MINECRAFT: Golden Helmet - New Neebsylvania 17

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! I just watched the latest episode, "Golden Helmet," and let me tell you, it was a blast! The guys have r...
MINECRAFT: Golden Helmet - New Neebsylvania 17
MINECRAFT: Golden Helmet - New Neebsylvania 17

MINECRAFT: Golden Helmet - New Neebsylvania 17

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebsylvania! Today, we're talking about the most important thing in Minecraft - Golden Helmets!

simon: Oh yeah, golden helmets are where it's at! I mean, who needs diamond armor when you can have a shiny gold hat, am I right?

appsro: Haha, you guys are ridiculous. But I have to admit, there's something special about strutting around in Minecraft with a golden helmet on. It's like the ultimate fashion statement.

neebs: Exactly! And in Neebsylvania, we only wear the finest of headgear. Plus, it adds a little bling to our storage/welcome center. Who wouldn't want that?

Hey there fellow Neebsylvania fans! I just watched the latest episode, "Golden Helmet," and let me tell you, it was a blast! The guys have really outdone themselves with the new Storage/Welcome center, and now they're onto some new ideas. One of the ideas being thrown around is getting gold hats in Minecraft, how cool is that?

If you want to check out the episode for yourself, make sure to click the link to explore Neebsylvania on their website. And don't forget to visit their Spreadshirt store for some awesome merch to show off your love for the channel!

I always love seeing what the guys are up to, whether it's on their Facebook page, Twitter, or their Twitch channels. And the music they use in their videos always sets the perfect mood for each adventure. I can't wait to see what they come up with next, they never fail to entertain me with their hilarious antics and epic gameplay.

So, if you're a fan like me, make sure to stay connected with Neebsylvania on all their social media platforms. And if you haven't checked out their Minecraft series yet, you're missing out on some seriously entertaining content. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest Minecraft series Neebsylvania! I've been following these guys for years and their Minecraft videos never disappoint. There's just something special about the way they roleplay and tell stories within the Minecraft world that makes it so entertaining to watch.

In this latest series, they've created an entire medieval village from scratch, with each member of the gang taking on different roles. You've got farmer Neebs, builder Thick44, redstone master Appsro, and hunter Simon. Their banter and unique personalities shine through as they work together to expand their settlement.

What I love is how cinematic the footage is. The camera work makes it feel like you're watching a movie, not just a typical Minecraft let's play. There are sweeping drone shots of the landscape, close-ups of the hilarious characters, and dramatic music during important moments. It draws you into this living, breathing world they've created.

The storylines are creative too. In this episode, Simon wants a golden helmet to show off his hunting skills. But the other guys tease him and make it a grand quest to find enough gold. The mix of scripted storytelling and improv comedy makes their Minecraft world really come alive.

Neebs Gaming is by far the best way to experience Minecraft without actually playing it yourself. Their masterful editing and filmmaking skills transform Minecraft into a cinematic masterpiece. I could watch these guys goof around in block world forever. Whether you're a hardcore Minecraft fan or have never played it, I highly recommend checking out Neebsylvania and all of Neebs' Minecraft content. It's some of the most enjoyable gaming entertainment out there!

