It’s Inside the Ship!!! - Lethal Company

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They're diving into the world of Lethal Company and trying to master the basics....
It’s Inside the Ship!!! - Lethal Company
It’s Inside the Ship!!! - Lethal Company

It’s Inside the Ship!!! - Lethal Company

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Lethal Company? It's Inside the Ship!!!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was hilarious! The crew really needs to work on their skills, but it's so entertaining to watch them fail.

appsro: I can't stop laughing every time they try to navigate inside that ship. It's like watching a bunch of toddlers trying to solve a puzzle.

neebs: I love how they always think they're doing better, but then end up crashing and burning. Classic Lethal Company!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? They're diving into the world of Lethal Company and trying to master the basics. And let me tell you, it's a wild ride! The crew is really giving it their all, but there's definitely still some room for improvement. But that's what makes it so entertaining, right?

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oh I know you ran into Locust right Dora2.3994.561
yeah we all saw him there was a bball as4.924.2
well unlike some species which are more6.964.559
prone to jump or fly roaming Locust are9.124.2
almost never grounded and stay close11.5193.561
together even when in smaller numbers13.323.92
they will be quickly dispersed when a15.083.92
predator disrupts them but are highly17.245.039
attracted to light oh so don't use your19.05.56
flashlight near those guys about those22.2793.801
things that killed us our first our24.563.08
first round like I don't know did you26.083.039
scan them cuz I think we have to scan27.643.08
them got29.1193.12
I don't know if I did okay all right30.723.4
lots of scanning guys all right so yeah32.2393.921
let's try this again we got to hit 13034.123.959
bucks all right what we can do it and36.165.399
hey last time we got like almost $50 alt38.0797.96
together so really you know we could do41.5594.48
this we can do it all right yeah we52.7194.801
weren't too far off we weren't too far55.485.84
off is what I'm saying we very time so57.525.6
we got to find more yeah but more we got61.324.0
to need more crates of bottles and less63.125.2
Keys yeah I mean more of what I found65.326.36
and less of yep yeah less keys please68.325.04
but watch out for uh turrets cuz that's71.683.84
what what killed me last time turret oh73.365.119
[ __ ] yeah I I went into a room and got75.525.239
shot yeah hey main entrance is over here78.4794.481
guys all right look at us in that quick80.7594.0
look at that yeah now we're getting82.963.56
better we're getting better Seal Team84.7596.801
Four come on Seal Team86.529.559
four yeah we got it what was that oh91.566.36
that sound like something96.0795.04
bad movie when you just come in I think97.926.08
that's the sound I've never heard it all101.1195.841
right all right good luck Echo oh104.04.88
bottles right here these are mine oh106.964.68
right off the bat those bottles oh yeah108.884.279
I found these I'll be111.644.04
back so yeah if anybody finds something113.1594.88
put it yeah out front of the door that'115.685.52
be great that would be real great you118.0395.0
yeah that's what's the plan I mean this121.23.68
is like literally a maze I don't know123.0393.68
how you guys just get in and out of here124.884.079
no problem and find your way it's crazy126.7194.561
just got to retrace your steps sometimes128.9597.721
oh wow nope nope uh-uh uh-uh [ __ ] that131.287.0
ah can't climb the ladder got to drop136.684.16
these the balls going to break um138.285.2
GE that didn't sound good all right140.845.88
heading down here we go don't be broke143.487.44
don't be broke hey who's that me146.727.48
hey look this oh this thing looks cool150.925.039
oh yeah but you know what I heard154.24.0
something about that warning increase155.9594.681
levels oh God okay let158.26.52
