WE GOT A BLIMP - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Today in 7 Days, Dora and Neebs check out the snow biome. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- http://bit.ly/1NOKqlU ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www.p...
WE GOT A BLIMP - 7 Days to Die Fallout
WE GOT A BLIMP - 7 Days to Die Fallout

WE GOT A BLIMP - 7 Days to Die Fallout

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Alright, guys, you know why this is my favorite video? Because we got a BLIMP! I mean, who else gets a blimp in 7 Days to Die? We're basically the Wright brothers... but cooler.

simon: Cooler than the Wright brothers? Neebs, the Wright brothers didn't have zombies chasing them while they were trying to fly. We’re practically aviation pioneers under pressure!

appsro: Oh, absolutely, Simon. Because nothing says 'aviation pioneer' like screaming at the top of your lungs while trying to avoid getting eaten. That's what the history books missed out on.

neebs: Exactly! And let’s not forget, we checked out the snow biome. It's like our very own winter wonderland, except with more undead and less eggnog.

simon: And who doesn’t love a good snow biome? It's where the yetis and the blimps hang out. It’s basically Narnia, but way cooler. Literally.

appsro: Yeah, Narnia with zombies. I’m just glad we didn’t run into a zombie Santa. That would’ve been a nightmare before Christmas situation. Thanks, Neebs, for the unforgettable experience!

Hey everyone! So, today’s episode of "7 Days to Die" is super exciting because Dora and Neebs are venturing into the snow biome! I’ve been following these guys for ages, and let me tell you, this episode is packed with all the hilarious, tense, and just plain epic moments you’d expect from the Neebs Gaming crew.

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Alright, that’s all for now. Get ready for a wild ride through the snow biome with Dora and Neebs! You’re going to love it!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Neebs Gaming's latest 7 Days to Die video is an absolute delight. As Dora and Neebs explore the snowy biomes, their infectious camaraderie and hilarious banter make it feel like you're right there surviving the zombie apocalypse with them.

7 Days to Die is an open world survival game that truly shines when experienced through Neebs Gaming's cinematic storytelling. Their custom mods and self-imposed challenges create a rich narrative woven throughout each episode. It's not just mindless zombie bashing - it's a thoughtful tale of friendship against all odds.

Watching Neebs and Dora struggle to withstand freezing temperatures and fend off zombies is wildly entertaining. Their dynamic characters play off each other perfectly, with Neebs' optimism counterbalancing Dora's pragmatism. Each video is masterfully edited to be suspenseful, funny, and full of heart.

Ultimately, Neebs Gaming provides the ideal way to enjoy 7 Days to Die without actually playing it yourself. Their videos distill the most exciting elements of the game into a binge-worthy saga. With their trademark humor and top-notch production values, Neebs transforms 7 Days to Die from a run-of-the-mill survival game into something truly special.

So if you're looking for thrilling gameplay, endearing characters, and plenty of laughs, look no further than Neebs Gaming's 7 Days to Die series. It's a first-class ticket to zombie adventure land.

