MINECRAFT: Hell Night - New Neebsylvania 18

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Neebs Gaming on YouTube? In this one, the gang is actually g...
MINECRAFT: Hell Night - New Neebsylvania 18
MINECRAFT: Hell Night - New Neebsylvania 18

MINECRAFT: Hell Night - New Neebsylvania 18

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? It's Hell Night and it's absolutely hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that one is a classic! I love how we all try to work together but end up causing chaos instead.

appsro: That's what makes it so entertaining! I mean, who knew planting crops could be so dangerous in Minecraft?

neebs: Exactly! And don't even get me started on the barn mishaps. It's like a comedy of errors every time we play.

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Neebs Gaming on YouTube? In this one, the gang is actually getting along pretty well and working towards a common goal on the farm/garden/barn. It's always a good sign when they're all on the same page, right? But of course, we all know that in the world of Minecraft, things can go south real quick.

The episode is titled "Hell Night" and it's got all the excitement and chaos we've come to expect from our favorite gaming crew. As they navigate through the challenges of the game, you can't help but get invested in their journey. And let's be real, who doesn't love seeing them face off against some intense obstacles and monsters in the game?

If you haven't already, make sure to click the link to explore more of Neebsylvania on their website. And don't forget to check out their awesome merchandise on their spreadshirt page - you know you want to rock some Neebs Gaming gear! Plus, their Twitch channels are always a blast to watch for some live gaming action. So, grab your snacks and settle in for another epic adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the fun!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Man, I just can't get enough of Neebs Gaming's Minecraft series! Their cinematic approach to capturing the gameplay is absolutely genius. It feels like you're watching a movie unfold rather than just another plain old Minecraft let's play.

The first few episodes had me cracking up nonstop. Seeing the guys fumble around trying to figure out the basics of Minecraft survival mode was hilarious. Dora getting stuck in a hole, Thick's dirt mansion, Appsro's failed animal pen - such funny moments!

But as the series has gone on, an actual story has started to develop in their crazy Minecraft world of Neebsylvania. The personalities of each character are shining through and they face new challenges like the Nether and group projects like the barn. There's drama, comedy, action - it's thoroughly entertaining.

And the production value is through the roof! The custom skins, the edited action sequences, the original music - it's clear a ton of work goes into each 20 minute episode. It really pays off too. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen next.

So if you're looking for a truly cinematic Minecraft experience, Neebs Gaming is the way to go. Their Neebsylvania series offers something for everyone - laughs, adventure, and heart. I'd argue it's even better than playing Minecraft yourself. Do yourself a favor and check out Neebs Gaming on YouTube! You won't regret it.

