MINECRAFT: "Horse" - New Neebsylvania 9

Hey fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania 9 yet? Thick gets a horse in this one, and you know he's ...
MINECRAFT: "Horse" - New Neebsylvania 9
MINECRAFT: "Horse" - New Neebsylvania 9

MINECRAFT: "Horse" - New Neebsylvania 9

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania 9? It's all about Thick getting a horse!

simon: Oh yeah, that one's hilarious! Thick getting the team lost is always a good time. And that horse, what a character!

appsro: I love how Thick thinks he's so great at navigating in Minecraft, but then he leads us in circles for hours. Classic Thick move!

neebs: And let's not forget about that epic soundtrack they used in the video. It really sets the mood for Thick's misadventures.

Hey fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania 9 yet? Thick gets a horse in this one, and you know he's always up for some exploring. But things take a hilarious turn when Thick leads the team into getting lost in Minecraft. Classic Thick!

As a die-hard fan of the Neebsylvania series, I always look forward to seeing what kind of trouble Thick and the team will get into next. This episode, titled "A Man And His Horse," had me laughing from start to finish. Thick's antics never fail to entertain, and watching him navigate the world of Minecraft with his new horse had me in stitches.

The editing and music choices in this episode were spot-on, adding to the overall comedic vibe of the series. Plus, the team at Hank and Jed always do such a great job of creating engaging content that keeps me coming back for more. If you haven't checked out this episode yet, I highly recommend giving it a watch. And don't forget to show your support by checking out their website and social media channels. Let's show Thick and the team some love!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Minecraft series New Neebsylvania! This series really showcases everything that makes their channel so great. The cinematic camera work and editing brings the Minecraft world to life in a way that makes you feel like you're right there with the characters.

In this latest episode, Thick goes off adventuring on his own and finds a horse to be his trusty new companion. It's hilarious to see the other characters' reactions when he brings the horse back to show them his new discovery. The horse adds a fun new dynamic to the series.

The banter between the characters is comedy gold as always. You can tell these guys have been friends for years with the way they play off each other. It's not just about playing the game but also about creating an entertaining story together.

Neebs Gaming is truly the best way to experience Minecraft without actually playing it yourself. The world they've created in New Neebsylvania feels so rich and alive. As a viewer you get sucked into the adventures right along with them.

While the gameplay is great, it's the personalities of Neebs, Thick, Doraleous and the rest of the crew that really make these series special. Their chemistry and improv skills turn Minecraft into so much more than just a sandbox game.

I can't recommend Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series enough, especially for people who want a more cinematic and story-driven approach to the game. It's like watching the best Minecraft machinima series ever! The production values are through the roof.

So do yourself a favor and dive into the wonderful world of New Neebsylvania with Neebs and the gang. You'll laugh your head off while also being drawn into an immersive Minecraft experience like no other.

