7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 - Supercut Part 2

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you can't get enough of the hilarious antics of the Neebs crew, then you're in fo...
7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 - Supercut Part 2
7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 - Supercut Part 2

7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 - Supercut Part 2

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're talking about our favorite video, the 7 Days to Die Alpha 17-18 Supercut Part 2. Remember when we were just running around trying not to get eaten by zombies? Good times!

simon: Oh yeah, that was hilarious! I remember when we found that magic dumpster and thought we hit the jackpot. And then it exploded in our faces! Classic Neebs Gaming right there.

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget the best part of that video - when we tried to build a base and it collapsed on top of us. I still have nightmares about that. But hey, at least we had fun, right?

neebs: Absolutely, Appsro! That's what Neebs Gaming is all about - having a blast, making ridiculous mistakes, and sharing it all with our amazing fans. So hit that subscribe button and join us for more fun adventures!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you're like me and you can't get enough of the hilarious antics of the Neebs crew, then you're in for a treat with this supercut of Alpha 17-18. Trust me, it's pure gold!

I mean, who could forget all the crazy moments and epic fails that happened during that time? From building bases to taking on hordes of zombies, the Neebs gang always knows how to keep us entertained. And now, we get to relive all those moments in one awesome video.

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show your support on Patreon if you want to see more amazing content from Neebs Gaming. And have you checked out their new channel, Neebs Magic Dumpster? It's a whole new world of fun and laughter waiting for you!

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So sit back, relax, and enjoy the supercut of Alpha 17-18. And if you're craving more Neebs goodness, be sure to check out their playlists for even more laughs and adventures. Happy gaming, everyone!

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all right Simon I got a job for you okie9.844.4
dokie it's really easy you see over here12.23.999
I've built a little mine check this out14.244.44
all right I'm behind you yeah so you can16.1994.641
kind of go into this thing it takes you18.683.72
down into the mines but I don't want any20.843.32
zombies coming down there following me22.43.959
getting all cheeky so you uh you see24.163.8
this little thing just fill this in fill26.3592.92
it in yeah fill it in it's all that's27.963.159
all you got to do easy you got this29.2793.881
Simon you got it you fill in the dirt no31.1193.881
not fill in the dirt fill in the damn33.164.88
the wood oh okay and if you if you chop35.04.6
down trees replant them I've I've38.043.24
planted a bunch of trees over there for39.63.72
the specific reason of getting wood as a41.284.24
resource fill it in Salmon fill it in43.324.04
fill it in baby fill it in but that's45.524.679
just a ceiling too everything super easy47.364.679
yeah super easy fill it you fill that in50.1993.921
then I'll fill you52.0394.441
up oh I didn't know we were going to Get54.125.16
Saucy so early yeah well the the day the56.484.68
day is Young M well he'll probably just59.284.279
give you some meat me hey heyes what's61.165.08
up do you have any sham uh cans of sham63.5594.761
don't think so you know what I can run66.244.32
back and check at my place hey just68.323.76
gather all your sham I just learned to70.563.919
make sham chowder it's pretty big deal72.084.56
oh yeah oh thick welcome hey sorry I74.4794.241
missed hord night yeah yeah well oh76.644.0
that's right you I hate that I missed it78.723.359
yeah well you missed hord night and the80.644.28
day after did I yeah you're terrible you82.0796.841
are terrible look what I found4 Magnum a84.927.08
magnum look I got thick look at this88.926.4
pump action I love it best part thick92.05.159
and and you might have uh missed this95.324.0
but look at that and and then look at97.1594.681
that two of them huh you're that good99.324.72
between me building and your turrets101.843.48
these zombies aren't going to stand a104.043.56
chance this hor night you got a magnum105.324.439
you got a shotgun Simon you got a dress107.63.519
that's right and I'm going to fill this109.7594.241
with wood oh my lordy Lord be all right111.1194.201
I'm going to see if I got any sham on my114.03.2
stuff I need Springs all right I got a115.323.52
job to do it's going to take me about 3117.24.32
minutes see you soon get to work I'm118.848.72
doing it I'm going to stand here stand121.526.04
here let's see hey boys Nee sorry no128.05.28
sham I'm done with what you said to do131.163.92
[ __ ] so I'm kind of killing it already oh133.284.12
rock and roll man any any what's the135.084.519
next thing uh for me I I got a bunch of137.43.559
concrete to make I'm going to be busy139.5993.36
all day want me to mine for you uh yeah140.9594.401
if you want to help me mine Stone I mean142.9593.441
it's boring you're going to you're going145.363.56
to get sick of it just a few seconds146.44.16
well dures what about you I'll be back148.923.52
I'm going to run and uh see how much150.563.24
money I can why you go with him why152.443.04
don't you provide backup for dur I don't153.83.439
know thick what are you doing I I have155.484.039
no plans uh I was going to help in any157.2394.521
way I can maybe Dalias thick you know159.5194.241
what no offense Simon thick come with me161.763.04
because I want to show you something163.762.44
right by the trader after I stop by the164.82.6
trador okay we should probably take166.23.319
motorcycles there's only one no offence167.44.28
motorcycle no no offence taken face it169.5194.521
Simon nobody wants you that's okay my171.685.91
mom told me that a long time ago174.0417.559
all right now thick yeah getting quite a191.5994.72
rapport with you lately yeah he's a good193.7994.8
dude I like him um not that you'd mess196.3194.241
anything up but you know just don't198.5993.481
don't talk keep it down I'll just keep200.562.72
it down I won't talk that'd be weird202.085.2
he's got cameras I'm sure so all right203.284.0
H Hugh what's up you son of a [ __ ]207.4396.52
thick 44 andras how's it going yeah Hugh210.44.96
all right your daughter still got them213.9592.121
titties o i don't thick what do you mean216.085.48
still where would they go thick yeah I221.727.48
guess I guess I don't225.367.0
know anyways that's great small talk229.26.84
though H we just joke around you232.367.519
know abro yeah what's up uh just Mak236.046.759
sham chowder okay cool what's uh how239.8795.041
hungry are you I mean I could always use242.7993.561
food I'm I'm over here yeah I'm over244.922.959
here at the house I'm in the Forge oh246.363.68
Simon I'm right here I'm I'm always247.8794.041
pretty much hungry like like check check250.043.119
your food right now tell me what you're251.923.48
at got inventory go to my character253.1594.881
what's my stats my food right now is at255.45.079
95 out of 137 okay oh that's good what258.045.52
do you got Simon food 86 out of 131 ah260.4794.801
now see you guys are hungry see I'm263.563.56
barely hungry so this is the test how265.284.199
much of this chow you got I got well I267.124.68
made one for each person of our team oh269.4794.241
look at you man you're so sweet there's271.84.6
one okay oo you got that yeah are we273.724.24
eating this right now yeah but I want to276.42.92
see how much your health goes up all277.963.48
right so do you want us to uh I forgot279.324.92
what your numbers were though 81 like 97281.444.96
I believe okay bone appetite all right284.244.6
here we go that look good Simon forgot286.46.12
how to eat his oo it's going up 135 136288.845.799
137 why aren't you eating Simon I'm292.523.519
sorry one I was I was looking at my294.6393.041
thirst it's completely different not296.0394.0
eating because of how slow I am with297.684.56
everything thank you for reminding me300.0394.121
slam jeez my food's still going up I'm302.243.76
at 121 right now see We've been wasting304.163.28
our time eating all this grilled meat306.02.96
wait what's this little icon mean you307.443.44
got a icon I got a icon what's that mean308.964.0
sham Chow 10 minutes what does that do310.883.48
sham chowder increases your fortitude312.964.36
and grows chest hair oh boy what chest314.364.32
you're going to be a monkey I'm getting317.323.36
chest hair all right damn yeah my food's318.683.84
almost top it's it's above what it's320.684.32
supposed to be gotcha that's say 143 out322.525.2
of 137 right now that stuff's amazing325.05.16
and for my next trick I'm waiting for my327.724.44
numbers so go can you wait for me please330.163.68
ah you give me your numbers I'm doing my332.162.96
next trick all right hold on I'm going333.842.76
in next trick335.123.6
antibiotics oh can you make antibiotics336.64.879
now I can make two antibiotics let's338.724.479
store those somewhere that everybody can341.4793.44
get access to them because I feel like I343.1994.0
get infected all the time keep all your344.9194.4
moldy sandwiches moldy bread nitrate347.1993.761
powder murky water I can make these all349.3193.041
day long good stuff all right I need to350.963.12
get back to making concrete do it I got352.363.559
a lot of stuff to354.084.6
do do you know where we are right now355.9195.441
thick uh we're on on a hill we are yep I358.684.12
know abster is in charge of this coming361.363.0
hord night uhhuh I'm going to take the362.83.64
next one and it's going to be up here I364.364.52
have a vision thick I actually like it a366.444.199
lot yeah I think it's going to be a lot368.884.439
of fun and it's close to home cuz I mean370.6394.28
you can pretty much see home from here373.3193.521
yeah I could probably shoot Simon from374.9194.441
here yeah let's try can't see him but376.844.88
General vicinity is a good start yeah I379.365.44
could see his marker on the uh o on the381.728.28
compass so okay here we go let's go384.86.679
man okay okay I think I was close what391.4796.44
what what are you doing what the hell is395.445.68
hey is somebody shooting who's shooting397.9196.041
hey deeps yeah somebody shooting you got401.125.199
any sham can of sham no I already gave403.964.359
you my406.3195.401
sandwich [ __ ] anyway this is going to be408.3196.44
fun yeah I like it share it with someone411.724.36
you you'll see it's it's going to be414.7593.401
batet crazy let me know how I can help416.083.34
hell's all this noise out here oh oh God425.565.12
what what the Oh that's oh that's not428.366.959
good oh okay big boy huh what's going on430.688.799
uh oh God I got concrete stop435.3196.521
no [ __ ] I can't get out I can't get out439.4798.051
screwed 50 Shad the [ __ ] stop no441.848.759
okay wait who's that is that thick hello450.5993.44
oh you got a bird behind you man oh what452.43.44
oh yeah oh God I just died thick I need454.0393.521
your help don't shoot me hey did you get455.843.44
him yeah of course how much gun power457.563.72
you got we had a screamer just screamed459.284.319
our minds are full of zombies oh I've461.283.8
been waiting for this moment I've got a463.5993.6
stick of dynamite sweet can I throw it465.083.519
down there you can absolutely throw it467.1992.921
down on the mines I need to get my bag468.5993.361
back though okay so that's not going to470.124.24
blow up my bag is it I don't know oh471.964.16
yeah they're all over the mine I'll474.364.2
punch them yeah do it [ __ ] come on oh476.124.359
you want to hit back come on oh God oh478.565.12
God CH get hit back [ __ ] [ __ ] oh God th480.4794.56
there we go yeah that's what I need I'm483.682.84
getting behind you I got your back came485.0392.84
around the corner oh got to need a486.522.84
bandage I'm going to bleed out head shot487.8792.641
all right there's a screamer down there489.362.16
we got we got to take care of the490.522.639
screamer all right here we go why do so491.523.32
many screamers keep spawning are they493.1593.081
coming out of the mine they're in the494.843.479
mine oh yeah watch out there's a runner496.244.079
dud no you don't better reload was a498.3193.801
runner another Runner why are they all500.3193.241
running yeah get that screamer that's502.123.32
that's a screamer get her oh back what503.564.0
two two screamers yeah you take them out505.443.56
all right look I'm going for my bag I'm507.562.4
going to see how many you're still in509.03.64
the mine get him thck yeah man oh okay509.964.4
yeah there's some Big Boys still in here512.643.56
oh save them for me I should have given514.363.359
you the dynamite yeah I got nothing516.23.399
can't do anything oh yeah there you go517.7194.44
good job yeah puncher boom nice jump519.5994.201
punch Superman punch jump punch this guy522.1594.441
jump punch slap pun bam oh look I hit523.84.44
his head off all right here we go hold526.62.84
on I don't know if anybody any of them528.242.68
still down there tell you what thick you529.443.48
go you got Dynamite you go first okay530.923.72
watch they may have all come back up532.925.0
let's see hello anyone down here you534.645.12
just saved my hide wait where where's my537.924.56
bag oh ah there you are sweet all right539.764.88
back in Action anything down here nope542.485.039
it's all clear man got to rebuild I hate544.645.04
that I didn't get to use H the there'll547.5193.44
be another time there'll be another time549.683.12
there will be jeez I got to get Simon to550.9594.641
rebuild this mining Shack yeah you go552.84.14
about your business thanks for the555.64.4
help I think we went to build a bridge560.04.2
Simon oh is that it I didn't realize562.164.0
there was a river here yeah maybe we564.23.879
could just ride across uh I don't want566.163.72
to get them stuck in the water there we568.0793.921
go oh there's a zombie hey zombie oh569.884.24
look I found this blunder bus in a in a572.03.72
Whata call it in a oh really I didn't574.122.92
even know they have what calls in this575.723.28
game they're bags like just bags on the577.043.68
ground did you kill him yeah I really579.03.279
wanted to use this thing oh sorry580.723.0
there'll be somebody coming soon I582.2793.761
promise okay and then let's just uh you583.724.4
know what let's go a step further and do586.043.359
the uh what do you call it like a little588.123.64
ramp Corner Edge well I like ramp Corner589.3994.161
edges yeah they're like almost my591.763.96
favorite thing boom you're in luck today593.563.8
you're getting four of them wow already595.724.359
did the math for you wow uh uh there we597.364.719
go there we go and now you know what600.0794.2
when someone were to say fill in oh you602.0793.481
got to fill it in we can't just ride604.2793.321
across them maybe you could but we do605.564.04
things 100% that's right or maybe607.63.479
sometimes even609.63.4
103% right have you ever done anything611.0794.401
like 103 or 104% I've done I've done613.04.399
every every equation you can think of I615.484.359
doubt you've done 106% or617.3995.361
106.7 course I have 106.7 why would I619.8396.56
stop at 103 yeah but you have to be at622.767.44
106.7 uhhuh exactly not like pass beyond626.3995.521
it like have you been yeah like when630.22.84
you're doing gas and you're like I'm631.923.52
going to do $20 exactly right and then633.044.12
you you go over by a penny and you're635.443.72
like I'm going to do 21 exactly right637.163.56
you didn't that's what I'm saying you go639.163.88
over by 3 Cent you're like I'm doing640.725.559
$22 exactly you're right and three cents643.044.4
next thing you know you got a bunch of646.2792.841
gas cans out there right and you're647.443.28
trying to get it right on you've got649.123.839
seven gas cans your girlfriend is like650.723.48
what do you doing with all these gas652.9592.481
cans you're bringing them in the house654.23.8
you stink cuz gas smells doesn't it y655.444.6
right so once it gets on you good I love658.03.839
it you probably like to Huff paint too660.044.84
don't you uh no you're a Huffer no gas661.8395.201
gas gas well gas is gas is similar to664.884.0
huffing glue you do you do a little glue667.044.96
Huff be a long668.883.12
ride all right Palmer oil forg IR oh man672.567.24
see how we're doing craft I can craft677.9595.0
one wheel for now okay um let's see I679.86.2
need a forged iron which I'm making and682.9594.841
man I might be good really I might be686.03.68
good after that really uh really really687.83.64
shut it come on give me that forged iron689.684.08
come on come on come on oh I'm making691.444.32
three wheels693.766.6
dras yeah make it with you make it with695.764.6
you man I want to do this you think you700.444.519
can do it by yourself you need help well702.9593.521
why don't we do this I'm going to back704.9593.801
up a little bit back up okay just just a706.485.0
sco okay all right and then right oh708.765.48
you're going to sniper rifle it yeah you711.485.159
better on Lost he went in that little uh714.243.56
thing right in front right in that716.6393.161
little ditch oh is he in the ditch yep717.84.599
okay hold on let's see see what I can do719.84.92
okay I got your back it's loaded already722.3995.601
uhhuh got my back oh missed him yep and724.725.64
he's not moving thank goodness that's a728.04.16
shot you got him that one should have730.363.839
worked wow and he's dead already I think732.163.88
he's dead yeah thank God he was a dumb734.1996.76
one thank God now my number six knife uh736.047.76
Wacha bang look at this I don't mess740.9594.56
around look at you I get meat you get743.84.52
meat all day 30 of them exact all right745.5194.88
well listen you give those to me748.323.84
whenever we head back home because I am750.3993.921
a chef I'll give them to you right now752.163.919
okay you want them well all right do you754.323.16
want them my friend you know me I could756.0792.841
die any second yeah you know what if you757.482.52
don't give them to me now there's no way758.922.719
you're going to remember so exactly you760.04.0
got it yep you're welcome call me Chef761.6394.721
Simon all right Chef Simon we're heading764.04.72
back to the desert I love766.364.36
it come on that's going to take 3768.723.64
minutes come come on come on come on770.723.799
come on come come on come on oh come on772.365.599
come come on come are you come on come774.5194.961
grab that come on come on come on come777.9595.481
come on come on come on come779.485.88
on all right what we going to do uh783.443.56
buddy grain I mean you know what this785.364.159
entire like City remember we came here a787.03.88
long time ago in the desert it's like789.5193.641
half desert half uh Green Oh I have the790.883.8
best memory of course I do there's so793.163.479
much here man I mean like this whole794.684.12
city needs to be looted all right I'm796.6393.721
ready to rock we'll start with this798.84.399
grain place you ready yeah I'm fine I800.364.919
don't have much for the weapons and I803.1993.721
hate hand toand combat you got to learn805.2795.68
to use a a baton I know I do I have a806.925.44
baton we're going to need all this810.9593.041
concrete did you bring a sh oh there's a812.364.2
guy oh stay down sucker all right stay814.04.8
down I just reloaded for so far I'm816.564.2
doing better than usual did you hear818.83.92
something else no oh what is that a820.763.68
yellow guy right there you see something822.724.16
shoot me hello how you doing oh that's a824.445.04
construction worker that it is that's to826.885.399
for you you got him Simon that's right829.484.0
oh what's this oh that's the guy I832.2792.8
killed okay we don't need to kill him833.484.279
again nope he's already dead okay835.0794.361
there's uh nothing over here here all837.7593.401
right we're going to dig up all this839.444.319
concrete and we're going upstairs right841.164.119
behind you upstairs now I'll lead the843.7595.121
way cuz I'm a man reload reload good845.2797.521
team player all right we're going to the848.886.68
attic where all the good things are yep852.85.0
why is this a thing it's uh there's855.563.92
believe me there's other things is this857.83.52
a it's leading to a place oh it's a meat859.484.56
grinder is it wow don't push me in there861.324.0
all right but that's a meat grinder864.043.28
we're going around no we're not we're865.324.959
going over man yeah go around this way867.325.319
okay you can do this870.2796.36
too Booyah look at this platforming King872.6395.681
you did it you're a platformer that's876.6393.281
what I do all right and that that's what878.323.4
we came for this is what we came for all879.923.279
right I'm going to go in the box or not881.723.0
the box I'm going to go in the bag do it883.1993.681
all I've got a junk turret I wanted a884.723.84
junk turret oh man I needed a junk886.883.36
turret you can have it no you take it888.563.16
NOP you can have it but you know me I'm890.242.88
just going to waste it that's right you891.723.039
lose it I will you'll forget that you893.124.519
had it I want to have 9 mil stuff so894.7594.64
just saying uh should we bust this and897.6393.721
move it on yep all right hold on I don't899.3993.601
know what move it on means but you know901.364.36
like get on with it maybe okay something903.05.759
like that what you got we got Hammer905.725.919
pickaxe polymer so basically Jack I need908.7595.08
a pickaxe well go ahead take the pickaxe911.6394.2
okay do it cool I think that's it though913.8393.44
but we we you know what you know that915.8392.8
there's more that's what they want you917.2793.841
to think is it that might be it but918.6394.88
there's special921.125.839
stuff s what have you done that was a923.5196.521
bad idea oh no he has no bed around here926.9594.641
crap now I got to build a box and put930.045.159
his stuff away going931.63.599
down oh it's ready durus oh hey guys oh935.3198.2
yeah [ __ ] okay Simon what are you doing940.364.8
what do you mean what am I doing I died943.5193.201
yeah what are you guys doing okay come945.164.4
out here and check this out what do it946.728.119
do it do what oh my what oh hold on let949.568.48
me gas her up holy and I want to drive954.8394.68
it I want to drive it I want to you got958.043.12
this oh God let me get in can I get in959.5194.521
no no only two two hold on I'm on it961.164.159
later oh my goodness look at this thing965.3195.121
yeah yeah wow the gas I put in though968.0793.481
what you doing what are you doing here970.442.6
oh I didn't see it I'm sorry what are971.564.519
you it's a 4x4 don't worry about it huh973.045.239
how did you not see that back on baby976.0794.401
this this thing takes up a lot of space978.2793.881
hold on I can get us out I can get us980.483.719
out no problem all right no problem try982.164.919
to keep me on can't keep you on Jesus984.1996.441
try to work with me here987.07912.391
EES love yeah oh sonon please say you1000.445.68
got my stuff I did get your stuff all1004.03.839
right I'm running to the triangle and I1006.124.519
still don't see you yet I should be see1007.8395.881
oh there you are hey okay fantastic well1010.6394.721
done getting back here all right yeah no1013.725.239
[ __ ] right so um I should probably put a1015.366.08
bed down here exactly listen the other1018.9593.921
bike has most of your stuff in it the1021.443.8
one over there okay the headlights on I1022.885.0
need to punch things to make a bed right1025.244.24
unless you got one you can give me or1027.883.919
make one real quick I mean you you1029.483.439
probably already have enough to make1031.7993.12
it's like fiber that's it yeah I know I1032.9193.681
know that's it but look hold on just1034.9193.681
make a bed that's right crap oh crap1036.65.4
Simon Simon Simon run I'm cra run Simon1038.66.68
run Simon run to a bike hold on run to a1042.04.48
bike we're still holding on we got1045.283.84
zombies running after us hold on I don't1046.484.12
know where the bike is okay it's got a1049.122.679
headlight on I'm driving towards it1050.62.6
right now all right good you're good man1051.7992.681
and they're following you too so I'm1053.23.0
good oh are they yeah I'll just stay1054.486.439
over here all right you do and then boom1056.27.04
here we go yep follow me zombie nice1060.9194.401
stroll huh1063.246.48
huh okay corn get this corn before we go1065.326.68
no no no it's not a time to get corn no1069.724.319
not right now but no before we leave we1072.03.4
get in this corn I know but it's really1074.0393.0
not that important we're probably going1075.43.0
to have better things can we just move1077.0393.281
forward uh Jesus you're just going1078.43.159
around in circles what are we doing1080.323.359
you're ready okay follow me okay I'm1081.5593.12
ready all we're going to be doing is1083.6793.88
riding around till daylight really no1084.6793.841
that's not what we're going to do we're1087.5592.561
going to do better things than that are1088.523.399
we I have better things to do with my1090.124.3
time than just ride around until1091.91910.88
daytime hey yes abro with that 100 oil1102.7996.36
shell you gave me I managed to make 1,001106.644.8
gas holy [ __ ] I just got 61 more where1109.1593.721
do you where you get in this oil shell I1111.443.28
don't even know okay well yeah hand it1112.883.32
over if you don't mind all right if you1114.723.199
don't mind I will and yeah gas is what1116.22.92
we need tell you what I'm going to fill1117.9193.12
up the truck you guys just go tearing1119.124.6
off go find gas okay wrench cars do1121.0394.52
whatever you got to do we need gas yeah1123.725.04
all right and I can now make 600 more1125.5594.961
gas so that's good yeah you guys are1128.764.2
going to have gas for the truck oh yeah1130.525.44
love it gasing all day yeah got so much1132.966.0
that smells come on down eat my1142.326.359
testicles you little [ __ ] bird he's not1146.25.28
coming down is he no oh I got another1148.6794.24
one another what I don't know I don't1151.483.12
know if I lost track I I'm still looking1152.9193.721
at one don't shoot me okay I don't know1154.63.52
let's try from far away should we just1156.643.12
try a far away shot what the switch to1158.124.12
the rifle uh well I don't have a rifle1159.765.84
oh Yep this is going to oh hey I got him1162.247.64
you got him I got him look at you ohra1165.66.04
go to some1169.884.039
moreon help me where's the bike to the1171.644.6
bike shooting there's another bird1173.9195.161
fantastic to the bikes turn the1176.245.76
bikes you behind me I'm not behind you1179.085.68
come on I am on the bike though which is1182.04.88
leaving all right you're fine go this1184.764.56
way oh boy birs right on your butt yep1186.886.24
we're out yep1189.323.8
[ __ ]1199.526.29
bird man that th000 gas I just put in1205.885.0
there we're only at 133% on gas with1208.883.96
this thing that's insane let me see what1210.884.919
this extra, or 1100 does to it let's see1212.847.199
I bet that's going to take us to 24 241215.7997.321
24 really yeah D was right on holy [ __ ]1220.0396.241
I'm a Math Man you do math oh look at me1223.125.52
one of us does math we need that so 241226.284.04
better than nothing so yeah uh if you1228.644.08
guys go out looting together gas we need1230.324.599
lots of it let me drop off just a couple1232.723.76
things and I want you to drive you want1234.9193.041
me to drive just want to sit back and1236.483.76
let the wind hit my hair yeah cuz it1237.965.52
won't hit yours no no it1240.245.799
won't they come Simon I1243.485.4
know man listen you got to learn to use1246.0394.76
a club sometime I would think I mean do1248.883.32
you just have so much ammo that it's no1250.7994.041
big deal no I just get ammo and then I1252.23.8
use it and when are you going to put1254.843.4
your clothes on who needs clothes we1256.04.6
both need need clothes oh we do yeah I1258.243.6
don't have any clothes remember you I1260.62.84
haven't gotten my stuff yet remember I1261.843.199
said all your stuff's in that one bike1263.443.2
I'll do that you do things okay I'm1265.0394.481
going to look inside here okay oh here1266.646.519
we go these are girls oh1269.523.639
wait oh salmon keep on forgetting to1273.9194.721
reload yep and we're1276.724.959
closed don't shot1278.645.36
me that should have been a hit should1281.6794.441
have been there we go that was a hit1284.05.52
good job all right1286.125.52
oh a green shirt I found a green shirt1289.524.36
Su wow you get you are very you're very1291.644.8
easy to excite put this on right now wow1293.884.72
okay there we go should we have like a1296.443.479
little party or something what do you1298.64.88
think I green shirt party I got a green1299.9196.0
shirt don't shoot me because sometimes1303.485.6
you do dumb things1305.9193.161
yeah oil place Monkey oil company yeah1309.326.64
hey there's a parking deck right next to1314.04.159
it so we can break down some cars too1315.964.48
yeah you want to go there I'll do1318.1594.64
parking deck or do we together cuz I've1320.444.359
got the the junk turrets man it's like I1322.7994.201
don't really I have nothing to worry1324.7996.041
about it's like I beat the1327.03.84
game which barrels explode I don't1340.45.96
know found out let's see see you can get1346.364.76
the most gas I Like1348.9196.561
It Go boy I'm on the1351.124.36
stairs [ __ ] I'm going to die Sam could1359.087.32
be okay you did it you didn't die and1362.7995.88
I'm going to reload I need to remember1366.44.32
that didn't you have pants oh you're1368.6794.161
wearing a skirt aren't you1370.725.199
probably lot of the doors are unlocked1372.845.439
that's good is it yeah it really is look1375.9196.12
at that I just got two in one hello sir1378.2797.041
you're doing great [ __ ] what is up with1382.0395.361
these guys dying with one shot maybe1385.323.12
you're you're just getting really1387.43.159
powerful aren't you shocking oh I got1388.445.76
vitamins yeah take them potato seed1390.5596.801
recipe do I know that already maybe I'm1394.24.92
reloading like a champ now I'll forget1397.365.96
in 10 about 20 seconds oh we have a a1399.126.64
friendly coming out okay you want to1403.324.52
take care of that guy uh I'll have to1405.766.6
Chum oh yep yeah do it come on really1407.846.0
come on there we go that's why I don't1412.364.28
like to use the club yep sure that's1413.844.56
right ah we should have had him tear1416.643.44
this door down oh that would have been1418.43.4
good so we wouldn't had1420.083.28
toas y bud did you hear a screamer no1423.365.559
you're focused I'm so focused right now1426.644.08
cuz this guy doesn't even know doesn't1428.9193.12
even know what's waiting for him what's1430.723.959
waiting for him cuz I don't know1432.0396.841
either it's not important okay1434.6795.88
all right watch hey watch out for that1438.884.159
screamer in CA just in case uhhuh1440.5595.281
actually I'm going to take a1443.0392.801
look don't see1450.123.439
her you good oh I'm great never better I1455.5598.041
can see you what I can see you looking1460.085.319
right at you and jumping up and down1463.64.16
hello oh I could take you out right now1465.3994.721
and win this contest oh my God I could1467.764.72
just blow your head off right hey friend1470.124.96
hey buddy you don't even know I'm a damn1472.485.04
Dead Eye you don't even know fake 441475.084.199
human man Warrior better aim than1477.524.43
anybody all right good1479.2795.75
luck boom you're done one shot I swear1486.1597.561
oh don't even try me I eat your face1490.3995.321
with a bullet spit Your Face back out1493.724.28
and shoot you again little gas wh who's1495.724.52
your gas ass [ __ ] just too good just1498.05.12
too good what you doing looking at you1500.246.12
you're handsome you're super1503.125.72
handsome anything up there we got some1506.364.439
concrete a lot of concrete that's the1508.844.16
blue stuff1510.7995.6
right [ __ ] I missed her oh1513.06.08
boy a big one that's a big one hold on1516.3995.121
let me get my gun out bad news okay we1519.085.36
got her thank you blender busting got1521.526.6
him trying you're doing great Simon oh1524.445.599
oh wow there's bleeding going on and I1528.123.32
don't have any bandages [ __ ] I think you1530.0393.401
do you do right yeah why don't I just1531.444.68
put them on damn it come on put it on1533.445.56
put it on you son of a gun god I suck1536.125.439
you did it all1539.05.36
right this door is unlocked I oh stairs1541.5594.72
to the roof oh you want to go okay I'm1544.364.679
going in the room you go to the roof1546.2796.0
okay what have we1549.0395.561
here all right got to move this stuff1552.2797.961
out of the way oh get through here1554.65.64
okay yeah still going to be slow still1561.725.48
going to be a little slow that's okay1565.244.08
this might actually work pretty well for1567.25.839
a plan B if a h Knight the base Falls1569.325.52
completely apart I'm going to have1573.0395.52
somewhere to run1574.847.439
66 yeah oh man I nailed that I did that1578.5594.72
perfectly this is right at the1582.2792.561
cool it's always good to have a plan B1584.846.079
just in case she leaves1589.364.48
you I see I think what is it oh yep I1590.9196.36
see some boxes and a big mama and B you1593.845.16
want me to up there I think I can take1597.2794.161
her she doesn't see me yet I'm going to1599.04.76
squat down and head shot1601.445.0
her did I kill her how would I know I1603.764.48
think I did1606.445.16
good oh there's a bag up here suon do it1608.245.439
you excited I'm kind of excited but less1611.63.76
excited cuz I'm down here CRA there's a1613.6794.801
guy there's a guy okay okay I'll maybe1615.365.16
I'll do this I'll pick up these these1618.484.079
things and then I'll go and meet you1620.524.8
okay I got him I got him come on stay1622.5597.24
down he down here comes another one I'm1625.327.44
I like getting the play by play oh okay1629.7993.801
down go down go1633.64.16
down Simon did you1642.487.48
die oh shotgun shells he he hey oh1645.766.12
motorcycle chassis schematic Don't Mind1649.964.079
If I1651.886.32
Do all right thick and the number is1654.0396.321
what you got uh sadly1658.24.68
476 what's that1660.365.439
476 okay well you just barely lost I've1662.883.84
4,416 a so close but you know what the1666.725.6
best thing is they seem rare now what I1670.0395.321
got a treasure map bring me home ah yeah1672.326.52
treasure you bring me home okay show1675.367.559
take me to my home uh yes yes master I1678.846.079
have a treasure to find a treasure you1682.9193.6
say all right you want to just go to the1684.9193.201
treasure right now we're in a vehicle1686.5194.76
nope sure yep I want to drop things off1688.125.159
okay okay here we go feel like a redneck1691.2795.921
in here hey why is my voice like this1693.2795.921
and where' this CH come from cook some1697.23.599
meth and [ __ ] her1699.24.92
sister yeah I think it's over here man1700.7996.24
okay uh did you get anything good uh1704.125.0
yeah tons of good stuff oh look at1707.0394.961
that all right got my stuff back you got1709.124.6
it all you want to loot that Barn next1712.03.24
door I don't know what the hell I'll1713.723.839
follow you okay the barn next door I'm1715.244.76
pretty sure we we were in there already1717.5594.401
you did the barn yeah well you thought1720.03.6
you did this place too but I was pretty1721.963.839
sure I thought the I did the barn I did1723.64.439
a barn that looks just like this talking1725.7993.921
to a wall aren't I no you know it's the1728.0394.281
game right and they Reus things know1729.725.52
okay so let's see here we go you got him1732.326.16
yeah and I didn't reload so yep we got1735.246.84
them stay down okay are they both dead1738.485.439
yeah all right then there's pigs over1742.084.64
here or no no pigs this time so maybe it1743.9194.201
isn't the same place but last time there1746.723.36
were pigs right there yeah if that car1748.123.48
is not looted over there I would say you1750.084.319
haven't been here this is like deja vu1751.65.88
uh Nails oil and polymers we know that1754.3995.0
there's a lot of stuff up here from last1757.484.16
time replay you going up there this is1759.3993.961
exactly what we did two episodes ago1761.644.279
yeah it's the same building isn't1763.366.76
it ooh same building steal fire ax I1765.9196.401
just upgraded good for you kid where are1770.125.0
you I'm looking to do the more oil oh1772.324.8
jeez what's WR we got a runner oh1775.123.88
there's a we got a runner okay yep and1777.124.88
there's a a hazard guy she ran right by1779.04.679
she's running towards me oh I knocked1782.06.2
her right on our foot okay that's mman1783.6796.48
stay down are you shooting I'm I'm1788.24.52
shooting upstairs okay we got them I'm1790.1594.481
doing things can to come help you I feel1792.723.48
like this is again we're just it's the1794.643.6
same exact building we're to be doing it1796.26.88
again well oh and I fell last time too1798.247.919
I'm climbing to the very top come on N1803.086.12
okay I'm up here oh a lot of concrete1806.1595.481
yep there's a bunch of boxes untouched1809.24.68
that's right we got to scale over yep1811.644.159
that's exactly where thick went how how1813.883.84
did you die last time maybe we can avoid1815.7995.321
it like just like that [ __ ] all right1817.726.0
and I'm doing it cuz I game I'm going to1821.123.679
watch you if you can get it I don't need1823.724.52
to go up there oh1824.7997.24
get oh I see you I see you I'm on to H1828.245.36
I'm going to help I got to1832.0395.161
reload come near the edge hold on come1833.66.12
to the edge hold on no not hold on I was1837.24.839
going to help you I know you were but I1839.724.4
had to do things [ __ ] now you're1842.0396.36
blocking my shot move out of a sonon was1844.126.96
trying to help1848.3992.681
you iot to lay down in bed [ __ ]1851.764.799
I'm going to go do this treasure map1855.242.48
think you going to come with me yeah1856.5592.881
man' to keep me company and I don't yeah1857.723.12
yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't need you hey1859.443.44
if you guys find you know food ammo1860.843.16
things that you don't get when you're1862.883.399
building yep it'd be great I like your1864.04.12
get up man thank you I got I got these1866.2793.961
new denim jeans you like them they look1868.123.84
great on your ass I know that's what I1870.243.159
thought I put them on looked right at my1871.963.959
butt and I was like oh man not bad at1873.3994.081
all not bad at all all right I'm going1875.9193.281
to drive this time thick yeah yeah gas1877.485.48
it up man going to and it is at 42% with1879.26.52
with 4,000 there we go 42% that's what I1882.965.559
like to hear I got that there Jennifer's1885.725.24
treasure map Jennifer's Jennifer huh1888.5194.0
yeah that's an uncommon name what what1890.964.24
her mouth look like ah like your sisters1892.5194.801
I was thinking the the same thing all1895.24.0
right well you boys have fun we will we1897.323.359
let you know what Jennifer's mouth looks1899.24.12
like bring me back food and ammo okay1900.6796.88
and Jennifer's mouth okay I'll uh keep1903.327.239
all right thick yeah you cover me okay1934.6794.561
oh cover you yeah you know what I'll let1937.63.079
you dig yeah I'm going to well yeah I1939.243.2
got the yeah you don't know where it is1940.6793.24
I don't I was just going to dig next to1942.444.079
you expedite the process I'm on Mountain1943.9194.921
High looking just keep1946.5194.16
you keep your eyes open like a hawk with1948.844.64
a gun a gunhawk you can be my wingman1950.6795.281
any day gunhawk and I'd1953.485.96
go yeah he would it's super clear I mean1955.965.079
like I could really come help you just1959.443.959
dig next to you yeah I suppose you could1961.0395.6
yeah okay the thing I I I and I know1963.3994.681
you're not going to do it and I mean1966.6392.88
like you get things next to AB and he1968.082.92
just takes them you know what I mean I'm1969.5192.921
not going to take anything I just I've1971.05.0
got to oh found it there it is get it I1972.446.199
didn't look in there it's all you1976.06.96
wow 11 Gold nugg nugs BL Your Head off91978.6396.441
silver nugg nugs you don't even know1982.964.64
military B oh my God military V I could1985.084.599
use that steel sledgehammer and military1987.63.4
armor parts that was a good that was a1989.6793.401
good find yeah awesome really good find1991.03.36
let's go1993.084.16
home you're not so bad pck you either1994.366.12
gunhawk wait that's1997.243.24
me Ry guy was just on the top floor of2002.0395.24
that building really yeah all right2004.9193.401
you're going to you want you going to2007.2793.961
shoot him I oh I missed okay was that2008.324.959
enough oh he's coming she's missing an2011.244.96
arm he's still2013.2792.921
up we got him yep we go back home let's2016.765.68
go back home let's kill this lady up2020.3994.12
here and then go home and then go home2022.443.239
how you want to kill her let's do2024.5193.52
something different let's get creative2025.6795.0
all right lady now you're in for it oh I2028.0396.281
got her boom I'm Shoveling her oh oh she2030.6797.281
got me okay see there you go not too2034.327.319
shabby huh it worked it did can you dig2037.967.21
it yeah all right let's go home all2041.6396.601
right hey better get off my concrete oh2048.244.24
I've been wanting to do this for a2051.482.76
minute what you going to do chainsaw2052.483.679
this zombie oh do2054.245.359
it yeah yeah oh come on now it's a2056.1595.281
chainsaw that should have gone much oh2059.5994.08
and then you gets up what a chainsaw2061.447.08
shut up it's a chainsaw shut up what2063.6797.361
wow how disappointing is that L that was2068.524.359
lame it's a2071.045.0
chainsaw I chainsaw gu oh man what a2072.8795.401
waste of gas now we know yeah let's not2076.043.92
do that again but now we know now we2078.283.48
know you don't have a bandage do you uh2079.964.439
yeah yeah hook me up thank you sir yes2081.765.2
sir oh that's a nice bandage oh I make2084.3995.28
the finest aloe vera lace bandages I'm2086.964.76
start coming to you when I'm sick okay2089.6794.601
don't you go all Simon on me yeah hey2091.726.84
you got some you got some shotgun sh no2094.285.319
yeah I'm I'm not going to get that2098.563.16
desperate hey you got some2099.5998.161
food man hey hey you got some he got oh2101.728.04
that's what it did what this is the2107.765.64
rebar stuff yep I saying yes all right2109.767.04
sweet that is the cat's knees Bo all2113.44.679
right so it looks like that now but2116.83.08
that's actually installing the rebar the2118.0794.201
bees pajamas if you will yeah all right2119.884.12
so all the ones at least two above I'm2122.283.28
going to try to use as much rebar as I2124.04.2
can yes all right yeah2125.564.4
oh man I'm making concrete man this base2128.24.32
is going to be sick okay in the dick2129.964.24
nobody wants their dick sick no no one2132.522.8
does and if they do they're coming to2134.23.0
you you got the bandages hey you got2135.324.84
some bandages for my dick hey my dick is2137.25.48
sick I need2140.165.919
bandages but Bing spaghetti my noodle2142.686.399
sick my poor little macaron my total2146.0795.271
sick yeah what is that thing it's a stun2161.524.44
baton with a fire mod on it looks like2163.644.12
your hands on fire is what it looks like2165.963.52
it kind of is but I'm used to it by now2167.764.2
hi neebs Simon we're all packed up baby2169.484.119
all right go out there and find some2171.964.24
good supplies just be back by day 20 day2173.5995.48
20 so today's day 18 so that's two2176.24.6
nights oh good I didn't miss you guys2179.0794.04
leaving I'm going to miss you the most2180.84.6
dur alas are you you want to know why2183.1195.121
sure because I think uh you didn't have2185.44.679
an answer did you no I didn't I didn't2188.243.32
have an answer just making stuff up I2190.0792.601
like the way you guys are sitting in2191.563.48
there look good and comfy yep I can see2192.684.48
your balls Simon I know well I think2195.043.48
that're they're nice and clean and2197.162.32
remember when you first when you get out2198.522.64
of the Jeep put a bed roll down bed roll2199.483.08
yes yeah Simon I don't want you popping2201.163.56
back here in like 5 minutes oh I forgot2202.564.4
my bed roll oh what have I done oh my2204.724.879
goodness spaghetti spaghetti how about2206.965.76
we just let whatever happens happen okay2209.5995.601
let's try to put down I will attempt to2212.724.16
how about just say that leave out the2215.24.68
spaghetti oh guys let's quit miling this2216.885.239
out here get out see you byebye go ahead2219.885.8
get spaghetti spaghetti spaghetti M go2222.1196.211
don't forget that2225.686.06
come on man let's go there's oil shell2248.24.0
here I know but you've already gotten an2250.563.08
oil shell right you've been doing this2252.23.2
for a while right well just and we've2253.643.8
got gas yeah let's get the hell out of2255.43.919
the heat okay but it just keeps just2257.443.24
keeps doing it doesn't it I know but can2259.3194.601
we get2 away from the heat we got 22 gas2260.684.76
man this Heat's been going on forever I2263.922.96
know that's why I'm saying can I get2265.443.48
this chicken did I get no I don't know2266.883.36
oh no you know what you got to run over2268.923.439
the chicken we're not we turn around for2270.243.92
the chicken why wouldn't we cuz you were2272.3593.361
just complaining about the heat I know2274.163.88
but I but we can kill a chicken where's2275.724.16
the chicken to the left to the left to2278.043.319
the left I don't see it to the left to2279.883.199
the left to the left oh yep yep yep hard2281.3593.841
left hard left oh we got that who cares2283.0793.481
about the zombie I want to kill a2285.22.96
chicken where's the chicken you see it I2286.563.72
don't okay uh to the right to the right2288.164.439
to the right going up the Rocks going up2290.284.2
oh God it just went in here hold on I'm2292.5993.121
getting I'm getting out you're getting2294.482.8
the chicken I'm going to try to locate2295.723.8
the chicken so you can kill the chicken2297.283.52
and you were complaining about the shell2299.524.44
thing I know but you're going to compare2300.86.12
mining shell to killing a chicken y you2303.964.92
stupid all right zombie lady you're2306.923.64
going to get it full2308.884.199
speed we knocked her out of the park2310.564.92
sumon well I wanted to kill a chicken2313.0794.481
you've lost the chicken forget about it2315.483.48
there'll be more chickens could have2317.563.12
been all right well promise me by the2318.963.119
end of the day we're going to try to2320.683.96
kill a chicken if we see a chicken you2322.0796.361
have my word we'll try2324.643.8
okay here damn2328.5998.921
itoo where are we now uh okay are we2332.5997.601
wait I'm turned around where am I uh2337.524.839
that's that's obviously that's oh it's2340.23.76
over there okay all right I just went2342.3593.281
through the street over here oh I'm2343.963.52
behind that got you now I know where I'm2345.644.16
at okay plan C God I'm like a little2347.484.32
mole like a little mole I got all little2349.85.12
little holes everywhere like a mole man2351.85.08
all right I need water and I need to2354.924.199
dump some of this stuff off and it's2356.884.16
always good to have Escape Routes in the2359.1193.841
mines damn I'm using my what brainy2361.046.76
matter brander brander brainy butt smart2362.967.32
well isn't this interesting a little2367.86.44
blap flap so there's the flap there's2370.285.92
the blap it's convenient they should put2374.244.0
more of these on houses all right so I2376.24.119
got you in place over here we'll do one2378.244.52
more before we head back you know one2380.3194.04
hello hi lot of construction out this2384.3595.521
way bunch of people moving here I2388.044.48
suppose huh is that what you expecting2389.884.56
hey new to the2392.524.839
neighborhood yeah you got oh yeah you2394.444.2
you guys are always a little strong wait2397.3594.841
a second is this this [ __ ] again why2398.646.8
fix it I just want to no yep he's not2402.26.56
even there but I can't get by2405.447.08
you come on here we go all right I'm2408.767.4
going to need okay okay big house lots2412.525.68
of stuff I mean it's probably boring2416.164.08
watching me now cuz of on account of how2418.25.2
good I am it's like a get2420.248.92
oops oops that was a mistake2423.45.76
oh we got two birds two birds on us two2430.763.2
birds I'm going to have to jump out and2432.682.52
do my thing I'm going to jump too you2433.963.56
ready all right and go jump weapons2435.23.96
where are they all right one you got him2437.523.92
I got one yeah well done sir all right2439.163.959
there's another one in the air is there2441.443.28
you look behind me I'll keep eye on the2443.1193.521
bird I don't even know where you are oh2444.723.639
come on oh come on I was looking up in2446.643.28
the sky I killed the bird give me some2448.3593.441
credit okay look we're together right2449.924.32
yes and uh oh yeah junk turrets remember2451.84.319
the junk turrets got to set those down2454.243.28
yeah good for you learn that from dur2456.1193.441
alas y here he comes oh nope is he2457.523.44
coming I don't know I don't even see the2459.563.559
bird oh here he is hold on what are the2460.964.159
odds right here come on bubba should we2463.1193.321
just go in this building no I want to2465.1192.641
get this get rid of this guy going to2466.442.36
come back to haunt us isn't it I'm going2467.762.88
to go up the stairs you do that I'll get2468.83.44
on his level wouldn't that be amazing if2470.643.8
I had a good shot God I'm Wasting2472.244.119
Bullets don't waste bullets man I'm2474.444.679
wasting them we're out here to together2476.3595.361
one more good2479.1192.601
shot salmon that's why I did it I I need2481.85.799
to prove something to myself hey door's2485.644.16
unlocked I'm looking in oh there's a2487.5994.72
zombie I'm going to crouch and head shot2489.84.68
got him good man looks pretty clear up2492.3194.321
here okay uh some books hey maybe I'll2494.484.44
learn something uh paper oh wait what's2496.644.56
this eight time scope schematic I got2498.924.84
one of those what eight time yeah man2501.24.6
well now I can read it so oh that's what2503.764.04
I need to do read it I didn't read it2505.83.36
was it the scope or was it the schematic2507.83.0
it was a schematic yeah you have to read2509.163.199
them all right that's a thing you go2510.84.519
downstairs yes sir all right downstairs2512.3595.361
this looks like it's a [ __ ] hole hole oh2515.3194.0
you know what there's spikes in front of2517.723.599
here uh-huh you want to tear that down2519.3195.52
do I yeah ever watch what oh I was going2521.3196.28
to do yep oh watch your back huh come2524.8394.721
here sir oh here I learned something2527.5993.881
hold on oh what I want to see something2529.563.519
here I'm going to get behind him though2531.483.04
y I'm going to try this I'll draw his2533.0794.121
attention o I gave him like a one of2534.525.0
those right click [ __ ] oh the power2537.25.399
hit oh round his face he's still going2539.525.44
though huh oh junk turret he's no match2542.5994.641
for us Simmon he's no match for the2544.964.56
matchmakers you did yep that's what we2547.244.52
are we're the matchmakers oh really y2549.524.36
wow look at this guy you seeing this2551.763.96
nope that's a way to go isn't it what's2553.884.679
that just grinding grinding the ground2555.724.599
you grinding the ground yep good for him2558.5593.081
he got one off that's why we're the2560.3194.8
matchmakers yep that's exactly it we2561.645.479
matched them up with the ground to2565.1194.96
hump all right abster what you need oh2567.1194.561
man I don't know you got to be more2570.0794.921
cement man Stone yeah I do a lot of2571.685.879
cement oh man hey give it to me now when2575.04.8
I say a lot why don't you take a guess2577.5596.321
um oh man 500 I've got2579.86.64
2,818 oh man I want to I want to kiss2583.886.04
you on that big furry yellow mouth Yes2586.444.879
do that2589.924.84
please I'm going to give you 2,000 of it2591.3196.04
holy moly thank you sir oh I came across2594.764.88
a sweet like new construction home and2597.3595.24
and uh you know owned it full got to dig2599.645.0
it what can I make with that how much2602.5993.881
concrete mix can I make with that how2604.645.0
much uh none because I've used all uh I2606.485.079
need more small stones which I I can get2609.643.32
plenty of and go down in the mines here2611.5593.201
you go oh you got a bunch of those too2612.965.44
there's 856 hey it's a start he we're2614.767.68
making 206 B A Team there I'm already2618.45.88
making 200 that's going to be 400 that's2622.443.44
going to make a lot of concrete blocks2624.283.559
already got 26 oh man this base is going2625.884.04
to be tits I I believe you you know what2627.8394.681
nees did a good job but we learned a lot2629.926.28
you know yeah yeah yeah yeah all right2632.525.52
get your cute little out of here I will2636.23.32
not okay well hang out if you want you2638.042.72
can do whatever you want really I'm2639.522.559
going to2640.763.68
leave this is amazing look at this are2642.0793.881
we being followed by a bird still of2644.443.76
course we are that's part for the course2645.964.399
but no this is great I mean this is all2648.24.24
new how close is a bird close enough to2650.3593.681
the point where it's not stop oh there's2652.443.72
a bear a bear a zombie bear we going run2654.043.6
over no no no move forward cuz that2656.163.159
Bird's coming okay why we killed the2657.643.679
zombie bear H we got to turn around all2659.3193.841
right that's the mission yep turn around2661.3193.8
warm up on this guy oh boy all right do2663.163.919
what you got to do yep where's this bear2665.1193.641
I know I I still haven't seen it there2667.0794.601
he is oh come on bear2668.765.68
baby get him yeah he still alive that2671.684.399
was beautiful and of course the bear is2674.443.679
alive we need to finish it off yep turn2676.0794.961
around your turn you want to come come2678.1196.081
at me come on that's oh yeah did that do2681.046.319
it oh yeah is he gone it's gone gone why2684.25.119
can't we kill the damn bird like this2687.3592.841
you know what we're just going to have2689.3192.881
to jump out and fight it I know still on2690.24.56
us I'm going I'm take that jumping out2692.26.0
okay and boom oh [ __ ] you okay no not2694.766.4
really okay okay is it still on me uh2698.25.0
yep it's on your back oh boy on back2701.164.08
okay oh boy where' he2703.26.0
go okay oh boy this was stupid of me and2705.246.839
I'm infected Health going you got a2709.24.399
tablet you got a bandage we need I think2712.0793.681
I probably do hold on I forget about how2713.5994.601
to do things oh lady bandage oh crap oh2715.766.64
crap I got to switch no summon hold on2718.26.879
okay okay all right I stopped dying we2722.45.08
have got to do bed rolls bed roll we do2725.0793.801
them right here in the street yeah that2727.484.879
is a good good idea okay bed roll right2728.884.76
there just right here in the street2732.3593.96
we'll do come on bed roll bed roll bam2733.644.439
right there on the side but not in the2736.3193.601
street man I'm out of blunder bust uh2738.0794.24
ammo that's not good I got my junk2739.924.439
turret and my rifle and my pistol we've2742.3194.28
only listen we're going to be okay we're2744.3595.041
here in the city our beds are here so2746.5997.361
let's just pick a place and get in space2749.45.679
does that make sense I was trying to2753.963.28
make it rhyme on the go and yeah that2755.0793.921
actually makes sense I think okay okay2757.243.96
hop in we'll put the Jeep next to our2759.03.52
building we're looting okay we'll start2761.22.56
at the2762.523.52
beginning let's go ahead let's just get2763.764.559
it up here let's boom you go to the top2766.045.4
you get the goods rule number one oh God2768.3196.361
green ladies no you're don't no you2771.446.6
don't still coming at me oh green biker2774.686.399
just shoot shoot shoot oh boy CL the2778.046.92
door ah boy yeah okay hold on oh God2781.0797.24
reload reload no you don't2784.966.879
this could end terribly2788.3193.52
for I think I got every one of these uh2794.165.679
secured with rebar wow think that's how2797.5995.441
it works hey thick hey hi thick nothing2799.8395.361
what what what did you nothing for wa2803.043.76
yeah what's nothing mean going out for a2805.24.159
ride I was hot took my clothes off and2806.84.759
just I I just need to think did you die2809.3594.441
huh I don't know you died let's not talk2811.5594.481
about how how I let we talk about how we2813.83.72
live yeah here let's talk about how you2816.043.039
better bring this bike back hell yeah2817.523.319
baby I I bring bikes back you going to2819.0793.841
be all right I'll be okay okay yeah well2820.8394.121
Sun's going down so oh you better go2822.924.159
Bubba no all right I'm going to go keep2824.964.04
your head up thank you he always gets2827.0794.321
into [ __ ] doesn't he well I mean he's2829.04.52
acting particularly weird on that one2831.43.56
yeah but yeah of course he of course got2833.523.0
a flaming Hammer how do you end up with2834.963.359
a flaming hammer it was a mod you're2836.524.76
such a flamer yep love it me too I like2838.3194.8
these arches oh yeah hey the whole2841.283.72
thing's going to have Arch it looks nice2843.1194.401
does it'd be a shame if zombies to [ __ ]2845.04.599
it up no don't worry about it oh here we2847.524.559
go this one's dry Boop now it's got to2849.5994.52
get wet again before it looks like rebar2852.0793.841
if I have it looks like forged steel or2854.1193.521
forged iron I can even re I can2855.924.96
reinforce these even more what yeah I2857.644.88
might do that at least around around2860.882.88
here cuz this is where we're going to be2862.523.68
standing so this has to be the strongest2863.764.079
okay do you mind if I put a little while2866.23.72
it's wet little uh little mushroom print2867.8394.641
in it no yeah go hold stick it in there2869.924.159
boop boop it'll it'll it'll blend in2872.482.92
with the rest of the holes yeah it's not2874.0794.52
very big2875.44.52
Simon why did you leave all this stuff2878.5993.441
on the floor cuz uh I didn't want it but2879.923.639
we're here to gather materials and2882.043.079
you're leaving materials on the floor2883.5593.56
that's true but I didn't think that they2885.1193.921
deemed worthy enough to keep that's why2887.1193.44
I've been trying to tell you that like2889.042.96
look just let's put this stuff in the2890.5592.681
Jeep put everything in the Jeep you2892.03.0
think not everything there's definitely2893.242.92
things in there that we didn't need to2895.02.88
keep you were throwing away like pipes2896.163.679
and hold on all right do we need you2897.883.439
were throwing away pipes yes we need2899.8393.921
cloth mechanical Parts you threw away2901.3194.081
why do we need cloth to make bandages2903.763.28
all right we've got enough bandages you2905.43.4
threw away electrical parts you threw2907.044.64
away you can scrap empty cans yeah of2908.85.6
course you can lot things you can do but2911.685.36
they're not worthy enough to go and2914.44.6
collect we're not here collecting that2917.044.279
[ __ ] this is what I'm telling you2919.04.4
we're not here everything is valuable2921.3194.201
we're not here collecting the [ __ ]2923.43.679
why won't you listen to the words in my2925.523.319
mouth if you shoot me you're basically2927.0793.0
shooting yourself you can't survive2928.8392.881
without me no I was just shooting over2930.0792.801
here of course I'm not going to shoot2931.722.32
you you're my friend you're going to2932.884.36
love this look what what boom boom wow2934.044.799
boom boom you know what that means yeah2937.242.72
of course I know what it means who2938.8393.0
wouldn't what's it mean you know I don't2939.964.119
know that means we looted this place we2941.8394.041
got to loot every single place in this2944.0795.401
city boom boom you see two uh hear that2945.886.679
fat man huh boom boom fat man boom boom2949.484.96
looted don't need to loot it no more2952.5593.0
hello there's a guy right freaking2954.444.44
behind yeah sumon you got my back I do2955.5595.881
boy stay down big man listen I just need2958.885.32
9 mil because I like to shoot the pill2961.445.84
two rules boom boom means it's looted2964.25.119
and don't throw anything away put it in2967.284.559
the Jeep everything goes in the Jeep2969.3194.561
you're mad man all right next place2971.8394.201
where are we going to crash tonight uh2973.885.08
poopy pants we'll stay in poopy2976.045.2
pants come over here you see me jumping2978.964.599
oh hey hey okay I'm ready all right der2981.244.92
check this out where shall I stand uh I2983.5595.56
don't know just where you can see I'm2986.166.679
thinking this boom so you did something2989.1195.321
to the opposite side of where you said I2992.8393.96
should stand like oh I mean but but you2994.443.919
what I did right well I have to move to2996.7993.52
see it so oh you can't see it down there2998.3594.121
uh-uh really okay but yeah that's what3000.3194.681
I'm thinking okay so they come up they3002.485.359
got no choice but they get here it's3005.05.24
going to be so fun to watch yeah and3007.8394.401
then they just fall I wish we could just3010.243.8
sit in chairs during hord night oh no3012.243.16
we're going to be shooting like we like3014.042.64
to do I don't think we're going to have3015.43.399
to save that ammo and let this stuff do3016.683.56
the job yeah I created these little3018.7992.641
edges I thought this trap was going to3020.243.4
be wider but it only takes up one block3021.444.04
so maybe maybe over there I won't do3023.643.439
that cuz I got another trap you know3025.482.8
what may as well go ahead and put that3027.0793.48
down may as well here we go you want me3028.283.799
to stand somewhere where I can't see it3030.5593.641
there we go yep good yeah you see that3032.0793.76
mhm oh man look that's perfect that's3034.23.04
all you need there's a tire on the3035.8392.681
bottom of that thing I just realized3037.243.44
that it is a tire with chains you make3038.523.559
do with what you get all right then3040.682.72
we'll have to figure out a place to put3042.0793.28
what do we need we need a generator yeah3043.43.84
and a battery Bank we got to power these3045.3593.841
things a generator right in between3047.243.839
these we'll power both of them easily3049.23.599
like right up here underneath right here3051.0793.24
oh beautiful we'll stick a generator3052.7995.441
under there run some wires3054.3197.641
these zombies going to3058.243.72
die It's Not Dark Yet it's getting dark3062.44.84
soon feel like we came in here a little3065.1194.48
bit premature well it's better to be3067.244.599
premature than not at all that's not3069.5994.2
what she said cuz I think she would3071.8394.72
prefer not at all not at all really yeah3073.7994.721
rather than premature and it's over I3076.5593.841
mean I mean she's going to want not at3078.524.279
all for me over not at all yeah well3080.43.6
that means something's wrong you're3082.7993.56
telling me that she'd be okay with not3084.04.4
at all yeah you're like ah it didn't3086.3593.841
happen just was feeling no for you for3088.44.76
you it didn't happen good good yeah then3090.24.399
she doesn't feel attractive but it3093.163.8
happens all the time with the ladies3094.5994.401
sometimes the guys can't finish so you3096.963.32
mean it doesn't happen with the ladies3099.04.24
I'd much rather not fin I'd much rather3100.286.799
not finish than finish prematurely okay3103.245.4
well you better fake it oh yeah I could3107.0794.0
do that all right Fire's ready good now3108.645.76
we can talk about real topics like gun3111.0796.321
hey I don't have uh only got 14 shotgun3120.05.64
shells yeah I got 17 and right now and3122.525.48
I'm hungry and I'm thinking I hope I3125.644.439
don't I get sick from this grilled meat3128.03.4
oh you got grilled meat wait how much3130.0792.921
food do you need I'm eating grilled meat3131.42.88
I was going to say don't eat it I3133.03.16
already did I kind of want to eat more3134.283.76
can I eat two of them uh I wouldn't3136.164.08
doing it you want some light sure oh3138.043.84
look at that too didn't do me wrong did3140.243.76
you level up your gut I did at one point3141.883.64
I I had already leveled up my gut I3144.03.16
think third piece look look at that I'm3145.523.2
a re you're asking for you keep eating3147.163.88
that stuff you want to go out in this no3148.723.879
that makes you think I want to go out3151.043.96
well this is fenced off like uh oh like3152.5993.681
oh cuz that's going to protect me from3155.03.4
the birds oh the birds yeah you got to3156.283.72
kill the birds of course you got to I'm3158.42.84
going to kill a bird tonight oh look at3160.03.28
this a nice night tonight look at a3161.243.8
beautiful night look we're kind of safe3163.283.76
in The Playground well kind of let's see3165.045.44
if we can oh yeah up here look at this3167.045.68
see any threats not now but it'd be nice3170.484.4
if we could jump down here and then just3172.723.96
hit a button where we land on our our3174.883.439
ass and then we slide down then the game3176.685.36
would be fun then the game yeah oh Simon3178.3196.28
what there's a bear you see that bear no3182.044.799
I don't it's behind the swing set it's3184.5994.321
oh right in front of God that thing I3186.8394.361
need glasses ready I'm on him you're on3188.925.32
him so oh God careful I fell this is3191.24.72
perfect suon we're safe in here you know3194.242.96
what I don't know why I'm not going to3195.923.199
waste any of my bullets I can make more3197.24.24
uh junk turret ammo I just need steel3199.1194.48
it's too bad we can't tame these guys3201.443.879
yep that'd be nice if only there were a3203.5993.561
game that did that that's taking a lot3205.3194.601
of my stuff it is that's how he do huh3207.165.32
and now maybe we can have him stuffed oh3209.925.8
he's moving he's fine you little pansy3212.485.56
is that a derogatory term pansy it's a3215.724.079
flower actually pretty Hardy they're3218.043.799
very strong in the winter actually I3219.7993.641
take that back you're not good enough to3221.8393.801
be a3223.444.639
pansy all right thick yeah so obviously3225.645.199
abser is not here no and this is his3228.0794.441
it's looking good it's looking great3230.8393.24
yeah I've been filling in the wood spots3232.523.72
but um let's take it to the next level3234.0795.04
how's so in the way of I'm going to put3236.246.04
this here oh yeah yeah yeah and I'm3239.1195.841
going to put uh I'll put the battery I'm3242.284.76
going to put two batteries in it and I'm3244.967.52
going to run the wiring to the uh right3247.049.799
there and then right come on reach it3252.487.16
come on come come on come on now jump3256.8395.76
come on jum come on come on now there we3259.644.919
go you want to get on my shoulders oh I3262.5994.48
lost uh I lost distance my shoulders I3264.5596.121
don't need to let's go up top all right3267.0795.841
and this this is fun though yeah how F3270.684.639
how fun I feel like we should add some3272.924.639
extras to his base that's our job is to3275.3194.721
focus entirely on this build focus is3277.5595.121
our middle name collectively so we need3280.046.92
to stay focused uhh we need to uh take3282.688.439
uh responsibility uhh and we need to do3286.967.399
or die so STD we're the STD Bros STD3291.1197.161
Bros by the shirt3294.3593.921
oh oh oh [ __ ] wait oh boy dog we got a3298.646.64
dog damn it damn it where are you I'm in3302.444.76
the house there dogs in there there's a3305.285.64
dog in the house hold on I'm coming oh3307.25.48
there you are you're good I got him I'm3310.927.52
not goodam I'm not good I'm not3312.685.76
good where am I Lord knows I don't3320.485.559
remember oh I don't remember placing a a3323.447.0
bed here do I Simon yeah look on your3326.0397.0
map I know I know I I know wait I see3330.445.28
you oh it's very close see me yes I3333.0394.881
didn't realize I was so close yeah come3335.723.76
come towards me I don't know what I was3337.923.76
so worried about go to your left okay3339.483.24
and then if you go all the way around3341.683.2
the fence you should see an opening I3342.723.319
could do that I don't know if you'll be3344.882.919
able to get through all the obstacles I3346.0393.881
put in the way this is easy I was I was3347.7994.8
upset like oh no something happened look3349.924.04
at you you went you tore right through3352.5993.161
that like it was nothing yeah I ain't no3353.964.079
