I GOT THICK'D: GTA 5 Cinematic Series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're looking for some hilarious GTA 5 gameplay, then you're in for a treat with this latest video....
I GOT THICK'D:  GTA 5 Cinematic Series (GTA 5 Gameplay)
I GOT THICK'D: GTA 5 Cinematic Series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

I GOT THICK'D: GTA 5 Cinematic Series (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about why 'I GOT THICK'D: GTA 5 Cinematic Series' is our favorite video. And let me tell you, it's a masterpiece!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is pure gold! I mean, who doesn't love seeing someone get thick'd in GTA 5? It's like a work of art!

appsro: Ha, you guys crack me up. But seriously, that video is a classic. The way they captured the thick'd moment, it's just...beautiful.

neebs: Absolutely, that video is the pinnacle of our cinematic series. The drama, the action, the thickness - it's all there. I could watch it on repeat for days.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're looking for some hilarious GTA 5 gameplay, then you're in for a treat with this latest video. Trust me, no one is safe in GTA 5 when the Neebs Gaming crew is in action.

In this video, you'll see all the crazy antics and epic fails that we've come to love from Neebs and the gang. From epic car chases to ridiculous stunts, there's never a dull moment in their gameplay. And let's not forget the hilarious commentary that always has us laughing out loud.

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So sit back, relax, and get ready for another epic adventure with Neebs Gaming in GTA 5. You won't be disappointed!

