7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 Supercut - Part 1

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you eagerly awaiting the newest series in #7daystodie? Well, while we wait, the Neebs Gaming team has put t...
7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 Supercut - Part 1
7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 Supercut - Part 1

7 Days to Die - Alpha 17-18 Supercut - Part 1

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen our latest video - 7 Days to Die Alpha 17-18 Supercut Part 1? It's a real hoot!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love how we struggle so much in the game, but somehow manage to survive.

neebs: I know, right? It's like watching a comedy of errors unfold before our eyes. And the best part is, we keep coming back for more punishment!

simon: That's the beauty of it! We never learn from our mistakes, but that's what makes it so entertaining for our viewers.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Are you eagerly awaiting the newest series in #7daystodie? Well, while we wait, the Neebs Gaming team has put together a little Alpha17-18 Supercut to tie us over. How awesome is that?

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well hello hello1.6396.341
looks like we have hopefully some things5.525.159
I could find here man it's nice to be7.983.72
I already got some stuff12.844.68
I'm hoping this can be used as a shovel15.124.56
I mean as a shovel it is a shovel or17.524.38
whatever a weapon is what I meant to say19.684.38
I'm already nervous look at this [ __ ]21.95.459
eggs do I do we eat these eggs I forget24.065.879
I don't know but I got five of them all27.3595.7
right listen if there's anybody here I29.9394.381
want to see if I can kill you with33.0593.061
whatever I have in my hand which I think34.323.78
is a shovel or a hoe36.125.42
it might be a hoe38.13.44
blocked off that looks like too much44.043.179
I don't know is there stuff inside oh47.2194.921
look at this it's what's nice when you50.15.099
got nothing 66 crushed Sands something52.144.439
that excites me55.1993.18
probably won't ever do anything with it56.5793.901
but it makes me happy it's good to be58.3794.261
I could use a change of drawers that's98.14.74
for sure why they look great oh thank100.565.099
you like my did she pants that I found I102.844.68
like them man goth pants yeah I don't105.6595.041
have a thing on me well radsky's time107.525.4
okay have you already raided this place110.74.68
I just opened this door and I saw112.925.46
saw that guy yeah and then I ran and I115.384.379
think there's a fat lady around the118.383.3
corner yeah there always is isn't there119.7595.9
no watch out behind you121.683.979
what's up with all these angry ladies oh126.426.48
boy I'm good oh what's happening nothing128.4597.101
's happening132.92.66
kill the new zombies yet no I don't have136.23.539
a weapon I can't search their bodies138.04.56
let's regroup okay regroup well we never139.7394.561
oh good yeah that's not ominous at all166.226.04
yeah I remember this waterfall what uh169.624.8
what a majestic waterfall that doesn't172.265.04
make any sense whatsoever174.425.459
hey let's see let me am I clear177.34.92
that a buzzard look clear look at the179.8793.681
hey neebs isn't too far from me just183.564.72
down the river across the bridge and186.423.36
head that way188.282.94
I'm gonna run to my buddy189.784.5
see excuse me lady just just back off191.225.7
back nope don't you don't you do it194.287.08
don't I said stop you quit you fat it's196.927.98
bad milk bad milk you're a bad milk yeah201.366.81
you rolled down that Hill Batman204.96.259
hey there we go club which I've not211.1597.0
built yet flashlight good fun maybe make214.55.819
our way towards here218.1595.541
oh yeah this is the junkyard thing babes220.3195.761
Astros yeah what's up Bubba oh oh there223.74.119
you are look I'm going to break in this226.084.2
junkyard ready yeah I feel like we're227.8194.021
prepared to break into a junkyard do you230.282.819
I mean what if we get in there there's231.843.0
some good stuff Hey listen I'm all about233.0993.78
good stuff but man I mean we just got in234.843.66
here look I just looked in it looks236.8794.14
clear see okay yeah yeah that's easy to238.54.5
say oh this place looks clear there's241.0193.961
nothing in here we'll just go in we'll243.04.14
find the shotguns and we'll get out244.985.52
Man actually actually this place does250.54.58
seem pretty clear252.542.54
the hell do we have here256.0796.721
I mean that is a big ass258.95.579
I was looking forward to getting out of262.83.36
that cold and I was like oh this is all264.4793.72
green but [ __ ] looks like I'm gonna266.164.8
check this out268.1994.861
that's that's like I don't know that's270.964.62
like built more [ __ ] and nobody knows273.064.98
what that is but it's a big house damn275.584.02
it damn it probably gonna have like278.043.96
spiral staircases in this [ __ ] I can't279.65.58
wait to judge its architecture282.05.52
man I need stamina285.184.019
what if there was a bad guy around here287.523.42
I'd be dead right now I gotta get289.1993.841
acclimated to this game and then get290.945.22
some feathers oh and some eggs now I got293.045.28
seven of them what's that a Baker's half296.165.88
dozen maybe maybe I just made that up I298.324.44
don't know302.044.78
oh you're in it well I kind of went in307.583.76
now I'm out because there's more coming310.023.66
out there yeah a lot of arrows is there311.345.16
a just a great deal of more zombies in313.685.519
this game I it feels like it316.54.979
okay he just decided to come right up on319.1994.321
the roof they can climb ladders now what321.4794.381
they're so Progressive yeah they're323.524.76
coming a long way325.865.279
ah I got a head popper328.285.62
I think it's insane how far they can331.1394.681
make these zombies reach their their333.94.799
reach yeah yep a little ridiculous good335.824.74
job with that I just want to search this338.6994.201
zombie body so bad but it does not let340.566.079
me yeah there's two up here342.93.739
there's a lot where are they coming from349.444.68
is there a copier up there I do not know351.724.919
this damn house is not worth the squeeze354.125.54
my friend no I'm gonna wait for it356.6395.871
you cannot get up the ladder359.665.319
come on up366.5392.781
oh boy I'm in trouble what happened well371.186.519
just mistakes were made I'm gonna have375.33.899
to put down my bad dude I'm just gonna377.6992.94
do out in the middle of nowhere yeah379.1992.821
yeah you might as well you know what380.6393.661
well just so we can be uh and then we382.024.2
can pick it back up yeah there I'm384.33.06
sleeping in the middle of the road right386.223.419
now you know what man what me and you387.365.22
yeah bad brothers forever Brothers well389.6395.281
yeah forever392.583.86
what are you doing396.444.24
what are you doing398.6395.221
wow just having a good time400.684.56
there's no reason for her to do that403.862.88
either let's see what happens when you405.243.66
try to fight her if she jumps at you you406.743.78
got a shot of this408.93.66
yeah I gotta I got a good shot here well410.525.299
I was gonna let her jump but412.563.259
I'm jump416.12.58
hey bro417.245.1
the jumper not anymore did you died she418.685.82
done died these other ones that left the422.344.199
house they they might be okay yeah they424.53.06
might be going to get something to eat426.5393.801
who knows427.567.5
big old safe oh boy I know430.346.579
come on there was a freaking Lumberjack435.063.24
up here I don't want to mess with any436.9193.06
Lumberjacks I want to try to be careful438.33.899
look at that that's a big house but you439.9793.601
know what it looked bigger from down442.1994.201
below it's big but it's not like crazy443.585.88
big but you'd think it'd be worth446.47.32
checking out oh [ __ ] the doors are open449.467.739
to go oh hello Lumberjack guy all right453.725.58
let's see this is457.1993.421
probably maybe I should shut the door459.32.94
yeah I lock the door that like that's460.624.1
gonna work462.242.48
that really really actually okay that465.664.68
was that was that was something Coors468.183.44
oh boy all right471.625.019
I could do this you're just a bunch of474.843.96
jokers right no no I can't oh my God I'm476.6395.101
already very hurt I underestimated this478.85.88
game I I thought it was easier to kill481.746.56
uh things like zombies484.683.62
hey man listen I'm kind of in love with494.164.14
this place right now okay pretty big496.443.479
five well you I found something pretty498.32.7
good oh I thought you were talking about499.9192.881
the place we were at yeah I found four501.04.199
cooking pots oh sweet hey I just built a502.84.019
campfire over here and I put my bed roll505.1993.9
down just because uh man I feel like we506.8193.961
could claim this oh I didn't make a bed509.0993.721
roll yet we should make a bed roll yeah510.784.08
is this the campfire uh yes this is the512.823.839
campfire right here this is my bedroll514.863.9
so I just put one of these pots in here516.6593.721
right correct and then well I don't know518.763.24
you know four how do I do this right520.384.079
click all right there's wood in there522.05.7
and then I got some what's up guys524.4596.661
is this hey what's up how are you Mr527.75.94
afro I love it oh good yes I'm glad you531.124.5
do nice to see you I've been out and533.644.08
about but uh I have nothing now and I'm535.623.719
looking forward to taking advantage of537.723.54
your materials539.3393.201
forget how to cook water well yeah you542.544.54
gotta oh you gotta boil it yeah turn545.2793.721
this on and then I go bottle water and547.085.46
then I cook it there we go Simon you're549.05.7
in luck this isn't a bad spot to start552.543.78
because we got a river not too far from554.73.72
us yeah so plenty of access to water556.324.5
food we got Yucca I got a yuck all day558.424.5
yep oh wait you know what Yucca might be560.823.72
different now how do you think I think562.923.599
so I mean I've got some here it looks564.543.9
different look at this566.5194.44
it's like salmon it looks like a wallet568.444.86
why the hell is my freaking stamina down570.9593.901
to 81. it573.34.14
'll every time you die maybe son of a574.865.94
[ __ ] eat the Yucca um okay577.447.26
Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum anything yes it said580.86.599
food and water went up okay I feel like584.74.62
I I feel like I've heard if we eat too587.3993.06
much of that it's not good for our589.322.579
stomachs you should have a balanced diet590.4593.0
anyway we'll do meat sometimes we'll591.8994.681
have a no an egg I like Yucca so hey do593.4595.041
we want to claim this place behind us596.583.6
I'm cool with that and then yeah we can598.53.12
build a yard for it out here because600.183.24
yeah this is uh I like the perimeter we601.624.08
got a plan plan we got a plan all right603.423.419
I need Stone605.74.56
I can go get my stuff can I I doubt it606.8396.481
I'll see you later good luck Simon hi610.266.199
he's making a mistake613.323.139
yep now he's running into the corner you617.4594.82
can't find the exit apps619.85.52
Brock what's up I'm bleeding you're622.2795.441
bleeding abandon be careful I hear a625.325.28
little uh a snarler out here salvation627.726.0
is very close by the way you think yep I630.65.34
almost have that gun safe open I've got633.724.5
a bunch of bullets but no no yeah no635.945.76
guns and I need heels 18 Health Oh I638.227.34
thought you wanted to wear heels no no641.73.86
what do we got648.268.74
I got a bunch of ammo okay no gun okay651.2410.68
but ammo all right we're done are you657.06.899
good up there though what do you mean I661.923.3
don't know I hear noises coming from up663.8993.12
there there's a snarly pants outside I665.222.94
don't know what I'm gonna deal with once667.0193.181
I step out there ah we're gonna find out668.164.34
you okay yeah I'm fine uh I don't like672.66.12
this place I don't either we need to676.564.08
find a place with snacks snacks are cool678.724.02
let's move on to a different area but680.644.259
let's stay by the water okay how you682.744.8
doing I have an ax don't mess with me I684.8996.0
found an ax I I just want my stuff God I687.545.28
hope this actually happens and then690.8994.321
it'll be the story of the first episode692.825.94
that Simon kicked ass695.224.94
yay right maybe nobody's here was that700.167.54
inside God was I inside yes that's right704.3996.961
it was a nightmare oh Jesus that's right707.76.06
the nightmare is coming back all right711.366.56
guys come on come on713.764.16
because I don't want you to hit me you723.926.28
shouldn't be hitting me if I do it right726.365.58
like I should be able to do this to the730.22.77
point where I take you out731.942.519
come on734.4595.101
come on you little [ __ ] no no no I was736.324.68
not in a position where you should have739.563.0
got me and this is why I don't like this741.04.019
career sometimes I'm bleeding I had a742.566.36
bandage before but of course now [ __ ]745.0196.081
well now a lumberjack is Gonna Come I'm751.884.78
gonna try to suck my oh God I got three754.744.64
out of 100 right now yeah right756.666.6
yeah right okay I'm running I'm running759.385.92
I'm gonna live I'm gonna live for763.264.079
another minute maybe765.35.24
some [ __ ]767.3393.201
yeah man770.7794.841
oh you got bullets uh yeah found eight772.944.24
bullets actually hit a zombie and it775.623.48
dropped a loot bag is that nine777.184.14
millimeter yes that's nine millimeter I779.14.62
got 13. oh really there you go781.324.56
oh thank you oh you know what else I got783.724.5
an extra flashlight bam oh man you were785.884.5
just a gift given guy well you're the788.223.6
guy with a gun that's watching my back790.383.24
let's go go I want to go put this claim791.823.48
Block in okay go check this place out793.623.54
shoot I got a lot of ammo797.164.799
coming in got your back all right bow799.443.35
and arrow801.9593.911
that's empty clear it's empty uh they806.2793.18
may have already come out hey there's a808.262.94
wooden chest up here I bet there's good809.4593.18
stuff in there oh man more nine811.23.199
somebody's Mr bullets yeah no kidding814.3994.841
your name's Mr bullets you want to try817.264.44
to get into this office up top okay I'll819.244.62
put my claim Block in there821.75.72
okay all right823.863.56
this little more leg room there we go828.125.82
there we go oh and man this is actually830.228.359
pretty nice I guess I'll put it833.944.639
here yeah839.244.96
there we go that also acts as an end842.044.0
table good thinking sir844.23.24
enter Alias yes there look what I got847.444.86
got a gun with 11 bullets you have a gun849.8993.961
what kind of gun is that it's a hunting852.33.06
rifle but let me give you these what853.863.599
I've got both I'm gonna put the gun away855.364.14
that's gun safety there you go thank you857.4593.0
all right859.53.48
12 more hey look at that pontoon boat860.4595.701
it's got a grill on it right now we862.985.22
could still have time to get to the866.164.5
other guys before night time raid this868.24.74
place and then go to them yeah adoralis870.664.08
yeah what about that red tank right872.943.72
there I think it'll blow up I'll do it874.743.06
now though because there's zombies876.664.919
coming okay perfect time go ahead877.86.14
nope not that one881.5796.241
no it's not that one not doing it nope883.947.12
oh well we're signs we did we're887.825.36
scientists I know891.064.399
I always knew893.184.9
oh [ __ ]895.4595.261
why why I don't even want to think about908.165.039
night time let's not I'll bring it up910.0195.601
ever again913.1992.421
how are you bearing uh fairing okay919.6396.521
fighting off a lot of ladies922.826.66
it's another day for the fact926.163.32
except for that part yeah929.5193.62
we should go to them yeah we should933.384.899
definitely go to them all right follow936.065.219
me hold on I'm crafting bandages okay938.2794.381
I'm not bleeding anymore now that I941.2793.021
[ __ ] granted942.663.75
following you944.33.279
the time the whole time I almost died I947.5794.5
had freaking medicine on me and I just949.684.5
found it a second ago so I've got a952.0794.861
fighting chance to get my [ __ ]954.185.159
this is either gonna be good or very bad956.945.399
hey yo I killed a lot of people but I'm959.3395.401
assuming that you respond and you're962.3395.821
laying down right there no964.746.599
no [ __ ] that's kind of shocking where's968.164.739
my stuff971.3395.281
you used how high what the [ __ ] mama hey972.8997.861
mama where's my [ __ ] right there Jesus976.626.79
right in front of me980.764.379
hi I should leave but I haven't yet for987.05.639
some reason990.724.799
cause I'm pushing my luck wow992.6394.801
nobody's there995.5193.901
all right997.445.06
I just need to go999.423.08
if I can make it home if I did I've done1003.325.06
the unthinkable1005.62.78
yes sir I need a place to run and hide1012.2796.281
to so uh maybe we can you know put some1015.0195.94
what do you call it uh spikes around it1018.563.24
even take it up another level like a1021.84.259
pontoon a pontoon well I mean to me a1023.34.68
real pontoon has an upper deck that you1026.0593.421
can jump off of so you know what I'm1027.982.52
saying yeah I know what you're saying1029.483.06
but yeah you're you're equating it to a1030.54.14
water boat maybe it's a bad way to1032.543.72
explain it okay but you want two levels1034.643.24
to this thing like a pontoon some1036.263.12
pontoons don't have to they shouldn't1037.883.84
make those let's get that out now I feel1039.384.02
like they can they can have a pontoons1041.724.079
to have an upper decker I'm 100 with you1043.44.32
like those are the best okay there can1045.7993.781
be a single deck of pontoon boat nothing1047.724.16
wrong with that that's a gray area1049.584.62
does it take to build one more deck on1051.884.06
it some people know you like I can't1054.23.3
afford an upper decker one just give me1055.943.54
just give me basically just do double1057.54.44
deckers be done with it I'm out of wood1059.484.5
okay tell you what I'll go on a wood run1061.943.9
I'll give you this 19 Boop dropped it on1063.983.72
the ground thank you all right and uh1065.846.02
yep I'll make a wood run okay thank you1067.77.32
[ __ ] [ __ ] I'm gonna die of thirst I'm1071.865.199
gonna die of thirst damn it how do I do1075.025.84
this uh uh think of another bed roll1077.0596.901
damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it1080.865.199
damn it come on what do I need to make a1083.964.92
better world probably like [ __ ] wrong1086.0595.881
tool I'm gonna be dead soon1088.886.86
[ __ ] come on [ __ ] can I not swing1091.946.84
come on I'm gonna die any second and I'm1095.745.2
not gonna be able to make a bed roll1098.787.74
freaking got my [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ]1100.949.119
uh craft can I do it yes 19 seconds 151106.526.539
Health interesting countdown I should be1110.0596.681
okay two one do it1113.0596.561
is so1116.746.04
bam and then I'll just die this will be1119.627.02
fun oh yeah1122.783.86
thank you1133.63.18
and thick this place sucks ass it does1139.0597.301
that one that was lured into Simon's1143.625.7
place oh yeah Ash Ashley1146.367.5
I miss her oh him man that was a hoot it1149.326.7
was a who how far away are we I don't1153.864.439
know are we gonna make it before dark I1156.025.22
uh you were in trouble yeah yeah I do1158.2994.801
there's not a whole lot of baddies out1161.244.14
here that's not a fun positive it's not1163.15.579
that bad just the toasted sword uh are1165.384.679
we still heading in the right direction1168.6793.421
yes we are I made a waypoint on the map1170.0594.971
and you are a smart man I'm all right1172.14.199
what was that1176.2995.301
is it a snake snake where'd he go1177.5594.041
there you are1182.9196.821
see look at this oh boy okay yep1185.1797.261
come on come on1189.747.559
okay oh did I get him yes snake meat all1192.447.2
right bam1197.2994.081
see what am I what's it giving me oh1199.643.419
yeah I'm getting meat and getting oh1201.383.72
yeah that was a good fun seven pieces of1203.0594.86
moon names yeah1205.14.86
I'm chopping wood all right I got some1207.9194.321
wood for you I also got a bunch of meat1209.963.959
okay all right I'll meet you in the1212.244.02
center of town1213.9195.64
I want to fortify this right just this1216.265.4
okay so you don't want to do the fence1219.5593.601
yeah like well I mean we can't1221.663.24
eventually but like right now I want to1223.164.08
think small I want to think pontoon all1224.93.96
right you're still in pontoon mode I get1227.243.72
it yeah oh there's a nurse look at that1228.863.6
yeah I see her over there that nurse1230.962.82
yeah if you don't know how to walk1232.462.599
around a car1233.784.62
just smack that car I'm mad at this car1235.0596.281
don't get sick around this lady1238.44.74
no we got a buzzard1243.144.279
oh really1245.725.6
I'm Gonna Keep building you fighting1247.4197.421
how far away am I from1251.325.68
where am I1254.845.4
that's me kind of close kind of close to1257.05.7
these guys I'm almost home I'm almost1260.245.04
done tell you the truth how you doing1262.75.52
buddy I think we're good it's nice to1265.285.399
see everyone here though things even1268.223.959
look good I'd appreciate it if you can1270.6793.961
point me in the direction of a gun a lot1272.1794.461
of ammo1274.645.039
are you really gonna come here you son1276.648.399
of a [ __ ] move on man leave me baby1279.6795.36
yeah man I got you some charred meat oh1294.824.96
perfect you know you know what sucks now1297.7994.62
though it takes five raw meat to make1299.785.1
one charred meat oh geez how dumb is1302.4193.961
that that's insane I thought I thought1304.882.76
we were going to be good on food because1306.383.6
I killed a rabbit and a snake nope all I1307.643.96
want to do is get spikes around that1309.983.36
little Hut there when you build the1311.64.5
spikes are they bloody already yeah yeah1313.345.1
it's as dumb as the meat thing okay I1316.13.54
could use a little water I might run1318.443.479
down to the river yeah grab water grab1319.644.56
wood we'll call it a day I put doors in1321.9194.88
by the way oh cool1324.24.859
it still needs a lot of fortification1326.7994.36
yep a lot that's why I built a small1329.0594.261
place it just needs a little1331.1594.941
I did dude my stamina won't it won't get1336.826.339
up higher than 43. really uh you're1340.524.92
probably thirsty I'm hungry it looks1343.1594.741
like but I've eaten some stuff but I I1345.444.56
don't know you got any food in there ah1347.94.019
man I just made some charred meat so not1350.04.559
really no not really yeah knees might1351.9193.841
have some because we're gonna talk to1354.5593.181
him we can cook some eggs we can get of1355.764.2
boiled water keeps1357.743.96
there's a water you put that in your1359.963.3
inventory with the egg you go to the1361.73.9
fire you say cook egg you got it got it1363.264.56
sure okay good luck you're on your own1365.64.8
thanks I'm quick to inspect the item1367.824.32
we'll have a quick hold and drag let's1370.44.56
take a stack I'll take it to drop or1372.145.039
swap a stack right click to hold and1374.963.199
turn off1378.1595.76
thank you I did that1381.227.66
I turned off yes okay I turned it on1383.9197.481
I don't see them cooking where do I put1388.885.1
the eggs they stay in your inventory oh1391.44.86
they do you don't put them in there1393.984.38
leave them in the editorium and I turn1396.265.22
it on yep oh crap and then it burns me1398.365.16
am I burning you're okay we'll pretend1401.485.22
the fire did that how are they cooking1403.526.47
bird is gonna attack you great1406.73.599
oh nice wow man you showed him his balls1412.465.219
yep so we can't do a whole episode about1415.44.92
you cooking egg nope no we can't boiled1417.6795.301
egg left left column yeah1420.325.219
I see boiled egg crap that boiled egg1422.984.48
saying I don't have water saying I have1425.5394.02
zero of one Waters so I found a gun I1427.464.02
would shoot myself right now put the1429.5594.441
water in your inventory cook egg1431.486.0
great is it working yeah okay good we1434.06.62
did it I'm really glad1437.483.14
oh boy look at that beard I love it like1440.7996.221
um Welcome to our Abode Simon just1447.024.139
cooked an egg oh actually I didn't cook1448.824.32
an egg I'm eating cook an egg I haven't1451.1593.541
had cooked yet hey give me a second I1453.142.82
got to shut the door I didn't shut the1454.72.76
door I was so excited I'll surprise you1455.962.88
guys and you were so scared you should1457.463.18
have seen your faces it's like you had1458.843.36
seen a ghost are y'all gonna spend the1460.643.48
night here with us yeah yeah I'd like to1462.23.42
stay here if you don't mind Simon is1464.123.539
your hair made of steel wool1465.625.939
yep it's like a Brillo pad yeah yep yep1467.6595.64
cool well I gotta get to work it's been1471.5593.6
a long day I think I'm gonna rest yeah1473.2994.151
I'm gonna put my bed down too1475.1597.981
I'm eating eggs1483.142.96
this is spooky house this is a spooky1492.5594.021
house like a haunted I wonder if it is1494.6593.361
haunted we go in there like a bunch of1496.583.18
Boogity Boos yeah but does haunted mean1498.024.08
anything these days look at this world1499.764.26
it's true everything's kind of haunted1502.14.02
isn't it yeah it's already haunted what1504.024.86
is this place that looks like a motel1506.125.4
this is the Bates Motel is that what1508.884.62
this is this is the beach motel because1511.524.639
it looks like the Bates place all right1513.56.62
masturbaters yes1516.1593.961
here we go all right as soon as it opens1527.484.679
up yeah remember when we were a SWAT1530.243.96
team that was long-lived huh yeah that1532.1593.841
was when we had weapons right now I feel1534.24.26
very vulnerable all right1536.05.94
I need you in here with a light I can't1538.465.04
I can't okay okay I'm moving I'm moving1541.944.14
oh look at this lovely lady1543.54.679
oh ain't she happy she looks happy1546.083.78
though yeah I think I see one over here1548.1793.421
in the corner all right hold up here we1549.863.059
yep that's oh God oh God oh God okay1552.9194.521
oh crap behind us behind us1557.626.78
what okay okay1566.4194.38
um I'm bleeding I'm bleeding I'm1569.363.12
bleeding as well oh God I got I got one1570.7993.781
I got one bandage this was stupid why1572.483.84
did we come at it I don't know I don't1574.583.839
know for entertainment I think oh you're1576.323.839
dumb hey can you can you build a wood1578.4193.0
block real quick that's what I'm doing1580.1592.941
right now yeah cut off that exit point1581.4193.061
and then we can pick it up if we need to1583.13.42
run out quick way ahead of you1584.484.92
bam try to get through that suckers yeah1586.524.399
at least slow him down all right1589.45.159
sniffing for more [ __ ] yeah we should1590.9196.281
move here I know I like it so much1594.5594.98
better cool oh God there's a zombie hey1597.24.02
oh hey hey hey all right are you1599.5396.14
lighting yeah I've been beautiful1601.224.459
teamwork door that's one hot [ __ ] okay1608.087.78
boom Nice Shot there oh I do miss all1612.5594.74
the items that come out I know we've1615.865.16
mentioned it I'm done I'm done and back1617.2995.161
I guess we're going upstairs ain't we uh1622.463.9
yeah unless you want to go through this1625.42.399
hole in the wall1626.363.6
oh yeah that's another room in it1627.7995.101
yeah okay kitchen it is anything in1629.963.78
yep two people they're coming oh God1633.745.16
can they get over this I don't know1636.5596.141
oh nope they're hitting the wall1638.93.8
there we go we got one shot1643.4196.64
oh I keep hitting the damn thing1647.725.4
yeah all right oh yeah that was good1650.0595.341
I got a shot from here if you need you1653.123.96
got a shot I just need light from you1655.45.1
okay got it lighting it up yeah oh you1657.084.979
can hit him through here now oh perfect1660.52.76
all right yeah get him through there1662.0594.62
there you go there you go that's for you1663.266.96
that is also for you beautiful look at1666.6795.641
us man look at this teamwork going on1670.224.319
yeah oh get him again what's going on1672.324.4
what's going on oh God he got back up he1677.364.559
got back up I don't even know where he1679.884.159
damn zombie God I am running the hell1684.465.16
out of here1687.22.42
I'm not here in Hyde is he behind me1691.644.279
going dark1695.964.62
you'll never see me he will never see my1697.824.94
all right all right we got a couple1703.73.479
thank you okay yeah yeah1704.963.9
I'll keep a torch up if you want to1707.1793.24
fight him I'm doing the torch thing too1708.862.819
right maybe we can kill him with our1710.4193.14
all right mine's on fire and of course1713.5595.081
I'm hurt okay oh you got your guy on1716.845.04
fire yeah but I am like I'm way too hurt1718.646.06
like I should not be this hurt come on1721.884.799
down like come on man I got hit by a1724.73.719
zombie once and I'm gonna die are you1726.6793.48
eating hold on watch out we got a bird1728.4194.64
we got a vulture1730.1592.9
bulges down oh he lost the arm good he1733.1596.601
deserves it okay knock him knock him1737.246.36
down Sam me big somebody all right there1739.765.399
he goes bam oh1743.64.1
loot let me see what's in here1747.945.739
oh there's some water and food and a1751.643.84
puffer coat wait that came out of him1753.6794.681
yeah wait a second sometimes they drop1755.484.98
stuff sometimes they drop stuff I'm1758.363.9
taking this puffer Coke is that okay1760.463.719
yeah yeah and there's four bottled1762.263.899
waters in here but I'm very incompetent1764.1794.261
you take it oh we all know that good1766.1594.38
night now I'm in a good mood man if all1768.443.66
it takes is water you're never gonna be1770.5392.821
sad again because I'm gonna keep you1772.15.72
happy oh God that sounds good to me1773.364.46
um I don't know you still have the1782.483.0
arrows in your face I'm not going away1783.743.24
huh nope1785.482.88
um something weird happened to me in1786.982.64
there it was glitchy the dude was like1788.363.059
attached to my foot and I don't know1789.623.419
what happened I couldn't change it1791.4192.64
though okay you want to get your stuff1793.0392.101
back yep1794.0593.301
we're not done with this place oh no God1795.144.5
no now it should be should be a little1797.364.02
easier they can't run after us which is1799.643.6
nice I'm excited to see the shower1801.383.06
are you yeah it's a weird thing to be1804.444.44
excited about how's that a weird to be1806.723.72
excited about have you ever seen the1808.884.08
movie Psycho uh oh yeah okay that's why1810.445.04
you're excited here we go there's my1812.965.04
backpack all right get your big peek1815.485.34
only got Seven Arrows left1818.04.74
um let's get our loots on1820.823.12
yeah you know what we really need we1822.743.0
need a lot of glass jars water is gonna1823.944.38
be an issue no we'll switch roles I've1825.744.14
got arrows so we'll you know what I mean1828.324.2
I just grabbed some cocaine got some1829.884.919
some glass jars1832.525.659
I have 12 now perfect perfect1834.7995.581
all right I'm gonna peek on I Really1838.1793.581
Wanna yeah I want to make sure we're1840.384.08
safe before we get we do too much can't1841.764.139
grab this flashlight that's working1844.464.199
right on the you can't grab it grab a1845.8996.321
flashlight I see it and it's working1848.6593.561
all right I'm gonna move on from that1852.7993.12
all right but yeah surely there's1854.1794.081
something good upstairs though yes when1855.9194.5
they come back to us next time we'll be1858.264.44
upstairs same1860.4198.101
YouTube channel yep same episode yep1862.78.52
uh we need better axes going in the1868.524.5
front door yeah okay hold on a second1871.224.14
we're in oh you're already in we're1873.024.08
breach we've reached the front good for1875.363.66
you I got my ax out just in time okay1877.14.02
can I use this just as good as a weapon1879.024.44
like this oh there's a lady1881.125.22
boom you got her I'm gonna try to but1883.464.74
now it won't swing when I click and that1886.344.98
really there's probably a delay1888.24.8
now I'm gonna die look at this I'm1891.323.78
already going down hold on we just got1893.05.46
here four and then1895.15.179
he died1900.2794.12
rest in peace Simon1902.483.9
let's let's make sure I mean Simon's1904.3993.421
stuff's good for a minute yeah if we1906.382.64
leave here we'll grab it but let's let's1907.822.76
loot for now should we just start with1909.023.539
one floor at a time1910.584.079
um yeah okay1912.5597.261
Let's uh let's breach the next area1914.6597.26
it is locked indeed1919.825.16
okay I'll look in this room it's open1921.9196.661
okay here clear1924.985.64
okay let me know if you need help okay1928.585.819
uh so oh there's a gun a pistol with a1930.626.0
six nine millimeter rounds nice and some1934.3994.14
murky water I'm gonna equip that right1936.623.12
did some I got a blunderbuss but I don't1939.744.439
know how to make the ammo yet okay so oh1941.64.319
there's a safe in here and there's also1944.1794.321
two identical portraits of the same man1945.9195.701
oh yeah maybe they're twins huh I doubt1948.54.98
it because the pictures are identical1951.624.74
but did you say a safe right here oh in1953.484.559
the wall1956.363.96
oh this is going to take forever hey1958.0393.521
it's worth the wait1960.324.38
what do you think Astro I think this is1967.0393.841
interesting you thought we were gonna go1969.24.56
