BelowZero SuperCut

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Subnautica Below Zero? If not, you're missing out on an epic ...
BelowZero SuperCut
BelowZero SuperCut

BelowZero SuperCut

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that BelowZero SuperCut video? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that's my favorite video! I love how Appsro kept getting eaten by those sea creatures.

appsro: Hey, it's not my fault those creatures had a taste for Appsro-flavored snacks! But seriously, that video was a blast to make.

neebs: I can't stop laughing every time I watch it. It's definitely going on my list of all-time favorite YouTube videos.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out their latest video on Subnautica Below Zero? If not, you're missing out on an epic full playthrough that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew dives deep into the icy waters of Subnautica Below Zero, exploring the mysterious underwater world and encountering all sorts of creatures along the way. From the stunning visuals to the intense gameplay, this playthrough is a must-watch for any fan of the channel.

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready for a gaming experience like no other with Neebs Gaming and their Subnautica Below Zero playthrough. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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okay okay5.724.0
all right Supply vehicle12.04.26
pods also online looks good16.267.38
all systems are systemy19.324.32
oh boy23.663.42
all right let's do this29.9393.141
okay okay okay64.1993.201
of course there's a fire of course71.723.399
there's a fire73.683.78
open up open up open up open up open up75.1194.161
come on yeah79.283.78
oh God where's the life POD live pod oh84.1193.421
there it is okay86.044.8
okay uh Supply vehicle damage but if I87.544.74
can make a repair tool I should be able90.844.279
to fix that no problem92.282.839
well [ __ ]96.723.14
oh what are you what are you doing113.3996.54
okay okay you're warm I like that about116.2995.381
gonna try to eat me or anything oh121.685.219
where's the life pod please be on land125.15.78
please be on land please be on land126.8993.981
here we go again139.262.96
oh yeah oh oh wow it's actually it's144.94.64
actually a bit warmer in here it's nice147.125.1
hey boomerang149.545.14
it's been a minute152.224.14
it's been longer than a minute we should154.683.419
have been a never would you have never156.364.019
seen you again you little [ __ ]158.0994.92
any papers whoa160.3795.181
you're different163.0192.541
okay you cool you cool166.447.4
paper oh you know what169.923.92
okay sweet life pod looks intact at175.864.32
least one thing went right today177.95.16
yeah oh and I'm about to cook me a180.185.72
big-eyed [ __ ]183.062.84
all right I got to keep this real simple195.184.26
I set up a base of operations and start197.043.72
exploring to see if I can find any199.443.12
evidence about what happened to Sam stay200.764.32
stealthy stay quiet and no one needs to202.565.179
know I'm here205.082.659
it's it's Astros there's your Fu what214.3194.14
are you doing here I thought you got off216.783.42
the planet yeah I did yeah I did get off218.4594.081
the planet I went home and a lot of [ __ ]220.24.08
happened but um well I've already got222.543.54
him emergency crew headed your way no no224.283.84
no don't don't sin don't send anybody226.083.54
we'll send it send a chopper no don't228.123.0
send the chop don't you don't send229.624.259
anybody okay but fire rescue no I don't231.124.74
need anybody look hold on I've already233.8793.661
got everybody headed that way no okay235.863.659
yeah cancel it cancel it okay237.543.66
uh yeah this is Dave's Altera239.5193.421
communication that was a false read241.25.22
canceled deployment over okay so no242.944.5
one's coming246.424.62
uh probably not okay listen up here I'm247.445.219
here at the secret mission neebs my251.044.979
sister Sam yeah Sam Sam yeah what do you252.6594.681
know about Sam how did she die do you256.0194.201
know wait she's dead yeah she's dead I257.344.26
got a letter in the mail and I'm trying260.222.88
to figure out what the [ __ ] happened to261.63.78
her the company's not talking to me I263.14.08
wish she did I don't know I don't know265.384.34
how she died267.182.54
I thought I sent some pretty mean269.883.3
voicemails over the last few days271.383.36
ghosting you she wasn't returning my273.182.82
calls why are you call why are you274.743.0
calling my sister because we were kind276.03.93
of dating a little bit oh God277.747.739
okay resources this this this that that285.4796.901
okay I gotta go out and gather materials288.4796.841
so look292.385.039
I'm not sure like I feel like I'd get in295.323.72
trouble for this because I'm supposed to297.4192.941
I'm not keeping stuff secrets you don't300.363.119
have to help me if you don't want to302.162.759
matter of fact I could probably do this303.4793.601
all on my own what is that304.9194.021
it's a sea Glide fragment down here oh307.083.96
God I need a scanner I don't think you308.945.28
could what make it without me remember311.044.8
last time you never would have got off314.223.0
that planet without me yeah but this315.843.299
time I actually you know I bloody fish317.223.18
spider fish Butter Fish give me that319.1394.021
this time I I have a plan to get out of320.43.96
here I don't really know what that is323.163.72
yet but I'm sure it's gonna go smooth324.365.279
let me link I'm just reading your uh new326.884.5
signals right now329.6394.56
there we go download let me download331.383.96
what are you downloading I've just334.1992.34
downloaded all your information all335.341.98
right you're downloading my information336.5392.701
because I need to keep an eye on you oh337.323.719
but listen I'll rename the file so no339.243.72
one will know it's yeah I've got to call341.0393.421
zero zero they're gonna know that you342.963.12
hold on don't don't tell him it's me344.463.959
we'll make up a code name346.085.16
um zero zero fu2 yeah there we go yeah348.4194.381
no one to know no one knowing it's me351.244.92
then here we go zero zero f u two wait352.85.04
t-o-o or number two you know what pick356.166.72
one fu2 t-o-o got it save move357.846.09
with weird like KKK hats370.284.68
that's right oh wow they got they got375.03.479
little guys377.0394.621
oh hey little fella ow okay all right378.4795.28
all right hey look381.664.08
what did you do did you I picked up the383.7593.301
little guy just wanted to check him out385.742.76
pick up their young don't you know387.062.88
anything okay fine look all right he's388.54.979
down he's down geez hey I'm just looking389.945.759
at where you are we may have some393.4793.961
emergency supply caches in that area395.6994.321
really damn uh let me do a search yeah397.444.62
send me that data if you keep doing400.023.42
stuff like that neebs I don't mind you402.063.06
being around oh I don't think you ever403.443.96
minded me being around yeah especially405.124.32
how I saved you last time also made you407.43.48
a celebrity no I feel like being here409.442.94
and being in the survival situation and410.883.24
actually getting out of it despite412.383.36
overwhelming odds that made me a414.123.359
celebrity yeah but no one would have415.743.72
known if I didn't make the t-shirts no417.4794.021
everyone everyone knew everyone knew419.463.54
about it company tried to cover that up421.53.0
but they couldn't yeah because the423.03.66
t-shirts probably get another t-shirt424.53.72
mate no we don't need another t-shirt426.662.759
no once it's over it's gonna be secret429.4194.4
no happened everyone kept their [ __ ]442.6395.641
mouth shut445.862.42
you're good on food should I have some451.2593.481
food sent out no I know how to collect452.943.479
food here she's peeper and bladder fish454.742.88
isn't it look I'm gonna do that right456.4193.481
now a lot of fish making some water baby457.625.82
oh yeah oh yeah I know you have a thing459.95.579
for pee it's bladder fish water if463.443.539
you're gonna I'm drinking your own pee465.4792.94
again I'm not drinking my own damn pee466.9792.761
let's see make batteries I need tools so469.745.04
scanner is my first thing I need a473.163.72
battery and titanium making a battery474.783.78
right now476.886.319
and then making a scanner478.564.639
yeah brand new scanner490.1995.821
yep that's information on a peeper okay493.443.9
tell you what since you're already uh496.024.619
logged into me I'll just send it over it497.345.52
over I'll put it in your file wink wink500.6394.381
yeah the file that doesn't exist that's502.864.32
right well if someone went through my505.023.84
files they'd see it but okay well after507.183.239
this we're deleting these files well it508.863.9
says two so they never put it together I510.4194.581
don't think512.762.24
knock me around why don't you515.064.02
picking one up again look what I got519.8994.5
don't do it look what I got I'm tossing522.123.98
them in the damn ocean524.3993.421
go get him527.824.8
what did you do I tossed one of their530.583.9
babies into the ocean that's rude yeah532.623.839
go get that one too oh they come back534.483.84
look they're fine it's good for them536.4593.121
it's good for the baby to get away from538.323.9
the nest every now and then okay539.584.74
all right tool wise I want a flashlight542.223.78
that's battery and glass I need to find544.323.6
quartz survival knife silicone Rubber546.03.899
and titanium what did I make silicone547.924.859
rubber out of oh creep Vines Creek Vine549.8995.721
all right found some creep Vines okay at562.23.78
least something that's similar enough to564.723.42
Creek Vines might be a different565.984.56
that same species different genus is568.143.36
that right570.544.5
sure Gina's Davis no not genus Davis did571.55.58
you see Thelma Louise it's been a long575.044.02
time we should probably uh maybe I can577.084.319
hold on hold on I got a little critter579.064.339
after me here okay581.3994.981
boom what is that sea monkey oh yeah583.3996.281
let's see wait stop stop what586.385.1
what son of a [ __ ]589.684.32
son of a [ __ ] stole my scanner uh591.484.859
you're gonna need that back594.05.1
hey hey give me my scanner back596.3394.5
stop come here come here come here599.14.56
little [ __ ] give me that600.8396.06
oh yeah I see him neebs yeah seaweed603.666.54
stuff seaweed seeds seeds yeah I want to606.8995.041
make a knife so I can stab a sea monkey610.23.48
in the face yeah it's weird you make611.944.68
Knives Out of seaweed seeds right yeah613.685.659
super weird616.622.719
Limestone out crap625.323.9
copper copper is going to come in handy627.484.56
to make Electronics oh wait yes629.226.38
yes I want you so bad632.043.56
oh just getting a sea Glide fragment636.9594.861
okay yeah so sea glider you gonna try to639.183.839
build one of those I would love to build641.824.199
one of those oxygen yep I know hold up643.0194.861
yeah so what are you dealing with right646.0194.26
now just a life pod yeah just a live pod647.884.86
I had see I had all of my Blueprints and650.2794.321
everything in the vehicle I came in on652.744.08
of course I hit a meteor on the way down654.64.38
you know as you do so you're not a good656.824.56
driver no I'm a fine driver it was a658.984.02
meteor shower you should probably put it661.384.86
in autopilot if you're not good it's a663.04.68
vehicle that you have to drive I tried666.242.64
to steer away from the meteor and the667.683.42
meteor hit me piece broke off listen668.884.38
it's a disaster already it's a disaster671.14.14
then you showed up it's been a [ __ ] day673.265.639
so far okay but not completely it's like675.246.42
a reunion look okay maybe a little bit I678.8994.38
I honestly like if anybody was going to681.663.359
contact me I'm glad it's you683.2794.56
I won't say anything anybody else would685.0194.5
have said something yeah exactly so687.8393.721
please do me a solid we're friends right689.5193.721
yeah look I feel like I've leveraged now691.563.12
this is great no you don't even don't693.242.94
have leverage you can't you can't use694.683.3
this against me all I gotta do at any696.182.82
point is697.983.539
just make a phone call you're not gonna699.05.22
play that game are you701.5195.281
they start getting rude704.225.52
okay I've made a little Locker706.85.34
edit the name709.745.339
nope I'm naming it food wait actually712.144.62
food water715.0793.601
Food Bag no it's not it's not neeb's716.763.18
Food Bag it's food and water this is718.682.58
like where I'm gonna store some extra719.943.18
food and water when I need it okay well721.264.199
let's name some things after me no he's723.124.02
not named some [ __ ] after you oh this is725.4594.581
gonna be history as well727.142.9
okay I have to do them close to the730.4594.0
surface you know what I'm saying yeah732.8393.961
yeah listen at some point maybe I'll734.4593.481
name something after you if I name736.82.58
things but again no one's got No One's737.942.519
Gonna know about this we actually we739.382.34
don't want our names all over [ __ ] you740.4593.12
know what I mean do you remember Paul741.723.78
Revere isn't that the guy that ran743.5793.121
through town screaming the British are745.52.579
coming yeah do you remember the other746.73.3
guys that did that no748.0793.241
exactly because they know how to keep750.02.88
their [ __ ] mouth shut I don't want to751.323.86
be one of the752.882.3
one of those Paul Revere Paul Revere was756.363.84
an [ __ ] just running through town759.062.76
screaming he was probably a nut at the760.23.06
time most of the town probably hated him761.824.44
okay it worked out for him you know you763.264.68
know America won the war it worked out I766.263.0
had it not he would have been labeled an767.943.06
[ __ ] okay that's how history goes769.263.3
isn't it well I don't want to be on the771.03.779
wrong side part of History you're gonna772.564.38
be the history guy okay glass I need I774.7795.12
need glass and ribbons776.942.959
my font is really big how do you change781.1394.561
your font size on a computer there's how783.064.62
do you not know this don't you work in785.73.6
an operation Center where you have to787.683.719
use computers every day yeah but always789.33.479
large font it's a huge792.7792.901
it's a huge uh797.3993.721
well there's got to be a size option799.53.66
well it's801.125.36
not need it803.163.32
oh come on807.05.3
bigger tank needs809.2793.021
talk about oh this is close this is813.0195.081
close oh yeah air tank oh yeah oh that's815.2795.401
right your oxygen is low yeah thanks for818.14.38
my fun out here don't worry about your820.683.24
damn fun822.482.88
or actually to worry about it I really823.923.0
don't care but I found ribbon plants and825.363.06
I found enough quartz826.923.479
I think I can make some glass oh look at828.424.14
my shapely body830.3994.5
yeah I'm looking good shapely buddy been832.564.68
working out no I got a sex change oh834.8994.5
really yeah you still sound like a man837.243.96
yeah I didn't change the voice it just839.3993.301
popped down to the pharmacy got a quick841.23.78
sex change you know what all the fame is842.73.84
really what did it I couldn't you844.982.64
couldn't go out to McDonald's without846.543.06
somebody recognizing me hey there's a847.623.3
review what are you doing like oh God849.64.679
it's so annoying yeah850.926.0
liked it and I thought I want to look854.2794.62
like someone cool and someone I think is856.924.08
cool is my adopted sister so I just858.8993.301
popped down to the pharmacy got a quick861.02.459
second date862.23.78
okay now I'm a skinny black lady863.4594.801
with some banging hips with a man voice865.984.08
deal with it870.062.66
oh I can make some fins876.544.979
left yeah it's in that silicone rubber879.424.26
oh and there is an oxygen tank any fiber881.5195.481
mesh look up what883.683.32
don't you just highlight it there's got892.165.56
to be a view it's it's don't worry about894.64.56
it I'll just deal with it there's got to897.722.88
be a tab up top that allows you to899.163.96
change your font size yeah we've they've900.64.14
changed user interface here it's crazy903.123.12
go ahead and make another battery I904.743.539
reckon what do you want about fiber mesh906.245.279
uh what do I need to make it uh908.2795.901
where did they put911.5192.661
the fabricator914.5194.56
oh here it is creep Vine samples creep916.1994.561
oh I got a knife I can go collect creep919.0794.021
Vine samples easy peasy uh it's creep920.765.72
Vine samples oh [ __ ]923.13.38
hang up nope nope nope you little927.063.48
bastard you little bastard you little928.623.959
bastard go away go away930.543.78
thieves are out here little thieving ass932.5794.021
monkeys oh sea monkeys [ __ ] off [ __ ] off934.323.78
they're trying to get your stuff yeah936.64.62
try to steal crap from me yeah938.15.22
um look into that maybe there's some941.224.38
sort of blueprint synthesized yep nope943.323.78
nope nope nope nope nope you little945.64.2
[ __ ] you got my knife get it back947.15.599
after I got my Oxygen's low949.84.74
where's it going952.6994.901
keep an eye on him954.546.06
give me my knife back where'd he go957.65.46
come here come here little bastard960.64.679
hey hey hey give me that963.064.079
give me give me that965.2795.221
you get it back fancy monkey bad sea967.1394.621
spank that steam monkey all right what971.762.879
am I looking at all right I gotta I got973.383.36
enough creep behind I'm heading back974.6394.44
I hate thieves little monkey thieves976.744.02
well he's curious be curious why I beat979.0794.401
the [ __ ] out of him980.762.72
I guess next once I get some food and984.8994.141
water in me I'll head towards that uh987.543.84
Supply Cache okay cash is a funny989.044.14
spelled word isn't it no one can figure991.386.379
out how to say it c-a-c-h-e cachet okay993.187.2
I've always heard it pronounced cash but997.7595.741
okay I feel like it should be okay1000.385.04
cash let me look that up yeah look yeah1003.54.759
look that up would you1005.422.839
this is my search say ready yeah1010.2794.74
it said cash cash it's pronounced cash1012.924.32
isn't it Peter's saying cash food1015.0193.961
anything else you're not sure how to1017.244.26
pronounce I can look up not yet if I run1018.985.459
across something I'll remind you1021.54.079
I'm gonna head out to that emergency1024.4393.36
supply Cash Cash all right yeah that's1025.5794.76
right cash1027.7992.54
remember kaisha1033.6795.28
is that the singer yeah just best about1035.665.039
to blow1038.9594.62
try to forget her always about to blow1040.6995.161
hold on neebs hold on first to get these1043.5794.521
give me these ribbon plants1045.865.52
oh this might be number three1048.15.26
sea Glide1051.384.14
you know what now plans have changed1053.364.26
plans have changed we are making a sea1055.524.08
Glide battery lubricant copper wire1057.624.14
titanium I think I have all that I think1059.64.199
I have all that okay if you make this1061.764.68
thing don't go crashing it1063.7996.441
oh yeah needs1066.443.8
the sea life is a personal1072.824.719
Transportation device used for1075.24.62
high-speed free diving contains a1077.5393.901
built-in light and map1079.823.54
oh it's got a built-in map look at that1081.445.359
that is super handy1083.363.439
if I highlight my words that would1090.6793.901
probably be over the top there's1093.622.76
probably a thing like format oh yeah1094.587.4
format spot oh I can do other fonts1096.385.6
it doesn't matter to me what you go with1102.525.14
all right I'm 140 meters away from this1105.146.0
Supply Cache yep the Glide is killing it1107.666.66
oh it's got a light on it I don't even1111.144.8
know why I built the flashlight1114.324.08
let's use a sea Glide look at this ow1115.945.42
what the [ __ ] was that1118.42.96
what are you1121.462.66
scared in this little Nipper1125.4194.681
yeah I just realized I've got a fun one1128.4194.26
here called thick 45 it's a fun my1130.14.22
friend made really1132.6796.5
I didn't even no this was on here1134.324.859
mineral detector fragment uh-huh what1153.744.62
the hell's a mineral detector exactly1156.6793.24
what it sounds like it probably is it1158.364.14
just detects minerals first aid kit hell1159.9194.64
you're talking to me twice 30 seconds of1164.5594.0
oxygen doesn't matter now I got a sea1166.943.66
glass take me right to the top no1168.5593.661
problem just don't crash on your way to1170.64.14
the top I won't all right let me look1172.225.04
around here a bit1174.745.28
well you know what I'm taking this bacon1177.265.18
people are talking to me at once Jesus1185.24.9
what all right whatever hey flares1190.225.0
what is this Crab Trap fragment1195.624.52
how does your tank have room for more1203.1794.141
upgrades so you could have more air yeah1204.984.5
no uh ABS well I'll have to find the1207.323.96
damn blueprints again had the blueprints1209.485.16
on me but hey I decided to blow up my1211.286.779
damn vehicle they were in the glove box1214.645.88
hey here's another one of these uh1218.0595.101
grab trap yeah1220.523.72
um you should probably put your1223.162.639
blueprints on a USB and film in your1224.243.36
pocket that would have been much smarter1225.7992.76
but old school guy I like to keep them1228.5593.36
in the glove box yeah were they the big1230.1795.041
like 24 by 48 inch rolled up blueprints1231.9194.861
yep yep they were big that's what you1235.223.18
used yeah I don't know what I was1236.782.88
might be the hormones1239.664.92
I need to make a compass too I don't1249.884.299
know what direction I'm in is that1252.083.24
the update your list well right now what1255.323.96
I kind of feel like I need to do is go1257.93.779
out and gather materials oh I got some1259.283.42
what oh what is this1262.75.339
oh that's a ton of copper holy crap I1265.226.12
just found a damn copper deposit1268.0395.461
you find a battery deposit somewhere no1271.344.079
but if I find some more1273.53.36
um damn it I thought oh wait yes yes1275.4193.721
battery deposit not a battery deposit1276.864.62
but it's those little uh the ribbons I1279.143.06
don't know why they're called the1281.484.04
ribbons yep oxygen if1282.23.32
what the hell is that1288.885.02
what are you1292.284.94
what are you little guy1293.93.32
a brine Wing1299.126.02
oh Jesus1301.63.54
holy crap all right these bright Wings1307.2994.541
they they freeze you they shoot cold1309.5596.301
spunk in your face yeah yeah uh well you1311.846.3
seem okay yeah I bet it's a wiggle out1315.864.26
of it but damn I mean yorkshire's going1318.143.539
down nope that's why I'm swimming1320.124.14
towards the surface here yeah all right1321.6795.901
don't mess with the brine wigs1324.263.32
okay is there oxygen here I'm taking a1332.6595.341
risk going under these glaciers1335.844.68
oh wait I got a map1338.06.679
kind of look at gotta look ahead can I1340.524.159
see any holes in here1346.0393.26
oh yeah it looks like it comes up over1349.74.04
here somewhere1351.22.54
it's rocks no I see a hole1356.2995.601
wait a minute oh1365.963.54
hold on I gotta scan this guy1371.5395.581
yeah look at the dead on this thing okay1374.94.68
a thermal Lily it's like a plant it's1377.124.799
like a it's like a living heater right1379.585.339
but uh1384.9195.481
I found a light stick okay1387.27.56
tells me oh neebs all right clearly1390.45.68
humans have been here which I guess1394.762.82
humans have been about everywhere on1396.083.479
this damn Planet emphasized yeah cool1397.585.599
new blueprints got a light stick1399.5593.62
oh it's cold up sneebs yeah1404.64.92
give her the base1408.263.36
there you go that's good right maybe1409.524.08
your sister's there maybe somebody's1411.623.48
here like you should here's what you1413.62.939
should do if you see her if you go there1415.13.54
and you see her you should call her and1416.5393.721
see if she looks at her phone no if I1418.643.0
see her I'm gonna cuss her out because I1420.262.88
know she's not here because I got a1421.644.08
letter saying she's dead1423.145.34
huh looks like they made a snowman oh1425.726.0
yeah yeah is it a good one1428.486.42
it's um it's a snowman like they were1431.724.98
cute looks like they put a mask on it1434.94.259
yeah like like a breathing thing oh this1436.73.719
is cold it's cold it's cold all right1439.1593.241
I'm gonna try to get inside this place1440.4195.061
looks wrecked by the way1442.43.08
okay okay a little bit warmer in here1450.824.719
here we go1453.6793.901
we should go back to those plants yeah1455.5396.14
plants are too far away I'm okay in here1457.584.099
man Neves place looks abandoned1462.263.98
oh I found Sam's room1472.43.98
does she have a picture of me there1483.25.099
he's got a poster a pitcher ah look it's1484.944.92
a picture of my sister and her stupid1488.2994.101
ass cat1489.862.54
a cat there he's probably starving1494.0594.441
scanning this room1498.54.679
like with a UV light no I'm not sure you1500.65.699
want to do that with a scanner1503.1796.781
okay multi-purpose room synthesized1506.2996.901
all right going on a scanning spree go1509.964.97
for it1513.25.82
synthesize your blueprints in his eyes1533.024.98
damn a modification station already1541.2795.76
this is great1544.74.079
remember you1548.7794.14
Nieves found an eye on cues remember1550.883.679
I know1554.5594.72
there's laying around so yeah they were1556.944.02
clearly researching some aliens up here1559.2794.801
oh hold on I got a blueprint1560.966.48
is this a control room1564.085.459
y'all look at all these pdas later oh I1567.443.839
found another picture Sam stupid cat1569.5393.661
this must be her Workstation1571.2793.431
she was studying1573.23.42
Sam was studying robots needs how do you1576.624.2
know well this is her workstation1578.93.779
there's robot Parts everywhere well do1580.823.12
you think she's studying cats you just1582.6793.721
found a cat no the cat's a pitcher okay1583.944.26
it's a picture of her stupid cat hey the1586.43.899
robots the decoration in my inventory is1588.24.44
full poster what can I get rid of what1590.2993.901
can I get rid of1592.643.12
something you know what I can drink a1594.23.78
water I'm taking this picture of the cat1595.765.64
oh cute little [ __ ]1597.986.439
oh my goodness1601.43.019
you Lantern fruit okay neat I'm gonna1604.527.82
scan these Lantern fruit trees okay1607.74.64
I'll pick one up my inventory God I I1614.7793.961
didn't expect to find this plate oh wait1617.123.96
I got a decomposing fish1618.744.319
drop that fish I'm gonna pick up one of1621.083.9
these Lantern fruits oh wait you know1623.0593.541
what I bet they're big yeah they're big1624.984.14
looks like you can use it for energy1626.65.819
uh in the bioreactor really okay if I1629.124.919
build a bioreactor I'll do that ooh a1632.4194.681
locker anything in here no1634.0395.041
you can also eat them but all right well1637.14.079
I know how to make the tree so I tell1639.083.78
you what if I I can make one of these1641.1793.0
grow beds and come back here eventually1642.862.64
because I'm not giving up this copper1644.1792.161
titanium I could give up you know what1646.343.5
I'm doing it I'm gonna give up four1648.24.68
titanium don't you need titanium to make1649.845.56
a grab trap uh you're right but it's1652.883.899
easy enough to find1655.42.759
hold on I just want to look at one of1656.7792.701
these Lantern fruits1658.1596.441
uh food they actually give you body heat1659.485.12
I want a lot of things neebs I just got1669.324.26
here all right you know what I want to1671.63.179
test this out I'm going to step outside1673.583.66
a minute see if it's cold a window I can1674.7795.181
make Windows1677.242.72
oh [ __ ] yeah it needs a prawn suit1686.5394.981
fragment oh wow man we are finding a1688.2797.701
bunch of stuff early this is good [ __ ]1691.524.46
one suit but great oh man I need two1696.023.899
more though I only see two of them here1698.363.419
so yeah you're getting a prawn suit1699.9194.021
maybe you can stop those sea monkeys1701.7793.721
from stealing your stuff oh yeah no I1703.943.18
would I would just Stomp Them at that1705.54.44
point because I'm in a prawn suit1707.124.28
okay all right hypothermia imminent I'm1711.43.879
eating this little Lantern fruit see1713.964.8
what happens okay oh yeah oh man you can1715.2796.841
feel that inside you yeah you warm oh1718.765.039
that warmed me right up1722.124.26
yeah okay anything over here worth the1723.7993.961
[ __ ]1726.383.799
see anything weather's getting a little1727.764.14
weather's getting a little crazy here1730.1794.36
neebs you better go back inside uh you1731.94.379
know what no I saw a path over here I1734.5396.201
kind of want to follow you taking me1736.2794.461
so you're just gonna get a letter and1744.55.76
assume somebody's dead well the letter1747.146.06
said she was dead okay but1750.265.279
I'm saying there are cases1753.24.74
throughout time where the leaves someone1755.5394.62
turns up not dead right they found an1757.944.859
alien marker1760.1595.101
it looks like this is leading me in the1762.7994.681
subway desk I want to make a desk I'm1765.264.76
scanning this1767.482.54
desk blueprint synthesized death's got1772.1594.801
hard to make you just1775.584.94
piece of wood over something1776.963.56
whoa babes yeah1782.965.4
found a uh1786.026.06
an alien facility okay is this what Sam1788.365.939
was researching what is this1792.085.52
ice stalagmite1794.2996.181
it's on the ground yeah okay1797.64.92
but it's like glowing green it's like1800.484.26
it's oh man it's not infected with [ __ ]1802.523.899
do you remember that disease that made1804.743.179
everything glow green1806.4193.0
but it wouldn't infect ice that'd be1807.9193.12
stupid right1809.4194.681
um yeah weren't you uh1811.0395.52
stuff was attacking you when it was1814.15.28
when what was glowing1816.5595.461
yeah I was sick the car the Carrara I1819.384.2
think that the virus was called right1822.023.12
that like everything on the planet was1823.584.02
getting infected by that's right but we1825.144.8
cured it yeah you remember all that we1827.64.679
cured It We Were Heroes you got the fame1829.945.16
I got hardly anything I did the1832.2794.38
surviving so you know it makes sense1835.14.62
yeah but Paul Revere his buddies yeah1836.6594.861
yeah did you did you hear about Paul1839.724.92
Revere's assistant no exactly did you1841.525.46
hear about zero zero Fu's assistant no1844.644.32
start putting my name on stuff no I want1848.964.8
to be famous too he needs I don't know1851.844.38
how to open this facility1853.765.639
yep there's and there's no ion Cube or1856.225.28
anything to put in1859.3994.38
so Paul Revere needs his1861.55.419
figure out the door1863.7793.14
all right I'm gonna have to come back to1867.22.76
all right tell you what I'm heading back1871.224.5
to the iPod we're heading back to the1873.7993.541
live pod we're heading back to life pod1875.723.6
I got a lot of stuff oh wait I'm gonna1877.343.719
stop by the base pick up that titanium I1879.323.78
dropped yep and then we're gonna make1881.0594.5
some grab traps grab traps1883.13.74
next on the list1885.5598.821
my names I got a grab trap made1894.384.62
congratulations yeah I guess I'll just1896.24.599
put it somewhere near the face Maybe1899.04.86
right over here1900.7995.781
the Trap1903.862.72
oxygen is it working oh yeah hold on let1906.74.599
me take a breath1909.863.66
leaves this thing just like grabs every1911.2995.521
fish in the vicinity yeah look at oh my1913.524.74
it just hangs on to him man I can get so1918.265.22
many fish this way come here oh come1921.025.519
here oh yeah1923.485.52
is it reusable I don't know let me see1926.5394.5
if I pick up all these fish1929.04.32
yeah just keeps grabbing them really1931.0395.52
yeah dude I'm getting so many fish if1933.325.339
you're gonna get Chunky aren't you oh1936.5594.081
man I'm gonna be so fat on fish bladder1938.6594.581
fish you got water I got hoop fish1940.644.8
oh okay I'm probably going a little bit1943.243.939
crazy I'm getting way too many oh you1945.444.08
know what I know the perfect thing to do1947.1794.921
with them okay1949.525.82
hey guys who's hungry Bella1952.15.34
want some come get it what are you doing1955.345.16
yeah feeding the Penguins oh oh with the1957.444.8
grab trap fish yeah we got enough fish1960.54.02
now hey I thought you were looking into1962.243.84
The Disappearance of your sister oh yeah1964.522.879
no I'm gonna do that but right now I1966.082.76
wanted to feed these penguins here you1967.3994.561
go guys yeah they love it1968.845.1
they love it oh man they're eating like1971.963.54
I can't even as soon as I pull them out1973.942.94
they're gone1975.54.44
come here you want one oh you're hungry1976.884.34
yeah eat it1981.223.48
while other teams have been pursuing1997.74.5
more nebulous approaches to Awakening1999.864.62
The Architects I've tried to take a more2002.25.219
practical approach we know these part2004.486.12
organic part digital beings stored what2007.4195.281
they thought of as themselves on2010.64.319
computers within their sanctuaries2012.74.5
there is a known probable architect2014.9195.341
sanctuary in this sector but entry is2017.24.62
not currently possible2020.264.259
if I can get inside and present the2021.824.92
right vessel I do think we will be2024.5194.14
would you do an app sir man I'm just uh2028.6593.721
trying to figure out what happened my2030.825.219
sister listening to a couple of pdas2032.385.88
yeah Lily you know Lillian yeah how do2036.0393.601
you know Lillian well2038.263.18
sounds British but I don't think she is2039.643.419
oh like she's faking it she thought2041.443.3
she'd cut to a different planet and just2043.0594.681
like like remake herself okay so I mean2044.744.919
I guess I don't know how I feel about it2047.745.399
try it try what ReDiscover myself no2049.6595.581
don't do that all right I need to make a2053.1393.72
wiring kit what did I need to make a2055.242.879
I'll look it up for you stop doing that2058.1192.601
you know what I want to try to make one2060.723.04
of these mineral detectors what do I2062.562.7
need titanium and silicone I think I2063.762.28
have that2065.264.52
oh it's a mineral detector2071.564.92
silver okay2077.743.48
where can I find silver all right I'm2082.543.839
gonna go hunting out for uh go hunting2084.462.879
for silver2086.3792.28
don't don't don't stay away stay away2088.6594.74
stay away you little feet look look a2091.723.06
little he's being grabby what you got2093.3993.24
sea monkeys it's a sea monkey we got a2094.783.059
knife you want me to hit you with it get2096.6395.7
off no stop stop go away just stop2097.8396.901
get out of here2102.3394.441
God I hate these guys2104.747.32
sea monkeys all right silver Silva2106.785.28
water heat2119.564.44
oh look at this look at you2121.244.5
she's um yeah2124.04.02
all right an oxygen plant2125.744.94
like that warm that plant that gave you2132.766.06
warmth uh-huh oh now what's this2134.567.2
I found a sea monkey nest2138.825.039
oh yeah look there's sea Glide fragments2141.764.44
all over the damn thing yeah they they2143.8594.561
probably stole all that stuff yeah damn2146.24.2
bastard so yeah these little sea monkeys2148.423.36
come in here and steal every damn thing2150.43.3
oh God what2151.785.18
what oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God2153.76.96
Jesus you all right yeah crash fish I2156.965.56
remember those little bastards 302160.664.74
seconds of oxygen yum yep yep yep damn2162.524.38
am I going to watch your oxygen for you2165.45.1
again today no I think I'll be fine2166.95.28
he's a hate crash fish I didn't realize2170.54.2
they were here that sucks2172.184.32
all right hold on is there any silver in2174.73.419
here that's what I'm after2176.54.98
come on Silver beep beep any any do you2178.1194.98
wish your accent was different no I'm2181.483.48
happy with my accent I mean2183.0993.661
think about it think about it I didn't2184.963.72
need to think about it if I wanted it to2186.762.7
be different I would have thought about2188.682.52
like oh yeah yeah maybe maybe no I don't2189.463.78
I'm I'm happy with mine what if your2191.24.44
accent was German okay then my accent2193.243.839
would be German but it's not but would2195.643.78
you like that better no well it honestly2197.0793.481
wouldn't matter I feel like you're not2199.422.58
even putting any thoughts I'm gonna put2200.562.76
some thought into it I like my [ __ ]2202.04.28
accent you jackass2203.322.96
it's an accident I think that's the2206.683.72
problem is it's not an accent what is it2208.184.38
you just sound Bland no I don't I sound2210.44.199
fine you sound like a I don't know2212.563.6
just take a piece a piece of bread2214.5993.841
that's how you say it I'm happy sounding2216.164.199
like a piece of bread this most awesome2218.444.139
[ __ ] bread you've ever had stick it2220.3593.72
right in your damn mouth2222.5794.101
taste anything2224.0792.601
's we got something2234.3594.381
oh it almost looks like uh2238.965.76
almost looks like a shark tank2241.786.24
they're probably researching no that's2244.726.42
an investor show love it it's got Kevin2248.026.059
O'Leary okay yeah yeah yeah that I know2251.145.939
what you're talking about but Mark Cuban2254.0795.421
great you want you watch you watch an2259.8393.421
investment show cool he always wants to2261.43.6
try everything2263.263.06
mineral detector fragment which I need2266.325.7
to find damn silver Okay Lori she's the2268.06.18
okay so if you had like a let's say you2272.023.72
come up with a product2274.184.02
it goes on QVC okay that that's that's2275.744.619
her Outlet she just knows how to well I2278.23.54
don't think she wants to get pigeonholed2280.3593.181
like she's good at it sounds like she's2281.743.48
already pigeon holders the QVC [ __ ]2283.543.66
it's not a bad thing to be pigeonholed2285.223.98
into I guess yes2287.24.26
all right this seems to just be some2289.24.659
sort of floating platform maybe I'm2291.464.56
gonna jump into the Shark Tank2293.8594.321
look at me check out my Investment2296.024.8
Portfolio yeah check out my business2298.184.8
it's not a business that's a hobby I'm2300.825.12
not invested in you2302.982.96
do you have any ideas for a business I'm2307.543.059
not gonna tell you my ideas for my2309.462.76
business I'm not gonna take it I've2310.5993.181
already got a job I'm pretty happy with2312.224.92
what I do damn I got a secretary right2313.786.24
oh yeah Tina is it the same one uh yeah2317.145.64
oh how is Tina TNT she's great she's2320.023.9
leaves this thing detects fragments2325.963.899
like a fragment is I know what a2328.422.939
fragment is [ __ ] but I didn't know2329.8593.601
this thing detected them2331.3595.22
warning 30 seconds of oxygen 30 seconds2333.465.7
of oxygen is it behind me is it above me2336.5795.52
hold on let me suck on this oxygen plant2339.165.82
and then I'm gonna find this thing2342.0996.201
where are you you over here2344.983.32
oh yeah it's a sea Glide fragment I mean2349.3593.781
I already have a sea Glide so this is2351.762.88
pointless but if this was something else2353.143.9
if this was a like a mobile workstation2354.644.08
or something right2357.043.53
that would have been sweet2358.725.31
I have to go deeper probably2370.543.62
oh boy here we go oh there's something2374.684.76
fragmented 30 seconds of oxygen2381.885.88
remaining yeah all right got it let's2385.1195.581
get it in a fragment sea truck oh [ __ ]2387.766.0
yes hey truck huh yeah C truck fragment2390.75.94
there's a couple of pdas here sea truck2393.764.14
is that your next goal sea truck dude2397.93.54
well no money to go right now it's2400.32.96
30 seconds of oxygen2403.266.66
oh man this place is [ __ ] creepy2406.03.92
what is that2410.82.539
babes you hear that it sounds like2413.984.02
something's broke yeah I don't know what2416.024.44
that is hold on I need air transmission2418.05.339
of Unknown Origin Souls of transmission2420.465.879
depth calculated at approximately 2002423.3394.981
meters 200 meters yeah I can't go that2426.3394.141
deep yet well I can't even find silver2428.324.2
well uh keep looking2430.486.44
and I will I have to try another biome2432.524.4
he needs yeah picking up some tunnels2441.826.84
here on my map2446.6195.901
in the kelp biome looks like okay2448.666.48
we're gonna be careful in tunnels this2452.524.72
way oh2455.144.5
boy people get stuck in tunnels and they2457.245.099
die yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 30 seconds2459.644.86
of oxygen all right I got my sea Glide2462.3395.52
my sea Glides Powers at 16 but I have a2464.57.22
spare battery oh here we go2467.8593.861
let's do it2473.8594.881
all right going into this tunnel leaves2475.27.06
silver oh yeah silver come on give me2478.745.14
some silver2482.263.42
what do you build with the silver again2483.885.42
Advanced wiring kits2485.683.62
this is for a compass why do you2493.785.9
accomplish what is this Argentino crop2495.44.28
so that too we'll still yeah silver2500.24.82
makes wiry oh silver2502.425.4
okay so I can get it out of those uh oh2505.025.819
can I find those on them2507.823.019
Argentina outcrops Argentine outcrops2512.644.18
where are you you're near2516.823.2
titanium damn it all right but now I2524.884.3
know where to find silver sweet2527.023.66
and find them in here of course there's2529.183.72
sea monkeys everywhere2530.684.8
be cool guys don't be grabby2532.95.28
oh right here yeah yeah yeah yeah2535.484.8
silver okay sweetie2538.185.48
oh that's a cracker yeah2540.283.38
all right I'm going back to the live pod2547.264.98
one wiring kit2555.8393.78
bam I remember last time uh you were2559.94.679
stuck on this planet you used to say2562.94.86
Compass wear Compass see2564.5794.921
okay you think that's weird so maybe you2567.763.599
you do come on it's just one or two2571.3594.321
words you need to drop the accent thing2573.045.46
you'll say Peninsula Peninsula right you2575.686.179
changed it all right boom I've done made2578.55.28
me a compass that's gonna help just with2581.8594.341
navigation yep there it is right up top2583.785.46
Southwest West Northwest2586.27.96
okay that means Sam's Outpost was to the2589.247.46
all right rock and roll so you went to2597.486.82
Sam's Outpost yeah Outpost zero yeah and2600.465.76
good yeah place was wrecked you didn't2604.33.42
see any pictures of me there didn't see2606.223.3
one damn picture of you neebs I bet she2607.724.139
kept it on her in her wallet well I2609.524.319
guess right now I probably just need to2611.8595.22
go out and see if I can scan more crap2613.8395.161
I'm gonna head over to that like twisty2617.0795.101
Vine region twisty twisty Coral region2619.04.98
I'm gonna store my titanium oh I might2622.184.38
build a little bathe today we're gonna2623.985.78
have a good old time2626.563.2
warning fasting 100 meters oxygen2634.725.94
efficiency decreased yeah my oxygen2638.265.579
efficiency has decreased I found another2640.665.52
sea truck fragment that's great2643.8394.5
that is great okay cool cool cool cool2646.183.72
cool cool cool cool2648.3393.721
think I'm excited about that yeah no sea2649.94.679
truck will be sweet2652.065.16
then your oxygen oxygen increased2654.5795.581
warning 30 seconds of oxygen remaining I2657.225.099
got a plant I got a plant2660.164.08
keep an eye out for those plants why did2662.3193.241
it say your oxygen was decreased a2664.245.359
minute ago because I'm below 100 meters2665.564.039
yeah oh I see something neebs2669.73.98
what do you see oh two things an alien2674.3198.061
warning 30 seconds of oxygen remaining2677.25.18
it's like a like a crush alien what do2683.6195.281
you call those things Cairns Maybe2687.043.84
Karen didn't you call it a Cairn I mean2688.95.1
if you're on a trip like hiking yeah you2690.884.5
see a little stack of rocks or little2694.03.3
kind of indicators here I found a2695.383.62
[ __ ] yeah rebreather rebreather that's2699.05.14
awesome that's awesome2702.43.719
more air for you that's a lot more air2704.144.62
oh God 15 come on oxygen come on oxygen2706.1196.541
come on oxygen oh come on oxygen oxygen2708.767.079
I know I know oh my God oh my God I went2712.665.419
too deep oh my God2715.8395.941
come on come on come on2718.0798.52
[ __ ] no he just barely made it oh2721.787.26
Jesus now okay2726.5994.781
who can drink some water too all right2729.043.96
going back to life pod look at what I2731.386.02
need to make a rebreather get some water2733.04.4
all right2740.683.419
be breather wiring kit fiber mesh2741.943.899
silicone rubber oh check this out by the2744.0993.72
way I know you could look this up but I2745.8394.081
could also go2747.8194.201
now I can see it in my inventory or like2749.923.72
my hood oh you can see in your hood yeah2752.023.24
I can see the things I need so like uh2753.644.38
yep one piece of I have that2755.264.68
I need a little wiring kit silicone2758.025.099
rubber I have a silicone rubber the2759.945.52
wiring kit means okay I need two more2763.1195.641
silver so guess where I'm going uh it's2765.467.63
a monkey back to the monkey nest yeah2768.7611.91
oh yeah come here come at me come at me2781.0793.361
blow up2783.45.1
if I remember correctly oh yeah I can2784.446.34
get sulfur from these [ __ ] all right2788.55.96
that sounds handy sulfur2790.783.68
far from getting out of here2794.84.14
and I have not either I'm just not2797.143.54
seeing these damn outcrops or hold on2798.943.6
can I get my mineral detector out oh2800.685.179
yeah God this thing's handy2802.543.319
it's way aha silver2806.3197.221
all right got one oh2809.3194.221
this [ __ ] is so hard to see in here2814.543.799
oh [ __ ] oxygen deep2822.45.179
you know how to get into the surface2825.046.36
this way oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]2827.5797.5
oh no no no no no no no no no no no no2831.43.679
no no get out of here try to get out of2836.264.26
here what it looks like oh oxygen thing2838.05.099
okay gotta go back away I came2840.523.78
why can't I why can't I figure out how2843.0992.341
to get out of here just looks like you2844.33.84
turn it here I told you the caves are2845.444.139
dangerous and what'd you do you went2848.143.0
straight for a cave up here oh it's up2849.5793.481
here okay Jesus Jesus oh is this one of2851.144.16
those things2853.062.24
jeez man I keep putting myself in Dumb2859.6194.921
oh got another mobile vehicle Bay2865.062.64
[ __ ] all right we know how to make a2867.74.28
mobile vehicle Bay now2869.142.84
oh God I picked up an egg I don't want2878.84.94
to pick up a damn egg okay2880.663.08
take a wreck right now I know give me2891.3393.421
yourself or you son of a [ __ ] all right2892.93.6
why don't you go back to the surface2894.763.599
coming up taking a breath though we2896.53.72
compose yourself2898.3595.341
I could make a pipe 30 seconds of oxygen2900.225.34
remaining but in the old days when they2903.74.08
underwater with the little Reed yeah I2905.563.72
could make an oxygen pipe that goes from2907.784.2
here down into the monkey hole is that2909.285.039
crazy no it's not crazy I don't think2911.984.08
all right2914.3194.441
let me uh oh let me take tell you what I2916.064.2
have a beacon all right I'm gonna mark2918.763.96
this place with my beacon oh wait let's2920.265.28
put uh my name in there somehow all2922.724.139
right we're gonna pick it up later so it2925.542.579
doesn't matter2926.8593.361
so edit Beacon names2928.1194.321
neeb's monkey hole2930.226.74
ah boom all right then back2932.444.52
here we go neebs floating air pump2942.286.18
oh yeah just titanium and then this will2945.884.86
give me five pipes how many pipes should2948.463.24
I make2950.742.94
tin does that determine how deep you can2951.74.8
go oh yeah make more more than ten okay2953.685.82
and let's see oh god oh man that fills2956.54.859
up inventory space quick doesn't it well2959.53.3
at least when you get there you'll have2961.3592.581
a lot of2962.83.72
space open once you build it yeah we'll2963.943.48
you're gonna have a pipe stuck to you no2967.423.06
I'm not gonna have pipes stuck to me I'm2969.282.46
gonna put this floating air pump out2970.484.7
I'll show you I'll just show you2971.743.44
all right I see the monkey hole2976.246.359
I'm gonna go up top I can see you with2979.065.84
with Irish or Scottish2982.5994.441
I think people would like you more if2984.95.32
you had that type of accent you think I2987.045.46
don't know all right so the air pump's2990.223.899
now I guess uh2994.1193.561
take a pipe and uh Stick it to the air2997.786.86
pump oh yeah here we go3001.567.32
pipes oh yeah does it just go straight3004.647.06
down you get to no you can bend it it's3008.885.82
got like a hinge on it oh cool yeah dude3011.75.78
this thing's sweet3014.72.78
in there you see this pipe sticking out3022.385.4
oh yeah that'll help you find your way3025.25.159
out okay yeah I just need to remember3027.785.1
not to panic panicking is the worst3030.3593.301
all right yeah oh man yeah I'm all the3033.664.62
way down I'm pretty deep in the monkey3036.92.699
hole oh wait no I don't want to pick it3038.283.18
up I just want to suck on this pipe in3039.5993.48
the monkey hole3041.463.24
full air3044.72.899
hey [ __ ] off [ __ ] off [ __ ] off all right3054.184.26
I see where I gotta go putting that away3056.043.12
man's in my way come on silver silver3059.165.399
how's that too3064.5593.601
I have two silver that's what we need3066.0593.841
that's all you need yeah grab a couple3068.163.179
more you there yeah I know that's kind3069.93.06
of what I was thinking3071.3393.361
all right gotta keep an eye on the map3072.965.159
figure out where I came from oh my God3074.75.76
your roots3078.1194.44
back in Ireland when you were just a3080.464.08
wheelad you know the wheel look at the3082.5593.841
pipe right here dude dude I love this3084.544.279
all right man3089.644.82
like we've done this before3091.3193.141
may as well grab this quartz make some3096.663.6
glass yeah3098.525.339
yeah wash my Chapstick with my clothes3100.265.28
oh you know watching chapstick clothes3103.8592.941
is awful3105.543.48
silver sweet3106.84.44
the Chapstick actually smelled good it3109.024.14
was like a good flavor3111.243.54
but yeah but not you don't want that on3113.163.3
your clothes well it made like little3114.783.779
stains like little dark stains on my3116.464.139
clothes oh my God [ __ ] off monkey and3118.5594.5
then I tried to wash it with like like3120.5994.921
dish detergent stuff and other stuff and3123.0594.8
that makes it smell weird3125.525.66
okay wash it again3127.8593.321
where where3131.93.06
we're at a crash3139.3193.961
crash fish3141.024.48
in the oh I don't want his egg wait I3143.284.44
picked up an egg earlier get rid of that3145.55.3
I like eggs3147.723.08
mole silver one more silver I'll be3152.3393.181
happy yes3154.143.24
get out of here and you know what this3155.524.14
dumps out up top okay3157.385.58
boom we are out love it all right let's3159.665.76
go make a re-breather it got dark and3162.963.659
the first thing in the morning we're3165.422.76
going deep3166.6193.781
now wash our clothes with games we would3168.184.26
never yeah yeah well I thought you were3170.44.76
gonna say chapstick3172.442.72
facilitates extensive free diving by3183.8595.621
recycling air more efficiently at3187.024.2
significant depths3189.485.16
bring the freedom I'm gonna grab a3191.225.16
little bit of food water and then yeah3194.643.84
in the morning we're taking off you know3196.384.32
what let me store this gold3198.484.92
crystalline sulfur silver uh dead3200.75.04
we're looking good neebs did you equip3205.744.68
your rebreather uh yeah I did okay3207.724.08
should have known it yep right here3210.423.48
there you go three breathers in got a3211.84.44
standard O2 tank got my fins got my3213.94.28
compass all right I'm looking good baby3216.246.2
come to the top of the day I got my3218.186.34
compassion dude3222.444.0
no no I'm not going to walk around doing3224.524.16
well not yet not deep enough but once I3237.07.819
cross 100 meters yep we're good3239.645.179
