Green Hell makes us CRY - Hardest Difficulty

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, today's video is all about the gang having a rough time in Green Hell. I don't want to spoil too muc...
Green Hell makes us CRY - Hardest Difficulty
Green Hell makes us CRY - Hardest Difficulty

Green Hell makes us CRY - Hardest Difficulty

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today's video is all about Green Hell and let me tell you, it made us cry like babies on the hardest difficulty!

simon: Oh man, I still can't believe how tough that game was. I mean, I cried so much, I think I need a tissue just thinking about it!

appsro: Haha, you guys are such wimps! I didn't cry at all, I just had something in my eye...for the whole video. But seriously, make sure to grab a sandwich before watching, you're gonna need it to soften the blow of our epic fails!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, today's video is all about the gang having a rough time in Green Hell. I don't want to spoil too much, but let's just say it's been a bit of a disaster. You're definitely going to want to watch and see how it all unfolds.

But before you dive into the chaos, make sure to grab a sandwich or snack to help soften the blow. Trust me, you'll need it for this one. And of course, don't forget to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the latest Neebs Gaming content.

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last time on Green Hill we gotta get0.5394.561
organized that's our problem we're not3.842.82
organized I feel like what we really5.13.84
need is a safer spot like I hate this6.663.6
place well we just don't have stuff8.942.4
we're dying because we don't have stuff10.262.58
we're not getting attacked we don't have11.343.78
stuff yeah no we also need stuff but we12.844.32
need stuff in a place that's not hyper15.123.96
exposed like we are here no I'm looking17.163.119
for that set up there we're gonna build19.083.42
a badass base okay and then we're gonna20.2794.08
be Kings of the Jungle but like he needs22.54.199
uh like marinara leaves or something oh24.3595.641
I'm in trouble I'm gonna die again he's26.6995.041
gonna die again real quick what are you30.03.78
dying from Simon I'm dying because I'm a31.743.72
cut and because I gave away my bandages33.783.18
because he don't have bandages right no35.463.48
well you need marinara sauce more than36.964.02
anything in this game right now yep and38.944.139
I need a nap so clean up afterwards it's40.983.599
a mess right here okay yeah he'll get it43.0793.121
he dropped it you know for the death oh44.5793.421
I need to go pick up my stuff I left all46.23.539
my Spears and my tools over here all48.03.98
right well good night [ __ ]49.7395.82
you good salmon51.986.54
yeah you're good55.5592.961
does anybody have any maggots no what do61.625.819
you need them for I was just reading the65.763.42
The Notebook apparently I can put67.4394.981
maggots on my uh cat wound and they'll69.185.04
uh they'll eat the infection72.424.92
but yeah is there a dead body anywhere74.225.579
oh I got maggots right by our place oh77.344.62
really yep oh really really close hold79.7994.081
on let me go get him yep all right okay81.965.46
I see you yeah right right here how are83.885.4
maggots right there uh there's the87.423.54
carcass right there are you kidding me89.283.78
nope in front of me there's nothing that90.963.74
goes up there to say93.064.26
do me a favor I will can you take a94.74.12
magazine grab the maggots and then come97.323.0
over here and drop them near the fire98.823.299
yes I could do that I think I need to do100.323.78
this quick all right102.1194.801
uh I've not had maggots yet so it's in104.14.379
the food with oh there they are they're106.923.36
ready for they are actually in the food108.4795.161
all right so I if I do this correctly110.287.26
now I look at my wound on my leg and113.645.64
then I go into my backpack and I find117.543.18
the maggots119.284.14
there we go hey guys there's a company120.725.7
y'all found like uh just kind of in a123.426.74
round thing with stuff built yeah126.427.38
I heard voices are you going crazy am I130.165.799