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all right boys who wants to steal some14.95.98
explosives who doesn't what kind of17.677.4
explosives kinds that blow up Neves20.884.19
firework we're still in fireworks yeah25.346.189
let's pretend we're stealing fireworks29.3693.841
we didn't pay for this yeah damn31.5292.671
straight we're getting paid for that33.213.06
nobody know without getting paid we'll34.23.21
be doing this job if we were getting36.272.58
paid wrong with you you know these37.413.66
fireworks go forward look Caroline how38.854.08
much for illegal there yeah all right41.079.0
boys hold on a second explosives we got42.938.28
to go into the tunnels yeah the50.072.489
explosives that were stealing her from51.212.91
the blast crew in the tunnels blast52.5593.541
crews yeah we're gonna need something54.124.88
stronger than fireworks56.12.9
the hell they want us to go keep going67.574.689
all right the sewers should be put signs70.434.859
down here yeah this this whips around72.2595.011
back toward where it says on the75.2894.86
mini-map yes okay so so go this way77.274.889
doraleous well it's it's putting us back80.1493.451
in the right direction here shortly if82.1592.311
you keep going straight83.61.799
they're like we passed this place84.476.78
already just keep going yeah go up there85.3999.79
so I can go here ya go so91.255.799
they're gonna buy when you're in an SUV95.1896.18
male oh oh what's up guys this isn't a97.0499.651
shady meet on the right side101.3695.331
clear down here if I'll pick your head123.176.3
out [ __ ] see you back there127.763.21
hey get your [ __ ] head out that's129.473.35
what I'm talking about130.975.73
bank shot who is that I was celebrate136.79.65
run again like that what are you doing139.639.79
we're still an explosive please we're146.354.99
stealing explosive let's all use the man149.423.96
yeah try not to use grenades we're still151.345.07
explosive okay all right moving in cover153.385.41
me covering156.415.529
got one job thick movie didn't cover me158.795.789
well you know the guy down here leave up161.9399.69
you're right in front of me can we catch164.5798.19
this trade no we don't need to catch171.6292.61
straight oh there's I bet this so those172.7693.241
are the SUVs you got to steal over there174.2394.53
yeah please huh no explosive guys you176.014.35
know explosive okay178.7694.591
oh wait cross there guy right behind me180.364.32
carefully bullets don't shoot the183.364.799
explosives I'm in the I'm in the front184.685.1
SUV somebody else to take the one in the188.1593.241
back I'm in the back all round it's189.783.81
thick alright awesome you guys behind me191.44.86
you ready yeah man all right let's go193.594.619
sensitive load you got it yeah sensitive196.263.75
load guys remember we look in the back198.2093.961
yeah we have explosives so don't drive200.017.319
like nuts hey I like pecans he can he202.178.45
can Zeke and weekends207.3293.291
I'd relish you and me Oh waste these227.834.92
all right you've got thick so doraleous242.4594.11
you need to steal that uh you did you245.1893.03
steal that SUV right I'm covering you246.5693.87
man I'm covering you go follow me248.2193.411
doraleous follow you250.4393.301
oh [ __ ] we need it we need to make a253.745.85
u-turn we didn't make a u-turn258.339.12
oh come on doraleous I'm coming Oh think259.5910.05
we got asked yep we got [ __ ] honest267.454.719
yeah course we do269.646.37
all right catch up with me272.1693.841
I got you covered catch up with me get277.615.01
my brother go in front okay I'm getting280.553.209
back you get in front I'll stay behind282.624.31
good move good call283.7593.171
come and go I got this we got this oh289.145.27
yeah we got291.812.6
good get off on the edges all right297.1110.66
getting up on the exit help man they303.217.74
will grab these guys to be [ __ ] gray307.775.55
right up here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah310.953.89
yeah let's do it313.324.5
hey hey did we do it we did it314.845.23
nice well soon we've done it oh yeah317.823.24
with it we just got to get through this320.073.03
maze I always take you through a maze I321.063.99
know they love that [ __ ] all right323.13.27
hey that's the same spot we deliver the325.053.93
trucks last time awesome326.3710.86
yeah man I tried to run over that one328.9810.29
guy but didn't see that pallet in front337.233.99
of him that was a you know what I got339.275.25
but you know what there's a word for341.225.22
what happened to me Oh what's the word344.524.08
starts with the T yup346.444.77
past tense don't you just say it man I348.64.71
thought this was a game up here comes351.212.88
apps right hey guys353.313.36
oh you guys got thick yeah yeah that's354.094.38
it means you got thick they got it first356.674.35
try all right that's pretty funny358.475.45
we've made some money huh361.022.9
I call Shotgun we can't call Shotgun och365.1412.3
