MINECRAFT: The Red Barn - New Neebsylvania 19

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel yet? In the newest insta...
MINECRAFT: The Red Barn - New Neebsylvania 19
MINECRAFT: The Red Barn - New Neebsylvania 19

MINECRAFT: The Red Barn - New Neebsylvania 19

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest episode of New Neebsylvania? The Red Barn is finally finished!

simon: Oh yeah, that one where we took forever to build a simple barn? Classic Neebsylvania inefficiency at its finest.

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up with your building skills. But hey, that's why it's my favorite video - the struggle is real!

neebs: It's all part of the charm, right? We may not be the best builders, but we sure know how to have a good time in Neebsylvania.

Hey there, fellow Neebsylvania enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest video from our favorite YouTube Channel yet? In the newest installment, the Neebsylvania gang tackles the construction of a red barn, but things don't exactly go according to plan. Simon, in particular, seems to be struggling with his overall state of mind throughout the build. What could possibly go wrong this time?

If you're like me and can't get enough of the Neebsylvania crew's hilarious antics, then you definitely don't want to miss out on this episode. From shoddy construction techniques to the inevitable chaos that ensues, there's never a dull moment when Neebsylvania is involved. Plus, there's always the added bonus of seeing our favorite characters interact and bring their unique personalities to the table.

And let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the video! From Kevin MacLeod's upbeat tunes to The Jingle Punks' catchy tracks, the soundtrack for this episode is sure to get stuck in your head for days. It's the perfect accompaniment to the chaos and mayhem that unfolds on screen, making for an even more entertaining viewing experience.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh your socks off with Minecraft - New Neebsylvania 19: The Red Barn. Trust me, you won't want to miss a minute of the action-packed fun that is sure to ensue. And don't forget to check out the Neebsylvania website and social media channels for even more behind-the-scenes content and updates. Happy watching, friends!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Minecraft series - New Neebsylvania! This series follows the hilarious antics of the Neebs crew as they set out to build a thriving civilization in Minecraft.

In the latest episode, The Red Barn, the crew continues construction on the massive barn in the middle of Neebsylvania. As always, their building methods are questionable at best, with plenty of mishaps and mayhem along the way. But that's part of the charm of Neebs Gaming - their gameplay is far from optimal, but the entertainment value is off the charts.

Simon in particular shines in this episode. His exacerbation with the others and deteriorating mental state as the barn construction drags on is downright hilarious. Neebs Gaming has such a knack for playing off each other's personalities and quirks to create comedy gold.

While the gameplay itself is entertaining, where Neebs Gaming really excels is their top-notch cinematic editing. Their Minecraft series is more like watching a television show than just another gaming video. The camera work, editing, and added visual effects bring the world of Neebsylvania to life. It's the closest you can get to being immersed in the game without actually playing it yourself.

Neebs Gaming is hands down my favorite gaming channel on YouTube. Their Minecraft series showcases their comedic skills and excellent cinematic editing. I highly recommend watching New Neebsylvania, especially if you're looking for some hilarious gameplay commentary and a healthy dose of chaos. This is Neebs Gaming at their finest!