thought I was doing good holy [ __ ]133.84.74
there's molinero right freaking here man135.9594.021
you are seeing all kinds of stuff I'm138.543.12
not but I love that there's molinero139.983.119
marinara right there yeah that's141.663.6
wonderful oh have I got a leech on me143.0996.661
you son of a [ __ ] where's that leech145.267.8
got three of them bastards oh I got149.764.74
leeches on me too yeah they're153.063.66
everywhere how my maggots doing154.54.8
oh yeah maggots are chewing up this uh156.726.42
cat wound real good that is gross ah159.36.0
crap I guess I'll come back and hang out163.144.98
by the fire yeah these uh I'm hanging165.34.5
out by the fire tonight caves I think I168.122.82
think more than I'm gonna try to go169.82.519
explore that area170.943.42
deserve this crazy I've been eating good172.3194.021
taking care of myself this is not not174.364.28
yo what's up okay my infection's gone190.224.54
but I'm still bleeding a little bit193.3794.261
right you make another bandage oh no I194.764.5
don't I can't I can't I need I'm gonna197.643.3
die if I don't have one more bandage how199.263.42
many times have I died every time if I200.943.48
can get full health I will go out and do202.683.72
nothing but Harvest marinara sauce for204.424.739
you that's a lie it is not I swear you206.45.759
get me better and I will bring back so209.1596.3
much marinara yep pardon me it's coming212.1595.16
through crazy man coming through all215.4593.841
right here's some marinara217.3194.441
all right thank you you're welcome219.35.04
it's the last time this mean ass Jaguar221.764.02
the bandage put the bandage on the cut225.785.819
there we go health is gonna go back up228.127.38
finally yeah now you know what you can231.5997.5
do cook me some damn food oh don't have235.55.94
any food you don't have anything make me239.0995.101
some freaking water something took a nap241.444.14
still crazy244.24.14
but we love you anyway there you go uh245.584.14
Simon what you want I'm making some248.342.88
snail soup right there be wonderful249.723.42
thank you thank you what I was thinking251.222.879
trying to leave the camp and do253.142.159
something but hey don't forget the water254.0993.181
catcher over here guys none what about255.2993.84
cooking water's never a problem I need257.283.84
protein I'm about to die man why won't259.1394.741
my health climb back up261.124.799
swear we gotta chop this tree down these263.883.78
beef yeah you're living here is crazy we265.9193.861
what kind of bone is this is that a271.323.48
person bone maybe yeah it's a person272.883.599
bone there's still there's remnants of274.83.6
[ __ ] that's dropped okay plenty of stuff276.4795.041
there's Stones too oh the bandage Works278.45.04
Simon my Health's climbing back up baby281.523.56
here you go283.443.96
I guess I'll just sit by this fire and285.085.02
eat mushrooms and snails all day this is287.43.6
my game290.13.24
mushroom snail soup game all right I'm291.05.46
gonna go out hunting for marinara and293.346.66
Hogs oh that sounds like fun I'm coming296.464.56
all right not these purple flowers nope303.85.98
like oh wait like this oh wait this is306.845.04
like a berry bush yeah oh that right309.784.26
there I think is is actually Ayahuasca311.884.259
but it's gonna call itself an unknown314.043.96
herb okay so we don't know what it is316.1393.301
yet yeah and I don't know what the hell318.03.12
you could do with it except for trip and319.443.0
I'm not sure if you could trip in here321.122.88
yeah and I don't want a trip in here to322.443.42
be perfectly honest yeah neither do I I324.03.06
hate maggots I know what they're good325.863.36
for yeah I'm gonna take those keep them327.064.38
in my pocket so you put them on a wound329.225.1
and that'll help uh yeah like an331.444.46
infection yeah334.324.08
Tiger Tiger well first you got a bandage335.94.18
it to stop the bleeding then you might338.44.019
get an infection and then you put the340.083.54
maggot stuff on there and then you342.4192.941
bandage it again yeah so we're gonna343.623.66
need a lot of bandages okay this is the345.363.779
stuff yeah that's a purple flower that's347.284.8
that's one that's good and this one349.1397.141
