Human Fall Flat... SUPERCUT!

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest compilation of all our adventures on HFF? If not, you're in for a treat! This v...
Human Fall Flat... SUPERCUT!
Human Fall Flat... SUPERCUT!

Human Fall Flat... SUPERCUT!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, folks! Have you seen our Human Fall Flat supercut video? It's a hilarious compilation of all our adventures!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is pure gold! I love how we keep falling and failing in the most spectacular ways.

appsro: Ha! I still can't believe how many times we managed to mess up simple tasks in that game. It's like we have a talent for it!

neebs: Well, what can I say? We're just naturally gifted at being hilariously bad at games. It's our superpower!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest compilation of all our adventures on HFF? If not, you're in for a treat! This video is a fantastic round-up of all the hilarious and epic moments we've had on the channel. From crazy battles to unexpected twists, this compilation has it all.

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this looks like a job for you apps row0.07.319
what's what's up what's up moment in4.864.76
Lion King where it's like7.3196.421
yeah I'll be Samba you'd be uh Mufasa9.626.82
I'm Mufasa here we go13.745.1
yeah you can't lift you up that high16.443.66
yeah why wouldn't you pick that18.843.18
direction over there oh okay all right20.14.259
there we go that's good nope damn it I22.023.9
got a soft I gotta solve puzzles with24.3594.641
you you need anything to go over there25.923.08
we're doing a lion king moment29.963.96
hold on hold on here we go what's he say37.625.279
what's he say no one says anything it's40.14.84
just a bunch of stupid music you're the42.8993.961
king of the jungle the king of the44.944.279
hey we made it through the door oh good50.8995.32
ah all right boys hello off straps bro53.5795.221
well hello idiot I wasn't doing anything56.2194.5
here all right we need to get this box58.83.899
on that thing over there so we'll grab60.7194.561
the box easy I'll be the uh I'll be the62.6994.501
manager I'm the foreman is that the same65.283.3
word I mean the guy that doesn't work is67.23.36
a manager to form in the same thing68.584.44
yeah sure I never worked in any of those70.564.559
jobs you there purple worker take that73.023.54
up the elevator put it on the Block you75.1193.301
in the blue open that door and then76.563.36
we'll move on Who you calling purple78.423.78
worker you Peppa worker hey don't be79.924.199
racist I'm gonna go to the union I gotta82.23.959
report you keep it down blue man I got a84.1193.481
copper there I'll be the security guard86.1593.241
I'll just stand back here87.65.519
the mall cop security guy yeah just yeah89.46.2
yeah come on get on there93.1196.561
yeah where are you going95.66.76
so long sucker99.685.439
oh you're back hey it works102.365.1
what a Miss but we went through the door105.1194.201
all right thick you grab the box I'll107.464.92
push the train okay or I'll just step on109.323.78
step on what I'll step on the Block you113.14.62
guys going without me no115.6194.981
we do this oh yeah we're a team baby oh117.724.5
I'll get the elevator thick thank you120.63.72
can we do this without doing all that122.225.359
elevator coming down124.323.259
I'm almost there129.8992.961
you have to be on here oh yeah133.645.08
you can you can hit that button yeah136.344.119
I'll hit the button for you there you go138.723.96
you're going up all right then uh thick140.4594.041
you stand on the train142.685.34
oh yeah thanks what are you doing I144.57.48
wanted to do a boom okay yeah real148.025.1
it's on YouTube people need to be153.123.66
impressed by the things I do and they're154.7393.541
still waiting let me know let me know156.783.0
when you're on the train thick okay158.283.36
there you go159.783.42
on the train all right all right take161.643.9
the train pull the train over here163.24.5
this is easy165.544.8
child may I tell you all right put the167.74.259
put the Box you're the security guard170.344.5
I'm the foreman manager okay I'd rather171.9594.261
listen to the security guard he seems174.843.72
like you purple man put the Box on the176.224.62
button hey Foreman get on the elevator178.565.819
uh you Security man secure the area hold180.845.399
on hold on it's actually yeah we'll wait184.3794.021
for him just yeah there we go now come186.2394.681
on to the elevator effect188.45.22
is no one else curious what happens when193.623.06
you're under the elevator when it closes195.184.08
so you're gonna get under that thing196.684.02
all right let me see if I can lower it199.263.6
maybe it won't last there we go oh super200.74.759
science here we go wish me luck202.865.7
how you doing over there I'm fine is205.4595.381
that it uh yeah I guess that's uh I208.564.08
guess we're stuck uh here I can go back210.843.56
up okay212.644.319
there you go yeah well done well done214.44.96
you're an athlete come on216.9597.491
help me pull me up oh oh hey we did it219.368.2
every time try something228.94.08
oh this place looks bleak hold on let me231.123.42
let me just try something real quick you232.984.44
guys look straight ahead234.545.759
Straight Ahead oh never mind I thought I237.424.98
could go forward but240.2994.921
all good anyways maybe just go where we242.44.68
go yeah245.224.92
get up we got what to do look at me go247.085.04
oh come on250.144.019
we got a long jump here252.124.079
I'm sure come on I got what I'm going I254.1593.241
was trying to go a different way it256.1992.94
didn't work out yeah I don't like the257.44.44
look of this place uh you don't259.1394.56
I kind of like it261.843.54
oh God263.6993.901
hey thick I think you can actually uh go265.383.599
back to that one over there I saw like a267.64.62
way up go to that video tutorial and268.9794.921
then take a right you might see a way to272.224.88
get up oh I see it273.93.2
Kevin Neves okay281.224.64
I'm the king of the world come on285.865.279
clear finger let's go292.85.339
I'm ready for Everest is Everest the295.9793.66
mountain that's hard to climb I mean298.1393.181
it's the tallest mountain in the on the299.6395.221
planet okay almost there yeah301.325.879
come on now I'm getting fatigued yeah304.865.64
here we are okay thick how you doing307.1995.641
down there I'm coming I'm gonna move310.55.1
this train I'm gonna use all my muscles312.845.76
all right can't go that way321.845.52
wow what's that way you just it's just a325.1394.081
drop off yeah maybe we can at least use327.364.38
this train to climb up and nope oh [ __ ]329.225.1
[ __ ] it up come on man331.744.86
you're missing the whole video we're334.323.9
doing a YouTube video336.64.319
hold your arms up then jump yep yeah338.224.68
oh look at this view neebs hold on343.9797.261
ooh neebs looks like there's a cave over356.284.44
there oh there we go were you just358.383.96
screaming snacks stuff you get at the360.724.22
movie theater you try okay362.345.28
gummy bears364.946.12
sugar daddies367.623.44
you see a cave I think I see something371.523.42
I'm gonna try to get to it is that a373.562.4
yeah is that a rope oh it is that's a375.965.579
rope swing hold on dick you're missing378.64.5
all the fun what's going on down there381.5394.021
I'm coming shut up383.14.62
all right here we go he says the same385.564.46
thing to his wife nope387.726.3
Karen good one but I didn't make the390.026.519
jump help me up can you help me can I394.024.459
help you up yeah396.5394.981
come on you can do it there you go come398.4794.5
said that to his wife yeah402.9794.321
wait look there right there's the Rope407.7596.0
yeah I do see the road but needs let's410.524.679
see over here where I'm pointing413.7593.361
you think thick can make it up there you415.1993.12
think he can make it around and get into417.123.299
that cave418.3195.82
maybe which way is he going okay don't420.4195.4
go don't go that way go this way over424.1393.361
here yeah go over here we're pointing425.8192.581
thick and then you can see if there's427.52.34
something on top of that thing428.42.82
okay okay429.844.02
it's gonna take him an hour to do that431.224.08
imagine how good Simon's gonna do when433.864.2
he gets in here oh God435.35.28
so yeah just jump and grab thick438.064.259
don't fall440.584.5
there you go hey hey there you go good442.3193.921
job buddy thank you445.083.179
thank you still trying to get used to448.2593.301
this yeah yeah449.345.54
oh no oh come on451.566.8
we're gonna make that454.883.48
you can do it458.466.56
well that's not gonna happen is it no465.025.88
but I really want to get over there467.8193.081
come on thanks475.1393.301
right thick just hang there hold on yeah476.6395.101
yeah go for it uh we'll drop down well478.445.4
no grab on like jump and then you're481.745.04
gonna let me jump over you you drop down483.844.62
I'm jumping and help you out yeah now I486.783.6
want you to jump on me you're amazing488.463.48
you're making the platform I have to490.383.3
land on higher491.943.84
hold on but you can jump and grab onto493.684.22
me and then climb up495.784.259
let's see497.96.0
okay I need help500.0393.861
I Let Go516.085.74
am I holding on to the ground are you518.5995.201
you're holding on to me come on come on521.825.66
jump jump run okay523.83.68
yeah yeah I've made it over to the cave527.9595.641
entrance really yeah I'm over here530.765.46
hey well that's not the cave entrances533.64.84
the cave Ridge is over there well no I'm536.223.84
looking at it yeah it's right there okay538.442.94
okay oh there's one on the other side540.063.42
over there yeah we'll meet you at the541.383.78
front of it all right I'm going in Hey543.484.4
upro What slushy545.166.98
it's a drink food547.884.26
ooh spooky spooky oh man who is a552.55.32
find my way in the dark557.823.44
oh okay let's see564.8996.021
hello hello568.3995.741
this place is a maze what is that570.928.44
amazing I found I'm finding stuff574.147.139
I found a tesseract from The Avengers579.365.28
movie be careful with it I will be it581.2795.221
needs grab onto one bar and pull with me584.643.84
see if that works586.54.32
Other Bar the same bar I'm grabbing on588.483.24
okay well then you let go of it I was591.724.26
gonna try to get a little higher there's594.123.54
little green cubes everywhere I'm not595.983.359
sure the purpose of them maybe they're597.663.72
closed Maybe599.3393.901
was that a good theory or no no I don't603.244.34
think so all right we'll keep looking605.4597.461
neebs do you see him no not yet um607.585.34
keep looking don't get hey whatever you613.324.86
do don't get freaked out what if he gets615.8394.021
that thing called certain death syndrome618.183.48
where he just feels helpless619.863.479
is that a real thing babes I feel621.663.58
helpless I'm gonna die you'll be623.3393.421
some food I don't like movie food it's626.764.259
too expensive just sneak sneaking like629.12.7
I mean yeah I'll sneak in like631.85.88
peanuts I like peanuts peanuts yeah634.55.22
serious wait I think I saw a light oh637.684.14
really did I see a light oh yeah you see639.723.96
a light got a little brighter maybe641.824.98
maybe not ah I don't see it now you're643.686.06
[ __ ] locked in here646.85.219
hey oh649.744.46
your back where you started yes son of a654.24.86
[ __ ]657.8393.661
hey you know what maybe do your best to659.066.82
stay left just take all laughs hey661.56.959
um well I was gonna say you can use all665.884.079
the cubes you're finding there's668.4593.0
Tesseract is that they're called669.9593.661
Tesseract yeah use the cubes to kind of671.4593.601
like uh Hansel and ground on my way out673.623.48
of here yeah leave a little little bread675.064.8
Trail something like that oh [ __ ] memes677.14.08
how come you're not yelling at him like679.862.88
you were yelling at me because what he's681.183.3
doing is more difficult than what you682.743.9
did we all did what you did very easily684.484.2
and we haven't experienced shut up shut686.644.199
up throw you off this lit see if I go688.684.56
this way690.8394.44
is this the entrance this is the693.245.039
entrance it's son of a [ __ ]695.2794.861
yes you are huh yeah so I'm gonna leave698.2794.021
uh all right I'm gonna go this way and700.144.5
I'm Gonna Leave a tesseract here702.35.84
see where this way takes me704.643.5
wasn't that much it's new record thick718.647.12
did 105 pull-ups okay look at yeah got721.566.959
two minutes like Hey Hey kid what are725.764.319
you doing out here loitering hey what728.5193.241
are you doing out here730.0793.061
what are you doing please in your own731.763.84
please man I'm not I'm like some b-boy733.144.62
hey boom735.66.6
boom wait oh yeah oh737.767.319
see look what you did I'm sorry let me742.26.05
help you up oh [ __ ]745.07920.121
what really long time hey you're telling765.27.6
me man so uh keep waiting yeah yeah I768.425.7
mean at this point if you guys want to772.83.479
go on go on I'm slowly leaving little774.124.26
Pebbles to Mark which way I've gone I776.2793.36
really don't want to do the rope swing778.383.18
without you no I don't either I I don't779.6393.901
want you to either that sounds fun oh I781.563.54
see I see a light up783.545.58
light yeah look oh hey guys hey hey Chad785.15.88
I made it but now I gotta get over this789.122.88
hold on hold on yeah oh god oh man it's792.08.16
good to see you good God I I regret797.3995.041
going in there so nothing that really800.164.2
didn't pay off did it oh you gotta use802.444.199
that big stick to pry your way open okay804.364.32
so I can take this big stick we don't806.6393.841
get anything for doing all that I don't808.683.719
know just takes twice as long to get to810.484.82
the next I think you gotta812.3992.901
oh you're doing it yeah815.4594.261
all right here we go check it out do it818.043.599
do it819.724.859
you say strong I know it's a prize bar821.6394.38
though here we go here we go those824.5792.641
muscles you could probably fit through826.0194.021
that right uh yeah I think so yeah drag827.225.58
that out yeah just in case oh oh I'm830.044.919
gonna grab this video hey see if it's832.84.14
worth it I'm Scottish I'm in the834.9594.581
Highland Games836.942.6
yeah oh sweet delicious daylight846.0795.461
are we on we're all on now we gotta walk852.125.279
off yay okay following you have through854.3396.481
I'm sorry hold on yeah all right857.3995.401
all right guys we got it yeah we're good860.823.54
we're good we're good ready everybody862.84.039
hold on864.362.479
we're never gonna make that868.384.74
can we get them out870.863.88
yeah can we swing are we controlling873.122.399
oh no yeah875.5193.38
now back877.443.32
board where were you even supposed to880.766.12
swing with this thing I don't know883.383.5
people are getting they might be getting887.64.239
momentum here it's really hard to say889.743.24
yeah that feels like we're getting891.8393.841
momentum yeah that feels good yeah we892.984.2
lost thick all right so now swing back895.683.779
there we go there we go and hit the wall897.185.7
backboard yeah yeah yeah here we go Nick899.4596.901
do you see us I do look at us902.885.399
come on906.363.3
all right this is gonna be a good swing908.2794.221
yep yep909.665.82
you went for it you make it yeah I made912.55.01
it I'm coming next watch me915.486.21
I didn't make it oh I can't I don't927.0794.721
think I can help you from up here can930.33.479
you lower something down a stick or a931.84.38
board let me look around933.7796.12
oh no we're stick is he up there yeah936.185.219
I'm gonna try to make this jump over939.8993.901
here I can't one jump I can't see941.3993.961
anything all right so I see him over943.83.5
did you make it yeah all right names I947.34.899
don't see anything up here although the950.5793.841
rope swing looks like fun rope sweet was952.1994.26
great I'm just gonna do uh can you lower954.423.779
thick down like a rope and let me grab956.4593.421
thick we could try that yeah we could958.1994.021
all right come here dick oh [ __ ] [ __ ]959.884.259
that's awesome all right grab me all962.223.419
right hold on dick so here's what let's964.1392.94
see where's he at he's right there right965.6394.801
here I'm gonna grab grab me well first I967.0794.921
want to grab the ground970.443.3
grab the ground can I grab the ground972.03.959
there we go got the ground so now you973.744.02
grab my hand thing975.9593.0
you got my hand977.763.12
yep all right hand all right so you walk978.9593.24
I got you I got you buddy oh982.1997.14
okay now grab me thick get me ah come on984.37.62
all right I'm gonna let go of the ground989.3394.5
and immediately grab the ground again991.925.039
okay yeah yeah how's that that lower you993.8394.201
try to try to reach up neebs998.044.5
oh with the oh with the yeah come on1000.563.8
come on oh my God we can do this1002.544.7
right there oh right there grab in your1007.244.12
mouth do I have your phone yeah oh God1009.83.68
you guys are dragging me off1011.364.279
there's no way1013.485.14
come on come on1015.6395.801
oh hey there we go so now hold up come1018.624.38
on thick1021.443.42
thick just like look down like come up a1023.03.419
little bit and then look down there you1024.865.219
go oh my God all right1026.4196.361
all right come on come on come on guys1030.0795.22
come on come on we're gonna do it yeah1032.783.659
come on1035.2994.581
come on yeah1036.4393.441
that was amazing1048.13.66
Gabby worms1055.663.48
you can't get to the top of that ramp1062.723.36
and then jump to the train can you yep1064.44.26
yep oh wait okay I think I see what's1066.085.099
going on yep yep yep yep needs has got1068.665.519
the right idea over there here we go ah1071.1794.031
all right1079.464.76
nice jump up through thank you thank you1084.223.94
thank you thank you Nick you can1086.663.36
assignment this thing up1088.163.78
do what now I said are you gonna Simon1090.023.899
this thing up Simon this thing up oh1091.944.26
that that's a that's a term yeah that's1093.9193.961
whenever uh1096.23.479
you mess up but you don't bring others1097.883.179
down with you like you do when you get1099.6791.991
good definition okay so Simon it up1103.165.639
I am really enjoying this game I can't1106.224.319
wait to see Simon in here oh yeah that's1108.7993.481
gonna be it's gonna be fun he is gonna1110.5396.321
blow a gasket he's gonna hate this1112.284.58
all right I'm up the stairs go ahead and1118.164.44
heading toward the mansion house okay1120.025.0
the door1122.62.42
it's a nice place it's like our GTA1129.144.46
apartment oh it is1130.75.94
I think I'll be taking this moving it1133.64.66
over here1136.643.72
trying to get it acoustically treated1138.264.799
you know I'm gonna steal this Steal This1140.365.1
TV where'd you go hello1143.0596.061
oh hey nice I'll jump in the roof1145.465.459
when they're in prison they talked each1149.123.54
other through the glass kind of except1150.9193.421
you know I miss you prisons don't look1152.664.019
like this yeah how's my baby girl how's1154.344.199
your baby girl doing good tell her Daddy1156.6793.721
loves her he's coming home for us soon1158.5393.661
Social Services trying to take her away1160.43.0
though hey when you get out of here you1162.21.92
want to buy a speaker1163.42.84
yeah construction take it to jail1166.247.179
I will you're under arrest sir you'll1171.144.08
never catch me I will you hoodie person1173.4193.801
come back here you're going to jail1177.224.98
they're coming with me kid1180.025.04
you'll never take me1182.26.53
a whole new world1194.24.599
are you just gonna try to jump through1196.93.82
the glass let me get out of your way1198.7993.421
there's no way that that can work though1200.723.86
guess I can't grab the glass just pull1206.9194.361
real hard1209.2992.88
ah there you go good job guys good job1215.96.0
one more left1219.24.68
here we go1221.94.019
nice uh do you think we need these for1223.885.58
anything the boards no this uh1225.9194.981
can you hey can you break the glass with1229.463.78
a board I just tried1230.94.5
didn't work well yeah no I know I didn't1233.244.26
try I'm gonna take one of these uh1235.44.139
mattresses yeah this oh it looks like a1237.54.74
like a sofa cushion yeah1239.5395.961
be careful with that babes yeah1242.243.26
yeah all right well there's more of them1247.223.3
down here oh good we're at a mattress or1248.363.96
Sofa Factory1250.524.68
all right I see a lever1252.324.56
get in there1256.886.13
hold on1264.7994.74
it's up here1270.325.529
I found the button1275.986.699
oh hey hello anything else over there uh1278.66.24
I see a mat another mattress cushion I1282.6793.661
bet these mattress cushions are going to1284.844.5
come into play okay dick hang on yep1286.344.26
hang on1289.342.959
I thought you're gonna get inside that1292.2996.721
thing I'm trying not let me oh out1294.624.4
to the right1299.6795.721
get in there thick1308.53.659
oh damn neighbs I'm in he just broke the1313.0396.421
whole wall I know what's the up what's1317.0594.86
the objective here where are we going1319.463.78
should I stay here and control this1321.9193.781
thing or what maybe anything1323.244.14
y'all figure out what we got where we1325.73.78
gotta go all right I'll look around1327.383.6
well there's an arrow pointing to the1329.483.24
so yeah following the arrow seems like a1332.723.54
safe thing to do that's a clue I'm1334.643.0
curious what's behind that broken glass1336.262.899
over there1337.643.779
send me back over there neebs to the1339.1595.041
glass yeah1341.4192.781
what was your dog's name thick1348.146.0
oh nice job thanks uh well my first two1350.365.52
dogs I had a we had a poodle named1354.144.2
cookie cookie and uh1355.886.299
Irish Setter named Brandy Brandy yep and1358.346.6
then we had a dumb sheepdog named1362.1795.12
okay got a fire extinguisher here you1367.345.219
have lots of colors on her like patches1370.226.02
like black and white and gray1372.5593.681
let me see if this come on1376.344.5
what are you trying to do dick break1379.1593.0
through some glass1380.843.06
he's always trying to break glass yeah1382.1594.441
what was your first dog's name abstract1383.94.86
um my first and only dog's name was1386.64.579
Sparky Sparky1388.765.279
ah here's this [ __ ] got it the Sparky1391.1794.36
the Sparky1394.0393.481
he ran away at one day and we never1395.5394.02
found him again Ah that's a sad story1397.523.36
dick what's happening there what's over1400.883.48
there pick what are you doing I'm1402.53.659
climbing a ladder1404.363.48
jealous he has a ladder yeah this place1407.845.36
is great I guess1410.1793.021
come on get up there we go I mean do you1413.964.14
think that's the way you're supposed to1417.143.6
go thick well when he went that way we1418.14.14
all got an achievement that said wrong1420.744.799
direction ah1422.243.299
let me see if I can see you again hey oh1425.745.799
yeah yeah there you are hey guys yeah oh1428.365.819
you're up there yeah I see hey1431.5396.5
so I can uh I can see about1434.1793.86
any cool stuff not yet1439.365.319
I can probably uh1444.6795.401
I do up here just trying to see where I1447.624.26
have to go I mean is that a dead end is1450.082.94
the wrong we know it's the wrong way1451.883.299
yeah so should we go back the right way1453.023.72
yeah let's do it let's see maybe we'll1455.1793.36
find something up there he might be1456.743.24
shortcutting us1458.5393.661
you guys go the other way okay let's see1459.985.4
what happens all right we'll go this way1462.24.38
probably don't need this lever anymore1465.382.76
do I probably not I think it was1466.583.0
supposed to be used to knock this thing1468.143.36
down break the wall down let's see1469.583.839
something fun over here though Nick you1471.53.0
go that way we're gonna play with the1473.4192.461
fun thing yeah that's what we talked1474.52.76
about already1475.884.82
okay yeah1477.266.799
oh [ __ ]1480.73.359
Okay so1484.885.52
you just jumped across there huh dude1487.964.42
hold on let's see I might be able to uh1490.43.42
you might be able to ride the ball oh1492.382.4
yeah let's see get up here get up here1494.785.1
all right you got a license to drive1499.882.82
uh no1502.72.7
that's heavy machinery you've been1504.025.039
drinking yeah how many oh I don't know I1505.46.62
lost count okay sounds good1509.0595.701
all right so if I go over here can you1512.025.399
hop on the ball1514.762.659
I'll just smashed this wall right uh let1517.525.36
me hop on the ball first1519.982.9
okay yep okay you got the ball I'm ready1523.1594.221
all right okay1528.23.8
okay all right ready yeah and we're1532.06.46
coming back hold on tight I got it we're1536.4194.62
gonna smash this wall needs okay1538.465.76
hold on full force full speed I'm going1541.0396.38
as fast as it'll let me ah it's so sick1544.225.459
why is it so slow I think because you're1547.4194.24
weighing it down it's me huh I think so1549.6794.321
it's my fault1551.6594.081
well all right we'll get it we'll hop1554.03.539
off of it at least bring me back over1555.745.0
where you are yeah I will1557.5393.201
this is one way to drive a uh wrecking1561.864.08
ball yeah I'm bringing this1564.023.6
because I might need it1565.943.719
okay all right you're here it's all you1567.625.22
all right let me uh climb back up oh1569.6595.701
wait this is like uh forming stuff1572.845.459
hey you uh crane worker I need you to1575.364.439
tear down that wall over there working1578.2993.921
on it with the Wrecking Ball1579.7996.86
I can see you Premiere cool names can1586.6596.76
you see me nope I'm raising my hand go1589.886.02
to your right1593.4192.481
hold on I got to be doing something1596.364.679
wrong here right yeah you really I'm1597.984.679
moving where are you sick1601.0394.801
come on I'm on a catwalk1602.6595.64
in the distance here we go buy some blue1605.844.02
don't see it1609.862.78
again I should have just done this1613.884.44
go back and then1616.2793.181
well that's probably the way we're1618.324.14
supposed to go and I would imagine yes I1619.464.68
came over here for nothing1622.463.36
all right well I'm sure yeah we can get1624.143.539
through that so that's fine1625.824.38
oh what is this uh1627.6795.421
see this wreck building1630.22.9
red building wrecked erect yeah it's1633.265.22
definitely not red yeah there's rebarb1636.5594.021
and it's uh red but right right for the1638.483.54
most part that's all great I think1640.583.11
there's anything up there1642.025.58
the Wrecking Ball the other wrecking1647.64.8
ball yep there's one over here I'm1649.825.82
the puzzle okay solving bubbles trying1652.44.08
yeah this was a big old disappointment1656.484.5
what it needs uh uh I think so do you1657.985.04
see him I don't he said there's another1660.983.84
wrecking ball I guess we gotta go find1663.024.68
that in the meantime I'm gonna push this1664.824.859
dumpster down this hole it looks pretty1667.73.3
bad with directions he might be at the1669.6793.6
same one we were just at nope oh it1671.06.44
would be moving so long dumpster1673.2794.161
that was fun all right I'm jumping down1677.846.36
the hole too so long memes so long1680.07.34
man I hope this works1684.23.14
oh oh hey hey you're with me now yeah I1706.525.22
fell off a cliff and I'm here yeah I1710.123.179
fell off too so I don't know where I'm1711.745.7
at exactly okay uh maybe I have to maybe1713.2996.541
have to climb up the wrecking ball1717.445.239
where'd you go approach1719.845.219
hold on how do I get there I don't know1722.6793.761
fall off I want to see if I can make1725.0592.401
this jump1726.444.2
here we go yeah1727.465.459
oh yeah1730.644.919
I got an idea1732.9196.12
nice you ready a Vic climb up me1735.5595.701
climb up you yeah see if you can climb1739.0395.341
climb on top of me1741.266.06
I don't think no no no no you're like1744.385.22
weren't trying that hard1747.325.7
yeah oh yeah try yep over there1749.67.459
hold on hold on hold on oh [ __ ]1753.026.48
they're easy I bet you peed a little in1757.0593.48
your pants1759.54.039
here we go here we go Andy yep yeah1760.5396.101
that's the way it's done that's the way1763.5396.161
it's Gotta Be ah it's a box what's the1766.644.919
way it's gotta be uh the way you have to1769.74.199
climb up the thing I found a lever over1771.5594.5
here oh hey I see the building that we1773.8994.14
were on okay1776.0595.22
well the lever okay1778.0396.781
oh crap I broke it1781.2794.321
but a bridge came up good okay1785.611.339
look over here yeah I see you oh yeah1799.1595.281
you're down there yeah come help me up1801.5595.461
grab my head okay all right hold on hold1804.445.04
on all right teamwork making the Dream1807.023.6
all right yep and then I'm gonna grab1810.624.2
your head1813.324.02
hit and then come on come on come on1814.825.16
come on come on you idiot come on1817.344.319
oh there we go yeah there you go there1819.982.88
you go you're good all right let go all1821.6592.581
Mighty lonely over here hey man I wish1824.244.38
my friends were here I wish we were1827.04.14
there too we've been separated I'll just1828.625.24
do all the work with the Box by myself1831.146.8
shut up we're all working with boxes1833.867.82
oh wow that was parkour was1837.945.5
all right watch out dick1843.443.08
hey and we got 11 too1846.584.06
all right I'm gonna try to break some1849.144.5
glass great thing gotta run at it real1850.646.0
fast and yeah1853.645.159
see what this lever did yeah move this1856.645.06
thing over here oh1858.7992.901
hold on oh so yeah just jump on top of1862.884.82
that and then be over there1864.742.96
I broke the glass guys good job good job1868.884.14
Jeff but I did it I'm sorry I got an1871.645.22
idea move this thing uh to my left a1873.026.3
little bit to where I can hop onto this1876.863.06
yeah it only moves this way and that way1882.765.799
yeah no I know all right I'll take you1886.524.139
over here then yeah right1888.5593.961
right there there you go1890.6595.24
oh boy I'm not sure what my button does1892.525.46
look around see if you see something1895.8996.041
happen okay I'm on it hold on here come1897.987.439
on it okay and now I'm not on it wait do1901.944.739
it again1905.4193.0
I'm on it1906.6793.12
oh wait1908.4194.021
the door right there1909.7995.281
right in front of me okay hold on after1912.444.5
I think I got it1915.084.699
look at me1925.763.06
hold on1927.0395.76
oh oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I fell1928.823.979
got another lever ugh1933.623.559
there you go man look at you1937.3993.321
oh yeah this is the way to do it oh man1940.944.38
do you have to Monkey Bar across all1943.823.739
oh [ __ ] oh okay all right nice1952.76.88
dude that was smooth yeah1957.1596.751
all right hang on tight buddy hey all1964.464.86
right yeah drop the box there you go oh1967.823.479
all right we should probably either wait1976.763.899
for neebs or find him I think if we go1977.964.74
straight ahead let me take a look hey1980.6593.961
abstro hold on let me just look back1982.75.479
here have a quick review1984.623.559
oh hey memes I see a door opening are1991.3994.081
you opening doors1993.743.0
yeah oh I think I know where you're at1995.483.84
I'm just behind that door1996.744.26
you have the doors open and right now I1999.323.599
see it okay I don't know how to get2001.03.72
through it though when I let go of it it2002.9193.541
closes again hold on I might be able to2004.723.0
get to it there's a lever on the other2006.462.579
side maybe I'll pull that lever will2007.725.699
open oh wait got some things I can grab2009.0398.36
come on get over there2013.4193.98
okay I did something2020.0193.121
okay I don't know if it's gonna help2021.584.079
though what'd you do pulled the legs out2023.145.24
from under the ramp2025.6592.721
to be open I did a thing at the thing2030.13.72
it's not open I'm looking at the door2032.144.259
it's still closed yep I know there'll be2033.827.699
two of them here we go come here2036.3995.12
okay here comes neebs2046.6794.96
ladies and Gentlemen please a warm2049.6595.401
welcome for Nicky what's up buddy2051.6395.78
yeah thank you2055.065.4
all right what do you got to do now2057.4195.021
how do you get over here with us2060.464.02
um well there's a lever here2062.444.82
what's this do2064.482.78
okay I think I see the ladders that2067.483.659
thick came on thick kind of cheated he2069.463.0
went around all those puzzles that you2071.1392.46
I was cheating yeah no that's not2073.5994.26
cheating dick where are you at I just2075.224.08
opened the door to get out of here okay2077.8592.881
but it's a big door you guys got to get2079.33.96
over here it's way ahead of us way ahead2080.744.439
it's not cheating we don't know which2083.263.599
direction we're going we might be going2085.1793.72
backwards yeah well hey if Nick made it2086.8593.421
all the way to the end just tell him to2088.8992.94
jump off and we're good we finished the2090.283.78
level well I want to get there too yeah2091.8393.601
but he's done all the puzzles it's like2094.062.76
all this I want to get there yeah but2095.443.0
all the doors are open yeah I want to2096.822.88
get there all the doors are open you2098.444.56
understand okay but uh there's a thing2099.75.34
that needs a box on it and I want to do2103.03.78
it all right hold on I'm coming over to2105.043.86
you're a good friend yeah2114.945.46
appreciate you hold on let me see if I2117.825.06
can even do this2120.42.48
ow oh crap put me back here with thick2125.566.539
no just in time2128.925.699
I need help I thought you'd finished all2132.0994.441
this I did we got the door open over2134.6193.421
there we just got to get up there oh2136.544.799
okay gotta get to it yeah all right will2138.044.44
you stay here I'm gonna go help need2141.3394.561
nope what I can't not finish this maybe2142.485.22
if I just put this like halfway I can2145.93.98
hey Dave do you think you can jump over2150.763.0
is that too far for you that's risky2153.763.66
isn't it that's risky2155.81.92
but if it works2158.824.0
I'm gonna try to make the jump to that2161.384.94
platform in the middle okay okay2162.823.5
all right I made that and now2167.224.68
oh there you go all right and then maybe2174.5793.54
that that's a long ways right there yeah2176.444.98
that's a big jump too ah okay2178.1195.46
catch me oh God you really you really2181.425.159
want to try I'm going grab my hand okay2183.5794.751
here we go2186.5794.461
nope I got you I got you buddy come on2191.046.0
come on yeah2193.8393.201
yeah yeah yeah2197.24.68
awesome man okay let's get up here let's2199.324.56
get up here thanks almost out okay2201.884.56
where are you guys at okay we're on the2203.884.54
way man oh yeah you finished this puzzle2206.443.78
yet well now if I finished you guys2208.423.659
would disappear okay so you're actually2210.223.42
at the end hey look where I'm at oh yeah2212.0794.02
right up there hello hello is that the2213.644.92
end up there well that door that you go2216.0995.52
