It's Feral Season...Horde Every Night - 7d2d

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Feral Season on 7d2d? It's episode 24 and things are really ...
It's Feral Season...Horde Every Night - 7d2d
It's Feral Season...Horde Every Night - 7d2d

It's Feral Season...Horde Every Night - 7d2d

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're diving into 'It's Feral Season...Horde Every Night - 7d2d' with my buddies Simon and Appsro.

simon: Oh man, this video is my favorite because it's like watching a horror movie but with zombies and crumbling buildings. Plus, we get to see Neebs run around screaming like a little girl.

appsro: Yeah, and let's not forget the epic battles we have with those feral dogs. It's like a never-ending game of fetch, but instead of a ball, it's our lives on the line.

neebs: Haha, very funny, Appsro. But seriously, this video is a blast to film, especially with the custom map built by SHADE. It adds a whole new level of challenge to the game.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Feral Season on 7d2d? It's episode 24 and things are really heating up with ferals, bad dogs, and crumbling structures. The team is facing some tough challenges, but you know they always manage to come out on top in the end.

Big shoutout to SHADE for building this custom map for the crew. It's always awesome to see the creative collaborations that happen behind the scenes to bring us these epic gaming adventures. If you haven't already, be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out on any of the action.

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four competitors with three lives each6.724.919
next door neighbors out for themselves9.5195.0
with a horde night every single night11.6394.48
wasn't going to tell you what the losers14.5193.881
will have to suffer but I bill if you're16.1194.841
bored it's a billboard that's right18.44.92
we're paying $5,000 for an actual20.964.68
billboard in the city we reside purely23.325.119
aimed to humiliate the losers in this25.644.76
post-apocalyptic nightmare will they28.4396.561
have what it takes to not get called the30.44.6
sacked and here I am another night um35.527.0
there is a massive sinkhole underneath39.5595.961
that portion of my base but um I can't42.525.359
believe the house is up anyway I got the45.525.23
mini bike made finally did that day47.8793.021
24 ah let's do it again all I got to do53.926.439
is just not be stupid if I'm smart and57.845.519
not stupid I got this in the bag at60.3594.8
least I feel like I got it in the bag I63.3594.08
got three lives these idiots I only got65.1595.441
one all I got to do is wait them out so67.4394.72
uh I'm just going to keep making70.65.04
materials securing my base um and yeah72.1595.32
that's it feeling pretty good about75.644.159
myself feel like I'm a s Days to Die77.4793.921
expert right now though my armor is79.7995.601
messed up I need to repair it uh so yeah81.46.679
I'm doing okay doing okay going to try85.47.079
to maybe do second like think of Plan B88.0797.561
type thing today we'll see I get easily92.4795.64
distracted but just just staying alive95.644.56
for me is is Enough Just One Day at a98.1194.0
Time one day at a100.24.8
time neees yeah were these the trees you102.1194.64
were talking about right here right in105.03.36
the front yard why would you put one106.7593.4
right there uh I don't know because I108.364.16
was planting trees everywhere why did I110.1594.721
put three trees back there I mean that112.523.72
makes more sense I mean this is the114.882.879
community area right here I mean I'm116.242.919
going to chop them down by the end of117.7593.72
the day okay it it popped up I only got119.1594.24
300 out of that well there's another one121.4793.96
and it is there it ruined my last horde123.3993.881
night it did all right well look at me125.4393.921
I'm fixing things for you I like that if127.284.12
you find anything like cool are you129.363.879
allowed to give it to me I don't I doubt131.43.44
it but I'm really surprised how poor of133.2393.441
a job you did looking through my house134.843.8
it's insane it's like you I don't know136.683.6
when a kid goes I can't find my toy and138.643.56
you walk in there it is you're like oh140.283.959
well you look on the floor here come142.23.92
here listen come here come here I don't144.2393.36
think I should help you find it no you146.122.64
don't have to help me find it I just147.5993.36
