throw a beer which209.785.5
I'll rather work on now okay here's what212.5794.74
I propose this yeah we need we need a215.283.72
storage Shack where you know people who217.3194.29
come on the server our guests have219.05.34
plenty of materials but we got to221.6094.47
organize this better I think I think we224.343.299
need something one that's one a bit226.0794.621
bigger and that has way more chest227.6395.401
I mean chess for stone wood nothing230.74.77
loaded every load of detail so what do233.043.569
we want to do I mean where do we want to235.472.519
build this do we want to build this236.6093.03
storage shed like I mean it should be237.9892.37
close to the village239.6392.641
so whoever I was gonna say leave this240.3593.481
where it is just take the walls down242.284.26
okay make it pretty we could take the243.844.679
floor can we change the floor without246.544.22
killing the things on top of it yeah248.5194.741
make the floor nice like it could be250.765.379
like like a wood warm floor or a wood253.264.65
floor we could have more bigger windows256.1394.32
we could see around okay then like in a257.914.31
corner there's a ladder260.4593.771
you go upstairs to the observation deck262.224.86
all right I'm on it make it pretty264.236.78
after make it so pretty okay okay all267.085.46
right is everybody gonna help me work on271.014.11
that I'm going to head back all right I272.546.72
guess guess my quest is over thick you275.125.43
know I don't understand how you don't279.263.0
know this is a YouTube show do you know280.553.39
what I was gonna do huh I thought I had282.265.22
enough time I found some horses and I283.944.83
was gonna tame them and bring them back287.482.46
I'll see that what you just you just289.945.94
really you old thick an apology I think291.565.73
I don't know he probably just came up295.882.04
with that answer297.293.39
no I even put an arrow in the sand over297.925.85
here chancellor about um where they're300.684.89
where they are at so as I'm making my303.775.4
way back an arrow in the sand yeah do305.575.79
you think that's gonna stay oh you mean309.174.29
you didn't shoot an arrow in the sand no311.365.19
no I the shape of an arrow I've been313.464.95
dropping zombie flesh so I can find my316.552.49
way back318.415.03
look at this this is like do-it-yourself319.047.11
the DI D Y dy323.446.07
our DIY what do you call him shows I'm326.156.63
improvement shows uh-huh Oh makeover329.516.68
look at the door look at that door I332.786.92
like that look at this floating door336.197.36
seven what come look at this door okay339.76.52
okay where you at where you at I'm at343.555.79
the house okay I'm close by I'm spelling346.224.8
something out for you something special349.345.04
I love anal that's it we did that to a351.024.649
kid in high school by the way354.383.72
and that's why you're going to hell gave355.6696.591
him anal no we did that in his lawn with358.16.99
some weed killer look at the door that362.263.58
is [ __ ]365.092.13
oh that's yeah that's real messed up365.845.48
well we were young kids will be kids367.227.32
kids'll love anal hahaha this doors371.325.53
crazy because he'll open it Bottas pair374.543.93
open the door yeah376.854.5
okay hold on good job yes cuz there's378.475.61
the wall inferni okay381.355.7
em booyah open door go inside oh good I384.085.04
gotta close the door yeah door387.055.28
oh we're safe there we go thank goodness389.124.949
never used a plant392.333.989
how does that work you uh right-click on394.0694.021
things and it sets them on fire really396.3194.141
yeah go try it on a tree on anything398.094.199
most things so we're a people yeah400.464.65
people really there's my flint are you402.2894.831
going salmon I wanna see what I'm405.114.41
spelling out I'm having a problem one of407.124.699
the letters I might be screwing myself409.525.88
no pun intended you can't figure out if411.8195.801
it's a capital seven or not is this the415.44.259
door I'm trying to look at building door417.624.019
the front door is it floating there by419.6593.871
itself yeah yeah but it still works421.6395.101
crazy it works and there's no walls I423.533.9
where's that's Twilight Zone [ __ ] and427.435.699
then crazy can I set grass on fire can I429.445.34
set grass on fire you should be able to433.1296.421
yes I know you're talking hey-oh fire I434.785.37
made it439.555.04
cool yeah I made fire good like a440.159.6
caveman salmon what I made fire you are444.598.1
caveman if anyone asked in the future449.755.729