upstairs but wow what a Twist man what a1970.884.26
Twist we kept him guessing well we1973.762.22
didn't know there was a hole in the1975.142.82
ground that revealed the secret lair and1975.983.84
I forgot I had this hat1977.964.079
you got a minded hit yeah I mean you1979.823.839
look well the mining Hat's not showing1982.0394.74
because of your hoodie you look Goofy1983.6594.981
let me get these big goggles on this big1986.7793.361
light you kind of look like I don't know1988.643.3
yellow Jesus or something your eyes move1990.145.759
around my eyes closed yeah look at me do1991.947.32
my eyes move no you know what speaking1995.8996.301
of Goofy you seen Simon's hair oh yeah1999.264.98
no it looks awful anything down there2002.25.28
just saw sounds just sounds huh come on2004.244.799
down okay2007.483.24
uh it's breaks to the left that's where2009.0393.36
it goes to the left oh look at this2010.724.38
garbage though painkillers2012.3994.14
you know it's down here you can hear it2018.0394.081
man up right here fat mama oh it's a2019.65.059
fatty okay2022.122.539
all right fat moment you were going down2031.7793.961
I'll take some of those arrows thank you2034.0595.301
back oh another one on the ground2035.743.62
[ __ ]2042.0394.14
man I hear something it's like a my this2043.245.28
is a mine dude what it's a straight up2046.1794.641
up here buddy2051.243.48
I am covering you I only have four2057.0994.921
arrows left so my uh oh I got it all day2059.3794.081
I don't want to waste but I do have2062.022.879
bullets so I'm grabbing all these here2063.463.24
fine we should be fine it's like having2064.8993.78
a um a Nerf gun and you have to pick up2066.74.5
the darts every time oh we got coffins2068.6796.541
what let's search the coffins why are2071.27.399
there coffins in a mine2075.223.379
I don't know I don't really care this2081.244.179
hey yeah good I got a coffin full of oil2085.4193.18
and pain2087.6393.661
yeah these are [ __ ] coffins hey when I2088.5993.601
with my favorite oil and paper I will2092.25.7
and this goes back up I bet it goes into2095.266.599
the hotel the motel oh yeah yeah okay2097.95.82
because like that that movie with the2101.8596.321
read read yep it happened2103.724.46
oh what do you got is it worth it got2112.787.02
some steel arrows uh one round of nine2116.685.82
millimeter ammo a shotgun with three2119.84.86
shotgun shells I'm gonna let you guys2122.54.92
have it I have a hunting rifle with some2124.665.4
762 already so oh we'll take a look I2127.424.199
think I'm getting ready to die like I2130.064.2
need oh yeah that shotgun2131.6194.74
um well should I'll take that nine2134.265.04
millimeter let's go ahead I got a pistol2136.3596.841
I found a pistol look at this oh2139.37.559
memes is dead what what happened he was2143.27.2
either starving or bleeding or very2146.8594.681
what a noob oh snake snake Simon snake2151.548.52
the snake's not good okay2155.464.6
let's see up top come on up this is2161.464.78
interesting every bit of it you're gonna2164.8593.061
have to crouch when you're up here okay2166.245.64
I am crouching man the hell what the2167.928.419
hell that's the that's the master suite2171.887.199
oh yeah oh we're in the vents man we're2176.3394.78
like an alien from that movie Alien for2179.0794.621
me yeah hey2181.1195.701
both take a room what drop down like an2183.74.139
oh this could take forever oh yeah we2187.8393.481
gotta break these things you can go2190.1192.761
around it though like it's a loophole2191.323.299
you know what I'm saying like don't go2192.883.42
for the metal go for the wood on the2194.6192.941
side all right you know what I'll help2196.34.62
you with this yeah all right get in2197.565.82
there you crazy see no more I'm gonna2200.924.62
kill this guy first yeah you kill that2203.384.8
guy you whack your xenomorph I'm not I'm2205.545.1
not fat though yeah you a xenomorph oh2208.184.81
I'm coming to get your Rippling2210.646.66
holy crap what we just hit the jackpot2220.146.1
yeah oh here we go come on you got him2226.246.9
oh he's dead enough2230.264.859
yeah sit down you [ __ ] oh he grabbed2233.144.4
something what's he got yeah2235.1195.22
doralius what it's all yours man you2237.545.14
take that oh it is it that is a hunting2240.3395.041
rifle where is it it's on the ground oh2242.684.98
my God oh God I actually I might need2245.383.959
your help with these guys there's a lot2247.664.919
of them I'm so happy okay hold on2249.3395.721
straight up sit down2255.3595.561
[ __ ] I'm gonna get these arrows [ __ ]2261.944.62
I'm gonna shoot this lady in the couch2265.1193.48
when she jumps and she jumps good2266.564.62
jumping oh right in the couch come on2268.5994.381
do the cooch Scoot Boogie can't skip2272.985.52
what is that right was that a creeper2276.044.079
yeah there's creepers in this game2278.53.599
what's that noise you got that hunting2280.1193.661
rifle right yeah but you got to open2282.0993.661
these things dude thank you oh shotgun2283.783.54
Messiah that's gonna be it's gonna be2285.763.18
good man oh it is it's gonna be good2287.323.18
food man2288.944.56
hold on oh man I just knocked the [ __ ]2302.025.28
out of that guy I got a compound bow2304.94.1
oh my [ __ ] dude this is the best day2309.05.02
ever oh I love this game we don't have2312.0993.24
to play it anymore after today either2314.023.18
well no I want a sledgehammer all right2315.3393.541
that makes sense2317.23.36
all right2318.883.78
should we head back yeah yeah either2320.563.779
that or uh There's a Place South2322.663.48
Southwest I don't know what that is but2324.3395.641
uh are you guys healthy like I am no I2326.145.699
can't get filled up with food I found2329.983.3
some potato seeds2331.8393.361
and you can't eat Yucca in this game2333.283.9
like if you eat more than like two Yuka2335.24.5
you get sick oh yeah you know what I ate2337.184.74
three earlier and I felt fine so I don't2339.73.96
know if that switches up or well someone2341.924.26
has an iron stomach yeah just keep2343.664.56
walking look I gotta get home and like2346.184.08
this food thing's a problem for me no I2348.223.78
think home is good I don't think we need2350.263.48
to go anywhere else don't you think2352.04.02
we've done pretty good today I mean well2353.744.2
we either got to start a farm or kill an2356.024.44
animal because the food is uh you can't2357.945.399
just live on Yucca oh I I have eight raw2360.464.8
meat that we have to cook oh yeah let's2363.3393.361
do that because I can't let's go back2365.263.9
let's hurry back well this is fast as I2366.75.04
can go pretty much like jump on my back2369.164.86
memes I'm encumbered jump on my back I'm2371.743.72
starving can you please jump on my back2374.022.7
we'll just be patient we'll get there2375.462.82
right okay I'm just said you could jump2376.723.0
on my back it would have been fun you2378.283.78
know a little piggyback ride yeah well2379.724.379
that should be a thing in here you2382.063.6
should think yeah your friends yeah you2384.0993.541
carry somebody tired you carry them will2385.665.4
be fun I tell you I found a wrench2387.646.08
damn it2391.062.66
man he2394.183.96
he was having problems didn't he sort of2395.445.7
disease does he have I don't know but I2398.145.52
kind of like it2401.148.28
just taking a shower that was so dirty I2403.668.64
was a dirty dirty dirty girl2409.426.9
super dirty girl taking a shower taking2412.37.62
a shower at the Bates Motel super dirty2416.328.12
girl taking a shower I can't keep2419.924.52
don't kill me though oh what are you at2426.44.02
that was fun2429.044.02
yeah we did it well that might have took2430.424.199
place in the uh2433.063.6
in the motel I don't know I haven't2434.6193.421
watched the movie in forever yeah it's2436.662.699
been a while but I'm glad we did that2438.042.88
all right that was fun so yeah we've2439.3592.941
moved to this place pretty well we got2440.923.48
some shotguns a little bit of food yeah2442.34.68
yeah let's get out of here let's go on2444.44.56
home yeah2446.985.72
week week week2448.963.74
oh boy food is an issue fellas big time2454.445.32
I had some steaks on the grill or2457.8393.961
charred Meats yeah it sucks though you2459.764.079
have to get like five five meats make2461.83.539
one meat I know it doesn't make any2463.8394.5
sense I need yeah I got a ton of eggs I2465.3394.801
got like 22 eggs can we just make a ton2468.3393.601
of eggs well I mean the problem with2470.144.02
those I just made two I'm gonna eat this2471.944.98
one uh used I mean they're good but they2474.165.76
they break the glass bottles yeah that2476.924.74
sucks so yeah that's so we have to do we2479.923.84
have to decide between water and eggs we2481.663.72
should probably go hunting eggs isn't2483.764.5
worth it Simon what looking at you makes2485.384.8
me sweat yeah honestly why do you have a2488.263.359
puffer coat on in the desert protection2490.183.72
protection is a coat in the desert I2491.6195.421
know but it's padding2493.93.14
are we going hunting you guys go hunting2498.425.199
I'll tidy up the base okay I'll do the2501.3393.961
housework yeah start looking ahead2503.6193.48
toward you know that inevitable horde2505.35.279
night yep thanks ma all right let's go2507.0995.781
all right2559.927.08
so uh we're covered for weeks2562.24.8
two yeah2568.566.519
I mean to cook one meat now I don't know2571.8396.301
what they were thinking [ __ ] okay yeah2575.0794.26
let's start heading back maybe we'll2578.142.76
find another chicken yeah maybe all2579.3393.721
right maybe we'll we'll have some eggs2580.94.5
hey I'm fine with the eggs let's shove2583.064.559
like a dozen eggs up the ass of that2585.43.9
chicken well go ahead and get a water2587.6193.841
tower so you can cook the eggs hey we2589.34.559
can have a chicken farm oh wouldn't that2591.463.619
be nice2593.8593.901
I love them I'm starving to death2595.0795.81
thank you2609.783.059
memes yeah welcome back uh thanks for2618.74.619
having me I feel like I live here what2621.43.419
do you mean2623.3193.121
yeah I want to go hunting today for two2624.8193.721
reasons one food's a problem around here2626.443.72
and two we need ponchos it's starting to2628.543.48
get hot I'm not hot I like it like this2630.164.08
I've got a poncho I found one yeah I2632.023.48
want to go to the city I'm going with2634.243.96
you oh that fast I love it all city boys2635.56.38
we are we're City Boys2638.23.68
all right neebs I think yeah in order to2663.94.24
get to the where we need to be we gotta2666.463.359
go this way this is my favorite way to2668.142.78
bye bye again2670.924.74
is it worth it to look at hair names I2688.24.419
mean if yeah if we can find some food2690.764.44
watch out for uh mines yep yep yep that2692.6194.681
looks like a military Camp potentially2695.23.78
you look I'm gonna fight this guy I feel2697.33.12
like he's gonna like you know come back2698.984.26
and you know get us in the back or2700.426.3
something yeah get him yep oh boy how2703.245.04
did he reach me he's on his own on the2706.724.26
ground if2708.285.16
see any mines right off hand oh kind of2710.986.0
clear move it up got him I'm gonna have2713.444.919
an egg2716.983.8
all right I'm in the facility Birds oh2724.423.679
damn it freaking2728.0995.201
burnt zombie on my back how do you sneak2730.184.919
up on you he's gonna get oh you got a2733.33.72
bird on your two niece slender busted2735.0994.5
him oh crap watch out for the oh boy we2737.024.14
got a Hazmat guy2739.5994.861
no oh there's so much the bird is2741.166.14
yeah now I gotta protect your body gotta2751.784.44
protect your body all this [ __ ] coming2754.1193.48
at us2756.224.08
Bring It On ding dong because I got2757.5996.541
bullets come on now let's do this bird2760.35.88
damn bird2764.143.9
come on now2766.185.899
come on with it what the hell is you2768.047.62
perfect yeah take that oh you're gonna2772.0796.121
get back up2775.662.54
oh getting low on ammo you know what2779.5794.181
switch it to my compound bow that I2781.8394.041
look at your damn face come on bubba oh2785.984.5
I'm out of arrows2788.564.259
oh wait do I build some more arrows oh2790.485.18
you're gonna get it2792.8192.841
a lot of good stuff here2799.05.52
there's no like suburbs where do we go2801.765.52
first this place on the left2804.525.64
oh this is uh the food place2807.284.5
yeah I'm gonna get out the gun for this2810.165.12
one no this is gonna be great2811.783.5
oh I see why yeah oh man I'm missing2822.546.12
that I bottleneck2826.02.66
oh off the roof2829.026.78
there's a few2832.745.22
there you go2835.84.84
come on that's beautiful the same2837.964.54
wavelength right now2840.645.1
a good team we are we started together2842.57.5
and by golly we're gonna finish together2845.745.64
I still like those other guys all right2850.02.28
big fatty over here2852.287.16
someone coming off the roof doralius2854.984.46
all right let's loot the mark2860.53.74
what we got here uh looks like a camp2866.3194.321
don't see too many mines man that's a2868.424.62
sweet pile of Embers you like Embers I2870.645.0
love Embers2873.042.6
okay you got him2883.024.48
yeah you gotta have more uh see what do2885.165.04
they call it situational awareness2887.56.8
man oh he's still up yeah get him2890.24.1
down feel like I dodged a bullet there2894.44.04
there's another guy2896.744.619
oh am I out of Arrow what's going on oh2898.445.02
there's another one in here2901.3594.721
all right oh2903.465.58
I guess there were mines2909.044.02
okay I gotta do this it's my problem Oh2913.064.86
the safe I can't help it is this chair2915.73.899
made of leather I don't know maybe yeah2917.924.02
good call it is yeah oh I can make a2919.5995.52
poncho okay oh God where2921.945.94
um you got it looking out back2925.1195.46
oh yeah I see him yeah don't die you2927.884.439
know what now that you've told me I'm2930.5793.661
not gonna dude after this safe I gotta2932.3194.681
go back okay2934.245.22
there's a lot of City out there2937.04.26
You Belong To The City2939.465.34
is that a lyric yeah from What You2941.266.3
Belong To The City Is that what they're2944.85.279
singing There You Belong to the Night2947.564.5
remember that2950.0795.631
mean though it doesn't mean anything2952.067.94
I think we cleared the city out well we2960.05.5
belong to it and the night2962.984.139
all right did you find anything in the2965.54.74
Box just got it open shotgun three2967.1195.581
shotgun shells and compound bow and2970.244.26
that's it who means that it well you did2972.73.06
all that dying just for that hey the2974.53.0
compound bow is sweet well I like the2975.763.18
shotgun hey that's all yeah it's all2977.53.42
good shall we move on yeah man we got2978.943.54
distracted see if we can do a scene2980.923.659
without needs dying the first one the2982.484.5
bird should have died second one I think2984.5794.441
the zombie blew up the thing yeah he2986.984.02
walked on the mine hey Ada hop that's2989.023.42
our camera guy neebs that's where you2991.03.72
hid good job2992.443.899
he has to hide there because of the2994.724.28
weather effects2996.3392.661
desert because that because that's fun3001.924.32
didn't like the green area so much3004.743.42
better yep I don't even know many days3006.243.78
have been here like three yeah only3008.163.6
three yeah we're on day three so we got3010.023.54
like four days till first tour oh hey3011.763.839
look Dyersville3013.563.66
what do we call it turd Town that's3015.5993.181
where the hospital is right yeah the3017.222.76
hospital is right there on the right I3018.783.839
see it cool look at all turn down I got3019.985.82
10 cans of salmon ten cans of salmon3022.6195.401
yeah eight years of corn and a potato3025.84.86
eight years of corn and a potato yeah3028.024.02
look at this we've got like a little3030.663.48
station to um overall improve your life3032.044.26
this is basically like a hospital of3034.143.9
sorts yes right here this is General3036.34.559
Hospital we should probably go back and3038.044.38
get some work3040.8593.48
yeah let me get ready we'll head back me3042.423.08
too yeah3044.3393.541
I see him man see that some [ __ ] in3045.53.88
that cornfield should we try to sandwich3047.882.699
yeah maybe oh wait he's coming to us can3050.5794.381
you get a shot shot kind of far away3053.223.96
from here what do you think well I could3054.964.379
hit him I'm a crack shot try at the same3057.187.76
time yep Ready yep and three two one3059.3398.271
our first kill we're gonna eat good yeah3070.646.82
oh you got's right shift seven meat 113074.047.14
meat uh-huh 15 beats oh boy five leather3077.466.48
18 meat 24 total meat we're gonna need3081.184.98
Weight Watchers3083.945.46
hey Hogs oh crap be careful those things3086.164.78
will kill you a bit hey hoggy3089.43.98
he's coming he's coming3093.386.64
okay sorry who's your dumb stuck pig hey3096.026.36
we should check out his house over here3118.223.879
huh you're not as excited about the hog3120.424.199
meat as well once you started counting I3122.0994.801
know how to count so yeah that's a lot3124.6194.081
of me I mean it takes five minutes to3126.93.54
make one meat I'm very excited after3128.75.34
like ten oh we got 94 meat all right so3130.446.419
now you want to check out The Farmhouse3134.045.519
those sham sandwiches man they get Tummy3136.8594.861
all oh you got the bubble guts one fart3139.5594.321
and it's it's all over it's called a3141.724.859
gambler yeah it is a gambler straight3143.885.31
down the leg nobody wants that3146.5794.081
son of a [ __ ] it's a safe3150.666.5
time to cut away from us3154.226.46
hey neebs yeah I I know you put a couple3157.165.32
days into that uh that little desert3160.683.32
Hideout we got3162.484.02
what would you say about moving here in3164.04.9
a heart oh look at that oh that's nice3166.55.099
uh in a heartbeat man yeah I mean we're3168.94.56
around a lot of Farmland we're close to3171.5993.841
a city there's a lake right over there3173.464.26
resources are plentiful do you know it's3175.444.679
the barn yeah and I know you like barns3177.724.56
okay so you've got you you got your barn3180.1193.661
yeah so what if we do that we'll go back3182.282.4
and tell the other guys we're moving3183.782.76
here don't even tell them3184.683.659
okay I'll go back there eventually and3186.545.66
we'll tell them hey or we just stay3188.3393.861
first uh uh Alpha 17 house oh really3192.243.58
a new shotgun works oh yeah there's a3201.746.48
lady they like the hiding closet okay3204.33.92
we can fix this place up nice neebs yeah3211.164.959
or the barn we live in the barn or here3214.0793.841
and the barn okay and they're connected3216.1194.141
via underground tunnels you wanna hear a3217.925.96
dog oh God that is a dog3220.263.62
my God3231.983.119
two of them3236.225.099
okay oh I need my thing I gotta got a3238.646.06
bandage yep uh music3241.3193.381
oh crap I'm hurt so bad okay you all3247.54.68
right 16 Health oh [ __ ] all right oh no3249.783.96
I still hear dogs I'm gonna eat an egg3252.184.82
where are these dogs3253.743.26
can I get meat off this Pooch that's3265.5594.681
what I was gonna ask you yeah3267.669.26
how many is that let's see 14 18 23 oh3270.246.68
my health is at 25. why a little3278.044.14
concerned about I'm gonna eat some dog3281.0993.561
food real quick3282.184.5
I don't know why maybe because they ate3284.663.76
that sham sandwich yeah3286.683.659
and that's why I stay away from them put3288.424.58
in a pinch3290.3392.661
sham sandwich eat it with sham3294.0594.821
another commercial went3299.3393.201
all right you want to move upstairs I3302.5794.5
hear grunting I hear grunting too but I3304.744.68
don't see the grunters oh there whoa3307.0794.941
this guy's running3309.422.6
I don't want to shoot you3312.26.6
yeah I think I got him okay3315.183.62
oh yeah I'm getting out I'm getting out3320.423.46
I'm going around the field I'm running3322.54.079
I'm running the field too [ __ ] holy moly3323.883.56
is he chasing me3327.443.6
he's chasing me I can't make a bandage3331.984.02
why were they running3334.3195.221
crap crap is going to kill me where are3336.04.619
you at dude he's in the back of the3339.541.819
damn it3341.3596.161
okay come over here hide in the field3344.045.64
oh boy I know he sees me yeah come on3347.524.5
come on come on bring it on ding dong3349.684.69
come on3352.025.4
guess I can3357.422.6
that [ __ ] now you jumping skin3361.85.64
now I'm gonna fits again now you jump to3364.75.44
fit all right food now I'm gonna jump3367.444.919
this [ __ ] again come on come on3370.145.1
with it yeah you joke bam3372.3595.521
nope boom Oh again my stamina is so low3377.885.28
get up get up see what happens that's3380.644.08
what happens right in your chest and3383.164.439
then boom oh [ __ ] got a new hunting3384.727.58
rifle damn it ow ow [ __ ]3387.5994.701
ah boy crap now we are naked and we3409.465.56
gotta get our stuff back Crouch uh my3412.85.039
stuff's in the backyard okay so gonna3415.024.62
get my stuff first uh yeah let's go for3417.8393.601
your stuff first okay I got a lot of3419.643.479
good stuff to do all that meat uh we3421.443.36
can't even get out of here huh this3423.1194.681
door's locked is it crap can we can we3424.86.18
punch punch through ow ow I don't want3427.84.819
to punch through this3430.984.02
let's both work on one how about how3432.6193.341
about this one the one you were working3435.03.96
on can I climb your back gotta try can3435.965.639
you come get up there hey oh crap that3438.964.619
actually worked okay uh sorry you're3441.5995.96
stuck in there now so uh okay3443.5793.98
stuff got my stuff I can chop the door3448.8594.381
down no no here come to the front yard3450.8393.961
just keep me protected so I can get my3453.244.46
stuff back okay3454.82.9
bam got it all back beautiful you're3457.85.34
standing now well yeah now I feel3461.043.96
confident in myself well listen uh I3463.143.419
think we should go back to that City go3465.03.9
to that hospital I need medical supplies3466.5595.101
as soon as I get attacked finish looting3468.95.88
this come back here I want to live here3471.665.399
how far are we away I don't know I I3474.784.62
remember on the last map like there was3477.0594.681
a Trader near here on the other side of3479.43.659
the river3481.743.42
I I I'd hate to go too far because3483.0595.241
because it'd be too far question you3485.165.88
grab some of these you missed Simon when3488.34.66
he's now here didn't know he still3491.044.799
worked here if my memory serves me3492.964.92
right up over this hill okay I'm still3495.8394.561
swimming going slow it's all right I'm3497.886.479
gonna I'm gonna have this amazing reveal3500.46.959
I don't see a traitor [ __ ] should we3510.184.8
just head back I gotta we gotta yeah3512.165.82
[ __ ]3514.983.0
yeah I got him man I hate those things3519.3594.861
uh what's my health like oh God hold on3521.943.84
I'm bleeding3524.223.599
I think I got a bunch of bandages well3525.783.539
hopefully there's gonna be a bunch of3527.8192.941
bandages in this building I just drink3529.3193.78
my bandage you don't drink bandages hold3530.764.079
on let me apply another bandage let me3533.0992.881
see what does it look like on your3534.8392.701
screen okay3535.983.72
yep you're drinking your bandage hell3537.544.62
you a dummy man I'm so stupid all right3539.74.74
let's go pop some pools3542.164.8
so where would you keep the meds3544.445.1
probably in a medicine cabinet it's been3546.965.54
looted nothing there nothing here okay3549.547.819
oh crap right here crap3552.58.2
okay got him and I'm just nope he helped3557.3597.2
me I want to hit you okay get a shot3560.78.58
you did no he's not oh God3564.5597.621
yeah there we go3569.285.76
oh God we're a ways away yeah not too3572.184.0
bad though3575.043.9
um oh oh that's a drop3576.183.84
[ __ ]3578.943.06
hold on well let's let's go straight3580.024.5
well see if there's a maybe I can do I3582.05.22
think I can do it yep yep yep yep all3584.525.16
right we're good you're down I'm still3587.224.139
up yep3589.683.619
it's not a solution3591.3595.401
big ones let's just hurry let's run back3593.2996.341
here no no no no hold on yeah we'll get3596.764.98
jammed in here we'll do that okay3599.643.84
there's nurses yeah you're right there's3601.743.9
a bunch of zombies in here I know it's3603.483.48
getting nighttime but could we uh wall3605.642.64
the front door off and just stay here3606.962.94
tonight now what the hell what the hell3608.283.0
does that mean now there's a bunch of3609.92.52
them all right I'm running I'm running3611.283.18
out of the front door like a coward3612.424.82
going to the front3614.462.78
we did it we are Gooch what Gooch is3617.526.299
that a kid thing yep so we're back home3620.945.22
we're safe yeah I'm gonna put some doors3623.8195.3
where there weren't doors3626.162.959
what have I done with monstrosity have I3629.167.22
created three out here okay good3631.744.64
something where did that come from [ __ ]3640.885.14
I left the door open which one both of3643.3195.04
them both doors you get two I know I do3646.024.2
not [ __ ] up like a [ __ ] idiot okay3648.3594.94
it's dark hold on um3650.225.46
oh God here we go3653.2993.941
all right let's kill these guys murder3655.684.5
murder as many as you can put my light3657.245.839
on the wall all right3660.182.899
I got 15 rounds3669.8593.96
go inside close both doors [ __ ] that3675.926.419
door that door3679.442.899
Master on board man well yeah we're just3693.8594.541
hunkered down for the night I know just3696.663.36
I thought elix would see a zombie here3698.43.48
and there oh it's a bit awful quiet you3700.023.42
think we should try to go one room over3701.883.719
take a look you out of your mind just3703.443.48
take a look real quick we only have two3705.5992.881
torches I'd be awful I'd be off we're3706.923.3
taking a look if we had a light source3708.483.119
yeah just want to want to take the3710.223.359
floating one maybe the floating one well3711.5993.361
yeah this torch is kind of I'm looking3713.5793.361
at it here it's floating because you put3714.964.8
on a round block gotcha just uh oh there3716.944.859
we go oh boy that's dark isn't it you're3719.765.099
very okay I'll just take a look just a3721.7996.361
quick look huh oh boy okay okay okay ah3724.8594.801
this is creepy we should Crouch huh3728.163.179
absolutely we should Crouch you wanna3729.663.48
you wanna go down into the basement oh3731.3393.48
that's creepy yeah let's go down to the3733.144.8
creepy basement yeah what we're going to3734.8194.52
find in the basement of the hospital3737.945.399
maybe some cadavers some live Evers no3739.3396.581
in this game live cadavers that's a3743.3394.561
thing oh I don't like this already oh3745.924.02
this is the like the Boiler Room should3747.94.26
they burn the bodies we should burn3749.946.02
these no don't want to burn them okay oh3752.166.02
God oh God3755.965.08
holy crap holy crap holy crap okay run3758.185.439
away run away oh crap [ __ ] I'm crap3761.045.1
you're good oh God oh God oh God there's3763.6193.921
a gun3766.144.14
Ah that's a bad idea why don't we come3767.546.15
out here okay I'm running back oh3770.286.64
good morning guys good morning yeah3782.245.74
morning hey Simon hey what's up man3784.926.0
funny to me do I yeah you got some what3787.986.72
some man sandals on uh some mandals I3790.925.879
feel protected even though I die very3794.74.68
easily that is gonna be super hot but I3796.7994.32
feel fine like where's the what's3799.383.959
morning I know so later on I'm gonna get3801.1194.021
it what kind of symbol is there a hot3803.3394.201
symbol here yes yeah it'll be a sun3805.144.38
that's all mad at you and stuff all3807.543.9
right we'll see what happens anyway so3809.524.799
what to do what to do isn't there a3811.444.679
military base somewhere around here we3814.3193.181
might be able to get some good stuff out3816.1193.18
there how about you two look for that3817.54.079
and I will work on fortifying this dumb3819.2995.401
box okay all right well good luck today3821.5795.701
I'm gonna go get some wood from the four3824.75.04
trees in this mile vicinity good luck3827.284.86
stay safe stay alive see you soon okay3829.743.9
all right are we all going the same3832.143.12
direction Baby3833.643.3
come on let's break in this place okay3835.264.74
how did you die I don't know man I mean3836.944.919
I was looking at the spikes I'm pretty3840.03.0
sure I didn't hit them but that's the3841.8592.46
only thing I could think of yeah it was3843.02.88
a really dumb idea to go down into the3844.3193.78
basement yep sorry we should not have3845.884.86
done that okay follow me this is your3848.0994.621
stuff right yep I died right here what3850.743.839
in the world killed you I don't know uh3852.723.119
it might yeah it might have been these3854.5793.121
spikes yeah I don't know all right so3855.8393.24
now you're the man with a weapon so you3857.73.0
gotta you gotta help me get my stuff3859.0793.441
back okay be careful going through here3860.74.379
now down the stairs you want to go first3862.525.02
uh yeah yeah yeah yeah uh is there3865.0793.78
enough light down here you gotta oh you3867.543.18
got a hat yeah that's awesome found this3868.8593.96
in a car did you yeah man that's what I3870.723.72
need oh that's my stuff right there oh3872.8193.961
there's a down lady oh crap she's tough3874.443.78
all right yeah yeah that's fine yeah3876.782.88
let's clear them out clear them out3878.223.44
before we get down there there you go3879.664.32
oh there's more of them crap there's a3881.664.72
lot of them oh boy yeah oh I'm bleeding3883.984.44
crap I gotta go do a thing all right I'm3886.383.54
trying to do what I can all right I'll3888.423.3
be back on you idiots I want my stuff3889.923.659
back the Blazing stopped do you have any3891.724.44
weapons yeah I got a gun should I use my3893.5795.22
bullets maybe at least on this guy okay3896.165.16
okay if you gotta back up3902.463.72
crap crap backup needs back up there's3904.443.379
more coming there's more coming oh boy3906.185.659
come on I'll take you all on with me3907.8197.361
uh bullets I got a blunderbuss oh boy3911.8395.401
watch out for the spikes3915.184.02
crossed in front of me I know I know3917.244.0
that was a dumb thing I did it I was3919.23.48
like oh God I hope he doesn't pull the3921.243.119
trigger yep it was close right at that3922.683.48
moment oh hey one of the zombies dropped3924.3594.081
a bang come on give me something good3926.165.639
bullets hey man and all right got my3928.445.879
stuff got my stuff okay ah now I feel3931.7994.081
better I mean we earned our way down3934.3193.24
here right yeah no kidding all right3935.885.04
nurse out of here give it to her man got3937.5594.991
the bad nurse give her the answer3940.923.06
she might not have known now we loot for3943.986.48
the good stuff3947.945.76
Traders what is I assumed it was Traders3950.465.099
I assume that this might be a place that3953.73.84
has good stuff we can certainly check it3955.5594.02
out it's like an opening over here Simon3957.544.5
all right I'm gonna watch your back and3959.5794.201
help your front all right Simon back up3962.043.66
back up damn back up with me I'm backing3963.784.68
up this is nonsense what's nonsense look3965.74.619
at all these zombies all right are we3968.463.72
gonna try to take care of these guys uh3970.3194.681
I mean we can lure them out come on guys3972.185.119
keep on3975.02.299
you're gonna go in there and then kill3977.944.2
the few that are still in there this is3980.0994.141
a great idea all right man you're smart3982.144.14
so they're following me you're gonna be3984.243.839
the sneaker all right all right and I'm3986.283.539
gonna try to stay alive and if I don't3988.0793.96
live it's okay I'm running a hard flank3989.8193.78
right now all right we got a couple3992.0393.78
running okay come on guys follow me3993.5995.041
let's not get distracted oh Simon stay3995.8194.561
alive oh there's a cactus that thing3998.643.899
okay all right so at least you're4000.383.78
worried that's right just one over the4002.5394.26
cactus again [ __ ] the cactus is killing4004.164.919
me thick don't die to the cactus cactus4006.7994.74
is gonna take me down oh got a biker hey4009.0794.5
Pig where you at can you see me yeah I4011.5393.421
think so you I see somebody shooting4013.5793.78
that'd be you that's me yeah place4014.964.139
better have something good I bet you4017.3593.601
it's got nothing this is a bad choice4019.0994.081
you're probably right yep I think it was4020.964.26
because I wanted to do it my instincts4023.184.32
are crap next time ignore my instincts4025.224.5
I'm gonna look try to find something4027.54.38
nothing in here I'm gonna try to find4029.724.5
you some food Simon thank you I know how4031.884.08
much you love food food's good what4034.223.42
could you go for right now I can go for4035.964.26
chicken Popeye oh I found gold nuggets4037.645.34
silver nuggets nice and Military leg4040.225.16
armor that seems like it wasn't a waste4042.984.68
of time I'm gonna make my way out do it4045.384.939
all right here I come Bob and weaving4047.665.82
there you go Simon yes you did great4050.3195.141
thank you let's just move move on let's4053.483.599
move on4055.463.48
all right you ready ready count to three4057.0795.301
one two three moving in4058.945.58
now we're the ones dropping from the4062.384.0
ceiling that's right we're gonna we're4064.523.299
gonna haunt these guys every seven days4066.383.36
we attack them oh man we can loot these4067.8193.601
washing machines you know what I've been4069.744.22
looking for some new clothes4071.425.399
that sounded really loud yep oh here he4073.964.899