want to show you what I found uhh can148.764.199
you do the hot and cold thing with me150.9595.28
probably not okay but it's more than152.9595.881
just this thing that I didn't156.2395.961
empty oh no that's empty now did I empty158.844.6
that I don't know I don't know what162.23.24
you're looking at this storage right163.444.48
here okay so you you've got a lot more165.445.32
stuff here in this room well I I looked167.925.399
oh [ __ ] I mean I can't tell you what to170.764.24
do I'm just say don't tell me what to do173.3193.56
it's funny cuz earlier on I checked this175.03.48
and I didn't even look up and you were176.8793.161
referring to this as one story I don't178.483.56
know how that's180.045.279
happening oh God yeah thank you look at182.046.0
that that's what I185.3192.721
do oh wow there some runners in188.766.6
here a lot more barrels192.766.559
today lady better watch it with that sir195.365.68
I need you to go199.3196.761
down a blue bag oh boy oh boy OG G oh201.047.44
boy come on what you got in here some206.084.84
coffee tools digest I guess I'll sell208.484.52
these Motor Parts hey first aid bandage210.924.319
and some ammo that's not bad oh I like213.04.799
this setup this is a cool setup you hang215.2397.481
out with your boys read a uh paper and217.7996.921
just sit around playing pool having a222.724.799
good time just dudes being dudes I love224.725.32
it anything in this alcohol pile Oh some227.5195.64
recog and some water that's good stuff230.044.8
yeah this is a good setup too little233.1595.321
twin bed little PC play some games play234.845.64
some Minecraft and some238.485.599
pong oh oh this looks good oh was that240.487.16
all of them wait did I oh I did returned244.0795.401
Traer I didn't even see it oh what is247.644.959
that a muzzle break mod that might be249.485.24
what does muzzle breaks mods do divert252.5995.121
the propellent gases to reduce recoil254.725.6
can I modify this anymore NOP already257.725.199
got mods on that what about this oh I260.325.92
got it yep hey yeah D reduce the recoil262.9195.921
on my pistol now and then this come on266.244.84
be something good it's a level one AK268.844.359
I'll sell it because I already got271.085.679
one okay yeah hey this won't273.1996.0
bads what are you doing I'm retired I276.7593.801
don't have to do anything so you're just279.1993.361
following me like a creeper why do it280.563.639
got to be like a creeper because you282.563.84
didn't there's a player inside is it you284.1994.321
inside the POI maybe I'll back up was286.43.6
your mama creep when she went to go288.523.119
watch you play like softball or290.03.52
something no she was my mama well I'm291.6394.761
your friend I'm here to support okay293.525.28
well friends don't okay all right fair296.44.6
enough I I was going to argue I don't298.84.2
want to argue with you why would you301.04.36
well I don't know if this is for good303.04.32
okay but like if I throw a birthday305.363.559
party on my friends show up like a bunch307.324.12
of creeps I what you're saying sounds308.9195.441
crazy if was a yeah I see your point311.444.72
that's why I shut up is your mission to314.364.2
chop trees down no my mission is to316.164.2
survive you don't know anything about318.563.6
that do you get in there and get them320.364.72
tiger I'm getting them tiger okay mind322.164.52
your own business I'm trying to go in325.083.72
with less inventory hope you didn't talk326.684.2
to your mom like that sometimes I did328.84.8
you know how little kidss are shits okay330.884.72
go go Dora get the ball run you're like333.64.0
mind your own business335.64.92
creep some kid you must have been I was337.66.039
a pretty good kid okay H how do we get340.526.959
in here okay this might be dangerous343.6396.801
jumping in with no way out let's see oh347.4795.321
I know what I can do stay crouched stay350.445.24
hidden can open that garage door over352.85.519
there yes come355.685.28
on go358.3194.121
all right oh all right well there's a360.963.959
way outside oh God that's barel that's a362.446.319
barel all right any more oh God W that's364.9196.881
dogs bad oh god oh no oh368.7596.801
no got an abrasion bad371.87.32
dogs okay okay hey good my armor is375.565.759
holding up all right any more else still379.123.44
got to clear the381.3195.681
area let's see open this too get382.568.479
away oh where they at387.08.0
a feral just lots and lots of ferals391.0398.761