Neebs Gaming
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so back to fishing is that what I'm0.033.3
doing there fishing no you're gonna1.562.759
learn you're new you're gonna use your3.333.239
new skill I've already forgot what I4.3192.971
come over here Simon no there's other7.293.96
there's bad guys up there well do you8.8493.571
want to go lead them to the house and11.255.12
blow them up er I didn't do that idea12.423.95
put bone meal in your hand21.054.35
aim at the ground and right-click23.224.2
hopefully you'll get red flowers every25.43.76
now and then and that's one to grow well27.424.05
that's true that's true be right Simon29.163.69
how's your day going buddy31.475.58
Oh wonderful me about it tell you about32.856.69
it well this is what this is what I'm37.054.86
doing so what's your den planting seeds39.544.62
it's not that much more glorious in ten41.913.66
minutes I'm gonna freak oh how do I do44.163.059
that again because that's how it works45.573.27
and I can't I can't reverse the brain47.2194.051
damage that's happened to me it's it's48.844.949
just there mm-hmm what it's what you got51.274.859
to deal with we understand I mean yeah53.7893.331
we've been playing with you for a while56.1291.921
we get it there you go57.123.239
we're getting there it's got to be a 258.054.5
story barn - I'll come there's a baby60.3594.651
cow outside the fence he got out they62.555.249
keep them away um I got the wheat keep65.014.35
them in the corner look at this Seymour67.7995.61
hey hey guys hey over here hey Hades69.366.09
there we go no [ __ ] guys it's getting73.4094.861
dark again really yeah doesn't take long75.453.27
does it78.274.26
no not when you're not when you're busy78.725.88
get in there cow come on cow get in82.534.14
there let's not have a recreation of84.64.229
last night I can't get the cow to push86.679.39
never again there you go no sheep no no88.8298.731
they're gonna jump on this they're gonna96.063.059
they can jump on that needs that's how97.567.379
they got out oh [ __ ] worse getting worse99.1198.82
guys oh I need more I need more wheat104.9395.521
somebody give me more wheat quick we're107.9396.031
yep we're it's all there breech breathe110.465.369
little breech guys we're about to get113.973.78
attacked and soon guys I'm leading a115.8293.601
creeper back into our house you've got117.754.829
no no problem you try to push push push119.437.049
push you know you see any mobs around122.5796.88
I do not front of the house looks126.4795.38
all right I'm looking you're good oh you129.4594.381
got a little zombie I see him to the131.8593.78
house he's coming into the house in the133.845.97
house yeah are you hitting him with a135.6396.36
shovel yes I am is that a problem she139.813.84
didn't hit him with a sword I don't have141.9994.08
a sword in my I got him I got him come143.653.929
on all right you gots a couple spiders146.0792.731
but keep on running just run to the147.5793.571
house my leaves you are clear148.814.61
I see no creepers you can do it neebs151.156.239
there we go all right should make a153.426.069
place to sleep out at the farm mm-hmm157.3897.71
good morning good job Simon you did159.4897.68
great Simon all of all of that time165.0994.381
working all I have is 18 poppies does167.1694.65
that do any good for you yeah I need him169.484.08
yeah he does and he's I think I also171.8193.54
have some more wool for you bunch of173.564.379
bread in the food chest now so I only175.3595.28
have one heart I'm gonna die as I hear177.9394.561
my food oh no wait I got cooked fish I180.6393.33
got cooked salmon I think yeah that's182.52.79
gonna give you that baked potato I was183.9693.27
wondering how much life it gives you185.293.539
okay what are we doing tonight we're187.2394.101
staying home and eating baked potato188.8295.641
putting some more torches out here so we191.345.859
have a little bit more time torch salmon194.474.59
that's gonna give you some oatmeal oh I197.1993.75
was following doraleous that damn gold199.064.019
helmet he's throwing me off it's a200.9493.57
beacon of hope we're heading back to the203.0793.69
house I probably helped Suns going down204.5194.021
gotta make beds over here guys take your206.7693.33
sword out Simon we got to get Simon208.543.479
diamond everything diamond earrings210.0994.47
diamond necklace diamond car diamond212.0194.74
horse Neil Diamond we should make a nice214.5696.0
little man Dallas Page216.7596.521
goodnight let's get that barn finished220.5694.271
y'all how the animals doing I'm coming223.283.9
out there but they seem half crowded no224.843.479
they don't seem happy they're [ __ ]227.182.79
crowd and they're miserable head back to228.3193.211
the house all right tonight let's grab229.973.87
wood and we'll come in someone bring231.533.66
your shears and tomorrow we're gonna233.843.119
make beds for the barn so we want to235.193.66
keep walking back and forth Simon's in236.9595.391
bed holding his favorite piece of dirt238.853.5