help up top nope oh found a little3248.3394.381
blueprint thing well give me something3250.86.24
good high capacity oxygen tank yes oh3252.727.16
what do I need to make a hike attacks3257.046.84
looking it up nice accent 30 seconds of3259.886.459
oxygen about 30 seconds of oxygen oh God3263.884.62
oh God get out of here oh neeps oh neebs3266.3394.26
oh no is there an oxygen is there an3268.53.78
oxygen thing oh please be an oxygen3270.5992.941
thing why isn't a n oxygen thing around3272.282.94
when I need it why is an oxygen thing3273.544.039
never around when I need it3275.226.72
[ __ ] [ __ ] oh oxygen I know I know I know3277.5795.5
I know3281.943.139
that's right3283.0795.76
okay yeah we're good working got it yeah3285.0797.0
high capacity oxygen tank yeah looking3288.8395.641
it up [ __ ] cause yeah I need that that3292.0794.26
would be wonderful you wanna know the3294.483.379
ingredients that'd be real good yeah3296.3395.181
standby [ __ ] yeah3297.8593.661
here we go here we go let's see glass I3306.06.9
know I need Sports I have a silver no I3308.5796.121
got a little thing up top tells me okay3312.93.419
I just need to make two glasses look at3314.73.359
this I'm a damn professional all right3316.3195.581
got a little bit of quartz and then oh I3318.0596.26
just need another little bit of quartz3321.96.12
yeah got a little bit more quartz3324.3195.26
two glass3328.023.78
four titanium right and then I think all3329.5794.801
I have to do is unequip my oxygen tank3331.87.5
and use that uh-huh uh-huh personal3334.389.5
equipment high capacity oxygen tank baby3339.36.779
crafted yep3343.885.4
oh look at this thing3346.0793.201
how much air do I got I think I had like3349.46.939
what did I have like 75 now I have come3352.266.72
on show me 132 baby3356.3396.661
wow we are rocking we are rocking3358.989.359
now baby you're a kid and you ever do3370.024.68
like the underwater tea party oh we just3371.944.5
sit at the bottom it's usually like one3374.73.24
of your friends it's a girl that wants3376.443.899
to do it right I never did it but I3377.944.02
heard other people you know I heard3380.3393.661
their stories really good stories it's3381.963.899
dumb isn't it super dumb it makes no3384.03.3
sense what are you3385.8593.061
know how to play3387.34.38
no found a PDA3388.925.76
sort of log I'll read it later3391.685.28
man I'm at like 200 meters and I'm still3394.685.22
good on oxygen yep that's perfect yeah3396.965.28
tea party real quick no I'm not going3399.94.38
to play all you do you do to like act3402.243.9
like there's gravity you sit down the3404.282.94
okay no I'm not doing it I know what3407.223.599
you're doing I'm Gonna Make Believe3409.84.86
teapot and a make-believe cup okay and3410.8195.341
you pretend like you're pouring no I3414.662.939
understand what you do you don't have to3416.163.12
subscribe it to me okay I'm not doing it3417.5993.72
so what's after that3419.284.74
you serve tea don't you yeah and then3421.3194.081
you pretend like you drink a damn tea3424.023.799
imaginary teacups dishes everywhere3432.145.34
babes I'm still getting that weird3445.465.379
signal yeah it looks like3447.94.679
they're just down you think you're close3450.8392.941
a little bit of quartz3453.783.66
you've got to make glass maybe you can3455.463.54
make a glass teacup no I'm not making3457.444.08
any damn glass tea cups3459.05.16
I see more of these uh Cairns and I'm3461.524.68
good on oxygen oh is that oh hold on3464.164.32
hold on hold on3466.24.919
come on baby3468.485.28
[ __ ] names we can make a sea truck3471.1196.301
oh don't even tease me man are you3473.765.339
serious uh yeah we have all the3477.424.08
blueprints for it3479.0995.701
sea truck holy crap3481.55.16
is that signal still going still going3484.83.96
in there signal is still going I am3486.664.699
following it3488.762.599
and oxygen oxygen3494.5793.201
Yep this is it3533.46.8
oh please let me in oxygen please yes3535.528.64
hello someone there3540.23.96
you mean you're running at it3546.484.379
nice yeah do you hear that did they say3548.165.84
run out of time yeah3550.8593.141
I might be able to help you if you show3555.423.3
okay well then how the [ __ ] am I3562.53.42
supposed to help are you like a like a3564.183.6
computer or something3565.924.86
can you help uh maybe you could store3574.685.72
yourself on my PDA3577.0793.321
yeah it's because I stole it look you3582.924.72
can put yourself on this PDA but there's3585.185.6
a lot of porn on it3587.643.14
leaves you catch all that I think3592.443.659
there's an architect here this is big3594.2993.901
man this is huge3596.0995.041
okay listen we're gonna be famous you3598.24.98
and me right no I'm not gonna be famous3601.144.56
no one can know we're here oh3603.183.84
it's a break this is big We're Not Gonna3605.74.94
help this guy this poor bastard3607.023.62
oh hey hey damn I'm accused [ __ ] yeah3610.7997.201
I told my assistant uh Tina yeah that3615.0594.921
you were you were back oh tell her I3618.05.54
said hey neebs3619.983.56
tell her you said hey okay I found an3623.646.36
architect's storage device hello3626.286.72
's terminal3647.2994.961
okay all right hey hey pal3649.55.4
you gotta transfer yes okay hey yeah3652.264.44
just get in here buddy3654.94.8
why does it sound like you're in my head3685.765.02
the facility identified hospitable3688.7994.441
capacity within your screen3690.785.579
what you stored yourself to My Parade I3693.244.92
told you getting my PDA get that [ __ ]3696.3593.72
out of my brain oh no3698.163.959
does your kind perceive a boundary3700.0793.78
between sovereignificant and organic3702.1193.96
components my brain is not a [ __ ]3703.8595.041
component you sound angry3706.0795.581
we will allow you a moment to process oh3708.95.6
don't you dare go quiet on me3711.666.86
hello hello3714.54.02
oh [ __ ] this [ __ ] yeah this is exactly3720.025.38
what I wanted I wanted it to daily it in3723.243.3
my brain3725.44.14
this is unbelievable3729.5993.5
please come in hey there you are you all3737.044.86
right yeah um3739.923.84
I think an alien just stored itself in3741.93.659
my brain3743.763.299
yeah they're supposed to be in the PVA3745.5593.661
they're my brain now I have an alien in3747.0594.701
my brain you got a virus oh not again3749.224.56
this is something I just wanted to get3751.764.0
down here to find my damn sister now I3753.784.2
got an alien on my brain bad thing huh3755.763.839
it's an alien in your brain do you ever3757.983.74
a long time ago did aliens getting in3762.423.899
the brain today that's that damn movie3764.764.14
they had like worms3766.3194.141
okay if you don't have a worm in your3768.94.62
belly I would say that's a bonus maybe3770.465.28
maybe I have an alien in my brain I I3773.525.039
think that's just as bad3775.745.42
hey hey you in there3784.044.86
I was trying to talk to the alien he's3789.384.419
gone quiet on me3791.763.72
hey do I have my knife where's my knife3793.7995.3
can I see monkey take my knife3795.483.619
says leave it somewhere yeah it doesn't3799.6192.521
make sense that I would drop it early3801.03.18
did I accidentally drop it at some point3802.145.12
where's my knife3804.183.08
that's ridiculous there's some see3807.93.24
there's some Coral down here table Coral3809.284.079
I remember this stuff here used to make3811.144.679
some good [ __ ]3813.3594.681
there we go scan it if you forgot what3815.8193.48
it was3818.043.84
okay all right what am I doing now all3819.2994.201
right what is this have I have I scoured3821.883.919
uh you know any good riddles I don't3829.144.02
know if it's a riddle it's a pun but uh3831.3594.081
what time do you go to the dentist okay3833.163.84
hey Alien what time do you go to the3835.443.72
he didn't answer3839.162.78
no what time do you go to the dentist3842.75.399
Jesus Christ3846.3593.601
it's hurting I get it all right deal3848.0993.72
with a lot dealing with a lot what am I3849.963.54
gonna do what am I gonna do what's the3851.8194.98
next step uh build a truck right build a3853.55.04
truck build a truck is that a good goal3856.7994.201
uh maybe go to base make a truck3858.545.039
speaking of Base on your face I need to3861.04.92
make a base than a truck yeah there you3863.5794.081
go yeah maybe an actual like at least3865.924.26
kind of a starter base all right I think3867.664.199
yeah yeah well let's get back let's get3870.183.3
back and just kind of take inventory I3871.8594.581
have an alien in my brain3873.482.96
yeah no [ __ ] you mind getting out of my3898.75.379
head to go we require a suitable body3901.54.799
for transfer okay what do you mean by we3904.0794.26
how how many people am I talking to3906.2994.56
right now one of us and all of us3908.3394.081
we do not think of ourselves as3910.8594.081
individual okay well then what's your3912.425.58
name to receive code to my species3914.944.399
please call me3919.3394.361
Al and Allen3921.444.54
your name's [ __ ] Allen he's3923.75.52
insufficient no that's fine I'm super3925.986.3
happy about it where are you from what3929.225.46
kind calls us Architects yeah okay well3932.283.6
we've been digging up a bunch of old3934.683.119
[ __ ] so uh we thought all you guys died3935.884.32
from the virus how'd you survive Alan3937.7994.621
perhaps you would prefer to focus on the3942.424.139
construction of a new storage medium to3944.463.78
which I may Transit3946.5593.601
you mean like a hard drive alien hard3948.243.66
drive so we can get you out of my head3950.163.6
opponent okay3953.764.26
any clue where I can find him this is3956.0995.161
unclear I have been disconnected from my3958.025.22
network for so long I cannot locate the3961.264.14
coordinates oh yeah that's that's great3963.244.5
did you get all that names I heard you3965.44.08
talking okay you weren't talking to me3967.745.4
so yeah we need to build an alien body3969.485.76
to store this guy in he we got to build3973.144.14
himself of the store himself in okay3975.244.14
this could be fun yeah this could be fun3977.283.779
I'm gonna go peep my head against the3979.385.479
wall why sounds great3981.0593.8
found my knife by the way or was it I3991.6194.561
threw it in the storage container dummy3993.965.099
yeah real dumb do I have a battery I3996.184.56
have spare batteries all right I'm going3999.0593.661
out and find table Coral sample table4000.744.559
Coral sample what I had if I had had my4002.725.22
damn knife let's see I'm gonna eat a bit4005.2994.141
of food drink a little bit of water all4007.942.879
right I'm good and I know where table4009.443.48
Coral is here we go baby would you say4010.8194.26
that alien's name was I think you said4012.925.46
his name's Alan Ellen Allen not Ellen4015.0794.921
you know like the what in the Gopher4018.383.54
Allen was that a gopher or Beaver or4020.03.539
something Allen I think that was Ellen4021.924.5
Ellen no Allen Ellen Allen like it looks4023.5394.8
like the Gophers calling his wife Ellen4026.423.24
was he calling a wife I don't I don't4028.3392.7
think he was doing that was he I thought4029.663.0
it was a boy4031.0396.241
okay calling a female name Ellen4032.664.62
oh my God I have just found tons of4043.44.679
table Coral samples holy [ __ ] jackpot4045.7993.78
you know we needed what we need to do4048.0792.701
today too we need to make a base because4049.5792.701
we are running out of storage are we4050.783.18
doing the habitat Builder first yeah4052.283.36
habitat builder then we can kind of make4053.964.079
a habitat then we need to find a4055.645.82
location for this base okay and her4058.0396.961
Marvin kits computer chips batteries you4061.464.68
know what this is just basically going4065.03.059
to be a storage facility kind of don't4066.143.3
want to make it the main base you know4068.0594.201
what I mean temporary base yeah unless4069.445.52
uh her unless I could find a good place4072.264.92
let me Scout around a bit maybe I can4074.965.0
find a decent spot4077.182.78
oh boy are you no you're not friendly4081.25.7
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] come on4083.665.52
get off tonight get up get your knife4086.95.699
that'll make me swim slower oh4089.185.04
for a fight you're a flight you're a4092.5995.421
flight guy well here yeah4094.223.8
oh wow neebs4104.964.02
found some thermal vents4106.644.679
what are those good for energy yeah4108.984.5
maybe like4111.3195.241
an energy place4113.483.08
whoa what are you what are you4117.564.86
big guy names4120.7994.98
big fish in the water oh I don't like4122.427.14
you you do not sound friendly4125.7795.4
hold on4129.563.84
here let me take a breath we'll get a4131.1794.64
closer view4133.42.419
how's your batteries on your uh battery4136.523.719
yeah oh actually good call power's at4138.383.24
nine percent let's fill that up in case4140.2393.98
we need to run4141.622.599
it saves the day hey are you coming4144.644.599
after me4147.983.12
what are you what are you so Twitchy4149.2393.841
about are you after that peeper4151.14.139
whoa this guy looks crazy4155.2395.161
doesn't seem to be4158.2395.52
interested in me though4160.46.08
you're not coming for me now are you4163.7596.06
come out oh God run after me he's got4166.485.02
he's not friendly he's not cool [ __ ]4169.8193.42
that [ __ ]4171.56.08
come on dive get here4173.2394.341
all right yeah I think I'm okay4179.424.859
all right noted those guys4181.7595.42
not friendly4184.2792.9
I said nice flat spot out here4189.444.64
oh sea monkeys no no no look I got4194.126.599
nothing I got nothing what4197.1796.421
you want me to take this4200.7194.681
what's happening my inventory so I think4203.66.5
he's offering me copper run sea monkey4205.44.7
see monkey was trying to give you4210.563.06
something it looked like he might have4212.32.939
been trying to give me copper but my4213.622.94
inventory was full that's that's4215.2393.421
probably going to seem rude to the SEMA4216.564.139
yeah well I mean I didn't have anywhere4218.663.3
to store it that's why I need to make a4220.6994.04
base yep 30 seconds4221.965.52
nice flat spot but it's Monsters4224.7394.361
Everywhere I don't like that4227.485.12
all right the search continues4229.13.5
right got gold copper wire computer chip4238.886.54
oh you can't make computer chip well I4243.264.2
can but I it fabricates it the computer4245.424.38
makes it right right and if I go to4247.465.699
tools one habitat Builder baby I'm4249.85.04
oh yep4253.1594.141
emergency shelter blueprints to your4254.844.8
database got my blueprints all right4257.34.56
it's gonna be all day to make this thing4259.645.4
with the builder tool you4261.864.98
grow materials4265.043.84
advising against exploring a frozen4266.844.62
water continent without a base4268.886.12
no bed no storage no place to put a4271.465.4
fabricator module4275.05.34
no fun no fun yeah she gets it do you4276.865.16
think that's her real accent probably4280.343.24
not I think that's a computer but not4282.022.88
the computer living with my head Alan4283.583.56
you there4284.92.24
Allen doesn't like to talk well that's4287.483.78
probably good you just be hearing voices4289.283.66
all the time yeah I feel like I already4291.263.919
build this habitat lubricant4298.644.86
I have I was waiting till morning and4301.463.66
then I got to looking at some of the4303.53.239
stuff I have4305.124.68
and I actually think4306.7395.401
I can make a mobile vehicle Bay I'm4309.84.26
gonna go ahead and do it I thought we're4312.143.72
doing a habitat we're gonna do a habitat4314.063.54
that's coming okay I wanted to do it in4315.863.18
the morning so you know I was in here at4317.63.599
night I was like okay I'll eat I'm gonna4319.043.6
start I started making stuff because I4321.1993.601
was looking at what I had all right4322.644.26
oh hold on now4324.84.56
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah4326.97.52
let's see look at you pretty thing4329.367.68
put you a little deep because I know if4334.424.98
we make a vehicle it's gonna drop4337.046.26
and boom4339.47.42
all right got a mobile vehicle Bay good4343.36.22
place in place4346.824.379
let's see4349.524.44
prawn suit we still don't know all the4353.964.259
ingredients but once we get enough [ __ ]4355.584.98
we can absolutely make a sea truck okay4358.2194.381
that's the first thing that's the first4360.563.659
thing still it's gonna be a while we4362.63.96
need Advanced wiring kit glass lead so4364.2194.98
yeah a lot of resource Gathering uh4366.564.08
still needed but damn once we have that4369.1992.701
we should be able to zip all over the4370.642.519
place that's right4371.94.2
weather approaching seek shelter seek4373.1595.331
shelter [ __ ] I'm gonna build it4376.18.299
I think long term this is where you're4385.343.359
going to live from now on well not no4387.143.48
temporary base temporary storage4388.6994.141
facility I can see4390.624.079
nope and just forget about your whole4392.843.98
ER temporary storage facilities4397.043.86
nope right here on the edge4405.444.219
that's your tomb Bang4410.544.32
yeah right here right here right here4416.7395.44
then all right I'm gonna need a power4420.1993.301
oh I gotta go out and get some copper4423.53.42
what kind of power are we dealing with4425.842.52
I'm gonna do I'm gonna do solar panel4426.925.34
solar yeah you know we have access to a4428.367.2
to a ton a ton of sun a ton of Sun so4432.264.74
yeah solar power makes the most sense4435.563.72
right here okay however I am out of4437.05.58
copper so now I'm going copper hunting4439.285.28
so yeah resource Gathering maybe there's4442.583.48
some copper right here4444.564.44
look at that look at that what about4446.065.82
here oh would you look would you look I4449.05.699
looked what about oh titanium I could4451.885.4
use that too titanium recover so wait I4454.6994.5
just got enough I think I can4457.283.439
boom look at this got a little soil of4460.7195.641
power on top4463.882.48
and Boop take this breath4468.265.88
found the promised land didn't you no4472.344.92
kidding power restored all primaries4474.145.96
it's not like all right4477.266.6
welcome aboard Captain we got some bass4480.16.16
knees or storage facility welcome home4483.864.62
that's right that's what this is this is4486.264.32
for lots of storage and buildings so4488.484.32
where you stay it's your retirement no4490.583.659
this is not my retirement this is not4492.83.12
where we stay this is a temporary4494.2393.661
facility still need copper still need4495.923.0
quartz because I need to make a4497.92.819
fabricator in here a rocket chair4498.923.54
lockers Yep this place is going to be4500.7195.281
full of wall lockers4502.466.239
oh what do I need I need more titanium4506.04.56
all right so I think I got a little bit4508.6993.381
back there4510.563.72
I have a little bit of that back at the4512.083.82
other base so I can get that come in4514.283.18
here make a lot of lockers so we got4515.94.5
tons of [ __ ] storage hell yeah4517.464.92
proud of you buddy thank you thank you4520.45.12
come along4522.383.14
what is this gold gold gold gold gold4536.88.62
silver holy [ __ ] names silver gold yeah4539.57.84
oh that's awesome holy [ __ ] that is a4547.346.0
lot that has a lot of silver and gold4551.784.26
that's gonna make some good [ __ ] neebs4553.345.46
all right okay we are rocking and4556.044.199
rolling we are rocking and rolling I4558.83.48
actually just need more titanium now so4560.2394.98
I can make more storage lockers4562.285.22
we set up man [ __ ] yeah baby oh is my4565.2195.041
inventory full I'm full of full I'm full4567.54.56
of [ __ ] when this is all done said and4570.263.06
done you're done with this stuff bring4572.063.24
me some of that gold nope I'm gonna4573.323.899
leave it here but I'll tell you about it4575.33.54
and then you can you can come down here4577.2193.661
there you go get it you come get it4578.843.899
because nobody knows I'm here4580.884.92
well remember that some Tina knows4582.7394.801
I told him God damn it don't tell Tina4585.83.84
okay yeah I know you told me don't tell4587.544.44
anybody else well you trust Tina right4589.645.519
well my sandwich girl knows give me your4591.984.8
damn sandwich don't tell anybody else4595.1593.901
that's the only two people keep it the4596.784.919
only two people yep that's ridiculous4599.064.619
I have to tell them not tell anybody but4601.6993.98
yes please that's the only people4603.6794.441
nobody's known here all right put you4605.6794.06
away I'm gonna take one little titanium4608.123.96
I have I might need some Bliss4609.7395.221
all right heading back over here4612.084.86
busy busy busy busy4614.964.8
yeah right over here right over here4616.944.62
I love the welcome aboard Captain let me4619.764.62
hear it baby welcome aboard captain4621.565.159
I didn't say it I said it I like to hear4624.384.62
it from the lady4626.7195.541
would you like talking to her better too4629.03.26
feel over nothing4633.564.139
I live in the ocean for a couple weeks4635.7196.081
by yourself you lose all social skills4637.6994.101
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah4642.563.26
you got room to expand4646.1594.921
yeah oh man this is uh yeah again this4648.285.08
is just storage we're not expanding4651.083.659
we'll see4653.362.94
right I could see you living here4654.7393.0
forever no I'm not living here forever4656.35.16
this is just temporary storage like look4657.7397.081
what is it like titanium right4661.465.46
bam this is where the titanium goes I4664.824.5
come in here put the titanium what else4666.924.56
we've got we got more stuff yeah how are4669.324.32
we gonna work my name in there we're not4671.484.38
quartz oh look we got boom boom boom4673.645.66
this is where we get our quartz4675.863.44
gold leaves gold let's see yeah popping4679.765.58
the gold in there it's just five other4683.34.56
letters isn't it all right this is great4685.344.859
noobs this is great this is good you're4687.864.08
doing Fanta fantastic all right other4690.1994.081
than the alien living in my head not not4691.944.259
a not a bad day and that's not bad4694.284.08
either I don't think Alan seems like a4696.1994.441
good guy yeah he's quiet Alan you there4698.363.66
oh wait what's4700.645.579
it no it's Alan Ellen Allen Ellen Ellen4702.026.78
damn it4711.883.18
are you doing that accent I'm actually4736.064.179
uh yeah just kind of setting up the base4738.623.3
I got a little bed got a bunch of4740.2394.5
storage this is looking great and then4741.924.08
uh I got some pictures here I've been4744.7393.661
wanting to put up let's see here put4746.03.96
this one down4748.44.08
let's see yep there we go that's that my4749.964.199
sister's stupid cat4752.484.739
okay yep and then this is actually uh4754.1594.981
this is actually neat uh my sister was4757.2194.621
working on a concept I found out4759.147.28
for this it's called a spy pingling4761.846.359
yeah it looks like one of the little4766.424.14
no I'm fine if I don't need a picture4774.084.2
you okay today I got a goal and that is4775.825.16
C truck is it light out it is light out4778.286.24
okay mobile vehicle play right here what4780.986.36
do I need to make a c truck baby4784.525.159
let's see can we help you out there yeah4787.346.379
if you want to or I can pin the recipe4789.6794.04
Advanced wiring kit yep titanium Inglot4794.486.6
glass lead Power Cell all right Power4797.05.58
Cell let me go see if I can make a power4801.083.659
cell how do you make a power cell tell4802.584.38
me that okay yeah4804.7393.841
now now you're working4806.963.9
thank you you decided to talk this time4808.585.36
you stupid [ __ ]4810.863.08
I always mess this word up silicone or4815.36.0
silicon silicone silicon4818.365.22
silicon silicon valleys you ever say4821.34.939
Silicone Valley4823.582.659
Silicon Valley4830.063.599
did you throw it all together silicon4831.863.72
I'm a fast talker names yeah that's what4833.6593.961
you're doing4835.585.9
you know yeah Silicon Valley4837.623.86
yep that's it two4842.364.26
two and then that's it huh two batteries4844.44.44
two batteries all right we should go to4846.624.98
electronics one power cell all right and4848.846.0
then I saw three lead I have some lead4851.66.48
people both all right three late power4854.844.56
cell I like the little top rights4858.083.3
turning green then we need what glass I4859.43.18
need to know how to make an advanced4861.383.24
wiring kit in the meantime I'll get some4862.584.26
glass which I have find me an advanced4864.624.02
wiring kit I'm on it man4866.844.319
titanium Ingot I'm working on that right4868.646.36
now yep got the titanium ingot4871.1596.56
okay and4875.02.719
computer chip computer chips uh help me4878.1794.201
out hey I know cable coil samples are4880.343.74
involved I got those4882.382.94
go let's see look at that look at this4885.325.64
man I'm glad I went out and collect4889.064.54
resources all right that's it that4890.964.92
should be what I need damn it4893.63.9
tell me what I need to make a computer4895.883.299
wiring kit that should access the4899.1795.101
advanced wiring kit with the wiring kick4902.123.539
computer chip4904.284.379
knees let's go make a c truck let's do4905.6594.261
put my picture in it hell no4909.923.86
all right using the vehicle Bay4914.267.439
and Bam4918.2193.48
here we go4921.885.16
come on4930.345.56
oh it's looking great color is it white4933.385.76
yeah we got us a sea truck4935.95.779
come on buddy4939.142.539
oh yeah oh feels good too all right let4941.965.3
me run around a minute4945.324.74
yes driving4947.266.64
see got some lights all right this is4950.065.58
great we got a good source of oxygen it4953.93.42
looks like we can only go 150 meters4955.644.26
deep okay that'll let us go down far and4957.324.14
yeah be able to like jump back in this4959.93.66
thing when we need air I love it and4961.464.02
speaking of going down far why waste any4963.564.02
time have I got water on me I got a4965.483.12
little bit of water I got a little bit4967.582.69
of food let's do it4968.64.759
yep yep yep we've already reached4979.6597.201
maximum depth needs okay so okay4981.865.0
God so yeah we need to make a uh what a4987.084.32
depth module I kind of remember how that4989.363.24
worked because this operates very4991.43.42
similar to the uh what was the other4992.65.119
thing the C moth4994.822.899
truck all right but hey we got a high4997.944.5
capacity oxygen tank we got that up5000.1594.621
there I wanted to check down here5002.445.1
because I found some sea truck5004.785.399
uh pdas down here I want to see if down5007.544.38
here there are any sea truck fragments5010.1792.821
laying around5011.923.9
okay but we are deep keep an eye on my5013.05.219
oxygen oh God is this stupid is this a5015.824.98
little too far to go probably5018.2195.581
you do a lot of stupid things oh5020.84.98
hey good news though this little oxygen5023.84.939
plants down here5025.782.959
okay okay give me this5037.6794.321
okay I got I got sucked in by a thing5042.14.98
uh-huh oh God I'm hurt I have a health5044.464.12
pack I did not bring any health packs5047.084.079
I'm an idiot I'm an idiot5048.584.2
get back the [ __ ] at it5051.1593.901
yeah yeah I've made a dumb decision I've5052.784.68
made a damn dumb decision5055.064.56
yeah like a plant grab reached out and5057.463.6
grabbed my arm just pulled me to it and5059.624.2
tried to [ __ ] eat me names5061.065.639
they're called the plant Seymour5063.826.72
suddenly say more what is this what are5066.6995.881
you not saying that right5070.544.26
Suddenly Seymour no I've never heard of5072.583.78
musical with the plant what Little Shop5076.365.22
of Horrors no I've never seen it never5079.364.64
seen Little Shop of Horrors5081.584.92
what do we need to make a damn upgrade5084.05.32
for the depth on the sea truck5086.56.199
s probably a module yeah5089.323.379
all right looking it up here looks like5096.523.96
you want to do this in the fabricator5098.864.08
we're gonna need a plast deal Ingot oh5100.486.66
God last deal ingot plastille5102.944.2
glass uh enameled glass all right you're5107.563.9
gonna have to remind me how to make some5110.322.399
of this stuff let me make sure I can5111.464.62
make it all right plastille Ingot is a5112.7195.701
titanium Ingot and two lithium all right5116.086.02
I'm pinning that are you ready5118.423.68
for glass and normal glasses like glass5122.143.66
lead and diamond oh boy gotta find5123.883.06
all right well I guess we're going on an5126.942.99
adventure neebs5128.9211.34
he made it oh yeah he crushed yeah I5142.864.78
think that was like Superman three right5145.783.78
yeah now there's a new show where5147.644.019
Superman lost his job remember that yeah5149.563.659
I think uh I think I know what you're5151.6594.201
talking about he lost his job5153.2195.881
I know his Club can't do yeah but like5155.864.98
you're Superman right you got skills5159.13.36
with nobody else has yeah now that the5160.842.879
whole the whole concept is Hackney5162.463.239
didn't it he could just go out5163.7193.721
or get a bag of charcoal and make a5165.6993.54
bunch of diamonds and give them to Clark5167.443.36
Kent wink wink yeah you're not wrong5169.2394.261
you're not wrong Superman's an idiot5170.85.1
uh-huh uh-huh I'm gonna stay away from5173.54.52
I hear you oh God sorry peeper5179.1397.461
whoa whoa whoa what are you you you5181.94.7
it's like a lobster pounding dirt and5187.065.84
eating it5190.32.6
oh god5193.55.08
oh [ __ ] okay yep that's that's a big5195.545.619
thing uh took a little hit there oh God5198.585.639
do I have a repair tools sea truck's5201.1596.241
already 86 help okay5204.2195.581
Lobster do I care about a lobster no5207.44.44
about hunting for Diamond do you have5209.83.56
air tool5211.844.14
I don't think I do we should make that a5213.364.0
priority yeah it probably should be a5215.983.42
priority next yep repair tool coming5217.364.339
any depth I don't see any depth looks5222.1595.761
like might be some over there all right5225.1595.701
see truck come on speaking of death did5227.924.259
you know well I saw this you know5230.863.06
sometimes I'm5232.1794.441
is up of like uh5233.926.42
Robert Downey Jr's windmill house5236.625.519
you ever seen something like that uh no5240.344.02
I guess he and his wife bought like a5242.1393.721
windmill made a household of probably5244.364.02
one of many houses I would assume5245.864.44
Johnny Depp has a whole village in5248.383.299
France or at least he did I think he5250.33.66
sold it bought a village yeah it's like5251.6794.321
an old village okay he's made it his5253.964.5
compound cool all right cool yeah it is5256.05.219
cool but uh real quick I have found5258.465.0
found a hole5261.2195.721
oh shut up5263.463.48
hold on hold on hold on I found5268.064.28
something neebs5269.6792.661
tell us more than just an artifact5273.44.259
it will help when you follow the traces5275.7394.801
my people left on this planet oh goody5277.6595.721
goody that's great5280.542.84
what no [ __ ] if you5285.523.8
oh so I just need to scour the entire5293.623.72
ocean for alien parts that's perfect5295.484.739
that's just what I wanted to [ __ ] do5297.345.58
so apparently I scanned this alien5300.2194.261
artifact names5302.923.54
I guess uh Alan can use that to start5304.483.48
figuring out who the hell he is and how5306.463.3
the hell to get him a body oh wait5307.963.239
the alien inside my brain that's right5311.1994.201
yeah okay yeah do you forget that5312.884.68
yeah you can't you're keeping uh your5315.43.66
mind that [ __ ] about Johnny Depp's house5317.562.82
but oh yeah5319.063.48
400 after he has nail in his brain we'll5320.384.2
just throw that out5322.546.98
you command yeah oh baby baby baby5324.584.94
six race change yeah you could have5337.05.04
bought a little village what the [ __ ] am5340.2393.48
I gonna do with a village5342.043.599
the house ever if you don't want to I5343.7193.601
like leaving the house I like going out5345.6393.301
and doing [ __ ] what the [ __ ] am I gonna5347.323.66
do with a village I'm just saying5348.945.18
I'm just saying it's calling me what5350.983.14
pretty [ __ ] poorly Alan5355.4812.56
you don't need anymore which pod when5368.045.26
you're in now oh uh well I think5371.023.659
eventually we might make a bigger base5373.33.3
and I'm just gonna transfer all the [ __ ]5374.6793.601
here to the bigger base I mean like5376.63.84
after after oh after I'll leave it here5378.285.04
I don't give a [ __ ] ready where the [ __ ]5380.445.34
are we gonna bring it to Airbnb to a5383.323.72
cold ass all right tell you what if you5385.783.84
want to Airbnb this you can5387.044.44
I'll start working out this place sucks5389.624.14
it's cold [ __ ] grabs you and tries to5391.485.6
eat you nobody wants to stay here5393.766.12
this place is a damn [ __ ] can you5397.084.119
get some pictures for me I want to put5399.883.42
this together your damn pictures let me5401.1994.621
take a nice pictures decent Scenic5403.34.08
Overlook but yeah I would never5405.824.399
recommend this place5407.382.839
all right go and find lithium okay5412.1794.46
all right what are you what are you5424.026.52
in the daytime now Rock puncher he needs5427.424.92
I'm scanning uh info on this guy he's5430.543.659
called a rock puncher5432.343.48
be careful yeah he seems like okay no5434.1994.081
okay no he is not cool5435.824.02
he is cool I've heard these like5438.284.439
underwater creatures that punch things5439.845.24
you ever see that movie with Jamie Foxx5442.7195.401
no was it power power or something he5445.084.24
was in an underwater movie where he5448.122.34
punched things give me this all right5449.322.52
sweet got some more lead that's good5450.462.58
what are you digging up is it something5451.845.76
I can use give it to me no no okay weird5453.046.179
little bastard he wasn't underwater5457.63.36
everybody that was appeals everybody5459.2193.121
took pills they got different powers5460.964.16
really never saw that one okay5466.064.52
okay let's see can I find lithium5471.765.76
you like uh Lobster5478.544.8
ah you know it's okay I prefer a crab5481.2393.601
and names I found a pretty cool area5483.343.839
over here5484.844.379
lithium bite oh5487.1794.741
it's cool about it well it's like it's5489.2195.46
coral and it's got uh it's like5491.925.219
there's like some thermal [ __ ] going on5494.6793.901
it's like pumping out heat okay5498.584.139
one spot oh maybe I can set up a base5501.343.78
over here it's kind of flat too all5502.7195.761
right lithium where you at right above5505.127.7
well one out of two okay5508.484.34
kinda kind of noisy though5514.964.679
it's making all that noise well5517.544.56
I think these uh these Coral vents are5519.6394.201
kind of popping off oh Crystal sulfur5522.15.36
that's good I bet if you've moved5523.843.62
holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] that's a biggie5532.027.6
oh god names5535.66.9
real biggie5539.626.48
big sea creature like gigantic okay you5542.55.76
remember the Reapers from the uh right5546.14.86
the left oh God oh God5548.265.82
come near me stay over there5550.965.58
no it's not a Reaper I've never seen5554.085.52
this one before but it is huge5556.545.159
okay I like this place I was like oh5559.64.98
I'll build a base out here [ __ ] that5561.6995.281
with that guy swimming around5564.584.32
okay like a whale shark or something5566.983.0
this uh5568.93.72
gentle men5569.984.8
oh did I hear a crash free oh yeah look5572.623.0
at you5574.783.06
I see you in there little bastard no5575.625.059
don't even do it5577.846.839
yeah the crash fish I hate him5580.6796.421
well you're at his house5584.67914.661
little [ __ ] okay so we got the lithium5599.345.379
we can make a plastille Ingot we've got5602.564.2
all the stuff to make enamel glass5604.7196.201
uh-huh we're gonna make us a dip module5606.767.2
oh I'm not scared of you anymore I'm not5610.924.84
scared of you I'm in my I'm in the5613.963.36
future okay okay I'm going I'm going I'm5615.763.12
going I'm a little scared of you stop5617.323.48
stop stop stop stop stop Jesus Christ5618.884.38
Jesus Christ is to you stop it stop it5620.85.76
oh God oh God oh [ __ ] what happens when5623.265.28
you tease the wildlife well I remember5626.563.42
this guy's bigger than me I'm not gonna5628.543.3
tease that guy I am going to tease the5629.984.28
damn crash fish because they suck5631.845.489
and Bam5639.065.56
I got the flash delete uh-huh yeah I got5641.84.5
a Plastering it enamel glass why why5644.623.78
aren't you letting me make this5646.34.26
oh I have5648.44.14
what'd you do I haven't made the plastic5650.563.78
oh you're talking about the materials5652.545.76
I'm dumb I'm dumb that's that's it5654.347.98
geez there we go like damn death depth5658.35.58
upgrade they were like try to put your5662.323.06
uh I don't know your milk or something5663.883.44
in the cupboard5665.384.44
milk in the cupboard no they're supposed5667.323.7
to go in the fridge you're like oh wait5669.823.24
about put that in the cabinets never5671.023.84
done that one I mean I've done a lot of5673.064.44
them dumb stuff though okay so now let's5674.864.92
see access upgrades looks like we can5677.55.04
have four upgrades5679.785.459
so boom okay5682.545.46
okay cool for sure we got it we could go5685.2395.581
300 meters now 300 now do they go deeper5688.04.139
than that5690.824.74
um yeah I would imagine now let's see5692.1395.821
okay blueprints let me get this [ __ ] off5695.565.34
my screen yeah you're gone you're gone5697.965.34
all right now we can go deeper let me5700.93.96
grab a little bit of food a little bit5703.34.439
of water and we are going deeper we're5704.863.72
deeper come here bladder fish you were5708.584.76
gonna be water5710.862.48
found another module I think you should5720.523.9
um sleeper module it comes with a bed a5724.425.1
juice box and a picture frame and that5727.05.3
picture I just sent you of me okay5729.525.28
okay yeah I don't really want to sleep5732.34.18
in the truck I although I guess I could5734.86.0
all right hey good news we are deeper5736.487.86
oh boy names this place is all sorts of5740.84.62
oh God what are you what are you what5745.424.38
are you what are you see something big5747.14.44
like lots of things are big5751.545.699
and we just hit maximum death5754.384.68
okay oh God5757.2396.261
babes this is like a squid shark5759.064.44
that sounds crazy yeah it looks kind of5763.844.02
like a shark but it like it's back in5766.04.08
looks like a squid huh5767.865.4
weird I wonder if it inks it's Inky oh I5770.084.86
don't know I don't know but I see5773.264.82
something over there near it5774.943.14
I'm looking for seed truck parts5781.783.66
oh really5783.883.0
to do what5785.445.6
to expand the sea truck to do modules5786.884.16
no we're not doing the sleeper damn5791.6792.341
thing hold on let me see what this is5792.883.0
[ __ ]5794.024.5
yes storage model module fragments oh5795.885.16
you want to do storage5798.525.28
okay you gotta tell me this stuff I5801.043.96
didn't know where we're working we say5803.85.18
oh [ __ ] oh God oh God oh God5805.05.52
[ __ ]5808.983.58
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] yep just got attack my5810.524.32
giant [ __ ] squid squid shark oh yeah5812.565.28
giant squid shark just tried to nip me5814.845.899
all right see I don't know5817.842.899
I don't know how to we just died damn it5822.883.54
I didn't make any more batteries5824.264.56
you gotta talk to me I'm the brains in5826.424.319
this operation yeah you might be yeah5828.823.48
all right we're going to stay away from5832.32.879
the squid shark but I do want to search5833.7393.241
this area more if there's one fragment5835.1794.581
there might be more5836.982.78
okay see more Diamond great5846.044.4
wasn't it I don't know5852.06.28
you seem very theater no you yeah okay I5855.2195.46
see you like wait5858.284.5
shift around your neck clogging no no no5860.6794.56
no that is not me at all yeah I was a5862.783.959
theater kid but I didn't I didn't go5865.2393.121
that far with it okay5866.7393.781
were you in Oklahoma I see you as like a5868.364.26
lead in Oklahoma no I was in Meet Me In5870.524.4
St Louis5872.622.3
I heard of that of course they have you5875.023.9
jackass how's it going5876.764.5
God I barely remember I remember the5878.923.9
musical no I don't think it was a5881.263.919
I'm sorry it didn't go like that I don't5885.283.06
think that was a musical I was in a5886.783.899
Cinderella musical oh really I think5888.344.92
yeah was that wasn't amazing it was made5890.6795.361
into a musical5893.262.78
I don't remember5897.283.72
I was also in Scrooge there was or I was5898.93.72
there was a scrooge musical I was in5901.03.48
no it wasn't Tiny Tim I was like a5904.485.0
village person5906.882.6
oh [ __ ] oh god oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]5910.96.42
uh get off me Jesus Christ all right big5913.7195.041
squid monster all right we're getting5917.324.08
the [ __ ] out of here we ought to oh God5918.765.1
I really want these C module upgrades5921.44.739
okay coming up going up going up you5923.864.26
played Marley and Marley and Me No not5926.1393.961
Marley and Me damn it screwed dog you5928.123.48
played a dog no it wasn't a dog it was5930.14.139
Scrooge Marley you know scroogey's like5931.64.32
what was his business partner oh yeah5934.2393.261
Marley you know yeah5935.924.98
Scrooge I'm Marley yeah this is what5937.55.08
you'll end up with if you continue on5940.94.86
your path that's a pretty big role not5942.584.38
really I mean it just shows up in the5945.762.76
bedroom one night doesn't he yeah but5946.964.44
you got lines oh yeah headlines nailed5948.524.619
it too5951.43.49
battery repair tool names that's what5959.563.599
you can do how do I build a repair tool5961.6595.701
oh repair tool standby knees is on it5963.1596.801
okay in the meantime I need to make sure5967.366.779
the location of an important artifact5969.966.34
I will share its coordinates so you can5974.1393.121
look into5976.33.419
it okay cool5977.265.82
signal location uploaded to PDA babes5979.7195.641
Allen just shared the location of an5983.084.079
ancient alien artifact5985.363.9
so we got that going for us too you guys5987.1593.601
are really buddy buddy now aren't you5989.265.12
yeah we're having all kinds of fun5990.763.62
copper I believe copy copy copper yeah I5994.485.9
got plenty of copper that's near Copper5998.1394.621
is that what they named oh no wait it's6000.384.66
because they're cops wait what came6002.764.56
first police or cops probably police6005.044.92
yeah yeah that's a good question how do6007.324.74
they get become be called cops look that6009.964.5
up I bet you police had a lot of pennies6012.064.5
and pennies why don't you just look it6014.463.48
up I mean this is information we can6016.562.88
like where did the word cops come from6017.942.64
sometimes I like just to think what6019.443.12
makes sense go with that yeah all right6020.584.079
so you think because police6022.564.92
have pennies pennies they call them cops6024.6595.961
they call them cop they called6027.483.14
them were the badges made of cop copper6033.124.14
by chance that's a possibility too yeah6035.14.559
copper badges yeah listen if we could6037.264.379
speculate I speculate all day6039.6593.901
maybe they enjoyed copper dildos in6041.6394.221
their ass6043.562.3
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah that's nice here6048.97.98
we go you're on the up and up okay and6052.087.22
then get a little6056.886.0
new battery all right see trucks back at6059.38.08
100 any word on Cops uh so far all these6062.885.94
answers are crap when they keep looking6067.383.12
yeah a little bit more stuff gonna store6068.823.24
my diamond we're going back to that6070.53.42
place or should we you know what let's6072.064.139
go for that ancient alien artifact that6073.924.4
sounds cool6076.1999.801
I'm looking up stuff I don't like the6086.05.38
answer I like what we what we have okay6088.324.74
our speculative answer is better than6091.382.88
the real answer what's the real answer6093.065.119
just saying like the term cop6094.263.919
derived from the word catch6101.764.8
it's dumb let's go with copper bad6104.523.96
badges yeah they had copper badges we're6106.563.42
calling them cops man all right well how6108.484.699
the hell am I supposed to get down there6109.983.199
leave me alone leave me alone leave me6114.33.18
alone here we go6115.983.239
as we head over here6117.484.199
oh yeah see some thermal activity Yep6119.2193.721
this one actually looks big enough for6121.6793.121
the sea truck memes all right perfect6122.944.5
okay all right glad I brought a repair6124.85.06
oh god oh6130.263.02
push me into a damn here we go here we6135.6596.681
go here we go here we go here we go okay6138.363.98
oh boy this is a twisty maze6143.1597.941
okay but hey artifacts down there6146.6994.401
boys what's up thermal vents is popping6151.7396.141
off like crazy6155.12.78
hey yeah6160.444.799
hold off we just found it but I just6162.425.1
found uh a base6165.2393.42
oh really a human base human base6168.6594.52
there's a symbol here on the door looks6173.884.68
like a cue Cubase okay anything in your6175.54.56
files about Cubase6178.563.3
I don't even know if it is q that well6180.063.96
that might be uh God what's it what's6181.863.9
the sigma Deltas what is all that stuff6184.023.3
the uh6187.323.6
like Greek alphabet kind of thing yeah6188.763.54
might be those6190.922.819
all right but I'm taking the C truck6192.32.58
I bet there's some good [ __ ] to scan in6194.884.859
here hold on it's not called Kappa is it6196.445.279
maybe something what a crazy day it'd be6199.7394.141
that that would be wild that would be a6201.7195.241
an insane coincidence6203.883.08
right like B all right hopping out6212.2195.341
what are you are you worth something6215.945.779
thermal plant fragment hell yeah6217.564.159
that's sweet get a base and power it6223.084.76
with thermal energy6225.2394.701
oh sweet I bet these are going to be6229.946.239
used to build something handy rubies6232.323.859
no where when we haven't talked about6238.564.619
Wizard of Oz at all I mean most theater6241.7393.301
kids have done with6243.1793.301
Wizards I've never did Wizard of Oz6245.044.44
thank God I think you'd make good let's6246.484.739
see I'd probably catched you as the Tin6249.485.1
Man why is that I don't know stop stop6251.2195.96
leave me alone6254.582.599
prawn soup fragment names add a boy6257.2193.96
we're gonna need one of those all right6259.263.899
let's say I'm the director okay you get6261.1793.841
to pick you want to be 10 man or6263.1594.261
scarecrow Cowardly Lion I can't be the6265.024.08
lion no I don't see you as the lion I6267.423.0
like the lion though6269.13.119
I can do a good lion6270.422.9
let's hear it6272.2196.181
come on let me play the damn line I can6278.43.9
do the lion we'll see let me see all the6280.1394.58
nail that [ __ ] lion6291.03.199
that's pretty good6294.8420.96
yeah oh feed me something good feed me6317.7196.42
something good6321.422.719
Gator room new blueprint synthesized the6325.385.94
[ __ ] is a skater room my old base didn't6328.924.199
have a scanner room you're getting a6331.323.72
scanner room all right I'm gonna suck on6333.1193.301
you later I'm gonna come down here oh6335.043.659
please please please name check this out6336.423.84
I think this might be the last prawn6340.264.02
suit fragment We need oh yeah6341.946.42
oh oh yeah yeah yeah did you scan two of6344.286.06
them or three or how many well I scanned6348.363.54
a couple at that other base and now I6350.344.08
got these oh wow so yeah we can build us6351.95.7
a prawn suit okay man like that's an6354.425.66
early find6357.62.48
the scanner room goes on your seabase6360.65.72
right uh yeah I think that's the idea6362.826.18
okay that's super handy we might have to6366.324.899
make one of those at some point oh wait6369.05.159
controllable uh camera drones as well6371.2195.701
what you're excited about it now aren't6374.1594.98
you kind of that's cool oh hey this6376.923.779
ancient artifact is actually really6379.1392.52
all right Alan6381.6594.08
show me what you got6383.763.959
did we decide if it was Ellen or Allen6385.7394.98
uh it's Allen he told me well he said6387.7195.121
Allen and what6394.6795.721
Ally Allen stay down6396.926.88
with reassuring and unsettling to6400.45.319
ReDiscover this site after being in6403.85.16
storage for so long my connection to the6405.7196.781
network grows stronger however slightly6408.965.94
I hope you will continue to search for6412.54.38
more of these6414.95.16
okay yeah you're welcome Alan new6416.885.22
technology acquired just acquired a6420.063.119
blueprint from something called a6422.12.76
Quantum Locker6423.1794.081
it's a Quantum Locker like sometimes6424.864.98
Quantum things can exist anywhere oh so6427.264.56
it's a locker that can exist in two6429.844.379
places maybe or transfer your [ __ ]6431.823.96
sounds like it oh that'd be handy you6434.2193.0
could have two bases just loaded with6435.782.879
Quantum lockers oh you know what6437.2193.781
speaking of uh if we could get a quantum6438.6594.201
Locker in the in the old place that6441.03.119
we're gonna Airbnb We're Not Gonna6442.863.0
Airbnb we can raise the prices not get6444.1193.481
Airbnb in the place I've already made a6445.864.02
mock-up you want to see it no I'm6447.64.139
sitting it over don't don't suit Jesus6449.884.259
Christ really what are you saying decent6451.7395.101
Scenic overview I mean overlooked that's6454.1394.441
the well you know the marketing guy in6456.843.66
me goes no way decent Scenic Overlook6458.583.539
they read that and they go oh wait I6460.54.52
want to see yes6462.1192.901
so this whole base just looks like a6471.483.12
mining site like they're just mining the6472.983.6
ship at a titanium does that mean it's6474.63.72
empty nothing for you well I mean we6476.583.659
found the artifact and then we found6478.324.08
that scanner room so you know not a6480.2393.841
complete loss I guess I got to figure6482.42.819
out how to get the [ __ ] out of here6484.083.42
where's my map oh6485.2194.381
looks like I can go straight up6487.53.92
I'll see you truck up here6489.66.34
okay okay okay way out6491.4210.44
thank you6501.864.339
welcome aboard Captain thank you thank6506.2194.621
you enjoy and your decent Scenic6508.565.4
Overlook in this one bedroom one6510.845.64
bathroom no no we're not renting this6513.966.199
out as an Airbnb it's a terrible idea6516.483.679
it allows you to rent your car out6520.6194.681
really so you leave the sea truck there6523.024.44
No No One's Gonna rent the damn seat6525.34.439
truck the people that get the cabin are6527.463.42
going to want to go check out this6529.7392.821
decent Scenic overlay I think they're6530.884.14
going to rent the seats I mean maybe you6532.563.599
know what I'm going to try this cooked6535.024.38
feather fish let's see sounds gross it's6536.1595.901
got feathers in it cooked feather fish6539.46.48
yep don't like that at all cook triops a6542.066.159
bottom feeder tastes like it6545.884.799
yep I'm gonna stick with my paper eat6548.2195.341
paper all damn day Okay Sea truck6550.6795.94
modules let's do it see drug app run it6553.567.159
today no whatever written the DMC truck6556.6194.1
that's cool song I like that was that6596.6593.761
ludicrous I thought that was Outcast oh6598.923.66
god oh wait there you are6600.424.68
is that the same thing no ludicrous and6602.584.46
what's the guy's name he's got like a6607.045.44
number in his name he's an outcast I6609.485.94
forgot Andre 3000 that's it yep Hey6612.484.739
There Goes brain working sometimes all6615.423.239
right all right all right all right all6617.2193.241
right all right all right don't come at6618.6593.781
me don't come at me don't come at me6620.463.6
don't come at me okay yeah go after that6622.443.9
fish Jesus Christ6624.065.88
oh I kind of hate it down here neebs uh6626.345.58
It's gotta be done I guess right uh yeah6629.944.08
because I really want those modules and6631.924.68
I know if I found the one there's gotta6634.024.02
be more6636.63.599
one and you need one oh God oh God oh6638.043.36
I got deep6641.43.839
