BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Today in 7 Days, Appsro, Dora, and Simon set out to find some important books. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on ...
BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout
BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout

BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, guys, let's talk about why 'BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout' is hands-down our favorite video ever.

simon: Oh, absolutely, Neebs! I mean, who wouldn't love the idea of launching a bowling ball at zombies? It's like we're in some weird sports event from the apocalypse.

appsro: And let's not forget the sheer elegance of our quest for important books. Nothing screams 'survival' like a good read, right?

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! And the best part is, we totally didn't get distracted by every shiny object along the way. Our focus was legendary!

simon: Yeah, legendary is one word for it. I prefer to call it 'strategic improvisation.' You never know when a bowling ball might come in handy for some light reading.

appsro: And let's not forget the dramatic tension of whether we'll ever find those important books! Spoiler alert: we didn't, but we found something even better—chaos and laughter.

neebs: So true. If anyone hasn't seen 'BOWLING BALL LAUNCHER - 7 Days to Die Fallout,' they're missing out on the pinnacle of educational entertainment. Or at least the pinnacle of bowling ball-related carnage.

simon: And let's be honest, who watches us for the education? It's all about the carnage and the laughs, my friends.

appsro: Well said, Simon. So, folks, go watch that video, because nothing says 'must-watch' like a bowling ball and some important books we never found.

Hey everyone! If you love Neebs Gaming as much as I do, you're in for a treat with today's video. Our favorite trio, Appsro, Dora, and Simon, are diving back into the world of "7 Days to Die" with a mission to find some crucial books. You know how these guys are—it’s going to be a wild ride full of laughs, epic moments, and probably a few mishaps along the way.

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So buckle up and get ready for another epic adventure with Appsro, Dora, and Simon. It's going to be a blast!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming has once again transported me into the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days to Die with their latest gameplay video. Joining Appsro, Dora, and Simon on their quest to recover important books offers an immersive and entertaining experience that makes me feel like I'm right there scavenging and surviving alongside them.

The cinematic style of Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series truly brings the game to life. Their dynamic character interactions filled with humor and camaraderie make the dangers of the zombie-infested wasteland not only thrilling but downright fun. The high production value is evident in the excellent camera work, editing, and sound design that fully immerses me into each heart-pounding moment.

While playing 7 Days to Die yourself allows you to directly control the action, watching Neebs Gaming play it cinematically is the next best thing. Their mastery of storytelling sucks you into the experience just like a great movie or TV show. Their commentary and reactions make it feel like you're surviving the apocalypse with a group of friends, without having to face the horrors yourself.

If you're looking for an entertaining, cinematic, and highly engaging way to enjoy 7 Days to Die, Neebs Gaming's gameplay series is a must-watch. Their talent for dynamic storytelling and movie-quality production will make you feel like you're living each pulse-pounding moment in this captivating post-apocalyptic world. This is interactive entertainment at its absolute best.