nothing like clean sheets when you go to242.624.57
bed huh it's like if you have clean244.644.56
sheets you have to take a shower before247.195.4
bed that combination is magical anyone249.26.06
no nope no really it is252.594.649
it's a magical combo you feel your body255.265.909
kind of doing that like sure if that's257.2395.421
coming across261.1694.831
does anyone have wood for the beds I've262.666.67
got some wood I don't know I have wood266.07.38
you guys have come a long way I wish I269.335.43
could say it's nice to see you again273.383.39
it sounds like a Morgan Freeman line I274.764.17
wish I could say it was nice to see you276.774.98
again but it's not but it is I'm really278.935.609
surprised at how you've built this like281.755.669
you want things to escape nothing can284.5394.591
escape here hand it over287.4194.831
I forgot the button Deauville again here289.135.43
you read some [ __ ] hold on I know what I292.254.59
can do get rid of some [ __ ] you got this294.564.05
potato it's funny how you can eat a296.844.26
potato and then make room for 64 pieces298.616.03
of wall all right so I got three in a in301.17.439
a quarter bars of food gone I'm gonna304.649.39
eat this potato now I'm only one bar308.5398.521
under thanks for the update okay thanks314.035.82
forever to get this red wool and how317.064.859
does that make you feel319.856.51
I guess persistent you should complain321.9195.37
some more neebs326.363.24
I feel like I'm complaining enough327.2898.541
already oh no you you have just you did329.66.23
that's quiet please Oh trying to get336.513.03
sorry everybody gets real busy in Red339.549.86
Bull just does not go very far347.315.25
not these days I was only able to make349.46.52
one bed so far if I had more wool352.565.94
I could make more who has does anybody355.924.11
have an abundant supply of wool on them358.54.71
pretty no oh wait how much more do I360.037.62
have alright so yeah we need to hear363.216.75
that burn else great oh [ __ ] oh man yeah367.653.09
Jeepers Creepers369.963.81
ideas I'm running back peepers look370.745.1
ratley's got a little a little path here373.775.31
sure as hell do nice nice I like that375.846.0
mm-hmm Simon you good where are you I'm379.085.01
going back to the house I'm leading the381.849.57
creeper right to it all right I'm in all384.098.91
right it was a good day391.413.93
I didn't even have to use my a K I've393.03.8
bet this is a game Ice Cube would like395.343.21
think he would get down with this396.84.72
because of the cubes and such him Simon398.556.2
get him oh the creeper401.527.56
you want me to oh boy what all intermón404.756.07
just jumped across I see him down there409.087.11
oh boy getting the witch go yeah I would410.826.69
just pissed him off and then you walked416.192.82
up to him well it's cuz we didn't417.513.48
communicate oh I got a but he was419.013.62
blinking when you approached him uh-huh420.993.9
look at me I got a creeper on my ass422.635.58
delay all right I'm running an424.896.12
eye-watering he can't blow up in the428.214.72
water Kenny he can't but he can if you431.013.39
hit him if he gets up on that land he432.935.13
will hear hold on hold on there we go434.45.4
you can't blow up in here you silly438.064.2
bastard look at that spider spiders439.84.8
don't swim he was he didn't give a [ __ ]442.264.74
some some float on top of the water444.66.45
yeah now all right today's go beds in447.06.66
the barn there's anyone standing near me451.055.37
I was grabbed these beds as I throw them453.665.55
out why is there more wheat on this side456.424.38
what's the point of this weed over here459.213.27
I don't get it it's gonna be something460.83.87
you look at when you look at the barn462.483.63
you're gonna see I see what you're464.674.41
saying wow you have some serious OCD466.114.029
look we're you know I'd like to see your470.1393.15
house it probably looks like a meth lab471.7593.84
it's up on the hill it's uh not realize473.2894.35
a spider yeah why would you make things475.5993.87
look pretty what the words you chose477.6393.451
were evenly spaced with the right amount479.4695.07
of letters in nice and clean I think481.095.34
it's funny that you think this is a good484.5393.361
a good way to build a fence yeah sure486.433.53
alleys put your put your weed away487.94.379
uh-huh you're gonna you're gonna defend489.963.91
this you're gonna keep on defending this492.2793.54
aren't you you just come to man you like493.873.99
a woman just complaining all the time495.8194.41
you're like a woman with your legs and497.865.209
your hair from the bra I don't have face500.2297.041
Brown nipple short long brown nipples503.0696.94
brown brown nipples means we open this507.274.329
for me so I can push I got it I got it510.0093.84
here we go here we go push him push him511.5994.591
oh that wasn't even our cow Oh Morgan513.84910.711
out on top of everything but I got beds516.1910.17