Neebs Gaming
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listen zombies it's been nice knowing0.1495.551
you but we got a place to build look at2.525.25
you busy bee yeah look at you a little5.74.14
busy busy babe I don't get all of those7.773.9
I don't like this it looks like you guys9.843.69
are getting too little buddy buddy oh11.673.96
good job there sure I think that looks13.534.38
pretty nice look at you I'm glad that15.633.33
you're helping the team17.913.09
what's Tony doing it's riding a [ __ ]18.9612.3
horse oh great yeah him right look at21.014.489
this oh nice that's gonna help us build31.266.09
a lot of [ __ ] my horse's name is dr.35.4894.41
Douglas Stein but you all can call him37.354.41
traitor what are you looking at see39.8994.441
looks great stop messing with my whole41.765.94
was this your ol yes notice you weren't44.345.25
catching [ __ ] we're gonna need some more47.73.839
Ocasio leaves eventually because that's49.593.57
what I've been building this with okay51.5393.571
what's so funny why y'all laughing it53.165.039
why are you well we had the big food55.116.99
shortage of 2015 yeah how's me what you58.1996.301
guys are all fish well and when I went62.14.46
to help and then thick got a thick oh64.55.01
you catch a fish I didn't get it oh hey66.564.51
salmon do you know we're used to fish69.515.429
you know to get there um what do you71.078.479
think hey that's my horse my horse oh74.9397.411
that fish that I caught actually Simon79.5494.57
if you drop down one step there's a fish82.356.03
there yes I got a bone hit me yeah I'm84.1197.921
doraleous get off my horse no you're88.387.14
gonna drown it we're fine oh come on92.046.539
faces underwater it that's enough fun95.525.37
right there we're going off trigger get98.5795.161
off your high horse you fishing with the100.895.939
force it's how you get them I'm catching103.745.159
[ __ ] the whole time okay i lure you106.8294.621
using I'm using the [ __ ] yourself lure108.8994.711
see that's your problems not biting this111.454.59
season yeah I've just been watching you113.613.719
catch nothing while I caught three fish116.043.24
here but really how many fish did you117.3294.411
catch so far this time huh three Oh got119.285.64
three as well make it four make my four121.745.879
but no I thought you caught like leather124.924.88
and a bone127.6196.321
golde STD who got butt sex disease did129.86.06
salmon get butt sex disease yeah that133.942.46
was me135.863.39
another fish man thick is on it man he's136.46.51
got a fish everyday yeah or I can go get139.257.05
horses and write on that you just142.916.84
absolutely sure Alice no they'll spit146.35.37
the fish horse and fish they've got this149.754.65
bond that we can't understand see horse151.676.93
is a lot like a fish oh look at him man154.46.42
hey hey you know what buddy girl fishing158.63.84
show you know what you're gonna give me160.823.48
some raw fish oh yeah man you do what162.443.36
you want with that I'll go cook it need164.34.08
it that's what I do with it fYI guys I165.85.76
put some more fish in the in the chest168.385.96
oh look at you thick master fisherman171.565.64
boy you know what Simon seems to like174.348.44
with his peanut butter dog Ellie I177.27.8
understand that joke I do182.784.71
I said dog [ __ ] I was completely okay185.04.02
that wasn't it right187.493.9
hey hey trigger don't you climb up there189.024.77
you get back by your master oh look at191.394.74
that trigger please well I got to go193.794.35
what chili trigger I got to the foolish196.133.93
that's not too bad where did you put198.143.27
your fish coz I hardly see anything200.064.05
added to this now there should be six of201.414.77
the brown type of fish no brown fish204.114.32
unless somebody took some well so you206.183.99
you put six in there and I'm putting208.432.79
seven in there210.173.21
oh how crazy is there isn't that nuts211.224.56
Wow someone's insecure huh somebody's213.385.64
very right you're it's me absolutely is215.783.929
yeah it's me219.022.67
hey it's getting dark should we should219.7093.0
we retire for the night221.694.26
can't sleep zombies on I can sleep now I222.7096.171
can kill the zombie up front okay225.955.94
I'm sleeping I'm sleeping save face god228.884.42
I wake up right on neebs231.894.41
face what is that in your face well okay233.33.99
parts almost over guys yeah the boring237.294.8
hard yep struggle to make this watchable239.394.56
footage part yeah what can be done a lot242.093.6
faster somebody wasn't riding on a horse243.953.96
that's true I dare to say app shows245.694.34
employee of the week whoo247.913.96
because no one else was doing anything250.034.36
either I mean he was top of that creeper251.873.899
needs just doing everything that you254.392.64
said to do I mean there was a lot of255.7693.871
people right no good stuff it was a hard257.034.86
decision this week was it by killing the259.643.93
creeper behind you that was sneaking up261.894.2
yeah I didn't count no yeah you don't263.573.72
like to be saved how do you get on this266.094.5
horse good question I was right click267.295.37