bar doesn't burn that long okay good to452.694.65
know it's getting dark again you gonna455.4794.261
make it nice right after I'm gonna do my457.343.389
damnedest like it'll be nice you'll459.742.22
probably hate it and want to tear it460.7293.15
down but I mean that's par for the norm461.964.019
right but you know to me when I say nice463.8795.46
or for the norm par for the norm norm465.9796.03
for the course can we sleep with this469.3395.04
open not very well actually yeah472.0093.541
doraleous want why don't you come over474.3794.141
here my man build a little uh a little475.554.5
shelter here real quick so we can478.523.06
transfer the beds over there480.053.72
over we're over over here here I see it481.583.57
we're gonna hear where am I where I'm at483.773.81
don't get snarky and biscuits no [ __ ]485.154.019
you I'm just trying to figure out487.582.549
[ __ ] [ __ ]489.1694.441
jeez oh shut up see Oh everybody Wow490.1295.94
okay mm every since I got murdered man I493.613.57
feel like a different person496.0693.991
somebody's on the rag and it's okay it's497.183.93
the rally yes500.065.069
you can't spell it I can't spell drag or501.118.459
doraleous the o ra l EA us the Regulus505.1297.2
something under aguilas close enough you509.5693.96
know what I got a message for you512.3292.281
doraleous stop513.5292.851
don't worry I'll show it to you a little514.613.09
bit oh is it to me now516.383.3
yeah let's do some one called whoever517.75.07
now it's to you okay Steve make sure it519.684.86
make sure you uh need to get a nice522.774.47
reveal on this one okay but this was to524.544.2
neebs initially right maybe tomorrow527.243.18
morning I don't know yeah tomorrow528.744.59
morning might be nice yeah is it530.424.35
directed at doraleous tomorrow morning533.333.63
yes okay I'll do it tomorrow534.777.5
hey guys hi hey it's me thick hey what's536.967.26
up any of you remember how to get back542.276.36
to the little temple in the desert oh544.226.93
yeah okay you're gonna move there I548.635.94
found an abandoned a an abandoned city551.155.64
village right right by it554.574.56
village an abandoned village i abandoned556.794.89
village doing way out there I was trying559.136.87
to get horses for my friends um why561.686.3
don't you this is probably never gonna566.03.66
happen but remember how you got there567.986.21
and we'll go there sometime make a road569.666.48
there I think that was his shot lead to574.195.1
get someone to help him to come back is576.145.52
that what I'm talking about yeah I think579.294.68
that oh okay I see what's gonna have a581.664.2
place to stay now I've got Oh a chest583.973.96
are you really loud you're in the585.863.99
village huh yeah I've got some I found587.933.69
some I'm glad you're discovering it with589.853.66
us that's right yeah oh yeah that'll591.622.67
look good in the video593.513.42
oh dear barri know what I'm going back594.294.56
to the old school days I'm gonna do some596.932.46
oh so yesterday he's just giving up on599.395.76
everything else going back to a couple603.624.02
hours ago yeah well what what I'm gonna605.155.88
make Cal's wheat old man and make Cal607.645.55
y'all he's gonna be like Jesus oh yeah611.034.14
no make Castle yeah near our farm we613.194.53
should start a cow farm I just picked up615.176.51
an iron axe you did not yeah are you617.725.88
serious yeah it was in the water in the621.682.4
you did not an accident jazzy how do you624.085.4
catch it with a fishing boat no I just627.53.54
Warsaw stuff float and they're gonna629.483.24
walked in the water oh this time I dive631.044.44
over there I guess so hoody able to kill632.725.55
someone else lately no no I've killed635.483.36
two people638.273.72
malice and one of them deserved it and638.844.92
the other one was an accident and the641.994.05
guy can't let it go on accident I see643.763.9
what you deserve there was no646.044.53
pleased I'm gonna pull a fit get lost647.665.51
yep I'm not lost650.575.04
you're just lost do you know where the653.174.69
temple is from where you are yeah I'm655.614.56
looking at it so then you you you will657.864.41
be able to they know how to find you I660.173.69
know how to get back to the tent oh well662.272.97
I'm at the temple right now you're at663.863.54
the temple are you yeah did you go665.243.84
horseback now I went looking for all667.44.95
thicker Potamus Oh thicker ooh a what's669.085.94
a missing-person thick-headed let me see672.354.56