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I bet it's a pain in the butt to move a4.043.52
house like this oh I'm sure but I would5.485.199
like to like do the process I'd love to7.565.999
learn it be a part of it and like I10.6794.561
don't know there's videos you can watch13.5593.761
I'm No I'm sure but I'd like to be the a15.244.28
person on the job now you want you want17.323.36
to be driving this truck is there19.522.36
anything in this truck no I don't want20.683.64
to drive the truck I want to lift the21.883.8
house off the ground and have somebody24.323.08
else drive the truck cuz I would drive25.683.72
the house off the side of the road yeah27.44.08
that probably wouldn't be good no so29.43.76
this is it this is uh yeah we're just31.483.759
here to do uh just a quick little fetchy33.164.28
little fetchy poo and then uh scrs the35.2393.721
town how's your infection right now I'm37.443.48
at 47% but the antibiotics are still38.963.439
working their way I got 7 minutes left40.923.959
of good antibiotic juice oh God good for42.3994.761
you you're going down good I'm44.8795.16
51% okay so if you find any antibiotics47.165.8
you should give them to me no yeah NOP50.0394.281
you're you're too far you're too far52.963.56
gone no I'm not you too far gone you54.324.32
took antibiotics that are working on you56.524.4
now and now you just created blow me if58.643.36
we give them to you it's a waste of60.923.599
resources no you should have not taken62.04.439
the ones then if you used your logic64.5193.801
right now then that means that you66.4393.161
shouldn't have taken the one that you68.323.119
took and you should have given it to me69.63.8
no yes see I needed to take the ones71.4394.161
that I took so I could stay alive no I73.43.68
know that well same with me I'm doing75.62.76
the same thing all right well if you77.084.039
find any I'm giving them to78.367.439
myself oh God watch out oh come on now81.1197.201
why are you not helping me no I'm going85.7993.921
to help you for that reason well why88.323.839
would you tell me we tell you what he89.723.92
came too fast he came too fast kind of92.1594.121
like I do you knew yeah you do come way93.645.32
too fast but you knew I didn't know96.284.56
anything and it came out of nowhere you98.966.32
knew out of nowhere Simon you're an100.844.44
idiot nebs yeah I address something that109.365.16
needs a dressing uh yeah but did you see112.4395.921
my little house yeah okay I I've never114.525.68
been out this way so you decided to make118.364.679
a house here just a little cuz I was hot120.24.879
oh got you help you duck right in there123.0394.201
and it's cool all right well let me um125.0793.88
let me search this I thought you were127.244.079
going to address something uh yeah I128.9594.201
mean there's a lot of examples of this131.3196.081
but I'll use this one as an example um133.167.84
Diane with two n's we don't need that I137.45.559
have a problem with the entire English141.04.2
spelling system so exactly what I'm142.9595.121
saying right yeah knife well yeah no I145.24.88
get that but let's just go with the148.083.799
double end thing because two ends150.083.76
doesn't that doesn't do anything doesn't151.8794.121
change the sound it doesn't why would we153.845.0
add change the sound yeah we can change156.04.68
that now because it's you know158.843.96
post-apocalyptic yeah I mean I like160.685.0
rules it just makes life understandable162.85.48
it does so what are we looking for out165.683.8
this way just like kind of anything168.283.28
still right just something new yeah169.483.88
maybe we can find a new Trader or a new171.564.12
city oh a new Trader be great yeah173.366.08
that'd be really great175.683.76
oh God oh God no no sa it where you at185.2397.0
oh oh God I think I see them sh yeah190.083.719
there's two of two guys with machine192.2394.401
guns yep one of them's headed my way193.7995.72
that is a big dude uh okay yeah oh it's196.644.48
a super mutant that's why there's super199.5193.36
mutants out there all right no that's201.124.119
not good am I I I keep on getting hit202.8793.241
I'm at205.2395.28
57% damn it yep if I find listen if I206.126.28