right click look I'm on the horse now270.595.64
look at yo mule by the way try to figure272.664.98
out how to get off something fun riding276.234.74
on my horse yeah okay kind of like yours277.644.23
oh yes Massa needs and you please get281.874.26
back to work it's whipping me with is a284.095.1
back slash way yeah can you catch a286.133.57
I killed it with my fishing pole no289.74.16
never killed it with my sword291.476.17
woo oh we could start like a equestrian293.866.91
oskol course here nope you could if that297.644.99
horse belong to you you could you could300.775.31
you know horse ma'am could you could you302.634.41
could you meet you meet you meet you be306.083.18
to me all right think we have to make307.043.63
the sound were you gonna keep your horse309.264.35
I don't know yet probably make sure well310.675.34
probably make something to keep him in313.614.83
like a stable yeah so he can be in a316.015.91
stable environment yeah this is where318.444.8
you know we just have that bond you know321.923.6
yeah it's gonna go wherever I wanted to323.242.64
so that's your horse now her eyes what325.884.44
are you talking about let's not get328.283.93
upstairs for the horse that's mine well330.324.68
I'm the one radner's names in his trusty332.215.4
steed back her up girl335.04.83
Simon's riding a rabbit this is faster337.613.75
right horses are faster yeah they're339.833.33
faster you lead very well up on that341.366.03
thing look this guy's what desert is343.167.23
just around the corner we could be out347.394.53
of the rain and know to get back over350.394.77
here need oh look at this talk about351.925.94
catching fish man is that worth it is355.164.08
that where it is we need Simon on a357.863.63
horse over here no do not give him my359.244.83
horse okay I'm coming to you trigger his361.496.12
mind his way just thought okay what'd364.075.4
you just see I look like that rabbit was367.613.0
taking a poop but it's probably just369.474.19
kicking up dirt yeah poop rabbit my dog370.615.85
every time he pees on something he's got373.664.93
a kick the dirt well that's with legs376.464.2
out that's what dogs do yeah it's pretty378.593.72
funny but you acted like it was380.663.27
something that dogs don't do later Ollie382.314.41
do it needs bravery on my day pretty383.934.74
common I mean they do it but it's not386.724.05
like man I had it I saw a dog once when388.673.42
I was taking a leak and it lifted it's390.773.66
like I was like what that's I'm like392.094.33
what do you do is you get video of it I394.434.42
did put it on YouTube I saw a cat cover396.424.5
it stirred with some sand oh you kidding398.855.07
me no way how do you uh don't know400.925.13
covered turd with sand all right guys we403.923.57
need we need more size for everybody406.055.28
that is a nice asset to have I'm gonna407.496.72
call mine cinnamon okay or brownie hey411.334.98
buddy this is looking great apps ro you414.213.66
are a boy material416.313.33
I can't wait to build more up topside417.874.35
but uh yeah this was necessary down here419.646.69
okay are you just randomly placing those422.226.12
around well I picked them over here and426.333.75
I thought let's I don't want to just be428.343.12
gentle rigor let's put them back up430.083.26
somewhere what's up what's the next step431.467.35
all right next step is uh-oh what what433.348.86
is it found a village yay Oh how far438.815.25
away are you I'm not that far away442.24.44
there's never stick with us in Lake I444.065.1
sure do I'm fishing and and then you446.646.36
guys get boring yeah I oh oh maybe I am449.166.0
far away holy [ __ ] I found like do you453.05.01
know how to get back maybe you soon I455.166.33
found ruins of some sort okay if you're458.014.65
gonna journey off that for you should461.492.82
have made a map so you can like at least462.664.32
map out the place make a map yep464.315.4
I actually don't know how to make a map466.984.05
he was trying to come up with the wise469.713.3
as Nasik oh yeah no no I wasn't I'll471.033.6
have to would I would have been it's473.015.49
getting Derek is it yep man look who's474.636.81
back see you make it back yeah cool that478.56.03
looks good - Elias no I didn't do the481.444.83
right side yet I'm concerned it's gonna484.533.42
end up like your observation tower you486.273.03
know what I don't feel bad about it487.953.48
already died uh yeah let me let me just489.33.81
take it all can I do the arch I haven't491.434.8
built anything except for squares I love493.114.74
your squares yeah please do it I would496.233.48
have done a different I I'm in bad497.854.02
everybody got a bid that pic actions got499.713.84
some reach on it it really does501.873.84
seriously I found some some503.554.23
crazy-looking structure in the desert so505.715.55
well hey tomorrow morning why don't you507.786.3
show us yeah that's a stroke can build511.265.13
this arch what that sounds fun ya know514.083.78
miss settle the adventure said you want516.393.48
to make it okay alright fine fine I'll517.863.36
be looking orange and then we could come519.873.359