okay I got two D I got too deep okay oh6642.6595.781
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh6645.2393.201
oh God oh God6652.283.899
you good leave me alone oh sea truck's6656.6994.801
at 36 percent6660.04.619
prepare it going to6661.54.98
oh please don't eat me please don't eat6664.6193.54
me there's a squid monster down here6666.485.239
really wish there wasn't neebs6668.1593.56
no I I won't I don't have fond memories6673.045.579
of the worms6676.022.599
no Squidward6680.824.44
uh yeah we can't take it this deep we're6682.824.06
below 300 meters6685.262.82
are you6686.882.88
okay nope everything but you want to6688.083.9
make fabricator module [ __ ] yeah come on6689.764.939
come on come on6691.982.719
[ __ ] but I think yeah we can make it6697.85.78
storage module6699.923.66
uh that's two or three oh I see some6703.984.739
more oh come on baby6706.384.14
come on baby6708.7195.301
[ __ ] this might be the last one6710.523.5
storage module all right oh man I found6715.864.08
the battery oh I'd love to find a6718.324.44
fabricator module as well6719.944.98
the fabricator6722.763.78
right so it's like oh I don't have to go6724.923.12
back to base we're just building the sea6726.544.56
truck right here yeah I'll just build it6728.045.22
yeah convenient as [ __ ] right plus we6731.15.599
could probably get more on turo for it6733.263.439
can't help but notice your health6737.543.94
now you're not taking care of yourself6740.523.06
I'm taking care of myself I'm just6741.483.84
trying not to die6743.584.68
how many hours you sleep God6745.326.66
oh [ __ ] oh what the hell needs are dead6748.265.16
in the water6751.983.659
oh wait you're coming back oh God this6753.423.719
thing can like hit it has like an6755.6393.5
electric pulse it's like a6757.1395.241
fish okay6759.1393.241
stop stop6762.923.6
Jesus Jesus6766.944.719
[ __ ] off [ __ ] up you know you can't go6769.1593.941
you don't want to go this High come on6771.6593.861
[ __ ] off6773.15.639
all right yeah I think so just giant6775.527.0
squid sharks chasing me you know Mondays6778.7396.191
I don't even know if it's Monday6782.524.5
you think I see something leaves6787.024.44
all right going for it leave the sea6789.423.96
truck up here oh you know what I like to6791.464.08
leave the sea truck lights on so I can6793.385.66
actually see it in the dark yeah6795.543.5
yeah really really you're right there6801.425.52
same damn thing okay yeah oh I really6804.364.2
want to go over there come on you [ __ ]6806.944.34
off [ __ ] off6808.562.72
the fabricator module fragment oh6815.366.52
all right that's two out of three that's6819.785.359
two out of three neebs okay6821.883.259
okay with a very very good question I6831.6596.321
don't know oh God you oh God I mean6834.363.62
you gonna make it oh God now I'm6844.15.26
disoriented where am I who am I what's6847.564.159
going on6849.362.359
leave me alone leave me alone6853.6394.361
yeah get caught right there get caught6856.263.959
right there you dumb [ __ ]6858.04.76
over there6860.2192.541
God damn it God damn it get off me stop6863.826.02
I need help I need help6871.383.319
I gotta take the damn thing take it6878.2194.741
don't just there you go [ __ ]6880.084.38
you can't just throw the health out in6882.964.219
the water and be better6884.462.719
when fish can't get the bin really yeah6891.64.2
interesting I don't know what kind of6894.064.26
fish this is uh6895.84.22
the condition called6898.324.919
barotrauma which divers know as the bins6900.025.619
I won't bore you with the details yeah6903.2393.9
I'm kind of uh kind of focusing right6905.6393.921
now neebs6907.1396.121
okay you're gonna stay over there right6909.566.48
yeah no you're not are you oh God6913.266.2
get out the truck6916.043.42
I go in circles all day Bubba6920.6394.04
[ __ ] [ __ ] I hate this [ __ ]6928.2196.161
yeah ran okay you're going to face this6931.564.32
thing eventually okay I see something6934.382.88
down there6935.883.54
okay you stay over there let's go let's6937.264.32
go please be what I need please be what6939.424.5
I need fabricator fabricator module6941.585.119
damn it I got that one I know6947.284.879
is that something oh couple things6955.863.42
Dave's come on one of these has got to6957.93.48
be a storage module already got come on6959.285.66
come on fabricator module yeah6961.383.56
all right let's get the [ __ ] out of here6967.445.06
see trucks right over there6969.1793.321
okay where's the squid monster6972.94.64
squid monster6975.65.0
are you ready6977.545.619
okay there he is oh right in between me6980.64.059
and the Sea trucks right below all right6983.1593.181
I'm going straight up and over6984.6593.601
straight up and over straight up and6986.344.1
dumb [ __ ] got you dumb stupid [ __ ]6990.848.339
popping in the sea Truck Yeah6994.564.619
[ __ ] yourself buddy6999.2393.141
all right7006.823.0
you can catch me I'm in a sea truck oh7010.1594.861
yeah am I too fast for you he nipping me7013.045.179
all day Bubba what'd I say7015.023.199
I'm not scared of these guys anymore I'm7018.262.879
gonna Ram it yeah7019.6992.821
you don't not tell them things just7021.1393.0
because you're not scared hey how do you7022.526.119
like it run your ass over boom Oh [ __ ]7024.1397.52
killed his ass7028.6395.341
over don't mess that up we're gonna try7031.6595.261
to rent it later what are you you little7033.984.38
you're gonna send you some information7038.364.259
on this toothy little [ __ ] okay7039.7398.46
this is a a brute shark got it yeah a7042.6197.5
dead root shark oh let me look into your7048.1994.761
dead ass eyes7050.1192.841
wow actually I wonder that would be good7053.064.679
yeah too big to drag back to the base7055.762.879
not the base storage facility we need to7058.6394.801
make a base at some point right now7061.286.74
we're making some fabricator modules7063.444.58
pushing around a musical7069.266.68
last deal he gets oh need lots of plant7077.94.56
steel ingots lead computer chip okay7080.1194.02
class dealing it's I think is going to7082.463.36
be the biggest [ __ ] potentially LED7084.1394.261
might have to go out gather resources7085.823.899
okay but we can do that we're dead7088.43.06
professionals we'll take inventory see7089.7194.221
what we've got7091.462.48
our Broadway show title no it is not our7094.044.5
Broadway show title good Lord if you7096.383.62
want diamonds7098.544.199
okay I'll sleep sleep fluid intake give7100.05.88
me a second damn it working7102.7393.141
should I make a skater room hell skater7107.964.62
bro skater remember I found the7110.5994.261
blueprint for the scanner room7112.584.079
skater skater7114.863.9
scanner yeah go for it why not why not7116.6594.681
let's do it we got time yeah scan a room7118.764.02
scanner room where the [ __ ] am I gonna7121.345.18
put it I'm put on Airbnb7122.783.74
oh oh I think I found a spot neebs you7126.6793.54
gotta do attach7128.964.259
this kind of room will allow you to7138.023.719
survey the surrounding region for7140.1794.261
fragments and material resources like7141.7394.92
lithium or copper7144.445.159
or titanium which uh which were we7146.6595.301
looking for uh7149.5995.04
lithium right that's your big thing yeah7151.966.219
so oh wow so it's a full-on like 3D map7154.6396.54
of the place okay now how would you like7158.1796.181
pick lithium and look for so I would7161.1795.94
imagine there's probably lithium7164.365.52
is there no damn lithium here7167.1195.401
let's say lithium or lead I'm pretty7169.884.799
sure I heard her say lithium I thought I7172.523.96
heard the [ __ ] say lithium too what is7174.6793.661
applicator upgrades7178.345.22
skater room a magnetite scanner room7180.6197.141
speed upgrades Skinner HUD chips7183.565.88
camera drone7187.763.419
range upgrade7189.444.08
yeah I can't not see any lithium yeah7191.1794.741
the [ __ ] did say lithium right7193.524.26
I thought I heard lithium I don't see7195.923.42
any [ __ ] lithium is there just none7197.784.14
near me is that why it's doing this uh7199.344.859
maybe oh God sure right choose something7201.923.719
here no here's what I'm doing I'm7204.1992.52
breaking this [ __ ] down I'm building7205.6393.48
this [ __ ] somewhere else yeah yep7206.7193.661
that's what I'm doing leave it where7209.1194.731
it's at nope it's coming with me7210.386.529
put it somewhere nice because location7220.44.5
location on Airbnb yeah well if we end7222.564.22
up hating it we can move it all right7224.93.9
here we go7226.784.6
here we go oh yeah oh yeah you're gonna7228.85.359
be much better right here7231.386.299
you got it right okay and then if I can7234.1594.801
build a hatch7237.6795.661
stick the hatch right on there7238.964.38
do I not have the [ __ ] do I need a7244.344.56
little bit of quartz and titanium7246.325.279
why we need storage modules needs oh7248.95.52
wait lithium right here look at this let7251.5994.02
me get some quartz and titanium real7254.424.86
quick oh hey look lithium7255.6196.421
I know lithium it's right over here you7259.284.14
don't even need the scanner I know I7262.044.5
don't know oh hey big guy wow oh [ __ ]7263.425.34
holy [ __ ] I don't like you at all7266.545.78
and I see some lithium over here7268.763.56
we'll get this lithium7273.823.72
I don't know7277.6995.161
oh he's a big [ __ ] he kind of looks7279.6194.801
like he has like the back of a swordfish7282.864.04
yeah kind of like a spiky back oh like7286.94.36
the fan7290.33.24
hey Bubba is that what you mean by spiky7291.265.939
back yeah I got my sail yeah hey I see7293.545.28
you down there I'm not getting in your7297.1996.02
way a spinos over my half yeah7298.827.02
I can't find titanium usually can find7303.2194.48
titanium any damn wheres the one place7305.843.72
it's like nope there's no titanium here7307.6994.221
for you7309.562.36
okay so we'll just get a little careful7312.7394.701
I'm sure it's facing the South7318.924.319
I heard it power up7323.2395.9
yo oh yeah7325.583.559
okay now what are we looking for [ __ ]7331.6997.281
I can scan that big fish I saw yeah7335.07.02
cheliserate it scans animals too huh I7338.987.659
guess data box oh that's cool okay so7342.026.78
heat area wow this thing scans a bunch7346.6393.48
of stuff yeah I just guess you have to7348.83.299
be close to it gotcha all right that7350.1194.08
might come in handy so what if I boom7352.0993.421
click lithium7354.1994.5
all right scan me some lithium7355.525.699
oh all right it shows up yeah it shows7358.6994.621
up here on the map does it update to7361.2193.96
your sea glider7363.324.319
my sea glider no it does not I think7365.1795.221
there is a there's a HUD chip that I can7367.6393.781
in my uh in I guess in my visor all7371.425.219
right okay so yeah just scans for7374.6594.201
we need a little bit of lead so7378.866.379
we gotta thank you7381.83.439
good job all right [ __ ] this you know7388.066.22
what skater rooms damn worthless yeah we7392.2393.891
need a mobile scanner no [ __ ]7394.2811.9
feel like you're not eating enough and7407.5993.781
drinking enough yeah I'm a little uh7409.524.26
yeah I got some in my pocket I'll get it7411.384.56
I need some more Galena outcrops where7413.784.98
you at baby seek fluid intake7415.945.159
I did7418.763.839
yep all right I'll drink a little bit of7421.0994.801
water boom boom look I'm good now you7422.5994.981
happy all right well the soup oops I7425.92.819
mean I've been saying it all day the7427.583.0
soup says it once and you just jump7428.7194.261
right ah yeah but I mean I was fine I7430.583.539
was fine7432.984.34
just feel like you don't listen to me7434.1193.201
see what I say man I'm looking for damn7439.944.62
Lynn what do you want I just want you to7442.823.6
listen to me why am I here I thought I7444.563.72
was helping yeah you can help by shut7446.423.54
the [ __ ] up let me find lead how many7448.283.959
pieces we need we need six of them I7449.964.5
think you'd be dead if I if I hadn't7452.2395.541
called you you probably did7454.463.32
one more piece of lead names and we can7459.6194.08
get the [ __ ] out of here we're out huh7461.5994.5
uh yep oh come on7463.6996.5
okay damn it7466.0994.1
game does not all right right here right7470.484.08
here this is gonna be the one yes all7471.984.92
right we got it that's it yep7474.564.32
we are gonna make some storage modules7476.94.62
fabricator module we got the plastic we7478.884.2
can make the computer chip7481.523.96
it's party time uh then it's party time7483.084.98
then yeah I want to like uh go find some7485.484.8
bases see if I can find any info on what7488.063.659
happened to Sam7490.282.76
I'm weird she didn't have one picture of7495.083.42
me in her in her place I didn't see one7496.943.12
picture of you you know what I would7498.52.46
think I don't even know what you look7500.062.94
like well I sent you a picture I don't7500.963.36
think I looked at it once you print it7503.03.3
out put it in that frame instead of that7504.323.66
cat yeah I'm good one picture of a [ __ ]7506.33.919
is enough7507.982.239
yes yeah yes7521.845.279
come on7524.266.78
oh it looks great drop it all in7527.1193.921
Carrie uh a bunch which is great yes7533.1197.801
okay now I'm taking the module7537.865.22
get it is it gonna make the truck bigger7540.925.279
yeah there we go and then where's the7543.085.159
truck there's the truck7546.1994.681
taking the module and sticking it on the7548.2395.221
back of the truck7550.884.319
like hell yeah you're gonna be able to7555.1994.02
squeeze into small places anymore oh7557.543.72
yeah I can check it out if I come in7559.2193.601
here we got all our storage which is7561.263.419
great but if I need to I got a button7562.823.359
right here it'll disconnect any modules7564.6793.42
I got oh really yeah so we can easily7566.1793.841
disconnect get out7568.0993.661
yeah and then get back to it if we need7570.023.119
and then like come back and pick it up7571.763.479
like a trailer yeah that's pretty cool7573.1395.1
it's awesome isn't it yeah yeah it's a7575.2394.681
sea truck it's got it's basically a7578.2394.201
little truck with trailers all right now7579.925.46
let's make the fabricator7582.444.62
oh all that lead hunting paying off7587.065.099
neebs all right and we can do four right7589.46.06
four what four uh modules yeah I think7592.1595.101
so let's go to the sleeper one7595.464.199
yeah I'm a little iffy on the sleeper7597.263.479
one now we got one7599.6592.341
I got one not two storage ones you know7600.7392.701
what I mean [ __ ]7602.03.96
have all kinds of [ __ ] I guess you can7603.444.14
just sleep on the floor all right taking7605.963.9
the fabricator module7607.585.46
sticking it on the back come on baby7609.864.68
come on baby7613.043.42
hell yeah names oh yeah I can hop in the7616.465.46
back here boom we got a mobile7620.1795.04
fabricator got even more storage in here7621.928.4
yeah yeah pretty awesome hell yeah7625.2196.48
if I need coke7631.6994.04
boom disconnected7633.084.8
we're gonna rent that for so much I'm7635.7394.121
not gonna rip the [ __ ] thing get out7637.884.339
of your mind7639.862.359
thank you7649.6992.121
incoming call from Dave's office okay7659.445.739
yeah what's up memes yeah you know what7662.5995.1
what Sam used to talk about Delta7665.1793.96
station a lot where's that at because7667.6992.641
right now I'm just kind of man I'm7669.1394.321
exploring South man it's a big old7670.345.279
loopty Loop here oh yeah like a coral7673.464.38
loop-de-loop yeah7675.6193.961
like a roller coaster yeah a little bit7677.843.359
I wish you I wish this were a roller7679.585.24
coaster it's not it's a hell hole Yeah7681.1993.621
oh was that the question do I like the7687.443.96
loops all right the one of two okay two7689.422.88
questions all right well the way you7691.41.92
said that sounded like you were gonna7692.32.76
keep talking but yes I like the loops7693.323.419
yeah like I get an answer7695.063.42
yes yeah I'm fine I'm fine with both the7698.484.86
drops yeah the drops are fine where the7700.945.48
hell is Delta station oh that's7703.343.08
Delta station 250 meters away okay we're7717.024.86
close that's pretty close you can swim7720.263.06
it yeah but I got the sea truck why7721.884.259
would I exercise how's your body right7723.324.62
now no my body's fine it's actually7726.1394.201
banging I look good baby healthy though7727.945.1
yeah I'm healthy okay7730.346.06
vitamin D no not really being inside7733.046.119
this uh you know in the water7736.44.5
all right hopping out7740.93.199
are you there already yeah that looks7746.966.08
like Delta Station's docked7749.6593.381
okay I guess7753.84.2
yeah Delta station looks like a big7755.94.88
radio tower7758.02.78
yeah maybe a satellite there's something7762.324.859
up there looks like a looks like a7765.1394.921
satellite radio tower yeah okay7767.1795.101
anything here worth this [ __ ]7770.064.2
uh oh water I'll always take a little7772.284.52
extra water7774.262.54
this is a recorded message if you can7778.967.12
hear this you're trespassing if you know7782.5995.701
it's good for you you'll get the hell7786.084.7
out of here7788.32.48
yeah no [ __ ] you got relatives living7791.084.18
here neighbors I don't think7793.524.139
what the hell are rednecks doing here7797.6596.901
oh yeah okay okay warm me up baby you7800.545.579
found some of those plants thermal7804.564.579
lilies I believe they're called7806.1193.02
the sun's going down damn it woke up too7812.784.26
flashlight though okay making my way up7817.045.119
what are you sulfur oh yeah7823.2195.701
offer yeah it's sulfur crystalline7825.924.98
sulfur figure well I'm here may as well7828.925.179
gather resources right7830.93.199
um I'm sure I have7834.84.5
not suffer but now that I think of it7837.6193.421
why would I be smelling sulfur as a kid7839.35.299
I don't know it explains a lot though I7841.043.559
don't know did you live in like a7846.442.88
volcanic region7847.6993.48
I can't see a damn thing out here it's7849.324.399
I don't know man I haven't seen sulfur7855.324.62
in like 20 years okay [ __ ] where am I7857.34.76
exactly the base right Delta station7868.0994.14
yeah I'll tell you what though when you7870.443.9
get in there let's look around for some7872.2394.261
uh maybe some of my stuff7874.344.319
I feel like you know if Sam and I are7876.54.199
broke up now don't you usually get a box7878.6594.44
back of your stuff that's how breakups7880.6994.321
work right man I yeah it's been a minute7883.0994.08
since I broke up with somebody and I I7885.023.96
don't remember leaving boxes7887.1794.56
out here's your shirt a couple games7888.984.259
watch something Jesus Christ needs place7893.2393.781
the maze7895.6993.121
okay at least it's warm in the caves7897.022.88
there's some sulfur I can sniff later7899.93.9
I can't freeze it before you found my7902.484.199
box of stuff no7903.84.98
oh hold on I might have found your box7906.6793.96
of stuff okay7908.783.6
okay see we got anything worth a [ __ ]7910.6394.801
here oh what are you7912.385.04
uh oh that's a mineral detector we7915.443.48
already got that7917.424.44
PDA sulfur more salt I don't know why7918.924.799
I'm picking up all this sulfur7921.863.54
yeah might just be good to have later7923.7194.041
you know7925.42.36
yeah but you know down here who knows7929.1195.701
copper Titanium come here y'all look at7931.766.62
this come here bastard7934.823.56
stay up close gotta be near the top of7939.1994.52
the damn thing7941.1792.54
stop right there Altera you're out of7949.08.159
bound I I'm not with Alterra7952.6994.46
doubly precarious do I hear redneck let7957.444.799
me talk to her if you're telling the7960.6194.441
truth you're out of your mind if you're7962.2396.061
lying they'll be hell to pay okay hey7965.066.48
hey wait who the [ __ ] are you stay off7968.36.24
my land7971.544.74
that's right hey7974.543.86
who the hell was that neebs she was7978.52.82
the woman in the exosuit has been traced7981.325.1
as far as my technology will allow in7983.844.56
the future I hope you will avoid contact7986.423.719
with a woman in7988.43.96
yeah okay I'll try to do that in the7990.1395.421
future thanks Alan7992.363.2
we're here7999.84.379
yeah listen Alan was talking to me I got8001.785.64
assaulted by a lady and a damn prawn8004.1794.861
suit he's with the southern lady right8007.423.659
the southern lady yeah and uh he talked8009.044.26
to her yeah my PDA actually marked her8011.0794.56
last known position so I guess she swam8013.34.46
out there okay cool8015.6393.661
all right where's that thermal Lily I'm8019.34.2
her all you got to do is bring up hey I8023.53.78
found Delta station8025.543.9
Fried Chicken8027.284.319
okay something like that yeah trying to8029.446.299
get on our good side okay8031.5994.14
all right I made it to Delta station8036.886.259
leaves and it is it's wrecked like8038.864.279
no it's like yeah it snows all in it8043.368.759
all right rooting around in here yeah I8052.1195.1
found something that says Sam worked at8055.2394.801
five robotics wherever the hell that is8057.2196.0
oh wait oh [ __ ] is this a map8060.045.639
oh God I don't I don't know Greek8063.2195.161
symbols do you uh8065.6795.221
uh foreign it looks like a Ghostbuster8068.384.56
symbol and then another one that looks8070.94.02
like I don't know just a circle with a8072.943.6
line through it and the other one looks8074.924.279
like a horseshoe8076.542.659
this if you know well yeah I don't know8084.343.72
what the [ __ ] five robotics have we been8086.023.48
there was that the place we were before8088.064.38
so Phi is like a o with a8089.55.06
Pole right down up and up and down8092.446.32
gotcha that's fire robotics8094.564.2
neebs I'm gonna head up towards this uh8105.826.48
looks like a satellite a radio dish8108.885.94
it's like a8112.34.5
I don't know hold on let me look at this8114.824.68
it's probably country music it's a8119.53.659
satellite surveillance8121.2395.221
wait are you using this status report8123.1594.801
what the hell does it say8126.464.139
two active human life forms detected8127.965.759
what recommendation observe8130.5997.741
oh [ __ ] damn company knows I'm here8133.7196.841
you told anybody God damn it well I mean8138.343.899
they probably I probably look suspicious8140.563.179
spear talking to you all day8142.2392.94
yeah you told me you weren't gonna tell8143.7393.36
but people are smart they put things8147.0993.181
together well they might know I'm here8148.543.539
but they don't know where I'm at so [ __ ]8150.283.919
well sadly oh wait I just can't this8159.6994.681
disc that's a nice desk I could make a8162.283.72
desk a little while I'm obsessed with8164.384.02
desks and name plates you work at a desk8166.03.84
and uh you're there to work aren't you8168.43.719
yeah yeah well I'm here to find Sam8169.843.48
I don't see anything here it kind of8173.323.72
points me in that direction8175.364.259
did you find my stuff no I did not find8177.043.96
your stuff and honestly I don't even8179.6193.361
look like Sam was here8181.04.02
but we did find out she works at five8182.984.98
robotics so maybe we head towards five8185.024.199
how about that yeah8189.2194.021
okay hold on tell you what right now let8191.443.18
me work my way back down to the Sea8193.242.04
and uh store all the [ __ ] I got8195.285.88
a bag or something a bag to carry stuff8197.8595.221
in or a hand truck what do you think I'm8201.164.76
carrying [ __ ] in now8203.086.12
then I'll just be weighted down I'm not8205.924.96
gonna carry a damn wagon around with me8209.24.64
I think I found the sulfur pits you used8214.3593.78
to smell yep yeah you got to tell me8216.344.7
more about that yeah8218.1392.901
yeah well you grew up in a mountainous8221.923.66
region right yeah but it wasn't like8223.7193.661
even in the ground it was just like8225.583.479
laying around just sulfur laying around8227.384.2
on the counters8229.0596.201
it's the powder boy this is a mystery8231.583.68
the [ __ ] was that noise8244.8597.74
sound like maybe an elephant8248.264.339
all right I'm heading towards the West8252.885.28
Phi robotics is8255.825.72
okay do I see anything8258.163.38
whoa whoa whoa whoa names8263.55.519
crazy looking jellyfish8266.54.019
holy [ __ ]8269.0194.021
what makes him crazy uh just they're big8270.5194.141
and bright8273.043.66
oh man hold on let me see if I can scan8274.663.72
one of these guys for you8276.74.46
you know8278.382.78
is that an eyeball oh God I got an8284.383.24
that's kind of nasty8287.625.04
here we go I'm gonna scan this tell me8290.5597.021
what you tell me and an eye jelly okay8292.668.279
yeah it's really really gross so it is8297.585.58
an eyeball I mean it looks like an8300.9395.46
eyeball oh one bunch of them8303.166.54
hold on let me peek at the top8306.3995.7
uh okay I think I see something over8309.74.68
there to the northwest8312.0994.38
behind me8314.383.78
hold on maybe there's a spot I can get8316.4793.981
up here8318.162.3
hey don't get too close to those jelly8322.244.08
hot jellies why is that they'll shock8324.343.599
you I think if you get too close that8326.323.659
makes sense of course it's snowing I8327.9393.901
can't see a damn thing8329.9794.321
okay hold on where is my flashlight let8331.844.98
me change my battery there we go all8334.36.08
right let's have some light out here8336.823.56
I found something8343.03.78
looks like a8344.6794.201
radio tower Maybe8346.783.239
that seems to be8348.882.16
the beer and for everything you find8350.0193.12
today yeah oh God thank you okay A8351.044.639
nutrient block8353.1392.54
facility Beacon detected nearby unique8357.547.0
identifier thy robotics Center yes okay8360.9397.761
I think I've found fire robotics neebs8364.544.16
thigh fly yeah thigh thigh no five8368.85.839
robotics okay8377.583.18
like I'm under a glacier or something8383.083.599
it's pretty in here8384.586.5
what are you marbled anemone8386.6794.401
found some8397.964.979
hey I found a fevered pepper8399.825.76
gives me body heat oh [ __ ] I wouldn't8402.9394.261
eat that I'm gonna load up on these just8405.582.94
in case8407.24.32
fever fevered pepper tree8408.524.68
fevered pepper8411.523.24
yes like in favor8418.063.06
no I don't like getting a damn fever8419.264.92
just ate a fever pepper I know I mean8421.123.9
I'm looking I'm looking at the8424.182.759
statistics on it it says it gives me8425.024.08
body heat food and water doesn't give me8426.9395.161
any damn fever it's a bad name8429.14.32
Pathfinder what8433.423.26
leaves just found the tech for a8438.165.1
Pathfinder tool ah should be good for8440.385.22
like caves and [ __ ] yeah8443.263.9
blueprints do you know I have something8445.62.82
like that already8447.163.96
what a Pathfinder no8448.424.92
pipes oh [ __ ] that's a good chunk of8451.123.54
silver and copper8453.343.72
found a good or vein in here too neebs8454.663.72
there we go geez even if I don't find8457.062.879
Sam I'm finding some good materials8458.383.18
no I'm not gonna build a damn wagon8461.563.74
all right neebs I think I see the base8472.964.859
uh it looks like a base like a radio8475.724.08
tower no it doesn't look like a damn8477.8193.66
radio tower you were gonna say radio8479.83.78
tower until I called you out on it all8481.4794.5
right here we go fire robotics Center8483.586.6
hi robotics got five Phi five you say8485.9796.901
foam you're gonna answer the phone neebs8490.185.84
telephone's ringing to do8492.883.14
of course8499.3595.901
and the place is [ __ ] wrecked8501.14.16
found a fragment for a snow fox hover8509.564.02
oh wow a snow fox that'd be cool you8513.584.88
know what those are8515.8592.601
quiet I mean it's your damn company you8518.745.0
should know this Tech8521.082.66
oh yeah snow fox looks pretty cool yeah8532.424.38
it is cool we have some cool stuff here8535.04.02
oh [ __ ] yeah and hey I just uh scanned8536.84.019
well we can now build a laser cutter8539.024.02
that should come in handy hey it's this8540.8193.901
uh pingling thing8543.044.939
Sam was working on8544.723.259
look at this guy a spy penguin8548.265.34
I would like to like a little robot8551.9794.321
penguin or something yeah8553.65.879
counter you can build a killer8556.34.62
I'm actually working on stuff like that8559.4792.96
was she spying on me you think8560.923.86
synthesized I don't know all right8562.4395.081
there's a map here8564.784.96
blueprint synthesized yeah I know good8567.523.06
do it every time8570.584.5
glacial Basin I'm gonna scan this map8572.564.799
might come in handy later8575.084.8
yeah now this snow fox is a land vehicle8577.3594.5
yeah I know it's like a motorcycle isn't8579.884.22
it I8581.8592.241
saw yeah okay this map looking at this8584.385.88
map it looks like okay I think are we8587.3194.381
right here8590.263.96
by robotics okay we came in via the8591.74.8
water I didn't see a damn bridge but I8594.224.5
think I came in under here8596.53.899
and I think we're here at the robotics8598.723.0
and there looks like there's more stuff8601.724.16
further in8603.222.66
I don't know man radio tower honest to8605.9796.92
God it does look like a radio tower8609.3993.5
neebs I think I found Sam's room all8616.422.939
via box maybe a I just have a brown belt8619.3595.641
I mean this is this was her room at work8623.3193.061
okay didn't work well there's a picture8626.384.08
here of a hand holding a light bulb8628.664.64
there's a PDA8630.462.84
their bed man she8633.344.68
if I can scan her bed I better not find8635.624.5
any [ __ ] neebs8638.025.299
should not be scanning your sister's bed8640.126.06
who does that all right names sorry to8643.3196.361
report I'm not finding a box man8646.183.5
oh [ __ ] snow fox fragment8655.384.62
uh let's see that's one out of three I8661.64.32
just scanned okay let's make that8663.8193.54
priority number one no I'm not gonna8665.923.0
make that priority my priority right now8667.3592.881
try to figure out what to happen to my8668.924.14
[ __ ] sister over driving around8670.244.68
that's part of it yeah on a motorcycle8673.063.72
yeah what the hell am I gonna do with a8674.923.979
whoa hello8687.286.6
hello okay neebs I just found a oh I8689.9795.701
remember you8693.884.32
radio tower no one of those uh architect8695.685.04
teleporters oh really yeah8698.24.739
don't know where the [ __ ] it goes damn I8700.724.08
should have brought a ion Cube but I8702.9392.46
[ __ ] this must be the other side of one8705.3993.901
because I remember I needed ion cubes of8707.4393.301
power these things8709.35.04
your place to put one I don't8710.746.6
know anything worth the [ __ ] over here8714.345.16
maybe I can find the other side of that8717.344.139
somewhere somewhere later I don't know8719.54.56
okay well remember where this is8721.4795.821
okay yeah it's at fire robotics8724.065.339
Pete yes of course five8727.34.32
Jesus it's not hard to understand you8729.3994.881
all talk weird8731.622.66
all right according to this map this8736.243.6
other radio tower is looks like to the8737.923.18
West so I'm just going to keep heading8739.844.68
west on foot yes on foot you know would8741.15.759
be better yeah a snow fox but God damn8744.523.66
it I don't have enough pieces to make8746.8592.761
Hey listen if I find it I'll [ __ ]8749.626.72
I'll make one maybe okay I just8752.624.62
I just faster8756.343.86
Fox yeah probably8757.242.96
oh it got really cold it got really damn8761.55.28
is there any8768.72.6
it's bad when it's cold yeah8773.265.16
okay all steam steam steam Steven come8776.23.659
on probably less cold if you're in a8778.423.74
snow fox8779.8592.301
there's what open snow fox8783.524.379
I'm not sure oh God there's like a crack8785.54.5
here I don't want to fall into be nice8787.8993.481
to have like a bubble around you to keep8790.04.439
it warm yeah it would be oh8791.384.92
snow fox fragment names that's two8794.4393.96
that's two one four8796.33.599
um wait wait we're gonna go to build go8798.3992.761
back to your base yeah we have to go but8799.8993.121
yeah we got to build it somewhere8801.163.3
but we would probably have to build the8803.023.299
uh the pad maybe we can build it at the8804.464.32
pad I don't know hover pad yeah we8806.3193.781
probably have to build a hover pad then8808.782.76
build the fox probably like a [ __ ] ton8810.13.0
of resources that I don't have right now8811.544.319
do the scans of the pad yes I have the8813.15.28
scans of the pad okay8815.8594.5
There's Hope8820.3593.901
like there's hope now8821.644.299
I'm getting far8824.265.34
this is this is stupid it's not far8825.9397.161
okay cave I can hide in8829.63.5
it's warming up a little bit oh some8836.085.6
more uh Sweets and More peppers8838.123.56
oh Jesus Christ8843.224.98
okay what8845.684.74
an animal8848.28.22
okay oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay oh8850.429.72
[ __ ] oh I'm running back oh [ __ ]8856.425.88
bigger than you8862.33.0
[ __ ] yeah it's bigger than me it's like8863.84.74
a big [ __ ] polar bear alligator okay8865.34.38
are you safe8869.684.219
I think so8871.182.719
you sure it was dangerous yeah it was8876.762.94
dangerous it was running at me and8878.383.66
snarling and you managed to lose it on8879.75.04
foot yeah I ran from it you ran for like8882.044.68
10 seconds and you were fine yeah it8884.743.0
didn't chase me I don't know what to8886.722.099
tell you man just wonder if you're8887.742.76
overreacting a little bit well how would8888.8193.421
you react to see a giant monster running8890.54.1
at you8892.242.36
going by his cave oh what are you are8895.063.48
you what I think you are8897.14.44
snow fox fragment8898.545.04
quiet all right8901.544.08
we can build a snow fox let's do it8903.584.2
let's do it let's do it right now no8905.623.239
we're not gonna do it right now right8907.783.74
now right now8908.8592.661
something okay hold it out right well8914.9792.46
then I gotta go back and I gotta find8916.243.54
the materials to do all that [ __ ]8917.4394.261
hold on let me see if I can take a peek8919.784.619
at this monster again8921.74.08
are you buddy8924.3993.721
don't see me8928.124.08
seeing me from that far away really8930.043.72
you can't see me from that far away can8932.23.68
smell things sometimes8935.9795.34
friendly you friendly you're friendly no8938.3995.321
no I'm gonna scan it oh God8941.3193.841
stuck in the cave he's stuck in the cave8943.722.52
he's stuck in the cave I'm scared8945.163.199
it's called a snow stalker8950.224.9
okay I think I think he just wants me to8953.383.0
stay out of his cave8955.123.3
because he's not pursuing me outside of8956.383.599
the cave8958.423.3
it's pretty dangerous doesn't it yeah it8959.9793.96
looks [ __ ] dangerous the carnivore no8961.724.56
[ __ ] look at the teeth8963.9394.321
it was [ __ ] it would have eaten me8966.285.579
uh-huh okay yep that's dangerous all8968.265.16
right I'm not pushing forward I am gonna8971.8593.421
go back maybe making the snow fox is a8973.425.24
good idea of course it is8975.283.38
[ __ ] all right gotta get warm gotta get8978.72.1
it's cold weather man8980.83.08
what are you saying about that spot8986.265.12
penguin That's what Sam was working on8987.224.16
yeah I can build one8992.083.14
off that snow stalker what8999.284.74
the [ __ ] am I gonna do with snow stalker9002.3993.54
scope not a bad idea but I don't know9005.9393.601
how to make a damn jacket so get the fur9007.3193.981
right now be pointless I'm just saying9009.544.74
ow and some fur you just have it9011.34.42
whenever you learn how to make a coat9014.284.14
yeah okay making my way back to the Sea9015.724.56
truck what are you have against wagons9018.424.08
out here carrying a wagon out here two9020.284.619
wheels on this mountainous snowy Tundra9022.54.22
that's a stupid idea that's a stupid9024.8993.841
here's what's gonna happen I'm gonna9026.723.58
head back to the base we're gonna look9028.742.88
at what we need to make a [ __ ] snow9030.32.4
okay memes like a little bit of bad news9040.9395.861
Okay this uh snow fox requires magnetite9043.384.62
I don't even I haven't even seen9046.83.9
magnetite ever not while I've been here9048.06.0
so my guess is it's deep okay here's a9050.75.64
plan of action Alan gave me that um9054.04.319
coordinate for the next artifact okay9056.344.68
maybe we hit there and maybe we go deep9058.3194.62
enough to find magnetite let's try it9061.023.12
all right but first should we make that9062.9393.121
pingling take the penguin with us yes9064.144.2
yes let's make a penguin and a wagon no9066.065.63
we're not making a [ __ ] wagon9068.345.96
okay so now yeah you found Penguins Boop9074.37.24
I put the penguin down okay and then9079.264.86
well I just saw penguins but let's see9081.546.62
bam and then do I hit the button9084.124.04
the company9090.782.36
a little grabby thing9095.462.899
that's pretty cool oh I can look at9098.3993.54
myself oh yep look at me spying on9099.964.46
boom just took a photo for some reason9104.845.019
yeah that's cool yeah what else can you9107.285.039
do I don't know can I grab these guys9109.8594.261
what you got can I grab your butt give9112.3193.961
me that butt give me that butt9114.123.84
can annoy penguins with it what about9116.284.8
this guy oh God9117.965.34
he just picked up the little one9121.084.44
okay are they gonna attack me9123.33.84
you're curious aren't they oh god how do9125.522.28
how do I get rid of it how do I get rid9127.83.96
of it is it in my inventory I can't take9129.3593.781
pictures I mean this thing's being9131.763.3
surrounded okay9133.144.02
oh God how do I look at its inventory oh9135.063.66
geez I'm gonna freeze the death out here9137.164.68
okay hey9138.724.98
is the Little Penguin inside this I open9141.844.639
the storage oh yes Jesus Christ9143.75.699
ow okay yeah I know I know I'm dropping9146.4795.92
him there he's fine [ __ ] off9149.3996.681
yeah this was a worthwhile invention9152.3993.681
love it absolutely love it you sound9156.124.08
sarcastic yeah no I'm gonna put this in9158.344.2
the truck never use it again no you need9160.24.8
fur there's got to be situations where9162.544.08
it's good right okay yeah oh geez I'm9165.04.14
gonna freeze to death9166.624.62
all right yeah maybe I'll use a spy9169.143.48
penguin and maybe we'll get some monster9171.244.699
fur whatever9172.623.319
all right neebs I'm about uh maybe 8009188.225.52
meters away from this artifact Allen's9191.344.92
sending me to uh-huh okay hold on this9193.744.98
is that damn region I know that big9196.264.559
creature was hanging out in9198.725.48
okay just be careful9200.8193.381
when you need a tight jackassed I've9206.223.179
explained this I'm gonna I'm gonna go9208.023.839
see see about this ancient artifact9209.3994.141
maybe we can find some magnetite on the9211.8592.881
way well I feel like you're not looking9213.543.92
for magnetite9214.742.72
oh God9221.243.239
what's going on oh man holy okay oh God9225.268.82
get your [ __ ] together9231.242.84
all right yeah just got bit by a giant9234.25.56
[ __ ] creature how's the ship ship9237.726.24
looking at 73 power9239.764.2
come down here come down here how fast9245.223.06
all right9246.843.12
100 meters9248.283.3
okay don't eat me don't eat me don't eat9249.964.16
me don't eat me9251.582.54
you know you see behind you9257.342.9
all right I think I'm clear9260.8193.181
I came out of nowhere all right I'm9264.04.14
gonna get out repair the ship9265.624.14
and the Sea trucks not come with the9268.142.82
rearview mirror9269.763.54
no they don't that'd be handy right that9270.965.82
would be super handy whoa9273.35.36
hold on what are these guys9278.665.08
are these cool9281.75.94
wow neebs they're like mantle whales out9283.746.14
glow whales9295.024.98
yeah wow9297.544.26
these guys are awesome you called it9300.04.8
Manta well it's pretty close9301.85.78
big guy9304.82.78
you cool9308.462.72
that is awesome looks like it's an9311.4794.721
herbivore okay good9313.924.08
look at his eye babes these pretty he's9318.04.26
you think he thinks you're pretty9322.263.12
probably not he's probably what the [ __ ]9323.3994.141
is this creature in my face yeah quit9325.384.439
touching my eyes9327.544.38
that is awesome9329.8194.861
man I went from full-on Panic to like9331.925.88
peaceful and in the span of a minute9334.685.759
you should probably get a pet no I don't9337.84.679
need a pet sounds like it you seem like9340.4393.42
you're wearing pretty tight most of the9342.4793.121
time well you try to get eaten by a9343.8593.0
giant creature and see what it does to9345.63.86
your [ __ ]9346.8592.601
didn't you have a fish tank in your last9351.243.84
uh submarine yeah I think so maybe9352.8594.261
something like that would calm you down9355.082.94
a little bit I know they make an9357.122.279
aquarium module I don't know if I've9358.022.76
found enough parts for it yet though9359.3993.42
well that's for later yeah we got a snow9360.784.199
fox to build right okay but right now9362.8194.321
we're gonna head to this ancient alien9364.9795.521
artifact 400 meters away kind of9367.145.04
kind of what and mainly we're looking9370.54.5
for magnetite magnetite artifact we got9372.183.89
a lot going on this9375.02.16
keep up with9377.168.769
an active volcano detected nearby9389.14.339
you say volcano an active volcano oh god9393.4794.141
names I see another one of those big9396.3593.861
things over there9397.622.6
and it just bit me okay9400.923.26
go the other way go the other way don't9409.024.7
go this way9411.122.6
all right9429.243.239
but this artifact's in this damn hole9430.744.159
that's what she said she would all right9435.244.32
you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna9438.33.72
take another health pack just in case9439.565.64
something tries to eat me9442.026.839
oh God9445.23.659
you're gonna stay up there9451.82.96
it's above me it's really big9455.467.019
all right inside an active inactive9465.846.18
volcano I hope another site found9468.36.9
data will tell me something useful9472.025.879
cool Alan I'm not collected enough data9475.24.619
to extrapolate the location of a9477.8994.321
component necessary to assemble my body9479.8197.261
great I will provide a signal9482.227.92
signal location uploaded to PDA cool9487.085.399
names we got a location of one of Alan's9490.143.03
body pieces9492.4791.861
cubes any magnetite in here oh God it's9494.345.3
like a sting vent are we building9497.525.94
Ellen's body now no not now later it's a9499.645.799
thing I have to do you tell Ellen we're9503.463.359
building a snow fox9505.4393.481
any magnet Titan here listen I was9506.8194.281
telling you9508.922.18
I don't know where the [ __ ]9511.622.72
the [ __ ] Lily Pad cave you were here for9518.73.42
months hey what let me look at the map9520.742.699
maybe we can figure out what a [ __ ]9522.124.52
Lily Pad caves are9523.4393.201
okay neebs9530.74.08
looking at this map we found earlier9532.624.5
there's some big green circles out here9534.786.14
to the uh Southeast Lily Pad Islands9537.126.6
okay is that what that is it looks like9540.924.42
it could be I've never been there before9543.724.5
right so my base was here I've I got to9545.344.139
be close9548.223.139
maybe if I had what9549.4794.621
let me head south a little bit9551.3595.561
okay and then uh apparently below the9554.14.94
that's where we find the magnetite huh9559.262.82
right yeah9560.883.059
it's useful information thank you neebs9562.084.16
oh [ __ ]9568.84.519
my Foundation beware of high pressure9573.8995.04
and temperatures I found a piece of a9575.885.22
oh boy well that's right my back end's a9581.15.9
little bit bigger than it used to be9584.042.96
something you can get into I don't know9587.044.98
but it yeah it's a big piece of a ship9588.964.5
for an opening maybe there's some9592.023.6
research man they got mcintight there9593.464.62
yeah I don't know okay well good thing I9595.625.1
made a laser cutter is that an entrance9598.085.42
okay hold on9600.722.78
what have I got on me got my laser9603.663.62
cutter flashlight needs a new battery9605.285.4
let me prepare a little bit9607.286.1
scanner needs a new battery too did I9610.683.86
[ __ ] I don't know if I brought extra9614.543.22
batteries you know I always have9616.3192.701
batteries man you know what I need to do9617.762.88
I need to make a permanent base so I can9619.023.66
make a uh9620.646.02
battery charging station oh yeah9622.683.98
it's good metal salvage for titanium all9628.9793.721
right keep an eye on my oxygen neebs9631.262.4
oh this brings me back9633.663.62
hey a battery what do you know perfect9638.226.36
what's your lucky day it is9641.246.76
Power Cell that's good too okay uh9644.586.54
sealed door cut open to access okay what9648.05.42
are you9651.122.3
working working9654.784.26
can you cut like any shape you want no9656.464.14
that'd be cool that would be cool yeah9659.044.14
now I just kind of does this thing9660.64.14
see some copper wire over there why am I9663.182.58
getting cold oh I'm getting cold because9664.743.78
I'm standing still okay come on9665.765.04
oh what are you9668.525.16
parallel Processing Unit fragment one9670.85.22
out of three okay I gotta warm up9673.685.94
this is a CD hey got a CD for the9676.024.5
right on man never listen to that the9680.526.02
auction's a half okay9683.223.32
doesn't seem to be much in here9689.223.44
oh I got a9694.923.54
they use a laser cutter on this9696.243.96
[ __ ] yeah they there's some containers9698.464.08
in here you need to laser cut okay with9700.25.4
a little reactor Rod [ __ ] yeah that's9702.545.04
what we're talking about I had a nuclear9705.62.9
nuclear power center that'd be all right9708.55.979
yeah you heading back to the ship yep9712.085.48
back in the sea truck now9714.4793.081
I'm gonna keep hitting e see if I can9721.083.239
find these lily pads9722.75.46
or South sorry South lily pads9724.3194.981
we're actually heading towards an9729.33.42
architect body cache as well that Allen9730.8594.321
pointed out uh-huh [ __ ] really 6009732.724.44
meters from that9735.185.58
we can maybe oh boy9737.165.279
holy [ __ ]9740.763.54
is this it9742.4394.861
neebs I may have found the lily pads oh9744.35.46
really yeah really closer than you9747.34.139
thought huh a lot closer than I thought9749.763.48
here I'm gonna go up top and take a look9751.4394.341
how do they make them like do they start9764.3995.521
on the on the sea floor or do they start9767.164.68
on the top9769.925.46
uh I'm not sure9771.845.76
I don't know I'll have to look9775.384.8
I'm scanning it for you okay I'm gonna9777.64.62
give you some data on it a mature lily9780.183.24
so this is mature9783.425.399
okay is this an immature one hmm9785.345.7
it's probably a bunch of fart jokes and9788.8193.481
what makes you say that the immature9792.35.28
Lily man oh gotcha gotcha yeah9794.586.239
so these lily pads at least the root of9800.9394.441
them are hooked to the ground and yeah9803.223.42
it looks like they just ripped the9805.382.34
ground up9806.643.42
really yeah they just start floating and9807.725.82
they just yank it clear us up yeah9810.066.9
all right magnetite magnetite Lily Pad9813.545.04
cave so yeah if they're ripping the9816.963.24
ground up now it's probably a safe bet9818.584.46
but down below9820.22.84
exciting no I'm actually kind of9834.122.88
freaking out because I don't know what9835.922.64
the hell's down here9837.04.14
and I'm going deep I'm excited about9838.565.66
what the whole snow fox snow fox sounds9841.146.719
cool what are you what are you okay I'm9844.226.099
more excited about it9847.8594.62
there is a large anomalous mass of rock9850.3194.62
that has broken away and risen above the9852.4795.821
surrounding terrain yeah cool9854.9396.54
all right gonna head down a little bit9858.35.88
oh yeah this is a cave this is9861.4794.801
definitely a cave9864.184.56
what is this what is this hold on9866.284.98
sea monkey nest9868.744.64
thank you9871.262.12
all right neebs I am in9873.565.62
I guess you would call this Lily Pad9877.383.059
all right9880.4394.201
so we're gonna look around the walls and9882.184.92
the floor yeah it's a sea monkey nest9884.644.56
[ __ ] sea truck afterburner upgrade9889.24.98
[ __ ] yeah one out of two9892.023.959
I bet there's some good sea monkey nests9894.183.42
with stuff in it hey you little [ __ ]9895.9794.441
wear your nest9897.64.74
now I said you could get magnetite from9900.423.72
a sea monkey how does that work maybe a9902.343.78
sea monkey brings it to me9904.144.98
I saw they stole stuff from you9906.126.9
he just brought me some magnetite hey9909.126.06
thank you you little [ __ ]9913.024.86
all right now bugger off get it probably9915.184.56
I don't have anything for you got a9917.884.86
train no I don't have anything9919.744.92
just kidding this antenna plant what are9922.743.42
the chances man I know you're just9924.662.819
talking about it he just gave it to me9926.162.94
talk about it again now I'm starting to9927.4793.381
like this place a little more9929.113.169
oh is that another sea monkey nest yes9942.544.74
it is yes it is anything good in here9944.345.4
come on give me some sea truck9947.284.56
horsepower upgrade9949.745.34
[ __ ] yeah go get some old speed no9951.845.7
kidding all right this is going great9955.084.44
all right can I get magnetite from these9957.545.1
no these are limestone you get copper9959.526.32
oh no copper well magnetite magnetite9962.646.48
it ain't right I think that's a phrase9965.845.88
it'll catch on9969.122.6
see buddy the sea monkey nest there9974.164.86
seems to be a theme of like boosters9976.265.099
no this is a prawn suit grappling arm9979.024.02
that's off topic yeah9983.044.98
can I scan it did it not scan I feel9986.14.32
like I didn't scan9988.024.2
still telling me this oh did my battery9990.423.42
die on my skin yep that's exactly what9992.224.8
happened boom9993.843.18
all right cool gel sacks9997.566.48
you know you could eat these gel sacks10001.045.399
I think you can eat them let's see yep10004.043.42
they give you a little bit of food and10006.4393.38
water okay10007.465.1
it tastes like absolute [ __ ] you haven't10009.8194.481
seen one piece of magnetite laying10012.563.419
around not yet oh [ __ ] that's another10014.35.12
prawn suit grapple arm fragment10015.9793.441
nope two of them got it baby10020.543.859
yes I can build a prawn suit oh really10024.8594.261
yeah but uh God I got the sea truck10027.382.76
right now10029.124.04
I feel like I don't need it10030.143.02
all right so if I go that way it'll take10037.045.34
me oh okay what you got what you got is10040.14.14
that magnet tight copper okay thank you10042.383.3
little [ __ ] I don't know why these guys10044.243.06
are so friendly now10045.683.719
they love giving me [ __ ] they got used10047.35.48
to you I guess maybe10049.3993.381
yeah I'm in here [ __ ] off10053.63.92
you get I feel like you guys are bonding10058.223.32
leaves yep I have one of an alien Karen10064.767.98
Kern Karen I bet this leads to uh what's10069.144.98
his name's thing all right I'm gonna10072.742.4
take this10074.122.76
this route10075.143.6
oh I see a fragment of something hold on10076.883.72
are you looking for magnetite I am10078.743.54
looking for magnetite10080.64.799
yeah yes that's been established I feel10082.284.56
like you're forgetting sometimes I am10085.3992.521
not forgetting that we're looking for10086.844.019
what is this a docking module Secret Sea10087.924.62
truck docking module what the [ __ ] is10090.8593.241
that I mean that's10092.544.64
explanatory to me10094.13.08
like you would dock10097.226.3
your seat truck into a module yeah10099.385.58
what is this10104.964.68
the artifact you found contains traces10106.8194.921
of information suggesting what has10109.644.259
become of my people10111.744.32
this looks like a skeleton of a giant10120.23.72
see this is why I think you10123.923.18
thinking about magnetite well I keep10125.723.54
running into [ __ ] like okay I'm I'm look10127.14.02
I I have the little tool I'm looking for10129.264.139
magnetite it's not finding any magnetite10131.124.02
all right it's about trilobites and10133.3992.941
stuff yeah and I just learned a10135.143.9
blueprint for a recyclotron now I can10136.344.979
recycle things see we're finding good10139.043.42
[ __ ] and we're also looking for10141.3193.021