comes let me see it oh there the door4076.8194.141
the door okay uh you stay focused there4078.8594.2
watch our back real quick copy that I4080.963.18
don't think we're gonna clean this guy4083.0592.821
yeah you can break that door go for it4084.143.479
you should be building the base because4085.883.479
in seven days we're coming after you oh4087.6195.821
boy get that shot got that shot and4089.3597.141
there we go we got him probably didn't4093.444.859
need that one probably not okay we're4096.54.739
looking for a shirt for neebs will you4098.2996.261
find that shirt turn around okay yeah4101.2395.761
just look for clothes anymore no yeah4104.564.239
let's kill these guys first okay then4107.03.54
you can look for glows well I was asking4108.7993.781
that's got to be it that's a lot of4110.543.9
arrows all right let me check this4112.584.86
lady's down yep oh wait there's a now4114.444.799
there's a couple in there they're laying4117.443.72
down in here they're pretending how you4119.2393.48
know they're a couple that's a couple of4121.163.42
zombies they're not a couple but there's4122.7193.301
one on the ground over there there's one4124.583.119
on the wall over there and they look4126.023.179
like the type that they gotta get up4127.6993.6
hold on I see uh oh they're getting up4129.1994.441
there's also ceiling people yeah I'm not4131.2993.781
up for doing the ceiling again are you4133.643.78
nope oh help me with this guy oh damn4135.084.56
get it right down I gotta write a butt4137.423.6
yeah I'm gonna get that uh lady over4139.644.679
there across the room nice shot it might4141.025.279
do the Olympics all right but you see4144.3193.601
the uh you see these guys up top though4146.2994.02
neebs oh that's so creepy what are they4147.924.68
doing up there being creepy all right4150.3193.661
hold on let's see who won I'm gonna try4152.63.9
to get her oh and then she's gonna come4153.985.239
yep whoa4156.55.54
oh crap4159.2196.281
Olympic level archerer here oh man dude4162.045.44
we gotta go only got two arrows left is4165.53.359
that daylight out there I'm looking at4167.482.94
or is that just a lighting don't drop on4168.8593.061
your head I know they might drop on my4170.423.06
head but it looks like daylight on my4171.923.72
screen no never mind never mind oh now4173.485.9
you have done it what they're coming4175.643.74
down I'm out of arrows oh crap oh crap4182.124.559
oh crap oh boy oh I'm running I'm4184.44.68
running I got an idea what uh meet me4186.6794.14
back in the room the laundry room you're4189.082.94
gonna get us caught in there that's4190.8194.38
suicide I got a spike I can low down all4192.025.36
here ow I got hit I got hit I'm okay4198.824.419
though you run run in there oh God4201.563.42
there's a hoodie guy I'm running I'm4203.2393.661
running I'm running4204.984.259
up try to get us now suckers all right4206.93.72
we just gotta figure out how to climb4209.2393.421
back up in there all right [ __ ] uh you4210.623.36
got any wood on you we just build our4212.662.88
way out of here yeah we could probably4213.984.16
do that yeah do that do that all right4215.546.54
okay Simon yep I remember this place you4218.146.76
okay do you do uh I think we can break4222.084.98
through here and go down in the mines4224.94.5
all right and the plan is to do what4227.064.8
there get whatever we need to survive I4229.43.48
didn't think we were doing the whole4231.864.22
looting thing well we're gonna this4232.883.2
you can shoot him right now if you want4244.064.119
to you could but do I want to waste my4246.1993.241
bullets on this little You've Got The4248.1793.181
High Ground well can I do this wait what4249.443.18
are you gonna do look at that are you4251.363.24
just smacking him I see some blood there4252.625.46
you go nice Crouch uh can I not go where4254.65.4
do we get in a different way oh there4258.083.48
you go you're breaking it right it's4260.03.78
getting a little baby crack is that is4261.563.72
that you think I feel like you'd be able4263.784.86
to go prone swimming and going prone add4265.284.99
this to the game please yeah4268.645.869
what a great song and inspiring yeah4278.625.079
this place I'll do it I think like I'm4281.544.8
thinking now that I've got two rows of4283.6994.5
spikes all around pretty bloodied of4286.344.02
course the only spikes I like you can't4288.1994.441
even fix that's so stupid that is so4290.364.92
stupid like I picked up bloody wood I4292.644.26
didn't I didn't pick up bloody wood4295.284.2
that's all right we will enjoy a4296.95.52
campfire as they approach and then we'll4299.486.78
be like haha we we are in the box now we4302.426.18
shut that and then we're here and then4306.264.439
we're then we'll be up here it's all4308.64.5
gonna work great4310.6995.0
oh I ran out of wood4322.043.96
all right Simon yep here we go got some4326.05.699
trash here all right you forget it4329.6593.54
forget it don't look don't even bother4331.6993.841
with the trash nope we've got bigger4333.1994.441
fish to fry yeah we can we can mess with4335.544.92
the trash there it seems interesting4337.644.62
keep going down a little bit all right4340.463.96
ooh this looks like something Simon it4342.264.5
does it because I would never know oh4344.424.92
right through there uh let's go ah it's4346.764.62
gonna be I got an ax yeah come on I'll4349.344.44
break it ready yeah I'm uh I'm watching4351.385.4
your back all right come on baby oh this4353.786.24
is outside yeah watch out okay I got4356.786.78
this oh it's just a balcony hello hey4360.025.34
there's a box down here oh there's4363.563.9
stairs no probably have to break through4365.364.68
gotcha I'm gonna do this come on baby I4367.465.16
got your back all right okay my ax is4370.045.52
broken it's broken do you have wood I do4372.624.26
and I'm gonna drop it right here yeah4375.564.44
stone stone bam what else you want yeah4376.885.4
90 Stone that's a lot it's a lot of4380.05.34
stone yeah all right let me uh wow is4382.285.52
that way too many probably how did I4385.344.26
pick up so many I mean you've obviously4387.83.66
found them all collected the whole set4389.65.28
how many did you have I had none all4391.465.759
right well I guess it's a lot I'm in4394.885.279
herbal antibiotics recipe I'm gonna4397.2194.861
pretend like that was good4400.1594.201
um I want to pretend that it's good4402.084.26
let's just pretend and let's leave you4404.363.66
know what's better I found seven bullet4406.344.14
casings that's not better but we'll4408.023.96
figure this out we don't know if it's4410.483.239
good or bad yet it's got to be good but4411.983.179
listen we're gonna let Jack do another4413.7193.721
scene and then we're gonna come back to4415.1594.02
us and we'll probably be doing something4417.443.44
great yeah4419.1795.221
oh boy okay that's true yeah it was just4420.885.26
a zombie yeah we get we keep getting4424.43.12
creeped up on I want to go back to the4426.142.7
city but man I feel like we should clear4427.522.88
this house out I mean are you gonna live4428.843.24
in there yeah I know you want to live in4430.43.24
the barn but I'd rather I'd rather hold4432.083.96
up in here okay I just need stuff you4433.644.2
know yeah I need stuff too but you know4436.044.199
what let's uh let's clear this out there4437.843.96
might be some good stuff upstairs we4440.2393.121
haven't even looked oh and yeah look we4441.83.84
got a cowboy in here see they keep4443.363.78
getting into yeah we really need to4445.643.18
fortify this place yeah I didn't really4447.143.3
know we decided this was going to be a4448.822.879
place like we didn't talk about it all4450.443.06
right well if we don't wanna they're4451.6993.301
breaking the stairs if we don't want to4453.53.0
use this place we need to find a place4455.03.3
yeah like remember like I'm all about4456.53.78
small places right because we don't have4458.34.02
a lot of resources uh small place sounds4460.283.419
good but we got to find a place do you4462.323.78
wanna I saw a small house in the city do4463.6993.601
you want to go there remember that4466.12.82
little place that I built it was just a4467.33.12
little town yeah a little bit we're not4468.923.36
going back there right and horde nights4470.423.84
in like what day seven it's already day4472.284.2
four see I feel like your your eyes are4474.264.2
bigger than your budget right no I'd be4476.483.84
fine with this no like this is too big4478.463.239
see that's what I'm saying the whole4480.323.06
house is too big yeah no but we could uh4481.6993.721
like the garage the garage in this house4483.383.42
yeah like I'm thinking like a little4485.423.48
four by four just a little teeny tiny4486.85.18
Place let's see4488.93.08
holy crap that's what I was talking4496.33.939
about yep see I don't care anything4498.7393.241
about that house but there might be some4500.2393.901
good stuff upstairs we got a whole city4501.984.44
over there full of stuff yeah but but4504.144.14
our beds are below this house don't you4506.423.84
want this place to be safe man I don't4508.284.32
own anything worth anything I got a box4510.263.84
in there I like a box in the basement4512.63.96
full of stuff what what in there is so4514.15.34
important I got a couple of guns okay I4516.564.679
started building an inventory all right4519.443.6
look see that garage right there uh yeah4521.2393.721
look that's that's little that that4523.044.02
could be our Fort it's easier to build4524.964.199
from scratch than to renovate okay well4527.063.36
I tell you what you can build from4529.1592.881
scratch like in the road or something4530.424.14
I'll build my fort and then you do what4532.044.02
you want to do yeah no I'll probably4534.563.0
stay in your fort but I can see I can4536.063.119
see making this place nice because I do4537.563.84
like this place okay but let me start a4539.1793.781
stronghold just so we have a place to4541.42.759
run to okay yeah and it's already4542.964.32
getting dark okay I'm on it well hold on4544.1594.5
don't we want to take these guys out I4547.283.8
want to see what's in4548.6592.421
I'm going lumberjacking4552.7395.241
thanks you got a plan nope all right4559.2194.44
what is this control room here oh wait I4561.384.14
gotta clear it out okay we have quite a4563.6594.441
few Simon we do don't we and you know4565.524.199
what I should be saving my damn bullets4568.13.059
yeah come up here because I found some4569.7194.081
bullets also I'll hide behind you come4571.1594.981
on now what is there a copier back there4573.84.439
they just keep coming out man4576.144.68
like I should be doing more I can't do4578.2394.701
got it come on baby come on give me what4582.945.799
for I'll give you what four plus four4585.925.1
and then a and then a what how you get4588.7393.901
for what how you haven't given anybody4591.024.8
how in a long time there we go clear4592.646.48
kinda kinda okay this seems like a room4595.826.06
that's locked okay should we try to get4599.124.68
in the in here I don't know but I got4601.884.52
wood and I know they're gonna come out4603.85.34
back up oh oh yeah we got at least a4606.44.12
couple in here yeah let them do the work4609.143.0
for us there's something good in there4610.525.88
oh look at that that was amazing look at4612.145.76
the jumps that these guys are taking4616.43.839
they're excited I don't blame them4617.94.74
either I mean it's just fun yeah fun to4620.2395.721
jump feel live yeah oh yeah come on boys4622.646.18
you've never been silly nice they broke4625.964.54
the door there's a there's a safe in4628.824.32
here with many things so many things oh4630.54.679
Lord all right I'm gonna watch the door4633.144.14
all right hey you know what I'm gonna4635.1793.48
try to get into this safe I'm gonna4637.283.419
spend about 30 minutes to get in here4638.6595.101
while Jack does something else ooh 304640.6995.04
minutes sure talking about him a lot4643.765.18
today he's handsome4645.7396.631
hello hello hello4654.344.0
it's me oh boy yeah okay here we go here4658.467.739
we go one more rounds left stay down4662.65.88
ladies stay down died so many times4666.1994.201
trying to get up here and you get down4668.483.54
all right you know what I'm just gonna4670.45.31
smack you there we go stop4672.024.63
okay come on come on give me something4685.064.619
I knew it would be worth it to come up4692.024.0
here which honestly I should have just4694.2193.361
built a way up here that would have been4696.024.38
much easier lesson's bag come on give me4697.584.139
something good4700.45.339
hey oh that is a badass pistol level six4701.7196.661
ammo pile come on give me something good4705.7393.561
reinforced chess come on what is all4709.33.399
holy holy [ __ ] that's a rocket launcher4712.6994.261
and five right I just got a rocket4715.14.2
launcher names you got a what I got a4716.965.219
rocket launcher any ammo yeah five told4719.34.2
you it was worth it to come in here4722.1793.661
that's all in the house yep that's cool4723.55.04
it's up top up top oh and there's a food4725.845.7
Box come on good food good food good4728.545.04
food what we got what we got what you4731.543.08
blueberry PODS of water4734.623.96
is there anything in this room come on4738.765.919
hey uh oh [ __ ] there's a backpack and I4741.56.0
accidentally hit it son of a [ __ ]4744.6795.04
all right we're right there all right4747.54.8
nice there we go you look you look okay4749.7196.721
it's in there bam uh oh metal spiked mod4752.35.879
um I got a4758.1796.721
762 16 rounds I got steel cross bolt4760.38.68
ammo 13 of them I got 47 nine millimeter4764.96.9
it looks like so a lot of ammo okay a4768.985.759
lot nice that is good oh man it's night4771.86.06
time [ __ ] hey Simon what I need to give4774.7395.281
you something I'm gonna drop this it's a4777.863.72
pistol you have a lot of nine millimeter4780.023.54
ammo we gotta make our way out of here4781.583.96
and get home all right no light though4783.564.32
I've got no torch I'm your light oh God4785.544.86
I'm your shining Little Star yeah I wish4787.885.16
I had a torch oh my God all right all4790.44.14
right we'll figure this out all right4793.043.84
I'm gonna lose you what no don't lose me4794.544.199
I already feel like look I can't even4796.883.6
know where you went now here follow my4798.7394.801
follow my voice I see your name there4800.484.5
all right there's some light down here4803.544.5
right yes can you see light I can God4804.985.28
this is gonna suck this is gonna suck4808.044.98
man I need a freaking helmet bad like4810.264.68
that issue for me should be priority4813.023.84
number one and there's boxes to get into4814.944.259
I know if there's a helmet in here there4816.864.92
is a God okay okay let's see if there's4819.1994.5
a helmet this will be proof right now4821.783.899
the proof that there's a God proof that4823.6994.381
the Lord exists if there's a helmet in4825.6795.221
here God has chosen to go to speak to4828.084.98
all of the world through our gaming4830.93.96
channel that's that's not what he does4833.064.139
it's what he's got he is the last person4834.864.799
if there's a helmet in here4837.1995.46
there's a helmet in here please Lord4839.6595.58
take your hand upon4842.6595.341
box and put it in here a helmet with4845.2394.92
lights I'm getting in the last box Lord4848.05.34
please we believe in you we believe in4850.1595.601
the Lord4853.342.42
car radiator there's no law4857.1796.661
all right Simon yeah we gotta get out of4861.864.74
here leaving the mine4863.846.18
that's right yeah I made a fort it's not4866.65.46
done but I feel a little safer just4870.024.08
standing here okay I'm still down in the4872.063.179
basement if you want to come over here4874.12.76
hold on4875.2394.261
basement you said you said your yours is4876.864.62
an undone Fort mine is a done basement4879.53.84
yeah we're just saying right yeah I do4881.483.179
hear what I'm saying I'm staying in a4883.343.3
basement surrounded by concrete okay4884.6594.141
where are you staying in a fort okay4886.645.46
made of wood okay you hear what you're4888.84.68
saying right yeah but it's got the word4892.13.48
Ford in it okay well mine's a basement4893.484.08
for it now mine has a word for it in it4895.583.36
oh you just threw that in though you4897.562.639
didn't say that before did you what4898.943.66
makes it a fort uh it's got four walls4900.1994.441
and doors okay so you're staying the4902.63.48
night there hell yeah I'm standing out4904.642.82
there not standing you're a little [ __ ]4906.083.599
check it's called a fort it's called a4907.466.3
not done I saw it nice and here4909.6796.241
made of sticks that's how that pig died4913.764.56
in that story The Wolf just ate him see4915.923.82
you in the morning baby4918.324.95
good morning how was your basement4932.084.72
that's fine I slept very well yeah me4934.284.68
too like a baby you know a baby sleep4936.83.6
you know in some countries they leave4938.963.719
babies outside yeah it's good for them4940.44.08
the babies sleep better in the cold4942.6793.301
depends on the neighborhood you live in4944.483.179
or the country yeah it would have to be4945.982.88
a very safe neighborhood If You're Gonna4947.6592.761
Leave Your Baby outside yeah because4948.865.58
babies they can't fight no or run yeah4950.425.7
really who would steal a baby a lot of4954.443.06
people want to steal babies that's the4956.122.76
thing you can do with a baby I don't4957.52.58
want to get into why but that's the4958.883.06
thing you ready yeah we're gonna to the4960.083.84
barn yeah4961.943.96
we're going in this way yeah I mean4963.924.02
front door's wide open may as well check4965.95.96
the corners check the corners all right4967.943.92
okay now we they fall from the ceiling4972.1594.54
and they came into his wall they broke4975.383.9
the wall open you ready fighting uh yeah4976.6995.581
where'd my crossbow go4979.284.5
I got it4982.283.36
I'm getting sorted4983.784.26
yeah no my uh I lost my I think I may4985.643.96
have hit a button and thrown down my uh4988.043.3
compound boat oh did you because well4989.63.84
it's not my inventory oh yeah it's right4991.344.319
here it's right here okay well they4993.444.38
didn't leave anything for us I was just4995.6594.381
always keeping my eye on the roof now oh4997.825.7
yeah oh hey we got a big mama yep oh we5000.045.82
don't have one anymore5003.524.4
I'll do the ceilings man I'm not5009.344.5
bleeding so you got him oh yeah yeah5011.565.099
he's on fire I see that look at that5013.845.24
stay down so I'm moving up top right5019.085.88
behind you5022.422.54
up here with me come on up yep okay oh5025.65.7
there you are okay come on walk across5028.124.619
buddy let's see how good you are5031.35.1
balancing okay no sir for you5032.7395.841
who's going in for it whoa we got to5039.124.96
deal with this guy hold on hold on oh5042.2195.841
he's he's just as clumsy5044.083.98
really want to see what's in this bag5048.284.5
he's down he's down we got him yeah go5051.043.3
get that bag5052.783.6
huh I don't know what that is got some5054.343.6
beer though5056.382.58
all right let's get into this other5057.943.259
there's Simon hey what's up man I'm glad5069.784.48
you're here it seems like the other guys5072.763.479
just I don't know kind of abandoned this5074.263.959
place yeah are we pointing guns at each5076.2392.94
no okay well I mean I don't mind I don't5079.1794.621
I'm not I'm not gonna shoot you I'm not5081.763.479
gonna shoot you either I'm just always5083.84.14
on the alert I like that and I actually5085.2394.261
have a lot of these bullets so I'm ready5087.943.36
this is this is my weapon of choice5089.53.96
until I run out of bullets5091.34.26
it makes a lot of sense to me yeah so5093.464.14
food's still an option and not an option5095.563.9
an obstacle well no I told you where the5097.63.9
food was the food that didn't even come5099.463.66
close to fill me up and I didn't eat all5101.53.239
of it because I don't want to be the pig5103.123.3
have you done any of your skill5104.7394.621
placement yet no slow metabolism under5106.425.4
recovery perks go ahead and I put one in5109.366.2
mine um you find that one5111.823.74
yep yeah I don't see it but I have a5118.444.06
hard time seeing things that are right5121.362.1
in front of me what's it called again5122.52.76
a visitor hey you look for that recovery5125.264.32
I don't see recovery points no slow5129.584.5
I bought it yeah there you go I don't5134.084.8
need to eat as much you fatty oh good5136.63.96
you see what I'm doing here I'm gonna5138.884.38
box this off one time around more and5140.563.9
then we're gonna fight from up top5143.263.419
because it's day five seven okay the5144.463.96
only problem with this area is the lack5146.6793.841
of wood so should we go out and get a5148.424.86
bunch of wood we need the wood I have an5150.525.159
ax that has almost half the power good5153.285.0
for you5155.6792.601
follow me okay5158.443.14
hope it's something5162.6393.54
good like uh it's working stiff so maybe5163.844.02
there's some tools I was hoping it was a5166.1793.841
diner going through the window we got5167.864.68
zombies knees and after here hey guys5170.026.199
okay take them out absolutely5172.543.679
okay uh move around you okay crap yeah5179.525.12
I'm okay I'm okay5182.55.46
I'm sir5187.965.4
okay my own blew his arm off yeah I5190.425.94
gotta find a better uh melee weapon5193.366.68
Here Comes This lady yep5196.363.68
oh boy I heard a bit tell you what neebs5208.64.98
uh this is exciting okay I just leveled5211.124.74
up oh really I am level 10 now which5213.584.02
boom I can craft bicycles now I need two5217.65.34
wheels a bicycle chassis a bicycle5220.65.28
handlebars and mechanical Parts chassis5222.945.279
huh let's get into this place okay5225.885.0
coming out5228.2192.661
everywhere well it is that world isn't5235.384.839
it oh God forgot they're gonna jump oh5238.063.96
behind us5240.2194.561
coming off the ceiling yeah you lead him5242.025.78
away I'll go lose5244.783.02
Stupid Zombies5253.7393.601
Simon you got wood yeah can I have the5259.122.94
um sure I'll take the wood boom there's5262.063.9
not much wood around here you got to get5264.6992.761
those little crappy things on the ground5265.964.44
I tell you what though I put right here5267.466.0
there sure is Simon see yeah we're gonna5270.45.22
keep on trucking that almost got away5273.464.44
from us I'm down this road that the way5275.624.14
we were heading what about it it's got a5277.94.739
house there no5279.763.959
see the house on the nah I don't but you5283.7196.061
could still talk there's a house okay5287.084.92
how do you not see the house well I mean5289.783.959
we could talk about that for how long do5292.03.719
you really want to or we could just walk5293.7393.96
worried about your eyesight well I mean5295.7193.96
you should no okay come on we're gonna5297.6993.54
go back put down spikes what the hell5299.6792.761
did that house have to do with anything5301.2392.701
then I want to go back to there we're5302.443.54
here let's just go yeah but I don't have5303.944.08
the room I got it you're right let's go5305.985.9
dump off and then we'll come back right5308.023.86
neebs I am glad we found this place oh5314.1595.08
we got a repair kit rebar frame what you5317.084.74
got oh man what haven't I got I found a5319.2394.44
garden hoe that's bad at I feel like5321.824.2
decent fire ax I found a sledgehammer5323.6794.261
did you say garden hoe yeah that's gonna5326.024.139
be yours thank you oh I found never mind5327.944.32
I got one dude I got a battery bank at5330.1595.161
Anvil a motion sensor claw hammer wheel5332.265.52
dude this place is great well you say we5335.324.08
run back to the house yes drop this5337.784.5
stuff off head to the city yes planned5339.45.52
yes plan let's do it man this was a good5342.284.5
raid yep5344.923.779
this is the house you couldn't see I5346.783.6
know I know I'm happy how do you want to5348.6993.361
go about it I want to get closer to that5350.384.02
light uh do you want me to bust open the5352.066.119
front door yeah unless it's unlocked oh5354.45.64
well then no5358.1793.151
your eyes peeled5360.044.359
yeah that was quick and you didn't even5364.64.74
make a peep nope you're so tough I am5366.764.86
are we well let's go upstairs no that5369.343.78
was clear the whole house we'll clear it5371.625.34
what do we got nothing5373.123.84
surprise so tame5379.565.98
Super Tank oh and I fell come downstairs5381.885.0
now we loot we loot all right oh there's5386.886.58
a sexy stripper lady5390.884.2
but I think other than that we're good5393.464.5
okay just get what we get and we don't5395.085.22
fit this bit look at that butt what a5397.964.739
nice zombie butt we don't pitch a fit5400.33.72
in the threesome yep5407.323.5
gotta rename this town don't we yeah we5410.824.54
can name it turd town again I can't5413.85.72
remember Dyersville so probably yeah5415.367.2
uh which place you want to leave no5419.525.08
place with a grill you think they would5422.564.619
all have a grill you would hope what5424.64.32
about this little blue house here5427.1793.601
I got a good feeling about this little5430.783.12
little blue turd you think there's a5432.43.779
grill in there maybe and it's a look5433.93.779
it's tiny enough if there's not who5436.1795.46
cares okay you know this is a quickie5437.6796.241
we got sledgehammers now I love half5441.6395.661
inch Sledge hammers5443.923.38
I'll let you do the door there's nothing5447.426.16
in this trash as trash as this in the5450.2195.181
trash it throws away nothing5453.584.26
probably this lady5455.44.6
and put trash in your trash here she5457.844.56
comes Yep looks through the door all5460.05.219
right you uh oh you're not using your5462.44.14
uh no I don't I don't want to waste it5466.543.599
you know what I mean oh what do you use5468.6392.461
it on5470.1393.961
uh doors leave it on zombie ladies well5471.14.32
if you want to use it it's got such a5474.13.3
it's got such a slow hit well you just5475.425.88
like swing now up I get it I get it5477.45.7
right I get how it works it's great but5481.33.419
I can I like being able to like get in5483.14.079
and kind of Pop yeah it takes you so5484.7193.44
damn long5487.1794.881
you're so fast aren't you5488.1593.901
you just knocked her head off well you5496.084.48
just knocked her head off too5498.465.88
pop okay get it out swing yep swing5500.564.92
takes too long it's good for doors5504.342.879
though good for doors and breaking5505.483.239
anything I didn't even bring my other5507.2195.101
club stuck with this thing there's a5508.7195.52
lady here pop make sure there's nothing5512.323.78
behind me back up oh yeah I'll watch it5514.2394.381
back you want to lure her out yep let me5516.14.4
just watch it back yeah watch my back5518.624.619
okay your back's good5520.55.32
you go who's watching my back5523.2394.321
you are5525.824.26
she's down up here comes another one yep5527.565.4
yeah come on out dummy5530.085.04
need to get some uh need to get a lot of5532.965.3
iron so I can make a good club5535.123.14
looking around all right moving left I'm5538.784.5
watching the front door it's pretty it's5541.544.32
a nice place I got a duffel bag okay5543.285.34
with a hey a reinforced Club that's5545.864.98
funny oh that's wonderful I wanted one5548.624.86
of those okay around a hunting rifle not5550.844.98
two oh a rifle yeah hold on I'm gonna5553.484.56
try to find the kitchen you should look5555.824.319
in the kitchen that's where I just said5558.043.659
I was reinforcing that hold on I'm5561.6994.5
dealing with a big boy oh couple of big5564.523.84
boys I got a big hammer should I come5566.1996.5
help you don't be a hero5568.364.339
you didn't like that did you make it5572.825.64
okay oh you're down all right did you5578.6396.0
like it nope he did not5581.323.319
oh what the heck nice yeah I just I5584.7394.561
broke something and there's like uh5587.983.06
medical supplies I broke up oh it's just5589.33.54
a bunch of [ __ ] Chris Anthony that5591.045.22
sucks that's a flower yeah I know5592.845.76
they throw away trash with nothing in it5596.265.22
and then they have flowers okay Hey5598.64.139
listen I'm with you these people are5601.483.06
weird coffee beans5602.7394.201
you want coffee beans5604.544.199
well I'll get them they'll be good for5606.943.48
stamina I think5608.7396.081
gaming coffee yeah it's probably gross5610.424.4
morning the Rising Sun basking the world5617.984.92
in a soft peaceful glow5620.564.86
holy hot [ __ ] we have coffee wait why5622.94.08
are we selling coffee because steak and5625.424.08
Doral is like coffee go to player5626.984.38
onecoffee.com and get ready to tweak5629.53.48
your ass off with neeb's gaming World5631.365.06
Peace medium Road foreign5632.985.94
yeah we're in a little over our heads5636.424.0
here we don't need to tackle a bunch of5638.923.48
the city we should tackle some of it I5640.423.66
agree we're going to like I really need5642.44.2
a hat you have a football helmet on no I5644.084.32
know but I need one with a light why5646.63.059
don't we just go to the laundromat maybe5648.43.18
there's a hat there5649.6594.321
I found a claw hammer I I couldn't be5651.584.619
happier about it is it more of a curved5653.985.1
claw it's a curved claw uh very curved5656.1995.641
standard uh curvature yeah no they're5659.084.2
not standard there's two or three5661.844.08
different types okay there's a hey buddy5663.284.919
just going to see if we can get some5665.925.4
clothing yep oh we've got plenty over5668.1994.681
here they're dropping dropping through5671.323.6
the ceiling there are they coming yeah5672.883.9
I'm gonna have to get a nice little head5674.924.259
shot here bam there's a headshot for you5676.785.16
see what we got any more Hello headshot5679.1794.761
I think that was a headshot5683.944.02
that was really dumb I'm bleeding out5690.044.199
Simon oh no that's not good no I need to5692.1393.721
stop that bleeding5694.2393.661
um I'm bad too I'm bleeding but I won't5695.864.64
die I don't think5697.94.819
there's the bandage5700.55.32
hello sir oh crap that was another5702.7195.02
headshot I think5705.823.96
you doing all right I'm probably gonna5707.7394.081
die but let's see yeah don't die come on5709.784.2
outside don't die all right5711.826.08
save yourself I'll swapping over5713.983.92
all right I'm back at him wow5724.984.96
y'all know5741.042.84
Slammer bam5747.524.92
they put a playground where Simon's5750.824.319
glass house used to be oh wow that's a5752.444.199
weird thing to focus on in you know5755.1393.721
these times yeah you want to see if they5756.6394.201
left any tools in this construction zone5758.864.98
we may as well like uh maybe a nail gun5760.846.12
or something yeah or maybe a grill oh5763.845.879
yeah oh wow be careful there's a kid how5766.965.74
do we get okay we get down over here5769.71910.49
your left hey Mama5782.1595.861
watch me you got my you're watching my5786.523.119
back I'm watching you back beautiful man5788.024.82
I like having you back there yeah5789.6395.641
speak his neck again right he's dead5792.843.76
he's down yeah you're not gonna be able5795.282.64
to turn your neck to the left all day5796.62.88
oh hey neebs yeah there's like a cave5799.485.4
down here a cave yeah hmm5801.585.46
it's a weird place for a cave like a5804.886.0
tunnel maybe it's like a bunker yeah5807.047.04
keep moving forward man5810.883.2
bear bear bear bear5814.545.34
there's a bear back there okay uh do you5816.844.78
have guns we could use the meat god5819.883.48
let's see did I pick up I picked up a5821.624.019
pistol I got 15 bullets there I got two5823.365.46
bullets that's true what if we build a5825.6396.961
barrier between us and the bang okay5828.824.98
yeah I get what you're saying yeah all5832.62.16
right so you want to build something5833.83.96
right here and then lure the bear but a5834.763.979
ammo's gonna work better than a bear5838.7395.261
okay well I got three 22 uh I mean uh5840.766.54
yeah 22s and two Blunderbuss yeah I5844.05.76
should do it I have 15 I got 17. of5847.35.399
course that's good moving in yeah I'll5849.765.1
pop him with the uh I'll pop them with5852.6994.98
this first got two of these okay oh5854.864.64
there he is5857.6796.301
oh God here we go okay unload unload5859.57.08
ing I'm5863.982.6
going back5868.962.54
you got me covered son no they're coming5890.264.919
up where you are I'm right behind I'm5893.024.32
looking at you I'm right behind you oh I5895.1795.52
didn't know okay damn okay okay5897.345.46
but sometimes you say that listen you5900.6994.5
can see my view and my view was here I5902.84.02
look in I go wait a second where the5905.1993.301
heck are you not knowing that there was5906.823.78
a Nook right here okay hey what there5908.53.6
might be stuff on top of the building5910.63.119
and then we'll go home oh wait a second5912.13.84
there's a bag hold on a second5913.7194.92
I got some soup you got the soup and I5915.946.48
got 25 762s that was what and I got some5918.6397.201
corn mail that was out of a zombie yeah5922.428.54
oh yeah now I'm gonna get up top oh5925.845.12
I don't see anything up here5931.844.799
hey let me check that out5933.886.359
30 and 10 and5936.6395.761
here's why we came here Simon that's5940.2394.141
what is that improved fittings couple5944.386.24
shotgun shells that's pretty lame you5948.044.02
got the best thing of the day off a5950.623.42
zombie Simon well good and you know what5952.065.42
we did what stayed alive5954.043.44
I think uh barrier barrier yeah or I5959.17.119
brought this how many how many Rockets I5963.585.04
got five if that doesn't do it this game5966.2194.801
has issues yeah yeah I tell you what you5968.623.66
go down there you lure them out and I'll5971.022.88
blast them with a rocket launcher on the5972.283.66