I see the temple look for the spider675.024.05
where are you think you're at the temple676.913.69
on top of it you guys are different679.075.88
temples there's no way I'm standing on680.66.09
top are you looking at the temple yeah684.954.11
hold on hold on there are different686.695.39
temples Oh to God it's the same temple689.067.11
you know oh yeah you guys are different692.087.18
temples aren't you away oh oh oh what696.173.9
the hell was that699.263.21
Neves did you know it'd be great we can700.074.32
see it in the video yeah I'm looking for702.474.38
you still I don't see you I'm on top but704.394.2
I think we're at two different temples706.855.21
buddy no you gotta be kidding me708.596.06
all right so I came to find thick and712.063.79
then he's already gotten sidetracked714.655.55
again and you're to tries by this what715.856.15
I'm surprised I'm heading back thick so720.24.56
I'll be okay cuz million there's an722.05.31
abandoned village over here you bet yeah724.764.44
that's the thing you don't care that you727.313.27
don't have a bed and we're gonna have to729.23.03
tidy other way okay there you go730.583.51
I took a bed with me then you're set732.234.41
rock on needs gonna be jealous why would734.095.1
I be jealous cuz this place is like it's736.643.39
right up your alley739.193.27
yeah but you're alone what good is740.034.74
things when you're alone all of us part742.463.96
of the adventure I don't know I like my744.776.57
swimming pool in my spider but yeah part746.427.17
of the adventure is uh us finding each751.344.52
other which you could not possibly do753.593.54
am I getting lost now oh oh gamma Cal's757.134.83
there they are760.794.02
d blue scales I would never find my way761.966.69
home all right Simon head indoors I am764.817.49
indoors all right watch out there is a768.656.18
creeper sort of near under zel's house772.34.27
so don't go near around Roselle's house774.834.62
all right looking for you needs almost776.573.88
made it are you guys in bed we're about780.456.48
to be I'm in bed I find the coolest782.735.73
stuff when you guys aren't around786.934.83
I know oh boy my defense I did not788.465.55
expect to venture out as far as I did791.764.59
you know your is that your real control794.014.14
do that for you go all the time796.354.8
in my defense my defense I didn't know I798.154.77
would kill the person when I stab them801.157.43
it's much different Columbus next I help802.929.9
Yami's watch out for creepers Simon did808.585.95
you see right by your screw you there's812.824.44
a cave entrance nope mushrooms down814.534.86
there a new cave817.263.78
yeah I've not seen it before it's fun819.394.02
I'll put a new cave on the block back821.046.12
from there I don't know that's gonna823.417.35
work it's not that I can't do anything827.168.79
in the materials whoa boy what'd you830.7610.05
find thick how cool is it thick not cool835.958.34
well call it a ton of coal I'll put the840.815.19
coal over here in the cooker calling the844.295.46
cooker mm-hmm perfect I have raw food846.06.36
maybe I should I need to cook some and849.754.2
then take some with me if I'm going on852.362.19
an adventure853.952.04
we're not going that far I just thought854.553.63
we'd gonna grab some sand and bring it855.994.17
back so AppStore have glass all right858.184.38
I'm good I'm good man I got some room860.167.71
follow me gonna get some sand mm-hmm862.567.62
cool man we got we got way too much dirt867.875.52
and stone but you go you disappeared870.186.24
today oh there you are [ __ ] Deborah I'm873.396.48
very proud of my word my word work over876.427.44
here yep yes you did you see it up her I879.876.21
did good for you is a cave over there883.864.29
to the right of it Simon do you have a886.086.21
shovel yes I only have one though let's888.156.69
just grab a little bit of sand and try892.294.56
not to make the place look tacky okay894.845.1
keep things looking nice okay now Apsara896.855.67
yo said that there was some sort of GPS899.946.81
in the game oh you mean that now yeah f3902.526.3
can hit f3 and figure out your exact906.754.56
coordinates oh that was a lot of numbers908.824.52
that I just brought up now911.314.52
there's an XY and z space and if we give913.344.77
you our numbers you can find us oh yeah915.836.949
I am at X Y Z negative five four five918.118.58
64-49 you're at negative five four five922.7797.421
mm-hmm man I'm glad I didn't keep going926.699.899
that way bad okay I just head this way930.212.12
oh I see you I'm kidding um is that a936.5899.481