fool okay and then just over here3355.763.839
where's uh you don't remember where you3358.0394.161
livees do I do I just forget where I3359.5994.401
died okay right here on the floor there3362.24.76
I did I died on the floor I remember now3364.05.359
all right so things and stuff yeah3366.964.52
where' the dog get in through was it I3369.3594.2
have a clue but let me tell you the dogs3371.484.52
probably like with was this four high or3373.5594.56
two high before uh what do you mean over3376.04.039
here come here sorry were there four3378.1194.96
blocks here or two blocks here uh were3380.0394.841
there four I don't remember all right3383.0793.96
cuz I think it got in here I'm looking3384.884.04
nope wasn't this way was it uh no I3387.0393.401
think he got in here what do you mean3388.923.119
this well what do I mean first of all3390.443.48
there's a window was he oh the window3392.0393.601
that's what I'm look at and out the3393.925.439
window look at that that's what I3395.643.719
meant and Shimon figured out the case3400.248.52
here we go of where the dog came in I3404.5597.0
like old time radio [ __ ] yep well done3408.766.279
detective Simon3411.5593.48
all right so thick something's been3416.5993.641
bothering me about this place uh what's3418.1193.72
that well the zombies that that are3420.243.48
spawning in it so I kind of want to get3421.8394.441
rid of a certain amount of the place3423.724.28
does that make sense to you yeah you you3426.284.24
want to downsize yeah I want to crumble3428.04.559
the left side it's best to get the3430.523.92
inside first because you don't want to3432.5593.401
take down that last piece that makes a3434.443.679
crumble upon thee yeah so see what I'm3435.964.639
doing yeah I do uh hold on getting to3438.1195.281
you yeah what what what do you think TNT3440.5995.2
would do good question you know what TNT3443.45.84
would work best around oh oh boy yeah3445.7996.121
yep so things are happening um TNT would3449.245.2
be best used back here thick because a3451.926.08
lot of this right here is metal you see3454.446.76
okay just disguised as wood I would TNT3458.05.599
like right here by this door can you do3461.24.879
it morning yeah let's uh right here let3463.5995.041
me try it want you you back up try it3466.0795.321
I'm backing up I got us covered ah God3468.645.76
bless it what whoa okay maybe that3471.45.24
weakened things it took out the door3474.44.679
uh yeah let me uh let me do it again3476.645.84
back up yeah not too bad that's great3479.0797.96
not too bad that's great um okay3482.487.52
we what we need more TNT we do I'm going3487.0395.201
to keep chopping on the back here okay3490.04.16
all right I think I have some TNT back3492.243.879
at uh nee's place I think you're a great3494.164.72
guy I think so too sometimes all right3496.1195.641
more TNT3498.882.88
TNT oh yeah I'm sledgehammering baby3502.0396.161
Sledgehammer it that's right I got a3506.24.599
good one too oh yeah yeah it's a number3508.26.639
three oh wow suckers okay all right okay3510.7996.121
we're clear we're clear as of as of3514.8393.96
right now all right let's do this quick3516.924.399
huh quick and easy you ready you behind3518.7994.28
me I'm so behind you I'm going to shoot3521.3193.28
you in the back of the head oh wow it's3523.0792.72
a basement what do you want to do3524.5993.52
basement basement going down you with me3525.7994.721
watch this oh I see a biker the door3528.1193.48
what do you mean I close the door I3530.522.2
thought you shut me in here you see3531.5993.681
there's two it's like two zombies ready3532.725.96
yeah are you just the go I missed meleo3535.285.279
I didn't yep knocked his head off cuz3538.684.2
I'm a man I mean come on you saw those3540.5595.121
right yeah melee does not is not the3542.884.919
thing of this game no I hate melee and I3545.683.76
don't believe in it trying to conserve3547.7993.841
my ammo I haven't found ammo in weeks3549.444.639
seems like weeks weeks months and you're3551.644.199
you're an exaggerator you're not you're3554.0793.96
always ex very precise with your numbers3555.8393.641
extremely especially when it comes down3558.0393.76
to how long it takes to do something yep3559.484.879
all right so so what basement so far is3561.7994.8
kind of a bust follow me found a Hammer3564.3596.081
follow me oh boy what is this I already3566.5996.0
found something what are you doing pass3570.444.28
and gas box okay you're good you're3572.5993.561
right you're right you're the man I'll3574.723.52
follow you I'll attempt to have your3576.163.48
back I don't think I've ever seen one of3578.243.48
these boxes what could be in here I hope3579.645.08
no dead cats hunting knife schematic oh3581.724.599
that's a good read that sounds pretty3584.723.72
crappy actually okay which room you want3586.3193.841
to clear next I want to I'm following3588.443.599
you I'm going to be I'm going to be the3590.163.919
the the documentary filmmaker that3592.0394.121
doesn't abro do that is this uh he's3594.0795.881
like oh look at this look at his sbes I3596.165.56
don't think he's known for doing that no3599.964.119
okay well then I'm just going to follow3601.725.68
you here we go I'm about to knock this3604.0797.771
out yeah you are Boom coming back oh3607.45.959
boy man that's glorious yes oh it's3613.3598.451
beautiful wow3619.685.28
oh Simon died yeah I noticed that he's3630.884.4
not even here to be under this today3632.7995.121
yeah look at that and we can still get3635.285.519
in hope this is wonderful good luck3637.925.0
spawning in there you douche nuggets3640.7995.401
yeah right kiss my3642.927.639
ass damn it what in the world all right3646.27.639
fine where are you at Blue here we are3650.5596.721
here we are hello hey Simon that was3653.8395.881
crappy but you know what's nice where3657.284.559
you at I'm at the house still okay3659.724.96
what's nice is upstairs there's stuff oh3661.8395.2
really yep I just died there you're not3664.684.359
outside did you come in I'm I'm coming3667.0394.32
I'm in the garage now okay I'm going up3669.0394.961
these really skiny stairs yep now I'm on3671.3594.841
the there you go hey you died in the3674.04.72
Attic huh I believe I did yes and I3676.24.48
think I went through you went this way a3678.724.76
bit over here okay exactly oh wow then3680.685.439
over here and then I went hey looking3683.485.119
lucky and then this is where I died okay3686.1194.24
but like up there oh you died down there3688.5993.161
did you ever get up here in the Attic no3690.3593.641
I did I got up there and then I died but3691.764.079
right now I don't know how or why I3694.03.559
can't cuz I'm pretty sure I died up3695.8394.0
there okay well uh we got to put down a3697.5594.201
box put down a box please I have nothing3699.8393.96
wow I got so much stuff and I got some3701.764.44
great stuff been reading magazines look3703.7995.56
at you damn it how to build stuff now3706.25.72
son of a you do don't you you doing you3709.3594.96
come on okay now I'm assuming I did a3711.924.879
lot of assuming but I'm like this3714.3196.441
here there we go yeah I knew it working3716.7995.681
tools meds oh shotgun uh steel Knuckles3722.487.319
H we'll do the uh we'll do the old R3727.923.399
thing there wasn't much in there oh3729.7993.04
you're in that one oh you know what let3731.3193.201
me do this one oh wait a second I3732.8392.801
haven't even I haven't even found my3734.523.079
body yet n Mill you didn't find your3735.643.88
body yet I didn't I didn't get my my3737.5994.841
stuff yet okay oh wait a second maybe it3739.524.64
is down there I thought you said this is3742.444.24
where I died and you looked at it no but3744.165.52
I fell down the stuff fell down got my3746.686.359
stuff I'm good to go so listen this is a3749.686.48
success finding this finding what this3753.0395.481
you got good stuff oh yeah yeah there's3756.164.56
tools still here at this grab these3758.524.44
tools we'll load up the Jeep move on to3760.724.92
the next house all3762.965.56
right and then her boyfriend was like3765.645.439
pedophile that's a mighty big work for a3768.525.92
12-year-old yes it was why would they I3771.0795.441
don't know if you heard that one but3774.445.119
oh Joel so all right two Wall Street3776.525.039
Traders are walking up town from Wall3779.5593.441
Street I know you're not a Wall Street3781.5594.0
Trader but uh then a Mugger comes up and3783.05.119
says give me all your money and one of3785.5594.641
the Traders uh turns to the other and3788.1195.641
says hey here's that 100 bucks I owe3790.26.399
you that's a I guess you'd have to work3793.765.0
on Wall Street too oh me too yeah yeah I3796.5994.801
don't I've never how how about this uh a3798.765.64
pirate walks into a bar and he's got a3801.45.879
like a like a ship steering wheel ship3804.45.52
strapped to his belt down there uhhuh3807.2796.56
uh-huh and then and then um um spit out3809.925.8
that go your the bartender asked what3813.8392.96
are you what are you doing with that and3815.723.76
he's like I don't know but it's driving3816.7994.841
nuts I got yeah I kind of like that to3821.643.919
we should have stopped in the pedophile3824.442.56
joke cuz that was like perfect I know I3825.5593.681
know he got a kick out of that cuz he3827.05.16
kind of looks like Hey so uh yeah you3829.245.799
got any new stuff my friend I looked um3832.165.6
guess what he's got two of what but it's3835.0395.361
going to milk us what we can't do it3837.765.359
what what what is it it's got two nvgs3840.44.52
two what night vision goggles we haven't3843.1195.121
even had those yet oh get them both of3844.926.24
them kinda3848.246.24
yeah kind3851.163.32
of it's half our3855.166.24
money I just took 56 tokens from his3857.5594.881
register Joel are you block hey we're3862.445.52
going to give them back no worries here3865.7993.401
I'm going to put them back yeah I'll3867.961.879
them I'm going to take them back all3869.8393.2
right you're going to get them back3871.8393.2
somewhere we're going to get some uh3873.0395.04
mvgs baby Joel you're a hoot yeah all3875.0396.921
right we got to go Focus now time to3878.0793.881
focus Simon this takeing forever man I3882.3195.72
know see any place you want to loot uh I3885.885.52
mean that's like a school any places I3888.0395.04
mean we never know what you're going to3891.43.32
get but wouldn't you rather do something3893.0793.48
like really cool looking yeah I mean up3894.724.68
here okay up here on either the oh bird3896.5594.601
bird hate the birds come on come on come3899.44.08
on this is not interesting up here on3901.165.119
the right interesting butcher pets yes3903.484.359
butcher pets interesting you want to go3906.2793.56
to Butcher pet that's interesting we got3907.8394.921
to fight this bird you ready oh jeez oh3909.8394.801
I hit you you didn't kill him yet oh I3912.764.16
hit you okay you dick he's coming back3914.644.76
at you oh yeah you got him I was going3916.923.76
to shoot but I didn't want to hit you so3919.43.32
well good I'm glad anyway yeah I think3920.684.08
that butcher p i mean for what we got3922.724.079
going on here yeah yeah put your pizs3924.763.839
there's three stories we're doing it3926.7994.681
come on come on baby oh I put my my3928.5995.281
hammer away you want to do it uh do what3931.484.16
open the door do I want to open the door3933.883.479
with what looking these things with a3935.643.719
with a tool okay watch this this is my3937.3594.2
number five okay my new number five I3939.3594.0
got oh they're coming out this way oh3941.5593.841
they oh so why don't we just let them3943.3594.48
come out yeah all right come on guys3945.43.679
make this happen you want to watch my3947.8392.601
back yeah I'm going to watch you back3949.0792.841
with my number five all right how you3950.443.8
doing it I'm just going to I'm going to3951.924.76
look at your butt like I said okay um3954.243.839
all right should we start shooting now3956.683.879
I'm you shoot I'm not wasting my bullets3958.0794.04
okay we'll do one of those watching your3960.5593.921
butt okay your butt hit why's the thing3962.1193.841
not shoot your butt's getting hit3964.483.799
turret's not shooting huh uh-uh oh boy I3965.963.879
got stunned on that one Hey Big Mama Hey3968.2794.32
Big Mama how you doing no is a behind me3969.8395.48
yep watching your butt okay oh come on3972.5994.841
boy she's tough she's tough oh there's3975.3194.321
another one hey lady and she's still3977.445.32
down or up hey okay she's coming at you3979.646.639
come on we got her we got her that was3982.765.76
awful we did an awful job there really3986.2797.361
really bad oh look at you jeez of course3988.528.799
of course I didn't reload oh boy is he3993.646.719
no should be now I didn't3997.3197.601
either what I didn't reload either okay4000.3596.24
isn't it funny we shouldn't be out here4004.925.639
by ourselves no I'm not I'm not even I'm4006.5995.96
not even sure if I should come back4010.5594.0
anymore I'm going in all right and I'm4012.5594.081
reloaded I'm Lo it as well doing it4014.5594.48
right as we speak oh moving4016.644.919
upstairs oh this goes to a roof there's4019.0393.961
probably something great up here there4021.5593.601
is you watching my back I'm watching4023.05.599
your ass tight I mean sorry wide go4025.164.8
you're doing it wrong you're still doing4028.5993.041
it wrong just go why don't you get it4029.963.359
like the way i' watch your back boom I'm4031.643.159
doing it I'm moving ahead I'm not even4033.3192.881
going to watch your back anymore can't4034.7992.681
even jump up here they're on the roof4036.23.2
Simon they're of course they are I can't4037.484.639
even the ladders and the scream suck you4039.45.84
see me yeah okay we got shotgun Messiah4042.1196.0
and then and then we got a shamway and4045.244.359
then a4048.1194.24
big okay I'll be back you're going to be4049.5995.68
just fine lover boy save me some of that4052.3598.321
ammo you bet you oh 239 mil I mean4055.2798.441
nothing welcome back abro thank you man4060.684.639
we did a lot of work while you were gone4063.723.0
uh yeah I'm still making a bunch of4065.3193.72
concrete too awesome we need more iron4066.723.359
uh we're going to need to make a bunch4069.0392.961
of Barb Wire there's some iron right out4070.0793.96
here to the right okay take a little4072.04.359
peek oh hey guys hey4074.0394.04
all this iron right down here maybe what4076.3594.361
did you guys do little remodel okay what4078.0794.76
happened well I was sick of things4080.723.8
spawning I just didn't want I was kind4082.8393.401
of trying to take down half the house4084.524.559
you succeeded well what a waste of time4086.244.4
right yeah did you guys do any work on4089.0795.081
the base at all oh did we did we did you4090.645.04
did we I'm going I'm going to defer to4094.164.519
Der answer that I can't remember um we4095.686.24
hooked up a the the blade traps oh4098.6794.961
wonderful that needed to get done made a4101.925.52
switch that doesn't work fantastic4103.643.8
did you just get a sports update4107.484.96
did not important all right well4110.124.119
whatever you need let me know gotcha4112.443.359
yeah iron lots of it iron I'm going to4114.2395.52
go get iron oh ooh that's a screamer you4115.7996.56
have time to scream sit down4119.7594.761
[ __ ] all right be4122.3595.0
careful right y you4124.525.56
okay sorry I think don't leave us cold I4127.3594.4
got a cold on the at the airport he's a4130.084.679
look at this nut I love it a wow I love4148.524.279
it this is the thing where when the dog4151.482.239
catches the car you don't know what to4152.7992.4
do with it yeah I love the fact that we4153.7193.761
can't shoot though we there you go did I4155.1994.361
get it I think you did listen there's a4157.484.04
funeral home up here sometimes you get4159.566.159
good loot out of caskets I think4161.525.639
I thought there was supposed to be ways4165.7193.321
that we get in without having to break4167.1594.0
in yeah I didn't see any windows so but4169.043.84
I think we we missed the whole side of4171.1593.08
house oh there we go there we go there's4174.2393.881
another one right there there's a couple4176.483.12
zombies in here lead the way I think I4178.123.639
see a chemistry set look at look how4179.64.679
good my eye is that I actually noticed4181.7595.04
that that's a chemistry set am I right4184.2795.08
oh did I did I one shot her nope oh okay4186.7995.721
no it's not it's a medical pile yeah she4189.3595.32
down damn it I wish that that was a4192.524.32
waste large medical pile untouched take4194.6794.161
it do you want green dye oh yeah I want4196.844.56
green dye are you serious yeah oh hand4198.844.24
that over sir all right all right here's4201.43.799
where the good stuff is Simon what you4203.084.639
ready look alive yep bang bang bang bang4205.1994.641
bang bang bang you down oh look at you4207.7193.801
bang bang bang4209.845.96
bang he down oh you got her trying to4211.527.92
right behind you got her4215.83.64
head b b ooh just in time check these4219.487.199
two this might be your day let's see say4223.647.599
ooh yes yes 49 mil I'll take that I'll4226.6799.04
take seven shotgun shells4231.2394.48
perfect Nice Shot there yep still up not4241.7197.241
anymore man pretty sweet rifle you got4246.485.52
yeah man boy I messed up guys what4248.964.68
happened well I went I was out and4252.03.56
getting iron I got the spots at on my4253.643.4
junk turet say I don't have an iron I4255.563.32
don't have a pickaxe oh you went all the4257.043.52
way out there yeah did you guys like4258.884.24
fill in this wood I did yeah I didn't4260.564.88
want to do that now I got to tear all4263.124.16
this wood up you were wanting to shoot4265.444.16
through it down no it's going to be4267.285.56
concrete ah yeah we're going to be safe4269.65.48
in here I felt like I was like he's4272.844.24
going to love that I filled this in he4275.084.52
didn't love it I didn't yeah and also uh4277.083.84
this uh this switch you got that doesn't4279.63.2
work yep I'm going to want to put it in4280.923.92
this room yep we're going to be caged in4282.84.2
here okay like trapped animals like a4284.844.48
tomb exactly like a tomb hey make sure4287.03.96
there's two spots I can put in my junk4289.324.24
turrets there two spots for derus is4290.964.68
junk turret all it'll be there b we'll4293.563.8
be facing each4295.644.079
stair yep I'll have some junk turret4297.364.68
spots that no problem no problem there4299.7194.52
get get right on4302.045.96
there boy boy I love hot dog godamn I4304.2396.641
love pizza is he okay I don't know be4308.04.199
eating paint or something I don't know4310.884.56
what's wrong with4312.1993.241
upstairs here yep watch4315.886.759
me I'm on the roof haa right behind you4319.086.24
haa it's looks pretty clear bird oh bird4322.6393.801
I don't want to shoot you looks pretty4325.322.96
clear and then except for the bird okay4326.444.759
did I get it you son of a [ __ ] done4328.285.12
dude I'm starting to feel like I got I I4331.1994.561
good I am Iron4338.7198.721
Man I tell you you what this is just the4343.6796.121
weirdest [ __ ] how do you explain this4347.444.04
how does anyone explain this does this4349.84.08
exist on our planet I don't think so not4351.484.08
like this what is this what is going on4353.884.16
here anybody doesn't matter let me get4355.563.84
this damn4358.043.96
iron so one of you is a level five4359.46.56
turret and one of you up here is a level4362.06.32
three I'mma scrap one of you and make4365.964.6
you both level fives and then I'm yeah a4368.325.16
god a God I want to maintain being4370.566.0
humble but I'm a God will'll be let's4373.485.8
get this iron abstra will appreciate it4376.564.88
there we go and look at everybody look4379.284.439
at I know that there's iron below I'm4381.445.36
aware of that but sometimes you you edit4383.7195.321
it out I know that this is here and now4386.84.24
you can see that I4389.044.4
know yeah this is the way to do it hell4391.045.56
yeah man chain oh what it's Che leader4393.446.04
get her4396.66.039
okay by oh God I fell through hey you4399.485.239
fell okay we're good we're good hold on4402.6393.441
climb it back back up what you got going4404.7193.321
on I madej you something uh I don't know4406.084.2
how you feel about electric fences but I4408.044.96
have electric fence posts I I love them4410.284.32
now can we wire them up to the same4413.02.679
generator here or we're going to need4414.63.079
more power would guess you would just4415.6793.761
use more batteries if you didn't have4417.6793.801
enough yeah maybe I'll have to ask d r i4419.443.88
feel like he's the electrician around4421.485.04
here isn't he maybe here we go so all4423.324.839
this is going to be concrete right yep4426.523.0
all this is concrete I don't want any4428.1592.761
spitters hting this for the from the4429.523.56
bottom all right I can work on another4430.924.84
blade trap some spikes and uh4433.085.079
drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop4435.765.64
go get that thick all right hold on US4438.1596.441
Army Post number seven yep remember to4441.46.64
watch the ground for mines okay I see oh4444.66.92
Crouch Simon Crouch crch you see this4448.047.48
guy nope he's laid on a table oh yeah4451.525.84
taking a nap yep I'm going to shoot him4455.527.04
in the head on three one 24457.368.2
3 man that was awesome I know oh there's4462.566.36
a hazard guy see him see the hazard guy4465.564.639
oh yeah he's behind a pole give me a4468.923.16
second get a get a head shot he's moving4470.1993.881
he's moving the pole screwing me up all4472.086.159
right I get ready um one two three oh4474.087.48
what was that what who's got my back oh4478.2396.321
wow right in the face in the face okay4481.564.52
all right that hurt a little bit I know4484.562.88
I'm sorry but that was really good what4486.084.36
I did yeah keeping it sneaky moving in4487.444.56
you know what I've seen bases oh right4490.444.36
behind you right behind you by is that4492.05.88
one shut look at you we're on fire Simon4494.85.439
you're a handsome man we're both very4497.884.24
attractive yes we4500.2395.361
are can I wrench this um works I'm sure4502.125.96
you can I think the wrench is a worthy4505.64.48
hand weapon that's really going through4508.085.72
this oh that's an army guy oh oh just4510.088.24
okay okay light him up light him up baby4513.86.12
still that it didn't he it's tough he4518.324.44
got armor that's got to be it oh he4519.925.92
still going come on okay reload Simon oh4522.764.959
there's another one coming oh man I wish4525.847.76
I had a freaking trap or something oh no4527.7199.92
what junk turret at the4533.66.2
thing all right let's see what we got4537.6394.641
here I'm freeze my balls off uh contact4539.84.76
grenade schematic motorcycle chassis4542.285.879
schematic uh some IR uh okay that one's4544.566.119
not great there was a bear around here I4548.1594.881
don't want to deal with a bear right now4550.6794.761
but these things were close so so I4553.044.84
should be in and out but it is cold as4555.446.88
balls out here man I hate cold4557.884.44
weather did you look up here yet yeah oh4565.1596.52
you already did yeah okay um oh oh4568.1595.641
there's a bear out there yeah it's4571.6794.081
jumping a good time to have my junk4573.84.12
turret where is the now where you said4575.764.479
you left it I forget how far away is it4577.923.96
I mean we'll get on the way back well4580.2393.041
maybe we should just go and get it so I4581.883.359
don't have to hear you whine um I'm not4583.283.919
whining can you not well I mean you were4585.2395.0
whining a little bit uh so you can't4587.1995.401
shoot him from the bear from up here4590.2394.801
yeah it's hard4592.65.16
to no it's4595.045.52
not come on a lot of ammo to waste on a4597.765.16
bear though is it oh okay yeah I guess4600.563.96
it's well that's a whole other thing I4602.924.88
mean I don't think you can get4604.523.28
okay here we4610.964.759
go oh4613.6394.52
crap just stuff that I'll probably just4615.7196.281
sell God these drops are getting4618.1593.841
terrible it's the4622.923.44
worst so suon you see this big building4627.044.48
up here I mean is this a big building4629.83.76
sure with the antenna on top yeah I went4631.523.8
to a place like this with abro once and4633.563.8
we found like ammo for days all right I4635.323.72
want ammo for days uh the turret would4637.363.799
have been great here though I know I I4639.044.0
told you we could go I'll go back right4641.1593.321
now with you so we can have it so you4643.043.08
don't have to keep on saying oh would4644.484.679
have been great would have been great4646.126.8
sh shh we need a double head shot from4649.1596.761
Crouch okay I'm crouching and on three 14652.925.279
1 24655.927.799
3 yes that was sweet so yes this is what4658.1998.241
I remember okay there was this room does4663.7194.44
it help to sneak like it really makes it4666.443.4
a lot harder for them to see you you see4668.1593.401
the eyeball in the corner I do I know I4669.843.319
know but I mean does it really work that4671.563.639
good that's yeah good it help help them4673.1593.961
not find you look in that room go look4675.1994.241
in the Red Room what red right here look4677.123.72
in that room I don't like crouching it's4679.443.04
really annoying and tell me if anybody's4680.843.48
up what do you want me to look in the4684.323.56
Red Room and see if any zombies are I4686.444.04
don't even see a this okay so look in4687.884.64
that room uhhuh oh there's two safes in4690.486.36
there yeah but no zombies not in there4692.524.32
no if I'm not mistaken there's zombies4697.444.92
hidden in this room probably so here's4699.843.68
what we need to do we need to make it we4702.363.12
can both see and not shoot other right4703.524.76
oh [ __ ] keep on hit me you're right in4705.486.159
my face I was right in it damn it man4708.285.8
what you're swinging I'm sorry how about4711.6395.6
can you say excuse me excuse me and I'm4714.085.2
sorry all right even when I say I'm4717.2393.96
sorry you're not happy with it tell me4719.286.76
when you're going to stop swinging4721.1994.841
okay AB yep hey I might have lost a bike4726.966.84
uh not the good one though right no not4732.2393.721
the good one some zombies going yeah4733.83.76
there was a screamer I took her out but4735.963.44
you know she hollered like they do they4737.565.92
do holler man I was uh got some iron was4739.46.64
making my way back right right and then4743.484.08
I was like okay I'm going to take a peek4746.044.32
in this house right and then things4747.565.4
happened and uh a big guy blew up and I4750.364.12
fell way down to the basement and there4752.963.44
was some zombies working out and then I4754.484.28
came outside and I've I used my 444756.43.96
magnum and I don't really like the 444758.763.399
magnum believe or not long it's only a4760.363.6
level one 44 magnum they might be better4762.1593.721
if you get them you know better but they4763.963.199
take a while to reload and they weren't4765.882.6
like killing them real quick it was4767.1593.201
pretty weird but then I ran outside and4768.483.4
this one came and I turned around I4770.363.52
tried to reload it okay and then he was4771.884.16
like right up on me and then he killed4773.885.799
me then I went back and uh boy I tell4776.045.58
you what that bike's not there oh4779.6793.321
boy is that it no there's a lot more do4783.03.76
you want to hear more no no no that's4785.484.44
good you lost the bike got it4786.765.6
Jesus what do you want me with this iron4789.924.04
[ __ ] this iron [ __ ] where would you4792.364.799
like the iron [ __ ] put the iron in the4793.965.56
actually I'll take it I'll take it well4797.1593.841
hey are you you you're a wiring guy4799.523.32
aren't you I failed that remember I told4801.03.88
you how I wired that one switch all real4802.843.56
quick come here come here just a second4804.883.64
before you before you go in there4806.45.239
mhm these electric post oh like right4808.525.28
here I don't see why there'd be a a bad4811.6394.161
thing right just wire them up you think4813.83.76
one generator is enough for all this4815.83.48
wait what I don't know you don't know4817.562.72
I've got another one if we need it4819.282.959
though are these platforms for my jump4820.285.04
turrets yes they are [ __ ] yes is it is4822.2395.241
that enough for you you think [ __ ] yes4825.325.0
it is yeah I'm going to go uh improve my4827.484.48
um I'm going to make a level five uh4830.323.64
junk tur all right yeah get it done baby4831.963.4
I'm doing it I am going to continue4833.965.04
working on this4835.363.64
yesh there we go now you have a shot4839.284.919
here I have a shot here oh wait my thing4841.764.32
doesn't look like it's much protection4844.1993.361
look at this they're going to tear right4846.083.48
through that what are we waiting for all4847.565.159
right one more Spike there we go I stay4849.565.76
here right you shoot there I I shoot4852.7195.281
here okay there's zombies behind that4855.325.68
door straight across there's vents okay4858.06.12
might be dumb what I have these bombs4861.04.76
yeah the pipe bombs usually when I throw4864.123.559
them they only go a few inches though oh4865.764.36
[ __ ] I don't know how to light it okay I4867.6794.441
sure I'm definitely staying back here4870.124.4
yep let me let me4872.125.48
uh okay oh wait I just barely threw it4874.525.36
again oh they're out they're out they're4877.65.599
out oh boy okay okay back out run away I4879.885.2
really messed that up4883.1996.721
get oh [ __ ] you okay that's doesn't seem4885.087.32
like it's good at all where are you at4889.925.12
gu oh hey oh [ __ ] I didn't even load it4892.45.68
that's fun where' you oh I didn't even4895.045.4
shoot one4898.085.8
bullet here here that's hey what's up4900.445.719
cute butt I've got some goodies for you4903.884.2
oh show me that dick well it's not that4906.1594.48
but oh it's four cans of dog food sweet4908.087.32
and a 762 mm hey you gave this uh this4910.6397.241
turret did I I think you may have I4915.43.839
don't I don't know if you did but we4917.882.92
should we should hook that up somewhere4919.2393.0
right yeah absolutely I have another4920.83.399
blade trap too oh man give me the blade4922.2394.681
trap oh it's cooking man you know what I4924.1994.52
think SMG turret might be best place4926.924.279
where we can turn it on real easy okay4928.7195.281
like just flap it's like last line of4931.1994.161
defense you know what I'm saying I do I4934.04.239
just put 111 bullets in it yeah blade4935.365.72
trap finished blade trap what blade4938.2395.361
trap's finished in here oh good set it4941.084.48
up all right delicious I got to figure4943.63.84
out how to power all this you said uh4945.564.119
you said we have another generator Bank4947.444.6
yep all right all keep doing what4949.6794.52
doing sing I'm back all right come on4956.285.76
man help me I got my junk turret oh good4959.325.6
for you it's a beautiful tool be there4962.045.14
in a sec man all4964.924.08
right I'm so glad that you came right as4969.04.96
I'm practically done you found some good4971.6393.321
stuff though4973.964.679
H you know little 9 mil little 762 you4974.967.52
know oh y I've got the AK-47 I was4978.6397.121
called it an SMG not an SMG uhhuh I just4982.485.6
found a two I'm leaving my one in there4985.764.04
if you want it buddy I don't use those4988.084.52
much you don't use the the AK-47 yeah4989.84.52
seems like a good way to waste ammo I4992.63.96
think it's a good way to really kick ass4994.324.76
you might be4996.562.52
right here afro have some dog food this4999.965.64
will be real delicious oh I'm not going5003.483.8
to tell you it's going to give the shits5005.64.2
for like the entire day I hear this5007.285.399
cures it let's see if it rings true some5009.85.2
golden rod for me and you cheers Aug5012.6795.321
glug and oh okay the poop symbol changed5015.04.76
now it's poop plus I guess that means5018.03.36
it's going down quicker what if I have5019.763.56
another little bit do I get poop PL all5021.363.72
right anyway that's supposed to help5023.323.68
don't eat dog food ladies and gentlemen5025.085.72
you'll be sounding like a dog in the5027.03.8
bathroom oh5031.7194.0
you're going to shoot that bear with5036.963.32
that gun yeah figure one we could try to5038.124.92
be sneaky okay he's a bear I I don't5040.284.6
know where the bear is he was on this5043.044.28
side of the base I know also remember5044.885.12
mines I like oh good idea should I lay5047.324.839
down a bed or some kind I mean our beds5050.04.36
aren't too far but if you want to uh the5052.1594.0
bear was on this side over5054.364.799
um yep see him he's over there you know5059.1996.241
what I like I like fast I like Fast5062.327.12
sneaky okay I'm a big fan yeah yeah how5065.446.32
many bullets do you think I so I got 2155069.443.84
bullets how many bullets you think it'll5071.765.52
take me to get him down uh like 50 50 I5073.287.919
think I could do it in 37 37 bullets5077.286.0
yeah and that's that's whether I hit him5081.1995.52
or not I'll take 42 rather you said 505083.284.879
maybe you ready Bubba and oh I got to5088.1597.04
load that's funny5092.524.04
how many does it give me oh it gives me5095.1994.48
31 I hope it does5096.567.2
this St on him yep oh wow5099.6797.96
up boom yeah you're right man boom 1805103.768.359
you destroyed that bear yes I did and 105107.6399.201
9 8 7 6 what are you counting for5112.1197.881
counting four let me finish three two5116.847.08
one what is it my other level five junk5120.07.0
turret nice yeah got two level fibers5123.925.759
you're like the uh Howard Hughes of junk5127.04.119
turrets excuse me thick you're blocking5129.6792.56
the uh you're blocking the forge here5131.1193.481
sorry I didn't even know you ear on I'm5132.2393.561
I'm a sneaky little man what's that5134.63.24
smell what is that smell hey dog food5135.83.839
gave me the shits oh oh does dog food5137.843.52
give you the shits uh yeah that dog food5139.6393.0
you gave me I think everything in this5141.363.319
game gives you the [ __ ] it's true okay5142.6393.881
every single thing nees has a ton of5144.6793.96
meat in his refrigerator nice junk5146.523.679
turret yeah you know what I'm going to5148.6393.201
make it even nicer check it out standing5150.1994.52
by there it's green I have a green one5151.845.64
and a purple one that's purple is it5154.7194.681
that's what they say okay it's not5157.483.84
really my boots are purple but they're5159.44.2
not purple like your jacket is purple5161.325.799
that's purple right um guys5163.65.96
huh nothing okay good yeah I don't want5167.1194.481
to I want to talk I'm I'm I'm a busy man5169.563.52
yeah I'll tell you I'll tell you more5171.64.039
about that story later the when I was5173.084.72
back at that house5175.6395.161
man lot of lot of details to share5181.1995.04
mhm we got a zombie little congal line5209.766.399
here where uh behind our house oh is got5213.2395.0
our boys5216.1595.161
guys right back here right this way boys5218.2394.681
make her right take out those zombies go5221.323.24
ahead and get them yeah I'm not even5222.923.12
going to waste my ammo no there's no5224.562.8
need oh5226.044.679
yeah that b went playing we got a strike5227.365.92
is that it don't know no there should be5230.7194.881
some more they might be in the house now5233.285.399
whoa there's one oh boy what they win in5235.65.28
the house uhoh not even going to ask5238.6794.241
about the condition of the home you5240.884.04
don't have to I know we can look at it5242.925.199
and see I know I'm I you know what I5244.926.12
mean no no you don't no I'm not going to5248.1195.441
ask how it happened ah lightning we got5251.044.72
to clean this up this is a wreck we5253.565.159
don't have this is right beside my place5255.765.52
this a mess neebs clean up your old base5258.7193.601
yeah I mean if we're going to clean up5261.282.6
that we got to clean up that I agree5262.323.799
with the RAS that's my place and then5263.884.4
that's this place no your old your old5266.1194.12
the the hord place yeah this is I clean5268.283.28
it up this don't look as bad as this5270.2393.4
though look at this it does so listen up5271.564.159
we what we have one more day Yep this is5273.6394.641
day 20 hord night is tomorrow all right5275.7194.601
we need more ammo I've made some5278.284.439
spotlights abro yes and I'm going to5280.324.919
give those to you along with one more5282.7195.841
blade trap oh man that's almost Overkill5285.2395.121
blade trap crazy is what I call it all5288.563.2
right now hey all all all these things5290.362.68
are great but we really got to figure5291.762.879
out how to wire up this place okay I'm5293.043.32
on that today okay you're my wiring guy5294.6392.961
yeah I got one loot to do and then I'm5296.363.04
going to come wire sweet welcome back5297.67.039
Naes and Salon welcome back yeah5299.46.88
what do you think of the base sain I5304.6393.361
love it I feel safe there's somebody5306.283.879
already up here visiting yeah Mr5308.04.56
businessman yeah what's that blade traps5310.1596.841
on yeah dead this is going to be nice5312.566.32
now the only thing what now on top of5317.03.32
here we're going to have a shelter from5318.883.04
the birds yeah I'm making what's going5320.325.0
to be called The Bird Cage ah you know5321.926.759
I've recently seen laa fall l what does5325.325.48
that mean I think that's the bird cage5328.6793.921
you ever seen the movie The Bird Cage oh5330.83.359
the is that the gay movie with Rob5332.63.079
Williams yeah that's that was like a5334.1593.281
play oh really and it was called The5335.6794.321
Bird Cage anyway jeez man I am getting5337.445.32
sloppy with the old bow and5340.07.239
arrow wow been a minute there we go oh5342.766.76
what was he going to do5347.2397.161
now I'll just sit down there we go and5349.528.679
he dead what now well now I have to5354.45.48
finish this and I got to get dur rallies5358.1994.44
to wire the place up that's what now and5359.887.839
I have uh level 2 AK-47 with 138 7625362.6397.121
ready for Kaboom yeah if you want to go5367.7194.121
out loot get ammo that'd be great but5369.764.04
don't use all your ammo I just came back5371.844.24
from looting okay are you helping the5373.83.52
organize what are you doing I just5376.084.039
relaxing I just got back relaxing we5377.323.879
don't have time to relax got a hard5380.1192.161
night in a couple days what should we do5381.1992.721
I've been non-stop working with neees5382.283.32
you should feel bad for me I'm not going5383.923.319
to feel bad for you go out and get some5385.65.4
[ __ ] done shut up5387.2393.761
douchebag okay you here we go hopefully5391.968.199
this will work did you work oh5395.444.719
god oh boy you little Sons of Guns what5402.6796.081
a bunch of Sons of Guns you guys are5406.764.84
where'd you go she dead there you are5408.767.12
hey come on down come on down oh yeah5411.67.24
come down man oh man oh man how fun are5415.886.0
you guys super oh this is It's been5418.845.799
looted it's been looted I don't want to5421.885.0
say it but thick I mean it's okay I5424.6394.321
would have looted it too you get him5426.887.64
next time man what a shame son of a5428.965.56
[ __ ] this is looting 101 actually5435.566.0
Master Class Master Class of looting5439.1195.161
look at that I'm to the tippy tippy top5441.565.04
my good friend dur alas just died I5444.284.879
shall I shall have a vigil for him after5446.64.039
I die5449.1594.881
right I better do it this way now come5450.6396.0
come on what what just happened [ __ ]5454.045.639
game all right here we go get ready to5456.6395.201
go back down quickly if you see some5459.6796.081
nonsense No Nonsense only loot Master5461.847.399
Class welcome to it woo all right so5465.765.879
there's some food up here maybe food5469.2396.841
some just one can of Sham in that box5471.6396.881
okay maybe it's just we we we move to5476.085.48
the next B two cans of sham okay there's5478.525.96
that all right uh5481.566.24
uh seven raw meat can of sham and a ear5484.484.6
I'm going to leave the corn in case5487.82.72
anybody else makes it up here I don't5489.083.72
want them to feel left out and like they5490.525.119
didn't okay here we go I wonder what5492.84.839
could be in here can only assume it's5495.6393.921
going to be a rocket launcher okay broke5497.6395.721
my lock uh all right rocket launcher um5499.568.119
some sort of space laser I'm in oh boy5503.367.24
all right this is a disappointment5507.6796.641
7762 some 44 M man this is a just5510.66.36
terrible all right I guess I'll I'll5514.324.24
just get the rest of this food make my5516.963.8
way down take it back to the base kind5518.563.44
disappointed AB true yep is that you uh5522.05.48
yeah I'm right under this base and I am5526.043.72
working on its what I structural5527.485.44
Integrity this place looks so impressive5529.766.479
I'm so I mean don't tell nees but I mean5532.926.48
if I had to have one person build me a5536.2396.241
place to stay it' Be Me it' Be You Yeah5539.44.319
here you want to see what I'm working on5542.482.759
yeah come come come come come come come5543.7193.161
come come up my mouth come up my mouth I5545.2392.801
mean come up here come up here come up5546.885.839
here okay this is a family show I I5548.047.84
would hope it could be at some point it5552.7195.761
could be if we would allow it yeah this5555.885.04
is almost like a yeah you can be down5558.484.92
here in this room or you come up be5560.924.04
careful because I haven't put the uh5563.43.36
this is this is a I don't like the I5564.962.96
don't like5566.763.12
this I I know you have a thing with5567.923.759
ladders but that's why I I'm making it5569.884.2
better for you out here trust me here we5571.6795.881
go like that that's good see there I5574.085.36
might need to have there's really no5577.564.36
good connect God but this is the bird5579.445.12
cage and we're allowed to shoot out oh5581.924.92
this is going to be freaking great yeah5584.563.88
I'm I'm building now see this is the5586.843.279
thing I'm building these with wood so5588.443.48
these aren't very strong but I'm hoping5590.1194.56
to line the entire top with u metal iron5591.925.52
bars okay but we can those those are5594.6795.121
very resource intensive but yes we can5597.444.759
shoot out here perfect so we can be up5599.84.08
here I Mayan not do the whole thing I5602.1993.48
yeah okay I'm still working on exactly5603.883.279
what I'm going to do but the point is5605.6793.641
this is a bird cage we can get in here5607.1594.161
and we should be able to shoot out and5609.323.68
be protected from the birds that's at5611.324.6
least my idea yeah my hero your hero5613.05.28
okay cool you're my hero my biggest fear5615.924.68
is I put one of these uh fences down the5618.284.2
whole damn thing crumbles it might5620.65.079
happen like that yeah o that's why I was5622.485.28
doing the old structural Integrity hey5625.6793.801
guys you look great hey what's up you5627.763.04
look good5629.486.239
mhm I'm glad he interrupted that5630.84.919
I don't know how nobody mine's living in5636.05.32
filth I mean how does this not drive you5639.1594.641
crazy look at this this whole place I5641.324.24
mean you got to live here every day you5643.83.839
got to live here why not be happy with5645.564.48
what you look at good God what D you got5647.6394.841
something to say no I mean does your5650.043.639
house look like this what are you5652.483.48
talking about Dick lips this just a mess5653.6794.361
y don't mind living in filth uh I do but5655.963.679
I'm working on other crap right now5658.044.0
important things it's prioritized my5659.6394.801
friend you need to prioritize let me5662.045.28
identify who I'm arguing with because5664.445.4
this is a mess okay so who are you5667.325.44
arguing with well abro is busy I5669.845.16
understand I feel like it's dras what5672.763.879
okay you don't mind living in this filth5675.03.48
I don't live in that filth I live in the5676.6393.6
this is your house right here I wouldn't5678.483.08
say it's my house we just kind of took5680.2393.201
over and it was a dwelling that we had5681.564.599
settled here you know squatting we're5683.444.799
squatting if you will are you a part of5686.1594.841
this would you live in this fil yes I do5688.2394.241
you could be doing something that's5691.04.76
beneficial to our surv R I heard a5692.485.96
screamer but I don't see it at least not5695.764.479
right off hand probably just Molly made5698.443.32
coming to clean up the mess with neebs5700.2393.161
listen neees all I'm saying is you need5701.763.12
prioritize look cleanliness is is a big5704.885.0
deal yeah but it's oh we have a runner5707.6795.52
we got a runner ah [ __ ] did you get her5709.885.12
need help I got her now keep cleaning5713.1995.04
kns yes sir come on it all my ammo I5715.05.36
don't even have much that's well I got5718.2394.161
some not what I want I'm sure you have5720.364.08
plenty I like you guys so you guys have5722.43.16
been out looting getting all the good5724.442.84
stuff oh please oh don't even you sound5725.563.32
like nees now in the Jeep it's for the5727.283.8
community ammo uh oh wait I can share5728.884.44
some ammo with you no I'm okay right now5731.084.559
uh come come hoight that's when I'm5733.323.96
going to need it I think I need to start5735.6394.401
saving my ammo right now what's this5737.284.48
wire situation here well I'm shooting5740.043.0
zombies and I'm going to come and do the5741.764.32
wire situation awesome sauce let's do it5743.044.8
well I I got to get wood all right in5746.085.24
the meantime what should I do help me5747.848.12
clean up this mess stop being you I5751.327.56
swear if you could just do that for like5755.965.32
5 minutes hey if you can if you do it5758.884.239
I'll do it okay you going to stop being5761.283.959
you absolutely how's this going to go5763.1193.241
well Simon's going to become a5765.2393.361
productive member of society he's going5766.364.44
to remember things I've already been5768.64.28
doing that all day and killing the [ __ ]5770.85.16
out of everything mhm I have been by the5772.886.92
way the footage don't lie your hips5775.966.64
do now in my attempts to go home I got5779.85.359
distracted by another nearby town and I5782.66.68
see a bear I wonder what would happen if5785.1596.08
we did a bear versus motorcycle5789.284.08
challenge let me see if I can get his5791.2395.4
attention shoot him in his bulbous ass5793.365.799
oh here we go beer versus motorcycle I'm5796.6394.641
going to come back cuz I just clipped5799.1595.401
right through you here we go bear versus5801.287.16
motorcycle man this is really not5804.567.119
optimized for bear versus oh God I'm5808.446.239
bleeding now pretty pretty bad5811.6796.161
okay hold on I still think I can kill5814.6796.321
him all right abster what have we here5817.844.799
well I see you got one of these5821.04.44
generator bakes down here yeah these uh5822.6395.52
it's hooked up to two it's Max output is5825.444.96
173 Watts right now it's poers at zero5828.1595.361
Watts if I turn it on okay so it only5830.46.319
has a power of 40 Watts oh boy numbers5833.524.96
they a thing yeah yeah you got to read5836.7193.92
this stuff yeah 40 Watts yeah he be5838.485.08
careful now okay well let me check out5840.6394.56
about the uh the uh output how many5843.562.96
batteries got in there all that stuff5845.1993.281
well right now we have uh yeah we have5846.523.24
five batteries in it and there's one5848.483.12
empty one what kind of power source we5849.763.72
got it's underneath here is it battery5851.64.16
or gen or like a gas this a battery one5853.484.159
a b oh battery one I have another one5855.763.479
too that we might need back at this end5857.6394.161
because it looks like abro what we've5859.2394.761
got uh electric here got electric there5861.83.68
electric there and we got this one5864.02.719
turret yeah we're definitely going to5865.483.28
need another one so the more batteries5866.7193.48
we can have the more generator Banks we5868.763.28
can have the better can we not do gas5870.1994.321
power I don't know I've never made one I5872.044.079
got motors for days but also have more5874.522.88
batteries think you need motors to make5876.1192.401
the do you need motors to make the5877.43.319
battery Bank no that's silly is the the5878.523.92
gas one so I tell you what I'll assess5880.7193.161
the situation and let you guys know what5882.443.08
I need okay what you need from me I got5883.883.04
batteries and Motors I'll let you know5885.522.92
did you hear what I just said sorry real5886.923.16
quick I need something from you nebs get5888.442.84
this out over here all right I know5890.082.599
you're working on this project I got5891.282.68
another one for you see that hole down5892.6792.96
there uhhuh be good if you could fill5893.963.6
that in because my nightmare scenario is5895.6393.52
they start digging under there and they5897.562.88
work their way down here and this whole5899.1593.56
thing collapses done consider it done5900.444.12
thank you but what do you want me to do5902.7194.601
chief uh tell you what5904.565.159
Simon more materials if you want to go5907.325.24
into the mine and gra grab more Stone5909.7194.721
iron that'd be great I can do that for5912.563.72
you cuz you are my friend thank you5914.443.32
what's up D alas I was just saying be5916.282.959
careful that that one should be wired5917.762.839
now if you want to watch where you're5919.2393.241
stepping okay just quick check you're5920.5994.64
going to turn this on Quick Check yep5922.484.159
all three of them are working all right5925.2395.681
let me try one more thing ah uh go ahead5926.6396.321
walk through it you sure just to check5930.923.56
it it's not going to going to kill you5932.964.719
okay go for it h nothing do you have to5934.485.32
turn these on in any capacity I don't5937.6794.96
know H all right we we'll figure that5939.84.16
out maybe you have to put a maybe you5942.6393.241
have to link these to a switch all right5943.963.56
I'm on it that one generator can power5945.883.12
those three uh blade traps so that's5947.522.92
wonderful yep yep yep all right I'm5949.03.04
working on the other one copy of that5950.443.48
you're great you're a great manias I'm5952.044.119
not too5953.925.279
bad we're going to do this again I'm5956.1595.56
going go straight up your keer here we5959.1995.96
go bear versus motorcycle5961.7196.0
oh Fair versus motorcycle versus trash5965.1596.48
bag I won here we go again can I kill5967.7196.681
him no right through him feel like he's5971.6394.08
still alive I feel like I'm going to5974.43.92
have to kill him with other things here5975.7197.92
we go I'm a warrior I missed him5978.328.16
[ __ ] okay wonder how long this is going5983.6394.441
last we might not need to shoot you know5988.085.32
what this should have worked how did you5991.324.2
this should have worked let's F okay I'm5993.43.36
going to check one more time is it5995.522.599
because I'm so sexy and it just didn't5996.763.479
want to shock me that might be a factor5998.1194.761
oops no okay well that's going to be a6000.2395.241
hard thing to test damn it I turned this6002.884.68
on from the wrong spot didn't I all6005.483.4
right here we go will do it he's6007.564.639
probably around here we6008.883.319
go someone say my name where are you6012.445.48
he's up here he's he's testing out this6015.844.399
uh this trap y y do you have to hook it6017.924.12
up a certain way well I hooked the other6020.2393.841
two up a certain way and they worked6022.043.84
they worked uh now that generator bank's6024.083.48
not on right now oh yeah that's a good6025.884.48
point [ __ ] why did it go off I didn't6027.564.88
turn this off do we have yeah is it too6030.363.92
much wattage going to it though maybe6032.443.44
all right Simon turn that generator on6034.283.439
or D can you do it from there it says6035.884.4
it's a it says it's that that's too much6037.7194.081
then yeah that must be it so that's it6040.283.839
it's just too much okay can we make a6041.83.799
man is it worth it you know what I have6044.1192.761
another blade trap so you know what go6045.5992.6
ahead and make another generator bank so6046.884.08
we can I have one I have a gas one oh I6048.1995.241
just didn't want to waste gas it's okay6050.965.6
hey you don't care I don't care because6053.445.48
also got these spotlights as well okay6056.564.119
we got a lot of stuff to power we need6058.923.36
we need another one then okay yeah we6060.6793.081
need another one maybe another two6062.283.839
listen I was doing Mining and it sucked6063.765.04
but I did some and now I heard my name6066.1195.56
so I want to help here can I can you I6068.84.359
don't know I mean I mean is there any I6071.6793.04
mean I can walk away I mean is there6073.1593.601
anything I could do yeah just walk away6074.7194.721
all right W all right thanks buddy6076.764.32
that's the best help that's great I'll6079.443.159
just watch from afar and keep my mouth6081.083.4
awesome here we6084.483.4
go is he down I love6089.04.88
it yeah oh he just flipped6095.445.799
yeah I did it6101.2394.521
Warrior I got a you following me yeah6106.283.879
but yeah now that I'm looking at it this6108.883.48
is this is a bad design with having them6110.1594.52
underneath like this oh really yeah only6112.363.64
because you have to turn it on I mean I6114.6792.761
guess you can turn it on and then jump6116.03.239
over this one okay this one might still6117.443.239
be able to work so are are you bringing6119.2393.321
them in yeah I mean they're so slow I6120.6793.281
should probably just walk yeah just walk6122.564.039
them in here okay uh I'm walking is6123.964.8
electricity off the electricity is off6126.5993.321
up front so you're good you should be6128.762.399
able to walk through that no problem6129.923.08
through okay all right I'm I'm you know6131.1593.921
what I've decided to go in the cage so6133.03.56
sounds good uh nees get over here where6135.083.639
thick is yes sir hold on come on buddy6136.564.079
zombies coming don't turn anything on6138.7193.241
I'm not all right you're good all right6140.6393.56
turning these on so these should be the6141.964.44
three he just fell off why the hell are6144.1993.801
you guys so blurry you're probably6146.43.48
aiming at the uh cage what do you mean6148.03.28
I'm not aiming at the cage I'm just6149.883.04
looking at the cage yeah just pretend6151.283.12
like you're playing a game and sometimes6152.923.16
the game acts weird when you try to6154.43.719
focus on things all right fine fine hey6156.084.079
everybody get up here okay so yeah into6158.1194.04
the cage or into the uh I guess I don't6160.1593.401
I really have a name for this I don't6162.1594.401
like the cage I don't like the cage got6163.565.36
this guy going I'm staying down here6166.564.679
yeah out look in the cage are you in are6168.923.719
you in the cage I'm looking at the biker6171.2393.041
no I'm not the damn cage I thought you6172.6394.0
would go to the cage6174.284.56
what all right another flaw in the6176.6394.641
design right there huge flaw holy CRA6178.845.2
the tests that we need I can jump that6181.285.68
far that was a crazy jump Jesus so I got6184.044.36
some fixing to do tomorrow it's hard6186.963.679
boys that was that was I thought6190.844.08
everyone was going to yell yeah day 216192.845.24
tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow oh you're not6194.925.239
going to say oh nobody no I wasn't6198.086.599
feeling it no not saying oh6200.1594.52
talk to us abro we need to rewire the6205.964.12
whole bottom of this thing okay I'm6208.483.56
ready for that real quick uh I I just6210.084.24
need to preface this next statement real6212.044.44
quick uh there's nothing wrong with6214.324.399
being gay but this place looks gay as6216.484.84
hell man yeah well the top of it I kind6218.7193.92
of called the bird cage and it made me6221.322.839
think of that Robin Williams movie about6222.6394.96
the gay guys L fall so that's how yeah I6224.1594.96
painted it kind of gay this is called6227.5993.64
the bird cage sure the bird cage that's6229.1193.04
what that's what I'm that's what I'm6231.2392.92
going with where are you guys out here6232.1595.361
in the street you gay homo listen laa6234.1595.281
fall what but that's that's what the6237.524.48
bird cage is he he loves a drop that I6239.444.32
never hear the end of it no no he never6242.03.36
hears the end of it I literally call him6243.765.399
every day every day La fall La fall6245.364.64
while you're up there why don't you6249.1593.321
dance a little bit man I can do that6250.05.4
yeah oh I almost fell out the one place6255.45.759
you could fall out I almost fell out sh6258.5995.761
fat legs shake oh yeah shaking them and6261.1594.961
moving over with the6264.3618.759
lights yeah my my only concern now I6283.1194.801
know I know what it is what turning this6286.083.639
one on and getting exactly yeah getting6287.923.92
my legs chopped off yep that part right6289.7194.761
m I tell you what though you know just a6291.844.839
couple uh quick little um you know the6294.484.0
little frames wood frames yeah yeah we6296.6793.361
could do something like this yeah6298.483.4
temporary and then just you know as soon6300.043.8
as we turn it on we we just take them6301.884.239
out yep yeah yeah I guess we could do6303.844.0
that yeah we're going to do that so yeah6306.1193.641
we'll just right before B you know right6307.843.839
before the hoorde we just turn it on and6309.763.6
try not to chop our legs off there's a6311.6793.44
bunch of junk turret ammo in the work6313.364.2
table sweet is that y'all who who made6315.1195.681
that uh let's see not I've got some on6317.564.76
me yeah I got I got a little bit on me6320.83.439
too I didn't make it the work table you6322.323.279
can you can make that in your pocket6324.2392.321
yeah you can make it in your pocket it6325.5992.12
was in there I thought one of y'all made6326.563.44
it I didn't make the damn thing okay I6327.7193.641
wonder if it's more efficient everything6330.02.88
else is uh wired but we're just going to6331.363.52
need more gas going to need more gas6332.884.839
we're going need more more gas okay what6334.884.759
do we have any gas stored probably some6337.7193.561
of the Jeep yeah here's 1,000 in the6339.6394.161
Jeep I got 430 on my person could go out6341.284.319
and wrench some cars yeah I could do6343.82.96
that too you know what I'm going to6345.5992.56
wrench some cars go out and rent some6346.764.359
cars get us some gas man okay uh we what6348.1594.641
you taking you probably shouldn't take6351.1193.321
the Jeep cuz it eats it as fast as you6352.83.799
get it yeah I won't take the6354.444.12
Jeep all right Simon you got your bed6356.5994.161
roll down I got my bed roll down I'm6358.564.36
hting lost in the menus here yeah yeah6360.764.2
yeah okay okay I thought this was kind6362.924.44
of an interesting space here mayhaps6364.963.719
you've heard of the tale of when I6367.363.56
thought the bear with a motorcycle my6368.6794.681
children had told me about that story6370.924.04
This Bar over here looks pretty6373.363.12
interesting there's a sign that says6374.964.199
face the Bears drink for free yeah the6376.485.4
bear Den next door somehow is some sort6379.1595.401
of military base I want to check out the6381.884.52
be place we should cuz this should be6384.563.639
the easier of the two you would think6386.43.279
you would think if we go to the military6388.1993.601
base we're just going to lead things out6389.6795.44
of it go back in and then loot so we6391.85.6
don't waste ammo dear no we're good6395.1194.881
we're good Focus I like I like food all6397.45.12
uh all right there's an upstairs we got6402.884.88
to be careful that nothing fall there's6405.764.2
an Asian man an Asian there bet you6407.763.479
there's something cool behind that6409.963.8
picture you think guarantee it can I go6411.2394.281
up there while you do things see these6413.763.64
Hazmat guys you kill them I'll take care6415.524.84
of these guys and I'll get this cuz I am6417.46.08
very interested in that are you are are6420.364.759
you going to nerd pull up I'm not6423.484.56
watching your no not nerd pulling up6425.1194.401
this should this should break a lot6428.043.92
easier come on come on there's a lot of6429.524.679
things going on right now I know there6431.964.239
are are you is it okay that I'm doing6434.1994.281
this sure knock yourself out my friend6436.1994.281
nothing was there that's all I needed I6438.485.88
was very wrong per huge6440.488.28
say that for H H good shot my man that6444.366.04
guy lost his head and watch I'm down6448.763.64
here like this oh some hit6450.44.759
me hit me oh it might have hit a uh hit6452.45.0
some spikes okay all right going to6455.1594.681
clear this out clear it out got the nice6457.44.0
Sledge you like it this is a new Sledge6459.843.52
I got by the way Sledge yeah you6461.44.199
shortened that one too D isn't the isn't6463.365.08
the only cool one uh it's kind of6465.5995.6
blocked no use your Sledge hold on a6468.446.4
second or my Crouch aha ah there you go6471.1997.04
oh God run run the Bears the Bears are6474.846.399
here they can't get through him there6478.2395.4
come on you son of a [ __ ] huh how many6481.2395.081
bears there was two at least one's dead6483.6393.881
oh look at6486.324.76
his I've got plenty of uh oh come6487.527.0
on thank you nice can't aim down now I6491.084.76
can of course all right hold tight let6494.523.56
me let me check it out check it out with6495.845.839
a crouch crouch it my man all right uh6498.086.48
here we go look clear woo all right6501.6794.52
let's loot up here well are we looting6504.563.44
up here no clear what about down here6506.1993.681
hey no we came from down there Simon of6508.05.719
course we did all right well let's loot6509.887.279
up neees yeah I hear a screamer I heard6513.7195.601
it too where is it oh she's on the porch6517.1594.161
to the to the base yep yep yep yep6519.323.6
missed are you trying to kill her trying6521.323.12
to kill her yeah I was I was going to6522.923.16
get her to scream once though she did6524.443.88
scream once okay perfect you kill her6526.086.119
yeah oh God what is that what oh Jesus6528.326.319
we got it okay okay to the base to the6532.1994.161
to the base yeah to the base the base oh6534.6393.241
he's running yeah is she running I don't6536.362.359
know what it is I'm bleeding I'm6537.882.239
bleeding hold on I need a bandage cover6538.7193.121
me for a second you ready you ready you6540.1193.961
ready come okay oh boy they're right on6541.844.08
my tail right on my tail hold on maybe I6544.084.44
can slow it down okay now what now I'm6545.924.08
in keep running yeah keep running keep6548.523.0
running oh oh6550.04.08
God and then this way yeah yeah yeah6551.524.719
yeah yeah yeah yeah I just want to see6554.084.28
where she goes did she die okay I'm here6556.2393.321
I think she may have killed herself in6558.363.64
the spikes oh really damn it man did she6559.564.0
only summon the one did you just do the6562.03.48
war and the dog was that it just warning6563.563.76
the dog do dog man I really wanted to6565.483.199
test this place out we shouldn't have6567.322.64
killed her we should have let her keep6568.6793.121
screaming well I didn't know you know6569.963.639
sometimes she screams and summons like a6571.84.0
thousand of them yeah would have waste6573.5994.161
all my ammo okay well can play some6575.83.68
torches I think that might make the6577.763.0
screamers come out more well I've6579.482.719
already placed enough torches and that's6580.762.68
probably what brought her out to begin6582.1993.801
with see there now she'll come put it6583.444.4
there it looks awful there stop stop6586.03.639
what you're doing those be a screamer6587.845.319
any second now6589.6395.921
Simon yes sir I'm a strategist damn6593.1595.121
right you are yep so the majority of the6595.564.4
good loot is probably going to be in6598.283.24
this building that I'm pointing at right6599.964.4
now okay so we're going to want to get6601.525.0
in here break in there oh that's great6604.363.68
so your strategy is going to be like6606.523.24
break it in right here oh look there's a6608.043.199
guy right there there should be some6609.763.68
safes in there okay I've got some lock6611.2393.841
picks I'm pretty good at picking locks I6613.444.44
got six I think lock picks myself so6615.084.2
this will be nice they'll break they'll6617.883.44
do the work for us right or are we going6619.284.12
to help them do the work no no not at6621.324.04
all I mean we could what are you do kind6623.44.56
of go over here if we wanted to there's6625.365.12
a guy right under me yeah I would I I6627.965.88
think I like this I like watching them6630.484.96
and then going in over cuz we'd be able6633.843.56
to go in we're going to be able to like6635.444.36
jump in this window right yeah watch out6637.44.92
man hey this guy's like right on top of6639.84.04
you what the hell was he doing I don't6642.323.279
know he was twirling who did he think he6643.844.08
was watch out s back up back up I'm6645.5993.961
backing up so we're just going to lead6647.924.0
him look look don't even shoot don't6649.563.639
even shoot watch6651.923.199
okay we're going to lead him lead him6653.1994.92
just little game a ring around the rosie6655.1194.681
so Simon go around the building all6658.1193.08
right but you don't you know what ring6659.83.76
around the rosie go around the building6661.1993.92
that way do you know how you know all6663.564.24
the words nope I don't care okay go6665.1196.321
around this way Ring Around The Rosy6667.85.399
pocket full of6671.446.12
posies ashes ashes they all fall down I6673.1996.561
think that's a death song it is and it6677.565.039
was very charismatic I appreciate it yes6679.764.16
come back to the front of the building6682.5993.04
I'm in the front all right and I've got6683.924.679
more people here hello people look hi6685.6395.681
your strategy is so far kicking butt yep6688.5995.321
lead them away are you almost done uh6691.325.48
yeah I actually got in I'm in you're in6693.924.679
yep went in through the top I thought6696.84.2
you were in no no I'm I'm in the6698.5994.441
building oh good you could have gotten6701.03.52
in the building from down here very6703.044.28
easily no no no it's it's much easier6704.525.04
here it's open no this part of the6707.324.359
building is not all right picking the6709.564.28
locks pick them Bab6711.6794.56
B all right yeah that's that screamer6713.844.319
called a bunch of them okay where we go6716.2393.761
are we to the bird cage yeah go into the6718.1594.601
bird cage all right I just want to see6720.05.4
where they go what they do okay uh6722.764.76
they're on the bottom all right so we're6725.43.679
up here where do they go are you getting6727.523.559
ready to turn that electricity on uh no6729.0793.6
no no not right not right now one's6731.0793.481
coming up the stairs oh yeah okay so6732.6793.601
yeah they come up and then why are you6734.563.519
going back down where you going we're up6736.284.12
here we're up here not down there what6738.0794.961
are you doing that one died on the thing6740.44.96
oh okay there any left uh yeah there's6743.043.96
one kind of shamlin he went to the other6745.362.68
side though I think they're just going6747.02.639
to kill themselves on these spikes6748.044.159
shamin shambling is that a word I don't6749.6394.241
think that's a word to describe the way6752.1993.761
a zombie walks like he's shambling I6753.883.64
don't I don't I'm not going to sign on6755.963.639
on to that one oh okay here here comes a6757.524.599
guy yeah where you going to go oh we're6759.5994.961
up here and you hungry ah perfect what6762.1194.6
does he think he is doing he's doing it6764.564.079
nice that's exactly where we want him to6766.7193.721
go uh-huh did you see that guy that's6768.6393.321
going to do the tight rope over a6770.444.36
volcano on TV uh-uh I mean it's the same6771.964.4
trick isn't it yeah whether it's a6774.84.439
volcano or a street Trade Towers y yep6776.364.6
doesn't really matter so then he would6779.2394.121
like get chopped up there yep yep yep6780.963.8
and then he'll he'll probably take the6783.363.16
wood be just because you know yeah I6784.763.68
would if I was and that won't be there6786.525.04
right a okay I was watching I want to6788.446.0
see okay okay well I mean we we saw we6791.564.32
saw we got of know we know he's going to6794.442.759
take the path and they don't jump over6795.882.48
here anymore because we got this6797.1992.88
Spotlight here I got a bunch of gas6798.364.16
awesome stick it in the generator pretty6800.0794.241
confident about this it's looking good6802.524.159
man this is probably going to be our6804.324.279
best Horde night ever we've set it6806.6794.241