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okay I might have figured this out when4.084.4
I got that drop the other day uh-huh I6.044.04
got that drop and I fought those zombies8.483.48
off like a like a hero oh you were a10.083.759
hero uhhuh I'm going to try pouring this11.963.839
water in here I've blocked it off like a13.8394.28
little pool area oh you want me to15.7994.64
strengthen these other two uh nope oh18.1193.681
not going to do it I'm just they're just20.4394.481
placeholders let's see if I can oh okay21.86.92
can I just pour that and then oh okay oh24.927.04
God can't make there you go M okay now28.726.839
there's water near the planter I could I31.966.2
couldn't Place seat there we go okay35.5596.52
Roof Garden Roof Garden all right and I38.165.16
I can just plant a bunch of stuff up42.0794.241
here that's exciting as hell yeah yeah43.324.96
start with corn get some potatoes look46.324.48
at you doing neey things blueberries48.285.2
yeah all the good stuff so good all50.85.88
right we will praise my name praise it53.484.52
nebs wow there we like do that thing58.06.36
ding hey that's a nice ding quality60.965.92
dings yeah hey uh Dora Simon you guys64.363.68
want to try to make it over to that66.882.84
other town for those bookstores yeah68.043.52
let's do that let's let's actually do69.724.079
that yes definitely I need to get uh71.564.599
honey cool and uh I even took a clear73.7994.081
zombie Mission over there so yeah double76.1594.801
up be right behind77.883.08
you hey look Northeast there's a cracker83.565.12
book right there oh coyo oh come on come85.924.76
on we need the meat we need the meat88.684.56
he's stuck in a fence there you go or90.683.6
what do you call that a rail that would93.242.12
probably be more like a railing that's94.284.04
not a fence a guard rail guard rail95.364.52
there you go that's the proper term for98.325.0
it hey buddy hey are we cool wait so we99.885.44
got a Raider or something no it's103.324.399
someone in a power armor yep that might105.324.6
be a red cat oh crap that's a death claw107.7193.72
yeah death claw down I haven't seen one109.923.159
of those in a minute yeah so we don't111.4393.481
want to okay hopefully he's going to113.0793.241
stay away from us all right eye on the114.922.96
prize yeah eye on the prize there's a116.323.28
little gas station here to loot and then117.883.599
uh we can we can go over there to that119.64.199
Cracker book well we could split up I121.4793.801
tell you if a couple of us want to hit123.7993.64
this and one of us wants to go ahead and125.284.36
hit that crack book go for it just save127.4394.401
you the forge books yes just save me the129.643.959
forge books this could be a quick we131.843.16
could do this quick let's just do this133.5993.441
quick all right let's check it out let's135.03.319
see little137.043.16
gasoline all right this should be an138.3194.161
easy quick thing all right you got you140.25.56
got it Simon yep we got one there one142.487.119
for you one for you let's see oh wait it145.768.8
might me a bad puppy in here oh this149.5997.28
idiot oh God what was154.566.16
that nothing I've got it and then you156.8795.801
there we go all right what's in here160.722.96
antibiotics eh that's all right gas163.684.32
station antibiotics uh hey I'll take165.683.72
anything I can get but yeah I mean yeah168.03.159
you never know I mean you never know a169.43.6
gas station might sell some antibiotics171.1594.16
you know under the counter I had medical173.04.28
stuff over here I just got some aloe175.3195.081
though but gotcha nothing up top all177.284.48
right so yeah that was easy we're done180.43.119
return to Trader who did this yeah I was181.764.08
about to say I'm like what happened is183.5195.36
that a door thing must be the door is185.844.759
closed I'm like how did we get in here I188.8795.44
was just looking around what the hell oh190.5995.36
what oh that's weird cuz it looked like194.3193.681
it was closed yeah that was super weird195.9594.0
yeah let's blame Dora yeah well I mean I198.03.44
didn't know yeah I mean the world199.9594.081
changed you didn't see what we saw you201.444.48
put blocks in places it's a very door204.044.399
thing to do it's true y yeah moving on205.923.64
let's go let's hit this cracken book208.4393.371
over here to the north209.565.87
me here we go bang love it I can only do215.9596.881
that so many times though cuz it'll221.5994.681
break all right let's do some222.845.72
cranum so we can make some of them226.285.799
drinks and um you never know in case228.565.56
there's any ladies around we'll grab232.0792.841
pumpkin and H can I just build a little234.927.56
little bit further out what else can I239.844.36
blueberry H what244.26.679
else would be good I've got246.767.6
corn yep I got blueberry let's do250.8796.48
blueberry here we go and blueberry254.364.32
that's a good257.3594.801
start there we go this is looking great258.687.36
love it okay well start growing I'll be262.166.88