come to the barn careful when you go out524.564.32
this morning first night in the new barn526.365.19
all right leaves look up one second528.887.53
up there you are Simon oh boy oh my god531.556.87
I mean why would that aren't you that536.415.1
was a stunt I'm a stunt man that's what538.423.72
I do now541.513.019
it's how I roll how's everybody doing542.145.129
does it by this weekend thank you super544.5294.031
good thank you547.2693.81
I do anything fun super good like548.564.35
watching from up here I'm at the top of551.0793.541
the the barn again it's nice up here552.915.429
there you go enjoying it I am you're not554.628.31
gonna kill yourself are you world558.3396.781
don't do it famine that said couldn't562.934.17
even do that right let's go to sleep565.124.05
okay everybody going to sleep all right567.13.66
you see when animals bang they don't569.173.15
even look like they enjoy it like cats570.763.42
cats sound like they're they're being572.324.17
murdered yeah well I mean the male cat574.183.96
uses like grabs a female by the damn576.494.38
neck mm-hmm and just she looks like he's578.144.53
not into it all at least a little bit of580.8710.709
cat sex I've seen but I may have just582.6712.99
witnessed cat rape but I witnessed it591.5795.791
several times all I've ever heard was595.664.619
not just rare but more like really loud597.374.92
screams of like you're getting stabbed600.2793.93
a cat with a screwdriver may have just602.293.479
been a fight and there's been someone604.2093.201
stabbing a cat with a screwdriver605.7693.601
possibly any weekend607.414.119
shiron sheeps fun I think I might be609.374.67
officially lost for the first time oh611.5297.021
well but to utilize the XYZ system hit614.046.7
f3 you see where the XYZ are and about618.555.07
the middle what do you really think620.746.63
that's gonna work okay XYZ yep you needs623.627.409
yeah okay but my me moving it it's not627.375.579
changing anything is it are you walking631.0294.711
I'm uh oh I thought I was I was just632.9495.851
turning this is getting bed faster man635.745.219
look out from the farm you can look up638.84.82
and see a giant spider in the mountains640.9595.011
cave system right behind the barn here643.624.54
and a creeper Oh645.974.2
Bend good coal reserve though down here648.165.28
yeah I'm good how's it going savage you650.177.279
find your way yeah good job salmon I653.447.35
like thick won't do writing down that657.4496.64
number is a pretty smart thing yeah the660.794.859
number did you I didn't you know what664.0893.781
why don't we uh guys harvest skeletons665.6494.62
yeah let's harvest some skeletons just667.873.089
be careful670.2693.031
oh I see you doraleous where are you I670.9594.081
think I'm behind you oh I found the673.33.99
skeleton is over here and spider675.044.71
OOP all right got some bones I haven't677.294.349
seen one skeleton I've been running679.753.51
everywhere AB Stern I've got about six681.6395.341
so far now we've been doing good go man683.269.889
go oh boy alright moving for the attack686.986.169
oh boy run or you Neves about got695.16.0
creeper another skeleton skeletons yeah698.889.27
oh yeah yeah you guys look like you're701.18.1
having fun out here708.153.48
oh yeah she'd join us Oh skeleton in the709.26.99
water near doraleous zombie by the barn711.6315.06
lighter spider behind you drown oh man716.1913.5
we're in LG oh man where did you guys go726.695.01
I lost you Bob's here my front of the729.694.19
everybody go to bed get a bid okay give735.993.03
me a second I'm being told to do737.733.21
something else I'm in bed all right got739.024.2
a bid I like this sugarcane area that's740.946.05
pretty cool thanks I'm a little bit743.229.29
needs sir you are in a no creeper zone746.995.52
they didn't know I heard that Simon to754.077.66
make you feel better hey Simon760.146.74
what you want to come with me ready yep761.735.15
look at all that they get it rain make767.633.04
it rain770.284.02
oh we stand before thee how much do you770.674.02
Oh 40 oh you'll be able to finish let me774.695.55
just give you these I give you 14 right778.536.48
now and I got as well yeah good mission780.248.31
Simon it was being with you yeah we had785.015.16
a really good day to be with you man788.553.72
these animals are gonna love this yeah790.173.42
all right everybody go to bed792.275.01
Oh creeper watch out guys come on chase793.595.37
me you bastard okay he's chasing you797.285.72
come on get him away him away798.964.04
there you go lucky and a bomb teamwork803.215.01
[ __ ] listen all right everybody805.886.27
yep look at that barn guy yeah good job808.226.57
everybody but here that's a sexy ass812.154.98
song now and it's so good that was814.793.69
definitely worth it817.132.94
that's very nice work there are apps are818.483.15
ok thank you thank you everyone who820.073.69
contributed I was being sarcastic821.635.72
good job guys barn looks good823.763.59

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