back and have a have a you know go a521.224.44
surprise we can we come back you can523.2294.201
s'mores I'm showing tail I like525.664.05
party all right by the way I added nine527.434.08
fish so you're welcome529.714.23
um why don't you cook them I don't need531.513.63
to do everything anyway533.943.149
hit a minute everybody go to bed go to535.143.54
bed do it who's nothing better be537.0894.741
government get me I'm not bad buddy bad538.685.64
better all right go to bed yeah look541.835.19
everybody looks so comfy yeah and don't544.324.709
you blow up I'll bleed him the [ __ ] away547.024.86
leave him so far away oh oh there's one549.0295.071
in there too watch out oh why don't I551.884.92
leave them so come away creeper or don't554.14.26
even go near him take him away from the556.84.38
dam this [ __ ] I built I don't feel like558.364.38
starting over so you can hit them561.183.029
without them while distracting them562.742.789
understand but then you got to move away564.2093.421
I was good teamwork but he the teamwork565.5293.93
needs that's the first thing you've done567.635.01
think my point a month uh position has569.4594.711
been contested all right let's do our572.643.569
thing so that's how we go creepers now574.174.35
on guys lead the way are we going on a576.2094.081
mission good luck apse row yeah man578.523.48
we'll see you in a bit Don I need580.293.33
we'll see you there's fish in the chest582.04.17
all right it's just uncooked cuz Simon583.624.65
does me boy the weight gaps are you586.172.609
earned it588.274.41
yeah man this is fun guys weren't an588.7795.941
adventure it's been a while hasn't yeah592.684.02
it's been working so hard and guys I594.725.07
honestly I don't know what's inside of596.74.74
it I'm trying to get some high ground to599.794.169
see if I can spot the place but okay so601.443.75
we'll probably burn their own way no603.9592.971
it's good chance then would this be605.194.47
great to live out here all this606.935.849
diversity and in scenery you glad it609.664.71
would be it'd be amazing is it back612.7793.961
through here thick he has no idea where614.374.32
he might be over here actually uh yeah616.743.45
yeah we're never gonna see it618.693.06
I just realized we're never gonna see620.194.44
this thing I kind of know you know this621.754.589
is Dutch now we're heading back you're624.633.45
starting to realize though thick right626.3394.74
that your sense of direction in628.085.94
Minecraft is a little off it's weird how631.0795.671
quick the mission became less fun yeah634.025.7
if it's an adventure we're looking it's636.754.98
amazing up quick the adventure became639.724.23
less fun what surprises me is thick641.733.75
found his way back home from this thing643.953.84
of course I did and you were only gone645.484.74
for like 30 seconds when you said oh I647.795.28
found a village also on a horse anybody650.224.77
else nervous I'm a little bit nervous653.075.009
we're not gonna get back dude if if we654.995.67
had to circle back this far your first658.0794.8
direction was so off I was also on a660.664.02
horse does any what does that mean that662.8793.57
doesn't mean anything that means it664.683.48
means it means they were to travel666.4493.721
further faster no but he's talking about668.163.869
it this is so far away from where you670.173.479
originally thought it was whether on or672.0293.24
so yeah I should be making a circle or a673.6494.351
direction you went wrong back at our675.2694.471
mountain here in a second now I know I678.02.91
just don't want to get too far away679.743.51
because because I don't want to hear you680.914.619
guys [ __ ] because I'll tell you what683.256.06
this is much more exciting than watching685.5296.75
everybody just put squares in places so689.314.62
playing minecraft oh geez I'm gonna692.2793.721
drowned what the [ __ ]693.934.5
hit spacebar I am old spacebar hold696.05.0
space all the dumb where did you go698.435.459
water on every other time all right we701.04.3
are there you go here yes703.8893.87
I'll hold it down yeah but yeah that's705.33.269
hey shut out of your inventory okay now708.5696.031
like hit W to walk forward don't trail711.935.009
space we're gonna lose turnaround gay714.65.609
the way around behind you manager Simon716.9396.9
I feel like you looked at me and you720.2095.701
still aren't like what when I say turn723.8393.24
around what's going through your mind725.912.7
and you just keep walking forward I727.0793.841
didn't know you were talking to me okay728.614.02
no one else is drowning Thicke where'd730.925.43
you go I'm down here I'm going about go732.636.48
down there see you down there he's just736.355.219
moved on without ya I have kind of fix739.114.68
motto is no man left behind as long as741.5696.421
it's thick what are you [ __ ] are you743.796.989
kidding me thick Riley you're when you747.994.17
heard that Simon was drowning you think750.7792.971
it's not that maybe we thought he was752.164.859
kidding no well what was I'm hearing753.755.49
about drowning look at I found thick do757.0193.331
you know where you have no idea where759.241.589
