MINECRAFT: Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 32

Oh my gosh, you guys, after 31 episodes of Minecraft, the Neebsylvania crew finally made it into the Nether! Can you believe it? I am so exc...
MINECRAFT: Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 32
MINECRAFT: Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 32

MINECRAFT: Into The Nether - New Neebsylvania 32

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebsylvania! Today, we finally made it into the Nether after 31 episodes. Can you believe it?

simon: I know, right? It only took us forever to get here. But hey, better late than never, am I right?

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's about time we stepped up our game. I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans we get into in the Nether.

neebs: Oh, you know it's gonna be chaotic. But hey, that's what makes Neebsylvania so much fun to watch, right?

Oh my gosh, you guys, after 31 episodes of Minecraft, the Neebsylvania crew finally made it into the Nether! Can you believe it? I am so excited to see how this adventure is going to play out. You just know it's going to be epic.

If you want to check out Neebsylvania for yourself, make sure to click the link in the description. And hey, why not grab some awesome merch from their Spreadshirt store while you're at it? I know I'll be rocking some Neebs Gaming gear for sure.

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I can't wait to see what happens next in Neebsylvania. This crew always brings the laughs and the epic gameplay. So grab some snacks, settle in, and let's see what kind of craziness goes down in episode 32: Into The Nether. Let's do this!