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guys yo let's um let's do after I was0.067.049
saying let's build a barn and a place to3.4497.131
put animals yeah I'm yes7.1096.511
so first we'll need we need fences tons10.585.41
of wood when he fences and I want it to13.624.14
be a red and white barn like the classic15.994.02
barns you know I mean like the red barns17.7612.75
got the white yeah ya know so a bob the20.0112.54
only way I see making something so yeah30.514.56
you either got to do red wool so that32.554.169
means we just we need a ton of sheep35.072.79
okay all right36.7193.331
I'm sure thick's past plenty of sheep37.863.57
yeah there were a lot of sheep on the40.053.21
way back to my place we need to get a41.433.629
couple them together get a bunch of43.263.63
wheat all right and then we'll all they45.0594.201
can reproduce to dye the wool red I46.894.53
believe you need to pick like the red49.264.319
flowers thanks Marie if it dies there's51.423.81
one right here neebs right now I have53.5793.811
six wool so if you hook me up55.234.32
let's find six more red flowers there's57.394.259
some over here there's some sheep by me59.553.66
I don't have any shears and I'm not61.6492.641
gonna kill them because I don't want63.212.94
needs to kill me okay we'll come in here64.294.59
I think that any layers thick okay - uh66.157.14
we'll put you on wool duty alright Neves68.886.09
where'd you go I'm getting red flowers73.293.42
if you throw a bone meal down sometimes74.974.14
flowers will just grow right grass yes76.713.75
yes that is true yes79.113.329
I need a pickaxe do you have a pickaxe80.465.22
an extra one yo you do can you share I82.4394.771
always hold three of everything if I can85.684.049
you can't share red really yep thank you87.213.269
you're welcome89.7293.331
guys getting nice - Simon I just want90.4794.621
that known right now okay yesterday I93.063.66
can give you a bone you want to borrow95.13.18
I'll throw you fine buddy stay away from96.723.329
me all right all right needs work I98.283.449
guess we need to lay the foundation for100.0493.871
this place somewhere you want these101.7294.35
flowers I do making it rain apps are oh103.922.82
I like it106.0792.61
Paulo where I think the barn should go106.743.989
what if you're here looking this way108.6894.32
hmm and the barn is like right in front110.7294.68
of us okay and then you got all this113.0093.75
wheat growing here we could plant115.4092.941
another one just like it here make it116.7593.39
symmetrical and as you look at the barn118.354.14
you're like look at all the abundance we120.1494.231
got wheat we got wheat all the abundance122.495.909
he's got barn animals all right I'm game124.385.25
how's your uh128.3993.181
hunt for wool going mr. Thicke I've got129.633.93
I've got a few let me see how much I131.584.71
have I have nine we're gonna need a lot133.564.65
more yeah now we're on our way136.294.98
hey thick yeah all right foundations138.214.7
start over write down that uh141.274.14
coordinates now142.915.74
are you lost in fever alleys maybe I145.416.81
should get lost get lost like all the148.655.19
cool people are getting lost all right152.223.0
well let's go back to the house cuz it's153.843.15
getting uh getting dark yeah I'm heading155.224.71
back right now there I need food to go156.994.68
back get some bread I can't wait to put159.933.15
all that bread in my mouth shove it in161.673.15
your mouth suck on that bread suck on163.083.45
that bread deep and hard I'm gonna get164.823.99
so nasty with that bread jams I'm gonna166.535.27
make a sandwich out of steak I got Oh168.815.73
nice hot low frightening mouth sheep171.84.84
will follow you with wheat right yep and174.544.26
it's a little cows and pigs I believe we176.644.62
could probably yeah yeah we yeah we can178.84.74
start breeding that's actually that's181.264.35
exactly what we need we need a sheep183.543.6
farm we need to start breeding some damn185.613.63
sheep so that'd be good job for Simon be187.144.68
somebody's go to Mars to go lure some189.244.44
sheep lure sheep over how do i lure191.824.44
sheep can you train me yeah just hold193.684.5
wheat your hand mm-hmm think well yet196.265.13
I'm coming here have we thought I was oh198.186.75
[ __ ] witches are you lost again kinda oh201.396.21