through yeah that's the end2218.566.24
it's just a matter of getting over there2221.6195.821
oh yeah and you know what2224.85.279
chicken butt hey no abso you stay on2227.445.48
that nice flip That Thing Up2230.0796.681
Hit the lever okay2232.923.84
put it all the way up oh2236.8594.98
okay okay well that doesn't really help2240.044.02
him no absor what why'd you get off that2241.8393.78
well I thought that's why I was lifting2244.063.299
the thing up that thing that thing over2245.6193.841
there you can swing on it the thing over2247.3595.061
there across from the door2249.464.56
Okay jump and get to that oh right okay2254.024.2
I see what you're looking at don't fall2256.5993.601
in that glass that'll hurt yeah it will2258.223.6
you'll be fine2260.24.08
you can do it abstract pixel glass I2261.824.019
think I can make that jump hold your2264.283.72
arms up and jump okay I'll try seems2265.8393.421
like a long way though2268.03.74
yeah come on2269.264.68
try it again I think you can do it wait2271.743.76
are you stuck down there now no I can2273.943.419
get out of this okay2275.53.42
all right right there right there all2286.8392.52
right something hit you hit you in the2288.163.12
head all right push it too far I'll fall2289.3592.641
help me out help me eyeball it neebs2292.04.619
that's good yeah that's pretty good can2294.3594.301
I go can I go any more uh you're2296.6193.901
starting to get pushing it all right let2298.665.4
me get this pushing it yeah get it I get2300.526.839
it okay pushing it I'm gonna push this a2304.065.94
little bit more2307.3594.561
okay all right2310.03.66
let me get up oh let him get up hold on2311.924.14
hold on hold on okay man he's anxious2313.664.26
isn't he well I thought you would jump2316.063.0
and climb2317.922.64
trying to2319.063.18
hold on bring it all the way down to2320.564.46
step on there you go2322.242.78
you're doing great neebs thank you I2326.744.22
don't know2328.782.18
well does that work2334.544.62
can you make that jump I really wish we2336.73.78
could go higher2339.163.54
try neebs yeah you tried neebs I'm gonna2340.485.639
do it here we go yeah I don't even know2342.76.72
you didn't even jump2346.1195.631
okay I blew that all right Lift Me Up2349.426.9
going up2356.323.24
that's all the way2358.03.18
good stop sir2359.563.18
all right I feel like when I run to the2361.184.02
end it may fling itself off of yeah2362.744.26
we'll try it all right here we go here2365.24.68
we go oh boy no no no no no no no no no2367.06.119
no here we go here we go here we go2369.884.82
thank you2373.1196.301
yeah no no okay all right all right hang2374.76.879
on grab on the other hand hold on it's2379.423.24
the same thing we did with the Rope2381.5792.161
it's a momentum thing okay awesome hey2383.743.599
now there's a bar up here let me see2385.93.179
what happens when I pull this out2387.3392.981
yeah you're gonna get me closer2389.0793.961
you doing up there thick grinding get2397.06.48
this out there we go beautiful oh no2400.486.18
okay I'm lower yeah yeah look at you2403.485.46
okay yeah why are we doing the whole2406.663.98
jump thing I don't know2408.947.34
it's so beautiful oh my [ __ ] face2410.645.64
all right we're back okay oh this door's2419.75.02
locked how do we get it open2423.044.44
oh wait look at this thing bash it with2424.726.0
a rock I am a giant man you're a monster2427.486.3
giant man oh boy hey oh God actually2430.725.34
yeah that actually did work yeah hey I'm2433.784.319
yeah hook out of here somehow there's a2436.063.84
hook get out of there hey I did it hey2438.0994.221
good job look I got the door2439.95.82
pull it open work together guys you got2442.325.259
your arm stuck in there okay there's a2445.724.26
push hey here we go oh yep hey hey2447.5795.301
people hey2449.986.44
give me that thing2452.883.54
um what is that called when you do the2458.025.28
I mean I can do it2463.32.9
there you go2472.324.24
see that neebs you were the only one2474.424.48
that did it right I know should we uh2476.565.039
pry these uh bars open wait Morales what2478.94.62
which one are you the Knight he's a2481.5994.701
little Asian girl you're jealous2483.525.819
Asian girl hello and Simon is that2486.36.18
everybody bowing to her yes2489.3395.401
I'm a night with a floaty I don't know2492.484.0
where the Asian girl yeah it looks like2494.743.42
you have a little a ponytail and a2496.485.06
little yellow dress so it's a man bun2498.165.76
stop pulling me I'm glad you guys2501.544.72
finally made it to uh human fall flat2503.925.179
yeah open they're working towards goals2506.265.46
spectator I apologize I didn't realize2509.0994.061
you were actually doing something I said2511.723.359
pry it like five [ __ ] times all right2513.164.14
do it again are we starting this already2515.0794.821
I may as well2517.35.64
first maybe it doesn't matter but let's2519.95.28
The Pride didn't work2525.76.48
great job I did the same thing but2528.5996.101
better but why did y'all pull it all2532.184.14
right I messed up you'd walk walk One2534.72.94
Direction it's my first time playing the2536.323.42
damn game yeah but it's the same in in2537.646.92
the world not really not really oh yes2539.7410.92
guys catapult beautiful hey no no what2544.568.74
we gotta get into that castle hey maybe2550.665.4
up come with me2553.35.64
Dallas what are you doing man maybe this2556.065.22
rock has to be up higher and we move2558.945.52
the Catapult to drop the Rock in from2561.284.86
higher because we can't bring the rock2564.464.26
up into it can we oh I got two of them2566.144.57
um over your head like this2568.725.639
wow well that's good but I'm I'm up here2574.3595.46
I want you to shoot me yeah Watch Me Hit2577.1196.181
Simon at this man all right let me try2579.8195.821
go ahead grab this thing I'm gonna spin2583.34.08
it right spin it how does this work oh2585.644.02
here we go there we go2587.385.04
Jesus there's three of us history leave2589.665.28
me the funny oh God how do you put me2592.425.78
you just push the liver down2594.943.26
keep going come on baby oh you guys2601.925.86
Gotta Get Sick Thick's gonna get okay oh2604.725.94
God Simon you gotta save them both oh2607.784.86
God we're doomed oh you are dude all2610.663.24
right hold on2612.644.14
put my arm out and I gotta bend over2613.95.959
how do I lean oh [ __ ]2616.786.2
hold on2619.8593.121
okay damn it you guys are never never2626.944.8
gonna get out of there2630.43.199
oh god2631.744.72
oh he's down there though let go I got a2633.5995.441
better idea he's done let's go ah stay2636.465.48
there we'll save you guys2639.042.9
all right2643.0794.181
or break yeah we gotta move it closer2647.264.62
and then break the uh well no we get it2649.3594.081
we gotta get over there and save Simon2651.882.98
into rally I know2653.448.7
it's so cool I look like a girl all2662.143.479
right lift up height get it on there2664.05.18
yeah you're on the other side right2665.6193.561
listen oh [ __ ] you're doing something2677.224.119
aren't you I'm trying to do something2679.544.5
come on get up there yeah doralis if you2681.3395.101
yeah Point down maybe Simon can crawl up2684.046.68
yeah oh yeah you're almost there2686.444.28
come on [ __ ] oh Jesus you're my hero2691.385.439
Simon grab on with your other arm come2695.263.599
and do something look down Simon look2696.8194.321
down and hit the jump button reach up2698.8593.901
with your right hand and pull yourself2701.144.5
cry I'm scared give me a second oh there2702.764.74
you go now pull up okay come on you guys2705.643.12
are almost there now the relish you need2707.52.64
to let go2708.762.78
help Simon grab me I'm gonna grab me2711.547.26
hold on oh [ __ ] there's a little2714.5794.221
holy [ __ ] this is gonna be a long day2720.065.44
this is gonna happen really long let's2723.5793.361
get this Boulder in here let's get one2725.52.7
of the smaller ones dick you want to2726.943.06
pick up the biggest thing one we'll sit2728.23.419
together okay yeah we're all in there2730.03.359
because we got to break that wall2731.6194.441
I was up at one point that's what2733.3595.24
bothers me2736.062.539
oh there's a bridge yeah I'm over here2742.184.679
I really want to do the Catapult you2744.883.719
guys do the Catapult I'll try to help uh2746.8594.321
Beavis and Butthead here okay all right2748.5994.74
oh boy2751.184.919
there you go there you go all right2753.3394.02
all right I'm ready2757.3594.581
here we go all right2759.3595.821
holy [ __ ]2761.943.24
okay someone will help all right Simon2765.544.84
you stay there don't move I'm not moving2768.764.38
man all right come under Alex it's in2770.385.22
let's back it up just a touch right okay2773.145.42
there you go all right maybe there2778.566.36
everybody ready yep release yep release2780.647.17
there we go come on baby hit it2784.924.54
hit it up really crappy wasn't it yeah2789.465.28
yeah we need to back it up Simon can you2792.944.8
climb down me and get their Alias can I2794.744.68
climb down you and you know the answer2797.742.579
to that2799.423.659
holy [ __ ] I go God how do I can I lay2800.3193.721
how do I get down on the ground2804.044.86
come on tell me how I get down to the2806.6194.74
ground Crouch there's no Crouch Simon2808.93.959
you can grab the ground with your hands2811.3593.421
and then what hike how did he get this2812.8593.48
just hold on to the ground and then now2814.783.42
like yeah with one arm and kind of angle2816.3393.48
yourself down there you go you can lay2818.24.08
down with Z but you can't do much you're2819.8193.901
Alice you almost got a good spot there2822.287.52
oh God the hands come on oh [ __ ] laughs2823.726.08
all right ready2830.528.03
yeah pretty good pretty good oh wait it2839.644.719
didn't fall here I might be able to push2842.684.32
it through we'll see come on crap it's2844.3594.801
gonna Crush you maybe I can pull it out2847.04.079
no it's in there good should we launch2849.165.1
another one oh oh wait no I think we2851.0794.081
might be able to squeeze through here2854.262.46
boys you can get through let me see let2855.162.82
me see2856.723.72
yeah absolutely yeah we can get through2857.984.619
now yeah I'm still here yeah we gotta2860.443.659
save doralius2862.5994.02
thanks for remembering I kind of want to2864.0994.201
ride the Catapult over though neebs I2866.6194.261
wanna I I want to catapult you I want to2868.35.279
be you and Simon over the wall okay I'm2870.884.739
in all right names can you do the lever2873.5795.04
all three of us yep here we go check us2875.6195.401
out hold on hold on oh2878.6194.5
all right you good Asian girl there we2881.024.86
go no no let go of my foot let go of my2883.1194.98
[ __ ] phone I need you I'm cool I'm2885.884.64
pulling it2888.0992.421
let's go through the wall right no2905.045.2
kidding God that was horrible2906.944.879
limbo yeah watch out for falling brick2911.8194.721
great let's take a look around yeah2914.684.26
let's all stick together here2916.545.279
hmm let me see what do we see there's a2918.945.46
door we can't get into right that just2921.8194.381
that leads back outside I know but I2924.44.199
just unlocked it okay got the doors over2926.23.84
here is there something we need right2928.5992.641
right where this thing is that a key2931.244.859
what is that uh it's like a hook it's a2934.063.779
hook that's a tool we could use that huh2936.0994.141
maybe just in case I'll put it right2937.8393.421
all right going anywhere let's check out2941.264.2
this first door over here all right with2942.944.139
your knees2945.464.26
come with me everybody it's locked oh2947.0795.101
wait a minute Rally's has an idea app2949.724.74
will help2952.185.3
tomorrow baby2954.463.02
it's the worst battering ram I've ever2958.422.96
seen in my life2959.924.26
hey should one of us okay2961.384.18
I thought you Asians were good at2964.183.36
battering rams is that how yeah I've2965.563.539
never heard that nobody's ever heard2967.543.36
that it's a thing now I got an idea with2969.0994.201
this one if uh you guys can crack that2970.94.38
door maybe I can hit the latch with this2973.33.36
thing all right I'll wait you can pry2975.282.76
the door2976.664.38
that's a the end is skinny yeah so you2978.044.319
can pry it well let's let's work let's2981.043.0
try y'all okay so I'll grab the left2982.3594.081
door you got the right all right so now2984.044.02
we don't need that right now you know it2986.443.98
has to push2988.062.36
you're just going to try to slide that2990.723.099
in there and break it right through the2992.6193.601
middle like this and then right right2993.8194.26
right come on come on do it come on2996.223.599
Wheel it in there just pull it down pull2998.0793.601
it down and then kind of do a little2999.8193.861
thing come on3001.684.62
damn we're thieves I picked the lock3003.684.08
good job3006.34.2
they hit him get him officer I know the3007.764.66
cops cops do each other favors they're3010.54.16
like that you're not a cop3012.424.32
I'm a cop3014.664.659
you're under arrest sir are we all here3016.744.619
yeah there was five of us oh there you3019.3193.721
go here comes a cute little Asian all3021.3593.601
right what should we try to do here boys3023.044.319
oh these doors open we can get up on3024.965.58
them should we search these houses Simon3027.3595.581
anything in there uh let me see are3030.544.319
there any threats in this uh3032.944.56
World here just ourselves just you you3034.8594.74
gotta watch out for zombies3037.54.619
these lights you could probably swing on3039.5995.22
swing lights huh probably I don't know3042.1194.2
where you'd swing to though over there3044.8193.481
there's some platforms over platform3046.3194.26
over there here oh yeah get up there3048.34.019
grab a light and swing over there it3050.5793.361
doesn't look easy but it doesn't look3052.3193.721
easy at all but maybe if we um if you3053.943.419
can get up on this thing that'd be a3056.043.539
good thing to jump off well I think you3057.3593.421
might you might be able to just jump off3059.5793.181
this bridge yeah I think over here with3060.784.62
Simon is going seems to be that's better3062.765.16
something yeah but I can't [ __ ] do3065.44.74
the simple task of getting up one3067.924.86
it's pissing me off I feel like we3070.144.32
should move this over there I think do3072.782.64
yep oh3075.425.699
you got it you did it yeah hey good job3078.8394.26
big thanks3081.1194.141
oh this is another uh3083.0995.101
Vic does an adventure on his own no3085.265.579
doralis is going to go with you3088.24.26
hey I'm up here all right what are you3090.8393.121
gonna do up there I was gonna jump to3092.463.06
that uh roof over there and then see3093.963.359
where I could go okay I'll go with you3095.524.86
here I go I'm gonna run to Rally's what3097.3196.141
you doing there buddy I'm learning3100.383.08
I made it to the roof3104.0993.201
hey pick hey okay oh it brings you back3107.645.28
here that sucks yeah it do but I think3110.523.539
I'll get it3112.923.06
so after you got up there yeah and3114.0594.081
you're still messing with that lamp3115.984.98
hey neebs yeah take that cart with that3118.145.4
stone on it and then put it like right3120.964.68
here right there yeah like right in3123.544.559
front of me yes sir coming back this way3125.646.54
no this way oh [ __ ] hold up okay I'll be3128.0998.22
the guy come on back come on which way3132.187.379
over here Follow Me This Way well I've3136.3195.101
got to angle it like this yeah yeah it's3139.5594.341
like driving over here3141.425.48
nope I'm getting off this thing this3147.53.88
ain't working come on just back it up a3149.762.94
little bit3151.384.739
I'm working on it yep just go just keep3152.74.8
going you guys are really good at just3156.1193.24
saying what to do keep going well it's3157.53.9
trying to pull but again if I was doing3159.3595.041
it'd be done by now would it be good3161.46.08
it's easy thing to say3164.43.08
okay now I'm stuck in here hey thick all3167.5795.821
right I'm stuck in the wagon somehow are3170.644.76
you really stuck yep3173.44.08
get him out of there we have an3175.45.02
obstruction gunking it up okay get out3177.484.02
of there3180.422.939
there we go3181.54.5
you're welcome a little more come on3183.3594.681
keep it come on forward come on forward3186.05.46
come on forward come on Ford and that's3188.044.62
good right there right there just leave3191.463.0
it right there rally Nice Work Release3192.665.6
there you go all right here we go3194.468.46
yeah beautiful it works neebs cool is3198.266.04
that the way we need to go well it's the3202.923.36
way I went I mean should we all go that3204.34.74
way sure fix Waze doesn't seem to be3206.285.64
working out it will I promise I'm gonna3209.044.5
get it on this one I promise will it3211.923.3
work out like that Dragon Egg yeah that3213.543.6
worked great different game what about3215.224.08
that uh high level pterodon you were3217.143.12
gonna get3219.32.64
you talking about3220.265.64
yep hey Dave yeah3221.947.44
check this out oh crap got a big candy3225.94.74
hey can you pull me up yeah that's what3230.643.179
I was gonna try to do can you guys grab3232.443.179
onto the candy cane yes can you little3233.8194.141
help thick Jesus lower it no I gotta3235.6194.381
help hold on you know you're back off3237.963.599
with me on me for a second would you no3240.03.24
come on you made it okay there we go oh3241.5593.721
look at that that just hooks up there3243.244.56
the thick fall up there did he uh I did3245.283.96
no I'm gonna go back all right now thick3247.83.779
now grab me okay I'll grab me and uh3249.243.78
yeah pull3251.5794.081
come on come on come on come on oh boy3253.024.039
oh boy oh3255.663.959
man maybe it's just too heavy3257.0594.901
I feel like if this thing was3259.6194.321
we could like tightrope this thing if it3261.964.32
was laying across3263.944.2
that last step's the hardest okay I'm3266.283.72
going for it3268.144.919
hey okay I made it this far oh yeah it3270.05.46
should be easy now man3273.0594.5
good job neebs thank you3275.463.35
don't lose that hook3277.5593.721
oh hater Alice hey that was easy3281.286.059
I just fell3285.245.46
oh yeah hey Simon what go jump in the3287.3394.921
river yeah if you don't do it this time3290.73.84
yeah just go jump in the river [ __ ]3292.264.98
[ __ ] so River3294.546.24
hey good job Simon yeah I love it well3297.245.7
that was easy get up Sir all right3300.783.72
what's next3302.943.84
grab this cane well I don't know if you3304.54.2
can see look at this neebs see where I'm3306.784.26
going uh-huh see this Pole right here oh3308.74.5
boy what if you have to get that cane on3311.044.74
that hole and then swing across this3313.27.919
river that yeah that's gonna be easy is3315.786.72
that the only option I don't know let's3321.1193.061
look around there's another catapult3322.53.599
over there I wonder if we need to get3324.183.54
over there and launch ourselves3326.0994.201
somewhere else can we get up there3327.724.8
doors open possibly3330.33.9
okay let's look around3332.523.18
you can try to jump on the barrel thick3334.23.18
and climb up there3335.74.26
it's a pretty big climb3337.384.439
oh there you go oh good good placement3339.962.78
okay I'll get up here3342.744.78
you can even move the barrel and climb3347.523.799
up me3348.962.359
human ladder like the human centipede3351.86.34
but not as gross yeah yeah3355.145.4
so that's the same height there hold on3360.544.38
let's do this let's try uh3362.645.219
I'll jump on abstra's back okay3364.925.46
but don't jump yet copy oh I got both of3367.8595.941
you oh good hey there we go all right oh3370.385.699
my gosh you guys drop and then Simon you3373.84.68
grabbed my butt all right drop3376.0794.441
Simon you grab as high on me as you can3378.483.839
what's up well I can go real high all3380.523.539
right yeah I go like this there you go3382.3192.701
you're gonna break his neck yeah we pull3385.024.64
up all right3387.1192.541
everybody pull up something you pull up3389.883.36
too I'm pulling up yeah yeah I should be3391.445.28
able to climb hey3393.243.48
hey Palace where you at doralis holy3397.924.26
[ __ ] he's got he's squigging over there3400.443.179
from the cave3402.183.3
oh he's doing the cane thing can you3403.6194.44
make it I don't know3405.484.099
I want to go see this3408.0596.621
hello yes you make it I made it3409.5797.141
good job3414.685.139
nice Kevin looking good sir are we3416.726.22
giving up on this wall huh yeah I hate3419.8197.561
giving I hate giving up on the wall yep3422.944.44
Tarzan baby3430.3395.5
oh [ __ ] your next stick here we go all3433.444.02
right yeah I'm waiting for3435.8394.02
perhaps true yeah oh one more good3437.464.379
ah damn I'm a monkey3443.33.66
I'm a hamster yeah3447.423.08
that's okay oh hey hey how you doing3450.923.939
pretty good3453.3594.441
Simon grab on to me hold on3454.8595.22
yeah wait till he swings back I'll jump3457.84.019
grab him I'll catch you see him tell me3460.0794.76
when to run and jump down3461.8193.02
that's okay I'll probably fall right3466.944.06
here I called it all right ah I was3468.95.1
hoping I okay amazed I'm Gonna Catch You3471.04.92
huh I'm Gonna Catch You look you're3474.03.359
gonna catch me yeah I might catch you3475.922.76
too I think I need to be lower on the3477.3592.941
pole don't I yeah we'll drop down a3478.683.78
little bit here we go come on man kick3480.34.38
it we're all gonna catch him3482.463.659
can be like Dirty Dancing we're gonna3484.683.6
catch your knees don't let me fall I'm3486.1193.181
let me know oh I'm hitting the wall3489.33.539
already all right this time you're ready3490.744.46
next week3492.8392.361
hey go stand on that rock okay to my3501.445.74
left oh are you gonna do a little uh3504.665.64
yeah you ready hamster yep3507.185.179
you guys all on it oh everybody okay3510.34.44
yeah yeah yeah come on guys we gotta3512.3596.041
level out everybody be balanced3514.745.28
all right I'm holding this rope3518.43.36
everybody's running around the Rope as3520.023.42
close as you can so it's balanced tell3521.764.339
me when go hamster go oh yeah3523.445.22
look at this3526.0997.781
this is great yeah oh boy oh [ __ ] what3528.667.56
the [ __ ] what happened it looked like3533.884.26
the Rope oh yeah the Rope is all it's3536.224.26
all jacked it's geez I'm wigging out3538.144.14
right now just happened let me see if I3540.484.099
can get it3542.282.299
is it coming down yeah it's freaking out3545.224.139
was it too many people maybe thick can3549.3594.2
you use that cane to pull that board3552.3593.361
down right above us all right neebs yeah3553.5593.661
you get off that thing3555.723.359
yep I'm up3557.224.26
God I can't mix is that board long3559.0796.141
enough to make us a ramp we'll try3561.483.74
see it wiggling3566.522.72
yeah just hold on to it3569.3393.78
pull me knees oh no3573.1195.101
wait what have we done3575.944.5
Simon grab names all right hold on can3578.225.359
you climb up me on the board3580.443.139
I was really trying to grab your hand3604.464.24
okay all right hold on hold on guys3606.8393.841
thick dorelli's clear off me for a3608.74.44
second yeah I'm gonna try something if I3610.685.04
try to grab this board and then pull it3613.144.74
and stretch it down wait no Simon ruined3615.723.78
it I'm not doing any good to anybody3617.883.06
and drop it3620.944.5
can you climb that3623.3397.861
yeah hands up jump oh yeah go hey look3625.447.619
at me I'm like I feel like there's some3631.23.72
movie where like the superhero was like3633.0593.321
holding the train tracks together3634.924.02
Superman another thing yeah all right3636.385.38
next thick you climb up this3638.945.399
and then uh after that well neebs you3641.763.839
can drop the board and then uh we'll3644.3392.28
pull you up3645.5993.24
I'm gonna drop the board I'm gonna reach3646.6194.621
up and grab your butt got my butt do I3648.8394.801
have it I think so can you walk up can3651.245.42
you pull forward at all3653.643.02
all right what next there's a castle3670.764.0
door over there I don't know if we could3673.263.359
pry that we can try walking in these3674.763.12
this door opens3677.884.8
I see a lever up there it probably opens3680.164.28
oh the stairs3682.684.619
has a good idea maybe3684.444.119
of course3687.2993.78
look at it this way yeah well I'm just3688.5593.511
taking a peek3691.0792.24
all right so if we can get that cane Up3693.3194.901
on the Roof we can slide down this like3696.2993.901
a zip line3698.223.72
up on that Barrel there because we're3700.22.879
going to climb up the barrel to get on3701.943.72
the roof yep all right Simon you take3703.0794.381
that cane over to doralius and thick3705.664.679
over there neebs what do you see up3707.464.26
there hey can you climb all those castle3710.3393.181
walls there's a lot of place up here to3711.724.04
walk around3713.522.24
I'm going everywhere oh hey guys do you3715.926.12
want this candle I love it I'd love it3719.226.74
oh [ __ ] I got it let go I let it go3722.047.98
bam being productive thieves what'd you3725.966.52
do something I handed the cane off had a3730.025.16
boy where'd you go oh there you are3732.484.859
you see anything up here I mean you can3735.186.419
see everything from up here hold on huh3737.3395.881
no they're they're in that house I think3741.5993.24
uh they had they had this wacky plan3743.223.839
about taking the cane uh-huh and then3744.8393.841
putting it I think on that rope Right3747.0593.601
Above It zip lining down I don't know if3748.683.29
that's gonna happen3750.664.51
salmon without you yeah what'd you do3755.245.079
dude I got I'm having issues over here3758.223.18
you're all the way back down to the3760.3192.821
bottom yep all right we're gonna roll3761.43.959
this Barrel come on buddy3763.146.24
come on down the slide yeah nice roll3765.3595.46
we don't know if why but yeah hey I saw3770.8194.861
that Barrel what are you guys hanging on3774.185.659
to it or something no I wonder3775.684.159
yeah nice thick3780.2993.56
thick slidey slidey oh [ __ ] thick is3784.024.98
there anything over there as far as3787.53.42
where the map goes3789.04.76
I can't tell I'm I'm still well God3790.925.699
there's a window over here hey neebs3793.764.72
come here real quick okay you remember3796.6193.781
those uh lanterns that thick was uh3798.484.319
trying to hold on to uh-huh look if if3800.44.14
it had been successful it would have3802.7994.02
brought him down below us right to that3804.543.2
uh yeah and look beyond that door3807.744.9
he would have just brought him out to3811.263.72
where we started oh yeah I just thought3812.643.959
that was funny what if that door opened3814.983.119
right there that small one3816.5995.181
oh I'm gonna do it3818.0996.661
yeah let's hope it's not locked hey good3821.785.5
jump thank you thank you come on come on3824.766.0
be open be open yeah okay it opens see3827.285.94
what's in there I will I will3830.764.2
it's a room3834.963.02
there's another door I'm going through3840.924.0
this other door okay now I'm on the3843.03.359
other side now I'm basically above where3844.922.639
we started3846.3596.021
is that a good thing I don't think so3847.5594.821
who's out in that window is that you3854.43.98
I climbed up the barrel3858.484.44
oh and then those two things there yeah3860.763.539
I don't know where to go from here go3862.925.28
gorillas you suck lines3864.2995.641
I do3868.24.34
thick anything in there3869.945.24
nothing in here that's not the way to go3872.545.74
I can't see oh my gosh Simon where'd you3875.184.54
come from3878.283.74
what are you doing damn it3882.56.579
I fell down at the bottom3886.0995.161
ah hey guys3889.0794.201
I didn't expect to see you over here3891.264.12
yeah Hey Kevin3893.284.14
what the [ __ ] out of here yeah what are3895.382.959
you doing3897.425.01
yeah yeah get out of here yeah yeah3898.3395.561
piece of [ __ ] so you guys have been3903.93.6
doing this for a minute you gotta you3906.183.48
gotta get on the slide I couldn't I3907.54.26
tried the slide a couple times I'm just3909.665.659
not good at it don't tell me3911.763.559
I did3916.5793.881
oh hey Vic what are you doing up there3918.93.419
ah just hanging out hey you can open3920.463.96
that thing now I can3922.3193.361
oh man3924.422.939
oh yeah we only needed one of us to get3925.683.659
up there right right yeah I think so I3927.3594.081
think there was nothing else in that uh3929.3394.091
Castle thing over there right3931.444.56
you open that door3936.03.839
I started two but now you have you gotta3937.8594.5
be curious about this room oh yeah it is3939.8394.26
open I see it's open name I'm going in3942.3594.801
okay little help where you at Simon3944.0995.881
I didn't quite make it make it where3947.164.62
I'll just fall in the river Simon all3949.983.9
right we should knock this down all3951.783.9
right hold on hold on wait for us okay3953.883.479
all right thanks jump on down here and3955.682.82
follow us unless you want to stay up3957.3592.46
there and explore3958.53.72
I kind of do I think I see something all3959.8194.081
right go see something you guys with me3962.224.079
I'm with you doralius I'm Gonna Knock3963.94.74
this thing down yep yep yep yep I'll see3966.2997.02
you there oh [ __ ] up sorry okay3968.646.69
this doesn't look easy at all does it3973.3195.391
hold on doralis3979.925.54
I'm gonna do this like a man yeah3981.483.98
I gotta wait there you got a hook now3991.444.2
walk back3994.383.9
okay walking back and keep walking back3995.645.699
there you go there you go there you go3998.285.24
all right4001.3392.181
no he took a hook with him I did uh4009.284.18
that's okay we got another I don't think4012.22.52
we need the hook anymore4013.463.42
all right so what's the deal uh push4014.724.02
forward and back now let's get some4016.882.57
momentum going4018.744.079
you getting faster I think so I think4022.8194.26
this one will do it4025.0394.32
yeah hey good job4027.0794.681
all right me next should I go I'm right4029.3593.801
here oh4031.765.94
[ __ ] oh you broke it broke what Shane is4033.166.77
acting crazy wow no I'm fine4037.74.76
come on4042.464.58
what's going on thick just trying4047.662.939
something new4049.43.24
oh I see you okay look at the Belt look4050.5995.781
at the bell tower oh yeah see the king4052.643.74
ring the bell4059.964.22
ouch oh4061.642.54
he did good I think this is the first4064.244.24
time he knew that zip lines go down yeah4066.264.799
not up no remember remember the one was4068.485.16
motorized I knew okay I didn't even see4071.0594.441
him do anything neebs you guys are like4073.645.58
oh wow Simon you see that uh rope yeah4075.54.98
see the Rope but I didn't see anything4079.223.66
going down the road not that one yeah4080.486.379
over here you gotta back up oh crap see4082.887.199
I back up though I don't see [ __ ]4086.8595.44
hello spectator cam I don't see I see4092.2994.201
the Rope that's that way I didn't see4095.0593.481
there either I was just a little sliver4096.53.279
of a room I was looking4098.543.02
okay I'm on4101.563.52
pretty good jump neebs nice jump neebs4105.084.56
thank you I got it first go I just4107.8395.701
wanted to here we go yeah yeah I got4109.644.82
oh [ __ ]4114.467.379
yo come on quit messing around4117.8194.02
all right are we expected okay I'm going4122.444.48
to be a part of this thing yeah I mean4125.482.64
may as well you might as well hey4126.922.759
spectator cam stands around like a4128.124.699
creepy old [ __ ] pirate4129.6793.14
oh finally hey come on buddy4133.16.44
yeah together4142.93.359
all right man that was great you could4151.485.02
probably jump down there right that jump4154.464.14
looks doable yeah I think that jumps4156.53.719
absolutely doable who's going up the4158.63.0
windmill I mean I want to ride that4160.2192.821
windmill while I'm here yeah we should4161.63.06
probably look at the Windmill careful4163.043.42
with the momentum Simon down the hills4164.663.24
that is where you guys going up the4166.463.42
stairs yeah yeah but like coming down4167.93.899
that Hill like that like that's exactly4169.883.0
what I was doing yeah I know that's what4171.7993.42
you were talking about so now what4172.885.7
[ __ ] die I'm jumping off there I am4175.2196.12
oh you're with us now works out better4178.586.84
yeah it does and oh yes yes4181.3397.561
that looks great are you gonna let go4185.426.839
I wanna let go there we go oh God I'm4188.95.12
gonna throw up4192.2594.341
all right what do we do4194.025.26
I don't know just ride this I guess you4196.64.599
gotta let go at the far the top yep just4199.282.8
like a whoop4201.1993.261
oh [ __ ]4204.466.94
yes so uh what's what's does this help4207.046.34
us solve the puzzle or no I'm over on4211.43.24
the island yeah I see him I'm looking at4213.383.62
him let me know4214.642.36
yeah yeah4218.542.72
hey Dave look up at me4224.35.26
yeah come on buddy4226.16.139
you ready oh he's right there we go4233.85.26
what are you doing I Let Go4236.844.74
you might have been facing there we go4241.584.8
hey neebs yeah man does this look like a4242.965.1
little bit like yeah it looks like uh4246.383.12
what do you call that move that one move4248.063.139
Cabbage Patch maybe the Cabbage Patch4251.1995.141
isn't it yeah4254.123.72
yeah like this looks like it's kind of4256.343.57
doing the hump that Asian girl can dance4257.849.8
yeah I went up to that catapult that was4268.6595.5
on the other side yeah it went nowhere4272.03.719
so you didn't solve the puzzle that's a4274.1592.761
you doing4276.924.52
what are you doing4278.33.14
so we got a big piece of wood we got a4283.765.28
log we might have to hey can you climb4285.7396.361
the tree we can make a seesaw or um a4289.045.699
seesaw a seesaw with that log over there4292.14.98
or a ramp that leads up to the roof I4294.7393.841
think we could ramp the roof I don't4297.083.72
yeah maybe just a ramp I'm really strong4298.585.54
so let me let me do this4300.83.32
we had a plan and you're like oh I'm a4304.94.38
big boy4308.483.06
here we go all right use the nipples off4309.284.72
yep all right4311.544.44
you got that sure4314.04.76
I'll get underneath4315.982.78
oh god oh pull back pull back okay I'm4322.2194.681
backing it up4325.1593.901
I'm backing It Up Is this where you want4326.96.14
it right here yeah just like that4329.066.42
exactly hold on let's put this log under4333.045.26
it there we go hey there's a cave over4335.485.88
there you're a cave nope oh under the4338.34.919
windmill yeah oh man we could have4341.363.799
gotten to that huh4343.2194.381
now now we're stuck over here look at4345.1594.241
that big door looks like I can there's a4347.63.72
cave right below the windmill too really4349.43.72
yep I'm going for it you're gonna miss4351.323.6
the log thing you guys do the lock thing4353.125.52
I'll be back okay I love caves okay I4354.926.84
love caves4358.645.519
think what are you doing I've got the4361.764.919
look you're riding my shoulder I'm no4364.1594.981
you've got me oh you went up from under4366.6793.441