Neebs Gaming
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can if you exit like I exited and now0.034.47
the creepers gone what happened to the3.03.12
creeper did it disappear potential4.53.75
sounds like I don't know is my leg6.123.899
what's that look you look guilty as [ __ ]8.254.259
no not me and Simon are just goofing off10.0194.551
alright be one a touching each other hey12.5094.891
what look we're still way for me to give14.575.52
him a [ __ ] cuz I would yeah yeah yeah17.45.039
hey that's handy20.095.23
yeah cuz we're friends and it's not gay22.4396.741
when it's in Minecraft no no it's not25.323.86
where are you near where are you I'm in34.135.32
my legs you're in your legs hanging out36.876.06
his legs oh it's great OSU hey see what39.456.15
this looks like out sad how dumb being42.934.35
in your legs this is hard to control45.64.77
this way hey there hey everybody47.287.29
OOP hey there my voice is scratchy today50.375.849
yeah I can tell you mean little sale54.573.93
right a little sick hate the winter a56.2193.811
little thick me little sick man little58.53.12
sick a little thick like a little thick60.033.419
yep you mean a little thick yeah a61.625.58
little thick look guys that's a weird63.4495.971
noise I hate the winter so much hey AB67.25.029
sorrow hi can I get your coordinates uh69.426.239
holy well you lost again no need his72.2295.291
didge digits bloody need my coordinates75.6592.701
if you're not lost77.523.239
I collect coordinates okay it's thick78.364.799
tin Explorer mode again you just robbed80.7594.771
of every no [ __ ] episode do I have a83.1595.311
treat for three people really yeah you85.535.43
yeah what is it a little thing called88.477.25
clown fish hey who's hungry I've got one90.968.46
bar that's not full it'd probably take95.725.68
all three to fill it you would maybe99.424.11
even for one bar that wasn't the point101.44.469
the point was ya missing one chicken bar103.534.799
gives you nutrition it is the point no105.8694.261
it gives you nutrition it wasn't how108.3294.351
much it just gives you sucker it still110.134.29
hooks you up with some nutrition it's112.683.329
about as much nutrition as a gummy oh114.424.129
yeah I was gonna be sick116.0095.131
let me see you starving to death and I118.5494.6
have a feeling you welcome a gummy bear121.144.95
I would yeah if I was starving to death123.1494.92
that's right so don't knock it126.094.35
I'd also eat grass my grandma used to128.0694.301
make poke salad you ever heard of pokes130.444.24
Alacoque home at like poke sallet Annie132.375.46
sounds pellet P okay I think it's pol K134.687.4
poke okay so what what is that salad137.834.25
things what's going on are you sucking142.3495.11
you are a piece of [ __ ] human [ __ ]145.515.97
sake well it's all this for what is in a147.4597.92
poke salad now you are a way to find out151.487.229
um well there's there's this plant that155.3794.981
looks like it wouldn't be edible because158.7093.75
it's so hard and green and just big160.364.769
leafy you wouldn't think you could eat162.4594.381
it and then you like cook it up and you165.1293.42
add egg to it it's pretty much just this166.844.17
green leaf and egg really and probably168.5494.41
fat backers it sounds get it was [ __ ]171.013.36
this is you know what this is the first172.9594.081
time I'm I'm actually seeing our new or174.375.58
new place yeah this is a nice big place177.045.61
now we gonna sleep or is it CB x it is179.954.58
coming down here by sleep182.655.669
I'm asleep I'm CP x I am asleep cool184.536.91
where you at thick I am in a in a188.3194.98
village that I have a comedy R in a191.444.829
little game called Zelda yeah yeah I'm193.2995.611
playing final fantasy 12 so what's with196.2694.44
that is that a gold helmet they're noobs198.914.5
yep yeah like a video an omen on would I200.7095.701
have one um oh you know what Simon what203.415.759
you can have you certainly can there's206.415.159
many plenty of gold let's see go over209.1696.15
here and then make salmon a hat oh211.5696.181
you're gonna make me one special mm-hmm215.3194.681
oh this is why me and him we're best217.752.819
mm-hmm cuz that's what friends do right220.5694.051
mm-hmm-hmm it's exactly what they do222.8195.161
Nate you're looking at me weird it's224.625.339
behind you cuz really you just sucked it227.984.68
sucked it on your butt did I mmm bud229.9593.15
oh look at this a little golden ear but233.1093.96
there's salmon that goes good with your235.543.839
shirt sounds look nice look at you Hey237.0695.941
look at you did you see how seamlessly I239.3795.79
navigated through the menu to put it on243.013.99
my head I was really impressive you've245.1694.41