before yeah I don't want to jinx it6808.5995.761
still got more spikes to put down6810.923.44
though thick Simon where are you at6814.85.359
basement I opened up a cannon worms I6817.44.679
was hoping to avoid the basement I I6820.1594.681
know but guess what things got hairy and6822.0794.801
I just shot another one's head off and6824.843.879
there's two more levels down and I've6826.883.92
not found any bullets so I feel like6828.7193.281
that's why I looted the stuff where the6830.83.319
bullets were I know but there's probably6832.04.119
bullets down here and if I'm wrong I'm6834.1194.841
wrong but my guess is bullets down here6836.1195.04
are going to be good I have really good6838.964.44
stuff Simon come down and I've got6841.1593.721
things running at me why aren't you6843.43.319
coming down I'm coming down but there6844.883.759
are things running at me can I continue6846.7194.561
to search without you go ahead I'll be6848.6394.681
right there oh6851.284.68
boy I'm probably going to die oh boy6853.327.24
reload reload I wish I had a a a medic6855.967.719
thing [ __ ] [ __ ] sounds like you're in6860.565.519
trouble Simon I am Don't Panic oh I wish6863.6794.601
I had a bandage I don't have a bandage6866.0794.52
you son of a [ __ ] you dick you're going6868.283.959
to take me all right I'm alive you're6870.5993.921
alive I'm wasted a lot of ammo there's6872.2394.241
no way I'm going to ever recoup it this6874.524.079
was a waste of time can you get out of6876.484.32
there please I don't now I feel like I6878.5995.241
can't I got to stay stay I have to make6880.84.6
sure that there's nothing down here or6883.845.08
die trying oh God oh my God there's no6885.48.92
way I'm out of bullets you [ __ ]6888.925.4
Simon all right me get in the bird cage6899.7194.281
in the bird cage yep dalus get in the6902.2394.0
bird cage uhhuh all right first time in6904.03.92
the bird cage oh there's ladders up here6906.2394.241
all right I am turning this thing6907.927.279
on now all right okay I'm ready oh here6910.485.96
comes oh I'm just a dumb zombie coming6916.447.04
to get food6919.7196.48
oh wow wow really good thing we tested6923.483.92
why don't we take off those little6926.1993.681
corner pretty pieces yeah I think that6927.44.4
might be a good idea dur alas I agree6929.883.12
cuz yeah they just walked right around6931.82.56
that didn't they yep let's not give them6933.03.76
the option oh here comes a big mama can6934.364.0
I take this out before she gets there6936.765.399
probably not nope come on come on yeah6938.365.04
that ain't going to work oh maybe it6942.1592.601
don't get her though come6943.43.679
on if I take that out oh which way you6944.763.76
going to go now which way you going to6947.0795.681
go now big the big ones6948.524.24
yeah another good6954.563.48
test I'm liking this gay base yeah me6963.84.319
too nebes hurry up should I chop this6966.523.52
tree down uh yeah if you do it do it6968.1193.841
quick I want to turn these blade traps6970.044.8
on or should I you want to not do just6971.964.96
do it is he out there chopping wood yeah6974.843.6
he's out there doing that right now you6976.924.279
really like your time management sucks6978.444.52
considering you're such a obstructing6981.1993.04
The View you're not going to be able to6982.962.759
see the zombies coming we've had seven6984.2393.44
days prepare for this come on up yeah6985.7193.281
get up here get up here is there enough6987.6793.721
light yes sure there's enough light come6989.05.04
on all right turn them on ahead all that6991.44.96
wood chopping got me tired mhm all right6994.044.48
you're good I am turning the blade traps6996.364.799
on things are getting reddish there we6998.526.24
go Pon me Simon P me soon as the hoorde7001.1595.881
starts I'm going to drink this recog7004.763.6
stuff I'm going to do it as well I've7007.043.159
got one as well what's recog yeah what7008.363.6
is that H it looks like some sort of an7010.1994.4
elixir that gives you 2% or plus two on7011.965.56
perception and plus 400% on Range damage7014.5995.6
for 35 seconds oh nice got a drink7017.523.84
afterwards it takes your water away7020.1993.121
pretty pretty quick well this should be7021.363.719
very interesting I'm surprised you don't7023.324.799
have more uh obstacles on the way oh God7025.0794.841
I forgot to put down the Barb Wire yeah7028.1195.6
barb wire I was like [ __ ] you can do it7029.927.44
turn it off good job something Simon you7033.7196.041
can do it Simon you did a thing I did a7037.365.0
thing how's it feel it feels pretty good7039.764.439
nice to do things neees you need to go7042.364.239
you got this bike the bik are still on I7044.1993.48
know yeah I'm going to have to build7046.5992.721
like a hold on real quick real quick can7047.6793.0
you just turn oh you can't turn them off7049.322.72
I can't turn them off they're in a weird7050.6793.4
I got wood boxes should I do it uh nope7052.044.92
I got wood boxes too okay oh boy yeah we7054.0794.64
got to get here on the side do you think7056.964.679
we should cut more trees down no no hold7058.7195.801
on hold on hold on uh turn off all right7061.6394.681
neees I know you got you got you got7064.523.76
barb wire I got barb wire I got 20 barb7066.323.799
wire go put it you yeah you got that7068.284.359
side I got this side 17 minutes7070.1196.401
oh we're fine minutes time oh maybe not7072.6395.241
you got it you got it look at that look7076.525.24
at that look at that slow we're good to7077.886.12
go yeah it's a race it's a race who's7081.764.6
going to get their first race race race7084.04.079
okay M her down I'm going do my best to7086.363.68
watch the East the Beast of the East7088.0794.0
we'll call you the East infection thick7090.044.28
East infection you're the East infection7092.0794.921
I like it and I am turning this back on7094.325.0
yeah look alive boys perfect timing game7097.04.44
on we're and here they come all right7099.326.319
here they come come oh yeah7101.447.279
already uhoh I got SP yeah we got a spit7105.6396.321
oh boy oh boy out man already oh yeah7108.7195.721
man that's a lot of green guys a lot of7111.964.48
green guys that's what I'm focusing on7114.444.4
right now oh boy spat at I ain't even7116.445.04
scared I'm a little scared okay but just7118.845.12
a little oh boy I'm in a good spot7121.483.96
they're spitting but nobody's hitting me7123.963.239
yet I like it when they spitting but7125.443.0
nobody's hitting I'll tell you what's7127.1992.761
going to make things interesting the7128.443.159
ones that can explode like there's one7129.963.639
of them right now oh he didn't might7131.5995.441
explode yep I see him oh try to shoot7133.5996.321
him upat him up oh I see these guys that7137.045.84
are head up heads up7139.926.04
exper well that that helped us uhoh now7142.886.279
it [ __ ] up that steps thatone yep the7145.965.719
steps gone I think so yeah it looks like7149.1593.92
it they're still trying to climb it it7151.6794.0
looks like yeah they are okay oh there's7153.0794.361
another guy now the fat guy is going to7155.6795.52
blow up mother man get out of here7157.445.759
okay that's bad all right that is bad7163.1993.081
cuz the stairs are gone but you know7164.882.88
what they're going to try to jump up7166.283.04
still works are they still trying to7167.763.919
climb no I think they're changing course7169.323.68
they trying to go for the other one7171.6793.96
think so yeah it would appear that way7173.06.52
oh [ __ ] ah lit myself on fire oh [ __ ]7175.6399.04
bird bird [ __ ] bird ow oh oh no oh I7179.527.0
fell oh7184.6794.52
no fix the stairs I can nerd pull up I7186.524.28
can nerd pull up fix the stairs I'm7189.1994.641
going to try I'm trying oh crap don't go7190.84.359
for my nerd pole they're going to go for7193.843.279
my nerd pole you can do it we got a7195.1594.601
bombing guy on the [ __ ] is this a bomb7197.1194.641
guy on the [ __ ] no I mean like isn't7199.763.28
this the guy that blows up right here7201.763.08
shoot his thing on his shoot the light7203.044.36
on him I I can't somebody's in my way7204.845.96
I'm I got it uhoh oh he took out the7207.45.88
middle that's a problem actually no it's7210.84.279
actually pretty good we need to take7213.284.839
those guys out sooner guys more7215.0794.801
confidence from you guys watch out big I7218.1194.801
can rebuild the middle re middle out7219.884.799
okay The Middle's back you rebuilt the7222.923.799
middle already yeah you rock I got some7224.6794.0
concrete in my pocket you're the man we7226.7193.92
got a bomb guy I'm hitting him he's on7228.6793.641
the left he dropped he dropped off the7230.6393.281
wall I'm not sure he went where he went7232.323.6
holy [ __ ] everything's green all right7233.923.6
we got to go God there's a guy right7235.924.52
here B there's a bom right the [ __ ]7237.527.52
close the door oh God here take me7240.447.199
outside somebody take him outside Le him7245.044.32
outside leave him out follow me follow7247.6394.841
me you [ __ ] what you do I jumped7249.365.4
I see oh I closed him out I closed him7252.484.28
out he's Outdoors Simon can you nerd7254.765.359
pull up oh God I'm so dumb I didn't7256.765.12
bring anything I'm right here [ __ ] holy7260.1193.12
[ __ ] we shouldn't have repaired that7261.883.6
part the bomb guy just climbed upstairs7263.2396.201
he's weing the front door oh shit's hit7265.486.28
me guys up7269.445.4
here trying to7271.765.68
right no no no no7277.447.199
this is not a good spot for him no why7282.44.52
did the bomb guy get in like that I7284.6395.841
don't know okay p p up hey I said watch7286.926.96
the front door oh [ __ ] theves yeah come7290.484.719
in I need7293.886.52
help oh no B guy I can't move got to run7295.1998.96
I'm running okay I'm down I'm down too7300.46.12
I'm running back in my house oh god I've7304.1594.801
got a guy right here he's in the house7306.524.52
I'm trying to kill him in the house oh7308.963.8
they're you're really spring them out7311.044.4
sorry I'm looking for my stuff it's all7312.764.72
right oh my God7315.445.199
s I'm trying to cover you bud where's my7317.486.199
[ __ ] has anybody tried to throw grenades7320.6395.401
through no I I don't see it working7323.6794.601
right I just don't see it working can't7326.044.52
believe I'm still alive where jump turet7328.285.16
is this up here that's in the way you7330.565.92
know where mine are oh God [ __ ] what7333.445.4
live myself on fire yeah I did that7336.486.639
before you fool oh God where's the Jeep7338.846.239
I don't know je it should have been out7343.1194.321
front I see it I see it I got to got to7345.0794.401
jump in it for a minute I'm so dead he's7347.444.84
going to leave us I don't blame him oh7349.486.44
man all right zombies Jeep versus you7352.286.12
yeah guys out front we got a lot out7355.924.4
front again oh forgot the rocket7358.45.08
launcher guys guys pull back real quick7360.324.879
problem what oh I'm sorry damn it he7365.1995.281
jump right in front of me oh [ __ ] I'm7368.285.12
out of ammo oh boy I I am going down7370.485.88
baby I am going down got ammo there's a7373.45.08
green guy here with us oh my's probably7376.366.799
not good anymore I have no more7378.484.679
weap hey nebes pick me up let me ride7384.2394.201
with you oh where are you I'm right in7386.6394.121
front of you yep okay hop in I'm in I'm7388.445.48
in woo what time is it oh 3:00 man I was7390.765.6
hoping that base would work 3:00 I mean7393.924.04
it went pretty well for a while didn't7396.363.56
it this these things are unrelenting7397.963.679
like look how many green guys there are7399.923.96
y this is like hord Knight number three7401.6395.881
unbelievable Jesus you back I am okay7403.885.44
wow where' the zombies go oh my God7407.524.04
they're all us it's a big pile of green7409.323.839
CRA got to turn around on it's like a7411.564.36
snot Trail good Lord there's so many7413.1596.681
more now all right up7415.925.92
yeah you got something coming up the7419.846.08
bridge duras oh really yeah oh God I saw7421.845.68
something blow7425.926.4
up yeah uh-oh I'm going to die uh-oh7427.526.14
a Jesus hello damn it this is crazy man7437.446.84
I've been running for like 10 minutes7441.968.56
and I can't see [ __ ] this is ridiculous7444.286.24
guys hey it's morning oh did we just hit7451.285.2
morning we just hit morning man here's a7454.366.27
big one yeah7456.486.719
punch it chewy I punched it okay I guess7463.1995.241
we do this until they quit running I7466.844.359
mean what other option do we have hello7468.445.56
hello hello hey where'd you go well I I7471.1995.081
well my bed got destroyed so I just I7474.03.719
went out in the middle of nowhere and I7476.283.439
was running forever I still need to get7477.7194.52
my stuff yeah I need to get mine7479.7194.681
too we're stuck in a holees why would7482.2394.641
you do this back up back up back up okay7484.44.159
just keep going back keep going back oh7486.885.08
no oh no come on oh no we're Stu why7488.5594.721
would you do this we're stuck why would7491.962.8
you do this I didn't mean to do this7493.284.279
come on come on go go can you can you do7494.766.12
anything oh get out and lure them uh7497.5595.64
maybe oh no oh boy keep going go go go7500.884.92
go go go go go go come7503.1994.48
onoo all right don't go in that hole7505.85.52
anymore okay holy buuck holy crap Simon7507.6796.241
what heads up guys heads up yep yep yep7511.323.96
oh yeah they're back up on the uh the7513.923.48
walkway still trying to get my stuff I7515.284.279
know it's down here oh they're coming7517.46.0
yeah there're yep wo7519.5595.68
watch out Simon watch out Simon yep I'm7523.44.159
going to7525.2392.32
die oh they're eating Simon yeah7528.0798.241
okay H just in case go back few7532.526.32
seconds wo I'm back baby all right we7536.324.319
got to get rid of these guys uh you know7538.844.279
what I got to go I got things to do we7540.6394.361
get out of here all right bye you7543.1193.881
already did your part do your thing lead7545.03.88
them far away please so I can get my7547.04.4
stuff before I leave uh where are you um7548.884.64
I'm I see you just keep on driving that7551.44.08
way let them all chase you okay got one7553.524.52
in front of me rocket launcher no how7555.485.48
did that Miss here we go rocket launcher7558.044.679
they get nervous when think y's rocket7560.963.4
launcher yeah that means something you7562.7194.201
love is about to die good job guys yeah7564.365.56
no I'm disappointed hey huddle up huddle7566.925.6
up huddle up bring it in did Simon leave7569.925.159
already yeah he's got things to do okay7572.525.119
well listen um I thought it was a great7575.0794.881
base it was a great base yeah just needs7577.6394.08
some modifications that that's all look7579.963.32
at this little conga line back there7581.7193.241
really can can we just group them up7583.283.12
real quick I've got I've got one of7584.963.44
these left I'll Wrangle them yeah you7586.44.08
don't mind yep come on over here they7588.44.759
don't seem interest well some do don't7590.484.199
don't shoot them all right I was trying7593.1592.721
to get I want them off with this rocket7594.6793.04
launcher see what kind of damage I can7595.883.199
do with this all right let's Wrangle7597.7193.44
them like sheep dogs yall stay there7599.0793.361
I'll bring them to you like sheep7601.1593.96
Because the actual dogs like well we're7602.445.239
the sheep dogs did I just get these7605.1197.681
three sure okay here we go watch out hey7607.6798.48
man he shook that off like nothing woo7612.85.319
good over there NES yep I'm going to be7616.1595.181
in the Olympics the the Jeep7618.1194.96
gymnast all right I need a7623.0797.761
drink boys yeah huh time to uh adapt and7626.288.04
overcome yeah I don't have any ammo oh I7630.845.319
have some I got a couple arrows that's7634.323.239
it all right we're going to relocate7636.1593.4
we're relocating closer to where uh the7637.5593.16
next hord night's going to be which7639.5592.481
isn't far from here on the edge of town7640.7193.041
right by the snow okay this isn't7642.043.599
looking good back here you know yeah no7643.763.28
this this whole place looks like garbage7645.6393.08
I mean look at it all right you you7647.044.559
three or two of you whoever find a new7648.7194.721
place to set up a new little you know7651.5993.401
well I if I'm not mistaken I think I7653.442.84
know the mountain that you want to build7655.02.96
on so yeah we'll just set up in the7656.283.399
little snowy region right below that7657.963.719
okay you know what I need the basics um7659.6794.04
obviously concrete's a thing gotcha all7661.6793.601
right tell you what thick come with me7663.7193.201
let's uh let's go establish the new7665.283.879
house all right there you go can't wait7666.926.92
to see it moving day moving7669.1594.681
down I'm moving a little excessive shut7675.365.4
okay yeah somewhere in here see that's7688.6395.6
the mountain over there to the right7692.0795.64
Simon Okay uh I see a mountain oh I was7694.2394.681
looking at the one straight ahead I7697.7192.88
don't see a mountain to the right don't7698.923.52
see the mountain behind the Traer right7700.5993.201
there see that is that a mountain it7702.443.56
look like it could be clouds is that7703.83.799
mountain okay well I see a mountain I7706.03.32
don't know what you see I look looks7707.5994.08
like clouds to me so anyway that's where7709.325.279
he wants to build so I figure uh if he's7711.6794.241
built there why don't we set up in one7714.5994.6
of these houses thck7715.926.759
yep why are you right in front of me all7719.1994.801
right time of your point guy I already7722.6793.121
see a lumberjack I know but do you7724.04.36
really take them out seriously all right7725.83.68
you know what I'm going to do you got7728.362.92
the bullets I know I bar I don't have7729.482.92
that that many7731.283.6
bullets I mean some of these guys we7732.43.839
could just7734.885.04
avoid yeah out you know yeah out there7736.2396.32
you go there7739.925.48
boom Oh that was awesome I'm going to be7742.5594.241
doing hand to hand combat I don't need7745.43.08
to be wasted my bullets either what do7746.83.96
you guys think this little yellow dump7748.484.88
or this Green Dump they're both missing7750.765.72
rofs this a Jesus church the church yeah7753.365.239
right here I guess we can move it to the7756.485.119
Church of course hey guys how's it going7758.5995.6
hey it's going good Dal great come on7761.5993.761
guys we're going to have we're going to7764.1993.641
go back to church it's been too7765.365.589
long all right all right I got a guy7778.965.0
here do a little hand to hand smack him7780.964.159
to damn it yeah we SE to get me and I'm7785.1199.801
cold oh put him in a hole7790.327.0
jeez he looks like he's he's comfortable7794.924.159
in there yeah he is with my nuts in his7797.323.64
mouth like uh he's got his legs crossed7799.0793.64
he looks like he's relaxed does anyone7800.963.56
have a jacket I forgot to grab a jacket7802.7193.52
I forgot to grab am I like wearing7804.524.199
anything yeah you're wearing a dress all7806.2394.121
right anyone want to say a prayer while7808.7195.4
we're here go ahead you say the prayer7810.367.239
uh dear God thank you for dear Lord help7814.1195.321
me destroy this Podium so we can have7817.5994.841
room to build our Forge yep empty this7819.446.759
coffin okay uh and up here is the you7822.445.52
know what it only makes sense to7826.1994.04
establish this as like the base of7827.964.199
operations we've got our vehicles it7830.2393.84
doesn't take long to get to like I'm not7832.1594.44
going to go into that makes no sense7834.0794.6
I'll clear this and I'll go tell them7836.5993.441
the change of plans hopefully they7838.6792.641
haven't done too much but knowing them7840.043.76
they haven't all right um they don't7841.324.239
have any ammo I got some I got some7843.83.319
things still I'm sure we've cleared this7845.5595.12
like five times already yep exactly just7847.1195.52
standard standard procedure guys we're7850.6794.641
going to need this uh building thank you7852.6394.0
uhoh excuse7855.324.239
me oh yeah the the I'll never get used7856.6395.241
to the glitch that's uh they should fix7859.5595.56
that that'd be cool are you dead did you7861.886.12
die excuse me7865.1196.721
sir yep okay hey we're clearing this7868.05.48
building because it's our new base of7871.844.12
operations just letting you7873.484.759
know all right I'm going looting for7875.964.719
ammo no we need we need to go and get7878.2394.4
stuff from the other place to bring here7880.6794.121
you guys do that I'll go loot for ammo7882.6394.56
no I'm going to loot for ammo you do7884.83.439
that am I the only one that's going to7887.1996.161
be working yes oh dog out here dog doggy7888.2397.36
dog doggy dog hey that's food food7893.365.68
food's good hold on a second say oh I7895.5996.441
got a shot on him oh he's7899.043.0
coming that's that's not that's Panther7903.765.0
ah got7906.5996.401
Panther got him yeah good job cut it up7908.765.839
I need to go get a jacket back at the7913.04.639
other place don't cut me baby stay out7914.5995.321
yeah don't stay out of my way you came7917.6395.04
over to me with a knife respect me all7919.923.92
right Simon hop in let's go get some7922.6794.121
warm clothes bet you I'm7923.846.52
in later7926.83.56
sucker uh hello ma'am we're um we're7930.6795.681
going to be taking over this building if7933.448.04
uh you there you go7936.365.12
there we7942.1195.361
go all right clear out everybody thank7943.85.72
uhhuh uh-huh thank7949.525.36
you right in the pooper and there's the7952.284.879
glitch perfect okay I'll go tell the7954.884.4
guys this is uh this is going to be home7957.1594.0
great great great great looks great7959.284.2
great plenty of stored space in the7963.5995.321
truck Simon yeah but I don't have put on7965.7194.84
my leather Poncho it takes off my7968.923.44
leather chest St I don't know which ones7970.5594.201
keep me warmer and somebody's been7972.364.719
stealing my clothes I steal it all the7974.763.839
time hey guys change of plans we're7977.0792.921
going to set up base operations a little7978.5992.6
bit closer to the hill there's a place7980.02.679
across street called Swig and serum it's7981.1992.841
like one of those places got a good roof7982.6792.88
we'll see you in a bit wow that was very7984.043.4
quick you really steal my clothes into a7985.5593.441
fence that was going to be a cool out it7987.442.92
would have been but do you really steal7989.04.52
my clothes yes I do well I need a jacket7990.366.359
and some pants Christmas is coming dick7993.524.96
I might have some Simon but I'm not7996.7193.081
promising anything or maybe thick will7998.483.639
find something while he's out7999.86.279
New Life hope cabin okay well this is8002.1197.801
nice archery in the back and a well with8006.0796.0
a door that leads8009.924.84
down probably to8012.0795.64
death water down8014.767.64
here oh my God we should move here okay8017.7196.96
yeah we got some zombies here I see some8022.46.88
treasure anything above okay I do have8024.6798.161
22 bullets8029.283.56
his head is8032.966.19
gone well who's behind me8035.526.4
lady oh need some8041.924.88
hey hit me hold the8046.86.399
okay there's got to be more of them in8053.367.879
here no dummy but I am8056.89.359
yes nope nothing good there oh I hear8061.2396.88
Lady your titties are8066.1594.52
showing all right now you're okay never8068.1194.881
mind let's uh keep looting8070.6796.761
here let me just take all of this stuff8073.09.04
Dynamite weapons ah 762 man8077.449.36
already [ __ ] okay okay someone in here8082.047.24
someone want a Tango with thick 448086.85.08
cuz I'm8091.882.64
ready let's see o this this looks8094.528.199
interesting another8100.1996.561
ladder all right where do this8102.7194.041
boom Oh I'm a8116.046.199
gamer head shot8119.327.879
slam abso yep that's number five or six8122.2396.561
you should have seen it damn we need8127.1994.04
duct tape we do need duct tape but8128.84.359
remember how good I did yeah you done8131.2393.4
great but if we if we want to forge in8133.1593.161
the new location we need duct tape I8134.6393.96
know but usually you say I'm useless and8136.324.6
I was that was good okay congratulations8138.5994.56
you done you done good thank you can you8140.926.44
make duct tape no8143.1594.201
okay man ran out of concrete quick let's8152.045.3
see two8155.6792.88
more I'm Out Boy good start though yeah8158.5597.6
I'll take that straight up aways got to8163.6394.96
make one8166.1592.44
more um yeah okay you seeing this who am8168.6398.121
I talking to I don't know that goes up8174.285.12
and then I'll make another connection8176.765.68
right over here and that'll run all the8179.47.679
way from up there over up to8182.444.639
here it's going to be great tell you8187.6395.44
that much right8190.5992.48
now what's Happ yeah see a drop on the8193.4396.521
uh the old Compass a drop yeah that's8196.765.559
the symbol for one I don't see it symbol8199.965.599
for a drop you don't no maybe it's just8202.3195.28
me all the go let's go to the symbol8205.5593.88
because I see where we going I see my8207.5997.0
bed damn it really yeah I H jeez oh I8209.4398.16
see it now oh you do yeah okay all right8214.5994.88
come on bubba man we need to find cars8217.5994.001
I'm at 10% on gas I know you8219.4793.681
are 9% now you just went right through a8223.165.72
tree you just drove right through a very8226.3194.28
big tree not on my screen here let's8228.883.4
wrench this car we need the gas all8230.5993.481
right you do your wrenching you uh cover8232.284.439
me cover me I'll cover your ass much gas8234.087.519
we get here watching your ass8236.7194.88
and come on give us some gas uh 1268241.846.519
better nothing it's8245.5992.76
something hey here's a drop hope it's8252.5995.481
something good I get your8256.284.8
butt hey a motorcycle chassis schematic8258.085.399
iron chest armor leather couple of food8261.086.0
items yeah that's not8263.4793.601
bad all right so what do we what's up8269.844.16
Swig and serum Swig and serum that seems8272.163.68
like uh the most convenient place right8274.03.04
across the street well where are you8275.842.759
building the the base look on the8277.043.04
mountain that's already started that8278.5995.08
gray thing yep man dalis what sometimes8280.085.599
I think I got a little man crush on you8283.6793.441
well he's about to have a man crush on8285.6794.361
me uh hey I got 15 wet concrete8287.126.359
blocks wet yep that's uh I didn't use it8290.044.88
they're so wet thank you yeah you're8293.4793.521
welcome okay I got to go back uh to I8294.923.639
got to go back grab some stuff okay I'm8297.03.359
going to start building storage or you8298.5593.561
know what want to go loot damn it thick8300.3593.2
you make a storage thing and you you8302.123.319
move everything from the truck thick you8303.5595.0
do that while I loot with with abro cuz8305.4395.88
me and him we need the8308.5592.76
bond um there's8314.046.12
surprisingly empty oh boy you found one8316.4395.681
that really scared the [ __ ] out of me I8320.164.68
jumped on that8322.122.72
one empty old sink I just searched8324.884.32
through that I just want to I didn't8327.882.679
know I want to go to the roof there's8329.22.92
got be something up8330.5595.88
there did you just yes it did okay hey8332.127.92
Shades putting these on yeah now I look8336.4397.88
like an officer Johnny Law they call8340.044.279
huh and you're on fire and you're on8352.4796.481
fire how are you getting me I think you8356.7194.8
hit me I think you might have hit me too8358.963.599
there's got to be something here8361.5192.04
something on the roof something on the8362.5592.321
roof come on something hidden in the8363.5593.481
chimney you know you know how it go not8364.884.36
a damn thing up here not a damn thing8367.045.16
damn it you got to be kidding8369.246.159
me yeah I about I found ammo pile where8372.25.199
are you at oh damn it's just a pocket8375.3994.631
mod in here damn8377.3995.91
it still moving this stuff I've got a8384.4794.04
bunch of chests down there organized8386.923.84
with armor weapons food blah blah blah8388.5195.041
BL blah blah blah blah all right any8390.765.88
good stuff that we can sell at the8393.566.44
Traders that's right do the math I did8396.646.52
the math got ripped off hey thick hey8400.05.24
what are you doing selling [ __ ] all8403.164.319
right you're8405.245.0
up Hey Ste where the sword chest8407.4795.92
downstairs down a downstairs there a8410.244.92
downstairs I didn't know we had a8413.3994.481
basement oh well look at here welcome8415.164.84
I've got some chest set up right here8417.885.16
armor weapons tools beautiful beautiful8420.05.0
you should put signs above all these I8423.044.52
will where are you guys in the house8425.05.08
basement it's all the8427.566.28
basement how do you get to the8430.083.76
basement hello Hugh what's up Hugh how's8441.3194.921
your daughter get that thing removed8444.564.28
what's that you better have coin you're8446.245.92
acting like we have't h Hugh you have no8448.846.92
idea oh yeah just stare at it just keep8452.166.92
staring yeah anyway hey Hugh daughter8455.766.12
great uh inventory let me sell some8459.084.64
stuff I don't know exactly what I want8461.883.76
but I wanted you to know that we're set8463.723.96
up right across the street buddy not too8465.643.799
far at all so we're going to be saying8467.683.28
hi a lot more and the reason I'm8469.4393.521
bringing this up now is really because8470.963.8
you need to get better [ __ ] and I'm sure8472.963.8
you're thinking hey everyone in this8474.764.599
world's dead who's going to buy it we8476.764.96
are [ __ ] we we are and I swear8479.3594.481
to God Hugh give me attitude one more8481.724.679
time see what happens probably nothing8483.844.4
cuz the game's got you protected but you8486.3993.321
see oh you don't want to stun baton8488.243.119
you're too good for that too many up8489.723.679
your ass Hugh well it's about time you8491.3595.271
bought something go [ __ ] yourself8493.39913.091
Bud oh boy here we go8507.048.8
okay come on got in this you can get8511.244.6
out oh boy okay all8516.644.56
right do I have a shovel no got one of8523.84.88
these though that'll help what you doing8526.4794.321
down there getting the bike out okay8528.683.6
cool what are you doing up there making8530.83.559
a cement mixer surprised Simon didn't do8532.284.4
that yeah I know it's it's his type of8534.3594.441
move it8536.685.719
is all right here we go come out get out8538.86.48
get out yep yep yep yep yep yep yep come8542.3996.761
out yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep8545.286.6
yep yep yep yep yep yep come out come8549.166.12
out come out there we go I'm out hey8551.885.72
good for you sweet we should uh we8555.284.199
should cover that all right I'm going on8557.64.16
in a looting Adventure have a great time8559.4796.241
I'm going to have a good time8561.763.96
hello hey hey hey I'm up here over by8580.887.72
your your start over here oh you're oh8585.048.12
hey I got a question for you8588.64.56
okay I mean like I'd love for you to8593.524.24
walk me through it I will walk you8595.963.359
through it Simon how can I help you8597.763.92
lover boy what is what how can I help8599.3195.96
you sweetie pie why why you why listen8601.685.44
here Simon take this shut your mouth8605.2794.801
just take this what there you go better8607.124.359
hunting rifle for you thank you very8610.083.239
much follow me thank you8611.4795.081
honey oh on mini bike no reason hold on8613.3194.601
I'm getting off now cuz it was right8616.564.32
next to the MH and then the that was8617.927.559
there right then that boom bye okay8620.887.28
where' you where'd you8625.4792.681
go this is one of two legs okay I'm8628.65.36
probably going to die when I try to get8632.63.719
off of it you know you might but you8633.964.16
could try to jump on my head I would8636.3196.04
allow that crap crap what man where are8638.127.68
my hay bals where are8642.3593.441
they abro yeah hey can you distract8646.686.84
Trader is it Trader Joel which no Trader8650.564.04
which one is8653.525.04
he h distract you I think I can pick his8654.66.28
safe from here oh really yeah just talk8658.566.799
to him tell him that he loves jokes hey8660.884.479
Hugh hey h8667.166.48
h hey I'm over here I'm on your8670.047.52
chair pooping pooping on your chair8673.646.92
you you're doing great abro did you pick8677.565.28
the lock yet almost got8680.564.719
it ooh look at the forge I'm going to8682.845.559
warm my fanny by the8685.2793.12
forge oh I got it oh what's in it th oh8689.3195.841
we got a hunting8692.525.2
rifle we got some8695.167.239
762 some rocket ammo we're good okay8697.727.759
okay okay I know bye you a nickel ain't8702.39910.641
worth a dime anymore H hey your daughter8705.47910.561
good or what are you doing finishing up8713.044.88
what with what I've got that penis is8716.043.399
getting bigger and bigger yeah it just8717.924.84
doesn't stop yeah okay I got 10 more8719.4395.761
blocks left and I got to jump down on8722.765.519
that hay and call it a day it would have8725.26.239
but where's your hay at the base oh8728.2795.441
right there o it looks a lot tinier from8731.4395.241
up here cuz it is yeah what are the odds8733.724.759
of me hitting you midair with my8736.683.52
sledgehammer while you're jumping I'm8738.4793.441
trying to survive that's the I know but8740.23.279
wouldn't it be great if you survived but8741.923.399
then I killed you with the sledgehammer8743.4793.88
swing M I don't see how that'd be great8745.3193.361
all right well let's see you try to do8747.3593.04
it and then I'll try to do it just let8748.683.88
me jump for fun Simon Okay I'll let you8750.3993.421
jump here we go all8752.563.4
right good job8755.964.76
dalas very nice I lost my gut a little8758.24.079
bit would have been better if I had8760.724.2
could have swung at you okay that's the8762.2796.08
beginning yay the beginning of the end8764.926.519
always that's a8768.3593.08
t-shirt yeah nebs hey where you at the8775.06.64
kitchen kitchen good Simon's hungry yep8778.764.639
very honestly everybody's hungry and8781.643.56
you're the food guy well I wasn't here8783.3993.681
last week yeah I know that's why we're8785.24.32
all hungry potatoes is the thing um what8787.084.64
you want I like potatoes sliced thin8789.525.2
fried in like a if you got a skillet and8791.725.4
then we could maybe do some onions some8794.725.599
peppers preferably red and green look8797.124.96
see my farm out here this is what it8800.3194.12
comes down to this is how much potatoes8802.085.12
and corn we can grow okay so I got to8804.4394.721
keep expanding my farm well we need a8807.24.079
new Farm we don't we're not here anymore8809.164.119
well we can't keep moving no yeah well8811.2793.721
this I mean we're not too far from here8813.2793.281
for that particular reason all right8815.03.12
well then fine you want us to go see the8816.563.64
new place well I'll I'll meet you there8818.123.9
I'll look on the map copy8820.25.58
that nips hey I see you are you building8828.3996.361
that big tower yeah I'm up top okay I8832.3994.92
got to well I got to jump down into uh8834.764.519
the hay cuz I haven't I can't make the8837.3194.08
ladder just yet okay right so I'm going8839.2794.761
to jump if I die uh-huh don't laugh here8841.3995.161
we go8844.046.359
W oh I'm fine my leg is sprained but I'm8846.565.36
fine is that the first time you've done8850.3994.761
that that high okay wasn't that neat uh8851.925.519
yeah I like that so uh where does8855.164.72
everybody live The Swig and serum8857.4394.641
everybody lives here yep everybody8859.884.92
everybody in that little house everybody8862.084.279
there's plenty of room nobody lives in8864.84.8
the little one you do okay I call dibs8866.3595.561
I got your back yeah give my back give8871.926.0
my back but not always just right at the8874.66.799
moment let's make that clear okay it's8877.927.16
very clear thank you very much oh yeah I8881.3995.401
bet something Good's up here oh yeah8885.083.56
that's what your mother said oh your8886.84.24
mama your mother oh I hear a bunch of8888.645.12
hits and I can't even get up Jesus8891.045.84
Christ come on climb the ladder now8893.765.559
finally that for some reason worked what8896.884.0
do you got up there8899.3193.96
nothing yet I think this is roof access8900.885.36
ha all right we're on the roof that's8903.2794.841
right the roof is usually a place that8906.244.199
has very good things yeah I want to jump8908.123.76
down into these rich people's apartment8910.4393.161
the rich people hoard the good stuff do8911.884.08
it all right cover me just okay well I8913.63.92
don't know why you need to hit8915.963.64
anything huh I think they're just as8917.524.36
poor as the rest of them uh oh we got a8919.64.4
couple of guys in here all right oh hey8921.884.0
what have I got is that a junk turret oh8924.03.52
no that's not how you do it there you go8925.883.28
shotgun that guy on the left side me8927.525.48
okay oops oh boy Miss oh boy come on8929.166.08
there we8933.06.399
go stay your ass down Bubba you stay oh8935.246.119
we got a runner oh we do that Runner8939.3993.88
ain't going to do nothing watch yourself8941.3593.481
I don't want to shoot you by accident8943.2793.641
shoot Sil I don't want to shoot you by8944.846.04
accident shoot her trop I'm reloading8946.927.64
reload I am quickly yes did I get that8950.887.24
one behind you Simon woo jesz my8954.566.24
goodness things got a little bit hairy8958.124.72
yeah they did they need to be trimmed oh8960.83.92
Jesus oh God right they come from they8962.843.72
need to be tripped by me oh God there's8964.726.16
a problem oh boy stop it run oh boy I8966.566.44
can't I can't recover for this I'm8970.884.16
trying to run trying to run trying to8973.04.72
run this is bad this is real bad bad8975.045.72
this is real bad oh my God jump out the8977.726.92
window oh no Simon you got the gun I I8980.766.4
don't know how to get out of the window8984.644.88
oh God hit the thing cover me cover me8987.164.44
hit the thing I'm hitting the thing hit8989.524.64
the thing he cover me Simon I can't8991.64.64
cover you I'm trying to live we got a8994.164.84
way out okay Simon I'm out of [ __ ]8996.245.4
bullets damn it I'm out of the come on S8999.05.16
oh God please hurry up oh God please9001.644.759
jump over why did you jump off the9004.165.48
[ __ ] roof oh God down slowly not like9006.3996.96
a oh God oh God you freaking9009.647.28
[ __ ] well judging by things uh it looks9013.3595.92
like one of my friends has died and9016.924.8
probably all over a pair of cowboy boots9019.2794.721
and a glass jar but I'm finding that9021.725.8
these homes are uh are pretty lucrative9024.07.2
already nothing okay unlock door try to9027.526.44
use as little ammo as possible let's9031.25.6
clear out yep got some military boys oh9033.963.84
thank you for your9036.83.36
service going to9037.85.92
switch machine gun you're still up all9040.167.56
right woo love it doing well exercise9043.727.0
room weight bench speaking of which oh I9047.725.04
can tell you haven't been working up9050.724.2
here too much cuz you're9052.764.679
fat fat9054.925.96
people all right we got up here this is9057.4396.561
interesting all right there's a pole a9060.887.36
vent no no you don't that's right come9064.07.04
here where'd he go oh you're down there9068.245.37
great whoa9071.044.6
jackpot looking good good times good9075.647.36
finds that's my new motto come on S all9079.3595.12
right coming coming coming all right9083.03.279
we're going to try this again if you9084.4793.281
have to escape go out the window but9086.2793.2
don't just jump out the window like a9087.763.559
stunt man no get onto the ledge or9089.4793.441
something yeah the ledge is very short a9091.3193.721
warning would have been nice all right9092.926.24
here we go yeah and yeah now a bunch of9095.045.92
them jumped jumped after me so I was9099.163.64
able to kind of take him out out there9100.963.76
uhhuh we might be good now well that9102.83.36
would be nice but I'm going to be9104.723.639
cautious in the meantime and I got I9106.165.04
have no 76 two I just got yeah I took9108.3594.801
all your 762 I gave you the shotgun9111.24.48
stuff I got nine of those and then I9113.164.4
hate hand toand combat I'm just going to9115.683.88
have to run we got it man we got it9117.563.68
don't worry about this all right let's9119.565.2
see anything in here oh God you [ __ ]9121.244.8
scared the hell out of me how did I9124.763.96
scare you because I didn't know that9126.044.319
that was you and I looked away for half9128.724.0
a second I'm paranoid right now all9130.3594.441
right let's see I'm going in here all9132.723.639
right I'm going over here all right are9134.84.16
you are you Looting as you go yeah I'm9136.3595.161
looting as I go all right oo yeah not9138.964.24
one of these paintings has had anything9141.524.4
behind it I know oh boy military guy9143.26.079
military guy alert alert alert oh what9145.925.76
we got oh did I miss him no oh [ __ ] did9149.2794.801
I just shoot blocks what you put in here9151.685.36
military military alert you need help I9154.085.08
don't know military guys are usually9157.045.04
badass but I'm fine I'm probably fine9159.164.119
where you at where you at you went in9162.082.96
the second room n yet yeah but I'm the9163.2793.481
thing is I'm running out of I only got9165.044.239
five bullets left oh wait oh come over9166.764.08
here there's ammo thing all right come9169.2792.561
on come on come on come on come on come9170.842.96
on look I found the good stuff you did9171.844.72
this locker room here look at this Simon9173.84.76
oh my good look at this you know what9176.563.759
since you gave me your gun and this and9178.562.839
I'm going to give it back to you but get9180.3192.641
in that ammo crate man tell me what you9181.3993.281
find all right well the weapons bag or9182.963.6
the the weapons bag weapons bag okay9184.685.36
come on sister I got all right9186.566.32
16762 hey that ain't bad it ain't bad a9190.046.0
Gravedigger mod ooh and a freaking iron9192.885.16
reinforced Club so that's pretty crappy9196.044.04
all right but you do your thing and then9198.044.04
I'll start I'll start whacking on this9200.083.64
yeah start whacking on that safe what's9202.085.239
in here oh sham meat stew all right9203.725.639
that's good I'm eating good oh here's a9207.3193.601
shotgun Messiah box there's going to be9209.3592.801
something good in here come on baby9210.923.16
there is going to be something it's ammo9212.164.199
just ammo for days good ammo for days9214.084.56
come on I want some n hey all right9216.3595.12
17762 not too bad not too bad yeah let's9218.644.92
get this open it's all going to be in9221.4796.441
here and this is why gambling ruins9223.569.44
lives h o very specific thing I'm9227.928.92
looking for my pickaxe sucks the balls9233.06.24
so I would like to see if you have a9236.845.68
better pickaxe holy moly what wa I9239.245.079
didn't realize there was a traitor so9242.523.6
close yeah it's right here you just9244.3193.481
right beside our place isn't that great9246.123.64
I stole your bike sorry well I stole9247.84.96
yours so you're welcome Hugh you've been9249.766.2
incredibly unhelpful it's cold in here9252.766.2
yeah it's cold hold on son of a damn it9255.966.84
hue oh is my jacket on [ __ ] you Hugh my9258.966.04
jacket's on right see you nebs okay I9262.84.519
hate you Hugh tell your daughter said hi9265.06.399
it's my jacket on you is that b yeah all9267.3196.12
right I'm heading back downstairs listen9271.3994.801
man I ran across two uh two little safes9273.4395.04
I think oh yeah how many safes have we I9276.23.92
mean if I'm count correctly we found9278.4794.041
four in here we found a good chunk yeah9280.124.48
how many did you find I've only found9282.524.32
well two two I definitely found one and9284.63.92
I just found some more9286.844.92
762 yeah where you at and I don't know9288.525.759
and another a wrench a wrench number9291.765.96
three which ain't a bad wrench yeah9294.2795.721
there you are hey let's get behind this9297.723.88
door cuz there's something here this has9300.03.96
been a very good building it's not been9301.63.799
bad and I tell you all these televisions9303.963.04
that are on the wall yeah I've been9305.3993.92
getting like a a polymer for days see9307.05.04
polymer for days yeah listen still have9309.3195.08
not found one thing behind I've given up9312.045.48
on it I saw you saw like you did you did9314.3995.841
find a a safe on a wall yeah the safe9317.525.08
was on the wall that's fun all right I9320.243.68
need to go downstairs to the truck9322.63.0
though cuz I'm loaded up I got to drop9323.924.08
some stuff off I got I got a few more uh9325.64.44
few more spots I could do I'm going to9328.04.359
stay in here okay I'm heading down all9330.045.2
right Boo bo boo9332.3596.441
Bo and some9335.243.56
salmon oh boy this is steep hey Dres9338.924.96
this little bike is powerful yeah9341.923.24
they're prettyy impressive aren't they9343.883.399
climbing this hill mountain mountain9345.164.48
Hill yep you see me no you don't see me9347.2795.721
mountain climbing no come on come on9349.645.759
what I'm trying to climb to the peak9353.04.08
okay and then9355.3994.92
uh is there any reason why uh is there9357.085.359
any reason to I don't know well it just9360.3194.241
doesn't seem productive okay I'm almost9362.4393.521
here so I think everyone else is like9364.563.36
doing things productive things all those9365.963.2
people that climb mountains they didn't9367.925.96
do anything I'm coming down look out oh9369.167.72
who wo flying yeah you are hey did you9373.885.24
see my restaurant I just opened I saw9376.884.76
you named kns you like the paint job I9379.125.239
do okay I always like your paint jobs so9381.644.16
here's what's going to happen I need9384.3594.761
more cenum well I need things too well9385.85.32
the paint's got to happen first so I9389.124.0
don't know what do you need uh concrete9391.125.279
blocks for days M what anything else9393.127.04
spike traps M do you need Paint no it's9396.3995.681
the last thing I need for sure have you9400.163.96
thought about the paint job nope not9402.083.72
going to paint it seems premature to9404.122.76
build you haven't thought about the9405.83.32
paint job yet seems like a waste of time9406.884.28
I think you know that okay let's just9409.123.6
keep the restaurant painted how about9411.163.119
just that do you want to make it match9412.724.84
the restaurant be great red and white no9414.2795.601
no we're not Wast no blue and white9417.563.839
listen I need to focus that9419.883.519
conversation's a waste of my time I'll9421.3993.641
do the paint you don't worry about it9423.3993.761
maybe do better things you build the9425.044.0
I'll do the paint how about better stuff9427.164.0
give me crust anthemum9429.045.52
nope S I taking you so long I am very9431.165.76
slow and you know this yeah you're not9434.565.36
wrong all right hold on I'm outside that9436.927.84
one and and you are you are the purple9439.928.12
or pink oh oh you got faster down you go9444.764.92
down you go bag your face dick in your9448.043.439
mouth dick in your mouth oh oh dick in9449.684.48
the mouth all right Pawn chop Pawn chop9451.4794.401
I wish I had do I hold on a second do I9454.164.279
have shotgun shells oh boy back up back9455.887.12
up back it up watch out watch out okay9458.4397.801
easy B you want that guy Simon sure get9463.06.279
him nice all right woo he scared me he9466.243.96
he was sitting right there oh Simon look9470.25.239
what look at this look at this pile of9473.085.8
treasures oh oh boy oh yeah we got Ste9475.4395.361
oh steel boots those are nice chest9478.885.88
armor oh oo food pile what's in here you9480.86.0
know what I need to water I need to9484.764.36
repair do I have my repair kits yeah9486.84.24
know hold on I got I got lockpicks me9489.123.84
did you take wait did you take my repair9491.045.2
kits I did not I may have I had two okay9492.964.76
let me I will look in my pocket for9496.243.6
repair kits give me a second I'm I'm I'm9497.723.679
picking this lock here I know but you9499.843.32
can pick the lock but then just me I9501.3994.08
will give you your repair K I know I9503.164.56
just need them come on keep on picking9505.4793.441
pick a pick a pick I need to start9507.722.639
utilizing these more these are much9508.923.359
easier you but they are but they also9510.3593.761
break they do break I've had many a9512.2793.481
break where I go like oh come on oh we9514.123.44
got a friend here oh take care of him9515.763.519
all right well it's her I think and I9517.564.2
just saw her butt a crap I just used all9519.2793.961
my lock picks all right see that's what9521.764.08
I mean do you have any no hold on can9523.244.68
you make them how do you I am doing the9525.845.4
work of the good Lord right now okay I9527.924.92
don't have any I don't hold on let me9531.243.56
check is that thing dead no I don't9532.843.2
think I have any lock pick up maybe9534.82.24
we'll get lucky maybe we'll be one of9536.044.279
these boxes come on come on shotgun9537.045.2
Messiah why we just hit I could just9540.3194.16
give me my repair kit my freaking sledg9542.245.32
H kicks ass just give hold on hold on9544.4795.161
hold on so needy I'm not needy they're9547.564.759
[ __ ] mine there you go Jesus calling9549.646.839
me needy suck my balls present them ammo9552.3195.641
pile right here come on lockpicks damn9556.4794.121
it shotgun shells I'll take that9557.964.08
come on sham way box give me something9560.63.04
good oh old sham sandwich neebs could9562.043.52
use that make our food all right we're9563.642.88
going to have to do this the old9565.563.56
fashioned way I know with a brand new9566.524.839
number four steel Sledgehammer right up9569.125.48
the butt oh yeah breaking in the safe9571.3594.96
breaking in the safe what are we doing9574.63.12
breaking in the safe breaking in the9576.3193.08
safe breaking in the safe what are we9577.723.32
doing breaking in thefe my lock pick9579.3993.161
broke my lock pick broke so what I'm9581.044.279
going to do take it away H man that9582.564.56
wasn't a good handoff I didn't like that9585.3194.641
[ __ ] off sorry9587.124.96
D y'all have a um chemistry station at9589.963.359
the new9592.085.56
place no okay are you following me yeah9593.3196.681
follow you all day hey hey what about9597.644.56
that hobo stew we were talking about oh9600.04.279
okay yep I got that oh why do you have9602.23.76
such a You' think you'd have a better9604.2794.08
shovel by now they just I don't feel9605.964.439
like having to you know what they're9608.3593.641
easy to replace like there's a couple9610.3993.841
like iron shovels at the uh Swig and9612.04.2
serum yeah but then you have to like fix9614.243.68
them with a with a repair thing you have9616.23.36
to fix all of them with a repair thing I9617.923.16
don't I can repair this with nothing9619.563.2
yeah but just the St you get as much you9621.084.399
don't Harvest as much it's just it's9622.764.96
foolish why waste metal on a shovel that9625.4794.561
is crazy of you to say I like my shovel9627.725.0
strategy oh this is a fine hobo stew do9630.045.64
those guys know what's in that M the9632.724.4
meat and all that stuff tell don't tell9635.682.759
them hey would you mind if I dug a9637.124.48
tunnel through the mountain no why do9638.4395.081
you why cuz it'd be fun to have a tunnel9641.64.64
through the mountain for why um to drive9643.524.2
through I don't know to drive through9646.242.36
the mountain you don't have to go over9647.722.12
the mountain like I did earlier you need9648.63.32
to go right through it that you really9649.843.36
are just like you're going out of your9651.924.12
way to to choose things that are a total9653.24.96
waste of time to win-win situation is it9656.043.76
cuz I have Rock and Sand when I'm done9658.164.08
with it and you can make concrete hey9659.83.72
live your life you know what I mean so9662.242.84
do I have your vote yeah you got my vote9663.524.2
you gave me a hobo stew so it got my9665.084.64
like you're a lobbyist and you lobbied9667.723.599
me just perfectly well I thought I had a9669.723.559
good strategy too I'm going to make that9671.3194.04
tunnel so yeah it's night time okay9673.2793.241
watch your back it's getting dark out9675.3594.361
there yep watch your back9676.525.68
hey Simon yes sir grab your bed roll uh9679.724.04
grab my bed roll hold on I'm I'm9682.24.279
managing my inventory okay I see there's9683.764.8
some stairs over here I feel uh like the9686.4793.681
safest spot will be the the roof of this9688.563.839
pawn shop we can crash there tonight oh9690.164.319
I see something in there oh you're right9692.3994.561
there yeah oh okayy hey the roof is like9694.4795.481
still full of people full of people or9696.964.479
zombies yeah all right let me help you9699.962.92
guys out a little bit get you get your9701.4393.081
gun ready Simon all right I9702.883.72
unfortunately I think I all right watch9704.523.52
out watch out watch out go back go back9706.62.92
down go back down I'm going down going9708.043.399
down all right come on out come on out9709.524.72
did they stop hey we're delicious we are9711.4395.281
delicious you should taste my sweaty9714.245.039
balls that's SNL skit that's that was9716.724.28
funny sweaty balls oh here they come9719.2793.481
here they come all right get him Simon9721.04.24
I'm reloading should I be using my uh9722.764.76
I'll use my rifle now come on yeah oh9725.243.56
fell oh I want him to fall down the9728.83.72
stairs oh I got him in the head right9730.722.8
oh a moving shot in the head come on9733.525.4
right onle sweetie boom Oh damn it bam9735.925.12
look at her fall all right but I was9738.924.04
going for that one we got to take turns9741.043.04
okay got you I'll let you have the next9742.964.2
one I'm turning into a crack shot that's9744.084.64
my that's my plan oh Simon the pond9747.163.52
manager lives up here oh really oh this9748.724.679
is where he keeps the good stuff ooh9750.684.96
this is a nice place that was about to9753.3994.481
say this place is gorgeous this is9755.645.719
really nice look the windows yeah I9757.885.2
didn't expect to find such a nice place9761.3594.561
above a pawn shop yeah I mean this is9763.084.76
really really good hey this is a perfect9765.923.519
place for us to sleep tonight it's a9767.843.36
perfect place for us to do a lot more9769.4394.561
than just sleep yeah we could party we9771.25.52
could party like it's like9774.06.64
1973 oh man I I wasn't alive then I know9776.725.2
I don't know how to party then either9780.644.2
was I or well maybe I was shut up oh9781.925.439
Simon look the bane of your existence oh9784.846.04
the ladder yeah come on oh it's a locked9787.3595.161
oh he's hiding the good stuff out here9790.883.479
on the roof some all right I guess give9792.523.36
me another wood block so I have stairs9794.3593.481
cuz I don't have oh maybe make a wood9795.887.12
block I got wood W I know okay and boom9797.847.28
all right where's the goods where are9803.05.16
the goods oh crap oh boy oh God back9805.124.96
down back down back that's a problem9808.163.239
back down9810.084.76
oh s get this guy get I thought you sit9811.3996.92
back down oh I I did got back down yeah9814.845.88
woo okay where are you at down I'm9818.3194.521
trying to get down oh okay back up back9820.724.4
up back up yep all right there's a bird9822.843.88
somewhere where is he where's that bird9825.124.84
oh he's after you oh nice shot s you be9826.726.92
my [ __ ] you bit be my [ __ ] [ __ ] oh9829.966.24
now where's the good stuff uh probably9833.644.799
nothing up here ri come on oh wait9836.23.6
there's a light over here all right9838.4392.88
pointing us to the pointing us to what9839.83.679
the trash to the good stuff yeah it just9841.3193.841
took us back down to the [ __ ] living9843.4793.401
room right where it has very nice9845.163.8
wallpaper and at least they didn't Crown9846.883.96
I we're sleeping here all right good9848.964.479
night Simon good night we cut up next to9850.844.4
the fire yeah maybe you want to touch my9853.4394.121
face no can I touch your face no stop9855.245.079
now we're not hey what are you really9857.564.28
still going are you are you9860.31910.55
awake all right Simon I want to see9872.4394.121
what's in this trailer I like raiding a9875.03.08
trailer for some reason because it's a9876.563.24
quick raid you know what I mean yeah9878.083.96
plus I'm really thinking about moving9879.84.76
into a trailer soon really like in real9882.044.0
life I mean sure why not I thought you9884.564.2
were looking at RVs well yeah or like or9886.045.239
maybe yeah RV's tiny home but more like9888.764.84
an RV is a tiny home I don't really9891.2793.721
understand the whole like oh look I want9893.63.64
to live in a tiny house get a [ __ ]9895.04.0
fifth wheel buddy watch out there's a9897.243.84
big mama behind you a big mama behind me9899.04.319
no way what about the guy behind you oh9901.085.16
come on try to I'm trying9903.3195.881
to look at that huh and then another one9906.244.72
in the head huh get up lady did you9909.24.36
shoot me this is me this my shot all9910.965.88
right I said my sh me oh god there a9913.566.28
snake that's a snake yes it is aake s9916.844.96
what shoot it did you shoot it no it's9919.844.2
just dead how did it die what killed it9921.84.08
I don't know maybe I killed it hold on9924.043.239
that's uh that's good meat are you9925.883.439
hungry I can always eat but I'm going to9927.2794.721
go in here and find other better things9929.3194.761
okay well we got snake meat to eat yeah9932.03.76
go ahead you do that I I'm going to I'm9934.083.279
going to look for things in the trailer9935.763.8
see look at this look at this how much9937.3595.401
more do you need two people in here this9939.565.4
is almost too much room is that that's9942.764.2
like a little lizard pin you can have a9944.964.12
lizard listen I have a pet lizard right9946.964.399
now do you know that in real life yes9949.084.04
you told me about your new pet lizard9951.3594.881
Iggy so exciting he's very he's nice9953.125.56
he's a leopard gecko so he has like9956.245.48
leopard spots no it's a stupid name9958.684.639
maybe they have them sometimes this is9961.723.04
Bor I'm sorry I'm boring you with my9963.3193.04
stories yeah yeah yeah go go tell9964.763.88
someone else you stupid lizard story all9966.3594.521
right shut up did you guys know I have a9968.645.88
lizard who gives a [ __ ] shut up leave me9970.887.439
alone neees hey hey what's up not much I9974.525.32
know there's someone with building a KFC9978.3193.561
up the road you see that that's me it9979.843.4
has my name on it you're building the9981.882.96
KFC we're going to have more than just9983.244.199
chicken but we do chicken right too hey9984.844.599
uh you're how far are you digging9987.4394.321
because I have one of these man oh oh9989.4394.161
you have gas in that yeah okay well get9991.764.16
to it well how far all the way through9993.64.799
all the way through huh let me see yeah9995.924.2
but keep it straight don't get don't get9998.3994.161
weird you know what you know what hey I10000.125.359
know you I know how crazy you are so hey10002.564.719
dris no you do it I like it when you do10005.4794.0
it nope nope nope nope nope nope I'm not10007.2794.0
here there's some gasoline it's all10009.4794.561
yours okay what are you doing tunnel but10011.2795.361
why again cuz I want clay and a tunnel10014.045.56
so two birds yeah right okay this could10016.645.799
be like a place to escape danger too10019.64.52
maybe if I don't go all the way through10022.4392.92
we'll say that we'll say that we're not10024.123.159
going to need to this particular hord10025.3593.96
Knight have to escape any danger but10027.2793.641
okay okay just letting you know hey have10029.3193.801
fun uh be careful and uh get me supplies10030.923.84
cool okay oh neebs you look good with10033.124.04
that do I yeah you did oh now you have10034.763.88
oh now you're switching all sorts of10037.163.88
things y hey do we need anything else10038.645.679
sham moldy bread oh uh what do you make10041.045.64
the chemistry stuff in chemistry station10044.3194.641
that's the one we need one of those so I10046.684.48
need paint for the for the I do chicken10048.963.92
right paint with chick you're you're10051.164.04
doing paint with your chicken okay I'll10052.884.32
make a chemistry station okay thank you10055.24.32
through hey there's a bank over there10059.845.28
you want to go rob a bank uh yeah I've10062.084.88
never robbed a bank I don't I don't10065.123.359
think that it's a good thing to normally10066.963.439
do but but in this world yeah you may as10068.4794.121
well right yeah you want to role play10070.3994.161
yeah let's role play all right you sons10072.64.48
of [ __ ] we're coming in we we we10074.564.08
wouldn't announce we're coming in if10077.083.319
we're robing a bank we would be in the10078.643.6
bank before we did that right but they10080.3994.241
would see us break it in no you would do10082.245.56
that hey hey everybody down sit down on10084.645.4
the floor fatty we're robbing you oh10087.84.08
watch out behind you Simon Simon get out10090.045.04
of there okay all right I'm done10091.885.36
oh none of them are getting down none of10095.084.04
them are getting down on the ground okay10097.245.92
come on you oh boy I'm in trouble I've10099.126.76
made a mistake coming here get of I made10103.165.64
a mistake okay wait turn around and10105.884.28
fight turn around and fight you got a10108.84.28
football guy on you do I sh yeah he's10110.165.88
tough hit him in the head on me now okay10113.086.84
sorry of help help me all right I'm he's10116.045.359
down he's down he was a fast one all10119.923.04
right let's take care of all his buddies10121.3995.201
watch out oh boy I thought I was better10122.966.439
than oh I wanted that guy's head no it10126.64.85
mine hi my name is thick44 and sometimes10132.65.719
I like uh playing pranks on my friends10136.084.44
let me see if this prank works just give10138.3195.481
it a little oh here we go this is oh10140.526.28
[ __ ] okay oh he's still coming oh he's10143.85.04
faster than me oh God I couldn't even10146.84.24
get to the prank I got to10148.846.76
get hey nebs neees hey hey huh uh do you10151.047.239
do you serve bear at at your restaurant10155.65.6
at your C FC oh did you get a bear yeah10158.2794.561
wow yeah I certainly wasn't lowering it10161.23.96
to you uh but yeah I got a bear make10162.845.72
some uh some bear picata uh yeah bear is10165.165.319
on the menu how how much did you get out10168.564.6
of that uh 18 meat I feel like bear10170.4795.241
would give you much more yeah bears are10173.165.56
big yeah that's why you think that okay10175.724.96
good job I'll cook that up and uh I'll10178.723.96
share it with you later thank you I'm10180.685.31
digging right now thank you okay sure10182.688.44
dude this sucks this really sucks I10191.126.96
liked how my character looked very much10194.65.6
I really enjoyed that and now I'm this10198.083.92
I'm this10200.24.72
douchebag how do I get it back I hate it10202.06.439
I loved my guy he was perfect and badass10204.926.439
and now I got a douche10208.4392.92
knuckle hey and we're back uh let's see10211.566.799
what's going on not much how you doing10216.23.96
Whitey yeah I don't want to talk about10218.3594.441
that I want to talk about it let me see10220.164.48
I can't even see take off your helmet10222.84.04
what can I see your face like no you10224.644.639
take off you take off your helmet Simon10226.845.0
okay I'm not I didn't change did I no10229.2794.2
you look the same no you you still look10231.843.36
as ugly as you ever have I guess I'm10233.4795.201
feeling the results of the of the big uh10235.25.76
I don't know fat knee bumping yeah my10238.685.08
big my big fat knee hey y'all hey hey10240.964.88
guys hey is everything weird for you10243.764.32
yeah everything's super weird durus is10245.844.479
white is look at you I don't like it10248.085.12
nice look no thanks I appreciate that10250.3194.681
but no guys I think we have to face the10253.24.36
sad reality that this world is done10255.05.92
right it is so pack up everything moving10257.565.879
to another place another moving day okay10260.925.559
okay yay Moving Day to the sequel the10263.4394.88
sequel I'm going to put the tower in my10266.4793.441
pocket I'll be right back yeah put the10268.3192.92
tower in your pocket we're taking it10269.923.92
with us10271.23924.541
[ __ ] up bird get out of here bird [ __ ]10296.084.6
out of10298.2792.401
here wo guys look at this10304.87.439
this is nice a shitty hotel yep I love10308.724.759
it you guys want to move in here for a10312.2392.561
little bit yeah let me get rid of this10313.4794.081
tweaker yeah get out of here twe nobody10314.85.519
likes you oh man pool for water wow10317.564.6
hopefully it's not chlorinated this is10320.3194.721
like Myrtle Beach but nicer yeah I'm10322.165.319
excited last one in the pool help do10325.044.439
they have a diving board what is that or10327.4793.76
is that just a deck oh it's just a deck10329.4793.161
we're going to build a diving board yeah10331.2393.12
we should absolutely we can right behind10332.643.16
you right behind you yeah10334.3594.161
they're behind you oh God two zombies10335.85.679
they're running oh wow she quick ow10338.525.08
who's hitting me who do you think you10341.4796.441
are get out of my face lady oh10343.67.16
[ __ ] the zombes messing a pool up he10347.924.519
broke the water I might have I might10350.763.84
have I might have killed him by10352.4396.8
accident yeah oh that's the way to10354.64.639
start what a way to start a new map die10359.3595.321
immediately I think Simon may have shot10362.4793.88
me in the back of the head but let's see10364.684.52
my stuff is this way I will go this way10366.3594.08
all right well at least we know there's10369.22.8
one of these nasty biomes that I'll10370.4393.96
never go into because I hate them let's10372.03.92
see let me get a good view from the top10374.3995.641
of this hill oh yeah look at this10375.926.76
absolute garbage not even a house10380.045.239
anywhere vulture above me just sniffing10382.684.679
I know he wants me but he ain't going to10385.2795.321
have me anything in this trash come on10387.3595.88
good trash hey we got some glue I could10390.66.36
use glue I'm not going to turn that10393.2396.401
down guys yeah yeah I got to get over to10396.964.84
that mountain cuz we're I've lost time10399.643.759
because of this mess so I got to get to10401.83.36
town you know what I mean or to work10403.3993.201
okay we're going to clear this place out10405.163.119
then yeah do that I'll talk to you guys10406.64.08
in a bit sounds good all right reaching10408.2795.921
the door yeah bam boom shakalaka don't10410.686.12
see any there use the old pump action10414.24.8
just in case well that's a good idea no10416.84.679
one in here clear oh we got a safe we'll10419.04.08
we'll come back for all this stuff let's10421.4794.041
just clear every room all right yeah I10423.085.84
think anything that's open is probably10425.525.799
cleared out oh this is the laundry room10428.926.519
guys hey coin operated I hope uh yep and10431.3195.761
there's only one washing machine one10435.4393.84
dryer okay all right all right all right10437.084.72
upstairs what about down here still we10439.2794.08
still have a hole downstairs don't we10441.83.639
are there doors that are well we got to10443.3594.08
make sure you just got to run through10445.4395.281
okay yeah yeah hey boys yeah oh God10447.4396.281
there's a dog guys dog help help help10450.725.679
dog dog dog dog dog kill that man has a10453.725.04
wolf hold on that's dinner put a bed10456.3994.601
down abso yep doing it right now pick10458.764.32
your rooms and we'll uh meet up in a10461.04.68
little bit all10463.085.68
right okay this is going to be better10465.686.48
anyway it's all for a reason and if they10468.766.88
see my signs that is an arrow it doesn't10472.165.48
really look like an arrow but I made one10475.643.96
down there that tells him to turn left10477.643.639
and this one will tell him to turn right10479.63.639
let's see what we got here let's see10481.2795.2
what we're facing dealing with what sort10483.2396.801
of uh empty canvas do I have for my10486.4796.561
art I'm an artist I'm a hord night10490.045.88
artist never heard of that but I'm one10493.047.04
possibly the first oh my God yes yes yes10495.926.559
you're better you're a better Mountain10500.085.48
oh this is going to be glorious oh [ __ ]10502.4797.241
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] sh sh [ __ ] [ __ ]10505.567.08