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oh he's gone oh [ __ ]0.09.51
Simon what do you see walk us through it7.6494.171
hold on despite that movie contact okay9.514.53
oh it's it's all red and dark it's a11.824.65
dark dark evaced place okay did you take14.045.01
any torches no okay which would you say16.473.96
it was it is it is19.054.95
Oh oh boy okay there's a there's a guy20.436.179
that has I'll get close to him oh that's24.04.289
a big man he already came out already26.6094.111
one of those big men okay are here and28.2895.011
there's lava and it's a pretty actually30.726.72
huge cave huge king say for us to enter33.36.689
you come on guys come on in let's do it37.445.549
nice Jewish sure come on in39.9896.211
doraleous oh oh alright42.9896.511
hello man holy [ __ ] okay oh wait we got46.25.85
stuff over here look at this place49.54.079
I don't know what some of that stuff52.054.38
stuff some weird noises they got some53.5795.041
mushrooms down my name is Albania oh56.432.969
here we go58.6210.77
hey what's up I like the way these59.39912.181
blocks looks look with the torch don't69.394.08
start tacking the place up already I'm71.583.75
just like I'm just lighting this up are73.473.39
you trying to get that moonstone yeah75.333.149
you know what I always thought the76.863.21
torches look so tacky and be nice to78.4793.451
have a better light source80.073.81
yeah the glow stones I agree some Falls81.933.9
there you guys get it we hail from83.885.19
leaves Oh mania we are stealing we have85.835.64
to the resource Leia don't anybody hit89.074.409
one of those zombie pigman to get one91.474.079
and they can all come after them okay so93.4793.57
they're friendly otherwise they're95.5493.451
friendly yeah and you start smacking97.0493.421
them back so what do we have to worry99.05.369
about here uh gas fire just love on fire100.475.939
you guys pick Anna stuff us yeah I am104.3694.29
picking what stuff looks like who does106.4093.931
like a couple little turds108.6593.541
what is this dust oh wait is that nether110.343.239
right yeah that's another right what's112.21.949
it good for113.5792.881
uh mining fire fire like if we want to114.1493.75
build a campfire what's this116.462.97
I do not know I've never seen that117.8993.51
nether quartz the hell does that do119.433.81
other parts don't get too far from the121.4092.761
pole [ __ ]123.243.3
what oh [ __ ] lava time alright124.175.61
it looks contained okay good oh [ __ ]126.545.19
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] okay you're on fire yes129.783.81
sir watch out for me though is if I have131.734.14
water top top in row if I have one now I133.595.46
don't have the other milk is that hell135.878.01
no no okay don't touch me139.0510.68
no I'm gonna die oh wait okay stop stop143.889.24
all right oh gosh149.735.28
you tried to put milk in my face yes153.123.63
it's not helping I helped there's a155.013.21
little man there's a little zombie156.753.63
pigman and he's not after Simon me that158.224.62
looks like a house guys follow me me oh160.386.09
because oh boy Wow hey whoa whoa might162.845.97
have hit one oh [ __ ] whoo oh god yeah166.473.81
they're after you go back to the portal168.814.17
exit did the portal oh my god they're170.284.29
all no they hit we're all at [ __ ] I172.983.0
gotta fight him we gotta fight him now174.574.98
oh we gotta fight him I was just mining175.986.77
oh damn it me he was an accident179.555.64
final wires coming after he's on our182.754.42
side oh man185.194.62
oh wait man we're already off I gotta187.175.43
they always run names right yeah yeah189.816.39
sick you see they don't like ya over192.65.639
here you just want you killing them196.23.99
don't worry I just killed three of them198.2394.381
there you go Oh Vic and I are like the200.194.769
biggest choices yes thank god you're202.624.589
okay I did see you didn't see anything204.9593.391
did you207.2094.471
I just has bad form relations all right208.355.669
Ari yeah I guess done goofed I was just211.684.2
you think accident I turned around and I214.0193.421
was pic accent and the guy was in my215.884.2
face can you imagine if I did that need217.444.14
you would have been yelling at me being220.082.909
like what's wrong with you sorry you're221.583.39
such a jerk I can't believe you heard222.9893.691
that guys follow me224.977.19
he mad at me too it was an accident it226.687.32
is thank you232.164.389
hold on okay dick way yeah they are mad234.04.74
at you no they236.5494.861
only maddie one behind reduce oh don't238.743.24
you hit me241.412.58
oh you think I'm trapped I just hit you241.984.41
get him Simon I just did think you're so243.993.93
close to running away you can't help it246.393.36
I know are they always gonna be mad at247.922.67
me forever249.752.67
I don't know let's take it out maybe I250.594.5
love thick come on guys behind thick all252.425.13
right you guys realize that's a bad idea255.095.31