improved I've improved like it's because247.05.639
I practice it I practice every day you249.5794.351
have not touched this since last time we252.6393.391
played no no I have not done that I253.934.649
enjoy the tray ceiling that's what that256.034.53
is by the way what ceiling it's a tray258.5793.27
ceiling uh-huh260.564.51
trace tray just try yeah it261.8494.961
means that you see how it's a tear where265.073.63
comes out off the wall and then it bumps266.813.63
bumps up and it's and it's that268.74.5
additional it's a tray ceiling okay270.443.6
that's all I'm saying273.21.92
little help with a creeper anyone274.043.68
where's your creeper oh by the museum275.125.28
all right on the way I think it's locked277.724.3
on me we have a museum280.44.05
oh don't worry do we have a music up282.024.44
pleaz I'll get this guy locked on he's284.453.63
liable all right he's still locked on286.463.33
you running keep running keep running288.082.25
all right my swing back a little bit290.335.1
around got one hit on him okay I swing292.974.29
him back I think he's got to hit he's295.434.23
down awesome thanks jumpy and bagging297.264.8
you're welcome man where to go he is299.664.29
right here imagine it doesn't matter hey302.066.42
Reaper yeah Simon hey I'm a fisherman303.957.83
with a stupid hat with a stupid hat I308.485.07
bet you it's gonna be my good luck charm311.785.46
okay we have enough gold for us all day313.557.11
up stupid hat sir um yeah yeah should be317.245.16
feel like I wasn't invited to the party320.664.02
32 good bit in there those coordinates322.47.08
one more time sorry mention the thick324.687.05
isms correct me if I'm wrong guys to329.484.83
make a arrow isn't that bone feather and331.735.37
Flint I believe no it's it's a stick334.316.78
feather and flip dick not a bone I done337.17.08
goofed you done goof it makes a lot more341.094.95
sense but a bone could make a cool arrow344.184.38
too but yeah that's what the Indians use346.046.0
they use bones instead of sticks did348.5610.25
they know bone arrows out there why not352.0410.17
cuz we're all weird shaped well not a358.815.29
femur you could I mean you can get a lot362.213.87
femur down to kind of arrow would that364.15.28
make a bone arrow it could happen and I366.086.81
know it has in history stick feather and369.3810.14
what bone it's not bone stick feather372.898.88
and Flint Flint and Steel's different379.524.92
than Flint right yeah381.776.45
ones just Flint oh I have 26 arrows man384.448.79
watch out bradley's what oh yeah go kill388.226.72
the creeper that's in my spider but I'm393.234.17
gonna check on the garden I'm gonna394.943.9
check with you farm yeah let me know how397.43.96
that is it's a garden Oh Simon look at398.844.41
you make it more crap we're gonna want401.364.62
to take down yeah what do you build now403.254.5
Simon the stairway to have it yeah I405.983.48
want some bread onion we have seeds come407.755.1
on ballast we need two good seeds get409.464.92
seeds I'm gonna hit grass she's gonna412.853.24
hit grass I'm riding the rapids down414.385.16
here man are you who look what class are416.096.15
they they're a for class for rapid free419.545.129
hardcore that is hardcore shall we do422.244.739
some hockey up a helmet on hey Simon hey424.6694.321
where are you um I think I'm heading426.9793.781
towards the farm I'm on fire428.994.23
why are you unwell just burst on fire430.765.04
you want to avoid that oh I have an idea433.226.9
why oh thanks here hey don't take a look435.87.02
she's got a clue hey that's in your440.124.41
that's in your butt I'll the thick make442.823.659
it back from adventuring hello nice444.534.139
battery time see you can tell what thick446.4795.16
cares about himself he's like I'm gonna448.6694.5
armor up case I need to kill everybody451.6393.211
else in the server around this armor453.1692.731
yeah actually454.854.5
oh no needs you know to make up for it455.94.889
here I've got something for you459.355.7
hold on oh sorry doraleous easy i'm460.7895.94
partner you go you got my heart you look465.054.23
ridiculous put it on okay thank you thik466.7295.821
you're welcome but but so there might469.285.1
you look like you have no pants on well472.553.81
you look you look like you have fish and474.383.78
waiters on or something it's a good look476.364.47
I like it we need to get a farm started478.165.28
for uh I do look pretty silly480.834.17
it looks like bamboo and if you like it483.443.24
you know I'm talking about doraleous485.04.95
but bamboo yeah what about it we arms486.684.5
started for that yeah the sugar cane489.953.45
sugar cane is that with that we can make491.183.66
