Flaming Butt Rocket - Breathedge

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest episode of Breathedge on the Neebs Gaming channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. I have to ...
Flaming Butt Rocket -  Breathedge
Flaming Butt Rocket - Breathedge

Flaming Butt Rocket - Breathedge

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey Simon, have you watched that Flaming Butt Rocket video on Breathedge? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is a real blast! Literally, with all those butt rockets flying around.

neebs: I know, right? I'm not proud of the weird stuff we had to do in that episode, but it was worth it for the laughs!

simon: Definitely worth it! I mean, who wouldn't want to see flaming butt rockets in space? It's comedy gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest episode of Breathedge on the Neebs Gaming channel and let me tell you, it was a wild ride. I have to admit, the things they had to do in this episode were pretty weird, but that's what makes it so entertaining, right?

If you're not already subscribed to their channel, you definitely should be. These guys always bring the laughs and the good gameplay. Plus, they have some awesome perks for their patrons, so it's definitely worth checking out. And don't even get me started on their merch - I need to grab myself a Neebs Gaming shirt ASAP.

Oh, and have you seen their other channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's just as hilarious as their main channel, so I highly recommend giving it a watch. And if you're in the market for a new PC, definitely check out Xidax - they power Neebs Gaming and their PCs are top-notch.

But back to the Breathedge episode - if you're a fan of the game or just love watching some hilarious gameplay, this video is a must-watch. Neebs always brings their A-game and this episode is no exception. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the craziness that is Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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all right come in neees come in abro7.524.88
this is neees I know it's neebs I guess10.243.24
we're the only ones really out here that12.42.479
are communicating so I don't even know13.482.879
why I said come in neebs to begin with14.8793.601
well there's you and that young Vixen16.3594.241
yeah but she's just been texting me and18.484.559
I hope she stops okay actually we should20.64.839
rescue her we get as many people out23.0395.32
alive okay I've made it to the engine25.4395.961
how's my oxygen I'm at 130 right now all28.3595.241
right so we need to launch this thing31.46.4
into the core of the uh the big liner I33.65.56
think we're trying to cool the core down37.83.759
and lower the radiation out there okay39.164.719
that's our goal so I've got the engine41.5596.84
on my person that I've made and here we43.8797.0
go the engine is installed now the tank48.3995.32
will probably be able to fly okay cool50.8794.36
all right let me go inside and uh hit53.7193.881
the launch button you fixed it huh I did55.2394.881
it was that easy man I'm a genius yep57.64.68
that you you're a60.125.16
yeah you have to go through that72.883.2
mayonnaise again what it what it's not74.63.76
mayonnaise we learned that yeah it's not76.084.8
mayonnaise what was it we don't know we78.363.96
don't even know we don't even know I80.884.04
don't know it said it was mayonnaise but82.325.439
oh wait you know what I made this84.925.04
analyzer I think I can actually analyze87.7593.961
this stuff now mayonnaise yeah let's see89.962.92
what it91.723.64
is nothing of92.885.48
Perfect all right let's go find this101.3996.36
button for this not mayonnaise weird103.886.44
stuff I'm going to call it goop like107.7595.4
Gwyneth Alro there you go well there110.324.799
might be legal implications for that you113.1594.801
might have get your own name add a o in115.1195.441
there goopo oh I was going to put the117.965.24
middle but yeah goopo all right here we120.566.04
go using the console123.25.88
launch module dock looks like we need to126.65.8
go outside and disengage the module129.085.48
manually what's wrong I got to go132.44.04
outside I don't think the module134.564.52
disengaged so the engines can't fire off136.445.12
I'm going back139.082.48
outside it would be useful to have a143.163.64
powerful soil analyzer with the function145.163.28
of deep scanning which is usually used146.84.079
by biologists at Treasure hun I got one148.444.6
analyze it nothing of150.8794.161