god man lordy just throw your fishing204.934.56
pole a noise I did that was an accident207.63.54
day up you need to empty some of your209.492.67
inventory yeah211.143.84
who me yeah why don't you mind your own212.164.47
business because you can't even hold a214.983.45
fishing pole on a piece of wheat I hit216.634.83
the wrong damn thing I think well no I218.435.37
most wonderful okay yeah cuz it's not221.464.11
going indeed you know what lose the tude223.83.87
hey I'm walking I'm trying to help you225.574.35
here lose the two noobs was the first227.674.17
one without art today he came off the229.924.41
bat was an art whether he was with it231.844.02
made him so yeah that's our fault we234.333.27
caused the weather didn't we I can't235.862.91
believe people stand up for winter237.63.51
they're like no winners nice sticking up238.774.38
for myself I like ashy skin and bad241.115.04
fruits and vegetables and sickness we243.154.14
make the best of it if you have a246.153.39
positive attitude get on there I'm 95247.294.82
and hit south249.542.57
leg cramp Charlie Charlie Oh somebody253.275.73
get to rallies a banana Oh probably257.233.03
would get one of those in the summer all259.03.24
right so now you're saying you gave me260.265.01
wheat yes I don't have any other we262.244.68
should have one are there we got one265.273.57
week so you put the wheat and you just266.923.45
you know you pull it out you hold it and268.843.63
if you hold it in front of a animals270.373.84
face they'll follow you do I have to put272.473.63
my hand out or me holding it right there274.213.6
good enough that's good enough just hold276.13.24
it out all right I'm ready let's do it277.813.39
no don't go it's dark I don't care I'm279.344.05
doing it oh come on let's go to bed okay281.23.51
well I guess we can't go to bed thick283.392.79
all right here oh you made it back yeah284.713.63
guys ready to go to sleep let's do it286.1810.92
take coming go to bed it got a little288.3410.65
hairy out there from my hurt for a297.13.63
minute dad two witches298.995.87
oh no freaky huh we're design just yes300.738.13
look around neebs front yard looks clear304.865.47
that's what's the reasoning for this in308.863.96
the in the design here nice ASCAP stro310.334.05
apps row what's going on what in the312.824.17
world is this that little back way yeah314.384.56
uh yeah that's eventually gonna be316.993.93
stairs down into the basement oh you've318.945.79
got the plan hmm okay Oh Oh App Store's320.925.4
got all the wool that's how you throw it324.732.19
too nice326.322.61
hey you walked past us I thought you326.923.12
stepped in front of me and I went to328.931.89
mind just give it back330.042.76
okay I'm not sure if you can dye that330.823.69
light gray wool but you can try and you332.82.55
can die trying334.515.4
do you have any right am i right hey335.357.44
guys hmm I'm already on it you know what339.914.71
I mean Oh what does that mean you don't342.793.57
have to get on it cuz you already it344.624.14
means I got sheep yeah leaves what what346.363.84
should we do as far as animal348.764.08
containment well geez I mean you could350.25.16
just dig a hole for now yeah well do me352.843.96
a favor somebody buy the house take a355.363.33
whole cuz I got three sheep already no356.83.39
not buy the house come out to the farm I358.693.36
gotta bring all the way to the forum360.192.82
yeah bring them to the phone will they362.053.3
go through the water yeah keep going I363.015.82
am you're backed up against the house365.356.42
okay geez Louise I don't know what give368.834.89
me some freaking credit here I'm giving371.774.23
you credit or weapon you Oh Brady Museum373.723.93
this is museum complement I'm nowhere376.03.69
did I lose one leaves you got any wheat377.654.62
I do we can work together everybody get379.694.65
him all right let's go no no don't take382.273.67
credit for my sheep384.344.9
all right sheep follow me no this was me385.945.16
come on Simon what are you doing I'm389.243.45
waiting for them to follow me you391.13.18
realize we lost one back there is yeah392.693.33
kinda check it out that's right come394.282.01
yeah hook me up with a week here we go396.294.2
you everyone jumping on the sheep398.634.08
bandwagon over here this straggler400.494.74
good job apps row getting the Sheep this402.714.83