lure okay like lure him out here into5973.94.799
the area yeah5975.945.699
is that that Zombie's dead right no come5978.6995.581
on there's also a live zombie down there5981.6395.04
kind of like a room right okay Mormon5984.284.5
that was two of them crap you need help5986.6794.741
yeah maybe okay I brought I brought some5988.786.72
uh shotgun shells okay5991.424.08
okay perfect I'm luring this guy out6000.265.68
yeah you lure the bear and run as fast6003.483.96
as you can and I will blast this guy6005.943.18
with a rocket launcher I kind of want to6007.442.88
do the barrier though all right we'll6009.123.0
put the barrier up if it makes you happy6010.324.319
okay so if I do a barrel there and I6012.124.38
kind of like jump over here yeah sure6014.6395.841
okay you're unbearable you're unbearable6016.58.699
you ready oh yeah am I ready yes I got6020.487.48
an arrow what's an arrow gonna do get6025.1995.181
his attention6027.962.42
all right I see you6034.46.58
oh yeah oh God6037.465.94
yeah I know6043.45.68
where's the stairs oh yeah okay upstairs6045.7395.821
down come on6052.6399.821
okay yeah he's down oh look at him this6056.487.719
is you know what we can't even eat this6062.464.5
thing it's a zombie bear isn't it all6064.1994.741
right let's go get our stuff and move on6066.963.48
oh yeah hold on I want to look in this6068.942.759
cave what was he protecting anything6070.443.18
good there's got to be something good in6071.6994.44
here right you would hope so uh is that6073.624.74
your backpack I think so yeah it's6076.1394.141
getting to these oh man I bet this will6078.363.24
be food for days6080.283.899
all right I bet it's gonna be good what6081.65.7
do we got oh some sham and paper come on6084.1794.321
you got to give us something better than6087.33.0
that I'll take the paper the bear was6088.53.42
guarding this it's got to be food for6090.33.48
days I mean he wasn't guarding it he6091.923.54
just happened to live here let's see6093.784.859
paper I'll take the paper come on this6095.464.56
is the one it's gonna be the one it's6098.6394.141
got the grill in it come on baby Grill6100.025.52
here glass jar6102.785.76
what that's it never would have wasted6105.545.28
my two rockets6108.545.84
well we got my stuff back hate Bears6110.826.799
damn it6114.383.239
there on one more little straggler back6117.7193.861
careful why you don't have to get that6121.584.059
close I got too damn freaking close I6123.64.32
don't like this anymore well what just6125.6393.841
don't go up and kiss them well I'm not6127.923.06
trying to kiss him it's just freaking6129.483.239
annoying as hell because I suck and I6130.983.3
don't want to freaking do this [ __ ]6132.7194.261
today we had a great day I know but it's6134.284.8
pissing me off man it's time to go to6136.983.54
bed then is whatever all right it's time6139.084.26
to go to bed sleepy time yep CPC score6140.526.1
man yeah yeah6143.345.96
all right and we'll probably6149.34.899
detective you get that one I'm going to6152.2194.44
bed go to bed tired of hearing you shut6154.1992.631
I'm sure it I would hit me I'm riding6161.883.739
its neck6163.565.159
nobody cares6165.6195.491
good night's on night6168.71913.201
what are you doing up there thinking6181.926.06
Simon hello Simon hello welcome back my6184.325.339
friend yes I'm gonna go back to that6187.983.36
Fates motel and bust through those6189.6593.48
paintings I hear there's things on the6191.344.56
other side okay I'd like to maybe go to6193.1395.401
that large house on the hill that I went6195.95.16
to oh apparently there's something6198.544.26
underneath it Simon I can go with you6201.063.96
Vic will go with you okay uh lead the6202.84.02
way there's nobody better to go with you6205.023.3
than thick yep and there's no one better6206.823.48
to lead the way than Simon well yeah I6208.323.6
was told North so let's see what happens6210.33.839
we'll regroup here uh we've got tomorrow6211.923.779
night under control hey if you see any6214.1393.0
gas barrels go ahead and grab them I6215.6993.601
feel like that's a nice um second layer6217.1394.741
to the defenses you know indeed will do6219.34.56
all right great all right good luck God6221.884.259
speed we'll need it thank you bless your6223.865.64
dumb faces and they are dumb they are is6226.1395.761
that the right way I don't know I think6229.55.4
North Coast all right I mean honestly I6231.94.62
could be running the wrong way but let's6234.94.759
see happens right6236.525.94
yes sir hey uh where are you all they6239.6595.381
are what's your duct type situation ah I6242.465.219
love duct tape do you have anything I6245.044.26
need duct tape oh you need duct tape6247.6793.661
yeah you got duct tape uh meet me in the6249.35.04
basement sweet sweet I didn't say I had6251.344.799
it oh you think you have it be cool6254.343.12
about it wouldn't it yeah it would be6256.1392.881
really good I just need one more duct6257.463.3
tape because if you don't have it that6259.023.24
means we got to go out looting for duct6260.763.84
tape okay so I look at my storage bin6262.265.52
here and I got three sweet may I have at6264.67.82
least one uh yeah so6267.784.64
there you go yes yes yes yes yes yes6272.6594.96
we'll go ahead and get in position okay6275.1193.761
are you gonna build something over there6277.6193.481
huh heck yeah I am it's a big moment for6278.884.14
us oh it is I hope I'm not let down6281.13.42
you're not gonna be you're gonna love it6283.026.06
trust me and boom boom a Boom come on oh6284.526.96
it's a forged stuff you got a forge baby6289.084.44
I feel like we've just uh entered a new6291.484.02
we were cave people and now look at us6293.523.54
yep I wish you wouldn't be on the floor6295.54.26
though that's what a caveman would do on6297.064.079
the counter up on the counter just like6299.764.16
like a what counter like a modern person6301.1395.52
one counter in here all right well I6303.923.94
like it what's the first thing you're6306.6593.0
building oh well first build well I'm6307.863.18
putting a bunch of iron in I got a bunch6309.6593.48
of iron in my uh storage chest I'm gonna6311.044.619
take all that okay take all this lid I'm6313.1394.261
gonna throw it in there yep I'll grab6315.6593.361
all my stuff and we'll fill it up and6317.43.54
then we'll be in the Iron Age yeah now6319.023.48
if we can get some forged out I'm going6320.944.38
heck yeah then we can repair our axes6322.55.54
our sledgehammers6325.326.54
and we are smelting baby oh yeah oh6328.048.199
smelt it you smelt it dealt it6331.868.04
it used to be all clear my standing no6336.2395.761
yeah I understand am I standing okay6339.95.219
here we go and we're gonna go about this6342.05.94
in the sneaky fashion just because you6345.1194.261
don't know what responds here you don't6347.944.56
know people don't know and look at this6349.384.739
this might [ __ ] me when I'm trying to6352.54.139
get out but I don't care right now like6354.1194.381
there's a painting but I'm guessing6356.6393.361
there's nothing on the other side of6358.53.179
are you kidding6361.6795.161
this is great6364.7394.621
uh nothing in it maybe this [ __ ] has6366.844.7
some stuff how you doing honey6369.367.259
and bottled water and salmon this is6371.548.02
great this makes up a little bit for the6376.6196.481
zombie looting crap a little bit not all6379.564.5
of it6383.16.119
you are the safe cut away6384.067.26
dorelli said something about he heard6389.2194.381
that we could maybe get to down below6391.325.28
this house from the porch really from6393.64.92
the porch you say at least I don't know6396.63.599
I don't know if I heard that right or if6398.523.24
he was talking about a different place6400.1994.02
well this is it this is the house all6401.764.859
right I remember being here so here's6404.2194.561
the porch underneath the porch that's6406.6194.02
got to be it so just right here I don't6408.784.98
know I just know porch what do you see6410.6395.58
anything nothing yet here hit next to it6413.765.12
all right oh wait what6416.2195.641
oh right there yeah I do see something6418.885.319
okay so just keep on chopping away sure6421.865.279
all right so someone said that this is6424.1995.601
like uh I don't know what they called it6427.1395.1
dungeon oh a dungeon I don't know if6429.84.48
it's a dungeon or something good it's6432.2394.44
probably a two-person job you'd think6434.285.28
yeah or I'm like half a person I'm more6436.6794.861
like a quarter of a person you're you're6439.563.72
kind of a yeah a little bit of an anchor6441.544.26
yeah oh you go first uh I got your back6443.284.68
hold on I got a Crouch this is what you6445.84.439
want me to do right yep just go down I'm6447.964.32
attempting to okay you're doing great6450.2394.081
thanks one wrong at a time yeah I guess6452.283.66
I don't know how to use the ladder what6454.324.14
now let me try maybe oh now it's working6455.944.98
for some reason look at us6458.464.92
um ladder climbing fools there you go we6460.925.1
are probably going straight to our death6463.385.7
hey there's nothing bad here not yet6466.025.639
holy cow this is there's lots of stuff6469.084.74
yeah there's a big old ammunition pile6471.6593.801
right here what6473.824.74
come on what it was a big pile of6475.465.739
ammunition and that was five shotgun6478.564.2
shells all right I'm taking those6481.1993.361
because I have a shotgun yeah do it6482.763.899
thank you I'll take them I'll be happy6484.563.42
about the two all right let's break this6486.6593.421
thing open so good we need something big6487.984.92
what would be considered big uh what6490.084.92
would you be happy with an endless6492.94.68
supply of food and my ax is about to6495.04.739
break and I just got the [ __ ] for this6497.584.92
ax and now it's broken we'll just repair6499.7394.681
it I don't have this stuff you don't6502.53.96
have the stuff to repair I don't I came6504.423.96
here unprepared go figure here come on6506.463.719
you're not knowing exactly what I would6508.384.38
need let's go in here yeah let's see6510.1794.44
what's happening in here instead of6512.764.32
we've got plenty of time to lose let's6514.6195.341
clear the place out let me turn on my up6517.085.579
turn on that I do not have a torch all6519.964.739
right good here we go what do we got6522.6594.201
here this sexy biker man coming up here6524.6995.821
nice shot gone and I leveled up good job6526.866.06
this is kind of crazy down here what is6530.525.46
this place oh we got a okay these these6532.925.04
guys oh these guys are tough these guys6535.984.02
are very tough oh that's a god oh boy6537.964.44
signing back up okay we're going to you6540.04.639
this is there's a guy running6542.45.04
the ladder I'm screwed drop the ladder6544.6394.781
I'm gonna attempt to thank you all right6547.443.9
going up the ladder I gotta get rid of6549.423.48
some stuff because I'm heavy and I can't6551.343.779
run holy [ __ ] hey can they can they6552.93.66
climb ladders I don't know but I don't6555.1194.341
know if I'm gonna be able to climb down6556.565.82
yeah this is a crazy question but uh do6559.465.259
you have a bottle of acid by chance a6562.384.92
bottle of acid ah you never know I like6564.7194.621
to store things so a little blue bottle6567.34.319
you would you would see it nope I don't6569.344.2
think so damn I need a bottle of acid I6571.6194.08
just made bicycle handlebars and a6573.544.32
bicycle chassis or chassis however the6575.6994.861
[ __ ] you say it so see anyway all I need6577.864.44
now are two wheels I have the one wheel6580.563.659
and I can make another wheel if I just6582.33.24
get a bottle of acid and a bunch of6584.2193.241
polymer have you tried just taking an ax6585.543.3
to tires on the ground then they used to6587.463.12
work to get a wheel yeah no it doesn't6588.844.7
work anymore oh it doesn't no sure no6590.585.2
let's go outside all right go go go6593.544.38
okay right behind you yep yep yep you6597.924.299
see any Wheels out here on the road no I6600.483.9
feel like I feel like I hit a wheel that6602.2195.341
was out here in the road wheels Wheels6604.384.98
we'll find some Wheels yeah all right6607.562.94
you just want to keep on this road until6609.362.94
we find a wheel yeah I bet there's one6610.53.6
right up here hold on probably one any6612.35.46
second uh on the main road yep is this6614.15.82
one oh here we go there we go and okay6617.764.02
hit it with an ax that's how it used to6619.925.04
be wheel no but I did get polymer and I6621.784.68
need polymer so that's actually a good6624.963.9
thing okay so is that another wheel oh6626.464.44
that's another wheel and boom two6628.864.02
polymers so this is good yep we can get6630.93.36
the polymer now all we gotta do is find6632.883.48
a bottle of acid okay so what do you6634.263.899
think the best place for that is uh let6636.363.299
me keep going straight we'll hang a left6638.1593.721
we'll hit the hospital okay we'll get6639.6594.681
wheels on the way polymer and acid6641.885.06
bottle yeah baby6644.346.24
okay broke through all the paintings a6646.945.5
lot of repeat paintings might have been6650.584.619
Costco bulk final box and I'm out6652.445.52
working stiff box untouched this is6655.1994.44
going to be a treat I don't want to be6657.963.06
let down6659.6394.5
yeah I'm let down 95 wood6661.025.159
three bottles of acid who the hell needs6664.1394.04
oh I hope I find a bottle of acid now6668.1796.161
neebs do you have a gun uh do uh there's6671.344.379
a mine right here should we try to6674.343.06
eliminate that if we don't you know it's6675.7192.881
going to end up getting us later yeah6677.43.9
get it you ready yep uh come on oh that6678.65.88
was a dead one maybe okay all right I6681.34.68
already see you lady got my little6684.484.98
reinforced Club hey and wow oh yeah this6685.985.52
is I'm not worried about her you stay6689.466.6
down Miss so acid yeah where would acid6691.59.48
be let's see anything in here oh I hear6696.067.86
some I hear some too oh well watch the6700.985.4
ceiling oh yep okay let's uh let's break6703.923.96
into this door man I tell you what6706.383.299
having that Forge I was able to make6707.884.62
Forge iron and fix my sledgehammer oh6709.6794.56
really hell yeah that's what I need to6712.53.659
do man man we can get the doors easy6714.2394.861
okay all right enemies in there and nope6716.1594.681
but it looks oh I see there's one out6719.13.0
there she's out in the main room let's6720.842.819
get her right there all right you gotta6722.13.119
keep looking I got her if I need you6723.6593.841
I'll call you okay come on baby boom6725.2193.721
right to the face face that's a6727.53.119
sledgehammer ma'am next time you see one6728.943.42
run the other way coming for you next6730.6195.221
lady she's sleeping bam wake-up call6732.366.12
nice gaming here okay how's it looking6735.845.16
out true no acid in here there's a safe6738.483.96
though should I try to get into this6741.03.78
safe that's where I'd keep the acid yeah6742.444.199
let's see it's gonna take a minute but6744.783.24
with a sledgehammer it goes pretty quick6746.6393.121
okay you never believe what I found6748.025.04
outside what potato seed really yep big6749.766.0
score hey now we can grow potatoes and6753.064.86
eat like poor people potatoes are gross6755.764.56
nah it's kind of a woman's food is it6757.924.08
it's right behind pumpkin never heard6760.323.66
that I don't like them women go crazy6762.04.02
for French fries hold a french fry out6763.983.6
see what happens I think you're thinking6766.022.35
of seagulls6767.583.18
Simon yes sir I think it's almost all6770.765.16
clear you can come down okay thank you I6773.524.619
think I figured out the ladder good you6775.924.38
know what no we could probably stay here6778.1394.98
for you know the horde night what yeah I6780.34.74
think we'd be fine I think you're crazy6783.1194.741
I am crazy hopefully in a good way I6785.043.86
don't see6787.863.96
the house if you've been in here no holy6788.94.9
[ __ ] looks like this would be in this6791.823.6
building there should be something very6793.83.24
important all right let's check it hold6795.424.34
on all right back up okay6797.046.24
oh that was interesting the heck is that6799.766.04
it's a piece of like uh untextured6803.284.919
debris looks like a cocoon all right6805.83.78
let's see what's in here all right6808.1992.761
hopefully there's a zombie in here6809.583.42
that'll actually like break the door for6810.964.56
us instead of using my wrench6813.04.619
got some medical supplies to your left6815.524.86
there ammo pile right here that looks6817.6194.801
like a pile of ammo but only has 186820.384.56
shotgun shells and those are yours buddy6822.423.66
thank you6824.944.259
I need every single one of them boom I'm6826.086.96
getting my shotgun out all right uh oh6829.1996.781
oh by these guys I see them no like6833.044.8
minions but tall yeah so they're gonna6835.983.48
drop down they're slow we should be able6837.843.18
to take care of these guys uh we might6839.463.54
want to use the shaft technique oh yeah6841.024.199
yeah what's the shaft that's when we go6843.04.679
on the ladder shaft and shoot down on6845.2194.02
them we could do that but it'll take a6847.6793.901
while won't it uh yeah but okay I'm out6849.2394.38
of uh bullets with that gun Simon you6851.583.96
have a ton of bullets so that's what I'm6853.6194.381
doing yeah just go to town my friend6855.546.72
loading loading come on buddy come on6858.07.38
geez all right looking good looking good6862.265.76
not one of them dropped a bag6865.384.98
it's the cafeteria where we're before so6868.025.34
oh two bottles of acid how many we need6870.366.18
one perfect hell yeah any more okay6873.365.879
glass jars sweet all right mission6876.544.38
accomplished neebs that's all we need to6879.2393.181
build what you want to build yep I just6880.923.0
needed one bottle of acid all right6882.423.48
could use some more scrap polymer so if6883.923.54
we can find any more Wheels that'd be6885.93.0
that'd be just precious they're6887.463.36
everywhere man not a problem should we6888.93.6
get out of here hit more Wheels head6890.823.06
back home yeah you know it's day six6892.52.88
right yeah we need to get back home and6893.883.859
start really6895.382.359
you shut your ass you [ __ ] okay let's6903.385.56
get hold you showed her no french fries6906.544.46
for you6908.946.66
okay so there's the base that looks like6911.06.88
that's gonna be a problem where's that6915.64.26
stop okay that's not an issue come over6917.884.38
here maybe I can you can't stack these6919.863.48
on top of each other yeah I thought you6922.262.76
could put them on top of each other oh6923.345.52
but I can do that well doing it doing it6925.028.28
makes no sense but did it screw it6928.866.299
um whatever those guys should be back6933.33.98
soon I'm guessing I'm sure it went6935.1595.281
seamlessly all I can do is be the prep6937.285.32
Master I'll make some Waters this is6940.444.08
look this is gonna be fine first week6942.64.26
horde night yeah this is fine6944.524.98
everything's fortified block this in do6946.864.2
I dare put one now there's no need6949.54.26
because I'll just hurt myself barrels I6951.065.4
got a mine I can make some yeah let's6953.765.399
make some water wait for those guys easy6956.465.239
breezy chicken sleazy6959.1596.181
abstra yeah yeah I just saw a screamer6961.6995.621
in the front yard oh man seen one of6965.344.44
those yet she went towards the fort oh I6967.324.5
think she's in the corn oh crap did she6969.783.66
just let her scream I'll show her share6971.823.24
I don't even see her why is she6973.444.02
screaming I heard it but I don't see her6975.063.9
oh there's zombies coming from6977.465.279
everywhere oh boy where is she I don't6978.966.12
see her [ __ ] we gotta find her first oh6982.7393.201
god dog6985.082.18
[ __ ] [ __ ] dog dog dog6987.267.899
bad puppy bad puppy I helped you thank6991.586.22
you you're welcome where is the screamer6995.1595.101
I don't see her this is no good if you6997.84.02
keep screaming she's here she's digging7000.263.899
a hole I'm on her where behind the fort7001.824.859
okay I'll just put an arrow in her okay7004.1594.5
yep yep I see her I think I took her7006.6793.96
down I gotta clearly zombies yeah7008.6594.201
awesome good deal yep tasting like a7010.6394.98
jackass I'll pretend I'm hitting guy7012.864.44
behind me get behind me yep careful come7015.6193.481
in the forward if you need I'm good here7017.33.839
we go see you later there's no fries7019.14.74
here get out of here this fry oven thing7021.1394.801
is weird I'm telling you man women love7023.843.54
potatoes but I mean you're talking about7025.943.239
French fries everybody loves french7027.383.239
fries yeah but those are made of7029.1794.141
potatoes yeah I know a couple big mamas7030.6195.04
there's a lot of big mamas they're7033.323.72
coming from in the garage how many7035.6593.361
people how many did she spawn I don't7037.043.42
know you think they'd lose weight being7039.023.179
dead for so long all right I'm going out7040.463.719
on the road out on the road oh yeah yep7042.1994.02
into the old bow and arrow situational7044.1794.141
awareness let me look around a minute7046.2194.92
okay get these big mamas out of here I'm7048.324.74
hitting it from the side we'll call this7051.1393.48
a flank even though I'm not moving7053.063.48
anywhere how we looking oh man we're7054.6193.961
looking good I think whoa he's got that7056.544.139
jumped up in here well I'm not in the7058.583.96
fort okay but he didn't though that's7060.6793.781
the point it worked give me that Arrow7062.543.36
back all right we're looking good and7064.463.659
evil looking real real good this guy got7065.94.08
two arrows in his face still want more7068.1193.961
that's three well you show them who's7069.984.199
boss I did all right are we good I think7072.083.599
we're good yeah we handled that like7074.1794.081
pros well done all right give me a7075.6794.02
second I'm working on something real7078.264.02
special okay7079.6994.381
all right Simon you should be able to7082.283.72
get up there well yeah that looks like7084.084.38
it damn it try getting over there all7086.05.219
right I'm up oh damn lady come on what7088.464.8
you doing are you dead in one shot oh7091.2193.9
all right that was surprising take a7093.263.66
look around you haven't been I've been7095.1193.781
happy to get Chuck on shells but damn we7096.923.42
need a hell of a lot more than that down7098.95.1
here um oh what's this I don't know uh7100.346.96
medical pile small untouched animal fat7104.05.219
you make torches with that right yeah7107.34.68
and that will also keep you warm if you7109.2195.821
rub it on your nuts Pro tip yeah this7111.986.42
door's unlocked Phantom yeah okay hello7115.045.4
do you think where oh yeah I could see7118.43.839
him I could see a few of them coming you7120.443.6
got a little conga line you want me to7122.2393.721
go over there uh yeah why not all right7124.043.24
hold on let me see if I could avoid7125.963.36
falling in this it's not the same they7127.286.48
do oh oh I've dropped you dropped I did7129.327.02
oh [ __ ] I dropped okay they're gonna7133.765.28
drop two good let them watch out I got I7136.344.859
need a bandage okay sorry I'll do7139.044.02
whatever I need to do does that work7141.1993.9
okay this one's right here I can't7143.063.72
believe she hasn't dropped on you come7145.0994.681
on lady leave us alone and the hand is7146.788.58
waving hello hello hi blue down here no7149.787.319
I don't have no no no I'm not gonna7155.363.6
waste even though I tried to all right7157.0993.721
we gotta get we gotta get out of here of7158.963.6
all right neaves you ready I'm ready and7162.566.36
boom whoa that's like a mountain bike we7165.266.479
have entered the age of travel hold on7168.925.34
those Wheels do not even spin do they7171.7393.541
what are you talking about they're7174.263.0
spinning they're spinning a mice are7175.284.26
they okay you see them spinning nope7177.263.66
kind of looks like I'm sliding on yours7179.543.119
huh you look silly okay we gotta do a7180.923.9
race right no we only have one bike yeah7182.6593.901
but dude I want to see much faster you7184.824.14
are are you faster you want to see how7186.563.96
fast our bike is in a person well7188.963.42
there's no stamina drain so okay we'll7190.523.06
get right beside me all right we're7192.382.759
gonna race to the intersection race to7193.584.139
the intersection so yeah uh well ready7195.1394.621
yep three can we just say three to one7197.7194.681
go yeah three two one go come on knees7199.764.2
is out of the gate pretty fast he's in7202.43.299
the lead oh my gosh am I faster than the7203.963.06
bike hell no you're not a fast enough7205.6993.42
I had you for a second okay that's7209.1195.161
pretty good man skirt okay would you7211.345.279
like to give her a spin oh I failed ah7214.283.959
it's okay okay yeah I want to give her a7216.6192.761
um yep I'm on it okay oh7219.384.819
follow me you're coming back right sure7227.1794.681
it's my bicycle yep I'll bring it back I7229.345.1
work really hard to build that7231.864.379
this is the elevator I don't think7234.444.38
elevators work in this game uh yeah I7236.2394.38
don't think so I mean I have no idea I7238.823.12
don't think we've ever been in a working7240.6193.181
elevator right can I get through can't7241.944.199
get through there it'd be nice but you7243.84.56
can't oh break the game come on go ahead7246.1393.54
break it I'm gonna break the game break7248.363.54
the Gap break the get break again break7249.6796.361
the game ah all right yeah never mind uh7251.96.12
all right I have an idea okay I'm7256.044.139
listening uh how about a little stairway7258.024.26
that's perfect and I had all that wood I7260.1793.781
wasn't even thinking I forget how all7262.283.959
these different games work yep oh what's7263.964.02
up all right hold on hold on hold on you7266.2394.561
should be to jump up there now can I7267.985.639
yeah there we go there you go nope I can7270.85.22
of course but you can it's a shipping7273.6194.741
crate shamway sealed I gotta break7276.024.02
through it are you coming well I'm7278.364.2
trying to just some jars [ __ ] you7280.044.8
shamway yeah yeah let's get the hell out7282.564.32
of here I'm coming back over thank you7284.843.72
I've tried to come over to you four7286.883.66
times and each time I fall I don't know7288.563.599
what you did maybe you were crouched7290.543.059
when you were jumping that might have7292.1593.48
been it and now I want to try it hold on7293.5993.721
no you want to try it still can't do it7295.6393.841
still can't do it it's okay all right7297.323.72
let's get out of here man I know really7299.483.239
come on7301.043.84
hey neighbors yeah I got the perfect7302.7194.081
spot for my horde knife what's that up7304.883.66
here on top of the garage up there yeah7306.83.54
was that good I mean I go over here7308.544.02
shoot shoot I can run over here shoot7310.344.14
shoot I'm gonna run up here bang bang7312.564.619
bang okay so like you there and me over7314.485.58
here yeah okay so hold on we can watch7317.1794.44
each other's backs I got a ladder down7320.063.24
here can zombies climb ladders in this7321.6193.6
game yeah I think they can okay so I'll7323.34.379
have to destroy the ladder and or defend7325.2194.38
it okay hold on let me grab my torch7327.6794.081
it's dark out here super dark there we7329.5995.881
go okay so okay climb to the left oh boy7331.765.52
man I don't know how they can do it I7335.484.139
can barely do it so if you're there I'm7337.283.959
here we can kind of watch each other's7339.6193.421
backs I'm gonna surround this uh garage7341.2394.081
with spikes and defenses okay so I've7343.043.599
done that you better start chopping7345.322.64
trees I've been chopping trees all day7346.6393.361
long I gotta chop trees I gotta get Iron7347.964.88
Man let's go I'm gonna be busy okay7350.05.88
uh and more lighting I realize today you7352.844.48
can chop up those little carcasses on7355.883.54
the road and get fat so let's make a7357.323.66
bunch of Lights oh okay you know what7359.423.96
I'm way ahead of you boom check that out7360.983.96
love it yeah there's a light on the side7363.384.319
of the house man you're a genius I know7364.945.46
a regular Elon Musk all right I'm gonna7367.6995.04
go to bed in my fort and I'm gonna go to7370.45.04
bed in my sweet little basement oh I7372.7394.86
fell down a ladder good night neebs good7375.443.679
spooky spooky spooky time to hide in the7379.1194.781
corner trying to sleep over here keep it7381.7396.0
down set your ass I'm hiding7383.96.36
Simon yeah it's getting dark time we're7387.7394.261
gonna have to hunker down here yeah I7390.263.839
know and look guess what what I want to7392.03.84
live here I don't want to live here look7394.0994.02
at how gorgeous this is it's a great7395.844.68
house it's just it's this is cold this7398.1194.681
could get fixed up we could flip it and7400.523.9
make a mitt but the ones that like look7402.83.899
at the molding here okay it's a skinny7404.424.02
molding on the side you got some good7406.6993.781
you know like your your what do you call7408.444.08
it you're still it's fine but look how7410.483.9
skinny that that side molding is7412.523.719
compared to the top I like the top top7414.385.16
finish off piece gorgeous this is this7416.2396.621
can be really worked on7419.543.32
what are you doing the whole house huh7449.782.939
uh no just the uh just the garage7450.923.179
remember I said I'm just kind of making7452.7194.141
the garage my uh my fort okay instead of7454.0994.02
having to build the whole thing you7456.862.4
don't think you need Spikes all the way7458.1193.0
over there though over where you think a7459.263.24
zombie's gonna go oh yeah this is the7461.1193.421
four I'm not gonna attack over here is7462.53.599
that your oh no no no I'm gonna build7464.543.78
this wall right here up okay so yeah I7466.0994.02
am making some brick making something a7468.323.299
little stronger so I can put this here7470.1193.241
oh actually I'm also going to have Arrow7471.6193.301
slits right here see if they do start7473.363.06
messing around I can shoot out at them7474.923.54
I'm gonna double up on spikes it's the7476.423.66
first horde I don't expect it to be too7478.464.08
crazy it should be pretty tame is what7480.084.8
I'm hoping do you need to run into town7482.544.32
do we need to go uh loot today at all we7484.884.08
got to do something today yeah uh yeah7486.863.779
let's go we'll pick a nice house to loot7488.964.199
yeah go pick through people's garbage7490.6395.58
that's what we'll do I feel good to go I7493.1594.5
feel good to go is it weird that I'm7496.2193.181
talking to myself but we always do that7497.6594.56
when we're alone and it sucks out here I7499.44.44
cannot wait for this horde night to be7502.2193.601
done so I can leave7503.844.259
block that off got the things that can7505.824.859
shoot couple back back over on this side7508.0994.861
this is going to be Cakewalk7510.6795.881
the weird neebs and apps row establish a7512.967.139
base and then abandon set base a little7516.565.93
rogue nuggets I don't care7520.0994.02
area sucks7524.1197.02
thank God yes getting out of this [ __ ] I7527.1197.321
know it's ridiculous ugh7531.1395.52
do I look like I'm wearing like three7534.444.739
jackets yeah you got a lot of layers on7536.6594.141
buddy I should have been a lot warmer7539.1793.48
what the hell is that it's somebody on a7540.82.66
oh what's up guys looking looking hey7543.467.239
it's a great horn too it's the bicycle7547.784.72
that I made what are you guys doing out7550.6993.361
here going into turntail we're gonna go7552.53.48
loot oh okay yeah we live out here7554.063.599
actually now the little Farmhouse up the7555.983.659
road there oh really yeah where are you7557.6593.901
guys living oh that [ __ ] in the7559.6393.241
desert why are you still living out7561.562.76
there come live with us we got a fort7562.883.66
and a basement Fort yeah place is great7564.323.839
Simon I don't I don't want to walk all7566.542.82
the way back to the desert and I hate7568.1593.06
that place I mean I'm sure dorals will7569.363.48
be fine yeah it'll be fine oh he's still7571.2193.301
out there yeah yeah he'll be fine he's a7572.843.48
big boy he has a big boy big boy take7574.523.719
care of himself yeah let's uh let's go7576.323.59
loot yeah let's go to town7578.2395.581
so what time is it now eight yep we're7583.824.44
supposed to meet the others at 10 10 at7585.924.14
the intersection yeah I think we should7588.263.78
try to go in sneaky without waking all7590.064.559
the zombies up yeah you know what Crouch7592.043.659
but don't forget you're crouching7594.6193.6
because then you can't jump okay sneaky7595.6994.801
mode yep move in7598.2194.041
oh boy hold on7600.55.599
there's a green zombie7602.263.839
she hear us we were so quiet7609.264.859
don't wake the other zombies up whisper7611.545.0
get our knees7614.1196.08
three two one boom7616.548.04
mine didn't Shake oh God7620.1994.381
oh crap it's just running7625.36.399
be quiet babes get her be quiet oh good7627.927.94
okay go get it7631.6994.161
we got her come on oh crap she's tough7637.965.219
why is she so tough this is green I've7651.885.68
seen the hole are you helping me no7655.464.94
where's my bandages7657.562.84
I got her okay yeah we got her I7666.025.219
finished her okay oh we got more7668.7194.98
so what mine's right there you see you7671.2394.621
see him yes I'm ready to I'm ready to7673.6994.561
kill oh boy7675.865.4
I like having you around listen I like7689.364.2
having you around too all right we got7691.763.24