Interest you're still trying to analyze153.044.76
it huh I mean I was was just it's155.045.04
telling me I need an analyzer and then I157.86.28
look at that okay uh let's see so all160.086.079
right looks like these legs here I have164.083.879
detach okay these are the brackets167.9593.841
mounting the tank to the module you'd170.282.76
better find them all and detach them171.82.76
before you start or at best all this173.043.0
debris will Spin and be torn apart with174.563.28
the tank right here all right oh repair176.045.119
tool oh no repair tool okay durability177.846.28
15 hopefully I got enough to do181.1595.321
this here we go yep what's your184.124.6
durability now uh 14 so yeah this would186.484.36
be good oh one yeah you can do 15 of188.724.48
these things yeah go over here oh one of190.844.399
them's inside the uh not mayonnaise the193.24.44
goopo all right flowing inside gwth195.2393.56
goopo seems that detaching the bracket198.7993.401
without getting your hands as well as201.042.559
other parts of your body dirty will be202.23.8
impossible there we go that's two how203.5995.36
many you got to do uh four four okay206.04.56
you're halfway there yeah I know this is208.9592.681
this is looking good these are the210.562.759
brackets mounting the tank to the module211.642.959
you'd better find them all and detach213.3193.801
them before you start or at already bud214.5994.72
be torn apart from the tank right here217.124.0
three oh yeah one more one more right219.3192.761
here right221.123.479
here uh uhoh you can try to repair the222.083.879
bracket but since you will destroy it224.5992.801
during the repair process it will be225.9593.36
easier to break it227.43.88
beforehand I don't think I can do this229.3196.241
what do I okay this grenade or Blaster231.285.48
no wait I made a beef grenade236.765.319
you got it with you I240.2396.801
have uh yeah oh thank God there you go242.0796.88
okay um I was a little hesitant when you247.044.8
got in explosives but now okay all right248.9594.801
this all right let me take a I'm going a251.843.88
Qui a quick suck on some oxygen and I'm253.763.84
coming right255.725.0
back you ever see that movie The Abyss257.64.92
oh yeah I love that movie you seen it260.723.6
yeah that movie is great oh man I was262.523.959
going to I wanted me and you to watch it264.325.439
for the first time what together yeah266.4795.401
okay well no I've seen it already Okay269.7593.521
yeah that's a great film that scene271.882.96
where they got to swim underwater and273.283.84
the one one girl drowns and she has to274.844.799
breathe liquid oxygen no that's the dude277.124.12
that's Ed Harris at the end oh that's279.6394.441
right he hey maybe we should we should281.244.72
watch it since I've forgotten everything284.083.72
okay yeah sounds like it I feel like I285.963.92
watched it like a year ago but yeah when287.83.64
that lady has to drown for that one289.884.319
scene yeah it's intense I love it okay I291.445.4
got a Grenade I'm tossing it I've never294.1997.361
done this before wish me luck good luck296.844.72
did you do it I did it oh now I got to303.04.56
go back inside to the console okay woo a304.964.12
lot of running around today back to the307.564.479
goopo Gwyneth Pal's goopo it smells like309.086.119
a [ __ ] have you had it before the goopo312.0394.801
no gwth palro she's been on Shark Tank316.845.0
you ever watched that show oh yeah I've320.243.64
seen a few episodes you seen gwth palro321.843.479
on there I did not was she trying to323.884.28
sell goop no she's she's got a lot of325.3194.841
companies I think oh yeah no she's uh328.163.879
she's business savvy I'll tell you that330.165.72
yep but that Lori Greer huh who Lori332.0395.72
she's the the blonde girl man I haven't335.883.24
watched it enough to uh really337.7593.761
internalize everybody's name okay here339.124.199
we go we can watch that together all341.524.28
right let's see if this will uh launch343.3194.641
goopo cuge valve348.125.6
damage come on it's always something it351.164.4
is always something good Lord how many353.726.16
steps you got to take all right do it355.566.68
fuge all right I guess I got to go what359.883.84
is that over there got to look at the362.243.799
fuge uh looks like someone's jammed in368.125.919
here all right examine centrifuge a370.7594.84
special patch and a bloated space suit374.0393.201
indicating increased gas production due375.5993.561
to excessive broccoli eating all this377.243.28
points out that the body belongs to the379.163.24
green Universe radical group those380.523.16