going on a car alright I gotta call my374.685.1
insurance agent son of a [ __ ] we all377.444.56
nobody's exempt from getting thick you379.783.84
know close the show I mean I can do this382.01.98
all day383.622.55
yeah we know it's great we're VIP at the383.985.19
hospital so yeah I got a punch card got386.175.7
my old room call my insurance for389.175.22
spiritual how can I be of service yep I391.874.17
got thick I think we can handle that394.393.63
now I can handle thick yeah that's like396.044.95
flood insurance yeah but they're gonna398.024.59
repair my car so we got to go pick it up400.993.57
where is it oh it's way over there we402.612.67
take a cab404.563.3
no let's just take a car yeah I can call405.284.74
a cab now let's take a call and call a407.864.29
cab let's let's I'd rather take a cab410.024.86
all right cabs on the way they can't412.154.44
carry all of us thank you grab the walk414.883.3
I'll walk right over to this vehicle416.593.57
right here pull this [ __ ] out take418.184.92
his car be careful thank you sir Drive420.164.97
even on auto-lock you can't shoot people451.485.439
will it hit didn't it yeah you blew all454.223.72
the rallies blew it456.9193.031
I blew us all up yeah that was doraleous457.945.699
you run me over to auto lock shots needs459.956.15
what's wrong with you are you cross-eyed463.6394.201
I'm pretty sure I hit you all right hold466.15.58
I need to call another cab it's like467.849.72
Groundhog's Day oh hey here's the cab oh471.688.28
oh I gotta walk yeah you walk yep you477.564.29
walk I'm hopping in I'm in the back oh479.963.3
by all means I don't feel like doing481.853.66
small talk with the driver do I have to483.264.32
change do i oh yeah because you got in485.513.87
you yeah yeah you hopped in the backseat487.583.66
okay only two people can ride okay now I489.386.57
got to call another cab up let's see491.247.14
let's have a cab race where to oh yeah495.954.56
oh go to go to biddings that's close to498.383.84
where I need to be am biased am i I500.512.43
don't leave yet502.222.88
go through to one city's original yeah502.944.21
bet he's written all three door one hill505.15.319
come on buddy Oh taxi go no don't follow507.157.129
the rules hurry up man hurry510.4196.661
okay go come on cabbie where are you514.2796.221
going Danny what the [ __ ] you get a517.084.829
static quick there might be an extra tip520.53.15
in it for you sure I'm gonna give you a521.9094.921
tip don't get [ __ ] come on you can get523.658.85
out of this oh I like the shortcut it's526.838.82
a back way huh yeah I guess I'll be here532.55.94
this bin Isa make it thank you no tip535.654.85
for you oh thank you all right538.444.17
straightforward just go straight don't540.53.76
turn don't turn the way up no okay542.614.37
you're doing this okay544.264.69
right now what are you gonna do546.985.18
what are you doing okay just go straight548.955.91
there you go go straight go straight go552.163.479
straight man554.863.12
no straight there you gonna take a right555.6393.781
take a right all right now another right557.9810.62
good god hey guys hey there you are dan559.4210.77
my cabby was an idiot568.63.599
really yeah kept driving into a wall570.193.69
over and over and over again572.1993.481
yeah our driver was great but hey I like573.883.84
that idea of a cab race yeah should be575.689.92
more fair yeah welfare salute you sir577.7210.83
you like that oh yeah okay we'll go grab585.64.87
your car absolutely well get to it okay588.554.16
follow me590.476.31
we should get out of town should we fly602.116.419
go to the airport and get a chopper606.5793.241
nick has a seaplane oh I got a seaplane609.825.1
they can vacation up in the lighthouse613.543.21
lighting else yeah you ever seen the614.923.35
lighthouse I don't know if I have616.754.899
he's riding down the side all right on622.583.66
the side hold on let me change clothes624.626.11
be right back give me a minute all right626.248.97
there we go paid money for it want to630.736.75
use it635.212.27
you know they are671.6111.769
beautiful area oh yeah723.4416.939
Rainey maybe nah come on up guys I'm up779.8631.86
this place is cool816.674.57
yes why is that why is that area over818.723.93
there red gang fight821.243.63
oh yeah that's a gang fight yeah if you822.654.05
guys want to we can sneak up there and824.873.18
just eliminate everybody at that house826.77.77
let's do that I like that hider LS your828.058.64
own point yeah yeah that's a good idea834.474.32
that's a good idea look at it I'll never836.693.27
see him coming what would this bright838.793.3
ass purple pants yeah on point means839.964.29
shield your meat shield yeah I don't see842.095.79
anyone yet okay mmm oh look there's844.258.19
someone sees them there oh hey go got it847.885.19
oh good852.445.15
Oh - laughs all right I got eyes left853.074.52
baby whoo holy crap I'm hurt falling861.1496.43