me I'm trying to follow you oh God did160.647.319
I I think you pipes okay yeah here all164.725.08
right I know where I'm at now hey guys167.9594.801
hey hey hey yeah what happened like how169.85.56
do we how do we even oh nice that's oh172.764.839
that that's the light source yep yep175.364.2
wait where the where are the bottles did177.5993.841
uh did Naes grab the179.566.319
bottles all right let's drop this climb181.449.6
this and then come on reach185.87911.36
it great all right we got jump jump and191.046.199
release did I do it oh197.647.599
god oh dummy just jump up there what was201.7995.561
wrong with me he brought the battles205.2393.56
back yeah I remember Anthony saying207.363.36
something about like or someone saying208.7993.241
something about if we remove a light210.723.64
source it's like it's like you're paying212.045.0
the something for the something maybe214.365.28
but I mean this is uh this is high value217.045.32
or value is question it's also our only219.644.679
wa the rest is dark in there oh okay222.364.599
gotta I shut off all the lights gotcha224.3195.521
yes my bad oh god um well I can't go226.9595.081
it's like a trade for okay there's no229.844.44
way want hold it behind Simon and I and232.044.559
if we get attacked you just run back oh234.285.679
you know it's so man it's so easy to to236.5996.0
get lost I was following behind him and239.9595.28
it really doesn't stay lit for very long242.5995.881
does that sound good you follow me and I245.2396.761
get attacked you R back man okay this248.485.2
seems dumb I mean why not get out while252.04.519
the get is good because we can't get253.684.16
else H look like they're all together257.847.32
that's good okay and then Boop they're260.686.88
all alive yes265.166.36
okay can you look see [ __ ] I can't yeah267.565.12
this thing doesn't all right let's get271.523.119
out of here let's bring it back or or272.684.28
put it back and then we search like you274.6394.801
said I mean it ends our day if we don't276.964.44
take it back all right all right let's279.444.08
take it back take it back sell that go281.44.239
to the next day look yeah we'll see what283.523.56
this is worth this might be this might285.6395.361
be worth a lot exactly oh287.086.72
God and if this is worth a lot we'll be291.05.12
able to like buy some supplies some293.84.28
walkie-talkies you're right you're right296.124.88
yeah yeah this this is a good first day298.084.76
move all right so premature yeah if You301.03.32
Yank these things out I'm sorry I didn't302.843.639
mean to cut the power all right where304.324.36
the hell is this [ __ ] you know oh I see306.4796.921
the ship yep you got a silly run you a308.688.76
silly run M um where's313.49.0
Simon oh did he what oh Simon317.447.64
Simon yeah we're going to just use this322.46.079
b or this light that hey325.086.32
I wish Simon I wish I could talk to you331.47.239
come on back I just heard him all well334.566.199
we think he's dead I saw a red dot drag338.6394.241
his little blue dot body around and it340.7593.241
like it's not342.883.599
moving okay344.06.8
well well I got this thing that [ __ ]346.4795.921
yeah we should have a that should be 100350.86.48
bucks oh then yeah how did he die I saw352.47.6
a DOT drag his body around so thought he357.284.359
I know but I thought he was right behind360.04.44
us he was he361.6396.441
was do we go back in or we leave no we364.445.759
leave uh yeah we can't we can't go back368.084.239
in we should uh okay yeah this is all370.1993.481
good stuff and we don't even know the372.3194.44
value on this so yeah I'm guess let's uh373.686.0
here I'm going to take us come on back376.7594.84
to the compy um yeah I tell you what we379.683.28
got to take off first though you ready381.5995.561
let's take off sorry Simon we're leaving382.964.2
you he was a hero387.6395.921
he took one he took one for the team he390.1997.161
did I agree I agree I393.563.8
agree all399.05.84
right yep yep hope he wasn't a lot yep401.527.44
he's dead good we didn't leave him404.848.479