magnetite okay10142.463.78
I know we haven't barely [ __ ]10144.343.639
magnetite I'm looking for [ __ ]10146.246.199
magnetite found an ion Cube10147.9794.46
sounds like forbidden10174.566.839
it's not it might be look it up still no10176.546.56
magnetite man10181.3994.92
nickel hey I found nickel okay10183.14.66
all right10186.3193.961
I'm gonna head down here there's an10187.764.38
architect God that's like 300 meters oh10190.284.38
my God I keep binding could provide10192.144.799
useful information geez Alan how much10194.664.38
[ __ ] you got laying around here Ellen10196.9394.441
sounds like a hoarder I can visualize a10199.044.56
location where we may find an important10201.384.559
component for my party10203.65.1
the image is hazy but I'm sure it is10205.9396.0
correct okay cool Alan the Stark surface10208.74.52
dangerously cold10213.226.52
spirals stretch to the sky okay okay10216.226.52
good job Alan [ __ ] me what are they10219.745.76
talking about oh no Alan yeah she I keep10222.745.159
finding pieces of Alan's uh I guess10225.54.02
ancient civilization all over the place10227.8993.781
every time I find a piece he's like oh10229.524.62
that'll help me get towards uh finding10231.685.16
parts of my body now there's one piece10234.144.74
of his body down there but it's 30010236.844.08
meters down and it was I'm as deep as I10238.883.479
could damn go right now is there any10240.923.24
magnetite here there's no [ __ ]10242.3594.801
magnetite yeah I'm gonna find magnetite10244.165.48
by God10247.162.48
hmm names10255.24.86
yeah see a random light10257.3594.62
I knew you weren't gonna say magnetite10260.064.32
yeah listen magnetite uh I don't know10261.9794.201
what information you got but it seems10264.384.26
bogus it says right here10266.185.82
magnetite's the wrong material10268.646.36
okay really bad caves listen I am in10272.04.74
what can only be described as Lily Pad10275.03.66
caves I haven't seen any bit of damn10276.743.72
all right well oh God I'm getting so10280.465.28
damn deep here didn't I tell you to stay10282.686.179
away oh oh hey hey lady look I don't10285.744.88
even know who you are okay10288.8595.58
Margaritas the name you're on my turf10290.626.58
okay Marguerite good to meet you uh any10294.4394.861
chance you and I could maybe talk what10297.24.279
part of go away do you not understand10299.35.4
Altera look look I'm not with Altera I'm10301.4796.281
hello Marguerite10304.75.279
leaves yeah I think this is where10307.764.38
Marguerite lives is that her name10309.9794.321
Marguerite that sounds familiar Margaret10312.143.839
Margarita sounds so damn familiar all10314.36.679
right Margarita no it's not a margarita10315.9795.0
remember when you talk to her what you10322.523.959
can talk about I don't know I don't even10324.743.84
know where she's at Fried Chicken oh10326.4794.8
wait collard greens okay neebs I think I10328.585.58
found Marguerite's base sweet tea you10331.2796.801
show up some sweet tea you're in10334.163.92
thank you10340.584.279
going in yeah going in10344.9795.8
hello Marguerite10350.7793.481
he's probably got a shotgun10357.54.68
Margaret's just me I want to talk Jesus10359.35.24
you okay10367.186.759
I told you to stay off my land oh God10369.3197.5
did you train that damn thing next time10373.9394.681
I'll let him tear you to Ribbons I'll10376.8194.261
Tara look I am not with Altera I I'm10378.624.08
here on a secret mission I'm looking for10381.083.899
my sister Sam she used to work with10382.74.739
Altera but she's apparently died I don't10384.9795.161
know what happened to her bull crap what10387.4394.681
I suggest you take the time you need to10390.144.44
come to your senses and then get off my10392.124.62
sea base no look it's not [ __ ] okay10394.584.319
I'm looking for my sister if you're not10396.743.9
Altera why don't you disable that damn10398.8993.42
tracking satellite tower instead of10400.644.32
barging into my sea base okay if you10402.3194.381
want to tell Tara's off my back I'll10404.964.979
remember something about your sister10406.75.04
there's some junk on that table that10409.9394.161
might help I couldn't get it to work10411.745.1
okay uh tracking satellite at Delta10414.15.86
station right Marguerite okay I think I10416.845.12
can shut that down10419.966.24
you all right yeah yeah I think I'm fine10421.967.06
Jesus okay well she let me into her base10426.24.14
she wants me to shut down you remember10429.023.12
that uh that radio tower we found the10430.343.96
big one which one the one at Delta10432.143.839
station okay the one that you're using10434.34.26
to track me I think yeah she wants me to10435.9794.621
shut it down and then maybe she'll let10438.563.9
me know some information about my sister10440.64.02
I've been easier to bring sweet tea but10442.465.399
okay what is this sea truck perimeter10444.626.319
defense upgrade stealing that10447.8596.12
new blueprint synthesized no Fox right I10450.9394.901
know how to make a snow fox10453.9794.861
and yes I know I need magnetite needs no10455.844.92
you're gonna bring it up would it be too10458.844.08
forward to ask her for something10460.765.46
Marguerite yeah okay hey yes Margarita10462.924.62
you don't have magnetite back there do10466.222.16
at all okay I don't I don't think she10468.384.2
wants to talk to me names and uh yeah10470.663.779
that she has a pet10472.584.08
uh snow thing what were they called10474.4394.621
stalker snow stalker yeah it's not gonna10476.664.92
let me through okay10479.063.78
Ah that's the skull of a Reaper this is10482.844.92
a crazy [ __ ] this is a crazy [ __ ] I10485.3594.08
don't know why I came in here wait can I10487.764.4
skinny hey10489.4392.721
a nice Dome fragment10492.25.64
all right Marguerite I think I'm getting10495.564.68
out of here wait test test override10497.845.04
module fragment wait a minute10500.244.14
test override module that's what I10502.882.599
needed to shut the thing down10504.383.78
synthesized okay okay one thing at a10505.4794.481
time all right we gotta test test10508.165.64
override module fragment moon pool oh do10509.966.72
I know how to make a moon pool10513.84.32
[ __ ]10516.684.44
[ __ ] now know how to make a moon pool10518.124.8
I can't make that can I10521.123.9
oh I'm getting wildly distracted here10522.923.78
needs it sounds like you10525.024.259
stealing all of our plans here yeah10526.74.68
hey we can make a moon pool though now10529.2794.62
we should set up right next door no I'm10531.383.84
not setting up next door to this [ __ ]10533.8992.701
wouldn't that be funny no it wouldn't be10535.223.12
actually it might be kind of funny10538.345.639
where are you going10543.9793.0
Back to the Sea truck10545.3595.661
okay looking for magnetite10546.9794.041
got a creature called a hive mind like10552.85.76
lights up when I get near it10555.85.82
oh wait that oh thank you [ __ ]10558.564.32
just brought me magnetite oh I gotta10561.622.699
drop something get rid of snowballs why10562.882.939
am I carrying around snowballs hey see10564.3194.201
monkey just brought me magnet tight10565.8195.521
okay that's great that that is good10568.524.74
that's what we're gonna do we're just10571.343.42
wait around just wait for [ __ ] sea10573.262.82
monkeys to bring it to me the only10574.763.179
magnetite in this I'll call that a10576.083.359
victory let's get the [ __ ] out of here10577.9394.861
let's go make a a snow thing right yep I10579.4395.88
only needed two we're good we got it we10582.85.76
got it all thanks sea monkey okay we10585.3194.981
gotta shut down the radio we gotta make10588.563.6
a fox I got an alien living in my brain10590.33.599
this is great this is great I'm having a10592.163.18
good time10593.8993.601
[ __ ] me sideways10595.345.08
oh how do I get out of here10597.58.76
hello oh hey what's up neebs hey uh well10614.35.28
I'm actually kind of glad you called10618.144.139
yeah yeah I'm gonna make a Quantum10619.585.18
listen snow fox is you're gonna hate10628.043.779
this but snow fox is on hold what the10629.963.479
hell look at this thing put this down10631.8194.201
that's the one thing we had we'd agree10633.4394.201
wait read on that now listen plans have10636.023.24
changed since Marguerite apparently10637.643.24
knows something about my sister I want10639.263.84
to shut that Tower down for him I know10640.884.2
things about your sister yeah like what10643.13.839
you know like where she is how did she10645.084.58
die um10646.9392.721
so you made a Quantum Locker instead of10661.884.2
a snow fox uh for now yeah because again10663.923.78
I want to move the base I put a lot of10666.084.44
stuff in the sea truck but uh yeah I10667.75.159
gotta move all this storage over there10670.523.66
all right what am I forgetting what am I10672.8592.701
forgetting I got enough stuff I think10674.183.36
forget about the agreement we had uh no10675.564.08
no hold on do I have enough stuff to10677.544.68
make another quantum Locker I think I do10679.644.679
all right okay why not I'm heading over10682.225.04
to the lily pad region okay yeah I wanna10684.3195.281
I wanna do this this thing so I could10687.264.44
talk to Marguerite Margarita's the crazy10689.64.86
lady yeah crazy lady10691.74.56
yeah Margaritas are good aren't they a10694.463.42
margarita yeah I don't mind it a little10696.263.36
sugary if they're not done right I can't10697.883.72
it can't be a little much I can see that10699.623.72
you gotta use good tequila I mean that's10701.63.299
the secret it's good tequila it doesn't10703.342.28
yeah it does good tequila I bet if10705.623.54
people did a blind taste test they go10707.63.299
adds the good stuff no you can10709.163.239
definitely tell the difference between10710.8993.721
shitty tequila and good tequila when you10712.3993.481
get back we'll see all right yeah we get10714.622.46
back we're having margaritas I'm making10715.884.16
a shitty one and a good one10717.082.96
oh crap nice yeah I just found the old10722.04.5
scanner room what do you what do you10724.642.82
the first scanner room we built remember10727.463.42
you made one day yeah you know what it's10729.142.82
perfect because that means I can break10730.884.2
it down and take the parts with me10731.965.04
break it down attached components must10735.085.22
be disconnected uh okay there solar10737.06.479
panel I gotta disconnect that okay10740.35.4
we're in the break dancing break it down10743.4795.34
break dancing yeah emergency power only10745.75.579
break dancing no yeah I remember breaks10748.8193.781
dancing hold on is there something else10751.2793.901
attached in here emergency power only10752.64.799
yeah I know it's emergency power I need10755.183.599
to break you down attached components10757.3992.88
must be deconstructed first the only10758.7793.0
thing I had attached to you I thought10760.2794.261
was a solar panel yeah break it down10761.7796.381
did I attach two solar panels10764.546.56
whoa oh god oh10768.164.98
what's going on10771.14.42
you breaking it down no no leave me10773.144.9
alone leave me alone leave me alone10775.526.12
what is it it's one of these big scaly10778.045.34
fish things10781.644.2
I don't know what they're called10783.386.0
no no oh crap10785.846.24
uh like a snow fox or something we can10789.384.62
run from these things only works on land10792.084.14
you son of a [ __ ] well it get you out10794.03.66
of trouble wouldn't it you're on land10796.225.48
can I ran this thing hold on10797.664.04
come on come on come on10805.8193.321
now let me10809.8993.141
keep it out of the health of this uh C10814.13.96
truck but oh [ __ ] I think I got him okay10815.845.479
let's see you're 80 percent10818.063.259
I don't care if I scan one of these guys10821.4794.5
did you kill it no yeah I killed it10823.14.679
all right it's dead I'm scanning on my10825.9793.3
there you go they're caught a10830.4795.401
cryptosuchus ah cryptasticus yeah look10832.425.859
take a look at that guy he's pissed off10835.885.28
looking all right why can't I break you10838.2794.2
Q all components must be deconstructed10842.4793.481
what the hell oh the hatch [ __ ] me I'm10845.965.66
an idiot10849.22.42
all right found some information on this10858.224.96
Krypton oh yeah yeah they're pretty10860.65.28
cowardly really they don't seem cowardly10863.184.44
he was coming at me it says here people10865.883.3
have just like hit it with a knife and10867.623.48
they'll go running okay well maybe next10869.183.48
time I'll try that all right I'm on the10871.13.0
edge of this uh10872.663.6
Lily Pad region now I got to find a10874.14.11
decent spot to set up a base10876.266.54
truck uh yeah yeah probably needs10882.84.979
repairing doesn't it I mean it's better10885.743.0
to do it now than when you're getting10887.7792.58
attacked by something yep not a bad idea10888.743.539
let's see you got my laser cutter repair10890.3594.62
tool let's do it10892.2795.361
thank you names10894.9792.661
for lunch yeah you want a pizza it's10903.84.979
three o'clock yeah10906.623.84
when did you eat when did you eat10908.7795.221
breakfast breakfast lunch is that Simon10910.466.3
yes don't tell me about me remember keep10914.06.06
it cool okay yeah okay what what are you10916.765.639
talking to nobody10920.064.32
see you would you mean nobody you're10922.3993.841
obviously talking to somebody yeah no10924.385.46
it's just a client right okay does your10926.247.26
client want a pizza song10929.843.66
all right I lost it whatever the hell10941.3594.761
that was couldn't hear it okay10943.162.96
okay it's a late it's a late lunch for10952.8193.551
young people like me10955.044.68
what else is new um10959.724.5
oh buddy came back and visited my mom10962.36.72
yesterday really yeah and and he took an10964.227.02
apple out of her hand did she want him10969.024.259
to did she offer him the Apple yeah no10971.243.539
she cut a slice and was like here and10973.2793.301
then he took the whole apple or the10974.7794.5
slice just the slice that's not a very10976.583.96
interesting story James if you're gonna10979.2793.841
chat just just call me back later oh my10980.545.34
God okay I gotta I gotta work Simon10983.128.52
right oh I can hear him offline10985.885.76
hello hello10993.884.479
hey how are you I'm good how are you10996.25.52
good sir I'm doing good10998.3595.641
my friend oh yeah you know out in space11001.725.4
just flying around like I do out in11004.05.52
space just flying around that's a yep11007.125.04
gotta go got some stuff going on11009.523.959
oh accident sounds very interesting like11013.4793.84
you're like you're from a cereal yeah11015.645.52
okay got stuff going on goodbye come on11017.3196.0
neebs goodbye11021.164.8
oh am I leaving now too why do they have11023.3194.381
man is in my too deep am I too deep for11027.73.779
that damn it I'm gonna need thermal11029.683.0
no when the pizza Dia comes11032.684.88
thanks Simon11034.7792.781
hey Neighbors yeah Simon's still there11040.68.7
I think yeah oh God okay how do you know11044.87.019
my name siren damn it it's me chaps Road11049.34.08
zero zero fu11051.8196.12
how are you zero zero fu yeah11053.386.12
remember the client you were supposed to11057.9393.121
help and then you didn't reach out to11059.54.74
him for months so zero zero Fu I knew11061.066.06
him I mean I'm sure were we friends11064.244.5
because I don't really know yeah yeah11067.123.48
we're now friends friends is loose you11068.744.02
were helping me out with my first ship11070.64.14
names I think this thing is too deep for11072.764.38
uh solar power I might have to use some11074.745.34
thermal energy yeah how many11077.144.5
harness the power of the Sun at the11080.082.46
of the ocean the bottom it would still11082.543.12
get sunlight of course I don't know11084.342.76
thermal plant I don't know how to make11085.664.319
damn thermal plants but [ __ ] I did see a11087.14.98
ship over there11089.9795.601
okay I'm going to the ship11092.083.5
all right neebs I think I see an11103.3592.941
yeah God yeah oh all right this is the11106.37.04
Shipwreck huh this is a shipwreck11109.184.16
all right what's my inventory like is it11119.4394.561
full okay I got some space11121.124.98
all right flashlight what are you11124.04.2
looking for what kind of materials well11126.14.379
I need to find hold on God what was the11128.25.159
damn thing called it's called Snow Fox11130.4795.401
no it's not the damn snow fox11133.3594.08
I'm trying to find the ingredients for a11135.883.599
parallel processing unit so I can build11137.4394.261
the test override module11139.4795.041
so I can shut down that damn11141.75.76
Tower from Marguerite oh God I'm gonna11144.526.08
get lost in here11147.463.14
that's your department Simon okay right11151.05.1
something works on that Tower I think I11153.36.34
remember him now zero zero fu yeah came11156.15.16
back to Earth it was really famous drink11159.643.98
is paid all the time you owe me 50 bucks11161.264.98
what are you talking about11163.624.9
owe me fifty dollars how in the hell11166.245.539
would I owe you fifty dollars11168.523.259
I don't think so11173.3192.96
well Stout on a fat I'm pretty sure11178.123.6
you're trying to scam me out of fifty11180.224.16
dollars I'm pretty sure11181.722.66
do you have a contract you have the11185.145.24
paperwork for that bet11187.62.78
I'm one of those guys all right hey all11190.424.859
right sweet neebs I found one parallel11192.644.62
Processing Unit awesome is that your new11195.2795.281
nickname for me okay okay what I call it11197.267.2
names did I say sweet notes sweet is it11200.565.0
like yeah11204.464.16
all right11205.563.06
now absolutely I don't even think you11220.963.84
don't watch football do you yeah no I11222.9393.241
don't watch footballs that doesn't sound11224.83.0
like you're gonna make a bit oh sweet an11226.183.36
oxygen plan thank you thank you so much11227.83.72
people make bets on things that they11229.545.22
know nothing about me like stocks11231.524.98
like football too like I don't know11234.763.3
anything about football11236.54.02
either hardly but I knew that there was11238.064.56
a game going on and if you pick a team11240.524.86
and it's opposite of what they pick you11242.625.4
can gamble on it or horses horses are11245.384.2
yeah but there's a lot of horses in the11248.023.48
race there's too many too many too many11249.584.5
teammates to have to pick from yeah he's11251.54.74
like I got a 50 50 shot of winning when11254.084.08
I'm when I'm betting in a game but11256.243.96
that's true it's like the horses you go11258.164.02
give me come on so if they had like 1011260.23.48
football teams playing at the same time11262.184.5
you wouldn't bet no too many choices11263.685.54
uh looking down here11269.3195.701
found that thing yet no I wait the [ __ ]11272.3195.101
oh God a back where I started11275.024.94
[ __ ]11277.422.54
neebs I think the rest of this ship is a11284.8593.241
uh yeah I'm not finding what I need11288.15.82
okay I gotta figure out either thermal11291.644.2
energy or I gotta build closer to the11293.924.2
surface from my base all right let me go11295.844.74
deconstruct my my base and11298.125.52
see where else I can build it okay11300.584.8
as long as I'm close to this region I'm11303.645.24
happy I can hold up11305.383.5
wait wait a minute11310.245.1
looks like it's on is that on11312.884.74
are you asking me no I'm asking myself11315.344.439
okay oh11317.623.659
you know what names I think I built this11319.7793.181
thing in the dark11321.2793.181
but it looked light enough out here11322.963.3
where are you yeah okay now this thing's11324.463.78
rocking and rolling now11326.263.54
oh you're right your solar panels are11328.243.42
working yeah solar panels are working11329.84.5
the scanner room is operational okay11331.664.68
let's use a fabricator I want to build a11334.34.46
couple things11336.342.42
room HUD ship that's going to be11339.2794.981
important scan a room upgrade range okay11341.084.859
if you're not going to be happy that11344.263.42
magnetite we got I might have to use it11345.9393.96
that was for the snow fox it was for the11347.683.96
snow spot oh a speed upgrade let's go11349.8993.361
ahead and do that11351.644.92
speed upgrade stick it in the upgrade11353.265.84
just picked it up just picked it up11359.22.94
where the [ __ ] is it11360.75.0
did you find it got it11362.143.56
are we gonna do the snow fox after this11365.9793.661
though yeah yeah we'll do the snow fox11367.544.04
eventually maybe11369.644.08
I mean I don't know if Marguerite can11371.583.64
tell me what the hell happened to Sam I11373.724.5
I don't really see myself needing it11375.225.759
we might not ever make one yeah we might11378.223.54
all right this thing I'm making this HUD11381.763.78
chip this is going to be great11383.25.52
hardship a hundred ship and then a range11385.544.439
okay all right so the scanner room now11389.9795.101
can scan I will seek fluid intake11392.084.8
drinking the water right now look at me11395.083.859
yeah I got you all right scan a room11398.9394.241
upgrade with this chip I can install11401.3195.58
this in my helmet oh really boom scanner11403.185.639
root hunt a HUD chips installed that's11406.8993.96
right when I scan for Stuff11408.8194.861
hopefully I can find it fragments glow11410.8594.561
whales all right the distance should be11413.683.299
to better find more back to tie pretty11416.9793.96
easy then maybe11418.545.04
God I was really hoping to find hey data11420.9395.241
boxes are good11423.582.6
yeah long time ago I only did that like11433.54.899
in that emergency situation you don't11436.723.96
miss it come to find out drinking pee is11438.3993.96
good for you I don't know if that's true11440.684.02
Simon no it's true actually ever since11442.3594.261
to make fun of you and tell you not to11444.74.86
eat like drink your pee then I I my11446.626.12
uncle Uncle Pat said that that he was11449.565.339
drinking it and they got gave him more11452.744.68
energy in the morning okay cool I don't11454.8994.08
okay I don't know if that's scientific11457.424.7
though but it might be11458.9793.141
wait is this point me to the fragment I11464.923.84
bet it's pointing me to the damn11466.844.32
scanners in it11468.763.96
the thing I already have that's exactly11471.163.0
what it's doing yep [ __ ] already11472.723.48
got this11474.166.3
hey oh God I gotta find pieces of this11476.25.96
no you don't need to build up Snow Fox11482.164.36
all right let me keep looking around ow11484.545.04
what the [ __ ] oh I got hit by a thermal11486.524.62
vent oh there's thermal vents down there11489.584.26
okay well maybe geez if this this is one11491.144.08
piece of the ship maybe the other piece11493.843.78
of the ship laying somewhere around here11495.225.04
scan a room [ __ ] the scan a room sounded11497.625.159
like he said pieces of [ __ ] but he said11500.266.24
pieces of ship ship or Chip Chip he's11502.7795.481
throwing all his words out today11506.53.54
yeah I couldn't find what I wanted it11529.04.62
doesn't have broken ship pieces in there11531.344.92
no well it's that uh override not the11533.624.8
override module the thing I need to make11536.264.92
the override module holy [ __ ]11538.425.82
love of an astronautical salt trans girl11541.187.679
vessel nearby vessel name Mercury 2. oh11544.246.72
[ __ ] this is the Mercury two you ever11548.8594.861
heard of this ship yeah that's Simon's11550.963.66
Old Ship11553.723.9
the what remember the Mercury too11554.626.02
you were supposed to help navigate it11557.626.48
oh yeah that is that was the what they11560.645.7
said the final straw11564.15.16
that's what it was like you can't do11566.344.78
this the first time I had pretty good11569.264.679
excuses on why it went down the Mercury11571.125.279
won right Mercury one went down but I11573.9394.5
was technically asleep so it wasn't11576.3993.841
really my fault giving I was supposed to11578.4393.84
be awake you were supposed to be traffic11580.244.68
control for that day right but I was so11582.2795.761
tired yeah but you can't dude okay like11584.925.04
I mean the night before I barely got any11588.044.98
sleep because I was partying so like the11589.964.92
next day I got to work I made it here11593.023.839
and then I went to bed okay I'm gonna11594.884.019
try to go into this place11596.8594.92
all right so now maybe I can get my job11598.8995.281
back can you recover that chip11601.7793.0
yeah I don't think you're gonna recover11604.7794.741
this one Simon it's uh yeah it's in good11606.3994.681
condition it's very very bad condition11609.523.78
it's at the bottom of the ocean since I11611.084.02
recovered it they're not gonna give you11613.33.96
your job back mostly they're upset11615.13.839
because they didn't get to recycle the11617.264.38
parts that's what I heard I think it's11618.9395.161
because you let it crash whatever I11621.644.38
found some Chinese potatoes in here know11624.15.6
anything about that Simon oh11626.023.68
potatoes in the universe11630.7612.15
prawn suit drill arm fragment names oh11644.164.18
were two that's not bad yeah already11648.345.599
know how to make the prawn soup11650.563.379
a lot of times you learn to build11655.4792.821
something then you don't build it well11656.9793.361
it depends on what I need can I get11658.34.019
through here are you referring to that11660.343.84
fox thing you kept on talking about I11662.3193.241
mean that's that's one good example11664.184.16
Simon what's the what is the fox thing11665.565.66
now I care for some reason I want to see11671.224.9
the snow fox we all do can he make it11673.964.019
now no I can't make it right now I'm11676.124.08
working on a mission I gotta find this11677.9794.741
part that I might be able to find in one11680.25.42
of these damn shipwrecks11682.722.9
zero zero Fu because you just get like11692.384.38
totally obsessed with doing what you11694.7794.021
want to do that you think is important11696.763.54
yeah I'm the one down here surviving11698.84.8
yeah but knows more than you who11700.36.479
um neebs does I don't know [ __ ] I11703.64.5
wouldn't say that I mean damn I'm down11706.7793.241
here I just need a part and I know that11708.13.299
deep should11710.023.24
it twice when I was11711.3993.841
instead he stays in the same [ __ ] job11713.264.2
and why is that because he's a sucker11715.244.5
and he's a I mean in a good way he's11717.464.92
like you're a good helper thanks Simon11719.745.119
you're welcome11722.382.479
this is gonna be the one day yeah11725.224.96
to be the one I just need one more damn11728.53.6
one more of these parts11730.184.799
you found a door this is it I'm just11732.15.96
hoping it's behind this door11734.9793.081
Let's Make a Deal11738.3993.141
was it a new car there's not a new car11745.148.259
you've got a dead goat oh they had a11749.746.72
containment facility in here yeah or a11753.3994.141
dead goat11756.462.7
they should have had that as the [ __ ]11757.543.899
prizes huh just yeah something really11759.164.98
good then something like awful sounds so11761.4394.981
sad a dead horse11764.145.82
even even worse which is better yeah11766.426.66
they deliver it to your yard yep and it11769.964.439
really makes you not want to lose this11773.082.76
yeah that would be that would be awful11775.847.979
how'd the show go you tell me11779.3995.981
you got a dead horse in the yard where's11783.8194.201
in my yard man how do you think it went11785.385.099
but now listen with dead horse bad the11788.024.08
horses have to die of natural causes11790.4793.541
they can't kill them for the show of11792.13.32
well they do so how about this then you11795.425.62
you force the loser to watch the horse11798.76.42
get euthanized on your lawn11801.045.58
what I was just saying that doesn't11805.123.42
happen no it does because we have to use11806.623.359
them because they're all them out of11808.543.439
their misery11809.9794.5
when animals are in bad shape I'm not11811.9794.181
just saying that sometimes if they're11814.4793.601
beyond repair sure yeah11816.163.36
yeah you have to get those if they're11818.083.779
suffering yeah right okay11819.525.54
the prizes better be good11821.8593.201
I hope it's the prize man I hope it's a11829.664.58
prize too11831.762.48
oh God oh God oh God oh God11839.3194.16
the pdas founding pdas everywhere11844.87.059
Tori's full [ __ ] you don't listen to it11849.164.68
okay all right taking a risk going into11851.8595.42
event okay okay11853.843.439
get turned around don't get turned11859.4793.901
around oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] neebs I may have11861.15.28
found it yeah yeah I may have found it11863.384.92
come on please be in here okay another11866.386.2
door no I'm cutting open a panel11868.34.28
have Oxygen's in half and I gotta get11874.424.88
back oh11876.582.72
[ __ ]11881.263.84
yes it's in here parallel Processing11882.124.6
Unit fragment boom I know how to make it11885.12.7
and get the [ __ ] out of here you know11886.723.92
where to go I hope11887.82.84
you should have left some crumbs11893.924.439
uh I think it was this way up just11895.84.599
heading towards the state truck I'm out11898.3594.821
you're out yes11900.3995.821
good we're gonna build a we'll build a11903.184.96
yeah we're building something it's a11908.142.759
thing it's a thing that I gotta use to11909.643.36
shut down a thing to shut down Simon's11910.8995.58
Tower right okay all right but still I11913.04.74
was I was planning on making a base11916.4792.96
today so11917.743.96
all right maybe I'll just head back to11919.4393.46
the old base11921.72.82
figure [ __ ] out from there scanner room11922.8992.761
did not work11924.522.82
God damn it11925.665.239
got pizza Diaz here11927.343.559
okay names I am back at the scanner room11933.344.26
let's see what I need to make this damn11936.12.64
ah built a fabricator module just for11938.744.26
this situation do everything in the11941.144.86
truck can I huh and11943.05.279
oh holy [ __ ] I can make it okay okay at11946.03.72
least a parallel processing you that's11948.2794.261
Gold Silver and boom11949.725.34
okay so I got that now I need to make11952.544.56
the test override module oh God all I11955.065.64
need is lead all I need is lead11957.16.259
s here come on11960.72.659
have any damn lead anywhere scan a room11963.465.12
scanner room scan a roof scanneroo11965.8594.92
uh no all right tell you what I'm gonna11968.584.42
scan for Galena outcrops because I think11970.7793.901
I remember that being correct that is11973.03.96
correct okay all right sweet and this11974.684.5
HUD Chip's working I'm already seeing11976.964.14
pieces of it yes all right right out11979.183.42
here I better not be the only damn one11981.14.44
there better be out of all this [ __ ] out11982.64.799
of everything around me this no here we11985.543.98
so the signals coming from your helmet11989.683.78
or from the base from the base the11991.543.3
scanner room scanning the environment11993.463.66
around it gotcha and it's yeah finding11994.843.599
these things11997.124.739
but where the [ __ ] is inside11998.4395.241
who they are uh yes chance of lead come12003.686.88
on titanium no not what I wanted it's12007.55.899
not even lit12010.562.839
is there what the [ __ ] looks like this12015.544.439
thing's inside I can't get at it yeah12017.343.84
see it I knew not building that thing12021.183.42
would come back oh listen the scanner12023.13.66
room's just done nothing but piss me off12024.64.44
but at least hey we're able to find lead12026.763.96
yes all right got a piece of lead I can12029.043.6
build a thing you got lucky all right12030.723.84
all right all right heading back to the12032.643.9
Sea truck gonna make the thing that I12034.564.02
need to take the Delta station shutting12036.544.88
down the radio tower12038.582.84
one of those crypto what do they call12054.03.56
again oh yeah12055.624.199
or something hey you want to try that12057.564.96
thing out yeah I kind of do hold on12059.8194.381
all right just hit it with a knife let's12062.523.299
get a knife or something okay give a12064.24.079
little whack see if it scares them off12065.8193.481
come at me you want to come at me do it12070.85.46
oh God you get you yeah you got me damn12072.965.22
took a chunk12076.264.26
scare him uh12078.185.219
scared of me now hey you want some more12080.524.14
oh okay12084.665.04
okay names I think it worked I think he12087.666.239
respects me okay holy [ __ ] I had no idea12089.75.4
well they probably have a short-term12093.8993.0
memory so don't get too comfortable you12095.13.48
remember this buddy you remember okay12096.8994.761
he's after a fish12098.583.08
you guys are my [ __ ] now all right12101.725.679
Delta station cool thanks for the info12105.125.1
Nieves good job if I make the big bucks12107.3995.46
big bucks I mean compared to you really12110.224.679
you've had three demotions in the last12112.8594.321
like six months yeah but12114.8994.981
I mean you've never been demoted no I12117.184.74
don't think so man I need maybe you12119.884.559
could be My Mentor maybe you in this uh12121.925.64
Fu guy you help me be a better worker Fu12124.4396.241
I know yeah got my own thing going on12127.566.98
right right it's lost cause anyway12130.683.86
seeing yep I see Delta stations ducks12135.67.14
all right12140.464.859
make sure I got the test override module12142.745.34
in my pocket which I do uh-huh all right12145.3195.341
has my food and water take a little food12148.085.22
I'm gonna eat this potato12150.665.76
Chinese one yep it went really good was12153.34.979
it no I think it'd been sitting at the12156.425.0
bottom of the ocean for a while12158.2793.141
this might get Simon in trouble because12163.24.5
he works yeah I don't give a [ __ ] I12165.124.26
gotta shut this thing down where where12167.73.48
do I work the tower at Delta station12169.383.24
that's kind of your job to keep12171.183.599
monitoring that yeah well yeah that's12172.624.38
one of them I think man what are you12174.7794.141
doing there now I'm shutting it down12177.03.6
wait foreign12178.923.78
that's the opposite of what I'm supposed12180.63.66
you're supposed to keep it running and12182.74.22
he's going to shut it down okay well why12184.265.04
listen there's a crazy [ __ ] that lives12186.924.059
here on this planet and she's agreed to12189.33.96
help me if I shut down this Tower sorry12190.9794.861
Simon wow I spell another demotion12193.263.42
yeah maybe I you know what hold on a12196.684.679
second maybe I could try to access damn12199.3193.42
it I don't even know if I don't even12201.3593.361
know I12202.7393.421
either I have not been able to access12204.724.019
anything work wise like three days okay12206.165.04
so uh I don't know what to do can you12208.7394.261
just please not do that right now no I12211.24.02
gotta do it man sorry I mean like can12213.03.72
you wait two hours until I'm at least12215.223.78
off shift nope I'm here I'm doing it12216.725.34
okay well I guess oh no I'm not feeling12219.05.88
good all of a sudden oh no12222.066.419
I I feel like I'm going to get ill I I12224.885.76
should probably leave work and let12228.4794.8
somebody else handle monitoring where12230.644.44
you are you do what you got to do all12233.2793.301
right names I'm sorry about the12235.082.699
assignment I'm connecting the test12236.583.18
override module damn shutting this12237.7794.46
[ __ ] down12239.762.479
clocked out12243.7792.54
yeah say that you heard me [ __ ]12250.626.0
violently in the bathroom okay right and12253.55.399
you know I was [ __ ] so bad that I12256.625.279
couldn't even like I had to throw up on12258.8995.88
myself while I was [ __ ] and then you12261.8995.58
tore your butt and then I tore my butt12264.7795.401
you had to get stitches oh but I still12267.4795.041
but I have to so do I have to go now12270.184.32
like you didn't you have to but you12272.524.02
can't because your butts tore oh12274.54.92
that was most resourceful all right yeah12276.544.739
Allen was saying something12279.424.8
Marguerite come on contact me Margarita12281.2795.54
are you out there12284.222.599
all right I'm gonna head back to the Sea12289.8593.681
I've covered that needs oh hold on12293.8195.16
Margaret's calling all right Altera you12295.924.38
win this round12298.9793.901
come find me at my Greenhouse I'm about12300.34.679
a kilometer east of your position up on12302.883.599
an iceberg12304.9793.96
a present for you yeah I'll stop by if I12306.4794.441
have time12308.9396.42
sure whatever if you have time for me in12310.927.04
your busy social calendar all right12315.3594.761
kilometer East12317.964.12
kilometer East12320.123.76
I'm gonna have a story our stories are12322.083.779
synchronized yes we've got that figured12323.883.599
out I didn't even hear what it was I was12325.8593.42
distracted I'm sorry man I was spacing12327.4794.221
no it's okay12329.2792.421
okay God okay cool just don't mention me12333.546.739
if you wouldn't mind Simon I'm not here12336.04.279
[ __ ] in the bathroom perfect now12341.343.42
perfect perfect12342.966.319
you are okay East glaciers12344.764.519
okay starting to see some ice12366.04.92
oh wow that's a glacier down the12368.885.04
glaciers huh I found yeah12370.924.319
she said she was on top of one12375.2394.381
I'm gonna look for a base out here does12377.463.24
she move12379.624.319
who Margarita I don't know12380.74.8
is this a real person12383.9394.321
yeah yeah apparently she's and you think12385.55.52
that she's on a on an iceberg yeah she12388.265.76
told me she was she had a house that's12391.024.5
where I broke she always got bases all12394.024.2
over this place I mean you you can see12395.524.08
this [ __ ] it's like she's been she's12398.224.34
probably been living here years12399.62.96
and I still think that name sounds12403.3193.0
familiar why does it sound familiar to12404.8193.481
you I don't know there's something about12406.3193.42
it Margarita I feel like I've read it12408.32.82
somewhere like I've heard it sounds like12409.7393.421
the drink maybe it's the obvious thing12411.125.279
it also sounds like man you think oh man12413.166.659
you fake Marguerite menu fig is it a12416.3996.361
word Magnifique is magnificent in a12419.8194.92
different language right which one many12422.762.78
French itself French sounds French yes12425.546.76
uh there's an iceberg here I don't see a12429.844.439
base on it though I'll tell you what I'm12432.33.599
gonna go up there and just check nice12434.2793.601
let's get some height Dominique is12435.8994.021
you know what would be handy right here12439.924.08
oh what's that12441.7793.66
think of anything that would be handy12444.03.479
here towel12445.4394.5
coat snow fox is that what you're gonna12447.4793.96
say vehicle that goes out and land on12449.9393.721
Fox yeah but this is just a small I mean12451.4394.321
it's a large Iceberg but it's a it's a12453.663.3
small chunk of land I just want to get12455.762.28
some height see if I can see anything12456.963.24
you Traverse a lot better in one of12458.045.12
those snow fox things12460.22.96
I found something here12466.3996.46
okay with this artifact I am again able12469.7395.461
to trace the imprint of my people okay12472.8595.521
one of Alan's artifacts12475.27.14
but then the distance becomes faint12478.386.74
it's getting dark12482.342.78
oh hey I know how to make an ion battery12486.33.599
now that's actually12488.3994.08
really good [ __ ] I can't see anything12489.8994.741
out here Neves it's the weather's gotten12492.4793.541
oh God do I jump holy [ __ ] that's a long12496.024.759
way down12498.4792.3
okay yep baby12508.7394.861
oh yeah that was fun12515.643.259
hey it's pretty big cliff12518.965.08
for something you just12522.33.54
run around yeah I'm out here jacking my12524.043.54
dick that's what I'm doing what do you12525.843.24
think I'm looking for12527.584.08
you're going to the glaciers then you're12529.084.98
cliff diving yeah I'm looking for12531.664.14
Marguerite's base that she said was12534.064.56
about 100 kilometers east on a glacier12535.85.4
do you have the memory of a [ __ ] fish12538.625.04
oh I know this girl and you know what12541.24.38
I'm looking for you cop this doesn't12543.663.86
sound like you're looking12545.584.56
no I'm not lollygagging I climbed up at12547.524.36
the top of an iceberg to get some height12550.144.5
to see if I could see a base I couldn't12551.885.76
so I'm still exploring12554.645.78
[ __ ] off12557.642.78
now I really remember him12561.8998.591
babes you see some uh yeah I see lights12590.128.5
Marguerite I don't know12596.3994.741
can't imagine who the hell else would be12598.624.819
out here12601.142.299
be careful she's crazy oh I know she12609.844.68
crazy this is a good chance I end up12612.34.4
oh yeah babes uh-huh coming up on a base12629.9397.201
okay I'm guessing it's Marguerite hard12634.025.04
to be 100 though12637.143.42
it's me12640.564.08
there's a few just don't listen don't12641.885.56
let your dog eat me please12644.646.329
damn saddle that hasn't passed by in a12652.8595.04
while I guess that was your doing yeah12655.264.38
Marguerite my sister wasn't the only one12657.8994.261
who could follow big stupid shitty12659.644.86
directions so uh how about you tell me a12662.164.02
little bit more about her huh she was an12664.54.08
original that sister of yours first time12666.184.259
I met her I was sure she was all Terror12668.584.56
through and through not a crease in her12670.4396.481
uniform sending those damn bird Bots to12673.146.36
spy everywhere12676.927.439
then she surprised me maybe a little too12679.57.68
much uh but what's what's that mean if12684.3595.161
you really want to know there's a PDA on12687.183.9
the bench that can point you in the12689.524.04
right direction12691.082.48
you need anything else don't bother me12695.7796.521
but you can help yourself in the12700.164.119
greenhouse I can do to repay you for12702.34.679
getting those spine pests off my back12704.2796.141
yeah no problem12706.9793.441
I'll take these and read over them later12714.24.96
sounds like she's being pretty cool uh12716.644.139
she's being pretty cool12719.164.86
don't wanna [ __ ] with her here that's12720.7795.781
all this stuff12724.022.54
marble melon she said I could take some12727.623.84
of her food12729.842.639
marble Millis looks good very generous12732.4796.42
yeah oh look oh God yeah that is good12735.065.64
she got anything worth the [ __ ]12738.8994.141
composite plant hot I don't give a [ __ ]12740.74.26
about a plant pot find my sister and I'm12743.043.66
getting the [ __ ] out of here just12744.963.359
getting in Margarita you can look all12746.73.119
you want to make one there's more to12748.3193.301
Marguerite than any damn thing gold12749.8195.641
Gadget can see okay yeah cool Mercury I12751.626.3
don't know why I just scanned her okay12755.465.04
oh [ __ ] cold as hell out here now going12757.924.439
back to the Sea truck okay I got some12760.54.859
pdas to go read all right oh God I can't12762.3595.161
where the [ __ ] am I going12765.3594.441
PDA stand for personal digital assistant12767.525.339
okay display of affection that's what I12769.84.679
was thinking of course but I think I12772.8594.281
always thought that12774.4792.661
I've already synthesized an antonym and12780.664.739
stashed it in a cave I can go grab it12782.8194.801
and that's your plan you don't think12785.3993.661
it'll work12787.624.5
you're thinking too small like maybe if12789.064.379
you're polite enough about destroying12792.123.359
the bacteria Altera will come around and12793.4393.54
see it your way12795.4794.681
but do you believe in yourself or not I12796.9797.441
think so you think so come on is a12800.166.84
bacteria a threat or isn't it it is12804.425.64
doesn't need to be dealt with or not it12807.07.68
does so who's right on this I am say it12810.067.98
like you mean it I am I said like you12814.684.98
mean it not like you're testifying12818.045.279
before a rig trans gov Court I am right12819.666.06
then what you got to do is seal off the12823.3193.901
whole cave12825.723.78
this stuff made it for fishing but it12827.223.9
blew the whole ice shelf halfway to deep12829.52.479
vaporized all the fish okay and you12831.9795.141
gotta hit the lab too or there's just a12835.565.1
point actually you know what let me take12837.124.859
care of that one12840.664.159
it'll be fun12841.9792.84
is she working like on a cruise ship or12846.544.26
something what are you talking about yes12848.644.139
people are like hey who's having a good12850.86.12
time me no what I don't sound like12852.7797.221
you're having a good time12856.923.08
a good time you can do that doesn't that12861.64.92
drive you crazy yeah it drives me crazy12864.843.24
and I don't know how you got that from12866.524.459
what we just listened to12868.082.899
because she put it in yourself and12871.3193.54
you're like yeah I guess so no I want to12872.3994.5
say you're confident I'm confident okay12874.8594.261
that's really confident that's what you12876.8993.781
read out of that not the fact that I12879.123.06
think my sister was possibly working12880.683.0
with Marguerite and they were trying to12882.182.94
blow up labs12883.683.059
I think Mr may be a terrorist really got12885.124.619
overshadowed by the over okay okay good12886.7394.101
is a terrorist maybe maybe that's kind12890.844.54
of that's kind of what I got from that12894.185.66
conversation uh-oh I'm dead my brother12895.384.46
my brother I'm out of power luckily12902.465.88
got some power sales okay sister's a12905.527.94
terrorist sister he's a terrorist okay12908.345.12
Dave what's going on you're having a12918.146.4
seizure what's up Dave12920.8193.721
all right12927.8992.54
oh God what these yeah12931.2795.861
which was that12935.463.479
oh God I think12937.144.28
I think12938.9392.481
what do you think a little woozy12941.4793.96
okay I think I'm good12946.54.2
sure you're good12949.144.38
not good good yes I'm good it doesn't12950.74.5
sound good to me are you sure you're12953.524.56
good um yeah I'm good shut the [ __ ] up12955.25.94
your voice no are you good there's a12958.085.159
damn creature out here that like [ __ ]12961.143.78
with your brain12963.2393.481
nice are you good12964.923.54
I think I'm good12966.725.219
I don't know it's funny it kind of is a12968.464.859
from our set because you remember we12971.9393.54
were doing the it came back it came full12973.3196.62
circle yeah the cruise liner people yeah12975.4794.46
right hilarious12980.9393.241
okay how the hell I gotta change the12982.682.82
batteries in this damn thing and this12984.183.12
thing's swimming out there12985.54.02
so this thing is uh okay I'm just gonna12987.33.72
Ram it it's gonna Ram the damn thing oh12989.524.379
wait I can't Ram it power silver down12991.026.799
okay going out the back I got the back12993.8993.92
all right I gotta change the power cells12998.427.5
without this thing go away13000.925.0
does it feel good what do you think the13009.345.08
street value is of what you're13012.9794.041
experiencing public13014.426.019
can't breathe13017.023.419
on this drugs13021.044.26
go ahead okay13026.664.44
[ __ ]13031.13.6
the hell am I gonna change this13033.4393.981
battery's names13034.72.72
sitting but sitting beside my13039.565.52
sea truck okay is he gone is he got okay13042.345.22
he's over there13045.082.48
Stills me towards him gotcha huh I need13053.3594.981
my C truck can I hit him I might have to13056.64.1
knife him13058.342.36
high blood13066.345.38
where's he at where's the knife with a13068.425.42
there you go13073.965.88
come on get out of here boys13076.03.84
in the truck Jesus Christ just changed13088.124.119
the battery13091.342.54
is the truck13092.2396.861
ah did you do it I did13093.885.22
okay [ __ ] that guy13099.623.98
I do have a weapon I got a knife13103.764.559
sort of rifle yeah13106.74.579
my life's gonna cut it13108.3192.96
yeah yeah [ __ ]13114.85912.021
all right13126.883.059
just oh piece of the ship I found13131.64.5
earlier cool I'm back okay rock and roll13133.75.64
okay heading back to base I gotta get my13136.16.0
[ __ ] together I want to go back to five13139.345.04
Robotics and to go to that other Tower13142.15.58
okay then you can build a snow fox to13144.384.439
get there13147.684.02
yeah what we wanted to do but [ __ ] if13148.8194.981
I'm here I should go back you know what13151.74.02
I'm gonna need magnetite13153.83.84
you got a thing it says we're back13155.725.16
inside is right uh well no you would13157.645.339
hope you would hope but I know I know13160.883.96
your whole thing about magnet type being13162.9794.441
the lily pad caves the thing the only13164.844.68
thing I ever saw it was from sea monkeys13167.424.26
so I could I could turn on the scanner13169.523.299
room and we can see if we can find13171.683.179
magnetite worth the shot it's worth the13172.8193.781
shot it is worth the shot so let's see13174.8594.021
if this was the ship I found I bet if I13176.64.259
turn left yeah scan room's right here13178.883.479
all right I'm gonna break it down and13180.8593.12
take it over closer to the caves oh yeah13182.3592.761
and if you13183.9792.76
can the magnet tight maybe you could13185.125.4
find some Magna loose what's that all13186.7394.461
good step Simon13193.8993.601
thank you13202.2393.0
sadly right now it's dark13219.3995.141
Okay so13222.7393.601
rebuild this is the skater room's Last13224.544.859
Chance by the way it doesn't uh strike13226.345.399
three oh wait please be magnet type oh13229.3994.261
what do you get please be magnified hey13231.7393.481
yeah awesome okay thanks all right now13235.226.139
[ __ ] up sea monkey from a sea monkey13237.53.859
oh god oh yep13242.4794.941
squid shark13248.624.239
sounds terrifying good shark is13250.643.66
[ __ ]13254.33.66
sharks over there I need to be out in13256.044.279
the sun13257.962.359
I mean that's kind of what these things13260.85.16
look like Simon yeah I think13262.73.26
I've been terrifying if it's also sounds13266.2396.24
gorgeous right okay scanner room yeah oh13268.166.0
God I'm inside of it here we go here we13272.4794.861
go all right gonna put you right here13274.165.4
hopefully you'll get plenty of sunshine13277.344.019
and you're gonna find me magnetite13279.563.6
you're gonna find me so much magnetite13281.3595.181
it's gonna be embarrassing13283.163.38
actually would be a brilliant idea yeah13290.662.94
just have a wire that goes all the way13292.222.639
yeah why do we even need a wire Pokemon13294.8595.04
let's do wireless now yeah just I mean13297.3194.381
hell look at the technology we have you13299.8993.301
know we could do it hold on oxygen13301.73.18
where's my truck there's my truck oh boy13303.25.34
about lost you okay come on oxygen come13304.885.76
on oxygen come on oxygen you're good13308.543.42
you're good we're good we're good knees13310.643.78
we're good are we I think so okay13311.966.0
I got it I'm about to get fired13314.426.12
fire demoted again right yeah again I13317.966.14
apologize for that Simon I know you13320.543.56
oh yeah it's just the most jobs that13330.84.679
that hire me end up firing me very13332.425.1
quickly I don't know what it is is13335.4794.5
though it might be something I'm doing I13337.524.68
think it's because you don't try yeah oh13339.9794.8
I try I might not try hard I think13342.24.02
that's what it is though isn't it okay13344.7793.921
so it's not13346.222.48
right yeah you don't try hard enough or13348.7395.221
well either yes I don't I don't do well13351.7393.421
at trying13353.963.359
sometimes I try and add the phone asleep13355.164.319
yeah exactly so yeah most jobs don't13357.3193.841
like it when you fall asleep on the job13359.4794.281
I need a job13361.162.6
on the job maybe like sleep studies13364.3996.92
yeah might be a good idea13367.583.739
thank you13376.964.92
here's something13379.07.359
EXO exosuit thermal reactor module13381.887.599
fragment oh we got magnetite13386.3596.12
you think you're being [ __ ] cute13389.4794.621
get out of here13392.4794.021
no no13394.14.5
it's like it's like he brought me13396.53.12
something but he didn't bring it he13398.62.16
didn't have anything in his damn hands13399.623.96
oh really yeah that's adorable it's not13400.767.34
