MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 2 - New Neebsylvania 37

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Part two of the jackfrags saga is out ...
MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 2 - New Neebsylvania 37
MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 2 - New Neebsylvania 37

MINECRAFT: jackfrags Pt. 2 - New Neebsylvania 37

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey there, Simon! Have you seen the latest jackfrags video on New Neebsylvania? It's got chickens and rollercoasters!

simon: Oh yeah, I watched it! Those chickens were hilarious, and that rollercoaster was wild! Definitely one of my favorite videos.

neebs: I know, right? I couldn't stop laughing at those chickens running around. And the rollercoaster had me on the edge of my seat!

simon: Totally! I can't wait to see what jackfrags does next in New Neebsylvania. It's always a blast watching his videos.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video from our favorite YouTube channel? Part two of the jackfrags saga is out now and it's filled with chickens and rollercoasters. Can you believe it? Minecraft - New Neebslyvania 37: jackfrags Pt. 2 is a must-watch for all of us die-hard fans.

If you haven't checked out Neebs Gaming yet, you're seriously missing out. Head over to their YouTube channel to watch all the action-packed episodes. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And while you're at it, don't forget to explore Neebslyvania on their website for even more gaming goodness.

And hey, did you know that you can get awesome discounts on the newest titles through their partnership with G2A? It's like a dream come true for us gamers. Make sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Google+ to stay up to date on all the latest updates and behind-the-scenes action.

The music in their videos is always on point, don't you think? From "Pooka" by Kevin MacLeod to "Tribal War Council" by Doug Maxwell, the soundtracks always set the perfect mood for their gameplay. And of course, who can forget their iconic Neebs Gaming Intro by Hank and Jed? It's a classic that gets us pumped up every time.

So, grab your snacks, settle in, and get ready for another epic adventure with Neebs Gaming. Let's show our support for our favorite gamers and enjoy the ride together. Here's to many more exciting episodes to come!