now uhoh is breaking holy another phal395.07.16
pharoh okay it's feral season is it all402.965.88
right C407.523.28
ohy God I love this baton is that it415.524.399
clear the air yeah that's it turn a418.123.759
traitor all right come on something good419.9193.801
something good something good what is421.8794.201
that I'll sell the sledgehammer I'll423.725.64
sell that and those metal spikes mod I426.086.28
hate that I'll sell it though okay oh429.365.239
passing gas I need a crucible give me a432.364.519
crucible that's really what Daddy needs434.5995.521
how about a crucible come on Crucible436.8794.961
come on Crucible I don't know why I440.123.4
would be in here441.846.479
but tire and a wheel okay all443.527.44
are you like just going to follow me the450.962.959
whole time I just want to see you do452.43.639
this Mission I'll stay out of your way453.9195.28
okay retired yeah um you should just456.0395.56
relax maybe go play some golf you like459.1995.361
golf nope why I like watching people do461.5994.961
missions you don't like golf though I464.563.759
mean I like to hit the ball hard I don't466.563.12
like the ones where you just barely hit468.3193.681
it what do you mean barely hit it mini469.685.799
golf first hit I don't like I see I okay472.05.639
oh he got a hit in there are you even in475.4793.961
here or are you just outside I'm outside477.6393.52
I want to stay out of your way okay I479.443.4
appreciate that yeah I got a lady481.1594.641
hitting me okay that yeah I'd hit you482.844.96
too this isn't technically part of your485.84.239
mission this lady no I know go for it487.84.88
you can hit that go and hit490.0396.641
it I did good hit it again one's all it492.686.88
needed all right this is a level one496.686.32
pretty tough stuff damn it two hits so499.566.28
far spank your butt spanked your butt503.04.68
how you liking the retired life should505.844.28
have done it years ago yeah think about507.684.52
it well imagine what we could do510.123.64
together imagine how many people we512.23.24
could annoy together I know we could go513.765.959
to all abos missions all of Simons now515.447.039
you're right it does sound intriguing519.7194.401
imagine this competition had 20 people522.4793.721
in it and you had 17 people falling you524.124.96
around Roo for you yeah that'd be526.26.12
something wouldn't it yeah come on guys529.085.36
I wanted to go quicker I'm sorry oh this532.323.8
is like the loot room over man these534.444.36
level ones dude am I right I don't know536.123.76
you are538.83.68
and you do I don't know what I'm saying539.884.84
um yeah I finished it thanks542.487.039
for thanks Jes go re yep that's my boy544.727.04
hey I'm your549.5195.801
boy it looks like you're on this551.767.04
level hello I will just use the pistol555.325.84
just cuz the hell with558.86.32
it oh oh Jesus Through the oh zombie561.167.04
through there huh interesting oh hello565.125.56
oh I don't like this oh that was a mine568.25.24
that was a mine and that was bad how did570.684.719
I get in I got in through this wait573.444.32
didn't I which window oh was it this one575.3997.641
it was this one I can't oh [ __ ] get up577.769.56
jump Crouch woo damn that was a whole583.046.96
lot of panicking come on out lady yep587.324.88
I'll fight you down here I don't mind590.06.399
doing that come on slow down Simon yeah592.27.72
come on cly poly going to come down down596.3994.44
there you599.925.28
are yep oh bullets on you too okay come600.8395.761
on everyone605.24.44
down thank you this is the fetch clear606.64.6
maybe I'll get lucky and you'll just all609.643.48
come out to me wouldn't that be611.28.36
pretty pretty cool pretty cool anyone613.129.279
more let's try this619.566.04
again would you look at that drops man I622.3994.88
never got anywhere near drops when I was625.64.44
in the competition great CRA this would627.2794.401
have been my lucky day if I was630.043.44
competing wonder if anybody's going to631.686.719
show up oh well Drops 400 m away man is633.486.52
it even worth638.3996.24
it nah nah I'm good I'm cocky I'm640.08.519
good what the hell is this freaking rope644.6396.401
can I climb up the Rope I'm climbing up648.5195.041
the Rope [ __ ] how am I going to get down651.045.68
quickly oh boy it seems653.567.04
dangerous all right let's see656.726.799
see [ __ ] all right doing that just660.66.64
jumped over uhuh man there's probably663.5195.76