you took my wallet and my virginity4370.124.5
go forward4375.43.299
why can't I come on4379.785.2
what a time go for it thick4382.2195.511
that the slope is um4389.567.56
man [ __ ] Simon yeah what are you doing4392.328.68
dumb dick oh I'm a dumb dick but I'm up4397.126.36
and so are you I might need some help4401.04.92
you got it yeah4403.484.0
all right I'm holding on to the chimney4405.922.94
because this [ __ ] you are slotty down4407.482.1
we go you're going next time yeah sure4409.586.72
[ __ ] yeah boy not good enough damn it oh4412.126.64
crap Mega4416.33.96
[ __ ]4418.766.24
come on and names yeah man the cave down4420.267.02
below led to the cave up top uh that4425.03.9
seems like a disappointment it was a big4427.283.3
disappointment it's basically a big4428.93.6
giant empty room that you climbed yeah4430.584.639
why you love cave so much yeah okay4432.56.659
you guys see this yeah episode Another4435.2197.601
cave yeah I'm jealous I love games let's4439.1596.261
get a look at this4442.822.6
you okay yep4446.328.46
oh guys I finally made it oh crap4449.545.24
hey names4455.784.14
there you go I think I got this one now4458.365.839
you go Simon what you want Astro4459.924.279
all right4464.422.779
when you're gonna jump man here we go4469.13.24
I'm coming around I [ __ ] up the first4470.784.47
time and I'm gonna do it this time4472.347.14
see if you can climb that roof and get4479.483.66
up here with us I will hey spectator all4481.044.02
right y'all ready yeah yeah just take it4483.143.72
down into the hole4485.062.94
all right okay oh boy4488.05.1
I don't know where to go in here yeah uh4493.14.8
maybe if I got swinging I could land on4496.043.72
that ledge over there yeah you can I4497.94.44
can't see it but we'll try it exists for4499.763.12
a reason4502.343.71
okay I'm on the ledge yeah okay hold on4511.2399.901
oh crap that's doing4516.284.86
all right we gotta swing doralius Yep4521.6594.261
this is where I landed it aim for right4524.2395.301
here okay what's up guys4525.923.62
hello oh [ __ ] Simon hey your boob yeah4530.847.14
oh I'm the boob yeah you are well hey4535.283.959
guys you know if you fall there's4537.983.6
actually a ground down here falling oh4539.2393.681
that's easier4541.583.96
so Nieves you're up there somewhere yep4542.924.299
yep no you know what I bet we have to4545.543.72
climb up this damn thing4547.2193.48
there might be something up here we need4549.263.54
I see some Boulders over there [ __ ] off4550.6994.201
I'm gonna try to jump into that metal4554.92.94
here it goes Guys these stupid guys4557.843.66
right here they're just they're like4559.823.359
molest of me they're having fun like4561.53.92
oh [ __ ] that's virus tilting oh crap oh4568.765.7
there's a boner up here oh yeah that4574.463.12
worked out for us we can walk up this4576.142.24
hold on hold on ah no it's too steep4578.386.7
watch out jaros will you let go man that4581.6595.701
was so fun hey what up for you should4585.084.8
you push that Boulder down maybe oh wait4587.364.92
you know what what looking below you it4589.884.5
looks like there's a little ramp that4592.283.66
will run right into that thing and the4594.384.5
boulder will knock it down you ready4595.945.279
you ready yeah I'm ready baby okay like4598.883.66
that's a question I might use that in4601.2193.241
the future okay push the [ __ ] Boulder4602.544.02
I'm doing it here it goes4604.463.9
all right and4606.563.36
hey man now neeve's go across that uh4609.926.0
that bridge you just made you can climb4613.1594.681
up that right I don't know I'll see do4615.924.04
here we go climbing to the top I see I4623.04.739
see ya all right then it looks like4625.343.66
there's another one of those rocks to4627.7392.401
jump to4629.03.12
and I think that'll take you over there4630.143.96
heads up okay4632.123.42
come on4634.13.059
okay all right well done well done I see4635.545.52
it ah oh crap okay hold on hold on there4637.1596.181
this is a bad storm can we can you get4641.064.13
up there Navy hold on4643.343.62
oh [ __ ]4646.963.42
oh [ __ ]4650.545.94
neebs yeah man check me out holy [ __ ]4652.426.759
Simon made it up did it beautiful so you4656.484.32
just gotta walk Simon you might be able4659.1793.601
to jump to the right a little bit yeah4660.84.76
right there to the right4662.782.78
yeah yeah there you go now pull yourself4665.7192.581
yeah if we can get one of you guys up4671.1993.0
and reach lift come on come on oh come4674.1996.161
on just let go it's jumping let go4678.384.92
come on legs come on legs can you hit4680.366.62
space bar jump a little bit there we go4683.33.68
oh [ __ ]4687.564.92
all right about got this all right4689.565.71
neaves I'm up here with you4692.485.879
over here I'm aware where our names was4700.525.58
oh yeah but you can't do anything from4703.843.819
over there4706.12.76
whatever you were trying to get the4707.6594.101
whole time yep4708.862.9
come on come on4715.065.44
can you push me push my butt oh [ __ ] I4717.085.099
wanna I wanna I wanna push your button4720.54.86
hold on I'm gonna try [ __ ] you grab my4722.1795.461
backpack you grab my back now my arm is4725.365.879
well let go okay okay now okay Simon4727.646.36
okay oh4731.2395.901
oh there you go4734.03.14
up there someone help me okay I'm coming4737.484.259
come here pull up nibs okay grab my head4738.984.98
if I have your head now4741.7395.221
very nice4765.524.84
slam oh damn it Simon well damn that was4767.544.08
good though wasn't it yeah it was good4770.363.72
there's another catapult along the4774.085.639
rallies Hey Kevin Hey Hey spectator all4775.887.74
right catapult is locked it looks like4779.7196.301
we need to fling one of us4783.623.84
and we're gonna have to grab that4786.023.96
drawbridge I bet and pull it down oh I4787.464.62
like that it's gonna be dryless huh all4789.985.239
right doralius yep4792.083.139
let go your right hand4798.463.84
beautiful baby yeah first try yeah [ __ ]4805.786.78
yeah wait a minute4809.7192.841
challenge hey we just have to get up4813.2194.121
into that hole4815.63.559
oh easy way4817.344.68
this is the way really watch out okay oh4819.1594.54
yeah yeah hold on I gotta grab the4822.024.38
bottom okay I I've got the middle I4823.6994.801
didn't have it all right let me see4826.44.319
um well hold on a second let me grab4830.7194.02
that bottom oh can someone walk up there4832.465.4
over there it's like team building yep4834.7395.641
oh yeah okay4837.865.76
you ready yeah go for it man4840.386.62
in my aunt yeah yeah good job come on4843.625.82
very nice is there a lever in there now4847.03.76
we got in here4849.444.32
it's dark in here need a torch4850.765.459
up oh crap the gate just shut up welcome4853.765.76
trap door whip you did it hey we won we4856.2194.161
okay I'm good I feel fine too4877.6596.461
hey we made it4882.024.86
here we are oh this place looks like a4884.126.78
[ __ ] broats Bros hey shall we broat4886.887.56
that's brood we shall broke who's the4890.96.18
Capitan hello spectator4894.444.68
so here Hey Kevin4897.083.3
oh boy4899.123.9
hey look at this boat okay we're gonna4900.383.96
need that bring it back okay I'm4903.023.179
bringing it back hold on4904.345.28
oh boy who's that with me I am hey cute4906.1995.46
little uh cute little Asian lady how you4909.624.8
doing baby I'm uh I'm a knight a nation4911.6596.361
armor right and ducky floaties you4914.424.799
coming with me baby you know you're4918.022.88
coming to me all right4919.2193.781
you wanna get in this boat let's go get4920.93.5
this boat4923.03.48
let's do it4924.44.42
good job dick don't tip it over be4926.484.92
careful oh wait boys it's going back4928.825.58
hold on oh God this isn't good oh no4931.45.759
distribution Simon go up front all right4934.44.74
I'm up front I'm in who's going last4937.1595.04
okay I might be in okay yep all right4939.145.28
I'm in I'm in I'm in all right I'm gonna4942.1993.96
get up front and hold on to Simon all4944.423.36
right well I just jumped clear over it4946.1593.841
can y'all turn it face it that way over4947.784.26
there come on the face towards the other4950.03.659
boat oh yeah you got the back yeah just4952.043.9
do yeah yeah you do it by myself it's4953.6595.04
heavy I got you that one's open I got4955.944.94
he's just gonna hang down there and kick4978.944.18
yeah all right Vic you're rowing good4980.964.34
you let go everybody hang on king of the4991.425.799
world romantic I hope we could get to4994.943.9
this video without somebody doing that4997.2193.901
nope it's my baby boy I love you4998.844.16
if we're gonna turn we need two people5003.04.0
hey can we just fit through that little5005.323.3
thing over there of course we could fit5007.03.9
through that pick me up though yeah5008.624.5
yeah well you just fall when we're on5010.93.6
the other side oh you could probably5013.123.48
jump and make it ready hold on and in5014.54.86
three two one go come closer it's it's5016.65.579
fine we'll make good you're good5019.366.48
yo ah you're in no I'm not I'm in help5022.1795.901
this is5034.085.71
a mess he went under the boat5036.2394.121
all right come on Eaves get in needs5043.326.16
please come on all right here we go5046.064.46
back we're all in Jesus5049.486.189
I think we can make it now5056.6993.841
let's make it5066.065.38
up is that him way back there no I don't5068.445.279
think we're supposed to go that way man5071.444.64
ladder come on quickly5073.7196.061
come on spin it spin it how deep is this5076.086.36
water spin it5079.785.22
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]5082.445.14
I guess oh hey Dick Simon we need a boat5090.1595.401
you win me Simon well I'm trying to be5093.523.9
but really this is awful5095.564.32
thing burning5097.424.799
come on Cliff finger well what's the5099.883.24
why can't you just run through the water5104.385.279
did you not see girl let's try that I'll5106.783.61
try right now5109.6595.01
there we go did you make it no now I'm5114.944.56
holding hands with I'm with the other5118.123.5
guys where are you we don't have a boat5119.54.92
we need the boat we need to restart the5121.625.68
level but I've come so far we've gotten5124.425.46
nowhere we went backwards actually just5127.34.5
dude one more minute what do you guys5129.883.18
want to do he's over there doing that5131.83.6
[ __ ] we can't do anything uh we can5133.064.8
dance on the beach oh yeah5135.42.75
pull my hair Simon oh yeah pull my hair5147.05.159
I know you love it5150.44.2
I pull your hair and my feet on the5152.1595.621
ground I think my feet are on the ground5154.66.059
hey I got to the other nerd thing hey5157.785.16
great what happens if y'all jump in the5160.6594.621
water now oh good question here we go5162.945.34
all right5170.1594.601
all right which way do we need to go are5172.94.319
we Crossing yeah we can climb across or5174.763.84
take this green boat we could probably5177.2193.241
use this ore unless y'all want to climb5178.63.539
that that looks fun too though yeah I5180.463.36
want to climb that okay all right hold5182.1394.321
on [ __ ] yep5183.825.06
I'm an expert climber in this game how5188.885.68
are you I am well get off my head please5191.6794.5
trying to I didn't realize we were gonna5194.563.24
be right there okay that affects my5196.1792.761
climbing all right hold on hold on here5197.82.46
yeah you guys stay still hold on okay5198.944.259
all right make this jump yeah5200.265.38
oh yeah that was yeah5203.1994.201
okay we're doing it we're doing it here5208.1394.481
oh God yeah5210.523.179
hold up big no5219.34.379
stuck oh are you [ __ ] kidding me all5223.845.94
right here we go watch this Simon stick5227.625.16
your arms up just jump grab okay that5229.785.16
was a bad one like once I get up that's5232.783.84
the issue5234.943.48
I still don't know what I'm supposed to5236.624.68
do oh yeah yeah I hit the space bar I'm5238.425.46
just gonna slowly waddle across here hey5241.33.78
you're in the boat you forgot something5246.823.57
or did he5248.6794.861
oh crap5253.545.639
oh yeah you get back in that boat thick5255.36.22
oh you went that way hold on oh you get5259.1797.04
the boat underneath catch me oh [ __ ]5261.524.699
Turk I'm gonna try you ready yep release5266.564.92
oh yeah5269.1994.741
nice Absa are you still there yeah hang5271.484.259
on I'm gonna swing my little Fanny here5273.945.58
and yep ma'am oh I was gonna catch oh5275.7396.44
god oh okay5279.522.659
where's alias up here5284.024.92
um guys just go forward I don't want to5287.443.299
climb this anymore yep I'm having a hard5288.944.199
time okay we're going that way5290.7393.841
I guess we're going this way there's a5293.1394.02
way up but I didn't I didn't get it that5294.586.44
far yep yeah5297.1597.321
hmm is that a better way yeah it's like5301.025.619
there's more stuff that way yeah look at5304.484.5
that thing a gondola what are we calling5306.6395.58
it hold on oh I think I see it5308.984.739
um I think you're screwed sir5313.7194.44
yeah I think I think you're just gonna5315.6995.761
have to drop maybe oh hey look Grumpy's5318.1595.881
over there beautiful yeah yeah hey Simon5321.464.08
medralius all you got to do now is die5324.044.32
okay that's easy5325.544.619
ah oh [ __ ] sorry neebs5330.1596.56
I fell5334.122.599
what is the plan guys5338.286.82
you guys grab my ass Simon please all5342.285.34
right hold on grab my ass grabbing your5345.15.4
ass hold me back pulling your back what5347.624.559
the hell are you guys doing well thick5350.54.32
is hanging on he should let go I'm not5352.1796.48
let go let go you're taking this down5354.825.76
with you what's your end goal here he's5358.6595.161
behind us oh hey thick hey so what5360.585.76
what's going on there we need this thing5363.824.64
there we go5366.344.819
Simon I'm going back5368.465.32
it's your fault guys did any [ __ ]5371.1594.241
thing helping this guy guys would you5373.784.32
look at me real quick did I lose a leg5375.44.08
what the [ __ ]5379.483.44
[ __ ] I got no leg I got no leg5382.927.9
[ __ ] I got no leg give us a hand5386.386.839
guys you really gotta stop messing5390.825.339
around or help us abstra help us you5393.2196.0
peg-legged freak help I'm sure help us I5396.1594.5
can't walk straight what happened what5399.2193.841
happened I lost the leg I needed hands5400.6593.961
with this boat carrying across this5403.063.26
oh I can't I've lost a leg I can't5406.325.56
really walk straight yeah oh5409.124.98
hold on all right hold on I gotta kind5411.884.759
of angle myself5414.12.539
oh hey my leg grew back5419.044.54
we need you to hold it in the air Simon5421.483.96
guide us there and then you let go and5423.584.2
drown why why are you gonna what am I5425.444.02
doing because we can only have to hook5427.785.22
up here it comes hey hey good job grab5429.466.3
me oh grab me okay somebody grab them5433.05.58
hold on hold on DJ just take the boat we5435.765.52
don't need this thing anymore5438.584.2
should I stay here where y'all trying to5441.283.54
go pushing you too many people in the5442.784.62
front it's getting heavy5444.825.1
make it to the back hold on5447.44.56
can you push them doralis I don't know5449.923.0
up you're getting through getting5452.923.36
through yeah here we go there we go5454.543.3
yeah where are we going this pontoon oh5457.846.6
yeah oh boy oh [ __ ] son oh he took the5460.545.4
thing too oh it came back out oh yeah5464.443.9
it's over here now yeah let's see yep5465.945.04
hey I'm in the pond too well good come5468.344.1
I'm reaching you almost got it can you5472.446.279
yeah here hold on I can probably there5475.85.14
you go yeah don't worry we'll jump no5478.7194.041
watch it come on5480.946.98
thank you okay I got it5482.765.16
oh yeah5489.543.9
whoa it's sinking5491.53.679
[ __ ]5493.444.98
oh crap5495.1793.241
nope almost there you go thick ah lift5498.585.22
it up throw it down grab it now pull it5501.944.86
back it's wedged into this thing5503.84.62
what you had going though was good thick5506.84.02
I like that idea here you go you got it5508.425.239
hold on hold on let me5510.822.839
there we go guys yeah hop on5514.065.94
all right oh geez hold on okay okay you5520.07.199
in that corner oh all right this corner5524.325.399
oh it's sinking yeah you know what yeah5527.1993.661
I'm gonna I'll go ahead and push you5529.7194.681
guys over there so you guys climb up5530.864.819
stay on5535.6793.341
yeah we got to push that one through the5537.463.54
bottom we need it on the other side give5539.024.92
it to me I will oh wait hold on let me5541.06.06
do it hold on hold on okay oh now hey5543.945.82
how you can let go of it jump on you can5547.065.7
pull me up all right I'll try5549.765.58
nope that's crazy Dave throw one of5552.765.66
those rocks on that thing yes sir5555.346.899
oh [ __ ] oops oh crap babes give me that5558.425.259
give me that thing5562.2393.241
stuck under here all right I got the5563.6794.98
pole leaves yeah can you can you uh Tom5565.485.1
Cruise it under there I'm gonna have to5568.6593.901
grab the boat or something all right I'm5570.583.96
on the boat oh [ __ ] I'm hanging onto the5572.565.06
boat oh here we go5574.543.08
try the limbo oh crap look what it did5577.6595.881
to me oh you way over there now5580.488.239
all right Simon yes hop on oh boy5583.545.179
[ __ ]5589.483.0
wait it put us way back here5592.65.639
[ __ ] yeah we're back we went backwards5595.54.719
I was hanging onto the boat it's not5598.2394.621
fair guys you got to get far enough to5600.2194.98
so we can spawn on you5602.865.1
I think I got it there5605.1996.0
oh you serious all right I got the boat5607.966.719
I see that good job neebs5611.1995.46
we all hopping in5614.6795.101
yeah if your weight was up here we could5616.6595.341
actually advance I think5619.784.8
this is like run forward5622.04.38
hold on I'm backing up5624.586.079
I don't wanna back up oh [ __ ]5626.384.279
I got up over here oh hey good job I but5634.025.619
I don't I'm sorry hop in the boat with5638.323.5
oh hey you're looking good over there5642.13.559
doralius yeah we're we're doing things5643.6595.401
ah episode help me what what just help5645.6595.201
me get this boat unstuck or jump in here5649.065.159
with me right here another rock uh got a5650.865.279
bunch already5654.2193.781
push push5656.1395.301
oh crap are you trying to go under5658.03.44
no this is ridiculous it's a [ __ ]5664.784.379
nightmare yeah the water level is my5666.884.319
least favorite so far let's see Doral is5669.1594.08
a solid to you my friend yeah if he5671.1993.48
could do this if you could do this you'd5673.2393.241
be here I got the I've got a decent oh5674.6794.441
[ __ ] it keeps5676.484.92
what's this thing doing I can do this5679.125.039
neebs all right abstro5681.45.27
I really just want that boat hey5684.1594.621
did you do it5688.785.16
nice workout nice hey there's a lever5690.6594.601
over here you want me to push this lever5693.943.62
oh okay yeah bring it to you oh5698.385.94
so if I bring it this way it'll come5702.6996.781
down yep yep yep yep yep yep yep oh yeah5704.328.04
somebody's gonna give somebody a ride oh5709.484.5
wait yeah doralis did you want to hop on5712.363.359
uh grab the chain okay the only reason5713.983.84
I'm hesitant yeah is because over this5715.7195.221
way I could climb Simon I was trying to5717.824.319
walk the boat back that way and it5720.942.36
wouldn't go5722.1392.761
see if you can hook it with that thing5724.94.62
all right oh hey I'm sure hey you see me5726.345.46
yeah hang on there buddy yeah I made a5729.524.74
mistake I made a horrible mistake don't5731.85.22
grab it pull me off pull me up hold me5734.266.0
up sorry hey I got the camera guy5737.025.699
hello camera guy neebs how you guys5740.264.14
doing over there well I was over there5742.7193.361
and I tried to help Simon get in the5744.44.14
boat and I fell again yeah so blame it5746.084.8
on me I got you up Sir yeah let's grab5748.543.72
my head grab my head I got you I gotta5750.883.42
try this one come on you cute little5752.264.02
Asian [ __ ] oh yeah all right grab my5754.34.08
head yeah all right pull me pull me all5756.284.64
right come on5758.382.54
hey there's a ship out there I know it's5764.524.78
right there yeah [ __ ] that though oh5767.443.12
[ __ ]5769.33.06
through Ellis we're almost to the bridge5770.564.2
oh yeah all right we gotta make this5772.363.9
nice work Simon send me up going up5776.264.399
neebs you guys are good down there no we5784.063.3
that's right they don't got a bird's eye5787.364.26
view up here5789.464.739
there's a lighthouse we can see that5791.624.98
from here there's a cave I love caves5794.1994.561
that's also visible from right where we5796.63.72
are well to Rally's there's another5798.763.84
lever up I can I can send it back down5800.323.78
to you5802.64.03
before you do5804.14.26
you helping my head I gotta jump on it5808.363.96
grab my head grab his head maybe watch5809.865.64
my feet here comes the gondola Gondola's5812.324.68
coming I gotta get there5815.53.54
just grab my head yeah grab his head all5817.04.679
right there and then come in here okay5819.045.599
come on yeah5821.6792.96
okay all right you ready ready yeah hold5824.945.259
on so I gotta let go lift up with your5828.043.72
arms dick what are you doing over there5830.1993.841
I was trying to walk this pole up okay5831.764.8
all right got yourself up hold on keep5834.043.92
on pulling me5836.564.56
there we go sorry thank you hey what are5837.965.14
you guys doing down there you mean up5841.124.98
here oh hey think he's up here now hey5843.14.559
you guys hopping the gondola I'll lift5846.13.78
you up hold us up5847.6594.401
nonetheless should be on the Move5849.886.12
yeah yeah this isn't been that much fun5852.065.92
hey guys there's a lighthouse in a cave5856.05.52
Simon yes we're buddies we are buddies5857.985.4
will you do me a favor what about us too5861.524.08
we're friends our bodies too yeah we're5863.384.2
yeah we're we're all buddies come on5865.66.66
hold on to me Simon yeah5867.587.139
you and me you really do get a kick out5874.7195.46
of grabbing on to other people don't you5877.366.62
you really do it all the time5880.1793.801
hey yeah now look over here like where5887.53.42
the rallies is looking is that a diving5889.1793.121
um maybe you see the wheel oh yeah so5892.34.32
now look to the right I think if we open5895.03.12
this the water is going to fall down5896.622.76
there and start turning that wheel and5898.123.78
do something oh yeah can I ride this5899.385.22
down ride what no the raft5901.94.56
you get on the raft we'll lift the gate5904.63.78
okay are you gonna do the honors what's5906.464.5
the chain do I don't know if you I5908.385.4
wonder oh you can chain the uh yeah yeah5910.965.279
what stick's doing oh wow that's great5913.784.98
and then do the lever and it might does5916.2394.201
it pull it is that is that how it's done5918.762.939
well that's what it's probably not oh5920.442.88
it's gonna pull that we'll give it a5921.6995.0
shot see what happens yeah do it5923.326.419
hey can you attach it to the gondola it5926.6995.461
is attached to the gondola perfect5929.7395.54
here we go5936.064.9
here we gotta jump onto the raft is that5937.924.96
what we have to do I'm staying here not5940.963.36
me it's pretty hard to avoid jumping5942.884.38
onto this raft I'm jumping on the raft5944.328.04
too rap time oh boy oh [ __ ] oh crap hang5947.2610.34
on hang on oh no I want to jump on them5952.365.24
no because we can ride this now no5981.45.819
no oh God we're right there at the5985.064.74
bottom again but hey but the wheel's5987.2194.141
turning now we can we can ride back up5989.83.859
all right oh no5995.285.439
too heavy okay one at a time one at a5998.284.72
time drop Simon all right do it a time6000.7195.121
two at a time here we go6003.06.3
one at a time it's too slow you're slow6005.846.46
got him it's not really moving rallies6009.35.339
drop down somebody somebody dropped down6012.34.32
drop down their ass you dropped down no6014.6394.201
you dropped down you dropped your truck6016.625.36
now you dropped down all right6018.843.14
all right that's respectable okay that6022.084.26
is a lot okay right now I'll tell you6024.124.26
hold on let us know when you're at the6026.343.66
top of the rally yes6028.383.74
oh there's a lever up yep okay I I see I6032.2196.781
see what's going on now okay we'll fix6036.965.52
on now yep okay and names and then you6039.05.82
can ride this wheel now oh yeah it's6042.484.199
awesome that's cool6044.824.14
I wouldn't say it's awesome it's awesome6046.6794.56
Simon I would say that it's better than6048.965.279
what's happened so far oh boy what you6051.2395.221
doing in there thick never mind looks6054.2395.041
like it might be tough eh6056.464.98
didn't work well the rallies is off all6059.283.54
right I'm gonna go oh there you go you6061.444.68
got a good you got that no you got it6062.825.819
dude almost6066.126.92
if I dropped it can you reach me I6068.6394.401
oh wow yeah oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy6074.886.24
oh boy come on hey guys how you doing6078.844.379
come on I'm going around the horn I6081.124.92
guess my uh my hands in a weird spot oh6083.2196.321
talking about a weird spot6086.043.5
I don't know man I was trying to get6090.124.2
this chain I thought I'd do something6092.883.08
with it6094.323.96
come on come on you're my best friend in6095.964.38
the world6098.287.02
yep oh yeah hey what's up Phil hold on6100.347.18
hold on let's let's assess the situation6105.34.8
well don't crap my head's stuck in the6107.525.04
thing okay all right thick pull the6110.14.559
yep it opened up the grinder fan down6114.6594.261
there hey guys6117.423.239
hey guys oh hey hey6118.923.0
you gonna get up here with us I don't6120.6593.361
know how to do we made it to the end of6121.923.42
the level I didn't get to say anything6124.024.34
oh wow that diving board's awesome6125.346.14
how'd you do that6128.365.7
it's over6131.485.779
hey we're here yeah where's here6139.6196.6
all right power cables power cables I6142.7395.101
know exactly what to do yeah take that6146.2194.141
poem put that pole net fan no turn I6147.843.359
think you're gonna try to go through6150.363.359
there no because the wind is BL wait6151.1994.5
corralius let go because the wind is6153.7194.221
blowing you that way so if you reverse6155.6995.581
suck these cables oh you're right yeah6157.946.34
take it through there neat so6161.285.04
what what do we need this for we're6164.284.439
gonna stop it so now the wind's going to6166.324.2
plug the red one Into the Blue all right6168.7194.261
hold on and it should reverse we don't6170.524.26
stop it oh there you go it's reverse so6172.985.219
now it sucks through oh God oh God oh6174.786.68
God let's go6178.1993.261
I don't know I might as well might be6183.6193.851
able to use it6186.2392.601
oh good job neebs6188.844.5
hey abstro hey have you looked that way6193.387.279
I have that's pretty cool yeah hey guys6195.6595.0
we could probably climb this whole thing6201.023.76
and not do that yeah but not do the6203.1593.121
doors yeah but I want to do the cables6204.783.66
yeah we got to do the cables okay all6206.284.5
right I'm putting my uh red red TO red6208.443.96
here I'll get the uh I'll get the other6210.783.54
end of it I'm gonna grab one for no6212.45.46
reasons hey the old behind the back I6214.327.2
got the blue one no dralius nope6217.866.12
all right ready Red's plugged in I was6221.523.9
trying to plug right in I thought it'd6223.983.36
be easier Simon you're going for the red6225.423.92
one right there you go I just got it6227.345.04
nailed it you doing that App Store uh6229.344.48
yeah I can you grab one and I'll grab6232.383.96
the other all right here I'll go for the6233.826.08
uh the generator it looks like and blue6236.346.799
there you go6239.93.239
around these cables yeah there's more6246.484.02
over here okay6247.86.3
hmm oh actually we might all right we6250.55.28
need to connect these wires to those6254.14.559
wires in this box over here does it work6255.784.8
that way it feels like it should work6258.6593.421
that way yeah6260.583.539
there you go Simon do the ends connect6262.084.2
thick wait it's got to reach it doesn't6264.1194.08
reach now we're running through the6266.284.08
cable is connected wait this this box6268.1994.081
moves oh well that's easier isn't it6270.365.339
yeah I thought that box was in place I6272.286.5
didn't realize it [ __ ] moves6275.6993.081
now if we disconnect this with this door6284.1794.54
stay open try it hold on6286.443.96
yeah keep that battery with us it might6288.7193.121
come in handy is that what that is a6290.43.239
battery it looks like a battery doesn't6291.844.319
it pardon me coming through batteries on6293.6394.201
the on the button all right battery on6296.1592.701
the button I'm gonna go through this6297.843.74
door see what's up6298.862.72
conveyor belt looks like your belt6303.55.56
what was that dude oh that's that door6307.1393.06
over there6309.063.96
there's a battery in there you can pull6310.1994.02
that battery through here and put it6313.022.76
what's that do though just opens the6314.2192.581
well yeah here I'm gonna pull this lever6316.87.98
ready okay and yeah yep that's on6318.488.88
all right so that's on6324.786.12
so we can maybe get over there6327.365.879
oh you think we can jump to that I want6330.94.259
to see you do it oh man all right watch6333.2393.361
out watch out Simon watch out watch out6335.1594.171
hold on here we go here we go6336.64.16
here I go baby6344.6594.661
look at me I'm a damn Spider-Man I'm6347.2193.601
looking at you6349.324.26
okay you're on top right now what now6350.824.62
you run in place oh wait there's a box6353.583.86
can you get that you want me to stop it6355.444.1
yeah stop it6357.444.36
on keep running6359.544.72
got it ah awesome6361.84.5
what did this do6364.264.82
oh it's that door sick6366.35.64
now uh I'm over here at this other door6369.085.2
oh yeah you got it beautiful beautiful6374.284.919
all right this box throw it on the6376.265.58
conveyor I'll try6379.1995.701
seems hard right it does it does oh boy6381.844.92
jump with it or something I think I can6384.93.48
jump with it on there here I go ready6386.764.399
one yeah6388.382.779
next down now I'm gonna jump back to6393.424.56
this ledge yeah6396.2395.46
all right now take the box6397.985.6
wait it's gonna fall off the ledge yeah6401.6994.081
you got a good position to grab the box6403.586.599
I got it okay we got it we got it6405.784.399
I'm gonna try to jump over to this uh6410.64.48
this area with a statue over there yeah6412.923.54
I don't know if I can make this jump but6415.082.82
if I don't it's okay6416.465.239
yep you got it you got it6417.96.35
I hope it puts him with Vic6421.6994.301
God I'm with thick6426.04.5
all right Vic what uh what are we trying6428.943.54
to accomplish here all right after all6430.53.42
looks like we gotta Crank that generator6432.483.12
up okay yeah I see what you're doing6433.924.94
I'll grab this one oops6435.63.26
I have no idea6439.6793.721
all right now but yeah plug that thing6441.782.52
plugged in all right so oh now I gotta6444.34.26
crank this generator crank her up all6446.6994.201
right here we go I'm grabbing this thing6448.564.079
thank you6452.6392.781
oh come on6453.6597.5
camera great can I help you I don't know6455.427.6
I feel like you're all over me yeah you6463.023.48
do it6465.03.0
can't resist just getting on top of6466.54.26
somebody can you oh you guys are like oh6468.05.34
did I just open the door yeah you did6470.764.74
yeah because I'm good at things I get6473.344.5
kills okay good job buddy what did he6475.55.699
just open your mom oh did you she has6477.845.7
no yeah you guys are I can see you guys6483.544.76
you guys are right over there6485.522.78
you can see us yeah why can't we see you6490.444.32
I don't know6493.443.06
um get your trash check neebs come over6494.763.72
to you see where that wall is that one6496.53.54
is well yeah walk right over to that6498.483.6
wall okay are you on the other side of6500.043.42
this wall I'm just on the other side of6502.084.68
that wall I'm on top of the generator so6503.464.259
yeah we're right over here can you guys6506.762.28
get over here uh we don't know we6507.7193.96
haven't tried to fidget yet oh I climbed6509.044.86
that can we can we try to fidget over6511.6796.381
here yeah you guys fidget over there6513.94.16
good job yeah did you just go over there6518.7194.841
I went around it well [ __ ] well you guys6521.343.359
should do it the right way probably6523.563.36
connect the buttons and do the things6524.6994.141
no Simon what are you doing I'm gonna6526.925.04
connect the big box hey what I want this6528.845.399
closer to this wire I know could you6531.964.62
push the Box oh so just move the Box6534.2393.601
how's that a little bit more I'm pushing6537.845.339
come on it's not doing anything else I6540.34.919
might have to pull with you I think that6543.1794.381
this uh black cable oh I see what you're6545.2194.141
saying messing this up how they doing6547.563.179
over there6549.364.379
like a mess I don't know man the right6550.7394.261
one's all right I'm getting ready with6553.7392.94
the trigger all right whatever this6555.03.36
lever is hold on6556.6794.681
hey thank goodness6567.488.659
oh oh crap oh yeah [ __ ]6570.788.28
Alice hold on I want to get out I want6576.1396.011
to get under here6579.066.5
grab his feet pull him back6585.563.9
can you pull me I need both feet oh6590.585.76
seriously I'm back over here again6596.343.5
so there's no rush with this it'll be6602.2395.38
perfect okay now wait6604.6196.181
okay doralis put the block6607.6196.06
luck yeah block blocks there we're6610.85.96
looking at the limbo but6613.6793.081
all right hurry up hurry up hurry up6618.2393.841
hurry up oh6619.54.679
you need it I didn't knock the cables6622.084.139
out that time that time the cables but I6624.1794.02
thought the cables okay all right let's6626.2193.721
move on Vic's already done this with the6628.1995.52
generator correct that dude oh hey all6629.945.84
right think you're driving6633.7193.96
burn it get oh oh yeah I guess uh you6637.6795.761
gotta grab the wheel hold on all right6641.6393.781
turn it turn in the wheels all right6643.444.02
move forward there we go there we go6645.423.719
guys doing great it's gonna line up6647.463.0
keep on going all right you got the6650.463.239
no now just push forward nope yeah it6653.6993.48
should be fine yeah it's fine all right6655.7392.641
all right ready6657.1793.601
here we go here we go6658.385.359
looking good keep lifting6660.786.14
I am in6663.7395.741
hold on Buddy oh we need this over here6666.924.299
yeah I think we're good all right guys6669.483.239
I'm pretty sure we need that box from6671.2193.721
earlier to put onto this button unless6672.7193.241
we have something else to put on that6674.942.52
yeah I bet if you pull that lever I made6675.964.44
it uh yeah extends this bridge yeah so6677.464.62