[ __ ] [ __ ] don't die [ __ ] don't die10509.728.0
[ __ ] don't die [ __ ] it oh [ __ ]10512.645.08
hey guys hey what's up what happened I10520.084.6
just got my ass handed to me uh I've10522.2794.0
been I've been looting this house over10524.683.36
here okay and I know you guys are doing10526.2794.0
your doing your thing but uh I died I10528.043.8
got to go get my stuff back you want me10530.2793.12
to go with you need you need backup that10531.843.599
wouldn't be bad but listen can I be10533.3993.601
greedy and keep all the stuff that's10535.4393.96
there no no then I don't want any10537.05.279
backup no I'll give you backup I I'll at10539.3994.281
least get you your stuff back all right10542.2793.2
well I was on that roof I think or10543.683.92
around there it's like I'm in this place10545.4793.441
this guy's coming10547.62.639
fat guy on the roof is that the guy that10548.923.319
got you that's one of them yeah take him10550.2394.481
out please Fatt is that a funeral home10552.2395.08
yeah check all the I already did I I10554.724.519
looted even if they're on the sign out10557.3194.321
front okay that's fine I'll do that too10559.2395.401
but I I looted most of the house and and10561.645.4
I did glot the coffins nothing up in10564.644.679
that one pro tip Pro tip and you got to10567.044.92
jump to it oh I just got 229 mil on this10569.3195.04
one hold onet oh I got I listen I10571.964.72
cleared out most of the house I just got10574.3594.12
jacked towards the very end and another10576.685.16
259 mil woohoo all right so I got to go10578.4796.721
upstairs to uh to get my stuff okay you10581.846.519
said it was up here I forgot how I got10585.25.32
there watch watch out turn around turn10588.3594.08
around turn around turn around boom10590.524.0
that's the other guy there's another guy10592.4394.84
that guy got me all right don't you mess10594.524.68
with my buddy son all right come with me10597.2792.96
all right where's the where's the good10599.22.199
stuff where's the good stuff I already10600.2395.0
got almost everything hold on oh oh yeah10601.3995.721
yeah yeah okay looks like you all right10605.2393.441
yep you cleared out you got all the10607.123.96
where no then I went over here I did10608.685.24
something else I went like this boom10611.084.84
right and then I saw this and then all10613.923.6
of a sudden the [ __ ] hit the fan right10615.923.72
here oh hey the shit's still hitting the10617.524.879
fan what the hell it's a bird [ __ ] off10619.644.599
Buzzard you're fine did you get your10622.3995.721
stuff uh not yet but hold on ooh yeah10624.2396.601
ooh yeah let's see medical supplies what10628.125.359
we got hey fornite what's in this what10630.844.519
is in that let me get in this a working10633.4795.521
stiff tool M oh oh yeah got some wood10635.3596.161
got some Forge steel thanks Simon hey I10639.04.399
had a good time that was fun all right10641.523.759
I'm heading back we're still setting up10643.3994.0
man I am I am loaded up with some10645.2795.641
serious ammo I'm quite happy quite happy10647.3996.161
we got a big happy face yeah I do who10650.925.479
got a big fat happy I10653.567.08
do okay maybe two more up let's see10656.3998.04
let's see finish this10660.643.799
here one more up going one more up great10664.526.64
CRA oops [ __ ] wrong damn it thought I10668.2395.801
had the son of a okay get the right10671.167.6
thing in hand that helps Bam Bam Slammer10674.047.72
bam I can do this I can deal with this10678.765.8
this is going to work get that ladder10681.766.479
without dying Bam Bam Slammer thank you10684.566.16
Simon for that dumb [ __ ] oh boy the guys10688.2394.0
are going to be so happy because we're10690.724.4
going to be safe and um not one of us10692.2394.401
dying not one of us is going to die this10695.123.72
H night calling it right now I like10696.646.56
working up here feel free I feel10698.848.04
free neees yeah I know that uh you live10703.25.199
right next door to me I just want to10706.883.88
show you wait third floor third floor10708.3994.481
yeah come here yeah oops I'm on the10710.764.04
second floor you're on the second floor10712.883.76
yeah oh this is perfect then so keep it10714.84.92
down up here well uh just come on down10716.645.0
here so this is my door and I and I10719.724.12
guess it's probably going to change um10721.644.719
cuz yeah take a look at this oh wow you10723.844.399
you knocked the walls out yeah and now10726.3594.441
that I know that you're not uh next door10728.2393.921
here I'm just going to have the whole10730.83.439
third floor like that's that's me it's10732.163.96
more dusting is that what you want hey I10734.2393.601
could hire someone okay what are you10736.124.199
doing um I you know what listen right10737.845.0
below us see down here so that's my like10740.3194.681
little patio right there below the the10742.844.439
sign oh yeah I might put a little Roof10745.03.8
Garden up there oh you're going to make10747.2793.241
this place into a kabas kind of like a10748.84.04
kabas yeah yeah but we're going to eat10750.523.959
you think kabas you think the the stuff10752.843.08
playing on the roof they they served10754.4793.201
their what do they call it customers I10755.923.72
hope not is that a zombie chasing who's10757.684.28
that down there Simon yep Simon Simon is10759.644.12
that you yes sir living life you're10761.963.24
getting him living life you're getting10763.764.8
him good get him okay he's gone he's got10765.26.48
being chased it's like a fun game chase10768.565.879
the salmon Hey listen I'm looting baby10771.684.32
hey I don't blame you there I got I got10774.4393.441
a little organization going on down here10776.05.2
we got chests for food weapons armor uh10777.885.479
mods and weapon parts crafty materials10781.24.76
miscellaneous we looking good baby yeah10783.3595.04
we need to name this place de in sweets10785.965.68
isn't uh a good name for us here no no10788.3995.761
we call it like hotel hotel Kaba10791.645.2
something uh Hotel kabas o can we fit10794.164.88
kabas on that sign that's a big ass word10796.846.04
that a b a c is it c a r a b a s cuz10799.045.16
yeah I think we could do that well if10802.883.08
you can figure out how to spell it I'll10804.24.92
start planting the stuff c a r a b b are10805.966.64
there two B's in kabas there might be a10809.126.76
k all right you sons of [ __ ] anybody10812.66.12
else up here huh Lord done10815.884.88
I've been finding the hot spots I've10818.726.16
been finding them oh Jesus Jesus [ __ ]10820.766.519
scared the crap out of me shoot you in10824.884.88
the freaking head come on [ __ ] you10827.2794.721
too lady oh no no no no no no is there10829.764.599
somebody at my feet hello oh guys I'm in10832.04.68
trouble [ __ ] I'm glad I have a lot of10834.3595.88
bullets damn it oh10836.683.559
boy oh perfect I was I was just putting10843.124.6
a sign up in here for you oh oh thank10845.842.599
very much I just I just died and I know10848.4393.361
that there's going to be good stuff10850.4793.441
right there I'm very excited I don't10851.83.92
care that I died I'm right there wait10853.923.2
the butcher Place butcher place I just10855.723.559
got massacred all right go get massacred10857.123.84
again yes this is10859.2794.481
fun yeah yay fun going to a new place is10860.967.359
it it really is it's a whole new world10863.768.92
yeah yeah Will Smith was a shitty JY10868.3197.201
up oh [ __ ] oh it's going to be harder10872.684.88
than I thought guys I need help somebody10875.525.0
help me over here where you at suon uh I10877.566.32
am I I'm juming oh I'm screwed I am10880.525.44
screwed I'm coming I made it to the10883.884.559
front I see watch out behind there is10885.966.12
bad news bad news okay are you full of10888.4396.081
ammo nobody Are you full of ammo yeah10892.083.84
you're going to need it you're going to10894.523.0
need it you lead the way oh there's a10895.923.68
big mama coming up big mama that's just10897.525.24
one of like six yep there a there's a10899.65.32
biker dude right behind oh right here10902.764.8
too military military to your right10904.925.68
behind right okay take thanks okay I'll10907.566.56
punch him punch him did yes got him all10910.66.48
right clear all right hey guys hey I'm10914.124.48
going back now I just want to keep you10917.083.12
from dying no pleas I died already10918.64.879
please I need more help Bo I got to take10920.25.32
a bandage don't worry about it I'll try10923.4794.241
to do it myself maybe those are the only10925.525.08
guys I'll try just run in and run back10927.725.559
out fast you can I'm on my10930.67.48
way watch out EES yep10933.2798.881
me into this okay no my stuff should be10938.086.239
there it10942.166.48
is it took me forever thank you oh boy10944.3195.321
now I'm10948.644.96
infected I mean oh hey I got honey you10949.645.88
want some honey give that man some honey10953.64.12
yeah give me that honey hold on a second10955.523.32
see I tried to do a little something10957.723.44
nice for you I apologize thank you did10958.843.599
thank you all right I'll get some10961.163.04
antibiotics cooking once I uh get10962.4395.641
everything organized all right10964.23.88
hey abro yep all right I got a I got a10970.24.0
good start at the base what's been10972.645.48
claimed here as far as living you know10974.26.48
uh I think thick and nebes are upstairs10978.125.159
um I put a sign here in Simon's room and10980.684.559
there's a sign here in my room okay you10983.2794.561
guys are those first twoo okay yeah I10985.2394.08
wanted I wanted to be kind of close to10987.843.04
the uh all the crafting stuff you know10989.3193.08
what I mean I can understand that I kind10990.883.519
of want to be there too but those are10992.3995.08
taken H maybe I'll maybe I'll live right10994.3995.641
above you and I'll put like a a I'll put10997.4794.76
some stairs right here maybe and just go11000.044.88
right up to that or ladder yeah ladder11002.2394.321
whatever you know well tell you what you11004.923.04
can make a little uh well that that11006.562.879
might be knes or Thick's Place why you11007.963.72
you might want to go check that man I11009.4393.641
shouldn't have left so quick but I had11011.683.679
work to do you know for a for a yeah no11013.083.88
I get it yeah but hey there's plenty of11015.3593.12
rooms I don't think any anybody's got11016.963.24
rooms over there I could make a room on11018.4795.201
the uh on the hotel sign too11020.26.119
H yeah throw throw something throw11023.683.759
something up there but no we're going to11026.3192.361
change yeah we're going to we're going11027.4393.241
to change the sign okay but maybe right11028.683.48
under the sign I'll live you know what11030.682.52
that's I think I'm going to live right11032.162.96
under the sign I like that okay like a11033.24.279
little Shack yeah I'll make a little sh11035.125.199
yeah you know what you you do you D you11037.4794.84
wherever you want to about time I do me11040.3193.92
you know what I mean yeah someone needs11042.3194.441
to do you someone needs to do me so bad11044.2394.04
so it may as well be you might as well11046.765.76
be me doing me damn straight okay um11048.2796.0
yeah I'm going to go oh this is awesome11052.525.4
I love this oh [ __ ] yeah all right get11054.2796.321
up get up get up oh hey nebes hey what11057.925.68
you doing oh I was I was going to build11060.65.799
I was going to build a nothing this the11063.65.32
Roof Garden I made you a ladder uh to11066.3994.201
come straight up for your roof Garden11068.923.72
from right here okay all right this11070.63.839
whole place is named after this copy11072.644.04
that I'm just looking for a looking for11074.4395.081
a home you can live beside me N I got it11076.684.16
I got it covered11079.524.919
okay more shotgun shells I screw that11080.845.399
and I'll scrap that little something11084.4395.641
inside give me some give some sugar huh11086.2396.441
who's got some sugar hey is an electric11090.086.52
wire relay good sure keep everything uh11092.685.719
I don't like to keep everything that11096.64.839
sounds keep it sounds silly always keep11098.3995.92
everything okay I'm not going to keep11101.4394.8
any of this [ __ ] I'll build you a box11104.3196.241
you can put it in oh God11106.2396.881
fine this place is pretty cozy at night11110.564.919
I'm liking it I'm good now I'll change a11113.125.04
sign tomorrow okay that sounds good11115.4794.681
well it's getting dark we better uh11118.164.48
hunker down probably so hunkering all11120.163.96
right all right I'm going to I'm going11122.642.719
to need your help tomorrow good night11124.123.52
everyone thank you good good work today11125.3594.96
good night guys good night good night11127.645.56
Simon what oh come visit me where are11130.3195.681
you next door I can see you we share a11133.26.84
room do don't we yeah I I thought you11136.05.76
were just going to shoot me keep it the11140.044.199
[ __ ] down oh [ __ ] being weird tell me11141.767.679
what to do shut shut up D [ __ ] up11144.2395.2
nees looks fantastic yeah I love it cool11165.967.68
hotel K yep uh pretty delicious place to11169.26.8
stay that's how they spell it huh yeah11173.645.16
two RS and two B's so weird you ever had11176.05.319
their uh chicken Brian or is it Brian11178.85.559
chicken no chicken Brian I I told you11181.3194.441
I'm not a coras guy but you can go to11184.3593.161
hell are you too snobby you too you too11185.763.4
good for Carabas Simon I'll blow your11187.523.2
head off you know what their special is11189.165.079
right now no chicken11190.723.519
quarantine because we're all quarantined11196.24.279
yeah guys I'm going to I'm going to do a11199.02.76
quick Loot on my way to the mountain11200.4792.561
just want to let you know I need to get11201.762.479
one little quick loot I think there's a11203.042.64
Sheriff Station up the way and I just11204.2392.641
want to get a taste of it I think11205.682.799
there's a you know a safe in there I got11206.883.64
to get a safe see when I was building I11208.4793.721
was focused on it the entire time you're11210.523.48
an addict this is just on the way even11212.23.52
though it's out of the way Dr I'm coming11214.04.08
with you oh uh thick yeah uh thick11215.723.719
you're going to help me today yeah11218.082.96
whether you like it or not I do like it11219.4394.721
oh good you boys be safe nees what do11221.045.08
you need today I need lots of stuff11224.165.04
let's do it stuff he says stuff he says11226.125.8
lots of stuff yeah what do you need M11229.28.44
all I need is you Simon a that's so nice11231.928.68
oh oops sorry damn it what the [ __ ] that11237.645.36
was a total mistake but it worked out11240.63.56
cuz it was kind of funny why would you11243.04.04
do that it was you do that to me it was11244.165.72
an accident that11247.045.56
hurt not thick yeah we don't have to do11249.884.479
a damn thing I'm just going to go knock11252.63.6
go knock we'll see if the sheriff's here11254.3594.601
and okay maybe a couple knocks couple11256.24.4
knocks should do it you think they're11258.963.479
coming oh yeah yeah they're coming11260.64.12
they're coming so how was your weekend11262.4394.561
man it was fantastic good good I mean11264.724.599
besides being quarantine it's fantastic11267.04.239
eat anything good or I ate some food11269.3194.16
this weekend yes oh food's cool yeah11271.2394.561
stuffed bell peppers but not the not the11273.4793.92
green ones yeah you got something11275.83.519
against the is that the sheriff sheriff11277.3994.641
hoodie no Sheriff hoodie no that's some11279.3194.16
punk kid is that seriously is that11282.043.56
seriously it that's it no there's one we11283.4795.561
got a prisoner uh little uh inmate if11285.65.799
you will okay this is all I really well11289.043.72
there's an ammo pile if you want that to11291.3992.92
the left I'll work on this let's take a11292.763.0
look let's take a look I'll take it some11294.3194.361
762 this this is the easyest a gats uh11295.764.4
you know what if you're going to do the11298.683.12
uh the safe there's a place across the11300.163.88
street called biscuits you can do that11301.83.88
and meet me at the hill cuz you know I11304.043.399
kind of got to get to work again if11305.683.92
they've been hiding biscuits from us11307.4394.84
this whole time they best let us know oh11309.64.16
my God all right I'm going to check out11312.2794.601
biscuits get your biscuits on I'm almost11313.765.44
in this all right going to go from the11316.884.599
top all right come on lock picks boy11319.23.8
these are great these are just the best11321.4793.641
lock picks come on baby gone through11323.04.12
about eight that's all come on baby come11325.125.88
on baby baby we're in oh pretty lame11327.126.48
thick what's that pretty lame find uh11331.03.92
haven't really found too much yet just11333.63.4
clearing this place out no biscuits yet11334.924.399
yeah let me know about those biscuits oh11337.07.319
God you hussy uhhuh get off11339.3195.0
me yeah oh yeah baby here we go help11347.3996.241
come on got to do a jump how you doing11351.83.92
back there D I did a jump beautiful okay11353.644.56
where we going uh well this this is the11355.724.559
desert and you said you you need oil11358.25.279
shell uh oil shell coal is that nitrate11360.2795.801
P you need nitrate powder too right11363.4795.441
always love nit was I supposed to have11366.084.96
mining things with me I'm just looting11368.923.72
yeah you and I are looting oh man Simon11371.043.8
look at this house on our lift take it11372.645.4
that is a nice house there's a dog yeah11374.845.439
I ran him over ran over the dog was that11378.044.6
a dog or a fox like a fox it yeah that11380.2794.08
is not a that's not a dog that's a fox11382.645.36
come here foxy a fox stay down zombie11384.3595.441
where we going uh right now I was I'm11388.03.399
sorry I was killing a fox where are we11389.83.24
going is it dead behind you I was11391.3993.521
following you uh I think it's dead we11393.043.319
need oil shell all right NES where do11394.922.76
you think the best place to find oil11396.3593.641
shell is around here find these little11397.684.36
dark deposits on the side of the road11400.04.88
dark not like that huh they're kind of11402.045.279
is that a stone uh what about what is11404.884.32
that is that iron I don't know what that11407.3193.761
is what is this what am I looking at11409.24.279
here uh that's oil shell really yeah11411.084.08
that's it that's what we want look at11413.4794.401
that guys hit the cactus11415.164.72
okay there we're going to be digging11417.883.84
this up for days you're going to be11419.883.559
digging that up Simon what you want to11421.723.08
go loot this uh this this this big11423.4394.521
yellow house here yes I do or uh oh s11424.85.28
that's a rifle shop all right rifle shop11427.963.88
then yellow house then Yellow House11430.083.72
Let's do let's do like a quick rif sh11431.843.559
hold on I need a lesson I need a lesson11433.84.519
from you okay real quick so if I have11435.3995.121
like cuz I have this junk turret and I11438.3194.08
want to be able to utilize it cuz I also11440.523.48
have the the weapons to go with it you11442.3994.161
know the junk tur ammo so do I just11444.05.16
place that down down like like there11446.564.52
yeah and then it does it thing so the11449.163.239
ammo when the ammo is on me it11451.083.08
automatically gets loaded you got to11452.3993.641
reload it yeah yeah you have to load it11454.164.0
oh well I don't remember ever loading11456.043.72
that well you must have it some point11458.163.72
because obviously it has ammo in it sit11459.766.76
down sit sit the sit down me11461.887.12
me okay thick this is going to be11466.525.12
operation zomble confusion zomble11469.04.96
confusion not sure if zombo's a word but11471.643.96
you know exactly what I'm talking about11473.963.68
mhm so obviously we're going to be up11475.64.879
top I'm going to make another wall11477.645.719
around the perimeter here and I'll clear11480.4795.241
it out and we will have four blade traps11483.3594.481
surrounding this base on the inside of11485.724.559
that other wall okay and then a bunch of11487.844.399
uh spike traps of course let's go on up11490.2793.881
okay sure uh now blade traps that's11492.2394.841
where I come in yes you are yeah you are11494.165.88
a blade trap I don't know that okay uh I11497.086.6
can do that what I lived I don't know11500.046.84
how is yeah I fell thick you fell uh11503.685.84
legs very hurt I went right off that11506.886.28
edge woo um let me just use the splint11509.526.24
I'll be right up in a licky splint look11513.164.76
look at these splint I like it hey uh11515.763.92
there's great view up here by the way11517.923.16
you know what I wanted to do when I was11519.683.2
up there that uh I didn't get the time11521.083.96
to do what's that to prevent exactly11522.884.64
what I just did oh put like a rail yeah11525.046.08
why did I go so far like it just okay11527.527.04
yeah I've got these rails um just just11531.125.72
to be safe I only have four cuz they11534.565.52
take a lot of uh iron so back over here11536.844.639
this is going to be there's going to be11540.083.96
a bridge that goes straight across right11541.4794.641
yes so they're going to be attracted to11544.044.399
get to us from there and there's going11546.125.199
to be a couple other like uh decoy11548.4395.281
bridges that attach to that mountain as11551.3194.92
well faux Bridges you say yeah so11553.723.679
they're just not going to know what to11556.2393.641
do and we're going to sit up here just I11557.3994.761
don't know enjoying the view laugh about11559.886.519
things old times and New Times Yes thick11562.167.92
yes that's exactly what we're going to11566.3993.681
do s yep got anything good in there I'm11570.165.84
trying to get on this ladder oh I just11573.726.08
did oh okay bad bad news probably but uh11576.05.52
oh [ __ ] I'm probably going to die up11579.83.599
here cuz I only have a rifle and don't11581.525.68
die up there [ __ ] you come on lady head11583.3996.08
shot come on lady beautiful we go check11587.25.119
on names NES yeah where you at I'm11589.4795.201
watching Simon's health bar go down oh11592.3195.16
Simon you okay I'm doing fine it's is11594.684.719
deep oh good good Lord nebes you are11597.4794.161
down there yeah oh oh man I'm to get out11599.3995.08
of here oh hey uh you just dig out okay11601.644.52
that's how uh I didn't realize how deep11604.4794.281
I was getting yeah I'm a very profound11606.164.96
person you know profoundly dumb okay11608.764.639
well still deep isn't it sure but that's11611.123.68
good we got a lot of oil shells Simon11613.3993.201
you want to raid this uh house next to11614.84.479
the place you raiding uh yeah you mean11616.64.879
the uh the orange one or whatever sure11619.2794.2
orange or yellow yeah the puke looking11621.4794.84
one I'm going in the front door now okay11623.4794.601
I'm here Bubba got your junk turret11626.3193.681
ready uh no I11628.084.72
don't wait a second here here they come11630.04.6
I didn't even pick it up where's my junk11632.83.36
turret what did you leave it in there11634.63.759
yeah I guess so oh uh-oh we're getting11636.164.159
surrounded we got a guy here too yep11638.3594.521
you'll have to move on without me nah go11640.3194.721
get your junk turret got that guy all11642.885.359
right fellas come on Boom abro is here11645.046.439
he's got a pistola he hey you stupid11648.2395.16
[ __ ] was that junk turret s it all11651.4795.641
right hold on Boom Boom Boom come on I11653.3995.401
still that to put it did I just throw it11657.123.8
somewhere all right didn't do anything11658.83.32
yeah you just put it on the ground just11660.923.479
in time too we get over here where do11662.125.279
you want it outside um yeah maybe leave11664.3994.801
it outside that way you know that's it's11667.3995.201
our fallback position okay okay okay11669.24.88
let's go through this place anything in11672.64.52
this cupboard ooh Some scrap may as well11674.084.56
pick up everything because we can just11677.123.319
store it all in the Jeep in the uh mini11678.643.759
bike or we looting well I'm looting as11680.4394.04
we go all right oo there's some food11682.3994.321
here sham all right need can make us11684.4794.721
some good stuff with that oh yeah what11686.724.719
the hell is that corn okay Debs will be11689.24.52
happy he loves corn he's a deep man did11691.4394.561
you know that he is and I'm just hitting11693.723.8
pictures probably not going to find a11696.03.479
damn thing no man I believe in you11697.524.08
you're going to find something real good11699.4793.441
well I don't know about in the paintings11701.64.32
but we'll say o bathroom11702.927.8
uhhuh hey hey hey what's new yeah this11705.926.84
house this house is new yeah it is I'm11710.724.4
upstairs okay I need mean iCal Parts uh11715.3594.92
this looks like a bit of a factory of11718.723.32
sorts I could probably tear some stuff11720.2795.401
apart that's a bus untouched uh oh it's11722.046.08
got potato seeds you know who loves11725.686.2
potatoes neees it's a simple man let's11728.126.159
take a look just going around some ammo11731.884.24
I'm not going to loot anything just yet11734.2795.801
clearing out O Plenty of cars shit's11736.125.52
going to be dropping down from the11740.085.119
ceiling plenty of cars to take apart oh11741.647.759
God what was that oh no oh more11745.1997.721
dogs God I just [ __ ] my pants all right11749.3996.561
oh I better oh more dogs oh hit fire11752.924.68
you're done I'm going to get this corner11755.963.439
I'm going to Corner myself all right11757.64.2
another hoodie boy all right we got we11759.3993.84
got a lot of you guys this may have been11761.83.12
a mistake as long as I can clear out the11763.2393.721
bottom here I'll be able to get what I11764.924.8
want where are those dogs coming from11766.966.76
Hello meth addict drugs are11769.724.0
bad you're not going to do it you're not11774.85.28
going to do it you're not going to do it11777.3197.321
come on stupid yes yes yes no no no no11780.085.8
yes come11784.643.96
on right there you're right there look11785.885.439
at him so stupid what if I what if I11788.66.34
smack you in going to do11791.3194.721
that okay y yet there you11796.044.04
go oh okay what hold on ah no shotgun11802.049.52
man wait she's helping me mine do I get11808.725.44
that if you break it11811.565.96
okay surprise abso yeah what's up zombie11814.165.56
fell in here I know I let her in there11817.524.24
let her in here yeah for fun and laughs11819.725.32
and Goofs and yucks well she did okay11821.766.2
that was cool s yo what you doing I'm11825.044.96
loot Bubba and I just found I think an11827.966.64
ammo crate and a a Shaka Messiah crate11830.07.199
ooh you upstairs or downstairs Bubba11834.66.04
bement I'm uh on the way to you okay11837.1995.08
let's see oh this a pool this a nice11840.643.599
basement yeah it is there's a little11842.2793.801
stuff let's see oh there you are you can11844.2393.08
go ahead and check in here there might11846.083.72
be stuff in there that you want okay oh11847.3195.16
Sledgehammer yeah 762 hunting rifle11849.85.08
Spike mod that's all right not don't11852.4794.0
don't take that stuff I need that stuff11854.883.8
I'll say it in the Box oh man moltov11856.4794.641
cocktails bipod mod that's cool do me a11858.684.96
favor leave me leave me that 762 and11861.124.68
maybe some 9 mil if there's in there I11863.644.599
don't want that11865.84.12
okay I I'll leave you I'll leave you11868.2393.761
little bit at least I need some trust me11869.923.68
I'm going through my ammo there we go11872.04.64
thank you sir oh you left me 49 mm11873.64.52
that's all that's all I was in there you11876.644.08
son of a11878.122.6
[ __ ]11882.644.92
heyas whoa what are you doing out here11884.884.16
what's it look like you digging a hole11887.563.24
Yeah I'm digging some holes okay the11889.043.72
only good thing about Simon dying as11890.84.479
often as he does uhhuh is like I don't11892.764.36
see his bar up in the upper corner with11895.2794.241
that sliver of Health I like watching it11897.124.84
go down and oh you enjoy that I'm like11899.524.2
ah he's is he going to die he's going to11901.963.2
die and it's just to a sliver and then11903.723.639
he doesn't you're like but then when he11905.164.96
does die it's like ah it's Simon and he11907.3594.281
comes back with a full bar Health next11910.123.84
time he's low maybe we should Place bats11911.645.679
huh okay oh yes oh we can make a game11913.966.04
out of that we could I like it hey uh11917.3194.561
are you what are you digging for here11920.04.239
well this was uh that was just a rock11921.883.68
I'm getting I need to make a bunch of11924.2393.08
those concrete blocks and11925.563.4
man look at that from here look at that11927.3194.12
take it in yeah oh that I thought you11928.964.88
meant the hole I was like yeah that's a11931.4394.04
just stare at that proud of you for that11933.845.2
hole oh who doesn't love a11935.4797.041
hole all right going in boys the shotgun11939.045.04
Messiah Corporation I feel like this11942.523.719
looks exactly like the shamway foods11944.083.48
building though you remember you11946.2393.601
remember the shamway factory uh yeah but11947.564.96
it could be same Builder cookie cutter11949.844.96
factories now nees I'm trying to utilize11952.525.56
my uh my junk turret okay so just saying11954.85.16
get ready for me to one good way to do11958.083.52
is place it down and have it be11959.963.399
something you can run back to it's your11961.64.12
Escape Plan you know oh oh from the11963.3594.241
ceiling from the ceiling11965.724.479
okay I threw one down I threw the chunk11967.64.92
tur down okay oh God run NES run through11970.1995.321
the door okay oh boy oh boy watch out11972.525.04
don't shoot me I'm trying not to oh I'm11975.524.2
Hur I'm bleeding okay bandage I got you11977.563.36
I got you get your bandage get your11979.723.519
bandage okay I'm good did my junk tur11980.924.439
even shoot one come on [ __ ] it might11983.2394.801
have shot a few is pointing in the wrong11985.3594.481
direction that's all cuz I just threw it11988.044.399
down I'm picking it up boom do it do it11989.844.0
all right yeah doing this at night might11992.4395.401
be dumb it might you know it's dumb I11993.846.519
know it's dumb are we allies ow what the11997.844.559
[ __ ] sorry I asked if we were allies you12000.3594.321
didn't answer me you you didn't give me12002.3993.88
time to answer yeah you really you12004.683.96
really didn't though Jesus Christ are we12006.2794.601
allies drop are we allies we're not12008.644.88
allies we're not sorry I just thought I12010.884.16
you know I did the same thing you did to12013.523.52
him I figured you'd be prepared about me12015.043.239
and you12017.043.6
oh I guess we're12018.2795.641
not accept the thing all right I'm12020.645.559
accepting the thing hold on the thing12023.925.04
you [ __ ]12026.1992.761
prick think it's worth it to climb this12035.124.8
furnace hell yeah I always whenever I12037.2395.0
see a a ladder I kind of have to go up12039.924.24
it yeah but you're bad at doing it yeah12042.2394.04
I'm very bad at doing it but I do it I12044.163.76
don't give up like a little like a12046.2793.761
little uh weenie weenie puss puss a12047.924.04
little little weenie puss push face yeah12050.044.439
there you go what's up there uh actually12051.963.96
uh there's no need to come up neees this12054.4793.92
is just uh three shotgun Messiah boxes12055.924.24
that's it huh yeah unless yeah there's12058.3993.401
three of us if we all want to take one12060.164.56
oh yeah yeah sharing this stuff huh yeah12061.84.479
you could buk up here for the evening12064.724.84
actually that's a good idea and boom see12066.2794.92
what do you got Simon I'm leaving what I12069.564.36
don't need you know I just got some uh12071.1996.441
762 shells I'm stealing what he had did12073.925.479
you just jump in my box I did but you12077.643.04
could take it I just wanted to look at12079.3993.08
what it was I didn't take anything12080.684.24
uh-huh okay I'm hearing noise you guys12082.4794.72
hear that noise yes I do zombies yeah12084.923.64
definitely zombies I just want to make12087.1992.961
sure there's no they're not going to12088.565.08
fall on us well above huh yeah pretty12090.166.68
safe up there yeah oh what the hell he's12093.645.12
up they're up they jumped up of course12096.847.359
I'm not reloaded Jesus Jes Dam it come12098.768.76
on come on I I know come yeah come on I12104.1994.881
dare you come on come on get up here12107.525.32
some more oh they're behind you big12109.083.76
time through a12114.05.439
door oh no I'm going down I'm going down12116.166.92
D's evacua y go down the stairs bve get12119.4395.161
down these stairs they won't where'd he12123.083.0
go oh they're eating what they oh12124.63.04
they're eating Simon get out of there12126.083.0
while they're getting good I can't get12127.644.559
down the ladder I'm going outside oh no12129.085.88
oh boy one just fell in the furnace are12132.1996.321
you outside I'm outside I can't see12134.963.56
did you see Simon did you see the bar go12140.83.599
down yeah we didn't have time to do any12142.883.2
Bets did we and then I know and then12144.3995.481
nees yeah went down I love it from afar12146.085.88
hey look in that uh crafting bench12149.885.559
little surprise for you12151.963.479
oh that's right big 44 came through ah12155.526.36
now we just need um I don't know two12159.564.6
batteries two decent batteries we might12161.883.96
have them I don't know yeah when I was12164.163.119
beating up those cars I got some12165.844.399
batteries sweet if Simon dies again are12167.2795.2
you betting that he'll die again in this12170.2395.921
episode in this episode yeah I'm GNA you12172.4795.72
know what what I bet neebs dies one more12176.164.319
time and Simon lives okay I'm going to12178.1993.641
bet Simon yeah I just wanted to switch12180.4794.041
it up a little bit yeah uh winner has to12181.845.599
give the other one some [ __ ] peaches12184.525.0
or whatever you have in this game we'll12187.4393.601
just why don't we just enjoy a giggle12189.525.56
together all right they're12191.047.08
dying you guys inside yeah yeah I need12195.084.199
to get in there but the zombies are12198.123.279
going to follow me okay yeah don't lure12199.2794.12
anything in here I'm trying not to but I12201.3993.481
need to go in there Simon did you get12203.3993.321
your did you get your stuff back no I12204.883.439
I'm on my way to get my stuff back I was12206.723.36
waiting for backup I'll be your backup12208.3193.401
man I got nothing what do you how do you12210.084.199
have a freaking torch oh I lived oh son12211.724.32
of a [ __ ] so I'll help you get your12214.2793.441
stuff back all right thank you thank you12216.043.439
all right so I need to go up I guess in12217.723.8
the tower oh there's a safe don't worry12219.4794.041
about the safe right now sorry get12221.525.16
easily distracted okay I don't remember12223.525.52
how exactly to get there yeah go12226.684.44
straight should I lead the way yes just12229.043.88
go straight and it's just to your right12231.123.96
okay that's it right there go up and12232.923.88
we're done yeah yeah yeah yeah that's it12235.084.48
that's it okay Lord be looking good man12236.84.88
you're getting good at ladders yeah come12239.564.6
on since I've been playing G other games12241.683.759
I've been learning a lot did you get12244.164.079
your stuff got my [ __ ] baby sweet that's12245.4394.561
one now I got to get neebs I got to deal12248.2393.921
with a zombies why they gathered around12250.04.479
my bre my bike what are you doing here12252.164.96
we go oh no I ran to a12254.4795.681
hey [ __ ] how you doing huh BL12257.125.64
it oh God bird bled there's a turret out12260.164.119
front yep there's turret out front but12262.762.76
it's pointed I don't know if it's12264.2792.92
pointed the right direction you know is12265.523.24
it loaded holy crap that's a lot of12267.1994.24
birds yeah all right I'm inside oh boy12268.766.519
oh God I'm going dieon hold on oh God I12271.4397.161
am out of ammo holy [ __ ] holy [ __ ] oh12275.2795.241
it's I I'm dead12278.65.04
I we all suon huh yep I'm back in the12280.524.799
furnace room going try to climb up here12283.643.52
and get back to where my stuff drop all12285.3193.88
right I'm outside I'll try to take care12287.163.68
of some of these guys little crawler12289.1993.801
here I came out on this roof and oh12290.845.519
there it is I found it sweet12293.06.279
hey you [ __ ] idiot oh boy I got to12296.3594.84
jump down all right I'm keeping the the12299.2794.12
zombies distracted outside okay is this12301.1994.24
going to hurt this going to hurt not too12303.3994.92
bad okay oh Simon watch out hey guys I'm12305.4395.321
getting my stuff get your stuff back you12308.3194.401
got it there's some coming hop in stay12310.764.16
down you're right there's a bunch hold12312.724.88
on I'm trying in get in get in get in12314.924.88
get in I'm in woo all right now all12317.63.679
right so you got your stuff I got my12319.83.12
stuff so listen if we can get Simon his12321.2793.441
stuff back it is a victory I forget12322.924.16
where my stuff is cuz I can't tell you12324.724.639
died right in the door I did didn't I12327.085.76
should be in a blue bag got it back12329.3595.84
baby all right now we just we got to get12332.844.32
all right let me get in the vehicle jump12335.1993.841
on that motorcycle yeah jump on the mini12337.164.88
bike NE is in this vehicle see it yep Oh12339.044.56
yeah all right all right take I'm behind12342.046.08
you Simon go go go all right baby12343.67.04
woo we did it yeah yeah we should12348.127.0
probably just head back home huh yeah of12350.644.48
course good morning gentlemen good12355.3596.601
morning how are you it was a very nice12359.3194.601
good morning I know we're all friendly12361.964.0
yeah but you know what's not good what12363.924.479
this place you chose it didn't you it12365.965.16
needs a makeover up here white sign or12368.3994.96
colored sign with white letters colored12371.124.199
sign with white letters don't say it12373.3593.441
like it's obvious cuz have went either12375.3194.281
way guys uhhuh did you know that there's12376.85.12
a hord KN that happens in this game yeah12379.63.96
oh of course that seems like something12381.923.64
we'd want to focus on maybe which12383.564.04
reminds me I don't like your arrows I'm12385.563.719
probably going to change those and paint12387.63.52
them no there the ones that lead us to12389.2794.96
The Horde base yeah don't CH no I'll fix12391.125.319
no that's fine how they are I got that12394.2394.08
don't worry about it he'll do a good job12396.4394.401
d i don't give it I don't care Simon12398.3194.601
what are we doing I need to go to my bed12400.843.639
because I left my junk turret where the12402.923.8
bed is which is in front of a Factory12404.4794.281
apparently somebody told me cuzz I don't12406.723.479
remember oh yeah thick you would love to12408.763.0
raid that factory why don't you take12410.1993.2
Simon over there so you can just loot12411.763.16
the factory find them find us a lot of12413.3993.8
good ammo a lot of good supplies Simon12414.924.0
let's go let's take the let's take the12417.1993.28
Jeep listen you want to drive or you12418.923.319
want me to drive let's let's Simon Drive12420.4794.121
let's Simon Drive oh okay go ahead yep12422.2394.08
yep all right I'll navigate I'll see you12424.64.96
guys later byebye bye guys have fun I12426.3196.601
don't uh I don't uh Simon drive it's12429.565.36
weird driving with a mouse that's what12432.925.359
she said that is what she said why why12434.925.62
would you say12438.27910.2
that all right thick tell me if you see12448.4795.401
anything obvious like a body of water12451.564.96
that I might accidentally Drive in cuz12453.885.84
I'm not very a good driver I could tell12456.525.0
you didn't even use a road when when you12459.723.69
took us here12461.524.719
come on come on why why why what well12466.2395.96
this is you're just running into rocks12470.724.44
Simon I didn't even see that rock I know12472.1995.841
that's a that's a12475.162.88
problem okay I can see the Factory from12478.2394.401
here in the distance what have we12480.924.479
learned about factories Simon all the12482.645.44
good stuff is where out on the front12485.3995.521
porch at the top watch this look at this12488.083.88
guy look at this guy what's he think12490.925.68
he's doing oh waa wow wow oh I see your12491.966.2
junk turret as long as I get my junk12496.63.679
turret I'm happy let me make all my nerd12498.164.4
materials what do you think D alas about12503.083.88
what about this trying to make this12505.522.52
place look a little bit more you know12506.963.2
industrial like this is this is where we12508.044.359
our industry lives so it's misleading12510.164.079
it's like hey come to this comfy Place12512.3993.601
ooh it's cold everything else is going12514.2393.04
to be comfy because everything else is12516.02.92
living quarters but when you're here12517.2794.08
you're in here to work okay I can't12518.925.2
paint behind the letters unless I remove12521.3594.761
them oh that's crap yeah I'm having a12524.123.52
hard time painting behind this chemistry12526.123.279
station unless I remove it what do you12527.643.759
want me to do leave it white yeah leave12529.3994.161
the side white for now we'll paint12531.3994.401
everything else and then we'll focus on12533.565.12
that priorities NES okay I got to go to12535.84.399
the hill so12538.684.2
um you'll see in a bit okay rock and12540.1993.961
roll let us know what you need baby I'm12542.883.2
sure you'll have time whilst doing all12544.163.199
this we'll get those arrows don't worry12546.083.279
about it don't worry about the arrows12547.3594.761
how about that yeah don't worry about12549.3594.401
them yeah don't you worry about those12552.124.359
yeah you you got like don't do anything12553.765.32
to them they're fine we're not worried12556.4795.481
either right Simon what I'm almost to12559.085.44
the first place where I can get up it's12561.965.479
going to go crazy really fast I just12564.525.36
blew a dude's head off and I bet he's12567.4398.76
got friends come on baby come on baby oh12569.8810.519
[ __ ] okay okay come12576.19910.28
on no this is do I have a I have a bed12580.3996.08
how you doing down12588.122.84
there here we go oh God this12592.566.28
reload oh food nope nope nope nope nope12602.2797.241
nope nope nope nope12608.05.96
nope yep coming down coming down buddy12609.527.08
I'm coming down oh there's a lot I died12613.964.239
there's a lot of stuff down here and I12616.63.48
need to get my stuff back they're all12618.1994.401
coming for us all right hold on I'm12620.084.84
running to my stuff there's been things12622.65.96
by it this it yeah come on baby come on12624.926.6
baby all right got12628.566.4
it I'm getting aty let's let's go to the12631.526.36
Jeep go to the Jeep come12634.966.68
on wait I'm coming I'm not running fast12637.886.12
for some reason oh I got something12641.644.559
running after me hold on a second come12644.03.68
help you12646.1994.28
fine you want a piece of this ask him12647.687.48
who he think he is who do you think you12650.4798.96
are oh that's you yeah all right listen12655.165.88
I I really don't care I got my junk12659.4393.641
turret back it's [ __ ] hot as balls12661.044.239
here I have no interest in staying here12663.084.04
any longer unless you know exactly what12665.2793.481
you want to12667.124.96
do we can't leave this place12668.765.2
empty-handed liking this color scheme12672.083.6
neebs making me hungry yeah I want to12673.964.08
tell you food now right like lasagna I12675.684.44
like a good lasagna it's it's not good12678.043.6
for you but God cheese and pasta is it12680.122.88
yeah I know but man when you have it oh12681.643.759
it's so good wait come over here with me12683.04.64
okay so you look on this side I wasn't12685.3994.0
sure what to do with the sign this is12687.643.36
like white with a little Italian flag in12689.3993.601
the corner I like it a lot better than12691.06.16
the other side oh hold on now hold on12693.04.16
now yeah yes I like the other side I12697.2394.0
like that little flag I like the Italian12699.63.759
flag okay looks nice we'll do this side12701.2393.601
like the other side beautiful you want12703.3593.481
to tackle those arrows a hord's in like12704.843.559
two days I didn't even see the arrows12706.843.559
you're talking about okay uh let's hop12708.3993.88
on a bike I'll take you over there grab12710.3995.321
some wood paint we're good to go12712.2795.441
okay but yeah you don't want to go into12715.724.24
the horde with a dumb looking Arrow no12717.724.519
not at12719.962.279
all put these in12726.86.639
there should do that got this handy12729.84.88
Tool uh um reach that bam12734.689.2
slam get this12740.163.72
one grab that go to that12745.167.239
one and one12749.2796.241
more and down to12752.3998.761
you and let's see final test um I'm not12755.5210.919
close enough to do it let me get up here12761.165.279
a did what I didn't do that what12776.045.88
happened you put one above your head12779.923.88
picked it up for you there you go jump12781.924.519
up bu gam did it again for some reason12783.85.04
did I my God I'm turning away do your12786.4394.521
thing ah there you go don't don't look12788.847.359
at me okay I feel like I hear12790.967.64
God reloading nice he dropped the bag12799.087.239
too what oh yeah uh oh watch out one12801.926.519
coming one coming one coming you get12806.3193.801
what's in the bag I'm going to watch the12808.4393.84
door all right I think I saw some pasta12810.125.8
in there no joke there's some pasta12812.2793.641
bazo oh I hope12815.966.16
uh Casino tokens who cares really no we12818.886.24
need those to buy things okay 319 yeah12822.125.12
yeah all right heading12825.123.64
in okay there's two out there so we just12828.764.84
uh we just notified them and they're12831.845.599
chasing us come run oh come on right12833.68.48
there yeah I got him 44 hold on I know12837.4397.241
but we got more so I'm just saying these12842.084.64
guys can be uh12844.686.519
nasty oh so you got the runner yeah all12846.727.84
more there you go like to run youself12851.1996.801
okay okay okay see a lot of reloading12854.565.919
get that one get that one yeah I'm12858.04.279
reloading trust12860.4795.241
me wow another bag a lot of them here12862.2796.321
yep another bag more jeez look at this12865.726.92
this is a lot I'm reloading a lot a lot12868.67.28
yep so many how many how many of these12872.644.599
like this place is12875.885.76
leaking yeah like that was so12877.2396.641
many I mean I I understand why you want12881.644.48
to fix this obviously right yeah it12883.883.68
doesn't look like an arrow at all12886.122.52
doesn't make sense to have a beautiful12887.563.759
crbb is down the street and this yeah so12888.645.12
we definitely want that yeah and then12891.3194.761
maybe can I go ahead start filling in12893.764.84
the so it's do do we have a good pointy12896.084.199
end you just don't want to answer my12898.63.639
question I'm I'm busy I don't want to12900.2793.601
fill I don't want to fill it in until we12902.2392.761
understand the structure so no don't12903.883.479
fill it in filling it in see I I wish12905.04.6
you hadn't have filled it in what do you12907.3594.441
mean I wish you hadn't fill it in I12909.63.639
don't know how how to say that anymore12911.83.599
so honestly we need to go one higher so12913.2394.401
take all this down but leave the base12915.3993.361
yeah yeah leave that a little bit but12917.642.839
yeah go one go one Higher now now the12918.763.519
area just has to be too thick come on12920.4793.361
out yeah you know what don't don't do12922.2793.601
that one make it to too higher go a12923.843.519
little higher even higher yeah even12925.882.84
higher trust me trust me I know what I'm12927.3595.04
doing and come back now yeah yeah okay12928.725.599
yeah now extend it now we got to be12932.3994.201
careful coming out it might collapse12934.3195.641
okay yeah see how far out we can go12936.65.04
can't do one more yeah we one more out12939.964.88
there okay ready jump yep yeah yeah12941.646.4
teamwork and12944.843.2
then what the [ __ ] was that what are you12948.85.12
guys doing duras what are you do you12951.565.639
shoot me maybe fixing your arrow it was12953.926.08
fine what a waste of time now look at12957.1996.361
that look at that that is I mean come on12960.05.72
that way that looking so good I know12963.564.639
that looking good looking I'd like to12965.726.2
see him try to get past this minor12968.1993.721
inconvenience what's up with the those12974.123.72
people over there you want to shoot them12975.83.72
yeah yep all right I got the one on the12977.844.12
left oh okay that's what I was going to12979.524.839
do well you said this one I just shot12981.965.399
the one on the right oh no that my that12984.3596.08
was my left that was my12987.3597.201
left oh boy I'm in my menus doing this12990.4399.561
oh boy [ __ ] this is where things go12994.569.28
bad oh boy yep yep yep we go things go13000.08.239
bad watch out than watch13003.844.399
out jeez this was so not worth it unless13010.047.68
something up there is very very13014.043.68
good okay yeah my dick just shriveled up13026.3995.92
a little13030.564.839
bit CH a crate I just fell to something13032.3197.281
good good okay oh oh hold on uh right13035.3996.8
below hold on I got a guy coming in at13039.66.759
me any second oh two of them oh hello do13042.1997.401
how are you are you yeah I'm everything13046.3596.481
underneath us looks like H I'm on fire13049.65.759
I'm kind of in hell right now on fire oh13052.844.559
boy oh boy wait a second wouldn't that13055.3594.96
be nice if I could just put that13057.3995.121
on and then get a gun I don't know where13060.3195.601
you're at I'm freaking out okay well13062.525.839
guess who's freaking out too oh13065.926.439
boy oh boy oh boy this was a waste of13068.3597.401
time this was a bad13072.3593.401
man and I think we got it okay oh yeah13082.766.08
towards that way everyone yeah we done13086.85.08
good mission13088.843.04
accomplished last one homes got an13093.644.0
eggplant oh I'm going to beat you I got13095.726.16
this thing I mean last one home's13097.644.24
jackpot yeah there you13105.83.72
go I went through a lot of ammo me too13109.86.2
oh 13 shotgun shells that'll replace the13113.045.239
100 I went through all right let's keep13116.06.04
looking uh compound bow M60 machine gun13118.2797.04
13 oh God this is not a good find you13122.045.08
know the place where we had those a13125.3193.601
bunch of those things come out of maybe13127.123.279
there's something in there and they they13128.923.6
this is just the makes you want to think13130.3994.201
it's the good stuff but yeah let's uh13132.524.2
let's go down there and get the real13134.63.679
yeah hey hey quick question so up here13138.2799.441
mhm uh no trim or trim I like that trim13142.846.96
you like it too no no see so I came back13147.724.08
here cuz I needed to get more supplies13149.84.16
and I noticed that right there's none to13151.84.76
get oh yeah we haven't really we haven't13153.964.399
yet we're going to get to that are your13156.564.12
legs skinnier maybe you got skinnier13158.3594.201
legs I think he put on skinny jeans oh13160.683.719
did yeah no you're wear he's wearing the13162.564.12
leather pants could I get some stuff13164.3994.321
please what you need what kind of stuff13166.684.08
you I I tell you all the time what I13168.724.759
tell you all the time lead is it lead no13170.765.439
I got lead earlier13173.4796.241
today it's in the Forge yeah and I might13176.1994.881
I might have some I might have some over13179.723.16
here hold on I don't need I don't need13181.083.8
lead guys I don't need lead you know13182.885.76
what I need iron iron [ __ ] got you okay13184.885.28
okay listen hey we can we can get to13188.642.88
that but needes real quick I I got to13190.163.96
ask you something oh no I got no guys I13191.523.879
need to get out I need to get outside13194.124.119
block block of the door okay is s right13195.3994.88
no hey what do you think what do you13198.2393.96
think about this green on the bottom13200.2793.521
like we have already but then like13202.1993.16
keeping with the Italian thing we put13203.82.92
red for the second floor then white for13205.3593.401
the third on the hotel on the hotel so13206.723.759
the whole thing looks like a damn flag13208.764.12
oh that's great whole hotel is FL oh you13210.4793.76
like that that'll be great Against The13212.884.88
Horde dang yeah hey if if we all agree I13214.2395.24
need another battery can you guys get me13217.764.28
a battery before I leave here check it13219.4794.521
out Bubba I think here in the crafting13222.043.6
materials NOP you've used all the13224.03.76
batteries yeah I need another battery no13225.643.88
no problem don't even worry about it13227.763.519
there's two cars straight back by the13229.523.799
funeral home break come on you don't13231.2794.04
worry about it I I'm wor did you have to13233.3193.561
worry about the arrows not going to13235.3193.601
answer that did you did you have to13236.883.76
worry I'll get that battery just let me13238.923.04
paint let me paint a little bit real13240.644.759
fast about the arrows13241.964.64
you did you have to worry about13246.64.08
hero Y no this is bad th this is a13251.965.16
problem this is a big problem problem13255.1993.561
I'm running because I have I have13257.123.96
weapons and oh God will you please just13258.763.679
leave me13261.084.56
a oh no13262.4395.441
Simon uh please don't13265.648.44
die oh [ __ ] fat guy ah oh and I got to13267.888.64
all right Fat Guy's down maybe I can13276.523.959
hide up13279.2394.481
here oh sneaky13280.4796.84
Crouch hey thick yeah where the hell is13283.726.12
my stuff I thought I died on the first13287.3195.441
floor I see an exit sign oh I think this13289.846.11
is the way out too don't get run of13292.764.639
me I am bleeding I'm probably what13297.3997.521
what where are you I'm I'm I'm over oh13301.64.16
I'm looking for my stuff still I don't13305.766.599
know exactly where it is oh13307.84.559
boy that's that sucks that you're13312.86.399
dead is he is he eating you yep he's13315.925.2
you maybe I'll just stay here for a13321.124.319
minute probably our best work hey so far13325.685.16
we got we still got a lot to do yeah I13329.2393.24
know I'm just saying I'm loving it yeah13330.843.12
what do you want to do with the the side13332.4793.561
the side Hotel over there I kind of want13333.964.92
to make it a different theme hey guys oh13336.044.92
what's up thick I died I got to go get13338.883.559
my stuff thick yeah cool what do you13340.964.88
think of this color scheme hold on don't13342.4396.521
answer that that oh all right yep yep13345.845.439
yep yep yep this guy's on me now they13348.965.96
not let me just do my thing sugar sugar13351.2797.0
sugar sugar all right how am I going to13354.925.08
how am I going to do this how am I going13358.2795.761
to do this please please please where13360.06.04
you at let's jump through the window13364.043.48
it's not war13366.044.239
zone hey guys how you doing I'll just13367.524.639
get myself another13370.2796.241
time jeez Louise I should be able to run13372.1597.481
away wait a13379.644.519
hello how are you13384.1596.24
today you sons of13387.08.399
[ __ ] you are not going to play13390.3997.441
is there not a darker green nope13395.3994.241
unfortunately no well I mean there is a13397.844.0
darker green but it's not like concrete13399.645.4
it looks like like shingles or something13401.844.319
something I'm going to say something13405.042.68
that's going to surprise you guys that13406.1593.561
green is the color of my childhood home13407.724.439
and I kind of like it um and I got that13409.724.0
uh battery by the way thanks a lot for13412.1593.921
the help oh sweet good deal great job13413.724.479
guys go get it uh in a second all right13416.084.68
I got to get my stuff good luck I'll13418.1994.801
it ah uh I knew it I knew that was going13423.06.68
to happen getting down is harder than13427.724.679
getting back up it's the worst those13429.685.799
places don't yield good rewards who's13432.3995.361
that is that oh is that Simon13435.4794.76
Simon I I I just want to get my stuff13437.764.519
and I would like to just go back to the13440.2395.12
hotel and just kind of sit by the pool13442.2796.521
yeah but we need our stuff yeah so13445.3594.401
where's the13448.84.32
Jeep where's the Jeep where's the13449.767.28
Jeep where's the Jeep13453.123.92
all right guys maybe at some point you13457.723.28
could help me okay yeah right after I13459.4393.161
paint this fence you got the battery13461.04.159
right yeah I got two sweet steel and13462.64.08
concrete we got it but steel I think13465.1592.561
would be priority but we're going to13466.682.559
need we're going to need ammo hey I got13467.724.28
a ton of coal so I can make uh nitrate13469.2394.08
I'm all over it don't you wor about it13472.03.12
Amo I tell you what we've got a goal and13473.3193.721
uh if you see the other guys tomorrow13475.124.319
our goal every one of us has to make 1013477.045.08
spike traps okay yeah no problem too bad13479.4394.241
painting will get in the way probably13482.122.96
huh well that's why we're doing all the13483.683.16
the paint today so it's out of the way13485.083.52
no painting tomorrow responsible no13486.844.0
painting tomorrow maybe a little bit but13488.63.879
just in the morning don't worry about it13490.843.24
yeah we got this wor about it I'm going13492.4793.481
to worry about it every every hord night13494.083.48
we've had has been a failure and this13495.963.199
one's not going to be but you know what13497.563.44
if it is it's your guys's fault did you13499.1593.441
see the arrows I I'll see them on the13501.03.479
way out okay they're great I'm sure they13502.63.52
are really really good I can't wait to13504.4793.561
see them okay you guys take care and get13506.124.199
me stuff yeah yeah we're going to go out13508.044.96
and get some stuff right now fence the13510.3194.92
chain link just feels cold feels13513.04.92
uninviting doesn't feel Italian does it13515.2394.361
n it doesn't I feel like I want to get13517.923.84
rid of it Little Rock Wall a nice rock13519.63.52
wall right here oh what if I put13521.763.16
Planters all along there and we got like13523.124.039
little potatoes and God you I I love it13524.924.279
I love it I absolutely love it here I'm13527.1593.32
going to start tearing this fence down13529.1993.401
now hey guys yes sir tomorrow night13535.966.279
right y oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah13539.124.84
okay I don't know if you remember my 1013542.2393.801
iron spike thing but it'd be great if by13543.963.64
the end of today everyone could have13546.044.8
made 10 iron spikes to get me yes indeed13547.65.44
I'm going to get to the hill guys I13550.844.439
still haven't seen the base I I'll stop13553.044.159
by and see you I want to see it follow13555.2793.96
the arrows I like the arrows the arrows13557.1994.361
look really good guys thank you see you13559.2393.521
were you were all like you don't need to13561.562.799
work on that now you love them I it was13562.763.2
a waste of time we can all agree on that13564.3593.441
though right N I don't know about that13565.963.56
it it was a waste well see if they help13567.84.16
me find the place it won't be a waste13569.525.75
it's an arrow13571.964.94
so all this time playing this game I've13598.3595.401
never uh actually traded with a Trader13601.3194.401
and I have stuff I want get rid of so I13603.763.84
can maybe get those spikes that Dora13605.723.599
wants oh I'll teach you how to how to13607.63.639
haggle baby oh I'm I'm a teach you I'm13609.3193.201
going teach you actually I think durus13611.2393.24
is the best haggle he has the perk oh13612.523.52
really you can get a perk where you can13614.4793.241
uh yeah you can haggle better but yeah13616.043.279
it works the same way so really quick13617.722.479
I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to13619.3192.96
sell my thing hey buddy well you talk to13620.1993.641
him here I'll do it first real quick and13622.2793.08
you say can I see your inventory and13623.843.04
then oh I have something to sell so I'm13625.3592.92
going to click on the thing I want to13626.883.08
sell and then I see the item and right13628.2793.241
below the item there's a sell button13629.965.04
boom I just sold an ax for 308 coins13631.525.32
nice get out shut the [ __ ] up I'm trying13635.03.8
to teach him how to do this hey how is13636.843.76
this is this the guy with the daughter13638.83.32
no this is you're think of Trader Hugh13640.63.28
this is Trader Rick oh does Trader Rick13642.123.239
have any kids yeah he's got a little13643.883.64
he's got a little Taiwanese boy oh how's13645.3593.92
your boy I don't think it's his but you13647.522.919
know we don't we don't go into it it's13649.2793.0
the apocalypse we just whatever happens13650.4394.681
happens man the morals morals are13652.2795.361
gone nees yep we're going to need lots13655.124.76
of gunpowder I know I've been digging13657.644.16
coal up I've got coal and nitrate cuz13659.884.04
I'm a farmer where do you get coal from13661.84.8
you find it huh where like you'll find13663.924.6
these uh like black rocks and then you13666.63.759
dig them all the way down and also I13668.523.36
think if we were to go to one of those13670.3593.84
like burning areas you can just chop13671.884.76
trees down and get coal really yeah but13674.1994.04
I haven't seen a burning area around13676.644.08
here in a while H well I need to get a13678.2395.441
lot of what I can make 914 gunpowder13680.724.439
with just what's on my inventory holy13683.683.44
crap that would be great I can make13685.1595.561
exploding arrows and armor piercing 76213687.126.079
we'll start with 800 mixing that yeah13690.723.679
I'm going to need you to make bullets13693.1992.441
cuzz you're up upgrading your your13694.3994.08
bullet making aren't you yes I can make13695.644.92
bullets mhm all right so you're going to13698.4793.401
take this stuff and you're not going to13700.563.48
forget who gave you all that gunpowder13701.884.359
no I'm going to remember it was nees the13704.044.68
gracious do I need to make a sign no no13706.2394.2
you don't I probably do I'm going to go13708.723.679
ahead and make that nees and gracious13710.4395.96
nees oh okay thank you drive13712.3996.481
through Simon you want to do a job you13716.3994.161
know what I would like to do a job13718.883.24
because you know what now that I know a13720.563.2
little bit about the trader stuff I'm13722.123.279
very interested hey here's a mission to13723.763.84
clear zombies out that's easy enough n13725.3993.721
uh looks like 900 M away for the13727.63.36
Southwest let's go clear some zombies13729.123.359
okay well how many zombies do you think13730.963.199
and what do you get for a mission I have13732.4792.96
no idea we need you to clear out the13734.1593.521
zombies in the trailer part except and13735.4394.521
ooh yeah a little icon popped up okay13737.684.2
yeah let's go let's go s let's go we're13739.965.6
going to the trail park clear the13741.883.68
zombies D oh hey NS I was going to paint13745.684.84
your house um I don't know if we want to13748.83.96
go with another Italian theme do we need13750.524.0
to do that different restaurant today13752.763.32
though oh I don't have to do it today13754.523.12
but let's at least be thing about it13756.083.84
yeah cuz Pizza Hut let's go Pizza Hut13757.643.559
why would you have a Pizza Hut next to a13759.923.16
Carabas cuz Pizza Huts are very they13761.1994.16
have a nice look a nice design I make13763.083.48
make your house like a Pizza Hut I13765.3592.84
wouldn't really consider that an Italian13766.563.719
restaurant though would you yeah it's13768.1994.96
Pizza neeps this is going to be13770.2794.841
our this is going to be our first13773.1595.32
Flawless horde night okay yeah I hope so13775.125.039
am I going to get to shoot stuff yeah13778.4793.88
we're going to shoot stuff that's what13780.1594.601
that's why we need the ammos okay I'm13782.3593.92
going to go to the trader see how this13784.764.08
guy is um sure do miss you though you13786.2795.761
miss me yes okay well I'll come with you13788.844.96
problem solved I don't let's do it I13792.043.319
thought you had things to do neebs I'm13793.82.599
going straight to the Hill from the13795.3592.401
trailer I told you I was going to paint13796.3993.201
your Pizza Hut later yeah the Pizza Hut13797.764.479
thing oh boy neebs nebs nebs nebs woo13799.69.12
road trip Bond yeah yeah okay be right13802.2396.481
there this looks like a like a trade13812.07.359
uh Hugh if that's you it's me bck 44 oh13815.3996.641
a green guy this isn't Hugh's Place ay13819.3595.04
green guy you seen Hugh's daughter oh13822.044.239
boy just shoot you got you guys are13824.3994.8
idiots here we go all right got a nurse13826.2794.481
over there you're not Hugh's you know13829.1993.0
how I can tell you're not he you know13830.763.04
what never mind never mind I'm just13832.1994.04
going to I've got a way out right here13833.85.519
just in case what is this crazy Place13836.2396.881
meds guns okay I feel like everything's13839.3196.08
going to come get me right now like this13843.124.199
lady you're going to come get me two13845.3993.481
nurses all right I'm going to use13847.3194.681
shotgun ammo on you guys cuz I need my13848.885.519
762 that's what we're making by the way13852.05.04
ladies in case you're wondering all13854.3996.401
right here we go Bam Bam Bam Bing Bong13857.045.72
anyone else all right I'm going to clear13860.84.81
this place out and uh and then head13862.764.16
back all right this looks like it Shy13866.925.12
yep all right so uh well are you going13870.044.0
to stay in the vehicle no let's get out13872.042.96
yeah I'm going to stay in the vehicle13874.042.8
and clear the place out no I mean you13875.03.04
know I'm just surprised you didn't get13876.843.399
out sooner okay oh there's like a bouncy13878.044.199
do you see this or do I just see this13880.2393.681
what okay you don't see this there is a13882.2393.441
there's a bouncy exclamation mark that I13883.924.479
have to hit e to start Quest boom clear13885.685.639
area stay within all right all right huh13888.3994.561
okay this is neat I got a red dot here13891.3193.241
on my little mini map right is this13892.963.88
where zombies live H all right let's go13894.564.16
into this trailer let's go into this13896.845.519
trailer trailer we go oh okay I see lots13898.726.32
of dots oh that do oh God yeah that guy13902.3595.481
was moving he was Wo oh he's getting13905.044.72
back up when you shoot him on the ground13907.843.599
man they should freaking be affected by13909.764.88
that all right I think they are oh o all13911.4395.201
right this trailer looks clear all right13914.643.96
let's see a little bit of food a little13916.644.679
bit of yucka juice oh I love some yuck I13918.65.44
haven't had yucka juice in forever oh oh13921.3194.84
yeah these guys here we go Simon here13924.044.0
they come all right hold on take that13926.1594.16
Megan don't shoot the big guy all right13928.043.84
you use it on the big guy I'm using this13930.3194.321
one right here boom that should take it13931.885.319
ni that's it one to the Head it did took13934.644.839
him right out man that's what I'm13937.1994.801
talking about baby okay all right back13939.4794.8
to the 762 all right it's still telling13942.04.439
me to clear this area all right so I13944.2793.601
guess we just go into all these trailers13946.4394.441
and shoot zombies zombies zombie hey you13947.885.96
in here hello oh I'll I'll search things13950.885.279
while you kill woo I got some cotton13953.845.359
seed recipe all right we make I'm cotton13956.1594.521
yeah are you outside no I'm in this13959.1992.761
other trailer looking for zombies13960.683.96
zombies God I already lost you oh oh see13961.965.239
a little red thing oh that's a dog13964.646.16
that's a dog bad dog bad bad dog you got13967.1995.761
him yep I got the dog all right I'm13970.84.679
going in a trailer by myself do it I'm13972.965.04
going in another one by myself man there13975.4794.161
there really isn't much around here is13978.04.0
there well oh oh God that was you you13979.644.2
scared me I almost pulled the trigger I13982.03.76
almost blew your brains out Simon that13983.844.519
would have been nice all right oh okay13985.764.8
now now this zombie is marked on my map13988.3593.92
or whatever he's okay is this the last13990.564.44