possible moral constraints are no382.43.04
problem this bag of methane hydrogen and383.683.32
organic residues can be used to provide385.443.24
initial acceleration to the centrifuge387.02.84
you only need to figure figure out how388.685.32
to do it um oh I got to ignite389.847.52
him oh an394.06.52
igniter I don't have an igniter can you397.364.92
build an400.524.679
igniter yeah let me run back to uh402.284.96
either uh yeah I got to go find a405.1994.041
building console damn it while you're407.243.84
heading that way I'll catch you up on409.243.56
all the Shark Tank members yeah I can't411.085.36
wait there's Barbara corkran Robert412.88.36
hevik Damon John Kevin ly Mark Cuban I416.446.199
think he has the most money he's a421.163.439
billionaire and then there was that Uber422.6393.921
guy what was his name Chris there was424.5994.121
one guy he makes the kind bars did you426.564.4
know Ashton Kutcher was on that428.727.24
show did you did you know that AB did430.967.0
you know that oh wait what did you know435.964.72
Ashton Kutcher was a on the Shark Tank I437.964.6
I didn't as one of the Sharks not a guy440.684.0
pitching something oh okay all right442.563.56
let's see what is this let me look at444.685.16
this processor okay uh and ignite I446.126.4
guess would that be a tool an item two449.845.359
aluminum two battery and an inductor ah452.523.6
crap I think I'm going to have to come455.1992.801
back to you to make it I think I have456.123.72
that equipment but it's all the way back458.05.4
there all right let me clean the place459.846.16
up oh thank goodness too battery please463.46.16
have some aluminum yes boom equipment466.07.319
where is it yes the igniter469.566.4
boom you did it huh I did it man I I473.3193.921
should have built the Space Station way475.963.72
up there it's like sucks how far I got477.245.2
to go okay hopefully this is the last479.684.199
tool I'll need all right how my other482.444.039
tools durability 12 on the repair tool483.8794.401
man I should make another set of shears486.4793.761
just in case you have a Shear or sheep488.284.479
can't say that I have me either I think490.243.84
I'm going to put that on my bucket list492.7593.0
a Shear or sheep yeah I might need your494.084.519
help okay can't say it's anything I495.7595.521
really want to do I know but you do it498.5993.921
for your old grandpa right well one501.283.879
you're not my grandpa and two I mean I502.524.679
do it just for the experience okay I'm505.1593.361
kind of with you on that yeah I'd she507.1992.601
you a damn sheep508.522.84
you've already seen the abyss we're509.84.119
going to shear sheep together yeah ex511.364.119
yeah although I would watch the abyss513.9193.12
again but that's a good movie all right515.4792.731
we'll do517.0394.35
both all right I'm coming over to you522.0395.24
all right like it's been forever yeah I524.24.44
Haden been over in a minute you know I527.2793.68
feel like I you know built my house over528.643.879
there and yeah I rarely come over to see530.9594.88
you ah there's my boy man you do not532.5195.401
look good yeah I want to flip over I'd535.8393.761
like to maybe if I can get I want to see537.923.76
out the window okay did you say you539.65.4
cleaned up in here yep what do you think541.685.159
don't okay whatever all right let's see545.03.0
you said you wanted to look out the546.8393.881
window yep548.07.44
okay what like in the chair uh nope okay550.725.88
yeah you want to twist a little bit555.444.44
let's see if I can oh oh no sorry that's556.64.679
that's cracking something I heard that559.883.199
my bad you know where my eyes are right561.2794.441
yeah I'm just trying to like angle you563.0793.681
where ooh almost all right yeah just566.766.36
like a little turn ah there how about570.5195.32
that that's great yep love that yeah so573.124.2
what do you see out there oh yeah that's575.8393.921
a decent view of whatever planet that is577.325.32
yeah yeah yeah what were you staring at579.764.8
over here just oh man you should have582.643.92
asked for that ages ago well I knew you584.565.56
were out and you're busy and well thanks586.565.08
thanks for the consideration okay got590.124.36
the igniter I'm going to head back591.645.84
out and uh oh594.487.12
hey you see me oh yeah hey hey he he hey597.485.919
hey you look great in there you look601.63.919
great out there when are we going to603.3994.081
share those sheep hey man if we if we605.5194.361
make it back um first thing we're doing607.483.56
first thing we're doing is we're finding609.882.88