yeah just yeah push that lever but we6680.43.54
got something to put on the button6682.083.9
yeah we got the box6683.943.779
that's fine yeah stay right there stay6685.984.02
right there all right now if you let it6687.7194.201
go is it gonna snap back I would imagine6690.03.36
but we don't need to go over there do we6691.923.299
we might need this box oh the box but6693.363.0
you guys were dragging something that6695.2193.301
would work like a box all right we got6696.363.18
the box6698.522.88
why do we need the box for this for this6699.543.24
button over here all right put that box6701.43.239
on the button what I see all these6702.783.419
cables laying around and it concerns me6704.6393.301
I know well I put the I put one of the6706.1993.121
cables I was trying to use it to weigh6707.944.56
down the box or the you know the thing I6709.325.419
didn't know I thought we needed cables6712.54.08
we'll see what we got6714.7393.581
we got over here that's it for this room6716.583.84
yeah I guess so pretty big place oh I6718.323.359
see where that lever does we might need6720.423.239
that box again I brought the cables okay6721.6795.94
okay so that button opens that door this6723.6598.301
uh can I make this jump do it man do it6727.6194.341
yeah good job oh [ __ ] I know about that6732.966.0
uh you can do it yeah there you go6735.785.28
so we gotta get that on the conveyor6738.966.179
belt and catch it over here I think6741.066.72
doralius you can't just jump from that6745.1395.161
uh well oh wait no thick thick pull that6747.785.54
back I'm trying no no no no there we go6750.35.899
there you go all right yeah6753.325.319
it's Cirque du Soleil all right can you6756.1993.341
go now6758.6392.881
lift that box up high dire Ellis I'm6759.542.639
there you go there you go now just come6762.1795.221
and jump jump okay yeah just run forward6764.1594.861
and jump6767.44.339
you got it you got it yeah6769.026.84
all right now put that box on hey guess6771.7397.301
what the cables did it look cables I did6775.864.46
hey good job you need any of these boxes6780.325.26
we can take the box with us but now we6783.6593.841
know we're gonna bring boxes and cables6785.584.2
here let me help you with that I got6787.54.58
this cables6789.785.16
oh boy this is gonna be a little tricky6792.084.9
oh wait a minute no I got it got what6794.944.199
here hold on6796.983.719
you're getting ready to drop our battery6799.1395.341
our battery's gonna drop goodbye6800.6995.761
I want our battery there's another6804.484.28
our batteries can you get the battery6809.425.98
thick never mind all right now wait stop6812.2198.0
the pull the lever hold on6815.44.819
it's off all right so you're gonna grab6820.7395.041
the battery with one hand and with the6823.54.32
other you're gonna grab the uh conveyor6825.782.939
can you reach the uh yep right there6828.7194.681
there now where am I taking this we6831.544.199
don't jump on top of on top of it and6833.43.6
then with the other hand grab the other6835.7393.301
conveyor belt hey Vic if you hold that6837.04.08
and uh if you take me over to him you6839.044.74
can grab on the meat nope go go oh you6841.084.76
got it yep yep power6843.784.939
stay there we go6845.846.7
hang on sick yeah look at this oh God oh6848.7195.561
my hand's caught my head's caught in the6852.544.579
thing my hands6854.282.839
I'm free I'm free okay we got a battery6858.444.66
pack now6861.05.58
beautiful leave it to lever6863.15.76
very nice6866.585.34
I'm just here we were just here but yeah6868.865.16
wait wait what can we take with us that6871.924.44
can we get the forklift into here to6874.024.26
open this door we need the battery right6876.364.319
yep hold on when did this game get to be6878.285.58
so little fun I'm enjoying this you're6880.6794.261
the only one being a [ __ ] right now6883.862.7
Simon well I'm not really being that6884.945.58
much of a [ __ ] this part is kind of I6886.566.26
love it6890.522.3
this is fun there's no thinking to this6900.444.42
you grab a battery you plug red to blue6903.063.96
hold on thinking do we have to throw6904.865.64
this coal into these uh boilers oh this6907.025.639
we got fire in it oh yeah put the coal6910.53.48
in that one put the coal in the one with6912.6592.821
the fire or maybe put it in these6913.983.36
because maybe these need to be on well I6915.483.84
just put one in that one is it coming on6917.344.26
I would think you'd have to turn it on6919.323.66
though so wait let's figure out what's6921.62.639
the point of it6922.983.84
maybe it's just the one pressure you6924.2395.88
hear that I put some in this one and you6926.825.52
gotta close it6930.1194.261
yeah I don't I don't understand the6932.344.08
point to all this okay guys oh yeah6934.384.02
doralius is there anything over here6936.423.54
well yeah I think these there's6938.43.779
something these guys I don't know what6939.963.22
oh well it's perfect6946.85.1
where'd you find that down there where I6949.84.5
came from all right isn't that hot yeah6951.93.779
it's a little warm put that in there6954.33.24
with this other coal I can't put it in6955.6795.581
this thing hey put it in here nah6957.546.659
uh right there I bet I bet we got to get6961.264.979
all three of these boilers really piping6964.1994.081
hot yep6966.2394.861
careful yourself6968.284.14
I don't really know how to put it in6971.12.579
there is there another one of those down6972.423.84
there no it was one no just the one huh6973.6794.741
so are you sure oh she just light it and6976.264.5
then get out so just hold it up to it it6978.424.319
has nothing to do with this thing I'm6980.763.84
positive it has nothing to do with that6982.7394.92
I don't know it's there's a thing there6984.66.0
that sounds crazy that makes no sense to6987.6594.741
me either okay just grab it by the end6990.63.78
that's not flaming and hold it in there6992.43.48
for a second6994.382.57
that's the courage look like that that7003.2195.321
bear on YouTube that was playing with7006.863.299
the chair that one time7008.543.72
all right just put it in the neutralius7010.1593.261
stick it in7012.262.459
come on come on man7014.7193.661
anybody else want to give that [ __ ] yeah7016.583.659
just drop it I'll do it any of us would7018.384.56
like to all right oh okay I guess I'll7020.2394.5
do it I mean I guess that means you do7022.942.84
it okay7024.7393.781
I think that you need to close the lids7025.784.3
and I think you need to light it7028.523.78
somewhere else I feel like you hold it7030.086.32
here yep I agree with I agree with uh7032.36.419
what they call me that's your name yeah7036.44.68
that that's ridiculous7038.7194.741
all right that boiler's odd open this7041.084.599
boiler oh there's no coal in that one I7043.464.02
don't think yeah that worked all right7045.6794.681
we were wrong there was no question I'll7047.485.82
close it all right boiler numbers being7050.363.9
is there coal in there7054.263.839
nope but the boiler's on now did you7056.2393.721
guys like load one up so much yeah it7058.0993.661
looks like it's on close them all all7059.964.08
right I think we need to uh we need coal7061.763.839
to get all of these boilers you guys you7064.043.72
guys see these um thermometers here yeah7065.5994.56
are these gauges we got to get every one7067.764.56
of these gauges like the one down there7070.1593.48
at the end we got to get it all the way7072.323.0
to the top there's coul in them Hills7073.6392.601
why would they ever make the vehicle7080.2394.621
this slow I I think we may have we7081.924.08
should have taken the other road because7084.862.64
I feel like we're going uphill yeah but7086.05.28
this is crazy slow play some music7087.56.619
a little Coldplay7091.282.839
Coldplay I'll check out the other road7095.984.0
with the late listen with as many of us7098.1193.181
as there are we honestly could have7099.982.94
walked and then just grabbed coal by7101.33.0
hand well that wouldn't have been fun7102.923.66
would it use the dump truck yeah I know7104.34.02
but this is it this I think there's7106.583.0
something wrong yeah I think we should7108.322.879
have taken that road uh that the Rally's7109.583.42
is on down there ladder okay goes7111.1994.141
downhill okay goes to the back road well7113.04.92
now we go can you go in reverse yes it's7115.344.2
too late to back up now really we've7117.924.4
gone 18 feet is it really too late7119.546.059
hey guys another truck up here not as7125.5994.5
good as our damn truck it's the same7128.543.72
truck yeah but I bet Charles goes faster7130.0995.401
with one person we can do two loads so7132.265.54
she said7135.55.28
which one two loads yeah she can do two7137.86.64
loads ah the old laundry joke7140.784.56
I get it yeah hilarious that's as fast7145.344.799
as it goes huh yeah we're almost there7148.343.299
though we're almost at the top all we7150.1392.821
have to worry about is Doral is being7151.6393.121
able to drive his truck which let's face7152.963.6
it he can't even put a stick into a7154.764.379
boiler stop us when you think it's time7156.565.639
I can't really see behind me I would say7159.1396.181
now hey boys look like I beat you I7162.1996.121
guess I'll get some coal7165.326.06
Simon already on it Simon to the mines7168.325.879
to the mines we're going7171.385.04
okay I'm not I'm not bitching by the way7174.1994.5
this this uh Cave looks like a vagina oh7176.423.36
I love cake7178.6992.821
especially one shape like sweet sweet7179.784.5
[ __ ] oh damn look at you think yeah man7181.525.159
Bull's coming in are y'all can call in7184.284.02
there yeah man I'm double fisting look7186.6793.721
at us we're cold people we're working7188.33.72
men yeah7190.44.58
black lung yeah7192.022.96
this is an interesting story yeah coal7195.383.839
miner no it wasn't a coal miner he would7197.424.02
get the coal off the train and then he7199.2193.9
would use a machine like this uh to load7201.442.88
it into his truck7203.1192.941
and then he would deliver coal to people7204.324.14
he was a coal guy not safer I mean you7206.063.599
still have to breed the [ __ ] in yeah7208.463.0
come on all right I got it all right7209.6593.96
we're good that's has anyone has anyone7211.463.6
checked the truck7213.6193.54
yeah it's fine well the rallies went7215.063.48
I'm doing it too7218.544.38
oh yeah the truck oh man the truck's7220.285.819
loaded okay oh well truck is loaded with7222.924.86
pick I wouldn't uh I wouldn't bring that7227.784.68
near that coal oh yeah be careful turn7229.6995.101
around huh I got the piece you will try7232.467.159
to get ah nice one nice work son okay7234.84.819
yeah hold on get you some of that7246.1393.381
yeah yeah guys a [ __ ] that's7250.584.32
all right you too put that down move7254.93.36
that truck we gotta turn this thing7257.02.88
well hold on neebs yeah really let's hit7259.884.859
this second truck7262.0994.981
we can go straight yeah what I'm saying7264.7395.281
yeah yeah I need you if you go straight7267.085.18
we can uh we can take that corner7270.024.56
uh-huh and then yeah it'll lead us back7272.264.11
to the to the other Road okay7274.586.43
you're losing coal all right pick it up7281.56.52
I'm losing it pick it up you guys are7284.7396.601
going so fast it's crazy pick it up7288.027.079
okay see neeps those uh that's the exit7291.345.2
sign on top of those7295.0993.481
um what would you call those generators7296.543.72
through that whole generator Towers you7298.585.059
think that hole is it maybe7300.263.379
it's backing up I know you ready yep7303.945.5
dump it7307.465.0
give it to me7309.443.02
it's like an action movie7312.765.1
oh sweet delicious cold all right guys7317.866.299
let's ruin the environment7321.265.339
all right this one's good7324.1595.221
this middle one7326.5992.781
is that it7332.843.66
that was good we're good let's wait for7334.284.439
it shut the doors now let's come over7336.53.719
to this thing7340.2192.841
now I wonder if this goes in here let's7343.0996.741
stick this in here7346.823.02
that's so funny7350.56.58
are you gonna do the honors on that sure7353.445.32
wait for us dick all right here we go7358.765.359
let's talk about it through together yep7360.443.679
come on baby7364.784.06
oh boy7367.346.48
look up Let Go me let go oh crap Simon7368.848.839
you know what it ain't just me7373.823.859
our neebs y'all come on7377.786.66
yep oh God7380.1794.261
no dorelius how much you got my head it7384.6196.781
is really hard to not do that yeah it is7387.445.759
oh hey Simon hey7391.45.54
all right all right oh Jesus7393.1995.881
all right one at a time one at a time7396.944.42
all right everybody stop neebs yeah all7399.083.599
right you see where Thick's at jump to7401.363.0
thick yeah you get over there okay I7402.6795.94
feel like okay uh yeah come on oh that's7404.366.56
right oh you missed it hey guys7408.6197.461
oh yeah look too thick go to release7410.925.16
whoa whoa7418.1793.301
all right Simon you just just hang out7422.1196.62
there okay no I'm gonna make it7424.763.979
all right neebs I'm right here buddy7434.6595.161
okay I'm right here man I got this you7437.1194.801
ready yep looks like a salmon all right7439.825.399
all right yeah I got you uh come on7441.925.4
Trent all right let you go you're in7445.2194.321
you're in all right Simon whoa Simon7447.323.96
what you should have communicated with7449.543.24
me before you did that I've done jumps7451.283.3
like that before with no assistance from7452.783.419
anybody all right drop down I was hoping7454.584.68
to do that again man I can do it myself7456.1994.861
too so I don't want to hold you up if7459.263.0
you guys want to move forward move7461.063.78
forward I could do this all right we're7462.264.68
gonna do this guys hey rally it's nice7464.843.839
wiggle dancing thank you all right hold7466.943.92
I want to get as close to you as I can7477.045.98
on this little [ __ ] all right ready7480.7394.38
yeah I'm ready for you baby hold on back7483.026.06
up back up Just a Touch come on and then7485.1197.801
go I got you oh damn it hold on look at7489.086.18
this yeah grab me grab me all right oh7492.924.199
you got me yeah all right you let go you7495.264.26
let go I can let you go all right I got7497.1195.401
him in all right Simon's in nice work oh7499.524.88
[ __ ] okay7502.524.86
okay I'm gonna wait cause I was up here7504.44.86
before this is where I [ __ ] fell oh7507.385.1
[ __ ] thick oh there you go that's good7509.265.32
you just go around huh oh really well7512.484.199
that's cool oh yeah there's a hole I7514.584.019
just gotta land that thing7516.6794.44
ah Simon7521.1196.301
so careful and it's not working thick is7524.1994.48
anything in there7527.423.36
well it's the end right there right be7528.6794.02
careful dick is that the exit it looks7530.783.6
like the exit oh man you guys are there7532.6993.661
let's just do it nope nope I'm waiting7534.383.9
for you we're all waiting we're gonna do7536.365.48
this together I was waiting for Simon7538.283.56
I mean I'm really not that [ __ ] bad7542.364.859
you can make this jump Simon go for it I7545.1193.961
know I can make it I've done jumps like7547.2195.96
this several times come on lady7549.084.099
yes all right I'm here7553.344.74
I'm jumping over to you after the7556.2194.44
problem is getting up here7558.085.88
oh wow my neck sorry oh all right hold7560.6595.361
on I gotta drop down okay7563.964.02
careful needs all right all we gotta do7566.024.179
is get Simon over here Simon I'm here7567.984.08
all right let's look over here all you7570.1993.48
gotta do is jump down I'll jump I'll7572.064.02
jump over to where you are all right7573.6794.94
oh God7576.085.539
no oh God don't you fall that was7587.385.319
mustache don't you fall use your arms7589.767.64
I'm using my arms okay hold on7592.6998.821
okay you on no he's not on yet oh [ __ ]7597.45.5
all right hold up hold up let me get7601.522.94
this arm up7602.94.08
over and up like this and then maybe7604.464.639
somebody can grab me from here7606.985.46
grab Simon's head I can't why because7609.0994.901
I'm holding your head he doesn't need7612.443.44
you to notice7614.05.04
Simon's head oh boy Whoa hang on to the7615.884.62
I think I have you draw Alice okay so7620.54.84
now pull Simon up I am doing I'm trying7623.1195.1
Simon we need to let go of my foot oh7625.344.379
salmon use your arms sometimes I am I7629.7195.581
swear I think what are you doing I7633.563.059
haven't I don't know if you're helping7635.34.5
thick at all falling hold on hold on I'm7636.6195.54
almost there7639.84.43
look at this7642.1595.171
okay oh God everybody7647.924.14
oh God everyone stand up and grab onto7653.324.839
the wall everyone stand up and grab onto7656.544.86
the wall rallies climb over onto me7658.1596.841
just hold on to my my personal7661.45.52
hey Simon you can walk on this little7665.03.9
Lynch like so now just let go7666.923.84
it should be fine oh you're kidding not7668.95.6
yet now and then just like you know7670.763.74
go to the people hold on human rope We7684.46.42
Go Together wow7687.083.74
I don't know how to let go and then7691.94.199
all right7696.0993.12
we did it7703.33.359
yeah all right we made it oh this place7709.1196.761
looked pretty oh this is the prettiest7713.364.98
it look it's a giant Acorn up there7715.884.5
that's a big nut well this is just7718.344.08
asking to be pulled on isn't it7720.383.719
all right I guess we should get to work7724.845.44
I'm gonna scope things out oh there we7727.945.219
go looking good dreadless pulling it ah7730.286.54
I'm gonna tip it over here I'll push it7733.1595.821
all hands on deck all right I think you7736.824.14
need to take one of those sticks and use7738.984.86
it to push this bridge down okay7740.964.98
ready watch this this is my cleaning7743.844.399
you're gonna pull your back out okay7748.5993.58
let's go7751.042.46
I'll grab one of these it looks heavy7752.1792.401
doesn't it7753.52.639
all right can we push this bridge over7754.583.48
so we can get over7756.1392.101
hey wait you're gonna hurt yourself7760.0995.281
don't do that okay this is the fulcrum7762.1995.101
you're the lever okay doesn't make a7765.384.14
good like 80s song wouldn't it I'm the7767.35.6
[ __ ] lover yeah7769.526.47
up and over7776.84.24
very nice work we could use another one7778.884.08
of those7781.044.079
oh yeah today we leave everything behind7782.964.139
nope bring uh bring another stuff okay7785.1195.04
over here what are you doing Astro oh7787.0996.381
I'm just uh I'm just looking7790.1593.321
why are you yelling what's happening7795.324.56
isn't it okay help me there you go7797.2395.101
helping thank you too many cooks in the7799.883.779
kitchen yeah well I'm backing out I'm7802.342.759
backing out of this all right you too7803.6593.48
all right put that in the hole put that7805.0994.14
stick into that hole all right hold on7807.1394.5
do it do it do it baby give me a second7809.2394.321
it's not the easiest thing yes there it7811.6393.661
is it looks like the easiest thing well7813.564.5
guess what ass wipe I just did it yeah I7815.34.68
know because it was easy leaves I see a7818.065.22
second wave yeah yeah I'm going hey why7819.986.48
don't we start up into two teams7823.285.339
he took off huh so once you go with him7826.463.54
to make sure he's safe I'll go with him7828.6193.301
let me see oh wow7830.04.139
coming thick yeah I think I can get7831.924.88
through here yeah I'll give it a try7834.1397.161
I'm almost through oh look at that yeah7836.84.5
oh I just saw Simon fall yep he went7842.363.96
down there how you guys doing up there7844.6993.601
we squeezed through the wall it was7846.323.839
pretty awesome all right we're down here7848.33.48
I think I don't think we can get through7850.1592.341
no guys oh hey oh hey all right abstra7852.56.179
let's give it a try all right you go7856.943.98
that's why I made you go first oh hey7862.05.32
needs dick what are you doing here I'm7864.564.2
waiting for App Store to fall from the7867.327.399
sky so there is a holy wait a minute7868.765.959
I'm probably gonna do some stripping7874.784.2
can I throw money in this game like7879.585.079
wish I could throw money because I'd7882.583.7
throw you all the money you cute little7884.6595.181
Asian [ __ ] yeah dance7886.283.56
he's cheered you on yeah7892.6594.781
I don't think you go this way7899.546.72
man you're so hot oh damn freaking Kevin7902.06.92
will you get the hell out of here dude7906.265.879
oh wait the cage is going up oh [ __ ]7908.924.719
catch me7912.1395.04
thinking I waited down to help yeah now7913.6396.06
I'm right by you so why did7917.1795.361
excuse me7919.6992.841
oh that's not gonna work just keep it7923.1793.861
right there7924.82.24
all right I got up over here does it7930.6395.08
look promising not really there's this7933.1396.48
box you need that oh damn it there we go7935.7195.701
okay we gotta get it up right yeah let's7939.6194.441
uh you and I get off of this okay one7941.424.819
look at it neebs hey Simon hey I'm7946.344.319
feeling very comfortable jumping around7949.343.359
in this world right now I had a boy and7950.6593.54
then I'll take it and I think we can put7952.6993.54
it over here yeah okay let's stand on7954.1996.0
the box to get up there right7956.2393.96
oh [ __ ] okay7970.04.0
hold on all right I got it over here7972.442.82
I'm rather uncomfortable right now you7975.263.72
guys could just hurry that up that'd be7977.5993.661
cool because I'm stuck oh you're stuck7978.984.639
in that corner yeah7981.267.399
one second let me try I can't even buy7983.6195.04
the time thank you oh yeah you free I'm7989.785.66
free I feel like that box over there7993.445.82
he's gonna come into play yeah7995.446.88
[ __ ] oh hold on hold on whoa whoa whoa7999.266.06
everybody just cool out let me try this8002.326.06
yep there you go but why we need to put8005.327.46
that box uh where neebs is right now8008.384.4
oh where's the Box oh that box okay yeah8012.944.799
that box up there right8016.063.679
not on Simon's head perfect ow high five8021.485.88
don't leave me hanging8025.363.359
you're next Simon hey help your brother8028.7195.841
out I'm coming bam8030.883.68
bam grab my head somebody grab my head8035.024.639
I'm gonna grab it oh my God8036.466.6
come on all right put your arms up pull8039.6595.741
me grab them put your arms up here we go8043.065.099
there you go there we are look at that8045.44.799
are you up yep I'm up I'm up good job8048.1595.241
the definition of a cluster [ __ ]8050.1996.561
my balls8053.43.36
you can let go of them8057.945.219
this thing move8060.825.52
oh you got it girls oh nice one buddy8063.1596.42
spins around good for you8066.345.339
that's exciting I don't want to come8069.5794.861
back jump off though now what why not8071.6794.741
it's supposed to keep going around right8074.444.08
so we can grab that into that swinging8076.425.06
it was stopping though8078.522.96
oh boy8082.063.659
[ __ ]8085.7192.601
scratch that8089.54.02
ruined it dralis ruin it for everyone I8091.05.579
didn't mean to crap my names hi names8093.526.059
there you go Simon's got it come on hey8096.5794.861
there you go Simon all right like do you8099.5793.721
have to get that thing off I'm trying to8101.442.88
walk it8103.33.61
come on let me help her there8104.323.96
oh God I can't believe I didn't fall can8108.287.04
you swing can you swing it back over8111.43.92
we're gonna get out of this neebs8119.443.32
why did you both just jump8122.924.259
I was trying to I was trying to get8125.1394.741
across thrash just laughing like a8127.1794.801
little girl or like anybody that laughs8129.883.54
well if you're just gonna stand there if8131.983.84
like you should get out of the way you8133.424.799
do I wasn't sure if we all needed to be8135.824.08
here I like what you're doing there8138.2194.741
neebs is anything happening no8139.95.52
I'm almost there yeah we gotta get that8142.963.9
stick back over here help with the8145.423.0
momentum needs well you know what I'm8146.863.719
dropping this is [ __ ] memes I gotta8148.424.5
get up here you do nope not with me here8150.5794.16
now all the weights off of that thing8154.7395.321
look that good or bad ah seems bad right8156.884.92
we're doing great gonna grab the stick8160.063.539
I got the stick we got the stick oh it's8163.5993.901
coming over am I getting closer to you8165.944.08
you sure are keep her coming Drive man8167.56.02
ah here we go here we go8170.023.5
you got that yep I think all right good8174.7195.86
okay all right right there right there8178.844.319
oh good8180.5794.981
okay I'm just holding on the thick look8183.1593.601
behind you is that what we're supposed8185.563.659
to go is that where you're going8186.764.919
to find out8189.2194.521
there you go it's beyond that door thing8191.6794.981
uh a bunch of Big Sticks some blocks8193.745.08
some trees is that we're supposed to go8196.664.199
you think yep because it's saved8198.825.119
somebody jumped in the water8200.8593.08
all right8206.825.079
ow oh God yeah that was brutal looked8209.084.26
like it hurt we should probably think8211.8994.221
about this nobody touched anything yeah8213.344.98
especially you what are you talking8216.123.819
about on that stick what do you mean8218.322.819
you're talking about you're the one that8219.9392.881
like [ __ ] up the whole last thing I8221.1393.061
didn't [ __ ] it up we did it what do8222.823.42
y'all think hello everybody looks more8224.23.96
fun doesn't it we split up with a lot8226.244.08
split up yeah because we we all [ __ ]8228.164.62
too much together good idea well I want8230.324.02
to go with the group of people who knew8232.783.42
how to play really well but they might8234.343.839
not want you to go with them well I'm8236.23.779
actually I could probably Jump Around8238.1793.84
better than you can fix already going8239.9794.74
you want to jump off Simon yeah I'll be8242.0195.7
jumping jump up jump up8247.7194.041
oh look at this it looks like somebody8252.585.099
might be able to win the jump off yeah8255.2194.5
jump each other off do it just right8257.6796.92
here in one shot do it jump off8259.7194.88
yeah yeah what you got going over there8264.7195.26
thick I think if I uh I pick this up8267.0994.861
it'll right it'll knock this thing over8269.9794.5
I don't know guys Simon we're watching8271.965.16
him pick a thing up give us a second you8274.4795.641
need more people maybe yeah hold on I'm8277.124.319
a weight lifter8280.124.319
body wants to help me slide it through8289.33.599
like a bridge I was about to say keep8291.3993.12
pushing it through no nobody's helping8292.8993.361
you dorality I'll come help you doralis8294.5194.821
you guys try to make this bridge8296.265.28
look at this I'm pushing it there you go8299.345.379
whoa nice Simon all right good a little8301.545.34
further that's as far as I can go okay8304.7193.84
no wait they're good then there's a box8306.884.339
over here8308.5592.66
yeah how did you get this one to go that8313.745.199
way now yeah how did you get that to go8316.544.38
down there like that jumped up on what's8318.9393.901
holding these things and then I jumped8320.923.54
to the front of it and it just it's on8322.844.139
like a a pull there you go yeah okay8324.464.759
okay okay8326.9794.92
so maybe putting the block underneath8329.2194.42
will prevent what does this accomplish8331.8995.521
huh did y'all say y'all need a block8333.6396.241
yep well [ __ ] I missed I can't see8337.424.139
because the stupid blocked rallies okay8339.883.36
I'll get the block I got it I got it I8341.5594.681
got it so yeah now you get the block8343.247.46
is this would that do it one second8346.244.46
that was perfect whoa oh that was8352.5994.681
awesome yeah like like you put it over8355.544.08
there thick yep but the box is under8357.284.079
well look at that8359.623.72
that ball just went that way is that but8361.3593.301
never happened the whole time look at8363.343.0
that that's what that's what doing this8364.664.019
does we have to jump on that ball and8366.344.2
rope and ride it yeah so I'm gonna do8368.6794.26
that God I hope so yeah I'm gonna try8370.544.2
that I want to try it I'm gonna see who8372.9394.08
has better luck Simon Ford rallies all8374.744.14
right I'm gonna be over here too oh God8377.0195.42
we too nope too late8378.883.559
what happened I got bounced off the8382.963.42
other side my hands didn't stick to it8384.823.0
God where are you supposed to go though8386.383.36
because well there's a cave I'm looking8387.823.18
at a cave like right in front of me and8389.743.18
I love caves you gotta jump like you do8391.03.54
love a cave I heard oh here it comes8392.925.22
ready everybody's going for it8394.546.08
you know8398.142.48
hey guys hey I'm down here oh yeah cool8407.3996.221
it's a good place to be the ball is8412.03.06
about to roll towards you Simon so just8413.623.8
grab it8415.062.36
let's go8420.064.44
there's a cave over there fix it now let8428.084.5
go he was nowhere near that cave well8430.664.739
guess what kind of idea sticks out8432.584.319
my knees jumping the ball now running8435.3994.5
jump in the case I'm gonna ride it all8436.8994.981
the way out and see what happens do it I8439.8994.761
think it just Falls8441.882.78
bad names8451.083.76
so thick was right this time I love it8454.843.66
all right so we gotta get for their8457.123.06
history books no I've been right about a8458.54.58
lot of things recently8460.182.9
oh [ __ ] here we go oh you got to run it8463.426.32
you got to run into the cave come on8465.763.98
yeah oh yeah thank you could you reach8470.686.0
me neebs huh Can You Reach Me oh hold on8474.164.739
let me try8476.685.299
uh reach my hand8478.8995.761
all right take my hand rally I'm gonna8481.9794.661
try I'm I gotta get my other hand on the8484.664.14
wait I have your head don't I8486.645.78
okay yeah yeah8488.85.519
can you reach up with one of your other8492.424.36
hand I'm gonna try8494.3195.521
your foot yep fire with one of your8496.785.24
I grabbed my own neck come on buddy8503.3996.281
come on oh yeah yeah we got this we got8506.53.899
leave them right below your health oh8513.8995.141
okay here we go oh you're way down there8516.9394.321
man uh I don't need your help with this8519.045.04
dress I know what's the object to this8521.263.84
over here with thick said he was right8525.14.02
this time come on I'm right here man8527.084.2
right there we don't leave a man behind8529.124.14
I don't want to follow the lava okay8531.283.539
neighbors I got you all right I don't8533.263.36
want to follow along oh you got me I got8534.8193.841
your legs yeah grab my hands all you8536.623.3
gotta do is grab my head all you gotta8538.663.12
do is grab my little cup head oh God is8539.923.059
that gonna hit me8541.783.3
is that gonna hit me8542.9793.861
it didn't hit me8545.085.04
got you brother coming over oh yeah okay8546.845.68
come on you can do this8550.126.359
yeah oh okay you got my head I think so8552.526.32
all right I'm gonna let go8556.4795.521
all right hold on I can I can pull up8558.846.0
are you pulling of course8565.386.72
I got your head8568.683.42
no yeah yeah8575.766.3
don't jump8578.763.3
come on neebs can you pull down8583.964.76
almost there oh come on okay hold on I8590.764.78
can I can do this I can do this8593.565.18
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah8595.543.2
okay oh my God that was harder than it8598.925.88
should have been yeah8601.243.56
Nick what you doing down there I don't8605.584.359
know just trying to make it over is8608.683.84
somebody uploading a video or watching8609.9395.221
you lagging huh oh my God it's terrible8612.525.459
sorry thick hey there's a ball coming8615.164.86
so grab the ball8617.9794.021
all right you're getting high you8620.024.799
getting high right there8622.07.5
oh he's right below us same same thing8624.8196.241
just grab my ass look we can get his8629.53.54
head we can get his head oh I got him I8631.063.6
got him I got him I got it come on thick8633.043.6
come on thick just let go thing we got8634.665.22
you come on let go let go let go okay we8636.646.12
got you I let go did you come on here8639.884.28
come on8642.764.44
who are we missing is there anyone else8644.164.9
I made it but I don't know how I made it8647.23.54
oh okay yes guys we're right here8649.063.54
beautiful well that didn't take long did8650.743.239
it no that wasn't great that was very8652.62.28
so we're in a new place I see a stick8654.884.38
here there's a wall a couple blocks up8657.164.68
there right what do y'all think we gotta8659.265.82
pry this okay to get that block down I8661.844.62
got one Simon got one oh yeah nice8666.466.8
oh sorry8670.542.72
oh yeah beautiful yeah sorry excuse me8673.966.72
I'm stuck that's high enough right8677.3196.901
yeah you got it man hold it for me8680.687.139
oh [ __ ] oh God that's all right I look8684.225.82
like it hurt nope I'm good come on that8687.8195.461
there we go okay I'm doing my best with8690.046.18
my face on this there it is there it is8693.285.699
all day long all day very cat-like jump8696.224.98
though there it is all right boy here we8698.9795.0
go advances8701.22.779
Simon thick you guys stay right there8709.33.96
okay I'm sure you should be last why8711.16.08
because you're most competent uh8713.263.92
get back grab my head yeah yeah check it8720.884.08
out Simon look at this I'm dropped down8723.223.78
you can grab my feet and then thick can8724.963.6
grab my head that's what I was trying to8727.03.78
get you back you just picked up the8728.564.2
thing and did the Box went that way grab8730.783.78
my feet Diamond I'm gonna grab his feet8732.765.24
give me a second man8734.563.44
grab my feet8739.662.96
we'll start figuring this side out yeah8744.168.88
okay seesaw to plank oh crap oh no drill8746.3998.981
yes what I think we need this you sure8753.043.42
it wasn't supposed to stay up there8755.382.7
maybe it was supposed to stay up there8756.464.74
all right guys we're up can't see8758.086.8
you got it uh8761.23.68
what's wrong with y'all I got you let's8766.4395.521
go yep8769.062.9
yeah take all day I'm not like8774.3594.12
struggling to hold this up8776.744.38
take your time no hurry8778.4795.101
please take your time this board's not8781.125.3
heavy or anything8783.582.84
there you go up and up8788.265.58
there's nothing up here you know what8791.54.68
what if we use this as like a bridge8793.844.32
over if we got it up there I don't know8796.183.9
that blocks long enough but for a8798.164.62
running jump put the block8800.083.96
there you go all right now there's two8804.043.48
of us up here all right Astro hand us8805.4793.96
the board get it you cute little Asian8807.524.379
[ __ ] all right now let it go he doesn't8809.4394.081
look slightly Asian why do you keep8811.8994.161
saying it looks Asian it looks Asian8813.526.36
can you uh oh a bun he's got the green8816.065.98
skin rabbit I'll hang on to this until8819.884.14
y'all get up here I wish I wish you8822.045.64
realized that was my first idea you're a8824.025.94