yeah I know but a quarter past exactly257.555.52
there's a gasps yes where you don't see260.46.53
it behind you oh you got a gap oh shoot263.076.99
oh nice watch out you see it can you see266.934.96
it we're coming up was also got more270.062.85
pigment coming in271.893.36
oh we're not there I don't gotta go out272.913.42
again you do when you get it what are275.253.18
you doing [ __ ] I don't see this guest276.335.01
I'm nominee what the [ __ ] is happening278.435.1
guys guys guys guys guys what are you281.343.69
what the [ __ ] is that thing run off I283.534.14
have no idea no no no come back to it no285.036.9
I do not Oh gasp what this thing's all287.677.46
right no we're coming back to you whoa291.936.15
is it friendly well is I really doubt295.136.64
it's friendly are you friendly Simon go298.085.19
see if it's friendly oh boy you're301.773.15
talking about that jumper top god yeah303.274.02
names what you got that zombie pigman304.923.51
coming in on your game Neves307.292.85
oh sure you want me to kill those things308.434.47
no right catch on fire what's after it's310.146.77
after you need alright I kill okay Oh312.96.57
hit into like ten guys are gonna catch316.914.33
on fire oh boy alright yeah don't don't319.473.12
let it hit you don't catch you on fire321.244.44
oh I miss Paris322.595.97
oh [ __ ] you know those little ones now325.684.86
alright kill them all just just murder328.563.03
the murder330.543.55
Jesus place is hell on earth in there331.594.78
well it's not on heaven hell Helen how334.093.15
should we build like a base here there's337.244.65
a freaking house that I saw from a339.613.87
distance I saw it too thick I know what341.892.82
you're talking about all right I feel343.483.03
like I should leave and come back should344.713.72
we do it so you can get started I knew346.514.14
that way they want a fresh and fun new348.434.79
try all right everybody head back home350.654.74
well it was a good introduction moment353.228.11
man man oh I can't jump out okay did I355.399.03
get shot back back in no there's a this361.338.49
is trying to go home there we go good364.427.77
old home screw you at set yep Suns going369.824.44
down screw you good job Heather372.193.78
noobs come come back home where you at374.263.72
hold on I'm doing a science over here375.974.05
okay doing science he's back clever377.983.99
thing you still mad at me cuz I'm new380.024.22
here here I've never been here before381.974.5
is there any way to make them friendly384.245.89
again with a flower how do you hold a386.477.59
grudge try giving him hey oh he hit you390.136.87
they're gonna say head oh no oh God394.064.62
did he come through days [ __ ] hitting397.04.47
me yeah eat a dick I'm waiting by the398.684.47
portal for you I'm like a dog waiting401.474.11
for its master to come home there you go403.154.53
he's back we are should we go to bed405.584.5
alone we should go to bed and talk dude407.683.69
I want to go see what that house is all410.082.82
about yeah I also need to make some411.373.36
chest fat suit Vic that's where you412.94.89
fight blazes whoo what a day that was414.735.28
something know what hey guys I got the417.794.29
book okay what's the book gonna tell us420.015.01
about that house thing that a fixer yeah422.085.19
that's a pretty important part reasons425.023.69
to visit besides all the unique427.273.48
resources the mobs and and the unique428.713.54
things they drop you'll need to get to430.753.12
the nether to get items you'll need to432.252.88
get to the end take stone and433.872.79
cobblestone with you as you're going to435.133.15
need something to protect you from gas436.663.75
blasts all right there grab some stone438.284.17
then I'll show you my favorite thing to440.414.38
do with nether egg oh I think I know442.455.16
what you're doing here Oh fire pit it's444.794.47
not a bad spot for a fire pit and we can447.613.0
look over and think about Ella Murray449.264.5
yeah you're not centered in the area is450.614.83
that good Simon you like that placement453.764.95
it's better make this area cut a pretty455.447.779
should I light it yeah light it up458.717.519
OOP alright are we going back in there463.2195.141
to explore that house yeah I want466.2294.74
minutes we're gonna prepare to die fine468.364.559
we might die we almost died there we470.9694.02
didn't even do okay this is exciting it472.9193.9
is I know all right thick you understand474.9893.36
this we get in there it's gonna be a476.8193.84
stick together situation yeah okay yeah478.3494.23
there's not make sure I'm you know it's480.6594.29
a little bit it's is my way firepit by482.5793.96
the way hey everybody head towards the484.9492.85
portal I'm making my way there486.5393.3
make him away and we'll so since we have487.7994.561
a little operating you got what do y'all489.8395.25
think about the tree what tree shut up492.365.969
about your [ __ ] tree nobody gives a495.0894.92