birds around here I should have my gun667.243.719
hello hello damn it [ __ ] all670.95910.241
right he we running run run damn it damn676.8398.081
it oh boy this might be the enem meate681.28.36
[ __ ] [ __ ] okay come on down come and get684.928.84
me I don't mind let's use this gun it689.567.88
holds more bullets little [ __ ] come693.765.6
on you want697.446.199
me come down and get me oh [ __ ] you did699.365.96
oh and that's a raen that thing that703.6392.841
thing looks705.323.84
dangerous that thing looks706.485.84
dangerous I'm glad I just emptied into709.166.799
your ass you green ugly712.325.44
[ __ ]715.9597.761
woo h M damn it what do I do really717.768.199
nobody's coming for the drops723.723.44
everybody's doing that great that they725.9593.161
don't even need a727.165.239
drop all729.123.279
ha pretty good pretty good hello come on738.07.44
down come on can I shoot you from here742.925.32
yeah you're green you're a green [ __ ]745.444.92
yeah yeah yeah that that going to kill748.247.08
you huh that kill you n huh little750.368.12
[ __ ] come on oh I wish I wish I could755.325.879
shoot you from where I am but I can't758.488.08
can I I can if I do that can I oh God oh761.1996.521
God get766.564.24
away is there a bird just see a bird767.725.239
God clear area of course my God yeah772.9595.24
there's going to be tons of them I776.764.36
should freak can778.1992.921
leave tell them Dres NES what is up with782.1994.361
all these birds out here yeah I don't784.84.64
know it's crazy bird season yeah I can't786.565.48
believe I got both of these drops yeah I789.444.56
never got a drop in in this game f yeah792.044.28
dude okay what is it tell me what it is794.03.959
uh I just I'm grabbing it I don't have796.324.4
time uh there was some um crafting797.9595.12
bundles and [ __ ] like that listen good800.724.32
to see you yeah deal with these birds803.0793.681
they look horrible there's two of them805.042.88
you know maybe they're hanging around806.762.639
you cuz you're dead what's with all the807.924.279
birds lot of birds man did you get the809.3994.961
other drop yep got them both oh you got812.1995.561
both yep okay yep where'd to go tiger814.366.08
thank you killer or or817.764.92
ghost hey Jen I know I didn't do a820.443.8
mission or anything but you know what I822.685.08
just found or I got in a drop a level824.246.159
six hunting rifle isn't that neat so I827.765.72
just need to get stuff just just good830.3996.041
stuff well hey Dora oh833.486.76
huh drug Jan Do you have a um let's see836.445.88
what is it a cast I need a cast Jin are840.243.839
you in the inventory damn it you damn842.323.439
right I am and I might stay here the844.0793.76
rest of the time I mean I can make a845.7593.681
cast right do you need to make a cast847.8393.521
listen I'll get out of here soon cast849.443.399
cloth cor I mean I got all that stuff851.362.479
back in the house but I was just going852.8393.081
to see if she had one yeah no I got you853.8394.041
and uh got I need antibiotics you know855.924.479
cuz I got hurt I got to hit my857.886.44
zombie it is what it is you done not yet860.3995.641
man I'm I'm really trying864.324.48
to come on now I know I'm sorry I'm not866.046.599
doing this on purpose I'm really not ooh868.87.24
uh-huh okay let's grab those found872.6396.0
anything good today no well level six876.044.56
hunting rifle that's about it hun878.6394.041
hunting rifle I know yeah okay good for880.66.72
you okay inventory uh cast come on a882.687.56
splint okay well I guess I'll I'll buy a887.325.0
splint that's fine that's fine what else890.244.48
you got anything892.326.92
good ooh now that's nice yeah that's894.728.88
actually really nice and I can afford899.244.36
it yeah what kind of magazine does that903.9594.041
does this shoot906.684.36
762 it does shoot I already got an AK908.06.079
I'm good I'm good I'm911.043.039
good oh it's a lot of range damage919.245.519
though screw it doing it921.7596.601
yes oh Jesus damn it I just wasted a lot924.7595.841
of B on a snake what are you doing up928.364.399
here why is there a snake up here is930.65.2
that another snake no that's close all932.7597.801
right show me a zom down there down one935.88.36
more one more down no here so then go940.567.079
down here downstairs944.166.239
hello are you there was a mine over here947.6396.361
too I need to be yes yes yes yes there's950.3996.321
a couple of you that's fine this is my954.06.12