alive hey Simon hey you did what got you408.967.04
hey man listen I was right behind413.3194.32
getting out and uh yeah there was a416.05.12
monster right behind just killed me oh417.6395.4
so you guys were lucky you got out right421.124.639
in time I was halfway hitting e in the423.0395.0
loop when I got killed425.7595.921
dang yeah so you got 100 bucks perfect428.0396.72
that's great we don't know that do we431.685.239
know that you did uh we'll head to the434.7593.801
company building just cuz I'm curious436.9193.96
like what we get for this light yeah438.565.039
might as well yeah maybe we can buy440.8795.201
something nice all right let's land I443.5993.841
feel like a radio would be really446.083.04
helpful feel like flashlights would be447.444.8
really helpful I mean more than anything449.124.96
yeah yeah but like as I was watching the452.243.16
map I could have warned you guys you454.083.44
know something coming up or that's true455.44.68
walkie that's true that's true yeah yeah457.524.44
all right do we need two walkies though460.084.36
I don't have to well yeah cuz one walkie461.963.799
you're talking to yourself you want to464.443.68
do them safe time or no oh yeah no throw465.7594.801
it all up here alling that Bell uh ring468.124.44
the bell ding470.565.16
ding man my guess472.565.759
is why aren't you putting the milk up475.724.12
door door what milk door what what what479.8410.079
put the milk door what great what we486.445.36
finally do good and door is breaking489.9196.481
down what door's dead they killed491.87.679
him oh how did that what happened I rang496.43.72
bell oh oh oh I did take the bottles500.128.12
Alis what happened I'm here okay okay504.46.68
are you the I was508.245.96
looking 80 and 50 nice so that thing's511.085.959
worth 80 all right wait no no but it514.26.04
said total 69 yeah the come get out of517.0395.92
here no get out of here oh God oh God oh520.244.599
God oh God what the hell what the hell522.9593.401
what the hell what the hell get in get524.8394.0
in get in I'm in get in what the hell526.365.32
was that it's a monster in there let's528.8395.961
go we're working for a monster I guess531.685.0
we're it's a monster come on no the534.84.08
monster is a threat it's now who says536.683.96
we're working for a monster we got our538.884.24
money we got our money so let's on it's540.646.199
crazy right so I just I just got word543.124.76
that we shouldn't be going to the546.8392.161
company every547.885.12
day oh oh does like that well wait no549.06.64
but we need to make the 130 we didn't553.05.12
don't want to spend money only day one555.644.08
yeah I guess what we need to do the558.124.04
price we come here with everything at559.724.679
the end of the 3day or whatever cycle is562.163.56
that what you're supposed to do maybe564.3993.88
but we got we should buy something right565.724.119
walkie-talkie is like 50% off there's a569.8394.68
deal on walkie-talkie we get two ooh and571.9595.401
then we can two what's good as one you574.5195.0
need to be able to talk to each other577.364.52
true I guess it makes sense they're only579.5194.56
six bucks so they sell in pairs they581.884.519
might sell in pairs right two for584.0793.841
starters and a586.3994.161
flashlight that's a good that's a combo587.924.56
that should be a combo deal all right590.564.519
boom we ordered one walkie-talkie all592.483.96
right I I don't I don't think it'll come595.0793.44
to us unless we get to the planet right596.444.0
do we have to go598.5194.161
down from up top right is anyone else600.444.48
questioning why we got one walkie I602.683.52
thought we got two no I'm going to get604.923.56
I'm I'm going to get two walk oh okay606.23.92
sorry sorry I didn't know so maybe we608.485.039
land and it'll get uh drwn to us okay610.124.959
all right I ordered the walkie-talkie613.5194.401
see if uh see if it drops in no I'll go615.0794.841
yeah but I'll order another yeah yeah617.923.599
we'll see it from the like right up619.923.919