[ __ ] we're all going in here here we go498.3294.77
are you guys in I'm in okay I'm in500.0095.31
hopefully they like you now needs he's503.0994.68
running right at me oh he's bypassing me505.3194.92
he's going straight free are you kidding507.7796.031
me what's a guy gotta do you yeah what's510.2396.05
a guy gotta do I look at Simon Simon513.815.069
needs is a liability now alright Neves516.2894.961
I'm keeping you in my sights okay guys518.8795.28
good wall for that gas if we want to if521.255.37
we hope travel die does he attack when524.1594.381
he sees you yeah how's he not burning526.623.48
with that lava in is wait I have a bow528.543.469
and arrow challenge a buddy530.15.94
Thank You Simon wow you're a hero there532.0095.291
you go it's in case we have a ghast536.043.989
attack try to shoot that cast go very537.36.229
far far oh my god I don't even see it oh540.0297.461
did you just waste one of your three543.5293.961
let's try another jab right behind you547.6998.591
buddy another one I wonder if those552.9595.041
things just like universe kind of like556.293.239
the mobs up topic because he's gonna558.06.66
dark but all the way over here yeah it559.5297.261
goes come here off564.663.869
where was that house they're thick but566.793.089
your thoughts right yeah yeah don't568.5293.75
nugget yeah I got a gold nugget a ton of569.8794.801
gold nugget watch out after more gold572.2794.56
nuggets oh that's useful in it it's like574.684.56
like yeah it's like we hit the lotto576.8394.651
hey guys it's honey names I know you're579.244.2
mad because I killed that one I hit that581.494.23
accidentally wait guys I need men coming583.444.71
behind you leaves plate these guys585.724.17
aren't attacking me nope588.153.39
okay well maybe we killed that whole589.893.45
tribe so yeah these guys see might be591.545.49
proved you see okay oh Jesus look may593.345.4
you not care about you guys and I hope597.034.05
sorry you're the guys I like you the one598.744.11
they're mad at oh we didn't bring water601.084.71
I got some water oh [ __ ] sorry I've602.854.65
taken two hits and they're from friends605.793.87
say they drop swords in ER what I need607.55.04
yeah golden swords nice we're getting609.664.47
some good stuff all right where we going612.543.96
follow me get your do you know where614.134.41
that was not gonna find anything because616.53.39
you always get lost618.543.57
yeah miss hell with oh I would rather619.895.91
saw a house down there yeah so it's that622.115.49
thing that looks like it has windows cut625.84.11
out of it yeah yeah I can see it I don't627.63.69
see what you're looking at it's it's629.913.21
sunken in there just looks like uniform631.293.75
windows that make that make form a 90633.123.87
degree angle boy so how do you get635.043.78
across to that thing right here follow636.992.19
took grew up here I sit I've lost639.185.37
Vic he's obviously oh yeah top I'm642.33.93
looking at doraleous right now I'm like644.554.11
five blocks away from him like him I646.234.32
said oh my god that could coming watch648.666.72
out trouble bar opens [ __ ] what is in650.556.06
there I still something in there there's655.383.03
a small oh I opened up the side here656.612.94
we're gonna go in here there we go658.413.21
yeah let me buddy inside yeah need a659.553.93
minute look at this like this oh he's661.624.98
fast it's gone okay what is it I don't663.484.4
know I'm gonna go say hi666.63.69
look at that thing dude I just they're667.885.71
on fire oh [ __ ] oh that's a cable blaze670.294.02
Oh God673.592.43
the real gutter those are blazes those674.313.51
are blazes I have water you guys want to676.023.57
tell you don't go say hi to them677.823.06
you want me to get them I was trying to679.593.33
make your hands I'll get home he attack680.885.04
you first I have a low and arrow we682.924.95
should make out a little Walder pick685.923.4
through the water oh [ __ ]687.873.58
shooting at you uh here need to get689.323.51
behind me everybody get behind after691.453.57
right now I killed one oh good yeah I692.835.7
got a bow and arrow oh that's good I'm695.026.42
gonna do my phone our together this is698.534.29
what we should have been doing it all701.443.96
along this one enter [ __ ] this is the702.824.44
tits yeah what is this stuff705.43.0
oh god there's one of those things707.263.99
behind this nail [ __ ] yeah blaze it's708.45.22
right behind us yes chest over here ooh711.253.75
diamond horse armor713.623.12
oh you serious I got a diamond horse715.04.59
armor - what from chest chest upstairs716.744.74
that chest over there has not been open719.593.39
so this one right here yeah let me look721.483.24
around the corner whoa place watch out722.983.06
watch out let's please right around the724.723.27
corner watch out I'm gonna shoot him all726.044.05
right oh we're good on it727.994.74
get him Sam oh oh oh I'm in turn730.094.71
somebody put some in I won't [ __ ] out of732.734.62