a farm and we're going to Shear some611.044.039
sheep man I can't wait yeah it' be great612.765.4
all right I'm615.0793.081
do you think sheep get633.485.12
self-conscious after you shear them I636.6393.2
wonder if they get yeah it's got to be a638.62.96
big temperature difference they're639.8393.201
probably for a minute like what the hell641.563.04
happened bro you know what I mean I643.043.16
assume we do it yeah we need to do it in644.64.239
the in the spring probably but we also646.25.56
want it to look good wa what like you648.8395.161
want the Sheep to look good imagine you651.764.04
go get your haircut it looks awful you654.03.24
walk out of there how do you feel I mean655.83.24
you're not you're not styling the Sheep657.243.32
you're shearing the Sheep well when we659.043.2
do it I'm going to do both you want to660.564.16
style and Shear the Sheep yeah okay I'm662.243.92
out is't that what they say on Shark664.723.08
Tank or is that that might be the666.163.359
British one I'm thinking of I don't know667.83.56
this is like a grandfather or grandson669.5193.281
what do they say on Shark Tank well671.362.919
different things like Kevin will be like672.83.92
you're dead to me all right or uh you're674.2793.281
cockroach you're a cockroach he's he's677.565.68
like the the antagonist of the group680.245.24
okay y you're a cockroach yeah that's683.243.399
really that's a messed up thing to say685.482.88
to somebody some people need to hear it686.6393.361
though good God uh-huh all right let's688.363.52
see where is ass boy ass boy is right690.03.68
over there all right let's fire up this691.884.079
[ __ ] okay so you're getting ready to695.9593.241
do what you're getting ready to ignite698.03.079
some yeah this guy's full of gas from699.23.56
eating too much broccoli a dead body701.0793.041
full of methane you getting ready to702.763.24
light it yeah which I think will start704.124.76
spinning this centrifuge oh my God this706.06.48
thing will take off uh all right wish me708.885.399
luck good712.485.479
luck oh there you go it's714.2796.12
working yep despite the fact that the717.9594.081
task pumping out gas to create a720.3993.521
miniature Engine with your barbaric722.043.2
method of directly lighting your rear723.923.24
end is recognized as effective it's time725.245.0
for take B it's it's working it's coming727.164.4
out of his butt yeah it's coming out of730.243.44
his ass and it's spinning a centrifuge731.564.16
yeah God he ate a lot of733.684.64
broccoli does broccoli do that to you oh735.725.119
yeah absolutely that and chipotle what738.324.04
about beans you know I feel like beans740.8393.0
don't make me that gassy I know that's742.363.44
like The Stereotype they got to tighten743.8394.041
up yeah for me it's broccoli yeah like745.83.68
any sort of green747.883.319
man beans are getting all the credit I749.485.919
know all right okay here we go going to751.1997.041
use this console fuel systems active755.3995.081
let's see what758.244.279
oh wait do I need to get out of here oh762.5197.601
yeah I need oh God on one this is on the766.325.519
other you're770.124.8
still okay yeah how do I leave how'd you771.8395.68
come in through this door it's not774.924.52
opening uh777.5193.88
oh well look around got to be some other779.446.16
way oh wait I see a panel maybe is this781.3998.081
nothing [ __ ] this what about this this785.65.88
this looks promising baby go up there789.484.159
the up there through the tubes oh I see793.88.98
a tube okay oh crap oh crap 1 2 3 4796.5199.331
yeah make it oh God806.07.8
okay yeah yeah I think so your810.05.32
incredible dexterity together with813.84.12
Incredible luck and Incredibly linear oh815.325.8
Jesus it worked in any case there's a817.924.8
decrease in the core's activity if821.122.68
nothing explodes there in the next822.722.52
couple of minutes then the task can be823.83.08
completed all right yeah shot the Mayo826.884.28
right into the829.6394.241
core I can't say for sure but apparently831.164.359
it was a backup power cell of the newest833.883.28
nuclear warp installation in the core of835.5193.32
the liner what we have seen is one one837.163.239
of the most protected government secrets838.8392.841
and the presence of a green Universe840.3992.68
radical there confirms their involvement841.683.8
in the catastic okay so some this this843.0794.88
stuff is like nuclear goop built by the845.484.039
military or the government I don't know847.9593.921
Green radicals all right goopo though849.5194.641