there I see a that's a moon621.5195.281
disregard disregard Moon got it looking623.8396.0
for a delivery I man yeah you guys I can626.84.84
look forward we don't want to waste all629.8393.881
this time I can run in start trying to631.644.08
grab something that's what I was633.723.4
thinking about doing we got to find that635.723.52
main entrance oh there it is over this637.124.88
way NES who's who's waiting for the639.245.2
delivery uh uh whoever's back at the642.03.6
should all right two walkie talkies two645.64.84
walkie-talkies have been648.444.16
ordered oh that's probably that's650.446.079
probably one of them they're652.63.919
here oh you got it all right I got one657.125.32
okay all right was there another660.485.0
one have it another ship pod oh it's662.444.079
right here on the665.484.919
ground oh all right I'll grab that one666.5196.161
yeah you grab that I'll uh I'll stay in670.3994.24
the ship damn that music's loud it's672.683.52
really loud get away from it let's go to674.6394.0
the main entrance it's leaving there you676.24.92
go so after you're going to be ship guy678.6394.041
okay yeah I'll be ship guy and I'll be681.124.719
able to talk to you um oh good so that682.686.68
walkie the one walkie talks to us all685.8395.921
send voice left Mouse Buton proximity do689.366.12
you hear me over no what he's talking691.767.04
abro oh I got to turn it on Q uh this is695.484.4
over oh wait I got to pick it up or699.883.78
that's going to go on all702.244.52
damn is there an open there it is oh so706.86.88
we did so wait one order of wys I think710.64.64
might give713.685.48
you H I [ __ ] up I [ __ ] up I know I715.246.719
did this was a dumb move all right we719.164.76
got one we got two walkies one order of721.9593.241
a walkie-talkie ought to give you two723.923.919
walkie-talkies though [ __ ] should have725.23.6
given one of thing all right let me727.8392.12
switch this thing728.84.92
on neebs come in oh there you are you729.9596.481
hear me uh yeah I hear you loud and733.724.72
clear okay we're moving into the736.446.8
building front door uh yep I am738.444.8
monitoring hey I got two things already743.564.48
y'all two things already look at you I'm745.764.12
going back748.043.44
soon his way back me and Simon are749.884.12
pushing forward copy that I'm going to751.485.32
start monitoring you neeps hold on754.06.279
anything Key [ __ ] screw the key right756.86.52
turn around I know do we grab it can you760.2796.721
hear me I hear you turn around I763.325.959
know they're going to make fun of me for767.04.04
grabbing a key I'll just drop it out769.2794.761
here the key worth money sorry Simon's771.046.799
going on about a key just grab the key774.049.4
Simon oh salimon how do I drop it g drop777.8397.521
Simon grab the key the door there's a783.444.04
locked door in here I just dropped it785.364.24
okay take787.484.479
it all right grabbing the key again this789.64.039
door is locked got open door I'm try to791.9593.32
grab the [ __ ]793.6394.801
key what the hell's going on with them795.2794.641
oh nice I don't know all right we're798.443.399
grabbing the key I'm going to go back I799.923.159
just didn't want to take any chances you801.8393.201
know what I mean oh yeah no gotcha that803.0794.841
that sounds good oh here you know what I805.044.239
accidentally ordered several807.923.52
walkie-talkies okay so here take one809.2793.041
okay I811.443.199
will [ __ ] we probably shouldn't have812.323.959
wasted that money but all814.6396.161
right OT grab the M KN it's not I'm816.2797.321
pointing at it goad grab the key did you820.85.599
I got it you taking823.65.2
forever okay all right all right left826.3994.481
Mouse button yeah use828.84.88
key where'd my walkie830.884.879
go nebs come833.686.279
in oh sorry I couldn't find my uh835.7596.76
walking all right is this the way you839.9595.521
want us to go dris I mean abro uh yes842.5195.361
but I am seeing something red in that845.484.68
room so be careful but there looks it847.884.68
looks like there's an item uh can you go850.164.56