my way so I can shoot it did he die I734.83.45
guess so737.352.4
yeah you know why he died cuz i shadow738.254.65
good gold or some regular said give me739.756.15
[ __ ] horse armor I found some gold horse742.94.5
armors I'm dude745.92.88
this place is all I can't find you get747.43.15
oh my god guys we should make a trip up748.783.33
before we lose all this good oh god750.553.69
you're another one by God yeah752.114.47
oh no let's stay down here hit it with754.243.93
your bow seven no because I'm out of air756.583.96
oh [ __ ] I got it I got all boy back up758.174.02
everybody yeah Uzi worried I think I760.543.66
found you guys okay very well me players762.194.92
don't watch my back okay I got a shot764.24.56
one hit all the leaves get out of my way767.115.52
ah alright he's down so they're really768.765.76
not very hard to kill not too bad what's772.633.09
the other else but they don't always774.524.53
hide it oh yeah whoa zombie pigman yep775.725.1
they don't always give the stuff you779.052.22
I got a blaze rod what what oh sure781.275.46
Elias why just jump right in front of me784.783.78
I'm sorry I shot with an arrow786.733.36
okay that was you you do it alright if788.562.88
everybody would just get out of my bath790.093.15
and we'll just mission to Mary everybody791.443.93
high corners not even gonna listen to793.244.26
you apps from don't get shotgun arrow795.374.29
see if I can hold on to me and I'll be797.53.6
looking out for you Simon799.662.04
no you801.12.43
yes I am I'm making sure you don't get801.73.87
shot by my arrow I'm not gonna start803.534.11
right now are we going deeper this is a805.574.59
big stress Oh Hayley we should go [ __ ]807.643.87
you should go back to we got so much810.163.3
good [ __ ] diamond armor for horses I811.513.93
mean we just put it in the chest I put813.463.18
it in the chest cuz I thought you wanted815.442.79
to go explore mug I'm out of porches816.643.51
well should I get downstairs818.233.24
I would say get your stuff let's now820.153.57
head back go back in silly821.473.72
you're being silly yeah it's really823.724.08
don't really know all right fine fine825.194.71
come watch my back I gotta get all this827.83.72
stuff out of jail let's get all of it829.93.12
there's some creepy noises down here no831.524.92
yup there is my inventories full alright833.025.73
I'm good let's go take where you going I836.444.14
don't know how do you get that how do838.752.94
you get out of here yeah I didn't want840.583.33
to follow you yeah follow me follow me841.693.48
let's go guys843.913.45
well doraleous no one who got us into845.173.45
the structure that's what I see847.362.79
you guys can okay I'll find you after848.623.06
I'm right actually yeah I'm right here850.153.33
alright come down the stairs knee up and851.683.21
then all these everybody everybody with853.483.48
us yeah I'm right behind her Alice where854.893.36
are you yeah holy [ __ ] you guys just856.963.3
away really quick oh yeah I got a little858.253.57
lag - that's okay860.263.36
all right everybody behind me come this861.823.78
way fellers and then the did you block863.623.54
this this is where we get in this where865.62.79
yeah this is where we came in867.163.33
I mean you went further yep I'm saying868.394.11
you went past it where was the block oh870.493.27
yeah yeah you're right you're right I872.53.93
did sigmund oh god there's a gas right873.765.43
out there Oh back up back up back up876.436.51
where'd he go where'd he go Simon you're879.194.8
gonna get here my arrow dude get the882.942.7
[ __ ] out of the way you know what [ __ ]883.995.07
off okay you know you're going into my885.646.45
[ __ ] tellin no I wish to think no no no889.064.74
you ever had that one arrow drone was892.093.09
like looking at was like I'll look for893.82.94
the gas and you just jump right in front895.183.21
of my [ __ ] field of view I'm here at896.744.02
medium area [ __ ] goddamn I hate898.394.59
zombies let's run for it everybody runs900.765.13
going go buy no no [ __ ] [ __ ] clue902.984.77
where to go follow us son905.893.81
[ __ ] yeah follow nice alright I'm right907.754.63
at Almighty I know what go yeah909.74.6
yeah oh absolutely you stay the [ __ ]912.384.68
away from me yeah I want to see you I'm914.35.04
in your way wait you were in my way oh I917.064.38
know shadows I pull out my arrow I'm919.343.9
like okay I'm looking at this you guys921.443.33
watch out and Simon you jump right in923.243.99
the feeling I'm every time got pop-up924.777.2
right guys me I'm apps I guess a great927.236.99
impression yeah I know good one oh yeah931.974.8
yeah well right you should be on TV all934.225.91
right I see the portal you really think936.774.8
you should be on TV940.133.48
listen what's your holdup runs normally941.577.47
do Oh God yeah dad grab what I can I'm943.619.32
gonna go tell Belvedere wow man949.043.89
you fighting to live962.253.65

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