Nightingale - First Look!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Nightingale - First Look!
Nightingale - First Look!

Nightingale - First Look!

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen the new Nightingale video? It's our first look at this crazy Gaslamp Fantasy world!

simon: Oh yeah, I love how we jump into a portal and end up in a whole new realm! It's like a fantasy rollercoaster ride!

appsro: I can't get enough of the crafting and building in Nightingale. It's like Minecraft meets Game of Thrones!

neebs: And don't forget the epic battles we face in this game. It's like we're the Avengers of the Gaslamp Fantasy world!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Nightingale fans! Have you heard the news? The latest video has just been dropped on the YouTube channel and I am so excited to share all the details with you. So grab a snack, get comfy, and let's dive into the latest adventure with Neebs, Simon, Doraleous, and Aztecia.

In this brand-new episode, our favorite group of gamers set out on a thrilling journey into the mysterious and dangerous Fae Realms of Nightingale. From crafting and building to exploring and fighting, the team faces challenges and encounters like never before. And let me tell you, the visuals in this Gaslamp Fantasy world are absolutely stunning - it's like stepping into a whole new universe!

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Our fearless adventurers also open their first portal into another realm, adding a whole new level of mystery and intrigue to the game. I can't wait to see what surprises await them on the other side. So if you're ready for an epic adventure filled with survival, exploration, and plenty of laughs along the way, be sure to click on the special link provided and join Neebs and the gang in Nightingale. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this wild ride!

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welcome to nighting Gale developed and1.7193.56
published by inflection games we've been3.363.28
keeping our eye on this shared world5.2793.041
survival crafting game for some time and6.643.48
luckily for us they even sponsored this8.323.76
video link is in the description and10.123.96
it's now available on PC through Steam12.084.36
and epic for $30 so today we're going to14.084.279
dive in and try to show off some of this16.443.56
game's building crafting and fighting18.3593.401
mechanics as well as its ability to20.03.32
craft different realm cards that will21.763.359
open portals to new procedurally23.323.68
generated Realms that you can explore25.1194.441
Solo or with up to six players Co-op so27.04.16
let's jump been and our first goal is to29.563.92
craft better tools weapons and clothing31.164.84
so we can level up to what is it 2033.484.56
Simon to unlock the antiquarian side of36.05.12
power that's what it says and uh there's38.044.8
some I don't know what I just da but41.123.68
it's good okay so that's our goal right42.843.76
now we've got a small basic Camp down44.83.32
there with like a pitch tent kind of46.64.119
thing a campfire a work table and a48.124.16
tanning station so we're going to work50.7193.16
on building a better base so let's get52.285.48
to it then break break all right break53.8795.041
okay so we built a house and uh yep we84.563.879
built all the work tables we got the87.0794.521
campfire the sew and B some storage a88.4395.561
workbench and the Tanner and we want to91.64.839
start upgrading our tools and weapons94.04.28
let's see what am I missing what I'd96.4393.761
like to build is an axe so I need wood98.286.0
bundle straps and Stones M and then we100.26.599
might want to build a sling bow so we104.285.08
can hunt to get leather oh for sure yeah106.7995.32
cuz we can put leather on the Tanner so109.366.119
uh let's upgrade let me grab some stuff112.1194.881
out of this115.4794.481
basket Boop and um go back into the117.06.28
workbench and uh let's see let's make119.967.159
the wood axe you can autofill here boom123.287.0
craft one and that starts making it look127.1197.041
at that that's pretty cool still making130.285.959
it oh yep it's made okay so now we got a134.165.68
level 20 Hatchet I'll give that to Simon136.2396.521
there you yep and then let's make the139.845.16
what was it the sling bow yes boom so we142.764.0
can go hunting all right I guess I'll145.03.879
make my sling bow next cuz if I had to146.764.0