joke that was a joke why would you say942.325.459
that and say you're kidding because946.073.42
that's what you do when you joke is you947.7795.25
just joke around ice know this guy bless949.496.21
his heart he would um like we'd go953.0294.771
somewhere and he'd be like hey I'm from955.73.87
Indiana to someone new like I'm just957.84.19
kidding I'm not I'm from Ohio959.575.49
okay we're like what's the point I don't961.996.61
understand that was a joke but does965.067.11
anyone know no Jonah the villains who968.65.31
did that know and like he wouldn't even972.173.54
let it go more in a second freedom said973.913.3
now I'm just joking not from Indiana975.713.33
they never met him how I mean I would977.214.14
then even know right yeah he's your toy979.043.21
shit's stupid that's not [ __ ] cage982.254.11
it's [ __ ] know what I'm doing is I984.293.87
was I was gonna do a whole bunch and986.363.6
then walk around and gather it okay988.164.17
I think we're good okay I got a ton man989.965.55
man kill that sumbitch right now do it992.334.8
you'll die again not to come back995.513.9
because you're saying look at that you997.134.38
did you're building it you're building a999.414.32
nice place there after oh you want us to1001.514.62
put the sand in the cooker put the sand1003.734.26
in the cooker if I do what you say sand1006.133.69
in the cooker and in the cooker don't1007.993.18
you laugh and I think I found one of my1009.824.59
arrows the dug into the ground you know1011.174.89
what there's already 64 glass in the1014.413.12
materials thing I could have used some1016.063.149
of that you guys just went on a1017.533.57
pointless adventure well we have lots of1019.2093.511
glass now yeah that's true1021.14.05
looking pretty good there are you gonna1022.723.989
make the deck up top where we can see1025.153.66
yup see I want to get a ladder right1026.7097.11
here how do you uh how do you make a1028.817.079
sticks mini make an angry down each side1035.8895.611
to make one in the middle yep make an H1039.7893.42
all I need ladders you guys are gonna1041.56.179
hate me I already do but yep way ahead1043.2096.09
either buddy you can't find your way1047.6793.84
back even with the know I'll be able to1049.2995.701
get back look at my screen Simon another1051.5197.171
one oh and why yeah why you guys1055.06.269
whispering I don't know whispering1058.694.589
should never happen yeah why are they1061.2694.53
whispering is cuz it might be usable1063.2795.1
what you're saying might be usable it's1065.7994.38
a good thank you Simon you sure thank1068.3792.16
bunch of whisper pusses you got enough1070.5394.47
ladder up there well no I made a ladder1072.974.409
owns almost no one over there leaves1075.0093.571
throw another ladder at the very top of1077.3793.091
that one and the bottom yeah there you1078.582.189
and that last one there okay cool thank1080.7695.671
you good show mm-hmm1085.1492.88
no work we're closed in now are we1086.444.8
pretty much yeah oh look see look get1088.0296.661
that creeper out there where by the1091.245.519
tunnel that goes back to the oh yeah I1094.694.199
see him we're in the house you can't get1096.7594.8
us creeper can he get it mmm if he were1098.8893.9
on the other side this glass he couldn't1101.5593.631
get us kitty nope we're going to bed yep1102.7894.77
is it bedtime cat this is coming1105.193.839
together nice sorry guys1107.5594.141
sorry about that are you yeah I am until1109.0295.191
next time but I will come back you don't1111.75.459
have hearing gifts get gifts who's not1114.224.409
sleeping I'm sleeping1117.1593.301
nobody's sleeping he's not asleep I'm1118.6293.961
making [ __ ] I apologize are we ready are1120.463.66
we getting ready to stop good Adam1122.593.289
laughing yeah yeah we're done recording1124.124.2
gonna be oh wait well let me get a look1125.8794.66
at the house real quick okay yeah I kind1128.323.93
of want I'll be like keep working it1130.5394.38
overhead - yeah no go to bed so you can1132.253.84
wake up in the morning and look at it1134.9192.49
what are you doing out there we could1136.093.539
stop we could stop rolling Audio and1137.4095.15
stuff but if you want to stay and we1139.6295.311
doesn't matter I've killed a creeper1142.5595.86
guys bye yeah yeah oh wow who's a creep1144.944.949
some thought it wasn't possible I1148.4194.76
thought you just keep killing more of us1149.8893.29
you dining to live1196.113.67

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