two more you wanna You Wanna Give these7693.563.78
guys head too well I I do enjoy giving7695.04.699
the head7697.342.359
all right I think he's down oh good how7700.2193.721
about you bud you want a little bit7702.83.379
gotta reload you know yeah I guess so7706.286.14
that's Pleasant son7709.1593.261
all right hold on a second I'm gonna do7715.35.76
some steroids for the first time7717.6793.381
oh there's a there's a7721.283.439
Hood again show your Roid Rage man7725.1794.821
rage man I want to eat a cheeseburger7730.96.239
because that happens too7733.763.379
I'm gonna die oh run I'm running I'm7741.345.319
running away points don't don't help me7744.564.32
get enough I'm really gonna die you have7746.6594.001
a bandage probably7748.884.68
so cute I wonder where his bedroll is7753.565.46
it's gonna be fun to find out7756.327.08
where's Simon's bedroom yeah sit down7759.029.24
where am I hello oh oh yeah I'm back7763.49.06
home Simon hell seven hello how are you7768.266.78
doing it is hot as balls no no don't I'm7772.465.52
up here where Up on the Roof7775.045.82
I'm on the roof too hey I'm even roofier7777.985.699
I just died oh I figured as much right7780.864.98
and where is my hold on there's my bag7783.6794.681
where where I need this away are you7785.844.819
going to go7788.362.299
okay go ahead7792.6993.601
I'm doing it no wait why why would you7796.6394.741
do that just go down that's ridiculous7799.2194.141
that's ridiculous I'm impatient7801.383.48
whatever's in this washing machine it's7803.363.98
all you this is most of my stuff because7804.864.92
there you go let me offer you some of7807.343.7
your stuff and there's stuff over in7809.782.58
this dumpster too so I mean I know7811.043.5
that's all my stuff too dumpster diver7812.364.56
you're a little dumpster diver that's me7814.544.36
how do you not remember this crap oh I'm7816.924.38
going to bring a brass radiator go go7818.94.199
get your stuff come back I'm gonna do a7821.33.54
treasure map I will come back my friend7823.0993.54
we will do this together I'd rather hang7824.843.66
out with you than them anyway see you7826.6395.121
later get out here kid7828.53.26
I'm not gonna see you later am I maybe7832.2195.221
not piece of [ __ ]7834.865.759
come on out folks uh you're doing a7837.445.64
video yeah you can be on YouTube there7840.6196.201
he comes there's two I love it7843.085.88
there we go I'm gonna get that big mama7846.824.54
in the head though7848.965.1
oh sorry I meant to get the big mama7851.365.7
okay she down she's not down there we go7854.064.86
now we got it all right I'll go back in7857.062.72
oh this one hit me there we go there we7861.0995.401
I don't think anybody else has been here7871.45.239
needs coming in oh fat mama7873.089.24
oh boy yeah oh boy where'd you come from7876.6398.58
going out back7882.322.899
I got another one trying to bust through7890.264.72
this door oh it's not just okay get7892.583.539
oh there's a lot of them memes7896.1193.56
put another zombie on the body there you7899.6794.391
go Mike7903.6191.641
use the other spikes7905.265.32
all right now we switch to a stick come7908.545.88
around here okay how this works7910.585.159
good time really they're just all gonna7914.422.96
walk to that one7915.7393.541
right here7917.383.819
this is a perfect spot7919.283.439
yeah we got this7921.1993.881
on the side7922.7194.081
I'm gonna shoot them down under7926.84.419
there we go this place has got to be7931.2195.161
cleared out now yep now we got it7933.085.039
that's true7936.385.1
yes yes I need my stuff do you have any7938.1195.881
water for me my friend water water yeah7941.484.619
I can get you some water yeah okay I7944.04.26
need to find my where did I die I died7946.0994.921
like right here is that me is that my7948.265.399
backpack that is7951.026.179
slam a jam awesome here you go7953.6596.06
thank you thank you okay so anything7957.1994.201
good I don't know I was about to go down7959.7194.641
to the basement okay7961.42.96
coming up to stay up the stairs back up7964.44.52
back up okay7965.962.96
back in7970.1594.701
I'm swinging it bam nice7971.55.579
you stay down what about your friend7974.864.54
keep going I'm gonna make you roll down7977.0794.981
the stairs7979.42.66
that's nice I always wanted to push a7983.54.179
woman down the stairs what I just lived7985.6394.08
out my fantasy this is a movie room7987.6794.5
there's something wrong with you holy7989.7194.561
crap this is a movie room it is yeah7992.1794.681
this is probably I'd say this is a 727994.286.56
inch screen that is nice7996.863.98
number that you'll ever do and what's8004.486.3
crazy is right through those trees8008.324.98
that's turd town I think but I'm not8010.784.379
gonna stay there tonight because Simon's8013.33.66
going to come home and we're going to8015.1593.661
fight some zombies and we're gonna live8016.964.38
that's what we're gonna do so here I am8018.824.68
digging alone again talking to myself8021.343.779
which I don't mind because I'm a great8023.53.719
conversationalist and I can just ask8025.1194.141
myself stuff and then have the answer8027.2194.821
because I know8029.262.78
oh boy8043.865.819
oh boy you've got another girlfriend8046.86.15
thanks she just gave me head8049.6795.02
oh boy spikes spiked man8054.6994.151
slow him down8063.1594.46
Crossing spikes hit the spikes please8064.6595.161
here he goes here he goes right here8067.6193.841
right here8069.824.259
look at him wow he's like a figure8071.464.81
skater come on man8074.0793.781
there we go spikes spikes8077.863.98
Simon yes I know those drops of course I8098.6195.1
do go get him I know you're gonna take8101.54.26
your bike no I'll leave the bike here8103.7193.661
and we're supposed to I'd be worried8105.763.66
about that if I were you no that'll be8107.383.359
uh oh God is it on the roof or something8110.7394.141
oh no it's right here8112.844.759
oh yeah8114.882.719
it's in here baby hey man all right8117.886.96
paper first aid kit hunting rifle not8120.95.38
too bad all right let's go get that8124.842.819
other one all right and then we'll go8126.282.28
back to the intersection we're we're8127.6593.241
late yes we are late all right you get8128.565.039
into this one man this one's all you 428130.96.259
nine mils food I got a pistol8133.5999.181
30 arrows who's that oh hey Todd so man8137.1597.841
how'd you guys die we got a glowing8142.783.899
zombie and a conga line and I don't know8145.03.599
it's not unfair is there anything good8146.6793.9
in here can I have anything uh I don't8148.5993.961
know nope Simon took it all listen I can8150.5793.241
I can give you stuff if you want stuff8152.562.7
what are you looking for ah hang on to8153.822.94
it we'll uh split it up at the base8155.263.12
later cool speaking of the base I'm8156.763.359
going back okay I'm gonna start prepping8158.383.06
I'll grab my stuff and I'll meet you8160.1193.801
there yep8161.442.48
oh we got the treasure chair8167.529.099
oh my God a hundred and four seven six8171.288.48
two hundred and wow8176.6197.98
wow mother 127 shotgun shells is8179.767.54
ridiculous and then the gold Nuggie nugs8184.5994.62
I'm glad I didn't go to those air drops8187.36.299
alone is cool later turned down8189.2197.161
or tonight8193.5992.781
Where Are You Gonna Be I don't know this8237.284.199
is where I was gonna be I'm gonna be8239.83.299
here on top of the garage but if the8241.4794.08
garage gets compromised yeah I come down8243.0994.62
this ladder so then we can fight him in8245.5593.481
here a little bit I didn't mean to build8247.7192.701
this brick right here but it's just what8249.043.359
happened I got some air slits right here8250.423.9
you can fire arrows out of I'm going to8252.3993.12
load this part up with these metal8254.322.64
spikes matter of fact I'm doing it right8255.5193.241
now do it hopefully this won't become8256.963.3
compromised and if this does become8258.763.12
compromised these people fall back even8260.262.879
further I'm going to keep some little8261.883.78
spikes on me we can fall back down into8263.1394.8
the basement so8265.663.899
you ready8267.9393.901
I hope so man all right I'm gonna go get8269.5594.741
my weapons all right excuse me yep I8271.843.54
think you're if you want to get the8274.32.58
Nev's Place sick you gotta jump off the8275.383.96
roof up there okay8276.885.58
fair to say I will be going this alone8279.347.209
that's that's great right there and8282.468.219
shutting the door and I had three beers8291.826.359
but I'll just have one myself8294.825.64
feeling a little Rowdy yeah I'm feeling8298.1794.621
round Ed and a blueberry pie it's gonna8300.463.96
be my new tradition unless I don't have8302.84.32
a blueberry pie I think yeah why don't8304.423.78
you get on this end maybe you can guard8307.124.189
the north side okay sounds good8308.25.519
you ready names yeah man I think so8313.7196.18
man I didn't expect to get so drunky8317.0995.441
looking but we are a half hour from8319.8994.981
horde night Numero Uno and I couldn't be8322.546.439
more ready bring it on you fox8324.884.099
oh I see a green guy out there already8329.55.82
with the first guys a green guy8331.6796.241
another green guy8335.324.739
I like this though we got a good view8337.923.88
we're gonna see him coming oh man dude8340.0594.681
they're green guys everywhere yeah what8341.84.559
is going on why are there so many great8344.744.22
guys we are not gonna8346.3596.2
oh there's a faster8348.963.599
doesn't seem right8362.464.059
oh my God is it because there's so many8364.4796.62
of us I'm going down below okay8366.5194.58
god oh boy yes they're down there all8375.426.73
right my plans are he's [ __ ]8379.32.89
they're already in8383.85.82
son of a [ __ ]8389.625.06
when I'm bleeding8391.782.9
already he's a big one8394.8594.261
from here stay down there sucker8399.727.3
he's so big he's so big how do I get the8404.25.72
sword to the wall again8407.022.9
oh no need it's not working whoa quick8410.286.84
don't take me8427.86.46
near my bed because you don't want to8443.285.68
spawn on the bed spawn hands corn up8445.427.14
looking at the sky and8448.968.479
limp body why is that how I spawn now8452.564.879
another granny we are done yeah like8458.165.38
this this is impossible I can't wait to8461.565.52
uninstall this game hello I can't move8463.546.44
enjoy your dinner sir that hurts8467.085.12
looking great yeah Simon you haven't8472.24.9
done once not yet yeah I don't know if8474.645.24
we're gonna make it the morning8477.12.78
hey hey8487.924.96
I exited out of the game and I was able8489.8996.841
to jump back in where you at um8492.883.86
it's not much good now though so you8497.75.279
guys still on the roof8500.55.1
yeah I think I'm gonna try to come up in8502.9795.441
that fall through come on come on8505.66.32
what's up I know yeah8508.423.5
where you at buddy8515.088.3
uh yeah in the front all right come on8517.565.82
jam up oh boy Simon8526.247.98
oh no okay we're coming zombies8530.287.36
this isn't so bad oh hey it got a little8534.225.46
hairy at first but um I'm pretty8537.644.2
comfortable right now these spikes work8539.683.42
for dick8541.844.38
for dick anyone else8543.14.92
I should shut up it's not even midnight8546.222.82
never mind we're at least safe up here8549.044.2
see no we're not we are gonna die8551.145.0
eventually because these green zombies8553.246.18
where am I I can't move probably down in8556.144.36
the basement8559.423.66
um this thing's dancing on top of me oh8560.56.439
watch out oh no oh no we got one up here8563.083.859
hold on can I destroy the platform8577.563.94
they're jumping from8580.04.14
no episode8584.143.44
oh boy8595.65.24
ho hum8598.02.84
oh boy there they are oh God there's a8604.05.54
big fat green guy on my stop hole here8606.767.76
there's a hole here other hoe here8609.544.98
watch out8624.725.4
can't get out of here8627.222.9
I'm playing thick all right got the8647.624.4
torch coming upstairs8649.724.679
oh God they're in the house of course8652.024.44
they're in the house8654.3996.061
oh good got him buddy this is bad it8656.468.2
looks bad oh my God okay I'm here hey8660.466.24
what's your ammo situation zero oh man8666.78.6
oh God's thick oh no uh8670.4794.821
I'm through8676.124.14
all right8677.84.74
crazy I'm just sitting here8680.266.179
so much ammo nothing to do with it8682.545.52
it's crazy8686.4394.741
oh man afro I'll grab the torch and I'm8688.064.56
gonna try to run through the house again8691.184.7
it's like the Olympics8692.623.26
oh God8698.284.44
there's a really really ugly one in here8700.245.28
a max they're all ugly your bag's over8702.723.96
we go don't don't lead them this way8706.685.82
this will stop them thick oh nice after8709.066.299
they'll come at us let's go back hey8712.55.2
guys oh hey Simon I'm done trying to get8715.3595.0
up there with you8717.72.659
yourself cowards8726.464.74
I'm bored8728.564.98
I'm quite bored8731.24.56
night number one makes a lot of sense8733.544.68
yeah it made a hot mess spectator again8735.764.44
we should probably you know not use his8738.224.08
level 1000 character are we putting his8740.24.14
side up the only thing I can figure out8742.34.5
gotta blame someone I'm dead and you8744.343.599
died like a minute ago you were looking8746.82.88
at your phone though yeah just because8747.9394.281
I'm done playing this [ __ ] game8749.686.24
oh my fort just went down I knew it yep8755.925.88
it's almost morning times8759.524.76
hey four o'clock baby nice we did it oh8769.546.359
dog oh dog yeah kill yourself dog come8773.24.82
on dog yeah8775.8995.401
okay you'd be okay oh spitter behind us8778.026.7
watch out that's true oh whoa good call8781.38.24
Nick yeah got my stuff okay8784.724.82
that's not how stars move8794.145.7
like the clouds yeah I get it but the8797.585.35
stars are moving that doesn't make sense8799.845.12
oh God8804.964.92
oh [ __ ] oh there goes the garage okay8809.885.5
there goes the garage I'm on top of it8813.766.78
oh I'm running to the hills oh [ __ ] hey8815.388.7
uh go get him8820.545.77
I think I'm good here I think I'm good8824.085.1
come on oh God8829.185.55
oh God8832.247.949
well that weren't too bad area looks8842.227.9
clear oh now probably time to pack my8845.687.259
bags and head to somewhere much better8850.124.98
to look at and you know what8852.9393.991
[ __ ] those other guys8855.13.56
if I could get to the basement I have a8858.664.659
rocket launcher in the basement what8861.285.1
people distracted dick hello I'm up here8863.3195.54
come show me me8866.386.12
eat my dick come on come down here come8868.8595.941
over here8872.52.3
where's my stuff8875.883.42
guys they're all in the basement nope8895.35.04
eating my body that's one okay everybody8897.286.119
meeting the road where's Simon8900.344.92
he's getting crackers sounds like8903.3994.381
crackers it's a snack room yeah he's up8905.263.37
he's getting crackers8907.782.539
yeah there you go all right yeah let's8910.3194.66
get out of here yes God I'm happy with8912.8195.341
that just leaving everything huh uh yeah8914.9794.801
yeah I'm not going down to that basement8918.163.3
they're all down there hit you with this8919.784.44
bat pretty good first horde night oh it8921.463.75
was wonderful8924.222.7
I hope they get harder8926.923.26
that's a nice spear you got dick thank8939.165.22
you those are new yes yeah as is it's8941.3195.58
that wood Rock and fiber oh wow what is8944.383.9
that yeah I found it in that Barn over8946.8993.661
there this is a stunt baton that is cool8948.284.56
yeah we got to see that in action yes we8950.563.78
do and we're gonna see it in action so8952.842.94
which way are we going uh I think we8954.343.24
need to go Southwest uh according to the8955.783.6
map that's where old doralius and Simon8957.583.12
are they spawn near each other and we8959.383.9
spawn near each other Alpha 18 boys all8960.74.32
right whole new new world whole new8963.283.84
adventure and Southwest I believe is a8965.024.62
little slow oh let's go I'm going look8967.124.92
at me go I'm going to Alpha 18. I'm8969.644.62
gonna Alpha 18 all over your face8972.043.779
son of a [ __ ] man I gotta get my stuff8975.8197.561
already welcome to Alpha 18. this is8979.786.78
just peachy you're Alias can you hear me8983.386.36
just barely okay I see you on the map8986.567.44
did you die by a mine I died by like uh8989.747.5
the mine yeah I guess yeah don't step on8994.05.52
those yeah just don't be careful when8997.244.38
you go over by the cross yeah did you8999.524.02
look at the stuff around the cross like9001.624.319
the military stuff that's a dead9003.545.819
giveaway thanks I'm right by Earl's yeah9005.9395.641
like I know where that is yeah I didn't9009.3594.861
either I just looked at it 99 cent fish9011.586.0
sticks oh at the passing gas that's a9014.225.58
freaking deal Simon you bet your sweet9017.584.92
took us your sweet bippums all right9019.85.82
okay hey I'm close to my stuff and I see9022.55.58
you good oh look at you I know I've got9025.625.4
a hunting rifle now wow and uh and a9028.085.819
nine mil and a a crossbow yeah all right9031.024.5
so look this is where I was and yes it9033.8993.08
was a9035.524.2
you almost just ran over another mine9036.9795.801
yes look at this okay see it it's9039.725.46
difficult to see it's not well when9042.784.38
you're not looking down but now look9045.184.139
it's difficult to see do you see him all9047.163.84
right I'm gonna go very carefully they9049.3193.721
look like one there wow yeah they really9051.04.859
are everywhere oh this is looking9053.045.46
familiar please don't die yeah no no I'm9055.8594.5
I've got your back please don't die I9058.53.54
got your back I don't see any mines all9060.3593.901
right there's none on the bridge oh boy9062.046.38
hey buddy I think I can see it yeah9064.264.16
I know I'm surprised I didn't run to9074.543.819
mine right here you know what I'm gonna9077.15.18
do what Jesus I'm gonna throw it out9078.3593.921
he hit a mine my best weapon is a wrench9082.346.099
watch out let's um what fall back I mean9085.624.859
they could hit mines I'm gonna give you9088.4393.661
some weapons here shortly you know what9090.4793.661
we should do we should lead lead them9092.14.32
into Minds into Minds don't hit them on9094.143.9
yourself though I'm trying not to I know9096.423.24
that but if I can just take them out all9098.042.46
right yeah I know but then you're9099.663.12
wasting ammo I know but for I want to9100.54.439
get one did I want to lead one oh sorry9102.784.56
man next time okay next time good to see9104.9394.861
you good to see you too9107.344.68
Run Names run he's behind you somebody9109.83.96
help me that thing's probably gonna kill9112.023.299
me somebody haven't already got me9113.763.66
bloody I heard it I heard him I hit bit9115.3193.66
me again oh see if I can make some9117.423.96
arrows real fast oh we're bringing them9118.9795.041
to you I can't make any arrows yet I've9121.384.019
already speared him a lot he should be9124.022.76
pretty hurt all right well you guys got9125.3994.701
Spears spear him up oh God I'm gonna die9126.786.84
oh boy he did it come here Pig ah that9130.14.96
even hit him that's right you can help9133.623.239
me I'm well a bit fat man I don't have9135.064.799
like 50 help oh yeah can you climb this9136.8596.96
I don't know I can oh [ __ ] oh God no all9139.8596.361
right I'm out I am running I'm not gonna9143.8195.221
die why is this pig not dying yet I9146.224.259
don't know oh God I'm gonna die I9149.043.24
haven't even made advantage of it 17-169150.4795.101
all right oh boy oh boy nine eight seven9152.286.3
oh God he's back yep he's back pig is9155.585.04
okay uh probably run away right run away9160.626.6
shut the door okay oh crap there's a9164.346.72
hole in there oh no all right I've got a9167.228.42
few more aloe all right oh boy9171.064.58
okay hurry up oh he really wants me9175.86.12
I can't defeat this pig he's too9180.125.22
powerful truce we good9181.926.42
I'll be back for you when I have a gun9185.345.16
all right hopefully our stuff's okay and9188.344.019
that pig's gone and neeb's is okay he9190.53.72
didn't die right no I don't think so hey9192.3593.361
they should make a movie about that pig9194.225.099
god pig babe three God poor Pig God was9195.725.52
it wait was there a third babe I don't9199.3193.601
know I could have dreamed it yeah all9201.243.0
right well babe whatever number they're9202.923.3
at now starring that pig god pig love9204.244.76
the big balls9206.222.78
me too what was that thick stuff yeah9213.84.96
that's thick stuff moving on are we9216.663.96
running uh yeah let's run okay let's get9218.763.059
the hell out of here we need better9220.622.88
weapons oh hey look a chicken we're9221.8194.201
gonna need food yeah got it nice that's9223.54.08
food all right hey wait has anyone got9226.023.06
bones can they make a shiv oh I got9227.583.48
bones yeah make a shift man let's do9229.083.72
this y'all watch behind you too oh hey9231.063.18
whoa thick I want to try this stun gun9232.83.78
or this stun oh yeah yeah yeah come here9234.244.34
come here lady9236.584.64
come on9238.585.68
oh okay great job abstro9241.224.719
all right I like this thing did you get9244.263.3
us some chicken got it thanks Chicken9245.9393.54
all right Simon yeah look at these whoa9249.4794.201
oh don't get too close I'm dangerous9251.883.599
yeah that's pretty awesome dangerous man9253.683.54
hey what you got in your hand a stun9255.4793.661
baton awesome I'd like to try it I9257.223.84
probably have enough uh juice in it for9259.144.2
maybe like two hits but I like to sample9261.064.259
it no of course hey look in this pill9263.344.32
case up here got some stuff for you in9265.3194.681
there whoa that's amazing just a couple9267.663.9
things and you know what I had an idea9270.03.479
what this might be a good place to like9271.563.839
set up camp because it's surrounded by9273.4794.021
mines so yeah no this wouldn't be bad as9275.3993.54
long as these things don't spawn back9277.53.12
but don't they spawn well we've got a9278.9393.301
spawn block I need to put down my thing9280.623.66
but right now we cleared it all these9282.243.48
body bags don't bother me because we're9284.284.32
surrounded by zombies yes yes I could do9285.724.8
my spawn block you do yours yeah I mean9288.63.36
we don't need to do both well I mean why9290.522.94
not it just gives it just widens the9291.963.0
area doesn't it yeah but we have to put9293.462.88
them uh further from each other because9294.963.359
it goes a certain okay well you you put9296.343.78
your spawn block down okay I will this9298.3194.321
is a good base camp you think surrounded9300.124.14
by mines do you remember that part also9302.643.24
it could be a problem only if we don't9304.263.42
look down well that could be a problem9305.883.12
all right what are you holding right now9307.683.42
a small block oh you know what I'm9309.03.6
putting down my spawn block right here9311.12.879
this is gonna be my house right here9312.62.58
well this is our house we just talked9313.9792.521
well okay but I'm putting the block down9315.183.719
but don't bam lockdown okay that's not a9316.54.02
bad spot all right let's get some good9318.8993.54
stuff man all right good start Good9320.524.26
Start good uh good loving Good Vibes9322.4394.261
yeah I'm gonna go put my bed roll I'm9324.783.48
gonna find my bedroom put it in here and9326.74.32
it's gonna be his name well excuse me no9328.264.2
I mean you're in my way I want to put it9331.022.82
I'm sorry just give me a second please9332.463.78
nope excuse me excuse me thank you very9333.843.66
good all right we got a good game plan9336.243.3
all right9337.54.08
oh God thick room this way now that's9339.544.14
neebs leaves go into the shed oh you're9341.583.72
in the shed yep the bird is yeah you9343.684.16
can't get in here9345.32.54
oh I see him oh like all electrocuted in9350.3995.46
the air come on [ __ ] I don't want to9353.883.54
stab you but I'll help oh would you get9355.8593.481
him thank you guys I think I got one yep9357.424.5
you got him sweet you notice the zombies9359.345.3
have more reach yeah they're quicker too9361.925.399
18's gonna be brutal boys are we still9364.645.02
heading towards uh dress inside yeah we9367.3194.141
are we are heading Southwest the hell9369.665.54
out of the desert yeah [ __ ]9371.463.74
whoa guys we got a mate we got like a9377.35.38
city over here hell yeah yeah or town9380.464.74
for sure town city town city city town9382.685.04
we should definitely just you know kind9385.24.32
of quickly stock up on some stuff9387.723.78
through here man my inventory is already9389.523.48
full I'm just doing the bar and all the9391.53.479
other stuff oh my God this place is huge9393.03.54
listen we know where we know where it is9394.9792.88
now it's on our map we can always come9396.543.48
back I just I just need better weapons I9397.8594.08
mean if you want to go9400.023.66
inventory he's already jam-packed I've9401.9394.201
got hardly anything that's useful I've9403.685.219
got ingredients acid lead hey I want9406.145.1
that acid we could find a place here9408.8994.92
that like Pirates do like we we set9411.244.199
aside a place and say we'll put all of9413.8192.821
our stuff here we'll come back to it9415.4393.42
yeah oh we got another vulture up in the9416.645.28
sky yep be aware oh boy oh boy he's9418.8595.341
coming at me we're running upstairs come9421.926.12
on yeah yeah I got him yeah9424.26.659
hey Simon yes I'm just convinced this9428.045.1
was a great idea to set up camp I'm9430.8594.08
looking at all these unexploded mines9433.143.839
it's the like the best security right9434.9393.781
now where are you at I'm below you hi9436.9793.541
bud hi Earl's over there you see that9438.723.36
see where I'm facing yeah why don't we9440.523.06
just start with looting that we'll start9442.084.56
small Oh you mean Luton lewton sure yeah9443.584.5
we can do that because I thought you9446.644.62
wanted to like change our our base no no9448.085.279
no no no this is no after everything9451.263.54
I've said you think I want to change the9453.3593.96
base oh no okay you're you cry sometimes9454.85.099
I'm so crazy all right so let's do this9457.3194.5
let's go to Earl's going to Earl's and9459.8993.661
we'll see what's going on there so9461.8194.141
always walk completely out under the9463.565.759
road okay none of this grassy area it's9465.966.24
this isn't really good for me to learn9469.3196.0
to have to look where I'm going yes I9472.24.26
think this is going to make me better9475.3193.841
it's time it is time it's time and it's9476.464.2
time for us to do it together this is9479.163.3
unlocked I like that there is a9480.664.98
gentleman sleeping on the job hi sir how9482.465.34
are you these are very nice tools yeah I9485.645.1
like that stay down please all right um9487.84.92
well this was an easy loot yeah salmon9490.743.72
Salmon's good is that seriously that9492.723.54
yeah that's all that was in here yeah9494.464.5
this is this is like a 150 square foot9496.264.98
home I'd call it a success well maybe9498.964.32
there's stuff up above maybe anything9501.244.199
nothing anything hiding oh wait I said9503.286.42
search rotting sports bag do it Simon oh9505.4397.081
what'd you get what'd you get I got a9509.74.82
and bottled water put it on I'm gonna9514.524.9
put it on this is gonna be so much fun9517.564.08
hold on a second hold on oh but is that9519.424.32
gonna take off your leg it better not or9521.644.259
just cover it better not make those9523.745.579
sweet thick hair and sweeter yo look at9525.8994.92
I love me some thick legs baby you've9530.8196.961
got some meaty meaty little legs I do9534.426.42
wow just good enough to choke you when9537.784.74
you're going down on me what's going on9540.843.84
here what what I mean uh when you're9542.524.5
going down on me I choke you I'm just9544.683.9
saying strong legs I just want to make9547.022.82
sure you said that right yeah that's9548.584.34
awesome on to the next one9549.845.88
yeah man I found your Elementary School9552.925.439
oh you did where all the special tots9555.723.56
a bus there you have your bus is here9559.284.48
and everything cool it's awful short9561.784.199
yeah also guys I didn't find hardly9563.764.5
anything in that place I did find a9565.9794.621
paintbrush neebs oh really and two claw9568.265.4
hammers that are not very uh I guess9570.64.68
they don't have a lot of life left okay9573.663.72
but anyway we can build a working table9575.283.78
out of them or something yeah here take9577.382.88
them on I'm gonna put it right there9579.062.759
there's that's for you oh Merry9580.263.9
Christmas oh wow all right let's9581.8195.221
continue on Southwest okay well on X no9584.164.62
one cares oh you found like a girl yes9587.043.12
oh that's actually yeah that's great9588.783.36
that's a good find what is this place9590.164.199
right here that look it may be a9592.144.2
military military that's where we can9594.3593.721
find guns that's where you could also9596.345.04
get landmines yes indeed like the one9598.086.18
right there yep how do we set it off uh9601.384.2
where do we just leave it you know it's9604.262.82
gonna bite as long yeah you can sneak9605.583.66
you can sneak past it yeah there's one9607.083.899
right there going in here tell you what9609.242.76
for guys before you do that why don't9610.9792.481
you put a bed roll here in the road9612.04.439
you're so smart yeah I put one close by9613.464.3
back there okay well then you're good9616.4394.021
you're good all right all right oh wow9617.765.16
there's like a downstairs hey come here9620.464.5
is it like a bunker bunker oh dude9622.923.6
awesome all right we going in the bunker9624.964.019
I'm down here okay you down here in the9626.524.799
bunker anything here in the bunker uh9628.9795.241
there's a box shamway9631.3195.521
I need help there's things up here we're9634.225.259
coming Dave's uh Hazmat guys here here9636.843.96
we go I'm gonna poke him in the butt and9639.4793.061
then lead them towards the mines okay9640.83.96
yep yep yep I like that right behind you9642.544.319
thick right behind you too oh he's doing9644.764.2
a Brisk jug you better watch out come on9646.8594.021
watch out for those mines leaves yep all9648.964.74
right yeah now lure him out come on come9650.884.979
here boy come on bubba yeah nope nope9653.74.8
this way there you go there you go a9655.8594.08
little bit a little bit this way come9658.52.73
out he's almost there9659.9394.351
that's what you get sneak it up on a man9664.9394.301
while he's trying to count his dog food9667.622.94
all right hey let's get this one to hit9669.244.14
a mine too one right here there's a9670.564.259
bunch of them oh here he kills he's9673.383.54
gonna hit one come on hit one yeah get9674.8193.361
down there a little who wants your9676.924.939
brains you use your brains9678.187.679
wow awesome Ah that's how you get rid of9681.8595.861
zombies all right see if this place has9685.8594.161
any good stiff all right9687.725.46
shotgun Messiah wow we were right beside9690.024.959
a shotgun Messiah all right I'm going9693.183.299
here is this this whole building wait is9694.9794.261
this a shotgun Messiah Factory holy9696.4794.281
of shotguns let's go man we're not ready9700.765.92
for this thing we have nothing to lose9704.225.099
got everything to lose no we literally9706.684.38
have nothing all right fine put a better9709.3193.481
roll out Federal's out9711.064.02
let's clear it looks like we're9712.84.74
reasonably clear are you looking because9715.083.72
you said let's clear it and then you9717.544.2
stop I know and then yeah so let's clear9718.85.22
oh we have an upstairs and we have a9721.744.38
downstairs oh wow this is a big place9724.024.379
yeah you want to go upstairs with me9726.125.22
come on yeah it's clear upstairs all9728.3995.401
right let's go up hello hello anyone9731.344.8
here zombies who is holding the fish9733.85.46
sticks oh did he come out of the all yes9736.144.259
he did9739.263.54
very nice again why would they just wait9740.3993.661
up there9742.82.76
um I don't know but we need to be very9744.064.02
careful I know well we have a safe9745.564.86
behind this picture that's something hey9748.084.56
we I think we can loot now you think I9750.423.42
don't know all right well let's give it9752.643.32
a shot I'm gonna work on the safe9753.845.82
guys yeah brass knuckles cool oh wow I9755.965.26
want to say you punch somebody all right9759.663.3
go punch that zombie oh sneak up on him9761.223.0
and punch him9762.962.12
no no yeah you gotta well you're9765.083.34
crouching hey you shouldn't go in there9767.282.22
and crouching should you you're gonna9768.422.7
are you gonna keep going all right come9769.53.359
on punch it tough guy this is a tough9771.125.64
guy oh boy God I love this thing it's9772.8596.441
gonna break though yeah so is this thing9776.765.34
got him I think I think he got me too oh9779.35.019
I'm sorry man I'm infected oh you're9782.13.78
gonna turn I don't think I'm gonna turn9784.3193.301
but I'll probably lose my health man we9785.882.939
have to shoot you I'm about to shoot you9787.622.94
well no I'm not infected well I don't9788.8193.66
care I'm not gonna turn okay well if you9790.563.12
start turning I'm gonna shoot you you're9792.4792.821
gonna turn I'm just gonna turn I'm not9793.683.299
infected well watch out oh boy there's9795.33.3
another guy you guys have to make it9796.9793.121
they're gonna Dodge these guys or9798.62.879
they're just gonna end up lining up9800.13.12
behind you aren't they oh big mama oh9801.4793.96
man we got a big mom in here oh God it's9803.225.099
a bad idea yeah why don't we bail yeah9805.4394.021
let's bail we're not ready for this9808.3192.821