find antibiotics you know what I'll do210.5193.481
give them to me nope I'm going to going212.44.32
to waste them on me I'll come on N214.04.76
that's what I'm come around to my idea216.723.879
no I don't like your idea around to my218.763.839
way of thinking it's the best no I like220.5994.56
my idea222.5992.56
better where's the Super Mutant where is225.844.959
I hear him oh God yeah I'm trapped in228.7994.121
the store there's a super mutant in230.7994.0
front of your store you're saying yeah232.924.159
Savage country and then there's one234.7995.681
that's even bigger like gigantic So you237.0796.44
you're seeing one that you think is B oh240.485.72
I see you oh god oh yeah he's after you243.5196.601
oh God yes all right anabolics come on246.27.36
[ __ ] yes so happy he250.123.44
died oh god oh wow that took my he down260.0795.201
so much this is not262.9195.521
good okay okay come on are you chasing265.284.52
me okay you're going to stay over there268.442.599
there I'm just going to have to run for269.82.679
it I'm just going to have to run out all271.0393.241
right come on health come on health I272.4794.641
need you to go up okay have my health up274.284.68
for a minute run over here anybody in277.123.04
no I saw him in the store though God280.164.72
okay he's in here I just got to go I282.843.48
just got to go I just got to go don't284.882.8
see me don't see me please don't have286.323.879
your buddy out287.682.519
here okay all right manage to escape290.884.24
he's right there he's right whoa that's293.444.479
a big [ __ ] holy crap oh is he295.125.32
chasing me of course he is297.9194.601
okay got a jing Jive got a jing Jive how300.443.319
do you do with how do you do with like302.523.239
fence [ __ ] ha how you going to303.7594.0
handle that stupid [ __ ] God you don't305.7593.401
know how to okay yeah he jumped over he307.7593.961
jumped over that's not good okay here we309.164.24
go I'm going to definitely lose him here311.722.919
how you do with that how you do with the313.43.84
lip huh mother [ __ ] oh God stamina314.6394.0
stamina stamina stamina I need you to317.244.12
come back stamina come back I really318.6395.441
need to save me yes she doesn't like321.365.44
fences he's he's324.087.36
dumb thank God he's dumb326.84.64
wa look at that oh you see that yeah334.525.44
hard to miss it nebs is that a a blimp337.286.16
it is it is a zeppelin that is cool the339.965.64
flying vehicles in this seem to be343.444.8
pretty awesome I wonder if it takes as345.65.12
much gas as the ice cream truck one348.244.92
would think but maybe not cuz that ice350.724.599
cream truck is the worst I think it's353.164.8
great it just guzzles gas yeah we need355.3194.44
to we need to solve that gas thing oh oh357.963.92
my God this is really cool what does it359.7594.0
say does it say repair or something361.884.2
interact with Airship good God that's363.7594.761
awesome there's like a whole living car366.085.959
in here I'm in it you're in it okay but368.525.6
it doesn't it doesn't help anything I'm372.0394.801
in it too we're in it to win it does it374.125.4
move does it no but we're protected from376.846.84
well nothing um H do I what if I hold on379.526.48
it just says zero gas that's all it says383.685.079
if we had yeah if we had gas shut up is386.04.919
there any gas in this place we got to388.7593.921
look careful390.9195.481
careful you almost stepped on that you392.686.48
about blown up holy crap there's a bunch396.45.76
but hey we can lure yeah these guys399.165.159
let's let's402.167.039
lure H hey come and get it and we hide404.3198.201
over here huh yeah we sure do okay good409.1996.12
thinking nebs did you bring a bed roll I412.524.92
put it back at at that like right by415.3193.6
that little house that you made when we417.443.84
were walking up isn't it a great spot418.9193.881
yes I mean it's out in the middle of421.283.319
nowhere right now but I think over time422.83.32
I don't I don't think over time I think424.5993.921
this would be a better spot okay but I426.125.24
could make a bed roll here there it goes428.524.16
boy I'll get this guy behind us there432.685.919