sounds like it fancy monkey13403.584.52
oh is that magnetite okay that's Mega13414.4393.3
tight [ __ ] the scare room [ __ ]13416.62.339
everything sea monkeys brought us the13417.7392.58
magnetite we can build snow fox let's13418.9395.481
get the hell out of here okay Jesus13420.3194.101
did I run you over I'm sorry yeah this13425.385.32
guy's annoying me13429.24.199
a jerk you're a jerk uh yeah listen that13430.73.779
jerky I think I found my new colon guys13434.4795.581
what I'm gonna be a registered sleep13437.264.9
technologist thank God I thought you13440.064.32
were gonna say sex offender no no I'm13442.163.24
already that13444.384.21
babes say something13457.226.84
do you yeah13460.343.72
wait horseshoe this is a lab13465.384.32
oh really what was horseshoe with the13467.7793.54
Greek alphabet which one was horseshoe13469.73.84
uh the one that looks like a horsey13471.3194.5
remember seeing it on the map okay hold13473.544.26
on I might find some good [ __ ] here was13475.8193.721
it Omega13477.84.019
I don't remember yeah you know what that13479.545.279
might be Omega yeah okay I'm gonna turn13481.8194.681
my back up and turn the light on so I13484.8193.96
can possibly see in there all right13486.54.26
how's my inventory my inventory full no13488.7794.741
I got room all right maybe it's some13490.766.12
sort of space like uh fraternity yeah13493.526.12
okay I have found Omega lab13496.887.019
and uh let's see some good swim charge13499.645.639
okay I might be having to make that13505.2796.421
is that a faster swimming fan I'm not13508.585.159
entirely sure13511.74.079
skip slower and you've spent time on it13513.7394.261
but wait maybe it charges your devices13515.7796.721
when you swim that would be sweet13518.09.62
doctor Daniel Valiant lived here13522.55.12
oh found a picture of my sister and13532.185.559
Danelle they seemed uh they seemed kind13534.9795.34
of friendly see if you can find any of13537.7394.681
your sister's underwear13540.3193.601
any pictures of me yet uh neebs yeah you13543.925.34
sure my sister was into dudes yeah she's13547.164.5
into me you're entirely sure about that13549.263.8
yeah we did everything13551.664.079
okay I'm just getting I'm getting a13553.064.179
whole different vibe from these uh13555.7394.7
pictures and [ __ ] I just found13557.2393.2
it softball games13562.345.28
biggest fan and Coach coacher on the13569.3194.901
side oh you go okay well you were the13572.3593.061
official coach or were you the weird13574.222.7
coach that was in the stands trying to13575.423.899
coach the club just together play catch13576.924.68
with her in the backyard okay well so13579.3194.08
you guys played softball down here13581.64.139
that's cute uh what else did you guys do13583.3993.481
for fun13585.7394.441
pack up a Subaru go camping get a Subaru13586.886.54
down here one that's crazy two a Subaru13590.186.54
my sister owned a Subaru yeah kind of13593.424.74
sounds like she was a lesbian and played13596.722.94
softball there's a lot of room in the13598.164.56
back for camping here and softball bats13599.666.5
you know putting this together neebs13602.723.44
oh nuclear reactor fragment that's good13608.727.139
yes I can make a nuclear reactor neebs13611.927.059
Sunday yeah someday after we make a snow13615.8594.981
fox yeah I just wanted to come in here13618.9793.42
what are you are you anything worth this13620.843.96
[ __ ] nuclear waste disposal that seems13622.3994.92
important having any nuclear waste it's13624.84.8
not very useful is it yeah13627.3193.901
kind of like you were to my sister huh13629.64.62
you're tight13635.062.7
doesn't seem like it13636.143.36
see she was into something else that was13637.764.019
tight another girl's snatch you don't13639.54.2
eat on the side too that's true you know13643.74.98
I got nothing wrong with being bisexual13647.123.119
I think it's sweet you get to experience13648.684.58
a little bit of everything don't you13650.2393.021
okay neebs I've constructed snow fox13669.766.76
hover pad okay and then okay yeah you13673.044.98
construct it right here the hover pad13676.523.66
okay I got all the stuff13678.024.56
boom you were holding out on me wait a13680.184.74
second and we're gonna do it this is the13682.584.62
actual snow fox yeah I'm building it13684.924.08
should be able to get the fire robotics13687.24.32
a lot quicker okay13689.04.38
oh God it is cold out here though so13691.525.339
hopefully I can find heat along the way13693.386.0
oh yeah it's a little motorcycle13696.8594.741
kind of looking thing that sounds13699.385.939
awesome hey snow fox hey can I rename13701.66.66
this thing can I color it oh hell yeah13705.3194.141
yeah let's see what do we yeah what do13708.262.24
we name it13709.464.14
no no no no hold on all right I gotta13710.54.54
jump in the water I'm about to freeze to13713.63.62
for a motorcycle13720.626.3
I can can I don't know if that is a good13722.686.34
name for a motorcycle it's not but I13726.925.78
know a guy named Ken and I like him13729.023.68
that's just a name to throw out do you13733.34.26
have anything else Captain13735.685.52
do this Captain Ken Captain Ken it's13737.566.58
done his kid's not even here it doesn't13741.26.84
matter it's Captain Ken Captain cavekin13744.148.4
let's see whoa color let's see13748.046.62
how about purple13752.544.76
I'm not sure Ken's an old guy he's like13757.34.54
80. so you're telling me he would love13760.344.019
it yeah yep all right Captain Kidd is13761.846.139
Operation oh steam pit oh yeah13764.3593.62
okay let's take Captain Ken for a spin13771.4394.161
that's good oh [ __ ] okay yeah yeah it's13777.888.019
it's it's Zippy quick huh it is zippy13782.125.04
you probably would have been already13785.8992.88
through your mission had you built that13787.163.119
thing earlier I didn't have the [ __ ] to13788.7792.7
build it earlier remember we needed the13790.2792.281
built a bunch of other stuff yeah yeah13792.564.14
yeah because we found out my sister is a13794.4793.181
needed that other stuff to find out his13798.4393.481
sister was a lesbian terrorist a lesbian13800.04.02
Terror yeah13801.925.0
live theater by terrorists13804.027.02
okay yeah this thing is sweet all right13806.925.62
I'm gonna peek into fire robotics one13811.042.46
more time make sure I didn't miss13812.543.72
anything okay oh that's my temperature13813.54.26
my temperature doesn't go down on this13816.263.479
thing oh really [ __ ] yeah it's got13817.764.86
heated seats that's nice oh that is nice13819.7394.321
yeah that makes me worry a lot less13822.625.42
about freezing to death out here13824.063.98
so you where are you now I came back to13832.844.84
fire robotics just to peek around make13835.8194.021
sure I didn't miss anything13837.684.38
's room we got the penguin did you bring13839.844.32
the penguin uh no it's still the truck13842.064.2
should I bring the penguin13844.163.36
we built it if you're just gonna leave13846.262.46
it in the house all the time okay yeah13847.523.24
I'll bring the penguin okay so we're13848.724.639
here FYE I want to get out to this area13850.765.66
to see if13853.3597.061
I just noticed something on this map13856.425.8
there's a circle13860.425.819
okay but hmm like a penguin cave13862.225.46
is that a penguin there's a little13866.2393.0
penguin image down here with a circle13867.683.0
around it13869.2393.181
this is my sister's workstation why the13870.684.139
hell would she do that13872.424.68
oh there's a door I didn't go into did13874.8194.5
she like penguins a lot well she built13877.14.44
this thing called a spy penguin13879.3195.04
okay yeah13881.544.88
how old are you13884.3595.821
oh maybe yeah there's a cold suit in13886.424.42
or how to build a cold suit how do I13890.845.04
build a cold suit I just scanned it13892.9394.561
all right yeah hey I can build a cold13895.883.24
suit now13897.54.819
does it make you cold no13899.123.199
no great there's a jukebox here by13902.65.04
someone a song by someone called nerdout13904.8195.781
sell like dorks13907.642.96
oh Jesus13912.3196.141
almost got hit by uh falling ice13914.723.74
whoa this thing has storage or upgrades13924.9797.76
or something okay what the snow fox yeah13928.164.579
so neebs what I need to build a cold13934.163.6
suit I mean I got it I feel like I don't13936.143.96
need it now since I got the wait I can't13937.764.62
go up that way [ __ ] all right going13940.14.759
another way13942.382.479
riding around but13950.03.42
that's me up so as long as it's kind of13951.263.96
like the sea truck as long as I can get13953.423.18
back to this thing oh speaking of the13955.222.94
sea truck I got to go back to it to get13956.65.04
the to get the penguin Faber mesh and no13958.166.659
stalker fur no stalker fur the penguin13961.644.799
that you said that before the pink one13964.8194.62
can grab the fur yeah okay we might be13966.4394.981
going on a fur hunt and there's a suit13969.4393.361
there's gloves and then there's a mask13971.423.359
oh my God okay it's not just a suit it's13972.84.559
a bunch of [ __ ] I didn't want to make a13974.7794.261
bunch of [ __ ] now I gotta make it all13977.3594.38
okay now now I'm less excited it's all13979.044.92
the same materials all right let's go13981.7395.301
get that furry trim13983.963.08
[ __ ]13992.545.46
by robotics14004.9795.021
see what we can find out here God I love14007.543.899
that this thing generates heat that14010.03.779
makes me so happy yeah that's nice14011.4394.081
you got the penguin I do have the14013.7793.361
penguin but now I'm not like I don't14015.522.82
even want to build that damn suit14017.143.48
because I mean you know why14018.344.2
oh you don't always ride this thing are14020.625.279
you yeah oh oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] okay oh God14022.547.56
oh God oh [ __ ] oh God okay okay moving14025.8996.061
oh [ __ ] holy [ __ ] it was one of those14031.964.019
stalkers snow stalkers is that what you14034.03.6
need yeah no but I'm not I don't need to14035.9793.3
make that thing this thing generates14037.63.6
yeah you're not wrong yeah but there14041.23.539
will be times where you will have to get14043.123.359
off of it so maybe you should just have14044.7393.181
a little something plus that thing14046.4793.121
sounds like it's running like [ __ ] now14047.923.72
yeah it took a little damage that's for14049.63.54
sure I do have a repair tool on me14051.643.62
man you're handy aren't you yep big time14057.528.299
I'm feeling a little hungry for a snack14060.8994.92
it was pretty small too just saying14070.563.759
what's weird you came in here talking14073.123.3
about pizza Diaz and now I'm getting uh14074.3195.641
ads for Papa John's Papa Diaz yeah on14076.425.779
the computer14079.962.239
what's wrong abstract all right what are14083.9796.541
the monsters snow stalker uh I climbed14086.385.46
up here but I'm having a hard time14090.524.62
figuring out a way around this ice14091.846.0
go back down14095.144.2
my God14097.844.019
[ __ ] [ __ ]14099.346.0
this is this is crazy Dave's14101.8595.701
that's another one oh God blow it right14105.344.62
past it blow it right past him yep about14107.564.919
to mess up the snow fox again [ __ ] going14109.965.54
in circles neebs14112.4793.021
for that little penguin area that14126.2794.5
systems are not going for the penguin14128.923.12
area although I do want to check that14130.7793.901
out at some point I am going for a14132.046.0
facility somewhere to the West14134.685.34
oh there's lights this is kind of14138.043.54
looking good14140.023.6
what kind of facility was it yeah I14141.583.6
don't know just wanted to get out here14143.623.18
it looked like14145.183.84
the place they were working14146.85.099
that's my battery power good 9414149.026.0
82 Health that's okay all right I've14151.8997.261
made it out further than I've ever been14155.026.48
okay this is looking good I think I may14159.164.56
have found this facility finally I14161.53.359
didn't even know you were looking for14163.721.74
that's why I told you I guess yeah14165.464.04
I know you looked up a place yeah it was14177.9396.121
on uh is it 30 an hour in Colorado oh14180.6996.12
yeah yeah I think it'd be good what was14184.065.4
it it was on a legit site too 30 bucks14186.8196.62
an hour to sleep zip recruiter they14189.463.979
they something thousand and two hundred14196.546.54
thousand dollars a year so sleep yes to14198.527.08
sleep why would they pay someone 200 00014203.085.46
to sleep I am so good that you that'd be14205.64.56
a bargain for me14208.543.54
like what constitutes being good to14210.163.42
sleep most of the time I could fall14212.083.6
asleep if you ask me give me give me14213.583.96
five minutes and I'll just sit in a14215.683.36
chair I'll close my eyes on fall asleep14217.543.359
just do it maybe if you sleep more if14219.043.54
you can sleep 20 hours a day you make14220.8993.781
more money than someone sleeps eight ooh14222.583.96
I would do that man you would be14224.684.259
considered a hard worker then exactly oh14226.545.04
man Simon's one of the hardest working14228.9395.581
sleepers we got here he sleeps some some14231.586.5
days he sleeps 24 hours14234.523.56
uh nope fiber mesh what are you doing14246.6994.021
way out here14249.044.08
in the fur right and you can make a suit14250.725.28
oh yeah I guess so man I'm having a hard14253.125.1
time I can't see anything out here14256.04.08
according to the map there was like a14258.224.2
little radio tower is this a cave are14260.084.46
you anything14262.425.64
God like I need to wait till morning I14264.545.199
can't I can't see a damn thing out here14268.064.679
man I I found a cave yeah I think I'm14269.7394.381
just gonna crash in this cave for the14272.7392.521
night if you want to call me in the14274.123.54
morning yeah okay I can do that okay14275.264.2
listen I'm gonna go too I'm gonna go14277.663.9
crash in my car in the parking lot okay14279.464.62
that sounds great Simon oh it's very14281.564.919
comfortable I'll see you later names you14284.084.44
gonna sleep for free14286.4793.281
good morning ah more than neebs hey14314.646.759
buddy good oh wow it's a new day14317.925.399
the day right yeah the weather's finally14321.3994.08
clear out here wow this area is pretty14323.3194.92
some nice unlike trees here these big14325.4795.72
pink flowers on them14328.2392.96
Mimosa yeah like the drink yeah like the14332.086.0
tree first tree of the drink it's one of14335.024.2
those questions oh I didn't realize that14338.082.94
the drink was named off a tree dangerous14339.224.8
weather approaching see shelter what did14341.024.56
you just tell me to seek shelter I just14344.022.879
want it's his first thing in the morning14345.582.699
I just walked out here you're telling me14346.8992.761
the sick shelter already14348.2793.66
dangerous weather in coming14349.665.76
a nice day well it was a second14351.9396.181
shelter uh no I'm on the snow fox so I'm14355.424.439
staying heated14358.123.9
yeah yeah now that it's day I can14359.8593.721
actually see something out here so I'm14362.022.759
just gonna press forward a little bit14363.584.44
looking for a radio tower or something14364.7794.591
you're gonna start your own radio14377.8594.5
station yeah go [ __ ] yourself oh yeah14379.065.94
104.5 what kind of music yeah a lot of14382.3594.141
punk rock who's your favorite punk band14385.03.779
I have a favorite I don't think I have a14386.53.84
favorite punk band I don't know too many14388.7793.781
punk bands yep I'll look some up hey14390.345.939
radio tower all right stand by14392.566.96
punk bands you don't have to do that14396.2795.101
you're starting a radio station we got14399.524.379
to figure out what's good uh Green Day14401.384.019
would that be considered a punk man I14403.8992.941
like green day they came up in the14405.3994.021
search blink one eight two yeah I don't14406.844.32
mind bling 182 that's good too The14409.424.04
I think I know one or two of their songs14413.8593.54
okay oh man there's a lot of stuff here14416.083.54
we're not married14417.3994.5
that's yeah cool cool cool cool cool14419.624.64
I feel like it circles around yep like14431.8594.681
Opera doesn't seem to have a strong14434.7394.681
comeback yet or anything with a14436.544.739
harpsichord yeah I haven't heard a lot14439.424.439
of harpsichord music recently your14441.2797.881
correct names okay uh oh what is this14443.8595.301
I found a door security14449.57.04
no it's security14452.8593.681
did the person who worked here also live14460.8595.321
in storage oh is it is that a joke is14463.7793.901
that a joke gallon are you she's so14466.185.179
funny so [ __ ] funny Alan14467.683.679
kind of music you think Alan listens to14471.524.379
maybe goofy alien music14473.4394.561
I would picture classical probably a14475.8994.641
classical guy here's some music14478.06.18
uh it's a jukebox disc yeah from uh try14480.545.859
hard ninja oh really yeah you ever heard14484.183.48
of them no I can14486.3992.401
look I've never heard of them either all14487.662.34
right I'm pushing forward there was14488.82.639
nothing really in there except for some14490.03.239
bdas oh14491.4393.901
so they make content for YouTube I think14493.2394.801
so yeah that's pathetic singer I would14495.345.0
do that14498.042.3
I'm coming up on something14505.7794.821
this place is a mess14508.085.619
holy holy crap neebs14510.66.759
yeah I think I've found what is that14513.6997.021
a giant monster stored in ice14517.3595.34
Frozen monster Frozen monster Frozen14520.724.979
Monster stored in ice14522.6994.801
put out monster right yeah yeah I'm kind14525.6994.08
of glad he's not gone out that's good oh14527.53.239
what the hell happened here14530.7393.96
hold on I'm taking a look down here okay14534.6994.381
they were Drilling in the ice under the14536.7393.901
monster oh14539.084.819
can I scan this yeah14540.646.179
scared of this guys14543.8995.981
battery guy what's going on hello hello14546.8196.62
oh there it is we're weird14549.883.559
there Frozen Leviathan claws what can14553.4796.241
you tell me about those stand by14556.36.599
it's a big boy wait a minute14559.727.08
that's not good names yeah I'm seeing on14562.8995.521
this Frozen Leviathan he's got like14566.84.74
green plus balls on him oh yeah say that14568.424.68
very casually oh yeah you know what that14571.543.859
is right14573.12.299
that is gross no it's that damn virus I14577.04.92
had oh really what we got rid of oh that14579.9393.661
okay okay now my cousin didn't have14581.922.88
anything there I know he didn't have14583.62.339
that because I was on this damn planet14584.83.679
get up there somehow oh found an14589.04.68
left some people call it left to left14593.684.679
yeah I mean worldly if you're gonna live14596.084.199
in space I mean Lyft makes much more14598.3593.96
and it elevates but lifts a nice you14602.3195.221
know one syllable word it's a lift wow14604.2397.381
oh boy names what you got buddy it's a14607.545.359
big guy14611.624.98
I can scan its teeth14612.8997.061
and it's skull14616.65.04
what can you tell me about this thing14619.964.8
Frozen Leviathan well it's big yeah no14621.645.219
[ __ ] a lot of this stuff is just14624.764.62
physical features that you obviously can14626.8595.181
see right14629.382.66
insert sample requires injectable14639.8194.38
containers anybody named Fred thinks the14642.164.92
Leviathan might still be alive what I14644.1993.78
hope not14647.084.399
don't get too close to its mouth14647.9793.5
thinks it's still alive no no no way14651.8995.621
it's been pronounced dead by most14655.7793.901
everybody else okay well good14657.523.719
I mean I'm right here I'm on its neck14659.683.059
right now and I'm jumping jumping up and14661.2393.0
down hey14662.7394.441
wake up yeah get the CPR14664.2396.801
breathe come on come on14667.187.74
yep's not doing oh [ __ ]14671.044.98
uh yeah that's uh karara infection oh14676.025.679
God I gotta get out of here I don't want14680.3193.361
to get that wait I wonder if I'm immune14681.6993.54
you probably still got anybody you would14683.683.0
hope so yeah because I've had it before14685.2394.861
yep well that's comforting well14686.685.28
people just start going about variants14690.13.36
and they'll be like ah you got a variant14691.963.42
no okay yeah that wouldn't be fun but14693.464.92
Hey listen we uh we can't let this thing14695.386.3
this thing in man right14698.385.7
no hell no not give it a shot like we14701.683.96
fought like hell to get you know to stop14704.082.94
the damn thing the first time I'm not14705.643.0
letting this [ __ ] get out again okay14707.023.54
wait is that what Sam was doing14708.645.36
hold on let me just do a PDA14710.563.44
I am great then what you got to do is14714.166.06
seal off the whole cave I've got just14717.643.62
this stuff14720.224.5
seal off the cave God damn it okay so14721.265.32
wait that mess down there wait is that14724.723.78
where Sam died is that what the PDA said14726.583.899
to seal the cave off yeah well remember14728.53.84
Sam I think Sam might be a terrorist14730.4793.181
lesbian terrorist working with14732.343.059
Marguerite they were trying to blow up14733.663.42
labs and stuff14735.3993.601
I think she may have been trying to blow14737.084.26
up this lab to stop the company from14739.05.22
researching the uh the virus yeah14741.345.96
yeah I mean it makes sense14744.223.08
oh I found her necklace my inventories14747.644.92
for local PDA investigation report hold14750.163.42
my investigation of the fire excavation14753.585.58
site including the cave entrance and14756.3996.0
surrounding area revealed minor cosmetic14759.166.06
damage to Altera survey equipment and14762.3994.861
significant structural damage to the14765.224.979
Natural cave entrance and supports we14767.265.88
are reporting two casualties Havana14770.1996.0
Ivanov and Samantha Ayu ah damn it your14773.145.219
bodies were found beneath the rubble at14776.1993.78
the cave entrance14778.3594.561
Ivanov had just entered the Cave the14779.9795.22
princes were still visible by the14782.925.22
entrance deeper into the cave are you14785.1995.881
appeared to have sustained a fall14788.144.86
All Souls14791.085.52
what was are you doing nothing in her14793.06.899
file suggests a history of vandalism or14796.64.799
and yet I can only conclude that the14801.3995.281
cause of the collapse was Employee14804.2793.901
we will need to investigate a possible14808.184.98
connection to the explosive damage I14810.6994.441
really shut the [ __ ] up God they go on14813.165.96
stop stop gotta go on forever14815.143.98
yeah it does seem my sister tried to14822.964.899
blow up the cave and I think she killed14825.763.12
herself that's14827.8594.141
her well at least now we know now I know14828.886.059
hey mission complete okay but now what14832.04.319
all right I'm not gonna let this damn14834.9393.361
virus get out though I think she was14836.3195.16
trying to seal up the click paver14838.34.679
wait hold on I remember14841.4794.201
I've already synthesized an antidote and14842.9794.26
stashed it in a cave14845.682.82
I can go14847.2393.301
she synthesized the antidote stashed it14848.55.06
in a cave wait a second maps maps maps14850.545.819
where is the14853.565.799
yeah remember that penguin circled red14856.3595.161
yeah that's where she stashed it14861.524.74
okay so neebs we're here at this radio14863.926.84
tower okay we head south Big Trees14866.266.719
there's a couple of penguin caves in one14870.764.74
of these penguin caves I think Sam put14872.9796.661
the antidote to the Carrara okay14875.55.76
you still got the penguin bot I got the14879.644.02
penguin let's go find a penguin cave I'm14881.264.88
ready baby14883.662.48
I'm not a fan of this damn weather man14893.2793.761
it's like if it's not snowing it's14895.544.08
[ __ ] foggy can't see it damn thing14897.044.5
out here okay14899.624.56
all right hop it off come on fog clear14901.544.88
that's weather approaching and then you14909.2794.441
can't figure out them back out okay then14910.964.92
your keyboard's wobbly yeah it's like14913.723.179
it's better you know you get a14915.884.14
restaurant in the tables wobbling yeah14916.8994.8
folding up napkins14920.023.06
I'm trying to stick it under the feet14921.6993.181
yeah okay hold on these actually think I14923.084.859
just see a landmark now14924.885.22
okay that14927.9395.941
so oh so follow the water to the end14930.16.54
all the water to the end Maybe14933.885.099
gotta be around here neebs okay I'm14936.644.639
there's a world where tables aren't14947.4393.54
wobbling man if you could solve that uh14948.883.18
Saint be a hero now give it to the14952.064.919
people for free like the guy that did14954.9394.321
the polio vaccine right that'd be nice14956.9794.741
just be for Humanity hold on I've found14959.264.86
a cave unsure if it's a penguin cave14961.724.92
where are you14964.124.319
boy there's a lot of Bones there's14966.644.94
stalkers in here14968.4393.141
we gotta be close14973.063.02
in the water penguin cave14977.024.4
is this it oh oh leaves yeah I think I14982.084.4
found it okay14985.722.54
is there a steam yeah all right standing14988.265.34
by steam Vin14990.8192.781
taking the Spy penguin14993.883.08
drop in the penguin14997.124.02
here we go14998.925.34
pretty good I'm hearing some snarling I15012.05.819
hope that's not back near my body15014.8196.181
okay don't fall don't fall we only got15017.8195.721
one penguin15021.02.54
is that what's that what's that15024.186.92
oh God oh God it's wrong I don't know15027.4798.101
ah [ __ ] oh sh what's wrong snow stalker15031.16.759
that's what's wrong oh okay okay all15035.584.319
right yeah he's chase me oh God Where'd15037.8594.261
I put Where'd I put that kid15039.8995.281
yeah leave me alone pretty good weapon15042.125.34
no ain't got no damn weapon haven't we15045.184.2
made a weapon yet I don't know15047.464.38
can I control the penguin from here15049.385.059
hold on15051.842.599
got the antidote15055.3192.96
of course dangerous weathers is15060.8592.88
get out of here get out of here [ __ ]15063.7395.261
oh God15073.523.24
no no15077.763.8
get on15081.565.04
come on let's get on15083.9396.321
oh Jesus15086.63.66
what slow stalker15091.1996.181
safe yeah15095.14.62
not yet15097.383.78
come on still Foxy Get out of here oh15101.165.779
God oh God oh God no15103.1993.74
yeah it's still [ __ ] on me okay work15107.3995.101
are you leaving the area uh well yeah15110.163.72
I'm backing up15112.53.479
damn it it's right over there by the15113.884.38
damn penguin okay I need to get the15115.9794.821
penguin yeah15118.262.54
weapon man you can't run around this15121.385.34
planet with no weapon yeah15123.844.74
I haven't found anything I used to have15126.723.84
what was it the grab gun the thing like15128.584.14
uh propulsion Cannon yeah what you need15130.563.9
is nunchucks15132.723.54
come on just lure you over here come on15134.463.899
Big Boy come this way15136.263.54
this way15138.3594.141
come this way yeah15139.84.34
come on15142.54.56
come on this way all right all right all15144.145.44
right oh God sneaking around sneaking15147.064.7
hop off oh God okay there's another one15153.64.56
come on get the penguin get the penguin15156.424.08
dangerous don't open the storage God15158.164.699
damn it15160.52.359
[ __ ] [ __ ] there's two of them15163.686.24
get out of there I'm trying you son of a15167.065.1
[ __ ]15169.922.24
thank you15177.845.16
okay so you you got the penguin or you15180.4794.561
didn't no penguin's still over there15183.06.06
okay so two stalkers yeah one thing15185.046.84
stalkers oh hell it's down okay gotta15189.064.44
take a health pack15191.883.0
a little food15193.53.96
uh water all right all right looking15194.884.88
maybe maybe they've left15204.145.82
that's what we had before remember yeah15209.964.3
I remember the stasis rifle and I15212.464.56
remember the propulsion Cannon okay oh15214.264.74
God I'm gonna die15217.023.06
he's right there he's right there come15219.02.279
on grab the Penguin and go grab the15220.083.3
Penguin and go open the storage got the15221.2794.381
packing up the penguin all right I got15225.663.539
it I got it boy15227.13.839
now get out of there stop going man I'm15229.1994.101
oh yeah I didn't think I'd ever say this15236.3994.361
but I'm ready to get back into the water15238.8594.801
yeah this course is getting dark I need15243.664.44
to get back out to the lab with the15246.34.92
coverage infested thing I think we need15248.15.7
to get back to making a promotion Cannon15251.224.979
right no we're not because that's going15253.84.2
all the way back to the damn what sea15256.1994.16
truck okay15258.02.359
oh God no no no no no no no no no no no15264.63.24
no no no15266.2795.96
oh no no no no no no no no no no15267.844.399
you sound like you're having a day I15272.883.12
ever having a date I think I may have15274.563.839
just put Captain kid into the water15276.04.08
wait can they still got them the15278.3994.021
snowstalkers can swim the snow stalkers15280.084.26
can swim names okay but you can swim15282.424.74
it's fine right yeah no because they're15284.345.28
[ __ ] after me15287.164.619
Oh Captain Ken how do I get captain Ken15289.623.119
out of here15291.7793.301
oh wait can I get a break oh am I gonna15292.7394.141
have to break him down with the builder15295.084.98
[ __ ] names I'm stuck out here all right15296.885.34
all right now all right yeah collect15300.063.78
your thoughts I like my thoughts make a15302.222.94
plan all right let me get into this cave15303.843.42
and get some more all right15305.164.699
let's start15307.262.599
what are our goals I have to get the15313.7395.521
antidote over to the Leviathan and cure15315.8996.0
the Karama rubber rock and then get the15319.265.28
[ __ ] off of this Iceberg what's the snow15321.8993.781
fox just leave15324.543.0
we'd love to get the snow fox but I just15325.684.08
I I put it into the water like an idiot15327.546.54
can we break it down Maybe15329.764.32
let's see got some flares on me that'll15334.3196.0
help see in the dark right15337.266.42
made for I think so15340.3195.761
come on Kim where are you where are you15343.684.62
where are you15346.085.22
stay up there15354.2396.5
Captain can I push it come on camp kid15356.224.519
come on okay names I may have gotten15367.025.28
Kevin out of the water yeah15369.844.38
there we go all right but I can't see a15372.33.05
damn thing right now15374.223.479
they're all clear down Perfect all right15377.6994.321
players oh yeah of course Flair rolled15379.624.26
all the way down the damn hill15382.024.2
[ __ ] stalker see how great would a15383.883.899
canopy right now dangerous weather15386.225.4
approaching seek Center no way yeah I15387.7797.101
see you you're gonna come after me15391.623.26
memes yeah I don't think he likes the15397.15.58
player oh really yeah there we go15399.4796.0
how are you gonna handle it Bubba that15402.684.96
burn I don't know I hope for a while do15405.4795.661
I have any more oh I just put it up15407.643.5
it is holding him off hey run away15411.964.399
I'm chasing it down again15416.3596.481
you get okay15418.8195.981
hypothermia image oh where's the water15422.843.399
where's the water jump in the water get15424.84.82
warm I know that makes no sense15426.2393.381
solving problems yeah15430.3194.661
so what I've got the problem15432.387.429
should be right foreign15443.2793.141
repair tool15454.024.379
what's it up man15456.8995.34
yeah that thing just took a beating we15458.3995.281
didn't have any mods on it15462.2394.821
no there's no mods on it15463.683.38
you don't like Captain Ken well I15468.123.96
thought that was just temporary but uh15470.463.359
it doesn't matter I'll call it captain15472.085.76
neebs or the Vape cycle gotcha okay well15473.8196.061
all right I've just repaired it so now15477.843.78
I'm gonna travel back out there to that15479.883.84
place just wanted to come back to the15481.623.659
thing what's the battery power at now we15483.725.28
got 100 57 oh man all right putting it15485.2797.46
back on that needs a minute to charge15489.03.739
uh oh okay yeah look I can see the15493.264.26
battery power right here it's at 73 74.15495.184.44
I want to get that [ __ ] to 100 because15497.523.36
I don't want to get out there and get15499.622.94
stuck you know what I mean yeah15500.885.12
that'd be awful yeah15502.563.44
yeah oh no no no no no no no no oh yeah15514.564.259
of course right at the ramp I need to15517.023.54
get up that's where you decide to hang15518.8193.66
stalkers yeah more stalkers hate these15522.4794.5
guys and do you have any players15525.05.16
no I think I've used both my players15526.9796.121
how do we get more players find them15530.164.5
make them15533.13.599
I don't know look them up players yeah15534.665.0
that's right I help with that15536.6992.961
ask yourself if you're a good driver15540.2393.54
I think I'm a pretty good driver15543.7794.381
well I know how other people drive and15546.33.42
they're [ __ ] bricks and I don't drive15548.164.46
like them I mean15549.722.9
yeah well I got hit by a snow stalker15553.8596.301
thing okay come on weather why won't you15556.7396.681
just be nice to me once15560.163.26
you got yourself a flare oh that's it15568.023.9
just sulfur yep well that's pretty cool15569.8193.781
you should you should make a thousand of15571.923.72
those yeah well speaking of silver do15573.62.879
you ever figure out why you were15575.642.099
spilling a bunch of it when you were a15576.4792.88
kid no you said you were gonna call your15577.7393.54
dad and figure that out yeah I forgot to15579.3594.201
ask him yeah okay I wasn't just smelling15581.2793.481
it it was just everywhere some of there15583.562.7
was just mountains of it15584.763.24
I don't think it's too bad for you too15586.263.66
bad it is15588.04.08
smelling it doesn't mean it'll harm your15589.924.2
health it can cause worry anxiety15592.084.319
resentment that's a weird thing isn't it15594.124.859
by smelling sulfur you get resentment15596.3994.08
sounds weird right that sounds super15598.9792.821
weird yeah15600.4793.061
get over that thing you did now that I15601.83.3
smelled this so yeah I got all this15603.544.319
sulfur in my brain and now I'm pissed15605.14.62
off at you15607.8595.661
I'm gonna hold a grudge oh bye George15609.727.679
okay back to the cave all right15613.525.44
and we're gonna15617.3992.941
if you were a monster is that what we're15618.963.42
doing uh yeah we're making sure this15620.344.26
virus is like cured and not getting out15622.384.68
anywhere which I think is what my sister15624.64.62
was trying to do but she blew herself up15627.063.9
like a stupid [ __ ] it's probably good15629.223.3
she and I didn't work out yeah because15630.963.899
she blew herself up dodged a bullet yeah15632.524.82
you did15634.8592.481
are you on the left yep on the left the15640.563.9
I used to have an elevator at the church15644.463.42
I used to go to when I was a kid your15646.084.14
church had an elevator well I mean it15647.884.14
was a little a little elevator for the15650.224.08
handicapped people oh okay all right so15652.025.58
let's see stand by okay if I have the15654.37.76
antidote taking the antidote15657.64.46
um inserting it into this thing nope15662.345.16
have no clue what I'm doing but it just15665.9394.201
the hole looked like it would fit so I15667.55.1
did it and all right that's15670.145.219
Humanity going okay I'm going to begin15672.64.679
the injection15675.3595.821
okay and boom we're gonna cure the cover15677.2796.54
of rubber rods so no one else gets that15681.184.259
bad disease man we're saving the world15683.8193.54
aren't we pretty much again15685.4393.981
yep look at us15687.3594.681
in progress15689.424.559
oh that's good15692.044.92
antibacterial agent was effective15693.9794.84
without it the bacteria could have15696.963.0
no it cannot15699.964.2
your sister's memory will live in you15702.124.079
through this gesture oh that's good I15704.163.539
mean truth be told she was kind of a15706.1994.441
[ __ ] but I mean I am sad she's gone my15707.6995.341
people do not experience endings as you15710.644.02
the humans feel Joy in realizing that15714.665.279
you've reached the end of something I15717.64.08
guess it depends on the person but uh15719.9394.141
yeah for myself I can't wait to Die My15721.684.679
Life Is A Series of Unfortunate Events15724.085.159
I'll tell you but uh yeah everybody's15726.3595.161
different but hey we're lucky enough to15729.2393.061
I guess that means we're lucky enough to15732.31.92
all right well seem a little emotional15744.565.799
now yeah a little bit I figured out what15748.143.9
happened to my sister15750.3594.04
so that's done but uh15752.044.739
now I gotta figure out how to get this15754.3995.261
dumb alien out of my brain yeah okay15756.7796.781
back to the Sea truck back to base and15759.665.22
then I guess we're gonna go hunt for15763.563.179
alien [ __ ] because that's what I wanted15764.883.26
to do15766.7394.141
maybe maybe okay I don't even know if I15768.145.44
know how to make it before I do you do I15770.884.74
do you know that I know how to I know15773.584.14
that we could do it okay we could do it15775.623.6
but we're probably gonna have to go and15777.723.96
like look for sea monkey nest do a whole15779.225.16
bunch of [ __ ] okay you're in15781.685.88
talk so okay yeah I mean yeah hey virus15784.385.519
is cured that's no big deal let's get15787.564.259
this alien out of my brain names okay15789.8994.041
and boom needs we are back 63 63 what15816.089.399
oh God and speaking of snow fox I've had15822.9794.84
this [ __ ] in my head the whole time15825.4794.021
could I take it out yeah there you go15827.8194.021
look boom take it off ah look that looks15829.53.66
let's see so now we need to add uh15833.165.94
flares and propulsion Cannon here well15835.924.859
are we gonna be out it's here much15839.13.84
longer hold on I see something up there15840.7794.381
oh yeah there's a bridge here remember15845.164.319
seeing this on the map uh-huh where's it15846.4794.8
go I don't know there is some kind of15849.4794.561
significance Beyond this bridge15851.2795.16
it was important to Altera but more15854.044.199
important to me all right will it help15856.4394.201
us build you a body15858.2396.301
I believe so oh yeah yeah that's good uh15860.645.82
neebs there might be a piece of Allen15864.544.14
Beyond this bridge15866.464.019
how do I activate the bridge15868.682.94
um extend15870.4793.781
attention check fluid levels15871.624.8
fluid levels are bad it seems hold on15876.424.26
where's my scanner is that what the15878.9392.88
gauge says15880.683.98
what the what15881.8192.841
hold on bad and good on it no it says15885.427.559
check fluid levels uh-huh and uh I just15890.225.519
scanned uh okay I need to put hydraulic15892.9794.741
fluid in this thing to extend the bridge15895.7394.561
okay oh yeah here we go15897.724.16
come on15900.34.2
I have not made hydraulic fluid I just15901.884.0
scanned some so I should know how to15904.55.3
make it now okay yeah tell me15905.883.92
okay so all these places that Alan's15912.064.02
been wanting me to go to I've been15914.584.199
keeping them in my beacons what about15916.083.779
this one15918.7792.881
where's this one at you learn how to15919.8592.88
make fluid15921.663.239
um oh yeah but hey15922.7394.441
we're close to uh we're close to one of15924.8994.561
Allen's artifacts as well oh yeah yeah15927.184.4
it's what like 100 meters away hold on15929.464.319
yeah may as well15931.584.18
make food later I guess uh no you go15933.7794.401
ahead and tell me now15935.764.559
okay I think I have some of those back15938.184.36
at base15940.3194.201
for the cluster oh that's not that's not15942.543.18
too hard we should be able to make that15944.522.459
boy that's how I run huh well I saw a15946.9796.0
guy running today what's up some people15949.9796.741
have funny runs yep apparently I do15952.9793.741
Frankenstein but the arms were just15963.024.839
waving left to right but like chest15965.6993.901
level yeah that's a funny run arms out15967.8593.061
in front of you and they're they're15969.63.059
shaking left to right not like pumping15970.923.6
forward back and forth gotcha yeah I15972.6593.481
understand what you're saying that seems15974.523.36
like it would make you run worse yeah no15976.144.799
yeah that's a very funny way to run why15977.886.059
would you do that try it later okay it's15980.9396.061
maybe I've been doing it wrong15983.9395.04
is that an ion Cube that's an iron man15987.03.8
I've been finding a bunch of these yeah15988.9794.92
it's one of some significance15990.86.28
it's data will assist us15993.8995.121
oh we're good15997.085.52
uh scanning an ancient artifact15999.026.04
that'll hopefully hopefully help Alan16002.63.78
find more16005.062.94
because that's the big thing now we got16006.382.939
to build out of the body so he can get16008.03.18
the hell out of my head that's a lot of16009.3193.42
trust isn't it do what yeah trusted me16011.183.179
for Duke for doing that16012.7393.301
to build my body well I don't think he16014.3593.061
had an option remember I was the only16016.042.88
thing left around and you know he stored16017.423.84
himself in my brain16018.923.96
I haven't built much except for that16021.263.36
base I want to keep this eye on Cube16022.883.54
what can I get rid of titanium I'll get16024.624.199
rid of you keeping the cube like if it16026.424.38
was me I'd be like hey can you show me16028.8194.801
some of your work of bodies no oh yeah I16030.85.899
get it before you jumped in16033.623.079
some people can you recommend somebody16038.4794.26
man he was about to die he had to he had16040.464.26
to store himself somewhere and my brain16042.7393.721
happened to be the only thing around16044.723.24
lucky me right16046.463.18
got to build the body you could just be16047.963.6
the storage I don't want to be the16049.643.54
storage that's the thing I'm not a damn16051.563.54
hard drive okay16053.183.84
I've got a bodybuilder either16055.14.799
we got that artifact okay so I can go16059.8994.981
into my beacon manager turn that one off16061.9395.04
all right blue I switch them to Blue16064.884.319
when I've uh when I've got them once16066.9793.96
everything's done blue means done the16069.1993.721
ones I haven't got I leave green green16070.9394.861
means go uh oh and there's a body cash16072.925.399
you know what16075.85.46
you are a ways away oh wow 2 000 meters16078.3196.0
almost okay for now heading back to base16081.264.86
taking inventory16084.3193.901
then we're gonna go find some alien16086.124.279
or I got four and then what else creep16098.3595.701
on seat cluster 81 creep Vine seed16101.4793.781
cluster I don't know if I have any of16104.062.58
those but those are easy enough to go16105.262.88
out and get16106.644.08
okay let me put away I know I picked up16108.144.559
a bunch of [ __ ] while we were out oh I16110.723.3
need to eat those Peppers they're going16112.6996.24
bad yummy a gel sex scanner room upgrade16114.026.839
stuff I should probably just stick those16118.9394.021
to the Sea truck man I feel like I just16120.8593.42
got back from a long trip and I'm kind16122.963.42
of unpacking yeah you want to just16124.2795.281
kick back have an off day no I don't I16126.384.5
want to keep going but it's just like16129.562.46
yeah my brain's all over the place16130.884.08
because what we just cured an alien16132.024.32
disease and now there's a bridge16134.963.779
involved we got to go deep for alien16136.344.8
parts oh cute little cat16138.7394.74
sometimes after a vacation you need just16141.144.139
a day before you go back to work you16143.4793.361
know just to kind of unwind I still need16145.2793.54
to build a base16146.843.359
well no no I don't know if I'm doing16148.8193.0
that but it's just something that I need16150.1993.481
to do because if we're going to go deep16151.8193.42
I'm going to need to build a day of moon16153.683.479
pool so I can upgrade16155.2393.96
um what you call it the sea truck well16157.1593.361
how deep can we go on the sea truck16159.1994.021
right now yeah a lot to do but I have a16160.525.339
ton to do I should probably get16163.224.08
a whole instead of hanging around the16165.8593.781
base well yeah I just got back here I'm16167.34.139
not hanging around Let's see we do have16169.643.9
all right we have the seat truck depth16171.4394.5
upgrade mark one yeah so we're gonna16173.543.54
need yeah we're gonna need something16175.9392.581
better than that we're gonna need to16177.083.84
upgrade that to Mark II tell you what16178.524.2
today let's let's focus on that bridge16180.923.84
there's a there's a piece of Allen's16182.723.36
body maybe on the other side of the16184.763.599
bridge let's do that all right everybody16186.084.319
wants to see a gun but we'll do a bridge16188.3594.021
do I know how to make a gun hold on let16190.3993.5
me look at my [ __ ]16192.384.08
potion Cannon16193.8995.8
come out proposing Cannon I don't see a16196.465.76
propulsion Cannon here neebs yeah you16199.6994.141
yeah yeah no it's probably going to see16202.223.3
monkey nest I could go diving for16203.843.84
propulsion cannons pick something man16205.523.48
you're all over the place I know I'm all16207.682.519
over the place there's a lot of [ __ ] to16209.03.0
do okay16210.1994.441
um bridge bridge we started with a16212.04.199
bridge all right let's let's knock that16214.643.36
out and then we can go find a propulsion16216.1993.12
candy yep16218.03.12
but then damn do we want a propulsion16219.3193.66
Cannon while we're out there I know look16221.123.72
it's like it's an order of things what's16222.9793.901
the best way to go about it do I know I16224.843.599
have no clue16226.883.12
Just Gotta Get It Started instead of get16228.4392.821
it right I'm gonna go look at sea monkey16230.03.3
dance maybe I'll get lucky hey let's16231.263.719
find a propulsing cannon16233.34.36
play the lottery16234.9797.681
hey Nate let's try something yeah I'm16242.8995.281
gonna try to take the sea truck down to16246.144.799
the case yeah okay I'm gonna detach the16248.185.219
back modules uh-huh well you know what I16250.9394.26
should grab I should grab just a little16253.3994.981
bit of power just in case I got a little16255.1994.801
food I got a little water I got a little16258.384.92
help all right detaching16260.04.76
are you up for this16263.34.559
ah may as well be right16264.764.24
I mean I've heard you're a bad driver16267.8593.96
and your car's at 87. okay yeah well16269.06.199
keep an eye on the power16271.8193.38
that's not good okay come on squeezed16275.4396.04
her there you go there you go all right16278.2396.181
monkey nest impulsion Cannon16281.4794.561
powers of nine16284.423.96
yeah I brought a power cell so we should16286.044.199
be good it should be good16288.385.059
crash fish16290.2393.2
all right C trucks at 79 now16296.084.859
maybe I should okay you know what hold16306.024.56
on I'm gonna hop out right here16307.885.34
oh boy that's a mess16310.584.399
okay it goes down here we go looking for16314.9796.281
monkey nest16318.684.679
oh another side16321.266.439
but I cannot get tell whether the others16323.3594.34
valuable information16327.9395.741
I hope you will find me yeah I hope I16330.8594.5
find more too Ellen thank you it's16333.683.54
indicating more of my people's16335.3593.0
but the images that I'm receiving are16338.3594.941
I am struggling to locate them precisely16343.3995.46
the fragmented images what why the hell16345.8194.42
would that happen16348.8593.3
I consumerized that the locations are16350.2394.381
deep and shielded by a refractive16352.1594.08
perhaps amongst large Crystal formations16356.2394.74
leaves write that down deep large16358.886.12
crystals deep large crystals yeah okay16360.9795.161
we're gonna have to remember that16365.03.239
apparently Alan can see something but16366.144.139
it's really deep surrounded by large16368.2396.74
crystals okay so that's great16370.2794.7
oh God what do you want Alan our16376.6594.721
scriptures have been useful But16379.344.139
ultimately I have no definitive evidence16381.384.2
as to the fate of my people16383.4794.861
okay the network I hoped to rejoin May16385.586.0
no longer exist well I cannot feel it16388.345.64
you can't feel it16391.584.5
um well you guys are like computers16393.984.559
right so I don't know maybe your species16396.085.76
upgraded to the next version maybe that16398.5395.881
would make me incompatible16401.845.4
how would I even begin to plan my16404.424.199
upgrades yeah I feel like you're putting16407.242.699
the carpet for the horse here you need16408.6192.76
to focus on getting home do you know the16409.9394.381
way home yes then worry about that right16411.3794.32
now all right we got to get you out of16414.323.719
my head buddy you are expressing16415.6995.461
optimism but it is not supported by16418.0395.701
probability I mean Alan there's a good16421.164.559
chance your entire species is dead near16423.743.6
the last one left alive but you're not16425.7193.24
going to know until you actually go and16427.342.699
find out16428.9593.301
okay you know there's a movie I used to16430.0394.801
watch with a with a star pilot he says16432.264.439
uh never tell me the odds when the robot16434.844.379
just won't shut the [ __ ] up this does16436.6995.901
not match any foreign16439.2193.381
yeah Alan that's because I don't have16443.0613.539
Empire Strikes Back install on my PDA16444.6194.141
look it's a pretty good space movie it's16446.64.8
about this gay kid who goes to a planet16448.764.859
where a little green monster teaches him16451.44.2
like about magic powers and then at the16453.6194.08
end of the movie is Dad's black but look16455.64.08
I think the movie's really about hope16457.6995.16
you gotta have hope sometimes Alan16459.685.881
I didn't hope you will take to base no16462.8594.561
don't add it to mine add it to yours me16465.5613.599
I hope I found a damn propulsion Cannon16467.424.221
down here16469.162.481
you kidding me16473.3594.741
babes what16474.8596.42
what is it can I make it oh one out of16478.14.92
two one out of two propulsion Cannon16481.2793.901
fragments okay16483.023.96
that's awesome all right are we deep16485.183.179
enough there's got to be more around16486.984.26
here come on come on oh16488.3595.282
please be yes names16491.245.299
propulsion Cannon fragments16493.6415.218
you and Alan were getting chatty I know16496.5394.301
yeah listen he's he he's a needy little16498.8593.981
[ __ ]16500.844.32
before brief16502.844.119
It's gotta be to the point usually16505.164.68
I'm glad we're not chatty yeah thank God16506.9594.641
just go on forever and ever won't we16509.844.379
we'd never stop no why would we stupid16511.64.179
stuff too yeah probably about the16514.2195.342
dumbest possible things you can imagine16515.7794.981
what do you do with your fingernails16519.5612.459
when you cut them throw them in the16520.763.119
trash can okay what do you do with yours16522.024.46
trash can16523.8792.601
you would think I mean they're16530.2994.701
fingernails all right what are we doing16531.685.461
all right back to base make proportion16535.05.76
Cannon oh God how did I get in here16537.1413.619
what are we doing16542.483.139
back it up16552.025.041
all right we're locked in yeah yeah16553.6415.099
oh man I just looked at the health the16557.0613.718
health of the the back pod is not good16558.743.539
let's get back to base and let's prepare16560.7793.42
all of the sea truck all your vehicles16562.2793.541
are damaged all right and then16564.1994.442
propulsion Cannon oh16565.825.821
lubricant oh wait seeds right seeds yep16568.6415.699
uh crepe crape Vine creep creep on seeds16571.6414.078
I'm gonna go ahead and grab some right16574.343.06
there we're going all right look at us16575.7193.422
Dave we're professional good call we're16577.43.959
damn professionals16579.1415.218
pull it out16588.585.859
it takes up so much [ __ ] space though16590.64.88
that's true grab it when you need it16595.487.2
I'm gonna go up and test it all right16598.244.44
grab a peeper yep and then toss the16604.246.639