let's go set up a base somewhere right9809.464.32
yeah thick I'm coming oh oh pick up my9811.145.179
bedroom thick oh no9813.785.039
we almost got thick that's right yeah we9816.3194.301
did exactly I knew we weren't ready for9818.8193.421
that place I told you thank goodness we9820.623.3
know better yeah but hey it's nice to9822.243.119
know there's a shotgun Messiah Factory9823.923.42
not too far that's right because we're9825.3593.601
coming back here coming back here for9827.344.019
the good loot9828.965.88
up I need help doralius oh Simon okay oh9831.3595.941
boy I'm in trouble come back down and I9834.844.2
don't know how to get come on get it oh9837.33.179
yeah I don't know where you are I just9839.043.84
did some Ninja [ __ ] yeah that was Ninja9840.4795.46
[ __ ] man are you show Kazuki maybe oh9842.884.92
here dorelli's what I'm right here I9845.9393.0
don't even know what shokazuki is but9847.82.82
look I got a reinforce club and there's9848.9393.181
a guy right here let me you want to9850.623.359
taste my club there you go we'll9852.124.199
reinforced club and suck on that huh9853.9794.741
careful now I know but then let me tell9856.3196.54
you who's these guys yeah come on hold9858.727.4
down oh behind you Simon careful9862.8596.421
headshot on that be a ginger [ __ ] don't9866.125.26
go down all right oh headshot on that9869.287.079
[ __ ] oh you okay 25 Health oh boy I9871.388.46
need to get back to healthy Bill back to9876.3595.101
healthy things I think I might have a9879.843.24
pill for you oh right behind you right9881.463.92
behind you9883.082.3
this is a problem how do I get out there9895.225.08
that's my out they're Alias I'm waiting9898.144.86
for you buddy I'm waiting for you I'm9900.34.639
all right you boys ready to head back9904.9394.241
Southwest no I'm gonna stay here I'm9907.084.08
gonna loot up because once we get to9909.183.78
those guys they're gonna have looted9911.163.6
everything no there's plenty of stuff9912.964.08
around there there's not okay well I9914.763.78
mean this place isn't too far away I9917.043.24
just want to establish a base first I9918.543.6
need stuff all my stuff is in that9920.283.9
shotgun Messiah place oh did you not get9922.143.78
it back no I'm gonna figure something9924.183.96
out you guys go ahead and I'll meet up9925.924.38
with you all right be careful I won't9928.144.799
ready nibs I'm ready man infected four9930.34.26
percent infected that's right you might9932.9392.701
have to end your life I'm gonna have to9934.562.64
end your life so yeah I'm not infected9935.642.94
you're in fact well it doesn't matter it9937.23.119
doesn't matter nope yeah no you've seen9938.583.06
the zombie movies when somebody gets9940.3193.301
infected right if there's two of us and9941.643.9
I end your life then maybe this no you9943.623.48
always kill the person infected listen9945.543.0
I'll wait for you to turn so you won't9947.13.0
know about it rules change man we're9948.543.24
always changing rules yeah but not that9950.13.36
rule that's a good rule so if I start9951.783.74
turning I'll kill you no I'm killing you9953.465.28
oh this is like some platforming yeah9955.526.04
yup uh-huh I didn't see anything up here9958.744.5
though so are they trolling us with that9961.563.78
light Maybe double check let's see what9963.245.4
we got maybe up further yep no look at9965.344.74
this over here there's a way to get up9968.644.98
here yeah this is it we got a bird birds9970.085.22
suck all right I got stuff that I can9973.623.18
get in over here all right well I'll9975.33.9
just record you do that Bird's dead go9976.84.8
get the good stuff Simon I'm trying oh9979.24.619
wait a second let me do this with the ax9981.64.62
come on baby oh wait a second this might9983.8194.681
be a waste of space come on up here with9986.223.9
me I am I'm here you want me to get the9988.54.02
Sledge uh no you know what you could do9990.124.62
go up higher yeah go up higher and I'll9992.523.72
check out in here is there a way to get9994.746.239
in oh well well well what have we oh I9996.247.32
got leather chest armor and a sewing kit10000.9794.92
that doesn't completely suck okay we got10003.564.32
some supplies up here bud this is a10005.8994.801
great find yes oh I got a junk turret10007.885.64
what iron refor yeah that was a jump10010.75.34
turret junk junk oh sorry I thought you10013.524.08
said jump turret yeah we could set it up10016.045.1
and then jump it okay you gotta share10017.65.82
all right there should be somewhere up10021.145.88
here six point six percent infected so10023.425.1
not yeah all right we gotta find you10027.024.44
some some medicine soon same thing here10028.524.379
I don't know that's a cute little house10031.463.479
they have medicine in there or in this10032.8994.381
uh grape sham what is this this is a10034.9394.021
passing gas this looks like a big yeah10037.284.14
it's just a big gas station usually a10038.964.019
convenience store or a gas station would10041.423.479
have meds right yep10042.9793.541
um your best bet might be that military10044.8994.981
base across the way oh really yeah hey10046.527.5
guys hey hey hello oh hey you're up10049.886.059
there yeah we'll be down there yeah10054.023.839
beautiful hey you guys got any10055.9394.38
medication I'm infected baby's infected10057.8593.781
he's about to turn we're gonna have to10060.3193.061
kill him I have uh maybe some10061.643.66
antibiotics for him maybe we should kill10063.383.36
him yeah why don't we just kill him this10065.33.36
way I get to save my antibiotics well no10066.743.18
there was still a discussion whether10068.663.18
it's me or abstra that died if you put a10069.924.68
bedroll down no have you now I have well10071.844.86
I haven't so put a bedroll down because10074.63.66
I'm gonna end it that's the only thing10076.73.119
keeping me alive right now no bed roll10078.264.5
down yeah I can end it should we even be10079.8194.681
discussing this antibiotic thing that10082.764.28
someone might have10084.52.54
you look you look big and beefy I feel10089.4794.021
big and beefy and I'll just add to that10091.644.08
real quick yeah damn why your legs so10093.53.72
damn big is that just how these uh10095.722.82
characters look what do my legs look10097.222.82
like am I beefy nah you got little10098.543.3
toothpick legs we should talk about10100.043.54
antibiotics first oh there we go okay10101.843.78
there you go oh this might do it let's10103.583.72
head back into our little military base10105.624.319
I want to see if this uh heals him okay10107.36.3
seven percent is going down up out yep10109.9396.181
that did it oh boy not one of us saw10113.64.259
that well I was taking medicines yeah10116.123.42
and I was watching him we got this guy10117.8593.921
working again oh10119.545.16
son of a [ __ ]10121.785.14
what's happening that was that was me10124.73.72
that was my shock run10126.925.1
man my shock Rod sucks ow yeah you'll10128.425.22
improve it didn't look like you got hurt10132.023.48
from mine no yeah you hurt me a little10133.643.96
bit okay but yeah I just you didn't have10135.53.66
the shock thing yet you guys want to go10137.64.799
to the military base uh no here's uh my10139.164.44
pocket's full of stuff I need to10142.3993.661
establish a place like a base well this10143.63.839
is our home over here why don't you just10146.063.299
check it out just for tonight maybe yeah10147.4393.361
this is our house right over here the10149.3593.241
military base it's surrounded by mine so10150.83.059
it's got a little bit of protection in10152.63.66
that regard are you over there okay but10153.8593.661
um I don't know if I want to live there10156.262.76
you don't know you don't have to you10157.523.12
could just come and visit it's gonna be10159.023.419
night time wait can I live at Earl's10160.643.06
yeah live at Earl yeah I'm Gonna Leave10162.4393.841
it I'm gonna live at Earl's good call10163.75.76
oh no no you don't10166.287.22
this guy got him holy tits almost died10169.467.56
but jackpot I leveled up I found bullets10173.56.52
and uh a bunch of antibiotics not sure10177.024.56
what I'm gonna do with those yet I'm10180.023.54
infected I know what I'm gonna use these10181.586.12
on me ah now I'm only one person what is10183.565.879
the symbol it's like a guy with a smiley10187.73.72
face who's infected at point one percent10189.4395.941
do I need more zero percent okay GG10191.426.2
oh boy should I go out at night yeah I10199.724.9
got a mid-roll10203.34.5
hey I'm stroke hi where are you going uh10204.625.52
Dave's house okay I got you covered oh10207.85.04
awesome oh yeah neebs yeah man this is10210.144.5
your little Hut yep hey I got something10212.843.54
for you you do yeah I was cleaning out10214.643.66
my inventory and I had something that I10216.384.28
was like oh neebs wants this okay hello10218.36.48
hey Simon hello uh okay what is that oh10220.666.52
potato scene yep you're the farmer I10224.784.98
don't have a hoe yet so if you see a hoe10227.183.84
no well I figured you would just like to10229.763.179
put it somewhere yep I would in your10231.023.419
inventory hey it's a pretty sweet spot10232.9394.441
isn't it my bag a little fireplace this10234.4394.38
is nice oh wait you got a little10237.384.32
basement yep nice is that shut is that10238.8195.16
thing shut no no yes of course it does10241.75.58
did everybody eat uh no well I have any10243.9794.981
oh yeah wait you you found a bunch of10247.282.64
food didn't you well don't we have to10248.962.519
have a grill none of us have a grill no10249.923.96
you found food oh well let's see I mean10251.4795.821
you come on come on potato seed10253.885.16
would I can give you some I'm in a given10257.33.599
mood there you go boom what's this it's10259.043.84
a can of chili look at that yeah oh10260.8993.54
that'll that'll hold me over until I get10262.883.059
some meat cooking yeah some chicken10264.4393.061
rations who needs some chicken rashes10265.9393.241
I'll take that but you got that meat too10267.53.72
right nibs yeah I can't cook it yet I10269.183.48
don't think I think I need a grill I10271.222.34
think you can cook it but it's like10272.662.699
chard ah let's go take a look we're10273.563.24
about the couch just step right on it10275.3592.381
what what happened all right let's watch10278.964.62
a zombie walk into a mine it doesn't get10281.124.56
old does it never meat's on the fire10283.583.92
help yourself10285.685.219
makes you eat it's a little uh I mean it10287.54.96
is charred does it still look like a10290.8992.881
piece of lead yep my meat still looks10292.463.359
like a piece of leather10293.784.38
he's having a good old time and he10298.164.26
really is all right let's eat this meat10300.23.9
thank you neebs you're welcome hey it's10302.423.54
been a good first night a lot better10304.14.2
than our last uh first horde yeah and10305.963.66
you know what's exciting to be somewhere10308.33.54
new not Navas game yep we don't even we10309.623.42
don't even know what's around the corner10311.843.0
who knows what's out there Simon it's a10313.043.54
big old mystery it's probably gonna be10314.844.68
uh doralius watching a zombie get killed10316.585.399
by a mine and then screaming just wait10319.524.379
just wait for it10321.9794.081
there you go he's gonna attract every10323.8994.141
damn zombie in a 20-mile radius it's10326.063.36
okay he's happy10328.042.96
that's right you will see this maybe10331.07.42
what you got I found a book Urban combat10334.226.599
volume Five well read it it's a good one10338.423.96
train your ear for that distinct10340.8193.481
clicking Scent of a land mine save your10342.383.36
legs for another Journey land mines10344.33.72
won't detonate when stepped on give it10345.745.699
to Simon so now the test is I walk on a10348.025.839
where is it right well everywhere okay10353.924.6
but there are definitely it's like right10356.963.359
here in front of me back up thunder10358.524.56
thighs I'm gonna Crouch first it's a10360.3195.46
science ready yep here I go10363.084.739
is the landline do you hear something10365.7794.08
like a clicking you went right over it10367.8195.58
yeah you're not standing you ready10369.8596.12
oh right over it now Simon you try but10373.3994.261
why would you yeah no that's a dumb idea10375.9793.241
like an Anthony Robbins thing is rocket10377.662.88
walk on coals we know what happened10379.223.48
unlock your full potential that is mean10380.544.319
I don't care how many times I die and it10382.74.619
brings your health10384.8594.92
hey it works10387.3194.981
and we know for sure did you get your10389.7796.061
stuff back uh not yet thank you hero I'm10392.36.0
a man of science like a rather large10395.845.04
woman of science well that's legs man10398.34.139
yeah you got some child bearing hips10400.883.5
that's right you were bearing like 20.10402.4394.861
well I'm going looting hey Simon yeah10404.385.32
remember that Spike idea I had yes sir10407.34.679
let's go try it I can do that okay have10409.74.72
good luck with your spike thing10411.9794.621
first floor is cleared out let's take a10423.144.86
look at the second floor and this is I10425.725.34
think the only way up it's not fall good10428.04.979
job thick 44.10431.064.14
oh well there's a10432.9793.541
there's a site choppy chop and I'll just10436.525.339
clear some of this place out on the10440.123.96
second floor and then uh10441.8595.281
maybe go get the others10444.085.6
oh hell no10447.145.339
are you kidding me you're all looking at10449.684.42
me you know what I'm gonna tell you10452.4795.041
something my name is neebs remember that10454.17.44
name memes yeah you come and get me once10457.526.44
I come back10461.542.42
let's just go meet up with the others10465.583.96
this is the house that I want to try10478.7795.261
that on but in the meantime I went back10481.584.859
here right uh-huh I'm like this is10484.043.72
interesting there's nothing in this10486.4393.781
garage and then I go back here and there10487.764.38
was like this AC unit built in the10490.224.08
ground or whatever and I broke it10492.144.259
um if I pick up these blocks there's got10494.33.179
to be something down there for you10496.3992.641
there's only one more block to grab do10497.4794.561
you want to explore it uh yeah but I'll10499.045.04
just die if you do I'll grab your stuff10502.044.14
how about that yeah um how do you pick10504.084.14
up a vlog again uh you'll hit e looking10506.184.74
down there you go all right hey oh hey10508.224.92
if you need to get back out this way I10510.924.08
will throw down some blocks for you well10513.145.04
wait a second what see over here I have10515.05.34
to go down deeper yeah I figured as much10518.184.32
but um I saw that part I didn't go any10520.343.9
further well there's a grate down here10522.53.479
it looks like and I don't I don't know10524.243.78
if you can't break that well I might be10525.9793.84
able to hold on I don't like the10528.023.9
sledgehammer it's good for brake and10529.8193.96
stuff but not good for killing it's just10531.923.899
you got to get the timing down I'm10533.7794.641
trapping myself for sure right now10535.8198.58
oh boom all right I'm in in what like a10538.429.46
basement like like a bunker oh this is10544.3995.701
pretty cool dude it's all you let's Bust10547.884.68
the Move yeah Bust A Move is what I was10550.14.14
gonna suggest yep because you know what10552.564.95
what why not bust a move10554.2411.9
all right I'm just clearing the area10566.143.94
because I'm a professional10568.164.319
oh there's a safe is it a big gun safe10570.084.14
yeah I'm gonna run home get a lock lock10572.4793.901
pick do it clear the rest out all right10574.224.639
I'm doing it10576.382.479
is this a graveyard oh yes ma'am10580.046.0
that there's some good stuff lining10584.123.359
these Graves I don't mind doing a little10586.043.66
bit of grave Robin I mean look at this10587.4795.401
place nobody I mean decency is gone this10589.74.56
is kind of creepy10592.884.019
come here at night what about breaking10594.265.04
these well that's kind of a cool block10596.8995.58
who is that is that Grandma oh God oh10599.38.36
God oh boy no get oh God get on me10602.4795.181
yeah take that oh guess what I found10611.265.16
oh now you're coming out of the woodwork10620.964.14
hurt my double barrel shotgun go off you10623.183.24
know you're like oh what's that I'm10625.12.7
gonna check that out10626.422.88
what a check10627.84.86
that out huh yeah you want to check it10629.36.3
out I don't mind letting you see it10632.664.26
come on10635.64.92
yo oh God I fired them both holy moly10636.925.899
oh hey names you wanting off by yourself10640.525.22
yeah you gonna get killed man you wanna10642.8195.141
rock some grapes with me apparently if10645.744.079
you have lock picks in your inventory10647.964.019
all you have to do is get up to the10649.8195.58
thing you need to pick and hold down e10651.9797.8
oh is it working yeah10655.3996.841
it's all you bud oh man oh man what is10659.7793.841
it what is it what is it what is it a10662.244.5
mom what is it hunting rifle yeah I'll10663.625.76
take it yeah uh fourteen seven six two10666.747.079
Good Start 23-9 mils and I have a jump10669.385.82
turret just like we have at the house10673.8193.301
perfect did you bring the other lock10675.23.779
pick yeah for this other door yes for10677.123.96
the door and10678.9794.201
wait come on baby can't use it on this10681.083.12
I would have thought this would be the10684.23.239
one thing you could use it on10685.583.66
going back going out going to Spooky10687.4394.401
house going back10689.242.6
oh there's some food oh man we need food10695.65.219
red tea and can of salmon we need way10698.185.099
more food than that oh neebs I found me10700.8194.321
a sledgehammer oh like a middle one yeah10703.2794.441
oh and I found two pipe bombs uh ooh10705.145.339
double barrel shotguns shotgun Shooters10707.725.219
shotgun shells shells that's a great10710.4795.121
word for it10712.9392.661
hey thick oh God10715.74.68
stick him up stick them up yeah what you10717.9395.021
guys been up to uh looting and scooting10720.386.42
yeah church church yeah oh there's a bag10722.967.019
up there oh yeah we got a nerd hole up10726.85.7
there right who's got hey thank you got10729.9794.92
a bunch of boxes on you yeah10732.53.66
get on up there10734.8993.54
probably nothing probably oh that worked10738.4394.201
for nothing what's in there thick oh10740.65.64
that is a weird looking mask I want to10742.645.28
give it to you because it makes me feel10746.243.06
uncomfortable I'm uncomfortable looking10747.922.64
at you you're gonna be dead soon anyway10749.32.7
because you're infected it looks more10750.563.36
like a thick 44 mask it's even got a10752.03.899
mohawk I'm going outside you need10753.924.559
antibiotics yes I would love antibiotics10755.8995.521
I've got one can you still dig it Graves10758.4794.681
uh maybe keep digging see what you find10761.423.3
oh yeah you see that coffee though yeah10764.726.42
nothing nothing who buries nothing I10768.164.42
don't know it must have been a poor10771.143.06
person's grave10772.585.16
what's in the coffee hey 29 millimeter10774.25.699
ammo and some fishing weight the berries10777.743.78
are kid with nine millimeter ammo though10779.8997.261
who doesn't first I put this down right10781.528.7
there okay and then I I wanted to up it10787.166.96
just a bit more uh-huh up right there10790.227.5
okay hold on bam that's on Sentry mode10794.124.859
now we just need to let them know we're10797.723.9
here all right all right like I can eat10798.9797.021
some some food hello hello everyone10801.626.18
anyone here10806.03.359
hello anyone come on10809.3594.561
we have an experiment we want to do I10811.73.779
really dig the architecture on this10813.923.66
house all right it's all yours man it's10815.4794.981
very nice come on I don't see anyone10817.585.779
waking up nobody10820.462.899
takes a lot to make these spikes I bet10826.75.779
you there's somebody upstairs10829.762.719
oh there you go come on [ __ ] hey10832.544.239
sweetie pie all right let's come back10835.3992.471
and just watch now all right10836.7794.21
and you put Just Junk in there yeah it's10845.125.04
shooting junk well it's like metal well10848.04.26
that's great yeah I got one of those too10850.163.84
shouldn't even make it to the spikes10852.264.26
look at that this is how you clear a10854.05.46
house now junk turret iron spikes you10856.524.62
can pick everything up right I mean I10859.463.6
can pick this up but we can't go in this10861.144.5
way so it's it's got flaws10863.064.919
can't pick that thing up huh no it's too10865.645.16
bad man see this place uh I think he10867.9795.161
just passed it the Metalworks Place yeah10870.84.019
I was thinking of uh moving in there10873.144.62
this place is great if only because what10874.8195.341
I found over here it's my friends is a10877.766.179
working workbench ooh it's not broken so10880.165.58
right by Metalworks got it right by10883.9393.361
Metalworks and across the street that10885.743.06
place looks familiar that was some good10887.32.7
stuff on the one you went in right there10888.83.78
absolutely man all right just watch out10890.04.38
for mines they're all over the place I10892.584.44
can see him hey same strategy there's no10894.384.62
reason to fight anything no one's out of10897.023.72
here different strategy because I have10899.04.02
pipe bombs now oh good good uh I can10900.743.32
bring them out10903.024.199
hey we got an Ashley behind you that's10923.264.84
all it did how did I get hurt no I think10925.764.38
my pipe bomb went over like no I'm like10928.14.799
infected nothing even touched me10930.145.759
you guys suck10957.523.6
oh my God I said it's a frog run it's a10961.164.06
frog zombie10963.624.91
I'm over here oh10969.8593.361
you traveler him10971.7792.461
oh boy he's an idiot oh boy oh maybe not10974.245.46
oh God10977.64.81
oh he's creepy he is creepy10979.76.009
love it to kill him kill them bill I10991.8994.841
feel like we should Retreat come back to10995.32.82
this later10996.742.699
we should have probably circled around10998.123.3
the yeah I think that's gotta have to be10999.4393.84
protocol from now every time because11001.424.859
every time this is kind of crazy11003.2796.361
um I'd like to uh oh okay food is11006.2795.401
looking for food I want food but I11009.644.32
really want to um want to follow the11011.685.639
clues all right wow those Clues there's11013.965.22
Clues yeah there's a flashlight someone11017.3194.021
left the flashlight to let us know where11019.185.58
to go that's right and there it is oh11021.345.099
wait there's ammo11024.765.16
huh but now back to the clues yeah all11026.4394.741
right well we should clear the house11029.923.899
right well I mean we were so yeah of11031.184.08
course this way what what else do we11033.8193.181
what is that clear the house oh God I11035.263.36
thought that was a11037.03.24
I thought that was a praying mantis but11038.622.88
that's just a that's just [ __ ] coming11040.243.48
through the wall from the outside yeah11041.54.68
so oh oh okay see what I'm saying let's11043.723.719
go upstairs all right we're cleared all11046.183.74
right all right11047.4392.481
oh three doors all right this one right11050.384.92
here I want to go in this one you go in11053.383.84
this I'm gonna go into the unlocked one11055.34.679
here on the count of three okay hit it11057.225.179
that's fun huh nothing happened over11064.724.2
here I just reacted to your reaction I11066.73.42
just wanted to make it sound like I was11068.923.66
scared there's another flashlight Simon11070.124.14
man and it's pointing over this way all11074.264.86
right whatever could it mean11076.424.8
um oh the light points over here salmon11079.123.659
all right11081.223.12
up here11082.7798.12
ah okay yes yes oh hello11084.346.559
all right11091.962.899
yeah all right we're talking11094.8597.481
like you got a fever11103.685.92
right I'll go this way oh okay I'll do11106.628.739
this one ready yes oh 79 mil rounds11109.68.04
I just got a hammer and a wrench and11115.3595.54
some Nails fantastic11117.643.259
oh and a hunting rifle and 48-76 twos11122.026.8
baby that'll do pig11125.8596.221
all right dick where you at baby I'm uh11137.8196.101
sledgehammering this guy that you shot I11141.245.56
got him I got him beautiful hey uh my11143.924.979
pistol's almost broken yeah yeah this11146.83.9
one's not too hot it's a level two but11148.8993.96
it's uh yeah man it's well it's like I11150.74.079
got 20 left on it so I don't want to use11152.8593.481
it too much I want this Metal Works11154.7793.841
place because that name seems fitting11156.343.84
for me yeah it looks like it would have11158.624.52
metal that works11160.182.96
thank you there's a lot oh wait I see11164.563.86
get up too11168.424.12
you don't get up there hold on hold up11170.83.479
come over here11172.544.5
yeah oh I can open it from right here oh11174.2794.981
really oh really man I need to run back11177.044.26
home my inventory is full again all11179.263.66
right I'm gonna try to clear this place11181.33.96
out by myself then I mean I'll look in11182.923.78
here with you I'll cover you there's11185.264.019
another ladder yeah11186.76.54
take me this time [ __ ]11189.2793.961
here we go let me know if you find11193.34.43
another pistol oh boy okay11194.8596.061
across this beam11204.75.04
the second floor Maybe11206.745.4
oh yeah oh wait yeah oh I got her I got11209.745.18
her good11212.142.78
that's true all right I'm right now I'm11216.064.9
right down here oh it's a hillbilly11218.3194.201
hey lady11220.964.399
bet you can't get on the beam11222.525.94
oh Jesus dropped right on wow that blew11225.3595.201
her head off holy crap play that in slow11228.464.46
all right I'm coming back up okay11238.566.15
up hillbilly11242.53.66
ah you suck got your butt head I don't11246.166.119
think I've never heard of uh hillbilly11250.4793.601
making that noise11252.2794.741
I'm gonna get him bam all right you got11254.084.88
him bam11257.023.49
yeah okay11258.962.88
sharp shooter get it from here oh God11261.845.58
I thought he was dead11265.3195.321
okay yeah I killed him nice yeah you11267.424.78
know what I'm gonna take what I got I'm11270.642.94
gonna go drop it off and then I'm going11272.24.26
hunting I need move hunting I need a big11273.585.279
old thick piece of meat11276.466.12
Simon yes are you in position I am I11278.8595.281
changed my position I was gonna go in11282.583.96
the back unlocked door uh-huh I'm not11284.144.799
now all right but we'll go in on the11286.546.54
count of three okay one11288.9396.141
all right get on the ground11296.465.68
pull it on your pants put your hands up11299.584.899
okay why are they pulling their pants11302.144.98
down I don't know okay well I'm clearing11304.4794.861
the area we're not looting right pretty11307.124.199
clear up here it's actually very clear11309.344.74
here okay that was very uneventful I11311.3196.061
agree that's were supposed to crouch and11314.085.46
see animal tracks at least that's what11317.383.78
the perk said you read a magazine is11319.543.3
that how you got this no no it was one11321.163.54
of my one of my skills oh you skill11322.843.0
wait what actually see a boar my eyes11325.845.28
are better than your perks yeah wait how11328.843.479
does this work says I don't see any11331.123.48
tracks should I follow him see where he11332.3194.08
walks sure I don't know how this works11334.63.6
you do not see any tracks around here or11336.3993.901
you know what I think the perk may be11338.24.14
limited to small animals at first that's11340.33.599
a dumb perk I'm glad I didn't waste11342.342.82
money on it when I waste money on the11343.8992.641
bigger perk then I'll be able to hunt11345.163.96
more and deer oh gotcha wait is that him11346.544.26
right there yes listen you know what11349.123.779
happened last time we saw a boar but now11350.83.72
I have a hunting rifle well let's just11352.8994.761
take some precaution or we just shoot it11354.528.28
do the things first okay there we go11357.666.36
see Revenge you need to set all that up11364.024.48
all right hey hey don't act like my11366.883.059
spikes didn't hurt the pain I'm not11368.52.58
acting like your spikes didn't hurt them11369.9393.301
you said say we didn't set that up and11371.084.14
it definitely heard it hey skin that pig11373.246.36
I saw some stuff over in this area uh11375.227.38
stamina come on you know what11379.66.5
I'm gonna take some steroids11382.63.5
how about your bench how much you bench11390.2796.0
I'm squatting like Fort bitty one leg11393.464.98
knock some heads off you looking at my11399.524.68
girlfriend how about your bench what11401.924.32
pre-workout are you taking taking C411404.25.36
then you're no one11406.243.32
my girlfriend11414.2794.381
you're looking at my girlfriend11416.24.14
how about your bench11418.663.9
how about your bench11420.344.019
look at my girlfriend11422.564.86
ah how about your bench you're looking11424.3595.481
at my girlfriend11427.422.42
baby we're gonna have some cook more I11443.165.02
know I'm ready for it too baby hey just11445.963.84
out of curiosity if I put a bandage on11448.184.56
do I still drink it no you're putting it11449.86.12
on your rebar wrist look at them yeah11452.745.46
getting better by every update how about11455.923.6
that meat how's that meat I want to cook11458.23.96
that meat see oh there's one go ahead11459.526.02
and take that one yes11462.163.38
it'd be funny if an alpha 18 you wrap11466.4793.901
the meat around your arm11468.8193.421
yeah honestly11470.384.68
all right make this jump11472.245.46
oh this could this could get hairy got11475.064.4
my stuff back though11477.73.44
take her slow11479.463.88
take her slow11483.343.2
unlock door11487.24.119
man I hear Too Much banging what am I11493.04.02
doing here11495.8192.351
by myself11497.024.19
oh God you smacked me down11503.465.76
oh my God yes11507.14.02
come here11509.223.48
come here11511.124.819
come here11512.73.239
call me Batman11519.844.12
I'm Bruce Wayne11522.345.22
Batman [ __ ]11523.965.63
[ __ ]11527.565.189
who's in here11533.048.64
who's in here oh [ __ ] what oh god11535.929.72
steroids I need my steroids11541.683.96
just oh I gotta I gotta beat this guy's11546.847.42
ass come on up here come here come here11550.37.5
boy come here you're working man hard11554.266.8
working man gotcha11557.83.26
what where'd you come11563.343.9
don't have time for your [ __ ] oh11569.147.44
I don't11576.582.66
I need to get out of here11579.33.72
people of this town and I mean neebs and11584.3997.141
Simon yeah11588.765.76
just want you to know your eye on the11591.545.319
tower is watching over you again the11594.524.08
people of the town are watching you eye11596.8594.08
of the tower all right have you turn on11598.63.679
the flashlight again11600.9393.781
we had a good thing going and then I11602.2794.241
ruined it I wouldn't say ruined it it11604.725.099
just shifted isn't it it's not e maybe f11606.526.68
f might be might be F I am there we go11609.8196.0
from here looks great I just wanted to11613.24.779
see more of that's all oh I hear you11615.8193.241
we're stick11617.9796.121
oh God damn it oh God I gotta go change11619.067.45
my drawers11624.15.489
come on11631.9793.181
smack him in a stupid face11635.8194.381
Simon when tell me when Boom come on oh11647.686.54
get another shot all right I'm trying oh11651.465.819
come on dammit oh okay he's going uphill11654.226.54
come on run the chase is on yes it is we11657.2795.101
need the food I think I could jump up11660.762.46
come on come on stupid deer can do it we11663.223.719
can do it oh where'd he go where where11665.4394.46
are you looking down there there he is11666.9396.0
okay hold on come on come on what's he11669.8994.54
doing wait this might be a different one11672.9393.54
is it oh yeah I got a different one get11674.4393.361
that one do you see another one up there11676.4793.901
I see one over here I'm not shooting it11677.85.22
I suck nope got him sweet that's two11680.385.399
deer they're both dead look at that I've11683.024.56
done nothing [ __ ] did you bring a knife11685.7793.781
do you have a knife on you oh I bet you11687.584.38
I don't oh a knife come on Simon one11689.565.219
knife one knife Simon one knife knife11691.965.76
two knives oh two give me one bam that's11694.7794.741
a level two knife I just dropped for you11697.724.82
oh hell yeah11699.529.299
oh take it oh take it oh what oh stop11702.548.859
doing that stop okay11708.8196.061
oh wow what you got well well well did11711.3995.221
well no11714.885.22
um Gallows oh wow yeah yellows does it11716.625.819
work try it out what does it work I11720.15.879
can't even Ah that's creepy in it a11722.4395.34
little bit right by a home should we11725.9794.561
loot this place a hell yeah really what11727.7794.08
do you mean really you can go to town11730.543.0
yeah no that's okay you're your own11731.8593.481
person okay that's okay I'll go through11733.543.48
it's not that far from the house we'll11735.343.54
check it out but there's some magic in11737.024.2
here all right how do we go in well the11738.884.14
easiest path of resistance we could go11741.223.54
up and in I think sorry chopping his11743.023.6
window down as we breach together yeah11744.763.3
come on come on this way you want to11746.623.68
push together11748.062.24
just pushes together just find a better11750.74.68
word that rhymes with more things okay11753.044.22
hi buddy hello11757.264.84
videos two headshots but you know that11759.64.66
doesn't mean nothing you guys uh you11762.14.799
gonna go that way we clear it first or I11764.264.32
don't I got oh wow here's a working11766.8994.021