oh I see something in there oh those are276.445.52
not zombies oh god oh what what jump off278.726.24
the roof God super mutants is that a281.966.239
okay so well who's still up there Dora284.965.36
is why why aren't you cuz there's a288.1993.56
cracker book thing up here and there's290.324.04
all the goodies okay can't seem to get291.7596.28
up oh God oh God here we go he's got a294.366.76
damn pool stick oh jeez Here Comes This298.0395.88
[ __ ] PR four books from that one four301.126.16
books ow oh God all right here we go I'm303.9195.28
up you got a laser door yeah I'm laser307.284.479
might be a good time for a laser I got a309.1995.041
gun hey buddy oh there's another one on311.7594.361
the watch out let's come back I'm trying314.245.12
to save up there we go good I think we316.124.56
might be able to take these guys all319.363.04
right here I'm going to get a swing yeah320.684.4
oh got him ooh there he goes you dumb322.44.84
[ __ ] oh no I need to get out got him I325.085.04
got the uh got the bird327.245.16
thank God these guys are dumb as [ __ ]330.124.0
yeah if they were smart we'd be dead332.45.04
that's right we kill ourselves334.126.48
enough okay I'm breaking in I'm going in337.445.599
here we go what do we got here oh no I'm340.64.68
sorry Red Cat I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm343.0395.16
sorry I'm sorry oh Rad Cat just came345.285.88
into my room I'm I'm sorry Rad Cat I I348.1995.921
thought you were a super mutant Rad Cat351.164.8
we cool354.125.63
I'm sick of it just dying of heat361.0396.761
constantly look at those snow trees how365.0395.201
are they so close to this desert oh come367.83.92
on give me some370.245.239
eggs feathers okay is this someone's371.727.319
sleeping bag huh I probably picked that375.4797.16
up huh who needs that I got it what a379.0395.321
weird place to382.6396.041
spawn okay I am dying of heat let's see384.366.119
how we look here in just a388.685.519
second come on baby cold trees you think390.4795.0
they would do a little bit of a394.1992.961
something huh just a little bit of a395.4793.641
transition I'm in397.166.56
snow snow now look at this just like399.128.04
that now I got a umbrella it's snowing403.724.96
go back over here can I just I should407.165.159
build a house right here that would be408.687.68
great who that her412.3197.401
lasers shooting lasers416.366.32
guy over there is that a red cat guy419.725.72
that'd be great have a red cat422.685.919
neighbor yep that's a red cat I just425.445.12
moved in I'm neebs I'm going to build a428.5994.04
house you can be my neighbor and we'll430.564.12
have uh cookouts we'll cookout we'll432.6394.521
watch the game and uh you know all that434.684.84
oh there a cat you shoot cats too we can437.164.4
barbecue let me439.525.48
try all right uh you help do you help441.568.079
wait wait what' you do cat Red Cat445.08.12
fight the cat ow fight the449.6398.28
cat no help me with the Cat come on baby453.126.799
he's we're457.9196.161
neighbors a come on help me help459.9199.081
me I just moved in where's464.084.92
the oh man I do not like how fast this476.45.759
sun is going480.084.239
down let's chew through this as quick as482.1593.921
we can I think we should probably build484.3194.481
over okay we no we can't damn it all486.084.16
right we got zombies coming up behind us488.82.959
I'll take care of490.245.44
her come on come on dummy ain't got time491.7595.081
you there you go stupid496.845.639
[ __ ]500.523.72
1956 oh god oh boy and then what we're504.245.48
going to run we're a kilometer away yeah507.683.32
I think the first floor is where the509.722.72
bookstore is so we're just going to like511.03.32
try to loot the first floor and then512.444.32
book it book it yeah see what I did to514.324.76
her I liked it a516.765.279
lot there's a zom coming big fatty fatty519.085.0
fat fat fatty fat go ahead and hit that522.0394.92
fat Excuse Me Maybe these uh maybe these524.085.16
spikes will help us y oh wow okay yeah526.9594.201
we woke some we woke them up that's fine529.244.279
they'll do a little bit of breaking yeah531.164.04
come on idiots come on this actually533.5192.88
yeah this might work out for us real535.23.8
well yeah here let me get in I'll try to536.3994.241
hit one or two two of them do it there539.03.48
we go perfect I like the way this is540.644.4
going oh they okay they're dead but542.484.76
they're standing up oh that's thingy545.043.68
it's one of that it's that weird glitch547.245.88
okay F okay come on break break through548.726.48
break through break through all right553.124.88
we're in all right um I think okay555.25.04
quickly quickly quickly get the books558.04.16
get the560.244.8
books damn it I can't get through I had562.165.32
to I had to duck I had to duck oh God565.044.96
yeah go567.484.479
oh dude that's actually really good I570.07.279
can make those okay trap beat that571.9597.761
okay Dam no Forge of head books I really577.2795.041
want some Forge your head books okay any579.724.44
books back here more books here on the582.324.88