paper and we could finally build a map493.43.03
that way when dick runs off we can at494.843.42
least map the area out for us alright496.433.33
getting dark again already I'm at a498.263.6
census that's another thing I hate about499.765.1
the winter oh boy monsters out front501.865.52
yeah monsters out front I watch outside504.865.309
where we have monsters about so oh no507.383.9
you want to head back to the house510.1693.691
who-who's Oh watch out need to get a511.286.84
zombie oh all right guys we have a tiny513.866.03
predicament I think what's that I'll518.123.539
take those oh there's four beds in here519.894.92
Oh where's that is I'll have a bad thick521.6595.731
nothing you have a bed on you right not524.814.649
on my person now she took one with you I527.394.23
can make one is anyone making bread I529.4593.211
had I am married531.624.35
and bread Oh give me some brown and I532.675.67
will be Shlomi tidings of great bread535.974.41
who won't I want to bread want me to538.344.26
bread well bread the rest of the bread540.384.68
the hole in the food Jess yeah there's a542.63.36
20-wide bragger545.063.63
I brought 22 carrots from my garden Ally545.964.92
at my place out in the desert or you548.693.54
have a carrot garden in the desert yeah550.883.84
I bet that's good footage too huh did552.234.56
y'all figure out this bed situation or554.724.62
no fixity was going to make one because556.794.56
where did you leave your bed out at your559.343.36
other place yeah it's at my lip like oh561.354.44
that's our finger hey hey hey you guys562.75.7
are invited a question I put fish in the565.794.26
furnace there's cold beneath it why568.44.64
isn't it cooking is it already cooked570.058.22
yep you got a precooked fish you can't573.0411.89
Tsar Simon you should be able to make up578.2710.14
stuff like I'm trying to make something584.935.91
what are you trying to make just random588.414.32
stuff just like science you know like590.844.38
I've got two sticks two redstone two592.735.3
steps Jesus some deer right and a potato595.224.77
doesn't make anything598.033.82
no wonder yeah maybe a hodgepodge of599.994.02
like but what do you need if this was601.853.63
like science and like you every now and604.013.18
then you you make some so you made a605.483.84
gameboy how do you think stainless steel607.195.01
came about I don't know accident potato609.326.48
chips and dirt people are they were612.25.79
mixing different metals uh does anybody615.85.01
have any war is you gonna make a bed in617.995.52
C peace I have some wool awesome dick I620.814.59
just need to I think I've won - here you623.513.96
go yes sir - wool why is no one else in625.45.15
bed because there's a fifth bed not here627.477.17
thick that says I write house all right630.555.98
go in a bed go in a bit there we go634.644.4
there's monsters nearby good morning636.538.01
good morning your knees metaphorical up639.047.27
top and see if there's any creepers644.543.78
about okay there's a flaming zombie646.313.84
making its way to the front door guys up648.324.8
it's dead I was pulling for it fYI the650.155.88
report today there is a creeper in the653.126.12
beat back of the house along with two656.036.57
skeletons underneath trees fYI fYI oh659.246.2
yeah Ashley M662.62.84
you know watch out the rally [ __ ] creep671.475.38
around you I got him to Ellis thank you673.6395.55
hey so I wasn't worried okay676.854.2
but still I tell yourself whatever all679.1893.421
right surprise you can kill me I've got681.053.18
some seeds I'm heading back over to the682.613.089
garden okay684.233.149
oh you're gonna help out today with us685.6993.781
yeah well I'm back like a yeah but for687.3793.9
how long is the question I don't know AK689.483.69
that's that's the thing you know papa691.2793.571
was a rolling stone mm-hmm693.173.149
you know what I mean are you my pump694.854.08
really Oh God Oh daddy696.3194.83
papa daddy don't touch me where'd he698.936.899
lives it in one place ya know why this701.1497.86
museum gets better every day - stairway705.8296.411
to heaven that goes up four blocks guys709.0094.981
can't wait to see it712.244.209
where's my gold hat is amazing I've713.994.589
moved on to a better really that nice716.4495.671
yeah so nice yeah uh whatwhat's the goal718.5795.25
for today what would you like today I'm722.124.8
I'm here to help you can I just I've723.8294.791
said two things before he answers that726.924.74
one because he hasn't answered names728.624.719
where's my gold hat you said you were731.663.75
making one you want to go to a - yeah733.3394.74
but I was I was the first that asked735.414.83
that's gonna look silly with you yeah738.0794.021