you go you guys are so dumb let's clear436.0394.84
this out and find some gas yeah we can438.5994.801
do that oh my God imagine if we rolled440.8794.72
up on the other guys with this how cool443.44.04
would we be I mean we're already cool I445.5993.201
don't know if they're going to notice a447.442.879
difference they'll be like yeah you've448.83.0
always been cool I don't really see much450.3194.32
difference but just451.82.839
cooler if you're going to make a move do461.4795.321
it I don't like all this buzzing463.5997.32
[ __ ] if you're going to buzz me do it466.84.119
right okay 100 m lowest will [ __ ]473.3197.081
off I'm close let's go see what trainer476.845.639
Hughes got going on today maybe some480.44.56
antibiotics maybe some honey I'm at 28%482.4794.601
I'm doing484.964.44
TR how do you do what's up baby here's489.44.44
my stuff what do you got for me what do492.6392.601
you got for me something493.844.359
good insulated liner mod that's a495.244.56
schematic that might be good for cold498.1994.041
regions ooh crafting skill magazine499.85.6
bundle oh God you know what I502.245.079
think oh God I'm going to go for that505.43.56
I'm going to go for that all right507.3195.6
inventory sir antibiotics honey let's508.965.48
see God you're useless yeah you're512.9193.92
[ __ ] useless you oh was there514.444.8
else these barrels here have some gas526.3996.921
what there's a bunch of barrels all530.563.839
okay yeah I'm getting some gas out of534.3995.521
here okay I'm coming I'm coming oh yeah537.924.24
sweet kill that zombie see him I got him539.923.44
all right I got a little bit of gas we542.162.44
can at least maybe try to move that543.363.2
thing huh yeah be cool just to know544.63.6
we're good to go with with a little bit546.563.12
of gas you don't have a wrench or548.23.24
anything I see some more gas I do have a549.683.8
wrench yeah oh I mean we break down551.444.12
these uh yep did you search it yet553.484.32
there's some gas over here okay H555.564.16
where's my wrench there it is oh and557.83.599
there's also hang559.723.96
on nobody561.3995.081
mov here we563.686.68
go you okay wait I trying to be sneaky566.487.08
and yep we should tag team this guy yeah570.365.719
oh right behind your knees whoa thank573.564.32
you oh God he hit me anyway all right I576.0793.641
got the military guys he he's he's a577.884.24
runner solders Down Soldier down he a579.725.16
runner don't that's my gas don't chop582.124.36
truck oh boy help me I can use some help586.486.919
oh I had no Stam all right I got you I590.446.079
got you we got him okay woo this is593.3994.161
good you grab that gas over there I'll597.564.24
I'll Wren this I'm I just got to clear600.044.919
this place oh there's another guy good601.87.039
Lord ow oh my God twoo okay reload604.9596.56
bringing out the big608.8392.68
guns okay he's still getting614.246.36
up there we go got another618.0794.88
one nice620.66.88
jump oh God okay I wish I had a better622.9596.56
yeah we we'll get there okay all right629.5194.281
get in the gas I think we're good yeah632.2794.161
get in the gas good in the truck we're633.86.56
going home in a blimp today yeah we are636.443.92
baby watch your step Dr I'm hopping in640.6395.44
well maybe you hop in first um so I644.124.0
should be able to just like hold e on646.0793.801
here right maybe648.125.2
interact okay I'm going to add649.886.399
gas this is so cool did it do it I don't653.327.12
know um yeah says okay we have 2% gas656.2798.24
are you in I am okay space to up maybe660.447.56
space up oh my God there we go where we664.5197.801
going to park it on top of the roof668.04.32
perfect I'm going just go in this tree673.724.88
yeah that's fine okay it's making me676.044.12
think that you don't have any control678.63.239
but that's fine it's yeah I'm starting680.164.119
to wonder all right so like straight up681.8394.8
would be a way okay I'm going to can I684.2793.761
get out of here I'm just going to take686.6393.64
down this let's chop tree down let's get688.044.039
some more gas yeah sounds good start690.2793.881
wrenching those Vehicles all right we692.0795.281
have a blimp I can't believe694.165.76
it we have a blimp I know I just said697.364.24