one's good Oh being led astray I get no405.234.35
credit amount now boy sheep really look407.543.48
dumb don't they all right you guys got409.582.88
these I'm gonna get some more on my own411.023.3
yeah all right he's there on you Simon412.463.42
just get lucky there keep walking easy414.323.66
now so I like I know what I'm doing apps415.883.51
run why are you going across the bridge417.983.09
the farms not across the bridge it's419.393.51
this way so there you go come out of the421.073.2
water you little [ __ ]422.94.05
come on you little [ __ ] oh this424.274.36
stupid bastard I'm gonna get there you426.955.37
go is he watching this I was I got bored428.636.15
of it don't you doing there noobs making432.324.65
sure Simon doesn't fall in here okay cuz434.785.37
I got a friend with me okay last thing I436.974.65
need a salmon in a whole bunch of [ __ ]440.152.85
right am i even walking in the right441.621.98
oh yeah you're good you're good I've443.62.73
been feeling Simon in a hole with a445.192.88
bunch of sheep would be heaven to him446.334.02
that's ever448.074.26
I got some fence that I'm bringing over450.355.04
good we're gonna need it here just hold452.334.05
on my third balance455.394.05
I got him don't don't bother him I've456.384.89
got the minute in a trance459.442.97
what are you working towards here461.273.87
digging a hole two blocks two or three462.414.44
blocks high so they can get out that'd465.143.57
have to be a huge hole boy well let me466.853.66
show you just just for now losing shape468.712.28
I bet I'm we're gonna bag we'll get it470.995.13
back get in there didn't get you all you472.975.79
guys see the ah yeah there's a yeah476.124.29
Aidan give me there we go478.763.75
all right oh all right ready come on out480.415.009
come on out coming out coming out - I482.515.52
got a little buddy yeah so we got two485.4194.561
will come around not behind and push488.034.98
them in camera camera yeah get in there489.985.07
now can we force them to have relations493.013.2
with each other yeah495.058.03
look yeah look oh oh yeah496.216.87
are there more sheep here now that's507.2194.711
what we have knew I haven't found any509.862.549
I found all those guys myself all right512.4094.17
seven after oh won't you lay out the514.5393.961
foundation yeah do you have enough of516.5793.781
that stuff I do have 58 of them here518.53.06
needs I wanna give something to you real520.361.65
hey turn up she got wool you another522.016.18
gold about talking as I'm stuck in the526.1494.291
Sheep hole how'd you get the sheep oh I528.194.35
uh I was pushing the shadows be much530.443.959
misshapen oh jeez see the getting out532.544.47
now lead to trouble Simon what did you534.3992.971
I screwed up hey Simon let me out of537.374.26
here all right539.384.949
hold on I hold on sums are we going out541.635.55
for real yeah real Simon Simon over here544.3294.681
- over here - make it out over real here547.184.469
over here to me Simon walk a jump out549.014.05
okay yeah but then you got to fill it551.6491.951
thank you I tried to do that with the553.64.14
block and then they followed me they555.733.419
tried to follow you yeah blame the Sheep557.742.789
what do you have in your hand is that a559.1494.411
clownfish yes yes it is560.5296.361
sleep tight cheap hose embouchure coming563.563.99
look at this566.893.09
what could rally solid I just spawned in567.554.529
oh boy like a caiman569.984.799
Oh life is surrounded by zombies oh yeah572.0796.12
oh no we're over by the house getting574.7796.091
the house Simon I am why would he blow578.1994.771
up if I wasn't near him it is he because580.873.149
you were near him all right I'm looking582.972.88
around that would be why I wasn't that584.0194.021
close to him at all [ __ ] there's one585.854.799
tonight jeez guys I'm in bed it's on see588.045.82
you guys mommy coming in on house spider590.6495.611
outside all right is everybody in I mean593.864.89
I'm in all right be particularly careful596.264.17
in the morning I saw a bunch of creepers598.754.01
out back all right at least three600.436.99
there's a bunch of damn fire burn -602.766.61
creepers a zombie an Enderman in the607.424.74
back we'll see you guys in Hell Lord609.374.56
this is why we built this all right612.164.23
goodbye and Roselle's house yeah613.934.74
