I Get Attacked by an Entire Wolf Pack! - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video yet? It's all about the wolves and bears in The Long Dark - and le...
I Get Attacked by an Entire Wolf Pack! - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
I Get Attacked by an Entire Wolf Pack! - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

I Get Attacked by an Entire Wolf Pack! - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Did you see that video where I get attacked by an entire wolf pack in The Long Dark?

appsro: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when you were running around trying to fend them off.

neebs: And don't forget about those bears lurking around too! It was like a wildlife party in there.

appsro: Definitely one of my favorite videos. I mean, who doesn't love watching you get chased by a pack of hungry wolves?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video yet? It's all about the wolves and bears in The Long Dark - and let me tell you, it's intense! If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss a new video. The Neebs crew always brings the laughs and epic gameplay, so you won't want to miss out.

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I don't know about you, but I love seeing the Neebs crew tackle the challenges of The Long Dark. Those wolves and bears always keep them on their toes, and it's so much fun to watch. And let's not forget about those epic Xidax PCs that power all the action - they really take the gameplay to the next level. Be sure to follow Neebs Gaming on all our social media channels to stay up to date with all the latest news and behind-the-scenes fun. Join the Neebs community and let's keep the gaming adventures going strong!

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oh really really8.964.44
okay I decided to go back to the church25.0197.321
I mean I the road goes that way there's29.6994.561
a bridge and a bear guarding the bridge32.344.44
yeah doesn't seem like the best way to34.263.78
okay uh give me some water here38.044.92
all right I managed to survive another40.7394.381
day you know picking up some food this42.963.9
uh this military grade ration is great45.124.14
that's gonna be like my emergency46.864.679
food like I'll always have that on me49.263.84
and I got some syrup which is still good51.5394.621
and some dusty pork and beans but uh I'm53.15.36
going to spend a little bit of my day56.164.68
researching how to shoot this firearm so58.465.8
when I do pull the trigger it'll hurt60.847.819
not me whatever I shoot at64.264.399
I may as well at this point read the73.142.58
whole book I'm reading the whole damn74.642.64
book needs oh yeah75.723.3
oh yeah77.284.74
boom all right I've done that drop it so79.025.4
now I can use that for fuel man I got a82.024.139
bunch of revolver ammunition too that84.424.98
I've saved so this is sweet uh but this86.1596.061
revolver I should probably clean a89.44.88
little bit I have a firearm cleaning kit92.225.7
let's yeah let's clean it up it's at 7694.286.82
so it's not not bad97.926.26
should be better101.13.08
yeah 81 that's not bad okay let's uh you104.246.339
know what I deserve a soda time for a108.844.22
nice soda110.5792.481
all right113.13.54
I'm gonna see if I can't get outside and114.844.22
kill something116.642.42
I know these wolves have been stalking119.1594.561
me around this house oh oh yeah I see120.725.039
two of them out there123.723.56
okay okay125.7596.06
this is where daddy abstro gets revenge127.288.38
all the [ __ ] you've given me131.8196.901
all right I'm gonna lure him in135.666.02
a lure him in138.722.96
hey buddy144.2392.72
I just want one of you I don't want two147.93.24
of you149.586.2
yeah hey what's this over here yeah151.144.64
come on another lure you over here to156.92.76
the house158.72.46
what have I got over here maybe I got159.664.5
some food maybe something good161.165.84
come on come on you idiot169.685.339
right in the front yard right in the172.924.08
front yard I want you to be dead in the175.0194.021
front yard so your brothers will know177.04.21
you don't [ __ ] come near this house179.045.349
I think this is where I make my stand189.25.25
I know192.923.28
but okay come on in196.25.539
come on198.623.119
I think I hit him hold on oh yeah oh204.3796.78
he's bleeding208.52.659
do you see him I see he's running off211.46.339
[ __ ] oh how far are you gonna go did you215.044.199
do watching the tape217.7393.06