The Game

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holy [ __ ] guys I don't know where you0.165.719
are abro wow that's cool hold shift do2.86.04
not fall all right to come get oh [ __ ]5.8796.041
there's a creeper he just fell [ __ ] did8.846.039
he die no I'm good I'm good I'm good who11.925.519
has a pickaxe up there oh Jesus it14.8795.56
sounds hell there's a problem oh here I17.4394.641
see okay I found the r what the [ __ ] is20.4393.441
nees hold on I was looking for y'all22.083.88
there was a big problem guys what what23.884.28
is it cuz something sh well that creeper25.964.76
exploded and the ground beneath me fell28.164.8
and I fell now I'm down here we need30.724.2
some sort of like rescue effort to help32.965.24
me okay follow me oh yeah I see Jack way34.924.52
down there Jack do you still have any38.24.359
ladders on you you can swim up the water39.444.639
I feel like this is too cool to not42.5593.881
explore though you know just be careful44.0794.12
with all that can I jump down there46.443.48
without dying yeah if you land in the48.1997.241
water fine o boom49.925.52
wow nebs is here as well Creeper Creeper57.645.68
he's in the water though guys I'm On61.04.479
Fire get in the water Simon get in the63.325.439
water get in the water there you go65.4796.761
[ __ ] Dam it you just make obsidian I did68.7595.801
good Lord you made a lot boy pile of it72.244.4
yeah here com some skeletons I mean some74.564.879
zombies Simon what's that got that text76.645.56
on the screen buddy you sending us a79.4395.761
message Simon yes it's an Easter egg82.26.0
here I go what is this oh [ __ ] watch85.26.72
out get him get him boys like I was what88.25.64
the [ __ ] is going tunnel down here91.923.72
someone's been building this is this is93.844.919
nee's damn yeah this is nee's mine is it95.646.2
yeah an Enderman yep it's an Ender if98.7595.241
this is my mind we're saved cuz we can101.843.959
find our way out easily yeah got to kind104.03.799
of want to look at him no I want to look105.7993.36
at him all right well go for107.7995.521
it oh oh that was bot uh-oh oh God109.1596.56
they're attacking them that sounds113.324.119
horrible guys it's pretty rough it's115.7193.881
yeah have nightmares about things like117.4393.201
you guys want to go back to my mind and120.643.92
go out that way guys can we please stop122.7593.881
Meandering about can we do something124.564.679
please Meander follow me Jack for future126.644.599
reference this is how you make a m look129.2394.281
how nice and organized this is yeah he's131.2393.521
never going to play this game again in133.523.24
his life dris want you show nees what134.764.08
you're looking at I'm I'm gathering136.765.28
about 30 mushrooms right now yeah going138.845.88
to high as [ __ ] meet us back up top oh142.044.64
we're back all right let's wait for knes144.724.599
all right come on come this way Jack I'm146.684.199
was shot by a SK you're being shot by a150.8794.881
skeleton no you're dead we got a153.686.44
skeleton oh God sorry what did you do155.766.839
knock over th are you you could bad I160.124.08
freaked out I thought I was safe are you162.5997.321
dead yep oh yeah get that son of a [ __ ]164.25.72
ball should I go back grab your stuff no174.764.88
I'm heading down there okay that was a177.444.64
nice nice little Adventure right there179.644.599
is that spider friendly no it's night182.086.4
time well oh sorry he acted friendly at184.2396.521
first creeper on the hill yeah everybody188.485.319
get in the house my snowman's been uh190.765.72
wiping his snow everywhere hopefully he193.7994.601
won't kill himself on that Cactus is196.483.56
neebs the best Minecraft player out of198.44.52
you lot uh I would say maybe abro is200.045.08
okay why why is he better than me I'm202.923.52
just going to leave it at that I'm good205.123.839
at this mhm do you see my mine oh your206.444.6
mine a great mine you see my spider yeah208.9593.92
how come you're not in the running D I211.043.96
just you know I'm humble oh yeah you212.8793.961
guys have any more glass we can make215.03.64
some I know we got some sand somewhere216.845.319
let's see uh where can we find sand we218.644.92
need to make a journey to the desert222.1594.28
follow us Jack go this is a rabbit yeah223.565.0
probably that's a particularly large226.4394.72
rabbit kill it get some meat no don't228.564.039
kill it I can't allow that thing to231.1594.201
survive I'm sorry oh boy boy see see we232.5995.241
live in a vegetarian World here Jack our235.364.959
portal is over here um yeah go through237.843.92
that that go to the nether you might as240.3192.76
well take a look while you're here take241.763.28
a gander I have never been to the nether243.0793.841
I've heard it's a nice place yeah it's245.043.96
lovely this time of here stand all you246.923.44
got to do is stand right here in the249.03.439
purple everything gets all Wiggly and250.365.239
then it'll pop you right over252.4393.16
there boom and step out of it bam now255.685.959