one uh maybe let's see oh that's it we13992.2794.601
did it return the trader yeah talk to13995.03.6
the trador there we go all right let's13996.883.319
loot up and then we'll head back to W13998.63.24
and go see him in his cute little time14000.1994.96
when he mo oh14001.843.319
boy you been here yet nebes uh no I14005.686.0
don't think so I wonder if is a a nice14008.85.88
one or an evil one it seems to go one14011.684.88
way or the other looks like oil shell we14014.683.92
just passed yeah and I saw more coal on14016.565.2
the way here yeah that sweet black rock14018.66.32
Trader Jo's well this is a humble little14021.765.2
joint isn't it it is how come you walk14024.923.76
around with your health so low oh I14026.964.239
almost died at the hands of my own traps14028.684.04
okay you don't heal back up well I14031.1994.361
didn't have any uh bandages or anything14032.727.04
hello smells like dentary very dramatic14035.567.32
speaker Traer wrecked at least wipe that14039.765.28
[ __ ] off your boots before you come into14042.884.2
my shop all right yeah he's a dick I'm14045.044.159
going to look at that secret stash see14047.084.04
if we can get anything that uh grenade14049.1994.601
schematic ooh she get some food y she14051.124.359
can heal up right I know how that works14053.83.479
let's see looking at do you need some14055.4794.161
money are you on tough times no I'm14057.2794.561
holding a lot of our money you fasting14059.644.24
nope some people fast cuz they say it14061.844.8
cleanses you yeah no I I don't swear by14063.884.68
it I don't know enough about it to like14066.644.92
to doubt uh the purpose I'm sure there's14068.564.639
a reason they've been doing that for14071.563.32
well the beginning of mankind right I'm14073.1993.601
going look outside get some food though14074.884.96
yeah right again such a pleasure having14076.85.399
you along can I sell stuff in here what14079.844.599
start a vending machine yeah hey if you14082.1994.0
ever buy food don't buy from the trader14084.4393.88
buy from a vending machine it's always a14086.1994.641
better deal Pro tip well I can rent this14088.3196.361
you can rent it costs 2500 30 game days14090.845.439
and I can put all my stew in here and14094.685.36
you guys can come buy it from me uhhuh I14096.2795.721
think we're good here this what a14100.044.399
yeah what a dick all right neebs let's14107.3594.481
head back I got to get back to that Hill14110.4394.521
you know14111.843.12
all right Simon let's go talk to Mr wck14123.125.119
yeah I like that guy it's a whole new14126.084.279
experience now going to the trader oh14128.2393.521
yeah you didn't even know all this was14130.3593.521
available trading doing missions yeah I14131.763.439
mean I knew it was available but I was14133.883.92
like do I really want to do it and now14135.1994.681
I'm like yeah I do I do want to do it14137.83.639
all right let's see uh all right I'm14139.884.76
going to talk to him and oh okay I'll be14141.4394.641
dang you really managed to pull through14144.643.12
in the pitch thanks for killing those14146.083.52
zombies here's what I owe you oh we get14147.764.12
to choose one either an iron spear or a14149.65.599
mining helmet mining yeah mining helmet14151.885.64
boom God are you going to get that heck14155.1994.96
yeah I'm going to get14157.525.839
that nice we need to do another one so14160.1595.761
that I can get a mining helmet as well14163.3594.321
yeah yeah go for it just talk to him and14165.923.72
take a mission all right so how do I how14167.684.799
do I uh it says do you have any jobs I14169.645.28
click on that yep and it said clear14172.4794.96
zombies so I should do fetch but I mean14174.924.519
yeah fetch is basically go uh go into a14177.4393.201
building find something and bring it14179.4393.04
back to him it's it's simple well one of14180.644.12
them says it's14182.4798.161
7269 miles and then one's 1.8 km is that14184.767.679
a distance kilm I don't know which one14190.644.24
to pick well I can't pick for you so14192.4396.161
just pick 1.8 km one of your operatives14194.886.279
had to stash their shipment at cabin 1514198.64.52
go retrieve the shipment and return it14201.1594.841
to me ooh I don't even know how to find14203.124.92
where this Traer is I don't even know14206.04.239
how to find my way back here wait did14208.043.64
you just accept it if you look up at14210.2393.12
your you know your compass at the top at14211.683.28
the very very top of your screen if you14213.3593.241
look around you should see a little a14214.963.68
bright yellow exclamation mark or a14216.63.48
bright orange exclamation mark I see an14218.643.16
exclamation mark That's where you got to14220.083.319
go that's where the mission is so you go14221.83.0
there and then you do the stuff and then14223.3992.88
you'll come back I want to take you back14224.83.24
to town and you can take the vehicle and14226.2793.16
then I'm going to go do uh I'm going to14228.044.68
do my stuff so hop in the14229.4393.281
car neees yeah hey have you ever shot14233.1596.0
armor piercing 7 762 I don't think I've14236.4395.121
ever had a armor piercing anything I14239.1594.24
made some armor piercing bullets and I14241.563.4
want to try them out I figured if you14243.3994.201
haven't shot them yet hey guys oh hello14244.964.92
hey oh we get a Pizza Hut heck yeah you14247.64.599
know it baby I love Pizza Hut making it14249.884.8
great does this gun shoot uh what you're14252.1994.08
talking about yeah here I'm going to14254.683.28
drop something let's let's go try these14256.2794.281
bullets out real quick okay cool here14257.964.16
get that armor14260.563.879
piercing love it yeah there's got to be14262.124.52
a place close by that has a zombie in it14264.4394.04
let's just uh yeah let's go around the14266.643.92
cor yeah switch it up I'm on your back14268.4795.041
let's uh let's see running down the road14270.565.639
yeah I'm excited to see the to see this14273.525.08
uh in action let's try this house right14276.1995.641
here neees this looks spooky hello my14278.66.32
friend nebs wants to hello yep with a pe14281.844.88
oh this is good he's he's a jumper yeah14284.923.96
watch out oh jumper little spider monkey14286.724.719
ready oh that guy oh our piercing arm14288.884.68
piercing come on that pierc he really14291.4394.321
wants me up doesn't he oh don't no come14293.563.919
on needs I'm watching I'm going to die14295.763.08
on this thing you're working you're14297.4793.601
doing are going to kill me oh shoot him14298.845.599
again come on bandages oh no oh EES he's14301.085.68
you oh damn it damn freaking birds14307.2395.681
around here son of a [ __ ] they're going14310.644.0
to be the they're going to be the death14312.925.08
of me literally all right this must be14314.646.96
right here birds birds all right come on14318.07.239
baby I got to go it right here yes it14321.67.32
must be in here okay um man I got I'm14325.2395.96
going to get my one shot killer oh you14328.924.399
son of a [ __ ] though you're a bastard14331.1996.16
by the way oh oh [ __ ] play of War Zone14333.3198.241
pays off sometimes okay let's be aware14337.3595.88
let's see if you're going to run at me14341.564.4
huh come on the anticipation is watch14343.2395.281
I'm going to miss come on here we go14345.963.88
let's do this I wish I could shoot him14348.522.959
through the door can I I don't want to14349.846.16
waste it boom boom oh please really I'm14351.4797.401
doing another one for you fat mama oh14356.05.8
God imagine that I had to reload God14358.885.319
that sucked I could have been so much14361.86.399
better oh well back to the regular 76214364.1997.601
where are you where's the thing that I14368.1998.881
want over this way oh it's look at this14371.87.84
bouncing thing right here that's it14377.085.319
that's it all right wow that was14379.645.0
exciting and then I guess I go to that14382.3995.721
thing on the map or on the compass maybe14384.646.799
oh no no no no no no just got out in the14388.126.92
nick of time I'm out of here14391.4397.601
success for once in my14395.046.6
life so neees I'm not impressed with the14399.044.56
armor piercing stuff me either what are14401.645.16
other options the HP so that might be14403.64.96
something to make but my level is kind14406.83.519
of higher can you go lure zombie out of14408.563.759
there for me let's try I want to try me14410.3194.08
let's try me mine had glow eyes I don't14412.3194.0
know if this is uh you know what find14414.3993.96
who you can yep the tests have to be14416.3194.08
similar my guy might have been strong14418.3594.401
yeah hello we're doing science hello14420.3994.201
we're looking for volunteers we're doing14422.764.519
a scientific study so far it's empty14424.64.799
really should I just come in yeah all14427.2793.841
right why not there's a workbench in14429.3994.88
here hey nice I think it works okay14431.124.88
what's that are you breaking stuff yeah14434.2794.561
breaking stuff I heard a oh wait come14436.04.52
find me in the garage in the garage14438.844.24
catch me outside let me see yeah hey14440.524.32
nebs hey hi you're coming through the14443.083.96
front door there's like a underground14444.845.0
thing here oh cool you ready moving in14447.045.279
uh yeah okay you want you want me to go14449.843.76
what you wanted to use your new rifle14452.3192.92
didn't you I got you back all right14453.64.599
dropping in right behind you yep okay14455.2395.721
all right all right oh this lady I14458.1995.601
missed oh boy there's more coming that14460.964.84
hi fire I'm corner what do you think you14463.83.439
like those bullets I've got a little14465.83.32
icon on my screen that says14467.2395.2
40% um with a it's like a glowing uh14469.125.76
Crosshair which yeah yeah I I don't like14472.4394.161
these bullets I don't and I'm wasting14474.884.76
762 found some boxes oh here we go this14476.67.92
is me day oh weapons B oh got some 9 mm14479.646.96
all right hey this isn't too bad good14484.525.6
times good times we had steroids neebs I14486.67.0
love steroids woo double storage pocket14490.126.92
box and a level five T thing found more14493.66.28
yeah uh yeah I already did a job man14499.885.399
what the hell's going on what's up hey I14502.764.28
did the job I went to the thing the14505.2794.761
exclamation mark it disappeared I'm back14507.044.399
and what are you going to tell me may I14510.043.68
see your inventory yeah why don't you14511.4394.561
show me your dick dude because this14513.724.0
ain't working all right I really don't14516.03.0
want to see your dick don't show me your14517.722.8
dick I don't know why I just said that14519.03.479
but but seriously how about show me a14520.524.679
[ __ ] uh like a a mining helmet all14522.4794.76
right show me the the the helmet that14525.1994.12
lights up your penis is kind of like a14527.2394.0
helmet at the end of it too I don't know14529.3193.681
why I keep on thinking about your penis14531.2394.441
I'm sorry direct but seriously can I14533.03.64
have a freaking14535.682.559
helmet I'm setting you up for cool14538.2394.801
weather that sun breaks after you're out14540.4394.321
on the track you're liable to get loose14543.043.359
real quick I don't want to worry or14544.763.92
nothing but Simon's not ready for that14546.3994.88
he's changed see he's changed you can't14548.684.24
get out of control and expect him to14551.2793.481
bring you right back he's liable to hurt14552.925.64
you you're liable to hurt himas yes abro14554.765.88
Ras where you at uh right at the the14558.564.679
base of the tower where you at um I'm14560.644.12
right down here with the uh oh there's14563.2392.96
another arrow I didn't realize there was14564.763.76
another arrow here to tell need about14566.1994.24
that we got fix that no no don't worry14568.523.879
about that Arrow okay oh there you are14570.4395.0
okay hey how are you I'm good I'm good14572.3994.641
good it's the man I wanted to see what14575.4393.0
are you looking at I'm just killing a14577.044.279
zombie there and you got XP for it hey14578.4395.88
sweet yeah this is uh this is this this14581.3195.96
thing looks great I'm I'm excited and14584.3195.281
terrified it's going to be um at the14587.2793.481
very least we're going to have a great14589.62.96
view of our demise but I don't think14590.762.84
we're going to I think we're going to be14592.563.28
fine F I don't know about that no I do14593.64.719
okay all right yeah you say so yeah um14595.845.2
I'll be heading back shortly uh just14598.3194.321
yeah give me a just a little bit of time14601.043.359
alone please all right oh okay well here14602.643.639
I wanted to give you these 12 of them14604.3994.601
I'm I'm cooking more iron dude thank you14606.2794.561
I love it I love it TR well that's one14609.03.8
of you that well there's day left but14610.843.479
you know thank you so much oh yeah14612.82.72
absolutely and I'll have more for you14614.3193.281
too great excuse me okay I'll cat you14615.523.04
I'll leave you alone leave you to you14617.62.2
whatever whatever it was you were doing14618.563.12
which was nothing I was just14619.86.92
building yeah hey Dora damn it yeah yeah14621.688.4
hey looking good thank oh there you are14626.726.559
Simon thank you Simon oh okay I might14630.085.359
have don't get that bike stuck don't you14633.2794.04
get that bike stuck I'll try not to see14635.4394.92
you guys in a bit all14637.3193.04
right oh crap is in my C oh boy back14643.087.279
inside come on oh no oh it's cuz the14647.086.6
ladder I bet J up the ladder oh crap14650.3596.08
help me up people oh EES I'm in my room14653.685.0
oh no how did they get up here how did14656.4394.321
they get up here he broke into my house14658.683.759
oh there's more there's more out here14660.763.519
yeah there a screamer I'm going clear14662.4395.521
him out oh boy he ran through okay H14664.2796.601
bandages woo boy thick where are those14667.964.84
crappy bullets you made I don't know14670.883.96
there's a big one upstairs a big one you14672.84.519
say yeah oh shoot over14674.844.96
reloading oh wait what's up guys we're14677.3194.801
being attacked oh boy fun fun fun fun14679.84.96
fun fun fun let's do this behind14682.125.64
me okay here we go oh yeah de you got a14684.765.2
big one up there yep stop it you got one14687.764.16
to your right yep woo what is going on14689.963.72
with look at this guy over here oh yeah14691.923.439
the biker no look at this guy he's doing14693.683.24
a bridge isn't that what they call it in14695.3594.361
gymnastics I don't know look at this guy14696.926.439
oh yeah there just a biker left14699.723.639
yeah there you go nice hey level up 4714705.766.599
all right Ro and roll is that all of14710.3193.761
them that's all of them all right start14712.3593.361
cooking some iron horn night tomorrow14714.085.319
night boys cooking it up baby14715.726.479
steroids gentlemen yeah yeah we all know14719.3994.241
what tonight is I'm not going to say it14722.1995.28
but uh who's got the um Iron spikes uh I14723.646.16
know abser you already gave me some I do14727.4794.201
go ahead F go ahead put them down uh you14729.83.639
probably didn't expect this but I14731.683.559
figured somebody probably would have14733.4395.8
forgotten their 10 and so I made up I14735.2396.96
don't know who who could it14739.2395.721
be thank you14742.1995.521
any others any others I got this is for14744.964.84
you I can't do anything with that right14747.724.4
now s I'm thank you L it's still a gift14749.84.76
that I've specifically got for you it's14752.124.359
valuable right yeah one day it will14754.564.24
certainly be nees we might need to build14756.4794.401
one of those table sawce this Pizza14758.83.399
Hut's not going to look right unless I14760.883.479
have access to more uh yeah we should14762.1994.2
yeah we should build a table saw yeah14764.3593.88
yeah we should yeah yeah after hord14766.3993.88
night right it doesn't make sense on14768.2393.561
hord night day if you're going to have a14770.2794.12
very very shitty uh fast food pizza can14771.85.519
we do dominoes instead i' rather Pizza14774.3994.561
way better than doino no they've got14777.3193.88
sandwiches Pizza Hut has delicious Wings14778.966.76
their Pizza is much better go to hell14781.1998.28
started consistent it's weird SAU is14785.725.639
delicious well it's much better than14789.4793.561
domino Domino's crust tastes like14791.3593.401
cardboard you're a hillbilly and you14793.043.68
could get a freaking thin crust stop14794.764.28
Simon you stop Simon I want to see you14796.726.0
guys at the hill no later than 1900 okay14799.045.359
I got three spot14802.723.84
by the way I don't like dominoes by the14804.3993.721
way sounded like you did well you were14806.565.08
defending it eat shitty Pizza it's14808.126.96
better than this [ __ ] oh my God Papa14811.646.719
John's is the best Papa John's is the14815.085.239
best shitty Pizza Papa John it's just14818.3594.08
it's garbage too oh you would all have14820.3194.211
idea hey Simon yeah how much how much14831.87.519
huh you know I'm like oh oh uh like14836.765.599
picking up a hooker okay uh I'll do uh14839.3195.361
well it depends on what you want uh well14842.3594.641
I want I want full service you know full14844.684.559
service yeah full service is going to14847.06.84
cost you about uh 209 mil oh God no just14849.2398.681
kidding hey I just all come on hey I'm14853.845.68
going to get treasure you want to come I14857.924.04
am I'm in with you let's do it yeah14859.524.28
hope Nee doesn't notice the side of his14863.83.72
shitty Pizza14865.4794.561
Hut we got plenty of waterb what's our14867.525.56
food situation I got sons of food it's14870.045.279
crazy how moldy bread is so hard to come14873.084.319
by you know uh no I don't I don't I14875.3193.92
don't really go looking for it well14877.3993.641
that's what I need to make antibiotics14879.2394.08
oh okay you seem all bread you grab it14881.044.359
but listen yeah I got some beef stews I14883.3194.96
got some sham sham chowder all right14885.3993.681
what do you want to do you want to go14888.2792.681
looting or are you prepping I'm here to14889.083.84
help cooking iron we're making spikes14890.963.359
yep the rally is kind of handling14892.923.479
everything else so I don't know we can14894.3194.401
work on the Pizza Hut yeah we can work14896.3993.011
on the Pizza14898.722.84
Hut all right Simon we're close all14901.565.04
right and I have an augur this isn't14904.843.279
going to take long at14906.64.719
all oh now I know what you're doing it's14908.1195.481
a digging thing do you need me to cover14911.3195.481
you or yeah of course oh wait there's a14913.66.4
there's a guy right here sorry I got14916.86.12
out it's okay no I just ran over zie14920.04.88
that's all that's all come on okay go up14922.923.6
all right let's see It'll I believe14924.883.92
it'll start flashing the icon on the top14926.524.599
of the screen will start flashing when14928.84.479
uh we get close to it you know what14931.1194.521
thick it's funny I have a pistol in my14933.2794.721
hand and it's a it's a number six is14935.644.719
that good that's the best it's the best14938.04.6
is it really the highest that goes yeah14940.3594.04
guess where I found it where one of14942.64.12
those trailers right over there really14944.3993.84
yesterday who would think that poor14946.724.24
people would own14948.2392.721
that ooh hold up a14951.087.399
bakery hey what's up pal can I watch out14955.085.48
here we go14958.4794.441
and boop boop you're14960.565.759
dead Okay oh yeah if any place is going14962.925.72
to have moldy bread it's got to be a14966.3194.321
yeah get in there he's behind me nothing14970.645.88
got to keep my eyes14973.722.8
peeled yeah I hear you come on out oh14977.086.68
that's a crawler W hello14979.66.559
B all right yep yep yep yep that's right14983.763.88
that's right go on down go on down you14986.1593.08
want to mess with me stand back up see14987.643.32
what happens see if I give14989.2396.561
you oh that behind oh God behind14990.967.439
me stay down don't you get up don't you14995.85.16
do it don't you all right fine do it all14998.3995.601
right bat boy come on bring it oh God15000.964.56
that is I heard a scream I heard a15004.02.96
scream where was it where was it where15005.525.56
was it I heard you scream where are15006.967.159
you I hear you oh crap CRA he's up here15011.085.079
he's up here why oh crap why is it15014.1195.16
shooting why aren't it15016.1596.441
shooting oh gu falling there's so many15019.2796.88
dogs Miss quit doing this I'm trying to15022.66.32
build Pizza Huts15026.1596.841
a stop it you keep screaming you're15028.928.359
making it worse oh boy okay look at how15033.09.199
many look at how many no no where's the15037.2797.721
bikes I just need a second just let me15042.1996.761
recover for a second this thing oh she's15045.06.68
running okay if you're going to run ah15048.965.8
there's a dog there is a dog and a bunch15051.687.92
of zombies I want a motorcycle no okay15054.767.04
really good use you guys come on we're15059.64.36
all leaving follow15061.84.88
me everybody15063.965.8
out woo there's bound to be breed in15066.684.519
some of this15069.763.32
treasure I hear him I got to clear them15071.1993.96
out before I get greedy okay I'm greedy15073.083.199
right now I want to I want to get in15075.1593.761
there and I want to just just eat it all15076.2794.681
oh there you are that's where you were15078.926.16
hiding huh okay okay I'm on your game15080.965.8
yeah hey you guys ever had a little stun15085.083.279
head come on come on get a little closer15088.3597.241
get a little closer ah fine stupid15091.4394.161
game get15095.768.28
down trying to get bread no no orang you15098.1597.521
try to be cool about it all right come15104.046.119
on bread ah peas come on bread scrap15105.688.4
cans come on bread beer come on bread15110.1598.361
water come on bread ah canabo soup well15114.086.64
at least we got food but no bread yeah15118.524.0
nebs was right moldy bread is impossible15120.724.12
to find why can't I find moldy15122.525.679
bread all right Simon I found it open it15124.847.599
up 14 silver nuggets four gold nuggets15128.1999.08
12,000 Casino tokens 49 mm and 54415132.4398.601
Magnum ammo wow we got to go to a Trader15137.2796.2
quickly that's the most I've ever found15141.044.56
with the uh tokens I'm looking at like15143.4795.601
uh selling denim jeans for eight you15145.65.28
know what just give me some ammo please15149.084.6
is this a Trader could this be Trader15150.886.319
Joel Trader Joel get out of here there15153.688.439
you go oh yeah Trader15157.19910.24
Joel Trader Joel Traer Joel ah hey hey15162.1196.721
on the count of three we're going to15167.4392.92
open the door and we're going to yell15168.847.399
surprise okay one two three surprise you15170.3598.04
son [ __ ] you dirty piece of dog [ __ ]15176.2394.801
how you been15178.3992.641
man hey buddy we got attacked by zombies15183.925.399
oh really crazy I went to a bakery no15186.924.64
bread scoured the whole place not one15189.3194.721
piece of bread and a bakery of course I15191.564.599
found gold nuggets silver nuggets uh15194.044.119
plenty of ammo found all that at a15196.1593.521
bakery well that's you can buy stuff15198.1593.441
with that store which is great maybe I15199.683.28
can buy moldy bread you want me to do15201.62.44
that I'm going to go to the trader right15202.962.68
now I'm going to go see Trader Trader15204.043.56
what's face I want to go too okay let's15205.643.519
go see Trader rut's face maybe he has15207.63.639
moldy bread yep yep o son getting a15209.1593.2
little low of that Sky though we better15211.2393.001
make it quick oh yeah that's right15212.3593.481
fornite got cornbread needs I don't15215.845.2
think I can turn that in the Mod Five15219.085.44
cornbread no beer animal fat uh a can of15221.045.04
pasta you think Simon would probably15224.523.4
appreciate that uh might be good for the15226.084.359
Pizza Hut 120 that's expensive for a can15227.924.6
of that's too much for pasta what you15230.4393.72
thinking uh you know what I'll buy a few15232.523.719
arrows though that might come in handy15234.1594.96
get out here out way nothing wck wish15236.2397.681
just look Hite hey Hite you no not now15239.1195.961
energy do what I want don't you tell me15245.085.319
what to do15247.1593.24
all right gentlemen here we have the15262.764.24
tower uh just follow me um be careful15264.3194.88
not to fall off the side of this rebar15267.04.479
go ahead up one at a time the hatches15269.1994.321
open up there careful there you go good15271.4793.481
job Simon you're looking great good job15273.522.599
abster you're looking really good thank15274.962.64
thank you I got a really good view on my15276.1193.641
angle I know you15277.65.44
do turning on the blades all right I'm15279.765.12
sck get a bed roll down the sky is15283.044.8
beautiful right now holy [ __ ] we did the15284.885.559
math right day 28 that's the divisible15287.844.08
seven putting my bed roll right15291.926.359
there I don't feel safe at all here you15295.565.52
don't I feel safe no where are we going15298.2794.441
to see the zombies coming from across15301.083.68
this bridge it's random did I put a15302.723.719
torch over here oh yeah thick and I are15304.763.0
the only ones with night vision aren't15306.4393.281
we oh we are don't have night vision15307.763.359
flashlight nothing you should have15309.723.36
probably spent less time painting man15311.1194.561
I've been looting since uh for months15313.084.0
how about the painting part remember the15315.683.12
painting thing do you want a Pizza Hut15317.084.159
or don't you I do I don't 9 minute15318.84.16
warning I haven't heard one Thunder15321.2393.841
crack yeah what is going on why isn't15322.965.96
the sky red huh did you send out15325.087.56
invitations this isn't15328.923.72
right all right abster go ahead and15332.763.8
explain here's what I think happened15335.03.199
because of my fat knee hit the computer15336.563.24
and it destroyed an old map we came to15338.1993.321
this one we had to move time forward to15339.83.399
get back to where we were however I15341.523.04
think I may have accidentally moved time15343.1993.841
forward too much skipping over day 28 so15344.564.2
it won't spawn the horde again so we got15347.044.52
to move our game forward in time to get15348.764.88
to the next horde night day 35 we're15351.563.839
going to go to 35 hopefully I didn't go15353.643.4
past that but I can't promise anything15355.3994.901
here we go15357.043.93
all right yeah 35 this is it it's red15373.685.799
yep yep okay Hite take two dous go get15376.046.439
those drops get it hey after H night we15379.4795.481
we got some15382.4792.481
prizes I got a few more spiked traps you15385.4393.521
want me to throw them down somewhere why15387.724.719
not along the bridge sure watch it make15388.965.04
enough weight that makes it all collapse15392.4394.0
that'd be great yeah the straw that15394.04.279
broke the camel's back15396.4395.481
right here we go here they come oh yeah15398.2796.561
I'm With You Salon15401.922.92
man can y'all shoot that far yep mhm15406.566.36
everybody has Scopes no maybe you could15410.1194.881
you could paint a path to it oh they're15412.923.76
coming around here you see this off to15415.04.399
the uh the South oh I have an idea since15416.685.639
we're doing this uh is that a mol15419.3995.601
cocktail you got there yep oh there it15422.3194.721
yeah oh now we got a shot yeah yeah nice15427.047.399
job thick nice job nice job uh15431.2796.481
priority wow well now that's a problem15434.4395.68
was that intended nope I think my turret15437.766.439
was in there my turret it was it wasas15440.1197.681
step back a little bit what yeah the15444.1997.401
hell they just got here oh boy that's15447.86.08
good we didn't even make it 18 minutes15453.884.279
into this there's always already a big15456.3593.88
flaw in this design think we're going to15458.1595.441
be oh God whoa what is it look guys s at15460.2395.481
your feet at your feet already up here15463.65.32
right here what15465.725.28
yeah goddamn15468.924.559
D what have you done we're only a few15471.04.04
seconds into this why have you done15473.4793.88
Dalia K why does everything you make15475.044.359
turn to [ __ ] immediately no no no it15477.3595.04
doesn't look at this nope get down there15479.3995.601
none of us are15482.3992.601
dead Jesus Christ come on still up oh15485.966.439
God how am I alive so I came back here15489.84.24
cuz I need needed to get more supplies15492.3993.641
and I noticed that there's none to get15494.043.439
we're going to get to that can you guys15496.043.279
get me a battery before I leave here no15497.4793.161
you've used all the batteries yeah I15499.3193.401
need another battery no no problem don't15500.644.28
even worry about it no painting tomorrow15502.723.719
maybe a little bit but just in the15504.923.279
morning don't worry about it yeah we got15506.4393.361
this worry about it I'm going to worry15508.1993.08
about it every hord night we've had has15509.84.2
been a failure gr you15511.2794.84
godamn I'm15514.04.279
alive got15516.1197.401
it hey guys oh boy15518.2795.241
noas yeah I can do this all day we too15525.2794.84
we good how good I15528.848.76
am wow wow I don't wow hey my bed's15530.1197.481
here all right well I'm just I'm just15539.1194.881
here for the ride15541.2795.84
boom Oh my god look how far away I am15544.05.359
cuz it destroyed my bed I'm So Far Away15547.1193.481
there's there's a there's a mountain15549.3593.601
here I have to climb to get back to my15550.66.36
stuff I can't I I oh God Ras we didn't15552.966.04
even make it 30 30 minutes in that is15556.963.96
the quickest quickest amount of time15559.03.64
I've ever seen a base go completely to15560.923.08
[ __ ] it's going to be great it's going15562.644.0
to be fine guys don't worry about it oh15564.05.159
good oh yeah you guys are here perfect15566.644.719
oh [ __ ] come on I can't climb up this15569.1594.441
mountain can I please let me make a15571.3595.08
shovel I can't even make a shovel I15573.66.04
can't make anything I just want to dig15576.4394.88
oh God they're in here you're in here15579.643.639
too can't see anything15581.3193.681
got GL eyes I'm going to punch you in15583.2794.16
[ __ ] there we go yeah uh Silver Lining15597.1996.92
guys yeah I don't think anybody's going15601.884.2
to remember thicked anymore do you have15604.1194.801
any idea what happened uh weight weight15606.084.72
distribution happened all right well it15608.924.8
smells like a big old bowl of [ __ ]15610.85.08
bowl of [ __ ] indeed we're getting15613.725.36
some sweet points aren't we we are well15615.885.599
you uh oh oh it's shared oh you are no15619.083.8
we all are yeah sure you don't have to15621.4792.96
do anything Simon you just sit back yeah15622.884.0
you just sit here and enjoy the smell of15624.4395.04
burning zombies yeah maybe they can go15626.885.359
get those drops that they were wanting15629.4795.481
yeah I'm not proud no you shouldn't be I15632.2394.721
will say this I just leveled up and15634.964.399
that's pretty cool congratulations also15636.964.56
thick and I haven't died no we haven't15639.3594.361
pure luck I don't know15641.526.48
no oh yeah leave me alone leave me alone15643.727.559
oh God why is he still on me Debs run oh15648.06.199
wait oh is that you yeah it's me hey hey15651.2795.641
good hey we're together God climb climb15654.1995.841
climb climb okay uh boy yeah yeah okay15656.924.479
we're doing we're doing good we're doing15660.043.399
good we lose him uh no he's climbing we15661.3993.361
got to keep going oh God that's what I15663.4394.081
he just just run just run this way I15664.764.84
can't I'm out of stamina oh I'll save15667.524.4
you I'll punch you leave my budy alone15669.64.559
you [ __ ] all right run yep yep15671.924.04
yep we get those drops maybe something's15674.1594.761
good in there yep15675.962.96
sir we might have lost them all right15679.085.6
get your stamina up a15682.64.519
minute oh wait no that's a big oh God15684.684.24
that's a big green spin spit keep15687.1194.16
running run run run this way towards the15688.924.239
drops towards the15691.2794.281
drops oh God there's a bunch of them15693.1594.561
slide oh God I broke my leg careful I15697.725.0
broke my leg I can't run anymore don't15700.684.32
have a splint just run just run Dees15702.725.84
I'll protect you run past me no oh no15705.05.56
run past me everybody eat the weak one15708.564.24
eat me the weak one I'm not the weak one15710.565.919
I just broke my legs eat me eat me15712.86.28
[ __ ] come on I'll take you all15716.4796.121
on but you in the face you're a hero15719.086.159
there there come on15722.66.44
present I'll never forget you CU you'll15725.2398.0
spawn back in a minute15729.044.199
can you try to explain to me how how15733.3594.76
this was supposed to happen that's a15735.526.32
great question I'm glad you asked it uh15738.1195.481
not this15741.845.08
like but I mean they had a very clear15743.69.32
path to go to get right up here ooh yeah15746.927.96
okay I hope you're comfortable you comfy15752.923.88
you guys have any weapons like anything15754.883.92
you could donate to me it wouldn't help15756.83.439
I've got a shotgun yeah probably15758.84.519
shouldn't what we're killing it yeah I15760.2394.441
hope the other guys are15763.3194.641
comfy oh crap there's so many15764.687.479
zombies okay come on come on15767.966.64
spikes come on oh he's spitting he's15772.1596.521
spitting okay uh get on the spikes and15774.66.2
die please where was that crate was15778.684.479
right over was that15780.88.12
it okay um open nope nope nope okay I15783.1597.921
got it oh I got stuff is there any ammo15788.924.6
in here please be15791.083.64
faster okay oh15794.726.719
boy closer oh this way crate and stuff15797.567.08
all right no more dying nabes unless15801.4395.04
dris gets15804.644.4
involved yeah dris what's going on I'm15806.4794.68
very comfortable I'm down here uh a15809.044.079
little bit you're right below us yeah15811.1594.32
starting to wind down I see oh I love15813.1194.28
taking out their legs man seeing them15815.4793.8
fall down the hill tripping them up you15817.3993.641
have more room down there I think I'd15819.2793.761
like to go down there just be careful on15821.044.52
them stairs that's the key yeah I'm15823.044.319
going to risk it yeah get on down there15825.563.719
Simon careful now buddy there you go you15827.3593.401
got it you're you're15829.2793.88
latched you're latched and then just15830.767.08
step off here to the side yes yes yes15833.1594.681
oh Simon I fell yeah you did oh [ __ ] I15838.087.399
just shot you I just15842.083.399
shot I just shot him I thought he was a15846.966.56
zombie he looks like a zombie15850.06.68
I have a good place for a bed hello hey15853.525.52
Simon sorry about that welcome back you15856.684.66
should go get my gun that I loaned15859.046.239
you hey hey guys oh I almost shot you oh15865.2795.08
don't shoot me15868.846.24
please okay sorry I'm so sorry abro yeah15870.3597.12
I really want my stuff back okay but I15875.085.76
think I fell into a blade trap got it oh15877.4796.241
just Hur NE die yeah l in peace if you15880.844.439
guys can see me I think I got a green15883.723.679
guy following me up this mountain oh I15885.2793.641
oh yeah if you if you guys can take that15887.3994.04
guy out right now taking him out please15888.926.0
please all right please please oh I15891.4395.561
missed that one I miss it I miss it oh15894.924.279
yeah there we15897.06.52
yeah yeah all right15899.1994.321
uhoh he just jumped off the cliff yeah15903.764.559
he's coming he's coming back up oh comes15906.685.679
that GRE guy help help me help help me15908.3197.16
is anyone else miserable nah no I'm fine15912.3595.84
having a good time I feel15915.4796.601
good good morning15918.1995.761
yeah I'm just going to clear out15922.083.52
whatever I can up here while you guys15923.965.92
search yes I found my bag yeah clear oh15925.66.879
okay I'm on the right track now if my15929.884.12
stuff isn't buried in15932.4796.161
rubble hello hey my stuff still here15934.06.319
yeah I made a storage chest got all your15938.643.839
stuff right up here Bubba beautiful and15940.3195.04
nebs since you're the last person I I15942.4795.861
I'm I'm sorry oh for15945.3594.471
what all right guys so I guess it's my15952.044.96
turn to head The Horde mhm thank God15954.2394.441
that's a tough back to follow I don't15957.03.84
know I did fine I did fine too what are15958.683.04
you guys talking about what are you15960.842.559
talking about you did fine you saw you15961.724.719
saw what happened Simon thick and I did15963.3996.401
just fine right yeah sure I know what15966.4394.601
happened listen I know it could have15969.83.72
been better yeah if that didn't crumble15971.043.68
it would have been a Flawless horde15973.523.04
night and I'm aware of that right all15974.723.439
right what's your plan th what what you15976.563.0
got cooking in that old weird head of15978.1593.12
yours well there's a church over here15979.564.36
follow me okay little church church all15981.2795.281
right I I like I like church Simon likes15983.925.12
church I'm a I'm a big church guy yeah15986.564.559
yeah you are awful churchy yeah this15989.043.6
isn't going to look the same once we're15991.1193.841
done with it but it is a good start it's15992.645.0
a good base for what good wall my idea15994.965.08
yeah it's a great wall uh well not you15997.644.08
know not like a great wall great wall of16000.042.22
I'm going to get cracking on some of the16005.83.479
demo but we got to clear we got to clear16007.4793.8
this place out there's a there's a16009.2795.601
underneath oh the underneath so th yeah16011.2797.04
where are you uh picturing us uh we're16014.885.2
going to be on top of this structure16018.3193.481
here it's going to be redone a bit16020.083.8
there's going to be some added features16021.85.479
it's a very nice stable foundation for a16023.885.68
base exactly yeah oh and it's got a16027.2794.761
great like yeah this I I had a base set16029.564.0
up like this one time this is a great16032.044.68
fallback location m o okay I'll let you16033.564.48
guys go down there I'm I'm going to go16036.722.519
I'm going to go check up on nees you16038.042.84
guys have fun all right hey you want me16039.2393.561
to go ahead with some turrets uh yeah16040.884.16
yeah go ah go ahead Dr I like that idea16042.84.479
save our ammo a touch I like it and now16045.044.199
we just got to stir them up yeah hey16047.2794.441
Dora yep I remember when I had a turret16049.2394.481
you know where I put my turret where on16051.725.92
top of the your base oh yeah yeah it16053.726.8
never even got to shoot one thing okay16057.644.719
uh does do you have an extra turret16060.523.48
maybe cuz I got some ammo I don't have16062.3594.12
an extra turret but I can make you one16064.04.279
yeah I know that was my fault we'll16066.4793.781
we'll make it happen so okay thank16068.2794.241
you oh yeah oh yeah see I remember the16072.525.4
it was brick on the bottom and then like16075.83.84
the building was white and the top was16077.924.96
all red yep I'm trying to the the angle16079.644.639
you know the roofs they got a very16082.883.8
signature roof yeah they do very angular16084.2794.96
and I'm trying to maybe I went too far16086.684.479
with these angles let me see let me see16089.2393.601
let me it's got to have that little like16091.1595.361
Mohawk oh yeah mohawk mohawk yeah it's16092.845.08
got that I mean I think you can probably16096.522.839
get away with like you're doing like16097.923.279
maybe I need to take these up these16099.3594.241
little angles right here probably as16101.1994.04
long as it's red yeah it's going to be16103.64.839
red for sure and uh ah just don't know16105.2394.88
how far to go well you uh you keep16108.4392.84
working on the roof if you want to trade16110.1192.441
out we can trade out I'm going to be I'm16111.2792.561
going to get rid of this fencing so we16112.563.04
can actually color this side yep man16113.844.319
delius should be so thankful for us what16115.63.879
we're doing for him I think he has a16118.1594.0
hard time expressing himself yeah like16119.4794.88
he really wants to say thank you but uh16122.1593.361
he doesn't know how he doesn't want to16124.3593.201
show weakness yeah I get it he's one of16125.524.56
them guys have you looked in D's place16127.564.44
I'm not a creepo that's a creepo thing16130.084.76
to do well let's why not let's be creepy16132.04.52
I'm not going to be creepy you you look16134.844.399
into his place be creepy is there a he's16136.524.4
locked everything hadn't he of course he16139.2394.761
has oh nope I found one oh really okay16140.924.519
don't go don't rifle through the band16144.03.6
stuff just looking what is this he's got16145.4393.8
like a bathtub in the middle probably16147.63.599
where he takes the [ __ ] I don't know16149.2393.96
about that got a bunch of no that's his16151.1993.561
little [ __ ] hole trust me I get it it's16153.1993.2
the apocalypse you know you just want to16154.762.92
you know take a dump in the house I'm16156.3992.681
looking in here nothing wrong with16157.682.759
taking a dump in your own house in the16159.083.48
middle of it is weird he's into some16160.4394.561
weird stuff man it's just a dump hole16162.563.719
okay it's all it is there's nothing16165.02.92
weird about it dump holes are weird it's16166.2793.561
a dump hole he sleeps in there I've been16167.924.199
going in the16169.846.359
pool son of a [ __ ] what Simon finally16172.1196.561
the one I I broke it by accident this16176.1994.04
the first coffin I would have even made16178.684.4
it in oh you broke the uh the find I16180.2395.681
broke the find man well you learned16183.084.76
you'll never do that again cuz that's16185.925.08
really dumb guys over here Munitions box16187.845.599
oh okay I found it on a broken grave16191.04.6
let's let's see what's in it waa all16193.4393.641
right I'm I'm just giving that to you16195.65.24
guys that's yours oh why take a look oh16197.086.079
what oh what step back I want to see16200.844.8
what the O's are let me see what the O's16203.1594.641
are let me16205.644.96
see Simon could I I'd like16207.86.16
to wow16210.63.36
s come on let no seriously there's16214.4794.321
nothing in here there's nothing in here16217.043.48
there's nothing in there Simon really16218.83.88
that's nothing we got nothing Simon all16220.524.16
right listen this is what I'll leave you16222.683.32
all right and then you'll see what if16224.683.559
you're happy go ahead go ahead I don't16226.04.64
want what' you take okay oh you know16228.2394.761
what hey Simon what parts for that junk16230.643.96
turret you wanted they're on back order16233.05.68
I'm sorry oh no oh man I really wish I16234.65.679
could have made that for you soon but16238.685.24
God I grabbed 44716240.2793.641
62 you little [ __ ] I'll gladly but I did16244.3196.641
leave you some I all right go ahead16248.524.32
whatever you didn't what do you mean16250.963.88
whatever nothing I'm I figured it was16252.844.92
over we're was what we're done yeah16254.844.559
we're done I need all this [ __ ] cleaned16257.764.8
out like trees grass uh I got to go16259.3995.201
unload my stuff I'm too heavy but I'll16262.563.559
be back and I'll be doing some yard work16264.63.12
for you sounds good sounds good all16266.1193.32
right I'll take the trees down thick16267.724.639
thank you16269.4395.84
hey guys hey hey what's up do I nobody16272.3594.481
told me you guys will be working today16275.2793.681
but it's fine how's it going it's going16276.844.639
good so far I think I got the perimeter16278.964.04
done other than a few places and I'm16281.4793.081
starting to paint on the roof is that16283.03.68
the that's the color I I I I think this16284.563.879
might be the best color it's it's the16286.684.12
most flaming red color that's available16288.4394.161
so yes bright it's the brightest it is16290.84.04
the most flaming ugly red color how did16292.65.12
you guys uh miss this like why wouldn't16294.845.279
you um I haven't filled that in yet I16297.723.639
don't I don't have a claw hammer I don't16300.1193.721
have anything to16301.3592.481
it's going to happen it's going to16304.082.52
happen now we're talking you got the16304.924.16
brush oh man I got the look all day all16306.65.679
day I got this Bang Yeah okay um thank16309.085.44
you alas yeah what's this puddle in the16312.2793.96
middle of your house the poop hole no16314.523.56
it's not the poop hole that's my that's16316.2394.0
my bathtub oh bathtub I like to stay16318.084.279
clean in this time you know but admit it16320.2394.561
you poop in it I've dropped the deuce or16322.3594.12
two yeah it's like we don't have any16324.83.2
toys we don't have any bath toys so you16326.4793.0
just push around like your little your16328.02.88
little boat yeah push around the Nugget16329.4792.88
I do the same thing in the16330.884.68
oh yeah play submarine with the nug um16332.3596.0
thick wanted me to do some yard work but16335.565.08
I really because I was working so hard16338.3594.281
last week I need some looting in my life16340.643.24
you know what I mean Simon's got it16342.642.96
covered anyway he'll forgive me oh you16343.883.72
going looting in a second oh can I go16345.64.92
with yeah sweet and I'll let neebs you16347.64.12
finish up on this roof I'll paint it16350.522.56
when I get back okay all right I'll meet16351.723.639
you at the Jeep16353.084.96
perfect what you [ __ ] around with me16355.3594.481
huh that's what you think you can do16358.043.199
leave me alone leave me alone you son of16359.843.2
a [ __ ] come come on these bullets16361.2394.721
should be stronger than what they are16363.045.239
come on you little bastard when you're16365.965.159
down here you go are you getting back up16368.2796.2
jeez Louise I bet you there's nothing in16371.1196.921
here reload You' think these 44 Magna16374.4795.441
bullets would take people down in Two16378.046.48
Shots all right anybody in here jeez16379.928.16
come on oh boy there you go maybe there16384.525.72
is something here huh maybe it's just16388.083.481
you you little [ __ ] I'm going to16390.244.6
shoot your head off you getting up16391.5615.158
better not oh let's see let's see what's16394.845.32
in the trash was it worth it yeah not a16396.7196.761
[ __ ] thing all right I'm done with16400.165.559
[ __ ] what right here sure that's a nice16406.04.4
tiny little place in the middle of the16409.0393.0
desert yeah I like the look of this16410.44.2
joint mhm I like the look of it but man16412.0394.32
talk if you're buying a place what a16414.64.16
crappy place to buy a place agree you16416.3594.28
know you got like funeral home next to16418.764.439
you you l low income housing I think16420.6394.041
they might have been hoping things would16423.1993.92
go up in between I don't know I'd put a16424.684.599
I'd put a big old fence on this side oh16427.1193.561
absolutely yeah I would have to16429.2793.041
privatize this entire thing all right16430.683.119
how you want to get in h we hadn't done16432.323.68
SWAT in a while yeah swats you want to16433.7995.121
pick a door yeah I'm picking a door I16436.04.32
got this door I got this door right here16438.923.32
you let me know when I got well I got to16440.324.16
kind of bang it is that one do you have16442.243.719
to crack through your door too yeah I16444.483.2
got to crack through my door too okay16445.9594.641
well might as well start now 3 2 1 hey16447.685.0
come on don't you flush them drugs come16450.64.0
on you know what's up give it up people16452.684.039
we're coming in you know what's up16454.63.961
you've done bad yeah you do oh wow this16456.7194.842
guy is running16458.5613.0
oh [ __ ] drug oh Jesus Jesus Jesus16464.326.08
what what what16468.0395.522
yeah look at us man we are professionals16470.47.239
oh abro yeah we've got a Bas Min ooh a16473.5617.439
Bas Min I like it a Bas head up okay oh16477.6395.881
yeah good idea always there we go all16481.05.039
right step back and enjoy yep yep there16483.524.679
you go okay if you could just all right16486.0394.041
I'm not waiting for I'm not waiting for16488.1994.401
him yeah no let's just end his life come16490.086.0
on come on dummy he's really Dum all16492.65.56
right moving on there a one seller hell16496.084.039
let's get drunk as hell it's about time16498.163.84
to celebrate our successful horde night16500.1194.881
I am with you yeah oh dalus yep there's16502.06.561
a vault back here oh [ __ ] o oh oh man16505.05.639
there's like a bunker oh [ __ ] this just16508.5614.878
got interesting thisy real this just got16510.6396.16
in it's not so16513.4393.36
real look at you thick yep I tell you16517.47.399
man I'm already very confident in this16520.925.6
yeah this is there's there's going to be16524.7994.681
lots of uh slopes that go down into16526.525.279
things and slopes that go up and it's16529.484.52
going to be very hard for the things16531.7994.521
that go down to come back up if you know16534.04.68
what I mean I do that's what my mom used16536.324.241
to always tell me when I was a kid she16538.684.039
did you don't know your having fun until16540.5615.078
you until you go down and then you have16542.7195.681
a hard time coming up right I have no16545.6395.4
idea what she meant by16548.45.36
that you want to do the honors toas I'd16551.0395.801
love to I would love to what a surprise16553.766.32
another big steel door vault door Vault16556.845.32
jeez wow this this guy really liked the16560.084.16
steel doors didn't he oh I think I heard16562.166.76
a a a let's just be hold on up oh yep16564.246.76
just to be safe pull like everything out16568.924.519
in your pocket yep okay well that was16571.05.24
okay here we go I wish I had uh a16573.4395.401
flashlight oh look at this another door16576.244.68
Vault vault door Vault what in the hell16578.844.959
what is wrong with this guy I don't know16580.925.719
man I wish I had uh more light on me I16583.7994.762
mean I got a got a helmet hey look at16586.6394.8
this a a door Vault uh a vault door yeah16588.5615.039
jeez is that a server room what's going16591.4394.68
on in here oh is it a again we finally16593.65.8
got somebody hey there you go guys16596.1196.0
beautiful so beautiful okay16599.46.78
okay reload see another guy you16602.1197.171
did got him man this place is freaking16609.527.16
sweet I want to move here look at this16613.1996.24
we've got this sideway do you want to16616.685.279
clear like the sides yeah oh yeah we we16619.4394.2
we should clear all the sides behind us16621.9593.641
but uh yeah that's like a candy shop16623.6393.201
over there what do you see over here16625.64.08
anybody in here everybody hello hello16626.844.76
there's a ladder to Nowhere wait a sec16629.685.439
second it's to somewhere huh what is up16631.66.64
with this oh abro is there treasure up16635.1195.6
there there's just another path you want16638.244.28
to come this way ooh there's a little16640.7193.881
bag up there I'm going to get the bag a16642.524.72
bag does it got weed in it no no I was16644.65.8
looking for the weed but there's no16647.243.16
weed can't fit pizza here it's not to16650.925.959
scale so we just going to call this a16654.7196.24
Dora Hut and that's not wrong okay he16656.8797.281
Dora we need something bright so it16660.9595.4
stands out and you know what this angle16664.163.52
I don't know what's going on with that16666.3595.08
but we will figure that out and concrete16667.688.119
is that bright and nah just16671.4397.481
curious nope that's definitely not it16675.7997.84
okay how's about these ones nope hate it16678.927.32
just give me something bright and white16683.6395.121
please bright and white please there we16686.247.44
go now we're talking door Hut open it16688.767.48
soon abro you know what I like to call16693.686.679
this what the junk turret16696.247.84
drop J you ready drop drop yeah let's do16700.3597.121
it and 1 two three boom bo oh it see it16704.086.719
see something yeah it's doing its J it's16707.486.92
doing its gerb um shall we uh you ready16710.7995.08
yeah I'm going down going16714.45.36
down yeah anyone on the pooper yeah hope16715.8796.08
you finished up Sir holy crap crap this16719.764.84
is man they are set up to hold all kinds16721.9596.08
of people this place is uh oh okay hey16724.64.92
hey they're coming in from the back16728.0393.201
right behind you AB well it's not like16729.523.759
we're not covered yeah exactly God I16731.243.68
love having these junk turrets they are16733.2793.321
amazing great there's nothing like them16734.922.92
in the16736.65.199
whole are we ready to see the next level16737.846.68
uh sure do the honors man well as per16741.7997.92
usual might as well ha ah okay okay okay16744.527.759
we clear clear okay right behind you16749.7194.681
bubba okay and then this is right off16752.2793.881
into the main room here okay oh yeah16754.43.52
that's the room we want to get into oh16756.164.879
yeah oh yep watch that guy yeah sit down16757.924.959
oh watch out don't step in front of me D16761.0393.641
okay right I wouldn't think of stay stay16762.8793.32
to the right I'll stay to the left16764.683.759
beautiful oh16766.1994.721
man look at all this16768.4396.481
stuff holy moly we hit the jackpot we16770.926.798
hit the jackpot all right all right16774.924.878
let's start smacking and cracking what16777.7184.882
is this needle and thread I learn how to16779.7988.242
animal fat boy boy16782.65.44
boy okay suon okay yeah what's up are16789.566.76
you lost what are you doing no I'm going16794.44.0
home I'm going to my bed where's your16796.324.12
bed my according to the map my bed's16798.44.08
over here this is about where the horde16800.445.64
was so that's where my last bed was yeah16802.485.84
oh damn it okay so are you trying to go16806.084.96
to the hotel yes I have I put a bed in16808.325.478
the damn Hotel oh but then I put the16811.046.12
other bed on that's what's going on okay16813.7985.482
yeah where do where do I go yep follow16817.163.76
me all right you ready I'll drive16819.283.358
backwards the whole way we could do that16820.924.08
this will be fun huh yeah cuz yeah let16822.6383.482
me know if I'm going to back into16825.02.56
something though I mean there's a tree16826.123.56
right behind you so I need to turn uh16827.563.398
you're right you're right by it you're16829.682.958
right next to it okay you got to tell me16830.9583.242
before that okay you're right next to it16832.6383.362
just go back go back you're good you're16834.23.28
good you're good you're good next tree16836.04.44
be like 20 ft out okay all right turn16837.485.0
which way no now you turn into the tree16840.443.8
you're about to hit a tree oh wow you're16842.483.6
you're trying to put me in trees yeah16844.243.12
you know what I don't think this16846.083.04
backwards thing is going to work because16847.363.598
you're not even following me okay I'm16849.124.92
following you just keep on going if I16850.9585.242
think a tree or a rock is going to stop16854.044.598
you I will let you know okay okay and16856.24.32
I'll tell you which way to turn from16858.6383.722
your direction okay I'm starting to16860.523.118
think we should switch this up and you16862.364.24
go backwards turn right turn right turn16863.6384.482
right turn right right or my right16866.63.96
you're right damn you're right you're16868.126.12
right rights this way oh Jesus Christ16870.565.88
you're right again you're right again16874.243.478
you're not doing the right you're doing16876.443.76
the left am I right your right you're16877.7185.882
right who's right you're16880.25.96
right Rick how's that cute little tie16883.64.6
boy he's got a tie boy yeah he's got a16886.164.28
tie boy I didn't know I have an Rick hey16888.24.678
pleasure to wreck I thought he said Rick16890.444.84
no wreck is that your given name just16892.8783.802
staring at me yeah he's not much of a16895.283.0
talker until he calls you a [ __ ]16896.682.8
after you're done trading with him oh16898.283.76
he's one of those all right that what a16899.484.478
piece of [ __ ] okay did you get anything16902.044.28
good or uh anything good no I just sold16903.9584.322
some stuff I'm not I'm not buying today16906.323.638
okay well I'm going to sell a bunch of16908.283.76
stuff are you going to buy something a16909.9584.442
I'll tell you I'll tell you shortly uh16912.044.678
machete I don't like machetes I'll take16914.44.0
them Nails you take them you take the16916.7185.16
nails okay all sold and wow okay we got16918.46.2
a bunch looking at that secret secret16921.8784.962
stock ooh that's what that's the good16924.63.8
stuff that the tie boy gets for him you16926.842.958
know what I'll grab a bunch of books for16928.43.08
everyone and just kind of hand them out16929.7983.202
so we can get some of those sweet sweet16931.483.318
points hey there's a level four junk16933.03.92
turret I could get that for Simon okay16934.7984.762
perfect I'm buy another book um okay I16936.923.878
think I'm good God how long's this going16939.565.238
to take I'm good you know what [ __ ] you16940.7986.522
dude yeah [ __ ] you wck you and your16944.7985.802
weird tie boy oh yeah I see him hanging16947.325.0
out behind the counter I saw his foot16950.65.52
what you do where you son of a16952.326.96
[ __ ] get16956.123.16
wrecked I think it was fate we backed16959.764.16
into this house don't you I know well16961.9584.962
you know what I don't but I'm going with16963.925.0
you cuz I don't usually have very good16966.925.16
instincts so for me a big win would be16968.926.798
gun with flashlight on it okay to me a16972.085.798
big win would be anything with a16975.7184.442
flashlight on it except for I don't want16977.8784.562
a flashlight just the flashlight itself16980.164.04
is is worthless isn't it well yeah I16982.443.76
mean like I want the flashlight on a16984.25.2
weapon or or or or my helmet oh your16986.25.438
helmet yes I would I would like a a16989.44.318
Miner's helmet that that would be16991.6383.962
amazing me too just something to hold16993.7183.882
the light for me I never understood in16995.64.56
police shows like they hold the gun with16997.64.84
one hand and then they do the other hand17000.165.16
with the flashlight and then man I'm not17002.444.96
find anything and then they do the17005.323.16
crisscross you know what I'm talking17007.42.92
about yeah well how come you don't see17008.483.88
that that's good that that seems to work17010.323.68
pretty well put a little thing on the17012.363.438
gun I mean you know you see how small17014.03.76
flashlights are today oh I know no17015.7983.642
you're absolutely right they shouldn't17017.763.44
they shouldn't even be a part of it17019.444.24
should be uh just all one thing they17021.24.56
almost ah don't fall I thought I could17023.684.72
make that jumping it baby that a boy17025.765.08
that's me Carl Lewis I am remember Carl17028.45.68
Lewis y he was the person who ran fast17030.845.64
and jumped fast he's like what do you do17034.085.68
I'll run and I jump y all day suck on it17036.485.158
yeah I think I think he was on front of17039.763.44
like a wedy box I don't even know if17041.6383.922
they still have that but it said Carl17043.24.92
Lewis and and he said in a little bubble17045.564.84
caption he said suck it yeah yeah and17048.124.32
that's what he told the Youth of today17050.44.52
yeah you won't cereal suck it suck it17052.445.72
youth so oh there's a light over there17054.924.958
that's that's where the money is all17058.164.32
right well there is a ladder so let's17059.8784.522
let's do this watch this how we going to17062.483.76
get over there uh you're Carl Le you do17064.45.238
it I'm doing it Carl Lewis17066.243.398
style Le Carl17070.68.68
Lewis all right so up here H la la la la17074.167.04
la oh look at this it's probably a moldy17079.284.16
freaking backpack let's see what's in17081.26.16
this thing boom I got a can of miso soup17083.446.88
and a flashlight gun so just soup press17087.365.64
cap I got your press cap oh look at this17090.323.96
huh sealed17093.04.718
sh oh and Munitions food all right go in17094.286.72
there I got uh just a few shotgun shells17097.7185.602
what do we got here in the bag uh-huh we17101.04.92
got scrap17103.325.72
polymer that's how Oprah would say17105.926.16
it anybody here abs are you still here17109.045.44
yeah I'm making stuff dris yeah hey17112.086.6
thick hey oh [ __ ] wow you're like a17114.486.72
ninja yeah here you go Vick I got gifts17118.684.88
for peoples oh gifts I'll get you more17121.23.678
gifts this whole week I'm going to be17123.563.238
very gifty and there there's that's for17124.8785.242
you Dart traps three Dart traps I'm sure17126.7985.282
you can find some use for those look at17130.123.72
these guys coming up the road turn to17132.083.52
the left keep it straight turn to the17133.845.0
left the left my left or your left your17135.65.96
left your left your left my left17138.845.36
yes look what's right in front of youy17141.564.64
there you go what are yall doing nothing17144.24.2
we just it took a long time don't worry17146.24.438
about it look at this look at this Simon17148.44.92
what come here buddy hello all right uh17150.6385.922
new junk turret for you oh and I thought17153.325.16
because you love your 9 mil go ahead and17156.563.52
read that book put that knowledge in17158.483.96
your brain nugget oh my goodness you are17160.085.68
one sexy beast ABS what you're not going17162.446.198
to like this one as much but I always17165.764.28
picture you as the arrow guy for some17168.6383.16
reason but you're going to like this one17170.043.08
and we're all going to like that you17171.7984.722
like that one oh boy okay cool yeah yeah17173.125.64
and neebs what was that his books God's17176.525.68
uh guide to archery oh okay neebs there17178.765.64
you go needle and thread Volume 5 enjoy17182.25.96
your read okay okay now we're talking17184.45.76
that's pretty good rias I made a couple17188.163.6
of mining helmets if anybody wants a17190.163.88
mining helmet God oh there you go two of17191.766.1
them oh oh17194.046.54
okay here we go oh look I did it hey hey17207.65.958
what uh what you doing I was curious if17211.7183.682
I get the bike in here oh yeah yeah yeah17213.5584.202
I get the big one in yeah all right yeah17215.44.2
um so what's this I he about you wanting17217.764.0
to build something uh yeah today I am17219.63.92
working on trying to get us for the17221.765.44
first time ever a gyrocopter a17223.526.32
gyrocopter oh what's a what is a17227.25.0
gyrocopter it's like a little helicopter17229.844.0
that that one person can ride in17232.23.96
unfortunately it's only a one seater17233.844.878
right so yeah um hopefully eventually I17236.164.718
can make two and two of us can go out on17238.7184.362
adventures but for today I'm working on17240.8784.042
making the one I need lead so I can make17243.083.798
the battery you know it's it's just a17244.923.32
bunch of stuff there's a lot of steps to17246.8783.562
it okay good deal I'm going to back out17248.244.6
of this uh yeah get out of here all the17250.443.518
smoke from17252.843.44
the the exhaust is kind of choking me up17253.9584.562
where there's smoke there's Flames yeah17256.285.678
is anybody got any lead uh probably give17258.526.52
me your liad if you have lead anything17261.9586.122
I'll bring it to you in a little17265.043.04
bit looking good down there thick17268.845.44
looking good oh yeah hey thank you17271.245.52
you're welcome hey I got some go ahead17274.284.678
go ahead no no what you iist I was just17276.765.48
going to stuff at uh from my successful17278.9585.562
horde Knight base uh I just want to hand17282.244.398
some over to you in case you could find17284.524.72
any use for those but uh absolutely hey17286.6384.882
guys who17289.244.2
hey we should probably put a ramp here17291.523.4
yeah you know yeah be careful you're17293.443.16
going to get that bike stuck yeah you17294.923.08
don't need to drive those really hard to17296.63.72
drive in this well you're not you're not17298.04.0
driving in it this is not a that's going17300.323.84
to be a problem H night theves I don't17302.03.44
think it's that bad I mean I'm17304.162.84
navigating pretty good in here well17305.443.08
you're on the motorcycle not all of us17307.03.0
have motorcycles I know but the17308.523.48
motorcycle's much bigger look at that17310.04.08
yeah but it's more powerful okay just17312.04.28
clean that up guys before hor night it's17314.083.16
not we're not going to I'm going to17316.284.64
shoot him accessible one day yeah I was17317.246.318
took everything to not shoot him today17320.925.2
yeah took17323.5582.562
everything all right Trader R I need17328.846.08
lead I do not have any lead and you will17332.5585.722
be the guy that provides it to me okay17334.924.68
how you doing reck how's your little17338.283.4
Asian boy what do you call him Kiki I'm17339.63.64
sure I'm sure he's great let me see your17341.684.44
inventory buddy lead lead okay yeah you17343.245.2
got lead what do you want to charge me17346.124.64
for a 60 lead 120 you know what that's a17348.445.08
a deal that's a deal and now I got 17317350.765.64
damn it I needed 180 I need 180 that's17353.525.24
all you buy don't [ __ ] yourself W all17356.44.88
right yeah tell Kiki I said hello weird17358.762.97
[ __ ] all right got to go out got to find17362.8784.042
just a little bit more lead maybe I can17365.243.718
find a17366.925.638
deposit and oh17368.9587.722
really really really what a waste of17372.5586.682
money Absolut you idiot what a waste of17376.684.64
money you didn't have to give that repo17379.244.52
with his kid you could have just gotten17381.324.88
lit out of this okay well whatever at17383.764.36
least now I've hit my goal thanks for17386.23.88
reick Simon yo yo hey I'm going to17390.085.478
surprise abro with a helicopter landing17392.924.48
up here you know how they have on top of17395.5584.682
the buildings with the Big H oh gotcha17397.44.76
oh that's good that's going to be that's17400.243.318
fun that's a good idea that's a17402.163.24
thoughtful gift it's an easy thing to17403.5584.16
paint too it's just like three lines17405.45.398
Isn't it nice maybe something like this17407.7185.362
no is it isn't it like two lines isn't17410.7985.642
it just a cross that's like red or t you17413.084.478
know I don't know what you're talking17416.444.08
about for the like Red Cross oh or17417.5585.08
something the helicopter you put in H I17420.524.438
was thinking like the Red Cross for like17422.6385.0
you know something else like first aid17424.9585.362
or something exactly yeah Hey listen17427.6384.08
I've been wondering if we can jump off17430.325.0
this roof into the pool hey boys abro17431.7185.08
what's up you want to see me jump in the17435.323.72
pool from there yeah absolutely I want17436.7983.882
to see you jump in the pool from there17439.043.598
all right hold on I got to get a run and17440.685.878
start come on come on say win win go I'm17442.6386.682
going make it yeah17446.5586.682
it spring break that was loose yeah I17449.325.398
really I still really wish we could fix17453.243.84
this pool it looks uh it looks awful17454.7184.362
tried I know I've tried too there's no17457.083.24
fixing it water in this game doesn't17459.083.478
make any sense no you should uh you17460.324.04
should have taken off your shirt though17462.5582.642
yeah that would have been a little bit17464.362.4
more spring Breaky but hey I'm getting17465.23.48
to work okay I got a surprise for you17466.764.64
later cool I almost shot sh you in17468.684.6
midair would you have been mad at me if17471.43.238
I did that you probably would have17473.283.598
missed Do It Go Again go again I bet you17474.6384.442
I could get it okay do it one more time17476.8783.802
all right17479.084.638
mhm do exactly what you did before all17480.684.92
right but like go up to it that's your17483.7184.642
spot wherever your spot is all right now17485.64.52
back off and try to jump off in that17488.363.08
same spot and I'm going to try to kill17490.122.678
you and your dead body's going to land17491.444.84
in the water got it ready yep and ready17492.7986.682
or not here I come come on don't shot me17496.284.84
God you got me for17499.484.56
jum I did get you didn't I I wasn't even17501.124.4
in the air you shot me before I even17504.043.04
jumped well that was the I was trying to17505.523.6
not doing it again all right fine but17507.083.7
that's exactly what I was going to17509.124.2
do oh I was about to smack this door17513.326.28
down like an idiot but it is unlocked17516.925.878
okay ladies I could use a little bit of17519.65.56
entertainment it has been a week hello17522.7986.682
anyone anybody in here hm that's odd17525.165.92