that I just can't believe we're saying699.925.0
it out loud right we have a701.63.32
blimp oh705.367.56
B oh Dam it B yep trying to [ __ ] I'm707.8397.521
going to freaking die here I got you get712.925.479
me there you go be's down son of a [ __ ]715.366.32
buzard still after you that's fine son718.3995.24
of a [ __ ] oh I'm bleeding oh wait do we721.683.32
get anything from this bee like some723.6394.041
honey that be something [ __ ] come on725.06.44
what is that uh no honey what is this I727.686.839
don't know what it is H EG and Hunter731.445.48
meat so we got some meat from the bee I734.5194.081
guess we can cook that up all right I736.923.24
guess that isn't so bad all right well I738.64.28
got a new sledge that didn't do me well740.164.76
okay I see I see you got your stuff back742.884.399
yes I did yes I did thank goodness all744.923.88
right we're going to start this Mission747.2793.761
ride here we can just another just748.84.24
retrieve supplies we need to access751.044.359
those tier 2 missions man yeah no I hear753.043.68
you feel like I've been doing tier one755.3993.88
for days I've got the for the first time756.724.32
I guess I got stung by a bee and I've759.2793.841
got like for 14 minutes that screws me761.043.96
up has that ever happened to you oh you763.123.56
got some sort of bee yeah I got I got765.04.279
poisoned by a bee at one point I don't766.684.839
know what that does you'd have to go769.2794.201
into your uh thing of a gigger I don't771.5193.241
know all right you know what I'm going773.483.84
to go mine's downstairs here I know774.763.8
you're starting up there I'm going to777.324.28
see if I can get it over778.563.04
here oo there's a pile of books here in782.3994.041
the back can I get to them yeah yeah784.9592.641
yeah yeah yeah yeah come on something786.442.639
good something good what is this ah787.63.08
salvaging for funer why not why not I'll789.0793.0
read it I'll read them all all right I790.683.36
got my satchel and a pretty little lady792.0794.88
down here hey baby let's see can you794.045.479
open the door cuz I can't didn't see any796.9595.201
good access from the roof can I open the799.5194.12
door yeah front door is there any like802.163.76
little key thing beside the door I mean803.6393.88
I'm at the front door I opened it I805.923.84
broke it in and I'm downstairs well I'm807.5194.0
at the front door I don't see it open oh809.764.879
hey now I see you okay I'll just bust my811.5194.801
way in that's the easiest thing to do814.6392.44
it Y and I'm and I'm busting up this817.0794.88
lady in you fire lady for my819.764.639
sledgehammer nice oh a flaming821.9595.56
Sledgehammer yes I've got it modded baby824.3995.56
man that's cool all right bathroom uh827.5195.56
medical supplies I don't see anything829.9596.841
damn it m I love not having to look for833.0795.76
antibiotics far really how am I doing836.84.159
right now now yeah I'm at 30% what is838.8394.0
this o there's a there's a safe right840.9593.601
there I want to I want to do that I just842.8393.92
found an iron crossbow I'm very happy844.564.12
about that all right I'm breaking this846.7594.601
crate open or are you doing it yeah are848.683.959
you reading books I don't I don't see851.362.919
you as the book reading type I've read852.6393.801
I've do as much reading as I can of854.2795.24
course all right if you say so all right856.445.04
I'm going to should I break into the859.5194.481
safe is that a waste of time I mean if861.484.2
you want to I hate doing that I hate864.03.24
doing that it takes too damn long I865.683.079
don't hate doing it if we're done here867.243.12
I'm going to to do this you yeah you do868.7592.88
it you do it I'm going to get my stuff870.362.68
and go back to the trader I want these871.6393.281
tier 2 missions damn it all right I'll873.043.52
be back there thanks for sharing buddy874.923.2
sharing's Karen yeah if you find876.563.8
antibiotics you share those and care no878.123.56
I won't share them you should share them880.363.44
and care not those I don't care to share881.683.959
you said sharing is caring don't you883.84.8
care I do not care to share those man885.6395.081