up top are you on a stairwell I can go852.565.639
down oh I found something okay I think854.726.039
in the basement there's a creature he's858.1993.921
heading towards you get out of there860.7592.681
found something good come on come on862.123.2
some there's a big creature coming oh863.443.399
hey guys there's a creature coming big865.324.639
creature are you guys leaving uh yeah866.8397.081
yeah good oh yeah that looks expensive869.9595.32
all right we're out take that back take873.922.599
that back to the ship right now okay875.2793.881
hold on hold on hold on I got to876.5194.24
remember how to get back to the ship879.163.64
this way it's kind of yeah straight back880.7594.841
there uh yes sir of a walk we got three882.85.24
now he he bought uh way too885.65.96
many how many walkies you888.047.039
buy I think I got three of them891.567.839
somehow okay should come back in hey895.0796.12
what's up Simon oh my God what is that899.3995.12
is that an engine uh yeah it's it's 3:00901.1994.56
right now if you guys want to look904.5193.12
around a little more you905.7594.401
can where do I where do I this to be the907.6393.921
first thing that I put somewhere just910.163.08
drop it yeah just hit G I think drop it911.565.04
anywhere yep yep Y which913.247.159
way all right hold on let me get eyes on916.65.96
man yeah there's a creature down in the920.3994.601
basement I see something straight ahead922.563.959
right go to the right going to the right926.5195.361
yeah going to the929.9595.281
right at the dead end dead end check931.886.16
Roger so looks like that stairway yeah935.244.719
go down that stairway maybe this938.044.359
creature will leave you alone or bug her939.9595.32
up when it's safe to run in I got what942.3996.36
needes I'll stay back oh perfect okay945.2798.201
you stay back Dr Dr staying948.7594.721
back okay is the creature still here yep954.3995.641
he he's looking down that hallway I958.3993.961
think all right he's moving on go yeah960.043.84
go stra and immediately turn left962.364.919
there's something there to grab grab it963.883.399
go so967.444.399
yeah there's something immedately to the969.64.08
left you can grab the creature's nowhere971.8394.081
near you you are safe okay I'm trying973.686.0
you supposed to be quiet got it yes okay975.927.12
I didn't know oh no we we just decided979.687.32
that oh nice that let's good okay let's983.046.84
go good job987.04.279
I'm guessing that's heavy enough where989.885.0
you can't answer me back Dora come in go991.2795.601
get out there you get some stuff you got994.884.6
stuff yeah yeah he got stuff oh good996.885.92
good oh yeah's get let's just go okay999.485.359
6:00 Sun's going down I'd recommend1002.83.0
let's getting1004.8395.12
back he boy where's that1005.87.279
thing oh here ready you got it I got it1009.9596.36
I got it you got it okay where the hell1013.0795.601
they at that was a good day oh yeah yeah1016.3196.921
here we go here we go Chevy yeah oh1018.687.44
hands full what what can I can I get up1023.244.599
you can you can make that1026.124.16
jump what the hell can you make the1027.8394.521
corner though oh boy he's stuck he's1030.285.0
running in place over here1032.368.16
uhoh no okay okay um drop it I dropped1035.288.559
it I dropped it drop it1040.526.64
door he's acting like a nut has he been1043.8395.921
like this all day a little bit it's1047.167.96
happened no oh man tras come on all1049.769.12
right yeah oh all right oh sweet we got1055.127.64
it we got it we got it hey hey oh hey I1058.885.799
don't know what's going on there it1062.764.279
happens at the end of like I don't know1064.6794.681
yeah weird well uh are we going to take1067.0394.88
what we got close the door yeah wow we1069.364.52
all made it out we actually got stuff um1071.9194.24
yeah keep it here so what we need to do1073.885.64
now is maybe go to another planet1076.1596.361
yes end of the1079.523.0
company so we have this budget up here1083.366.679
we have like $99 so like the the number1086.885.4