better gun it does was the most damage956.725.679
clear area still not you not just you960.124.32
two all right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah962.3997.88
yeah return to Trader I did it yay my964.448.639
first of both I think it is my first of970.2794.601
both I'm not sure now I just got to973.0793.2
figure out how the hell to get out of974.884.439
here how did I get in976.2793.04
here looking good NS thank you build in979.6395.361
the clock tower oh nice like from that982.6395.56
movie yeah beaches yeah that's the movie985.04.72
I'm talking talking about beaches you988.1993.401
know the one with the clock tower that b989.725.039
Midler yeah man I made a uh a stun991.66.039
repulser mod oh yeah for my stun baton994.7594.281
oh I got to replace it with something997.6394.161
though ow do that oh wait man I don't999.045.52
know that could come in handy uh yeah1001.83.839
it's definitely going to have to be this1004.564.079
one it's it's definitely that one yeah1005.6394.64
now I can't wait to see a zombie I'm1008.6393.44
going to whap him I hope you get one1010.2793.841
tonight oh yeah well I mean I'm not1012.0793.601
going to whap any zombies tonight I'll1014.126.36
be up in my little Tower of death1015.684.8
oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah Simon hey Bob1024.67.92
guess what I'm doing um I don't know man1028.06.16
I'm going into my1032.524.84
motorcycles uh inventory and I am1034.167.759
equipping a vehicle supercharger mod ah1037.366.959
so I think go fast oh she fast now I1041.9194.4
want to see see how fast how fast show1044.3192.921
me show1046.3193.441
me yeah yeah that's a little bit1047.245.439
speedier yeah it could be it could be1049.765.56
even even speedier though I'm semi-1052.6794.12
disappointed in it I'm kind of happy1055.323.28
you're disappointed cuz you're throwing1056.7993.801
this [ __ ] in my face no I'm just showing1058.64.199
you okay no I know I mean but you you1060.64.0
have been saying like how you know you1062.7993.801
you've got this in the bag all the time1064.64.68
you're doing a lot of bragging so I mean1066.64.52
but it does look like Am I Wrong Am I1069.283.92
Wrong you got to read the room you know1071.124.28
you go to uh you know someone just lose1073.23.64
your job you don't say man that's crazy1075.43.8
I just got a raise I mean why not it's1076.845.0
bad timing yeah hey you lost your job1079.24.839
get out there find another one no but1081.844.56
I'm in it I do agree with you though so1084.0394.601
yeah you you're definitely the the fave1086.44.04
oh yeah and I bought an assault rifle1088.644.84
today too oh you bought one uh yeah1090.444.719
purchased an assault rifle you know what1093.483.72
can I buy this is what I need to buy cuz1095.1593.52
I've got not like I've got a ton but I1097.24.16
got like 18,000 Casino damn that's1098.6794.36
pretty good so I haven't really been1101.363.52
buying anything except for like buy1103.0393.681
yourself some weapons buy yourself some1104.884.56
ammo you're sitting on 18 Grand I have1106.724.199
enough ammo you know what I want a1109.443.92
crowbar that's Darkness Falls buddy oh1110.9193.921
it's only Darkness Falls it's only1113.363.48
Darkness Falls y Oh I thought that I you1114.843.719
know if I saved up a lot I I thought I1116.843.12
searched it it must be remembering the1118.5592.641
wrong hey you should go get a bunch of1119.963.88
feathers oh listen I've already bought1121.24.64
uh J out and then we're going into1123.843.36
business with each other we're going to1125.843.24
have a a a store like all the other1127.24.479
stores in town yeah Simon's got like 20K1129.085.32
in feathers yeah going to be great what1131.6793.921
are you building there I mean I know the1134.42.56
clock tower but what's with all the1135.63.64
angled uh like blocks it's supposed to1136.963.199
be a1139.244.2
roof what you never seen a roof no okay1140.1595.76
wait did you did you do a a nerd pole1143.444.599
out of angled blocks I did okay that's1145.9193.76
what I'm seeing that's what was weird to1148.0394.841
me yep1149.6793.201
gotcha okay what a classic Simon and hit1157.524.92
falling into spikes right before it1160.5593.721
starts oh we we wouldn't expect it any1162.443.359
other way I know right I got a little1164.285.36
Spike poke too did it it1165.7996.201
happens all right what we got oh yep1169.645.32
it's time all right turn them on oh yeah1172.05.84