this is a little house we built oh I259.124.799
hear gas that that made me feel a little261.6394.521
bit sick and and don't hit the Pigman263.9194.481
yeah don't hit anything they'll attack266.165.8
you jeez there's a lot fire268.46.2
here what was that little guy don't hit271.964.56
it whatever you do don't kill oh there's274.64.2
a gas why are the Pigman attacking me I276.524.08
can't get back in this this is horrible278.83.36
yeah it's pretty pretty rough down there280.63.08
surprised you stayed this long what are282.163.039
you doing that's pretty good oh jeez283.682.799
what is285.1993.84
that like a whole Army of Pigmen down286.4795.041
there is Jack still out there yeah can I289.0394.041
come back I don't like it anymore let291.524.119
him is so with the sand we can make293.084.399
glass we can yeah I think we got enough295.6393.441
sand guys probably do yeah so how does297.4793.361
one create glass do you just put the299.083.64
sand in the furnace that's it yeah don't300.844.199
let your snowman out it would be302.725.24
hilarious if he's nothing but Minecraft305.0395.961
24/7 from now on I'll be streaming it307.964.84
later on that wouldn't throw some people311.04.4
off at all it's addictive Jack you you312.83.6
hop in you're like I'm just going to315.42.84
build a little barn and then s Days316.44.72
Later you've got a spider yep well I318.244.72
definitely feel like my house um could321.125.44
be better you know322.963.6
no oh [ __ ] I was tring to sh the true327.245.88
neees he's getting out he you let him330.1997.081
out Jesus oh my God there we go is the333.127.04
chicken free337.285.24
look now look what you340.165.599
done I'll get him back in hold on God342.524.0
it Henry's on the loose346.525.08
guys let's somebody block him in there349.3195.121
come on snow everywhere got got to351.64.96
Wrangle him yeah this way Henry all354.443.36
right we're going to Wrangle everybody356.563.52
Wrangle does he like seeds Circle yeah357.85.32
I'm sure loves seeds move budded around360.085.04
buddy come on get back in there move363.124.199
buddy he looks really confused who365.124.12
pushed him that way oh he's going for it367.3194.72
no no no got a block him on each side369.245.359
someone push him in come on get in there372.0394.641
I'm not moving come on in there you tit374.5993.44
I like that come on get up there get up376.685.28
there you you [ __ ] back house back in378.0396.201
what an adventure get in there you [ __ ]381.964.6
look at all this [ __ ]384.245.88
[ __ ] goddamn stupid [ __ ] you [ __ ] Jack386.565.199
your house is a390.123.639
wreck I think it's beautiful it's got a391.7593.801
little snow out front it's a beautiful393.7593.681
wreck it's like the whole thing's a395.564.359
train wreck a it's glorious but I like397.444.72
it it's glorious you like it you're such399.9195.28
a jerk man you really are it's got snow402.164.879
out front yeah so what other house in405.1994.161
the black has snow out front none I need407.0394.041
a roller coaster on the top I think that409.364.08
would really seal the deal it' be411.084.0
amazing sometimes we come into the413.443.879
server Jack's just up there going in a415.085.36
circle little Spider-Man everybody go to417.3194.801
bed night time I got to go get my420.443.84
daughter real quick I'll be back shortly422.126.32
so abso went to bed already he left yeah424.285.84
but did he leave the game yeah that's428.444.479
yes he did how do you make a track uh I430.125.0
I'm going to make some I think I432.9194.441
remember how oh435.125.919
[ __ ] holy what what the [ __ ] was that437.366.88
Simon [ __ ] are you luring441.0396.201
creeper wow that was dangerously close I444.245.48
know all I did was turn and it was in my447.244.399
face and I ran don't even stand near449.724.199
those houses you know what I'm going to451.6394.12
stand near the houses don't tell me I'm453.9193.361
not going to stand near the houses where455.7593.0
you going you know what you're going to457.282.96
talk [ __ ] to me you got to clean this458.7592.921
mess up I will clean it up but don't460.242.799
tell me I can't [ __ ] stand by the461.683.32
houses well when you're just blindly if463.0395.321
you're not look Sky not blindly it's465.05.759
snuck up behind me it happen you have to468.364.16
be constantly looking around you when470.7593.761
you're near the houses yeah Simon how's472.523.44
it going up there474.523.92
Jack it's good I was just uh watching475.964.84
that domestic argument don't mind us478.446.08
we're fine it was nice I've I've um I've480.86.16
got some uh Orange Wood down now so I'm484.524.639
ready for the uh the486.965.799
tracks where did Henry go Henry gone did489.1595.641
he leave oh you know what you can blame492.7593.761
it on me Henry might have fallen494.83.359
downstairs I mean there's some snowballs496.522.88
here in the corner I don't know if498.1593.401
that's what he's turned into or there's499.43.919
some sort of accident with the cactus501.565.319
maybe I bet oh [ __ ] the cactus and Henry503.3195.0