choose between got a sling bow for you148.8793.241
oh well I didn't know it was just for me150.762.88
I mean he needs one too doesn't he I152.124.16
killed my hands I'm a monster oh come on153.645.48
now okay let me get some of this and156.285.959
then we need simple Rock marble as ammo159.126.96
auto fill that and Bam okay now we got162.2397.64
simple Rock ammo oh no it's still going166.085.04
there you go you see kind of see how169.8794.08
it's building right there and then once171.126.52
it's ready I will just collect the items173.9595.881
all right uh so that's it we got this177.643.319
nice little house we got all these179.842.36
workbenches and we're going to go180.9592.521
hunting now so we can make better182.23.399
clothes sound good yeah let's do it all183.483.24
right let's185.59914.881
hunt dear anyone got a shot oh200.487.319
yeah boom Oh I oh I got to reloaded204.126.52
again I got one down to 10 % I'm207.7996.481
whacking okay I'm chasing my guy did I210.646.239
get him no oh I got one with the club214.285.92
all right uh-oh I really want to get216.8794.201
guy oh keep on him I am oh I see a weak221.086.719
one come here oh I think I took that one224.46.64
down we got two already I'm shooting227.7996.121
horribly okay wasting a lot of rocks231.044.16
it's okay rocks everywhere I'm going to233.923.239
skin these I told you I can get them235.23.48
with the237.1594.521
so hunting went pretty well huh I'd say242.9594.321
so yes very well so we're going to need245.24.8
leather to make clothes M and we have247.284.36
tons of that and we could like choose as250.04.2
many as we want to uh so we'll craft251.644.52
leather and we'll also save some to make254.24.12
straps for any weapons and upgrades we256.164.0
want to make there I need an upgrade on258.324.24
my knife a knife okay we'll get some260.164.88
straps going after this goes so that's262.566.12
just uh oh yeah there's a timer on there265.045.439
okay so once we have the hide we come268.685.12
over to the sewing bench and we got all270.4796.0
this stuff to build and this is going to273.85.16
raise our what do you call it level a276.4793.801
level what do you call I don't know what278.962.84
it's called I I the better the clothes280.284.0
we put on gear skull it's called gear281.86.76
skull I caps lock I'm on fire on fire284.286.08
this is what happens when you stop288.563.88
dropping yeah when you hit what is it290.363.839
caps lock yep that's there you go you292.443.8
just walk oh yeah caps just does a like294.1994.161
if I hit caps lock right here yeah hands296.243.32
off the keyboard you just walk for298.362.76
forever that's it I kind of like it299.563.24
let's get off the table all right I'm301.124.2
off the table okay so that's great I302.83.88
never saw anyone on fire before in this305.324.8
game listen it brightened up to day306.686.72
literally that that worked okay so let's310.125.48
let all this hide build and then straps313.44.56
and let's upgrade all of our I want all315.65.56
of these to not be crude but simple like317.965.64
this one level 20 6 to 20 all right I321.164.12
want 20s all way across and then I want323.64.879
to upgrade all these close to 20 yes325.285.98
okay we grinded we're ready yeah so346.964.32
Simon what is your gear score right now349.244.84
well for which one cuz for un un total351.285.08
gear score the main score the number up354.084.76
top the number up top is three out of 25356.364.48
it used to be three out of 20 three so358.843.52
I'm yeah we took some stuff off so I'm360.843.68
number 12 I've got all new weapons and362.365.2
tools but I want to switch out my364.525.92
clothes take all these old clothes off367.565.84
change out so I can do that now too yeah370.444.72
okay there we go put all the level 20s373.43.96
on we're going to look very much alike375.164.56
like uh Beaver Trappers or something377.364.44
yeah that Clan I don't know if I've ever379.724.56
met a beaver Trapper nor have I names381.85.92
okay there we go um now my score gear384.287.84
score is 21 one oh got new weapons and387.727.44
everything all right I'm a 20 okay then392.125.84
let's all go see if we can do is it a395.166.12
boss fight yeah okay boss fight boss397.965.799
fight I'm still changing okay once401.283.88
someone's done403.7595.921
changing boss fight boss fight405.166.55
yeah come on409.683.959
some is that it boss fight boss fight do413.6399.24
