Battlefield Friends - Hotwire

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Battlefield Friends - Hotwire
Battlefield Friends - Hotwire

Battlefield Friends - Hotwire

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, you know why this video is our favorite? Because it's got all the action and humor we love in Battlefield Friends!

simon: Yeah, and don't forget about the epic Hotwire mode! It's like a high-speed chase on steroids!

appsro: I gotta agree with you guys, this video is a rollercoaster of laughs and intense gameplay. It's pure entertainment!

neebs: Exactly! Plus, who doesn't love watching us get into ridiculous shenanigans in the world of Battlefield? It's a blast!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys! So, I just watched the latest episode of Battlefield Friends on Neebs Gaming's YouTube channel and it was hilarious. This episode is all about the Hotwire game mode in Battlefield Hardline, and let me tell you, it had me cracking up the whole time.

The Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game when it comes to comedy and this episode is no different. From the witty banter between the characters to the ridiculous situations they find themselves in, it's non-stop laughs from start to finish. If you're a fan of the Battlefield series or just love comedy gaming videos in general, you definitely need to check this one out.

And hey, if you enjoy their content as much as I do, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show them some love on Patreon. These guys put a ton of effort into their videos and it really shows. Plus, they're powered by Xidax PCs, so you know their gaming setup is top-notch.

If you're looking for more hilarious videos from Neebs Gaming, be sure to check out their playlists for other games like 7 Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and get ready to laugh your butt off with Battlefield Friends - Hotwire.

Neebs Gaming
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gentlemen welcome to operation hotwire6.244.8
so we have an elite group of car thieves8.324.399
in the greater los angeles area and11.043.28
they're coming to take these cars hot12.7193.601
wire them drive them around town and we14.323.92
need to stop them i assume they're gonna16.323.44
bring them to a chop shop or something18.244.08
in the end uh oh no worse they're just19.764.56
gonna drive them around so wait they22.323.76
just drop drive around in circles why24.323.119
would they do that sir cause they're car26.083.76
thieves but usually there's a an end27.4394.321
goal for stealing a car so what are we29.842.96
gonna do sir we're gonna set up like31.762.56
roadblocks no32.83.439
we're gonna get to the cars before they34.324.16
do and hotwire them and drive around36.2395.121
brilliant wait uh i feel like we if if38.484.16
we're gonna get the cars we should bring41.363.199
them to like impound or something or42.643.68
back here then we can't drive them44.5593.361
around yeah i won't drive them around46.323.2
why do we need to drive i wouldn't do47.923.52
that now on the other side of this if49.524.0
you see a criminal driving one of those51.444.799
cars you blow it the [ __ ] up blow the53.525.199
car up that's right we should just shoot56.2394.0
them out of the cars and get the car58.7193.84
back right if if you can shoot them out60.2394.0
of the cars by all means shoot them out62.5593.681
of the cars but get in the damn car and64.2393.761
you drive around we should be just66.243.04
driving around we should bring it back68.02.479
to base or something i don't know why69.283.04
we're driving around it doesn't make any70.4794.0
[ __ ] sense we need more firepower72.324.0
captain i'm happy you brought that up74.4793.921
because we have got some great76.324.32
high-powered weapons scared all over los78.43.6
angeles perfect80.643.92
why have you ever shot an rpg at a82.04.72
stolen car no no why is it scattered84.564.48
randomly around los angeles the citizens86.724.0
you don't have to carry it yeah but the89.043.439
citizens can pick that up or the [ __ ]90.724.48
criminals exactly okay my citizen picks92.4794.481
it up you know what that makes them95.23.919
a criminal a criminal so blow them the96.964.08
[ __ ] up blow him the [ __ ] up any more99.1194.241
questions not really no my brain is101.044.16
[ __ ] fried i gave up on that a little103.363.36
while oh you're giving up sounds like105.23.12
you don't want to do the [ __ ] jab oh106.723.12
i want to do the job i want to do the108.323.439
jab it sounds like a [ __ ] ride109.844.239
oh no everybody look we're shutting down111.7594.0
operation hot water114.0793.36
nobody wants to do that i don't want to115.7593.841
go blow up cars you guys go ride tickets117.4394.241
and put on leaflets we all we119.63.44
want to do this well listen yeah i want121.683.119
to blow up the cars but just just quit123.043.119
trying to make sense of this [ __ ]124.7992.161
it's [ __ ] ridiculous officer our job126.965.52
is to protect and serve the people not129.6795.681
make sense that's for some paper pusher132.485.28
up in city hall now you want to do your135.364.16
job or do you want to make sense i want137.763.52
to do my job i want to do my job do her139.526.16
job okay let's roll out141.287.479

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Wow, I just finished watching the latest Battlefield Friends episode from Neebs Gaming and it was hilarious! Hotwire mode looks like absolute chaos in the best possible way. Seeing the Battlefield Friends characters like Thick44 and Noob drive around crashing into each other had me cracking up.

The banter between the characters is comedy gold as usual. Thick44 yelling at everyone to get into the car and panicking when they start to lose is too good. And when he abandons the vehicle while the others are still in it - classic Thick! Noob not understanding how Hotwire works at all feels so true to his character.

Neebs Gaming is so talented at bringing these characters to life in their signature Battlefield cinematic style. It really feels like you're watching an action movie at times with the way they edit and film the gameplay. No other gaming channel comes close to creating such a cinematic experience.

While actually playing Hotwire in Battlefield Hardline looks like a blast, getting to see it through the lens of the Battlefield Friends and their zany adventures is the next best thing. Neebs Gaming allows you to experience the mayhem and humor of Battlefield moments without having to be an expert FPS player yourself.

Their comedy combined with their stellar cinematic editing results in gaming entertainment that stands in a class of its own on YouTube. If you're looking for hilarious gaming videos that anyone can enjoy, Neebs Gaming and the Battlefield Friends series delivers every time. I could go on and on, but suffice to say I'm a huge fan of their work and can't wait to see what crazy antics they get up to next!

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