looks new okay what the hell is this is352.086.36
that does that go down nope that doesn't356.284.28
even do anything358.446.14
oh God oh my God360.564.02
all right so we gotta we gotta watch out366.085.32
for those I still don't see it oh it's368.345.22
big it's right there follow me come this371.44.139
way yep oh it's it's a little uh it's373.563.479
getting dark isn't it it's been dark375.5394.621
well it feels like it's gotten darker in377.0395.88
the last like minute no no it's been380.164.8
dark I feel like the sun's coming up if382.9195.0
anything really yeah all right384.966.9
oh snake yeah that's some good meat all387.9196.001
right hold on I'm gonna hit him yeah391.865.059
nice job396.9194.571
wheat sweet snake meat399.4195.181
all right do you got bites all over your406.1394.801
arms oh yeah yeah I probably do because408.4194.141
of that what is this oh this is dry410.943.24
stuff we could use this it's bird nest412.564.139
yeah yeah yeah wait I might see a cave414.185.579
over here Simon no [ __ ] cave416.6995.761
is that what I'm seeing Simon what419.7595.101
there's a cave that's exciting and scary422.463.959
at the same time all right should we424.864.32
peek in hell yeah we need to go in see426.4196.241
no no this is base right oh oh God what429.186.239
oh get it what's going on I have no idea432.664.2
I just got hit by something did you stab435.4193.661
me no oh [ __ ] there's scorpions in here436.866.2
oh I wonder if we could get hold on439.087.08
I just tried to kill a scorpion didn't443.066.46
work come on right on here there we go446.164.56
all right I got a little bit of a450.723.24
temperature because you know I got bit452.163.72
by a scorpion yeah that'll do it all453.963.66
right so keep an eye on the ground all455.883.539
right scorpions all right I'm picking up457.623.24
the Scorpion body459.4193.78
maybe that could be used for some sort460.863.959
of bandage463.1994.321
be weird what does this go I don't know464.8194.261
but I'm so glad you're here to bring us467.523.119
back because I have no idea how to get469.084.14
back home that goes nowhere oh there's470.6395.581
an iron vein oh and I have a pickaxe473.229.02
iron vein pickaxe pickaxe iron vein476.226.02
cool we got some iron yeah all right483.03.479
we're gonna do with iron we don't even485.522.399
have a forge I don't know but you know486.4793.541
what you have a memory you should take487.9194.56
note of where this is yeah no I think490.025.34
it's uh yeah it's on our map now 47 30.492.4795.641
yeah it's right down here but this is a495.364.26
really good place for a [ __ ] base498.123.66
yeah because you can like have animal499.624.079
pens if you could can you build any like501.783.419
you could we're building but I wonder if503.6992.821
you could put like little walls up505.1993.12
because we could like tame animals and506.524.739
[ __ ] in here that's a good idea yeah um508.3194.201
let's you know what let's experiment511.2592.821
let's see if we can build in here see if512.523.0
you could put one of those small little514.083.36
like the sleeping thing that you made515.523.24
yeah you know what that'd be good517.443.24
because of the uh that bite the scorpion518.763.48
bite yeah I'm actually getting real520.684.68
sleepy oh okay look behind me do you see522.244.68
more like uh Palm leaves or banana525.364.26
leaves uh I would say palm Palm leaves526.924.68
okay I'm gonna try to build a bed529.624.86
uh nope you cannot build inside the cave531.65.22
no [ __ ] oh I'm gonna be tired listen534.484.56
I'm gonna be tired too so if you do536.823.78
build this yeah I guess if we could both539.043.18
sleep I can't I can't build it anywhere540.62.76
you know what it probably needs a damn542.222.64
Foundation all right we gotta get back543.363.539
otherwise we're gonna pass out okay all544.863.3
right let's follow me let's book it we546.8993.661
gotta book it booking it it's attempting548.164.56
to book it oh no damn it Sam I might550.564.32
have [ __ ] up really yep yep yep I'm552.724.38
Mike uh because of that scorpion bite554.884.62
I'm going down so quick oh no557.14.44
I think I'll just pass out though yeah559.53.54
you know this is some nice soft ground561.543.419