you just you're a hypocrite no HPP a888.64.159
damn crit it doesn't it's not share890.724.119
everything that's not the saying you're892.7594.681
a Hipp of [ __ ] and a hypocrite894.8395.201
Simon I don't mind that897.445.199
are you going to do this I mean can you902.6394.081
imagine what's under here what what did904.443.8
we hit each other this all of a sudden906.723.919
blood maybe okay sorry I'll stay on this908.244.76
side could you listen we probably910.6396.361
shouldn't do this but could you imagine913.07.04
could you even just imagine I can I've917.05.639
played this before I tell you what uhhuh920.045.12
maybe this is a this could be a um check922.6396.56
this out just entertain me for a second925.166.119
okay you dig it dig around it yeah I929.1993.44
don't know I mean it's got to be better931.2792.761
than that door right I like where you're932.6394.081
going I agree with this man this is934.046.12
5,000 okay and do you see oh there's a a936.725.28
concrete wall there yeah but it's only940.166.0
5,000 and this one was 2,000 right here942.06.92
beside us 5,000 what you can just go946.164.119
right here but that's probably straight948.924.399
down this probably drops into a okay950.2795.161
well you dig that okay I'm going to dig953.3193.601
this and then we'll we'll just give up955.443.92
we have a blimp oh man this is a it's a956.924.76
big room isn't it what it just keeps959.364.88
going further back well it's a bunker961.684.0
how how big you think it would be just a964.244.159
closet I mean art you saw our bunker965.686.04
yeah I know I I think we got ripped off968.3995.321
yeah well you get what you pay for we971.726.6
didn't pay much I think Simon gave a973.728.139
handy all right make this worth it982.564.48
wouldn't it be nice just perfect I want985.1993.44
antibiotics I'm going to hoard them I987.042.96
won't let let anyone know I have988.6393.88
anything ever honey or990.06.199
antibiotics it's that's for me to know992.5195.32
that's private what the hell is this996.1994.521
[ __ ] sort of shotgun997.8399.401
mod oh God the come on piece of [ __ ]1000.728.76
it oh H I knew working for you would pay1012.046.64
off yes sir I will take that ooh do I1015.045.799
have in my inventory yes I am going to1018.684.8
put that down immediately all the other1020.8395.401
boys are going to be jealous Boop oh and1023.484.92
it's already blue it's like it was made1026.244.12
for me wow I look really stupid with1028.45.799
this helmet on but all right we're in1030.365.839
the bicycle game baby oh now I can get1034.1993.321
around oh jeez I got to remember how to1036.1994.0
drive these damn1037.522.679
things okay I'm at1044.284.92
116 okay hey hey probably should make a1046.285.399
building block or two I got some I mean1049.24.32
I'm just I'm getting some ready to you1051.6793.161
know my next Chop's probably going to be1053.524.2
through yeah I mean I'm ready uh let's1054.847.6
do it ready Chop Chop okay I'm in oh1057.726.839
yeah mine's a bit of a fall is yours a1062.445.599
little bit let me see yours okay I think1064.5596.0
yours is I think yours is safer than1068.0394.601
mine they look about the same to me and1070.5593.641
you've got a ladder up that well it1072.643.12
doesn't matter this could be dangerous1074.22.28
ready I'm going in1076.485.679
all right I'm looking down okay two1079.485.439
unlocked doors man this is okay hey1082.1595.241
let's make a way out can you reach the1084.9193.76
uh ladder that goes up to the bunker1087.46.2
door no but um you can't well it's not1088.6796.681
yeah I can you think that's going to1093.63.4
open that when has that ever happened I1095.364.24
don't know see if it unlocks hold on oh1097.05.039
there you are now climb up there and1099.65.36
just it's locked it's locked okay well1102.0394.601
it's good to find out when well I mean1104.963.44
we we already knew we didn't know I1106.644.039
think we cars work that way most houses1108.44.159
work that way I know I know but in this1110.6795.401
game no that's door science right okay1112.5595.841
um which way this is unlocked I'm going1116.084.32
to do this one you ready uh yeah you1118.43.88