stiff tool oh hey who needs a cooking11768.583.98
pot right here11770.924.28
hey I'm just looking up11772.565.08
there's a bunch over here all right11775.25.64
upcoming a lot of gun guys11777.643.2
don't be a hero11783.964.359
I think I avoided being a hero right11786.224.5
it's a dump yeah unfortunately this is11790.725.639
what's to our South garbage see I see a11793.544.38
house over there to the East do we want11796.3593.481
to try to go for that I mean I don't11797.923.78
know man what other option do we have11799.844.26
well stay out here and heat to death and11801.73.96
uh well looks like some more stuff's11804.13.6
over there to the Southwest as well does11805.663.96
the Southwest look like it's less crappy11807.74.92
uh they both look equally as crappy okay11809.625.279
but that is US you're talking about that11812.623.72
thing on the top of the hill we got two11814.8992.641
houses over here yeah you know what11816.343.9
follow me follow me okay what's the plan11817.544.62
so here's what I think Bundy takers11820.244.26
caskets we get into this building we uh11822.164.14
we loot this and then we get we can head11824.53.479
back just this one building and then we11826.33.3
head back okay well maybe we'll go over11827.9793.181
there and check that other stuff out I11829.63.179
don't know I'm hot okay you're hot11831.163.18
you're hot you'll be fine I don't have11832.7793.901
enough water you'll be fine you say that11834.343.54
but you're the next person that's gonna11836.683.48
be I need some water listen if you get11837.885.84
very thirsty I'll spit in your mouth11840.163.56
you're welcome wow11859.923.54
we're getting greedy I didn't see these11864.244.06
guys under the tree making out likely11866.3194.021
are they necking never used that might11868.33.9
have been naked oh yeah this one's got a11870.343.78
hickey there's more coming got him watch11872.24.199
behind me yeah oh I got him get my spear11874.124.739
back when you're done with it yeah oh11876.3994.941
I'm gonna need that I don't know11878.8595.781
we got him okay11881.345.639
watch out neebs11884.645.62
thank you you guys are my heroes that11886.9794.84
was a that was a nice little zombie11890.263.9
surprise huh there's more oh I know you11891.8193.841
should probably move on keep heading11894.164.279
north moving on11895.662.779
all right easy salmon that's right oh11898.7794.801
Yep this is The Undertakers alrighty11901.3594.321
search these coffins and the paintings11903.584.26
right oh yeah smack that painting hold11905.684.74
on I'm in the coffin nothing found uh11907.844.68
found a paintbrush all right let's see11910.425.88
yeah medical pow what you got I got one11912.525.759
Beaker a beaker yeah it's kind of crime11916.33.36
isn't it no that's a that's actually a11918.2793.961
good thing oh okay good let's see all11919.664.92
right sneaking back here oh man this is11922.244.88
dark I don't like it11924.584.859
we're good I got you back you got my11927.123.88
back I got your back she got my back you11929.4393.061
get your front all right I'm gonna sneak11931.03.0
over here to the left all right all11932.52.64
right I'm looking I don't have you back11934.03.84
anymore oh God there's a bunch of uh the11935.144.86
zombies in the graveyard for okay 4011937.844.8
bullets oh [ __ ] what where are you at11940.06.06
I'm still here turn around Simon Okay11942.647.02
okay watch out I'm trying this is tight11946.066.66
quarters okay come on baby oh that11949.666.659
worked out good come on I need a bandage11952.726.54
we're a team yes we are we're a team God11956.3195.04
oh and I think I'm infected okay that's11959.263.84
not good I listen I got I got some11961.3593.661
medicine for you if you need it uh you11963.13.6
need a bandage with a little cross on it11965.024.14
because that's what I got maybe hold on11966.74.739
you tell me oh God Simon Simon Simon Run11969.165.04
come on hold on oh good lord we have11971.4394.861
made a mistake okay come to the front go11974.24.14
to the front there's a fire guy there is11976.33.9
all right all right all right I think I11978.343.059
got him I think you know what hold on11980.23.42
but get out here in the open again all11981.3994.38
right there are things in here that are11983.624.739
good I bet yeah that was hot hold on let11985.7794.2
you you said you had a little uh a11988.3593.841
bandage yeah I need that bandage all11989.9794.8
right here I am hurt okay baby don't say11992.24.26
I never gave you nothing I'll never say11994.7793.301
you never gave me nothing okay you gave11996.463.899
me a bandage all right I think that this11998.084.08
is gonna be good I think that we've12000.3593.661
pretty much let's go upstairs now this12002.163.84
is a big thing we're never gonna12004.025.22
remember or forget the undie takers12006.04.859
we're never gonna forget I'll never12009.243.58
forget never let's go in12010.8595.12
sweet double barrel shotgun a little bit12029.08.2
of ammo scope two time mod I like that12031.97910.34
can I put it here yeah oh12037.28.22
I gotta step outside real quick take a12042.3194.801
hey [ __ ] yep I'm a sniper12047.126.52
kind up12051.05.96
oh boy oh crap uh12053.646.42
listens okay so uh crap that's not the12056.965.859
way I want to go oh boy over here uh I12060.065.04
had to trap some oh there we go what is12062.8192.96
I don't need that where you at you guys12065.7793.7
want to follow me12068.223.599
um oh there's more why is it so busy all12069.4795.161
of a sudden okay whoa crap what's this A12071.8195.04
Nerd Pole right now there's my spikes12074.645.339
trap okay come on gentlemen right this12076.8596.301
way there we go oh no you broke it you12079.9795.941
can't even do things right early's12083.163.779
why are you running I'll have a bed down12086.9395.34
okay bandage bandage bandage click it12089.226.9
okay uh sir why are you so fast you12092.2795.881
should uh you okay oh yeah that's right12096.125.159
I got this bow and arrow yep okay oh boy12098.164.5
he's tough12101.2793.381
just stay together it told me not to be12104.9394.681
a hero look at me okay12106.566.0
stay down sir come on this is not your12109.626.239
day this is my day it's two now they're12112.565.1
running during the day what a seven days12115.8594.221
what you doing oh Simon we can uh make12120.186.12
us some meat man oh yeah hold me hold on12123.185.28
a second venison all right yeah no I got12126.34.019
30 of them so once you get out of here I12128.463.42
could drop mine in uh yeah you can drop12130.3192.761
you or tell you what if you want to drop12131.882.88
yours in the cabinet behind me I'll I'll12133.083.06
cook all the food and you come back and12134.763.0
pick up the food oh that sounds good and12136.142.82
then yeah go do your inventory12137.762.7
management we'll meet back up and then12138.963.66
maybe uh let's see if I look at my map12140.464.62
maybe we'll travel oh we travel West12142.624.56
because we haven't really explored West12145.084.38
well we're gonna go hunting again I mean12147.184.5
yes yeah the more food we can find the12149.463.899
better all right we're all gonna start I12151.683.599
concur I'm all about it all right so12153.3593.661
listen Hey listen do you have a pistol I12155.2794.021
could use pistol because I've got I've12157.025.22
got a lot of uh nine millimeter but I12159.37.38
you know I I really do like a a pistol I12162.246.239
got one pistol all right don't worry12166.683.84
it's okay it's my One pistol you got it12168.4794.681
buddy I'm gonna go do things also got an12170.526.06
AK-47 you son of a [ __ ] I heard that12173.166.239
greedy bastard12176.585.22
over here we're over here sir I just12179.3995.161
wait sir looks like Ashley yep just uh12181.84.979
right across there's a nerd pole feel12184.566.12
free to drop down and bye-bye good luck12186.7795.841
down there12190.685.4
oh crap thanks for now man uh12192.626.58
okay switching sides man that scared the12196.085.88
[ __ ] out of me there you go off mind the12199.26.119
gap there you go looking good and uh hmm12201.964.74
we could probably go ahead and head back12205.3193.781
there right thick not yet not yet here12206.77.699
and yeah now there we go back at it12209.15.299
oh Simon yeah oh come on are you on him12216.546.72
yeah you ready yep three two one oh oh12219.846.139
man you already nailed them yeah12223.266.9
nice look at that little deer nub oh wow12225.9796.821
that's gross it is extremely gross all12230.164.44
right you know what I messed up when I12232.83.599
made uh I made us all that boiled meat12234.64.2
yeah I didn't take into uh account the12236.3994.021
water Factor because you have to use the12238.84.139
water to make boiled meat oh boy so we12240.424.439
are low on water now you think that's a12242.9393.96
water tower over there you see that that12244.8594.62
is a water tower that's gotta have water12246.8994.021
you would think you would think that12249.4793.181
place would be loaded with water shall12250.925.22
we we shall I've got 13 empty jars with12252.665.579
with that water's name on it what and12256.143.9
the name's water when did you get 1312258.2393.481
empty jars did you why don't you get the12260.044.02
murky water on the way back home why uh12261.724.139
I don't know I don't do the water thing12264.064.14
you should do the water thing I know I12265.8594.021
need to12268.24.199
Simon stop what I think I see a pig in12269.884.5
that car dude hold on a second so do I12272.3993.241
you know what if you sneak you do a12274.382.76
little bit more damage okay it's getting12275.645.28
sneaky one two three12277.147.74
slam man look at us we are like men that12280.925.66
kill animals12284.885.88
give me a hug me oh yeah all right so12286.586.34
this is the water water water all right12290.764.139
water water everywhere water him water12292.924.439
there so this is actually just a water12294.8994.38
tower well that's what I thought you12297.3593.601
said is that a water tower and I don't12299.2793.421
know if it was connected to something do12300.963.54
you think that's worth looking at yeah12302.73.659
all right let me just bust this Break On12304.54.14
Through you got a sledgehammer all right12306.3594.141
give me a second should be easy and easy12308.643.719
you watch my back of course I am12310.54.08
watching your back good I ain't no fool12312.3593.721
well let me break the barbed wire12314.583.659
somebody right here come on you son of a12316.084.68
[ __ ] all right okay he almost snuck up12318.2395.281
on us come on buddy yeah I'm getting up12320.765.179
right over here oh bird bird12323.525.52
nice [ __ ] bird nice sorry it snuck up on12325.9394.901
me too oh wait there's a ladder that12329.043.3
goes up come on there's stuff up there12330.843.24
there's got to be water yeah it's Gotta12332.343.84
Be Water up here okay climbing this12334.083.659
game's always been dumb you might want12336.183.12
to stay down there Simon I am going to12337.7392.821
watch your butt12339.33.54
I'm up top oh there's a hatch I'm12340.565.58
opening the hatch come on huh I'm going12342.845.88
into the tank going into the taint at12346.145.639
the tank oh t-a-n-k the tank sounds like12348.725.759
tank there's water here in the tank oh12351.7795.101
yeah but I think it's it's it's dirty12354.4794.561
water what I mean we got to cook it but12356.886.5
I got 20 glass jars I'm filling it up12359.044.34
oh man this sucks they're all coming12364.086.42
after me neebs where are you I had to12367.84.32
leave man I can't find anything this12370.53.359
game hates me you're looking at man12372.124.199
there's so much that's been unlooted12373.8594.561
yeah because you because you checked it12376.3194.261
if I checked it nothing in there well we12378.423.5
check it together12380.584.26
this is probably gonna kill me I'm going12381.925.559
to Bee's Bakery Bales oh it's Bales12384.845.82
Bakery sorry oh boy play the run around12387.4794.141
beat that game all right come on so much12391.626.359
that's been unlooted here neebs why did12395.225.58
you leave me because after checking 412397.9794.981
000 boxes and getting nothing you get12400.83.54
tired of it feel like you're12402.963.319
foreign it's getting late in the day but12406.2795.08
man we got to come back here there's a12409.4394.561
hotel over there yeah Factory right here12411.3595.88
this place is great yep so what you do12414.05.1
is you remember where this is and we12417.2393.781
come back together it'll be a date oh12419.14.5
wait oh come on please what follow me12421.025.1
it's a flag please see that flag I do12423.65.4
see that flag is looking at yep oh is12426.124.68
that hold on is this a military base or12429.03.779
is this a traitor sometimes flag means12430.83.96
traitor yeah probably traitor right12432.7793.96
please be a Trader is this a traitor12434.764.26
what is this I don't know this place is12436.7393.781
very cool there's probably a lot of very12439.024.32
good things here shamway Foods shamway12440.526.18
Foods okay this is an army base oh man12443.345.22
it's too late in the day to get in here12446.74.199
dude Simon I bet there's a ton of good12448.564.14
stuff here yeah I bet you there's a ton12450.8994.5
of death here too yeah exactly it's a12452.74.44
full-on army base what's over here12455.3993.121
that's the only thing about a random12457.142.639
generated map that doesn't make any12458.523.06
sense yeah because you got like an army12459.7793.12
base right over here next to a repair12461.584.02
shop right next to a shamway place yeah12462.8995.641
next to a junkyard yeah well I like this12465.66.24
hodgepodge places and I like it too I12468.544.8
kind of don't want to leave but we have12471.844.8
to yeah no that Sun's getting real low12473.346.24
in the sky but hey so our place on the12476.644.679
map is over here but yeah this is a12479.583.72
whole nother Town set in a green region12481.3194.321
directly to our West so can we come back12483.34.139
here soon yeah we can absolutely come12485.643.66
back here soon let's uh yeah let's head12487.4393.361
on back maybe we'll look like a small12489.33.0
place I saw a couple trailers on the way12490.85.28
back man I was hoping to find a Trader12492.36.96
okay I need this meat to survive is this12496.085.279
going to be bad is this going to be bad12499.264.5
can I squeeze it through here yeah come12501.3595.46
here Pig I need some meat come on please12503.764.679
don't do something I didn't think of12506.8193.54
don't be able to jump that run to the12508.4394.621
spikes and give me some bacon where's he12510.3593.361
okay yeah I didn't think he would12516.422.519
I did not count on that okay well going12518.9394.8
in it's a bakery gotta be food in here12521.74.22
fight okay uh don't run fast please12527.345.34
um please don't run fast because I don't12530.74.619
this might be a shotgun moment12532.684.92
please be dead because I don't have many12535.3195.58
shotgun shells anybody else oh crap of12537.66.48
course uh spikes nobody's else allowed12540.8995.701
up here it's closed this is neeb this is12544.085.159
a special office okay please be empty12546.66.379
Nothing But Cakes and uh baguettes12549.2396.781
nope I do like a booth though I don't12552.9794.901
know why they even do tables without uh12556.023.36
how did y'all get through there so quick12557.883.66
okay can I jump down there probably not12559.384.859
probably not no what is this what is12561.544.04
that small12564.2393.481
crap okay12565.584.48
with these mother shotgun shells I know12567.723.9
it but saving these for a special12570.065.24
occasion and you guys12571.623.68
even reload I'm hurt I'm hurt12575.646.24
no quit12579.3594.441
it's not a good day why can't I find a12581.884.26
gun everybody has guns except me I gotta12583.84.38
pay for my food all right kitchen's this12586.145.639
way right oh yeah shamway Foods look at12588.186.24
this food trial untouched there we go12591.7795.7
now we're talking reading good tonight12594.426.059
okay sense of direction kick in gorillas12607.027.7
oh good I'm going the right way ah yeah12610.77.06
it's not safe out here okay I remember12614.725.139
hunkering down in this army base should12617.763.9
we do that oh my God I don't know if I12619.8594.321
can make it I'm so slow right behind me12621.664.38
thick where are you right behind you I12624.185.28
just walked past you ah yeah okay hey12626.048.04
hey hi do you have any water uh shoot I12629.467.08
don't you saying it's safe in here uh I12634.086.06
think down here the bunker dude the12636.546.6
Hunker bunker the hunky bunks12640.146.48
all right get some water this will be12643.147.6
nice man it's nice to have water12646.625.64
's ready12652.262.78
okay I'll see you in the morning12655.563.2
okay good morning good bed roll okay go12662.885.16
to the bakery see if my stuff's still12666.4793.661
there see that pig still there12668.045.04
I think it's over here hey I'm not in my12670.145.099
way around town man oh break the camp12673.084.92
dog well I want a man that is a bad12675.2395.7
start I'm gonna die already names you12678.06.14
are a freaking idiot12680.9393.201
all right looks good it does oh actually12685.26.18
what well there's a just a cluster oh12688.56.66
wow damn wow so what are they doing I12691.385.58
don't know all right let's go home okay12695.165.54
This Way Southwest yes12696.963.74
hey seven yep you have any duct tape yes12701.75.22
I do oh yes perfect I just need one okay12704.15.58
I think I have all I need hold on well I12706.925.1
got three and I forget how to separate12709.684.259
it so just take it all right stay right12712.023.48
there stay right there all right is this12713.9393.481
gonna be a good surprise like oh boy12715.53.66
this is gonna be awesome yeah you know12717.423.3
what I'll put it in my house all right12719.166.239
and a boom Oh age of metal baby that's12720.726.48
it that's what we needed I've been12725.3994.621
saying that forever all right turn it on12727.24.56
now we need an anvil and all the other12730.023.839
stuff but uh yeah if you got any iron or12731.765.219
anything toss that [ __ ] in there I have12733.8596.301
iron and I put it in I forget how to12736.9795.76
where do I put it is there okay yes put12740.164.199
it in there put it in the smelting thing12742.7394.08
yeah yes yeah now we'll be able to make12744.3594.021
some good stuff and I tell you what it's12746.8193.42
not it's not like it was an outfit 1712748.383.72
where it's tied to intellect anybody can12750.2394.141
make a forge really as it ought to be12752.15.94
that is the truth yeah no more Forge12754.387.019
Prejudice no none right all right get12758.045.819
out of here take your fat legs somewhere12761.3995.34
else the world is wrong with you you're12763.8595.101
a monster monster knows how to make a12766.7396.0
forge anyone can make a forge12768.966.0
is this what the pig did the pig do this12772.7394.74
okay okay that's my trap gotta be12774.964.38
careful I think the pig chased me over12777.4794.681
here oh that's mine and then yep I12779.345.34
jumped up here Pig Ate me that's my12782.166.06
stuff a bit there we go and I still nope12784.685.94
shot all my shotgun shells you know what12788.224.86
I think I got less less now than when we12790.625.76
went looting good day all right let's12793.085.1
hope tomorrow's this good12796.383.78
please I just need to quit just need to12800.163.54
quit right now while I'm ahead all right12801.7793.301
Bells thanks for nothing12803.73.36
going home12805.084.56
boy I think it's a screamer screamer12807.064.4
everybody scream12809.644.799
hey folks12811.465.64
never mind12814.4392.661
everything okay out here yeah she hit a12823.54.859
mine ah nice we'll run it out of Minds12825.964.26
quick we gotta learn to make them they12828.3594.201
need yeah I'm gonna travel West and go12830.224.5
uh looting in a town you want to go sure12832.564.32
okay anybody else want to go looting the12834.724.38
town to the West me all right well come12836.883.96
on thunder thighs that's right I'm ready12839.14.86
to roll I need mechanical Parts I need a12840.846.24
pistol I need to have anything I am12843.964.979
infected I'm gonna start jumping on your12847.084.94
fat little egg soon Simon do it12848.9396.0
you know you'd like that as soon as I12852.023.759
your mind12855.7792.781
holy [ __ ] made it to the top of the12858.965.06
oh it's12864.7795.481
okay I have to get in here12866.523.74
oh my God this is where oh12871.045.279
get my stuff back I will not let this12886.885.939
place get the best of me12890.3995.601
this is12892.8193.181
insane ah12898.164.0
oh God12903.06.0
oh I broke my leg Yeah I saw this place12904.627.02
on the uh way to that horrible City that12909.04.92
thick is probably still at and couldn't12911.644.02
resist it for some reason so I figured12913.923.12
I'd check it out12915.663.38
okay I hear him up I hear you guys I'll12919.044.96
be right there I promise12921.724.32
just grabbing some stops12924.05.16
I'll be right there come on down I want12926.044.98
to show you guys something come here you12929.163.779
can just use the stairs12931.023.719
stairs are an option12932.9394.321
or you can do that too12934.7394.101
follow me12937.264.679
come on guys all right12938.845.68
okay do your do your best12941.9394.981
oh that's fun12946.923.62
oh boy12951.36.42
yep oh I should have got him anyway it's12953.545.98
when the junk turrets better that's12957.725.28
going to be more effective wow wow wow12959.525.339
I'm gonna reload again oh boy this is12963.03.42
in the future that is gonna be money12966.427.319
here here we here we go I went up this12969.545.76
is where I was12973.7394.641
yeah again12975.33.08
oh God12992.344.26
you both [ __ ]12996.65.0
oh I'm still hurt12999.425.479
locking the door13001.63.299
am I good13007.76.68
oh God damn it13010.04.38
I'm so broken13016.2793.261
oh is he coming this way13019.8197.201
can I make this jump yeah13022.888.67
master of Maneuvers broken leg and all13027.028.9
okay I think I already cuddled the13035.924.96
mechanical Parts I need I learned uh13038.4795.521
battery Bank schematic nice and water13040.886.24
purifier schematic oh a water purifier13044.04.38
that would be awesome I'm getting13047.123.119
smarter every day I ain't learned13048.383.059
nothing yet13050.2393.0
while we're here we should uh pick one13051.4394.261
of these nice buildings to loot berserk13053.2394.801
bills it's a chicken restaurant you guys13055.74.079
can park out here I'll roller skate out13058.045.1
and say can I take your order gentlemen13059.7796.361
okay we got these guys we got them out13071.3595.641
man oh yeah13074.37.34
stay down sucker yeah I think that lady13077.04.64
oh he hit me13082.344.08
don't shoot me it's all right we'll get13083.664.98
him I think yeah I think Simon I double13086.424.3
teamed him with rifles okay13088.648.42
baby yeah it's a potato somewhere in13097.065.379
prisoners oh I found the Hunter's13100.524.759
Journal volume Five13102.4395.04
under this chicken restaurant was gonna13105.2794.481
be great you catch it I'll cook it Simon13107.4794.441
you picked the next one thank you thank13109.765.66
you drive through please come again13111.923.5
still up there13117.085.64
oh God there's only one way to find out13119.127.58
oh please don't be up there13122.723.98
is this13133.224.86
some painkillers13134.7796.241
we're back in business baby13138.084.199
shut up13141.023.259
oh that's you I remember you come here13144.2796.301
oh and they're back they're all back13155.4794.621
I gotta do something13158.04.14
gotta make a move13160.15.299
I'm a faster runner13162.143.259
good get away bird uh fat people13167.3595.42
oh no you don't13173.04.04
we're gonna do this how good are you13185.065.7
guys at balancing your zombies13187.884.399
okay okay13192.2794.0
all right13198.3194.821
here's what we're gonna do13200.063.08
I know you guys are tough they're fat13203.54.26
ah there we go one13207.8592.96
biker man13211.224.28
go ride your hog in heaven13215.54.02
94 bullets left it's plenty plenty13224.3595.101
all right13240.463.18
it's got to be something up there13243.684.71
the motherload13246.56.68
military leg armor take a club take it13253.186.88
give him the old one a brace mod yep13257.2395.821
take it power tool small tank mod gonna13260.065.16
take it oh shotgun shells definitely13263.064.759
don't be Parts just be useful things13265.227.259
Parts leg armor shotgun shells another13267.8196.66
stun baton13272.4795.601
762. I'm going home with motherlode13274.4796.281
644 foreign13278.086.659
was here because he appreciates13284.7394.54
architecture and this is a first this is13286.9394.201
definitely a first when have you ever13289.2795.341
seen a bathroom Loft that's right there13291.146.48
is a loft in the bathroom wow that's13294.624.68
really something I don't know why I was13297.624.619
so amazed by that what have oh a red13299.34.08
um oh I see movement through the crack13303.386.12
of the door I see you okay perfect13306.4394.861
chance for this13309.54.2
because when you're alone you're not13311.35.96
alone when you have a junk turret13313.73.56
hey guys come on out13319.13.08
did you fall13324.3994.301
it's probably going to come at me the13327.4392.101
other way13328.74.68
oh well going in wow no wonder you fell13329.547.26
that's a yep you coming up okay13333.386.0
I'll meet you at the here we go yeah13336.84.26
just beat the crap out of that Myriad13339.383.599
thank you13342.9792.121
all right this is my pick king of love I13347.54.899
think a lawyer is gonna have some guns13350.4794.201
in there I'm thinking a handgun is a13352.3993.901
very good gun for a lawyer you're not13354.683.42
wrong probably just a bunch of hole13356.33.96
punchers and staplers13358.14.2
clear in the bathroom13360.264.4
open the pig oh oh God I'm out I object13364.668.38
why I am Jack are they bad hey buddy in13369.4395.521
the hallway hold on I think I saw him13373.046.439
around this corner yep I see his ass13374.964.519
okay blur him out here okay oh boy there13379.586.859
I see you oh God he's hurting me back13383.427.559
I know nice got him yeah let's go get13386.4396.701
those hole punchers and get out of here13390.9795.821
you're a zombie there is one okay the13393.146.0
shot will float in the sky13396.84.49
hey buddy listen13399.142.759
where's the stapler come to you guys13403.33.7
I got him I got him in the face nice I13407.04.26
got him in the pooper keeping an eye on13409.2793.421
these stairs13411.263.719
did I just hit your neighbors oh God I'm13412.74.86
sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry here yes give13414.9793.361
me some space here13417.563.81
I know okay13422.384.0
I'm sorry you know what I'm just gonna13424.73.9
quit I'm just gonna quit no don't quit13426.386.059
sorry oh come on I'm sorry you're not in13428.67.28
a good spot moving further13432.4393.441
oh boy look at this hey13437.566.299
[ __ ] hey nine millimeter who's got a13445.665.14
nine millimeter pistol not me Simon13448.73.36
wants one that's what we're looking for13450.84.26
okay well I'm gonna grab the bullets13452.067.94
uh ooh seven six two and iron arrows13455.066.56
yeah stay down13461.626.46
this is like a secret office up here13465.165.739
nothing oh there's still stuff over here13468.084.8
there's lights lights mean stuff there's13470.8994.58
a bag over here13472.884.92
what was that noise13475.4794.121
oh leaves yeah I see I see some good13479.67.1
stuff a box yep oh oh first oh God13482.064.64
yep make sure it's dead there you go oh13488.625.1
God hey we got more zombies coming in13491.4795.041
okay where are you at oh crap oh crap oh13493.725.32
crap okay I'm running over here all13496.524.74
right we gotta protect protect this way13499.044.68
he's still left for me okay you sure13501.264.139
don't have any ammos or anything oh yeah13503.724.019
I got a few more shotgun shells you can13505.3993.721
use them yeah this might be the time13507.7392.281
come here13509.124.209
all right all right sorry for shooting13533.8992.88
you man did not mean to shoot you came13535.3992.701
right around the corner I was popping13536.7793.421
that guy in the face Friendly Fire man13538.14.92
what's that bad still down below I don't13540.24.38
know the best way to get up to you13543.023.78
stairs yeah we're just out hey just get13544.583.96
out we found the good stuff all right13546.84.74
okay I'm getting chased by birds I13548.544.859
figured I'd do one more on the way back13551.544.56
home why not the day is youngish still13553.3994.08
that was really neat how I could just13556.13.299
drop the junk turret down in position13557.4794.861
this is going to be a rapid fire quick13559.3994.681
and out this might hurt but I'm landing13562.344.68
on a bed if it hurts that's stupid13564.085.54
didn't hurt13567.022.6
a little weight bench what a what a13570.025.759
fancy place this is wow where's that13572.35.16
coming from13575.7793.241
okay okay13577.463.3
just in case you might have to break13579.024.44
them down rapid fire13580.764.7
someone in there yep busy gotta get home13587.388.08
you're in the closet just waiting your13593.663.92
whole dead life13595.465.66
anybody oh13597.583.54
uh medical supplies okay get that13605.2396.061
control oh bucks books except that's not13607.765.7
good that was just paper that's just13611.36.12
paper come on give me one [ __ ] book13613.465.58
thank you13617.424.22
I'm okay13619.042.6
I know you're in there whatever13622.63.839
not even one shot on that my bad13630.025.419
oh my gosh13632.542.899
you're not gonna do it13652.222.96
no no no don't you know13655.77.949
I'm home but I hear some [ __ ] and13669.265.46
I'm encumbered13672.564.679
God's name are you13674.725.36
I hear you13677.2392.841
shut that door13682.043.02
you know I'm I'm just gonna shoot up13689.2395.281
shot up in the air come on this game's13691.75.46
just messing with me13694.524.98
why is all this gone13697.166.14
what my stairs are gone13699.53.8
you're in my home miss13703.523.959
God can I shoot through this and see ah13707.4795.641
no come on that's13711.55.54
you know what here we go13713.126.239
what did you get for invading my home13717.047.5
taking out half my walls my ceiling13719.3595.181
this is my home13724.884.22
what's up how are you man I'm good13734.266.46
I'm just uh trying to find a safe man13737.7795.761
where you got that uh we're over in the13740.725.28
working stiff tools hey neighbs yeah I13743.545.699
found a uh schematic for a chili dog oh13746.05.58
beautiful working stiffs huh oh there13749.2393.901
you are yeah what's up here hold on let13751.583.54
me get let me give it to you open your13753.144.32
heart and open your mind chili dog time13755.126.5
and I'm gonna eat this can of cat food13757.464.16
cat food is great on crackers no one13761.8594.96
found any antibiotics huh I'm at 4313764.724.019
right now the closest thing I found is13766.8193.841
honey I feel like honey might do the13768.7392.941
honey come on be [ __ ] do your job13771.687.139
it might yes wait you might be too far13775.3995.281
along it might be early stage it gives13778.8193.781
me like I'm still infected but I'm happy13780.683.36
about it so now we just gotta find13782.63.12
antibiotics let's pick another place to13784.045.34
loot okay well my inventory is full13785.725.94
here's what we do we nerd pole up to13789.384.5
that Peak I bet you that's where the13791.664.68
good loot is I like your uh I like your13793.884.62
thinking neebs I make a bunch of these13796.343.96
you're gonna like something like that13798.55.76
and then craft it all right I'm on it13800.37.2
you're a man yeah he's got this Simon's13804.265.94
got it so hard and wet this is like I13807.54.08
imagine like Mission Impossible music13810.24.46
playing right now neebs13811.583.08
look how hard and wet oh how does he13817.4798.34
balance the Box on the rail like that13822.23.619
too far what's in there there's a box up13828.4395.101
here I hope it has antibiotics in it13831.24.38
because Simon's legs are looking tasty13833.545.88
come on don't fall oh yeah13835.589.72
Easy Come on antibiotics oil oh wait no13839.427.74
it's a schematic13845.35.3
I can make oil eat his legs13847.166.18
all right I gotta do this quick because13850.65.379
they know I'm here13853.344.5
real quick real quick and I'll be at13855.9793.721
your way everyone13857.843.36
here we go13861.22.6
anyone in here13865.9395.04
stop damn back in Action well they13867.3196.0
should be weaker13870.9795.161
sorry about earlier everyone13873.3195.721
let's try this again13876.142.9
let's do it13883.2793.601
let's do it13885.3193.361
do it13886.884.58
oh hey13888.682.78
and one more13891.9792.84
God there's so many of you come back13918.17.08
this way I dare you13921.83.38
yeah oh that really sucked13929.686.12
oh my God13933.24.92
[ __ ] off13935.83.58
[ __ ] up13938.123.0
I'm just looking at that bag I wanted so13941.124.76
bad [ __ ] up13943.225.84
[ __ ] up13945.883.18
yeah make yourself comfortable13949.13.799
oh yeah here we go bacon and egg cooking13954.4395.521
oh really how many well only one it13957.7393.901
takes five meat and two eggs man I'm13959.963.6
excited about watching you eat bacon and13961.644.86
eggs hello hey Nick today was rough but13963.565.1
I got a lot of goodies for everyone oh I13966.53.779
like goodies did you find a pistol13968.663.6
didn't find a pistol damn can you13970.2793.361
believe we didn't find a pistol in a13972.262.88
lawyer's office probably wouldn't find a13973.643.66
Bible in there either huh uh bacon and13975.145.219
eggs are up so go ahead you deserve it13977.36.42
oh I deserve it yeah you deserve it know13980.3594.92
about that here we go what's it look13983.723.54
like I want oh it looks like a wallet oh13985.2794.921
wow yeah go figure right it's nasty here13987.265.04
bacon and wallet you eat I'll drink okay13990.23.86