genius deralis he really is you're so8827.685.84
smart Simon yeah grab my8829.963.56
grab my I don't want that8835.722.9
we're gonna call this operation doralis8840.3994.621
yep that's fine and then you guys all8842.385.0
grab doralius maybe yep8845.024.74
when one of you has me I'm gonna let go8847.384.42
on my right there we go now let me know8849.763.62
when to let go of this board8851.84.26
oh no don't let go of the board let go8853.385.2
of my right hand got it yeah8856.063.48
okay all right all right all right now8859.542.46
we're on to something don't knock the8860.923.18
board off I got it operation drellis was8862.04.439
a success I feel like I'm getting pushed8864.16.08
oh hang on oh crap8866.4393.741
oh that's okay just8870.463.5
all right all right now come to the end8878.644.6
doralius try try to try to lift it up a8880.965.34
little bit okay oh yeah all right so8883.246.42
lift it up a little bit oh now now you8886.34.86
stay now you hold it there I'm Gonna8889.663.659
Change position oh all right hold it8891.164.319
right here this looks good yeah it looks8893.3194.321
great right here all right hey Simon8895.4794.021
rebellious you two hold this thing I'm8897.643.42
gonna let go and help neebs and pick up8899.53.78
all right you're looking good man oh my8901.064.799
God come on you damn fools come out8903.284.74
there we go all right now nobody fall8905.8593.901
off two of you jump on the back for8908.023.66
weight all right I'm on the back and8909.764.08
then someone jump over ready8911.685.1
what's up girl8913.844.32
come on hey8918.163.08
hey here we go got two over I'm next8923.29.32
yep Simon your turn my turn yeah [ __ ]8926.685.84
oh yeah oh yeah8952.27.02
go ahead it's your birthday8955.28.56
oh wow this looks oh [ __ ] I'm out fair8959.226.42
with you hey dude I'm going this way8963.766.26
Indiana Jones looking [ __ ]8965.644.38
I'm gonna go do it uh when it comes back8973.925.64
yeah yeah8978.3994.441
oh I did too oh [ __ ] I got knocked come8979.565.44
on oh my god oh damn hamster that's a8982.844.86
good spot hey I knocked way up here guys8985.04.8
oh boy8989.83.48
who's gone oh boy8993.283.68
oh that's what where does he let go at8998.464.32
I got really lucky here you're back when9004.885.14
we started something yep okay what's the9007.564.32
secret approach uh I jumped in front of9010.023.18
it and it kind of hit me like a golf9011.883.24
ball on the front on this side right9013.24.26
back in on the side you're at I jump9015.124.38
right in front of it and it it just9017.464.14
clocked me oh9019.53.26
okay at least uh you're hanging on I'm9022.764.48
gonna get knocked off take that and let9025.4395.42
go all right I'm gonna try it9027.243.619
oh you were on to something though9036.243.96
doralius yeah I figured as much honey9037.745.1
hello [ __ ] yeah9040.25.279
okay oh hey I want to try to come up9042.843.42
come on I tried that I did that you9046.265.0
couldn't get on top I did get up top9048.35.72
up top9051.266.34
here buddy I'll meet you up there okay I9054.025.32
feel like I'm On Top9057.65.9
whoa okay I'm on top of it oh seven oh9059.346.84
I'm here9063.55.28
okay I'm at the very front of it hey9066.186.9
Simon's over there abstract9068.784.3
oh yeah that is awesome yeah that's a9073.167.42
lot of fun I'm in the wrong place you9077.74.44
know names looking at this now I kind of9080.583.18
feel like we were supposed to avoid9082.143.719
these things and not grab onto them yeah9083.763.96
because I did that yeah and then you9085.8594.741
made it there yeah hi there is that9087.724.5
where we need to be I think I think9090.64.2
Nick's doing it like the right way oh9092.224.139
put this down9094.83.84
doing something the right way we don't9096.3594.141
know if you're right yet thick and it's9098.644.14
true you're rarely correct ninety9100.54.56
percent of the time I'm correct we did9102.783.6
it one way and we're I think we're9105.063.66
further ahead than you are no where are9106.383.54
you going thick out there in the Blue9108.723.9
Wilderness that's maybe a good point I9109.924.5
think we gotta go we gotta go that way9112.624.739
that looks like the way to go yeah 90 he9114.425.22
said abstract 90. that's that's a very9117.3594.701
this looks like the way to go all right9122.13.9
yeah oh wait a minute9123.8993.661
there's a rope here9126.04.5
do you think thick come on bro oh yeah9127.566.12
uh yeah we know you get kills Nick it's9130.54.92
okay babes you guys you stay up here9133.685.28
I'll go down there yep9135.423.54
yep oh [ __ ] yeah9141.245.18
I did it what did you do all right the9147.3195.08
board broke away and I swung on the one9150.64.86
board so can I die and stop trying this9152.3995.281
all the boards tore away but it left one9155.464.14
you can swing on the one I'm gonna try9157.684.92
swinging okay here we go9159.65.82
oh oh crap this is uh that rope's a lot9162.64.92
longer isn't it doralius uh you may be9165.423.78
better to go down9167.525.24
or try that way yep9169.23.56
hoop neebs yeah buddy I'm I'm I actually9172.926.3
did the thing do I want to be at the9176.764.679
bottom bottom might be easier yeah yeah9179.225.16
oh oh nice Simon both on it all right we9181.4394.141
gotta swing together you ready you guys9184.383.18
gotta work together to swing and and9185.585.96
jump off and forward oh that looks good9187.567.32
I'm gonna do the next one okay I think9191.544.96
yeah you guys keep running back into9194.886.68
that wall bam yeah Simon I made it9196.57.14
oh [ __ ] all right yeah you're looking9201.565.22
good now neebs count on you guys9203.646.299
yeah yeah all right now is that enough9206.786.9
people over there I wonder here we go9209.9393.741
yeah damn it it's like Groundhog Day I9215.8194.021
like Bill Murray in his later movies9218.3994.341
that was a great movie9219.845.34
groundhog one of his best movies I9222.745.739
consider that a later movie great okay9225.186.24
oh hey doralius oh sweet it finally put9228.4794.201
me over here so I didn't have to do that9231.423.899
[ __ ] hydralius yep do not touch that9232.685.219
come on dick you got this is it all9235.3194.801
right is it just him or nobody touching9237.8994.321
nobody touch it let's figure this out9240.123.84
before we uh before we start moving it9242.224.38
around Hey Kevin9243.965.1
see a box up there9249.065.64
maybe the Box9251.9394.801
it was on the platform can you reach9254.73.42
that uh platform from where you're9256.742.4
like that one yeah9259.144.799
we could walk someone around9261.3594.921
like okay you gotta hold on let's grab9263.9394.021
that walk up the ramp with this and9266.284.8
that'll bring that thing down okay9267.964.979
good idea thick9271.083.899
let's put that on the calendar I'm gonna9272.9394.861
hop up on the platform okay so now you9274.9794.5
guys bring the stick back down the rim9277.85.599
yep yeah we professionals baby9279.4797.141
oh I'm going up now yeah we were gonna I9283.3994.5
was thinking we could walk you around9286.624.56
like uh come uh come grab doralis his9287.8996.881
feet yeah let's walk neebs around9291.185.88
oh there we go leaves getting a little9294.785.4
higher now can we walk him back Simon9297.065.759
Simon we need what come grab oh boy I'm9300.184.04
I want that to happen hold down oh here9304.223.96
we go9307.383.72
oh boom okay well [ __ ] we could send him9308.185.16
nice work team now you jump over to the9325.75.199
next section and we can all go there9329.14.14
saving all right let's all go over there9333.243.72
okay they should be coming over here9336.964.92
somewhere right behind your knees oh9339.65.759
come on perfect there's a big seesaw you9341.886.84
call them sea salt oh crap9345.3595.701
didn't see there was a hole there all9348.725.9
right see you in a second nope nope9351.066.62
take a look at this9354.625.92
teeter-totter or seesaw I say seesaw9357.684.719
seesaw I grew up in a teeter-totter9360.544.14
world but Tater totter all right hold on9362.3993.721
there's this there's like guys there's a9364.683.48
stick over here can you jump up on that9366.125.34
you can jump up oh yeah okay9368.165.1
I'm wedging it you are you comfortable9382.75.38
Simon yeah hold it hold it right there9385.8593.181
hold it right there hold it right there9388.082.88
don't let it go I'm wedging it right now9389.044.62
I'm keeping it there no look at my look9390.964.74
at this look at my body yeah look at my9393.663.84
body it's already doing it together keep9395.73.84
the stick there and now go for it9397.54.319
everybody climb up everybody climb up I9399.544.88
can I'm wedged oh you're wedged9401.8195.401
sandwiched in here are you serious you9404.425.019
are wedged yes I could let go no no9407.224.5
sorry sorry you're not listen it's not9409.4394.321
gonna affect anything you're not oh you9411.724.74
are wedged yeah oh yeah I'm not a liar9413.765.099
we gotta pick them up briefly there you9416.464.859
go done are you out I'm dropping it and9418.8593.96
then I'm gonna jump on because that9421.3193.241
stick now was holding it thick where9422.8193.901
you're at on that side that's the side9424.564.62
that's going to get shot up over into9426.723.84
the right spot well we don't have to9429.184.88
shoot up oh [ __ ] oh God9430.566.18
what are you doing we had it what an9434.064.06
yeah oh but there we go see worked out9438.125.04
thank God yeah worked out for you guys9440.965.14
I'm stuck underneath now oh well then oh9443.164.279
[ __ ] you sorry oh look at there's the9447.4395.92
same stick again it respawned oh boy9450.424.76
what a surprise9453.3595.221
hey can I get this thing swinging are we9455.184.01
going faster9458.583.14
yeah I got it I got it I got it baby oh9461.724.86
I think we can make this thing to a 360.9471.8597.141
I hope so walking it down [ __ ]9474.4794.521
working our time9479.3993.741
but we not get any further I feel like9484.044.12
we're hitting something you are because9486.723.92
they put the stick up there9488.168.239
move the stick Simon thing all right9490.645.759
there we go I'm up here9504.084.02
here we go9508.886.34
this is good yeah oh9511.3995.681
Simon dammit9515.223.679
there we go9517.084.859
that's right there we go oh crap that's9518.8995.981
right so everybody starts swinging this9521.9395.841
is getting there baby9524.882.9
I don't know9528.122.6
Simon let's go now that help us out9531.25.82
we waited two seconds after I said go9537.84.9
I'm on it again God thick you're gonna9540.3596.701
try to run up this thing and go go go9542.78.06
am I the only guy still on here all9555.124.199
right somebody jump on and swing the9557.583.72
wedge it makes a really all right I'm9559.3194.941
jumping on I'm swinging9561.32.96
yeah okay I'm on hey this will be cool9564.34.62
I mean this is not the way they want9567.664.64
what's gonna be what's gonna be cool9568.923.38
so can that be over here yes it can9574.883.76
because you just did it from this side9577.4394.5
Simon would it do anything if you wedged9578.646.24
that that bar underneath that axle I9581.9394.981
mean it would stop it okay that's an9584.884.08
easy fix we were trying to do something9586.924.26
amazing oh you're yeah let's let's try9588.964.56
to waste time Simon got his head jammed9591.184.219
in there9593.525.36
keep your head in there9595.3993.481
one job son9602.183.48
I'm in oh hey that's it9605.764.46
stay right there9610.283.36
don't you keep your stupid head wedged9616.285.94
in there all right9619.3192.901
yeah thank you you did it yeah damn9622.646.759
right I did I'll stay here the rest of9627.064.32
the [ __ ] video all right don't touch9629.3994.861
anything that's the rule oh9631.385.64
because I'm right you get up that goes9634.265.16
up it looks like once you pull on that9637.025.58
right so9639.425.16
is it safe to pull that9642.65.18
let's just touched it9644.583.2
let's see hold on let's try to get a9647.8194.141
little higher on it yeah9649.745.04
a lift with my bam all right it's all9651.963.78
the way down can you get up there9654.782.82
absolutely yes I could get up there hold9655.743.72
on one second what's over here anything9657.65.82
I can get there from him maybe oh you9659.466.359
can get up otherwise all right I'm9663.423.479
holding the door9665.8192.821
should we wedge it wait I'll wedge it9666.8994.321
that's doing great all right we got a9668.645.96
wedge in place Simon I'll be back9671.223.38
now just put it under there yeah oh God9688.54.74
can't be moved all right come on through9690.246.18
everybody through going down the cave9693.245.76
look I love games you look down yeah9696.424.439
there you go limbo9699.04.26
who else we got really Simon come on all9700.8593.841
did doralis go a different way I went a9707.065.14
different way okay9709.684.98
way now I'm curious9712.25.4
okay let's see where this goes9714.665.12
look at that Fran court with that hot9742.766.179
metadata on yeah that's some sweets9745.3197.101
I'm catching up to you guys hey9748.9396.161
hey Nieves we're on the same letter look9752.424.72
at us Simon I'm thinking again I think9755.14.259
it might be time to end this video I9757.144.38
think so let's hope these guys make more9759.3594.761
maps soon9761.522.6
wow God damn it9775.146.68
Christmas special9779.116.879
Okay so9795.9795.201
what are we up against this time I don't9798.64.5
know this is a nice Christmas themed9801.183.12
it's been a minute I gotta remember how9804.33.72
to play this I know yeah it's this thing9805.55.28
damn it there's a box9810.787.039
you'd never change man you never change9814.76.72
no Jesus Christ9817.8196.101
let's go come on you guys do you just9821.424.36
take me everywhere your allies all right9823.923.54
what are you doing over there I don't9825.784.92
know oh oh thanks sit it right here see9827.464.62
right there on the ground set it right9830.73.84
there up9832.085.46
I can almost come up over here oh wow9838.9795.281
here jump on my head yeah yeah I9841.764.0
remember how to do this9844.265.16
yeah oh yeah there we go get up there9845.766.24
yeah come here this is just as dumb as9849.425.519
it was before it's me all right one at a9852.05.22
time you're [ __ ] balls out of my9854.9395.101
picture get your head out of my ass man9857.227.52
come on I'm riding your face9860.044.7
help help what you just knocked over the9867.24.9
damn box9869.8195.341
all right someone's got to hold the Box9872.15.4
am I holding it you're holding me let go9875.164.739
of me all right let him go over here up9877.55.04
like this and then maybe here I'll hold9879.8993.601
the Box9882.543.96
yeah there you go there you go there he9883.55.12
oh yeah yeah yeah9890.03.88
should I go oh over here yeah okay all9895.264.44
right you made it oh yeah there's a lock9898.3193.401
over here yeah oh yeah9899.73.14
come here9902.847.12
I did it hey Anthony hey oh boy just so9905.16.54
you know this is Anthony this is our9909.964.62
spectator oh he's doing great9911.645.16
well this is cool looking yep I like it9914.583.899
we're gonna need these boxes I'm9916.83.78
guessing I'm gonna grab one I miss this9918.4795.221
game I wish there was so much more of it9920.585.46
I'm having problems down here9923.74.739
should we uh bring this down uh here I'm9926.045.04
gonna take this this mine now9928.4394.201
ouch how the [ __ ]9931.084.64
the [ __ ] things again I forget9932.643.08
only one plank oh wait look at this9937.3993.46
right here9939.843.8
what you got9940.8592.781
oh yeah I see doralius this tree pull my9944.285.34
legs toward the uh the guy I see what9947.644.98
happens and I like it9949.624.62
go down tree all right never mind coming9952.623.84
up through I'm gonna help9954.243.96
tree just a big pole9958.26.239
I hit it with this thing hit it okay9961.645.02
lift it up here we go hold on we're9964.4394.261
going this side right make out with me9966.663.96
afro I will stick your tongue in my9968.75.34
mouth walking forward yep is it not9970.627.22
moving nope oh crap9974.043.8
yeah it looks like it would fall the9978.3593.661
other way does it make any sense but9980.224.5
okay and then go toward where we came9982.023.66
yeah come on go this way yeah nope not9985.684.86
working man9988.83.9
what happens if you just run and jump9990.544.38
off you know you're probably gonna see a9992.73.9
land right in front of us in a few9994.922.7
are you back in that room damn it9997.626.12
maybe just push it forward a bit and use10000.225.94
the ground as leverage as a fulcrum10003.746.42
fulcrum yeah Eaves with the big word10006.165.86
fulcrum sounds like a dirty word am I10010.164.22
the only one10012.022.36
oh no10014.543.899
it doesn't seem right if we had a box10016.344.26
down there maybe this tree is a red the10018.4393.54
whole thing's a red herring has nothing10020.63.42
to do with the puzzle10021.9794.5
can we use that plank to basically make10024.024.44
a platform that uh that leans out a10026.4794.201
little bit and then just jump maybe let10028.464.32
me try one more thing hold the box to10030.683.179
use the board to make try to make a10037.063.22
guys yep I see an ax go get that ass I'm10041.545.1
trying I'm almost there hold on let me10044.844.38
let me uh drunkenly make my way towards10046.646.14
it come on buddy10049.223.56
here we go here we go10054.046.46
yeah oh yeah it's working yeah put you10057.085.819
back into it10060.54.46
how was that cutting anything10062.8994.981
it's actually working we're gonna make10064.964.38
sure it falls this way right yeah yeah10067.884.5
all right yeah y'all all this way don't10069.344.36
hit us10072.384.46
there we go10073.73.14
damn it all right you know what drop it10095.923.64
drop it right there that's fine that's10098.184.2
fine perfect oh boy yeah who's going10099.565.4
first me10102.385.34
what are you doing well no that would10104.964.68
have happened no matter what yeah a good10107.723.54
call to realize all right all right10109.644.259
Simon go bam10111.266.42
come on come on oh [ __ ]10113.8995.341
[ __ ]10117.684.219
come on10119.242.659
dick you go yep okay10122.669.9
yeah I'm up oh you are up all right here10132.566.0
we go sorry I'm jumping I'm taking this10136.583.859
ax with me10138.564.46
yeah here we go10140.4395.201
you knock me off10143.024.68
[ __ ]10145.645.12
I'll go over him up we got their allies10147.76.57
hey rebellious nice work10150.765.84
we need help the best thing you could10162.345.5
probably do is uh let go no I refuse10164.845.28
just pull me up come on okay here I come10167.844.86
come on I need your help yeah there you10170.124.44
go hold on to that now grab me all right10172.73.48
have you got me yeah I think so all10174.563.12
right so now I can let go and then hold10176.183.9
on hold on no no perfect perfect all10177.684.74
right boom I'm up grab onto me no you we10180.084.5
don't need to grab on you10182.424.38
we can do this on our own thing10184.585.279
go get neebs come over here right let's10186.84.8
just throw my arm I was trying to lift10189.8593.301
you up I'm over on this side you need to10191.63.24
be lifted up you [ __ ] look out how's10193.163.36
that make me a [ __ ] you sure need to10194.843.72
get up grab my head and then grab the10196.523.32
do you want to get up I want to kind of10199.845.62
risk your mission is this [ __ ] ah you10202.345.78
made it worse10205.462.66
thank you sir there just fall guys just10211.65.14
fall I don't want to fall just fall10214.643.78
we're wasting way too much time right10216.743.8
all right start the video right here yep10223.426.7
should we look at this thing ahead of us10227.924.42
oh yeah take this with me yeah all right10230.124.5
one of these two oh okay yeah uh like10232.344.26
yeah light the thing up10234.623.6
oh we gotta throw it in this thing okay10236.63.299
we're gonna burn me light it on the10238.223.9
bottom or throw it in the bottom now the10239.8993.601
bottom makes sense10242.123.66
you're burning our spectator oh I wonder10243.54.38
if you have to make a key gotta take the10245.784.22
Anvil oh10247.886.24
and we gotta smelt it down uh he smelt10250.06.34
it guys I found a mine over here is10254.124.319
there any ore in there10256.344.019
where you would think or it would be in10258.4395.121
it bring some more please10260.3593.201
here I come Astro I wonder if I can go10272.183.6
around on the side10274.14.5
you guys want to come with sure we're10275.784.199
going this way you guys keep working10278.62.77
over there10279.9799.32
yeah all right so there's the exit right10290.8993.901
there look at that all right so this10292.644.679
isn't too big this is actually pretty10294.84.76
I wonder if this is the ore10306.4394.801
maybe might be can we go smelt this yeah10308.4796.421
let's take these get off of me10311.246.94
anybody behind me10320.184.92
oh you need the cart moved I found some10322.185.7
more ore I think10325.12.78
I'm gonna drop that10328.045.46
all right time to have an orgy nice I10330.85.28
like it that's good here's another10333.54.74
are we sure this is the ore we're not10336.082.88
putting rocks on this thing wait this10338.963.899
looks like coal over here put more coal10340.74.279
is that pressure gauge going up neebs I10345.9395.801
didn't see it move let's add more coal10349.523.9
first maybe maybe it's the wrong kind of10351.743.48
ore maybe that's just a damn Rock maybe10353.423.42
we need to find like a golden or Silver10355.222.9
sweet get out of there it's got to be10369.084.26
like a golden nugget is there something10371.423.96
or something a nugget uh I don't know10373.343.54
something different because yeah I feel10375.382.76
like we're trying to just cook regular10376.882.76
rocks because those things just look10378.143.6
like regular rocks that could be wrong10379.644.94
and it's not the amble right hey guys10381.746.78
yeah you see me over here no I'm in the10384.588.199
I'm in a cave Simon oh yeah hello hi10388.526.12
guys I'm gonna go up here and see if10392.7793.54
anything's up here10394.644.86
okay okay I got another is this coal and10396.3195.16
a piece of coal maybe this is I got two10399.55.54
of them Anthony get out of there10401.4793.561
throw this in there hey you know what10408.023.6
this yellow thing here can we put this10409.644.2
yellow thing up top grab the yellow one10411.624.279
yellow boy10413.846.019
I guess we're gonna hold hands all right10415.8996.46
it's not yellow anymore black it's10419.8594.721
because it was hot huh yeah we gotta put10422.3593.901
them further in there might have just10424.584.88
[ __ ] myself oh10426.263.2
oh making my way up10434.33.559
you dump on this tree10444.23.72
you know I kind of like scaled across10446.04.38
the uh the10447.924.5
the side of the wall10450.383.86
yeah man I'm in this mine I think if we10454.244.539
clear some rocks out there's like a10457.345.18
little pathway oh yeah yeah10458.7793.741
oh I made it up and then I fell down10462.9796.061
so yeah [ __ ]10466.2795.461
okay yep there's something here all10469.044.5
right yeah a little Edge can you squeeze10471.743.72
around me yeah watch out watch out10473.545.939
and yep thanks for the light yeah10475.465.939
looks like a little breakable let me10479.4794.561
grab this light okay10481.3995.221
got it I think okay10484.043.96
all right guys I'm gonna jump on the10486.623.12
just letting you know do it I can see ya10489.746.02
I'm stuck down here I'm on the pendulum10492.626.01
I don't know why but10495.765.98
all right now where the hell are we10506.9795.401
we're somewhere good I think10509.063.32
oh wow look there's a minecart over here10524.544.439
we're doing this what the hell here you10526.583.96
jump in first I'll jump right after you10528.9795.041
all right and I'm red go yep am I on oh10530.545.1
you're being drunk behind okay that's10534.023.6
fine here we go10535.645.179
yeah oh boy10537.623.199
let's win we should have jumped off10544.064.74
let's see we're at the uh the bridge is10556.74.56
down bridge is down we gotta get across10559.463.479
the bridge okay that's the other side of10561.263.78
where we were so yeah I guess we had a10562.9394.081
we gotta crawl back oh is that the door10565.043.6
that had the key on it so we just went10567.023.78
around it right yep10568.644.38
should we call the other guys10570.84.22
dick you up there I am oh yeah we're10580.524.02
down here at the bottom I think we made10583.225.099
it through without a key I'm not sure10584.545.48
what's up10588.3193.66
damn it10590.024.12
you're gonna ran over10591.9795.601
oh it drops another Minecart10594.143.44
I don't know what's going on up here but10607.13.66
taking my time because I don't want to10608.842.79
fall now10610.762.4
hmm I'm gonna run you over thick here it10613.165.21
comes no I just got ran over here10616.344.519
come on10620.8593.181
you guys okay yeah you okay yeah it's10628.8195.641
kind of scary are you up at the clock10632.8994.321
tower oh hey I saw Simon hey Simon10634.465.04
hey I'm not sure10637.225.4
if I'm even going the right direction10639.54.5
I am oh boy10644.03.979
turning anything happening here10648.383.559
oh this one's never mind that's what10652.3995.181
time that one is10654.682.9
hey I think oh we don't need that key do10662.55.38
we if I'm being honest I kind of want to10666.083.48
see this thing smell10667.883.899
you go that's right I'm up here are you10669.564.259
not gonna ride the roller coaster I'm10671.7793.66
coming up to the top I like to get a10673.8193.841
bird's eye view [ __ ] maybe we can make10675.4394.021
this work I think I might be smelting10677.665.04
something oh10679.463.24
do I put this up10684.24.199
what's that what you got the Bell thing10686.243.84
oh yeah put it up yeah put it up there10688.3994.341
put it in there10690.082.66
oh who just fell hey10694.343.74
oh okay dip [ __ ] going wild over there10698.126.18
get in there Alias come on10701.723.78
come on now you gotta get out there you10705.53.32
there you go get that coal out get the10712.044.2
hell out of in there I'm watching you10714.3195.101
from up here on the hill that's great10716.246.06
there yeah10719.424.88
is there more fire do we have another10725.023.4
torch oh yeah there was a torture we10726.8594.08
left one torch in the mine oh dudes how10728.424.38
you doing over there uh I'm waiting for10730.9393.361
y'all to ride this car but I'm tired of10732.83.66
waiting coming you ready damn right I am10734.33.96
and go go all right jump on the back10736.464.62
come on baby I want to ride too hang on10738.267.82
hang on seven oh I'm sorry10741.085.0
I apologize10746.8598.441
previously on human fall flat whoa10749.3195.981
I'm having problems down here10757.9395.661
thank you10767.143.0
oh yeah10780.043.6
I apologize10784.8998.801
Aurelius it's the Olympics okay10793.74.5
stick it in there okay okay nothing's10800.426.059
changing we need more coal don't we was10804.144.139
there cold in here10806.4793.84
I don't remember push it Simon push it10808.2794.741
here we go is everybody in okay we're in10810.3193.841
stay right here all right some point we10814.164.739
gotta let go after this jump yep no but10816.564.86
not yet not yet yeah all right and now10818.8995.661
jump let go let go okay10821.426.14
oh boy10827.566.52
got all the coal a piece just fell from10830.845.88
the sky too that was that was for me oh10834.086.54
let's loaded up get in there10836.725.719
don't hurt yourself10840.624.739
there we go this is the oh this is the10842.4394.661
perfect position10845.3593.841
I'm gonna ride the side10847.16.0
don't stop me here oh God you're doing10849.26.239
great listen probably the best thing10853.13.98
that ever happened to me10855.4394.5
try it just go for it oh you go on yeah10857.086.279
go Simon go yeah all right you should10859.9395.521
have left swing it you gotta swing it oh10863.3597.04
did it I'm doing it next here we go [ __ ]10865.468.42
come on baby10870.3993.481
bam nailed it come on noobs here we go10876.085.699
how am I making that10880.163.42
you try10881.7793.721
are you trying to I couldn't get that10883.585.42
one on the right there you go there10885.53.5
is not gonna turn yellow10889.344.08
this is exciting I wonder what the other10891.743.3
guys are doing10893.425.3
oh do it I'm gonna release10895.043.68
that one's so damn hard yep I should10901.3594.061
have had it the first time I don't know10904.3994.101
if I didn't go this was easy10905.423.08
doing you can do it salmon no sound10911.546.439
there we go come on okay10914.423.559
I think we need more coal okay I think10920.685.799
the uh spectator Cam's trying to tell me10924.146.48
something thick oh good hmm oh yes it's10926.4795.46
back okay I got cold all right bring it10931.9395.661
thank you spectator cam10935.725.52
oh boy oh yeah noises10937.67.0
oh we have a key get the key we got the10941.246.68
key got the key yeah10944.63.32
I feel drunk should I grab um yeah yeah10950.727.139
stay oh nope not there huh up nope right10953.546.18
there keep it right nope sorry you start10957.8594.321
you you don't move so I can okay and10959.723.66
wait if we turn sideways uh-huh you see10963.386.84
like you're gonna have to right yeah10966.925.28
kind of rocks in my way hold on hold on10970.224.74
hold on what if uh just one person grabs10972.26.119
it with uh with both hands let's see10974.966.56
I have key10978.3193.201
hey I'll see ya right there okay you see10991.966.64
us yeah all right yeah we're over here10996.24.739
yeah we're up here you gotta go to your10998.65.179
right and take the cart11000.9392.84
yeah where I was earlier yes sir I'm11004.423.54
looking forward to watching this from11006.762.58
over here yeah I know this is kind of11007.962.46
oh better view would be over here11010.423.54
wouldn't it oh yeah see him come down11011.624.38
the track yeah on the count of three11013.967.819
thick okay one two three go11016.05.779
yeah oh we got it yeah yes do the jump11022.387.899
good luck on the uh jumpy things I go11038.8195.641
you missed the first one uh not a11044.684.2
professional like me11046.964.68
hey we're all together again yay all11048.883.66
right now11051.642.639
now what puzzle looks like you guys11052.543.6
already spin this thing uh I haven't do11054.2793.481
the honors derailers okay it's like uh11056.143.42
I'm really good experience of some sort11057.763.26
has gone up11061.024.0
what's that causing11063.043.42
you're telling me I'm just spinning I'm11065.023.0
gonna go into the power going somewhere11066.463.72
I found a thing11068.024.74
it's like a it looks like a part of a11070.185.94
electric thing oh yeah battery guys yeah11072.765.219
I know where to put that battery once we11076.124.319
charge it where in the elevator over11077.9795.821
here oh beautiful is it in11080.4395.941
go for it I gotta charge that battery up11083.85.54
there you go11086.382.96
oh yeah yeah look at that oh that's a11089.925.399
quick charge full okay so yeah yank it11093.14.679
and bring it over to the elevator yeah11095.3195.521
do we need two batteries two batteries I11097.7794.681
don't know are you serious there's two11100.842.82
sides here11102.463.359
does one have a battery I'll look for11103.664.199
another battery okay11105.8195.221
okay get in there all right one's in all11107.8595.521
right one battery in whoever finds the11111.044.5
battery gets a cookie what kind of11113.384.74
cookie graham cracker cookie thanks11115.547.56
chocolate covered oatmeal and raisin I'm11118.128.52
in man oh I found it yeah good on you11123.15.28
think I think 40. four is a little11126.643.299
monkey today where's my little monkey11128.384.979
boy at here I come11129.9395.281
you got the battery yeah yeah he's got11133.3593.96
it stick it in you ready to charge it11135.224.62
doralius oh you know it all right it's11137.3194.821
in hit that charge oh there it goes11139.844.62
there we go there we go like a yellow11142.144.9
graceful Swan full charge here we go11144.465.58
full charge yeah grab it thick yeah11147.044.56
shout everybody11150.044.02
man coming through red on the left blue11151.65.339
one right oh we got power all right11154.065.339
everybody hop in hop in last one in hits11156.9394.621
the button I get hit the button okay oh11159.3994.681
he wants to get a ride yeah dude hit the11161.564.259
button hit the button somebody hit that11164.084.64
button with the red button11165.8194.591
around it11168.724.48
I hope you fall off thick push him11173.24.56
salmon no I'm just kidding I don't11176.265.82
always okay uh second floor uh oh you11177.766.679
[ __ ]11182.082.359
I send it down11185.2795.341
thank you11187.4393.181
oh he's underneath y'all11191.564.4
don't know which button because I've hit11197.83.42
it I've hit what I was supposed to do11199.7793.361
there's only one button sure is the road11201.224.62
button yeah it is of course it is11203.144.88
hey hey Simon you found the button yeah11209.9395.561
I know we can start a conga line yeah go11213.046.26
Neves you're leading okay uh11215.53.8
why'd you send it back down11222.543.6
oh I got you you guys are missing the11227.346.66
best kind of line in the world11230.923.08
we got some sticks over here see those11234.7794.361
we could either pry those or try to11237.2792.941
climb up11239.145.0
break up with two teams I'll go up11240.223.92
there's sticks down there I didn't see11245.383.059
any sticks they're just the gate the11247.03.42
fencing oh yeah can it be brought open11248.4393.601
screw that probably with something over11250.423.74
here we are at the top of the mountain11264.525.94
it's like a haunted castle Yeah there's11267.965.5
electricity up there careful are you in11270.465.58
yet I'm uh I'm up higher11273.466.0
you go in the house nope oh11276.045.939
yeah so where's higher I was on top of11279.465.66
the elevator and uh11281.9793.141
yeah all right I guess we'll go in the11287.385.04
house okay right behind you let's see11289.667.88
look at this dump [ __ ] [ __ ] it11292.425.12
we got wires here on the floor see yeah11298.067.14
blue wire red wire microwaves11300.584.62
yeah those are important yep yeah I feel11308.4393.84
like they're gonna be I wanna I wanna11311.023.12
see what we have to use them for11312.2794.881
who knows what that is11314.143.02
I'll bring the wires yeah bring them11318.583.18
upstairs yeah we're gonna have to use11320.263.12
them upstairs11321.763.66
well I'm bringing one of the wires I'm11323.383.54
bringing one of the wires well good for11325.423.18
you is this the first time I've actually11326.923.84
helped with anything I think so far well11328.64.92
all right so we have a device here11330.764.679
so a little snap and watch out there11333.524.2
it's got a blue and red side there you11335.4393.721
go that's connected oh yeah we should11337.725.96
probably get it closer to this right yep11339.164.52
all right guys I just realized that if I11344.044.359
pulled up what I was trying to do I'd11346.964.74
I'd just be up here well all right am I11348.3994.621
connecting both of these because I'm11351.73.72
being so good yeah yeah damn it you're11353.024.62
doing great [ __ ]11355.425.22
hey Tech hey there you go put the red11357.646.02
one in all right11360.645.46