with your skin cuz I already have a hell740.243.42
I feel like we're team and you were742.12.789
making one like you said you were going743.662.58
to make one what happened to that did I744.8892.37
Hey probably for that and here's the747.2595.281
other thing thick yeah you should750.0795.37
probably on a yellow sticky note write752.544.229
the coordinates of our place and just755.4493.271
put it on your monitor no you're756.7693.36
absolutely right758.723.719
that's um you know a idea [ __ ] yeah it760.1295.25
is Janis where are you um I'm I was762.4395.101
looking at thick I'm coming back to the765.3795.64
here where okay he's got one got a what767.545.31
no nice I see you holding that don't771.0195.581
tease me okay you know this fits tease772.855.85
yep you look ridiculous looks pretty778.73.21
no it doesn't see me Schnurr yeah oh781.914.81
look at you785.584.77
yeah huh how about you guys mm-hmm786.726.51
what else do we need uh oh we really790.356.21
need a will what I said the bamboo793.234.92
garden nah man move why do i we say796.563.09
[ __ ] sugar cane sugar cane cane garden798.153.42
you don't grow that in the sand don't799.654.05
you nope it just got to be beside water801.574.68
so but first we need sugar cane positive803.75.13
I I think I know where some is oh you do806.252.91
all right follow doraleous you know the809.164.2
way to Alice I think but I'll know it's810.724.14
not like a thick trip813.363.72
okay well no pretty soon I was wrong or814.863.93
not all right that's messed up am I817.083.51
gonna go with you guys or you can we818.793.6
were on the way you better come on oh820.594.17
boy Dallas yeah did you hear summon822.396.78
saying he wants to go yeah are you are824.765.82
you anywhere near the garden cuz I'm829.172.67
close to the garden we're behind the830.582.97
house no but it's not way to the house831.842.7
this isn't that far833.552.19
don't wait for me don't worry about it834.543.9
I'll get I thought back over by closer835.746.03
to water over here but maybe I'm wrong838.445.22
ooh it was there was some on the way to841.773.6
my place oh there there we also could843.663.48
make an animal farm at some point I was845.374.2
just thinking that is ooh what I was847.144.95
thinking buy our wheat farm let's build849.574.86
a barn and some stables oh yeah and852.094.56
let's go wrangle some horses one day854.433.69
I've got some carrots856.653.93
that's good up yep the rally it's good858.124.46
fun Thanks860.585.34
plan a couple of those answer I want to862.584.39
play them closer to the UH865.923.84
well this isn't for I don't I think it866.974.74
grows in the sand yeah we're gonna bring869.763.81
Sam back I'm saying no it doesn't grow871.713.9
this and it grows anywhere just beside873.574.17
water he sounds very sure about it and875.613.84
that makes me believe him I don't know877.744.32
that before he's been like no I know for879.454.56
a fact yeah I know for a fact and it's882.063.93
been wrong right yeah he does that a lot884.014.5
in GT you do that yeah oh yeah just do885.994.98
this Oh didn't know I didn't know so888.514.8
watch I thought so I'm sorry you got a890.974.38
plan a couple here you took it yeah I893.313.36
know I don't want to plant it I'll and a895.353.39
couple I've planted over here so I don't896.673.48
have to swim every time to get to him898.743.99
and the Sun is going down again900.154.62
did you now keep a couple so you can902.733.99
make some paper why does it take904.775.06
sugarcane to make paper and now I will906.724.97
that's the stupidest thing ever I should909.835.34
just be able to do trees yeah holy [ __ ]911.696.42
what I almost fell down a hole that915.174.95
would a man killed me lucila yeah we918.113.84
should probably ever that one cover that920.122.31
holy [ __ ] I real Michael got dropped922.436.779
when I thought because yeah and I I hear925.615.7
an Enderman - that's also oh wow look at929.2093.81
this hole over here as a whole cave931.314.17
system right below us it's very close to933.0194.591
Simon's [ __ ] you or screw you son is how935.483.87
did you not fall yeah really a minute to937.615.07
the house oh boy there's a camera in939.356.5
there oh there you go942.686.24
we're in such a monster filled area945.857.239
uh-huh again okay I'm in bed you peeking948.928.03
in the window neebs huh huh being weird953.0893.861
good morning Oh morning everyone I'm959.5895.56
Garen me like I'm gonna check out a963.53.72
little pantless Copperhead Oh Oh little965.1495.041
little guy watch out Simon oh Jesus I967.225.58
love when my face is same again I love970.198.72
that little stupid zombies love Simon972.86.11

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