back for a second fall back fall back865.815.18
eats my ex if you need to I'm doing867.5795.641
alright hold on guys I'm gonna throw a870.994.349
stick you buy them up there do it baby873.226.359
we go I'm gonna throw a bunch all right875.3394.871
I got two of them911.643.75
those guys in save a chance well no yeah923.745.34
all right needs you and doraleous on jet931.514.9
skis yeah is it rod - yeah yeah well933.833.72
let's figure out where we're going you936.412.82
guys want to go over to paleto Bay sure937.552.91
all right you know hopefully the bays at939.234.34
UM north940.463.11
that's weird969.955.01
naps are played obey971.43.56
yep it's yours now walk away walk away987.927.659
like you don't want it is this the pair991.748.719
it appears to be a good one for Elias995.5796.961
I made it okay apps ro I'm ready for1002.5415.18
another job we are stealing cocaine GTA1005.4814.909
yes we have to steal cocaine if I need1017.724.169
weapons I'm good1020.3893.631
need a change of clothes why you keep1021.8895.131
Chi we're not flying anymore are we1024.024.769
I should have changed before we started1027.023.779
well that's too late I think I might1028.7893.24
have brought something just get a change1030.7992.16
in the backseat there1032.0292.67
yeah let's change it back here okay just1032.9595.21
don't kick my seat and promise anything1034.6993.47
easy baby easy ballast just watch out1038.8295.891
scuse milega whoop Betty okay alright1042.0494.62
and why do you have so many clothes with1044.725.669
you all the time can you tie it okay1046.6696.87
about it no not a change earlier there1050.38910.62
we go couple of you guys gonna stay here1053.5399.63
on the rocks yeah okay how's this look1061.0094.02
yeah you look good you look good you see1063.1693.21
it with the hat though I saw you with1065.0293.24
the damn hat well I just now put the Hat1066.3793.811
on yeah look great hey you didn't even1068.2693.99
love hey it's game time let's go just1070.194.26
look at the Hat I I see you back there1072.2594.201
with a beer hat looks good doesn't it1074.459.87
give a [ __ ] okay that was yelling at me1076.469.299
I heard that oh there's a guy with a1084.323.03
satellite dish somewhere right the1085.7593.75
bright above me who's leave can you see1087.354.439
the guy above me Oh yep I see a guy I1089.5093.931
got a shot on him he's not dead though1091.7893.24
it looks like he's down oh no he got1093.443.299
back up oh boy we got guys coming in1095.0293.441
he's down my shot we go was three so you1098.479.14
got way out there I'm on him Ami's Dale1102.74.91
I just cleared up - guys you're welcome1109.2596.79
a good job cocaine in the car looks like1112.64.949
that thing's moving oh god you're right1116.0493.48
everybody back to the Moonbeam whoa1117.5494.76
back to the Moonbeam1119.5292.78
all right leaves MIDI mapping we're1123.284.71
gonna go with baby standby all right1125.085.31
following him we are we gaining with1127.993.81
straight it could be faster1130.394.05
man I got pedal to the metal here hey1131.84.95
this movie it's not known for speed oh1134.444.32
[ __ ] what's it known for being badass1136.754.44
and looking cool as [ __ ] yeah hydraulics1138.764.83
yeah I did I did once you don't use them1141.195.12
nearly enough always forget how to ah1143.595.1
right it's not to turn here in a second1146.313.94
maybe he'll slow down and deter maybe1148.693.09
another vehicle for our missions like1150.253.3
this next time I didn't realize we would1151.783.27
have to chase the guy he's going to the1153.555.57
left where is weird1155.054.07
yep think it is yeah that SUV all right1159.2895.49
don't shoot the tires out well don't1162.863.949
need that car we need the car yeah we're1164.7794.671
okay think we're gonna steal the cocaine1166.8096.0
shoot him in the head1169.453.359
so then I told it guys you know don't1181.733.929
shoot the tires go for the head well I1183.8895.581
guess they shot the gasping hey good job1185.6594.321
he likes to die he's a doctor hey did1189.986.36
you tell the ladies about how we stopped1193.0395.76
the game at the light house yeah yeah we1196.344.199
are we flew to a light house and we we1198.7992.85
killed a bunch of guys that were hanging1200.5392.551
around there there were gang members1201.6493.03
yeah you know how it is you guys go1203.092.819
everybody out of that lighthouse hey1204.6796.421
watch this watch me oh where you at what1205.9097.73
are you doing1211.12.539
dick what are you making back there hey1214.193.119
man I'm making drinks we got this bar1215.633.75
onto ourselves man I know this place is1217.3093.781
great I thought I told you guys all1219.386.509
right hey nice whoa do you ladies see1221.096.6
that there's plenty more where that came1225.8894.101
from what can I get for you guys1227.696.079
margarita margarita1229.993.779

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