people at the wall oh I think I just I16608.243.78
think I might have just actually just16610.8793.541
grabbed a paper grab a paper okay and16612.024.699
then throw the people at the wall16614.424.26
dead people16616.7194.961
got paper those people at the wall oh16618.684.859
dead people now16621.683.9
I can stalk her with a paper man I don't16623.5394.441
know I do not know because that's the16625.583.779
question like if something's after you16627.983.6
yeah can I grab God what could even grab16629.3593.721
out there because there's not much to16631.583.119
grab you know maybe a rock maybe I could16633.083.481
grab a rock throw the rocket or a16634.6993.24
penguin maybe grab the little baby16636.5613.779
penguin toss it at the stalker shoot the16637.9393.901
Penguin at the stock yeah all right I'm16640.343.0
gonna make this hydraulic fluid and then16641.843.169
let's get back out there16643.344.779
yeah I'm back at the place where the16654.523.58
bridge is okay16656.7194.14
running up to the bridge16658.15.099
uh yeah it's in my pocket I think16660.8594.08
yeah that would have been dumb that16663.1992.58
would have16664.9392.221
been left it all the way back at base16665.7793.721
yep all right well here we go16669.53.141
The Proposal can of course you did okay16674.243.119
all right that's in there16675.6193.121
bridge controls look like they're16677.3594.881
working extending the bridge16678.743.5
all right yeah now I'm gonna go back and16684.7993.181
get the stove Fox okay16686.423.48
because uh yeah it's freezing out here16687.984.081
how far is that the snow fox yeah it's16689.93.899
right over there oh it's used for right16692.0613.359
near you okay yeah yeah that's right I16693.7994.941
see it I'm looking at it good16695.423.32
for Rita the other day every one of16699.023.179
those oh yeah wait is that when they16700.9393.061
have the the margarita and they take one16702.1993.481
of the little Coronas and they put it16704.03.42
upside down inside the mark yeah I've16705.683.48
had one there and the beer stays in the16707.423.299
bottle yeah you really could probably16709.164.02
just give somebody a margarita and then16710.7195.16
a Corona got you ever had a super Corona16713.185.099
um nope oh those are fun that's where16715.8794.381
you know you take a normal Corona so you16718.2793.541
drink the head out of it and then you16720.263.84
pour it shot a tequila there oh16721.824.321
yeah it's a super Corona all right I'm16724.13.72
crossing the bridge16726.1413.718
yeah why not put some damn lime in it16727.824.26
you go with a range of data that might16729.8594.881
help with the construction16732.082.66
you must continue to investigate what16735.6195.721
the [ __ ] do you think I'm doing Alan16737.9593.381
day okay it's like a little mining site16756.9395.622
I've uh stumbled across16760.2195.4
okay anything good here16762.5615.58
food water would be great hey got some16765.6194.701
uh PDA I'm not gonna read16770.66.8
health pack this is all good stuff16773.5397.259
food yeah water food this is uh hey this16777.44.78
is a good little find it's like your16780.7984.442
birthday yeah no uh no alien body I mean16782.185.22
I'm going to16785.244.38
Beacon manager and turn this one off16787.45.898
because I don't need that one right now16789.623.678
he was a creepo man16797.843.84
you're creepy sometimes I've heard it16799.764.08
buddy how how are you liking me to16801.685.118
Geppetto because he made16803.842.958
right then you're dealing16808.8783.022
you're doing good for what for Allen's16812.064.738
body oh that's okay all right that's16814.13.96
where you were going with it that's what16816.7982.522
I was wondering oh you know what I'll16818.063.18
pick up some copper and silver that's16819.325.28
ammunition neebs oh yeah or you can make16821.245.04
a copper body like the Statue of Liberty16824.63.42
that's all copper16826.284.08
oh is it yep I guess that makes sense it16828.023.84
used to be copper colored for the first16830.363.54
couple years oh that it slowly turned16831.863.84
green yep oh that would have been cool16833.93.12
to see it when it was copper colored16835.75.34
yeah yeah oh wait is that a oh16837.026.96
is that something good oh found a data16841.044.32
data box oh data a thumper what the [ __ ]16845.364.938
is a thumper you know16848.186.8
yeah look it up what does a thumper do16850.2984.682
the thumper is a Deployable device that16866.424.56
creates loud pulsing noises in order to16868.525.34
deter ice worms okay we see the ice16870.985.22
worms maybe we'll build a thumper it's16873.864.14
kind of like the flare16876.24.438
the flare holds off the stalkers oh God16878.04.86
you guys for vegetables off ice worms I16880.6383.722
don't know why I keep traveling at night16882.864.08
like a dingus16884.366.438
what's a dingus just an idiot16886.943.858
oh God16890.844.74
what the hell what the hell is it holy16893.124.08
[ __ ]16895.583.6
can you eat my snow fox16897.23.96
[ __ ] was that a nice worm16899.183.48
what do you mean did he just eat my16901.163.84
slope no okay Snow Fox is still here16902.663.78
something just came out of the ground16905.03.298
and knocked me off the snow fox was it16906.443.72
nice for him it seemed like an I don't16908.2985.34
know it was an underground thingy16910.166.24
okay where the [ __ ] did he go where did16913.6385.522
he go where are you uh right now I'm16916.45.22
hopping off the snow fox and I'm holding16919.164.798
up in a cave oh God am I in like an ice16921.625.28
worm I shouldn't be here right we gotta16923.9584.742
build just like an ice Wormhole am I in16926.93.24
an ice wormhole16928.75.7
oh God16934.43.08
that does sound creepy I guess that's an16938.544.32
ice worm16941.065.158
uh-huh magnetite magnetite oh it's not16942.865.88
magnetite yeah magnetite said stuff we16946.2186.722
can never find huh battery magnetite sea16948.744.92
monkeys are16952.945.3
monkeys back to the damn sea monkeys16953.664.58
all right sun's coming up neebs are you16968.184.618
going back to your little pod to make16970.74.258
bumpers you know what maybe I can outrun16972.7983.262
this worm16974.9583.18
do you I mean if we go back to the Pod16976.063.34
to make Thumpers we gotta go get16978.1382.422
forever yeah if you think now run it go16980.565.2
for it okay I'll give it a shot I'll16983.483.42
give it a shot see how it goes maybe16985.763.24
he's asleep okay maybe he only comes out16986.95.0
at night good luck16989.02.9
oh Jesus Christ get out of there I'm out16996.026.3
of here all right yep16999.685.88
okay see truck ah pop oh God leave me17002.325.398
alone leave me alone17005.564.38
okay here's what we're doing we're going17007.7183.782
back to the Sea truck we're making some17009.943.0
Thumpers okay we're going to find17011.54.62
magnetite Jesus Christ okay17012.945.698
new plan we go for that deep alien17016.125.16
artifact that Alan wanted and maybe on17018.6384.982
the way to find that we find magnetite17021.284.74
but now first I got to build a base so I17023.626.44
can oh Jesus [ __ ] [ __ ]17026.024.04
[ __ ] okay you know that thing get on the17030.4584.142
thing and go how's the snow fox no foxes17032.687.08
we're at 63 all right I gotta try to17034.68.278
floor it best you can go I am going how17039.766.44
the hell did I even get in here17042.8783.322
I thought you were out of that area man17052.9583.722
I am trying to get out of there maybe I17055.123.42
got In Too Deep17056.684.76
he's gotta oh God17058.542.9
oh God no17061.783.24
[ __ ]17063.8782.642
get out of my way get out of my way17065.023.42
Cannon now just in case no proposed kid17069.825.1
is not gonna be this thing is huge17072.285.12
sometimes like look what a bee stinks17074.924.68
look how big you are and how small bees17077.44.0
are you're right okay can I not get17079.65.22
through here son of a [ __ ]17081.46.478
seek fluid intake17084.825.46
thirsty you bring water17087.8783.962
leave me alone17091.844.14
I'm going in circles going in absolute17093.944.88
circles neebs17095.982.84
Jesus so listen whenever you hear that17099.4584.022
rumbling does that mean they're coming17101.7982.642
yes it means they're coming up maybe17104.443.48
give it a boost did you hear that that's17106.183.74
what I've been doing is that working17107.925.42
it kind of17109.923.42
bridge I remember the bridge that's17117.584.68
where I know getting back there is uh17119.25.04
kind of a pain in the ass17122.265.78
nope oh [ __ ]17124.243.8
Outback oh17132.6385.902
[ __ ] [ __ ] next leave me alone17135.187.44
[ __ ] all right17138.544.08
get off of my snow fox17142.864.2
oh she Cannon17147.2183.022
can't pick there's nothing to pick up17151.542.94
okay he's gone oh sorry I got scared17154.484.978
sometimes She's Gotta aim a gun to17158.022.22
doesn't matches anything in it17160.243.32
where's the bridge where's the bridge oh17168.9583.462
there's the bridge found the bridge17171.162.46
found the bridge17172.423.12
okay how many of these Thumpers we got17173.622.94
to make because it feels like there's17175.543.36
worms everywhere I know well maybe it's17176.563.898
just one big worm that keeps chasing me17178.93.72
so maybe one Thumper17180.4584.982
okay we're gonna need magnetite God I17182.626.54
hate finding magnetite it's the worst17185.447.32
okay where is the thing17189.164.798
you should probably just spend a whole17192.762.038
getting back to tight get magnetite and17194.7982.882
then be done well I don't even know17196.782.16
where to find it17197.684.98
I gotta say I see monkeys have it17198.946.54
[ __ ] okay we're gonna go hold on where17202.664.92
are my beacons17205.485.818
we're gonna go for this guy all right17207.587.08
ancient architect body cash or some [ __ ]17211.2985.762
I'm gonna work on Gathering titanium we17214.663.66
need to make a permanent base because I17217.063.06
need to make a moon pool because I I17218.323.6
need to get a modification station17220.123.24
installed and we'll come back to this17221.922.878
worm thing later yeah we'll come back to17223.363.18
this worm thing later we gotta go deep17224.7983.242
we're gonna go for that and hopefully17226.543.0
we're gonna find some magnetite on the17228.043.54
way Jesus17229.546.14
worms hey worms names not all worms17231.587.558
earthworms are cool they make dirt17235.685.76
okay all right big day let's make a base17257.6388.862
let's see I want more storage what do I17262.626.48
need to make17266.52.6
what are you doing down there whatever17279.126.16
all right one extra seat truck storage17282.2185.722
yeah yeah come on baby17288.2188.441
can I just change the color what17297.9584.362
let it rip one17300.822.88
look at that I don't even know you can17302.323.54
do that17303.75.04
put in that Quantum Locker that's good17305.864.38
oh God there's a piece of magnified in17308.743.18
here that's good stuff can I build17310.244.28
another quantum Locker real quick17311.926.36
one extra Quantum Locker17314.525.198
I think these diamonds in here all right17318.282.518
diamonds you're gonna be my test17319.7183.182
subjects as well as all you maybe I'll17320.7984.882
see you on the other side17322.92.78
all right sorry Mr Beaver but I'm17326.023.5
packing up the mobile vehicle Bay17327.586.98
you're free go forth into the world17329.525.04
actually come here I'm gonna eat you17335.082.78
all right maybe right here yeah right17342.96.16
here right bite the jobs take a peek17345.766.6
okay got thermal energy a lift oh yeah17349.065.76
resources too this is this is the place17352.365.2
this is the place and food17354.826.629
yeah yeah yeah nice hatch all right what17361.784.38
do I want the front to be17364.65.66
like this this looks like a good front17366.164.1
nope I don't need quartz but that's okay17370.426.06
Kennedy index recommended17374.24.56
cooking a peeper that I found in my17376.484.62
mobile vehicle Bay17378.764.198
come here buddy17381.15.278
oh delicious17382.9583.42
all right Quantum locker let's see if17394.123.78
you're worth the crap I spent to build17396.046.12
you and then if I open it hey oh my17397.96.66
shit's there beautiful here beautiful17402.165.0
all right get a hatch going17407.323.44
Boy wow they programmed me right did17416.43.61
got lots of options but I think straight17430.364.38
on that's just where my moon pool's17432.73.78
gonna be all right what do I need two17434.745.42
titanium ingots and a lubricant17436.483.68
yeah oh yeah that way that's how I want17442.25.86
it yeah here we go yep that's enough17444.765.698
room to get a prawn suit or something17448.064.8
underneath beautiful what17450.4585.482
shut up go away17452.863.08
hey God damn it17456.763.618
I am bad17461.263.18
stay away17462.944.46
thank you thank you thank you17468.845.92
hello oh hello neebs how are you today17471.8785.942
doing all right building a base I17474.765.22
yeah I thought I thought I was gonna be17477.824.2
there for that well I mean I'm not done17479.984.62
okay technically you are all right I17482.023.778
just think of you and I are going down17484.62.58
in history it doesn't look good if I'm17485.7983.542
like missing half of it okay well you're17487.183.3
not missing half of it you're missing17489.342.7
less than half of it okay I'm still in17490.483.36
the middle of building this damn thing I17492.044.258
got kind of the base storage room I've17493.844.378
uh yeah built a battery charger charging17496.2983.242
batteries I need to build a power cell17498.2184.022
charger so I can charge power cells uh17499.544.02
yeah there's a lot to do here this is17502.243.478
less half of it yeah that's what you're17503.563.238
doing it's like you did everything I17505.7182.762
feel like I want to build a scan room on17506.7983.722
one side I built the moon pool but I17508.483.6
still need to make a uh what is it not a17510.523.18
modification yeah a modification station17512.083.298
okay still want to build one of those17513.73.9
and build a this is like a control room17515.3783.662
do you know I can change the color of17517.63.6
the base oh yeah I can rename the damn17519.045.82
thing the base yeah uh so heaps Topia17521.25.34
hidden base17524.863.24
we're gonna discuss this no yeah no no17528.12.88
no I'm not gonna discuss it I don't I17529.7182.462
don't want anybody to find this so this17530.983.478
is hittenberg17532.184.02
base color I'll let you choose the base17534.4583.482
color what are my options any color yeah17536.24.62
any damn color the whole Spectrum17537.945.22
um let's see the ocean is bluish and17540.823.84
stuff that has good contrast against17543.163.59
that maybe a red or a yellow17544.664.92
oh yeah that's an orange is it good yeah17549.585.7
it looks like a base but I like it17552.64.9
hiddenburg I bet it looks great no one's17555.283.9
ever gonna find hiddenburg now can we17557.53.54
change the inside no I don't I don't17559.185.16
think so lighting or nothing maybe but I17561.044.74
it does yeah it all kind of looks the17564.343.24
same doesn't it okay tell you what I'm17565.783.06
gonna take the sea truck and I'm gonna17567.582.878
park it into the moon pool which I'll17568.842.82
change the color name of the sea truck17570.4582.162
here we go17571.662.94
hold on I'll be thinking stuff okay cool17572.623.838
I'll let you name this one Simon named17574.63.72
the other one Captain Ken this is17576.4583.42
hiddenberg you can name the sea truck17578.325.18
this one's yours it's all yours okay17579.8783.622
all right uh protein the moon pool17584.085.46
detaching the back modules17589.546.258
back modules detached17592.9586.692
entering the moon pool17595.7985.462
oh yeah win see trucks duck all right we17601.266.698
got to think first uh17605.3785.282
wait a minute oh [ __ ] neebs I have to17607.9584.742
build a station in the moon pool that17610.663.96
allows me to do that hold on that's what17612.73.72
I was thinking like what's it called17614.623.96
yeah the vehicle upgrade console I17616.424.62
expect that so I need one computer chip17618.585.34
[ __ ] is it bad well yeah computer chips17621.045.7
I think I'm at a table Coral samples so17623.924.44
I need to go hunting for table Coral17626.743.42
which is the most boring thing ever so17628.363.598
all the fun stuff you did before I17630.163.718
called and now we're gonna go look for17631.9584.622
Coral samples yes17633.8783.672
get the jackpot Noob did you oh yeah I17648.9585.92
was just looking enough Coral facts17652.63.96
you're probably destroying this ocean17654.8782.882
right now17656.563.658
um really yep well I needed to make17657.765.76
computer chips so sorry okay yeah just17660.2184.802
leave a note look I'm gonna leave some17663.523.54
Coral but I'm taking as much Coral as I17665.024.38
can carry okay not all of it look I'm17667.063.84
already done already done inventory full17669.42.76
is a [ __ ] ton of coral laying around17670.93.96
there you go see sometimes Coral X is a17672.165.04
barrier during storms did you know that17674.863.72
yeah I guess that's why they're called a17677.23.36
barrier reef yeah you might be on17678.583.54
something I like if you go to some parts17680.562.76
of the world there's like there's a ton17682.123.48
of coral on the beach like that white17683.324.02
like dead coral oh yeah I mean it looks17685.63.48
nice it feels nice but you know you're17687.343.18
basically walking on the skeletons of17689.082.94
animals while you're at the nice Beach17690.524.22
that's right animals one to think about17692.024.4
you're able to find it huh well yeah17696.424.24
because it's a beacon it's not very17698.864.22
all right already back already back with17707.1383.542
a tape of cool stuff it's pretty quick17709.063.48
oh no not as boring as I thought it17710.683.6
would be well I mean it is boring it's17712.543.418
going out and collecting Coral isn't it17714.283.84
maybe because we were just together we17715.9584.382
had fun yeah that's what life's all17718.124.2
about me being together being together17720.344.44
with friends having fun getting Coral17722.324.5
maybe I should come down there man if17724.783.66
you want to come on don't tell anybody17726.823.18
you're here I'm here well it happens17728.443.66
when you check out a vehicle they have17730.03.78
to get the documented maybe we should17732.14.5
both go down there knock knock hey Dora17733.784.92
I ordered a pizza you don't work there17736.64.44
anymore no I don't I work here now yeah17738.74.5
did you just come by to empty the trash17741.043.36
they're overflowing look at them yeah17744.46.18
yeah this isn't my floor but uh I'll let17747.16.42
someone know how's it going just working17750.586.36
yeah ran into Simon oh yeah17753.525.58
yeah he said some top secret stuffs17756.945.34
going down like what with the tower did17759.15.42
you find your sister yeah17762.285.22
oh okay are you talking to me yeah I'm17764.524.42
talking to you God damn it how do you17767.53.0
know I'm here I'm gonna start talking I17768.943.66
ran into Simon Jesus Christ he told he17770.54.26
told you he might have he needs yeah17772.63.538
what's going on down there I've told you17774.764.58
not to tell anybody now17776.1383.202
pizza guy what's going on no I work here17779.4584.302
now but I'm not gonna tell anyone don't17782.323.3
even worry about it wow you work there17783.763.72
now what the hell you do hi baby I clean17785.625.518
I clean I'm a janitor a janitor yeah the17787.486.56
janitor knows names17791.1382.902
oh God17795.183.36
um we're getting ready to name a sea17800.56.12
truck oh I'm in yeah so after I was that17803.265.458
time is it time uh no hold on I'm17806.623.66
getting uh geez do I have any more17808.7183.722
copper wire17810.284.98
you know me about the name just about17812.446.24
any of this really okay I had a copper17815.266.14
where's copper no damn copper in here17818.687.14
God I know I gotta eat your stupid [ __ ]17821.45.92
see this way you could have been doing17825.824.318
whenever I wasn't on the line with you17827.323.78
yeah I was building the [ __ ] base17830.1382.222
dude you should have been Gathering17831.12.52
stuff I was gathering oh there's the17832.363.84
copper I knew I had copper see I had the17833.624.32
copper okay I had the copper can make17836.22.938
the copper wire but I can't make it in17837.942.4
here because it's unpowered because the17839.1383.0
sea truck died hooked up all right I17840.345.038
gotta go back outside17842.1385.102
stupid ass orange face is that what you17845.3785.462
want to call it because okay17847.243.6
okay neebs I have the stuff I am17854.54.5
installing a vehicle modified vehicle17856.7184.5
upgrade console all right for the sea17859.06.24
truck yes we named the sea truck right17861.2185.882
uh yeah we can absolutely name the seat17865.244.38
oh we got upgrades what upgrades can I17867.14.08
After Burner I don't know how to do that17872.984.92
oh a horsepower upgrade oh yeah I think17874.544.918
I already have a perimeter depth upgrade17877.93.238
mark one we already have we need to make17879.4583.84
the Mark II that's also on the agenda17881.1385.16
for today okay names all right and17883.2985.34
Andorra yep well named his name in the17886.2983.902
sea truck this is this is oh I feel like17888.6383.062
I'm a part of it now okay you can jump17890.23.54
in on this and then okay well I was17891.74.4
it is17900.7185.682
what happened next I wonder17903.764.92
why Vital Signs stabilizing are we good17906.44.62
now uh yeah hi I've eaten so all right17908.684.02
all right what are we name this thing he17911.023.9
hates everything but whatever17912.75.04
I have Senator boom boom17914.924.68
Senator boom boom do y'all like that17917.743.78
well I don't I don't mind the flow how17919.64.14
does that how does he feel about it he17921.524.198
hates everything uh yeah that's too many17923.745.04
work deebs uh we can't fit Senator boom17925.7184.622
boom on the uh side of the side of the17928.782.88
sea truck that's too much too much17930.343.72
that's versus hiddenberg yeah yeah17931.664.978
hidden Bird's not that long17934.063.898
a prefix17936.6385.82
like a Mr doctor myth17937.9586.062
let's make them sound important I swear17942.4582.882
to God if you say spaghetti we've17944.023.18
already had a spaghetti Dr boom boom Dr17945.343.538
boom boom yes17947.22.28
Dr boom boom bam color17950.985.658
Dr boom boom although God now it's so17958.784.26
long like the doctor the doctor part's17961.244.94
getting cut off but you get it17963.046.0
yeah I'll be right there yeah I was17966.185.56
someone puked like were they calling you17969.045.24
yeah I mean yeah so just makeup is17974.45.92
someone really puke no you just make17977.984.68
stuff up I bring up a few probably three17980.324.38
times a day okay and they go oh he's17982.663.6
working they avoid it actually they17984.76.438
avoid the hall I say I'm on because puke17986.264.878
okay yeah but let's make this a regular17991.444.54
thing you know yeah glad you know yeah17993.74.14
glad you know I'm down here yeah super17995.984.14
great tell us all about super green your17997.844.02
sister or hiddenburg doctor boom nothing18000.125.16
suit yeah cool not bad sure sure this is18001.865.938
going great it's going great for me oh18005.284.32
they say it's just made my day I'll tell18007.7984.08
you what but listen really yeah later18009.64.38
when this all comes out yeah and18011.8785.162
everybody knows a book A book no we18013.984.56
don't write a book no no no no no you18017.043.178
guys aren't selling a damn book I might18018.543.06
write a book I don't know it's not you18020.2182.882
guys I don't know anything what the hell18021.62.52
would you write I don't expect18023.13.84
speculation well he knows me yeah like18024.124.74
he's a witness well then why would you18026.943.66
include him on the book why wouldn't you18028.864.38
write the book named I18030.65.3
got any credibility18033.242.66
what I have to worry about yeah18036.324.54
no you can't do this without me I mean18039.182.94
I'm the guy I'm the guy down here18040.862.58
surviving you can't write a [ __ ] book18042.123.86
well the last time18043.444.98
you think I wanted that I got a sex18045.986.06
change to avoid all that [ __ ] yeah18048.423.62
yeah okay I am making a modification18057.9584.68
station neebs this is where we can make18060.185.76
some good [ __ ] Thermo blade oh swim18062.6385.58
charge fins here's what we really need18065.945.698
though the sea truck dip upgrade Mark II18068.2186.42
okay bam pinned it help me make this all18071.6384.74
right immediately you got the recipe18074.6383.902
right there uh yeah I've pinned it it18076.3785.042
looks like some enamel glass two Ruby18078.545.46
sea truck okay the mark one and the18081.424.68
synthetic fibers how the [ __ ] do I make18084.05.0
synthetic fibers18086.12.9
I'll see you soon yeah go clean up that18090.446.81
puke yeah that yeah I made that up18092.77.95
those synthetic fibers what do I need to18108.9583.242
make that I said I said the fibers one18110.74.2
room one spiral uh plant clipping where18112.24.018
the hell do I find spiral plant18114.93.18
clippings that Gordon there's big18116.2183.782
jellyfish you ever seen those no I ain't18118.085.18
seen them what is a vent Garden18120.03.26
that's crazy18123.543.838
my scanner room's still out here18124.746.058
I can attach that scanner room onto uh18127.3786.062
onto the base because there's the ship18130.7985.642
if that's the ship you're one of those18133.444.74
people aren't you I wonder what's people18136.443.06
you don't have a place for anything you18138.182.88
just leave stuff laying around yeah well18139.53.12
the scanner oh wait no I moved the18141.063.6
scanner room hold on I remember where I18142.623.42
moved the scanner room I think I18144.663.798
remember where18146.042.418
stop it18149.44.04
no no I knew it was around here18158.93.46
yeah I'll pick that up take it with me18162.363.92
uh yes you probably heard the scan room18168.664.68
is emergency power only18170.764.56
probably out of power let me take it let18173.344.64
me take a peek18175.322.66
emergency power only oxygen production18178.4586.462
offline yeah you know it's a shame it18182.584.138
would be nice to scan for data boxes in18184.923.0
this reason because this Region's full18186.7183.182
of those monkey nests okay and there's a18187.923.66
lot of good [ __ ] and monkeyness so you18189.93.738
ta let's see what could I put uh I would18193.984.38
need a little bit of quartz and titanium18196.982.76
I could put a solar panel but I thought18198.362.82
I'd put a solar panel on top of this18199.744.08
thing or did I give up no oh no there's18201.184.92
a solar panel up here maybe I just gotta18203.826.02
wait till morning that sounds fun18206.13.74
oh this is metal salvage that's a good18219.1384.902
well hell yeah that's right names this18224.043.96
uh direct ships here 30 seconds of18225.783.78
oxygen climate Direct ship we could go18228.05.18
on that we can get a bunch of titanium18229.563.62
you would hope not yeah you know what I18233.283.0
got all these storage modules now18234.93.78
installed on this thing wait it's the18236.284.38
whole oh God the whole thing's red is18238.684.64
the whole thing yellow18240.662.66
oh God18243.544.38
okay maybe this is so bright yeah this18245.43.96
is so yellow it's so bright you're in18247.925.24
the ocean you need some brightness yeah18249.363.8
hey welcome back Dora sneaking in a18256.624.44
little bit again18259.3783.602
oh man I tell you what18261.065.04
um you make up the puke thing uh-huh it18262.985.04
really happened someone puked oh really18266.13.24
to clean it up no I put like a like a18269.344.92
little towel over it just kind of push18272.584.74
it in the corner is it your job the18274.264.44
janitor shouldn't you be taking that I18277.322.34
don't want to clean18278.72.7
I'm gonna come on18279.665.12
tyu and Simon are friends18281.43.38
so except for that people are nasty all18292.683.42
right you know I know there's three guys18294.7182.762
here and I don't want to sound sexist18296.14.8
but women's bathroom gross are right I18297.485.46
used to bartend for a while and that is18300.94.14
a fact I worked in retail so I'm gonna18302.943.24
throw my hat in the ring and say yeah18305.044.94
that's a fact too women are disgusting18306.183.8
everywhere there's blood it's awful18312.565.56
they just they throw tampons try to18316.325.24
stick them to the ceiling But ultimately18318.123.44
it's happening every day18322.3784.022
every day where I work18324.125.598
on the ceiling where are you working18326.43.318
what do y'all think of the trough like a18341.6384.262
trough I'm okay with the trough oh you18343.624.08
thought yeah for for guys peeing guys18345.93.84
yep yeah a big trough I'm fine with it a18347.74.018
little downhill trough it's all you need18349.746.32
fishing isn't it super efficient18351.7184.342
well for pooping I don't mind I don't18358.55.34
really don't mind it repeating I mean18360.2985.222
you think we have the technology right I18363.843.298
mean we do but again I don't mind it18365.524.46
you're awful close to each other18367.1382.842
oh wow okay okay18370.4584.142
a little low on air and I got a little18374.7184.42
deep so here we go first time underwater18376.863.66
wow I got really deep 100 meters18380.524.22
uh yeah oxygen oh God actually I18385.524.118
probably should have just tried to swim18388.7982.222
to the Sea truck18389.6387.262
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] okay18391.025.88
it gets me every time it hits me every18398.845.94
time I think this is it this is the end18401.76.54
Gallery I know I need to eat some [ __ ]18404.785.14
give me all right I'm gonna chill down18408.243.3
on a nutrient block because there's some18409.924.038
type of stomach18411.542.418
another one oh my God the real vomit18417.065.04
yeah a real vomit this was my thing and18419.944.32
it's like oh my this called this Karma I18422.13.778
don't know it might be the first one18424.264.32
maybe you never clean it up I don't18425.8783.722
think they see that one I'm gonna go18428.583.0
grab some towels I'll be back okay good18429.63.538
luck just gotta cover them up I'll be18431.583.68
yeah you know what I want to look for18437.124.86
what what what what nothing chasing me18447.624.72
good oh yeah here we go look at this18450.245.6
monkey nest what is that18452.343.5
Ultra capacity tank fragment18456.745.92
one out of three yeah that's a really18460.55.4
high powered oxygen tank18462.664.32
that's what you need that is exactly18466.983.658
what I need yeah that would be wonderful18468.94.738
okay another fragment over here okay18470.6384.622
what are you baby what are you oh18473.6384.922
another Ultra capacity tank fragment18475.265.28
oh see monkey what did you bring me18478.564.44
nothing well then [ __ ] off I need three18480.544.758
of them18483.02.298
oh neebs yeah Ultra capacity tank I18487.565.7
think we can make it okay yes18490.624.74
oh what do I need for that is it gonna18493.264.378
tell me ultra high capacity tank that'd18495.363.358
be so sweet18497.6383.66
let me look it up uh yeah take a peek18498.7185.182
why don't you18501.2982.602
oh [ __ ] nope nope nope nope leave me18504.04.92
alone leave me alone leave me alone18506.285.518
nope nope what you got that's a good18508.924.32
[ __ ] run it18513.243.898
you think I may have18515.4584.562
oh God I'm getting far from the truck18517.1385.942
fragments up here [ __ ] these fragments18520.025.82
are so far away oh wait a minute18523.084.98
wait a minute18525.844.56
okay let me get let me get some height18528.065.76
well knees I think I see a18530.44.8
wait is this one of those jellyfish18533.823.0
you're talking about the van Garden18535.23.84
it's really big18539.044.02
um yeah this this would probably qualify18541.084.2
okay it's kind of clear looking with18543.063.54
little red feet18545.285.7
yeah a little red feet not so much WoW18546.66.538
all right what can you tell me about18550.985.7
that oh that's a juvenile 30 seconds of18553.1385.942
oxygen that's a juvenile it's a juvenile18556.684.74
they're cute that's a juvenile that's18559.084.798
why I don't have red feet yep okay so I18561.423.84
got I gotta go somewhere else to find18563.8784.402
the other one damn18565.263.02
how can people not make it to the18575.785.32
bathroom what a puke yeah three three18578.165.28
different puddles a puke just happens18581.15.1
sometimes that dude apparently today so18583.445.16
that's three so yeah watch out if you18586.25.16
see any towels on the ground names just18588.65.1
avoid them so if you give it two last18591.364.2
week so about there's probably 12 towels18593.73.54
out there total well the ones from last18595.563.06
week should be dry by now you probably18597.242.638
just pick it up yeah I'm not gonna18598.623.36
though okay oh is it because I already18599.8783.902
got a prawn suit is that what it's18601.984.28
you're telling me18603.785.098
but I have all the things that I need to18606.265.198
make the prawn suit the fragments uh oh18608.8784.442
that's a drill arm that actually might18611.4584.702
be super handy18613.322.84
a thousand other things going on18616.984.04
I have not gone to the prawn shop18622.743.44
what is that18638.2185.222
oh boy okay okay18640.2187.0
oh yeah uh two things okay I think I see18643.445.518
one of those big versions of the18647.2182.822
event Garden event Garden yeah okay okay18650.044.08
so that's what I gotta get into to get18652.3782.942
this uh18654.122.82
go look at his feet does he have red18655.323.72
feet I don't know man I saw a big thing18656.944.62
out there and I'm trying to oh God18659.044.5
stay over there turn my lights off don't18661.564.26
ignore me ignore me okay heading down18663.544.88
heading down18665.822.6
this one's bigger than the other one18670.984.14
right oh yeah way bigger but I gotta put18672.843.9
myself in a safe enough situation18675.123.54
because there's a big guy out there all18676.742.96
Pronto okay all right and I am 30018679.75.438
meters down that's as deep as this thing18683.584.5
can go okay what am I at 58 I gotta18685.1385.542
repair this truck18688.082.6
all right doctor boom boom is at 10018693.545.7
saw a big guy over there18699.245.34
all right moving to the vent garden and18701.6385.102
yes neebs red feet red feet that's an18704.584.34
how do I get these spiral plant18709.24.438
clippings uh one second ah big guy you18710.525.04
stay up there you please stay up there18713.6384.402
oh boy18715.562.48
the damn jellyfish that's where I get18722.74.258
this [ __ ] I think so that's amazing18724.743.898
amazing you're so lucky oh God yeah18726.9583.962
Super Lucky me all right heading back to18728.6384.08
Dr boom boom taking a breath18730.924.56
there's an inside inside the damn thing18732.7185.042
maybe there's no18735.484.56
okay oh God there's another big guy up18737.764.68
there this sucks this place sucks neebs18740.044.38
and Dora18742.444.62
Jasper oh one second18744.424.5
what's that18747.064.62
there's towels everywhere okay18748.924.798
I have no idea18751.685.698
all over yeah I'll go check it out18753.7187.022
towels that's weird huh okay all right18757.3785.942
guys I'll be back in a bit good luck in18760.744.44
the jellyfish yeah thanks thanks see you18763.323.12
Dora yeah18765.183.0
um towels everywhere I think I might18766.443.3
have found an entrance either that or18768.183.538
it's gonna eat me18769.747.04
God feels super weird is it in the butt18771.7185.062
yep I think I'm in the butt18777.65.9
oh whoa hey guess you can't get at me18779.946.06
the big guys try to chew at me neebs18783.55.44
really but I think I'm protected in here18786.04.798
for a minute at least it's a safe place18788.943.358
but it's like when Luke Skywalker was18790.7983.66
out there in the cold place remember18792.2984.982
that uh yeah a little bit hey spiral18794.4584.742
plant this is it right it's power plants18797.283.42
that's what you need yeah wait what's my18799.23.24
inventory like [ __ ] I probably should18800.73.0
get more of that all right I got a ton18802.443.06
of titanium I'm gonna drop some of this18803.73.0
fish now listen I need I need the spiral18806.73.96
stuff right18809.163.78
okay boom all right that's it spiral18810.663.718
plant clippings got it I'm gonna get as18812.943.92
much as I can18814.3782.482
all right that's a good chunk of spiral18822.423.42
plant clippings18824.72.82
I guess if we need more we can come back18825.844.56
and I hope I can get out of here perhaps18827.524.32
I smack this thing18830.44.978
all right back to the truck come on Dr18831.845.52
Boo Boo get me through here all right18835.3785.102
I'm out you're out fantastic18837.367.26
boom boom big guy no big guy big guys18840.486.84
back there yes yes yes yes yes yes18844.626.2
looking good looking good18847.323.5
oh wait you know what let me double18852.543.78
check something Alan sent me one of18853.864.32
those things earlier today18856.323.36
not the body cash that's what we're18858.184.198
going for but this one you guys are18859.684.44
getting pretty close huh man babes18862.3783.662
there's one that's only like 455 meters18864.123.598
away down here18866.044.98
you can't go that deep can you uh I18867.7186.302
might be able to swim that deep hold on18871.025.96
to take a pee18874.022.96
man if I'm here I feel like I can just18877.864.14
run down and scan this thing18879.7184.022
because it's right there it's like 30018882.03.48
meters away you know what you're capable18883.743.84
of can you can you make it it's at the18885.483.3
bottom oh guys another one of these big18887.583.62
that's right 300 meters down at the18895.083.36
bottom yes I could absolutely make it18896.942.64
down there18898.444.08
a little bit 305. so if your air gets18899.585.46
below half and you're not there yet you18902.524.5
got to turn back all right as soon as18905.043.838
your ears if you gotta turn back18907.023.66
you know what all right let me park18908.8784.462
a little food drink a little water18913.443.858
here we go18918.02.6
it's powered abstract18921.063.78
yeah I think this is gonna work just18924.844.92
fine neebs okay what do we have 126.18927.04.798
doing good feeling real good don't even18929.763.24
look at it just swim as fast as you can18931.7982.882
going man I'm going got the sea Glide18933.05.82
sea glass powered 78 that's plenty18934.686.48
you parked uh I'm gonna try to oh sweet18938.823.66
there's rubies down here too we could18941.164.44
use those I'm sure we'll be good to find18942.486.14
some magnetite huh18945.63.02
God it's a thermal plant fragment18951.365.22
okay okay all right yeah I don't have18954.123.36
time to look at that you're right you're18956.582.7
okay I think I see the thing where are18959.284.2
you okay18961.983.06
you're a night Crystal well that's18963.484.22
oh boy18968.344.378
we're looking good Oxygen's not even in18970.283.34
there's still stuff aren't you yeah my18973.622.46
inventory is full okay here we go18974.6385.342
architect artifact and got it got it18976.086.42
here we go uh yeah we're at half man18979.984.44
there's some good year night crystals is18982.53.718
that stuff worth the [ __ ] you tell what18984.422.878
I'm gonna scan this urinate Crystal18986.2183.42
maybe you can use the info we're a hat I18987.2983.362
know I'm at that all right I'm going up18989.6383.442
I'm going up18990.662.42
oh my good night crystals okay hey we18993.663.54
need a year night crystals I know where18996.063.06
to go now all right bottom of event18997.24.56
Garden is Dr boom boom uh marked on your18999.124.8
skin doctor boom boom 200 meters away19001.765.76
okay looking good okay nothing to try to19003.925.218
eat me between here and there please19007.523.118
nothing to try to eat me between here19009.1383.722
and there19010.6385.522
we're doing good doing good memes19012.866.66
shot straight shot what is that19016.166.0
that's like nothing no yeah sorry there19019.524.38
was a little juvenile vent Garden above19022.163.298
the doctor boom boom okay19023.95.34
okay yep 30 seconds plenty of time we19025.4586.902
are back and boom oxygen restore19029.246.24
sweet got that artifact you know19032.364.438
I do know what a straight shot is yeah19035.482.7
that's like a straight line from point A19036.7983.42
to point B nothing in between Let's uh19038.183.538
let's go back to base let's get a little19040.2183.122
lithium let's make that oxygen tank now19041.7182.912
it's talking19043.346.13
dirty dumb shows used to watch that19060.7985.042
you'd be embarrassed to watch now19063.53.718
there was a show I used to like called19065.843.66
Capital Critters that's probably19067.2184.622
embarrassing nowadays what kind of show19069.53.5
was that19071.843.538
it was an animated thing I think it only19073.04.78
lasted for one season but I had a vhl19075.3784.202
like I recorded all the uh all the stuff19077.783.96
on my VHS tape man I'm dating myself on19079.584.68
this one is about a bunch of mice that19081.745.52
live in Washington yeah hilarious okay19084.266.36
let's focus needs let's see what do I19087.266.92
need where do I make this equipment19090.623.56
oxygen tank yeah the oxygen tank all19094.43.3
right that's the high capacity oh I19096.52.28
wonder if I make it over here in the19097.73.12
modification yes okay ultra high19098.784.92
capacity oxygen tank I have my high19100.824.74
capacity tank I just need one more piece19103.74.56
of lithium oh my inventory is full let19105.566.318
me dump off some [ __ ] real quick19108.263.618
also Bobcat Goldthwait oh yeah I19118.584.08
remember yeah his voice was very yeah19121.13.6
you can't you know it was Bobcat when19122.664.82
you hear Bobcats19124.72.78
all right19128.782.598
okay I think I got the stuff oh yeah the19139.485.08
high capacity oxygen tank I need to take19142.74.74
off my body done19144.566.77
boom ultra high capacity tank needs19147.445.698
put that on and just go straight to the19153.1383.602
bottom of the ocean oh man how long how19154.825.0
much how much oxygen do I have now19156.746.6
not full oh it's at 142. okay that was19159.825.38
the old one the old one is like 142 I19163.345.82
think so let this fill up yeah 225 now19165.25.7
what was your top before I think it was19169.163.66
like 140 something so yeah that's19170.96.18
wonderful sweet all right now19172.827.02
depth thing the depth module yeah we can19177.084.5
make the synthetic fibers because we got19179.844.2
the uh whatever whatever it's called yep19181.584.26
the uh spiral plant clippings I got a19184.044.56
ruby okay boom19185.844.86
so depth module all right I need one19188.64.56
more Ruby which I think I put away bang19190.74.258
and then I just need to pull out the old19193.164.02
depth module and I think I can make it19194.9584.802
what are you upgrading to uh the Mark II19197.184.56
oh there's a Mark III no there's a mark19199.764.26
three I need nickel ore and kyanite I19201.743.66
have one piece of nickel or I haven't19204.023.66
even seen Kai Knight yet wow but right19205.44.738
now we're gonna do the Mark II19207.685.76
I am going to install that [ __ ] in Dr19210.1384.74
boom boom19213.444.198
okay we need food we need water because19214.8784.622
we're gonna try today to go to this19217.6384.262
architect body cache that Alan is19219.54.56
[ __ ] sending this to I gotta get this19221.93.42
alien out of my brain before I can get19224.063.92
the hell out of here19225.322.66
hell yeah neebs we going deep baby yeah19233.986.22
all right is there any other things I19237.924.98
can make for the sea truck right now19240.26.66
uh oh that afterburner upgrade the19242.95.818
horsepower upgrade and the afterburner19246.863.12
upgrade it'd be great to make both of19248.7182.822
them because yeah we could go super fast19249.985.1
Power Cell crystalline sulfur two pieces19251.545.16
of lithium lithium I gotta go out grab19255.083.0
lithium but it should be right around19256.73.178
this area this place is littered with19258.084.218
what's up fam oh hey Dora hey guys19262.944.82
maybe getting in trouble for it but19275.063.898
quite the opposite there's like 20 some19276.923.958
towels out there how's that yeah how's19278.9583.362
that the opposite well someone else is19280.8783.42
covering my fuc with towels so in the19282.323.478
office it's just becoming more and more19284.2982.962
littered with towels19285.7984.08
yes I looked under one that I did not19287.264.84
put on top and there was for sure puke19289.8784.5
under it that is weird so you got an19292.14.68
alien in your brain oh yeah you didn't19294.3783.782
hear about that yes there's an alien19296.783.48
living in my brain that's crazy yeah it19298.163.6
used it it used it kind of like as a19300.263.24
hard drive yeah had nowhere to store19301.764.5
itself so I guess I was the one right19303.54.02
held at all19306.263.18
at all apparently like you forget where19307.523.72
you park sometimes dude I know yeah19309.444.32
listen I I actually think it's uh Alan's19311.243.718
probably taking up more space than he19313.762.4
should because I am getting real19314.9583.122
storing his songs in your head you're19318.085.16
like an MP3 player oh you know what man19320.424.5
we should make some swim charge fins too19323.244.46
neebs yeah19324.922.78
no Nations while I was waiting on that19329.9583.122
but you got a bunch of other [ __ ] how do19331.044.14
I make polyaniline19333.083.718
I got a wiring kit wiring kids easy19335.183.198
that's just silver19336.7985.482
polyandylene is gold oh and hydrochloric19338.3786.76
acidic hydrochloric acid listen all19342.285.32
right I know I got gold uh yeah I got a19345.1384.74
I got a couple pieces of gold okay let's19347.63.84
see you can even make polyaniline hold19349.8783.622
on let me make sure it's in my resources19351.444.92
uh yeah a little hydrochloric acid19353.57.9
hydrochloric acid young cotton anemone19356.365.04
that's all right kid19361.944.92
cotton anemone is hold on all right no19364.044.258
don't worry about it tell you what we're19366.863.72
gonna head towards this body cash let's19368.2984.262
stay focused and then I'll make the swim19370.583.36
fins when I get back we're going deep19372.564.2
maybe I'll find some young cotton in19373.945.0
are you faster it feels a little faster19380.9583.92
and then19383.365.58
there we go that's the Boost oh yeah and19384.8785.522
that takes your power down19388.943.72
uh yeah I think it uses a little bit19390.44.478
more power but man that's a good way to19392.664.82
travel that's awesome yeah all right19394.8785.282
heading towards this body cache all19397.484.12
right Alan we're gonna find a piece of19400.162.82
your body today19401.64.64
you dumb [ __ ]19402.983.26
well she ever heard of capital Critters19413.187.08
no the animated hit series I had not19415.6387.32
heard of that story Bobcat Goldthwaite19420.265.458
Neil Patrick Harris oh wow that's a Duo19422.9584.382
all right neebs heading down19427.345.76
okay to the to the Allen body parts uh19429.984.398
you can find a component to help build19434.3785.382
my body yeah no [ __ ] Alan no that was19437.064.738
Alan Dora oh that's your oh wow yeah the19439.763.9
alien living in my brain that's him okay19441.7983.962
every now and then he pops up it tells19443.664.44
me [ __ ] I already know Pleasant enough19445.764.8
there's something in this place whoa19448.14.858
is it a British accent19450.565.94
uh it seems to be19452.9586.302
Neves water's turning kind of red down19456.54.08
I strongly sense my people's technology19460.585.46
nearby yeah a body component isn't there19462.864.62
yeah no [ __ ] what do you think I'm going19466.043.96
for Alan good God19467.485.1
it's more urinate19470.05.638
concerned about this watercolor uh not19472.585.66
where the hell neebs this is a crazy19479.3785.92
looking biome I'm in okay Red Vines19482.065.34
oh you'll be fine yeah God I was I I'm I19487.47.58
don't feel good about that19492.262.72
hey Nate I'm scanning this thing called19512.2984.322
a flowering Spore okay don't know what19514.284.04
it does but I may as well grab a couple19516.624.018
storming uh19518.324.36
storm in the truck oh my God19520.6384.32
hold up19522.684.68
I think these are yes names young cotton19524.9584.082
and Eminem19527.363.598
sweet I'm gonna grab a few of these just19529.044.02
you know to make those fit oh wait I19530.9583.302
can't make the fence here I gotta have19533.064.76
the modification station I'm gonna19534.263.56
catch you in a bit make sure they're hot19544.2184.58
are you hitting stuff oh yeah it's a19551.9584.442
little tight in here19554.424.32
oh my God speaking of tight what the19556.44.5
[ __ ] is this19558.743.54
sounds like you're still hitting stuff19560.93.96
oh yeah it's tight in here okay19562.286.3
oh okay I see a alien Karen which means19564.865.64
I'm on the right play a right track I19568.582.82
where it doesn't sound right on you19571.43.6
Karen yeah19572.784.678
I know you have to say it but it makes19575.03.9
everybody feel awkward I think when you19577.4583.18
say it well you're the one that taught19578.93.84
it to me well19580.6384.982
avoid it if you can hey check this out19582.744.44
I'm scanning this it's like a big19585.624.16
butthole plant19587.182.6
I don't know if that's going to give me19591.022.58
the right result oh yeah it's called a19591.985.22
grand cotton anonymity okay so it's two19593.65.82
bigger version of the uh Young19597.23.9
yeah I guess this is what they grow into19599.424.68
oh God they look like giant anuses just19601.15.82
down here pulsating yeah19604.15.46
yeah well God is there any use in this19606.924.08
thing no19609.564.02
okay Alan where is your part all right19611.05.218
okay so down okay this is looking good19613.585.46
we're only 240 meters away oh [ __ ] oh19616.2185.42
[ __ ] I think19619.042.598
uh it's one of those remember one of19626.624.36
those creatures that gets into my mind I19628.763.958
just with my brain right I guess they19630.985.18
live down here which is fantastic19632.7183.442
all right can't turn that off19643.245.16
yeah oh I still hear noises okay whoa19670.6384.702
all right neebs I've discovered an alien19672.985.28
structure okay19675.344.66
you sure you lost that thing I'm about19678.264.22
to find out19680.02.48
Yep looks like I lost him19683.486.12
nothing back there but butthole plants19686.544.8
a bit more nickel19689.64.38
and all the nickel19691.345.76
all right heading into this uh19693.986.318
alien structure19697.13.198
you in uh yeah I'm in this place looks19705.926.56
like it's been here a while19709.582.9
this is kind of wild you start scanning19720.24.62
some stuff19723.27.258
isn't ancient ornamental plant19724.827.558
and ornamental stuff you19730.4584.562
no hey I think I found the bones of an19732.3785.042
architect here okay this might be the19735.025.64
component Alan needs to make a body19737.427.34
Architects skeletals yep19740.664.1
able to handle heavy forces19746.844.038
Alan you okay buddy you just don't know19751.847.06
the form of a foreign okay so what is19754.785.98
this place Alan some sort of alien bath19758.92.76
you guys get together here and bang each19761.664.798
other that's the bacterium spread the19764.065.22
continuation of life became uncertain19766.4584.082
this is a place to reflect yeah all19770.544.2
so you banged each other19774.743.138
okay well we got the body piece which is19782.04.378
what we came for so that's good I don't19784.14.02
really see anything else here worth this19786.3783.962
[ __ ] there's a nice statue I wish you19788.124.94
could see this yeah19790.342.72
for a minute uh all right I'll give it a19795.084.94
come on yeah yep trying19801.023.56
yep yep trying19805.283.32
all right fish taco day19808.8785.282
fish taco it's probably gonna be another19812.125.098
towel job ahead of you I'm thinking yeah19814.165.58
it's it's ballsy to go Seafood right19817.2184.442
after that what's going on out there19819.744.5
absolutely trying to relax man trying to19821.664.74
take it easy for a second I'm sitting in19824.245.84
an alien zen garden oh19826.43.68
going pretty poorly19831.943.6
I think19836.923.58
I think19839.02.94
what do you like19840.53.298
I don't know Capital Critters York19841.943.6
Peppermint Patties no Capital Critters19843.7984.92
is lame no way it held up all right I19845.544.86