I probably could have waited a little219.2393.92
still got plenty of ammo though oh he's223.444.2
running yeah you're not gonna be able to225.9592.761
run for long227.642.64
you're gonna collapse from that blood228.723.659
loss I bet230.285.66
okay okay but I got a brother here232.3796.541
yeah he's got a oh he's got a friend oh240.424.319
he has a friend yep I'm gonna try to243.183.779
lure him in too same thing wow God he is244.7393.72
running aways246.9593.181
you think a bullet248.4593.901
stop him after a while250.144.019
yeah he's going way up there to the252.364.229
bottom of the mountain254.1593.841
I want his brother to run away too I258.04.519
need the food259.9792.54
come on265.163.18
come on run at me271.046.4
what's wrong hey come on274.325.3
you scared hey277.444.979
[ __ ] scared neebs279.625.639
and so oh282.4192.84
yeah oh287.244.48
there we go289.824.24
nice that's right I got your brother291.724.699
oh we're doing good301.2596.72
let's get a book going start a fire304.466.22
Harvest a wolf man I'm a happy307.9796.44
[ __ ] eebs congratulations310.683.739
I'm about to go get water soon317.824.2
haven't found water in a while yeah just320.164.5
boiled some water really you have real322.025.0
oh God what was that329.0394.561
oh [ __ ]331.683.72
recommend bears335.45.76
uh I don't know if the bear338.225.9
likes the fire341.162.96
oh God come on no344.34.899
take a shot get out of here get out of350.668.039
here get out of here355.2593.44
killing him360.63.3
shot him a bunch of times I got one362.0394.281
bullet left363.92.42
Chase hold on372.364.16
I kill this bear376.865.72
I'm going after the bear names379.56.8
gotta go inside real quick382.583.72
death pop388.883.3
there we go394.6396.34
yeah 22 bullets names oh really yeah397.446.599
holy holy oh if I could kill that bear400.9794.261
on this brain wrist though now because404.0393.921
I'm carrying so much405.242.72
later dropped my pry bar won't need that412.83.99
there we go415.025.009
I know I shot him I shot him a couple421.442.879
that fire is going over there oh did the424.3195.461
tracks go away you know427.1395.541
wait where was he429.782.9
was over here434.945.539
I don't see any traces of the fair443.222.819
anymore neebs444.4193.301
God it's like he was trackless come on446.0394.141
that ain't Fair447.725.34
exactly what like my tracks are still450.184.38
there where's the Bear Tracks in the453.063.06
blood damn it454.563.9
oh that's disappointing yeah456.124.94
yeah man458.462.6
hey at least I scared him off461.886.84
I'll take that okay let's see uh food is464.226.479
bad okay I'm gonna go468.723.84
how much is left on this fire I'm gonna470.6994.321
go inside oh my God I need to sleep I'm472.563.9
gonna be too tired to harvest this wolf475.024.04
tired to harvest479.0995.701
time and listen it sounds dumb480.665.939
Target these are all good I want to keep484.84.14
these all right486.5994.741
I'm gonna go inside eat what I have488.944.8
come out and harvest this wolf491.344.919
damn I hate I lost that bear oh that493.745.06
could have been great496.2592.541
um you need to get a fire going you have499.023.06
a fire going in the church I do yeah500.523.179
that's fine go back in the church well502.082.94
don't I need to like get snow or503.6992.821
something oh just go in the church what505.023.66
it'll get snow automatically it saves506.524.5
you the house you're welcome508.683.9
now I'm just pulled out of the whole511.023.72
immersion of it all right I'm back in512.585.42
the church with the fire all right514.743.26
yep water518.0996.921
yep select the cans select it521.0993.921
Arrow okay we'll just say uh a half a526.145.639
liter there you go529.267.579
okay well I guess I'm gonna live forever531.7795.06
oh [ __ ]546.083.9
what what what what what what548.045.7
all right I just heard growling549.985.7
the bit553.744.86
it's the bear back555.685.64
I'm a bear killer neebs you got the bear562.24.92
he came over here and he collapsed from565.25.1
his injuries oh my God I got a bear567.124.94
carcass oh570.35.52
boy oh no no no no no no no no stay away572.065.56
from me no you don't like the fire big575.822.78
there we go now578.65.799
get the [ __ ] out of here you guys see581.723.66
the bear584.3993.781
yeah oh God I'm surrounded by animals585.383.66
y'all want a piece of me oh yeah oh man589.046.58
oh God I love this game596.763.98
going on over there another wolf608.766.72
oh may as well they really they really612.35.159