usually they're coked out out and passed17529.483.84
out waking up around now well from the17531.086.638
night prior okay um hello anybody maybe17533.325.96
they're in the maybe they're freshening17537.7184.682
up for their day of work and dance true17539.285.678
artists they are I don't hear one of17542.46.76
them this is huh this is some [ __ ] oh17544.9588.042
there we go he oh boy sorry to interrupt17549.166.88
you guys sorry17553.06.36
to yeah oh you look good you guys look17556.045.4
great ooh17559.369.12
up yeah yeah yeah and yeah I hope he got17561.448.84
off before this all happened cuz I just17568.483.0
off do you know what I mean get my Lis17571.486.36
on one strip per day here17574.47.52
huh oh guys y are you ready yeah did you17577.845.56
do it I I did it I'm going come over17581.923.36
here okay uh yeah give me give myself17583.45.96
some space here oh here we go and boom17585.285.72
Oh man17589.365.68
we got a gyop dude that thing looks a17591.05.638
lot cooler than I thought it was going17595.043.56
to look I've never seen it before me17596.6383.24
neither oh it's got a good bit of17598.64.4
storage um let's see what kind of Fu17599.8785.802
does it take gas you would think me okay17603.04.44
oh there you go and you got a water17605.683.92
holder that's great yeah hold my water17607.443.8
right in front of my face as I like to17609.64.92
do love it okay it's full of gas so let17611.246.28
me try you got to Y clear oh oh okay it17614.525.198
moves forward all right holy crap holy17617.523.118
crap all right I thought thought this17619.7183.16
was more of a cter oh boy supposed to go17620.6384.042
up that's just a car I don't know how to17622.8784.442
go up oh boy I jumped out I don't know17624.684.198
how to go up did you push all the17627.323.68
buttons not yet hold on I need a Runway17628.8784.362
I'm turning around I'm turning around no17631.04.4
airplanes need runways helicopters are a17633.244.16
straight up thing this apparently is not17635.44.44
a straight up thing I need a Runway I17637.44.64
think it is a straight up thing okay if17639.843.878
it is I don't know how to go how to make17642.043.48
it go straight up push all the buttons17643.7183.282
I'm I'm doing well I don't want to push17645.523.56
something and and then have it go crazy17647.05.08
you haven't even Choice watch out17649.085.2
God okay bring it here we go here we go17652.086.478
go go and now maybe space oh boy yeah17654.286.72
space yep yep yep oh that's a17658.5585.722
pole oh boy oh boy it's like you're17661.06.4
gravitating towards me okay easy easy17664.285.518
easy easy easy all right space bar Bubba17667.44.64
just space bar maybe all right just17669.7985.0
holding space bar uhhuh17672.045.8
no no it seems to want to go forward no17674.7984.522
matter what I do all right I'm just17677.843.28
going to take off see what happen all17679.324.04
right do it okay all right all right17681.123.72
give myself a good little Runway here17683.367.0
good speed Spa okay yeah space bar oh17684.847.68
what's going on here oh uh AB was flying17690.364.598
in the sky and made a helicopter what y17692.524.84
gyrocopter where is he he's I don't know17694.9584.722
I lost him I he was over this way the17697.364.198
way I'm facing before I don't know where17699.684.68
he is now that's exciting as hell it is17701.5584.722
he he's he can't control it he's trying17704.363.76
to figure it out sure that makes sense17706.283.24
I'm going to go put some stuff away it's17708.124.56
good to see you dud do it ABS R yo where17709.527.96
you at don't stop oh I see him oh okay I17712.686.958
think I'm starting to get the hang of it17717.484.078
yeah it's it's slowly getting there but17719.6383.92
yeah it's it's it's a little wonky hey17721.5584.08
look at the top of the hotel okay17723.5584.362
there's an H that's you baby it's I'm17725.6385.842
it's a gyropter I need a g no it's a St17727.925.12
and good luck Landing no this is a17731.483.88
gyropter I need a Runway it's not a17733.044.44
helicopter I can't go straight up and17735.365.518
down [ __ ] you land on the a I need a17737.487.238
Runway I made it for17740.8783.84
you H all this digging it's making me17745.925.16
hanker for some Adventure I'll come back17749.124.2
to it I I need stuff anyways and I17751.084.28
believe we've got some neighbors who17753.324.398
have been making a Ruckus I like going17755.367.438
through the garage H oh I hello ah oh17757.7187.042
you're running look at that hip fire17762.7984.042
right in your coolo that's butt in17764.765.56
Spanish hello fat sir shot him right in17766.847.52
is taint all right I hear you weight17770.326.16
bench how much you bet you know what17774.365.32
this calls for some steroids how much17776.486.0
you bench my girlfriend broke up with me17779.684.48
you've been dating her you dating my17782.484.76
girlfriend you dating her is it leg day17784.165.04
you got to work on your traps you seen17787.245.36
who she's dating Guy's real swo he's got17789.27.0
good lats good chest I'm not like into17792.65.8
him or anything but oh you date my17796.24.16
girlfriend is that you hit the the17798.43.72
stairs I mean she's not my girlfriend17800.363.16
anymore she broke up me she's going to17802.123.758
be my girlfriend how about you [ __ ]17803.523.84
everywhere pool table's gone n17807.365.48
steroids all right nees I got a campfire17814.284.24
I got food I got a cooking grill I think17816.843.64
I'm ready for an adventure okay all17818.523.68
right you're going off huh yeah Simon17820.483.478
yeah hold on a second I'm going to I'm17822.23.758
going to try to I want to land I want to17823.9584.522
land on top of the hel the helipad hold17825.9584.0
on you can't land up there yeah I'm17828.483.398
going to try what did you say space bar17829.9585.122
stop it space bar space bar yeah space17831.8785.202
bar goes up oh God oh God oh God oh God17835.084.36
don't wreck that thing I could wreck it17837.084.478
you didn't wreck it when you crashed oh17839.444.56
boy okay but see you would be the one to17841.5585.682
do it no hold on a second backing it up17844.05.2
dude I swear if you wreck that thing17847.245.08
listen I'm going to be fine something I17849.25.28
know I'm backing up can't you see that17852.324.2
backing it up you hear the beep beep all17854.483.64
right one more one more shot one more17856.522.8
shot and then you and then and then17858.122.518
you're out what do you mean17859.323.44
one more shot I just started try one17860.6384.282
more time and then a bullet to the head17862.763.44
if you don't get off where you going17864.923.24
abro I don't know I was just going to17866.23.72
like see see how far I can make it out17868.163.88
there see what's out there try to find17869.924.68
new things oh boy come on come on come17872.044.758
on damn it nope you're going backwards I17874.64.958
thought the space bar did something it's17876.7984.84
got it's got to be space bar and c and17879.5583.642
again you got to have forward momentum17881.6382.92
it's not it's not like a helicopter it's17883.23.72
like a plane all right all right forget17884.5584.722
it it's not working did you know that17886.924.36
this doesn't work like like a helicopter17889.283.518
no I've never this is the first time17891.284.84
I've ever tried to fly One S okay I'm on17892.7985.562
my way baby you got to keep your nose17896.125.72
down that's it keep keep them C down C17898.366.198
keeps the nose down okay now okay yeah17901.845.08
you landed on a roof good job just draw17904.5584.562
a little H underneath this and this is17906.925.04
the new helipad17909.1210.86
oh yeah look at this place a whole town17931.45.44
all to myself nothing here's been looted17934.325.08
and picked over by thick all right17936.845.68
coming in for17939.43.12
landing o all right yeah oh that was a17943.444.72
little that was a little rough could17945.8784.84
uh could work on that17948.164.92
here we go here we go here we go and17950.7183.322
just go17953.085.24
down o bang jeez if I work on that maybe17954.045.88
I could uh maybe I could land on that17958.324.558
Landing Pad oh let's see we got repair17959.924.76
shops got water17962.8786.362
towers it's all mine town is all17964.687.64
mine oh boy thick this is dangerous up17969.246.76
here where keep slipping oh boy don't17972.326.398
fall okay I got it thi don't worry where17976.05.4
you at there we go okay we'll fix this17978.7183.802
up what are you going to fix up you're17981.42.558
not going to do anything I'm painting17982.524.72
your roof my oh my roof it's super steep17983.9584.722
you don't have any problem with this17987.244.398
being an IHOP base right oh my God not17988.685.48
at all that would be awesome read your17991.6384.722
mind didn't I you did you gave me17994.164.0
something I didn't even know I wanted my17996.364.598
own IHOP that is going to be for me kid17998.165.558
no not forever just right now on this18000.9584.92
IHOP idea most I think most of my ideas18003.7184.642
are ideas you didn't know you wanted18005.8785.482
whoa what kind of roof is that is that18011.9586.322
under construction or is that glass okay18015.5585.362
you know what over here by the gyropter18018.285.88
throw down one of these just in case18020.926.36
let's see what we got here it's like a18024.167.92
glass roof what's going on in here hello18027.289.72
hello oh my god oh Jee hey you stay down18032.089.478
stop stop stop and oh where is neebs18037.06.718
when you need him because he would have18041.5585.962
an orgasm right now this is a greenhouse18043.7185.602
I've never seen a greenhouse in this18047.525.198
game I got yucka plants I got plants got18049.327.08
aloe vera this is amazing o and hey yep18052.7186.282
I see you just just just stop I mean I18056.43.8
don't even know why why are you even18059.03.638
trying don't yeah there you18060.25.84
go let's see what else is in here hello18062.6386.08
oh I see you you're not hiding you're18066.044.4
not hiding in the yuck of plant yeah18068.7185.202
fatty come here sit just just quit oh18070.446.6
you quit too you quit stop stop stop do18073.926.2
it oh yeah oh yeah Dance For Me dance18077.045.4
for me oh yeah girl wiggle it oh yeah18080.124.08
I'm feeling it I'm feeling it baby get18082.445.0
low get low get low on the floor that's18084.25.32
how you18087.445.76
go hello Miss hurry up lady I've got18089.525.32
better things to do then watch you break18093.23.518
that I don't want to help you break it18094.845.08
but come on there you go oh is that18096.7185.402
another bathroom inside of there just18099.923.638
break that and I think I'll have a clear18102.124.64
shot all right was it worth it honey18103.5586.122
what the oh there's a bath oh that was18106.766.0
the whole bath oh well anyway all right18109.686.72
back to my [ __ ] looting 369 mil it's18112.766.52
about damn time I found some 9 mil happy18116.45.76
day anything in the toilet to murky18119.285.278
water I'll pretend like I like it just18122.166.16
to have good energy some weapons oh18124.5587.962
another AK-47 some more 762 all of this18128.326.8
[ __ ] is right next door to the hotel18132.524.8
everyone just assumed that everything18135.125.678
close to us is been has been looted18137.326.0
let's just keep this between you and me18140.7988.722
Mr Box another 339 mil yes I mean sh I18143.329.2
ain't found nothing damn looted already18149.527.4
again oh no eight more shotgun shells oh18152.529.278
boohoo what a bad house18156.924.878
b o is that what I think it is oh yeah18162.6385.842
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah way out here18166.6384.402
in the middle of this garbage area all18168.483.72
right I'm getting a whole lot better18171.042.918
controlling this thing though so I'm18172.25.518
going to land right beside this place oh18173.9586.482
yeah oh yeah point my nose down a little18177.7186.16
bit and then pull it back a little18180.446.08
bit pull forward a little18183.8785.722
bit a little drop it Clank man I'm18186.528.6
getting good man oh God bird bird God I18189.68.32
hate those S hey quit it18195.126.08
Jesus all right now so with a broken leg18197.925.798
I'm at a disadvantage so of course got18201.25.28
to do that and oh you know what I got18203.7185.042
some explosive arrows that uh thick gave18206.483.92
me for that horde Knight that got ruined18208.763.72
and oh and I got a Grenade yeah you know18210.43.558
what we're going to blow our way through18212.486.238
this and let's see Bo explosive arrows18213.9587.68
loaded now this looks like a military18218.7186.722
Camp not too big just a tiny place but18221.6387.602
this military boys can be a might big18225.447.84
picky walking slow need to make a split18229.246.84
hello I know you're in here show18233.285.518
yourself oh I bet they're in that tent18236.084.718
yeah I bet they're in this tent you in18238.7983.682
that tent yeah I knew you were in there18240.7982.602
[ __ ] really yeah come on with it oh18243.46.97
hey what's up man yeaha18247.684.64
holy crap these things are fun I want a18252.324.44
lot more of18254.7984.362
these all right I know you're in that18256.766.48
tent hold out yeah there you are oh God18259.166.92
Buzzard Buzzard18263.246.04
Buzzard f it get get18266.085.718
off oh God bandage bandage bandage18269.284.12
bandage good thing I brought some18271.7983.722
bandages wrap it up wrap it up wrap it18273.44.28
up there we go little bit in the armpit18275.525.118
little bit on the [ __ ] hey I know you're18277.686.24
in that tank yeah come on out Dy right18280.6385.842
in the face I'm going to get you oh how18283.926.638
that fail I didn't feel too good did18286.484.078
it hey thick yeah what's what's with18290.924.958
those letters that are they're like18294.364.16
floating in the air why you asking him18295.8784.362
I'm right here oh I thought you were I'm18298.524.16
sorry neees I thought you were thick18300.244.6
what's going on there thick how long18302.683.84
have we've been doing this I was staring18304.844.44
at the letters okay what the hell is18306.526.038
going on on I think neebs has learned18309.285.64
the Black Arts the middle board is not a18312.5584.642
full block so the next block over is18314.923.92
kind of floating so I don't know what18317.23.56
else to do okay well Hey listen does it18318.843.32
look horrible I mean when you're18320.763.52
directly underneath it it's trippy all18322.164.44
right well neebs neebs do you know if a18324.284.76
if a a hand grenade takes down a tree oh18326.63.68
are we done talking about my sign18329.043.16
already we don't have to be uh I don't18330.283.598
know that there's a tree you got a hang18332.23.12
grenade hold on a second I'm going to18333.8783.042
try to practice something here I you18335.323.638
said right click and then hold left18336.924.84
click and then boom take down the tree18338.9584.92
baby nothing why would you throw it you18341.763.6
threw it into like the we could have18343.8783.722
watched it like right here yeah like18345.363.598
this one would have been great we could18347.62.44
have seen it we would have known for18348.9583.84
sure it's a small little tree yeah but18350.044.88
if is that the only hand grenade no oh18352.7983.402
then try it again right there at the18354.922.68
base of the tree don't throw it past18356.23.72
how's that oh perfect perfect Ah that's18357.64.52
some [ __ ] that's some [ __ ]18359.924.76
that's insane it's nuts I know it's not18362.123.8
it's not the it's not going to be the18364.685.278
final door guys but uh it's a door oh18365.925.76
good go that's very ni you know just for18369.9584.042
that you know one zombie yeah perfect18371.683.6
yeah we're going to need blue doors18374.02.958
right hop okay well we're going to want18375.283.2
a Better Door anyway probably a vault18376.9582.76
door maybe if we could do that that's18378.483.28
going to take some steel or blue or a18379.7184.762
blue vault door you could put throw the18381.764.798
theme out just cuz we want to V I never18384.483.76
I never did I just thought making a18386.5582.842
stronger door would be better than18388.242.68
worrying about the color right now you18389.43.12
could write IHOP on the door too18390.923.6
couldn't you a real small letters like18392.524.278
business hours maybe I don't know if it18394.525.84
would work that way here we go yeah yeah18396.7985.402
tell you what Sunday we're going to have18400.363.48
a ton of people just waiting outside18402.23.8
here that's every every IHOP in the18403.845.08
world wow church and IHOP in a One-Stop18406.05.96
shop y you can't beat that no you really18408.927.55
can't this is nice look at that sky man18426.484.72
haven't camped out under the stars in a18429.7184.282
while just me and my junk turret my18431.25.438
gyrocopter this house man you know what18434.03.84
I was going to break into this house in18436.6382.92
the morning but I wonder if anybody's18437.844.118
home H what happens if I throw a grenade18439.5585.682
at the front door and yeah didn't pull18441.9588.242
the pin pull the pin and yeah wake up18445.246.16
home anybody oh hi oh18451.48.158
hello what are you doing here you guys18456.286.96
guys are so scampy little scamps so18459.5586.682
scampy all right got an explosive Arrow18463.245.84
what happens o top room top room anybody18466.246.92
home yellow anybody home what is going18469.086.16
on with this place is it empty I got to18473.164.398
check it18475.242.318
out Spike down oh there we go now18478.26.88
there's somebody here at the front door18482.524.64
I knew you guys were home you think the18485.083.52
grenade would have woken you up but I18487.163.52
guess not all takes someone's just got18488.64.44
to hit the front door with some Spikes18490.685.48
all right come on out come on come on18493.046.28
come on come on and Bo there you go18496.165.558
there you go you cute little beast oh18499.326.96
who's a fny oh Bo there's hey hey Mr18501.7186.642
construction worker maybe you want to18506.284.56
sit down oh there's a bunch of you hey18508.365.48
hey Karen hey Susan how are you yep I'm18510.844.48
going to shoot you in the18513.843.76
coochie who just took a bullet to the18515.326.08
coochie Karen did18517.63.8
oh one right behind us come on back it18521.7983.76
up back it up I think I think we got18523.7183.962
action yeah I mean that wouldn't call18525.5585.482
this massive action or anything but no I18527.685.44
wasn't massive okay it's gone all right18531.044.0
fine what do you think about this place18533.125.8
Aldos it is it C Cabinetry Aldo sounds18535.046.2
like it'd be a pizzeria too doesn't it18538.923.92
but what's but but I'm looking at the18541.243.88
second word and it says cabinet let's18542.843.68
see if there's an opening so we don't18545.122.92
have to break it or do you want to do18546.523.52
you want to call cuz look we could do18548.043.8
this yeah because we could do the thing18550.044.2
oh watch out watch you know oh oh wait a18551.845.24
second I was just about to put this down18554.244.84
oh yeah well you just shot it uh how do18557.083.68
I lay it down again that's how you do it18559.083.28
that's how you do it hey it's unlocked18560.763.198
look it oh wow all we have to do is18562.364.24
interesting hello hello hello hello I'm18563.9584.722
hitting a door making noise this is18566.63.64
where you just step back and enjoy Simon18568.685.08
hello hello hello yes yes yes come back18570.246.318
yeah oh wow that's nice y all right and18573.765.72
um hello hello could have swore there18576.5585.122
was like what are you doing what are you18579.484.398
doing but go in a little farther make18581.684.32
sure well she's in the wick oh there we18583.8783.92
go we got a18586.05.48
runner all right okay anybody else see18587.7985.282
see how there we go now it's clear all18591.484.398
right well that's hello okay um I'll18593.085.0
take this back left door if you'd like18595.8784.76
to check out that back right one sure18598.086.36
this guy's waving at me hello hello18600.6387.042
hello oh18604.445.518
hello well this is a pretty big place18607.684.48
though it's a cabinet place isn't it I18609.9585.84
like cabinet work oh God she's fast holy18612.166.32
moly she was just there's another fasty18615.7985.0
J did I just did I do that into you18618.484.56
let's just say we both you know nice18620.7984.602
nice this place is great it's also very18623.044.678
dark I need a freaking I I need a hat18625.44.318
with a light yeah you do I've got my18627.7184.042
just stay on my butt I've got my uh18629.7184.682
night vision uh happening on your butt18631.764.08
let's see what was was there anything18634.43.88
back here okay okay something someone's18635.845.52
something's up here hi hey buddy couple18638.286.56
hello hello can't see anything oh yeah18641.366.64
oh uh one of those look at that Simon we18644.846.038
have done well we have done well we are18648.05.2
night Warriors who does this at night18650.8784.0
nobody nobody nobody attempts this at18653.23.4
night nobody well a lot of people do a18654.8784.442
lot a lot18656.62.72
do oh boy man we got to get rid of those18663.365.04
trees welcome back hey oh wait no to18666.164.08
land there get back up oh you got a dog18668.44.318
oh boy oh God get that dog off me off Oh18670.243.76
I thought you were going to like fly18672.7183.402
away oh wait did you kill that thing did18674.05.28
I yes he did nope he not dead now he did18676.125.28
I thought maybe your uh Chopper blades18679.283.358
got him you know no I don't think I18681.43.36
could be that lucky okay hey flying18682.6383.962
around with that thing is uh it's a18684.764.198
blast man yeah yeah I had such a good18686.64.358
time just exploring this place why did I18688.9583.722
build that helicopter line pad if you're18690.9583.482
not going to use it I don't know coming18692.683.72
in here he comes what is that a bear18694.443.6
that's a bear is that a zombie bear or a18696.43.64
bear bear I can't tell tell I'm just18698.044.2
peppering it um I'd like to get some18700.044.64
more meat from my stew hey he's down H18702.244.96
let's take a look um hm is that good18704.684.76
meat wait that's a dog another dog18707.25.24
another dog oh yeah bad po bad poodle18709.444.72
there's a zombie bear oh we can't eat18712.443.438
this this is garbage what about those18714.163.558
dogs we can eat those dogs right I don't18715.8783.442
think you can eat a dog what do you have18717.7183.562
a knife you can eat a wolf let's take a18719.323.638
look have a knife come on can we not eat18721.283.84
these dogs I mean yeah they don't look18722.9583.322
good you're right now that I'm looking18725.123.64
at it yet rib cage is exposed nobody18726.284.8
wants to that that thing's putrid yep18728.764.56
okay welcome back thank you land on the18731.083.798
landing pad next time not going to land18733.322.8
on the landing pad this thing it18734.8782.802
operates more like an airplane doesn't18736.123.8
really go up and down very well Landing18737.684.53
Pad land my dick in your18739.923.958
mouth sign yeah the town hall Town Hall18743.8786.162
what's PPD it makes me think of like the18747.7184.642
Poke police department and it makes me18750.044.28
think of the pharmaceutical place we18752.364.76
have in our very own Hometown yes that18754.325.0
too so I'm intrigued by going down in18757.124.16
the the basement way right I mean I'm18759.324.76
down yeah police it's the yep police18761.285.08
uh-huh I'm going to lay this down and18764.084.718
when we need it okay good call Cuz you18766.363.96
know we're going to need it y there's18768.7984.282
going to be some some popo here there is18770.324.44
even there's going to be a bunch of fat18773.084.44
popos right next to the donut shop I'm18774.764.28
surprised I don't see anything in these18777.523.84
rooms but I find I don't see anything18779.043.53
except for18781.362.76
that what what oh a save that's right18784.128.0
man that makes mey so happy it makes it18789.25.678
makes me happy too all right so let's go18792.125.0
the the door's locked do you want to18794.8784.402
start hitting things let's go this way18797.123.8
okay you don't want to go this cuz18799.283.0
they're trying to get us to go this way18800.923.08
but we don't we we go against the grain18802.284.24
don't we right or I didn't even realize18804.04.718
that the window is broken oh okay I18806.524.76
thought you were okay and uh I do this I18808.7184.802
got to crawl can I get in here can we18811.285.438
jump in this yeah I was there we go okay18813.525.68
just requires the use of the jump button18816.7185.24
uh oh oh okay hold on here stuff stuff18819.24.72
happening yep got there you go got the18821.9584.082
chunk turret down little action I'm so18823.924.2
proud of you Simon huh you're making use18826.043.678
of your little buddy there should be one18828.125.56
more here one more oh got to reload man18829.7187.322
whoops yeah you had that I did okay okay18833.685.64
this place okay let's just keep making18837.044.24
our way you don't have to do it you18839.323.28
don't have to do it what in the world18841.283.518
today why not yeah you can do all I want18842.65.16
you not do it I have to it's kind of a18844.7984.722
thing I'm going to break into this one18847.763.56
watch my forward I'm watching your18849.525.64
forward H look it I mean that was cake18851.325.52
we're right here but we won't we won't18855.163.88
get watch this watch this what oh we're18856.844.6
not going to get it yet yeah screw it we18859.045.598
you can we come on come on you can come18861.446.48
on come18864.6383.282
on and I got a sewing kit come on come18868.486.0
on hey Trader Rick how's that little T18875.446.24
boy boy doing let's see all right so18878.844.32
nees we want to get a mission from this18881.683.72
guy he don't have Thai food does he oh18883.164.52
God I wish he had Thai food I love some18885.44.558
good Thai food all right NES we can do a18887.684.118
fetch Quest buried supplies or clear18889.9584.042
some zombies what what's you18891.7985.682
feeling zombies or fetch zombies or18894.05.878
fetch yeah yeah we'll do zombies zombies18897.485.68
are always fun MH and you have all right18899.8784.722
we got to go to a burnt house and take18903.164.04
care of the zombies and it is let's see18904.64.64
o out there in the desert what kind of18907.24.24
bird house a burnt house not a bird18909.243.76
house burnt what's a burnt house burnt I18911.443.6
mean the house is burnt I don't know why18913.03.958
he would want us to clear zombies out of18915.044.08
a burnt house but that's what it said18916.9584.722
we're going to Burnt house yep yep we18919.124.2
got a long ride across the desert nees18921.683.6
let's get to it I'm ready following you18923.323.72
should have brought my Poncho oh a18925.284.4
poncho yeah Poncho wonder if I have a18927.046.8
poncho oh wait just wing18929.684.16
it so Simon yeah what's in the bag I18934.6386.282
don't know what's in the bag the bag was18939.483.0
here tell me what's in the bag son I18940.922.68
don't know what's in the bag it's got18942.482.88
blood on it we know we what if we18943.63.32
already know what's in the bag tell us18945.363.92
what's in the bag and oh God oh God come18946.926.638
on we're doing an interrogation sit down18949.286.8
what's in the bag Simon I don't know18953.5585.682
what's in the damn bag easy now oh hold18956.086.24
on a second right wait wait wait hold on18959.244.638
what what's wrong what's in the bag you18962.323.8
do I'm just going to Che there there's18963.8785.122
four there's four glasses in the bag oh18966.124.838
can I go now yeah you're free to go18969.04.68
thank you that was fun it was all right18970.9585.92
we hadn't been interrupted18973.685.52
yeah man you know when he said bernt18976.8784.242
house I was expecting like a small burnt18979.25.08
house this is just poorly upkept uh no I18981.124.598
mean it looks like a it did catch on18984.283.678
fire at some point really yeah right I18985.7184.322
don't see any fire damage I mean look at18987.9584.122
yeah no look at that kind of toasty18990.044.88
black wood up there eh not really yeah18992.087.16
hey lady beat it we're doing stuff no no18994.925.718
that's right so was she one of the18999.244.16
zombies we had to kill uh maybe let's19000.6385.042
see oh wait I remember how this acted19003.43.72
like last time I got to find the19005.682.878
exclamation mark which looks like it's19007.122.88
in the house so yeah shall we go through19008.5583.802
the front door oh wait hold on before we19010.04.48
progress are we sharing this Mission19012.364.76
that's a that's a thing right well yeah19014.484.238
I guess since we're friends if I get19017.123.04
experience points you get experience19018.7182.762
points too feel like you're just19020.162.92
spouting stuff out without checking19021.483.28
right now I have a thing up at the top19023.083.12
right of my screen that says clear the19024.763.878
area head to Rally Point 35 M away and I19026.23.84
have little exclamation mark in my19028.6382.92
compass right up there and I'm looking19030.043.04
at me and I don't have that and I'm19031.5583.802
wondering are you not pushing a thing to19033.084.76
let neebs participate in this no there's19035.364.598
nothing I can push that says allow neees19037.844.718
to do this same thing nothing that's19039.9584.122
basically what if I did one of these19042.5584.642
button things here okay share with nees19044.085.08
maybe I mean I can check let's see now19047.24.518
we're talking now this looks like fire19049.164.76
right here see all right keep me covered19051.7183.682
ready ready for what we're going to19053.926.638
fight him and 3 2 1 go oh it's locked19055.47.8
it's locked share Quest okay there's a19060.5583.922
there is a share Quest button I'm19063.24.32
clicking it okay are you getting it um19064.484.64
should you shared a quest with your19067.523.198
party oh wait there's an exclamation on19069.123.678
my thing now oh so you see it now yeah19070.7184.602
okay so it is a shared thing see yeah19072.7983.882
you were writing me off well I just19075.322.68
never done it before I wasn't writing19076.684.278
you off I know just when Nee speaks19078.04.76
something important's about to be said19080.9584.162
yeah here watch out throw a grenade that19082.763.92
was really close that was really close19085.124.56
got him though what a door man that door19089.764.36
is survived a fire zombie and a grenade19091.764.24
yeah all right let me go in here and19094.124.8
find the exclamation mark uh-huh or me19096.06.28
cuz we're sharing it h let's see hello19098.926.08
hello oh god well this is nasty who19102.285.678
wants this for supper who wants seconds19105.04.76
oh there's a cooking pot is that a mine19107.9583.202
or nope that's just a cooking pot I19109.763.56
think these guys are developers I think19111.163.84
that's what they do they put pictures of19113.326.39
the developers in the wall h19115.06.32
uh looks like this is a oh careful19121.324.318
platforming baby it's what I do here we19123.165.638
go make our way back this waya uh-huh19125.6385.122
look at this little bit of parkour19128.7986.0
parkour this is is interesante uh-huh19130.766.16
making our way around here is that is19134.7985.242
that interesting in one other Lang in19136.925.4
what language is that uh that would be19140.045.04
uh espanol Simon say it again19142.325.88
interesante really yeah sexy just19145.085.6
checking these hey let's uh okay got19148.24.4
this guy look at this I'm getting a19150.683.76
little bit better with the H with my19152.64.278
sledgehammer yeah it's okay hey let's um19154.445.08
we'll come back here let's go up one19156.8786.402
more tier hold okay hold com let's have19159.526.84
a beer coming Golden Rod te19163.285.598
anyone I'm not I'm not going cuz it's19166.365.56
going right19168.8787.92
there I had a feeling sumon wall safe oh19171.926.56
you want to go go to the top and come19176.7983.642
back and clear you know you know no I19178.484.6
want this wall safe I'm going up Simon19180.445.04
hey [ __ ] you call me a [ __ ] yep I19183.084.96
found the good stuff really uh not19185.484.8
really I don't know what I found did you19188.045.64
call me a [ __ ] no yeah you're just a19190.287.598
[ __ ] a I like that actually okay oh I19193.687.84
got 50 bucks yeah that was worthless19197.8785.602
piece of [ __ ] I'm up on the roof now19201.526.278
Simon wa I have got such an idea and I19203.485.64
hate that you're missing it because of19207.7983.682
that [ __ ] wall safe that stupid wall19209.125.32
safe H how did you get up there here19211.486.158
give me a second I'm kind of19214.446.92
busy whoa what I think I just blew up19217.6386.682
all the good stuff what not all but a19221.366.72
lot ah crap sorry bud drop yeah we'll19224.327.12
get that drop on the way home all19228.085.798
right all right NES ready H just drink19231.444.278
some Yuka juice woo it's sweltering out19233.8784.92
here i f a poncho oh you did I did yeah19235.7186.0
and any zombies up here anybody God even19238.7984.722
with a poncho on I am still burning up19241.7184.282
yep burning up too oh I hear him oh19243.526.118
there you oh you cute little19246.03.638
bastard is this part of the mission19249.844.038
what's going on here we're still H we're19251.7983.84
still clearing the area oh but that's19253.8783.802
part of the mission or no oh yeah it's19255.6384.722
the mission was kill zombies okay so yes19257.684.44
uh this area is where the zombies live19260.363.198
and we have to kill the Zombies in this19262.123.32
area I feel like we've cleared the house19263.5583.882
are there any in the garage out back M19265.444.438
let's look uh you okay I feel like there19267.443.88
might be something in there what's going19269.8783.442
on is that little piece sticking out I'm19271.325.68
curious see this mhm come on I bet19273.325.8
you're going to find a medical pile19277.04.798
what's in there let's see oh some glue19279.124.758
yeah I like glue uh yeah I feel like we19281.7983.962
scoured the house pretty well uh yeah19283.8782.962
let's run out back let's check the19285.764.48
garage okay let's see there's the garage19286.844.958
let me see if anybody's19290.244.2
home wait do I have oh did I use all my19291.7985.882
explosive no I didn't hello somebody19294.444.6
I like to wake him up does it work19299.043.758
sometimes here we go okay oh God that's19300.923.16
a buzzard that's a buzzard that's a19302.7984.442
buzzard I got it oh wow nice hit thanks19304.085.2
oh can I tight rope this I might be able19307.244.318
to tight rope this really yeah look at19309.285.64
look me go we're like circus free yep19311.5586.282
yep yep yep okay bam now we're going to19314.926.038
clear the garage hello we're coming in19317.844.68
get in19320.9585.722
there any zombies M no empty got some uh19322.525.4
concrete though oh it must have been19326.682.878
that bird cuz now it says return to the19327.923.878
Traer oh really yeah all right I'm going19329.5583.682
to loot this room I'll be right there19331.7984.362
sweet we did it and we're good and we19333.245.6
got a tight rope19336.162.68
walk ah taking a break from building a19348.165.36
base just to come out here and sweat my19351.165.718
ass off but hey we got some drops ah19353.525.68
there it is drop wanted to get to it19356.8784.602
before duras did I think we both have a19359.26.16
problem it's a drop problem woo lots of19361.486.6
goodies going to share with the boys19365.365.12
nice all right let's go find the other19368.084.92
one get the hell out of this hot19370.485.158
hello hey boys hey hey hey what you guys19377.166.6
been up to we got goodies like goodies19381.044.12
I'll uh I'll just start putting that19383.763.76
stuff in Simon yeah go ahead and uh go19385.163.92
ahead and tell them what you want to19387.523.52
what you wanted to do well I I wanted to19389.084.718
try to get uh another lesson I didn't19391.044.2
really get a lesson the first time but19393.7982.962
like you know just talk me through it19395.244.84
again on practicing this gyrocopter oh19396.765.0
yeah okay yeah you know what since I I19400.083.878
I've had my uh First Flight yeah I don't19401.764.56
mind if you take it out now um see dor19403.9583.882
you mind moving that jeep out of the way19406.323.72
oh sure sure you're going to need19407.843.16
everything out of the way I should19410.042.918
probably move all the buildings as well19411.03.558
yeah that might be the best all right so19412.9583.442
Simon here here's what's up so you get19414.5583.442
it you know you'll hold W to move19416.43.72
forward and then you need uh to hit19418.04.28
space bar to point your nose up right19420.123.758
and space bar points your nose up C19422.283.72
points your nose down so go ahead and19423.8784.08
take off and then like hold space bar19426.03.24
but don't hold it too much to where you19427.9583.042
flip over and go ahead and just get some19429.243.52
good hike I'll be the guy that does the19431.05.2
thing okay runways clear and move19432.765.08
forward moving forward forward for19436.24.64
takeoff forward for takeoff and doing19437.845.84
Runway one space barall and that I'll19440.844.68
chase you on the motorbike yeah you're19443.682.6
it all right get some height19446.287.0
oh boy okay the all right I got it Simon19449.26.28
y now you're holding space bar too much19453.283.278
you're pointing your nose too high in19455.486.28
the sky okay see see okay all right well19456.5586.802
that was something okay you all right19461.763.64
yeah I want to do it again yeah so yeah19463.364.12
just uh just move forward and hold space19465.43.96
bar all right and try try to lift off19467.483.2
and just uh just try to get some good19469.362.278
height before you try to start19470.683.8
maneuvering okay you may you may want to19471.6385.682
okay yeah I don't I don't know why you19474.484.64
would do that get get back on the road19477.324.16
so you have some space all right I just19479.123.92
this is like an airplane take off and19481.483.12
Landing you need a long stretch of19483.043.2
pavement all right this way Simon it's19484.63.24
very runway's right over there all right19486.244.24
hold on hold on here's a right turn19487.844.718
right turn here right over there and19490.484.12
then over here there you go there you go19492.5583.962
all right now hold space bar a little19494.64.0
bit point that nose up holding space bar19496.523.92
a little bit pointing that nose up all19498.63.16
right watch out for that tree all right19500.443.24
you point the nose a little too high19501.763.36
there you go there you go now hold W19503.683.198
hold W and keep moving forward and hold19505.124.48
hold shift to give it power a shift I19506.8784.522
didn't know shift gave it power don't19509.63.6
even worry about shift okay you're yeah19511.44.158
you got some good height oh boy look at19513.27.358
me I'm flying yeah sa it yeah now get19515.5587.24
comfortable with a space bar and C for19520.5584.042
pointing it up and down all right and19522.7983.16
you always have to hold W so you're19524.63.32
moving forward all right well what if I19525.9584.162
what if I just hold them both down at19527.924.4
the same time you know that uh yeah I19530.123.4
guess that would work and that would19532.324.16
just make you go normal all right summon19533.525.278
next step is land on the land and19536.484.318
all right um I think I figured it out19538.7985.122
you see me yeah hold on moving forward19540.7985.562
I'm going up High real high make sure19543.924.24
when you land you got a long stretch of19546.365.278
road no Landing Pad no long stretch of19548.167.76
road no Landing Pad Road okay Landing P19551.6386.802
landing pad I don't know where the see19555.925.038
me I don't know I don't see anything I'm19558.445.198
signaling you you got to go down or am I19560.9585.6
am I close to you yep straight down okay19563.6385.882
straight down oh I see it okay I'm gonna19566.5585.202
this come on forward forward forward19577.010.28
forward s it you went too far damn19581.7985.482
it that was close Okay well you did all19593.5585.522
right I'm proud of my myself yeah it's19597.243.6
all about like listen yeah ne ne are19599.083.52
crazy with your stupid Landing Pad19600.844.16
you're a quitter I could do it I just19602.64.118
quit for now I mean I bet I could do it19605.03.6
if I try you know what I'm doing19606.7185.762
it I'm coming in yep you're clear for19608.66.76
landing you're looking good let's see19612.484.8
move it forward a little19615.364.518
bit yep yep yep yep yep yep yep all I19617.284.48
got to do is just bring it down nicely19619.8783.402
Bring It Down To funing Town come on19621.763.44
trying to bring it down to funing town19623.283.24
oh it's a little too19625.26.24
hardre y yep yep yep yep yep yep and19626.527.84
cam you got to19631.446.278
stop you got to stop it I got it I got19634.365.8
this maybe we should put uh rails guard19637.7184.802
rails up Simon yeah and you know what I19640.164.398
just heard what I heard maybe you should19642.523.96
do something like I don't do anything19644.5583.522
what do you mean no I mean it sounds19646.483.398
good no he means like he doesn't want to19648.084.638
do anything you you do it yeah yeah19649.8785.76
meaning I said it's a good idea you19652.7185.08
could do it if you'd like he wants19655.6383.882
nothing to do with it I want nothing to19657.7983.682
do with it you're looking good oh no19659.524.0
that was the wrong way yep yep yep yep19661.483.8
yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep yep19663.524.278
yep yep on the19665.286.72
BAM perfect that's how you got to do it19667.7987.08
okay see it does work oh listen you can19672.05.28
do it but landing on a road much easier19674.8784.68
okay but I did make the h no you made19677.283.84
the H and it really should be a g it's a19679.5583.802
gyrocopter not a helicopter okay so19681.124.16
think about changing that maybe maybe19683.364.198
Simon could do it yeah I'll change it19685.283.678
it'll eventually change that was magic I19688.9584.0
used Magic on it yeah good job there19691.03.878
thanks all right guys you ready I'm19694.8785.322
ready I am officially ready come on baby19697.126.2
let's go okay Simon yes uh you keep your19700.25.24
eye on on Astro in case I lose sight of19703.324.16
him I'm going to you know watch the row19705.443.84
yes yes no that's what I figured we19707.483.96
could do our work we'll work together19709.283.72
yeah we're going to go west for a little19711.443.84
bit but then we're going to turn South19713.04.68
okay afro I don't know the best way that19715.284.16
we should be communicating this maybe19717.684.8
we'll just try to like follow you but my19719.444.76
point of view is pretty crappy when I'm19722.484.12
in this vehicle too okay well yeah just19724.24.16
uh just stay on the road I'll I'll guide19726.63.24
you I think you guys are about as fast19728.363.48
maybe even faster than I am I'll fly a19729.844.08
little lower do you see me yeah oh yeah19731.844.2
B yeah yeah I can almost touch your19733.925.56
balls oh yeah come19736.043.44
on much better huh yes the new sign oh19742.6385.482
my God yes I'm going to fill that in19746.084.12
it'll have the same Blue Roof as the as19748.124.48
the restaurant itself I love this I love19750.23.96
it I knew you'd love it and I'm really19752.62.958
proud of you thank you I don't think19754.163.798
anybody's ever said that to you um my19755.5584.08
mom tells me that she doesn't count19757.9583.802
though come on in here real quick I feel19759.6383.602
like this should be called the IHOP19761.763.44
skate park kind of looks like a skate19763.244.36
park to me yeah you got you got half19765.23.64
what do you call them half pipes19767.62.76
everywhere well these are like these are19768.843.878
like Banks uh that that you would see in19770.364.32
like a street skate park yeah uhhuh19772.7184.802
Within These Walls will be us outside of19774.685.92
these walls like right here blade traps19777.526.038
blade traps on each window okay and this19780.65.52
just on the corners will have some19783.5584.562
electric fence going around they're19786.124.12
going to have to go through like five19788.123.758
things before they'll be able to get to19790.244.08
us and if they do probably when they do19791.8784.92
get to us we're going to have an escape19794.325.558
plan that I'll I'll explain later love19796.7984.962
it you might outdo19799.8784.322
dalas I don't know I did well during19801.765.6
that I I just stood on a tall pole and19804.26.358
lived but yeah I know you guys perished19807.364.92
anyway yeah I'm gonna keep working on19810.5583.16
this neebs all right I'm gonna keep19812.283.12
working on the sign I appreciate you19813.7184.962
you're a a gem not a name gem but like a19815.45.558
stone cuz your name's19818.686.56
thick man abso you drive that thing like19820.9585.76
somebody who knows how to drive that19825.243.0
thing okay yeah I feel like I've gotten19826.7183.322
used to it but hey this is the place19828.244.28
what do you guys think oh it's beautiful19830.046.838
oh God as the light gets green and funky19832.527.92
yeah no this seems awful yeah what a19836.8785.482
dump right right but it's got to be full19840.445.64
of good stuff I want one thing abro I19842.365.8
want a bookstore bookstores are my19846.084.2
favorite oh bookstore okay I'm going to19848.164.6
just break down here real quick just uh19850.284.678
he's turning the other way abro he's19852.764.798
he's left you I broke off a little bit I19854.9584.482
see you no worries no worries hey I'm in19857.5585.482
a flying machine I don't care yeah okay19859.445.8
we're going into a bookstore duris I19863.043.56
don't see any but we'll see we're just19865.244.28
doing a little circle around the town Oh19866.65.32
I thought you saw a bookstore no just19869.525.16
hoping for one what that well I mean19871.924.92
okay all right what yeah listen yeah go19874.683.6
go left like you're going right there19876.843.44
perfect if we want to we can go to the19878.284.16
next town over it doesn't matter let's19880.284.598
just go somewhere abro you pick military19882.444.84
base we got it you see a military Bas oh19884.8784.322
perfect yeah it's always fun and we19887.284.438
we're so good yeah all right boys watch19889.24.96
out I'm coming in for landing all right19891.7186.602
baby ah Birds Man Kaboom not what's up19894.166.24
baby hey hey hey look you look so19898.324.558
strange in there like very very stiff19900.44.52
really yes I've been having some lower19902.8784.162
back issues if I'm completely honest oh19904.923.798
maybe that's what it is that might be it19907.043.758
let's kick some ass get these birds19908.7185.0
let's kick some bird19910.7986.322
ass same white colors no floating19913.7186.602
letters much better huh yeah perfect19917.124.8
then we'll go with the red the red19920.324.318
underline to give it some pop anbes I've19921.924.44
probably been with you to an IHOP in19924.6384.122
real life at least couple dozen times uh19926.365.0
Austin Texas yeah well well not just19928.764.48
that but yeah here in town and other19931.363.598
places but you know what I don't know19933.243.96
about you is what you normally get what19934.9584.242
do you normally get there uh love19937.25.72
scrambled eggs and sausage okay yeah I19939.25.64
was wondering uh the bread part of it or19942.924.038
the carb part of it if you ever got like19944.844.68
pancakes or or waffles there which which19946.9584.962
was it well a waffle always waffle over19949.525.32
pancake yeah okay you a pancake guy yeah19951.925.0
what blueberry there's fruit in it19954.843.84
you're going the healthy route I see19956.924.718
well I do pecans oh pecans yeah now I19958.684.76
learned something new about you you're19961.6383.842
not a pecan guy I don't know if I say it19963.444.0
that way or not I don't know I'm19965.483.84
now all right men we ready for this sir19969.325.88
sir yes sir all right here we go help in19972.486.12
the morning with the rising H in the19975.26.598
morning with the r going to kill a bunch19978.66.358
of zombies with our gun going to kill a19981.7986.682
coup of zombies with a our gun scrap19984.9587.562
turrets are pretty cool scrap turrets19988.489.12
are pretty cool I said sound of sound19992.529.84
off rub one out rub one out get off good19997.67.6
get off good get off good oh get okay I20002.364.198
was like what get off good what does20005.24.0
that mean good okay masturbating uh20006.5584.202
would have been gotcha yeah no I'm I'm20009.26.04
on the same page now ejaculate properly20010.768.56
properly okay are we ready go for it man20015.246.88
very dark in here hey hey buddy maybe20019.325.04
that guy has a helmet Simon for you he20022.123.8
did but you know the odds of it being20024.363.08
able to come off is a different story20025.923.36
altogether I need to put on my night20027.444.16
vision cuz I can't see [ __ ] in these20029.283.92
really it's very dark in there I don't20031.62.8
remember anything good being in that20033.22.64
building I remember the good stuff being20034.43.12
over here Simon let's go to the good20035.843.4
stuff that's what my mom used to always20037.523.64
tell me yeah there's a basement in this20039.243.28
building that's pretty much Hill on20041.165.96
earth oh so that's good stuff yeah maybe20042.5210.038
maybe s off three 4 1 2 3 4 oh there's a20047.128.96
oh wow wow that's a big guy you guys do20052.5589.08
no get shot oh [ __ ] easy easy easy20056.089.68
easy oh yeah bring it on ding dong how20061.6386.682
we doing s how we doing hey doing pretty20065.765.24
good I'm not dead yet and I used my junk20068.324.68
turret properly man you're you're20071.03.16
becoming a professional with the junk20073.03.798
turret Salon I love it thank you yeah20074.164.44
yeah yeah yeah all right yeah all this20076.7985.442
is crap follow me follow me all20078.63.64
right ooh ooh it's down here it's down20082.46.96
here I remember this I remember this20086.365.4
uhhuh yeah this room right here Simon20089.364.518
look look in that room look in that room20091.765.44
oh there's stuff in that room there look20093.8785.282
how many safes are in that one room oh20097.25.24
my God I like that I like that all right20099.164.84
so we need to get in there's a secret20102.442.8
entrance though there's a secret20104.03.0
entrance over here I love how they build20105.243.718
all these military Bas is the exact same20107.06.6
way y government jobs yep and sound off20108.9587.482
three four okay hold on I got to open20113.64.52
this bit now there going to be people20116.444.04
back here oh yeah yep look look at him20118.124.64
hiding let me let me put on my my turret20120.483.76
yeah throw a junkie down I'll throw a20122.764.52
junkie down I'll throw my junkie down20124.245.88
can I there we go nope oh beautiful20127.285.72
beautiful beautiful I got dibs on left20130.126.52
safe um okay20133.04.37
uh EES yep help where did all this come20139.084.04
from you know what and I was actually20141.6384.282
saying I missed the old Conga lines yeah20143.124.88
a lot of Conga lines I saw a screamer20145.924.6
earlier but yeah oh she running oh come20148.05.92
on oh boy she on me oh man why there so20150.525.4
many military guys right now yeah thank20153.923.798
you for your service I think that's it20155.923.52
thick yeah I think you're right get back20157.7184.042
to building20159.447.278
yep and what what 22 repair kits you20161.768.198
shut it hey hell yeah you shut that I20166.7186.24
love it I love it now that's that's a20169.9585.84
really good F yeah hell yeah all right I20172.9585.322
got to unload I'm too um too full of20175.7985.282
stuff so I'm unloading but uh good job20178.285.76
man yeah should we uh go somewhere else20181.084.68
do something else I you know I saw a big20184.043.96
building not too far from us that it20185.764.64
just looked intriguing and dangerous20188.04.958
well there's no better team for the job20190.44.68
well you're not wrong there I might be20192.9585.962
you're probably wrong20195.083.84
nebes I don't think the Home Depot's20199.043.24
been looted and I need mechanical parts20200.5584.08
to make more blade traps yeah I brought20202.285.76
a wrench so let's tear it apart yeah oh20204.6384.602
I was going to knock this door down it's20208.042.838
unlocked why don't you do the honors20209.244.558
okay uh hello neebs and thick here we20210.8785.402
need mechanical Parts oh you hear that20213.7985.242
oh there he is that's a lady right did20216.286.08
she just dropped something Miss yeah oh20219.045.518
crap shot twice didn't I got to count my20222.364.68
bullets yeah I'm reloaded now uh20224.5585.362
guessing these to the stairs oh yep yep20227.044.678
underneath zombies we got a little20229.924.638
whipper snapper over here he's down I20231.7185.042
think yep good job G that must mean20234.5584.202
ground floor ground floor I mean this20236.764.72
building is probably not big enough to20238.765.44
need all that lots of doors oh this is20241.485.398
second floor yeah because it's two up20244.24.12
yeah yeah you start with one and then20246.8784.0
you go to two it's it's a numbers thing20248.323.96
they didn't start with one they started20250.8783.362
with the alphabet20252.286.64
huh oh God reload stunn Mees take over I20254.248.08
got you I got you I got you reloading20258.926.56
there's more oh good idea okay you're20262.324.92
reloaded I'm reloaded there's one coming20265.485.36
through that door you ready yes come on20267.246.478
and oh nice we get him no oh no we're20270.845.36
here for your mechanical part sir y just20273.7184.362
aside what do you see up that around the20278.085.798
motherload pretty much really yeah looks20280.765.878
like three Shak of Messiah crates a huge20283.8784.162
giant metal crate20286.6383.482
couple other crates it's like all right20288.043.518
here there's got to be good stuff in20290.123.72
this building too you think well yeah of20291.5585.122
course but you know helit light please20293.843.84
all right here's what we're going to do20296.682.48
you're going to start up there we're20297.683.08
going to start down here and we're going20299.164.24
to sandwich them SWAT team style I guess20300.764.32
I'll grab this stuff first and catch you20303.43.398
when I catch you that sounds good all20305.083.76
right Simon you ready I just I just got20306.7984.08
a mouthful of food let's do it what the20308.845.24
hell are you eating um cheese and nuts20310.8785.522
cheese and nuts yeah did you know we20314.084.52
were recording some did you know that I20316.45.158
did it cuz I wanted to a rebel he's20318.65.198
hungry when he's hungry yeah let's see20321.5584.802
oh boy you call it call what oh you20323.7984.482
already in oh I'm breaking in yeah well20326.363.358
I got I got a pile of dirt in front of20328.283.518
me all right here we go boom yeah go on20329.7186.682
in go on in go in haa oh wow what pretty20331.7986.242
tall building yeah it is tall building20336.44.44
all right so up the stairs o maybe or or20338.044.678
or Simon we go to the basement there's a20340.843.2
basement I bet there's good stuff in the20342.7182.76
basement he's got the roof covered we20344.043.4
get the basement that is you're a smart20345.4785.32
man let's do this o yeah okay okay tell20347.445.278
you oh okay I have to go through all20350.7983.16
this stuff I don't want to go through20352.7183.042
all this stuff do you no break through20353.9584.282
this [ __ ] ah okay watch out look at this20355.765.24
I got to help too my man with the cheese20358.246.08
and nuts M I give you my nuts if if you20361.05.08
were here I'd let you have some in your20364.323.08
mouth you're very generous with your20366.083.68
nuts that's why I like you Simon y free20367.43.8
with the nuts this what my mom always20369.764.0
said you free with your nuts yeah all20371.25.72
right [ __ ] oh God [ __ ] what' you20373.765.28
that guys can you hear me yeah what's up20379.044.438
I just unloaded a bunch of stuff in the20381.7983.562
Jeep I'm just going to go to this place20383.4783.842
next door real quick you guys good luck20385.364.278
I'll meet you back here in a second okay20387.323.88
let us know if you find anything Simon20389.6383.08
did you find anything oh I haven't20391.24.48
really looked anywhere20392.7187.84
yet who's a happy boy D is a happy20395.687.64
boy door is a happy20400.5587.562
boy hey hey20403.324.8
okay let's do20408.4785.962
it oh hi yeah we know how this goes20410.6384.84
knows okay come on come20415.4788.362
on come on who's going to win the fat20419.766.28
brao on the left of the business guy on20423.844.878
the right we all win20426.047.96
really oh well there you go okay ooh20428.7189.322
loot bag who don't like a loot bag20434.05.6
okay um night20438.048.08
vision time to get my read on oh y easy20439.610.56
killer well I deserve the read too you20446.126.358
[ __ ] 3 2 1 shoot did we kill him is he20452.9587.76
no he's still coming you see him yep20458.44.68
yeah is he down okay normally those guys20460.7184.92
are tougher but we're that good okay he20463.085.718
down oh20465.6386.402
okay oh oh he's still up behind your EES20468.7986.562
oh no okay help me okay he's on my back20472.045.56
hold on EBS I don't want to shoot you20475.364.278
yeah I don't want you shoot me either20477.65.48
oh I'm leing okay bandage is that all of20479.6385.962
them I think so man he really wanted me20483.084.878
holy cow thick tastes good too yeah20485.63.76
you're going to need a new new pair of20487.9583.84
drawers aren't you yeah I'm the uh filet20489.366.24
minan of zombie food apparently okay so20491.7987.482
here is a lantern yep and oh yeah ah20495.65.278
what a jump you're an athlete can you20499.283.64
believe how good I jump things well can20500.8783.962
you get up there I got to craft a box20502.924.958
hold on yep I can't place a box there oh20504.845.56
God move a second there I got up oh God20507.8785.562
I fell down yep okay now I'm up I'm down20510.46.04
God neebs are you stuck Y no yep can't20513.445.56
do it oh there we go got it h come on up20516.445.56
neees yep no there's no boxes in the way20519.05.84
a no just go without me can't be done20522.04.6
what's up there let's see it looks like20524.844.56
I can get to the roof possibly oh yeah20526.64.68
just share with me I'll watch you down20529.43.96
here okay now I'm going to have to nerd20531.285.4
pull up here to the roof okay oh boy20533.366.278
military friends and yep lots of20536.686.08
oh you need back up yep oh that guy's20539.6385.522
jump in needs help run to me I'm coming20542.765.16
run back yep run them backoo there he is20545.164.84
are they on you yes I don't see them you20547.924.2
just wait hear all that screaming I hear20550.04.32
it getting out my AK for this oh20552.125.16
military guy yep there he is oh oh20554.325.28
another one oh there a green guy green20557.286.4
guy's coming oh boy Little Spider Guy no20559.67.44
okay oh we should probably run run no go20563.685.0
for hey that's probably the toughest20567.045.08
part I think we're good that was hairy20568.686.4
now get back up there champ20572.125.758
okay oh hey who's that oh it's got to be20575.086.32
theas oh boy oh boy oh20577.8787.722
boy oh that's a lot of them do oh oh20581.48.318
[ __ ] that wasn't ready ready for that20585.67.68
y oo man this building is full of them20589.7186.642
[ __ ] has been crazy I I probably killed20593.285.678
about 30 of them jeez and you got to be20596.365.48
careful half of these oh yep oh boy hey20598.9584.482
man I want to be in this room this is a20601.844.24
room full of20603.442.64
ladies hey that's my type of bedroom20606.1610.558
yeah lady fil yeah yeah yeah exactly20610.446.278
what got oh that's a f20617.443.76
boy oh thick loves Fat Boys I'll tell20621.526.16
them about this hey oh fast one a that's20625.164.08
a runner20627.684.08
jeez this place is a hoot it is a hoot20631.764.4
I'm running out of ammo in this damn20634.763.118
place I was hoping to find some but20636.163.6
Jesus I've got some in the Jeep okay20637.8783.562
good anything good in this toilet in the20639.763.68
ammo nope just piss water anything in20641.444.4
this sink e wrench I'll always take a20643.445.118
Good Wrench that's what said yes she did20645.845.638
say that she said I I'd love to get20648.5584.722
wrenched on Friday20651.4786.0
night wrench my [ __ ] hole who whoa whoa20653.288.76
listen man it's a family show it is20657.4784.562
a oh hey nighttime uh we should probably20662.445.438
go home yeah feel like I'm not scared of20665.9584.082
night time anymore well really yeah20667.8784.642
we're warriors Champions why can I not20670.044.4
find a flashlight for one of my weapons20672.523.52
I don't know like we just looted that20674.444.0
entire thing like come on yeah right20676.044.88
it's and it's a Home Depot flashlight20678.444.16
needs to be there flashlight shouldn't20680.923.84
be this hard it's like the uh I don't20682.64.56
know diamonds in Minecraft I can't20684.765.6
relate actually I can mhm oh hold on20687.165.478
right here are you collecting plants yep20690.364.118
that one needs repaired for some reason20692.6383.522
I don't know how you repair a plant try20694.4783.602
it with your hammer or something or your20696.164.16
Hatchet give it old right click well not20698.084.638
that ham no not thick come on oh no that20700.324.318
didn't work of course it didn't work I20702.7183.84
meant you're like claw hammer not a20704.6383.762
sledge Hammer well that was a big hammer20706.5583.482
wasn't it a hammer that you build with20708.44.8
who's this guy behind us uh you focus on20710.045.28
him I'll watch our backs yeah well that20713.23.88
was that was actually behind us by the20715.324.72
way so just saying we're good all right20717.084.558
yeah if you see potted plants cuz we're20720.043.4
actually going to decorate the IHOP20721.6384.362
skate park I'm with you on that one but20723.445.358
uh seriously no one builds repairs with20726.04.84
a sledgehammer thought that was a given20728.7983.962
all right well next time but keep an eye20730.844.2
out for plants and zombies cuz it's20732.765.038
night Plants fors Zombies plants vers20735.044.64
zombies all right you guys ready to go20737.7985.16
back home no yeah no oh boy what the20739.685.36
hell was that what was that smoke right20742.9583.162
youu whoa oh bat come on bats it dropped20746.127.8
something all right got some ammo I left20751.43.84
my junk turret in there I don't even20753.922.878
know where I left it my I don't have my20755.243.398
junk turret oh why do you keep leaving20756.7983.76
your junk turret I I'm still trying to20758.6383.442
get used to it I'm [ __ ] it up all20760.5583.962
right so can do you get anyone anybody20762.083.76
well yeah we're going to help you get it20764.523.118
we need to get that all right I saw one20765.843.6
on the ground in here but yeah now it's20767.6383.602
night time it's dangerous Simon I know20769.445.0
do you know what uh like floor it was on20771.247.718
like uh yeah it's like uh up here uh uh20774.446.48
retrace your steps Simon all right hold20778.9584.442
on I was over to the right to the right20780.925.16
I was this way I went here do you20783.44.68
remember cuz I don't know if I went over20786.085.08
there but maybe I did oh okay I feel20788.085.84
like it was over here somewhere I could20791.166.52
be wrong don't were you wrong were you20793.926.558
wrong hold20797.685.6
on yeah yeah I was wrong he was wrong20800.4785.202
place is a damn maze dude you know what20803.284.64
I don't know man it might not even even20805.684.32
put put down in this building for all I20807.923.68
know no it's in here somewhere I20810.05.24
remember seeing it I got it hey20811.67.4
yeah oh wow that was lucky yeah small20815.245.04
victories all right we getting out of20819.03.6
here yeah all right meet back at the car20820.284.678
in the driver copter all right just jeez20822.63.64
I don't even know how to get out of here20824.9583.362
this place is the freaking maze guys20826.243.6
hurry up man am I the only one that20828.323.318
knows what he's doing get out front oh20829.844.08
you shut your dumb mouth you shut your20831.6384.962
ass Simon oh there's a bear out here20833.925.12
hurry up perfect perfect I just shot it20836.64.358
for some reason why would I do that20839.044.2
maybe give it your junk turret what bear20840.9585.76
oh that bear yep that's a bear go for it20843.247.318
don't do it don't do it yeah eat him up20846.7188.08
we need up we up who stupid bear that's20850.5587.802
going to get killed by junk20854.7987.362
we take a picture silly we20858.367.88
over all right let's go home all20862.164.08
right so my plan is to have a barrier20868.6385.402
here but right before it have a blade20871.9584.442
trap so on each side right here blade20874.044.678
trap so I I don't know if if there's20876.43.96
anything flawed here because it's not20878.7185.202
all built but yeah any any thoughts on20880.365.24
on what I could do better here and this20883.923.68
is where we you guys plan on standing20885.63.92
right in here during the theight here20887.64.84
yes yes do you hate it no we're20889.523.88
definitely going to need some more20892.443.08
barriers though yeah yeah no those are20893.43.92
we're going to have barriers here hey20895.524.6
whoa hey guys hey Dalias hey I heard an20897.325.08
un unfamiliar voice going on here Who20900.124.16
the hell's this you got a consultant I'm20902.44.318
Consulting oh you're Consulting Glock n20904.285.64
oh that's me oh glocky Glock glocky20906.7185.562
glocky Glocks yeah I've heard of you you20909.923.84
think this is fair to bring on a a20912.282.88
professional consultant guys well I20913.763.198
think it's helpful it's it's not so much20915.163.638
uh we're not cheating I would have liked20916.9584.082
you to had one I think20918.7984.642
yeah yeah all right you guys have a good20921.044.24
day I hope your building goes well I20923.444.198
hope you're the damn real Glock N I hope20925.284.04
or you watch it you better get that gun20927.6383.32
out of my face boy well you know what20929.323.36
it's just that it's how it holds it when20930.9583.68
I'm just standing here I'm just20932.684.4
talking it's not a threatening thing see20934.6384.202
the real Glock n would have known that20937.083.718
it just stands this way yeah I know20938.843.718
you're right maybe he is a fraud you20940.7984.242
could you could hold water yeah okay20942.5585.802
catch you laters clock 9 gamer right20945.045.518
sorry about that man he's a little weird20948.365.64
sometimes he'll get used to20950.5583.442
it oh abro oo is that the sweet sweet20954.446.96
sounds of dalas I hear yeah what's up20958.7184.402
Buble we got a problem that's what's up20961.43.078
what's up what's up with the gun why are20963.122.8
you pointing a gun at me why you holding20964.4783.722
a stun baton at me I'm not holding a20965.923.878
baton at you why I mean the gun's right20968.23.88
at my chest easy okay uh is that better20969.7983.84
that's much better we got a problem20972.083.0
what's that they brought on a20973.6383.442
professional consultant oh the20975.083.878
consultant yeah the consultant I met him20977.083.68
you knew about that yeah it's a good20978.9583.122
idea to bring on a consultant honest to20980.762.118
God you should have brought on a20982.082.28
consultant for that [ __ ] show that you20982.8783.642
you shut your stupid over there on that20984.363.68
mountain the other day Flawless H night20986.523.08
you idiot it was anything but flawless20988.043.08
anything but flawless anyway what do you20989.62.68
want to do today why you poting the cun20991.122.92
at me again I'm getting ready to cuz you20992.283.24
never know Zombies come out of nowhere20994.043.4
listen a no damn zombies here it's like20995.523.278
you've never seen zombies just come out20997.443.6
of nowhere here what is okay you calm20998.7984.0
down with me all right I don't need this21001.044.0
right now stressed I'm stressed okay21002.7983.68
don't you know what what what would make21005.043.518
you less stressed looting you want to go21006.4783.522
looting let's go looting let's go21008.5583.362
looting feel better you know you know21010.03.36
what I'll get over this [ __ ] okay you21011.924.08
take the bike I'll take the21013.364.598
copter all right so what do you think21016.04.12
man well I think no matter how many21017.9584.6
spikes or barbed wire or blade traps you21020.123.88
put they're going to get right through21022.5583.602
them quickly and if we don't upgrade21024.04.36
this Cobblestone to concrete they're21026.164.44
going to bust right through these walls21028.363.76
and we're going to all be screwed how do21030.63.6
you do that upgrade to concrete you just21032.124.2
need Concrete in your inventory these21034.23.56
half blocks you can't upgrade21036.323.2
unfortunately though so we'd have to put21037.763.56
like a block in front of it yeah or21039.523.56
knock them out no don't knock him down21041.323.398
because well listen I think you got to21043.083.44