mean there was a season of it all right19848.7183.362
there was a season of capital Critters19850.43.238
that's how bad the show must have been19852.083.36
they canceled it after like six episodes19853.6384.642
well that's not the19855.442.84
love them19862.4586.68
flat down peppermint tea19864.025.118
through the chocolate there yep yep yep19869.544.98
got it all right19872.2984.022
no I know what I know I know what a York19874.523.9
Peppermint Patty is guys19876.324.8
feel better no you're worse somehow now19878.423.798
you're ready19881.123.3
to get the [ __ ] out of here all right19882.2183.642
I'm gonna head uh back up the base we19884.422.64
can make those swim charts fins now19885.863.9
because we found the uh so we can make19887.065.398
the hydrochloric acid right and then I'm19889.766.538
gonna gather [ __ ] on the way here we go19892.4586.18
titanium perfect that's what I wanted I19896.2984.042
wanted more titanium in my life19898.63812.701
can we make a oh God I don't even know19911.865.08
if it's worth it to make a cold suit oh19914.7184.322
were you cold there of course19916.944.38
did it bother you well if I'm on the19919.044.86
snow fox no but I guess I guess my my19921.324.558
fear is if I wreck the snow fox and I'm19923.93.36
trapped out there I'm just gonna freeze19925.8783.122
to death all right let's see what goes19927.263.24
into making one of those yeah I think19929.03.36
we're gonna need fur right that's the19930.53.298
big dumb thing so we're gonna need19932.363.9
Penguins to get snow stalker fur you19933.7984.92
don't have fur not right now okay let me19936.264.74
see uh I can make this hydrochloric acid19938.7184.562
though maybe go ahead and get started on19941.03.24
salt and anemone I got the anemone in19944.243.12
the truck I'm gonna go out and grab some19946.042.58
I'm gonna go do a bucket Loop you guys19948.625.28
know what a bucket Loop is no I don't19951.084.32
never heard never heard of a bucket loop19953.93.84
I feel the mop bucket up with butter I19955.44.62
put the mop in there and then I just go19957.743.24
walk around19960.024.14
the Halls as if I'm going somewhere just19960.985.46
and then I bring it back and dump it19964.164.02
just rub the mop on the floor while you19966.443.84
do it yeah it's more fun to just push19968.184.38
the bucket so uh yeah I'll catch you19970.284.88
guys in a few minutes19972.562.6
we're on a spaceship abstro uh yeah I19975.324.86
know in a place that doesn't get mopped19978.442.88
and there's throw up towels everywhere19980.183.118
sounds exactly what I expected your19981.325.478
office to be like19983.2983.5
all right take my fins off okay and then19991.164.86
I think if I did all this right oh what19993.864.14
am I missing Oh I thought I made the19996.023.3
polyambling oh no I made the19998.03.298
hydrochloric acid now all right you're19999.324.68
making the Pollyanna lean20001.2985.222
got the Pollyanna lean got the fins got20004.05.28
it all swim charge bins20006.525.778
hell yeah20009.283.018
does it increase every tool you're using20013.544.8
so oh yeah that's a good idea all right20015.763.958
so what about this this is the sea Glide20018.342.7
so I'm using the sea Glide right now20019.7184.382
Powers at 44 percent20021.044.86
just go up please tell me that goes up20024.14.08
45 yes20025.94.318
I never have to worry I never have to20028.183.538
worry about the c-cloud running out now20030.2184.382
great hell yeah baby dude that's awesome20031.7185.342
okay let me go inside let me think about20034.64.98
what to do next20037.066.0
all right neebs yeah yep I got one piece20039.585.76
of magnetite left in my inventory I can20043.064.26
make one Thumper they just kind of20045.344.14
certain area right used by20047.325.12
so I chose to explore20049.482.96
creates a steady source of noise that20052.7184.562
might triple unwanted creatures by20054.825.52
amplifying Collision sound waves gotcha20057.285.7
okay so I think what this thing does all20060.344.56
right yeah if I put it down it thumps20062.983.6
things but it only does it for a short20064.93.898
period of time so it's it's basically20066.584.378
works as a sand or an ice worm20068.7984.622
distraction device it just works in the20070.9584.68
area that you set it down I I guess so20073.424.68
I've never used it so I would assume I20075.6384.262
would use it near where those ice worms20078.14.68
are put it down and then run like hell20079.95.64
huh that's at least my theory20082.785.4
do you think about with one oh20085.544.86
yeah you know what I'm gonna try it20088.183.538
because I don't want to go searching for20090.43.72
a bunch of damn magnetite again but next20091.7183.722
we need to go out and see if we can get20094.123.598
snow stalker fur okay all right let me20095.443.3
get a little bit of food a little bit of20097.7182.762
water for the journey and uh we'll set20098.743.82
indeed yeah that cold suit what do I20107.54.56
need to make that I know we need the20110.7984.322
snowstalker stalker fur what else20112.064.98
and then I close that I don't know open20115.123.598
it back up no let's talk about it20117.044.258
beautiful yep it's a fiber mesh20118.7185.642
cystographer fiber mesh yeah oh you know20121.2984.5
what oh wait you know I think fiber mesh20124.364.438
is just creep on stuff yeah I'm right20125.7984.382
beside some creep Vine so let me get all20128.7982.822
that I want to get out there and be like20130.183.66
I don't have all the stuff yep so it's20131.624.56
just creep Vine two creep Vine two creep20133.847.618
Vine for one mesh yep so okay okay20136.185.278
right right okay now how much mesh I'm20143.024.5
gonna need because there's different20146.562.578
parts of this cold suit right20147.522.76
um yeah you're making the whole soup20149.1382.82
yeah let's make the whole soup let's go20150.283.96
all in why not okay well the the main20151.9585.822
part of the suit is two two fish and20154.245.28
then the gloves and the hat are just one20157.786.24
each okay so one four total two20159.527.02
and all right I need a little bit more20166.542.94
man I might actually have fiber mesh20167.984.46
laying around here somewhere20169.482.96
I don't20186.063.12
go mission accomplished guys hey did you20201.044.98
get to throw up planed up no no no I'm20203.923.48
leaving that but I did the walk around20206.023.3
no you did the walk around you guys ever20207.44.26
hear that story about when John Kennedy20209.324.558
visited NASA for the first time nope20211.663.478
what'd he do he was walking down the20213.8783.482
hall and there was a janitor walking by20215.1385.782
with a with a broom20217.363.56
look here at Nasa which is a dumb20221.22.7
bro yeah cause he's got the broom and20223.94.978
you know what the janitor said I do not20226.7184.202
I'm helping put a man on the moon Mr20228.8784.26
President there you go it's part of the20230.925.16
team that's the attitude to have yeah I20233.1384.022
like that20236.082.4
the back of his head though he's20237.164.46
probably thinking pricked20238.483.14
nice morning out here neebs all right20254.045.38
we're here yep we're here I thought it20256.485.52
was morning I think is this an eclipse20259.424.798
happening right now is there yeah it's20262.03.48
like it was getting brighter now it's20264.2183.122
getting dark are you staring at it no20265.483.478
I'm staring at an eyeball jellyfish20267.345.18
popping out of the water20268.9583.562
oh no I mean it's a really really big20272.8784.0
moon though like it covers the whole20275.264.22
thing all right20276.8782.602
all right okay so Dr Ken is it Dr Ken20279.584.68
what the [ __ ] is the professor Captain20282.523.9
Ken Captain Ken's right here all right20284.263.6
let's go see if we can find some snow20286.423.84
stalker caves names Simon named that one20287.865.278
what's that what are you captain captain20290.265.28
Ken yes like the Barbie and Ken oh20293.1383.842
that's why I don't think that's why he20295.542.7
named it I think he just knew a guy20296.983.06
named Ken I believe is what he said I20298.246.478
just just ask him call him up okay20300.044.678
all right guys I gotta do a little20314.73.938
on the second floor and by that I mean I20318.6385.102
locked the door and I plug in the back20321.8784.08
and turn it on and I just look at my20323.744.38
phone okay just as long as they hear the20325.9583.302
sound from the other side they don't20328.122.758
mess with me it makes it sound like20329.263.0
you're working yeah20330.8783.062
yeah I'll be back in a few not working20332.263.18
it sounds like a lot of work you gotta20333.944.198
have a plan so all right hey good luck20335.445.58
out there with the the stalkers yeah20338.1384.022
this is a oh yeah you know what I see20342.164.88
babies names20344.52.54
yeah you know what if I get right here20348.13.72
in the corner come on let me get up here20349.784.08
all right oh don't see me don't see me20351.824.8
don't see me no no no no no no turn20353.865.76
around turn around [ __ ] do I have flares20356.624.14
God that would have been nice wouldn't20359.623.66
it yep nope [ __ ]20360.764.98
did you see you yep he's seen me yeah20363.285.28
come on20365.744.08
maybe you know what maybe there's20368.563.06
another way into this cave hold on maybe20369.824.94
you won't see me over here20371.623.14
[ __ ]20380.084.92
that's the thing we forgot okay okay20382.184.618
sloppy playing man yeah no we should20386.7985.482
have brought flares20389.1383.142
Slayer is crystalline sulfur yeah that's20400.545.82
that's all it is that's all it is okay20404.1383.962
which I have there's a I know where a20406.366.66
bunch of crystalline sulfur is [ __ ] wait20408.16.72
that flare I dropped down long time ago20413.023.18
I think it's still glowing over here20414.823.058
neebs you pick it up20416.24.38
oh my God could I20417.8784.802
try I should try he probably won't walk20420.584.798
near it on the ground right20422.684.198
all right I'm running past you running20425.3783.542
past you20426.8783.542
is this it is this it is this what's20428.924.98
going here you're kidding me oh [ __ ] I20430.426.66
got it I got it pull it out [ __ ] [ __ ]20433.94.558
look at that20437.084.218
get off me20438.4582.84
pull up the flare pull out the flare20441.783.4
pull out the flare where's the flare20443.924.038
here's the flare20445.182.778
got it20448.54.0
I can't believe this damn thing was20451.03.18
still here those are some good players20452.54.32
those are really good flares20454.186.8
Capital Critters not that good20456.824.16
get up here let me get to the cave20468.526.42
follow you20472.2986.442
it's weather approaching you're back20474.943.8
yes yes okay20480.486.46
keep that flare handy all right okay20484.7184.382
yeah it's in uh20486.945.358
I see another one in there20489.13.198
how are you supposed to get damn fur20492.363.46
it's like as soon as you get near the20494.442.76
mouth of the cave they [ __ ] see you20495.823.42
you gotta drop your penguin and get back20497.24.14
right [ __ ]20499.244.44
get out of here20501.345.34
go go20503.684.618
forget it's freezing down I know it's20506.683.0
freezing out that's why if I you know I20508.2982.462
was trying to get on the edge of a cave20509.683.118
because if I get on the edge of a cave20510.764.86
I'd warm up a little bit20512.7984.802
yeah but it's better right here okay I'm20515.623.96
on the edge of the cave okay taking the20517.65.82
penguin tossing the penguin down20519.586.2
going undercover trying to find some fur20530.17.68
there better be some damn fur in here20533.044.74
it'd be great if I could just yank fur20542.523.938
off of these things that would make more20544.7183.92
sense to me yeah20546.4584.162
oh [ __ ]20548.6386.962
oh God they're everywhere20550.624.98
Jesus Christ stay back20557.7984.5
that's the problem if I put down the20560.7982.642
pink when these things are right on20562.2982.822
[ __ ] top of me you're going to find20563.443.54
somewhere safe okay I think I'm about to20565.123.3
fight another cave this cave [ __ ]20566.982.158
a place in the cave we can get out of20569.1384.32
reach all right20571.9584.202
wait wait a second why do I need the20573.4584.142
penguin can I just come in here with the20576.162.4
are they just gonna back up yeah hey20578.563.238
[ __ ] up20580.03.9
yeah hey20581.7985.462
all this time no maybe not20583.94.86
right because if I could just walk in20587.262.82
here maybe I can just pick up the fur20588.763.84
hey back up that makes sense to me20590.085.1
oh yeah that's fur I got fur you're a20592.64.92
mess around with the paper I don't know20595.184.32
that's what I thought what we had to do20597.523.84
okay Christ Jesus Christ I'm an idiot20599.53.54
all right back up [ __ ] you see20601.364.68
this flare hey see this Flair Junior you20603.044.14
want to [ __ ] off20606.043.36
wait I can interact with this guy hey20607.184.44
buddy oh you're cute20609.44.398
he's a Nipper he's a Nipper the little20613.7984.782
juveniles are a Nipper20616.55.52
okay yeah you want to [ __ ] off20618.583.44
yeah I'm messing with you baby you got a20622.665.54
problem give me your goddamn fur20624.343.86
win England there you are20636.2184.462
tory inventory full20640.846.298
the penguin says inventory pool there's20648.6384.58
nothing in the damn thing20650.3782.84
I can't pick it up I thought your20653.744.978
inventory would be full oh that's what20656.5583.422
it means yeah you know what that makes20658.7183.42
more sense to me a couple of these okay20659.983.78
pack up the Piggly all right we're good20662.1383.42
to go that thing was noisy as [ __ ] by20663.764.5
the way yeah it's not very sneaky no not20665.5585.102
at all okay we got pepper oh boy I need20668.264.98
a health pack stalker around help help20670.664.76
help help20673.242.18
boys trying to cut me off20678.245.92
I think so all right I'm running right20681.525.16
toward you gonna back up20684.164.26
hey you want to back up don't you don't20686.684.458
you [ __ ]20688.422.718
get out of there on the way back to Dr20692.945.198
boom boom we're making a suit20695.3784.022
and then are you going somewhere cold20698.1383.66
after that I'm already in somewhere cold20699.44.978
neebs it makes me think20701.7984.382
the whole point in making we might not20704.3783.362
need the soup but whole point when20706.183.118
making this suit is if in the wild20707.743.718
scenario where we get out there and an20709.2984.5
ice worm destroys our snow fox we don't20711.4584.322
freeze to death immediately okay so20713.7984.382
it'll be cold there yeah God you like20715.783.778
back and forth sometimes like you need20718.182.58
to prepare you need to have all this20719.5582.642
stuff other times like you don't need20720.763.36
that make up your [ __ ] mind you're20722.22.938
the one that didn't know how to pick up20724.122.64
a penguin20725.1384.762
my inventory was full20726.763.14
of microfiber and insulated with an20738.665.26
Alpine milk around the neck and20742.124.018
shoulders the cold suit is designed to20743.925.84
delay the onset of hypothermia oh good20746.1386.302
okay so wait do I already have it on oh20749.764.66
no I guess I have to put it on I got20752.444.018
your other scene somewhere oh wait so I20754.423.958
have to wait I have to put my I'll have20756.4583.482
to change my rebreather of the helmet20758.3783.42
but the other stuff's already on20759.943.42
okay perfect and I still have the swim20761.7985.182
charge fins hell yeah20763.363.62
yeah hey good news like uh yeah this20807.04.958
suit works pretty damn good20809.684.98
uh yeah okay but I mean my temperatures20811.9584.862
core temperature is still going down but20814.664.2
it goes down so slow20816.823.78
okay sweet so that'll allow me to20818.865.06
survive out there much longer20820.63.32
I've got hole punch clippings everywhere20824.164.718
you know and when you punch you can do20826.7184.202
the three-hole Punch Yeah sometimes the20828.8783.962
holes fall everywhere so yeah sure try20830.923.6
to get Dora to vacuum or you vacuum who20832.843.18
gives a chin well he took it I'm gonna20834.523.72
start heading back into uh ice worm20836.024.68
territory okay but I'm not going to20838.244.8
actually go into iceworm territory until20840.74.38
the sun's up because I want to be able20843.043.9
to see out there good plan okay20845.084.26
hopefully somewhere out there we're20846.945.34
gonna have an allen body part oh man hey20849.344.26
take away here's more boxes maybe I'll20852.282.4
find another player come on something20853.62.778
good something good20854.684.02
kid found the flare well you don't need20856.3785.08
another flag well just in case if that20858.74.74
one runs out now we got two right it20861.4583.782
seems like they're for life oh they do20863.443.48
lifetime guarantee the Disposable light20865.243.54
sources certain Predators yeah they do20866.923.42
seem like they last forever but hey I'll20868.783.24
have it I'll I'll keep a second one just20870.344.038
in case20872.022.358
you ready players got Thumpers20884.047.9
here we go it this is iceworm territory20888.486.04
I'm gonna try to stay under these20891.946.0
you know big pieces of ice20894.525.938
okay okay20897.944.5
go away fog I really would love to be20900.4584.402
able to see20902.442.42
far so good huh far so good how do you20906.75.938
know when he's a thumper I don't20909.524.68
like do you wait till you find the body20912.6383.722
part and then throw it down body part20914.23.54
I'm not looking for a body I mean I20916.363.9
guess I use it if an ice worm is20917.743.96
bothering me I think it's just used to20920.263.24
distract the iceworm but right now right20921.74.38
now I've been running pretty smooth okay20923.53.958
we're looking for Allen20926.083.24
I am looking for Outlet's body part what20927.4583.662
do you think I'm doing out here20929.323.66
I am looking for body parts I just asked20931.123.98
you that20932.982.12
that found a penguin cave okay I want to20935.443.778
check it out maybe something Good's in20937.423.92
oh just a damn ion Cube20943.664.798
what is that what is that what is that20946.7184.202
oh my God neebs yeah I just found some20948.4585.34
magnetite oh yeah oh what20950.924.74
why is that stuff so rare I don't know20953.7983.66
but damn I'm glad I found it oh God is20955.663.12
there any more I want all the magnets I20957.4583.542
can [ __ ] carry I got ion cubes I got20958.783.72
ion cubes out the Wazoo I don't give a20961.03.84
[ __ ] about those see quartz got plenty20962.53.36
of quartz20964.843.24
okay hey it was worth it for the piece20965.863.72
of magnetite20968.084.32
oh nope for the two magnetite knees all20969.585.7
right hey all right God that stuff is20972.44.92
like the most rare [ __ ] in the game20975.284.32
hell yeah it made my day oh and I look20977.325.12
good in this cold soup20979.62.84
now did you see ice worms at this point20992.628.04
before I feel like I did Snow stalker20995.29.9
across here we go oh [ __ ] Jesus Christ21000.667.138
oh God oh God oh God I swear yeah21005.16.18
iceworm okay Thumper right21007.7986.42
a bit of time uh yeah an ice worms like21011.286.72
around here okay so here we go21014.2185.16
start something okay that thing's21019.3784.162
distract the word distract the word21025.084.77
I think the worms go for the thumper21029.9584.68
oh God that is not good that is not good21053.7184.122
that is not good21056.164.44
come on go where do I go next21057.846.36
oh God21060.63.6
yeah I thought I was on the side the21064.263.92
thumper was gonna help21065.825.818
we should have made a thousand21068.184.538
leave me alone21071.6382.16
leave me leave me alone where's my21072.7182.462
repair tool I need to21073.7982.822
[ __ ]21075.184.16
[ __ ] [ __ ]21076.622.72
oh I need to get this thing somewhere21081.243.3
safe what are we at 15. come on get21082.743.42
under this thing you can't hit it can't21084.544.22
hit us under here21086.162.6
oh God God look at me you're not looking21089.127.72
[ __ ] bear prepare prepare the cover21093.666.478
helping maybe maybe not it's hard to say21096.845.29
oh God for seem worthless right oh yeah21104.6384.682
that Thumper is a piece of [ __ ] isn't is21107.4583.362
it still even operational we're not21109.322.46
putting it21110.822.638
does it attract it or does it repel it21111.784.018
man you were I I don't know I thought it21113.4584.802
attracted it oh God21115.7984.322
let's go just go just go God damn it21118.265.66
just go just [ __ ] go21120.123.8
oh wait babes I'm back near the thumper21125.524.26
the thumper has like a radius on it the21127.923.42
thumper deters the worm it doesn't21129.784.26
attract it oh it deters it you need to21131.345.64
put it in a place you want to be working21134.045.518
all right that's good to know21136.986.68
Jesus Christ all right prepare21139.5584.102
don't be looking at me God stay away can21143.824.558
I pick can you pick it up yes oh God21146.4583.782
it's at 54 all right I'm picking up on21148.3783.362
you repair it right I do not know21151.745.04
how do I get the [ __ ] out of here I've21154.55.78
run into a dead end21156.783.5
right here21160.743.6
I feel like I want to get up there21162.123.54
get up there I don't have any way up21164.343.5
God damn it God go21167.8786.142
God damn it21170.6383.382
what's up already I mean I am just21177.63.958
trying my best to get the hell out of21179.73.42
50 on the vehicle okay I'm going this21183.126.08
way going this way in the cave21186.03.2
let me just take a breath what's going21197.344.038
on out here21198.842.538
what's up there21204.92.72
need to head north21215.823.96
let's zoom in on this map say a little21217.864.8
better where the hell am I right now21219.786.42
North okay that's North all right I21222.664.68
think I'm heading in the right direction21226.23.62
at least21227.342.48
glad I made this cold suit21229.946.48
all right heading north21233.163.26
where to go now North is the only only21236.4586.302
way whoa boy were you going north before21239.526.38
the hell what the hell was that21242.763.14
hey I just21246.2985.042
God damn it21249.0583.842
Alan again you're trying to talk to me21251.343.06
right now why don't you shut the [ __ ] up21252.94.58
or down21254.43.08
[ __ ] let's get my stuff just give me the21258.424.82
damn snow fox21260.6382.602
I'm running I'm running okay21268.1385.762
still got 75 on the vehicle okay not too21270.3784.542
all right I'm seeing some alien stuff21274.924.5
it's like a cable21277.862.88
looks like it might be running in a21279.422.4
stay under these things21281.822.96
where are you going cable21291.7183.142
see uh an alien cable21299.14.58
not in the middle of damn nowhere neebs21305.046.48
yeah were you in a small town earlier21307.5586.482
no but I was near base I've got up so21311.524.38
far so far away from base right now I'm21314.043.06
like God yeah21315.95.238
hey stalker [ __ ] off21317.14.038
you want to command me21321.185.36
oh God work21323.762.78
s why aren't you using the thumper21326.6384.802
because I don't have any like hot bars21329.4583.662
why I'm not using the [ __ ] Thumper be21331.443.118
a good time to have it on a hot bar I21333.123.0
think yep so we're gonna do that and21334.5583.782
we're gonna throw come on get down don't21336.124.258
pick up snow you dumbass there boom get21338.344.2
out of here21340.3784.942
is that working21342.542.78
okay I think it's working it's thumping21346.086.26
it's at fifty percent can you repair it21348.428.42
no once it's done it's done21352.344.5
where's this cable go though all right21359.4583.6
hold on I'm following this cable21360.843.9
right outside of the thumper's range21363.0582.942
are you leading anything do you go21366.05.24
anywhere it's just a dead end21367.983.26
found an alien structure okay I think21373.26.38
this is my this is what we're here for21375.93.68
oh it's because I have Alan in my head21380.763.618
I'm in almost looks like a Mining21385.085.478
facility or something21387.7182.84
you're looking for body parts right yeah21399.03.98
like a body oh21403.325.638
yep I think I found a hand sticking out21405.744.718
of some rock21408.9584.882
an architect component21410.4583.382
architect tissue geez this guy looks21414.784.38
like he got crushed it's a shitty way to21417.484.56
die yes I would not enjoy being crushed21419.165.7
while mining iron Cube components yeah21422.044.678
you're not wrong that would suck Alan um21424.863.66
but is this enough all I can scan was21426.7183.382
his [ __ ]21428.525.16
armpit derived from the DNA of various21430.16.458
species capable of exchanging form as21433.684.68
necessary oh so you guys could just21436.5583.302
change your form whenever you want to21438.363.54
okay so what's to prevent any one of21439.863.358
your guys from growing different sex21441.93.898
parts and uh [ __ ] yourself21443.2184.562
that does not happen21445.7986.0
at least not since the fourth iteration21447.786.48
for theater actually whatever God21451.7984.382
you're so weird these aliens are so21454.264.198
weird names yeah were they happy well21456.184.618
happy about what the body part you found21458.4584.562
I mean he seems uh nonchalant he seems21460.7984.442
like he's normal just monotone self21463.024.02
really yeah21465.244.318
but we got it I think that's two out of21467.045.64
three body parts oh really yeah wow so21469.5584.982
we're making progress like if I look at21472.683.9
my blueprints CQ I didn't take it yeah21474.543.72
I'll drink uh yeah we just found the21476.583.24
architect tissues21478.265.1
and we have the uh or we have the recipe21479.826.0
for the skeleton so now we just need the21483.364.56
organs and I remember him saying21485.823.3
something like they were deep near21487.923.9
Crystal so I guess now we're going deep21489.126.98
all right I gotta get back to base21491.824.28
the exhausted where is it now let me21503.584.86
tell you what yeah sounds real oh God21505.684.198
the thumb for Downs the thumper's done21508.444.518
the thumper's done21509.8783.08
God damn it21515.843.36
I got what what's happening get on the21521.164.92
[ __ ] thing21524.46.02
okay head south okay21526.084.34
drains you21530.6384.462
or I can only imagine21532.22.9
real things to do oh [ __ ] what is that21537.57.08
worm doing over there get away21541.263.32
yeah what you call it a day Dora I think21544.925.4
I'm [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]21547.264.86
Trump so what21550.322.84
are you okay21552.123.36
I'm just trying to get the [ __ ] out of21553.164.42
here he's calling it there I would love21555.484.02
to call it a day I gotta get out of worm21557.585.0
territory all right that's21559.53.08
that's God damn it21564.7185.042
[ __ ] Jack just get on the things get on21566.8783.962
thick and ride21569.763.66
now don't access the goddamn inventory21570.846.538
25 on the snow box okay21573.425.76
all right yeah you guys take care it's21577.3783.662
been fun I'll see you soon I'm sure have21579.184.22
a good night21581.042.36
okay the cave itself [ __ ] [ __ ]21585.787.2
man I'm trying to get into a cave man21590.2985.442
safe place I don't know21598.3784.382
there's no [ __ ] okay I'm preparing the21601.23.3
snow fox this has been the shittiest day21602.763.72
I've ever had21604.53.718
to be worse it could be Dora yeah he's21606.483.59
got he's got a rough gig21608.2184.921
are you okay yeah yeah are you there21632.6387.08
hold on drop my headpiece hello hey hey21636.485.22
are you okay21639.7184.442
sweater on is it cold in there yeah21641.74.8
welcome aboard the captain thank you21644.164.26
thank you it's freezing why is it so21646.54.2
cold here I have no idea it's I I don't21648.424.02
I don't live up on that spaceship with21650.74.018
you guys21652.444.38
we gotta keep the air running yeah all21654.7183.122
right I just went out and got some21656.823.36
bladder fish trying to fill myself up we21657.845.52
got to go deep today neebs oh yeah uh21660.186.0
yeah well I have a couple of goals first21663.365.16
I got a couple things pinned on my21666.185.458
screen and if I did everything right and21668.525.1
I pull everything out of this Locker we21671.6384.32
should be able to make a prawn suit21673.624.92
uh all right I got my water let me all21675.9585.522
right let me throw a few things here21678.545.4
how's my bioreactor doing bioreactor's21681.483.84
doing good I got a feather fish I'm21683.943.24
gonna throw you in there you just I love21685.323.42
this bioreactor by the way you just keep21687.183.42
piling fish up in here21688.743.78
stay stainable uh yeah it does seem21690.64.1
sustainable Dr boom boom's looking good21692.525.038
all right I'm gonna pop over here to the21694.75.56
Sea truck module and put my food and21697.5584.442
water in here21700.264.32
oh man it's dark in here I don't like it21702.04.558
where's my flashlight how you doing21704.583.12
today good21706.5582.462
you know you got me thinking about21707.73.72
prawns and how prawns and shrimp are21709.023.72
kind of the same21711.423.0
did you know that prawns have three21712.744.558
pairs of claw-like legs I did not know21714.426.06
that wow shrimp only have one pair I21717.2984.5
feel like I've seen her shrimp I feel21720.482.64
like there's a bunch of legs on a damn21721.7983.122
shrimp but only one ounce of cloth I21723.123.94
don't know what they consider a pear21724.9210.949
I'm looking at pictures maybe it's claw21738.244.92
not legs like up front yeah like a21741.03.54
little you know like nippy claw right21743.162.88
the little legs in the middle you know21744.543.3
like maybe walking legs then like you21746.043.78
know a lobster has pictures Pinchers21747.844.14
pincers yeah21749.823.84
feel like you're not absorbing this no21751.985.34
I'm not I'm just like every time I go to21753.666.44
this locker and it's the locker name huh21757.326.058
prawn suit is what I wanted it to be and21760.14.48
then I didn't I got out all the21763.3783.362
materials I needed okay I can go ahead21764.583.66
and build a couple but you know what one21766.742.76
at a time I'm gonna put some of this21768.243.3
back we're gonna take this one at a time21769.53.48
like don't you think maybe21771.542.82
maybe shrimp suit because there's only21772.982.94
there's not three pairs of anything on21774.364.018
that is there I don't think so all right21775.925.9
so the prawn suit is that21778.3787.882
here we go neebs we're doing it21781.824.44
all right I did this correctly oh yeah21788.2986.222
we're getting a prawn suit yep four21792.424.26
strips soon21794.524.198
we did your research it's only it's21796.684.08
called a prawn suit21798.7183.722
yeah why do they call it a prawn suit21800.763.18
any information on that I think it's21802.443.618
arms on the front maybe you can petition21808.444.68
your bosses man I will I'll put in a21810.2986.182
notice cool all right man this thing21813.125.66
looks awesome I remember you21816.486.42
oh a nice manly welcome aboard captain21818.787.12
how many claws two one on the left one21826.3788.0
on the right yep that is shrimp21829.744.638
like a thing called an Asian tiger prawn21836.165.46
okay Jesus thanks big really whenever21838.3785.58
they eat those shrimp's good shrimp oh I21841.624.74
love shrimp and you said it's Asia um21843.9584.382
Asian tiger prawn I mean I don't want a21846.363.3
stereotype I feel like those people eat21848.343.36
anything they do don't they yeah so I21849.663.718
would imagine they would eat that tiger21851.74.38
produce hey let me look at this up what21853.3784.382
kind of weird stuff do they eat that we21856.083.42
think we're anyway oh man I've seen some21857.763.6
stuff they eat like fetuses21859.55.7
chicken chicken fetuses scorpions yeah21861.365.34
um that those are the two weird things21865.23.78
off yeah and you know what I think worst21866.74.14
case scenario I'd eat a scorpion like if21868.984.2
I was really starving like yeah I need a21870.843.958
scorpion in my life hey do we want to uh21873.183.66
color and name the prawn suit we got it21874.7983.482
in here of course we do this can be21876.843.48
yours I think Simon had one Dora had21878.283.54
another one21880.324.44
oh did you yeah okay it's hard for me to21881.826.26
remember been so busy21884.763.32
all right what what names you pick21891.844.32
grumpy grumpy yeah that's what you want21893.584.86
to name a prawn soup grumpy no plus your21896.164.02
name what's your name my name's hunky21898.443.6
buns so grumpy hunky buns there's no21900.183.118
there's no way that's gonna fit on the21902.042.88
side of this thing about grumpy hockey21903.2984.982
grumpy hunky buns oh grumpy buns there21904.926.12
we go acting21908.285.88
oh grumpy buns ready for action suiting21911.046.178
up all right so now we need to equip21914.166.058
grumpy buns with some equipment21917.2186.122
if I did my uh work correctly which I21920.2185.16
think I did all the [ __ ] I need should21923.344.878
be in here21925.3782.84
yep first thing is the prawn suit depth21928.444.26
module mark one21930.93.6
take the prawn suit a little deeper got21932.74.08
it now prawn suit storage module so21934.54.32
we'll have a little extra storage21936.786.42
and the prawn suit grappling arm21938.825.88
okay I need to go get a little bit more21943.23.96
titanium to build the drill arm21944.75.098
let's see where do I install these21947.164.798
things it's been a minute is it on this21949.7984.322
side oh yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah here21951.9583.062
we go21954.123.72
it is a seahorse seahorse I can't be21955.025.5
much food in a seahorse21957.845.749
and then all right drill Arm coming up21963.665.94
yeah I thought about making Like a21968.2182.882
Torpedo arm but I don't know how to make21969.63.24
it and honestly if anything tried to21971.13.118
screw with me I'm just I'm just gonna21972.843.0
drill them in the face21974.2183.66
give it to him baby I will all right21975.843.84
depth module21977.8785.102
storage module grappling arm and drill21979.684.8
we're ready for everything21984.482.898
not everything actually though because21989.14.26
what I want to do is to take this prawn21991.323.54
suit and be able to attach it to my C21993.363.358
truck right and you can't really I mean21994.863.48
this thing just walks would take forever21996.7182.642
to get anywhere you know what I mean I21998.342.4
think I think you're better off it's21999.363.06
like when people put their motorcycles22000.743.718
on the back of their RVs yeah exactly22002.424.138
yeah it's exactly what I want to do yeah22004.4584.622
but I gotta I got to explore it I gotta22006.5585.102
find the modules for that to scan them22009.085.78
and I think I know where to go22011.663.2
seeing some modules okay not sure what22029.2984.982
type though what type were you looking22032.542.88
for again22034.283.9
the docking module docking I forgot22035.424.2
where I found that found that first one22038.183.618
he wears my eyes can I uh hey yes this22041.846.0
is the docking module sweet perfect good22045.264.02
okay all right just that's two out of22047.843.9
three I see uh another one did I see22049.283.84
another one over here God I thought I22051.742.28
was there another module hanging around22054.023.96
one yeah usually that's how it goes into22057.984.978
it where there's one there's more yep uh22059.9585.402
okay I remember this ship we searched22062.9584.442
this [ __ ] but I haven't been below this22065.363.0
oh I'm gonna head down there oh wait I22068.366.018
did I do see a module22071.183.198
if it is the docking station if this is22076.7186.762
the docking station that'd be so tits22079.525.76
sleeper module22083.484.86
no no I don't want to sleep22085.285.58
at least not on my damn sea truck22088.345.218
uh all right I'm gonna head down this22090.865.66
big old hole22093.5582.962
oh hey guys oh what's up Dora not much22107.665.94
it is cold in here is it not cold here22111.7983.722
yeah because of all the puke smell22113.63.6
that's it I'm trying to keep it22115.524.198
ventilated does it every time oh I22117.25.42
remember finding this22119.7182.902
do you think those towels will be22122.743.76
getting picked up soon22124.824.46
maybe if someone Picks Them Up yeah22126.55.52
I put them down I mean what do you want22129.284.9
me to do I think janitor department does22132.023.96
all that puts it down picks them up you22134.183.18
still got towels covered in puke all22135.982.818
over your ship there's puke everywhere22137.362.518
so sick22139.8786.0
really yeah well it seems so I think22141.746.12
the towels over here making it worse22145.8785.782
found the docking module oh yeah22147.863.8
I already had one so yeah that's all22152.5584.362
three I'm heading back to base oh good22155.184.038
[ __ ] yeah22156.927.34
congratulations yeah thank you welcome22159.2185.042
with rubber gloves well because I didn't22170.0584.142
have a I'm not a top doing a clothing22171.923.66
drive now22174.23.3
um clothing Drive names hold on look at22175.583.0
what I'm seeing22178.583.42
you know the the vent Garden they have22180.53.48
these like little brain things that cool22182.03.48
big one22183.983.72
big bright it's no it looks like a big22185.483.898
Coral brain but eventually like it22187.74.08
bubbles up and it pops I throw a towel22189.3784.382
on it no I'm not gonna throw a towel on22191.783.0
just I'm not I don't remember seeing one22194.783.0
that big22196.43.84
okay I'm actually before I head back to22197.785.518
beige this goes really deep holy [ __ ]22200.245.94
this goes extremely deep that's what she22203.2984.5
said yeah22206.183.84
who's this okay yeah all right babes I'm22210.026.118
seeing some crystals I don't know if you22214.524.14
remember but Alan said his next part is22216.1385.122
in a region with lots of crystals okay22218.666.42
so man am I on the right path22221.265.44
um before I head back to base I'm just22225.084.26
gonna explore a little more oh man I22226.73.72
really should22229.344.5
make a uh what do you call it a beacon I22230.424.98
don't want to get lost down22233.843.18
God where is that is that what I think22235.43.86
it is22237.022.24
I wouldn't guess that ah that is kyanite22242.364.56
right no it is not a seasoning it's a22246.924.92
material that I needed to build22249.1385.642
good stuff steps upgrades depth of the22251.844.618
grades yeah because we're 510 meters22254.782.938
right now22256.4583.362
I don't know how much deeper we gotta go22257.7184.74
now you're C truck can go what six22259.824.5
something uh yeah I believe it was six22262.4583.562
something caution22264.324.92
class creature is near22266.024.84
well that's not good22269.244.5
you catch that neebs a leviathan-class22270.865.82
creature is near can't be good huh no22273.746.02
what is that22276.683.08
okay okay I'm grabbing the Kaya knife22280.367.778
I'm okay yep that is a leviathan oh22284.26.4
[ __ ] oh no no no no no no no no22288.1386.302
no no no sounds hungry oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]22290.67.68
that's right big guy really big guy are22294.446.42
you safe oh no I'm not safe get the22298.284.92
doctor boo-boo get the doctor boo-boo22300.865.42
Jesus Jesus22303.23.08
are you safe yeah22310.2183.482
some people are so dramatic you know22313.74.8
this thing is huge names like were you22316.2184.322
really close to it yeah it gotta yeah it22318.53.78
got extremely close to me luckily I was22320.544.38
able to avoid it okay because Riley said22322.284.278
some people are22324.924.2
are you exaggerating the the throw up22326.5585.382
Dora no a lot and I'm not exaggerating22329.126.438
how big this [ __ ] thing is all right22331.943.618
take that clothing Drive there's a box22336.082.638
down the hall if you have any extra22337.523.0
everybody has clothes here well I ran22340.522.88
out of towels I'm just trying to cover22342.1384.442
up them clean the towels I don't that's22343.45.78
nothing all right all right yes it is22346.586.18
a janitorial okay custodian oh I'm a22349.186.16
janitorial expert all right all right22352.763.84
guys I'm gonna go do a quick walk around22355.344.28
I'll catch you in a bit22356.63.02
like my eyes and nose are burning that's22359.93.478
yeah you guys you guys are using22363.3784.022
recycled air and there's puke everywhere22365.845.84
like I'm breathing stomach bile22367.44.28
all right neighbors this docking module22382.423.4
what do I need to make it you're gonna22384.682.82
make this22385.825.36
mobile vehicle Bay yep got it22387.53.68
wiring kid oh man I may be out of copper22394.244.18
and three lead water water give me a22398.425.28
water cool22401.664.5
okay all right let me pin that blueprint22403.73.9
that's what we're gonna work on next22406.163.718
okay okay where are you at I just got22407.64.98
you I know you're in here you [ __ ] ah C22409.8784.562
truck docking module all right working22412.585.16
on that plastille link it first22414.445.938
class steel link it I need two pieces of22417.744.558
lithium I have one we're in a good area22420.3783.962
I'm getting lithium right now holy [ __ ]22422.2984.08
it's dark I was just looking for things22424.344.618
to freshen the air air candles and stuff22426.3785.402
right air fresheners they actually have22428.9586.42
a candle called vomit why in the okay22431.786.598
it's 11.99 from the stinky Candle22435.3784.322
company that doesn't really solve your22438.3782.522
problem though does it I feel like22439.72.88
mentally it might make me feel better22440.93.6
like oh that's just the case oh it's22442.583.42
okay instead of like you're breathing22444.54.138
puke it was just uh stomach acid right22446.04.138
yeah it would just help with your mental22448.6383.24
facilities yeah realizing that you're22450.1384.622
not breathing bile it used to be 12.9922451.8785.34
so glad I waited yeah22454.764.02
I can't imagine why they had to lower22457.2184.042
their price22458.782.48
all right there we go we got enough22465.624.38
copper all right did I I remember this I22467.185.34
think another one of Allen's Parts you22470.05.1
got this one right Alan yeah we got this22472.524.14
one otherwise he'd be talking about it22475.13.72
you have found another thing of my22476.666.68
people it'll help me discover my buddy22478.824.52
a little bit okay are you building a22485.245.34
body like an actual body I think so like22488.0584.5
is he a robot uh male because yeah22490.584.92
according to my what blueprints here22492.5584.562
um I have the tissues I have the22495.53.24
skeleton I'm just trying to find the22497.122.938
organs which I think are down there in22498.743.36
that Crystal region with the pig monster22500.0584.762
okay he's organic22502.15.64
maybe sounds organic I don't know I just22504.824.12
want to build them so I can get them the22507.744.26
[ __ ] out of my head okay what he is who22508.945.46
he is I could really give a [ __ ] I just22512.03.66
want to get him out of my head and get22514.42.7
the [ __ ] out of here which I don't know22515.663.12
what I'm gonna do by the way I might22517.13.0
actually get you to send a ship down22518.783.72
yeah well day one I was like let me send22520.14.618
the ship down you're like nah well now22522.53.78
it's it's looking like it's day whatever22524.7183.902
the hell it is and uh I may be requiring22526.285.54
some assistance out of here okay22528.623.2
Focus kind of hang up together for a bit22533.123.54
no I want to get out I want to leave I22534.923.84
want to get out of here yeah22536.663.96
do some stuff right I came in on kind of22538.763.84
got [ __ ] oh yeah so I should drive22540.623.72
maybe yeah oh I actually wouldn't mind22542.63.16
if you drove22544.3411.718
all right neebs we're back at hittenberg22556.0585.802
okay I'm sending you the link to this22559.524.618
vomit candle I don't I don't want the22561.864.56
vomit candle I've already sent it okay I22564.1383.182
don't know why you would send it to me22566.421.92
you're the one that wanted it in the22567.322.22
first place why the hell are you sending22568.343.718
me the damn Mama candle did you get it22569.545.46
oh okay okay yeah I see it okay thanks22572.0585.522
yeah God that's gross that's [ __ ]22575.03.62
I'll let you know if I like it22578.625.74
and then maybe you want it too yeah it22582.025.34
sounds great all right wiring kid and22584.365.04
then for the advanced wiring kit I know22587.364.08
I needed a computer chip computer Chip's22589.44.978
always a [ __ ] because it's copper and22591.445.58
a piece of gold and table Coral but if I22594.3784.322
did this correctly yes I have table22597.024.26
Coral please have some gold please have22598.74.62
some gold there's a piece of gold oh22601.284.08
please read one gold what was it what22603.324.62
was it what was it what was it yes22605.364.14
computer chip22607.943.66
I think you got it okay and then the22609.55.28
advanced wiring kit man I'm a pro are22611.65.94
you building it uh yep we got the module22614.784.8
okay we don't have it but I have all the22617.543.3
materials I'm heading up to the mobile22619.583.9
vehicle Bay uh-huh all right let's make22620.845.4
this damn docking module seek fluid22623.484.56
intake hold on let me get up here and do22626.243.3
this first22628.043.0
modules one C truck docking module22631.045.598
Head West no we're not heading west22641.244.978
we're heading deep deep to a big22643.584.138
creature I should probably make some22646.2182.942
beacons because I don't want to lose my22647.7183.062
way down there you know what I mean yep22649.165.52
like oh Hanzo and Gretel yep would be a22650.786.598
good idea just a trail oh okay this22654.684.56
thing looks neat all right there's Dr22657.3783.662
boom boom down there I'm grabbing the22659.244.02
module left breadcrumbs right am I22661.043.96
remembering that right hunting griddle I22663.264.878
feel like we talk about this a lot22665.03.138
we're talking about Hansel and Gretel22669.444.56
with you I'm sure we have maybe22671.123.56
they left breadcrumbs22674.685.74
breadcrumbs they love crumbs I don't22678.1384.92
think I don't know if it matters22680.424.62
what I'll just leave a trail of22683.0582.82
that's dumb yeah no that's not very22687.344.718
smart yeah why would you leave a trail22690.24.258
of rocks you know something that birds22692.0585.522
won't eat yeah and also some uh rocks22694.4584.742
might be done let's uh we want to talk22697.582.7
about Hansel and Grill you're talking22699.22.58
about two really stupid [ __ ] kids22700.283.96
yeah going off alone in the woods yep22701.784.74
you know none of it's smart this was22704.244.138
natural selection but yep oh wait they22706.524.68
made it out of there I know idiots now22708.3784.802
they're gonna reproduce right okay hey22711.23.9
uh let's try this out I've never22713.184.618
recommended oh yeah okay I gotta eat let22715.14.98
me [ __ ] I don't want to eat that yet all22717.7984.022
right I gotta eat soon all right I am22720.083.24
gonna try to stick22721.824.318
this on the back of the truck how does22723.323.78
this work22726.1385.042
do like this oh22727.14.08
come on22731.96.058
yeah yeah kick me out for some somehow22734.3785.622
but yeah boom well you probably wouldn't22737.9583.482
want to ride back there if you you're22740.04.08
the only person there yeah22741.445.778
hey that's pretty cool22744.083.138
oh boy I got a decision to make here22748.244.78
neebs okay let me make it I can either22750.7984.382
make the sea truck depth upgrade Mark22753.024.26
or the prawn suit depth module Mark II22757.284.32
you plan on getting out of the C truck22759.984.68
well yeah I mean if I I guess I could22761.64.8
take the sea truck to a certain distance22764.663.66
and then switch to the prime I think the22766.43.72
prawn suit will go deeper check how deep22768.323.3
we can go with the Mark II maybe that's22770.123.48
the smarter one to make okay22771.623.96
Mark II death in that case I'm going to22773.64.618
need the mark one yeah you know what I22775.583.78
think that's probably going to be the22778.2183.322
you still asking me for advice it feels22787.764.14
like you moved on uh yeah I just wanted22789.444.198
to I just wanted to make sure how deep22791.94.558
we could go with the Mark II22793.6384.442
on the uh bronzer because I think the22796.4582.822
prawn suit can handle a lot more22798.082.58
pressure but I just wanted to be 10022799.284.14
certain all right two pieces of nickel22800.666.84
ore oh I should have okay two pieces of22803.426.0
nickel ore22807.53.6
good thing I found that22809.424.798
looks like 1100 meters that's pretty22811.15.22
damn deep I'm doing it22814.2183.962
so once we get to a certain depth with22816.323.3
the sea truck we might have to abandon22818.182.698
the sea truck22819.622.758
and then we can just use the prawn suit22820.8785.0
that sounds like the best option22822.3783.5
grapple I do have a grapple okay I have22829.165.76
a grapple and a drill there you go um so22831.624.8
hopefully with that big creature I can22834.923.958
grapple away I got my repair tool I can22836.423.84
keep it all repaired I should make sure22838.8783.602
everything's repaired how are you22840.264.02
looking okay you needed a little bit22842.485.1
there you go there you go oh yeah you22844.286.778
were at 55 let's get you looking good22847.586.54
so responsible hey I've been doing this22851.0586.062
a while I've gotten kind of good at it22854.1215.99
okay neebs okay approaching the crystal22878.0584.262
pop out and I'm gonna throw down a22882.323.898
beacon uh-huh22884.2984.5
in case I lose my way in here because I22886.2184.262
can't see anything too far ahead of me22888.7984.202
this place is huge but you got22890.484.44
Crystal entrance you know something easy22893.04.378
that's perfect I was gonna think of22894.924.2
something but that's you nailed it okay22897.3785.462
here we go throwing out the Beacon22899.126.2
no just just Crystal22907.8787.402
c-r-y-s-t-a-l okay did that work22910.64.68
yes all right good I can see Crystal22916.14.88
try to be sneaky at least as sneaky as I22924.264.618
can be in the sea truck okay we're only22927.024.32
430 meters down right now and I think22928.8784.742
the sea truck can get up to 650. yep but22931.344.378
there is that big guy down here turning22933.623.48
off my lights22935.7184.942
uh to stay stealthy22937.13.56
what's up buddy hey do you have internet22950.7986.602
yeah your internet's working yeah22953.547.86
no I think I ruined the um I think the22957.45.8
computer I think I might have ruined the22961.45.46
computer okay I threw up on it you threw22963.25.64
up on the computer yeah I threw up on22966.865.598
the computer and this is the first time22968.843.618
uh-huh and uh and I can't get it to work22973.44.28
yeah big guy I saw him I saw him yeah I22977.684.84
don't know if he's chasing me God I hope22981.1383.782
he's not chasing me okay22982.524.74
hop on like the on the tower itself yeah22984.923.24
and I22987.263.9
I feel like right away and then like the22988.165.04
smell got really like right in my face22991.163.718
and then I threw up on it again right22993.24.32
okay at that time I had already taken22994.8784.622
off that side piece of glass so I had22997.524.14
exposed things so I made things much22999.54.08
worse the second time I threw up like I23001.664.02
threw up inside the PC does it smell23003.583.66
like throw up in here just it smells23005.683.0
like throw up in the entire ship because23007.244.1
that's usually23008.682.66
okay get a bucket or go outside no23012.487.56
someone needs to clean up this throw up23015.584.46
threw up in his computer oh it's too bad23035.766.64
yeah can you clean it for me please your23039.286.858
computer I don't have internet anymore23042.43.738
all right yeah I'm all right uh I have23049.425.218
taken the sea truck as far as it'll go23052.0586.122
I am parking the sea truck in a location23054.6385.882
I'm taking the prawn suit23058.183.66
okay um23060.523.118
all right you're safe for a minute oh23061.844.798
God I hope so okay so doralis Simon is23063.6384.862
thrown up on top of his computer and23066.6383.66
inside of it if you could just take some23068.54.32
towels down there yeah because I'm23070.2984.802
thinking if you clean most of it then if23072.825.18
it should work23075.12.9