want me but guess what you're gonna get615.488.06
me you ain't gonna get me yeah come on617.4596.081
God I'm just oh God this is gonna624.684.779
attract so many animals627.244.8
come on now632.045.0
all right I'm gonna cook a little meat634.445.64
start a butcher shop no [ __ ] all right637.045.2
I'm leaving the church I'm full of uh640.084.14
snow water and642.244.26
wolf meat644.224.559
actually I should probably go Harvest a646.53.48
little more meat before I head back to648.7793.74
town yeah649.982.539
you want to happen to all of your653.12.82
friends don't tell me you got more654.243.42
wolves hey655.926.24
[ __ ] her off go go yeah yeah get out of657.667.619
here get662.163.119
damn it okay fine you want to play this667.5795.281
hey God I can't I can't harvest food in676.924.82
peace neebs679.0192.721
I gotta work quick he's gonna come back686.3994.44
in me689.045.539
58 minutes two hours on that campfire690.8396.721
[ __ ] you man694.5794.601
I'm gonna waste all my ammo on these697.563.98
damn things699.182.36
I gotta know there are a whole box of705.34.52
revolver ammo inside706.83.02
this is the last wolf though709.983.14
all right yep713.162.72
yeah all right there we go anybody else719.046.359
man I see a whole flock of elk out here725.3995.581
oh you better start hunting no I got I728.226.5
mean I got wolves just laying around730.983.74
they look so peaceful and happy735.126.3
oh look at them I love it738.246.38
all right back to Milton741.423.2
let's just go 23 minutes hour on the748.983.72
oh God I'm gonna get so wet and cold out752.74.92
here all right fire stay burning stay754.865.46
burning oh my god oh wait do I have an757.625.18
energy drink760.322.48
yeah all right I'm busting out an energy763.324.8
drink I gotta stay awake tonight765.8395.961
oh yeah here we go768.123.68
here's the nice thing about this cabin774.423.96
is this cabin has this little area here775.927.08
where I can keep the meat nice and cold778.388.1
it won't go bad it'll go bad uh not as783.04.98
fast being out here because it's in the786.482.46
and it's uh it's a nice little protected788.943.24
area where animals can't get at it790.744.2
really yep792.185.399
uh well it depends on you know if it's794.945.399
in an open area where animals can get it797.5794.021
okay what about you801.64.799
uh meat how long will it take to harvest804.244.86
a Bear Hunt oh God you should build a806.3994.261
fire there what's my809.13.6
I need to go inside and get some wood I810.665.7
need wood for these fires immediately812.77.02
so I went back to Milton and uh I'm816.366.539
gonna take another road that I saw and819.725.58
see I think this is the road anyway822.8996.44
yeah I think I see a bridge up ahead825.34.039
another town oh I do see a structure829.565.76
yep there's like a832.685.399
uh looks like an old barn or something835.326.259
I'm gonna push in838.0793.5
oh my God all the wolf bodies out here841.864.56
this is insane844.53.72
okay wolf carcass let's get a little846.425.219
wolf hide 45 minutes to harvest that oh848.225.1
a minute till this meat's ready that'll851.6395.481
give me energy an hour left on this fire853.326.5
oh I'm gonna have a full belly soon857.126.94
uh-oh a risk of intestinal parasites859.828.139
and what'd you eat wolf uh avoid eating864.066.6
more meat from carnivores what game meat867.9594.44
from carnivorous animals may be infected870.663.299
with parasite [ __ ]872.3993.421
okay so I just got to be careful about873.9593.901
eating more okay that's okay I can eat875.822.94
I'm a big boy878.765.42
excuse 45 minutes to get this880.1993.981
oh man energy is being set a little bit885.065.06
oh damn it not get any more meat while890.823.9
I'm out here893.13.96
and that'll do me for the day yep I'm894.723.72
too tired897.063.18
I gotta go in and sleep hopefully these898.443.12
take a nap901.563.899
I just found Paradise Meadow Farms and903.124.019
look around905.4594.201
you know there's gonna be ammo in this909.664.22
Farmhouse right911.162.72
oh it's locked wait915.723.2
I do919.55.639
but doesn't it do it automatically922.1994.981
it telling you anything it says requires925.1394.621
a farm key oh crap look around927.184.68
look around maybe there's a spare I bet929.765.24
it's in this truck over here931.863.14
oh I found some ragged driving gloves940.6996.161
that'll replace my mittens probably945.243.959
won't be as warm but man946.863.839
oh wait949.1994.2
no key under here950.6994.38
man it's surely this key has got to be953.3994.021