side bun of a cracker book hey better584.166.239
nothing anything downstairs H crack a587.25.639
book box downstair oh [ __ ]590.3995.721
guys what oh right close it up all right592.8397.601
yeah uh we're out right uh prob where596.127.24
did you go what's going on so the door600.444.639
we came in oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah603.365.68
we're out we're out oh okay where's that605.0796.801
door oh this door oh we got to crouch609.045.359
yeah Crouch get out the door come on611.884.88
come on come on trying to get out crouch614.3994.761
crouch Simon I am s come on crouch616.764.24
crouch crouch God anybody got a multi619.165.359
cocktail that's good yes all right let's621.05.8
uh [ __ ] all right yeah we're get we're624.5194.241
getting out of here everything's running626.82.8
everything's running everything's628.762.6
running so are we rad cat's over here629.63.919
Rad Cat Rad Cat we need you come on631.363.719
radat we got a lot of running stuff633.5193.041
there you go don't get in635.0793.721
between yeah go get him Red Cat there's636.563.839
a bunch of zombies over there that we638.84.279
pissed off they're all yours yeah well640.3993.921
watch out for that hooker though she's643.0793.32
mean she's got all kinds of644.326.959
STDs let's get the [ __ ] out of here yeah646.3994.88
please all right cat uh I got The High652.766.28
Ground this time let's see let's try656.5193.44
again I need the meat and you're a bad659.9597.56
neighbor okay that's a hit coming in663.0798.121
come on baby oh crap okay and Bo there667.5197.0
we go Pike pistol how about that oh of671.25.16
course oh man I don't have bullets for674.5195.841
that shoot what about this shot whoa676.365.84
shotgun okay680.364.32
reload man don't tear up my house I just682.26.72
got it all right and boom I'm hurting684.686.56
you right688.922.32
oh he's692.0794.601
running okay don't run too693.045.479
far a696.684.52
crap don't run too698.5195.841
far would it be crazy if I had chased701.24.52
probably going704.366.279
to oh that's right shut your face off705.727.28
I'm making some sham out of this kitty710.6393.121
sham woo713.765.38
oh wow hey guys yeah I just drank that730.445.639
uh NACA Quantum Cola or whatever yeah I733.1994.921
can run like super fast all right you736.0794.241
know what I just drank mine too I and738.123.8
okay if I can run fast too all right I740.322.959
guess I'll catch up at some point all741.923.32
right let's go cuz I really got to go743.2794.081
like do you guys have freaking any extra745.244.039
water I have one water left it's just747.363.839
water I have one water left too it's749.2794.441
it's just water I got one Sun sill left751.1994.281
that's all I got and that's very good753.723.919
cuz that's like 25 or 35 one of those755.485.719
for you son but you're so fast I757.6396.32
know you're not going to catch me dude761.1995.561
I'm out look at this guy he's so slow763.9594.081
I'm going to run past him and give him a766.763.24
little stab right in the head yeah you768.044.599
got a spear yeah you like it it's okay770.03.959
I'm getting used to it watch out lady772.6395.121
right here you guys are so de there we773.9598.041
go yeah now sandwich Simon yeah yeah all777.765.96
right Trader's right here but is the782.03.6
trader open all day in this mod I783.724.0
believe so all right I'm I'm so thirsty785.63.96
I to drink my last water and it's787.724.32
blinking red so thirsty that I'm going789.566.56
to die any minute let see oh yeah man792.046.12
these nuke these are awesome man I I796.124.56
feel so fast and agile oh you know what798.163.96
I could probably buy some drinks from800.684.599
this guy baby if I don't buy them all802.125.64
first oh man he just gave me 10 waters805.2794.441
for the job oh807.764.96
yes is that's your best option you know809.726.919
what me too and I'll take them boom812.726.76
thank goodness I like to talk to him816.6395.601
close yeah get in there make him819.486.76
uncomfortable oh 762 I Don't Mind If I822.246.599
Do here's your826.242.599
B oh God they broke in my house man come831.166.52
on just built this835.04.68
house okay837.685.44
not ready for my first night out839.683.44
here all right get a head shot be still843.484.52
still there we go okay maybe I can get848.03.639
the other one I'll tell you what I'll850.684.32
save some ammo I'll do an851.6393.361
arrow nope Broke My Window855.0796.281
fantastic okay nope all858.07.44
right quit being so Wiggly baby oh man861.365.52
that was a good shot all right we'll865.443.839
finish him with the old pooper pound866.886.12
there we go okay got it got to make869.2796.281
another door take that Arrow back there873.06.68
more there's more great God okay this875.565.639
place is going to be a879.687.24
wreck Ladies sorry I can't tell881.1997.56
oh hearing886.926.4
lasers who's that red cat neighbor where888.7598.08
you been baby come on we're we're having893.325.92
a party all right I'll bring them to you896.8396.601