I have a under gear anything under418.684.199
gear yeah boss423.04.4
fight is this where the boss fight is I440.565.0
think so I know the essence Trader is443.444.199
here someone else is445.566.639
here oh it's uh Simon hey buddy hey how447.6396.761
you doing pal I'm going to talk to him452.1995.0
how does this work uh Survivor nearby454.44.479
needs your Aid in completing a structure457.1993.12
help them to complete the structure for458.8793.76
a reward that's easy it's like look at460.3194.28
this stuff they need built right here oh462.6394.441
just right over here yeah I'll help a464.5994.201
little bit with what I got just needs467.084.16
plant fiber and sticks okay and some468.84.16
rocks and then if we build this what471.244.0
happens I don't know we can maybe get a472.965.199
uh a helper if we want okay helpers are475.244.88
nice now you guys had followers before478.1593.801
where'd they go I I dismissed mine480.123.479
because you got annoying oh he's just481.963.32
all in your business huh clingy well we483.5993.361
should get a Helper to help us fight the485.283.759
boss right yeah yeah why not if we can486.963.919
sure okay some489.0394.84
sticks that one's built that one's built490.8797.801
we did it oh so now what uh recruitable493.8797.081
Simon is now recruitable oh recruit him498.684.359
Simon recruit him okay hold on Simon500.964.6
recruit Simon I'm going to Let's well it503.0395.801
just said speak yeah go ahead yeah so505.565.319
Simon can't name him something else he's508.844.96
Simon we need to do it'll be easy so510.8794.64
manage equipment and inventory it says513.83.679
dismiss recruit I don't want to dismiss515.5193.681
so just close right done yeah yeah yeah517.4794.24
yeah yeah boom welcome to the team Simon519.25.04
now it's techa yes what do we do next521.7195.081
well we want to go in here cuz this is524.244.599
where we get cards apparently let's go526.84.24
in there so let's go in yeah come on up528.8395.361
oh is this the boss fight this is okay531.044.16
up the534.23.68
zigurat come on up now why I bring that535.25.12
Ingot you brought the Ingot to help us537.885.6
make the enchanters focus okaya what540.325.68
else do you know about this boss uh he's543.485.44
very big and very mean and he's an546.05.48
automatron uh what's an automatron I548.924.4
don't know like a551.484.32
robot yeah that is this where we do this553.324.16
is where we do so if you have the right555.84.479
gear level you can pass through this557.485.32
uninjured it doesn't look passable I560.2795.961
know but it should be oh okay she's in562.86.68
going in everybody in boom yeah there we566.246.92
go awesome okay great now so you there's569.484.84
going to be some things that are going573.163.679
to spawn that we need to kill and574.324.28
there's also lootable chests around this576.8393.921
room you just need to go find them okay578.63.479
and there's stuff to pick up it looks580.764.96
like uh release hope Echo we'll do yep582.0796.2
uh don't don't fall in this pit yeah585.725.359
that'd be oh I found a chest yay it's a588.2795.401
bunch of buggies I see a dog thing kill591.0794.161
the dog thing no oh wait they got593.683.44
exploding heads on them yeah that's the595.243.96
guy so do I have to shoot these or can I597.124.12
St whatever whatever you want to do599.24.639
Chase well I want to save my ammo make601.244.52
him dead recruitable Simon is fighting603.8393.841
right now all right recruitable Simon605.762.639
you oh yeah come on baby don't mess with608.3995.361
man I hope this is I'm not getting too613.768.56
hurt come on baby oh oh yeah yeah take616.688.68
that Essence very nice do mhm now do we622.325.24
go that way or down the stairs down I625.364.56
believe St627.564.92
pick up Arcane Wick do I want this yeah629.924.76
pick up pick up everything found bristle632.484.96
come on oh another chest get your loot634.685.32
on folks so we have to make our way all637.445.72
the way to the bottom and Beyond Simon640.05.88
you good y I wasn't talking to you643.165.84
fruitable Simon yeah thank you see it's645.885.639
a problem though it is I like it Essence649.03.839
Dave should come in here and help out a651.5194.401
little bit ha I hit a guy from afar we652.8397.081
can pepper him down uh early long range655.927.599
yeah sucker think he's dead659.926.28
yeah you stay up there and snipe we'll666.25.319
get in tight get my melee on we're going668.67.12