I'm seeing there is different from this1090.0394.561
different number up here we haven't sold1092.284.56
this obviously so they gave us some seed1094.63.8
money well look everybody live it's the1096.843.52
first time has ever happened I know look1098.44.92
at us one day left we should be able to1100.364.52
do this without a flashlight but it' be1103.323.44
nice to have one let's go back to1104.884.64
Assurance just yet I got to take a quick1106.764.88
leak all right you take a quick leak1109.523.92
I'll go ahead and set us uh in orbit1111.644.88
around Assurance all right I'll grab a1113.445.84
drink me too yeah you do that we'll do1116.524.159
that and then we'll come back and it'll1119.283.92
be good1120.6795.59
break all right I'm going to go ahead1127.6793.441
and start1129.443.479
okay all right bye1132.9197.361
to Flashlight1136.366.08
confirmed flashlights confirmed1140.284.68
flashlights are being delivered we still1142.445.76
have our walkie-talkies okay yeah uh1144.966.079
I'll I'll keep being the guy on the ship1148.26.88
okay uh neebs I guess I'll monitor you1151.0397.481
copy copy am I going the right way um I1155.086.959
don't know I think it's random each1158.523.519
time okay I'm going to walk this way1162.64.64
maybe you can tell me if you see any1164.764.72
structures I didn't have that walkie1167.243.679
pushed I'm walking this way let me know1169.483.8
if you see1170.9192.361
structures flashlights are here did you1173.6794.761
get a flashlight before you left1175.6795.281
nope all right1178.445.96
flashlight what did you just land oh God1180.965.839
it's up there all right oh yeah now1184.44.04
remember everything has a battery life1186.7993.601
so yeah I think it's this way okay got1188.444.68
it this way oh NE you know what before1190.43.84
you run off you got to charge that1193.122.799
walkie-talkie real quick come over here1194.245.36
yep boy we're wasting time aren't we1195.9196.361
mine's got to good oh hold on I should1199.64.48
have gone with okay I guess I'll stick1202.282.72
with you1204.084.32
guys got charge my walk my walk yeah do1205.05.96
a quick charge and then get out of1208.45.519
here um okay charge hey guys I thought1210.965.92
Dora was coming back so now he's by1213.9195.081
himself's he's got a walkie-talkie I1216.885.039
should be able to talk to him1219.05.039
Dora Dora come1224.0395.12
in Dora do you have your damn1226.884.32
on Dora why you such a damn1231.25.2
idiot now I'm all turned around I don't1234.24.4
know where the hell we are we probably1236.43.56
probably got to follow this uh what you1238.66.28
call it NES do you read me I read you1239.967.599
loud okay I don't know where Dora is in1244.884.36
relation to you guys but he's not1247.5594.12
communicating with his1249.244.679
walkie-talkie he might be getting freaky1251.6794.721
again hold on come over around here yeah1253.9193.921
he looks like he's just standing still1256.44.88
in a room oh looking1257.846.8
around I found a log don't listen to me1261.285.639
abro oh there you are what's up where1264.644.36
you at oh that's that's how it works I'm1266.9194.12
about to walk in the front1269.04.64
door uh okay so you're at the entrance1271.0397.401
go copy all right I see you uh go left1273.646.2
okay here's a problem I'm going to have1278.444.8
to have the flashlight or1279.845.68
the well I guess you can switch to one1283.244.439
or the other with your you know mouse1285.524.039
pad or the scroll wheel we're coming up1287.6794.561
to the ladder to the all right so1289.5594.881
they're about to join you what does you1292.243.36
mean you got a flashlight Simon I do1295.64.8
turn it1299.244.439
on uh I don't want to waste it oh can1300.45.44
you see all right so it's on so we don't1303.6794.201
need to use it until we're going in the1305.844.199
dark like you can see in here so why1307.884.64
waste it if I'm going down on Simon hey1310.0396.24
guys hey take a left if you can okay I1312.526.6
can there's something on the ground to1316.2796.201
the left should be in the hallway okay1319.127.159