just make sure you have at least one1120.44.44
building block on you so you can make1122.284.16
that last one and then you see what I'm1124.842.719
saying you want to put a let's put a1126.442.44
ladder right there how about that oh1127.5592.961
good call ladders are yeah you want me1128.883.6
to do it ladder sure sure sure sure I'm1130.523.84
going to peek through this just peeking1132.484.88
oh guys all right going in for a second1149.284.72
uhhuh no no I'm not I don't want to hit1151.6795.0
you okay yep let's just keep shooting1154.03.679
through the1156.6794.441
hole oh there's a bunch yeah oh boy oh1157.6796.841
boy all right weapons1161.125.12
okay oh god oh NOP NOP no I'm reloading1166.248.48
careful woo wow oh there's a bunch more1171.525.44
down there nebs okay should we jump up1174.724.079
yep yep jump up okay we should probably1176.964.12
spikes oh wow there's a blimp here1181.525.2
that's our blimp we have a blimp y holy1184.524.2
[ __ ] we got a blimp we have a blimp you1186.723.8
want to ride a bunker with us I mean1188.724.93
yeah I was opening trade routes but I'll1190.526.549
join okay we're going this way uh I'm1197.46.32
going this way all right man we got some1200.445.16
hydroponic lab going on down here oh1203.723.24
maybe some antibiotics would that' be1205.62.68
great there might be some farming stuff1206.963.959
in here let's see antibiotics any1208.284.2
antibiotics this would be a good place1210.9196.361
for oh look at this man this is nice yes1212.486.84
okay let's be careful going in here1217.286.0
though it looks clear but we'll see1219.327.56
watch the ceilings yep okay oh this is1223.286.16
good stuff right ammo pile all medical1226.885.0
supplies please please please ah little1229.444.64
honey I'll take it all right we got some1231.885.919
military guys coming in here1234.083.719
guys oh wow these are the that is a that1241.284.96
is a green guy these guys don't look1244.285.759
good okay should we okay here we go oh1246.246.88
God all right reloading get down the1250.0397.0
swore I reloaded this gun oh boy oh yeah1253.127.16
watch out run around Dora1257.0394.88
oh this don't look good I don't like1260.284.16
this I don't like it either how you we1261.9196.161
get through here1264.443.64
no oh someone shut the door oh yeah I1270.444.92
did I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry okay1273.086.12
we got one this guy's no no no no no no1275.367.0
no no1279.26.719
no God damn it he's got a bed upstairs1282.364.919
fine okay we need to shut that door and1287.2794.961
let me heal up let's see where are they1289.6793.961
at are they chewing on his body that was1292.243.76
a real plan I wasn't just just saying1293.644.84
stuff out loud okay yeah heal up1296.04.52
buddy oh he's down hold on let me see if1298.485.4
I can hit him oh that might have been it1300.527.519
we clear I think so come on down1303.888.76
D oh a popping pills crate please please1308.0398.081
please come on come on honey [ __ ] okay1312.645.76
I'll take it damn it I won't some a box1316.124.159
and anything in there you want to share1318.45.32
um hell no uh-huh this I mean this was1320.2795.841
our bunker Technic well okay well you1323.724.4
want some robotics Parts nope you want1326.124.12
some antivenom I want Stu like Health1328.124.32
stuff I don't have okay well I I I do1330.244.319
you want one first aid bandage yeah1332.445.52
there you go have a first a b sounds1334.5593.401
wonderful careful there's1339.365.24
mines uh okay I'm going to take the bike1341.964.24
cuz I'm still opening trade routes with1344.63.16
another Trader but I want to see you1346.26.079
guys fly this off gotta wish us1347.764.519
luck how much gas you got 2% oh that's1353.2796.4
that's not a lot hey we'll get closer to1357.085.479
home uh yeah but not not by much right1359.6795.761
listen it's a blimp yeah we have one yes1362.5594.36
I get it we have a blimp but we don't1365.444.04
have a lot of gas okay wow that thing's1366.9194.521
actually pretty Zippy that's awesome we1369.484.28
might make it jeez we have a blimp we1371.446.359
got a blimp we got a blimp1373.764.039

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