to way down behind you uh671.5197.401
block might hit you guys get him yep675.724.119
there we678.922.96
go right679.8394.761
there's light head bring them over to me681.884.68
I'll I'll be up here they they'll never684.63.56
know like look at this oh yeah you got a686.564.959
shot yep oh nice hold on you're welcome688.167.28
boom nailed him great job sumon yeah get691.5198.921
that ass son Arcane Wick695.445.0
reload watch out pal I'm going to get702.366.84
you one more hit on him head up oh705.0797.121
de Everybody's Health good uh yeah doing709.26.199
all right get some of712.23.199
this this is stairs going down go this715.445.68
way I guess keep going all the way down718.2795.721
mhm oh if there'll be like a fire pole721.125.44
or something it seems like the bottom724.04.639
okay that's something big yeah oh yeah726.563.959
something definitely big yep we got a728.6394.0
bunch of demon guys come on you730.5194.0
punk he's732.6395.281
dead dead dead sucker734.5197.44
sucker come on is that up the stairs737.926.599
yeah bring them down fellas oh here741.9596.68
comes one oh Bo yeah there very dark in744.5194.88
oh in the back of your749.3994.641
head okay oh man you guys are fighting754.045.359
stairs huh yeah they came up man not a757.0794.44
bad place to fight we got a big room in759.3994.281
here to fight in I know well funneling761.5195.32
is good too gotcha all right good plan763.686.08
mhm all right we got to keep going down766.8394.601
oh there's more down there's more down769.765.96
come on Simon let's go down going771.444.28
down that's775.8396.0
up oh I see a lot of demon things down777.8398.401
here oh yeah okay all right spread out781.8396.601
we'll surround them hey these guys786.244.279
are like Smoky788.446.16
who well that was a 69 head790.5197.601
shot buddy watch your help I'm lighting794.65.64
you up okay lighting you guys up so you798.125.88
can do your fightings yep oh boy oh boy800.245.92
for oh sh oh God he's coming to light806.164.76
there's a lot how y'all looking over808.924.279
there o got one of them finally oh his810.924.32
head a bong you guys love fighting on813.1994.281
the stairs don't you yes it's my815.244.8
favorite place me and recruit suon got817.484.159
guy everybody want to get the all right821.6396.241
oh in the face ni that's right stairs824.1996.801
baby very super nice can't tell who's827.885.92
who oh there he831.02.8
is oh yeah he's on a834.7596.0
run recruitable Simon get837.7595.76
him got you in the face yeah nice shot840.7594.2
Simon yeah yeah I was talking843.5193.641
recruitable Simon though yeah well and844.9594.281
we keep going down maybe we'll have847.165.359
Simon lead the way I'm leading oh okay849.246.12
which Simon the other Simon not me all852.5196.0
right heads up okay this looks uh bottom855.365.96
is looks seriousish oh yeah this is the858.5195.12
bottom oh yeah that's something this is861.323.84
when we yeah you got to go over there863.6394.601
and activate the thing all right uh I865.165.72
could get in that spot I'll bet it's868.245.519
this guy mhm that's going to do a thing870.885.0
activate mechanism um all right I'm873.7596.401
going to get my uh my uh sling bow ready875.886.72
oh I need to get my uh put the fire fire880.163.88
on yeah oh do they equip they do equip884.045.039
you got to hold down R okay you've got887.123.839
some specials don't you that's right889.0794.721
I've got some things called lightning890.9595.761
marbles sounds like a blast everybody893.86.24
ready yep Ready activate ating Good Luck896.724.76
Luck nope don't hit caps lock that's not901.488.799
good uh-huh is that it there oh yeah905.127.44
that doesn't look good oh I shot you in910.2796.201
the face though ooh oh no no Salon912.566.04
recruitable salon's on fire did you916.485.44
shoot them with that ball yeah GMO these918.65.599
uh fire ones are working on oh okay I'm921.923.52
going to try to lightning when you ready924.1996.401
do it be careful recruitable Simon925.445.16
yeah man did these uh where did we get932.9595.24
these with found them in chest or936.3194.481
something found inest man they're doing938.1994.56
crazy damage oh yeah awesome this940.83.56
thing's a look at this oh God he's942.7594.32
coming at me head944.362.719
help recruitable Simon you you're on949.564.519
fire again952.3994.521
buddy oh yeah oh I always got to reload954.0795.521
I get it oh pleas every shot has been a956.925.32