you are760.352.849
yes I do and we put our lives in his760.8295.281
hands where is thick he's this way the763.1994.771
fur I made a complete start can you see766.113.779
me he did well do you know where this767.973.539
place is he's looking I'm going to where769.8894.8
I think his instincts were and where he771.5095.88
stopped like right up here you're trying774.6894.77
to read his mind well I know where we777.3893.271
are at least I know how to get back to779.4592.55
the mountain and I know thick doesn't780.665.7
okay hey would you like to respond to782.0097.08
that nope what where are you why aren't786.364.68
you trying to get with us I'm trying to789.0893.93
I'm trying to get back to home I figured791.043.3
he was we're not going793.0192.371
we're not going home we're going to794.342.85
where we first but we should they don't795.394.26
right now it was hanging us this is797.194.26
where I first thought you're scaring me799.653.48
now and realize no no I know how to get801.454.32
straight I know about icy thick you know803.135.52
you see me yeah do you don't you're now805.774.53
heading the right way are you good Simon808.654.439
um I don't see thing we're gonna swim810.33.84
this way I'll lead you to him813.0892.731
abstractly prepared to give us the814.143.81
coordinates I think everybody ever has815.824.83
no no no I'm not oh I found it817.955.97
where guys I found it almost in me know820.655.1
which is you Larry never runs get over823.923.87
here guys yeah yes if you see the825.754.14
pumpkins go towards the pumpkins fix827.793.57
could have pay attention now so tomorrow829.893.69
we can go back you know what you pick831.363.99
close attentions they can you go right833.583.24
there and are you in the grocery sick835.355.37
nope not anymore so yeah what I'm out at836.824.83
about thick840.723.99
are we high as I'm drowning and you just841.655.22
kept sprinting forward like you're in a844.714.47
marathon I thought he was kidding I846.874.469
didn't know somebody could actually play849.184.74
every hole he comes across and good he851.3394.44
wanted water in them and and when and853.923.12
you thought I was kidding so when they855.7793.481
were like giving me instructions and did857.043.21
you think they were kidding859.264.11
yeah you guys go behind me yeah okay you860.255.13
see home yep okay great863.373.33
are you gonna be home they get home in865.383.6
time pick I don't know you're out there866.73.78
good to be already awake this is gonna868.984.47
be entertaining woo me likey apps ro I870.484.98
feel like I'm in prom right now it's873.454.35
like a sideways vagina and you're adding875.464.83
the flowers and everything I mean yeah877.83.96
we're gonna do it do it right wow you880.294.56
got a lot done wears thick not so much881.765.28
thick what's happening now with you884.855.67
I'm building a makeshift shelter887.044.89
makeshift shelves you're not gonna make890.522.73
we gotta wait through your night cuz you891.932.43
can't go to bed hey you guys can893.252.49
probably do something you find something894.363.81
to do this is lovely work you've got it895.746.21
just one you've got a knack a neck yes898.176.48
oh thanks man a real knack for this and901.954.59
thick you have a knack for not giving a904.655.16
damn you gotta get back I don't care if906.545.13
they got to stay up all night and avoid909.814.14
zombies guys there's a bunch of yeah we911.674.83
should go away Simon are you in the913.955.25
house yes ma'am probably a good place916.54.62
for you to be you little [ __ ] you want919.23.96
me to go uh I'm gonna go outside and go921.123.54
find thick Simon923.165.19
okay I got you yeah till oh we realize924.665.64
I'm fighting some zombies that are928.353.21
heading back since we can't go to sleep930.33.27
now I'll be back in a little bit you931.563.96
won't be and I'm certainly not going to933.573.81
drown where's noobs935.524.35
I didn't drown I was drowning Hey I937.384.65
won't even come close to him I don't939.873.48
know how you keep this years ago was942.032.76
good at this so by you saying that943.353.45
doesn't really affect I'm good at944.793.03
okay good for you you're an athlete947.823.0
you're handsome yep949.533.6
you're almost five foot six not all of950.824.44
these things oh five ten I do like how953.133.96
this is like it's it's exactly the way955.263.57
we play battlefield like it's the same957.094.62
thing like totally soft like fun no958.835.25
matter and we're all trying to work yeah961.715.1
yeah it's not a bad Simon needs to eat964.085.22
I'm about to starve good I'm glad966.814.98
oh you totally made it back with an969.36.24
arrow in ink oh I do that every time I'm971.796.0
sorry to do now he's hit somebody with a975.547.85
brick beds Breaking Bad Breaking Bad Oh977.795.6
of it we need some dirt blocks [ __ ] we984.295.71
doing Simon coz gonna come to better988.174.29
yeah I've been Ben Simon you're gonna990.04.47
bid alright I'm in bed Jesus sleep with992.466.15
your clownfish go to bed yeah his994.477.46
favorite is clownfish998.613.32

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