creeper right up front Neeb should we go616.394.11
after this creep don't I got a bow oh618.674.18
yeah hit him with a bow mmm620.54.149
he's down on the ground you want you'll622.853.269
be cuddler him out a little bit right624.6493.84
chair yeah creep-creep-creep creeper626.1194.5
we'll get to on him hey creepy creepy628.4894.14
creepy creepy you all right he's on me630.6195.13
he's on me Oh what what was that I got632.6295.46
you in the butt cheek whoa good job635.7495.601
jeez dradis I got sabotage and a plan638.0895.52
trying to shoot a creeper yeah I get it641.353.069
I get it643.6092.13
good thing there wasn't lava in front of644.4193.241
you we headin back to the to the place645.7393.72
do it yeah let's do it let's do it647.664.409
Museum looks good salmon thank you how649.4594.59
do I feed them the sheet over the week652.0694.68
okay you put the wheat in hand oh there654.0493.6
you go there they go656.7495.7
oh good doing the thing oh are you gonna657.6497.23
name it not a diamond have sex I'm in662.4493.99
Jake's time you do that you have to go664.8793.93
in no one you need two weeks I don't666.4394.411
think you you don't put an s on the end668.8095.58
of wheat is plural any weeks yeah you670.854.949
don't say it like that I'm gonna get two674.3893.36
beats I'm gonna eat a bunch of breads675.7996.69
leaves barn okay so that's how it's677.7497.17
gonna kind of look we need white on the682.4894.77
corners the corners will be white - okay684.9193.96
look at that one's spinning look at that687.2593.48
one oh yeah you see that Neves come over688.8794.44
here what y'all doing oh he was caught690.7395.16
he's done - don't see this yeah look at693.3192.79
what am I seeing let's get look at the696.1094.56
ground so how'd this happen I just697.6694.77
wanted some red flowers so we didn't get700.6693.78
any no what did you throw down for that702.4394.83
at the Bonilla bamboo I saw a bunch of704.4495.31
red flowers over here come on red never707.2695.581
never red why are you having bad luck on709.7595.13
the red no no they're getting outside712.853.359
they're supposed to put them there714.8893.72
but aware right by the opening of the716.2095.73
fence there kid Oh God oh you serious I718.6095.25
mean look at this film is opening area721.9392.73
here I'll lower you push yeah all right724.6694.681
I'm pushing you know get on a little727.0092.76
he's in he's in yeah so I'm gonna fill729.7694.44
that hole in right there mm-hmm fill731.8995.91
that in oh my god this is this is734.2094.35
get out you all right babies back in738.5595.161
let's go we got one more stray let me740.9595.28
handle this all right Simon you get that743.723.239
and with no weak I'll do it there you go746.9593.741
get in there get in there you749.0594.431
[ __ ] all right needs get out quick Suns750.75.19
going down let's go back make a gate I753.494.44
need more that white stone buddy have755.895.16
any wood I'm excited you people just757.934.59
asked for I got a little bit of a761.053.66
Claudia wood noobs mm-hm I have762.526.24
something for you ready yep yeah red764.716.27
flowers I'm going to bed I just want768.764.11
this day to be over go to bed a full770.984.8
belly good morning good you know what go772.875.73
mmm we have the wheat farm Simon your775.785.85
little fish as much Simon what where are778.67.02
you what do you care don't mean to run781.636.6
outside be weary finally nobody needs me785.625.16
anymore yeah you're kind of kind of788.234.38
worthless right now the acacia fence has790.784.89
gate has been built nice oh geez792.615.67
intervene in the house Oh Laura don't795.675.73
look at it oh boy I just yeah but neap798.285.37
says is a Halloween mask on he can look801.45.31
at all he wants is left to shut the door803.654.68
on them what you think you like the806.713.45
place yeah hasn't checked out the home808.332.75
that's where we keep our garden stuff811.087.45
and then we have a ladder and go up on a813.966.94
roof you know what I bet he has the818.535.91
hardest time buying shirts Simon what820.95.49
we'll teach you a new skill today all824.443.54
right just give me one second okay he'll826.393.27
learn you something have the of the827.983.27
intimates change I'm looking right at829.664.23
this guy and he is okay yeah he [ __ ]831.255.31
god damn it did you really yeah oh jeez833.894.26