head shot oh yeah this guy's going to be959.64.919
easy for us I think super easy one more962.244.8
hit was it this easy for you well I964.5195.921
soloed it you solo it yeah that sounds967.046.479
like an excuse it was hard yeah it would970.446.199
be hard by yourself it was all right I'm973.5197.12
going to release the Hope Echo do976.6394.0
it all right play this card to seek a981.565.519
realm of middling danger oo hey what's983.925.24
up puug oh987.0794.24
well done realm989.164.359
Walker well991.3196.481
done your deed befits the title and The993.5196.88
Wider Realms are within your997.87.24
reach go then with newly fashioned cards1000.3998.401
awaken Yonder portal and tread on toward1005.047.359
that which is boundless beyond the1008.86.32
measurable okay so we beat the boss um1012.3994.88
we unlocked a thing to what what build a1015.123.88
card or something something like that1017.2793.441
some enchanting thing yeah we're going1019.03.36
to make an enchanters Focus which will1020.723.52
allow us to make the cards to open a1022.364.16
portal to another realm perfect so we1024.244.16
need to build that table and then use1026.523.72
the cards to open that portal behind us1028.44.039
right yeah exactly okay now which table1030.244.839
are we building the enchanters focus oh1032.4395.24
yeah enchanters Focus there it is let's1035.0794.401
place that we'll just put it right here1037.6794.16
on the ground huh sounds good and then1039.484.839
let's all I got the ingots we need1041.8395.641
lumber ingots done we need glass mhm now1044.3195.48
can we buy that from Dave guy over there1047.485.72
we sure can okay I'll go talk to Dave1049.7995.921
Dave got one Lumber and five glass one1053.24.76
Lumber five glass be right back someone1055.724.199
text me that so don't forget one Lumber1057.964.36
five glass just yell just text me say1059.9195.721
one Lumber say it one Lumber five glass1062.325.239
five glass see that's it you just needed1065.643.399
to say it you won't forget it now one1067.5593.681
Lum five glass one Lumber five glass one1069.0394.681
Lumber five glass here we go all right1071.245.96
Dave I need some Lumber and glass and1073.725.28
simple items Maybe1077.24.88
nope resources okay it's it's hardwood1079.05.84
lumber right I would imagine yes uh you1082.086.599
said one one Lumber five glass glass yep1084.846.24
just want to see if you remembered yeah1088.6795.721
yeah glass quartz what are the options1091.086.04
that paper soft wood twine yeah those1094.44.519
don't sound right do they probably glass1097.127.32
quartz yeah doing it an idiot Simon yeah1098.9199.24
recruitable Simon's being a creepo is he1104.444.44
he stays real close by I like it when1108.884.32
he's close all right how's it goings uh1110.5596.041
yep I got one extra I got six glass okay1113.25.44
I'm coming back all right so he's got1116.64.16
everything that's needed for this and1118.644.039
then what is happening after this it's1120.764.64
going to finish the bench here we go I1122.6794.36
know but I mean I don't know what's1125.43.68
being made we don't knowes come on now I1127.0393.281
think the bench we make the bench and1129.082.88
now we can make a card and which card1130.324.12
was it card we want to make the forest1131.965.4
card and the antiquarian card okay1134.445.52
that's going to call need some o paper1137.365.92
ink paper and ink we have Essence dust1139.966.16
you know who has paper and ink same guy1143.287.639
Dave oh God okay I'm going back um did1146.126.12
you did you look at what you need for1150.9192.64
both cards I was going to yell at you1152.243.6
and you tell me okay all right names be1153.5595.681
right back okay buddy great that table1155.845.719
looks almost like an old school live1159.246.36
streamer's table a microphone on it okay1161.5595.841
Dave I'm back I didn't have the full1165.64.319
list all right I see1167.45.519
paper and I'm looking for ink yeah I'm1169.9194.681
looking at it right now it says ink1172.9193.921
perfect one second oh boy we're going to1174.64.72
get hail I know it oh somebody uh you1176.844.0
know what we should make we should make1179.324.719
a a thing right go ahead Simon go for it1180.844.56
communicate with the idiot how many1184.0393.52
sticks do you have all right I got the1185.45.04
ink what's on the next card uh the other1187.5595.641
card yeah what's the other card we need1190.445.16
a bance and an antiquarian the forest1193.25.719