had it out told you that was going to be506.8793.841
a problem God damn it Henry he didn't go508.3195.321
down here down there there's no snow510.724.799
let's get rid of the cactus who's the513.644.839
dumbass that gave a cactus I I mean I515.5195.601
didn't but it was me I I like the cactus518.4794.24
I know so do every time you look at this521.123.6
snow now it's going to leave a hole in522.7195.641
your heart heart y Spirit heart I'm sure524.726.239
I'm sure you get over it like I'll get528.364.479
rid of the memory of Henry snowball530.9594.801
fight where's neebs let's go get him532.8394.641
let's go get him jack where is that535.766.4
[ __ ] yeah oh where's he at537.487.799
where's he at get this guy too hey542.165.359
wonder where neees is he's down in the545.2795.961
mine nuh-uh he went down the ladder saw547.5195.44
him oh okay what is he throwing stuff at551.244.56
you hey what are you doing yo I'm being552.9595.12
hunted that's all right here stay right555.84.8
there I see where you're at neebs but558.0794.961
I'm not going to say nothing oh there it560.63.88
is I'll get some I'll make a couple563.042.52
powered ones where he at where's he at564.485.08
where's he at get him thick565.566.32
hey you573.765.319
[ __ ] I like this guy did you get577.044.76
any chickens out of that needes no not579.0796.401
snowall did you make uh Jack a cart to581.85.8
go on this no I'm a little bit at a time585.483.4
I'm just trying to help you know while587.62.64
you guys have snowball fights what are588.882.76
you guys doing with the tracks I had590.244.08
eggs like that made it better names I591.645.04
had eggs thank you well I'm just saying594.324.44
it wasn't snowball fight on my part yeah596.684.88
he too was just saying Jack the other598.765.199
thing we do that everyone all of our601.564.2
guests have done in the past is we give603.9594.56
you a couple signs yeah and you write a605.764.0
message and put it in your house608.5193.56
somewhere so that if your fans come and609.764.16
download the map and they want to kind612.0794.121
of stroll through your house yeah cuz613.923.919
everyone would want to do that right yes616.23.4
all right I've got some uh powered track617.8393.081
for you I'm going to throw you some619.63.0
stuff again so the more powered rail you620.923.4
have the faster it'll go right yeah I622.63.08
think so and then you just have to have624.323.759
a redstone torch uh right next to it on625.684.36
a block as short as this thing is it's628.0794.801
going to be flying630.047.359
around ah rain oh there they going to632.889.079
go oh did it there you go it's stucked637.3998.521
up on the cor sticking hey it just641.9595.361
leaves you in suspense for a bit you645.923.0
know it's like is it going to go going647.323.92
to go I don't know I'm going to648.924.76
puke hey does anyone want to ride it's651.244.52
great i' like to try yeah 10 out of 10 I653.686.599
gen recommend God this is this is great655.765.639
many times you going to go around you660.2793.641
waving your arms around I'll give you a661.3995.081
push there you go there we663.928.159
go oh yeah the gunky corner hold forward666.489.4
NS there you go bit of inertia that drop672.0795.32
is that you lose your stomach on that675.884.199
drop yeah you do I I must say you do677.3994.521
have the funnest house on the Block oh680.0795.161
crap oh it's quite dangerous as well all681.924.919
right should we go to sleep yes we685.242.96
should you feel pretty good about your686.8392.961
place now Jack688.23.0
yeah I'm happy with it you know we've689.83.68
got we've got a nice uh reception area691.24.36
with the cactus and what used to be693.484.2
Henry we'll never695.565.32
forget um I feel like when I go to sleep697.685.959
I'm I'm surrounded in Comfort wrapped up700.885.32
like a warm little kitten good um703.6394.161
there's ladders as well so you know you706.24.48
got that element of verticality for that707.84.8
enhanced gameplay experience and then at710.683.8
the top [ __ ] roller coaster you712.63.72
know you have a [ __ ] roller coaster714.483.919
we have the creepy we can spy on you uh716.323.72
underground entrance718.3994.281
yeah to come and uh are you trying to be720.045.12
the only person not sleeping what's that722.684.08
what I do I'm in bed now everybody's in725.164.08
bed but you right you said that right as726.764.8
he was walking to the bed I watched him729.245.039
I watched him pace around just chatting731.563.88
everybody's waiting for him to go to734.2794.201
sleep um I'm going to go put my sign up735.445.6
yeah having fun right oh God this is oh738.485.44
he went back the other way oh how that741.045.919
man I'm not telling you743.923.039
[ __ ] but seriously how do you do that I747.165.0
have no idea well thank you for the ride749.246.279
fine gentle sir fine gentle sir fine752.165.2
sir hey he know that's that's a genuine757.366.64
British term it is now I guess yes what760.0795.841
is that red what's that Red Barn over764.04.12