right here I'll just pass out right here563.044.26
for a minute just you mind guarding me I564.9594.081
know it's okay yeah just guard me for a567.33.3
second let me pass out I'll eat569.043.299
mushrooms if I got them I think I still570.63.78
have some yeah this should be okay past572.3394.62
wow I got I got nuts in here this is574.384.26
this is a good little trip here yeah576.9594.681
yeah worked out yeah all right I think578.644.5
I'm going crazy though because of the581.643.9
fever scorpion bite yeah uh in the583.145.16
future let's try to avoid that do my585.544.88
so cute593.8393.241
what do y'all want to try maggot soup598.53.6
does anyone know anything about Mega600.543.9
suit I don't it should be good right you602.14.32
boil the [ __ ] out of them I'm already604.444.14
crazy so I probably shouldn't eat it I606.424.02
mean I'll I'll take a maggots too okay608.583.3
the one on the right here that's some610.443.18
maggot soup see what it does to you can611.883.42
I have this meat soup right here yeah613.622.82
you can eat that I think that's615.32.84
rattlesnake Snoop soup616.444.8
all right uh that was eight protein 10618.145.5
hydration five energy minus two sanity621.243.96
hey good to know we can boil some623.644.199
maggots yeah minus two sanity it's gonna625.24.199
help you yeah I can't have that that's627.8394.56
oh minus it makes me say mine is saying629.3995.601
it but you know what I don't know I mean632.3996.841
your sanity goes down yeah so you don't635.06.22
want that I know I was thinking it was639.244.38
like good for some reason641.224.5
minus two Insanity that's what I want643.624.26
right well at least I think the voices645.723.359
finally see God I need protein and I649.0795.7
gave you guys all my meat all right um652.624.62
hey Simon you remember we were trying to654.7795.041
get to that one area over here and uh we657.245.52
got attacked by a leopard yeah659.824.86
hold on damn it I pack it up back it up662.765.579
oh God oh my God yeah yeah yeah hold on664.686.659
[ __ ] face oh God oh my God I lost my668.3394.641
I'm pulling it out I'm running damn it672.984.74
I'm gonna try to go back to it you up681.324.48
for it I'm up for it if we do it quickly683.884.139
because you know power goes down fast685.84.62
like energy and I don't have any blue688.0194.621
mushrooms left uh we could both sleep690.424.919
yeah yeah here let me get my sleep all692.644.8
the way up all right I'll do the same695.3394.381
and then we're off leaves you want to697.444.38
come too sure let's all do it let's get699.723.299
some meat701.823.66
let's go703.0195.461
I think this is where we were yeah where705.484.68
if we had a grapple hook we can go up708.483.72
that's right we made it out here and710.164.14
then okay my entire memory was taken712.24.379
over by the leopard okay well [ __ ] while714.33.479
we're out here we may as well explore716.5793.361
maybe we'll find something so we need to717.7793.841
figure out how to make a gravel hook huh719.944.98
no I think we have to find it let's take721.625.459
at a particular location in here we724.924.859
would run across uh vehicle a vehicle727.0795.401
all right yeah and like uh I think it's729.7794.74
going to be in a I don't know like a732.484.38
ditch and there's [ __ ] around there to734.5193.961
find and the grappling hooks one with it736.863.96
okay well that's good to know738.485.28
can we do anything up here let's see if740.824.98
I see anything man743.764.019
why they call this game Green Hill I745.83.479
think the animals are on strike I747.7793.0
haven't seen one all day that's true749.2794.261
yeah it's been uh other than the uh750.7795.701
Jaguar we've seen a few but there's753.544.62
nowhere else to go around here is that756.483.599
yeah no this is uh yeah it's kind of a758.163.27
dead end damn it [ __ ]760.0794.801
hey Simon there's another cave down here764.885.399
oh really oh yeah neebs we found a cave767.765.34
oh yeah earlier on did you go in uh yeah770.2794.86
and it was it seemed like uh there773.13.96
wasn't much in there it seemed like uh775.1394.801
oh we got a scorpion he got bit by one777.065.88
did the Scorpion have meat uh no I have779.945.1