woo hey oh God okay over here I know you899.247.839
don't shoot cats but uh I got something903.447.839
else you ready you ready you die trying907.0797.161
that's right baby we're neighbors we got911.2793.861
watch ay AO ni hey ni hey I'm back I923.568.36
took a vacation you did yeah I went to929.0795.12
the what snow it was nice and cool good931.924.08
you didn't find any honey or antibiotics934.1993.601
did you I mean I have both but I doubt936.03.44
it's going to do any good oh it could it937.85.0
could help me I'm 43% I'm 56% that's way939.445.12
too much it won't even make a dent it942.84.399
will it makes 25% D you're still944.564.839
infected it'll make me last another day947.1994.041
so we can find more I don't want to die949.3993.761
there's no reason to use it unless all951.244.079
of it goes to is this how you would act953.163.32
is this how would you Rea in this955.3193.281
situation yes it doesn't make sense it's956.484.919
like when the do uh you know transplants958.64.32
come on do it they don't do people that961.3993.321
aren't going to make it help me I helped962.923.479
him you not going to make it you should964.723.64
say might someone that can help well966.3993.44
then then I then I might as well just968.365.159
kill myself um all right I mean listen I969.8395.601
mean if you're not going to share973.5194.88
antibiotics the numbers don't add up I975.444.319
know they don't it would cure you I978.3993.721
would give it to you but it can't help I979.7595.041
I gave mine I was a good friend yeah and982.124.56
he did it when I guess it was too it984.83.12
didn't make any difference yeah why are986.683.839
you so stingy Dees it's it's simple987.924.52
science it's math science what are you990.5193.76
going to do with them you break it down992.443.6
your friends are dying and you're994.2793.521
breaking it down to math science I can't996.043.359
believe none of you see the greater good997.83.64
here I see that there's a possibility of999.3994.8
me finding antibiotics again and then it1001.446.56
being okay man my garden is not growing1004.1995.64
you planted it like yesterday yeah but1008.06.0
it's a game is it stuff go fast abro1009.8396.24
yeah let's go check this sucker out this1014.04.16
sucker remind me what this sucker is uh1016.0796.56
what is it called let's see it's uh fat1018.167.6
man oh which uh shoots nukes but we1022.6394.641
don't have nukes but we do have bowling1025.763.919
balls okay I want to see you I want to1027.284.159
see what this thing looks like oh good1029.6795.041
God yeah bowling ball I don't even I1031.4394.841
can't even I don't even know how to1034.724.52
begin aiming this really come on yeah1036.284.96
it's a weird little all right hey I1039.244.48
found a weapons bag on the roof is it1041.244.439
empty tucked away in the thing any bully1043.725.6
malls in it untouched um1045.6796.521
antibiotics B parts parts and a book1049.325.4
about shotgun weekly Nee stay right1052.26.04
there okay no don't shoot our house what1054.728.319
are you doing I was kidding about do a1058.244.799
zom all right let's get it out in the1065.244.559
light we want to we wantd ining yeah1067.24.32
don't sh yep all right I got the bird1069.7993.0
all right it's coming to me over here1071.525.72
hey birdie got you okay guys ready yep1072.7997.961
yeah hit him door oh did I reload it1077.244.919
there we go I got to put that in there1080.763.399
oh yeah actually have to close I thought1082.1594.921
I did yeah yeah yeah get close close1084.1594.321
come at like where I'm at yeah that'd be1087.082.68
the best all right come here come here1088.483.439
buddy yeah see if he can get it yeah see1089.764.72
if he can get you all right1091.9196.281
and [ __ ] nothing okay so it's a1094.487.16
little that was it oh all right that did1098.25.359
it I was really hoping to go flying with1101.644.12
it yeah yeah you would really hope I1103.5594.201
want to use it on something bigger you1105.765.0
need to go find a death CL1107.763.0
imagine what kind of sneak damage that1118.63.36
does I mean what oh yeah you could get1120.124.84
sneak damage on that everybody sneak so1121.965.16
everybody just be ready listen I've got1124.966.4
a Cleaver that has 400% sneak damage oh1127.126.0
all right you're going first then Sam1131.363.439
you go sneak up on him son well I mean1133.124.039
listen just everybody be ready to finish1134.7995.321
it off yep okay okay yeah you you1137.1596.241
getting in place coming is it on me1140.126.08
think he sneak over yeah there's no1143.45.639
sneaking there's no sneaking all right1146.24.76
wow two shots let me do the1150.967.76
honors oh my w what do we get if we chop1154.447.04
up a death claw did you search him still1158.725.6
growling he he still growling I wish I1161.484.8
could grab these bowling balls I still1164.323.96
see can I get them in the butt get them1166.283.12
in the butt1168.283.8
I think he likes1169.42.68
it taking them damn antibiotics [ __ ] oh1172.726.64

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