there that's our bar that's the barn765.923.96
that looks cool that's where our wheat768.125.56
farm and uh cows and sheep yep there's a769.886.519
couple chickens a couple there are a773.684.519
couple I had a bad experience with776.3993.841
chickens in this game we heard something778.1993.361
about something What's your deal with780.242.719
the chickens what's going781.563.8
on they just trigger something inside of782.9595.921
me man oh really yeah like your bowels785.366.2
something dark oh well you'll like the788.885.44
barn then do you have a history with791.566.0
uh I do um when I was a small child I794.327.079
was um berated by a large rooster oh it797.567.36
had its way with you yeah I was uh I was801.3995.44
on my bicycle you know enjoying this804.923.359
enjoying the two weeks of Summer that we806.8393.841
have in England sure sure sure and uh808.2796.281
riding down a nice Country Lane and810.687.959
uh I uh I a wasp actually flew into my814.567.56
ear oh um head on flew into my ear yeah818.6395.281
and started stinging me you know when822.123.48
you're on a bike going down a hill on a823.923.64
Country Lane you don't want that right825.64.599
nobody would no nobody wants that and827.564.399
then I could so I'm there on my bike830.1993.56
going really fast trying to you know831.9593.841
balance and then I've got my right hand833.7593.921
in my ear trying to get the WASP out but835.83.839
the WASP is mad cuz I'm poking837.685.36
stinging me and inevitably I lost my839.6396.401
balance and I fell over right yeah and843.044.84
it's it's gravel it really hurt hurt846.043.479
really bad and I ended up next to a847.885.48
field with a fence yeah and then a uh a849.5196.76
car full of uh chavs we call them uh853.366.8
rode up um laughed at me and then a856.2797.56
rooster in the field came up to me and860.166.76
berated me get out of here whilst I was863.8395.281
you know on the ground dealing with866.925.64
travel and wasp [ __ ] this is bringing869.125.68
back bad memories872.565.76
news big gfell demon be careful the path874.85.159
of the righteous man is beset on all878.323.36
sides by the inequities of the selfish879.9593.68
and the tyranny of evil men blessed is881.685.0
he who Shadows the I can't do anymore883.6393.921
[ __ ] me [ __ ] I dare you I'm887.565.079
actually beating them to death with a891.043.84
chicken breast how embarrassing for them892.6394.0
Jack how dare you what the [ __ ] do you894.883.8
think you're doing Simon do you want896.6395.361
some oh oh oh we want to play this game898.685.0
oh let's play the game [ __ ] let's play902.04.759
the game I've been playing for too long903.686.159
my friend who's going to no yeah yeah906.7595.561
you you opened up this can buddy Jack909.8394.321
take a sip a piece of chicken's not a912.323.92
good weapon it's the Ultimate Weapon914.164.4
against a uh a chicken though right916.243.64
Simon did you just killed a guest yeah919.886.199
killed the [ __ ] he started he923.85.479
drew first blood oh boy oh [ __ ] I don't926.0795.041
know I don't know what to say did he929.2795.321
start it maybe he was killing chickens931.125.76
not you did he yeah I accidentally hit934.63.919
you with the sword it was just a random936.883.6
swipe no it looked very accidental I was938.5193.521
right there was it really cuz I think940.483.12
you went after me said do you want some942.044.719
of this might have got down I was uh I943.64.799
was referring to the946.7594.76
chicken that's he you translated that as948.3995.8
a as a threat I translated that to a951.5195.041
threat come get your stuff you got about954.1994.161
you got about a thousand chicken breast956.563.68
over here958.363.08
all right we're good we're good me and960.243.48
Simon are good now all right we're good961.444.0
you got a real nice World here guys963.724.44
thank you man thanks Jack all right guys965.444.399
I want to thank Jack Frags for coming968.164.28
out and being on nania it's been good969.8394.521
man I had fun thank you all right Jack972.444.639
Frags you're YouTube channel is974.365.52
youtube.com/ jackfrags right that's977.0794.56
correct you should totally not subscribe979.883.72
and never watch any of my videos981.6393.921
everybody go there and tell them I sent983.63.56
you and that's why you didn't subscribe985.564.04
or watch his videos yes there you go987.164.479
it's that simple okay well I've got this989.64.64
raw rabbit as a part and gift to you991.6396.081
guys I feel like I should offer that to994.246.24
you oh wow thanks Jack who just sucked997.724.76
it up who got that did you get it went1000.484.44
up my butt okay it's worth a lot that is1002.483.799
you can actually sell that on the steam1004.923.039
Marketplace for around1006.2794.24
$50 well let's sign off thanks guys1007.9594.68
thanks yay thanks ja thanks guys thank1010.5194.281
Jack I'm out I just did a 360 no scope1015.724.96
though the no scope because you just1019.444.759
don't have a scope1020.683.519

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