in this truck somewhere955.0795.421
he's not in the truck957.423.08
coming around maybe you'll find it960.663.5
man there's a bunch of rabbits out here968.225.46
look at him can I here we go I'm gonna971.5794.32
look at the tractor973.684.74
oh found it975.8995.521
it was in the tractor nice978.425.219
read text981.425.58
yep oh I knew that already okay taking983.6394.621
there are knives everywhere988.263.319
all right I'm gonna head back to that995.4593.921
Farmhouse now okay996.542.84
sounds awful outside1001.4595.661
let's see can I peek out1003.83.32
at least my meat's still here1007.185.339
yeah 851010.066.88
yeah 85 so yeah it's staying uh it's1012.5197.06
staying cold1016.944.98
this sucks like uh man I could have1019.5794.081
could have gotten more meat out of those1021.922.999
wolves if I could have built a fire1023.662.46
beside them1024.9192.821
and if their carcasses weren't Frozen1026.124.5
but there's no way I could do it in this1027.744.38
uh but I'm still gonna be able to get1030.623.959
meat and hide it's good but I it could1032.124.38
have been better1034.5793.48
[ __ ] maybe it'll clear up by the end of1036.53.24
the day and hopefully nothing's out1038.0593.601
there eating it right now1039.743.54
close this door so they don't get this1041.664.259
meat this Farmhouse is pretty nice oh1043.286.18
yeah I need this I love the stove in1045.9195.461
this refrigerator found a new place to1049.463.06
um yeah at least a little Outpost1052.523.44
if I can find some food and stuff in1056.5393.121
here oh yeah there's some chips on the1058.42.58
take a nap1060.982.66
hey rifle cartridge1064.524.5
is that just one single bullet one1066.5594.441
bullet yeah one bullet okay okay how1069.025.36
many rounds have I got left1071.03.38
I got nine more rounds of ammunition1075.283.94
oh wait maybe nine actually more than1079.224.92
that sweet so that's my emergency1081.145.399
situation got him I can find a rifle got1084.144.86
so much rifle ammo it's stupid hey I got1086.5393.861
some beaches1089.04.74
peaches and pork and beans1090.44.91
now we're talking1093.7411.64
in this bathroom I don't know like this1105.385.88
bathroom has walls but no ceiling so the1108.145.64
like if you're in here pooping1111.263.779
and there's people in the living room1113.784.38
like there's nothing above it1115.0395.341
I don't like that I mean it's like just1118.164.139
having a partition I mean I guess if you1120.383.84
live there on your own own it's okay but1122.2994.561
still I mean this house is big enough1124.224.699
there's at least two people living here1126.865.4
all right got me a fire by a bear oh is1128.9195.921
it Frozen can I quarter it yet1132.265.4
still my oh it's 98 okay quickly let's1134.846.32
add some fire I need two hours1137.663.5
four hour fire oh yeah come on we're1141.54.08
gonna quarter1143.93.18
we can't quote our carcass that has more1145.584.32
than 50 percent Frozen [ __ ]1147.087.04
damn you weather ruined it1149.94.22
yep I can get some guts from it uh that1154.884.98
bear hide though that'll be I can make a1158.04.82
badass coat with that1159.862.96
harvest the hard hey I found a thick1163.464.56
thick wool sweater1166.0394.081
that's good can I wear it who swear let1168.024.2
me hold on let me look at my sweater1170.124.4
yeah I got a deer not too far from me1174.525.62
if uh if that thing's right where it1178.224.02
doesn't want me to eat1180.144.8
um like more carnivore meat which is1182.244.74
dumb like you can't eat more meat oh1184.943.9
it's a carnivore meter yeah it said1186.983.96
carnivore meat1188.844.32
so I'm thinking rabbit and deer might be1190.944.08
my uh cure1193.165.639
looking for some beans and peaches1195.026.659
yeah could get out later but I really1198.7995.581
want to harvest what meat I can you know1201.6794.981
found a ragged parka I wonder if this is1204.385.28
as good as my other coat look at it put1206.665.22
it on wait1209.664.32
more fleas mittens1211.884.26
replace your old ones yep good job buddy1213.983.36
I bet they're warmer than the driving1216.142.12
oh [ __ ] really really how many of you1222.46.22
[ __ ] are out here [ __ ]1226.465.48
[ __ ] oh God1228.623.32
attack my goddamn wolf1232.364.62
that's right1241.12.72
you [ __ ]1244.784.42
oh why did I choose the gun why did I1247.223.3
choose to beat him with the gun and not1249.23.859
stab his hand ratchet1250.528.0
I did it was a dumb decision [ __ ] you1253.0595.461
oh you out of here1258.863.92