right yeah goopo right let me go back851.884.48
get some health get some oxygen jeez854.164.64
that was stupid had me scared there for856.364.039
a minute thought I was never going to858.83.0
all right I am back welcome back yeah873.123.6
that was875.923.359
awesome that's a ton of fun uh let's see876.724.72
what is the fuel right now N9 out of 100879.2793.56
I need to make some more fuel for this881.444.6
thing n out of 100 yeah it ain't good no882.8395.44
you got to you should probably fuel up886.044.359
at least before a quarter yeah let's see888.2793.881
well I got some resin in here it was890.3994.081
resin in something to make fuel so let892.164.64
me grab a little resin what was the894.486.56
other thing was it lead H might be let's896.86.88
see could be in resources equipment901.045.12
items here it is fuel nope just metal903.684.279
two resin two metal a lot of people like906.164.32
unleaded so that makes sense yeah I907.9594.181
so uh-oh I need more metal god I really915.2794.881
just need to make a metal run I know it918.563.16
sucks but I got to do920.165.479
it and uh H and I wonder if there's921.726.559
anything in that big ball over there925.6394.841
that must be you know what there's a big928.2794.841
ball of coolant it looks like way out930.483.64
there I think I'm going to check that933.123.6
out next all right yeah I mean why not934.126.839
all right metal where you at let me grab936.724.239
you oo 69941.887.959
fuel that'll get you946.123.719
there cooling gel detected theoretically954.124.04
the cooling gel can be used to reduce956.882.92
the temperature activity at the core958.163.039
that is if you fight a blob large enough959.82.68
that doesn't evaporate before you get to961.1993.76
the liner so maybe I can use some of962.484.64
this cooling gel to uh shoot shoot that964.9595.32
into the core oh you have it967.125.68
freezing uh all right I remember this970.2795.401
let's look for heat lamps I think I see972.84.92
one out975.683.92
here so we're going to have to bounce977.723.479
from heat lamp to heat lamp now we can979.63.039
see why there's so much cooling near the981.1993.041
shuttle this is a tank with cooling gel982.6392.88
from the outdated nuclear reactor984.243.0
cooling system there's no data about985.5194.481
such systems being on the liner name987.245.279
tell you what this uh this thing this990.05.72
liner had Secrets goo cooling gel none992.5195.361
of this was supposed to be there oh995.723.64
really yeah it's just what it sounds997.883.959
like bottle of water refined metal999.364.279
that's good this poor1001.8394.841
bastard let's see nutrition package1003.6394.961
refined metal this is good stuff1006.684.36
actually I need to eat a little bit num1008.64.08
n and a glug1011.045.4
glug there we go take another bottle of1012.685.959
water something is stuck in the cooling1016.444.24
jail or someone in any case it's1018.6394.481
impossible to break it it's impossible1020.684.92
to break it someone stuck in the cooling1023.126.36
gel oh no there's a guy here he didn't1025.65.479
make it1029.484.28
uh-oh did you say there was an engineer1031.0795.041
ship uh it's what it looks like let me1033.764.559
pop in here1036.124.12
oxygen I wouldn't touch it without1038.3193.921
having a degree in engineering if I were1040.243.839
you I wouldn't touch anything even1042.244.599
myself no oxygen and it's cold in here1044.0794.761
resin though all right I'm getting on1046.8395.2
oxygen I got three candles on me let's1048.846.4
see let's break a container maybe what1052.0396.281
do we got wire light bulb1055.245.799
plastic into the1058.324.719
water all right I got to get to a heat1061.0393.681
lamp got to get to a heat1063.0394.801
lamp oh boy oh boy yep I let it get too1064.725.76
cold I let it get too cold nebes oh no1067.844.36
oh wait there's one right here perfect1070.483.64
oh yeah thank God here we go here we go1072.24.4
here we go nope Hop Off don't forget you1074.125.08
need air too I know yep yep yep heat1076.64.12
heat there we go yeah I wish I could1080.724.8
find an oxygen station out here if not I1083.443.4
might have to build one which actually I1085.523.92
think I already have built one there we1086.844.92
go that'll give me a little bit more1089.444.56
time I know it's freeze and danger you1091.763.64
don't have to keep telling me what are1094.03.88
you looking for out there anything man1095.46.72
I'm I'm exploring the debris okay so you1097.889.0
found a person stuck in goo did see is1102.126.96
there anything in here I can do or use1106.884.679