copy mug copy that the turret beautiful1322.486.92
beautiful okay take it back to the door1326.2795.64
who who's turret I think we're standing1329.43.759
right beside a1331.9194.081
turret oh yeah be1333.1595.281
careful what the hell what the hell what1336.06.24
the hell oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh god what the1338.446.92
[ __ ] oh god oh oh no1342.247.72
guys oh oh no1345.364.6
oh no hey I think abure just got down oh1351.25.079
really he get down he was on the ship1354.7993.721
yeah I just heard him screaming from the1356.2793.601
ship some tacked by the ship we got to1358.525.0
shut that door I mean it happens a Mug's1359.885.799
not going to do it guys a mug is not1363.523.68
going to do it I've got a mug outside1365.6793.921
the door we're going to need more than a1367.24.959
mug yeah I would say1369.65.8
so ooh I can open1372.1597.281
this nothing oh wait1375.46.399
I got a something I got a screw I'm1379.444.239
going to take the mug and the screw you1381.7995.521
guys want screw I got a mug out the door1383.6796.521
oh look it bottles I got bottles perfect1387.326.959
take the mug take whatever I put on the1390.26.88
ground there's a mug out here guys okay1394.2794.28
I'm taking these back okay we'll look a1397.083.839
little further then we'll leave right1398.5594.961
where's there a mug outside the door I1400.9196.601
think use your flashlight s okay okay oh1403.527.84
brass Bell right here do it you grab it1407.525.6
that's that's got to be enough right1411.364.48
this m yeah that's got to be it that's1413.126.919
got to be let's just do this let's be1415.847.079
okay something got abs I just got to get1422.9195.481
in there and shut the1426.444.359
door just got to get in there and shut1428.45.399
the door just get1430.7996.601
in and shh don't be in there whatever1433.7996.88
the was in there oh1437.43.279
man my1451.483.439
god oh I hear1456.7994.36
no okay I got to get to the1463.326.959
walkie oh1466.7993.48
boy oh that's not good oh that's not1476.327.959
good that's on me how do I switch1480.246.88
that I want to switch1484.2796.681
that leg oh my god oh [ __ ] guys get in1487.127.2
get in get1490.963.36
in no1495.6795.161
no oh no I1500.845.839
don't my God look at you1503.7999.48
guys how do I uh um hey time1506.6796.6
quiet guys you1515.444.8
okay I don't it's on the front side of1517.5595.081
the ship so if you can get in1520.244.439
sneaky come1522.644.039
in shut the1524.6795.0
oh my1536.442.599
God I'll wait1548.125.4
forever oh wait cuz that thing's right1551.1595.161
there oh1553.522.8
oh that was1569.6794.201
amazing yeah that tells a story all of1573.885.76
dead so uh do we still have anything oh1580.326.479
no we lost it all we're de we're we're1584.124.48
going to get lost brought in I brought1586.7994.161
it in the bottle oh it took it all no1588.64.88
cuz I got a walkie here it's a walkie a1590.964.28
we didn't finish cuz we all died we1593.484.76
never got to take off yeah it's1595.245.799
true that's how the system works I would1598.245.4
think I would think we got we lost so1601.0394.0
it's just day Zero we just got to go1603.642.8
back and get fired is that we're doing1605.0394.041
pretty much I guess all right so we wait1606.444.719
we have nothing to turn in right well we1609.084.4
could turn in those that1611.1595.24
equipment uh I'm just going to go up1613.484.96
here and ring the bell there's no way1616.3994.081
it's going to let us keep it no maybe1618.444.839
it'll just eat us you know hey yeah1620.485.319
that'd be nice we got1623.2796.441
nothing yeah sorry we died I don't think1625.7996.081
he's going to be happy we close we did1629.724.88
have enough we just giant structure I1631.884.679
love it yeah like what the hell's in1634.65.76
this place well we saw a1636.5593.801
oh it just took somebody didn't it1645.0397.161
yeah sorry that abro it took it take1648.966.76
abro yeah yeah it did it didn't give us1652.24.28
money no money for1656.4819.95

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