knock him out don't you isn't isn't he21044.7183.602
the pro didn't you bring him in don't21046.523.92
tell him what to do and what not to do21048.325.158
okay okay okay calm down man thank you21050.444.72
I'm sorry but all of a sudden I feel21053.4783.882
very attracted to Glock n he it's I21055.163.84
don't know what it is but he seems like21057.363.278
he really knows what he's talking about21059.03.84
must be an East Coast thing ooh yeah21060.6383.882
baby you could just put up another wall21062.843.76
like this you know and then like21064.523.8
concrete that's all concrete right well21066.63.84
it would upgrade to Wood and then21068.324.44
Cobblestone and then concrete gotcha you21070.444.32
can upgrade wood to concrete oh you have21072.764.44
to go wood then to Cobblestone and then21074.764.08
to concrete and then you can upgrade it21077.23.4
again with concrete and it'll be21078.844.4
reinforced what a how long have we been21080.64.32
playing this game so you're telling me21083.243.52
you put wood down and that wood can turn21084.924.038
into concrete that's right that doesn't21086.764.44
make any sense you could start with21088.9584.082
Cobblestone we should have we should21091.24.598
have gotten a consultant 5 years ago21093.045.2
everybody uh get the supplies when we21095.7984.362
come back we're doing this hey well21098.243.44
listen wait a second don't I thought I21100.163.398
was going to go looting maybe and choke21101.684.198
Glock around our world yeah I need loot21103.5584.0
is that going to happen yeah I think it21105.8783.84
it needs to happen Simon you can you can21107.5584.042
show them the ropes books can tell you a21109.7184.362
lot obviously your book smart clock but21111.63.68
I'm going to show you how it is in the21114.083.2
real world let's do it yeah on the21115.285.438
streets of my brain good luck you open21117.285.278
the door by hitting e just to let you21120.7183.482
know we're getting in the Jeep yep get21122.5585.282
in the Jeep shotgun21124.23.64
SK boom like a glove like a damn glove21128.4785.922
good find Absa this is a it's like21132.325.158
Adam's family is huh yeah I would Peg21134.45.36
that as Adam's family this is not I21137.4784.642
don't come on come on come on are you21139.763.798
you're trying to run over a rabbit okay21142.124.72
I'm done I was well no one more [ __ ]21143.5585.482
little [ __ ] come on [ __ ] [ __ ] come21146.844.0
here come here little [ __ ] get it get21149.043.918
get that some [ __ ] get that some [ __ ]21150.843.84
[ __ ] come here [ __ ] hey circle around21152.9582.722
he's going this way he's going this way21154.683.118
I bought him oh get out in the open you21155.683.44
little bastard come here you think21157.7982.522
you're so21159.123.8
sneaky come on you saw that drive him21160.324.36
back this way drive him back this way21162.923.32
where is he did I get him did he get21164.683.84
away oh he oh you know what go on and21166.244.558
get you going and chew I don't even see21168.524.958
him he went to the South let's focus21170.7984.482
okay let's focus I'm on edge today I'm21173.4783.4
I'm on edge for no reason well there's21175.282.92
reasons but I'm not going to let it get21176.8782.042
me there we go how you do sir oh where'd21178.927.24
that guy go he went to the left prow and21183.325.28
P oh I thought this was prowling pets21186.166.558
it's prowling pets pets uh well now that21188.65.6
I I thought it was pets I was going to21192.7183.802
ask you a question uh do you have any21194.24.92
pets I have a dog oh you're a dog guy21196.524.72
what kind of dog do you have he's a 98lb21199.124.438
pitbull that shits all over my backyard21201.244.8
oh sounds like a cute he got cute cute21203.5585.0
shits oh yeah oh that's nice I got I got21206.045.04
a little uh Karen Terrier he's like a21208.5585.16
Toto a Toto dog oh easy shits to clean21211.085.12
up though I bet easy listen the shits21213.7184.282
are or what you really need to pay21216.23.04
attention to when you're getting an21218.02.958
animal obviously you didn't know what21219.243.558
the hell you were doing or you just like21220.9583.802
[ __ ] I I just didn't think it through21222.7983.0
yeah you didn't let well have you21224.762.84
learned to like [ __ ] I have no choice21225.7983.92
now okay well then good listen are you21227.63.76
doing good you're breaking in here nice21229.7183.642
now let me go ahead of you all right let21231.365.88
me lead the W Rook go ahead all right so21233.365.76
hold on uh well there's stuff in my way21237.243.76
there's trash I'm loting it you you21239.124.0
better loot it I got it get okay good21241.03.638
thank you very now I can't walk past the21243.122.96
trash are you kidding me what in the21244.6383.442
world I got to break the trash with the21246.084.16
sledgehammer come on break the trash I'm21248.084.44
breaking I'm shooting the trash now I21250.244.0
just shot at it for Christ's sake hold21252.524.118
on I've never had to break trash in this21254.245.0
game this is going21256.6386.32
well oh man got had a bookshelf a21259.246.52
bookcase yeah God I love learning stuff21262.9585.642
knowledge is power they say they do say21265.764.798
that I'm heading up heading up oh God21268.65.038
dalis what porch porch porch porch yeah21270.5585.0
P what look look yeah just look outside21273.6385.202
just just look out there hey21275.5585.362
buddy what are you doing you can21278.843.118
probably see him pretty well with those21280.922.52
night vision goggles you got on am I21281.9583.082
wearing them oh yeah I've got them on21283.443.038
yeah you wearing them we didn't feed21285.043.04
them you're not supposed to feed Bears21286.4783.522
you know are you eating the porch what21288.084.32
are you doing you idiot oh wait what you21290.03.878
know what hold on I got an idea I got21292.43.238
some explosive arrows yeah that'll be21293.8783.68
more fun yeah I've always wanted to use21295.6383.802
explosive arrows on a bear he's going to21297.5585.442
love that yeah watch out yep watch it21299.445.88
out he's just sitting there21303.05.6
like up this damn bear oh who's taking21305.325.92
some explosive AR you the21308.65.4
face oh who's a dumb bear you want some21311.245.16
[ __ ] hey Glock Yeah couple of21317.925.638
guys right here or maybe a lady and a21320.445.198
and a Gentleman really trying to get21323.5583.522
through hopefully there's no trash21325.6384.122
blocking our way this time hopefully not21327.086.32
and head shot all right here we go all21329.765.68
right H they're falling off the roof are21333.45.398
they yeah what are you doing oh god oh I21335.445.24
might shoot you by accident if I do no21338.7984.84
offense she's dead all right good she's21340.685.038
dead now anyone else coming from the21343.6384.202
roof there's another one okay here this21345.7184.802
is what I need there we go enough is21347.844.76
enough already okay maybe one to the21350.525.84
Head good thank you can we please try to21352.65.56
get in the building I'm trying to show21356.362.92
around looks clear pretty clear huh for21359.284.8
now so what did you get in the blast21362.283.72
building what do you got oh hello sir21364.084.84
all got to reload I got an AK oh good oh21366.04.76
that was all my ammo though that's it21368.923.16
that's it all right actually you know21370.763.52
what I did for you kid I gave you some21372.084.52
of my ammo you know why I appreciate21374.284.278
that why I feel for you you know you're21376.63.52
the new kid on the Block you know what21378.5583.362
I'm saying yeah I like you Simon I like21380.125.16
you too we got something21381.923.36
special durus you see him ah I did21385.925.52
earlier I lost visual hold on he's like21389.044.598
right there by the path I'm looking at21391.445.96
him oh I see him I see him oh god oh21393.6386.402
Perfect come here you little [ __ ]21397.44.158
scare him don't you scare him I would21400.043.8
never scare him is that the same one21401.5583.762
[ __ ] I lost him and then now I see21403.843.52
another one what he's going up the hill21405.324.238
they're [ __ ] with us now this is21407.364.08
hairy yeah I get it I get it I get it21411.445.198
all right stay crouched I am you don't21414.4784.16
yeah night vision goggles are heavy I'm21416.6386.122
not wearing them would you take them21418.6384.122
off they hide in this grass man they're21422.9584.202
clever little bastard can you blame him21425.43.398
no I can't blame him we're hunting them21427.163.558
with an explosive Arrow I can't blame21428.7983.722
them for hiding at all maybe if I jump21430.7183.802
around it'll it'll be like oh he's a21432.524.48
look at that look at I'm a rabbit too21434.524.72
we're just all rabbits did we lose him21437.04.16
did it fall into my rabbit hole maybe no21439.244.478
no are you down here buddy no we can't21441.164.68
oh oh oh oh I saw him I saw him I saw21443.7183.602
what this way he was this way he was21445.843.92
this way come on Jesus a full circle now21447.324.08
look at him going up the hill like a oh21449.763.52
no no no this is fine this is fine oh21451.43.558
there it is oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah21453.283.96
uh-uh uh-uh no I'm meeting you over here21454.9585.562
nope nope nope nope uh-uh oh I think he21457.248.238
got still oh no no no yes oh dead got21460.526.118
[ __ ] suck it you little [ __ ]21466.6385.282
ooh who got exploded who's a blown up21469.45.238
bunny boy you a blown up21471.924.958
boy so Glock yeah look at uh above your21476.8785.482
head there and you'll see like you know21480.843.718
the map is Southwest and south and north21482.364.198
and you see those those like yellow21484.5584.482
orangey boxes with parachutes above them21486.5585.042
yeah I see them yep drops come here21489.044.758
coming follow me they're close I've21491.64.038
never done this before we happen to get21493.7984.0
lucky okay okay and they're right21495.6384.08
they're right up here and I like to run21497.7983.562
when I can I know we could have taken21499.7183.482
the vehicle but got to get your cardio21501.364.64
in yeah I mean why not right I mean it's21503.25.24
just good for you all right so you see21506.04.84
wait a second where's the drop over here21508.443.48
look at this there's one there's one21510.842.44
right here yeah boom now get in there21511.923.68
let's see what you got kiddo come on kid21513.284.08
anything good good for you oh yeah chem21515.64.08
station receipt there's a knife and some21517.364.92
painkillers first aid a beaker and a21519.685.08
challenge oh you got a first aid yeah I21522.284.16
got some first aid kits yeah you might21524.763.52
need to oh you got more than one yeah21526.443.6
two of them you want one oh yeah yeah21528.284.0
you give me one right now kid I will you21530.044.08
might need them both but you know I'm21532.284.88
sorry I need something you know okay so21534.124.92
there's another one they come in pairs21537.163.92
like your ball sack well not your ball21539.043.56
sack your testicles your ball sack21541.083.638
there's only one of them yeah but drops21542.64.48
come in two testicles remember that hold21544.7184.402
on let me make a quick note I don't want21547.084.36
to forget that yep two testicles always21549.124.24
but I it might have dropped in it's in21551.443.88
the skate part look at oh it's a skate21553.363.72
park here look at this okay we'll just21555.324.04
go right over bam well that's what I was21557.084.0
that's what I was going to do so21559.364.56
whatever yeah yeah see I I you screwed21561.085.32
it up come on jump there okay thank you21563.924.52
all right you get this one I knew wow21566.44.28
that's all you I'm going to search it oh21568.445.278
slam a jam I got a marksman rifle21570.685.52
schematic uh listen can I give that that21573.7184.122
to you take that you need some armor21576.24.92
take a compound bow huh oh nice and and21577.845.4
look at this 17 iron Arrow didn't I I21581.124.12
think I gave you one of my bows earlier21583.244.36
on yeah you give me a crossbow I want to21585.245.318
see you take down a bird with that thing21587.64.92
before the day is over and if you don't21590.5584.602
do it you're going to be my [ __ ] for21592.524.76
the next I don't know how long let's21595.164.798
just say a week a week all21597.286.32
right hey outro what's up boys how's21599.9585.642
this how's this looking hey hey hey21603.62.92
oh boy yeah great landing yeah this21606.524.88
place is looking cool yeah yeah well21609.443.518
listen I'm going to paint when you're21611.43.44
done reinforcing cuz I don't want you to21612.9584.722
forget what you reinforced got it yeah21614.845.038
yeah yeah so look there'll be more blade21617.684.798
traps I do have one of those uh what is21619.8784.722
this thing called a battery Bank over21622.4784.802
here M so right now we have five21624.65.038
batteries in there we need at least one21627.283.96
more battery actually I think there's a21629.6383.202
ton of them at the chest back at the21631.242.92
back at the place I think that's where I21632.843.2
got them from but I'm not sure oh you21634.164.318
son of a [ __ ] I am a son of a [ __ ] hey21636.045.24
guys hey D well where's uh where's Glock21638.4785.16
at uh Simon's out showing him the ropes21641.284.08
showing him the ropes thought that was a21643.6383.562
good idea huh well we we're just kind of21645.363.68
humoring Simon you know not a real good21647.23.758
use of a consultant is it no it's a21649.043.16
terrible use of a consultant he should21650.9582.722
have been here the entire time helping21652.23.278
you build this place well we basically21653.683.36
sent him off with an idiot listen he21655.4783.08
gave us some direction we started21657.043.518
reinforcing some of this uh Cobblestone21658.5584.32
into concrete we already did that like21660.5583.762
what's the next thing you might want to21662.8783.042
you might want to get him back here he21664.323.478
hourly how much you paying this guy not21665.923.76
paying him anything he's he's he's a new21667.7983.722
friend just take advantage of him then21669.684.038
yeah he is getting ripped21671.526.68
off all right so listen uh Glock yeah is21673.7186.482
it true that there are more birds around21678.25.24
the desert yeah I I I think so okay so21680.24.518
we're going to try to we're going to try21683.442.518
to do this and you know what you can21684.7182.602
maybe you can even get on top of this21685.9582.722
water tower right here if you want if21687.322.84
you want to get some height what do you21688.683.32
think you want me to shoot a so the bird21690.163.36
you want it to be flying in the air and21692.03.0
you want me to shoot it out of the air21693.523.08
is that what you want of course I mean21695.02.92
how else do you shoot a bird when it's21696.63.24
sitting down what kind of a man are you21697.923.08
yeah I usually shoot them while they're21699.843.08
sleeping no you shoot them when they're21701.04.638
flying that's what men do I didn't agree21702.924.878
to that bet though okay so in other21705.6384.16
words you're not a man that's fine you21707.7983.962
don't have to be a man let's do it I21709.7985.042
mean you beever you want to be go ahead21711.765.038
no let's find a bird come on okay let's21714.845.6
find a bird hello Miss oh this is insane21716.7984.92
that was the farthest I've ever seen any21720.443.84
one fly all right so bird bird bird is21721.7184.522
there like a bird call or something you21724.283.72
got any bird calls that you know I don't21726.244.12
know of any yeah try to think of one21728.03.4
like what do you think a bird would21730.363.0
sound like oh there's one there's one21731.43.68
one that's what I would do look it's21735.084.08
right here all right all right go do it21737.324.2
I got it get out I got him oh you got21739.164.6
him in one shot I got him look at that21741.524.278
you're my [ __ ] now right I will be your21743.763.92
[ __ ] cuz I just I knew you could be a21745.7983.802
man and I knew that you could do this21747.684.16
yourself and I'm just proud of you all21749.65.038
right let's get the [ __ ] out of the21751.847.0
desert I I hear you are you in here oh21754.6387.402
there you are just one of you okay stay21758.846.16
down go come on that's that's enough21762.045.32
bullets right um is there another way in21765.04.84
there can I you should have yep you21767.366.0
should have walked around21769.847.2
see oh crap shot up no no that's not the21773.366.598
one I want go down that it you have more21777.045.36
friends good Lord I shouldn't have told21779.9585.282
y'all The Secret of walking around okay21782.45.078
this is Cobblestone and concrete stuff I21785.243.638
think so was21787.4784.08
that oh there's stairs maybe I'm the21788.8784.882
idiot could have came in this way I'm21791.5584.362
hearing more stuff aren't I Who's down21793.767.038
there hello okay coming down I hear you21795.926.638
is that outside where's that go that'd21800.7983.642
be weird to have a door in your bedroom21802.5584.882
that goes outside right that oh it's a21804.449.16
balcony o there you are okay oh no oh no21807.4410.0
what what surv about the fall please wo21813.68.4
goodness oh man yep keep moving NES keep21817.448.438
moving NES God ah there's so many what21822.06.798
is up with that house I'm hurt hurt21825.8785.042
really bad going to bleed to death and21828.7987.202
die no his FS are glowing run away NES21830.9211.52
run faster just if I survive no I'm21836.09.718
stuck jeez he spawned way out there oh21842.444.84
Tak him forever to get back oh I got the21845.7183.24
I got the perfect thing that'll help him21847.283.438
don't worry knees I'm coming for you did21848.9583.042
I call you21850.7184.682
knees stupid21852.03.4
knees okay still have a long walk um21855.766.92
hardware store seems like a good place21859.7187.602
is this place uh yeah let's go for it uh21862.687.76
hello it's open right on I'll leave that21867.325.84
open in case I need to run away oh yep21870.447.8
okay okay okay all already man uh oh I21873.169.798
got nothing I got nothing but fist ma'am21878.247.04
kind of early to be running isn't it uh21882.9583.68
let's see maybe I can lose her on the21885.282.84
mountain how good are you at mountain21886.6384.522
climbing up here up here yeah I'm going21888.127.8
to outsmart you lady and uh sir wow you21891.166.52
going to let her out run you like that21895.924.638
come on Miss yeah yeah yeah oh wow she's21897.684.198
getting pretty good now she's getting21900.5583.24
close oh she's getting really close all21901.8784.282
right she's not behind me21903.7986.322
all right did I lose her Lees yeah right21906.166.2
above you hey keep watching you move21910.123.96
further and further north on the map21912.363.64
you're heading the wrong direction to go21914.085.08
home well I was running from that lady21916.06.558
and now there's a guy yep and boom I got21919.166.0
them where are they watch out uhuh thank21922.5585.24
you one this way yep my friends are here21925.164.0
and that lady on the mountain she was21927.7983.442
really picking on me you see her yeah21929.163.52
let me take this guy lady on the21931.243.8
mountain that that that lady yep stay21932.684.4
down boom look at a21935.044.438
roll that's what you get that was21937.084.92
actually pretty21939.4782.522
cool hey guys hey take a look at this21942.165.398
place it's coming together it it really21945.5584.442
does look great I just want to hey Glock21947.5584.282
yeah I want to apologize oh look at21950.03.28
you're all done up aren't you you got21951.842.84
some stuff didn't you yeah I got also21953.283.24
got a broken leg and Simon's my [ __ ]21954.684.36
now yeah oh perfect perfect well that's21956.524.4
it's been a good day all of us but like21959.043.96
I came across a little harsh and I I do21960.924.798
apologize and um hey no hard feelings I21963.04.36
got a gift for you though do you I I21965.7183.442
just made this for you because I felt so21967.365.68
bad oh junk turret Man level five holy21969.165.88
[ __ ] what this is awesome wait I got a21973.044.24
four I got I got yeah you never use it21975.044.08
Simon so look it it's not even loaded21977.283.198
it's not even loaded it's a limp little21979.123.678
dick it's loaded pointed at the wall21980.4785.362
Simon it's loaded there's a reason I I21982.7984.482
just felt like it was like unfair I21985.843.56
don't know it's like you know hey I'm21987.283.358
going to make dinner for you guys21989.42.84
tomorrow night but uh actually it won't21990.6383.122
be me it'll be guy fatti you know what I21992.243.12
mean you see the you see what I mean21993.763.56
yeah we're best friends now okay but21995.363.88
that makes up for uh you're cool we're21997.324.318
cool oh [ __ ] yeah we're awesome Simon's21999.243.8
all of our [ __ ] so that's nothing22001.6383.16
special it really isn't let's rub our22003.044.32
turrets together we I could do that a22004.7985.882
tip to tip Family22007.366.08
Channel good morning good morning22010.685.24
morning morning uh hey I'm doing Trader22013.444.84
runs today to get stuff for tonight just22015.924.52
FYI oh you know what I got a pocket full22018.285.438
of money I got money here yeah want you22020.444.76
to buy me some good stuff to R this I'm22023.7182.882
going to get it's all good stuff right22025.23.598
behind you guys right behind you oops22026.63.64
that was a miss that was a solid miss22028.7983.522
here you go that's like 7,000 tokens22030.245.398
what did you say 7,000 yeah 7,000 I've22032.325.04
been picking stuff up and selling it22035.6385.32
right here 21,000 almost 22,000 what oh22037.367.96
my god oh wait me too oh holy crap now22040.9585.562
how how much do we have total how much22045.323.28
do we have total to R Us22046.526.32
49,0 700 oh oh that's pretty good22048.67.76
there's 380 get me a um a light for my22052.845.76
gun I will get whatever I can does Glock22056.364.32
have any cash I have nothing I haven't22058.64.278
contributed at all wow what would you22060.683.958
like anything in particular you would22062.8784.042
like sir for me I'm I could use ammo the22064.6384.362
more ammo the better the base could use22066.924.36
some steel if you want to buy some steel22069.04.04
okay we'll see what we got out there22071.285.12
guys I wish you the best um night night22073.044.518
night I'm going to get to making ammo22076.43.398
that's what I was doing good man good do22077.5584.4
things I'm going to have a great night22079.7985.16
oh what's up Rex big day horde day hord22088.845.118
night day I don't know how to say it22092.243.04
right you've been here longer I don't22093.9584.202
know um let's see bunch of ammo probably22095.285.72
be grabbing a bunch of ammo22098.166.08
H how long you know Kiki just curious22101.06.32
how that all came to be you know people22104.245.08
are nobody's really talking we just kind22107.324.28
of all Snicker but anyway I'm not going22109.324.638
to judge unless it was completely22111.64.44
disgusting and illegal which22113.9583.962
I guess I could assume that too in which22116.044.32
case I would judge I tell you what your22117.924.76
uh counterpart to the north much less22120.364.598
creepy and his daughter's hot as hell22122.684.24
but uh thanks22124.9585.082
wck oh what are you doing walking around22126.925.36
I'm going to sneak up on you oh wait you22130.043.918
know what I got something fun in my22132.283.278
pocket I was going to save it for the22133.9583.482
horde night but I think blowing up a22135.5584.442
screamer with a red grenade what does it22137.444.56
mean when it's red contact grenade how22140.04.44
does that work hey who you talking to22142.04.2
the screamer oh get down get down I'm22144.443.76
trying to sneak up on the screen sorry22146.23.72
sorry sorry sorry this is a contact22148.23.88
grenade Simon okay so what does that22149.924.558
mean it might mean she has to touch it I22152.085.16
don't I don't know contact all right22154.4784.08
maybe you have to yell contact before22157.242.638
you throw it all right here we go here22158.5585.602
we go and contact oh God all right that22159.8786.6
worked that did work yeah I blew up22164.164.04
right in my face I don't think I can't22166.4783.762
see very well all right well you learn22168.23.678
something new every day don't you did22170.246.36
you say something nah s Simon shut up s22171.8788.042
you'll be fine22176.65.8
s all right guys The Base is almost22179.925.84
complete uh glock9 is here with us again22182.46.6
for you know as a consultant so22185.764.6
obviously down here we need to finish22189.04.24
off the barb wire uh Glock do you see22190.364.96
any opportunities here yeah I've got22193.243.88
some thoughts uh first thing this is a22195.323.68
little bit in hindsight here but these22197.124.64
are ramp blocks going up to the base mhm22199.04.878
if you would have used wedge blocks22201.763.84
those go up at a steeper angle and the22203.8784.08
zombies can't get up those they're22205.63.72
probably just going to murder us all22207.9583.362
instead wow it's a good time to bring22209.323.84
this up Glock could have been yesterday22211.322.96
yeah you guys should have brought me in22213.162.96
like a week ago maybe you have zero22214.284.4
faith in this place sounds like I've got22216.125.16
some ideas other than that so these22218.684.72
reinforced concrete blocks if we've got22221.284.76
some steel we can upgrade those to Steel22223.45.158
okay if we don't have steel we can use22226.045.72
uh iron and make iron bars yesterday22228.5584.802
been good for that right be a good time22231.764.0
to say that yeah maybe yesterday like22233.364.118
honestly I feel like these things could22235.763.6
have been said before well I was out22237.4783.762
looting with with Simon yesterday which22239.363.96
Simon you still own me a lap dance I22241.244.84
we'll give you a lap dance eventually22243.324.478
but you really need to like if we22246.083.638
survive tonight if we well we won't22247.7983.362
survive even if we don't I'll probably22249.7183.282
give you lap dance but seriously though22251.163.12
there are certain things that you could22253.03.28
have told us earlier that you just I22254.284.12
think held on to for too long that's22256.283.32
what I'm just saying we can put some22258.43.6
iron bars here too otherwise the zombies22259.64.16
are just going to jump over these blocks22262.03.36
and we're going to be in trouble okay22263.763.44
I'll go make some iron bars is what we22265.364.88
need maybe some steel and if one or two22267.25.48
of us has some concrete mix on us22270.245.04
tonight we can be repairing these22272.684.56
concrete blocks as the zombies are22275.284.04
beating on them similar to fortnite but22277.245.2
for grown men22279.323.12
exactly all right neees yep oh perfect22283.244.718
just the guy I wanted to see what's up22286.43.0
buddy yeah come here come here a second22287.9582.52
come here a second all right figured out22289.43.44
a major flaw major damn flaw in the22290.4784.4
design all right so check it out grenade22292.844.48
right uh yeah I'm holding the grenade22294.8785.242
with my right hand right uh which hand22297.324.638
would I use to pull the pin well22300.122.92
sometimes in the movies when they're22301.9582.76
cool they just pop it with the thumb22303.043.598
yeah well I can't pop it with my thumb22304.7183.322
I'm not going to use my I would use my22306.6383.362
left hand yep so that would be like a22308.045.32
left Mouse click which would just do Bo22310.05.12
is that no it's not live I didn't pull22313.363.118
the pen I want to pull the pen with the22315.122.72
left Mouse click but it won't let me do22316.4783.32
it you got to hit the right Mouse button22317.844.118
to pull the pin and then throw it with22319.7983.92
the left okay even though it's in your22321.9583.92
right damn hand yeah and22323.7183.84
okay right completely backwards you22325.8783.122
could have I could have gotten the point22327.5582.802
of that without you blowing it up I'm22329.03.0
just saying I'm just saying all right22330.363.08
I'm making gunpowder what are you up to22332.06.04
Steel bars steel bars get to work [ __ ]22333.448.96
yep Joel Joel Joel Joel Joel going to be22338.048.04
honest Bud wrecked has more ammo ooh22342.46.238
I'll get someone some nvgs they would22346.084.76
like those yeah there'll be three of us22348.6384.84
on the nvg crew so Joel I was thinking22350.845.798
there's this this D coming up and you22353.4784.362
know what your daughter was doing I just22356.6383.0
wanted your permission to thank you surv22357.843.638
there's not a dance I just want to hook22359.6383.92
up with your merise daily okay I'll22361.4784.08
check back soon about the about the22363.5583.802
daughter but yet in general I'll just22365.5582.962
see how you're doing good to see you22367.363.08
Joel up your that's the r not the way22368.525.16
out up your ammo game take care22370.445.92
bud what was that it was my junk turret22373.684.36
I picked it up why was it shooting at22376.363.4
you I don't know we're friends maybe you22378.043.678
was shooting at him and it shot oh god22379.764.48
oh mine's shooting at him too oh God see22381.7185.08
because GL oh you son of a [ __ ] listen22384.244.318
Rook you got to send me some sort of22386.7983.322
invitation or something but I see your22388.5584.722
Glock n up there so why the hell VI22390.124.96
turret was shooting at me it's like none22393.283.64
of us are friends but why is it shooting22395.083.6
at me yeah I don't understand I thought22396.924.48
we were friends we are friends this is a22398.684.52
mystery y'all struggling with the22401.44.478
turrets again yeah is that me who's that22403.25.12
shooting at I don't know oh sorry Glock22405.8785.0
sorry um listen I wanted to see if it22408.324.158
was going to shoot you too it didn't22410.8784.0
shoot you uh try it again all right yep22412.4784.722
yep yep mine's shooting allies yep his22414.8784.202
does all right what about mine put it22417.25.48
down put it down boom see we're allies22419.085.36
all right so it's all glock's fault I22422.684.08
just sent everyone an ally in invite22424.444.8
okay oh Simon yours is still shooting me22426.764.32
uh it's because I trained it22429.246.8
right well well well another Traer and22431.086.798
the rifle Martyrs over there we'll check22436.043.918
that out uh some point but another22437.8785.402
Trader not too far away yeah I like it22439.9585.802
okay we'll set up in here I like that22443.285.84
too a hello new I've got the best deals22445.766.798
in N game the best deals huh Bob okay22449.126.56
see what you got see what you got go22452.5585.412
straight for that secret22455.683.48
St okay not a whole lot of ammo not very22459.166.08
impressive right off the bat Bob but I'm22462.5584.962
going to grab everything you got cuz it22465.243.96
is a horde KN I don't know how that22467.524.118
affects you or if at all and I tell you22469.26.8
what um Bob you're a handsome fella not22471.6387.0
sure if you know uh Joel's daughter but22476.05.52
she's taken yeah we're kind of a thing22478.6386.882
so no need to hit on that um certainly22481.526.198
not a dance coming up thanks Bob it is a22485.524.32
pleasure to meet you sir and stay the22487.7186.642
[ __ ] away from her okay all22489.844.52
right what do you think mebs I think I22498.443.96
want to put some wood you think F will22500.7183.042
mind if I put wood spikes around the22502.43.04
outer wall no not at all I'm surprised22503.763.198
there aren't a a bunch of wood spites22505.442.96
around the outer wall already thick can22506.9583.482
hear you hey thick can hear you I yeah I22508.43.64
wouldn't mind okay I'm going going to do22510.443.64
that hey Glock yeah should we test out22512.043.88
this electric fence we definitely should22514.084.52
where's Simon uh I'm up on top where22515.924.52
should I go you should go stand by the22518.64.16
fence stand by the fence well I don't22520.445.358
know where the fence is here hold on22522.764.28
there you are there you are all right22525.7983.0
yeah tell me where to go here hop out22527.043.48
this window right here all right go22528.7983.92
stand by thick all right man this needs22530.524.52
to work what's up thick all right hello22532.7184.282
how are you pretty good now alls I need22535.044.04
you to do is uh go through one of go22537.03.718
through one of these wires over here go22539.083.08
through one of these wires right here22540.7183.042
yeah just walk straight ahead yeah there22542.163.638
we go hello I22543.764.92
got okay yeah yeah all right Simon you22545.7984.722
can back up I I am backing up and you22548.684.4
know what I I just worked hard to get22550.524.6
myself all the way full health that was22553.084.28
not good oh just take a bandage all22555.124.358
right at least we know it works also I22557.364.16
need all the vehicles at the back of the22559.4784.522
base if we could do that quickly oh wow22561.524.6
that's that's that's a last minute okay22564.03.76
all the vehicles at the back of the base22566.123.438
that have been good to know yesterday22567.763.84
yeah that that's a holy crap the sun is22569.5583.442
really low in the sky you want to move22571.63.038
Vehicles now it's fine it won't it22573.03.12
shouldn't take that long I'm not asking22574.6383.682
you guys to make a cake or something I'm22576.124.4
going I'm going but the vehicles the22578.325.158
vehicles are are over at the Carabas22580.525.278
yeah it's right around the corner okay22583.4784.16
all right you said the back right d the22585.7985.0
back you should see a vault door oh okay22587.6385.882
yep yep yep yep I see the vault door and22590.7985.722
heads up coming in in for a kind of a22593.525.84
landing all right we got one more moped22596.525.118
or whatever this thing is back there you22599.364.48
go get it Simon all right how do we even22601.6383.962
get to the vault door that's by the22603.844.28
vehicles I will tell you when the time22605.65.92
is right oh boy wow or maybe tell us now22608.125.4
so that when you say the time is right22611.524.72
we all know where to go right maybe okay22613.524.92
well come down to the first floor all22616.243.558
right first floor just take a look22618.443.88
around take a look around you might see22619.7983.962
uh something in the floor that looks a22622.323.158
little different how a wood frame right22623.763.958
here yeah yeah uh when the time is right22625.4784.202
we're going to bust that and you'll22627.7183.522
you'll know where to go should that be a22629.684.038
hatch yeah I think it should be a hatch22631.245.6
it's more dramatic when you bust it open22633.7184.802
oh boy we're all going to die in here22636.843.84
tonight you get used to it Glock after a22638.524.76
while yeah that's true I'm prepared I'm22640.684.798
ready to22643.287.88
die here we go oh dear here we go oh22645.4787.48
hear noises do you want me to break this22651.164.84
bridge yeah yeah yeah stand by oh man we22652.9584.482
should have been doing this a long time22656.04.36
ago like yesterday yeah oh I see them22657.444.6
Southwest all right they're breaking22660.362.92
through the wall they're break it22662.043.72
through the wall it's okay yep coming in22663.284.64
nees we got to turn this on I'm trying22665.764.36
to I'm stuck what's happening oh guy's22667.925.878
over the wall green guy yeah I got to go22670.126.92
around I'm burning him oh no I'm stuck22673.7986.442
out here come on there's no block here22677.045.96
here nebes nebs come on get in here I'm22680.244.638
trying crap I can't get up jump on that22684.8784.482
block and then there you go n he's in22687.165.88
I'm in he's in oo let's lighted up boys22689.365.0
come on baby they're already trying to22693.043.32
breach our Outer Perimeter they already22694.363.88
are oh they're in they're in we got a22696.364.72
crawler he's too fast to shoot he's down22698.244.6
oh that wall hey at least we got a good22701.083.32
bottleneck we know where they're coming22702.843.52
from that's22704.44.8
true oh we got some green ones oh yeah22706.366.96
they glowing oh spitter oh there we go22709.26.598
light them on fire tossing a nade if I22713.325.36
can remember how right and then okay22715.7984.84
yeah that needs to be the opposite of22718.684.198
what it is don't destroy any our weapons22720.6383.92
God damn it see I just threw a regular22722.8785.042
one damn it a brain does not work that22724.5587.642
setup oh boy oh there's bird I got him I22727.926.28
got him I got him don't you worry Simon22732.23.758
I got you back I got you back all night22734.23.32
all right I'm bleeding though so I'm22735.9583.642
scared I'm going down okay take a22737.523.8
bandage got a CRA we got a crawler he22739.63.76
might breach hold on where is he yeah22741.324.318
those spider zombies they Jump Right In22743.364.0
got you keep an eye on him I got one oh22745.6384.32
[ __ ] he jumped in we have a man inside22747.364.56
he's after me all he's dead we got him22749.9583.402
oh there's a big one trying to breach22751.922.878
the perimeter guys he's right down with22753.364.92
you oh boy yep oh he's spitting oh boy22754.7984.962
yep that's a spitter let's focus on him22758.284.198
Dora yep all right there we go oh the22759.765.038
electric fence is working beautifully22762.4784.962
yes it really is it's22764.7985.962
electricy you got to feel22767.446.92
ITC oh God I set myself on fire set22770.766.76
myself on fire okay Simon you need to22774.365.88
eat Nick you need to eat I need to drink22777.524.8
who says I need to eat your Health's22780.244.88
going down mom fire I know what's going22782.325.558
down my health is tce it's not full if22785.125.24
it ain't full it ain't fine it's fine22787.8784.642
how you doing door great man thank you22790.364.16
for asking your ass looks nice and has22792.524.958
pants by the way oh yeah wherever Glock22794.525.0
just was if he was by me somebody should22797.4784.282
replace him he's getting ammo and I22799.524.56
don't know if I can hold these guys off22801.764.52
uh Lo Lock's back already yeah I got it22804.084.68
already oh you're you're quick yeah he22806.284.198
can get ammo very quickly it's not an22808.763.76
all day thing surprises speed takes me22810.4783.882
about 1022812.526.16
minutes SP oh he's in he in he's in he's22814.365.8
in oh there's another guy in oh there's22818.683.24
a cop in here there's a22820.164.2
coping coming down the hill boys you22821.925.16
okay he down nice all right how did he22824.365.32
get in here I don't know but there's a22827.084.478
sky right here I think we need to break22829.684.48
this wood block oh yeah spider someone22831.5584.202
break the block what there's more coming22834.163.76
in oh yeah how the [ __ ] did they get in22835.763.92
here I don't know oh I see what they're22837.923.718
doing they're jumping on the blade trap22839.684.44
and then over the fence holy [ __ ] oh boy22841.6384.282
oh what the blade trap to stop there's a22844.124.32
green guy inside yeah damn it he's dead22845.924.798
he down this is not good no it isn't it22848.445.518
is very very bad army guy army guy in22850.7185.042
army guy in in the Bas we need to get22853.9583.562
off the first floor first floor is22855.763.64
compromised all right I'm coming down to22857.523.84
offer some assistance I got a shotgun22859.44.558
loaded with some ammo hey boys why don't22861.366.4
you leave my spr alone oh more D okay we22863.9586.722
need some help oh yeah come on they're22867.765.32
really in here now oh Bo oh God there's22870.684.278
nobody really in here now I'm helping22873.083.36
we're trying to help guys you got to22874.9583.242
come up here yeah first floor is22876.443.0
compromised you got to get out of there22878.23.758
upstairs upstairs upstairs upstairs22879.445.278
upstairs come on up is everyone up I'm22881.9585.362
up I'm up pull up the frames oh what is22884.7185.08
this oh boy what hit me what hit me oh22887.326.158
I'm down oh no no D I fell I fell and22889.7985.602
I'm trying to put down my junk turret22893.4783.682
and it's not loaded probably how the22895.44.158
[ __ ] am I alive right now put it down I22897.164.798
already did and I don't know where I am22899.5584.32
I'm just sitting still and nobody's22901.9583.6
around me did you fall through the map22903.8782.882
or something it looks like they're on22905.5582.722
top of you or they're after you I might22906.763.16
have fallen through the map I'm down22908.283.64
below I think I'm in the church down22909.924.4
below oh he fell in the hatch he fell in22911.925.12
the hatch thing oh then take the stairs22914.324.72
and go on the back and get the vehicle22917.044.96
oh God no no no fillary guy down here22919.046.758
run oh boy I can't see any anything now22922.06.76
because I took the light off oh [ __ ] oh22925.7985.562
just shooting for no reason well there's22928.766.28
a reason oh no I've never make it to22931.368.198
2:00 Simon it's 159 I can't I got to run22935.048.4
don't give us oh boy you made it at 2:0022939.5587.782
it's a record okay oh boy still22943.447.229
going I just heard a Demolisher I think22950.9584.722
I did too I heard him too I'm looking22953.523.92
front door where where where where where22955.684.038
are you you son of a [ __ ] what is yeah22957.443.84
what is that that's a Demolisher is that22959.7183.08
the guy with the bomb yeah you shoot his22961.282.8
button or shoot his head if you don't22962.7983.282
want him to blow right yeah we got some22964.083.36
they're trying to breach the southeast22966.082.878
wall they have breached the southeast22967.443.76
wall oh I see him I didn't realize we22968.9584.162
had walls that weren't breached yet oh22971.24.24
demolish was in oh boy shoot him in the22973.123.88
head huh no shoot him in the Button he's22975.443.16
holding he's got like a bomb well he's22977.03.4
in here you don't want that to blow do22978.63.72
you no shoot him in the head kill him in22980.43.84
the head we've learned this I can shoot22982.324.08
him in the the bag that's fine yeah I'll22984.245.52
burn him yeah oh there's a bird head up22986.45.52
he blew anyway there's a bird up here22989.764.48
and he's killing me oh hold on oh [ __ ]22991.924.718
oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] I think I got him oh I'm22994.245.08
dead oh22996.6382.682
CL where's Simon at he's probably went23000.5586.0
to the store get some food or something23003.4784.982
yeah can't blame23006.5583.24
him man yellow sun this is good so far23009.7987.242
this is good it's a beautiful red night23014.5586.32
tonight yeah I got one last Molotov do23017.046.518
it do it toss it over there that pile23020.8786.08
yep yep do it23023.5583.4
yeah I'm just firing arrows into the23027.844.36
pile I got three arrows left and then23030.43.72
I'm done I'm basically going to hide23032.23.72
with my chock baton they're still23034.124.24
spawning in out here great oh really23035.924.48
yeah they keep coming keep lowering up23038.363.4
away you're doing you're doing great23040.43.078
you're doing great w there's a guy right23041.764.878
here what's up second floor what second23043.4785.0
what ow how to get up to the second23046.6384.32
floor yep over here to the uh south23048.4785.362
westish side door are you okay yeah just23050.9586.76
it was a spit oh God guys yep I see I23053.846.16
can see you from a distance and this23057.7184.76
isn't good this isn't good any way for23060.05.04
me to get in front door what's up here23062.4784.48
Simon hop in uh your best bet might be23065.044.0
run around back or yeah hop in hop into23066.9585.202
the jeep with oh I'm in I'm in Good Man23069.045.48
2 minutes hang in there folks and and23072.164.44
then what it's not it's not just going23074.524.72
to stop clear right yeah we've done this23076.65.118
how many times I know it's just but you23079.245.28
seem like there's 25 green guys out here23081.7184.92
and you're like just 2 minutes how about23084.524.198
we kill the how about we kill the 2523086.6384.562
green guys that are outside okay wait23088.7183.962
did we do it did we make it to morning23091.24.758
it's officially morning all right wow23092.685.4
man fight's not over though fight is not23095.9584.242
over we got to get out of this alive23098.083.478
door I'm going to hang near you you got23100.23.2
ammo uh I don't know how much left but23101.5583.602
yep I do I'm just going to look at you23103.44.238
and give you Inspiration Go door go well23105.164.28
they're you're doing great door oh there23107.6385.362
ooh you're so handsome D okay wa oh the23109.445.76
the roof's caving in on you Dora but23113.03.92
that's okay because you're a strong man23115.24.16
D I'm so strong you big boy I said big23116.924.68
boy Glock you're doing great out there23119.363.84
buddy yeah we're just running him over23121.62.92
out here I don't know how much damage23123.23.0
I'm doing to him but we're keeping them23124.523.64
distracted at least yep I just jumped23126.23.598
out I'm going to get on the bike if it's23128.164.398
here the bike here motorcycle should be23129.7984.882
in the back all right is this my time to23132.5585.24
escape I'm escaping okay I'm out of23134.686.56
762 they'll never catch my ass hey suon23137.7985.68
oh boy that's a green guy oh yeah oh23141.245.04
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah come on AB23143.4784.442
is going to make it AB is going to make23146.284.8
it to this damn H night come on23147.926.24
O come on go go go go go go go oh no23151.084.44
don't get stuck don't get stuck this is23154.162.96
the worst time to get stuck back up back23155.523.84
up go go go no no don't get stuck don't23157.124.04
get stuck why did I park you this way23159.363.48
why did I park you this way all right23161.163.558
they don't see me they don't see me I'm23162.844.52
good I'm23164.7186.962
good yes hey Dr oh no oh no just get to23167.365.92
S thick I was about to warn you about23171.682.958
what just happened to thick the floor's23173.283.278
caving underneath you23174.6384.682
oh get away from me probably going to23176.5585.042
thick no than what are we going to do23181.64.56
man we're stuck in here should we try to23184.43.68
exit or we keep fighting to out a bullet23186.164.04
I'm going until I'm out of bullets okay23188.084.36
I got 58 shotgun shells left probably23190.24.32
some bullets in those bags I'm here here23192.444.438
I'm back and I fell is there any ammo23194.524.24
left back at base I can fly back over23196.8783.92
there and grab stuff doubt it check23198.764.36
those bags oh there's no way I'm landing23200.7986.16
down there checking in bags ah oh God23203.126.12
sorry who just ran me over oh trust me23206.9584.122
Glock just ran me over I've been run23209.244.84
over black Glock like oh Jesus23211.086.28
Glock you already did it several times23214.086.478
easy pal oh behind you Dres oh behind23217.366.0
you I got her you're good um oh now23220.5584.522
there's more oh maybe I can make it23223.363.198
should I come are you good yeah I think23225.084.2
we're good man I mean at least down to23226.5585.722
this level coming down easy okay and how23229.285.438
we get out of here I know is there a way23232.284.4
out oh they're coming behind oh there's23234.7183.962
a big guy uh there's a big guys we got23236.683.958
to keep moving I'm moving I'm moving23238.683.6
what was that I'm23240.6384.762
moving crap I'm out the front door come23242.285.12
out the front door front front yeah hey23245.44.04
there a Jeep up in get in there nebs23247.44.28
yeah up in I'm in hit23249.445.038
it oh you ran from me okay well it's23251.684.52
only two CER back for you no there's23254.4783.362
only two Cedar I try to lure them away23256.24.16
dras hey guys can you lure them to base23257.845.118
I got some junk turrets they're not full23260.365.518
but better than nothing Hotel kabas yeah23262.9584.92
be there in a second oh here they come23265.8784.282
oh jeez that was that quick huh oh God23267.8784.042
I'm I'm still making junk turret ammo23270.163.92
jice where you at in my little in I'm in23271.924.08
the Pizza Hut you safe I mean for the23274.085.68
moment well done yeah oh crap got her23276.05.478
she's down take her face off watch out23279.764.0
for these Greenies they're after Glock23281.4784.0
oh I don't want to run anybody over stay23283.763.798
away from our guest there you go oh I23285.4784.642
took her head off yeah come on you green23287.5584.722
[ __ ] go down all right he's down23290.124.92
he's down wo I see another green guy23292.284.48
back here hey bring him over this way23295.044.56
bring him over this way where is this23296.765.48
way right by the base okay oh yeah bring23299.64.52
it in bring it in Bubba come on come on23302.243.478
you want to fight come on I can fight23304.127.64
you up [ __ ] fight you oh yeah oh23305.7189.24
yeah who else we got who else we got23311.765.44
it's quiet man I think we did it may23314.9584.92
have done it I think we did it I love it23317.24.96
yes that's probably our most successful23319.8783.84
horde yet that was easily our most23322.163.52
successful horde yet I don't know I23323.7184.442
don't know well i' I'd say it is yeah23325.683.878
what do you mean you don't know how many23328.163.478
deaths we had I was the first one to die23329.5584.602
I died and Simon died I died twice I23331.6384.562
died once well we had same amount of23334.163.76
deaths last week that's all I'm saying23336.23.518
I'm in my underwear with 12 hit points23337.924.16
got a boy that's a real man yeah I'm23339.7183.882
going to I'm willing to die a second23342.084.24
time for you23343.62.72
guys got his23349.366.0
rud he said he was willing to die he23352.764.56
said he was that's how we treat our23355.363.48
contractors around23357.324.638
here I love23358.846.68
it morning guys morning morning Simon23361.9585.242
you ready you're talking about me doing23365.523.64
the horde it's your turn I know it's23367.23.758
your turn it's funny how you say that23369.163.6
it's my turn it is like I could tell23370.9584.082
anybody it's I I never signed up for the23372.764.4
turn you don't have to build a base I'll23375.045.16
build a base but if but I'm not23377.164.76
responsible for you guys and you guys23380.23.88
can stay with me if you want but I don't23381.924.36
think it's going to do well hey how23384.084.0
about how about I show you a couple23386.284.24
places get some ideas in your head you23388.084.32
know put some options out there we'll23390.524.118
see and listen don't worry about it23392.43.68
you're stressing you're thinking too23394.6384.642
hard I'm telling everyone that if you if23396.086.92
St all go to [ __ ] you can't say anything23399.286.198
bu a dying no what's going on over here23403.04.04
no why you talking over there sounds23405.4782.682
like you guys are whispering to each23407.042.28
other or something you're whispering to23408.162.96
each other no you guys were talking out23409.325.0
loud and break what the hell man a good23411.125.438
break time no that was awful that was23414.325.28
awful let's go23416.5583.042
Dora Simon this place just right up the23421.9584.92
road you might have seen it the thing is23425.6382.442
I thought you might like that it already23426.8783.0
kind of looks like a bass yeah yeah I'm23428.083.6
looking for something with a stronger23429.8784.402
Foundation already okay yeah I can23431.683.798
understand that and I just want to tell23434.283.198
you something what I just want you to23435.4784.722
know that if your base goes to [ __ ] who23437.4785.802
cares I have no creative ability to try23440.25.678
to like build any sort of Defense we're23443.283.88
all going to help you it's going to be23445.8782.6
great we'll take a look at the place23447.162.52
we'll come up with something but it's23448.4783.362
all your plan we'll just make it happen23449.684.038
you don't sound like you want to do it23451.843.16
hey hey you don't sound like you want to23453.7183.92
do it I kind of don't but I'm going to23455.05.44
because you're on my ass I'm not I'm23457.6384.402
just saying if you hate it don't do it23460.443.08
you sound very you don't think you're on23462.043.08
my ass I was just talking to him over23463.523.6
here and all of a sudden Booyah on my23465.124.04
ass let's go see the next place Simon23467.124.12
well he was like it's okay you're23469.165.08
like get off get in the Jeep get in the23471.245.52
Jeep get off my ass all right just be23474.244.478
more excited about it it's fun let's get23476.764.798
in the Jeep what are you doing creepo in23478.7184.84
the Weeds now what you were the how23481.5585.4
weird are you you got issues23483.5587.16
dude oo look at this place right for the23486.9586.042
picking is that you done that there hey23490.7185.722
I'm true I see oh cool this place yeah23493.05.04
oh yeah hey you know what I see a fast23496.443.278
food joint I'm going to park in front of23498.043.48
the fast food joint I'll meet you there23499.7184.642
I see it too oh boy I am already cold23501.524.438
I'm going to need oh that's that's I'm23504.364.198
coming in hot coming in coming in coming23505.9586.362
in real hot yeah oh fat food okay let's23508.5585.962
get off of this damn thing all right oh23512.323.84
I need a jacket I need a jacket23514.524.68
something fierce ooo put on a jacket I23516.165.08
got a little fire right here you got a23519.23.4
fire yeah you know what speaking of fire23521.242.398
I'm going to throw one down throw a23522.62.278
little wouldn't that make sure we're23523.6385.32
nice and warm ooh yeah okay I have zero23524.8786.6
ammo so I'm going to be a stun baton23528.9583.92
baby tell you what you want to take23531.4784.362
different houses yeah uh yeah we can do23532.8784.802
that pick your poison what uh what what23535.843.558
which one you want here actually I'm23537.683.36
going to go for this building over here23539.3984.56
to the Southwest is that okay oh man you23541.045.16
do you man I'm going to get in here all23543.9587.68
right oo come on Fat's food ah oh thick23546.28.48
I'm beating this green guy Bea last you23551.6385.362
have ammo now I don't find ammo oh my23554.684.52
God oh God oh God oh God all right here23557.04.0
we go here we go I'm helping these green23559.24.08
guys are so [ __ ] there we go there we23561.05.0
go oh man he hit me there we go come on23563.285.598
ow he's strong oh no I hit you oh thick23566.05.28
thick why would you do this to me oh God23568.8784.442
come on man we just got here we just got23571.284.118
here you've already set me on fire well23573.324.76
it's cold yeah but I it's not I need to23575.3984.282
be set on fire23578.084.28
cold Simon I tell you this isn't going23579.684.198
to do it either I know it but when I23582.363.32
first saw it I was like poopy pants23583.8783.76
daycare who would have a horde night at23585.683.56
a poopy pants23587.6384.24
daycare I just chuckled I thought well I23589.244.28
can see how this what what I mean I23591.8783.282
don't understand why you think you23593.524.6
thought that this was a good one to show23595.166.16
like for real it's not the best I know23598.125.56
let me ask you a question what material23601.324.318
is this made of I don't know paper mâché23603.684.878
I'm not sure no because we have I like23605.6385.282
bricks or concrete like this looks23608.5583.962
concrete is it looks like it might be23610.924.36
stucco okay so yeah hey I knew this was23612.524.958
concrete yeah well did you though what a23615.284.92
strong place this was so let's try to23617.4785.042
break it with your Hatchet what what do23620.24.84
you maybe take the hatchet to it huh see23622.525.118
if it's strong where are you where are23625.045.88
wor you creepy creep ass creeper what a23627.6384.962
creeper you are a creeper get you got to23630.923.16
Hatchet though it's a good idea creeper23632.63.4
you got to Hatchet creepy coward don't23634.083.558
worry about him come on I just happened23636.04.478
to be in the neighborhood oh boy no this23637.6385.562
is not this isn't strong at all oh God23640.4785.24
no you you don't like it listen listen23643.24.32
what are you doing today I was just in23645.7183.802
the neighborhood do you do your thing23647.523.8
this is our neighborhood we're in our23649.523.68
own neighborhood why you just join us in23651.324.238
instead of creepily following creepy23653.24.4
creepy weirdo pants Oh do you have room23655.5584.442
for more okay yeah all right come on23657.66.76
next place yeah next place love it all23660.06.2
right thick get down get down thick get23664.363.518
down yeah get down I'm down so you and I23666.22.92
have different play Styles you like to23667.8783.242
play with what I call Reckless abandon23669.124.64
there we go and Karen's coming after you23671.125.92
all right NOP Karen's going to die oh23673.766.08
why is Karen running oh nice there you23677.046.438
go oh I'm sorry Karen give my arrow back23679.845.6
all right stay down stay down stay down23683.4784.842
I'm down oh little crawler oh that guy23685.446.76
that oh boy all right go loud y turret23688.325.96
out there we go woo all right we went23694.326.0
loud so uh do you see anybody in here uh23697.686.038
no God oh that's a green guy holy crap23700.324.72
there's a lot of green guys today in23703.7183.522
there yes why is a green guy just here23705.045.758
at fat food he's on me come on [ __ ] it23707.245.158
come on we can hand this thing we can23710.7983.642
get him we can get him yeah oh come back23712.3983.282
come back over here to my junk turret23714.444.6
boy oh is he down sweet he's23715.686.56
down all right good job oh my God let me23719.046.24
yeah let me uh reload the old JT all23722.245.52
right oh a ladder all right you look up23725.284.678
stairs I'm busting through this uh well23727.763.638
actually you know what I'm coming over23729.9584.042
here holler if you see anything I don't23731.3985.202
see [ __ ] oh wait a minute I do see [ __ ]23734.05.478
oo I got [ __ ] too come around that23736.64.84
corner I know you're over there oh23739.4783.882
what's he after what's he doing what are23741.443.76
he doing I'm right here I'm right here23743.363.84
dummy what's he think he's doing I don't23745.24.48
know he's got a arrow in his eyeball now23747.23.8
oh boy all right you going to get back23749.683.64
up cuz I don't recommend it show them23751.04.28
your jump there you23753.325.44
go nice all right Simon no particular23755.285.84
structure built yet but see that like23758.764.4
Devil's Tower Mountain over there yeah23761.124.358
that's very big picture with your mind's23763.165.638
eye a tower built like straight up next23765.4785.48
to it you know like slightly connected23768.7983.84
to it all the way up sounds like what23770.9584.562
you did D what the hell jeez you said I23772.6384.802
could come oh yeah that's right I forgot23775.523.68
you were here though some ways it would23777.444.118
be similar yeah but but uh this one23779.24.48
didn't work last time it did it did I23781.5583.562
didn't die at all then you know what23783.683.878
though but I I hear you but look that's23785.126.08
like it looks really like dry and hot23787.5585.762
and the commute it's a very long commute23791.24.518
I I think I have an idea I think and it23793.324.158
might be a little bit too close to our23795.7184.482
place right now but I I think I have the23797.4785.722
place that I want to build a base or at23800.24.758
least attempt to okay hey this is all23803.23.598
about you I want you to be excited about23804.9583.76
this so yeah that sounds good I mean I'm23806.7984.242
I'm not excited okay I'm not I'm23808.7184.122
dreading it definitely to a certain23811.043.838
extent don't have to do it shut up you23812.844.878
don't have to I don't have to listen23814.8784.802
don't listen to neebs it's your turn23817.7184.362
you're not invited to this one now neebs23819.683.94
you're not invited okay23822.082.878
all right I made it to the top thank all23824.9585.6
right anything good up there23827.07.44
o oh God I see a bunch of boids boids oh23830.5585.722
man I wish okay I got arrows all right23834.443.24
I'm going sneaky I'm going to try to23836.285.198
take care of this boy okay and one boy23837.687.64
down oh I see that stupid [ __ ] Susan23841.4788.0
get the boys Susan's down [ __ ] off Susan23845.326.36
okay all right junk turrets up uh oh23849.4783.802
that's a big boy oh yeah that's a big23851.684.36
boy hi big boy let me just take make23853.284.16
sure nothing back here it's going to23856.043.28
sneak up on me no all right just you big23857.444.198
boy you going down you want to go down23859.323.92
big boy you want to fight ah you don't23861.6384.802
want to fight cuz you'd be in trouble23863.245.558
okay oo there's a nice air conditioner23866.444.76
up here thck okay you like air23868.7984.042
conditioners I love them in the23871.24.278
summertime out here I think it's uh23872.845.32
pretty useless well it might be a HVAC23875.4784.842
so it's heating unit too no yeah it's23878.164.84
definitely an HVAC out here yeah let's23880.324.318
so I got the 762 now I can be a little23884.6385.0
ballsier cuz I saw some zombies down23886.9585.802
here like this guy pop oh they just23889.6385.482
started running so hey thick yeah think23892.764.038
I'm above the dance studio what are you23895.124.358
doing I'm actually crafting some uh some23896.7984.642
of these boxes so I can nerd pole up23899.4783.4
should I nerd pole up or should I go23901.444.08
through the bottom H you might want to23902.8783.92
I'm actually uh I'm building out a23905.523.6
little bit trying to be sneaky cuz uh23906.7984.242
something tells me if I step on any of23909.124.48
these uh ceiling Parts I'm just going to23911.044.16
fall like a jackass I'm going through23913.65.958
the bottom o o careful careful ABS R23915.28.16
don't do anything Dum Dum oh all right23919.5586.24
here we go oh yeah I see you guys down23923.365.84
there come on23925.7983.402
yeah easy pck oh God they're all running23929.246.478
at me run run I'm good I'm good though23932.6385.722
I'll be okay yep I'm taking some in the23935.7185.122
building below got her oh I see a guy23938.364.038
down there oh yeah you going chase me23940.844.558
over here mm- mm- not on my watch Bubba23942.3984.602
Bubba pants come on where'd you go23945.3983.282
where'd you go oh I know you're down23947.05.84
there oh yeah yeah get in that corner23948.684.16
boom like shooting fish in a23953.044.678
barrel man I think it could be good23958.25.24
because I'm thinking that all those23961.923.12
little posts right there they're like23963.444.4
the the foundation uhhuh and then we23965.045.64
build up and we fill in the middle here23967.844.878
we fill in the Middle with concrete we23970.684.56
make this just a big solid concrete23972.7185.0
block and then we put concrete around23975.245.52
these pillars to protect the pillars23977.7186.122
okay okay can you see that I can see23980.765.48
that that okay and I don't know what to23983.844.76
do on top and the thing is Simon it's23986.245.6
like um it's really close to our BAS and23988.64.84
holy [ __ ] you're not thinking about23991.844.638
doing like that's that's creepy my that23993.445.6
is creepy as hell creepy what am I supp23996.4784.042
you're like you're like right outside my23999.043.518
kitchen when are you ever there when are24000.524.52
you ever every day every day every24002.5584.84
single day seriously okay back to this24005.044.918
Simon creepy ass well anyway I think24007.3984.642
that's good because we're close we want24009.9584.6
to be close right I have a whole bunch24012.044.438
of stuff in that building that I could24014.5585.202
use Simon I'm with you I'm on your side24016.4784.842
let's do it all right you want to start24019.763.038
I I'll start putting concrete around24021.323.36
those things if you'd like me to oh god24022.7983.562
let's let's you know what do me a favor24024.683.84
let me will you show me will you show me24026.363.518
what it looks like to have concrete24028.522.878
around one of these pillars I got to go24029.8784.042
grab some concrete but oh well if you do24031.3985.4
that oh God if you do that for me yeah I24033.924.28
that'll be the beginning and that'll24036.7983.0
that'll get my juices flowing get you24038.24.518
excited right yeah yeah and neees neees24039.7984.482
yeah are you do you still have to be24042.7184.642
there um I guess not no thank you thank24044.287.04
you creep ass creepy creepers I know24047.365.96
right need to make like a a wall right24051.324.318
here that the creepy neighbors can't be24053.324.558
staring in that's a good idea I like the24055.6385.562
wall idea okay let's do the wall yeah24057.8788.52
okay ooh thick yeah look at all this ah24061.29.278
seven shotgun shells nice a see that24066.3986.842
okay all right sweet some 762 junct tur24070.4784.882
you want these shotgun shells yes please24073.243.76
all right they're yours man thanks for24075.364.8
the 9 mil anytime anytime I like this24077.04.798
we're starting to uh yeah we're starting24080.163.12
to build ourselves back up again we're24081.7983.6
going to be a lethal Force yeah this is24083.283.64
just kind of a small place Let's uh24085.3983.362
let's go check out the pawn shop eh yeah24086.924.52
maybe I can get a uh a new gun or a24088.765.4
guitar yeah I'm looking for a stereo24091.445.84
system that's 7 years old all right I'm24094.166.318
breaking down the front door do it24097.284.438
they're probably going to help you in a24100.4784.362
minute oh yes they are oh well put down24101.7185.16
that sweet sweet junk turret show them24104.844.52
your junk son I got this junk turret and24106.8784.882
I got this sweet 9 mm you want to come24109.364.24
at me if I see any green guys that's24111.764.28
what I'm going to use the gun for yeah24113.65.16
yeah save it for the green boys yeah oh24116.044.758
look at this look at this pathetic24118.764.878
display all right yep sit down buddy24120.7985.562
this is this is beautiful oh he's still24123.6384.882
coming at you this guy made it24126.364.518
past ahead of all the people to make it24128.525.438
past that guy yeah okay I'm going to24130.8785.162
reload my junk turret got a mattress24133.9586.242
that looks fairly used o so there's that24136.047.438
yep oh hi buddy oh back up back up back24140.25.0
up back oh that's a oh wow there we got24143.4783.16
we got a little bit of uh we got some24145.23.8
action here here we go oh God oh God run24146.6385.0
out the front oh junk turret junk turret24149.07.0
junk turret St H come on woo that's a24151.6388.32
spinner Jesus okay he didn't go down24156.07.718
easy wow oh look at this what where'24159.9585.082
your where'd your junk tart go oh did24163.7182.84
you pick it up I just picked it up why24165.042.72
what was it doing oh okay it looked like24166.5583.682
he ate it all right cool why would I eat24167.765.0
my junk tur you're a crazy man no he the24170.247.238
the fat guy oh fat people eat all the24172.764.718
time Simon yeah I'm not sure how much we24177.66.198
can repair but okay so that's when that24181.085.398
dries that's going to be upgraded nice24183.7986.042
okay oh look at that O then it went to24186.4785.682
that level that's very nice but we're24189.845.68
going to surround it with um stuff right24192.166.28
oh yeah yeah h four corners is that your24195.525.64
is that your vision I was thinking like24198.444.84
like put like too high maybe every24201.164.44
single one no too high we can go all the24203.285.48
way up yeah then all the way up around24205.67.038
every single Foundation like this too in24208.767.16
four or yes like that okay we don't need24212.6386.202
to go absolutely insane hey nebs great24215.924.76
news what are you doing we're getting a24218.843.84
new restaurant we are it's pretty24220.684.48
awesome you got a screamer out there24222.685.64
thank you you see her no no where where24225.166.28
oh y yep yep yep did she scream nope not24228.325.638
once thank you though wow that was quick24231.445.68
yeah baby okay just want to let you know24233.9586.0
new restaurant big news what kind of24237.126.838
food yeah pizza pizza we already got a24239.9587.0
freaking pizza24243.9583.0
place AB I broke through the roof okay24247.05.558
bed roll down not going into this place24250.164.84
without some sort of preparedness well24252.5585.32
this is where the motherload is usually24255.05.76
and I broke through the top ooh going in24257.8785.242
all right shotgun Messiah box let's see24260.766.52
what we got here ooh oh that's for you24263.125.88
what oh what is it what is it what is it24267.285.278
what is it oh 762 and some iron Knuckles24269.06.08
pocket m okay okay I'll take that thank24272.5584.522
you there yeah got two safes over here24275.083.96
I'm breaking in I'm picking this lock24277.085.44
all right first try but oh my God abro24279.045.16
what you got I got something for you in24282.523.76
here too man I I want you to look in24284.23.64
into that right one I I'll take care of24286.283.4
this one buddy yeah yeah D I'm out of Lo24287.847.038