what's this oh I can start the engines1109.085.2
of this thing all right see what1111.5595.041
demon well I don't know1116.66.439
Latin well started the engine seems like1119.524.88
you still made the engine run though1123.0392.76
this has complicated the identification1124.43.12
of the deceased1125.7994.0
slightly well I I burned some of the1127.524.0
cooling gel away but I also burned this1129.7993.921
dude and he's got something in his1131.524.88
hand it's it's a cow1133.725.079
toy from the grumpies collection C you1136.45.32
should probably hang on with that I1138.7995.081
guess man I was hoping to find something1141.724.4
more useful than1143.884.44
that a space shuttle got stuck in this1146.123.96
blob of cooling gel I think we found the1148.323.719
perfect specimen to launch into the core1150.083.8
oh I could launch this into the core1152.0393.64
this is it said a space shuttle got1153.884.0
lodged in the cooling gel launched that1155.6794.281
into the core is it this nothing look1157.884.08
like I can launch this get in there and1159.964.719
uh research it space shuttle to launch1161.964.04
into the1164.6794.281
core what are you talking about talking1166.04.76
about this or something completely1168.964.12
different launch the shuttle into the1170.763.96
core all right let me Hop Off is there a1173.084.24
heat lamp here is there any1174.725.6
heat anything oh yeah there's a heat1177.324.04
lamp here1180.323.479
cool it said something about launching a1181.364.319
shuttle into the core but I don't see a1183.7994.201
damn shuttle so what are you looking at1185.6794.681
right now it's it's a busted shuttle a1188.04.2
busted shuttle yeah and I don't think1190.364.439
I'm repairing this1192.25.64
one oh or is it that oh wait I think I1194.7994.76
see what what it might be talking about1197.844.24
hold on let me get a little1199.5595.36
heat okay1202.086.64
oxygen okay I got two candles left you1204.9196.281
better move quick I'm doing it I know1208.723.8
I'm freezing I know there's freezing1211.24.32
danger you don't have to keep telling1212.525.08
me I was hoping to see a standard1215.523.399
pleasure shuttle but this is an old1217.62.8
designed cargo ship you can still1218.9192.961
occasionally find such ships on distant1220.43.32
planets they work on biofuel and there's1221.883.6
no way they were on the liner this1223.723.28
technolog is outdated so it's highly1225.483.079
improbable that this debris will to the1227.03.799
liner robotics wasn't so popular at the1228.5593.881
time when such ships were produced the1230.7994.921
Eng system a fuel tank with no fuel1232.445.2
inside to start the engines you have to1235.723.36
find some fuel fill the tank and hack1237.643.919
the control system of the ship external1239.085.16
control system only old ships have it in1241.5593.721
a split1244.243.6
second external control say old ships I1245.284.519
can hack this in a split hack what you1247.843.8
talk about this all right so yeah I1249.7993.12
guess I need1251.643.68
fuel fuel tank empty where's the fuel1252.9195.201
tank oh is there a heat lamp around here1255.324.52
is that one way over there oh [ __ ]1258.124.24
getting cold getting cold getting cold1259.844.64
where's where's my bike where's my bike1262.364.48
where's my1264.482.36
bike oh my God oh my God oh my1270.328.0
God on heat heat he heat he1274.07.6
heat I can't see where's the heat1278.326.56
where's the heat I have to hop1281.68.439
off heat heat heat oh my God oh my God1284.887.44
nees I can't see are you anywhere near1290.0395.081
the heat I I thought I was near the1292.324.8
heat oh1295.124.84
God keep trying okay I think this is it1297.125.64
right here please is that not a heat oh1299.963.839
yes thank1302.764.159
God okay okay what's my oxygen one1303.7995.401
oxygen candle all right so I'm going to1306.9194.921
need fuel come out here fill that up1309.24.719
launch that into the core okay and I1311.844.04
need to make an oxygen station out here1313.9196.0
cuz good God there is nothing you coming1315.886.88
home probably the smartest move right1319.9194.661
now cuz I know I need1322.764.93
fuel you know what maybe there's a suit1328.7995.561
I can research that will let me survive1331.844.4
in this damn cold region longer that's1334.363.799
worth a shot yeah I think I saw another1336.244.72
suit on the research table let me take a1338.1595.481
peek yeah let me look at this research1340.964.56
table I1343.645.68
got there was a suit in here oh good I1345.525.88
completed research on the Blaster oh1349.325.04