it in my on my person yeah we haven't782.944.019
tried to eat the Scorpion yet all right785.044.799
I'll peek in here man could we build out786.9595.041
here did we build a bridge you know like789.8394.261
a little house because this is a pretty792.06.779
nicely defensible area I Concur and live794.16.84
inside the cave uh no I don't think we798.7794.341
can build inside the cave yes800.945.22
hey there's an obsidian Stone has anyone803.124.54
ever picked one of those up before I806.164.2
have not Simon all right interesting all807.664.38
right I'm pushing into the cave slightly810.363.659
I bet you it's stronger if we find a812.043.239
couple of them we can make a blade but814.0192.701
that'll be a better spear or something815.2793.601
we need a torch or yeah another obsidian816.723.44
oh and there's just some iron back here820.164.84
yeah okay so there's not much just822.724.2
another iron vein okay so you could live825.04.68
back here maybe let's let's see if we826.924.5
could uh can we potentially build829.685.58
foundations like out here because I like831.425.64
this spot what do you guys think as long835.262.879
as there's stuff to get to you don't837.062.579
want to feel trapped you know yeah I838.1393.901
mean unless unless they could also just839.6394.38
come from up above842.044.56
you know yeah that's true I don't know844.0193.961
how this works all right you know what846.63.539
let's let's put it on the list847.985.099
it's on a list it's on the list850.1395.521
you know I'm gonna lose the list ah okay853.0794.081
I'm keeping I'm keeping track of the855.664.2
list in my head is that a Brazil nut857.165.359
thank God859.862.659
we've wrapped around this actually just867.423.359
lead us back to camp868.923.479
yeah we're back uh yeah we're back at870.7792.461
and there's a dude in our camp really873.245.46
did he destroy our structure what the no876.065.579
no no because this this is where we came878.75.579
from isn't it yeah this is Camp there881.6394.56
this is Camp that's the B tree this is884.2793.781
Camp and this guy is breaking our886.1996.38
structure right now come on man888.064.519
hold on I want to be a part of this stab893.066.54
me oh man he broke all of our [ __ ]895.564.04
oh we got him oh you got that one904.5193.641
there's another one right behind the906.724.26
Simon there needs I'm hurt I'm hurt uh908.164.2
yeah I'm hurt too I threw my spear910.983.479
where'd my spear go don't let him get912.364.08
away I'm sorry I don't want to give him914.4594.44
my spear bag chase him get him neebs I'm916.445.459
hurt I'm chasing oh he turns he's ready918.8994.8
you coming yeah right behind you I'm921.8993.3
right behind you come on you're not923.6993.0
getting away break all of our stuff yeah925.1992.94
let's quarter this son of a [ __ ] here926.6994.58
he is oh [ __ ] did I miss him928.1395.461
that was a nice move so there were two931.2794.3
more of them oh am I going crazy uh933.64.2
maybe uh crap where'd the other guy go I935.5794.62
lost him right in front of me937.84.08
oh yeah you must be going crazy I don't940.1993.421
see whoever's in front he is yep I'm941.883.18
going crazy all right I'm getting back943.625.24
to base all right945.063.8
oh my God I'm gonna pass out I'm gonna968.365.159
[ __ ] pass out hey971.165.1
oh there's one behind you oh there's a973.5195.401
bunch of them coming in976.265.819
oh those they were fake seven hold on978.926.479
I'm trying to craft a Spears982.0793.32
oh God987.8395.101
I got a freaking spear you sons of989.226.0
[ __ ]992.944.019
tons of [ __ ] you killed my best995.222.76
I see you997.985.219
I see you1000.1396.481
you lucky prick thank God1003.1995.461
the God would despair go1006.624.5
[ __ ] spear gold so I'm in our base1008.667.14
yeah our base our base I can't believe1011.128.519
everything everything oh well hey least1015.85.719
I got a tribal spear out of it1019.6395.101
Jesus Christ knees hungry oh did my1021.5195.32
stuff blow up yeah oh I forgot I had1024.744.199
that fruit that's gonna be good later so1026.8394.381
we moving well worse off than we started1028.9396.201
I'd say so yeah definitely1031.223.92

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