look out1264.382.6
oh God1267.382.6
you bleeding you gotta check you gotta1271.2994.901
check your stance man yep I know gotta1273.6794.74
get warm this was supposed to be a happy1276.24.14
day where I got to harvest all my bear1278.4194.341
uh okay what is it uh what is this gamey1287.6795.62
bear meat all right let me drop that1291.863.86
[ __ ]1298.222.699
[ __ ]1299.243.6
[ __ ] hell thank you man I just found1300.9194.14
another book Brain ankle and pain okay1302.845.219
he didn't do too much damage to me just1305.0594.561
[ __ ] hurts yeah how's your clothes1308.0594.561
you're breaking clothes pain a couple1309.624.86
painkillers here1312.625.039
yeah he probably broke some clothing oh1314.484.3
I think I got water inside1317.6596.741
okay cool1324.46.159
hey two bullets1327.5596.24
yes please thank you love it1330.5594.141
oh [ __ ]1333.7992.281
bring ankle I can deal with the spring1336.084.32
dinkle I'm not letting go of this bear1338.124.64
halfway down1346.943.54
it's hopefully not coming back I can't1348.7993.301
run with a spring makeover that's okay1350.484.14
gotta fire right over here next to a1352.14.5
yummy yummy bear meat1356.63.439
ridiculous there's gonna be the book1362.385.98
right here nope can't read this one1365.245.84
all right1368.362.72
okay bear meat cooked1375.25.33
giving it a shot1378.384.74
[ __ ]1383.123.539
all right still got a risk of parasites1384.444.56
okay but it just went up see I I1386.6594.921
actually didn't get the parasites but1389.04.14
the percentage of me getting them went1391.583.24
up like now I have a four percent chance1393.144.14
to get parasites1394.824.44
it's pretty low man it's yeah it's not1397.283.779
bad I can deal with that uh that'll1399.264.32
that'll last me a few days1401.0594.561
let's get this meat1403.586.079
back over here and stored1405.624.039
let's see here1412.465.66
let's drop what did I get oh yeah1415.0596.401
we got a fresh bear hide we're gonna1418.125.679
drop that we're gonna drop this gut1421.465.699
we're gonna drop this wolf hide1423.7996.36
it makes a nice rug1427.1596.421
this gut over here so that's curing oh1430.1594.681
I'm gonna be able to make some good1433.583.42
stuff once this stuff carries names glad1434.845.36
to hear it buddy oh yeah1437.03.2
you don't need to eat a lot now if you1440.244.08
got worms you're eating for two yep I'm1441.7994.081
gonna try to go out I might try to go1444.323.12
out and get that deer again oh but if I1445.883.6
get attacked by a wolf no I ran that1447.443.06
wolf off1449.484.699
man though I'm doing it1450.53.679
that's gonna get me a rabbit go out here1455.4195.901
and get a rabbit1458.5392.781
fire still going by this bear1461.843.5
oh I'm tempted to get all the meat I can1473.487.04
25 minutes left on the Fire1477.083.44
30 minutes of bear meat1480.5594.941
let's do it1482.842.66
all right1489.26.06
bear meat Back Store the bear meat1491.366.78
see if I can get a deer1495.265.6
can't eat1498.142.72
carnivore meat [ __ ] is that1501.085.3
you might get worms1503.964.62
into the worms look at all this1506.385.94
delicious carnivore meat I can't eat1508.587.2
it's a cute place but it's a mess1516.624.439
like there's this stuff all over the1519.53.179
floor it's trash I wish I could pick1521.0593.48
this can I read this book1522.6794.761
nope can't read the book episode1524.5394.321
I really don't1528.866.319
I've looked at so many books1531.863.319
all right baby1535.2794.201
you and me1537.264.38
I'm uh1539.485.96
so dumb you don't actually see me1541.643.8
how close can I get to you1547.0393.081
man my ammo's going fast1570.445.46
all right I can serve some ammo1573.144.919
maybe I maybe I injured him maybe I'll1575.94.1
get lucky and find his carcass later1578.0598.421
yeah there we go all right now I can1586.485.16
cook you1589.75.3
sorry buddy1591.643.36
going inside cooking the rabbit then1595.584.02
cooking some more meat1597.625.46
I guess that's how this works that's so1599.66.8
good so [ __ ] dumb so dumb1603.085.579
well I guess at least I decreased the1606.46.12
wolf population out here and the Bear1608.6593.861
I got that going for me although I do1613.0393.361
know one's still out there because I1614.7793.721
shot him and he ran off1616.45.279
he'll be back though he'll be back1618.54.98
oh I don't know if I could take the skin1621.6794.561
of his brothers and make a nice coat1623.484.86
that'll give him a good warning like hey1626.245.2
I'm wearing your mom1628.3419.419