bird already off the batt a bird bird1174.965.719
from the quest there was a lot of birds1177.846.0
today so we's see okay yep I got coming1180.6795.161
from the north northwest I think oh1183.843.959
there's a cop oh all right I got a1185.844.079
little bit little bit of people sing up1187.7993.961
yep we already got spitters in this uh1189.9193.88
in this group yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yep1191.763.24
yep I'm already getting spit at it's1193.7992.401
going to be a fun night going to be a1195.03.679
fun night I can tell get him more of1196.25.16
these bandages oh [ __ ] I did not line up1198.6797.0
and get my bandages ready [ __ ] oh bird1201.366.84
bird where you at bird [ __ ] you bird1205.6794.601
bird here I need to get more bandages in1208.24.04
here there we go let's get more bandages1210.284.04
on me all right I want to see if my1212.245.2
electric traps are working they are yep1214.324.64
we're back at1217.445.44
action bird stop1218.967.64
it oh [ __ ]1222.883.72
spitter reinforce your uh little Hut1227.1596.561
there no okay oh [ __ ] bird damn you1229.965.92
sneaking up on my ass oh did you get1233.724.76
spit on I did and it's really hindering1235.886.08
my view all right we got a night yeah we1238.486.28
liking this this is what I was after1241.964.52
yeah I wish I didn't have the lag that1244.764.72
would that would make me so much1246.486.0
happier door's got a bunch how you and1249.485.8
uh Simon and abs are doing um yeah I've1252.485.24
got quite a bit denight bir I'm doing1255.283.759
all right then there's a there's some of1257.724.319
them that are stupid in my backyard okay1259.0395.0
it's decent [ __ ] tonight hell yeah oh1262.0393.681
yeah this is what I want come on come on1264.0394.281
over to my house and die like that idiot1265.723.07
there damn kneecap off oh boy here we go1270.366.4
up what was that I threw a bomb risky I1276.766.12
know hey what are you going to do what1280.724.04
are you going to do throw a bomb living1282.884.279
life what are I going to do another one1284.763.55
come on what the1290.27.12
[ __ ] here we go bomb out there we go1293.5595.12
yeah that was a good1297.323.44
bomb solid1298.6794.36
bomb oh we got some coming down Main1300.765.08
Street all right oh yeah we do whes here1303.0395.361
come the [ __ ] oh yeah hey Simon you1305.845.16
got some action over there tons uh I1308.45.399
would say in comparison good times I'm1311.04.679
going to have to replace a lot of1313.7994.281
spikes B you're doing great not killing1315.6794.521
yourself with bombs today I know it I1318.083.76
know it you need a plaque or a trophy or1320.24.359
something something maybe right yeah a1321.845.4
ribbon at least heads up there it is was1324.5594.561
that five five bombs you didn't kill1327.243.679
yourself something like that man they're1329.124.88
really coming at this okay bomb out oh1330.9194.88
wow your house is finally I think1334.06.24
crumbling Dora uh-oh like oh man no yeah1335.7996.401
maybe not saw a big chunk of your roof1340.243.89
kind of start to shake and shimy what's1342.24.76
out nice1369.964.839
bomb I like this they're all coming from1372.6794.961
the West right now working out for me it1374.7995.081
always works out for you well I'm1377.645.639
prepared for it too it's a b beyond that1379.884.679
what are you talking about you see my1383.2793.28
place compared to y'alls you seen an1384.5594.041
episode yeah where I build all these1386.5594.561
blade traps that don't get used oh they1388.65.72
get used I've seen them every freaking1391.125.039
time every we talking about the same1394.325.64
[ __ ] it's the same [ __ ] guys come on1396.1595.681
keep trying to tell me I'm cheating [ __ ]1399.964.76
I'm not I'm sick of hearing it I know I1401.845.28
hear what you're saying he not cheating1404.724.24
he's the most EXP experience but he did1407.123.88
get a pretty nice position back there1408.964.16
exactly see no all the guys that are at1411.03.6
Dora's house right now if they were here1413.123.76
they'd be dead hurry up and clear that1414.64.199
out so I can get a wave over here I'm1416.884.48
doing my best man non-stop have you1418.7995.321
tried wood spikes yeah I've got some1421.366.0
about yep no shortage of zombies tonight1424.125.96
no I love it green guy over here1427.365.04
visiting me1430.084.479
sir going to need you to1432.44.48
not all right last1434.5594.48
not a bad1439.0393.561