neat so I can shoot something but this1351.46.36
engineering space suit two lead paint1354.365.679
two rolls of fabric four aluminum what1357.763.36
are you wear I thought you were wearing1360.0392.601
an Engineering Suit no I'm wearing the1361.124.28
electrical suit electrical that paint1362.644.919
okay sorry yeah damn it you lost my1365.44.399
train of thought well I I don't feel1367.5593.441
like an engineer in see going to keep1369.7993.841
you warm let's see the engineer the1371.03.96
Engineering Services on a large1373.643.0
spaceship always engage in variety work1374.964.0
from the repair that's why they protect1376.643.76
their engineering space suits especially1378.963.64
from strong temperature changes heat and1380.44.279
cold are felt equally unpleasant in this1382.65.24
suit but not fatal so you think that'll1384.6795.521
help you maybe damn it I don't know I1387.843.52
don't when I think of an engineer I1390.22.24
don't think of some guy walking around1391.363.48
in a park do you no that's it's a dumb1392.443.92
name for it you think it' just be called1394.843.68
a thermal suit or something can you make1396.364.4
it uh I need two rolls of fabric and1398.525.32
four aluminum huh you go raid the1400.764.799
neighbor's house I got one roll of1403.844.92
fabric mess up their walls look nasty1405.5595.201
and then come on where's my aluminum1408.765.24
yeah 1 2 3 4 I think I just got just1410.765.399
enough aluminum yeah I just need one1414.07.08
more roll of fabric okay it's time to go1416.1594.921
shearing you know it's a bit of a1422.483.16
distance but I'm going to go check the1424.2792.841
old place are you going all the way back1425.643.919
over there H I mean yeah I don't1427.125.159
yeah maybe I'll find something maybe I1429.5594.881
won't hey while you're traveling what do1432.2794.121
you think about delivering a a baby1434.444.119
animal I mean I'm kind of well not1436.44.44
really but I delivered not really1438.5594.12
delivered but I helped a cat one time1440.843.64
with kittens oh you helped deliver1442.6794.0
kittens yeah but you talking about like1444.483.92
I guess like a bigger animal right like1446.6793.561
a cow or horse cow or an elephant you1448.43.279
got to reach in there and pull it out1450.243.16
right that'd be crazy I mean i' do it1451.6793.561
why don't we knock out uh two birds and1453.44.12
one stone so Shear some sheep deliver a1455.245.12
horse and then deliver a horse so we're1457.524.56
just going to spend a day on the farm1460.364.88
maybe a week it sounds like it maybe1462.084.8
longer than that depending on how you1465.244.039
know when this damn thing's pregnant I1466.883.64
don't know if you can schedule when you1469.2793.321
want to deliver a horse you can't you1470.523.879
just got to show up and wait yeah now1472.64.04
hey that's a oh that I have another one1474.3994.141
god oh hello old friend been a minute1479.7995.681
yeah if you don't plan on spending any1484.0392.441
time out there you might as well bring1485.482.64
it on home yeah that's what I figured1486.484.0
yeah I chopped the fabric out of1488.125.52
here what about our yeah anything in1490.485.88
here oh yeah hey yeah there all right I1493.645.0
had some fabric laying around1496.364.28
man wish I could haul all this1498.646.919
stuff oh [ __ ] man on this Mortal wombat1500.647.08
cartridge yep well you can probably haul1505.5596.041
some of it huh yep well take that water1507.726.72
man I wish the bike had storage to be1511.65.439
honest yeah that would be nice yeah cuz1514.444.719
good Lord like this is a lot of good1517.0395.24
materials how's your inventory uh I got1519.1596.88
two slots left okay man have you eaten1522.2795.161
and drinking lately I tell oh here's1526.0392.961
what I could do because it's really good1527.444.32
and it's uh constantly need to use it I1529.05.2
can make some thick electrical tape out1531.764.799
of the two rubber okay oh and you can1534.24.16
probably go ahead and make your fuel1536.5593.36
that's true yeah I got a little metal so1538.363.48
yeah go ahead and like yeah make some1539.9194.961
fuel which is in items for some1541.846.36
reason there we go yeah you got any1544.884.76
tools that about broke just throw them1548.24.24
out let's see well my shears with a1549.644.84
durability of three but yeah I got those1552.443.04
ones how much fuel do you think I'll1555.483.4
need for this just1557.484.36
one cuz I made three right there you1558.884.32
think that get you through huh God you1561.843.959
would hope so okay got some fuel now I1563.26.32