all right my food's good my water's good1647.845.52
uh let's see I should probably take this1650.5394.74
bear meat and stick it around on the1653.363.419
um I wanted to check the temperature1656.7795.041
outside because it's during the day yeah1657.865.699
I'm gonna try to get out and explore a1661.824.5
little bit I haven't been that way so1663.5595.401
that's where I'm going next let me put1666.324.62
bear meat here with all this other fresh1668.963.719
meat I got1670.943.78
yeah put you down there1672.6793.841
you guys nice and cool out here so1674.723.959
hopefully you don't look great as fast1676.525.399
and uh let's see I got food I got water1678.6795.221
I can pick up sticks on the way to make1681.9195.041
fires I got a gun1683.95.279
get out and explore a little bit get1686.963.48
your exploring1689.1793.921
I will1690.442.66
and there's a bunch of like firewood1693.747.439
and there is a quality tools oh nice you1696.266.899
can use that to repair any of your tools1701.1795.161
okay so uh like your can opener1703.1597.26
also there's a wet stone yeah so that's1706.345.64
uh I know you said you had hunting1710.4193.661
knives and uh I'm sure you have a1711.984.079
hatchet right I got a hatchet so you can1714.082.94
use the wet1716.0592.881
repair your knives and Hatchet it'll1717.023.899
sharpen them oh cool there's also a1718.944.04
Jerry can1720.9194.681
fuel for oil lamps right so that's where1722.983.4
your oil1725.62.4
perfect because I got an oil and there's1726.383.899
a mountaineering rope oh so if you1728.03.96
you could attach uh the mountaineering1730.2793.241
rope to a rock and climb down remember1731.963.3
when I climbed down not too long ago1733.523.72
yeah well there was a so there was a1735.264.56
rope already there but uh you could also1737.244.2
find rocks that don't have rooms on them1739.823.78
see something out there1743.65.66
some sort of structure1746.243.02
it doesn't look like much this looks1750.824.32
like a1752.92.24
like anything oh wait there's another1755.64.62
structure [ __ ] that structure oh no this1757.463.599
that's looks like one of those little uh1761.0595.1
kind of an empty cabin1762.9196.801
that's not gonna do any good out here1766.1593.561
sticks they need to make an emergency1770.964.8
fire as the day goes make some coffee1772.586.36
we'll drink some coffee1775.765.82
anything in here oh I think I did see a1778.943.9
yep found a body what you got on this1782.845.339
buddy food candy bar oh yes dog food1785.2994.081
flare oh a little firewood that's good1789.387.1
here nope that's the container1793.466.319
sorry pal1796.483.299
I'm sure I'm next1800.2993.021
if I wanted to use this Jerry can1804.265.58
fill my lamp up how would I put fuel in1806.5395.76
his lamp oh as long as you have fuel on1809.843.9
you you go into your inventory and I1812.2992.941
think it is an actions button on the1813.745.1
left okay one of the action should be1815.247.38
find the lamp click on it actions refuel1818.846.54
there we go1822.624.919
let's wait that's great man I was1825.383.12
getting low1827.5393.681
love it1828.55.76
oh yeah here we go Cattails give me some1831.225.439
tender plugs I'm a little food little1834.264.86
tender plugs I'll take it because I'm1836.6595.52
gonna have to start a fire on a1839.125.659
[ __ ]1842.1792.6
now the wind's coming right at me from1846.464.719
this way so when I build a fire yep I1848.963.719
know there's a hypothermia risk you1851.1793.301
I'm gonna build a fire where the wind1854.483.66
won't hit me which is like right here1856.3994.081
pretty stupid Building A Fire on Ice but1858.143.899
I'm doing it1860.483.6
hey I feel like ice fishes do it all the1862.0393.901
I got seven liters of water1865.945.58
I'm cooking three cans1868.2796.0
so these are ready they're potable all1871.525.58
right I'll just take that but I say1874.2794.201
seven liters1877.14.62
uh yeah now let's look1878.486.9
what I got eight and a half okay1881.726.98
we'll take that with me1885.383.32
come on1888.7993.6
come on I want to freeze to death out1890.5392.76
give me warmth1893.2994.38
give me warm too bastard1894.7995.36
man I do not1900.1594.721
have enough fuel1902.4194.321
well that'll give me an hour you know1904.884.94
what maybe we'll cook a coffee1906.743.08
I'm fed I've got eight and a half liters1910.1596.061
of water I'm in my new Farm you know1913.3994.801
what I'm gonna navigate what do you call1916.222.699
so I pull this in1918.9193.081