yeah that was stupid836.563.24
leaves hell I'm trying to come over here838.154.59
on seats up front right geez that's839.85.01
right did you get off how you treat our842.744.44
guest man this isn't working guys what's844.814.59
not working we're just at beside Simon847.184.32
we're all getting along we're all you849.43.66
know working together the positive851.54.26
attitude on people are gonna hate this853.064.89
those are the worst ever all right I'm855.764.08
gonna teach you how to harvest flowers857.954.8
and seeds god it sounds so boring come859.845.66
with me all right Simon I'm already lost862.755.76
look to your left there it is you need865.56.07
to remember where the garden is in868.514.74
relation to that you see you built that871.573.51
thing right there that you were in873.254.26
I knew about where I was okay but you875.084.35
built that no I didn't build this I877.514.05
built that you that's what I'm saying I879.434.15
wasn't in the areas right healed881.564.0
you were in this water and you dug this883.585.43
trench no I separated I dug something885.565.55
that that was in between two bodies of889.013.03
water yes891.112.79
that's what this is yeah but I was not892.043.3
there you know where I was893.95.94
tell me please I was right here okay895.347.01
this is where I was I did not dig this899.849.33
okay I dug this and that's why you were902.359.45
lost because you were three blocks over909.176.42
all right Simon see this red flower go911.86.1
click on that and break it and gather it915.595.67
not the dirt just the flower back to917.97.2
just my hand mm-hmm I mean you could921.265.07
have slipped on your hand see there you925.13.84
go you got it now just clear out all the926.334.59
grass and flowers around you and what's928.943.51
that gonna do well you're gonna pick up930.923.78
seeds and flowers we need seeds to keep932.453.78
our garden going and we need flowers934.74.47
Jesus to dye the wool for the red barn936.235.19
we had a new baby guys new born today939.175.34
what's his name nipples now do you are941.424.59
you ready for phase 2 of the lesson944.513.39
movie no I don't think so946.014.29
is it getting dark again yep all right947.94.44
Simon king can someone quickly build or950.35.37
dig out a hole near the sheep fence952.346.45
before Simon come here got a surprise955.673.83
for you guys958.793.42
what what kind of hole where a baby this959.55.11
about as big as the sheep the sheep hole962.213.3
you bring in more animals yeah Jase I965.515.1
need to eat Suns going down this is968.294.48
gonna this is an operating it closed I'm970.613.96
all right there shortly that I got972.773.99
genetic oh boy all right Simon look in974.575.91
your inventory yeah you have a white976.766.33
mangled crappy looking thing yeah980.485.07
bonemeal okay put that in your hand it's983.094.62
getting dark shits come on yeah yeah985.556.08
your colleagues huh like a thick we're987.717.68
over this way guys you this family of991.638.68
cattle over here digging a hole Oh guys995.396.06
we're going keep going1000.312.97
that might be the ones that I that I1001.454.23
might be oh yeah the mom and push them1003.284.5
make a hole guys back up here they get1005.683.84
some dirt ready get some dirt ready to1007.783.84
put oh I will I got dirt ready I'm just1009.523.96
I'm shoving mama cow into the pan1011.624.93
shoving the baby all right we got Olly1013.485.229
yeah nice and balmy Oh Junior get out of1016.553.9
there so aim at the ground so here yeah1018.7093.181
made all those flowers and girl [ __ ]1020.451.98
creeper are you kidding me it is no this1022.435.759
Union now Oh No1026.2093.841
push the Sheep into the hole quickly for1028.1893.721
shipment Popo is a pig1030.053.629
oh yeah all right well yeah quickly push1031.913.39
the sheep oh god what kind of animals1033.6795.311
are gonna are we gonna create we're1035.34.769
gonna come back in the MOOC in the1038.992.52
morning they're gonna be County very1040.0694.201
skeleton like dr. murrow's are you guys1041.514.53
oh boy skeleton coming in alright1044.274.53
cheaper the whole gabble skeleton run1046.044.35
back to the [ __ ] house run back the1048.83.42
are they on the [ __ ] they are they out1050.393.6
here oh you know what what you know1052.224.53
there are those guys look at Rama turd1053.994.35