got a space for this one two one two so1565.7995.801
that'll make two more electrical tape1569.523.68
man I'm figuring it out you still1571.63.84
carrying that stuffed animal around yeah1573.24.32
I was going to leave it in your place oh1575.444.92
so you got a friend what is it it's a1577.526.12
grumpy cow a grumpy cow that sounds1580.367.39
adorable he is he totes adorable1583.6410.79
tell you what I haven't found enough1596.124.159
things to make a steering wheel but it'd1598.6793.88
be really cool if eventually you could1600.2794.561
like drive your your base you know what1602.5595.0
I mean oh Drive the whole base yeah I1604.844.16
don't know if that's possible but that1607.5593.161
that'd be that'd be tits that'd be tits1609.03.84
in space yeah that' be like having a1610.724.439
like an RV or Winnebago exactly kind of1612.845.28
looks like a big Winnebago in here1615.1596.961
okay so now nope research table Yeah1618.126.32
engineering space suit I'm researching1622.124.039
oh that's going to take 15 damn minutes1624.443.2
15 minutes where are you going to put1626.1594.321
the your old space suit uh I guess I can1627.644.36
make another damn1630.484.24
suitcase which I have uh over by you1632.04.48
which I need to come to you anyway you1634.723.319
going to put it in my house huh uh yeah1636.482.96
your house has kind of become storage1638.0393.721
for knickknacks and Patty wax give a dog1639.443.04
bone cuz in this little container right1642.485.799
here yeah got the old space SP suit got1645.724.24
an oxygen station in here oh you could1648.2793.12
have taken that over to what you call I1649.963.36
think I might since I've already made it1651.3994.16
take that over there sorry we got fuel1653.324.28
I'll get an oxygen station going out1655.5595.161
there uh H what's that skin durability1657.65.48
19 okay so here I'm going leave you a1660.723.319
friends okay I was about to bring it up1664.0394.401
grumpy cow and I'm also going to give1666.245.52
you a dead hamster there you go oh my1668.445.239
goodness look at you it's probably the1671.763.759
best thing anyone's ever given me I'll1673.6794.401
never forget this ABS right yeah good1675.5195.081
I'm I'm I'm glad all right let's see do1678.084.28
I have enough space for this damn thing1680.63.36
no it's so1682.364.159
big okay what's in here I forgot okay1683.965.0
yeah that's right that's the food box uh1686.5195.28
guess I can stick a few waters in here1688.965.52
does that clear up enough space yeah1691.7994.561
okay just does yeah I didn't get you1694.484.6
anything um you don't have to and I1696.364.48
don't expect it to be perfectly honest1699.083.439
you got me two things I didn't get you1700.843.199
anything tell you what tell you what1702.5194.52
when we get back you pay for whatever1704.0395.52
bill it is when we go Shear sheeps cuz I1707.0393.64
doubt we're going to be able to do that1709.5592.401
for free I was hoping we were going to1710.6794.201
get paid for it oh so you want to start1711.964.88
like a business shearing Sheep No I was1714.884.36
thinking we go we go work for a season1716.845.04
on a sheep Ranch you cockroach we might1719.244.88
even get some free lodging out of it1721.884.799
no I want to do it I want to do a day of1724.124.6
it and that's it that's not enough to1726.6793.561
really get the grasp of it it is I want1728.723.799
to sheer sheep for a day I don't want to1730.244.6
work there for a [ __ ] month okay then1732.5193.961
you do that let's start her today and1734.843.079
see where it goes all right all right I1736.482.52
tell you what you figure out the1737.9193.521
logistics that'll be your gift to me1739.04.64
okay damn cockroach I feel better now1741.445.16
okay all right here we go nees going in1751.126.439
going in new suits on no oh that was1754.444.76
going to take 15 minutes oh you didn't1757.5594.161
make the suit yet no when I'm resch yeah1759.24.079
I'm just back in the cold and I'm uh all1761.723.959
right where do I refuel this here we go1763.2794.64
oh God damn it1765.6794.6
what you need it needs beef pellets okay1767.9194.841
we do the fuel thing right I think that1770.2796.0
is the fuel oh oh it's not son of a damn1772.765.759
[ __ ] no I know we made fuel you're not1776.2793.64
even wearing the right suit you made a1778.5194.04
suit and didn't wear the suit neees1779.9195.0
where's the beef where's the beef where1782.5594.0
is the1784.9195.281
beef where is the beef where's the1786.5597.72
beef oh where's the1790.24.079

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