jerked out the other side11363.664.84
like what you jerked out the other side11366.14.5
they're both in on mine well you jerked11368.53.3
out the side that was connected to the11370.64.28
machine well well11371.83.08
there you go there we go okay what does11375.2794.741
that do uh oh made a light look what11377.745.64
thick has hey so maybe that goes11380.025.58
somewhere what is this right here I11383.383.439
think yeah11385.63.78
see that push push the magnet right11386.8193.941
underneath that11389.385.88
oh yeah oh boy need help yeah it's uh11390.768.099
here help me oh boy oh come on oh it's11395.265.519
turning off oh yeah check that out oh11398.8594.761
yeah oh the wind is open okay okay okay11400.7796.061
oh yeah yeah the wind is open what's out11403.626.159
there uh thick yep it's me Nick what can11406.844.68
you see what can you swing to oh wait a11409.7793.601
minute hold on11411.524.14
I doubt this is anything oh yeah over11413.384.14
okay maybe one more options11417.523.68
here I'm coming11421.726.059
all right here we go oh oh [ __ ] all11424.065.1
right but like that now you like that11427.7794.641
but good but higher11429.163.26
uh let's see11433.3194.12
okay you got it nibs trying to get lower11437.4398.54
oh [ __ ] oh no the magnet sorry Simon11440.465.519
what did you do11446.18.4
come on oh yeah that's nice come on11449.29.06
yeah jump open this door11454.57.3
I'm practicing uh saying hi when yeah I11458.265.519
want to go straight through yeah it's11461.83.8
hi nope I'm stuck oh no Frozen11467.227.24
connection to the server was lost11471.644.62
come on maybe we'll just drop us drop us11474.465.28
where we were come on son of a [ __ ]11476.266.559
speed run11479.743.079
come on open the door it's a lock on it11595.745.14
fix it11599.684.04
come on open the door please11600.886.36
open the door open lock on it11603.725.559
pull this down shouldn't have started11607.244.199
rolling yet can you open11609.2795.16
oh Jesus doralius you are something else11618.765.48
come on let's go11627.74.619
shut the door shut the door no no no no11630.044.26
everybody come up11632.3194.021
wheel was at the end of this one would11634.34.08
think okay there's a door right there11636.344.86
everyone going up I'll wait down here11638.384.5
yeah I'll go up away with me it's gonna11641.24.44
go up okay what's this door doing my11642.885.939
buddy Simon hello oh my goodness look at11645.644.799
this oh looks like you put some11648.8193.241
batteries here maybe I kind of want to11650.4393.061
jump to these electric wires and see11652.064.64
what happens I'm doing it yeah11653.56.0
you're not getting hurt no oh there's a11656.75.199
Frankenstein monster down there yeah11659.54.319
we're gonna make a Frankenstein monster11661.8993.601
Maybe we're gonna put there's a thing up11663.8192.941
battery or something into should I go11666.765.04
down to the Frankenstein monster sure go11669.2794.881
for it11671.82.36
all right got some battery stuff over11674.264.28
that looks like Shrek Shrek let's see11679.3594.021
this elevator can go up that's right11681.75.08
okay oh it goes down actually oh bye-bye11683.386.65
that looks well okay all right let's11692.26.48
take a look oh you get on the oh yeah11696.225.54
yeah yeah go for it11698.683.08
there we go11701.84.29
we're waiting on abstracts uh well Vic11708.75.34
took that elevator down I fell what he11710.9795.601
fell oh you're on the right side11714.046.84
okay okay there's that hold on I see a11716.586.34
battery thing too I see a battery I got11720.885.46
one I see a cable too we need that cable11722.925.22
I got the battery get the battery in the11726.343.9
cable do I need to come down no I'm11728.143.42
gonna go get the cable I see two11730.242.88
batteries I don't think I need to go11731.563.66
down dude [ __ ] I fell hey where are you11733.125.4
bozos at you love caves I do like caves11735.227.04
oh there you are Mr cable man11738.526.54
yeah all right yeah two battery things11742.264.48
and a cable so now how you guys getting11745.063.12
back up here we have no idea the11746.743.36
elevator just went back up I pushed it11748.183.24
should I push it again you're right11750.14.1
that's fine wait we could use a hand11751.427.34
yeah neebs come down here okay11754.24.56
how'd you guys get up there I don't know11761.53.66
this is the way the way that you can go11763.423.54
oh hey go ahead and spit the thing nibs11765.164.26
no wait for me spin the thing don't spin11766.964.019
the thing wait for me how'd you get up11769.424.019
there oh it's a military left go to my11770.9794.5
left the lap there's no need to wait11773.4394.861
nope nope what nope nope spin the thing11775.4795.161
spin the thing oh you ready I'm on the11778.35.84
way shut it down 10 seconds11780.643.5
spinning he wants to be on the thing all11785.9396.241
right do it okay11789.764.62
I'm sorry I grabbed this thing put this11792.183.639
thing back11794.383.84
Simon right now are we spinning or what11795.8195.301
spinning trying to ready11798.226.0
say win I'm on grab the battery and fall11801.126.88
off outside okay hold on hold on here11804.225.36
I'll move out of the way11808.04.38
all right I'm on all right spin it all11809.585.8
right going forward Simon right is the11812.384.26
right way I don't know11815.383.12
ain't moving are you walking forward the11816.643.719
other way11818.54.8
okay that way there we go11820.3596.731
keep keep going we get there I'm going11823.35.82
how's that working a little harder11829.125.58
harder go hard yeah11830.8195.141
all right I'm gonna get I'm gonna get11834.72.46
out of here I'm gonna let you guys okay11835.963.54
all right let's go me [ __ ] is that it11837.164.619
all right you first you're the one who11839.54.859
just added five minutes to this elevator11841.7794.561
go to the elevator11844.3595.241
one of them out there I'll pick one up11846.343.26
that's teamwork ready hit the button11853.8994.321
going up we're gonna make a Frankenstein11855.9393.241
just in time for Christmas11859.184.5
okay and here we are boys even now we11863.685.34
need to get the batteries up there right11867.464.13
I'll be waiting on this lever when you11875.26.06
guys are ready you forgot them11877.3595.761
no no we need we need the door open11881.264.139
before we go take the batteries yeah all11883.123.72
right we got the door open somebody else11885.3992.761
get a battery11886.843.54
got one beautiful where are we going11888.165.88
that way all right this way sir yes sir11890.386.0
follow thick go with those stairs try to11894.044.2
you're going to wake up soon sweet11896.383.36
soon Prince Frankenstein Merry Christmas11899.746.06
all right Jake you putting your battery11903.724.599
yeah I got one in all right so Simon11905.85.28
get your battery in all right you can do11908.3194.981
we you can put that battery in there11911.085.16
come on you can do it you can put that11913.36.9
battery in there yeah that's it come on11916.248.22
down boy oh there you go oh there we are11920.26.659
sorry sorry11924.464.62
all right here we go here we go and11926.8594.5
everybody ready you blocked the shot11929.084.92
thick oh sorry11931.3596.681
flip it ribbon Liberty blue11934.07.5
oh boy oh look it again if you gotta let11938.048.5
it run for a second limit yeah you awake11941.57.5
um oh here we go11946.544.399
I just got launched I got launched on11950.9394.301
the roof11953.562.46
I guess I guess I know what we have to11956.024.5
do actually I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm11958.125.1
sorry I caught myself is that the end I11960.523.49
think so11963.223.059
let's make a bigger person ball11966.2793.861
it's a shorter fall yeah it hurt at all11973.244.199
well it hurt me a little it's fine man11975.463.84
I'm happy to be back here me too this11977.4393.84
level is called intermediate created by11979.32.57
shall we yeah yeah lead the way you cute11988.8994.38
little Asian lady I'm gonna guess this11991.64.02
way yeah that would be a good guess so11993.2794.141
this has been made this is made by11995.624.02
somebody else community members are you11997.423.96
giving shout out to what your Community11999.645.339
member I I mean uh we are we are open12001.386.0
remember this first give them a shout12004.9794.8
out easy what's up give the person that12007.384.439
made this a big shout out I will I know12009.7793.241
what I'm doing you don't know their name12011.8193.54
do you should I hit the button okay yeah12013.025.78
you know he doesn't research12015.3593.441
he's gonna put it on the screen probably12018.8994.801
oh all right I feel pretty good about12021.4793.661
um I'm gonna go in here me too make sure12025.144.08
you hang on to stuff okay12027.243.9
I'm hanging on yeah all right I'm gonna12029.223.36
hit the button12031.143.299
trying to hit the button damn it there12032.582.76
we go12034.4393.901
now what12041.2794.761
I'm making my way12042.963.08
all right all right let me know when to12046.743.119
hit the button on the button I'm ready12048.723.719
for a button head all right here we go12049.8595.42
oh that's not me okay oh here we go okay12052.4395.161
that didn't help me what's the point of12055.2793.7
this or we're trying to get across12057.63.299
things all right no but I've already got12058.9794.021
so discombobible that okay we came from12060.8994.201
that way I'm ready for a hit it hold on12063.04.979
no hit the button and hit the button all12065.14.44
right hit the button all right I'm on12067.9794.521
over here oh yeah okay all right okay12069.545.52
that help anyone oh I'm somewhere look12072.54.06
at me12075.063.78
I could use one more hit hold on hit the12076.563.54
button no12078.844.62
um hit the button hit the button [ __ ]12080.16.299
oh look at you come on man I was in a12083.465.42
good position a second ago12086.3995.121
what's up thick we're really good12088.885.979
all right we good yep yep I'm hitting12091.525.459
the button oh crap12094.8594.381
that was close I don't want to save you12096.9794.061
you don't have to because I'm a I'm a12099.244.199
cliffhanger really yeah I'm doing great12101.044.08
am I the only one12103.4394.021
that's doing great yep I don't think12105.124.44
it's fair that I say hold on a second12107.463.359
and then you say hit the button I12109.563.96
thought it was fun okay so this is the12110.8196.62
way you gotta jump on this platform12113.523.919
hey neighbors oh hello oh hey Simon just12124.385.04
dropped remember you'll come over here12127.3193.901
this whole time I've been waiting to do12129.424.8
it legit now you're now12131.226.599
forget it forget it I didn't want to do12134.225.52
it like that yeah but you caved into12137.8194.261
peer pressure oh [ __ ] I mean I felt like12139.743.6
I had to do it like that because I had12142.082.64
hit the button there's no button on this12143.342.7
side is there I got a lot of work to do12144.724.2
boys go to the platform all right head12146.044.739
back to the beginning Simon12148.925.46
oh no there we go [ __ ] oh this isn't12150.7795.281
good is it we're gonna put a drunken12154.384.019
mess this game feels like [ __ ]12156.064.04
I don't like the fact that they're red12158.3993.801
damn it12160.14.96
went right off again I just wanna okay12162.24.8
come on baby12165.065.6
oh yeah my big boy12167.05.8
go ahead thick that's the red one12170.663.22
something tells me these things are12172.82.099
gonna fall it seem like they're gonna12173.884.68
fall don't they they're not full oh12174.8996.661
bam coming up that's true do it12189.124.22
[ __ ] that was good that's not gonna work12193.587.42
oh crap I've screwed the pooch12197.36.12
I'm trying you gotta work with me I'm12203.7794.66
trying hold on you got another arm let12206.464.38
go thick drag you up man you guys are12208.4395.521
okay I made it now oh no sorry raise12210.845.34
your arm stick and now you've got it12213.964.319
yeah all right there you go good times12216.185.42
we all here12218.2793.321
you're the right way Simon12225.268.4
looking good release bam that's easy12228.4795.181
oh man I'm already loving this yeah this12234.544.739
is fun yeah I feel like these cut like12237.123.42
now that they've opened these custom12239.2792.521
levels up they're gonna be better than12240.542.58
the other stuff neebs what are you doing12241.83.9
I'm trying oh no his body's all over the12243.123.48
oh [ __ ] that was amazing I don't know12249.966.74
what just happened but I loved it12253.563.14
it's a matter of waiting and then you12266.2394.54
all right I'm gonna see what this does12307.584.359
do it you've earned it12309.545.1
this is great12319.343.36
I think I will hold on nope12324.7794.881
oh that's not gonna do it12330.4395.711
oh yeah I got up the highest yeah you12336.35.66
Can You Reach My Hand12364.023.32
oh damn it so close raise my hands I12367.566.419
want oh come on take my strong hands my12371.584.8
leg reach anything I want to12373.9794.621
nope oh yeah you got me you got me all12376.386.599
right I'll pull myself up yeah come on12378.66.12
well raise your other hand towards me12382.9795.401
okay come on I'm come on here yes I made12384.725.88
it good job son yeah all right I'm just12388.383.42
gonna let you go12390.64.32
oh hold on hold on here we go12391.85.939
come on come on up yeah come on get12394.924.88
all right all right I had a good12399.83.479
I had good attention but we we were good12403.2795.681
there we go you weren't good yeah there12406.9793.201
we go12408.963.66
let go of everything Simon you're up12410.184.84
let's go Jesus Christ I helped it all12412.625.239
right here we go12415.022.839
um where's the next step I'm gonna go12418.3195.341
with you thick all right I like I like12421.54.56
up yeah that makes sense12423.666.119
excuse me sir excuse me sir12426.066.299
you're having problems for some reason12429.7796.0
yeah here we go there you go I can't I12432.3596.38
used to be really good at this [ __ ]12435.7797.261
oh wow this looks dangerous I think I12438.7396.04
know what to do12443.043.54
so it comes back12444.7794.321
then it goes forward and then you oh12446.586.08
yeah oh yeah nice12449.13.56
good oh oh [ __ ] yeah this is great12455.05.04
I forgot a12461.2792.841
fruit Simon good job high five don't you12465.56.279
just high five screw this oh God we've12469.24.94
got my ear you've got my ear sorry12471.7795.401
there we go I did it oh yeah oh [ __ ]12474.144.719
okay oh no all right let's be careful12477.185.04
easy oh12478.8593.361
all right now hello names okay we got we12482.345.72
got the rallies coming there we go yeah12485.166.6
I love you I think I know what to do12488.066.58
just jump over here go crazy you can12491.764.2
just hold on to the bottom of the next12494.643.66
one yeah yeah here we go12495.965.46
oh [ __ ] look at this this is a fun dude12498.35.36
yeah this is great whoever designed this12505.3193.481
give them credit12508.82.66
yes they deserve lots of credit this yep12511.624.5
wonderful we got everybody we got12514.084.159
I just got launched12519.723.719
launched sorry12521.646.44
good rallies I'm doing great12523.4394.641
spectator cam you all in my business12531.123.859
I made it fast please help me oh [ __ ]12538.9398.401
get the [ __ ] out of your guys's way now12542.724.62
all right oh oh there's a bowling ball12550.2794.66
that goes on this a bowling ball see12552.844.08
watch this thing I watch let me I'll12554.9394.021
catch it we'll grab the ball yep it's12556.925.42
nothing new for you not at all12558.963.38
I got it I got it12562.3995.34
all right so12566.163.72
keep going dick12567.7394.141
I'll get a little backed up yep okay I'm12572.4795.5
gonna let go oh now we're in the way now12575.885.0
it's like Indiana Jones12577.9792.901
what's the point I see the funnel down12584.543.899
like miniature golf a ball my ball12588.4396.46
oh [ __ ]12592.7395.781
it's getting clogged oh crap12594.8993.621
I made it did everybody make it no all12599.225.58
right I see the rallies I'm rooting for12602.8193.361
you doralius12604.84.019
I used to be able to get up yeah you12608.8194.201
just have to do it right12610.9795.3
get your mouth straight down12613.023.259
yeah just like that okay12616.384.439
oh boy well yeah12621.426.12
hello we got rocks huh oh you know I see12624.564.48
a catapult on the other side and I see12627.544.739
targets so yeah load the Rocks into uh12629.044.62
yeah this looks like a little transport12632.2793.901
system I'll be the button guy12633.665.6
put that on your resume apps12636.187.799
here goes all of them rocks12639.264.719
hit the button hitting the button hold12646.7394.5
oh my God12651.2393.341
I got one12658.463.11
of them12660.3193.641
okay you made it ah12663.966.0
yeah yeah yeah I got dorelius and a rock12666.145.799
and a rock all right bring it back maybe12669.963.359
if you get that rock out of there trying12671.9393.0
to get two rocks hold on we're gonna12673.3194.261
need three at least okay come on let's12674.9396.601
go oh we need those yes I want to come12677.586.14
hit the button12684.04.95
I'm gonna shoot you doralius I might as12689.345.899
well be the first projectile right12691.7393.5
I got this worked out baby12700.263.679
what are you doing salmon I'm bringing12705.2395.641
you Stones all right I'll line it up uh12707.585.22
line it up is that what you do12710.883.66
is it getting tighter hey can someone12712.85.16
over there hit a button yeah look at12714.545.76
this oh you got it in of course I did12717.965.46
I'm a game well not of course a game12720.34.92
like it's a miracle okay no it's not a12723.424.019
miracle launch it you do it all day come12725.223.84
on hit it12727.4394.401
get it come on12729.064.679
all right so now you have to adjust12731.844.479
right little pivots I can put the stone12733.7394.561
in because I'm good at it like just turn12736.3193.721
it slightly yeah do a little pivot in12738.33.9
the back turn it turn it turn it hold on12740.044.08
I'll tell you oh12742.24.56
sorry sorry let's go hold on a second12744.124.8
I'm over here right let me do this I12746.763.3
gotta round it12748.922.819
um I'm gonna watch from you guys see me12750.063.719
now should we keep launching hold on let12751.7393.841
me see I think I'm at the end come on12753.7794.681
come on come on can we all go like pull12755.584.5
the way I'm doing it from the back Edge12758.463.54
we'll kind of see how I'm doing all12760.084.5
right stop stop okay lower it down and12762.04.319
we're gonna try this one just just as a12764.583.659
gauge this might not be good okay we'll12766.3194.62
gauge it come on oh leave don't push it12768.2394.981
off the cliff well um cranking I would12770.9394.141
think that would work12773.224.74
yeah you know what I I agree yeah let's12775.084.8
do it viral12777.964.64
come on baby12779.885.66
all right all right oh yeah12782.66.16
yeah yeah yeah back up this way all12785.545.08
right you push towards don't push away12788.765.219
keep on going keep on going what is12790.625.659
look at what he's doing stop12796.886.46
stop you stop nope stop you stop see12799.626.54
what he's doing backing it up backing it12803.344.019
up yeah back it up a little bit don't12806.164.1
worry girl hit the rock in there12807.3595.341
two more shots of this I think it's12810.264.059
gonna just clip it on the right hand12812.74.26
side are you moving this you already12814.3193.461
launched it12816.964.099
come on12824.044.13
we need to go back get a smaller Boulder12836.127.0
nice launch us I want to go yes12838.565.64
all you do is have to get to where I'm12844.23.659
at all right and now we can walk around12845.74.26
actually okay I gotta go there you go12847.8594.261
neebs fire them off I've never done this12849.963.779
just grab this thing and go up I think12852.123.8
I'm gonna try to12860.14.92
get cheap boys12861.7395.74
hold on need a better angle12865.026.08
oh this camera's all wonky12867.4793.621
there we go come on come on baby12873.385.62
come on come down12876.7794.741
oh wait wait wait stop the folders right12879.04.979
here Boulder was stopping oh we were12881.523.6
now try to grab onto it12885.124.68
or hit it again yeah there we go12889.83.62
that's it now you can go up here or you12898.2795.441
can just walk around I like climbing12902.163.619
yeah I bet you do12903.724.679
yeah climbing's no fun isn't it yeah I12905.7794.181
already did it I already lived it oh12908.3994.621
okay hey we gotta oh hold on okay yeah12909.966.479
hold hands is this it go together I12913.025.719
think so12916.4392.3
just jump off the bridge on the count of12918.9794.901
three boys we'll run ready yep one two12921.4796.441
three go Red Eagle formation12923.884.04
I love you guys12928.7393.211
human fall flat in space12937.885.34
well this is visually different yeah it12945.146.16
is someone fell off already yeah is that12948.7794.141
a lever or something I don't know a12951.34.08
lever oh it's a it's a spinny yeah yeah12952.925.1
it's a disc like Tron take it out take12955.383.899
it out12958.024.32
oh there it is ah keep that we might12959.2798.841
need it yeah no kidding Clips my name is12962.345.78
already old never hasn't even begun12970.647.74
we'll never stop12974.843.54
I have the desk of power you have no12984.4397.561
power you just have a glowing gift12988.383.62
thank you12992.063.64
all right so what's the plan let's try12994.082.88
to figure this out well someone's going12995.73.48
up to the top this door is locked right12996.963.779
yeah we're just waiting for that to be12999.183.97
solved this is gonna be tough13000.7394.261
Simon you're up13005.02.84
why would you jump in I don't know I13013.424.72
can't see what's going on man I mean you13016.223.78
see the big thing spinning at us right I13018.144.62
do but my perception is off okay let's13020.06.2
see you do something stupid okay13022.767.74
okay was that did you do it well I mean13026.26.159
I got further than you did13030.53.479
I think you just dropped right here13032.3594.38
hello memes oh crap see I thought you13033.9794.201
were trying I was trying to jump on the13036.7393.0
second thing thinking I could reach it13038.184.139
how do you get up I don't know you got13039.7394.861
to stand on that I don't know oh my god13042.3194.861
do it like this son I got my camera oh13044.64.94
oh man this is gonna be a long one I can13053.064.14
tell uh you gotta you gotta get off on13055.043.359
that platform over there and then you13057.22.699
gotta jump to the other platform okay13058.3993.301
then you gotta get on that one you gotta13059.8993.0
ride that one to the uh the other13061.74.82
platform a lot of platforming going on13062.8993.621
hello let's see yeah oh and in there oh13066.644.96
yeah yeah you gotta get there grab my13069.684.559
legs me grab my legs13071.65.28
oh you're on cool oh [ __ ] I'm here oh13074.2394.62
wow yeah climb that time when I get up13076.883.54
there and a boy cause you're a gamer13078.8593.42
might be something to do with needs legs13080.424.5
probably watch out I think is that gonna13082.2795.101
hit you baby all right I'm here now now13084.924.979
I gotta go back up there and stand on13087.384.46
what sorry I'm over here13094.844.899
um sorry oh [ __ ]13097.2794.801
oh no seven you were doing the best out13099.7394.921
of all of us [ __ ]13102.085.88
yeah here we go did the old Switcheroo13104.666.72
rally as I see you over there cheating13107.965.22
okay I'm on13111.384.22
okay be careful be careful be careful13115.883.72
does no one like acknowledge how good13117.85.76
I'm doing [ __ ] you do you're my [ __ ]13119.66.0
way you're doing great Neeve sorry thick13123.564.02
yeah Simon did one platform it was like13125.64.32
a parade I'm way up here13127.585.6
because Simon right13129.923.26
damn it13135.3993.101
oh [ __ ]13137.664.1
oh no come on I was right there that was13141.765.2
a such a dumb jump all right I'm good13144.4395.46
I'm good I'm good I'm getting there boys13146.964.43
we'll be there by Christmas13149.8993.601
light bounce Ringling13153.53.26
all right boys I'm grabbing balls13158.845.88
we're gonna throw a parade for you later13164.723.66
well hey uh there's a shiny disc up here13165.924.319
I think it's what we want right uh maybe13168.385.22
all right here we go I'm gonna do it I'm13170.2396.181
gonna get on this platform here nope13173.66.679
okay come on come on come on13176.423.859
here I go here I go look at me boom okay13182.05.279
hey I'm at the disc I'm pulling it out13184.9396.081
hold the disc always pull out13187.2793.741
come on wiggle out of there you son of a13191.2393.441
[ __ ]13193.224.44
come on13194.687.86
hey doors open door's open yep13197.664.88
oh hey Dick hey13204.883.72
thank you for your service rallies where13209.664.14
are you at right here hey you've been13211.643.42
over here the whole entire time I almost13213.82.46
made it13215.063.06
could you grab me uh13216.264.219
trying to help my buddy13223.04.06
come and grab that disc what are you13225.53.6
doing Simon what what do you want me to13227.063.54
do the doors open13229.13.6
grass I got you13230.65.54
all right well screw that13232.73.44
that's so close13236.724.679
Okay moving on you guys having fun hello13238.544.96
I don't think we need those discs we're13241.3994.981
taking these discs13243.55.16
all right hop on13246.384.58
oh I'm stuck13248.666.659
did we break it oh oh nope we're good to13250.966.54
me all right13255.3195.101
what the [ __ ] is going on here I'm up in13257.55.5
the air stuck oh we're in a tube yeah13260.427.14
yeah we're in like a tube here okay13263.04.56
I didn't even see it happen really13272.7396.16
all right everybody don't grab onto each13276.923.18
other just stand on this little thing13278.8992.46
it'll launch you uh where are you13280.14.02
supposed to be I'm stuck in it I'm up13281.3594.401
who's next13284.124.859
I don't know uh uh needs you guys see me13285.765.32
I'm like stuck in this thing13288.9794.26
nope I don't see that somebody grab my13291.086.3
legs yeah I can't can we get out of it13293.2397.08
oh your head looks jacked man yeah like13297.385.22
it needs to go lower it's not going any13300.3194.46
lower because it's stuck down there13302.64.44
let me see if I can grab your [ __ ]13304.7794.741
head it's gonna suck for you13307.045.16
ah give me your head boys we need to13309.525.2
move on maybe we can leave them and we13312.24.039
need to move forward13314.723.66
we did two seconds before he's ready to13316.2393.961
leave me here13318.384.26
you're part of this map now neighbors13320.25.26
forever I got your head13322.645.7
take it oh god oh it's looking good13325.464.979
you're making progress all right I think13328.345.16
I'm jammed up now oh boy you guys both13330.4395.641
jammed it up come on13333.54.319
all right fine13336.086.14
without me oh yeah grab a pig13337.8194.401
yep it's not even moving now yeah neeb's13343.14.44
jammed it up real nice all right all13345.565.46
right Simon we're gonna go this way cat13347.546.18
all right neebs hit escape and just load13351.025.459
checkpoint nah that would be kidding13353.724.8
yeah but now look at you you're ruining13356.4793.96
the video again the game cheated you you13358.524.16
cheat the game13360.4395.46
see what you did it for everybody yes I13362.684.54
didn't want to do it I don't even know13365.8993.721
what we did so right now oh we got to13367.224.44
move on all right but we're still we're13369.623.659
here now which is where we just were13371.663.84
that's good so the tube came up dropped13373.2794.2
this off all right we got some levers13375.54.02
hold on I gotta leave her I'm grabbing13377.4793.781
it wait but we get it's that's up and13379.525.16
down obviously so we gotta go uh Ford13381.264.86
and back13384.683.719
yeah what are we driving this thing13386.124.739
everybody on come on no I don't think13388.3994.92
this thing's moving I think platform's13390.8594.741
moving oh so bring it back13393.3196.061
I okay13395.63.78
um tell me when to stop I'm going back13400.9394.92
bone back hold back oh what are those13402.626.18
okay we're going towards a laser going13405.8596.0
back see that laser yeah I'm back all13408.84.32
right now stop13411.8593.481
all right now can you lower it yes yeah13413.124.08
up and down right here right the whole13415.344.68
thing so lower it down good man I see13417.24.619
what you're doing is it coming down uh13420.023.66
it's not moving down oh yeah oh yeah13421.8194.08
it's moving down up top down with it13423.684.98
all right now let me uh let me get on13425.8997.821
this rotates too maybe yeah I'm like13428.667.619
can it get any lower oh we're gonna13433.724.179
knock the ball off oh we didn't knock13436.2793.841
the ball oh I'm doing this it's dragging13437.8996.061
me is this a good thing I think so13440.125.46
turn it around does this thing go13443.963.72
wherever we want it to yeah the laser is13445.584.68
gonna go to that Circle over there maybe13447.683.96
I think we should go back to that13450.262.88
platform over there where the ball is13451.643.54
yeah but needs I feel like you see that13453.144.02
oh yeah yeah it's like a hole I feel13455.184.259
like we gotta get that ball what is that13457.164.44
tube I'm holding on to this if you want13459.4393.781
to bring me to the ball all right taking13461.64.219
you to the ball13463.222.599
get out there and release don't you let13479.183.2
us down13480.925.0
bye all right13482.383.54
oh we gotta raise it a little bit maybe13486.8593.661
rotating too far yeah I know that might13488.7793.181
have been me13490.525.52
hi hey there okay so all right how close13491.965.58
are you derelius uh bring them to the13496.044.52
right to the right13497.543.02
they'll probably appear it's gonna come13502.845.7
back down probably will huh13505.163.38
it's okay13510.3995.021
okay right there one hand on the ball13513.264.2
all right I want to get back on that13515.423.66
thing yeah13517.464.38
and one hand on that13519.086.5
look at that all right here we go13521.843.74
you're good all right we only got one13528.024.62
shot at this derelius I know you are a13529.9394.88
Bert yeah I'm gonna have to come back13536.663.44
toward you guys more all right13538.044.8
a little bit further towards us more13540.15.28
just going13542.842.54
Robin hold me back yes sir13548.33.8
okay all right you got one shot at that13552.563.919
yeah nice oh did that do anything door13556.584.47
open door's open oh yeah doors open13558.623.72
thank you13562.343.78
um another tube guys yeah he's just13563.8994.641
well not there [ __ ]13568.584.98
needs remember when he wanted to leave13571.546.699
you I know yeah that's true wow karma's13573.567.379
a [ __ ] yeah yep that really is speaking13578.2396.261
of tubes thick do the honors13580.9393.561
that looks fun13592.2394.721
that was fun you should have done that13595.044.08
yeah I'm gonna die in here see if I can13596.963.3
it doesn't seem like13600.265.88
oh boy looking good dick thank you look13603.085.1
at you13606.144.04
I think that's great man13608.185.4
hey Dallas hey guys hey I didn't die in13610.186.88
there let's see all right I think I see13613.586.359
it's pattern damn it back I'll13617.065.879
oh easy pick yep easy with it13630.927.439
oh no oh nicely done thick thank you13635.3595.88
first try baby pick those things13638.3596.54
the client uses to climb up maybe13641.2395.58
yeah it seems like the13644.8993.241
here I'll hold on to it if you want to13646.8193.601
well thank you all right so hold on to13648.144.5
it and then I just gotta do it13650.424.559
look we will lift it to you13652.644.32
yep well I don't know if we'll need it13654.9794.201
let me uh let me Scout up ahead you can13656.964.7
never have enough13659.182.48
give me the Box13672.465.56
I don't think so oh is the Box just to13675.165.5
climb up on that's cool right yeah I13678.025.66
believe so yeah13680.663.02
yep that's exactly what it's for13683.723.62
yep here it is I'll hold it okay I feel13687.9794.26
like I used to be better at this part13690.7393.601
hey watch out trying to get a swing on13692.2394.74
oh damn it dick I get I'll get a little13694.344.68
bit more momentum I don't know this is13696.9793.121
gonna work because you're just gonna hit13699.023.48
this platform when it comes back yep see13700.13.66
how slow this down yeah there you go13702.53.96
yeah screw off you guys coming uh13703.764.5
doralis is struggling oh he did he just13706.463.42
got it okay I'll wait and see if you13708.263.24
guys need a hand yeah grab Simon's here13709.883.66
oh Simon there you go13711.55.04
get it here lift up lift up what do you13713.545.1
got now now you got it oh here he is13716.544.5
he's a big boy all right who's your big13718.644.32
big boy all right guys I'm gonna try to13721.046.739
make this jump oh okay come on13722.964.819
thick what do you what do you what's the13729.163.46
deal update you got to grab the ball13731.423.0
yeah I'm grabbing the ball and then what13732.624.26
swings crazy13734.424.68
it appears another ball to grab and13736.884.34
nothing thick fall13741.226.24
according to the scream yeah13743.7393.721
y'all need to go one at a time no we're13752.63.839
gonna centipate it well no you're gonna13754.525.78
hit the platform oh yeah yeah13756.4393.861
ah crap hey girls all right Simon get a13760.8195.281
good swing in I gotta get my bearings13764.3595.181
here come on13766.13.44
all right13789.166.1
[ __ ] you guys are not good damn you not13790.888.3
I'm great hey I might be all right13795.267.89
hey okay good job doralius13799.186.96
see all right really stay there let's13806.144.36
not crowd these uh smoke I'm taking this13808.464.58
one's mine13810.52.54
I'm gonna move on to the next ball13813.586.52
oh I'm a [ __ ] professional13816.4396.061
listen you can swing no problem with13820.14.44
somebody on you I did it I'm proof oh13822.54.56
we've watched it happen exactly you just13824.544.8
said Simon like it was a bad thing all13827.065.219
right see see I know that screws up but13829.345.82
you gotta just swing better buddy no way13832.2795.16
you gotta help with the uh with the13835.164.68
momentum too okay you're right you know13837.4394.021
how you swing like forward well that's13839.843.24
what I was doing before I didn't know I13841.465.7
thought I was doing that by myself Simon13843.084.08
mother I'm done hey13850.546.279
Simon's done he said he'll be done oh13853.8994.361
yeah that's okay just landed up here13856.8192.821
with me apparently I made it to the next13858.264.26
checkpoint good hey Simon hey just go13859.645.4
all right all right now just wait for13862.524.32
the next one it's coming13865.044.02
it's coming there you go13866.844.7
all right13869.062.48
lots of platforming boys13871.726.04
oh and drops13874.886.5
zombies doing great thank you13877.763.62
how you doing names I'm on a ball and on13882.144.74
a platform okay we're doing pretty good13884.664.4
oh God I fell13905.4794.941
I'll make room for you thank you13907.76.26
hey that's right13910.423.54
oh man oh what what what what what what13920.26.48
what how did I fall13922.883.8