the same look at that and it looks like1925.464.76
a farm perfect1927.23.02
yeah not a bad date1931.7794.441
it's kind of too cold out here today to1949.1794.62
explore but1951.6794.5
man I really want to see what's down the1953.7993.88
yeah I know that feeling1957.6794.681
it's part of the decisions you have to1962.363.0
make in this game oh it's pretty out1963.742.58
the wind died down at all oh man it's so1966.325.459
windy out here today it's hard for me to1970.223.72
get warm1971.7794.321
um yeah I don't have any wood left so1973.944.14
I'm gonna I get I'm gonna have to go1976.14.559
back to the farmhouse1978.084.26
gather wood on the way because I'm not1980.6593.421
warming up fast enough out here damn it1982.343.6
all right taking a torch that we're1984.084.04
yeah I'm just gonna walk for a little1988.74.56
bit and then uh turn around if I lose1989.965.819
about 37 30 of my heat or something like1993.264.2
that yeah1995.7794.321
idea so which way you explore it I guess1997.466.12
I'm going uh south of Milton okay south2000.15.579
of Milton West structure2003.583.42
I actually might see something up here2005.6793.541
oh God I'm taking a Gamble2007.04.559
I need sticks in case of an emergency2009.226.199
fire can I go get some sticks in this2011.5597.681
good uh all right deer no I can't run2015.4195.561
house is over there I think yeah2020.984.64
hey buddy you're lucky2027.74.44
my first cat tail at least I noticed my2029.7995.041
first cat tail oh did you get it yep yep2032.145.159
oh God George went out it's so [ __ ]2034.844.8
cold out here nope I don't want to light2037.2993.541
the torch you want to throw it out of my2039.643.56
hand no throw it2040.846.42
keep it fine again let me get the top of2043.25.399
this thing see if I can see anything2047.263.78
maybe there's some shelter oh God my2048.5993.941
temperature's going down real real fast2051.043.299
that's not good all right I'm just gonna2052.544.04
take a peek2054.3394.32
that's it's where you get in trouble in2056.583.279
this game you're always like oh just let2058.6592.76
me take a peek okay so that's just a2059.8593.48
[ __ ] bridge I saw all right not worth2061.4195.18
it Farmhouse is2063.3397.82
yeah yes that way2066.5997.8
do I have another cup of coffee2071.1595.44
drinking the coffee giving myself a2074.3994.661
little energy boost2076.5995.461
and we're off2079.065.039
warming I had some tea earlier I guess2082.065.46
that just wore off I'm pretty sure I see2084.0996.56
wolves in the distance2087.523.139
it looks like2091.1794.561
where's that rabbits2093.3994.981
that could be a bad mistake to make huh2095.744.98
off now if wondering if the rabbits or2098.383.36
they look like they're hopping like2101.744.76
rabbits but they're kind of far away2103.03.5
oh yeah no that's kind of in the2110.323.18
situation it's like I got too far out2111.943.419
it's so dumb2115.3592.781
that's so dumb why do I make such dumb2118.664.26
decisions sometimes2120.224.56
you're stuck in the house no it's like I2122.923.06
want to get out and do stuff okay2124.784.44
emergency sticks give me some emergency2125.984.92
sticks in case I need to build a fire2129.224.74
for emergency sticks yeah me where's the2130.97.459
stick here for me emergency sticks2133.964.399
thank you2139.5995.341
oh God I'm gonna have to go to fire [ __ ]2140.926.48
okay I do have this little shelter here2144.943.84
good bunk up here for the night but yeah2147.43.36
boom already got a hypothermia risk I'm2148.784.62
not I'm not here near home2150.765.18
[ __ ]2153.42.54
that t was helping a lot I guess here we2162.164.32
go come on2164.8594.021
come on2166.483.96
I guess I'm gonna spend the night with a2168.885.479
corpse I got that going for me2170.443.919
I don't know if the wind would just stop2184.325.98
come on wind just knock it off2187.425.34
just knock it off2190.36.14
I need a victory here2192.763.68
what you think Buddy2200.025.12
I guess you don't2202.486.0
all right desperate move 57 minutes on2205.144.54
that campfire2208.485.48
I see some wood out there going for it2209.684.28
let's go this might be dumb this might2214.183.06
be really really really really really2216.3394.441
really really dumb okay come on 452217.246.0
minutes wood come on get it get it get2220.784.98
it get it get it oh help help going down2223.245.099
help going down2225.765.7
okay that'll give me a lot of heat come2228.3395.641
on come on2231.464.76
three out of five guys did I bring I2244.8393.961