card Forest that's going to need need1195.65.079
one ink and one1198.9193.801
paper perfect Dave you're not going to1200.6794.161
believe this I need exactly what I just1202.724.6
bought a second ago here we go let's1204.845.6
build a shelter yep I I have 11 out of1207.325.479
12 sticks all I need is one more little1210.443.52
stick there's some sticks right in front1212.7993.36
of me S okay I got one more paper and1213.964.52
one more ink okay come on back then1216.1594.361
nebes come on back thanks Dave hopefully1218.484.88
this is the last time but stay open okay1220.524.68
you needed more didn't you Simon no it's1223.364.88
12 12 66 stick tent says I got1225.24.92
everything just takeing a minute right1228.245.76
there you go hey all right see okay1230.128.559
antiquarian card autoi craft one okay we1234.07.28
wait for this one to build uh did y'all1238.6794.12
build a bed maybe we should rest before1241.283.32
we or actually we're just're to open a1242.7993.281
portal and take a look aren't we yeah1244.63.12
we're taking a peek and we'll come home1246.086.079
all right good deal antiquarian card is1247.727.959
done oh yeah here we go oh yeah click1252.1595.321
that one and I got to build one more1255.6795.921
which is the for card yeah Auto feel1257.486.439
craft there go I'll meet I'll meet you1261.64.84
at the thingy thing you do the thing1263.9196.841
thingy portal okay yeah be right1266.448.2
there inable Simon everyone's leaving1270.768.08
okay I'll wait for it in the rain not1274.647.279
raining too bad though no just as he1278.846.36
said it yeah every day with that hail1281.9197.801
and there got it okay that's it all1285.26.8
right over here huh right over here you1289.724.76
want me to hit the open Real no he's got1292.06.12
to put the cards in the to do it okay so1294.487.64
there we go Forest card boom and then oh1298.126.48
it's coming down now oh yeah let's get1302.125.08
to uh better weather better weather1304.65.12
coming up yeah going to like West or1307.24.32
something I'm going in come on you got1309.726.0
to wait a second oh I'm going1311.528.159
in hurry up portal it's hailing out here1315.727.4
it is hailing come on man I'm going in I1319.6796.721
don't think it's ready yet oh that's1323.124.679
what's happening we got to fight all1326.42.879
right we got to1327.7995.76
fight this is a lot okay Dam take him1329.2797.201
down it's storming oh God yeah that's1333.5597.161
not a good time all right buddy oh boy1336.486.76
oh I'm hurting uhoh pull it together1340.727.04
folks oh god oh boy yep yep oh you dead1343.245.24
oh oh boy uh-oh you all right uhoh go1348.485.64
down okay that one's down woo double how1351.5594.641
many we got left couple behind me nice1354.123.799
shot oh1356.25.4
Simon by accident oh there's more yeah1357.9195.801
they were following1361.66.6
me okay uh I don't see any oh NES you1363.726.64
are hurt I hurt bad hurt real bad can I1368.24.04
eat food you want healing potion I think1370.363.76
I got one hold on a second okay okay1372.243.84
there we're getting Hur in this hail1374.123.08
okay that's hurting all right let's just1376.083.32
get through this thing huh jump in1377.24.359
jumping in here we go everybody go all1379.44.56
right coming oh damn please make it come1381.5594.761
now oh oh the hell of an1398.9197.36
entrance is this is a oh hey salimon how1402.6796.12
are you you're looking good you need to1406.2795.4
work on your posture pal okay so this is1408.7997.48
a a whole new biome right yeah fantastic1411.6796.281
it's pretty looks like fall it's like1416.2794.601
fall Ville mhm W man recruitable Simon1417.966.0
just straight to work yeah all right so1420.884.32
folks if you would like to become a1423.963.079
realm Walker and navigate the web of1425.23.52
transdimensional portals Like Us in1427.0393.081
search of the magical city of1428.725.04
Nightingale check out the link in the1430.123.64
description the Fay Wilds await1434.886.159
and so too1438.725.199
Nightingale awaken your first portal and1441.0396.12
tread on towards that which is boundless1443.9196.041
beyond the1447.1592.801
sequestered struck by woe and lacking1454.26.76
supplies the question1458.0396.961
becomes wil thou be a1460.964.04
regardless of which portal variety you1490.124.6
realm cards will be1498.843.839
H can fly Let My Words steer your1538.727.0

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