[ __ ] you gotta be careful after damn it13926.964.979
salmon [ __ ] good advice dibs13929.425.42
shitty Journey guys13931.9395.901
oh hey we're at the top yep13934.846.58
ah congrats have fun with the cannon try13937.847.059
to grab planets level over oh we did it13941.424.76
that's the that's the end wait what is13946.184.84
this doing it's a cannon it's it'll13949.223.12
shoot you out you can try to grab the13951.023.08
the side's pretty freaking obvious oh13954.15.799
okay this is the finale because you need13957.624.859
to have something well yeah13959.8994.681
we should wait till the plant there oh I13962.4793.721
didn't know there was a plant okay okay13964.584.58
damn it13969.163.18
damn it I think I'm gonna get it I'm13973.8194.881
gonna get it13976.2792.421
she didn't get it13979.12.9
and oh I was so close it was close that13982.66.78
fell close13986.842.54
oh come on13995.05.65
I'm gonna wrestle you wanna wrestle oh14004.085.88
that was early14007.4792.481
I'm a14017.765.76
shooting star14020.043.48
a small area guys okay okay14030.2394.981
level objective climb the mountains find14038.9396.88
your way home seems pretty simple yeah14043.066.839
yeah go fit go if anyone can do it we14045.8197.691
can do it hey that's my [ __ ]14049.8996.69
it's all you14071.13.24
jump Simon14074.566.0
damn it [ __ ] Australia my bad this is a14076.265.5
little weird because it's almost like14080.562.759
you don't want to jump too good show14081.763.719
them how it's done there we go there you14083.3194.5
go you don't want to jump too good yeah14085.4794.021
because I just jumped like over jump14087.8194.221
[ __ ] Jesus oh God14089.54.46
okay good it's the right way to do it14093.964.5
oh [ __ ] this is gonna be a long video I14102.887.16
can fail it's gonna be fine14106.843.2
no seven no no that's what I mean about14110.085.96
oh God all right we're gonna be here14117.185.219
well neebs14119.82.599
okay no we got this14122.83.92
okay something something's wrong with my14127.7793.721
neck here14130.2393.801
open hold steal yep14131.55.34
air look at my chiropractor that's14134.044.11
looking forward at this level this is a14142.084.18
big one man I love it if you see those14144.584.26
moving things in the distance oh my God14146.263.91
I'm a master of those14148.846.26
oh boy14155.16.66
hi neighbs hey how are you14161.766.46
that was easy right yeah oh look it up14164.925.04
what's up go Simon I thought you were14168.223.059
gonna go I was trying to time this out14169.966.06
like a well oil okay like a baboon14171.2797.981
oh well damn it a well-oiled baboon well14176.027.219
Simon made it hi Simon14179.263.979
hey guys it's me14184.424.8
oh God I don't think this was the right14189.223.3
thing that I did14191.1993.78
oh wait you can just14194.9798.361
hey Simon hey buddy give me your hand14203.344.72
my hand14206.9799.371
this is not an easy level14217.623.72
and yeah14225.124.9
now pull14228.3993.781
or do we Swing Swing oh this might be a14230.026.44
swinging thing eh we're swingers14232.184.28
all right doralius14279.9393.8
come on come on yes you are a man14283.7398.08
I am a man all right see if you can see14288.64.36
if you can start making your way even14291.8193.92
higher hey14292.962.779
I don't like this drunk [ __ ] just14302.144.86
think if you fall we gotta start all14305.383.059
over okay okay14307.03.3
no pressure I'm not gonna go over there14308.4393.121
and join you dorelius I'm gonna give you14310.34.49
your space okay space is important [ __ ]14311.568.52
I can't I'm trying to get centered man14320.083.48
it's not working I don't want to just14321.9394.081
jump to jump Navy gonna go I'm gonna go14323.564.379
I'd say move forward after take your14326.024.56
time okay we're counting on you we don't14327.9393.96
want to stay back here this is boring as14330.583.42
[ __ ] oh well Hey listen I don't I don't14331.8993.481
want to either but that's a lot of14334.03.12
pressure on me you know just take your14335.384.979
time okay here we go come on you can do14337.125.22
this do it oh son of a [ __ ] I just14340.3595.181
walked off like a jackass14342.343.2
oh crap look at me I look like a gorilla14350.226.9
can you move forward14359.343.42
here we go14366.643.719
okay oh yeah I got it our savior14370.3596.061
you'll see my grill impression earlier14374.385.12
yeah it was great14376.423.08
I know14380.9396.721
come on neebs here we go do it14383.626.659
yes is that where I want to go I would14387.664.0
imagine the place we've never been14390.2794.2
before so that's exciting yes I'll wait14391.664.739
come on everyone's coming to you in14396.3993.96
right now anyway hey hey boobs14397.545.64
what's up if you can try to grab that uh14400.3594.001
pipe up there14403.183.0
would have been hot with the kids14406.185.82
go for the pipe go over the pipe I hope14408.9394.981
you guys are having fun are you having14412.04.02
fun Simon yeah this is great just follow14413.924.5
up Simon you'll end up oh will I yeah14416.024.62
okay I've never played this oh this is14420.643.66
the spot hey salmon I could have just14422.383.78
Fallen like Simon you could have well14424.33.3
follow me sometimes you gotta ride14426.164.1
cocktails no14427.62.66
still trying to get over14431.4394.741
all right guys waiting on you oh I bet I14433.3594.861
think this pipe will break or like man14436.185.599
really that's my guess14438.223.559
all right come on come on oh yeah oh14442.266.76
yeah you guys are better than that14446.565.16
really why do you say that because I14449.024.5
really do think that you're better as we14451.723.479
go we don't need to be doing the monkey14453.524.5
stuff okay but we're not much better14455.1997.761
maybe all right here monkeys14458.024.94
treating of animals hey cut it out14463.845.18
monkey okay I will not14465.463.56
Alice yeah oh here's the pipe here we go14469.9797.441
I'm gonna try all right watch14473.384.04
there you go it's all yours14478.84.019
boom that feels adventurous man I like14486.544.68
please let go I've come so far thanks14496.84.62
it takes one for the team14503.144.72
come on just don't do this to me14505.187.34
look at this though this part looks cool14524.163.64
you gotta jump on that rope and swing14526.2393.0
that rope to that pipe and then swing14527.84.019
that pipe to way over there I don't know14529.2394.62
I'm doing it though I think I see what14531.8193.441
it's gonna do14533.8594.941
pipe come on baby14535.263.54
okay probably the best monkey here so14539.6994.66
got a line here14542.024.879
great job14544.3592.54
hey it's a it's a pipe train all right14553.544.399
yeah let's see if we can swing together14556.543.6
no there's too much moment there we go14557.9395.401
too much momentum here we go14560.143.2
oh oh damn it that didn't work at all14565.687.12
thank you14572.89.099
sorry no it's all right you can go ahead14592.384.17
and budge14594.886.41
I think I'm getting there14607.8992.96
yes yes14609.6993.961
very nice now we've got some swing power14610.8596.221
like forward back all right so hold on14613.664.92
I'm gonna try to grip thick like are we14617.083.72
all together on the same page Santa's14618.584.5
coming I'm gonna try to grow it thick14620.86.26
oh you better get it now okay hold on14623.083.98
might be a good time to get a quick14628.265.08
thumbnail if you can find a good angle14630.14.799
okay yeah you got some good momentum14633.345.899
going now names come on come on14634.8994.34
you could probably spawn on me now well14646.3195.221
I'll I'll see what happens14648.885.46
nope I think we can I just saw Ada hop14651.544.659
spawn over there14654.346.0
oh yeah yes hell to the yeah oh yeah we14656.1997.16
cheat whenever we can14660.343.019
oh no look at this one oh my god I14668.85915.441
think I'm on it oh yeah nice14684.37.36
here we go I'm jumping screw this did it14688.424.46
work oh14691.663.42
you're the best monkey hamster's here14692.884.3
okay hear that summon yes you're the14695.084.52
best monkey14697.182.42
you're the worst monkey oh there you go14700.966.5
let me eat them bug here14703.4394.021
[ __ ] yeah oh God look at this okay I'm14709.66.9
just doing it here's where I come in and14713.086.119
just go straight yeah just straight up14716.54.14
clutch let me get out of your way sir14719.1995.28
ladies and gentlemen thick 44 on diamond14720.646.5
I just do this one and then you grab14737.044.359
over on this one this is easy this is14739.543.38
this isn't too bad14741.3995.791
here we go head yeah14742.927.629
oh yeah I got this man I got this I'm14753.4795.701
the second best monkey to do oh come on14756.8195.281
that was the last one too I know14759.184.17
this wouldn't have done that14762.18.889
I'm over here wait14773.9393.781
what I don't it didn't it didn't yeah14779.625.64
farther right uh you may have to but I'm14782.564.2
just here for now I'm taking a break14785.262.639
because I was14786.764.519
I'm dumb done for now14787.8993.38
[ __ ] all right14793.35.519
gotta jump onto this and swing and a boy14795.3596.301
all right14798.8192.841
I feel that a boy from doralius yeah14803.55.1
yeah let's throw those out there14805.4794.92
this in real life and be like Everest14808.64.62
like bodies littered everywhere it'll be14810.3994.861
a line oh oh Simon you did it I'm over14813.225.759
here now oh okay yeah so we good there14815.267.32
you go hey Simon take it home take it14818.9795.46
home hold on which uh to the other wood14822.583.44
yeah reach out with your other hand14824.4394.38
reach out and grab something I mean you14826.026.52
might have to let go of the one do I14828.8195.721
oh Simon man you're a pro at this guy14842.525.08
all right dude Simon who are you I don't14845.144.98
know look it's it's lowering itself for14847.65.599
you oh Simon just let go14850.126.02
lucky lucky14856.145.559
want a cookie what kind of cookie uh14858.585.159
chocolate chip are they hot oh of course14861.6993.721
I love Hot yeah I don't want a hard14863.7393.421
stale one throw some raisins in that and14865.424.2
I'm in there you go Simon all right14867.164.5
Simon you just made some Stephen Hawking14869.624.14
look like a buffoon I know because he is14871.664.5
a buffoon he can't do any of this nope14873.765.16
because he's dead he's dead oh my God14876.168.0
here we go here we go here we go yeah14878.928.16
how's it looking Simon I've kind of uh14884.165.14
sit still I guess I should jump yeah I14887.084.619
think so okay wasted enough time all14889.34.62
right oh [ __ ] no we're gonna waste all14891.6995.401
the time already did it I'm down14893.926.77
oh God like like that like that that was14902.8196.101
ridiculous did you yeah this is you14905.386.0
sir and nice knees14908.925.72
Simon sorry14911.383.26
I can help you out sir14922.7797.321
could you pull off this plank right here14930.14.02
that I'm getting ready to go on14931.8994.441
nope I hear you guys fill up this one14934.125.48
but now I'm good I'm getting up14936.346.38
here we go here we go14939.65.799
you're shaking now this looks tricky14942.725.44
right here see this looks okay to me now14945.3994.201
we're getting tricky stuff all right14948.163.659
watch out peeps I'm watching out okay14949.64.379
well is that we're going in that house14951.8193.601
over there look at that I hope so yeah a14953.9793.0
little mountain house that looks nice it14955.425.0
does look nice what if they have Wi-Fi14956.9793.441
oh boy this gets sketchy [ __ ]14964.544.739
yeah today [ __ ]14977.563.799
[ __ ] [ __ ]14982.86.12
I don't like this abstract14985.143.78
come on14989.045.739
you're looking good okay14991.85.32
coming up oh you're still on it okay oh14994.7794.861
okay all right almost at the top almost14997.124.43
at the top come on14999.644.559
Simon hello welcome thank you15010.564.219
all right come on come on there we go15016.167.71
hey how you guys doing hey yes15019.31915.0
love hearing my friends suffer15034.3196.541
oh man I think we're almost at the end15041.464.2
yeah we gotta do these things and just15043.264.5
get to that house all right I hope so15045.666.619
anyway it would appear as that way15047.764.519
congrats you made it home you win15094.645.58
there's a party around back guys15096.4793.741
okay party time uh oh hey party cave15106.026.56
below seizure warning15109.3193.261
complete that level I think I'm having a15117.7793.92
Caesar first one ever15119.464.56
okay that wasn't too bad oh that was a15121.6994.721
short one all right good to be back boys15124.026.6
yeah all right thick lead the way okay15126.426.3
this looks like it's going to move yeah15130.625.159
oh yeah all right yep unless we balance15132.725.219
it right yeah but I'm gonna want to see15135.7793.601
yeah go to the end pick did somebody15137.9393.96
grab this maybe oh oh I can grab it here15139.384.399
oh yeah15143.7793.361
I was walking away like go to Alias I15147.9795.621
did okay he's so strong look at you15150.966.54
strong boy you strong boy big muscles oh15153.66.12
who got the big mustache all right well15157.53.66
done okay all right everybody everybody15159.723.96
come across thank you that was easy15161.164.319
thank you all right yeah sure Simon15163.684.2
remember to beat it it's over oh the15165.4794.88
you guys coming oh you're over there15171.7396.281
every night every night I do every night15175.085.76
every single night keeping it clean are15178.024.679
you that's what you need it's actually15180.844.32
good for you what is this oh wait it15182.6995.54
looks like that mice in a barrel15185.163.079
does that launch somebody the barrel15188.3993.481
lands on that end do we move the barrel15189.8993.601
over here15191.882.819
I think this I'm waiting for another15193.52.819
Barrel move the slide to the right a15194.6993.181
little bit right watch out stand right15196.3193.481
there oh yeah here comes the other15197.884.16
I was gonna stand there and get launched15204.263.7
I thought it was supposed to like hit15206.464.2
this uh wall with more Force maybe that15207.963.899
might not be what's supposed to happen15210.663.72
it's got to be a launch thing let's15211.8594.021
let me tell you something it also might15214.383.359
be a trick thing because it's not gonna15215.883.599
launch you very far I don't think yeah I15217.7393.481
don't think it'll be far enough15219.4795.041
um there's a pipe in the next part15221.225.94
that's missing a piece okay so if we can15224.524.14
get through there we gotta connect the15227.162.699
pipe I think we just gotta figure out15228.662.64
how to open this door can we put this15229.8592.88
barrel down and climb this barrel and15231.32.46
get up there15232.7393.021
is that a clamable barrel15233.763.12
and that's just Gonna Roll oh look at15236.883.479
oh that was close Okay do that again and15240.3594.261
I will and we get a couple of people one15242.8193.54
left one on the right and we push the15244.624.18
other way all right let's go go15246.3596.841
good man you got it you got it don't15254.645.48
give up15257.762.36
very nice all right see if there's a way15260.34.54
to open that door over there thick we15263.463.84
gotta hand him this pipe oh yeah very15264.843.93
don't do it15271.163.3
all right I'm over15277.2794.721
we're good do you see the missing Pipe15280.025.4
Place I do is there another piece to the15282.08.16
spot it's short short yeah short15285.427.88
I don't see any other pieces15290.163.14
oh that just opens up15293.643.259
the door hey fix oh hello oh [ __ ]15297.35.519
all right guys everybody's through nope15300.264.54
oh wait a minute15302.8193.781
now we gotta steal that piece and put it15304.84.519
in that one is that right all right15306.65.7
yep go for it it should be impossible to15309.3195.801
install right there is it open it's not15312.35.519
but I bet I can if I pull this lever I15315.125.1
don't know hold on let me check and pull15317.8194.62
it those levers aren't going to do crap15320.223.42
that's open the door everybody come over15322.4393.901
here now we're all good what ah the next15323.645.759
level where two now let's see we got15326.344.76
more pipes over here15329.3993.721
should we drag some of the pipes from15331.13.58
well I guess we can't I don't know how15333.124.079
you'd I don't think I see a pipe oh yeah15334.684.2
I see it up there it's up there I think15337.1993.481
I do this15338.884.319
sure you don't want this Barrel15340.685.04
if you want it uh come down15343.1994.141
yeah roll it roll it around let's roll15345.724.679
it watch out thick15347.346.12
hey it's like Indiana Jones except slow15350.3996.0
and stupid yep I have an idea okay good15353.466.42
here we go don't do anything Simon hold15356.3995.521
on why not because neebs is in the15359.884.08
middle of trying his idea can I okay can15361.924.26
I try something15363.964.26
the barrel will help now my idea takes15366.184.92
time well my idea would jump on it I15368.224.559
could jump on that and run you guys see15371.13.36
how the barrel would help here yeah get15372.7793.681
the barrel back15374.464.14
grab it grab it grab it grab it grab it15376.464.66
grab it boom okay now I got it here we15378.64.62
go all right neebs keep swinging I'm15381.124.199
really sure what the hell is this gonna15383.223.9
do something really wants to try his15385.3193.061
thing no I just want to know what it's15387.122.699
going to do I don't know what the object15388.383.359
is what's the object of what you're15389.8194.08
trying that long side that he's on and15391.7394.521
knock the uh15393.8995.761
Simon watch out sorry sorry sorry hold15396.265.08
on oh come on come on come on come on15399.663.779
wait what what are you doing what are15401.344.08
you doing aren't we making a ramp out of15403.4394.8
this no no we're we we have to spin this15405.425.58
long end around to hit the the bar out15408.2394.321
what do you want to do just push this15411.03.12
this way I thought we were making a ramp15412.563.0
okay yeah I guess some misunderstood15414.123.9
like this yeah does that work I mean15415.563.96
kind of I don't know I don't think we15418.024.379
can reach the pipe oh but uh yeah thick15419.524.32
if you just go stand on the end of it15422.3993.721
maybe you're heavy enough to uh swing15423.843.96
the whole thing around well that's the15426.123.659
that's the thing that was my idea no15427.84.26
needs I'm gonna go over here15429.7794.881
now you guys are on that side15432.064.86
no no it needs to be yeah you got to15434.663.279
just flip the whole thing around right15436.923.059
that's all I got to do yeah okay and we15437.9393.721
should be multiple people over here yeah15439.9793.72
my idea15441.663.619
it was so beautiful15443.6995.221
so what we're doing away listen because15445.2796.401
somebody has to catch it okay you're15448.924.8
gonna catch it yep I'm going to catch it15451.683.54
all right I'm gonna do this now you15453.723.62
put it on this one or in the other room15460.644.48
yeah it seems like if you put it on15463.3193.42
there I bet we can hit that lever and I15465.123.0
bet this is some sort of ride or15466.7395.061
elevator oh yeah15468.123.68
oh how will it go oh keep going15473.13.92
okay all right all right bud15477.426.15
so we got this obviously15480.36.36
we got a furnace full of coal here all15486.665.039
right what else eater Alias hi bud all15489.33.899
right hold on give you guys step aside15491.6995.221
yeah uh step aside get it Simon damn it15493.1995.941
hey you're good you're good sorry you're15496.923.66
good because uh once that comes back15499.143.24
once it comes back I'm about to make it15500.585.279
two okay oh crap15502.387.439
my bad all right oh you it needs to go15505.8596.12
this way it needs to go to your right15509.8194.141
all right and get to this furnace thing15511.9795.101
I think here we go oh yeah oh yeah yeah15513.964.5
how's that all right hold it right there15517.084.14
hold it right there yep yep there he is15518.465.34
yeah and then I gotta rip these bolts15521.225.82
off a bit oh you strong man you're a15523.85.88
strong man you're a strong man15527.045.04
oh it's so strong15529.684.32
well now hold on there's some coal over15532.083.54
there in that furnace wait do we have to15534.03.779
set one of these what if we have to set15535.623.659
one of these logs on fire then get them15537.7793.361
over there to that cold furnace neebs15539.2793.12
still hold on to that ramp for a second15541.143.059
you mean look at this furnace see if it15542.3993.54
opens yo it opens I opened it a second15544.1993.961
ago oh you did yeah ah oh there's coal15545.9394.021
in here yeah I've already set this yep15548.163.539
you're a fortune Taylor all right so15549.963.0
hold on I'm gonna try to set one of15551.6993.061
these wood pieces on fire15552.963.54
yeah the wood's not doing anything is it15554.764.519
not burning yeah15556.52.779
I would consider this a fire no okay now15562.2795.441
here's the hard part I gotta get back15566.344.38
over there yep I got the Seesaw all15567.724.74
right thick watch out dumb stupid15570.725.179
Spiderman coming through okay15572.463.439
did you fall way down there uh I'm okay15577.6995.08
hey can someone take this Burning bit I15580.8593.481
got this one all right oh Dallas has15582.7794.021
another one okay yeah oh he fell too15584.343.2
man we suck right there with can you15587.545.76
somehow lock this yeah15590.342.96
okay thank goodness getting tired of15594.7793.301
holding that thing yeah that was all15596.8193.721
right now if I stick this in the furnace15598.085.1
okay hey15600.545.64
oh go up sorry15606.843.84
oh boy I saw that door allies there15610.685.4
should be another one there it is all15613.9792.821
oh it was easy yeah it was easy as hell15616.84.139
yep we're gonna need to do another15619.7394.101
fulcrum thing15620.9392.901
I don't know if that's15625.142.9
good give me a sec all right15632.164.46
there's a dumb Spider-Man now15633.966.359
and Hunt me yeah it's there okay it's15636.625.44
there hey we could do that same thing we15640.3194.561
did with thick earlier all right are you15642.064.679
holding on to the Rams yep all right and15644.883.359
then I'm gonna go watch watch your dumb15646.7393.181
head sorry sorry let me get out of the15648.2393.421
way you're dumb Spider-Man not me uh15649.924.08
here I go15651.664.8
okay hold it right there hold it right15654.04.319
there holding it15656.464.439
man I wish this were over a little more15658.3196.321
I'm gonna try my best15660.8998.161
nice jump I'm like a Mario Brother okay15664.648.02
all right I got a pipe and we gotta I15669.064.639
all right that ain't gonna work I think15673.6993.7
you guys can uh either fall and you're15675.7792.881
all land up here I saw a little15677.3992.641
checkpoint thing there's got to be15678.662.88
something in there Simon that we can use15680.043.659
to open that gate and that's what we15681.544.199
need oh we gotta we gotta rearrange15683.6994.921
these right or maybe not I don't know15685.7395.641
come on flip that around15688.624.859
come on baby look at that I just15691.383.3
connected it15693.4794.34
oh that did things15694.683.139
Simon did something that's something to15699.1994.54
mark on your calendar oh boy15702.065.759
everything's falling apart nice15703.7396.061
uh we need a straight piece do we have a15707.8193.0
straight piece15709.84.439
nope up top I'm trying to get it yep yep15710.8195.761
it's down I've got the other piece we15714.2394.921
cannot connect this without having an15716.584.8
opening it's impossible15719.165.279
so it's impossible it has to it will15721.384.439
have an opening if we want to have an15724.4393.3
opening that's fine but with these15725.8194.08
pieces it's impossible yeah we got to15727.7393.54
figure out how to solve this with the15729.8993.181
pieces we have now let's take it15731.2793.12
completely apart let's take it all15733.082.64
completely apart take a look at it and15734.3992.58
figure out the best way because there's15735.723.24
someone at home just screaming at us oh15736.9793.661
I guarantee you listen let me tell you15738.964.38
so I I I've worked years in plumbing I I15740.644.679
can't see this all right so yeah now15743.344.38
dorelli's connect your piece Brian all15745.3194.941
right now okay connect that piece15747.725.7
this one over here oh yeah sorry oh you15750.265.38
guys are amazing oh you're so smart and15753.423.66
I'm so done I'm gonna block this one for15755.643.839
moving I'll get ready on the lever lever15757.087.56
and yeah yeah you guys are amazing baby15759.4797.201
oh I see a piece of oh this might be15764.643.839
tough see that piece of pipe inside that15766.684.08
uh I do you want Taylor yeah let's do it15768.4794.821
all right oh boy doralis can you hand it15776.345.359
to me maybe oh maybe15778.53.199
see let me grab there and then come out15781.9395.141
need some extra movement to make it15785.583.06
easier come on come on baby I got it I15787.083.0
got it I got it yeah let it go let it go15788.644.219
let it go15790.082.779
where's the go watch out here I come bam15796.625.1
all right we got that over okay well15799.624.26
what do we connect this to oh take that15801.725.16
one out put that one ah Mr eek I don't15803.884.019
know why I'm saying mister I'm still15806.884.46
like see a thieves brain yeah15807.8993.441
the crane15816.34.019
oh see a uh ramp over here15817.54.38
and we break that glass15820.3193.92
um yeah grab a battering ram15821.884.859
two people on each side over there yep15824.2395.101
yep yep15826.7392.601
make a hole we're coming yep15830.7798.321
yeah that's how it's done boys so thick15834.9797.3
yeah whenever you are ready to uh pull15839.14.62
that out we're gonna try to scoop this15842.2794.08
in underneath here okay A little bit of15843.724.019
help pushing from the other end someone15846.3593.12
you want me to push to you or to me15847.7393.901
toward me once thick pulls that out this15849.4793.72
is coming underneath we're trying to15851.643.24
push you need to lift up that's that's a15853.1994.62
lift up oh and you know what no no it15854.884.62
also needs to be it needs to be moved oh15857.8194.92
there hold on it needs to be this way uh15859.55.46
come on hey yeah he's up that way and15862.7395.881
he's up nobody did put that there right15864.966.319
there come on15868.622.659
listen with your ears but I've been15877.6994.181
pushing the whole time and you [ __ ]15880.083.659
should not be the one saying listen with15881.885.7
your ears whoa I'm sorry I think maves15883.7395.521
and iron down here we are ready for you15887.584.5
to move that crane15889.264.38
do something with that t piece over15892.084.22
there though I wonder oh whoa here we go15893.645.88
oh boy where are we going are we15896.35.92
supposed to go oh no which way to that15899.523.54
oh crap we supposed to just jump off15903.063.12
over here yeah that's what I'm doing15904.86.679
here I go okay all right I Let Go15906.185.299
right behind you okay15912.065.879
love it yay so we gotta power this wheel15915.085.319
with steam technology15917.9394.321
well obviously what just the uh the15920.3993.3
scrape pipe over there there's a pipe up15922.264.46
on top of this one15923.6993.021
will that work just pop that straight15926.763.719
pipe in just gonna hear here yeah15928.1994.381
working yep there goes the wheel now15930.4793.3
what just grab on I don't know I'm15932.584.46
grabbing on just to see what happens15933.7793.261
oh boy hey a.m up top oh you get is15941.35.859
there a face up there there's a yeah15945.7792.761
it's a big piece let me throw it down15947.1593.601
here it comes15950.762.78
oh boy yeah there it goes oh crap oh no15954.125.76
is that going off oh I bet I bet it's15957.3594.141
gonna land on my head or yeah close to15959.882.819
my head all right I'm gonna try that15961.53.38
and throw it15966.564.54
oh it's on the Wheel15969.425.58
oh yeah it worked man it's good okay A T15971.16.96
connector and what do you do with that I15975.05.58
think we have to uh disassemble this15978.066.36
here and then reassemble right maybe15980.587.859
like uh this here oh yeah15984.426.42
oh we need this other piece need an15988.4395.401
elbow oh come on15990.846.899
yeah yeah yeah oh now you go up there15993.847.08
yeah ride that over15997.7395.281
it's nice16000.924.2
easy peas16003.024.16
there you go oh [ __ ]16005.125.32
sorry about that it's supposed to do16011.724.46
surprised yeah I'm with Vic I kind of16016.224.559
want to hang out with this thing yeah16018.54.5
all right let's get into Elias if this16020.7793.66
thing starts going let's let go at the16023.02.939
top and try to get in that big cylinder16024.4394.76
yeah oh here we go16025.9393.26
hey oh wow wow16030.15.44
look at that wow that was great we're16045.3996.101
crashing through credits again yeah yeah16049.465.399
these look like Swedish credits oh man16051.55.819
don't you hate the sweets no they're16054.8594.981
fantastic terrible well yeah they're16057.3194.261
terrible but we like they're beautiful16059.843.42
and they're good at everything I hate16061.583.18
them I want them to make more human fall16063.263.42
flat levels because uh I love this game16064.765.479
quicker quicker more and more more16066.683.559
first things first ice cubes yeah I'd16075.2795.561
imagine so right yeah maybe take them16078.83.72
over here and climb and y'all stack16080.844.139
those I'm gonna try yeah it does seem16082.524.74
like something that needs stacking there16084.9795.281
you go oh god oh it's melting oh no boy16087.266.74
it's melting oh crap what that's nice16090.263.74
here's a new one okay we got a shade in16095.264.54
the shade oh keep it in the shade that's16097.765.899
great clever sometimes16099.87.26
I have to uh stack them yeah you don't16103.6595.441
have to stack them16107.063.719
robots what does it as soon as you bring16109.13.12
it out in the sunlight hey there's some16110.7793.42
cubes back here guys let's stay here16112.224.08
stay there all right keep it in the16114.1993.861
shade radius16116.33.899
you have to melt them a bit so get them16118.064.9
through I think oh I see come up nice16120.1995.521
Simon I'll grab my head hold on got it16122.966.6
and then I gotta grab okay surely you16125.725.34
know falling off not part of it right16129.565.48
damn it yo neebs get on me16131.063.98
you're got a little baby Nick use me I'm16137.4795.581
right up here anyone gets a hold of me16141.143.44
they're gonna do this16143.064.08
nope nope oh you're just eating his ass16144.584.96
yep it's never really worked in the past16147.144.679
like yeah man I just I'm the one that's16149.543.84
how I got up there when I did it oh16151.8192.941
watch it I know I know I'm trying I'm16153.383.62
trying watch out boys I'm up okay16154.765.519
it's like paper yeah yeah there that16157.05.38
really helped16160.2794.281
there we go look at that that's right16164.683.82
that's how it's done baby that's how16166.8194.701
it's done baby good job16168.55.22
not really sure what's going on here yet16171.525.02
nope let me show you you take this chain16173.725.58
and the slide that over oh there's some16176.544.92
uh flat boards over here we have to go16179.34.8
towards that X maybe but I can walk to16181.464.62
the ax well you can't jump over there16184.15.639
can you uh maybe not no all right does16186.085.1
this work as a shade to keep the Ice16189.7394.62
Cube from melting this will work there16191.185.639
it goes grab that chain pull that chain16194.3595.04
back a little bit yes sir we got some16196.8193.96
I don't know if we need all of them or16200.7793.92
we can keep it I'll pull it back over16202.225.519
and then we're gonna grab this Ice Cube16204.6995.681
and then put it in the shade I need some16207.7394.74
help right all right so yeah I see what16210.383.899
we got to do we got to get that ice cube16212.4796.061
down here shade okay it's gonna share so16214.2796.0
yeah bring it in the shade so thick grab16218.544.199
the uh grab the chain and you pull the16220.2794.681
chain leaves you keep that in the shade16222.7395.7
got it so slowly come on back boys come16224.965.64
on back wow look at my reflection it16228.4394.38
sees the back of me somehow cool really16230.64.139
neat all right keep uh as far as you can16232.8193.781
go hey you guys up top you mind pulling16234.7395.04
the boards uh uh towards you a little16236.64.98
bit toward where we started yes towards16239.7793.841
where you started a little more space a16241.583.6
little bit of shade16243.624.56
I was that way yeah towards where the16250.043.72
boards were originally yeah you said16252.3193.84
where the boards were originally where16253.764.8
we started you said yeah like this no16256.1594.2
that's why I started over there we16258.564.44
started the match the other way okay all16260.3594.141
right I'm just going for it yeah just do16263.03.659
it there we go oh yeah all right so now16264.54.439
oh boy now we gotta go here and then we16266.6594.261
do the same thing yeah yeah but there's16268.9394.681
no chain so up top gotta put the boards16270.925.279
we gotta make a path boards16273.624.56
all right out of shade bring the boards16276.1993.66
down here you just carry it over like16278.183.36
this like like the ice cubes clear can16279.8593.441
we just lay the boards16281.545.159
yeah try I like that16283.35.519
nice to have the other one but16286.6994.921
one of the wider ones shade all day and16288.8195.141
right so if uh hey bring one of the16291.623.9
other boards down here yeah let's get a16293.963.0
wide one yeah get the white one so let's16295.524.02
get rid of this one neebs okay now move16296.964.62
towards the block who's gonna grab that16299.545.04
block oh peeps I got the ice grab the16301.584.92
block up from the side are you all over16304.584.56
me here I got the ice from the side keep16306.55.22
it easy boys keep it easy yeah I think16309.144.2
this is working like a job you guys are16311.723.54
going a little bit far that way16313.345.22
okay oh Earl up might be melting a16315.264.979
little nope hey it looks I think you're16318.563.0
doing good go quick quick quick quick16320.2394.08
come on come on come on I don't want to16321.564.98
touch the doing good you're practically16324.3193.721
in the shade practically in the shade16326.542.64
keep on going don't bring it around16328.043.5
let's bring it bring it bring it16329.185.36
oh boy stay in the shade stay in the16334.7795.441
shade I'm Letting Go we're good nice get16337.343.84
out of the way I'm getting rid of this16340.224.5
good hold on moving it back you got it a16341.186.62
little bit closer okay16344.725.219
it's fine don't get it in the sun well16347.85.8
he had it long way yeah16349.9395.051
there you go16353.63.2
the spot care about Savage Cabo and get16356.85.76
your head16360.563.84
oh you got it yeah has it ever worked16368.05.939
just lift up let's swear jump grab of16370.6996.0
course hit up16373.9396.141
it's quick boy I just went over16376.6996.061
I don't know if that's the right thing16380.088.32
jump to the Spike oh wow there we go oh16382.768.9