didn't bring a bed roll did I [ __ ] no I2246.5793.141
oh tiredness might become a factor okay2249.726.04
Heat's going up real good now all right2253.93.9
yeah yeah2255.764.02
the heat all the way up2257.83.96
stamming all the way up and then we run2259.784.579
for the house2261.762.599
[ __ ]2266.682.659
oh no once you start snowing [ __ ]2271.5995.941
[ __ ] okay2275.54.5
that's gonna decrease visibility I must2277.543.9
be somewhere2280.04.68
between this I do navigation at night2281.445.12
probably not it's not gonna let me do it2284.685.76
yep nope more visibility2286.567.36
um [ __ ] oh no2290.446.78
okay I gotta get out and go2293.925.76
It's gotta be2297.226.379
let's keep cooking a coffee2299.683.919
oh no2305.685.12
I can't sleep here2307.783.02
all right Heat's almost all the way up2314.55.06
three hours still left on this fire2316.03.56
I wait it could get worse if it gets2322.5996.681
worse I'm stuck here without a bid2325.1194.161
take my can oh this torch is going to go2340.426.62
out immediately all right I gotta go2343.483.56
[ __ ]2347.52.54
all right I think it's this way2353.925.22
came in from the back so it's got to be2356.944.72
this way we're gonna find a road with2359.145.58
the trees that Farmhouse is a ferry just2361.665.54
oh no2364.722.48
oh yeah okay I'm not okay2370.0796.711
these trees look very familiar2373.26.959
where are you2381.243.3
the wind died down okay2384.73.74
oh Farmhouse where are you2388.95.24
no no no no no no2401.0792.841
see him2409.55.04
torch a little life left in the torch2417.0995.301
I see his eyes like glowing2422.524.8
house Farmhouse Farmhouse2427.543.62
oh God where is it where is it I got a2431.5796.101
farmhouse yeah I don't yeah looking for2435.283.18
my weather's a little better so I'm2438.462.94
going to walk up this way I think there2440.0795.061
was a carcass that I missed for a body2441.43.74
see if he's got something on him maybe2445.184.58
some bullets2447.162.6
where are you at Wolf2451.6193.48
where is this place2456.462.96
let me hit the road2464.682.899
I'm being stuck by a wolf in a snowstorm2469.3594.041
yeah I don't like it either2473.43.54
Farmhouse has got to be nearby though oh2478.064.44
okay I see power lines that's a good2480.764.28
sign isn't it2482.52.54
it's uh in my farm ah I see my farmhouse2486.884.739
okay thank God you got a wolf in your2489.763.48
arm I kind of feel like I want to deal2491.6194.22
with him you know2493.242.599
because I need to be you know I live2496.544.02
here now oh he running2498.226.119
he sees me he's scared of you2500.566.059
just one right2504.3394.621
I'm not surrounded am I you might be God2506.6195.941
I was earlier okay there he is2508.966.139
I see you I don't like this hill2515.144.86
man why isn't he running he should be2521.923.36
running by now2523.423.72
here it comes2525.284.98
hey nice job neebs I saw the whiten his2527.144.199
okay I've made it back to my farmhouse2531.3394.081
and I'll throw that out there then I'm2535.424.699
gonna laugh at the wolf outside2538.1195.701
hey buddy you're safe huh ah yes I made2540.1195.821
all right2547.543.9
I'm gonna eat this emerge or this wolf2548.75.8
meat oh my god it feels so good being2551.444.26
oh it's still risk of intestinal2555.74.74
parasites how's that looking oh now it's2558.284.74
at 14 I should probably not eat any more2560.445.82
wolf meat for a day or two I found diet2563.027.76
man I know well I had some cattails2566.264.52
yeah I got2571.783.66
it's not great2573.74.26
God what a shitty day you think I can2575.445.1
get in this silo2577.964.619
can you get in silos I don't know I2580.543.9
don't show God I'm looking at a silo out2582.5793.24
just in time and the wind really2585.8193.741
it's nasty out here2593.565.43
it's pretty cool though with a flare2596.147.679
found him2603.8194.02
I bet this is the farmer2605.144.679
you got a corpse there yeah why wouldn't2607.8394.081
you be in the house now you're in the2609.8193.78
cold well he might have got caught in a2611.924.98
blizzard like this yeah get out of here2613.5994.98
through your visibility's low what are2616.93.98
you gonna do2618.5792.301
hey look cartridge2621.882.66
man I guess2626.566.48
not too bad not too bad at all well2629.026.42
I guess uh I can't explore anymore today2633.045.579
so going inside getting some sleep yep2635.444.86
you do that I'm gonna grab some wolf2638.6196.421
meat have some dinner and call it a day2640.35.9

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