there's an Enderman coming up behind you1056.753.42
yeah Oh zombies everywhere let's all1058.343.12
right get back to the house we saved1060.172.88
enough we're gonna have samba sheep pals1061.466.51
I'm in the hole I've ate it out I made1063.056.93
it out so it's in the hole damn it make1067.973.39
it just make it so the sheep we have in1069.982.79
there kid god somebody blocked me in1071.363.449
guys the whole way back to the house is1072.773.84
dangerous oh boy1074.8093.571
should we just Jesus he would just stay1076.613.99
in the fence tonight oh [ __ ] creeper1078.384.86
oh boy good lord alright are the Sheep1080.64.86
right rallies check get over here I'm1085.462.82
just trying to protect all your checking1087.112.64
the perimeter now just come over here to1088.283.029
the fence we can hide in the fence1089.752.79
tonight no we can make our way back we1091.3092.581
can make it it back all right we're1092.543.18
gonna make it back Simon don't do it on1093.893.6
your own let's just do this guys what a1095.723.36
right now all right let's go I'm trying1097.493.27
to get the wet guys we got to make sure1099.082.58
everything oh [ __ ]1100.763.419
it is thickened up Simon I know I'm1101.664.53
hitting them I was and then I fell in1104.1796.571
the hole get away from the [ __ ] hole1106.196.66
Sam you know what I got Mac dick oh [ __ ]1110.752.76
here Simon1112.853.27
here I got you ready Oh what hit me1113.515.79
zombie gonna be in here damn it1116.125.88
okay can we [ __ ] go [ __ ] a yeah we1119.34.08
got hired thank you Tony1122.03.27
uh Simon follow me how do I get out of1123.382.94
the hole right now before the Sheep do1125.273.659
well [ __ ] all right here behind you back1126.326.42
oh boy spider back hop out all right the1128.9295.641
hotel oh god I think they're secure all1132.743.15
right they're secure all right head back1134.573.12
to the house everybody run tun tun tun1135.895.01
everybody with us yep yep Simon right1137.694.89
let's go here everybody run for it lead1140.92.159
the way1142.583.09
Oh watch out boy Wow1143.0595.281
and creepers really oh good lord zigzag1145.674.17
people zigzag the creeper1148.343.57
I'll get the creeper oh god is one right1149.844.35
on me my job exam papers I got them I1151.914.32
got them say whiter houses stay away1154.193.36
from housing free proceed from the1156.233.45
houses stay away from Anders Dale's1157.554.29
house okay yeah we're going back to the1159.684.17
house don't run past his house take the1161.843.78
river two creepers following you on the1163.855.31
river zigzag zigzag yet this holy shaper1165.625.37
later holid watch out where's the creep1169.163.21
Simon oh no this is it1170.997.26
oh [ __ ] get out oh jeez I saw summon by1172.377.26
the house with a creeper I'm like that's1178.256.78
it everybody quickly get in the house1179.638.25
get in the house I got us just get in1185.034.14
here Simon get back get back1187.883.87
Jesus Christ leave it alone get in here1189.174.44
I'm looking out for your safety you're1191.755.73
right holy [ __ ] look at me I'm helping1193.617.32
this is what I just did there see fix it1197.486.78
in the morning good lord fine but when1200.935.04
you say get away and watch out get away1204.263.99
I don't remember hearing sign just1205.974.29
awareness is good look around everyone1208.253.81
is looking around them seeing up those1210.263.99
creepers I'm wrong you know what you saw1212.064.23
doraleous running straight for the house1214.254.62
and guess what he didn't sound him dude1216.294.38
I killed so many [ __ ] things did you1218.873.15
look around you all the time1220.673.63
you didn't look around you then I didn't1222.023.78
go ahead on a bet either so stop1224.33.9
snapping at me in this is what he in bed1225.83.93
it was just me watching you waiting for1228.23.3
you go to bed hop snapping at me neebs1229.734.98
okay alright saying lose you snap that's1231.55.43
all I'm now okay my hands are sweating1234.713.54
from that it Vic did a good thing by1236.934.62
bringing the cows but it was a poor time1238.255.73
the timing the timing was very piss-poor1241.553.84
well I didn't think it would take that1243.986.99
long to get him over there so so we all1245.397.2
agree it's Nick's fault1250.974.01
yes yes1252.592.39

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