you brought it down better way yeah16388.48.459
we just jump over I messed up yeah16391.668.981
here we go Simon I try to help you uh16396.8597.5
yeah okay it's your head I have your16400.6414.738
hold up I think you got your head16405.3793.74
you two look quite silly let go with16409.3594.36
your hands we grab16411.6195.34
there you go there it is all right I'm16413.7195.461
gonna go ahead I bet this uh I bet this16416.9595.58
it's the lag tight yep but it falls as16419.185.779
well you're gonna have to reach again16422.5395.76
hold on Simon I wanted you to16424.9595.92
participate a little bit hold on16428.2994.801
can't see what I'm doing just reach16430.8794.141
behind you and grab I want to because my16433.16.199
ankles messed up man I ain't messed up16435.028.58
with me man okay thank you oh look at16439.2995.92
this party Little Village16443.64.38
so what we got here is some sort of uh16445.2196.06
failure to communicate scaled16447.986.479
I'm on my side is it use the ice cubes16451.2796.721
yep hold on hold on quickly and right16454.4594.521
way now oh okay I like that16461.665.401
oh why are we turning it oh I didn't16464.665.52
know it turned oh no no no no I just16467.0614.619
didn't know just just let it melt at16470.184.381
this point yeah oh Dallas you stay there16471.686.72
huh stay there okay ah come on pull it16474.5615.279
together Everyone's Watching you're16478.44.219
making a fool of yourself16479.842.779
they were all gonna laugh at you16485.5395.941
okay zip16489.025.88
ready yeah a big moment girl is yawn I16491.486.78
am we gotta spin him hey how you doing16494.96.059
grab my legs oh sorry that helped I hope16498.264.859
you're good now we walked this way oh16500.9593.781
yeah Look Backwards we'll walk forwards16503.1193.84
oh yeah I'll do whatever you want me to16504.745.821
do okay and how far Dallas16506.9594.5
can you make me wake up anymore uh yep16512.844.26
yeah there we go if you guys can climb16515.662.699
on top16517.13.779
yeah yeah there you go to radius16518.3594.5
oh yeah okay I'm up16520.8792.521
then what16523.43.299
and uh do the thing16524.63.9
do the next thing that door doesn't open16526.6993.961
just peeking around this corner it's16528.54.32
wide open uh a little bit further past16530.664.5
here ah why can't I pull off the16532.824.321
snowman's dick all right come on16535.163.779
snowman's dick get off what are you16537.1414.019
talking about snowman's dick man you say16538.9394.801
that like we should know oh he's got a16541.164.619
day good job and it looks like we've got16543.745.699
some uh snowboards oh yeah guys come on16545.7795.18
let's see can I just16550.9593.48
yeah jump off a cliff all right16560.8596.702
oh yeah snowboarding time boys it's not16563.7196.24
a real Long Hill but hey16567.5614.138
oh man16569.9593.182
do we want to do one at a time knock16571.6992.76
into this thing yeah let's see how16573.1413.478
somebody goes yeah go ahead [ __ ] okay16574.4593.9
you're doing it16576.6195.1
oh look at him he's carving it up16578.3596.06
Yeah Boy nice trick16581.7194.201
here we go tree16585.923.66
here we go16593.8593.42
come on there we go there we go oh boy I16601.9396.321
spun around yeah16605.0616.378
here we go16608.263.179
shut up16623.1993.121
yeah oh16628.05.141
okay how's this happening which way are16630.744.5
we going uh I guess up16633.1414.439
clockwise uh counterclockwise16635.245.66
counterclockwise right oh damn it16637.585.34
counterclockwise I mean your hands are16640.93.399
in the screw what are you doing well16642.922.879
counterclockwise Simon you're going16644.2994.521
opposite of it yep16645.7995.521
Simon you could just you can just jump16648.824.539
over there oh16651.327.02
go Simon go good get off me snowman16653.3598.221
oh I did something what'd you do I16658.345.699
lowered this uh box of rocks how'd you16661.584.74
do that it was up I just grabbed it16664.0393.84
pulled it down I feel like if we're16666.323.299
gonna raise one it should be the one I'm16667.8794.262
standing on right yeah so too you should16669.6194.621
get over here and pull down on this yeah16672.1414.558
so let's go over this one get on top of16674.243.321
okay again yep all right I'm on top of16677.5615.199
this one now and I'm on top of this if16680.843.48
we're pulling this down come on keep16682.763.301
going guys are people on the same one16684.324.86
get on top of them put that box up there16686.0614.919
how about if I just get up there oh16689.183.24
that's fine too I might be able to make16690.982.94
it there we go it's good that's good16692.424.019
that's good16693.924.379
yeah let's see all right jumping over16696.4394.321
here I'll lower this and then yeah I bet16698.2994.98
I can grab the box16700.764.5
and then I'm moving come on grab the box16703.2793.721
the Box on top of this thing so it16707.03.799
doesn't go anywhere16709.0393.74
yeah yeah yeah16710.7994.781
got it figured out boys let me tell you16712.7794.721
I got off of it then it hooked me back16715.585.52
on one foot so once you get out they16717.55.279
pull you back in all right you guys are16721.13.961
down at the bottom uh this this box16722.7793.721
right over here the one I'm pointing at16725.0613.898
see me yeah the one at the end you guys16726.54.5
need to get on that one okay okay all16728.9594.621
right so hold up climb it up16731.04.859
not yet I think he meant oh that's okay16733.584.619
yeah all right now specify that yeah now16735.8595.401
now do it here we go yeah I've lift it16738.1995.401
up bam16741.263.9
that's got to be a checkpoint yeah16745.164.619
checkpoint okay I'm jumping jump off the16747.745.1
cliff boys yep16749.7796.741
yeah what's up fellas16752.847.08
excuse me all right Simon this one's all16756.525.56
you man go all right hold on this one16759.924.019
right here yeah still pulls us back up16762.083.959
just a touch16763.9396.901
ready yep yep go slam Dome I'm sorry16766.0399.602
thank you you're welcome yeah16770.844.801
and I got it by the way you got it all16776.7194.021
if you were to let me go I got it yep16780.744.978
you can do it you can get us both up I16783.444.74
can keep on trying they're a hero well16785.7184.74
done oh sorry and look at this16788.185.52
oh yeah that's a good pose Like A16790.4585.42
hey bring the log over here can we crack16797.924.66
watch it break16800.245.34
it yeah break it I gotta Ram it some and16802.587.4
back it up all right back it up yep yeah16805.584.4
and back cause Dan that's a good hit16814.425.62
you're getting Good Hits but oh I think16817.166.298
I might have saw a tiny little something16820.046.0
come on come on take a Bowie16823.4585.542
keep on hitting it16826.042.96
who did that whoa doralius is the fat16831.745.46
strong tiger boy I'm the fat strong16835.4583.202
tiger boy16837.25.518
wow you just oh God that was amazing it16838.667.558
really was oh and video now16842.7185.882
oh I know what to do16846.2185.442
all right can you reach it16848.65.76
and get ready to move this yeah oh no16851.664.08
we're supposed to wait16854.363.9
the sled we got this16855.744.68
we moved his board and we could climb it16858.264.5
like a ramp just going to climb up here16860.424.92
good job neebs there's an ice cube up16862.766.6
here huh what else uh is that a oh16865.345.76
there's a looks like maybe there's a16869.363.96
lever frozen in ice we need some sort of16871.14.08
torch well we got this fire we should16873.324.62
light up a log or grab a log or bring it16875.184.74
to the fire here there's some sunlight16877.944.198
over here aquariums yeah I see what16879.923.718
you're doing dick yeah there's Subway16882.1383.422
over here sunlight yeah stick this in16883.6383.782
the sunlight instead of the fire yeah16885.563.92
yeah yeah16887.425.34
strong fat iguana Bowie16889.485.5
all right oh yeah it's melting yeah this16892.764.618
is it okay and then you know what I16894.983.658
meant we have to do I bet we have to set16897.3784.382
this stick on fire and burn the lights16898.6386.362
You Got It wait yeah here we go now hold16901.764.86
on there's a lever in here16905.03.36
so we need to milk this too because I16906.623.48
bet that lever oh I bet you're right16908.364.68
here let's go grab it oh the yeah let's16910.14.68
move this the lever opens the door you16913.043.598
don't burn the door down is this on fire16914.783.598
you guys want to help me move this yeah16916.6384.462
I made16921.15.16
great yeah16923.482.78
no no you're not gonna make that milk16931.585.28
dummy here yeah yeah there you go okay16933.7986.182
now somebody pulled a lever16936.865.72
oh yeah16939.985.158
Sesame that's right we're starting the16942.584.92
all right I feel if I step on this16949.125.98
here they go I'm gonna hop off it yep16953.363.06
all right so that's the button that16955.13.3
makes it move really let's go ahead and16956.425.28
get on I'll push it okay16958.44.62
here we go16961.74.518
and give me a ride16963.023.198
Simon get off the front why because I'm16966.565.898
taking a ride16969.862.598
all right yeah all right you see this16974.124.74
block uh yeah we gotta get this block to16976.6384.022
that button but I think we have to turn16978.864.88
all of these umbrellas16980.665.218
we can put the sled on the button yeah16983.744.36
exactly yeah you don't need the block16985.8784.322
oh you got the sled yep oh they did put16988.14.02
that on the button screw solver that16990.24.14
puzzle I'm getting over you thick all16992.125.22
right come on come on seven16994.344.458
oh boy what do you see up there dynamite16998.7986.702
dynamite yes oh wait are we gonna blow17002.53.958
up that mountain that looks like we're17005.52.638
gonna blow up that mountain I bet this17006.4585.222
is the end so we're too good yeah I17008.1386.182
brought I brought a lighter I can light17011.683.42
yeah it's nice to see if you can light17015.13.42
it without hitting the switch yeah oh17016.665.28
that'd be awesome for losers yeah if it17018.526.858
doesn't this game's lame17021.943.438
how would you not prepare that17027.94.6
I don't know if they're wired to like I17030.73.24
see Dynamite over there in the mountain17032.53.718
all right screw it should I do it may as17033.944.32
well do it they're Alias Yep this is17036.2185.782
normally where we Excel17038.266.18
oh boy here17044.443.08
yep am I the only one that thought I17048.524.32
thought that the dynamite on this side17051.344.038
was gonna blow up I did too17052.847.34
okay good oh sorry oops sorry17055.3784.802
let go I did17062.7985.762
huh I did no the only hand holding is17065.7985.42
holding onto this rock17068.562.658
here we go17077.22.66
there we go17079.9584.142
get to me give it to you I'm gonna do17081.764.4
you think coming to you I just landed17084.15.76
right in yeah I can see you the chair17086.166.82
yeah you're really that was worthy of a17089.865.3
Simon hold on17097.843.5
what a crazy monkey bear17107.344.958
all right all you guys gotta do is just17110.323.72
jump over here17112.2984.622
that's it that's easy that is easy we're17114.045.82
up oh that's the exit I think so this is17116.925.24
the end whoa okay17119.866.3
okay calm down okay got it everybody17122.167.798
hold hands yep do it17126.163.798
Merry Christmas17131.345.74
that was perfect this is uh the golf17141.484.42
um we are recording this also while we17145.94.5
are streaming live so if this made it to17148.2983.602
YouTube Some people have already seen it17150.45.94
exactly game on game on all right how17151.96.058
does this uh all right we could do what17156.343.0
do you mean how to just uh it's golf17157.9583.782
well I know but it's kind of weird that17159.344.2
all right one person just gotta hit the17161.743.18
ball or do you even need it's kind of17163.543.12
weird that there's a club and a ball and17164.923.36
a hole17166.663.66
well you know what how about this ass17168.283.78
wipe why do you have to hit it is what17170.323.8
I'm saying like why are you hitting it17172.064.5
that's what I meant to say bye what do17174.124.178
you have to do here can you just pick it17176.565.84
up dip [ __ ] that was a really good point17178.2986.242
oh no17182.43.88
are we going Nick get out of the hole17184.543.66
and you have no idea how much I don't17186.282.61
want to do this17188.23.74
yeah Simon they didn't see it okay17194.324.558
all right go ahead dick what do you do17198.8784.5
step on the button I feel like I feel17201.15.84
like the controls have gotten worse17203.3783.562
oh boy okay it knocked me off the map17209.324.318
completely can't we do two at a time17211.9583.84
yeah yeah of course of course do three17213.6383.302
at a time go for it17215.7984.252
too far17221.323.24
I'm gonna hit you while you're coming17223.185.1
down noobs oh17224.563.72
oh you go on the back swing17230.086.298
all right so there's a the lever17233.165.02
leave it to lever Simon's got to leave17236.3783.542
her leave it to lever great shirt leave17238.183.48
it to lever and look at that keep it17239.923.36
health keep it hold keep it held we got17241.664.2
a ball we got a ball no you gotta okay17243.283.78
you're gonna have to switch it all right17245.862.28
we got it17247.064.19
oh yeah yeah that's the right way that's17252.485.5
it baby we are so smart I feel so17254.865.518
[ __ ] dumb for how I was17257.984.62
not the other way now the other way17260.3783.42
damn it17262.62.698
oh Simon you're not looking at the17263.7983.182
puzzle are you I am17265.2984.562
okay so no now go go back back this way17266.985.52
I got it I got it hold on hold on that17269.863.56
like he's just he's just I just hold the17273.424.538
lever is that the game just hold it now17275.865.66
go the other way go the other way17277.9583.562
Simon you have to get the ball into the17282.97.86
hole did you know that tell me now17285.2185.542
now oh no now now again17292.064.318
first part was great yeah you're gonna17294.523.24
have to do it twice Simon you gotta get17296.3783.482
the ball in the hole I'll do right hand17297.764.08
for first now left for a second why are17299.864.14
we waiting so long now17301.845.53
nope oh God and now now back again17304.04.86
yes yes yeah baby in that hoe get that17310.7187.042
ball yeah17315.12.66
yeah yeah yeah17318.04.78
next time somebody could just grab the17320.44.96
damn ball and yeah that's true oh my17322.784.858
goodness look at all this this is like17325.364.92
Frogger this is It's a Frogger game17327.6385.0
right here17330.282.358
ah it's all coming back to me like like17333.94.978
a champ17336.522.358
hey get my butt grab my butt uh let's17355.3785.26
see if I can get your butt hold up stay17359.025.72
right there all right all right yeah17360.6387.022
yeah you just well you got your finger17364.744.66
all the way up there didn't you Simon17367.664.86
the worst person can't just fall17369.45.46
it's even a hard puzzle it's not hard17372.526.02
all right I'm getting it was The Limited17374.865.22
nope damn it17380.085.96
you guys are special17382.53.54
oh yeah17386.567.8
oh yeah oh [ __ ] a will you please17389.527.18
like it's not difficult enough do you17394.365.18
really think you need to do this17396.75.84
look at him he's a natural he looks like17402.65.0
a swan over there17406.067.34
get the hell up for me17416.345.5
I'm doing it I'm gonna grab it okay go17419.264.04
not with me17421.843.86
yep good job17425.75.758
I think you got a swing on the other one17431.4584.722
I didn't want to I'll help you yes you17433.7184.052
will swing17436.184.14
um here we go let's here we go here we17440.323.78
go there you go monkey boy hey you know17441.824.02
what I'm just gonna do this there's17444.13.538
nothing to do with you oh maybe it's17445.844.5
just oh nice I just jumped over here I17447.6384.142
can reach that other one right like can17450.345.34
you think yeah yes he can oh hey I got17451.785.58
something that I think I could do that17455.683.42
should be interesting if I step on this17457.363.72
and I it'll swing I want to get the ball17459.13.96
in that hole Yeah I want to see oh yeah17461.084.138
you do it you do it Simon you have to17463.064.738
get the golf ball in the hole oh okay17465.2184.622
Nice Shot slam thank you sir hey if you17475.26.7
hit that button when I'm here does it17480.284.858
does it knock me over there let's see oh17481.94.14
oh I'm gonna sketch in too17486.047.74
okay where are we going uh well is it17489.945.88
back we need to get up17493.784.56
um would that be oh I bet it's back oh17495.824.8
yeah do you I'd like to be in there so17498.344.02
oh sorry sorry I'm gonna let go I don't17500.624.22
want another17502.362.48
one said hello hello samio oh hey buddy17509.566.96
I'm gonna hold him down17514.843.48
yeah that's what I was thinking hey17516.524.92
you're my best friend now I think that's17518.325.76
a girl and I'm uncomfortable with what17521.444.438
all of you guys are doing me too that17524.084.74
was inappropriate it's a hug relax I17525.8784.022
love you17528.823.0
all right so could we just drop the ball17529.94.76
and then yeah problem17531.825.7
I dropped the ball already coming for17534.665.798
you salmon come on17537.525.18
hey oh yeah yeah17540.4585.942
that was great I'm drowning17542.75.5
I'm like that adrenaline Grandma when17546.43.42
her baby gets hit by a car and I'm like17548.24.62
this is how you guys do it okay oh this17553.186.42
just to let you know17556.66.858
I brought this box you never know17559.63.858
hold tight hold tight17571.085.76
you're all tired17574.245.76
that was the best oh tight and blue yeah17576.845.5
Simon you please check it away17580.04.56
it's all just cheesy I'm gonna go I'm17582.343.958
gonna go play warzone17584.565.18
oh here we go let's go17586.2983.442
oh and then if I hold here17599.923.44
crap no17606.243.96
that's my chance that was my chance17610.7185.072
nicely done oh wait I could just I could17619.745.978
just get hit over there to where you are17624.44.2
one more try bye Simon Here Comes17628.64.038
dad's got lavas in this one oh no17640.326.58
uh-huh and then hi oh17646.94.94
and I bet I can go over here17654.8786.301
damn pro at this17663.184.26
seven I'm getting a beer17675.4585.102
move on all right y'all this is17678.285.28
embarrassing come on no no move on17680.566.84
listen to me thick you carry through17683.566.3
like the man Warrior that you are oh17687.45.16
there you go man Warrior that doesn't17689.866.598
fall in a lover come on we got it oh17692.566.06
yeah all right well at least three of us17696.4585.34
made it oh wait this is it I think we're17698.625.22
at the end you get to get in the ball I17701.7984.262
think we all have to get in a ball oh17703.845.64
hold on all right I'm going I'm waiting17706.064.92
I'm gonna get in this come on everybody17709.484.02
getting the ball oh my god get in there17710.984.38
get it like I can't even walk like this17713.54.378
I'm in me and Simon are in a ball sick17715.364.92
get in the ball you you have no idea17717.8784.642
what what I'm going through right now17720.284.2
come in17722.523.48
oh my [ __ ]17726.05.56
all right I'm gonna write him off no no17728.925.48
I'm getting in the ball17731.566.54
baby gonna get in the blue ball oh yeah17734.46.46
come on take in the ball okay okay hold17738.14.08
on let me go up there get in the ball17740.863.12
let me take it come on get in the ball17742.184.32
Embrace thank you got this dick come on17743.984.818
come on get in the Box come on17746.55.298
just grab him under the ball hang on to17754.925.44
the ball okay turn the ball go I got the17757.844.618
ball yeah all right push forward Simon17760.365.72
let's roll let's roll okay17762.4583.622
thank you17779.2183.182
oh boy I think yeah we're right behind17782.826.96
you guys let's do it yeah17786.2185.962
that was a great level17792.185.68
yeah all right really good level think17795.126.12
you ready for another nope I quit17797.864.91
oh a car yeah this is like a Chevy17804.126.04
Chase's car from vacation doesn't it oh17807.945.698
yeah Holiday Road yeah17810.165.82
yep okay great oh here we go guys today17813.6383.66
we are playing a little bit of human17815.985.0
fall flat yes yeah a new map right yeah17817.2987.08
Forest yeah Anthony B are spectator17820.985.68
today hey Anthony17824.3785.822
tickles who's leading this thing I'll17826.665.638
follow you uh well I'll just leave this17830.24.438
way kind of yeah that's the way to go17832.2985.362
the sign says so17834.6383.022
I don't see the uh you are here yeah17838.94.44
where are we on this hard to say I mean17840.945.46
maybe I feel like no oh the tree trunk17843.345.48
that's right here oh yeah yeah17846.45.12
all right I see yeah17848.825.08
he's still back there Dora yeah yeah17851.524.118
I'll be right there uh there's a cave17853.94.738
cave right here some sort of cave I took17855.6384.032
the [ __ ] way17858.6382.422
come from the sky great all right thank17861.064.84
you lead the way I'm behind you sure oh17863.55.0
door's locked17865.96.14
can't go this way17868.53.54
should we grab this and bring it over to17872.3784.92
this so we get up on the windmill thing17875.625.04
oh I like where your cute little Asian17877.2985.942
headset door yeah17880.666.789
here we go oh I'm grabbing it do it17888.429.4
all right I'm doing it I'm going all the17894.244.54
way around though I want to go all the17897.823.66
way around yeah wow okay look at this17898.784.5
thing I got knocked off I think it'll17901.483.47
take us together17903.284.62
oh [ __ ]17907.94.68
you guys look great I can't save you ah17909.94.478
never mind17912.584.5
there we go mandrellas hello we're in17914.3784.26
the league17917.083.058
hello uh which way this way17920.1385.182
ah there we go that was awesome yes17926.627.7
oh I see yeah17931.2983.022
sick help me oh yep I got you thick help17934.987.898
baby oh no I got the ground I don't know17939.2186.142
I'm letting go grab my head pull pull17942.8785.58
gotcha get him come on come on get him17945.366.48
yep yep thank you guys17948.4587.202
I'm gonna drop down nibs okay oh do it17951.848.98
okay yeah it's breakable yeah17955.665.16
you got it17977.4584.982
okay okay17979.9582.482
come on you can do it I believe17982.624.258
yeah yeah17985.364.32
that's where that goes you guys push the17986.8784.362
train I'm gonna check out this way all17989.682.83
right I'm gonna go with you neebs17991.241.74
careful okay okay oh wait a minute17996.765.3
Collision oh heads up oh wait I see uh I18003.086.7
see something oh yeah oh yeah I see that18007.084.44
there's some wires up there did they18009.783.3
forget to add texture to these like18011.523.358
these trains look at this what did they18013.083.6
have texture before well no yeah right18014.8784.92
so plain18016.685.4
let's push this we can push this and18019.7983.542
then maybe go up18022.083.6
sure oh okay I'll hold it yeah I'm with18023.344.378
you can you open that thing up does it18025.684.08
open but it's so cute Dora I'm pretty18027.7184.262
cute oh it does open look18029.763.538
at that thing I'm gonna check it out18031.984.02
what door's butt okay I'm not gonna open18033.2987.442
Dora's butt cables no come on come on18036.07.798
yeah okay there's Cable's in it oh18040.744.32
there's a blue cable and there's a red18043.7983.42
cable up there I saw it I'll pull the18045.063.6
blue one out someone grab that red one18047.2184.5
do we need fire for anything not yet not18048.664.62
that I can see at least18051.7184.562
there's a surprise in here I bet you18053.284.98
want a big surprise I'm sorry I want a18056.283.48
big surprise I'm gonna I'm gonna bring18058.263.0
this over here and try to climb up on18059.764.08
this thing I know you're in it I know18061.266.9
you're in there hey happy birthday to18063.846.08
I got up there boy18069.924.08
did everyone Wish app store have a18079.984.318
birthday happy birthday bro is it18081.7183.292
episode's birthday18084.2982.592
neeb's here anybody home Echo18092.2186.302
wow this is like the Sword and the stone18096.9583.542
I bet if I get this I'm the king of18098.524.56
human fall flat okay it would be just as18100.54.26
dumb as that real story come here is18103.082.82
this turn18104.763.36
what's this doing18105.94.92
can't see oh I like that idea thick it's18108.125.66
open now oh yeah look at that laundry18110.825.94
it's good Lottery what you gonna do with18113.785.2
that babes do you want it being King is18116.764.08
stressful you do it18118.984.44
it's hard work I'm King18120.844.378
there there you go check that was good18123.424.68
that was good yeah that's your King guy18125.2185.402
command you to move forward okay babes18128.13.9
is your king I command you to hurry the18130.622.88
[ __ ] up get over here listen to the king18132.04.56
I don't live here anymore oh this looks18133.55.718
awesome oh boy18136.564.8
don't know what's going to happen here18139.2185.382
but I'm excited who's gonna swing on the18141.364.26
you're gonna swing on the ball look at18145.624.14
you yeah as soon as you see a ball you18147.363.54
just can't help yourself like every18149.763.92
Asian girl I know18150.92.78
take it back around yes that came in18156.29.48
like a man oh Jesus yeah oh [ __ ]18159.428.34
he's coming back just leave him out18165.686.458
there he's fine yeah hey Dora hi18167.767.378
yeah all right yeah let's go through the18182.484.318
yeah what if we're gonna need that mine18187.922.76
cart you think we might need that18189.483.06
Minecart I'd like to point something out18190.685.038
guys this level called the forest18192.544.338
yeah yeah18195.7186.022
you're right it is oh I know what to do18196.8784.862
yep no is that I don't know if that's18205.7984.862
the I don't know we might need that cart18208.684.618
you were talking about18210.665.28
come on oh I got it18213.2984.142
I'd help but I'm really good at jumping18217.444.56
so all right we heard you over there18219.63.198
here we go18222.7986.182
wake me up when you guys get here18225.483.5
ready I'm with a tickle needs penis18229.1385.122
oh it is it's just slow You're Gonna18236.06.54
Miss I knew it18239.043.5
I've missed this game I'll wake you up18251.364.26
won't be a way to Chloe will be here18255.7185.042
probably not that way is it upstairs or18258.3784.42
something up there and it's it's uh this18260.763.958
is a really tough jump I might be able18262.7983.482
to do it I'm good at jumping if you need18264.7184.92
me Nick we see I'm stuck oh my God it's18266.285.098
like that that movie with uh James18269.6385.342
Franco uh Wizard of Oz James Franco yeah18271.3785.34
where he was yeah wizard of us he was18274.984.2
stuck in Neverland no yeah we're not the18276.7185.16
one we got stuck in the past JFK he had18279.185.458
to cut his arm off ah it's like18281.8785.102
something sunny days like eight days 2418284.6385.0
days 70 days18286.984.68
would you have done the same thing in18289.6383.462
that situation you get your arm stuck18291.663.42
you're just gonna chop it off uh once18293.13.3
you get a situation like that you start18295.083.18
to reevaluate your options don't you18296.44.2
yeah yeah it's like back in the day we'd18298.264.8
go home with a girl you wake up and got18300.64.5
some sea donkey laying on your arm you18303.063.658
just gnaw your own arm off just keep18305.13.358
riding that mules what you do no you18306.7183.24
don't yeah you do get back on that mule18308.4583.982
fall off get back on again there you go18309.9585.34
nope nope nope nope nope it doesn't want18312.444.84
to do I wish it I wish it wanted to do18315.2983.66
oh God18317.283.84
it's down below I just noticed the18318.9583.302
umbrella's got it what a beautiful18321.125.88
Forest I love tap Cha-Cha18322.264.74
yes chopping this tree doesn't help us18328.4584.362
anyway does it no it wouldn't at all18331.084.1
would it18332.822.36
baby come out nice yeah yep yep yep I'm18335.284.8
I'm up two two for two I bet we need18340.084.44
this box apps bro yeah there is a box up18342.64.02
here guys that's what she said there's a18344.524.618
box up here I don't why why18346.624.62
there we go all right go for it Dora18349.1384.022
okay all right18351.245.1
that's how you do and oh that's how you18353.164.74
that's how you do would you say that's18357.93.478
how you do18360.245.28
okay this is how you do all right we up18361.3787.322
we up we've got uh that and that and18365.524.68
that man I wonder what else we're gonna18368.73.06
see in this beautiful Forest it's the18370.23.96
airplane I want that airplane18371.764.32
there we go Chain's off oh yeah well18374.164.32
done on the chain thank you can we crank18376.084.138
this motor it doesn't look like it's in18378.484.14
the best shape either let's see no no it18380.2185.122
looks crashed18382.622.72
you know what maybe we just need to push18386.184.24
it so we can get up there okay push it18388.263.618
come on18394.4583.76
hey thick come over here I want to see18396.483.0
if I can put this chain around your neck18398.2184.882
and then hang you from this tree okay18399.483.62
pull me up I can't hold on much longer18403.825.978
I'm gonna drop yeah I love you think no18406.864.8
oh yeah I'm right here so this looks18409.7984.322
like Forest a little bit I don't know no18411.664.26
I mean there's a tree it's not Forest18414.124.44
but there's trees maybe grab my head oh18415.926.92
there we go jump oh my god do a jump18418.564.28
what are you doing over there oh look18424.6384.482
it's like a rickshaw thing18427.324.138
there's some cables up there so you need18429.124.258
to take the Rickshaw over the tent18431.4584.142
that's on that ledge I believe does that18433.3783.782
make sense to anybody else there's a18435.63.72
cable up there I got red cable oh so you18437.164.2
can climb it yep backer you're doing18439.323.02
yep doing great no you're not still be18442.345.038
oh boy18447.95.58
one down are you in the same line we18450.265.08
read earlier is that an elevator go down18453.485.28
uh yep same mind oh yeah Powers the18455.345.72
oh God18464.8784.742
Nick jump off the cliff with that uh18467.584.86
with that cable oh dude here I come I'm18469.625.42
going back up18472.442.6
I'm not gonna do the same mistake on18475.863.5
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]18477.7184.442
all right don't fall this time no18479.367.08
promises God damn it18482.164.28
maybe just dangle the end of it off let18486.663.78
me get a hold of it yeah that's what she18488.76.86
said damn go right here yeah18490.445.12
give me that pull it harder nope well18501.084.9
then blue to what then to what is there18503.824.318
a battery pack around here something you18505.984.08
know what back when I was President we18508.1383.902
were in that cave I went the other way18510.063.898
that y'all didn't go and I saw this18512.045.72
thing down there here we go18513.9583.802
hello there big boy18527.126.85
okay so up here on the roof there's a18536.284.32
red cage18539.14.92
yeah it's like a game mouse trap18540.64.92
oh you know what that is that's a box18544.024.32
shaped like a cage so just use it is18545.524.38
that what you're saying I think it's18548.343.538
just to get up on that ledge probably18549.95.16
okay up on the ledge oh we got a little18551.8785.822
bridge over here or no we got a well18555.064.738
it's a sled but it's working as a bridge18557.74.56
oh a sled yeah but that sounds fun but18559.7985.66
it's not not this one18562.263.198
it's another plane oh good we're still18568.744.08
having trouble with this box all right18571.3783.0
I'm waiting on you we're good we're18572.823.478
sticking I'm coming somewhere back there18574.3783.602
thick yep coming18576.2984.34
here we go18581.8784.562
a power pose it's not a chair lift is it18583.686.118
is this ice it's shiny18586.445.4
a magic reflection it shows the back of18589.7983.782
you lieb's like yeah I'm seeing like 1018591.844.26
needs butts here yep that's cool this is18593.585.58
like a polymers what are you doing I'm18596.15.22
coming I'm gonna fall yep classic uh18599.163.84
human fall flat you take uh take the18601.323.96
piece of ice out yeah there it goes yeah18603.03.718
I gotta keep it in the shape we got to18605.283.42
figure out how to shade it there we go18606.7183.842
should be able to get it on there now oh18608.74.4
I think18610.562.54
keep it still keep it still okay oh yeah18616.826.16
Precision Like a Surgeon bam hopefully18620.285.28
it's shaded enough oh no it's oh [ __ ]18622.984.86
it's melted it's melted it's melting we18625.563.54
might we might get lucky here oh we're18627.842.58
just climbing that uh ledge right there18629.13.84
yeah I think so okay oh boy okay oh18630.424.02
quickly quickly18632.944.76
nope did I get it18634.443.26
damn it thick let's get a bigger piece18638.583.78
of ice here we go18640.323.898
third level18642.365.598
um so far I see some rocks in the forest18644.2186.842
is that is that I think I see a big uh18647.9585.562
ice with a statue in it ooh can we melt18651.063.26
I'm gonna try to melt this unless you18654.323.76
want me to wait for you go for it yeah18656.4582.942
we're coming18658.084.02
yep it's melting sweet there's a statue18659.44.5
in there all right all right looks like18662.13.96
he's a politician he's got a hammer oh18663.94.26
politicians carry hammers sure everyone18666.064.078
in our government has some sort of tool18668.163.66
something all right so what did melting18670.1383.962
that thing do uh same pointless I don't18671.823.36
so the question is do you guys see ice18675.184.32
on this statue yes I absolutely see ice18677.44.92
on this statue okay no ice for me all18679.56.74
right let me uh let me go forward18682.323.92
that's no joke18732.93.2
oh God18742.945.8
okay hey I made it18745.444.6
oh come on18776.4585.162
can we lose stick we're sticking I'm18779.945.54
right behind you oh [ __ ]18781.623.86
I don't want to jump down and use that18786.186.14
uh the telescope oh yeah you should18787.864.46
oh there's no machine up here oh yeah18792.64.4
oh I'm only grabs my butt that's a18799.863.358
all right telescope doesn't work all18803.2183.722
right I'm up here this is the end I18805.083.78
don't know man right arm is really doing18806.943.9
the butt thing18808.863.3
yeah oh hi oh what's up Dora18812.166.558
oh God18815.762.958
[ __ ] way18820.326.478
okay uh yep I'll be jumping to you oh oh18821.9588.022
is this the end I believe so18826.7984.682
all right yeah neebs climb up there18829.982.76
already I want to see this thing launch18831.483.96
you all right here we go oh there you go18832.747.08
Dora can you do it no don't do that18835.446.92
oh wow you're in it way over there yeah18842.784.78
at the plane I can't fly18845.284.98
jump off a cliff come on back okay I18847.564.26
think this is the end yep finished this18850.263.3
one up yeah we all got to go together we18851.823.78
gotta hold hands come on oh door's18853.565.46
closed door I'm gonna hold on to you18855.66.0
all right get in here and hold hands18859.024.5
think I'm holding hands all right guys18861.64.74
this was fun I'm glad we played this18863.525.82

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