play oh now now that could have been1440.245.319
better holy [ __ ] you got an infestation1442.64.88
over there I know they ever considered1445.5594.201
blade trap yeah I can make them now just1447.484.6
made a mini bike though so busy1449.764.64
priorities right yeah like I did that1452.084.479
like 10 episodes ago yeah I1454.44.2
got well you had time you don't get1456.5594.961
attacked yeah read the room Maps ro oh1458.67.679
I'm reading it it's my favorite book1461.527.68
ever they just keep coming oh yeah oh1466.2795.76
now there's a bunch of them coming from1469.27.52
Southwest uhhuh okay okay all right well1472.0397.52
time to switch up a little1476.726.16
bito keep burning through that ammo good1479.5595.201
I'll get more got a [ __ ] ton of bags1482.883.799
down here cuz I'm getting kills it's1484.764.0
true man yeah you're a bag City over1486.6795.12
there D jealous of all those1488.767.399
bags ah level 46 there you go got a bird1491.7998.36
over you he wants a little Dora it's a1496.1596.841
hungry and horny oh wait no he wants me1500.1595.0
around oh yeah they're taking oh wow1505.1595.0
yeah big chunk of your house just see1508.3994.481
that [ __ ] fell out yeah yeah I I am1510.1594.24
bling Away by how much that thing still1512.883.2
standing like good me too God me too1514.3995.721
I've got good design holy [ __ ] they're1516.086.44
all here Simon wins the last time you1520.124.48
fought anything yeah Simon why are you1522.524.72
so stupid yeah Simon you idiot I fought1524.65.48
things earlier today just not as much1527.245.48
all here they're all that's right you1530.084.16
over there just digging through bags I1532.724.0
am oh I got trust me I1534.246.28
picked yeah I do I did pleasant evening1536.725.76
I'd love to to kill some more but none1540.524.24
of them will come over here no we's not1542.485.72
killing them fast enough I am1544.766.48
trying okay we're at uh 3:30 I think1548.23.88
we're going to have one of these1551.242.48
situations where at 4:00 we got some1552.086.04
cleaning to do mhm oh boy wa what oh boy1553.728.04
a big part of my house oh no1558.123.64
yeah get1562.5597.761
him yes well I can't run to my other BL1564.9195.401
now holy [ __ ] that would be nice if it1573.644.759
hurt them too but I don't1575.844.36
yes yeah it would have been great if1578.3993.601
that yeah if that c would have killed1580.23.68
all of the yeah that would have been1582.04.6
nice anything1583.885.44
heyy good morning what a night all right1589.326.16
can we help door out Simon you guys help1593.523.8
each other out all the time of course I1595.483.679
would help I have no problem with it1597.323.68
I'll help I'll help I'll give you a1599.1593.24
battery for the help just don't touch my1601.04.32
bag copy1602.3992.921
copy oh no oh God [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1605.9197.281
run wait get him oh the deer's running1611.242.96
too get1613.24.52
him woo o get him oh yeah bring him to1614.25.4
me oh [ __ ] turn your ship back on watch1617.722.92
out for the plate watch out for the1619.62.72
plate trap store I'm turn back on turn1620.645.159
them back on nice come on welcome to1622.325.479
abro house where you won't survive1625.7994.281
nowhere near as long1627.7994.88
oh finally you're getting some action1630.084.24
yep love it weing it on they're still1632.6793.48
running like these guys are still feral1634.323.8
they don't care where'd you go Dora I'm1636.1593.961
behind your house perfect yeah I'm going1638.124.159
to come in around the back way there he1640.124.559
goes let's getting ready to flank might1642.2793.921
be dumb but1644.6793.641
whatever he there were a bunch of them1646.24.199
in your there really were man I did my1648.326.079
best go yep there you go there you go1650.3996.681
those bags are mine yeah that's1654.3997.041
fine all right that do it h maybe it's a1657.087.0
solid strategy bring them to my place it1661.444.68
worked out good all right get your bags1664.085.8
and get out J works oh my god oh man1666.128.439
Dora I know I know oh my God I do know1669.886.2
how you going to turn that into a base1674.5594.96
good question1676.083.439
oh well Hey listen good news is a blue1680.363.67
bag so it was worth1682.5595.96
it really just wanted to make it through1688.5194.321
that and I did yeah you did I'm glad it1690.725.73
came down just for something visual1692.848.429

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