it's on me and23079.0582.602
play some shirts23082.0583.24
insurance right box out in the hallway23083.983.6
because we're out of towels so I'm gonna23085.2984.702
grab a couple of23087.582.42
people who don't really absorb anything23092.444.04
you ever tried23093.822.66
oh God did he just puke23106.1384.022
oh man it's worse23151.7184.802
it's in my office now oh God all right23154.0583.842
I'm sorry it sounds like you're dealing23156.522.82
with one hell of a situation up there23157.94.34
it's gonna crash fish23159.342.9
ing that guy my eyes are like really23162.44.08
burning now okay oh kyanite I might need23163.93.6
all right hopping Out ooh is that a23167.53.058
crash racing I'm going for it all right23169.0583.062
come get me come get me23170.5584.442
what it could help you oh God23175.05.878
I'll be back in a second episode I'm23179.085.16
gonna like wash my eyeballs okay I'm23180.8785.282
looking at uh oh man this thing goes23184.243.36
pretty deep23186.164.08
ready what is it what do you want me to23187.63.84
scan here23190.243.24
no not that23191.443.6
hey I'm gonna scan this Crystal23193.482.94
boom large Morganite formation there's23196.426.24
some info for you23200.5584.202
I'm gonna hop in the prawn suit going23202.664.138
deeper did you say you were leaving I23204.764.878
might be talking to myself23206.7982.84
thank you23210.75.7
names me oh [ __ ] Simon Simon I think23212.26.78
maybe stepped out okay listen those23216.45.28
shirts are already gone and I got loose23218.984.62
sleeve so I'm gonna put paper on top of23221.683.3
the vomit that should help a little bit23223.63.24
play the paper so it sounds like you23224.983.0
guys have a real mess down there23226.842.58
shouldn't you all just work together to23227.983.06
maybe clean [ __ ] up I don't know where23229.424.68
there's any sort of cleaning things oh23231.047.098
oh God this is gonna make23234.14.038
okay all right hey quit quit throwing up23240.244.478
on my ears23243.43.72
Jesus Christ oh God the paper's not23244.7184.142
doing anything all right if you see23247.123.96
neebs tell tell needs I found an alien23248.864.8
sight oh God I hope this is Ellen's part23251.085.18
all right23253.662.6
nope nope23256.3783.302
breathe in here oh [ __ ] me23260.023.08
how the hell did that just keep getting23264.13.72
all right we got gravity we're Deep Hell23267.826.058
Peck I know I've brought a health pack23271.424.92
that's my water a little bit of water23273.8786.382
good on food yes23276.343.92
vomit vomit paper yeah I guess23285.284.98
this is23288.585.04
oh hey leaves hey okay yeah yeah uh the23290.266.36
paper why why is there vomit paper you23293.624.438
put that what would you rather have on23296.623.72
there just straight like vomit on the23298.0584.32
floor I'd rather someone bring a mop and23300.343.958
mop it up all right well okay what if23302.3784.202
there was no mop and just paper what23304.2984.322
would you rather have no Mom hey nibs23306.583.84
real quick I found a big alien facility23308.623.48
I think I may be on the right track for23310.425.52
Allen's part okay this is uh23312.17.618
is looking cool what is this whoa23315.945.518
where are you nothing big nothing bad23319.7183.84
nothing bad I hope can I what's going on23321.4583.662
here can I not jump over this there we23323.5582.462
oh yeah what is this what is this23326.024.92
this might be it this looks like alien23328.844.74
parts I don't know23330.946.68
architect component scanning it okay23333.584.04
hold on shut up and listen to Allen the23339.844.86
our designs provide for redundancies oh23345.45.1
yeah well given your current location I23348.583.24
think that could be [ __ ] improved23350.54.2
Alan no feedback has been netted yeah23351.824.318
then we'll better be23354.73.42
and that's kind of all the components we23356.1384.92
need to make a storage uh23358.125.938
okay okay you excited I'm using the23361.0584.622
chemical compounds available in your23364.0584.982
body I am able to approximate what you23365.685.878
might call cautious optimism good23369.047.04
cautious optimism that's great23371.5584.522
so we got his body23378.74.08
where the hell do we build it23380.325.12
everything I think so23382.782.66
like a workshop yeah well can you build23385.484.44
it like at your back at your base maybe23388.184.378
your modular thing no I don't think so I23389.924.92
never saw anything for that you have a23392.5584.74
bag of sawdust why would I have sawdust23394.844.92
we're in space I mean like you don't23397.2984.322
have any sawdust at all how many people23399.763.84
do you know that carry sawdust around23401.624.2
well I mean like you don't have any like23403.65.4
I have a sawdust pillow in my apartment23405.824.62
okay the sawdust is really good to clean23410.445.22
up vomit grab your pillows but my23413.24.2
apartment's not this apartment that's23415.664.74
here Hold on shut up23417.44.62
and yet I feel certain there is23420.43.78
something important to learn23422.026.0
a facility or a body component23424.186.56
perhaps both23428.022.72
Allen just told me he uh senses23431.864.68
something maybe even deeper Jesus Christ23433.96.62
Jesus Christ Alan thieves I got23436.543.98
good perfect I'll be back okay thank you23444.164.88
are you going deeper uh I think I'm23458.924.2
gonna have to23461.5584.222
let's see this thing can go23463.126.06
1100 meters down right now I'm only 71523465.785.32
meters down I'm going to get out of this23469.183.538
Crystal hole and I guess I'm just going23471.13.6
to keep trying to go deeper okay see23472.7183.84
what we find23474.75.518
oh this is a [ __ ] nightmare you're23476.5585.522
not going deeper I'm looking at your I23480.2184.022
know I'm in a hole babes I'm trying to23482.084.138
get out of the [ __ ] hole right now oh23484.243.84
so the whole year end's not the one23486.2183.302
you're going deep in no because there23488.083.058
was no way to go deeper down that hole23489.523.98
I'm going away from the grumpy bus23498.945.64
grumpy buns yeah I'm just trying to see23500.746.12
which way goes deeper it looks like East23504.585.218
goes deeper we okay yeah usually23506.865.82
deeper's down oh boy it just hurts a23509.7985.942
poller which is hollered23512.686.618
he's dumb this is real dumb23515.743.558
yeah all right I'm gonna head back to23520.185.36
grumpy buns and head east okay23521.923.62
I think I'm good because I can still see23525.825.638
uh the crystal entrance 400 meters kind23528.284.92
of Northwest so23531.4583.84
I'm just heading east but yeah if I need23533.24.018
to get back I see like an obvious way to23535.2984.382
get back okay cool and uh don't see that23537.2185.882
big guy which is this is great23539.686.06
okay hopefully I find something East23543.15.19
a new type of biome neebs23566.328.04
large Red Square crystal formations okay23569.210.32
heading deeper at 735 meters now23574.368.04
you holding up me oh I'm a nervous wreck23579.525.58
yeah yeah far away from base I got23582.44.68
supplies but I don't know what the23585.13.9
[ __ ] down here and I've been deep in23587.084.86
this planet before it's usually awful23589.04.44
you want to23591.944.618
uh we can do to make you feel better23593.446.06
I can't think of one thing I we can sing23596.5584.202
a song together or something I don't23599.53.0
want to sing a [ __ ] song like what23600.763.48
kind of music do you like I like all23602.53.0
kinds of music man23604.242.76
the classic rock23605.53.9
like some pop believe it or not23607.06.02
okay you're gonna sing like somebody23609.45.398
what's your favorite Whitney Houston23613.024.24
song I can't think of whoa okay big guy23614.7984.92
big guy big guy big guy23617.266.0
[ __ ] I need some back hey Simon I got23619.7184.92
oh that's in my work I think yeah I23624.6384.382
think this is gonna do something okay23627.14.68
all right so I'm just gonna sprinkle it23629.025.46
around and at least it should make it23631.784.92
easier in case you walk on it it'll be23634.486.0
less likely hold on hold on Simon23636.78.34
unable to identify don't see me oh God I23640.486.92
think sees me [ __ ]23645.045.098
oh God [ __ ] it I'm gonna drill your ass23647.44.62
yep should we sing23650.1383.862
Happy Birthday23652.024.9
to me oh God I'm running I'm running I'm23654.05.798
running I'm running just going deeper23656.925.458
shut the [ __ ] up23659.7985.58
oh no I'm sorry wow is he puking again23674.3788.882
did you hit my shoe oh wow sorry babes I23679.087.36
found a facility I think oh yeah [ __ ] I23683.264.86
don't know where's the big guy you safe23686.444.74
I don't know what's my health then23688.126.24
hopping out doing some replays23691.185.278
it's all over my shoe man yeah I'm sorry23694.365.4
listen put some oatmeal on it oh yeah oh23696.4584.742
that helps soak it up I didn't even23699.763.72
think about that oatmeal oatmeal and23701.23.72
flour I'll be back I'm going to the23703.482.158
yep I found a23723.667.32
cool looking facility23727.363.62
oh names yeah I found Fabricators for23733.94.738
the parts I need to build that's23737.083.6
have the parts I don't know let's take a23740.684.14
peek all right memes get out of notepad23742.65.1
Okay oh boy yeah I knew there was going23744.824.62
to be some [ __ ] down here well it23747.73.54
could have been easy couldn't have been23749.444.518
easy could it23751.242.718
remember see okay boom look at this23760.365.46
architect tissues architect skeleton and23762.666.54
architect organs okay good23765.823.38
so it looks like for the organs we're23770.263.958
gonna need ion Cube ribbon plant kyanite23771.584.558
architect skeleton Pollyanna lead23774.2183.722
Diamond plastille Ingot architect23776.1383.542
tissue's root pustle I remember getting23777.943.72
that synthetic fibers we can make in gel23779.683.0
[ __ ] may have to go all the way back up23782.684.92
and pastel is something that they eat in23785.3785.102
Asian cultures as well hey tell you what23787.64.5
maybe we'll get lucky maybe I can find23790.484.7
some of that [ __ ] down here23792.13.08
all right neebs I'm out of the red23802.184.8
region okay uh that red Crystal region23803.747.218
uh I'm gonna put down the other Beacon23806.986.36
yeah red region Beacon that's actually23810.9583.942
kind of cool isn't it yeah23813.343.42
here we go23816.762.538
red region Beacon all right so have my23821.925.458
beacon for the crystal entrance red23825.164.02
region Beacon yep all right I'm gonna23827.3784.382
take uh grumpy buns back to Dr boo boom23829.184.198
we're gonna head back up make all the23831.762.94
[ __ ] we need then we're coming back23833.3784.202
we're going shopping oh God knew there23834.74.438
was going to be some [ __ ] knew there23837.583.18
was going to be some damn [ __ ] you23839.1382.942
were right hey what do I need to make23840.762.64
Pollyanna lean I don't want to get up23842.083.24
there and be like oh [ __ ] I'm missing23843.44.2
something okay so you're gonna need uh23845.325.638
gold okay and hydrochloric acid oh God23847.65.4
what do I need to make hydrochloric acid23850.9585.222
chloric acid is three cotton and23853.04.558
Anthony okay I think I still have some23856.183.958
continent in it and if not I can go get23857.5584.682
some just gotta make the [ __ ] and avoid23860.1385.762
big monsters easy23862.243.66
Dr boom boom23874.365.698
put in the prawn suit in the back front23876.766.0
suit is back popping in Dr boom boom yes23880.0585.052
sir getting the hell out of here23882.765.458
oh God what Alan we have gathered the23888.2183.902
necessary components to begin23890.684.618
constructing my body yeah no [ __ ] it's23892.125.88
what sort of a do it all day Alan first23895.2985.042
you must find the fabrication facility23898.04.2
yeah I already did that it was concealed23900.344.02
at some depths yeah I know I was there23902.23.84
Alan which begs the question why the23904.363.06
hell do you guys have a facility like23906.044.14
that anyway it is a standard political23907.425.52
okay yeah a standard medical facility23910.185.82
where you have to rebuild your body that23912.945.4
doesn't sound very standard to me Alice23916.04.138
was a research mission of the highest23918.344.56
importance okay so what were you like a23920.1385.102
damn scientist or something I'm not a23922.94.5
scientist no well then answer me this23925.244.138
Einstein what the hell are you doing23927.44.26
with the facility where you you have the23929.3784.92
components find the facility and23931.664.74
construct the body okay one already23934.2983.782
found the facility we've been over that23936.43.96
and two hell yeah I'm constructed this23938.084.138
body I gotta get you the [ __ ] out of my23940.364.32
head Alan God23942.2183.902
was Alan just telling you to do23944.683.3
everything you just did yeah he seems as23946.125.34
forgetful as Simon oh boy23947.988.96
is that Marie a little bit that he's23956.944.3
getting forgetful yeah but that may just23959.55.058
be a symptom of being in my hand23961.243.318
you build a body out make it like small23967.2984.562
so you could like attack it no if I have23969.164.558
a choice okay but I also hope this is a23971.863.778
good idea hope he doesn't turn on me or23973.7183.482
some [ __ ] you know and he built it with23975.6385.062
a bomb on it not a bad idea23977.23.5
let's go23981.162.478
[ __ ] God damn it what is it a big guy23984.546.178
he's sniffing on me23988.02.718
wait did I just get turned around where23991.083.82
was I where was I [ __ ]23993.2183.42
[ __ ] helps at 52 I thought you were23996.6385.102
gonna drill stuff man I am not in the23999.044.918
prawn suit I am in the sea truck I don't24001.743.66
have a trailer let's see drugs okay24003.9583.062
because you were pretty cocky about it24005.45.54
earlier yeah I'm gonna drill in the face24007.026.18
I do have something on the sea truck24010.943.518
that's a there's supposed to be some24013.22.7
sort of perimeter defense how do I24014.4583.662
activate that look that up how do I use24015.93.84
perimeter uh the perimeter defense24018.123.018
I'm on it thank you24021.1385.332
I know24024.085.459
all right sea truck is repaired I'm24034.3784.802
gonna check all the modules make sure24037.3784.742
they're good yep yep yep yep how are you24039.185.34
doing prawn suits looking good see a few24042.124.5
gel sacks here we need two of them to24044.523.358
make one of these parts I'm gonna go24046.623.58
ahead and grab them neebs okay okay24047.8784.58
it's installed okay so it can be used by24052.4585.322
left clicking after selecting the icon24056.043.48
with one of the hotkeys one through four24057.785.278
oh my God what oh one two four so let me24059.527.02
let me try that okay maybe I just24063.0586.722
[ __ ] he's one through four24066.546.178
oh so it's number two in my hotkeys oop24069.785.66
and then24072.7182.722
okay all right okay all right all right24076.265.16
okay I didn't know about that that's24079.3784.562
nice yeah uh did suck a little bit of24081.425.34
power though okay okay all right heading24083.945.1
back got the gel sex think I can make24086.764.44
everything back base if I can't I'm just24089.043.418
gonna slip my wrist and let it all24091.23.178
before you do that let me send you24092.4584.76
something thank you24094.3782.84
thank you24100.043.58
all right leaves back at hiddenburg24103.625.28
welcome back Captain all right let me24105.925.92
detach this24108.94.738
sea truck24111.844.14
disconnecting the modules taking the C24113.6383.962
truck putting it in the moon pool so it24115.984.34
can recharge24117.62.72
all right we need to take inventory24123.9583.442
so let's see first off root pustules let24127.744.62
me eat real quick where's that paper I24130.743.62
made earlier yeah what a child24132.364.8
thank you thank you oh cool couple of24134.366.778
waters oh yeah24137.163.978
yes got two of them sweet24144.94.86
got it wait next that wasn't a root24147.545.098
costume that's a flowering sport oh no24149.765.16
what's a root puzzle24152.6384.202
look at a no you know what I think I24154.923.298
know what they are I think there's those24156.843.42
damn things in Monkey caves24158.2183.782
okay yeah I think we're gonna have to go24160.263.78
back into monkey caves oh boy all right24162.04.26
no not a big deal synthetic fibers all24164.043.72
right what is synthetic fiber I know I24166.263.78
need a couple of diamond that's two24167.763.66
oh boy okay I still how many continents24171.425.7
you said I need kind of what Young24174.64.5
continents to make the hydrochloric acid24177.123.72
have one ribbon plant I know I need that24179.13.958
so but for the polyaniline24180.844.2
golden hydrochloric acid but for the24183.0583.66
hydrochloric acid [ __ ] I need three24185.044.2
cotton anemones only have two and a salt24186.7184.762
oh that's exactly what I gotta do I24196.23.54
gotta go all over the place I gotta go24198.0583.362
in the monkey caves to get the the24199.743.96
pustules yep I'm gonna have to go deep24201.425.218
to get uh the the cotton24203.75.28
and I need a piece of diamond and some24206.6383.122
lead I know I have uh [ __ ] all right24209.766.24
boom okay good I only need one spiral24213.424.138
plant give it so I gotta find a ruby24216.04.02
okay all right neebs let's do one thing24217.5584.922
at a time yep monkey cave monkey cave24220.025.96
first head to the monkey cave24222.483.5
the monkey cave the monkey came we're24226.25.04
going to the monkey cave monkey caves24228.63.9
are fun24231.242.25
no they're not24232.55.34
thank you24237.842.36
oh hell yeah hell yeah24242.07.84
good news good news Well slow down there24246.545.54
we go24249.842.24
all right ribbon plant got all our24252.324.96
ribbon plant we needed two of those oh24255.662.88
wow we actually have enough to make the24257.283.96
lungs oh yeah yeah24258.544.678
look it kind of looks like lungs heart24261.245.52
and the skin maybe I don't know okay I24263.2185.042
forgot what they said they were all24266.762.64
right I don't need to go back to Hidden24268.263.118
burden we're going to Monkey caves hey24269.44.38
make a progress slow and steady it's fun24271.3787.222
to get things done it is it is satisfied24273.784.82
okay is that a monkey hole24279.744.02
yeah this looks like an entrance to a24285.784.56
monkey hole okay all right and I think24287.46.658
it's this stuff right here24290.347.2
get it or just grab it root puzzle one24294.0585.882
inventory are you serious did I not drop24297.545.46
off [ __ ] oh God I didn't drop off [ __ ] I24299.944.98
bet you he only brought the truck I'll24303.04.92
drink a water and then I'll grab that24304.926.12
okay fruit pustle got it you got a24307.925.038
storage module in your truck uh not24311.044.62
maybe in the truck yeah I actually did24312.9584.082
in the truck but I just brought the24315.663.058
thing that's okay I'm gonna go back and24317.042.94
store what I got because I kind of got24318.7183.062
to go that direction anyway okay because24319.983.658
I gotta head down to that [ __ ] red24321.784.5
region just to get a young underneath24323.6385.16
that's gonna be easy I think so all24326.284.38
right shoot back to hiddenberg put stuff24328.7983.602
in a thing24330.664.7
it'll be all right24332.42.96
alien Park can I do that all I can type24337.083.54
all right Alien Part whatever gets the24338.8783.84
job done and I'm gonna stick the stuff24340.625.78
we need in here for that24342.7183.682
right I need to get more cotton anemone24346.864.56
that should be good for now I gotta make24349.3783.362
the plastille Ingot I need another24351.423.06
Diamond I can look for a diamond while24352.743.6
I'm down there got the kyanite I need to24354.483.3
make the synthetic fiber which I need24356.344.02
the Ruby all right you need a ruby we24357.784.018
need a little bit of lithium24360.363.48
take your storage module on the truck oh24361.7984.622
yeah you know what I may as well24363.843.78
I guess it's one of those things better24366.422.58
to have it not need it and need it to24367.623.0
not have it right yeah I bet you'll need24369.03.42
it because maybe not because I'm only24370.624.32
I'm only getting a couple things24372.424.558
yeah a bit of a hoarder a little bit24374.943.9
well I kind of need to be down here24376.9784.202
right you have it on your person24378.844.26
like you carry a lot of stuff yeah I do24381.183.66
stuff piles up easy you're like an24383.14.198
underwater bag lady man it's crazy how24384.843.84
slower this thing is once you have all24387.2983.42
the [ __ ] on your back oh yeah oh yeah24388.684.25
big time we just noticed it24390.71810.662
I gotta get off this ship man yeah24401.785.018
sounds like a mess up there yeah yeah24404.945.22
I'd like to get fired if I get fired24406.7985.522
Severance Severance severance package24410.164.62
yeah yeah if I just quit oh yeah no you24412.324.318
don't want to just quit yeah you want a24414.783.96
graceful exit God I gotta get off the24416.6385.642
ship guys why I just don't I don't enjoy24418.746.66
my work it doesn't show yeah I try to24422.284.98
make it not show okay24425.43.96
doing a great job thank you just keep24427.263.84
smiling oh so this is where you want24429.364.5
what's up do you know that you still owe24431.13.66
me money24433.862.938
you owe me money for these shoes yeah24434.763.538
well it doesn't matter that doesn't mean24436.7982.822
the fact that we were just gambling24438.2983.122
downstairs you can't just walk away from24439.624.2
the poker game I had a job to do yeah24441.424.62
well that's yeah and your job is to pay24443.826.6
me the 650 that you owe the pot okay 65024446.046.36
bucks damn God I always feel like24450.425.058
gambling is not even a real thing24452.45.94
you guys seem to think so don't you but24455.4784.842
if I I mean yeah you know if you're in a24458.343.48
poker match and that's the pot that's24460.323.058
the pot that's what a lot of people say24461.823.72
that's what everybody said yes24463.3785.162
that's the point of Poker ah I don't24465.544.74
know I'm on the phone don't you think24468.543.12
that you're gonna get out of this pal24470.283.84
well I'll tell you what I'm awfully busy24471.664.318
right now had to take a little break24474.123.78
didn't I just overhear you say that you24475.9783.422
weren't gonna be here you know you're24477.94.5
gonna be maybe leaving I feel like my24479.44.5
days are numbered24482.44.92
oh God I'm sorry oh24483.96.0
yes do you have a any more oatmeal you24487.324.2
know I don't understand it24489.93.78
I'll be back24491.524.26
here just to throw up now is he done24493.684.618
yeah three times today three and then24495.785.598
you put puke paper down24498.2983.08
uh what else is down here there's Sports24512.14.14
I still need to find yes all right sweet24514.25.4
Ruby as well okay okay24516.245.218
so boom all right we got a little bit of24519.64.198
Ruby Ruby we got the young cotton24521.4584.322
anemone I think we only needed one I'm24523.7983.782
gonna take a couple just in case that24525.783.54
they want to throw something crazy at me24527.584.08
you brought a storage module24529.325.88
an enemy24531.663.54
I have a bunch of it like it sounds like24536.525.42
enemy an enemy24538.5583.382
what were they saying oh God that [ __ ]24543.124.08
[ __ ] you clear your mind and say it a24545.13.48
net anemone24547.23.06
anemone anemone an enemy an enemy an24550.266.18
enemy an enemy24554.343.6
why are you good at saying that word24556.445.118
trellis my bad he was right24557.943.618
so it was an anemone yeah24562.44.44
is like I24567.1383.642
have life I'm getting worse at what I24569.043.66
was really good at that's the way it24570.783.358
goes and I like that you correct people24572.73.62
I don't see any damn gold around here24579.2984.562
maybe in some of those monkey caves up24582.04.378
oh wait hold up is that gold24583.865.16
hold up hold up leaves24586.3785.34
I hope so easy the gold or copper okay24589.025.25
but I have a prawn suit with a drill arm24591.7185.282
s he has a lot of debt24597.04.138
there's people ever hearing these audio24599.284.32
files they're probably screaming when I24601.1384.442
was saying that24603.63.18
um I don't think anyone will ever hear24605.582.52
it's gold please be gold please be gold24608.14.5
please be gold yes gold we gotta go we24609.9585.822
strike go I got the drill alarm here we24612.65.3
yeah all right gold added the vehicle oh24619.024.8
this is a great way to get gold it's24622.023.118
supposed to make deposits aren't we yeah24623.823.96
big deposit full of gold yeah chances24625.1385.302
you send just a little bit back of that24627.785.098
I mean I can bring some listen I am24630.443.72
probably gonna need a ride out of here24632.8783.42
I'd love that24634.163.61
thank you all right let's see class24643.944.6
still ingot24646.5585.462
yes one place deal ingot24648.545.82
got it all right so the [ __ ] I don't24654.364.618
mean I'm going to store which I don't24656.6383.362
I think yeah I use the Ruby to make that24660.03.9
I have two pustules check I have two gel24663.99.478
sacks check and then I just need those24669.245.638
all right I need inventory I need24673.3783.662
inventory space so let me move24674.8783.962
let me move some of this diamond out oh24677.043.78
I needed Three diamond I don't need this24678.843.958
silver in my pocket or this Titanium or24680.825.6
the gold or the lid24682.7983.622
three pieces of that we are green leaves24688.745.34
yes sir we're doing it we got all the24691.55.218
pieces to make the alien body yeah I'm24694.085.398
gonna get food food and water24696.7184.92
water right now let me get full on food24699.4783.782
and then we're going and then we're24701.6385.58
traveling back to the fabrication alien24703.266.18
body unit yep that's way down deep24707.2184.142
conveniently love that they put that24709.443.84
down there whatever they thinking I know24711.363.54
honest to God why not build a facility24713.284.08
like that up top where it's easy to get24714.93.96
to no we're gonna build it down deep24717.363.42
because we're [ __ ] stupid24718.866.438
they were hiding hiding from what24720.784.518
behind the medicine balls24733.265.298
and there was a lot of [ __ ] back there24735.787.08
yeah like a lot of [ __ ] like a lot of24738.5587.302
human [ __ ] yeah Mr Ali says she's the24742.864.858
one that shits back there yeah he just24745.864.198
told me earlier today did I miss that24747.7184.982
doralius takes a [ __ ] in the gym by the24750.0584.5
medicine balls okay I must have been24752.73.66
wildly distracted while that was that24754.5584.022
conversation how did you not hear that24756.366.08
I'd probably be eaten by a monster Maybe24758.583.86
maybe hundreds like literally hundreds24765.186.6
of very large shits all fresh no so no24767.526.958
like months old you do the math if he24771.784.678
does one a day or there's a lot of24774.4784.022
people doing this so this space station24776.4584.142
you're on has puke everywhere24778.53.958
that the janitor won't clean up clean up24780.64.02
and the janitor is also taking a dump in24782.4585.882
the gym in a corner right wow wow God24784.626.42
damn wow I'm getting fired soon one way24788.344.618
or the other well I'm gonna I'm gonna24791.043.838
sweep this vomit out a few neebs I24792.9583.18
does a damn broom work on vomit24796.1384.282
yeah the loose leaf really does help the24802.3783.662
cleaning process just gonna smear but24804.2984.92
whatever go for it24806.045.46
I got some patchouli incense in my24809.2184.682
office if you want some ah I like to24811.53.6
vomit better24813.93.8
me too24815.12.6
all right neebs yeah back in the crystal24834.026.958
area defense system primed that's right24837.08.36
you might be able to shock this [ __ ]24840.9784.382
yep yep yep yep all right trying to24849.843.298
avoid you trying to avoid you that's the24851.6382.702
first thing24853.1385.122
me okay yeah you're not gonna catch me24854.347.26
yeah got it yeah yeah shock that24858.265.76
[ __ ] atta boy24861.65.52
okay 500 Raiders24864.025.14
Raiders gotta get here we go red reach24867.125.12
Beacon we're on the way24869.163.08
man tell you what this sea truck's been24876.123.06
so [ __ ] handy24877.7983.542
Dr boom boom you're awesome couldn't24879.184.56
have done it without you no no kidding24881.344.32
all right time for old grumpy buns24883.743.18
all right what's the power eighty24886.923.298
percent eighty percent all right grumpy24888.663.898
buns is at 80 should be plenty to get me24890.2185.66
down to Red region Beacon and back24892.5588.342
thank you got it all right 100 80 here24895.8787.322
we go24900.92.3
hey guys24904.5584.282
hey Dallas Simon found your turd stash24905.8785.822
what yeah nothing was working out or24908.844.6
what he was in the gym I could have24911.73.72
swore someone was looking at me24913.444.26
gym seems like it'd have less privacy to24915.424.798
me it seems like nobody uses the gym24917.74.14
yeah I guess that's right yeah24920.2184.022
everyone's so sick right now but uh I24921.844.74
realized something there's cameras all24924.245.16
over this place yeah this is a thing24926.584.798
that has just now domed on you doralius24929.44.978
cameras part yeah yeah I mean I work I24931.3784.742
was I was I worked at a pizza place you24934.3783.482
know I mean we didn't or the one camera24936.125.16
we had didn't work oh yeah24937.866.18
I'm seeing the cameras I'm gonna go wipe24941.284.5
dookie on each of those lenses real24944.043.178
I'm just gonna smear a little Duke24947.2183.562
you doing that I'm just that'd be the24951.4784.022
last thing right now man too late now24953.73.24
oh God big guy all right don't see me24971.524.08
can I hide under something what can I24973.683.42
hide under is there a crystal I can hide24975.63.66
under what about this can I get me under24977.13.958
[ __ ] off [ __ ] out off go the other way24981.0586.0
go some go go go some other way is he on24984.05.18
the other24987.0582.122
you [ __ ] are you drilling it oh yeah I24993.7984.18
drilled his ass okay running running24996.423.718
okay 70 percent24997.9785.9
ah come on Spider-Man get out25000.1383.74
here we go swinging swinging like a25005.3785.862
madman you swinging25008.4786.542
I think I see the facility down here25011.245.58
Don't Judge Me can I take the prawn suit25015.023.6
in this facility25016.823.18
oh come on I don't know oh yeah big guy25020.05.4
I see him Stephen take come on get in25022.2185.16
here prawn suit can you not go was this25025.44.26
it is this as far as you go yep yeah25027.3783.84
can't take the front suit in for some25029.663.96
reason okay safe in there though right I25031.2184.862
hope so all right25033.624.92
paired get you all repaired up25036.085.218
cool thank you repair tool here we go25038.546.14
we're at 89 90 percent25041.2983.382
let's build this body25050.9783.66
first component right here25054.9783.562
crazy right like you're building the25059.124.2
body yep crafting the skeleton25060.864.68
s okay Alan so what were you guys doing25063.324.138
down here you were trying to find a cure25065.544.8
I was a reception okay researching the25067.4585.52
Cabrera virus my people regarding my25070.344.74
scientific contributions with particular25072.9784.682
interests oh so you're like a space Dr25075.084.92
fauci if that is your interpretation25077.665.34
okay so how did your scientific mind end25080.05.1
up infected mark my mind25083.03.78
my body25085.13.3
perhaps you should build the next25086.784.8
component oh yeah no [ __ ] oh yeah wow25088.45.28
neat this skeleton looks pretty cool oh25091.583.718
yeah yeah25093.683.72
I'm not gonna do that all right I am25095.2985.282
fabricating his uh tissues25097.45.398
so uh Alan you came here in search of a25100.584.7
cure right25102.7982.482
you left the mission so what'd you do25105.3784.26
you let the virus out Alan and there's25107.0584.622
if you would like to know more I will25111.683.6
also that you first construct the final25113.424.4
being real chicken cheeky leaves I think25118.523.84
Alan might have been the reason the25120.624.64
bacteria got out25122.362.9
I think he's kind of ashamed of it maybe25125.544.98
he sounds a lot like Dora yeah kind of25127.15.64
it's kind of bad at his work yep pooping25130.523.358
in the gym25132.743.84
but bacteria everywhere yep covered up25133.8784.802
attacking the last piece the architect25136.584.68
organs this is the monster piece yeah no25138.685.878
[ __ ] so no we'll be autonomous uh-huh25141.265.538
what are you gonna do with your body25144.5585.58
to make amends make amends what you got25146.7985.442
to tell everybody you're sorry what are25150.1384.262
you sorry for Alan feel like you're not25152.244.38
telling me everything it is hard for me25154.44.2
to find the words25156.624.62
I must collect my thoughts I'll help you25158.65.18
with your words25161.242.54
Associated body fabrication sequence25165.1384.202
from the top okay you can only be big25167.244.818
for this by the way25169.342.718
do you25173.362.66
you don't feel like you've done too much25179.425.218
you've put too much thought into this25182.9584.082
have you no no I just I just want to25184.6384.562
make an alien so he can transfer himself25187.044.2
out of my brain into his own [ __ ]25189.23.66
that's all right you just is more about25191.245.16
you yeah you're not wrong all right25192.866.598
I'm building this body25196.45.898
be a good idea25199.4582.84
in the statement for bacteria25204.867.4
I thought my solution was foolproof25207.4589.34
so uh you caused the accident didn't you25212.268.698
oh [ __ ] that sucks25216.7984.16
but yeah I can see how that would be a25221.445.58
touch of subject25224.0582.962
pretty good needs yeah25227.787.198
Wow real life architect oh okay hey25231.086.78
all right are you out of my brain needs25234.9784.08
I'm going to scan this thing the25237.862.698
question you're doing research25239.0583.302
[ __ ] I've been living in my head25240.5583.24
for like a month at least you can let me25242.364.82
do is scan your stupid ass25243.7983.382
all right names I'm gonna initiate this25252.265.218
transfer okay25254.544.938
an idea25257.4788.182
okay get out Allen come on oh God oh God25259.4786.182
did it uh did it work25269.9784.722
holy [ __ ]25274.72.9
there's been some time since I last25279.7983.84
stretched out in so many dimensions25281.7184.562
that's what she said like we came from a25283.6384.022
dream oh yeah25286.284.14
cool whoa25287.665.76
what are you doing here whoa okay25290.425.538
hey hey Alan25296.364.618
kind of got a doc Hawk Vibe going on25299.243.84
here with all this [ __ ] dude25300.9784.862
that's a crazy ass arm so uh you're out25303.084.44
of my head right they're awesome25305.844.138
remnants okay would you like your25307.525.16
memories of me yeah you know what no25309.9784.202
you've been moving around in there long25312.683.0
enough I think I'm gonna go for a hard25314.183.48
pass on that also you owe me the end of25315.685.4
your uh [ __ ] story I told you I must25317.666.26
return him uh-huh25321.086.898
yeah okay like a mess right all right25323.925.2
you gotta tell everybody you're sorry25327.9782.882
but what are you sorry for25329.125.58
the bacteria escaped it was my fault25330.866.118
I disobeyed the directive from my25334.74.56
network oh and all you guys are25336.9784.562
networked together oh yeah okay so yeah25339.266.538
they're gonna be pissed huh oh holy [ __ ]25341.546.9
you're just a species of Leviathan young25345.7984.562
produced an enzyme which is efficient25348.445.34
against the bacteria okay I thought if25350.365.698
we incubated sea dragon eggs we might25353.785.54
expedite that at you25356.0583.262
tore up the place got it yeah yeah gotta25368.868.04
say a pretty big [ __ ] up Alan but um25372.7984.102
the gate what gate in the meantime25377.7989.242
oh okay location uploaded to PBA25380.9786.062
all right well cool25388.524.68
neebs yeah aliens out of my head25390.864.98
congratulations thank you thank you I25393.24.858
guess uh he pointed me to a gate the25395.843.42
media map25398.0582.942
you know he I think he's going to go25399.263.298
back to his home planet25401.04.978
so hey good for him yeah all right25402.5585.342
okay so all I got to do now this thing25405.9784.022
looks like it's up top so I just got to25407.93.54
get it I just gotta get the [ __ ] out of25410.03.0
here yeah25411.444.438
yeah all right should I call a rescue25413.07.1
ship my prawn suit25415.8784.222
where is the front suit25420.24.098
oh God oh God oh God25424.4585.52
okay hey guys25427.164.92
did you get my prawn suit where the [ __ ]25429.9784.08
is my prawn suit your prawn suit is gone25432.085.298
my prawn suit's gone25434.0583.32
so it's a gone suit25437.9585.092
you got enough air that is a very good25450.584.96
question neebs that is a very good25453.443.358
oh what's up everything looks Grim25456.7984.742
plucked down what what's happening it's25458.9584.382
true is it a situation I'm in a really25461.543.72
bad situation I gotta make it 10 00025463.345.48
meters to Dr boom boom25465.263.56
not this time he does tend to25471.024.74
exaggerating times so like he'll be like25473.545.72
oh no I'm gonna die I'm gonna die25475.766.92
don't see me25479.263.42
I can't believe this damn broad suit25483.7985.902
I made a joke25486.922.78
it sounds like it's on me doesn't it25492.8784.662
don't look back25494.9584.92
and stay underneath things I'm doing my25497.546.178
best 800 meters of Dr boom boom okay25499.8785.722
Whitney Houston songs25503.7184.08
Whitney Houston song I just want to25505.64.68
focus okay25507.7982.482
keep an eye on my oxygen needs oh yeah25510.9786.542
right uh 180. what song would you25513.327.08
recommend I don't remember maybe it's a25517.524.8
different band maybe we need something25520.43.6
other than Whitney Houston just25522.324.26
motivation something soothing maybe he's25524.05.54
really stressed right now25526.582.96
sounds quiet it's super quiet looks25531.026.118
great Oxygen's 159 I know oh come on25534.085.7
just get back to Dr boom boom 650 meters25537.1384.682
from Dr boom boom go straight straight25539.784.018
line I know I'm trying I gotta get out25541.824.558
of this region we started at a thousand25543.7984.08
meters so the fact that I'm halfway on25546.3783.6
oxygen we're at 600 this is all right25547.8783.482
listen all right I'm not I'm not even25549.9783.0
halfway on oxygen so if we get to 50025551.363.48
this is going to feel pretty good come25552.9785.282
on do you think Rock the Casbah might be25554.845.34
fitting do you know the first few words25558.264.198
I don't want to start could you start it25560.184.198
first yeah what are the first for you or25562.4584.162
what's those first few words though25567.13.42
those were words25569.0583.842
right we're gonna start with Rock the25570.524.0
Casbah and then we're gonna try to get25572.93.42
into the words and then that might bring25574.522.938
it up25576.325.7
I I really don't like it 400 meters dude25577.4587.822
Rock the Casbah Rock together25582.026.06
Marie don't like it did Marie don't like25585.284.3
it what are they saying at the top of25588.083.24
that I'm kind of curious oh wait I just25589.584.74
looked it up what is it now the king25591.325.6
no not that part the chorus25594.325.34
drop what is the course yeah the course25596.925.138
though Sharif Don't Like It25599.664.2
[ __ ] Sharif I don't know I had25602.0583.982
Marie I was close25603.864.76
Sharif Don't Like It blocking the25606.046.48
casbahn Sharif25608.623.9
got 100 meters from Dr boom boom okay25626.866.88
I see it I see it hell yeah this is25631.043.44
looking good news25633.743.42
I think I made it holy [ __ ] I think I25637.165.36
made it 5725639.926.378
yeah good thing we made those tanks25642.525.32
wow good stuff nice work25647.844.378
still assuming that was probably a25650.263.94
pretty so I mean yeah25654.23.598
some people just need attention could25656.364.88
have been bad could have been bad25657.7983.442
I gotta tell you25669.7983.482
it's nice to have this damn alien out of25671.425.28
my brain yeah yeah I was kind of messing25673.284.858
with you wasn't it oh yeah no the fact25676.72.64
that you could just talk any [ __ ]25678.1383.542
time you wanted yeah just drone on and25679.344.74
on and on and on no private time no25681.684.92
repeating itself and uh hey I'm back at25684.084.68
Crystal entrance we are out of this25686.65.34
scary monster region so do I head back25688.764.86
to base you know what screw heading back25691.943.48
the base I'm just gonna go over here and25693.624.62
uh meet Alan at this phase gate facility25695.424.68
okay seems like y'all could have25698.243.66
carpooled huh yeah so you're gonna send25700.13.6
a ship soon is that what I'm doing yeah25701.93.3
I'm gonna need a ship I need a way out25703.72.938
of here I mean it's not gonna be a25705.23.9
secret once I do that yeah well I mean I25706.6383.782
don't care at this point because I gotta25709.14.278
get off this planet okay25710.422.958
yeah yeah I can set that up25713.663.68
and okay so you want the ship sent there25730.15.58
yeah I guess so it's uh it's the only25733.14.378
way out of here okay25735.683.36
a thousand meters from where you are25737.4784.442
okay I've set it up all the cameras are25739.045.82
covered what what the hey guys uh what25741.924.44
cameras are you talking about or just25744.863.24
the security cameras I had to cover with25746.363.9
with [ __ ] right you smeared [ __ ] all25748.13.9
over the camera security yeah yeah25750.264.32
that's what it smells everywhere it25752.04.798
already did yeah and there's a fire in25754.584.92
the kitchen by the way what from I think25756.7985.16
the toaster somebody was trying to make25759.55.28
steak in the [ __ ] toaster steak and a25761.9584.622
toaster was that you who the hell makes25764.783.72
steak and a toaster hey there's people25766.583.96
who do it online trust me there's some25768.53.958
good recipes out there I'm throwing a25770.544.678
steak in a dryer25772.4586.18
no no what in a dryer it takes a long25775.2185.222
time and here to flop around a bit but25778.6383.42
it does warm it up sounds like it would25780.444.4
ruin your dryer25782.0582.782
flop them around25787.286.24
your steak on the shoes hey25789.4585.92
I I just had to put out a fire in the25793.523.42
kitchen someone tried to cook a [ __ ]25795.3782.522
a toaster is it thick yes it's thick hey25797.94.86
thick what the hell is going on here I25800.664.38
come in this place is covered in vomit25802.765.218
and oatmeal right I'll go try to I'll25805.045.04
take care of the I best get out of here25807.9784.74
and who's been [ __ ] in the gym what25810.085.1
I came in to work out oh that's doralius25812.7185.16
hey neebs yeah I'm pretty close to this25815.184.198
phase gate I think I have to hop out25817.8784.442
though I'm at a dead end I think25819.3786.022
where are we25822.323.08
oh yeah25825.5583.842
you talking to25827.783.74
looking at me sir is that apps row uh25833.94.978
yeah zero zero fu25836.784.198
hey thick are you doing an unauthorized25838.8783.722
Mission yeah company wouldn't tell me25840.9782.942
what the hell happened to my damn sister25842.63.06
so I came out down here to figure it out25843.924.138
myself you still sending that ship needs25845.664.2
pick up app store no can we get more25849.865.22
towels what do you mean no I need a ship25852.7984.562
I could give a [ __ ] what happens up to25855.085.04
you we've got we've got plenty of idiots25857.364.56
like you that we can put out on missions25860.123.96
you're pretty Expendable matter of fact25861.924.92
you're fired what I didn't work here to25864.084.798
begin with I'm a matter of fact you're25866.844.878
on fire what yes25868.8785.822
I was looking for a soda machine now you25871.7186.16
firing me firing all of you get out and25874.76.96
that's row what what hey hey hey25877.8787.382
[ __ ] off okay I'm gonna go [ __ ] your25881.666.6
sister she she's dead I know25885.266.298
okay good talking to you thick oh boy25888.267.16
the [ __ ] am I gonna get out of here25891.5583.862
oh yeah I remember all this I couldn't25900.5585.16
get into this facility long time ago not25902.4785.042
too long ago felt like a long time ago25905.7185.16
though yeah Alan you're here hey look25907.525.34
man I may need a ride out of here if you25910.8785.162
don't mind take me back to Earth25912.865.518
Alan what uh what are you doing in here25916.045.338
uh getting ready to take off yes25918.3786.08
is much to do25921.3783.08
okay wow this seems uh25925.586.84
it's great this seems real elaborate25930.1384.82
after are you there oh yeah leaves hey25937.7184.482
how great is this how great is what I25942.23.72
just got fired it's not great at all I25944.363.42
don't have a ship are you still can you25945.924.68
manage this in the ship somehow uh25947.784.8
took all that okay well I guess I'm25950.63.3
gonna try to get out of here with Ellen25952.584.94
maybe he'll drop me off God I don't know25953.93.62
and I'm gonna go to25960.684.618
go to fix it that's what excites you25963.3784.822
going to a Denny's25965.2982.902
it's a bad rap okay well I mean it's not25968.543.36
that good it's not that good of a25970.6383.682
restaurant right25971.92.42
okay listen hey if you want to stay on25975.24.018
the line I'm talking to Alan here okay25977.05.34
hey Alan so uh you're gonna hook his25979.2185.16
brother up with that ride right25982.343.9
is that what you're gonna do25984.3784.382
you still wish to leave with me25986.244.68
Beyond this teleporter there is no25988.763.66
accounting pack oh you want to go to25990.923.18
your planet first see I would see I25992.422.878
would see if you could just drop me off25994.13.66
but uh I mean I'll go with you if you25995.2984.042
okay the others may be sick or angry25999.347.538
I'm sure they're fine so tell you what26004.923.218
yeah we'll pop over there we'll check26006.8782.76
out them real quick if they would get26008.1383.022
bounce yeah26009.6384.622
I hope so too please complete in your26011.164.42
business you still have on this planet26014.265.48
okay join me on the other side26015.584.16
Jesus fast all right any other business26021.525.458
I have here kittenberg Dr boom boom you26024.2184.202
were great Crystal entrance you were26026.9782.282
okay I think I'm getting all right I26029.263.48
think Allen's agreed to give me a ride26031.363.9
Neves okay you're going with Ellen so uh26032.745.88
is this goodbye uh yeah maybe I want to26035.264.56
go through this portal see what's on the26038.622.82
other side26039.824.28
here we go26041.442.66
okay yeah26045.13.538
geez now I want to throw up you still26046.9583.42
yeah can you hear me yeah hello rock and26050.3786.242
roll Alan what the heck what are we26053.264.32
what's going on up here man what are you26057.583.478
looking at26059.55.1
no just in time phase gate is opening26061.0586.42
the phase gate even on the face gate26064.65.58
here this whole [ __ ] time26067.4785.4
only for the last millennial26070.184.26
it will lead us here26072.8783.84
okay but why the hell do you hide it for26074.443.6
so long26076.7183.42
it was imperative to keep the home World26078.043.24
in hopes that the others survived oh you26081.284.8
didn't want the bacteria getting through26084.044.258
it's like shutting down a space airport26086.086.74
isn't it oh holy [ __ ]26088.2984.522
you helped me yeah26098.924.86
the energy mouse must be moved into26101.044.72
oh okay oh26105.766.378
oh this is new26108.343.798
babes yeah Alan had a damn spaceship26116.024.76
hidden under the uh under the ice here26118.9585.34
ah sneaky yeah and he gave me some uh I26120.785.74
guess I got arms now and I'm helping him26124.2985.102
prepare the ship so yeah I guess uh once26126.524.68
once I've got this thing repaired we're26129.43.78
out of here right Alan26131.24.92
yeah I'm gonna go with you on a space26133.185.278
adventure that's just what I wanted to26136.124.438
do just what I [ __ ] wanted to do you26138.4583.542
could swing by the office help me pack26140.5583.24
up yeah maybe so26142.05.298
all right so what am I supposed to do26143.7983.5
all right do I grab this thing26147.846.06
you might want to make sure he needs all26154.423.84
this stuff oh okay26156.15.278
oh boy all right these arms are pretty26158.264.14
cool yeah26161.3783.6
yeah I wish I had them the entire time26162.44.38
all right I think I'm helping him though26164.9783.302
uh get all these pillars in place26166.784.438
there's one any more down oh yeah one26168.284.92
over here26171.2184.202
so uh26173.23.42
what are you gonna do when you get home26175.424.138
other than to go to Denny's uh I don't26176.626.358
know probably see some old friends is it26179.5586.542
family watch a few movies sounds awesome26182.9787.682
yep oh oh no no no no no no no almost26186.16.06
dropped this thing26190.664.26
okay you get right there26192.165.04
turn to me I will initiate the shape of26199.843.48
all right I think we're assembling26203.324.68
something I'm not entirely sure but uh I26205.0585.16
think this may be goodbye names26208.03.9
sure it's been a pleasure it's it's it's26210.2183.66
it's been the complete opposite of a26211.94.38
pleasure for me but26213.8784.26
thanks for being here26216.285.76
good time good times good times26218.1387.262
all right Alan here's your arms Back The26222.045.938
Masks are in place okay the energy field26225.44.078
is ready26227.9784.74
there is no time to lose please you're26229.4784.442
I'm going down there now do I have to26233.925.24
hit a button all right going down there26235.543.62
you can see this thing babes it's nuts26239.267.1
ship yeah and Allen all of it oh26241.245.12
what are you doing buddy26247.9583.442
so what am I doing do I just stay here26253.184.86
whoa you just materialized the damn ship26255.6384.262
out of nothing actually I guess he used26258.044.46
the pillars26259.92.6
all right you gonna beat me up we doing26262.926.038
this join me26265.65.878
anyway right send the postcard uh I'll26268.9584.26
try hopefully I'll be back soon we'll26271.4785.522
see okay so log for an email oh God damn26273.2185.522
it you [ __ ]26277.06.378
I apologize the levitation26278.744.638
I would have walked you to your feet but26283.783.358
as you can see I have been fully26285.524.32
integrated with the ship yeah I get uh I26287.1384.74
can see that is this permanent nothing26289.843.78
is coming26291.8784.5
are you ready to go ah no no I'm not26293.624.56
ready to go that's why I walked up here26296.3783.542
and helped you put the ship together and26298.183.9
now I've crawled into it yeah no I'm not26299.924.08
ready to go Ella what do you think of26302.083.898
course I'm ready to go let's pop over to26304.03.36
your planet make sure your people are26305.9784.022
good okay check them out and off to26307.364.198
please yourself and then we will depart26311.5585.82
it's myself on a way to brace myself on26315.6384.562
oh this convenient bar26317.3784.562
you shoot this is a neat way to drive26320.23.84
just plug yourself up all right I'm26321.944.618
brown chair in three26326.5584.202
oh hey Alan if you still have my PDA26333.763.42
files in your head there's a song in26335.683.778
there could you play it for me26337.184.76
you're gonna like this song26345.246.1
and if I plan this out right I know you26348.345.58
do the things that you should set keep26351.345.42
listening keep listening26353.922.84
what do you think it is hard for me to26368.524.6
find the words now the words are [ __ ]26371.23.96
awesome is what the words are maybe we26373.123.598
can get down here and uh play this song26375.164.26
to all your new friends26376.7185.102
we're gonna speak about it everyone on26379.423.66
this planet is going to know this26381.824.26
[ __ ] song you piece of [ __ ] look at26383.086.08
that G-strings26386.083.08
now I got you on my knees and things are26394.66.198
going all right26397.842.958
I don't want you to fret cause I can26401.086.5
keep this Tempo all night26403.843.74
then I throw a little change in my26407.925.52
fingers style I bend it just a bit cause26410.447.16
it makes me smile then I'm back to think26413.444.16

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