fix okay what's in here oh damn 61 76224289.688.0
thick and and a mark thick I've been24294.8786.08
want one of these holy crap holy crap24297.687.118
that's right o a marksman's rifle oh and24300.9585.722
you know what I found a four time scope24304.7984.282
mod I'm putting that son of a [ __ ] on24306.685.038
oh thick thank you hell yeah this one's24309.086.24
almost picked come on baby come on baby24311.7185.642
come on no whammies no whammies big24315.326.72
money yeah oh M6024317.369.84
17762 AK pipe bomb [ __ ] yeah 9 mm level24322.045.96
stumon God D that's what I'm talking24328.05.08
about that's what I'm talking about24330.9584.76
what' you drop broken glass I'll give24333.086.12
that there we go making the wood this is24335.7186.362
nice hey nees proud of you Simon you're24339.26.84
really doing it oh what the sassy Simons24342.086.24
sassy Simons you like it actually I kind24346.044.758
of do I am sassy aren't I you're a24348.325.04
little sassy usually I can be what was24350.7984.6
here what was it what was it before24353.364.32
Henry happy happy Henry's what the hell24355.3984.042
hungry Harries or something Hungry24357.684.84
Harry's sassy Simons I like it but now24359.444.958
we've got the HH you're going to have to24362.525.0
break that HH and make it an24364.3988.122
SS hey hey how you doing good whoa s24367.526.56
wants to make this SS I think24372.523.68
historically that's bad right no I mean24374.085.798
HH St stood for whatever it was the HH24376.25.84
word now it's sassy Simons it needs to24379.8785.562
be SS for sassy Simons once we start24382.045.518
wasting our time on something so24385.444.16
unnecessary there's things to do right24387.5584.482
now that maybe focus on your pizza place24389.64.48
unless this is the pizza place we could24392.044.0
have a pizza place up here I'd be okay24394.083.76
with that no Simon I was kidding when I24396.043.438
said that we don't need another pizza24397.843.92
place oh okay I mean but I'm just saying24399.4784.48
if you were to have one if it was here24401.764.16
okay all right up here it might be good24403.9583.84
we could use another pizza place in town24405.924.0
there's only three we're fine we re we24407.7984.0
really are I'm sorry I lost that okay we24409.923.12
good all I'm going to go keep cooking24411.7982.442
stuff I'll be back I didn't mean to24413.042.838
interrupt thank you those were my blocks24414.243.6
you picked up you son of a [ __ ] I'm24415.8783.242
just kidding you could you're helping me24417.843.52
I love you I could do happy Simons I24419.124.438
like that how about happy himman happy24421.363.72
so don't have to change the hes why24423.5585.0
don't we do happy Hanukkah no happy hman24425.086.0
spinal how about24428.5585.562
okay neeps yeah man I understand why24431.085.12
it's spelled that way because of Simon24434.123.48
do you know how to spell himman but24436.24.04
there's a why right is there a y a y and24437.66.32
an a yeah oh yeah a Hyman exactly but24440.246.158
it's still it works no but let's change24443.925.32
it nah nah we need metal for other stuff24446.3984.682
right we got a horde coming plus there's24449.243.8
four of them it's not just that one it's24451.083.68
up there it's the other side of that the24453.043.32
back of that we've already put a lot of24454.763.038
work into it that's very true and you24456.362.96
know what you're absolutely right and24457.7983.722
and I'm totally fine with that okay and24459.324.72
it looks nice everything looks very good24461.525.118
uh thelis you're helping so nice I know24464.043.838
I know I just wanted to make sure we24466.6383.84
knew how it was properly spelled and you24467.8784.962
know kabas actually is not actually24470.4785.0
spelled like that the correct spelling24472.845.68
of kabas is one R and A T there's a24475.4785.08
silent T at least make an effort nebs24478.525.76
you know what I mean seriously24480.5583.722
hey thi yeah check this out found me an24486.05.76
SMG nice yeah tell you what man I am24488.524.64
loaded up with stuff we got to get out24491.763.958
of here okay I'm down with that uh it's24493.164.398
too bad too because I found a school to24495.7183.522
the west but yeah we're should we go24497.5585.442
back home o24499.243.76
man let let's check out the school let's24504.123.12
check out the school check out the24506.282.08
school check out the school let's check24507.242.638
out the school why not I mean we're here24508.363.8
we're here right yep just go uh just go24509.8784.282
west follow me okay I'll just follow you24512.163.798
man don't don't worry I I'm in the sky24514.164.558
baby I love you I love you too24515.9586.122
man I got concerns already well yeah I'm24518.7185.602
sure you do imagine I'm a Zombie okay24522.085.16
yeah and let's say I I I was over here24524.325.04
admiring this place and I was like man24527.244.238
oh wait there's brains over here and I24529.363.92
run up and you got this built and what24531.4784.282
do I do I go under here now what do you24533.286.16
do oh no where'd he goes Simon he's24535.765.56
underneath yeah but now he's just24539.444.16
chewing at the building he he is he's24541.327.0
chewing at the building ha w w I'm you24543.67.08
lose sight of the zombie then what you24548.324.92
just wait for it to implode uh no well24550.684.36
I'm not done building there's going to24553.244.96
be uh walkways that go out made of24555.045.88
concrete oh see I didn't know about that24558.24.518
and you're going to be able to Branch24560.924.28
off hopefully in at least Each corner24562.7184.92
uhhuh you can Branch out you see so24565.25.4
listen We've Only Just Begun and you're24567.6384.482
already like well I'm already seeing an24570.64.278
issue why don't you wait until I'm done24572.124.56
okay I thought you wanted feedback never24574.8783.76
mind hey no well you said well I'm24576.684.84
already seeing issues oh you yeah that's24578.6385.122
he's just communicating y yeah he's24581.524.438
communicating in his in his own judgy24583.764.28
way okay I won't say anything else24585.9584.52
you're doing great he Simon you could24588.044.24
say things it's just how you say it24590.4783.92
that's not the positive way to go about24592.285.08
um taking the help and criticisms and24594.3984.922
concerns I'm just saying I'm asking him24597.364.518
to speak differently I already see a24599.324.36
problem with that yeah I don't know if24601.8783.84
you said it like that but you know no24603.684.6
didn't at all all right well Hey listen24605.7184.68
thank you it's all on how you say things24608.283.8
that's all so just pay attention to it24610.3984.0
learn my friend okay thanks for24612.085.08
listening hi thanks for your advice and24614.3986.24
concern good luck with your base Simon24617.165.08
I'm going to go get stuff that'll help24620.6385.062
okay thank you I just dropped my24622.245.8
turret ah high school I know it's been a24628.044.96
minute since we've been into this door24631.124.04
was unlocked oh24633.04.878
oh yeah I'm so used to them being not24635.165.12
yeah hey how about he we find zombies in24637.8784.6
here I stun them then you hit them with24640.283.76
the sledgehammer I'm like a man you24642.4782.92
should let me do the stun stuff I'm like24644.043.438
a level five when it comes to stunning24645.3984.32
okay number one stunner yeah yeah yeah24647.4785.16
yeah yeah yeah oh there's a cop he's a n24649.7187.0
oh got him oh man beautiful oh man look24652.6386.122
that is that is insane teamwork uh24656.7183.0
they're going to be coming out the24658.763.32
woodwork now uh probably but you know24659.7183.68
what then now that I'm thinking about it24662.082.76
the school's cool but what what are we24663.3982.922
really going to find in here we don't24664.843.32
know uh books who stash I mean who24666.324.318
stashes weapons in a school I yeah I24668.164.68
don't even want to go there24670.6384.522
bye well well you went to beating the24672.844.48
[ __ ] out of a cop we went there already24675.166.28
yeah oh God no I I we can't we can't24677.325.398
think about it you can't think about it24681.442.64
everything's too hot right now24682.7182.602
everything's too hot don't even think24684.083.28
about it you know Trader Hughes up there24685.324.318
in the uh in the north of us oh I do24687.364.16
know yeah he's got the daughter with24689.6384.84
there oh I can't even talk about what24691.525.6
the big titties no shush shush what do24694.4784.202
you mean shush you can absolutely talk24697.123.72
about the big titties on the daughter no24698.684.44
we're objectifying it's not objectifying24700.843.878
it's a fact she's got big nice titties24703.123.04
there's nothing wrong with a man liking24704.7183.482
big luscious boobs we're wired to like24706.166.558
them damn it and I love them damn it my24708.27.16
pig you're disgusting you got to be24712.7185.08
ashamed of24715.362.438
yourself well well well on my way to a24718.4787.08
tra Traer and what do I see a crater on24722.244.96
the way to the Traer it's kind of a24725.5583.282
crater it's more of a I don't know what24727.22.88
this is but you know it makes me think24728.846.16
of a crater oh huh hello oh hey well you24730.089.28
were [ __ ] [ __ ] messing up my flow got24735.06.958
that Mom butt all24739.369.438
right anybody in the cave a bet a bet oh24741.9589.0
a bed roll I wonder how that went for24748.7985.362
whoever chose to camp here oh wait24750.9586.402
tazza's Stone Axe and I just heard some24754.167.478
Indian stuff huh okay okay okay okay24757.367.08
okay okay okay okay okay okay okay24761.6386.522
anyone okay uh-huh uh-huh thank you for24764.445.958
cooperating ma'am I'll bet there's some24768.164.478
folks down here too oh boy you're coming24770.3984.392
you're coming24772.6384.0
quick wait what happened to you I'm24776.6385.0
still playing oh I got to reload but24779.164.12
that's okay cuz I got24781.6385.282
yes yes look at this just like a little24783.286.4
really oh because of the glitch copy all24786.925.68
right what have we here give me all the24789.686.48
goodies got my lucky looter goggles on24792.65.798
that's going to get me money stun baton24796.165.68
uh that come on Big Money big money [ __ ]24798.3985.0
all right there's another room another24801.843.84
room just around the corner and then24803.3984.16
I'll have this cleared I24805.685.32
think hey think AB did you find anything24807.5585.92
worth of crap I did I found one thing24811.05.44
that might be fun uh dishonorable24813.4785.522
discharge challenge a strange note I24816.444.8
found while Lo looting it's from the24819.04.68
crazy Jake Clan dishonorable discharge24821.243.44
challenge what do you think what do you24823.682.278
think that means it's probably hunting24824.683.198
military guys or something possibly24825.9583.402
which could be interesting and maybe24827.8784.042
fruitful yeah it could be yeah I I agree24829.364.0
um but can I do something can I do24831.922.84
something real quick can I real quick24833.362.72
yep I've been wanting to try this I want24834.763.24
to take this gyrocopter here and you you24836.083.6
know how there's always good loot on on24838.03.52
top of those places over there like that24839.683.718
shotgun Messiah uh-huh I just want to24841.523.198
see if I could fly up to it and just24843.3983.202
land up there and steal the loop okay24844.7183.362
that building most of it's going to come24846.63.24
crashing down when those zombies come24848.083.44
after you but I want to see this yes do24849.844.558
it I'm doing it ooh here I go watch out24851.525.56
I'm watching man can't wait to see this24854.3986.042
oh boy tons of [ __ ] up there I24857.085.2
promise oh listen I'm sure but that's24860.443.24
what I'm saying if I can get at the very24862.283.88
top I mean there's a place to land24863.684.44
another helicopter although this is a24866.164.08
gyrocopter like I've had that argument24868.124.0
but the good loot is on that Tower if I24870.244.2
can just land on this Tower I could24872.126.64
probably get the good loot do it ooh ooh24874.446.88
oh all right can I back up back up back24878.764.24
up oh no backed up too far backed up too24881.323.478
far backed up too far go go go go go go24883.04.638
go oh no things have gone bad boy oh24884.7985.84
boy oh [ __ ] thick yeah don't say24887.6385.122
anything I'm in a weird predicament okay24890.6384.122
there's like a lot of green guys around24892.765.28
me this was dumb this was really dumb24894.765.36
okay can I just do you need me to help24898.045.0
oh [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] may maybe maybe not oh24900.124.64
God is that a burn that's a burn Nick24903.043.518
I'm getting attacked by a okay I got to24904.764.4
get off oh God thing things have gone24906.5586.32
terrible I got the burn ow God oh God oh24909.165.12
God oh God oh God okay we can't lose the24912.8783.402
gyropter canot there's a lot of green24914.284.76
guys up here pick it up pick see him do24916.284.678
you see me I see you watch out this24919.043.96
green guys okay get those guys behind me24920.9585.68
help trying oh any help will work Nick24923.05.878
oh crap oh crap oh24926.6386.682
God still putting up the good fight24928.8789.642
ah no go down go Jesus you good I think24933.328.158
I I think I survived F24938.525.198
nice okay now I can just climb up there24941.4784.16
and get the [ __ ] just climb up there and24943.7183.882
get this stuff this was dumb what was I24945.6384.482
thinking what was going through my brain24947.65.24
here she must love Italian food Simon24950.124.08
you know hold on a second I'm going to24952.843.68
get her right in the head ready yeah24954.25.678
boom that was it one shot man one shot I24956.525.438
don't mess around you do not mess around24959.8784.202
all right listen neees i' I'm not going24961.9584.642
to be as defensive all right okay I'm24964.084.36
going to take what you said to heart and24966.64.92
I and I understand that you might not24968.445.72
want to stay here uh uh but if you're24971.526.038
going to give me advice just be kind24974.165.68
okay yeah I feel like I'm being kind I24977.5584.722
don't really know what else to do okay24979.843.92
well you could use your words24982.283.56
differently that's all I'm saying it's24983.764.44
all about tone all right well Hey listen24985.845.798
buddy look this might be the the worst24988.24.88
base I've seen yet what are you talking24991.6382.76
about I'm saying I think we're all going24993.083.52
to die and never have a shot at a zombie24994.3983.56
what are you talking like we'll just all24996.63.84
be dead and then it'll be uh the worst24997.9584.44
base wait a second wait a second I was25000.444.56
just saying be kind with your words I25002.3984.922
sound more positive when I'm talking you25005.04.32
heard I like went up with it nope it25007.324.2
doesn't sound good at all how about this25009.324.238
look you got to give me example okay say25011.523.878
what I just said but how it would sound25013.5586.08
nice okay I get what you're trying to do25015.3987.722
here Simon oh that's good and and what25019.6384.92
if I didn't get what you were trying to25023.124.678
do lie okay got it so hey I get what25024.5584.962
you're trying to do what you're trying25027.7984.08
to do here Simon uh I bet you we're25029.524.72
going to do good just just do that25031.8783.962
instead I like that I'm going to use25034.244.44
that next time use that from now on I25035.844.638
get what you're trying to do here Y25038.683.68
which is get us all killed oh you son of25040.4782.802
[ __ ] what have you been doing not 3025043.284.598
push-ups before showers I'll tell you25046.244.6
that much should try that it's two25047.8785.0
shower Dan 60 push-ups25050.844.958
thank you oh yeah I got rewarded for25052.8786.882
that yes don't mind if I do what I I25055.7987.08
didn't want to reload but that's okay um25059.765.28
hitting F cuz of War Zone oh my God are25062.8784.52
you kidding me had some sham that's why25065.043.72
you're getting chubby and you can't beat25067.3983.962
down doors you little [ __ ] okay too25068.766.6
much Sham in your diet25071.364.0
ah what a Twist what a25075.4787.16
Twist you guys are great25080.085.68
oh boy you guys are just you're oh my25082.6387.92
god wow this is is how I go yeah oh my25085.7611.48
God that was oh no I'm punching you now25090.5586.682
really oh stop it I'm going to25097.9584.52
die oh God hey thick yeah I got a big25105.7986.442
problem what's that well I got a25110.243.84
position the gyrocopter in a place where25112.243.318
I can take off from the top of this25114.083.28
building but the only way I can pick it25115.5584.08
up is if it's uh it has nothing in its25117.364.16
inventory and right now I mean it's25119.6384.682
loaded and so am I oh you know what we25121.524.6
might have to do this is crazy but we25124.324.2
might have to build a Runway okay I got25126.124.4
an idea I got an yeah thick come up to25128.524.118
me nerd pole up to me all right I'll be25130.523.56
right there all right look this is a25132.6383.76
good little stretch right here I bet if25134.084.68
we tear this out flatten that out I can25136.3985.202
start start down here with a thing and25138.764.08
then just25141.63.0
take off right out there victory all25142.843.718
right so yeah think it up here help me25144.64.92
tear this down all right oh this is GNA25146.5583.562
forever I see what you're trying to do25154.765.958
here yeah I assume you're here right25157.5585.442
right and then you go ah the zombies are25160.7184.282
underneath I don't have a shot and then25163.04.32
you walk out here right right but that's25165.04.478
the that's just the very basis of it25167.324.398
it's going to be wider and it's going to25169.4784.522
have a a stronger Foundation are you not25171.7184.642
worried about getting spit on while25174.04.28
you're out here well I haven't talked25176.364.278
about what kind of Defense I'm going to25178.284.8
have okay I'm still trying to figure25180.6384.282
this out I see what you're trying to do25183.084.36
here well it's basically because of you25184.924.038
cuz you pointed out something very25187.443.4
obvious that I'm going to obviously need25188.9584.282
to address I don't know if this is a bad25190.844.52
idea but let me think out loud okay what25193.244.12
if these were gone these things that I25195.364.64
see you're trying to do here oh okay25197.364.88
what if they were gone and then you had25200.04.878
like holes like over here and while25202.244.478
they're underneath we're like fish in a25204.8783.802
barrel you know shooting through these25206.7184.202
holes because I don't want to fall in25208.684.56
the holes yeah but you could put maybe25210.924.68
like iron bars that you shoot through on25213.244.8
the ground kind of like a grate25215.65.56
oh okay or just don't don't fall through25218.045.678
them no if we could put bars there then25221.164.2
yes that would be better it would take25223.7184.202
away our ability to throw Molotov and uh25225.364.76
bombs but uh we can still shoot through25227.924.878
it hey how about we do both both what we25230.125.358
don't take these down we build it and25232.7985.402
it's here right yep and all it is is25235.4784.802
just extra stuff for them to try to25238.24.08
attack right it's not going to hurt the25240.283.72
structure at all yeah I don't think so25242.283.278
and we should be able to shoot things25244.03.638
from it yep and we could have holes25245.5583.92
through the ceiling so we're do a little25247.6383.282
bit of you a little bit of me how about25249.4783.282
this you work on the holes in the25250.924.92
ceiling and I work on this got it nice I25252.765.68
like it I like you so far this is25255.844.44
out okay okay okay all right and I'm25260.286.518
free nice at least from back there okay25263.65.198
let's see which will be easier um I feel25266.7983.362
like taking this thing out it's going to25268.7982.802
take forever cuz this entire thing's25270.163.52
made of metal yep uh what about this25271.64.44
side what about this side do you think I25273.684.52
could fit through here oh yeah yeah if I25276.043.8
could fit through here and we could get25278.23.598
over the like yeah if I could clear this25279.843.798
one that straight path right there can25281.7984.0
we just build a ramp going up this might25283.6384.16
take less time let's uh you know what25285.7983.6
that is a damn good idea thick hold on25287.7982.92
I'm on it right now I'm on the I'm on25289.3985.24
the ramping okay see wood ramp oh damn25290.7185.402
it I need one of those uh those table25294.6384.0
saws oh that's right damn it oh wait no25296.124.08
you you can make different okay hold on25298.6383.042
I got this you can make different shapes25300.23.278
from wood without the uh without the25301.684.878
thing really like that ooh nice yeah but25303.4785.362
it's it's steep though that's my only25306.5584.602
concern well it's worth a shot hold on25308.843.718
real quick I want to make sure that I25311.165.0
can get through this oh you got that for25312.5585.722
sure oh yeah all right but yeah I for25316.163.92
for getting speed though I just got to25318.283.76
straighten this out as best I can all25320.083.718
right here I'm backing up thick all you25322.043.678
know what I'm going to stand over here25323.7984.802
and uh and watch you this way okay you25325.7185.042
ready thick clear for take off clear for25328.65.198
takeoff here we go let's25330.766.44
go to the25333.7983.402
man all right nice I'll see you back in25337.925.84
the house Nick sounds25341.246.638
good oh I am thoroughly embarrassed25343.767.198
about that my ego took over I was25347.8786.042
complacent I got wiggle fingers and I25350.9585.562
hit the wrong25353.922.6
buttons I hope there's no one hope25356.924.878
they're all dead They're All Dead um now25359.129.48
to get that uh that that oh [ __ ] dude25361.7989.962
wow that yeah I might have taken a25368.67.798
little p guys are tough wow wow I might25371.766.798
have peed my pants a bit just a little25376.3985.922
bit just a little Tink25378.5587.642
oh hey salmon hey where oh what's up25382.327.2
what's going on guys what's up abro ah25386.26.64
we're building a base happy Hond it's25389.524.958
not how you spell Hond it is if your25392.843.878
name is Simon yeah what's up buddy25394.4784.0
nothing much yeah just got back from the25396.7183.642
cold region thick and I had some uh some25398.4783.642
good adventures and we got lots of stuff25400.363.96
speak of the devil hello hey thick hello25402.124.758
thick happy hmons hell yeah I like it so25404.325.398
listen Simon here's what I got uh say25406.8785.882
you're a zombie and you're over here and25409.7184.602
then you go underneath and we lose25412.764.08
visual right okay yep there you go NOP25414.325.2
this way little bit what yep it's just25416.844.52
there we go yeah what's up it's just a25419.524.6
just one spot so far oh okay so all25421.365.32
right what's going on here cuz um are we25424.124.04
expecting the underneath of this place25426.683.4
just to get attacked is that the plan25428.163.84
well no I mean like this is the25430.084.96
foundation of of uh something that's25432.05.718
strong and and I just I'm giving it a25435.045.28
shot guys let's just say you could all25437.7184.642
do your own thing if you want want to25440.324.158
but I'm going to give it a shot but you25442.364.038
see what he's trying to do here right I25444.4783.682
no I don't no I have no idea what's25446.3984.122
going on yeah this looks ridiculous what25448.165.08
you know what your base was amazing we25450.525.08
all survived my proposal is if they are25453.243.96
going to come under like that we have25455.63.84
these little barred areas and I would25457.24.4
say listen we go further we really25459.444.358
fortify this like we just fill this in25461.63.798
with concrete so they're just sitting25463.7983.722
here whacking at this all day long you25465.3985.0
know just ah I can't get in there just25467.524.92
can't do it I'm going to do it because25470.3983.882
guess what over here I already started25472.444.358
in the back watch look look things25474.285.72
things and such uhhuh I'm now building25476.7985.402
the outer layers right here so this is25480.04.16
all going to be double concrete back25482.24.24
here just like everywhere else and then25484.165.92
I'll have other spikes and whatnot yeah25486.445.32
all I'm I'm I'm curious to see what you25490.083.798
got Simon yeah let's just see I mean who25491.764.718
the hell knows yeah hey nees come over25493.8784.362
here to the gyrocopter okay got to give25496.4783.602
you something got to give me something25498.243.88
yeah I got something good for you okay25500.083.76
but Simon no I don't need you here I25502.124.2
can't be here like I can't even watch no25503.844.558
no no this is this is a personal thing25506.325.238
oh that's weird Okay can thick be here25508.3984.282
yeah where you build where you building25511.5582.802
the real base oh the real yeah where's25512.684.32
the real base going um I didn't have one25514.364.0
planned I thought we were trying to25517.03.08
support him you serious are you you're25518.363.48
letting him do this I'm not in charge of25520.083.36
him God it was his turn he said he25521.843.118
wanted to do it it's a damn death trap25523.442.76
it's a damn death trap we're all going25524.9582.482
to die we're all going to die it's going25526.24.12
to be worse than D's base D's base was25527.446.198
fine just saying25530.323.318
I'm going to try this out I'm going to25534.6385.642
try this old Relic why not might as well25536.527.32
might as well straight for that unlocked25540.287.24
oh oh well what a welcoming zombie25543.845.878
family anyone want to help me with this25547.523.68
I want to just try it out real quick25549.7183.042
guys just want to try this real oh25551.24.72
perfect perfect says I'm Invincible that25552.766.08
sucks what else is getting there what's25555.926.4
okay I'm I'm getting hurt I'm not25558.846.0
Invincible maybe it's like a what is25562.324.68
hitting me what was was it you the whole25564.845.638
time this thing sucks this sucks I'll25567.04.76
give it to Simon to tell him he'll be25570.4782.522
or work with his brain make him think I25573.05.958
don't know maybe it'll be a placebo25577.25.56
effect man I'm bleeding oh I should25578.9583.802
use bandages huh well that can suck it25583.246.08
I'm sure there's some more story to it25587.683.48
but I don't care about it all right I'll25589.324.84
get this place and go25591.163.0
home oh there's a way down here okay and25594.8787.84
then home then then home but I'll have a25599.8788.442
weapon oh oh he hey guys hey okay yep25602.7187.202
yep I was trying to prove I was better25608.326.0
now than I okay oh no no no no25609.924.4
no ooh thick look at this OB jacked up25617.446.68
my levels I can now craft some first aid25621.766.32
kits oh hell yeah yeah since I use one25624.125.358
while we're out and about I'm crafting25628.083.12
four of them right now and you know what25629.4783.4
what two of them are yours buddy oh25631.24.358
thanks boom hell yeah oh man that's25632.8784.202
awesome these might come in handy if we25635.5583.92
do that dishonorable discharge challenge25637.084.68
it says it's hard ooh you know what let25639.4783.802
me put up my medical supplies and let's25641.763.958
go where uh where's it at uh hold on let25643.284.358
me go ahead and accept the challenge all25645.7184.402
right taking a look on the map oh I see25647.6384.522
where it's at it is to the north of us25650.123.358
how far to the North we just came from25652.163.68
the north not too far away not too far25653.4784.4
away okay okay should I well should I25655.843.48
dump some stuff off or just you know25657.8782.802
what screw it I'm I'm just going to go25659.324.0
let's go baby let's go25660.687.64
baby and what is up with me today25663.329.158
huh oh super embarrassing can I get this25668.328.28
and live let me be quiet there we go man25672.4787.282
you guys oh welcome hey good to see you25676.66.84
back crap crap did I what no no no no25679.766.68
now I'm using taz's this isn't going to25683.447.48
oh no no no don't you do it don't you do25686.448.958
it no please don't do it oh25690.924.478
you so this is a spot middle of nowhere25697.26.24
yep it's right over here we're 30 30 m25700.365.68
away just about oh I see a bouncing25703.446.358
exclamation point oh very good very good25706.046.918
okay uh start Quest oh oh wow yeah these25709.7984.522
guys just appeared oh God are we25712.9584.122
surrounded uh oh yeah there's a lot of25714.324.558
them it says only kill three of them25717.085.0
kill how many says three three that's it25718.8785.322
yeah well we can do that that's easy do25722.084.28
that in my sleep yeah no kidding no25724.23.8
kidding who I thought I thought you were25726.363.84
a fallen soldier almost oh watch out25728.04.52
dick there you go there you go yeah yeah25730.24.64
all right oh now we got to talk to oh25732.524.198
loot go ahead you go ahead and get that25734.843.718
that was your kill oh me thank you thank25736.7184.042
you thank you thank you let's see oh25738.5583.4
give me something good give me something25740.764.0
good hey hey jar honey that ain't bad25741.9584.802
not bad at all now it says go talk to25744.763.36
Trader which Trader are we going to go25746.763.798
to big titties or uh Asian boy let's go25748.124.358
to the weird guy with the tie boy yeah25750.5584.92
Kiki I love25752.4783.0
Kiki it's not even funny anymore it's25757.365.038
not even funny anymore I ain't messing I25759.9585.882
grabbed this from my chest back at the25762.3986.842
do I have the Amos yeah it's not funny25765.846.118
it's not funny guys you know what it was25769.244.718
kind of cute in the beginning not cute25771.9584.0
anymore all right let's face it I'm a25773.9584.202
[ __ ] idiot today but whatever come on25775.9587.642
come on hey hey yeah oh wow what is that25778.1611.798
no go away go away where's the other one25783.610.24
where are you what where are you beding25789.9587.802
crap stop beding come here you [ __ ] shut25793.848.118
it shut it okay okay25797.765.958
sometimes you just have a day and that25801.9586.482
was mine next time we play watch out see25803.7188.76
how good I am show the25808.444.038
world thck fck thck we haven't luded in25817.285.0
a while together have we I know and I25820.25.32
I'm not well you just you cut on fire25822.286.598
don't do that it was just this I know25825.526.32
have you ever stepped on come on come on25828.8785.162
come on I hope they don't have that25831.844.92
happening in Alpha 19 yeah it's getting25834.045.24
late and we need to bunk up somewhere so25836.764.0
this spooky house seems good I'm not25839.283.198
sure why we came all the way out to ask25840.765.32
County to get supplies it's just new25842.4785.92
it's just something new to look at up25846.085.798
stairs where we goes up stairs you know25848.3986.362
I miss I miss I miss Simon he's not here25851.8785.802
to be Italian and Irish whatever he is25854.767.118
he always like I'm Italian I'm Irish25857.685.76
he's whatever it needs to be in that25861.8783.282
moment you know I'll go ahead and uh25863.443.76
start a fire a little campfire put some25865.164.2
food on we are not clear we got a25867.24.08
campfire already thick come upstairs25869.364.118
come up the top side thick tippy tippy25871.285.438
top come to the tippy tap TOPS oh hey25873.4787.92
buds oh yeah yeah that's where this this25876.7187.24
is going to be nice up here25881.3985.56
some I like it a lot all right let's uh25883.9585.642
let's put some bed rolls down and shack25886.9585.642
up for the night yep25889.65.4
oo you still in the mine abro yeah I'm25892.64.0
still in the mine although I shouldn't25895.03.638
be yeah it's night time yeah I know I25896.63.878
heard the music you've been in there25898.6384.482
forever I know well you want concrete to25900.4784.642
keep making uh your happy hman over25903.124.2
there yeah I got to go in the mine and I25905.123.32
got to get the stuff for concrete what25907.322.8
is happening I made a bunch of what do25908.444.6
you mean look at me who God oh yeah what25910.124.72
is that you must have done something no25913.043.438
I didn't do anything that's on you oh25914.843.28
you know what it's your stupid candle25916.4783.24
you don't have the candle graphic I25918.122.838
don't I don't think so pull out the25919.7183.602
candle again okay uh that's a brush that25920.9584.52
is a brush oh God candle there's25923.323.478
something wrong with your game man no25925.4782.882
it's it's you like look at it I I can25926.7983.122
kind of see it from the back it's fine25928.363.038
but then when I come over here well it25929.923.28
looks fine on my screen I know it25931.3983.48
doesn't look fine on my screen what if I25933.23.598
set it down can I not pop on the wall25934.8782.882
can you pop it on the wall there's one25936.7983.08
on the ground look at your feet oh oh25937.763.84
yeah that looks fine well that's fine is25939.8783.84
it now I'm curious let me let me try to25941.64.958
pick it up and put it in my hand uh-huh25943.7185.282
and what do you see uh candle cuz my25946.5584.32
game's not broke yeah something's wrong25949.02.638
with m25950.8784.6
y clearly I like it though hate it no I25951.6384.92
mean you know it's kind of like a green25955.4782.722
screen you can put any anything in there25956.5583.16
our editors could go nuts there could be25958.23.198
literally anything in there right now we25959.7184.482
have no idea yep it could be a a KN25961.3984.922
gameing t-shirt that's right on sale at25964.24.48
a merchandise shop buy our t-shirts25966.324.88
today we are scumbags and we should25968.684.4
probably get25971.24.96
inside thick y I know we can't sleep25973.085.36
because well where we are but uh this25976.164.68
house over here yeah look at that rig25978.444.438
are they they getting like some special25980.845.44
cable some good TV with that like who25982.8785.202
puts that on their house I bet you25986.284.16
that's uh that's for a ham radio there's25988.083.68
people out there that are still into25990.445.038
that yeah I why cuz I want to feel like25991.766.198
a truck driver and talk to truck drivers25995.4784.042
I think it's more about it's like the25997.9584.0
the technology there's just like it's a25999.524.4
I don't know why I have no idea why but26001.9583.802
good for them if it makes them happy you26003.923.36
want to go check out that house yeah26005.766.958
let's like uh ham radio raid ham raid EO26007.287.0
yeah I'm going to drop no I'm not going26012.7182.962
to drop here that would hurt that'd be26014.285.4
really dumb to do n or 10 for here hold26015.686.878
on watch out step back please step back26019.685.44
thank you might as well use uh one of26022.5584.762
those oh just for I think you that was26025.124.278
unlocked y but yeah this will be fun26027.323.398
yeah it was to make the noise it was26029.3984.602
about making noise yep oh26030.7188.402
boy oh hey it's just us didn't even do26034.08.68
it wow look at you guys weak yeah okay26039.125.12
you want to do another oh another one26042.683.44
well once we see let me lure some out26044.244.318
get ready to put one down I'm waiting26046.124.4
for this ham radio group they're the26048.5583.722
only kind of group that would put a an26050.525.038
oven in a hallway yeah that's weird here26052.287.4
we go hello ham radio club 104 ner 10426055.5586.122
ner I don't know if that yeah is that26059.684.24
how they breaker breaker hello ham radio26061.686.958
club oh [ __ ] okay y'all scared me woo26063.926.558
all these green people you got a bunch26068.6384.042
of Greenies yeah some Greenies probably26070.4784.042
what happens when you do that sort of26072.684.08
radio too long I think I found where the26074.524.92
club probably takes place right back26076.765.6
here Yep this is where I would do it yep26079.446.24
weirdos yep I see no radios oh maybe in26082.367.118
the bag nope just a primitive26085.687.038
bow oo yeah yeah yeah morning times I26089.4785.762
want some pancakes and eggs NE you got26092.7185.562
any pancakes uh nope I got blueberry pie26095.244.36
hey I'll take that too that'd be26098.283.118
delicious all right hey during the night26099.63.48
I made a ton of concrete we got a lot of26101.3983.642
rebar let's get to fortifying baby26103.084.36
uh-huh do we want to keep all of this26105.044.918
mess up here okay all all right I have26107.443.518
to take a look at what you're talking26109.9582.802
about I'll be up there in a second okay26110.9583.242
all this mess up here what is he all26112.763.08
about you keep all this mess I don't26114.24.24
know what the [ __ ] mess is stupid26115.844.84
[ __ ] stupid [ __ ] a yeah what mess26118.444.32
you talking about Bubba uh well like26120.685.278
this these I don't know AC unit stuff no26122.765.0
I don't see any reason to keep that up26125.9583.52
here we could clear that out actually I26127.763.92
I can Harvest this AC unit for yeah we26129.4784.4
can use the resources and but we also26131.684.718
want to make sure H we want to make sure26133.8784.122
we got a place to run from the birds26136.3983.922
right oh yeah like these little cubby26138.04.76
holes yeah yeah let's keep that cubby26140.324.72
for sure maybe even block it in a little26142.764.638
bit I don't know okay the birds like to26145.043.72
me the birds weren't that hard to handle26147.3983.202
last time long we got enough ammunition26148.763.32
we can deal with the birds yeah but you26150.63.16
don't want them just hit you in the head26152.083.36
when you're trying to shoot stuff no you26153.762.718
don't but if we're going to be standing26155.442.6
on the lip of this place shooting down26156.4782.842
at zombies I feel like it's going to26158.043.438
happen anyway maybe we should hm should26159.325.36
we put a an overhead above here yeah I26161.4784.562
mean we can do it a little bit but I26164.682.36
mean we're going to we're going to put26166.043.16
an overhead around this whole thing26167.044.08
that's a lot of resources just little26169.24.198
obstacles you know like an umbrella like26171.124.2
a canopy if you can figure out how to26173.3983.642
put an umbrella out here go nuts this26175.323.96
isn't rocket science a canopy yeah fine26177.044.12
put put a canopy put a canopy all around26179.283.16
you know what I'll do when I see a bird26181.163.16
I'll be like blop blop the bird's down26182.443.518
but what if you're like here BL blop26184.323.72
what was that what got me what you bird26185.9583.76
you go you blop blop blop oh that's a26188.043.358
bird blop blop it's dead then go blah26189.7184.282
blah BL blah BL you are such a warrior26191.3984.722
such a bird Zombie Warrior I me they26194.03.6
weren't that hard to handle last time26196.122.92
look you got enough armor on you you'll26197.63.56
be fine health kits all right we don't26199.043.758
need to waste all that resources26201.163.84
building bird stuff feel like I had a26202.7985.68
point didn't have to be much just a26205.06.12
SC wait she's a a green screamer I've26211.125.04
never seen a green screamer I think I've26214.323.76
seen him during the ho oh I don't know26216.165.398
if I huh wow that scared the the Jesus26218.086.6
out of me oh right come on what are you26221.5584.84
guys where are you coming from probably26224.684.76
the roof no well the window I guess huh26226.3985.642
really makes me want to just go there26229.444.88
yeah I'm intrigued by that that's the26232.043.918
Green Room I'm I guarantee it they're26234.324.318
doing blow yep blow and blow jobs up in26235.9584.042
the Green Room let me know what's up26238.6385.202
there thick can't wait okay hello oh God26240.05.398
what okay Dr you're going to want to26243.844.038
come up here okay and I have an idea oh26245.3984.722
yes sir look at this I can't you're in26247.8784.0
my way that's like like a stage with26250.126.32
loot oh hey guys and I got a pipe bomb26251.8787.402
yes don't [ __ ] up the26256.446.038
loot excuse me excuse me thck oh yeah oh26259.286.24
[ __ ] here we go woo I'll get the fat guy26262.4786.0
yeah we dancing we're26265.526.24
dancing I like this stage man this gives26268.4786.562
me a great idea oh God I'd love to hear26271.765.36
it you want to do a show let's do a show26275.044.08
yeah talent show I'm going to set it all26277.124.278
up we all come out here and ask County26279.124.2
and do a talent show nebes is going to26281.3983.56
love it he's going to lose his [ __ ] I26283.324.478
know no I I'm so in oh God who's hitting26284.9585.322
me who sent me on fire I was trying to26287.7985.92
get the box under I'm sorry I didn't26290.284.438
think that was going to get you that26293.7182.84
doesn't make sense I was the box under26294.7184.92
you yeah I should I should be26296.5586.84
fine scer wait don't just shoot her I've26299.6385.32
been wanting to use this spear what do26303.3983.282
you mean don't shoot her did you have a26304.9583.642
plan yeah shoot her no I wanted to use26306.683.798
this spear it's a level five spear on26308.62.878
the okay okay I tell you what I'm26310.4783.762
shooting I'm oh God I forgot to reload26311.4784.32
that is your move you can kill it you26314.243.0
can kill the other people coming look at26315.7983.282
this guy he's running at you don't who26317.244.238
who that gu oh God that's a spinner okay26319.084.398
I want to throw a spear at somebody okay26321.4783.722
throw a spear I got him in the knee is26323.4783.802
that it can I have that back trying to26325.24.92
do a thing oh boy now she's screamed oh26327.284.198
wait that's another one I killed the26330.123.72
first one is there another one uh maybe26331.4784.562
spear oh God he got spit on oh there's26333.844.24
so many where' my spear go you see my26336.043.56
spear anywhere no I don't see your damn26338.084.398
spear right around here this mess it was26339.66.08
it should be on the ground uh Noe crap26342.4784.562
all right you don't see it it's right26345.683.92
here did I pick it up oh did you I don't26347.045.32
know okay I was hoping it would be26349.66.358
tougher um sir you're done here okay so26352.366.438
it was a spear I threw it right around26355.9584.84
here feel like I still hear something26358.7983.92
uhhuh listen yep I hear it too26360.7983.522
definitely something around let's find26362.7183.68
it then we can worry about your spear um26364.324.12
I'm afraid it's going to disappear okay26366.3983.4
well it's a spear I don't know why26368.442.72
you're using a spear anyway was a level26369.7982.962
five I thought it would be stronger we26371.163.88
got to find this thing my spear no the26372.764.038
zombie or a spear there's plenty of26375.043.438
zombies oh God it's not in hotel kabas26376.7984.0
it's not her stuff is it oh crap hope26378.4784.882
not oh yeah there she is yeah come on go26380.7984.722
down was she inside no she was outside26383.367.358
oh outside yeah I think I lost my spear26385.525.198
good well look at you little sons of26390.926.08
[ __ ] just lying in weight ready to26397.8785.482
pounce on our dumb asses who's the dumb26400.7986.362
asses now I'll tell you who you guys are26403.365.76
hey oh [ __ ] I was supposed to be ready26407.165.238
with this but I messed that up and you26409.126.8
can't reach me you're too fat Vick how26412.3985.442
you doing down there uh just trying to26415.924.2
make my oh God what yep trying to make26417.845.118
my way up I found the dance studio oh my26420.125.358
god well we can work on our routines26422.9584.202
right next door yeah what are you going26425.4783.32
to do for the talent show I'm going to26427.164.76
pick a song a piece of music uh-huh and26428.7986.16
everybody maybe maybe three of us okay26431.925.6
come up with a song that goes to that26434.9585.76
music and we see whose song is the best26437.524.68
oh man I kind of thought we were all26440.7184.76
picking our own thing you know I it'd be26442.25.12
interesting to see how everybody comes26445.4783.962
up with a different song to the same26447.324.52
piece of music uhuh just saying well26449.444.92
okay I was going to all right I thought26451.845.2
about getting tap shoes myself but I26454.365.118
might be on board okay good yeah there26457.044.56
isn't really [ __ ] up there SI all right26459.4784.202
uh should we get out of this hell hole26461.64.44
Yeah I think we probably should it's an26463.684.24
awful place all right I'll meet you26466.044.16
okay nees mine stealing his rebar frames26470.26.64
oh Simon yeah well I mean we took all26474.6383.562
the other ones he had down if he's not26476.843.16
going to be here to build his base sorry26478.23.678
like he went on vacation he probably26480.03.958
hasn't even thought oh wait my horde26481.8784.322
base oh no listen oh no no no he did it26483.9584.282
on purpose uhhuh he knew was like you26486.24.598
know oh I got the hord base to do hey26488.245.44
guys I I got to go away for a week yep26490.7985.122
cuz he knew we would do it you're right26493.683.48
and then when he gets back he can do26495.923.16
like he normally does and just sit back26497.164.12
and watch H what do you think of my26499.085.558
canopy huh it's it's a canopy yeah but26501.285.358
it feels festive too doesn't it like26504.6384.562
you're under here it's h night it feels26506.6384.802
unhappy but it feels like a vacation26509.23.88
it's a canopy it's fine if you want if26511.443.278
you want to put it there go for it it's26513.083.12
something you'd see at the beach it26514.7183.442
makes you feel good it's a canopy we're26516.23.72
at happy heyman's you do whatever you26518.162.92
want to do man if you want to build a26519.922.718
canopy you build a canopy I've already26521.083.558
done it great should I take these rebar26522.6383.482
frames are we are we actually going to26524.6383.722
do this I don't care I built the canopy26526.123.92
you get to pick that I'm taking it I'm26528.363.56
taking it cuz I can use these things26530.044.0
okay I'm making a ton of concrete and26531.924.28
this could be used in a much better way26534.044.678
than what he had planned uh-huh okay I26536.23.64
don't know I don't know how I got roped26538.7182.562
into doing this [ __ ] anyway because you26539.843.2
don't want to die on hord night I no you26541.283.678
want to relax under a hord canopy I know26543.043.72
I hate being efficient and I'm not using26544.9584.202
your stupid canopy you wait you'll be26546.765.16
under it a can of P keep ey you I see26549.165.718
you under it get a piss all over your26551.925.44
face all right I'm in you good you see26554.8785.562
anything yeah oh dude this goes way down26557.365.68
yeah yep Water Works yo Feel Like Water26560.444.48
Works never has anything good yeah26563.043.598
you're probably right hello nice26564.924.12
friendly worker more workers coming in26566.6384.722
hello you're doing great you're doing26569.045.88
great uh-huh oh that's you oh God damn26571.365.64
it come26574.924.798
on I'm so sorry I was like in the groove26577.04.24
I I thought you were just observing I26579.7184.042
got to use my first aid I'm so sorry26581.244.638
about that that was a solid shot so glad26583.764.28
I didn't get a header on you right just26585.8785.042
like you know when I'm in kill mode man26588.045.04
kill mode all the way this one's26590.925.0
unlocked here we go ah what an operation26593.085.52
this is this is a stupid operation yeah26595.924.36
I'm going to randomly put look at this26598.65.0
crap uh-huh oh look at these guys swim26600.285.88
these guys Little Swimmers hey you guys26603.64.84
are adorable don't fall in I don't want26606.165.36
to hey oh I fell in thick don't you're26608.446.32
on their heads oh no oh my God watch out26611.525.84
thick thick oh boy I can't breathe here26614.764.558
it says this is crazy okay there's more26617.365.4
coming at you um oh I fell at to oh no26619.3185.48
[ __ ] I can't nerd pole how do I get out26622.764.0
of here I'm going down the maze it's26624.7984.68
like a it's like a um a water slide26626.765.24
that's not fun at all no we're stuck in26629.4785.92
here no we're not okay found the ladder26632.05.76
okay good get on the ladder get on the26635.3984.202
ladder I can't get on the ladder get on26637.763.198
the ladder26639.64.358
son of a [ __ ] get letter there we go oh26640.9584.882
you're really good at that oh okay I am26643.9586.122
too W woo okay oh wow how did okay all26645.846.958
right enough of these Shenanigans come26650.085.84
get it oh loot loot give me the loot26652.7985.402
okay there's some interesting okay oh26655.924.92
jackpot yeah did you find it oh God I26658.25.08
fell in the water what happened oh [ __ ]26660.843.958
you fell in the water you just answered26663.284.72
that that was a trap yeah don't do that26664.7985.84
oh boy Whoa26668.05.04
I guess I'll grab the loot what can you26670.6385.76
help me out how I I don't know I don't26673.045.04
I'll tell you what's in these though26676.3983.882
okay oh I think I'm going to make it out26678.084.878
made it out you're a hero26680.285.72
always whoa where' this come from oh26682.9584.562
crap there was a scream up here where26686.03.28
are you at daab oh he was on top I'm at26687.525.32
bottom of the ladder wow are you down K26689.286.038
me you're down that scared me I didn't26692.845.24
expect oh there shut the door no oh she26695.3185.602
came through she came through okay oh26698.084.52
there's more I'm right above you right26700.922.92
above you I'm helping you out I'm26702.62.64
helping you out there's more coming26703.844.44
reload stand by spitting wow what is26705.246.12
going on down here she scream screamer26708.285.8
still this is too much I know it's a lot26711.364.198
holy crap you want to light the place up26714.084.12
a little more hey you remove the Torches26715.5584.282
and they're still coming I removed some26718.23.08
of the Torches it's probably all the26719.842.878
heat we're generating from making26721.283.96
concrete H you think yeah probably we26722.7184.562
got the forge going we got the yeah we26725.243.558
got everything rocking and rolling over26727.283.48
there man now are we going to let them26728.7984.242
uh invade down there and set up defenses26730.763.84
below or we just all going to be on top26733.043.4
the whole time I think Simon want us to26734.63.278
be up top the whole time well what26736.443.6
should we do should we uh have a couple26737.8784.162
position down at the bottom so when The26740.043.64
Horde starts coming in we can fight them26742.043.56
from the bottom and then fall back to26743.683.68
the roof hopefully the walls are so26745.63.358
thick they're not going to get in but if26747.363.518
we're going to have a door maybe just26748.9584.44
that's that's the choke point yes man I26750.8783.6
didn't think we were going to agree on26753.3982.602
something that's great yeah that's fine26754.4783.042
yeah a choke point have a choke point26756.02.878
and then we can B up up as they come to26757.523.278
the choke point ah we should celebrate26758.8783.642
under the canopies no you can celebrate26760.7984.202
under the canopies I'm getting back to26762.525.24
work all right dras get that drop I'm26765.03.92
getting the drop while you were still26767.763.16
living that place up I found a barn with26768.923.84
a ton of cement in it that I got for26770.924.24
abro he's going to be so happy oh that's26772.765.28
perfect that's perfect oh I don't even26775.165.08
have to beat26778.045.838
this oh yeah stuff stuff26780.246.52
stuff little bit of ammo level five26783.8784.562
military bus that might be better than26786.763.798
uh yeah you know what while we're here26788.444.4
thick I just want to peek over the hill26790.5584.4
okay just peek over the hill what do you26792.845.44
see wow it's what I thought I saw it's26794.9586.722
the ocean thick the ocean the ocean I'm26798.285.598
taking a better look up on this little26801.684.84
Peak okay we got to go home no I know26803.8783.84
but I just want to take a peek at the26806.522.68
ocean it's been so long since I've seen26807.7183.202
the ocean th oh you sound pretty26809.26.88
emotional I'm pretty emotional you got26810.925.16
it okay I'm26819.165.398
done okay guys watch out I'm turning26824.5586.562
them on oh yeah they all working yep I26827.245.52
mean I don't know why we're26831.123.678
reacting like we've done this before26832.763.718
that part but this is the first time26834.7983.322
we're seeing it you guys did an amazing26836.4783.24
job I just have one thing to say really26838.125.4
quick B Bing has 1 D not two but26839.7186.6
fantastic yeah wait it has it has one26843.524.84
one what One D I think that'd be bad26846.3184.122
bang listen when you when you know B26848.364.48
Bing or Bada Bing from uh from The26850.444.358
Sopranos there's a strip club named Bada26852.845.76
Bings it's b a d a space b i n gs but26854.7985.882
you know what Simon in in their defense26858.64.92
it's going with the uh misspelled uh26860.686.36
theme cuz Heyman is not hi you know well26863.525.198
that's true but come on let's just let's26867.044.0
just okay whatever that's fine Simon I26868.7183.68
need I need real quick I need somebody26871.043.278
to test the electric fence just touch it26872.3983.602
real quick no thank you I've done that26874.3183.56
before here let me do it let me uh let26876.04.16
me check this out yeah thank you here we26877.8785.042
we go26880.162.76
and hey all right we got more defenses26888.26.16
to make let's set to work okay26891.2811.438
okay yes I have 51 iron spikes trapped26902.7186.84
sweet yeah you know what follow me okay26907.3183.602
okay okay26909.5583.682
my name here's what I'm thinking with26910.924.12
the spikes who's that up there is that26913.244.718
thick hey thick hello show yourself I'm26915.044.598
right here yeah you're wide in the open26917.9583.162
I got you all right so I'm thinking all26919.6384.16
the spikes go on the outside perimeter26921.125.198
of the electric fence as many as you can26923.7984.08
okay inside the perimeter of the26926.3183.24
electric fence we're going to do babed26927.8783.962
wi you think that should be reverse you26929.5583.882
think I don't know I mean I'm thinking26931.843.32
like slowed down and then they're26933.443.358
potentially hitting the barbed wire26935.162.76
here's what I'm thinking because as26936.7982.242
you've noticed we've made these little26937.923.6
holes right here so can shoot down yeah26939.044.08
so if they get stuck and they can slow26941.523.358
down in the barb wire you know we'll be26943.123.96
able to blast down on them okay I dig it26944.8784.08
you know what I dig that all right so26947.083.44
yeah just take your spikes and just wrap26948.9582.642
it around the whole thing I'm going to26950.522.92
start laying down what barb wire I have26951.63.198
thick what are you doing I'm just26953.442.958
checking this place out this is my first26954.7983.202
time kind of up here I want to get a lay26956.3984.24
of the base so I can uh strategize do26958.04.2
you need anything can I help with26960.6383.32
anything man if you can make more barb26962.24.08
wire uh any more spikes that'd be great26963.9583.562
you know what I actually heard I heard26966.282.64
putting down wooden spikes and then26967.523.16
upgrading them to metal spikes is26968.923.958
actually more efficient say no more come26970.683.76
on I know it sounds ridiculous26972.8782.802
apparently you can do it a lot quicker26974.443.4
cuz those things take forever to make H26975.685.6
so yeah you lather on a coat of molten26977.847.24
iron onto the wood I know so stupid yeah26981.285.038
that makes sense26985.083.76
okay I think right here sumon yeah it26986.3184.282
looks like a day in I don't think26988.844.478
anyone's uh looted this yet if I'm not26990.64.64
mistaken oh well then I hope you're26993.3184.08
right cuz it look certainly looks sealed26995.243.638
just want to knock down the front door26997.3983.32
yeah I could do that listen I'm a man26998.8783.122
I'm here with the sledgehammer I don't27000.7183.08
mess around this is really shitty27002.03.958
plywood give it to us Salon that's right27003.7984.76
I'm doing it oh yep we got military guy27005.9585.84
already good be ready all right here we27008.5586.562
go come on sucker stay down all right27011.7985.282
going in hello Mr27015.126.758
military how were you sir and ma'am yeah27017.087.638
sorry and then you right in the head27021.8784.362
there you go and ma'am I'm going to try27024.7183.6
to shoot your head off if it's okay27026.244.44
there we go I did that all right are we27028.3184.16
good I think so this guy's just still27030.684.798
standing for me like a nut okay Madam27032.4785.882
little lady what are you doing sweet pee27035.4785.16
okay cheer leader Y and there's been a27038.364.16
drink machine here maybe they got Dr27040.6384.402
Pepper huh you know what you like Dr27042.524.878
Pepper I've never been a Dr Pepper fan27045.043.96
what's wrong with Dr Pepper I mean not27047.3983.08
that there's anything wrong with it but27049.03.0
I think I'd like to have it maybe once27050.4783.562
every couple of years and you'll you'll27052.05.478
have it like every freaking every meal27054.045.438
okay like every meal that's kind of I'm27057.4783.802
just saying you've got weird interesting27059.4784.642
taste it's good for you is it really27061.284.84
yeah it's got peppers in it oh I don't27064.124.0
think that's true do you know the song27066.123.438
I'm a pepper you're a pepper yeah like27068.123.0
sing the song I don't know how really27069.5583.562
goes How does it go I'm a pepper you're27071.123.72
a pepper wouldn't you like to be a27073.123.438
Pepper too you know what I just realized27074.843.28
that you screwed it up that's not it and27076.5584.0
I didn't even know it drink Dr Pepper27078.125.278
Pepper's so good everybody drinks27080.5584.882
peppers in the world no in the woods27083.3984.362
would have been good but no it's a I'm a27085.444.038
pepper you're a pepper he's a pepper27087.763.6
she's a pep wouldn't you like to be a27089.4783.522
Peppa too you're not telling me27091.363.278
something you know way too much about27093.03.36
that song to not drink it very much it27094.6383.282
just popped in my head they did a very27096.363.48
good job27097.925.2
advertising oh what's up reck27099.845.92
everything's for sale yeah I know you're27103.124.8
a shop of course it's for sale you27105.764.798
[ __ ] idiot um listen I know we've had27107.924.798
our differences this is our last night27110.5584.722
we might never meet again wrecked it's27112.7186.122
bittersweet um as far as you it's 100%27115.286.32
sweet cuz well you're a douche I'm going27118.846.638
to get rid of everything I got as best I27121.67.118
can anyway and I'm not one to ever judge27125.4785.882
um but you are kind of a creepy [ __ ] I27128.7183.84
don't want to talk about it but we all27131.363.76
know the small boy27132.5585.08
here I just going to say that it's weird27135.124.04
I hope nothing bad is going but we all27137.6385.962
know it is it's just anyway what else we27139.167.558
got in here reck I think I got you but27143.65.6
you know you're a creepy [ __ ] and um27146.7185.08
people like you need to go to hell um27149.24.56
but pleasure doing business with you one27151.7984.76
last time wck I'm sure you were a good27153.766.16
person when you were like four or27156.5588.122
five dry said there was a coal vein up27159.927.32
here hold on how dark is that hold on27164.684.32
that's that's I think that's it that's27167.243.638
black all right you got something to27169.04.2
give this a whack with no you do you do27170.8784.44
Whack It Whack It yep that's coal right27173.24.358
well it looks like Co it's it's a very27175.3186.122
it looks exactly like coal m M there we27177.5586.202
go there you go so you know what we do27181.444.92
with Cole gunpowder yep man look at you27183.764.638
I ain't no dope all right I just but27186.363.438
what I need is oh so there's a27188.3982.722
underneath you just going to keep on27189.7983.122
getting it you keep going yeah that's27191.124.08
nice that's what she said keep going27192.926.038
keep going baby keep on going you're27195.27.24
making me my legs shake oh keep on going27198.9586.36
neebs you're making me quiver that was27202.444.4
my song like as if you were making love27205.3184.802
to me oh really yeah like in the 70s so27206.845.08
you just like the makeup song Sometimes27210.123.88
huh sometimes whenever you feel it don't27211.923.958
you sometimes just feel it and then all27214.03.638
of a sudden you break into song I don't27215.8784.162
know not that didn't feel like didn't27217.6384.602
feel like you felt it though no but I27220.044.64
well I mean I it felt like I felt it to27222.244.28
me but you you want to do some of the27224.683.56
chopping I don't have a pickaxe I'm not27226.523.64
here I I'm just here to watch your your27228.245.28
beautiful behind let me get back here o27230.166.36
yeah okay and repair was a nice back27233.525.798
pocket you got there all right go go do27236.524.68
it oh you moved I mean I'm trying to27239.3183.64
stare at your butt sometimes you just27241.23.88
don't know what to say do you27242.9584.162
nope all right thick I got one more27245.084.36
concern okay what is it follow follow me27247.123.32
follow me all right you're you're going27249.443.038
to patch up all this stuff in case they27250.444.32
get through yeah oh yeah okay that's27252.4785.282
good but um if they get far enough in I27254.764.52
know these bastards know how to climb27257.763.36
ladders is there any way we can break27259.283.92
this ladder or make it so they can't get27261.124.88
up the ladder H I can put an explosive27263.24.48
down there God I wish I wish we had27266.03.318
enough gas to make a red Barrel cuz you27267.682.878
can just put a red Barrel right there in27269.3182.56
the corner then boom you know what I27270.5583.0
mean we could probably find a red Barrel27271.8783.322
somewhere right don't the Traders have27273.5583.522
one oh I don't know D just went to the27275.24.24
trader where's duras I'm right in here27277.084.318
hey do you have a red Barrel by chance I27279.444.24
don't have we had luck with blowing them27281.3984.602
up though yeah I feel like it's a little27283.683.878
bit what the hell's all that honking I27286.04.478
found the horn button it's X oh yeah27287.5586.24
okay cool AB yo I I made some grenades27290.4785.722
I'll save one for that job if need be27293.7984.122
that'd be perfect all right yeah so the27296.23.118
last one up the ladder can toss a27297.922.92
grenade down there and maybe blow the27299.3184.24
ladder oh boy and also thick uh thick27300.844.878
follow me follow me and uh any anybody27303.5584.202
else should know this too if we get over27305.7184.522
run up here we have an Escape Route we27307.765.76
can jump down land run up here to these27310.246.96
stairs and then do a leap boom top of27313.526.24
Hotel kabas oh yeah oh yeah everyone do27317.25.0
it make sure you jump nice and close oh27319.765.08
yeah look at that looks good looks good27322.24.88
yep listen let me tell you I think that27324.844.32
this place looks amazing you guys did a27327.083.76
fantastic IC job even though it27329.165.04
technically supposed to be mine but wow27330.845.92
Thunder hordes are coming boys hordes27334.24.758
are coming jumping it up Simon you break27336.764.32
your leg why don't wait know I didn't oh27338.9584.882
damn it I did son of a [ __ ] thought I27341.084.238
heard something snap why would you jump27343.843.44
down there I jumped it before and didn't27345.3184.0
break my leg jumping off a damn building27347.283.198
what do you27349.3183.882
expect he never knows what to say I27350.4785.962
never do27353.23.24
all right is everybody up Up on the Roof27364.364.4
yep yes ma'am all right I'm turning on27366.445.118
the traps hey I got a question okay27368.764.558
what's the best we've done so far we27371.5584.4
didn't have I I died at only one person27373.3185.922
dying at like 2:00 I died I died as well27375.9585.0
yeah but I I think yeah Simon you were27379.243.68
the first person to die and I believe27380.9583.92
around two was the uh yeah that's that's27382.923.92
the record so that right there if27384.8784.122
somebody can if we nobody dies and we27386.844.118
last till more than two I would consider27389.04.52
that more of a success yeah all right27390.9584.482
there we go something to go for 2027393.524.278
minutes come on baby I haven't died the27395.444.68
last two hord nights well it's cuz you27397.7984.482
have the biggest penile yeah everyone27400.125.0
knows that mhm big dick Dora that's what27402.285.358
we all call you big old weird green dong27405.125.08
green dong what mhm I've seen it it's27407.6385.282
weird yeah I didn't mean to send you27410.26.96
that it's okay oh heads Up game on make27412.926.6
sure you take out those coppers before27417.164.08
or anything I see a couple coming from27419.524.08
the north yep Northwest if you see them27421.244.44
shout the direction shout the direction27423.65.92
Northwest fat cops toxic cops yeah oh27425.685.92
yeah a bunch of them on the north North27429.523.958
huh oh God I already saw one of those27431.65.16
exploding guys Birds crap bird already27433.4787.042
oh yep bird get it turet ow ow ow ow27436.766.76
right in the head you oh [ __ ] did I27440.525.52
shoot you no I'm okay I think good good27443.525.198
thing you're not a good shot yeah oh hey27446.044.278
we got some of they've uh they've27448.7183.322
breached they're trying to tear down the27450.3183.882
wall yep I see God oh God they're27452.043.48
getting through that quick well that's27454.23.598
just wood that was extra that I just27455.524.6
threw in there as a as a stopper just27457.7984.16
for a little bit hey let's go let's go27460.124.0
ahead and take out that ladder uh dalus27461.9583.36
take out that ladder they're they're27464.123.96
going in oh boy they are they are going27465.3185.16
in you're not kidding oh god oh they're27468.084.36
breached they're already breached big27470.4784.962
time Big Time oh boy that was that did27472.445.16
not last com up the ladder that did not27475.445.118
last that did not last out the ladder he27477.65.278
said take out the ladder I heard it holy27480.5585.122
[ __ ] this is all a nightmare oh I got to27482.8784.92
take it out let's see come on Dora come27485.683.44
on door what there we go there we go27487.7982.642
there we go hitting the ladder I got you27489.124.56
covered man oh behind you oh god oh good27490.445.32
God that's a big a blow up guy it's a27493.684.24
blowup guy don't shoot the bomb I'm27495.763.76
trying not to shoot the bomb oh crap27497.923.638
he's after me okay ladder's out ladder's27499.523.6
out we got to block this in all right27501.5583.16
beautiful beautiful shut that [ __ ]27503.124.358
down don't shoot yourself the B oh crap27504.7184.562
who was that summon hey did he put down27507.4784.442
a bed roll probably not I'm getting spit27509.284.4
at how we doing nees how we doing I'm27511.923.12
Prett pretty good right now like I'm27513.683.0
above them as long as they don't break27515.043.838
those walls we're good ah they're going27516.683.638
to break those walls I hear them getting27518.8783.402
cut by the spikes down below us which is27520.3183.682
nice yep we need to stop this whatever27522.283.56
this is right here this little27524.05.68
party come on there so many oh yeah he's27525.846.0
trying to spin oh crap my27529.686.798
fell no no that to yeah don't running27531.845.92
let me through let me through I can't27536.4784.16
move go go go neees go where you at27537.764.958
where you at I'm trying to go to cbas27540.6383.962
there spikes everywhere oh I see you oh27542.7183.802
they're chasing you I'm going oh no27544.63.798
stamina all right I got you covered man27546.524.278
just go thank you why am I moving so27548.3984.762
slow got to make this jump do it do it27550.7985.122
do it I'm on it beautiful okay I'm out27553.164.76
all right you hang out up there we'll do27555.924.2
you got any long range range Weaponry27557.925.76
yes sir heads up grenade out oh that27560.126.64
bouc really weird that sucked ass are27563.684.52
they trying to come up my ladder yeah27566.762.92
they are well oh God they're going to27568.22.96
break our stairs they're going to break27569.683.958
our getaway oh boy thick keep them off27571.164.238
that beses you keep them off that too27573.6383.402
all right yeah off those stairs I don't27575.3983.24
want those if they break those stairs we27577.043.4
have no way to get out I'll protect them27578.6384.92
buddy hey guys hey s hey uh does anyone27580.445.48
know if my stuff is on top there I think27583.5584.202
it is but what would be the best way for27585.926.478
me to get up there oh he blew he blew no27587.767.48
boy where was that at uh underneath oh27592.3985.32
God okay yeah North nor