Cheers Cheers13992.34.679
okay well you know what's better than13994.064.799
that nope13996.9794.961
boom Work [ __ ]13998.8595.46
everyone shoot the workbench for good14004.3194.061
luck no hey what's wrong with you don't14006.764.82
shoot my damn work [ __ ]14008.383.2
shooting my damn work best shooter14025.545.54
workbench everybody knows that14027.763.32
hey guys14032.9794.681
did I missed the party and eggs sounded14034.925.92
like a party and spider allies I miss14037.664.72
it says we're about 36 meters away and14049.124.68
then what we're gonna have to dig or14052.64.08
something uh kill some distance tourists14053.85.46
okay oh there's an animated exclamation14056.686.299
point just hopping right here am I on14059.266.84
drugs no okay oh press e to start the14062.9795.34
quest yeah all right kill Taurus good14066.15.16
for you you got oh here they are and14068.3194.38
there they fall big crowded behind you14071.263.54
Simon all right behind me oh there's a14072.6995.101
lot okay yeah oh yep okay get in a good14074.86.12
spot good comfy you guys are fat yep14077.86.059
you're stinky All-American I assume and14080.925.22
now this says talk to traitor do we have14083.8594.561
a Trader anywhere nearby I wish I knew14086.143.24
that was part of the mission because14088.422.399
I've got stuff I would like to bring to14089.383.479
a tree yeah I didn't even know I didn't14090.8194.261
know hey what if we just um swing back14092.8593.781
through town I can grab those things14095.083.06
because I don't know where Trader is due14096.643.66
I don't but uh yeah let's do that maybe14098.143.96
the guys uh know where a Trader is I14100.33.0
haven't heard him mention it but maybe14102.12.01
they do14103.33.179
I love it man thanks for the bike you14113.345.2
are welcome boom right here is it14115.965.519
military base love it you know what this14118.546.239
bike needs what kickstands right yeah14121.4794.92
they always fall over look I'm not14124.7794.441
standing up your stay up oh already got14126.3995.58
a guy yep hey man like I'm afraid to14129.224.74
shoot my bullets because you know I14131.9794.26
don't I got I got hardly got any ammo14133.964.2
got 20 some bullets okay Hey listen14136.2393.721
we're at a U.S Army Post we're gonna14138.163.84
find lots of bullets okay but it's gonna14139.963.899
be bullets for days bullets for14142.03.72
everybody watch out for mines and all14143.8593.361
that good stuff ooh they left us14145.725.4
unlocked up I trapped him oh oh God get14147.225.7
out of there he's a military guy they're14151.123.239
grenade in there I don't have a grenade14152.923.42
okay we'll shut the door right right oh14154.3594.441
wait I'm checking the water cooler I14156.347.04
broke the door okay it's on14158.84.58
okay oh God I missed completely damn I14167.6995.261
think I think we got I think we got it14171.6993.181
yeah he's down oh see that's the that's14172.963.479
the one problem is this base is gonna14174.882.76
filled with a lot of these guys should14176.4392.821
we make bed rolls and pop them down out14177.645.12
here yep good call let's do it14179.265.82
what are the odds of us just running14182.764.78
across a trailer man I don't know we14185.083.96
don't have much of a choice like we just14187.544.199
kind of have to I know oh pawn shop14189.044.68
that's the next best thing Vic14191.7394.441
Garrison's pawn shop okay we're doing it14193.726.179
yeah back door split up what uh how14196.185.82
about we uh we do a little Tag Team14199.8993.54
Action one of the front one in the back14202.03.72
and maybe one from the top I'll go up14203.4394.021
top all right I'll go in the front all14205.723.66
right I'm in the back follow me salmon14207.465.64
all right following you many many noises14209.386.599
in here I hear um all right so I'm gonna14213.14.799
break him back here is that the deal yes14215.9794.741
you are all right be super careful okay14217.8996.84
okay okay I'm up top finally all right14220.726.179
uh looks like I'm going into an upper14224.7396.24
level which I like here we go I see a14226.8996.601
light and a stripper pole how's it going14230.9794.021
down there uh pretty good just found14233.53.54
some ammo this is tricky up here it's14235.03.779
like a it's like a whole different game14237.044.439
like Candy Crush kinda well win14238.7795.101
something nice do my best oh I see you14241.4795.041
up there I know I see you ah good well14243.885.099
it seems like a bus no yeah kinda oh14246.526.12
wait wait wait okay something yeah oh I14248.9795.641
found a wall safe there you go hey I got14252.644.139
a luck pick I do too are you are you on14254.623.9
the second level doralius no I think I14256.7793.66
fell back down through the top into an14258.524.379
office oh okay we'll come help you okay14260.4395.521
I don't need it oh hey thanks for saving14262.8995.281
me yeah did you get that safe open yeah14265.964.68
muzzle brake mod oh gotcha just what I14268.185.58
wanted so crappy all right so hey if any14270.645.46
of you are on oh14273.764.5
the dead yep yep let's cook the meat you14278.265.599
can taste it already14281.142.719
all right careful neebs no one surprises14285.3595.08
us we surprised them like what was that14288.344.62
boom Oh there's the bullet in my hand14290.4393.96
oh they're like Elite ghost Warriors14292.963.12
yeah okay you're gonna find something14294.3993.601
good and I'm gonna find antibiotics14296.084.92
because I'm at 61 infection no you're14298.04.68
gonna be dead so you're gonna turn into14301.03.779
a zombie are we gonna clear first or14302.684.08
Luke first uh a little bit of both hey14304.7793.42
oh man you know what I don't want to14306.763.78
take that you you that's you oh yeah14308.1995.401
what is you in that box is it food ah14310.545.22
thank you I don't have a nine millimeter14313.63.96
gun but do you have a shotgun I do well14315.763.42
there you go because we might need the14317.562.94
ammo because there's gonna be some tough14319.183.36
dudes in here I bet you're like a zombie14320.54.14
Santa Claus where do you think the good14322.543.899
stuff is well maybe this building here14324.643.66
to the to the left is Bunker it's14326.4394.561
unlocked you ready oh you just opened it14328.34.439
I wasn't doing those countdowns oh okay14331.04.56
okay go you crouch in here all right I'm14332.7394.921
looking left completely empty unless14335.564.7
there's something here14337.662.6
light we're doing it here I'll take a14344.683.54
peek outside make sure that nobody else14346.33.599
is coming oh yeah we got a couple coming14348.223.3
yeah we need to we need to get out we14349.8993.84
need to get out all right exiting uh14351.523.9
clear all right yeah move back towards14353.7393.12
the entrance we just got a couple a14355.423.059
couple of bimbos here she's not a14356.8593.181
soldier what's she doing here I don't14358.4793.72
know this dope [ __ ] I'll be looking for14360.043.779
some Soldier love all right you send me14362.1993.301
your shotgun ammo I only have uh 1814363.8194.08
bullets left yep I mean I've got rifle14365.54.02
then I'm down to shotgun all right well14367.8994.621
here got her is she down it was a face14369.524.98
shot yeah she's down all right hold on I14372.523.179
want to go back into here saw something14374.52.76
in this Locker didn't have time to enjoy14375.6996.0
it yeah it was oh Gothic boots yep what14377.266.3
that's not gonna help your infection14381.6993.2
how do these look you look fabulous sir14384.8997.54
man I'm going full goth have we not shot14389.4394.861
them zombies in the face they would be14392.4394.861
drooling yeah all right so now what do14394.34.559
you think I bet the good stuff's up14397.33.66
there let's go right behind you all14398.8596.321
right get sneaky again no surprises14400.964.22
seems clear all right door's unlocked14413.14.66
I'm gonna open it okay see anybody14415.422.939
nope looking on the floor oh oh oh I do14418.3596.0
see I need to get over here okay14422.3193.301
all right get it trained on his head14424.3595.661
zero Dan three two one14425.624.4
might be able to spend some points now14433.385.2
yeah okay all right if I'm not cocky I'm14435.464.5
just celebrating all right that's fine14438.583.659
that's fine moving through14439.964.26
I think we need to go the roof all right14442.2393.601
I would keep all the good stuff on the14444.223.719
roof okay knock downstairs not in the14445.843.66
basement yep straight to the top all14447.9392.641
right straight through the top let's do14449.52.399
it move up these stairs check those14450.583.68
leaves we see we got a military guy14458.2794.901
laying on the table and a Hazmat guy14460.843.84
laying on the floor let's take the14463.183.0
military guy he's gonna be the tougher14464.683.059
one go for the head and it's probably14466.183.48
gonna wake up Hazmat guy trained train14467.7395.881
ready three two one fire reloading easy14469.666.06
down down all right Hazmat guy didn't14473.624.26
wake up slipped through that aim at his14475.724.259
head uh well all I got is a ding dong14477.883.599
chat you can't hit his head from there I14479.9793.72
don't think so if I stand up that's fine14481.4794.821
okay ready three two one14483.6996.841
ah oh you got him he popped up man that14486.36.04
feels good fantastic all right check the14490.544.08
corners yep all right move it up top14492.345.66
moving to the roof oh oh boy oh boy14494.625.699
no just lay into him you got a shotgun14498.06.479
yeah oh I missed that sucks14500.3194.16
okay there we go we got him all right14505.7394.54
that didn't go as tactical as planned no14508.2393.901
but that's okay we cleared it out we're14510.2793.301
good we're good the first time we14512.143.98
weren't Tactical14513.582.54
so good chances of Bear in this cave14516.764.38
down here yeah yeah but I've got a14518.84.74
solution okay here's the solution but14521.144.08
you got to watch out yeah there's14523.543.18
definitely gonna be a bear in here okay14525.223.599
okay watch your step I just put down a14526.724.08
mine you put down a mine okay yep14528.8194.62
there's a bear so two minds we'll see if14530.84.32
that does it all right there's Simon you14533.4393.361
back up here with me tell me when you14535.123.779
guys are ready for instigation yeah yeah14536.83.899
go here goes14538.8993.141
coming out14540.6993.901
did he move there he is there he is dead14542.046.12
buddy hit them up hit the mine14544.66.24
yeah look at that that's how you do that14548.165.8
both Minds you hit okay good and uh what14550.845.399
do we have saving or he was protecting14553.964.979
food any any good food for us there's a14556.2395.341
mine oh14558.9394.741
so he didn't uh he didn't hit that mine14561.585.58
huh no he didn't14563.687.44
ah okay14567.165.76
I'm gonna let you lead the way this time14571.124.199
because I am really low on ammo I should14572.923.72
have brought my pistol I found nine nine14575.3192.761
millimeter ammo everywhere oh really14576.644.62
yeah yep okay uh no one's sneaking up on14578.084.56
us because we're standing up on the end14581.262.88
yeah now this is where the good stuff's14582.643.36
gonna be down here in the basement I see14584.143.78
a room with red lights I probably made14586.03.96
something I hope it means antibiotics14587.923.66
either that or french fries all right14589.962.64
should we go into this room on the right14591.582.76
first okay right behind you okay clear14592.63.42
it out as we go I'll go first yeah go14594.342.939
check it out check it out shotgun names14596.023.6
on the scene looks clear all right get14597.2793.42
it yeah get in there see if there's14599.622.88
anything in there toolbox14600.6994.141
um ooh repair kit oh those are good yes14602.55.58
oh wow neebs I told you this does look14604.846.019
good french fries oh there's a safe safe14608.086.3
two safes yeah is this door open hold on14610.8595.681
I brought my sledgehammer I got my oh I14614.384.08
got my sledgehammer yeah this might take14616.544.319
a while huh oh yeah okay oh man this is14618.464.319
gonna take a minute oh boy this is the14620.8593.54
only way in here isn't it maybe unless14622.7793.181
you attack the stuff around it like the14624.3993.061
walls I can see if there's any14625.962.399
okay I did not get infected oh thank14635.9394.781
goodness okay yeah yeah good good is it14638.83.78
is it better to attack the walls uh I14640.723.62
was gonna go in this room and find out14642.584.739
oh wow oh wait I found something back14644.344.54
here yep what'd you find come in this14647.3192.88
little room with me looks like a back14648.884.38
way maybe oh yeah wave is that a fit way14650.1994.981
better than that oh yeah there's a vent14653.263.54
on the other side that's the way to go14655.184.139
that is absolutely the way to go okay14656.86.059
yep I'm in I got one lock pick oh I14659.3197.341
should have brought oh all my lock picks14662.8593.801
he needs is gonna spawn at his bed oh oh14685.35.22
no no no no no no no no no no no no come14688.06.12
on nope what have I got four left ah14690.526.08
that was running14694.122.48
yeah [ __ ]14698.923.559
all right names yeah oh God my stamina14702.8194.761
sucks oh of course14706.124.1
of course14707.585.819
I'm I'm trying I'm trying my stamina14710.226.179
okay yeah baby oh really you want more14722.888.22
after you just took that baiting come on14726.644.46
come on the other dog's gonna win this14731.225.139
one oh there's two of you I'll take you14733.7795.0
all day14736.3592.42
all right14743.263.62
hey hey hey14744.6998.361
this is it thank God open for business14746.886.18
this is kind of a nice one all right you14754.143.94
guys go do your thing I'm gonna go try14756.583.119
to loot this place yeah loot this place14758.084.02
thick well I'm gonna find out exactly14759.6995.7
right now I said thick with this ginger14762.15.7
red bearded son of a [ __ ] traitor you14765.3995.761
what's going on brother you okay a14767.87.26
reward uh 1500 XP and 350 Dukes Casino14771.166.18
tokens hey that's not too bad guess what14775.063.9
I just got in his trash can what'd you14777.344.139
get a chemistry station schematic in14778.964.8
that trash can nice keep it down though14781.4794.5
he's right there14783.764.8
cement mixer schematic it was right in14785.9795.941
the cement mixer get out of here yeah I14788.565.1
just found some bullets too does anyone14791.924.08
have any tokens yeah I do how many I'm14793.664.079
about to load it up because my barter is14796.04.62
I've got the barter perks oh shoot yeah14797.7394.681
just giving everything to you I'm a good14800.624.38
secret stash stuff damn all right well14802.425.88
you done yeah go ahead all right is he a14805.05.22
nice one yeah yeah he's a good one okay14808.32.939
here we go14810.222.7
selling a bunch of stuff so guys make14811.2392.431
yourself comfortable14812.923.66
all right neebs I only have two bullets14816.583.779
left but there's a way in here I think14818.263.599
all the zombies we chased them all out14820.3593.661
in the yard right so if we come in here14821.8595.34
the back way yeah come on try to stay oh14824.024.919
okay you're gonna have to jump okay all14827.1993.721
right basements right here where did you14828.9393.3
die where did you first die because14830.923.66
where's your but your bag's important uh14832.2394.561
hmm I know it's didn't you make it to14834.583.72
the second floor at least now yeah14836.83.42
should we go up yes because if we can14838.33.479
get your bag your bag has that shotgun14840.223.3
in it let's have a better chance oh wait14841.7793.601
is that it oh I hope so please be it14843.523.179
please be it please be it that's gotta14845.384.2
be it probably it right yes yes okay14846.6995.461
awesome back in Action look at this oh14849.584.26
God back in business of course there's a14852.164.02
zombie that must have followed us oh is14853.846.3
he gonna follow us oh yeah yeah Betty is14856.185.639
can you jump in here yeah no that's how14860.143.839
they got in remember that Hazmat guy I14861.8193.481
remember seeing the Hazmat guy and all14863.9792.76
of a sudden there was a Hazmat guy he14865.32.639
doesn't seem like he's coming this way14866.7392.941
okay well all right let's risk it back14867.9393.361
you hear something14871.34.2
I hear something yeah I'm sure all right14873.164.8
let's just get to this room shut that14875.54.739
door behind us come on antibiotics ammo14877.965.34
ammo would be so good okay babes what14880.2395.7
they have respawned are you serious I am14883.36.0
serious I got I got an idea what spikes14885.9395.221
we build a ton of spikes do you have14889.34.2
spikes yeah spikes are gonna look at14891.163.6
that one on the right that's the one14893.54.859
that that runs he's crazy really yeah I14894.766.599
say we do a ton of spiders okay just14898.3596.84
stay stay low stay super low okay don't14901.3596.601
make a sound how many do you have I mean14905.1994.62
I got wood for days so14907.964.019
so you ready am I ready is that enough14909.8194.681
what's the plan here we shoot they run14911.9794.441
in the spikes we kill them okay well we14914.54.319
need to go for the big guy the big guy14916.424.14
headshot the big guy on the right14918.8194.201
headshot I can't believe they respawned14920.565.7
what a joke okay on your call three14923.025.839
two one14926.265.7
you did oh my God please don't I just oh14928.8594.721
wait the other one's up second one14931.964.46
second one yep one two three14933.585.819
do you have any 762 I am completely out14936.425.979
now I got seven more well let me just we14939.3994.681
got this guy I'm ready this guy yeah14942.3995.04
here he comes we got spikes14944.085.699
get him yep okay is he down for good14947.4394.621
it's a good plan now we gotta break all14949.7794.021
these spikes I can't believe this worked14952.062.879
all right watch out I don't want to hit14954.9393.561
you yep14956.082.42
gonna take a minute14958.7794.441
okay let's get that guy from earlier yep14960.546.239
I knew it didn't reload oh no oh no14963.226.54
I got him you okay yeah I got a bandage14966.7794.841
that's we're all good all right keep an14969.763.719
eye on our backs keep an eye on our back14971.623.91
sir so happy14973.4793.96
we're leaving here14977.4393.081
wins back come on oh my God a stun baton14981.166.119
Molotov cocktail iron crossbow iron14984.883.5
baby sweet what's in the big one oh give14988.386.22
me some seven six two yes seven six two14991.665.76
nine millimeter bandolier mod oh come on14994.64.2
give me all right all right I got one14997.424.2
lock pick I can use in this lock love it14998.85.28
oh I'm picking this lock I broke my lock15001.624.14
fig you talking about wait let's God15004.084.38
damn it all right well we'll do this the15005.764.979
old-fashioned way we chop them out I'll15008.463.62
do this one15010.7395.101
oh yeah nice get anything good doralius15012.085.8
I mean it's I didn't have that much to15015.846.24
get but I bought a um motorcycle chassis15017.886.599
schematic oh nice so that'll help us all15022.083.96
down the road when we're a biker gang15024.4793.72
well yeah apps are already knows how to15026.043.779
build those right a motorcycle15028.1994.321
motorcycle I'm talking motorcycle oh15029.8194.741
it's a motorcycle not a mini bike yes15032.524.86
and they look pretty cool in this okay I15034.564.379
still have done no business with the15037.383.899
trader okay well we'll get there yeah15038.9394.681
one day I'm so glad I found antibiotics15041.2795.221
because yeah that had to go I just took15043.625.4
all mine just in case oh what yeah just15046.54.02
in case you know I don't want to catch15049.023.48
cold yeah I threw a bunch just out the15050.523.6
other day at least now we know where15052.54.199
Trader is and that is a good thing yep15054.124.619
Simon yeah next time we go back you're15056.6993.301
gonna talk to that guy you don't have to15058.7393.061
be afraid of him sometimes it's nice to15060.04.439
be afraid why I don't know okay makes15061.84.979
you want to pee a little yeah okay just15064.4394.38
pee a little it's you go ahead it's hard15066.7794.5
to do in your pants no when you know15068.8194.561
you're gonna do it you know sense at all15071.2794.2
I don't know yeah what a weird thing to15073.383.96
say I know this whole conversation's15075.4793.96
weird yeah we keep it going for one no15077.344.26
thank you long way home a lot of weird15079.4394.561
[ __ ] to talk just to stop talking15081.65.719
what's your butthole look like15084.03.319
I feel I can't figure out farming in15088.54.14
this thing man why I don't know I mean15090.724.08
like come on the outside for a second uh15092.645.28
oh okay all right gotta watch your backs15094.84.32
all right you want to wipe it out or you15097.922.7
want me to have the weapon oh let's you15099.123.18
have the light I gotta I gotta try some15100.623.72
of these bushes so look at this full15102.34.5
grown blueberry plant yep uh potato15104.345.099
plant right yucca plant right right so15106.84.8
if I look at this Yucca it doesn't say15109.4394.321
Harvest or anything is it fully it's15111.63.78
fully grown gotta be it's been growing15113.764.5
for a couple weeks so like do I chop it15115.384.979
a question15118.264.559
what'd you get hold on I got one15120.3594.981
blueberry is that the way it works oh15122.8194.021
but look is it still there yeah it's15125.343.059
still there you guys got a zombie coming15126.845.34
up behind you here boy hey to Alice15128.3996.181
thanks guys well uh one blueberry one15132.184.08
Yuka one potato you need to plant a15134.583.659
whole lot more thick and I are gonna go15136.264.08
and hello get a couple houses hi Simon I15138.2393.0
like what you're doing with the place15140.342.88
back here oh thank you yeah Vic you want15141.2393.181
to go do that thing yeah let's do it15143.223.059
I've got iron Spikes all the way around15144.423.99
the trenches15146.2795.661
what other vegetables vegetable oh man15163.165.56
zucchini squash zucchini and squash or15165.7794.92
potato you pick zucchini and squash oh15168.723.719
hell yeah there's something wrong with15170.6994.7
you potato15172.4392.96
great conversation15178.3198.12
oh hey buddy15201.843.139
a couple untouched uh houses I'm gonna15205.025.04
split up and uh each take a house why15207.7794.441
not let's see who finds the best loot oh15210.064.44
I like that all right I wish you the15212.224.679
best benefits all of us really really15214.55.17
right friends together forever15216.8994.201
house mine's15221.14.679
mine's yeah it's always been smaller but15223.1995.601
good luck15225.7793.021
yeah true15230.424.42
wanna go explore yeah okay check this15232.566.0
out okay take off mirror oh how you do15234.846.96
that kept C oh really yeah it's like you15238.565.759
can bunny hop on these things tap it oh15241.85.04
yeah like I'm not doing it as good oh15244.3195.221
here we go now we're talking oh boy I15246.844.38
want to flip over yeah I mean it's kind15249.545.22
of dope oh no hey easy you easy I'm15251.225.35
reckless I live my life whoa15254.765.12
uh yeah I believe so you know what it's15259.884.599
probably better we go west okay because15262.383.54
uh that'll take us to that other town15264.4793.181
with all that good stuff guess who just15265.924.26
unlocked grandma what does that do I can15267.664.98
make like beef stew and like oh wait15270.184.86
this is perfect hold on corn you need15272.646.259
corn I need corn oh this is perfect15275.043.859
Head Start bad start15285.148.099
don't give up your Alias I won't15288.924.319
good boy Musical Boy15293.343.559
found a schematic for a bike sassy you15297.545.1
win or is uh abstra would call it a15300.3594.681
chatter yeah he says dumb things yeah15302.644.38
maybe later on we'll we'll get some wine15305.044.38
do you like Merlot or the panot grid15307.024.679
yeah that's good too I'll stop and get15309.424.14
some cheese but uh I'm gonna need a15311.6994.561
knife I saw one at the peninsula15313.565.16
I hear noises this place doesn't have15316.264.92
dick I'm coming your way I got really15318.724.2
I'm about to save your life15324.3593.201
from what15328.564.379
I'm going to the third place and then15331.023.54
I'm gonna fortify more I just wanted to15332.9393.481
get away for a bit have a little uh me15334.563.9
and you time but keep our distance not15336.425.7
be too close all right love you love you15338.465.1
come on I got him in my hand15343.566.02
boom there we go15345.7793.801
look at this15349.9395.26
look at this stuff uh sometimes I just15352.1995.7
amaze myself15355.1995.28
on how into this I am15357.8994.201
man I'm good15360.4795.281
look at this freaking thing gorgeous I15362.16.179
tell you if there were ever anyone who15365.767.019
built better than I let them die a slow15368.2796.92
thick yeah yeah be careful why there's a15375.387.479
rabbit what did you just say there's a15380.225.519
rabbit okay I was aimed in on its little15382.8595.34
head yeah and then I could have taken15385.7394.441
the shot but I didn't reload and when I15388.1994.2
reloaded it took off thanks for15390.184.44
reminding me I was completely unloaded15392.3994.441
where's this little [ __ ] show your15394.624.199
face rabbit that could have fed us for15396.844.26
weeks yeah yeah there's oh see the15398.8195.781
rabbit I see it oh15401.17.44
yeah nice right in the pot15404.65.86
10 meat goodness I'm gonna grab this15410.463.479
corn up here I'm gonna head home in four15412.623.3
to five okay all right I'm I'm just15413.9394.081
coming with you15415.923.66
there's always just something just15418.023.48
beyond that's the thing you get that15419.586.119
exploring bug we have time oh what what15421.56.42
what what what there15425.6994.681
zero in we got a good distance tell me15427.927.2
when three two one fire15430.387.92
come together15435.127.64
one more he just shook that off15438.34.46
bear in mind15443.725.759
he's still alive15446.2393.24
oh the intense drama that was intense15455.048.52
oh he's still alive yeah zombie okay you15460.4395.161
get the zombie hell I was gonna get the15463.564.56
bear but okay zombies go oh I gotta15465.64.82
got him for the bear go you chop him up15470.966.1
yeah I did good times good boy he's a15474.963.84
good boy we have time for one more place15477.063.6
yeah we do unless we don't have time or15478.85.059
unless there's two more places15480.663.199
bed rolls down yeah listen if food's an15484.1994.5
issue this place is the place to loot15486.63.66
the number one maker of meat like15488.6993.481
products I'll take point15490.263.42
I'm gonna eat everything we find really15492.183.86
come on yeah15502.6993.901
I got some business for the businessman15506.8994.3
hey this guy dropped something oh please15508.9794.8
be antibiotics was it nah it's a wire15511.1994.861
tool and Ford steel okay hey there's15513.7794.861
something back here uh nope I'm still on15516.063.839
the hunt from antibiotics I mean that15518.643.48
honey you gave me is working yep but man15519.8994.08
I need to cure this infection something15522.124.02
fierce just makes it stop burning for a15523.9793.781
oh I see a [ __ ]15527.764.74
hey [ __ ] hey15530.226.019
you swinging that come swing at me15532.53.739
where's the food at uh I don't know15537.54.84
gotta be in here somewhere it's a food15540.34.559
factory oh boy there's a lot there's a15542.344.74
lot babes okay it might be a shotgun day15544.8595.04
you got a shotgun yep all right straight15547.085.279
out I did not load it why did you load15549.8995.401
it I could have swore a loaded this15552.3595.941
there's one oh boy15555.35.519
there's two nice go get big boy okay15558.35.16
gotta reload after two shots yep oh15560.8194.38
she's running already15563.464.319
come on big boy okay15565.1994.861
he's getting back up reloaded reload15567.7793.901
there you go okay all right I'm taking15570.063.66
care of business man I reload every time15571.683.299
about that15573.724.139
show me your face show me your face15574.9795.901
you got him show me yeah there you go15577.8596.241
that's how it goes yeah oh [ __ ] I didn't15580.885.8
put my bed roll down I'll be right back15584.14.44
okay I'm out here in the street don't do15586.685.099
anything fun without me I'm doing it15588.548.58
Simon hey yo yeah well well well I think15591.7797.62
I have a problem no you do once I15597.125.279
started I couldn't stop yeah you likey I15599.3995.161
don't know yet listen it's not gonna be15602.3994.441
a bad thing to have an option once you15604.564.259
get up here to be high I like it I'm15606.843.3
just proud that you're doing something15608.8193.42
yeah me too I'm gonna go make meat we15610.143.599
can't dilly dally anymore I'm very15612.2393.481
hungry very very happy yeah very hungry15613.7392.781
I'm on it you thank you Simon I put I'm15616.525.44
putting some soup in the in the thing15620.044.38
here for you I love it and doralius I15621.963.84
have something for you whenever you're15624.424.08
done I like how gifty you are it's his15625.84.5
love language it is yeah definitely one15628.53.66
of them uh one of them for sure I mean15630.33.54
drop this for you15632.165.34
red dye yeah that's your color15633.846.42
yellow's my color who's red here let me15637.54.08
give this back I don't think anybody's15640.263.719
red yeah well you have red in the other15641.584.619
show you I've read hair it's just hair15643.9794.5
yeah it's just his hair hey that was15646.1993.78
very sweet of you color your hair so15648.4792.76
much I can't wait to give you something15649.9792.581
that doesn't pertain to you in any way15651.2393.481
it's the thought I appreciate it I have15652.565.28
to be a little snarky I do appreciate it15654.726.36
oh yeah hey Simon here what it'll make15657.848.22
you happy a pistol yeah man hey Simon15661.086.6
look to your right look to your right on15666.063.719
the ground right on the ground yep red15667.687.559
die red die red die Frank die yes15669.7798.54
you're like love right15675.2393.08
zombies you see any zombies in there15682.53.66
there's two in the ceiling be careful15684.64.98
it's a nurse and a cheerleader see you15686.165.76
over there hi yep hey Dave they're up15689.586.659
where I'm uh pointing oh god oh there's15691.926.16
more there's more I'm coming I'm coming15696.2393.421
I'm loaded15699.662.779
we got ice15702.565.259
jam out gotta reload down lady reload15704.887.74
and stand back okay and there we go15707.8196.901
okay there we go there's cheerleader15712.625.48
still wow man they came out everywhere15714.723.38
so she will not go down what's behind me15719.6994.681
what's behind me more zombies15721.386.66
yep okay nice man you're not gonna hell15724.385.28
out of that that was a big hit come on15728.044.739
Nev's Greatest Hits on album15729.665.159
is that one crap I gotta go back to the15732.7794.441
shotgun Club is not working out oh man15734.8196.42
there are so many why are there so many15737.225.639
oh boy there you go I got you kept15741.2393.12
reload reload15742.8594.411
reloading keep shooting wow15744.3596.04
all right run back out let's back up15750.546.239
take a left take a look here I run today15752.727.24
I ran the wrong way I'm tripped okay15756.7795.301
that way I know I thought you were going15763.344.92
this way15765.842.42
shut the doors15771.624.48
okay all right let's get oh man I only15773.724.179
have two bullets left yeah do you have15776.14.259
any spikes uh yeah yeah real some spikes15777.8994.981
better hurry they're gonna break through15780.3593.901
I can't pick it up if I can't put them15782.882.7
any closer than this unfortunately15784.262.34
that's fine that's fine Spike It Up15785.584.68
spike it up up there we go okay keep on15786.66.98
tracking out keep retreating15790.263.32
and here they come what's your uh what's15811.886.22
your ammo situation mine is bad15814.85.939
should we get on the bikes and go15818.15.7
I say considering it's our first horde15820.7395.04
night in Alpha 18. yes15823.84.62
um the only two entries in here are the15825.7794.681
bridges right we've got the spikes it's15828.423.3
going to do a little bit but not a lot15830.463.54
we've got those mines kind of want to15831.724.08
make more mines before you know fill in15834.04.26
those gaps yeah but it'd also be nice to15835.84.679
have more of these metal spikes no I15838.263.84
mean yeah just got to get that metal man15840.4794.081
right we could chop down that uh that15842.13.96
Tower over there that's always fun15844.564.919
between us our weapons our junk turrets15846.066.0
these spikes and mines we're good as15849.4794.8
gold I mean come on golden showers do15852.065.52
you like those no you ever had one no15854.2795.521
where do you lie on that Spectrum Simon15857.585.159
uh golden shower yay nay I could do15859.84.32
whatever you just kind of go with the15862.7394.681
flow oh15864.123.3
no I don't want that blow Let's uh let's15868.565.54
check let's chopping down it's15871.023.08
way fellas away from the Sham Factory15881.3597.84
that's right okay yeah I'm fine I'm just15886.924.2
dealing with a crawler got those guys15889.1993.721
let it pretty good away uh yeah you15891.123.48
should be fine let me kill this crawler15892.922.93
and I'm gonna start nerd pulling15894.68.77
they're Pro Race15913.8196.361
okay I'm guessing at the top of that15920.184.299
Tower right there that's where the good15922.83.54
stuff is that's the place to be huh yeah15924.4793.181
let's uh see if we can make our way up15926.343.0
there okay is there a way over here15927.663.0
let's check15929.344.8
hello you hello hey hey well stairs and15930.665.4
oh there's a ladder to this uh Tower15936.063.9
thing over here oh really yep you want15937.923.6
to go check that out we'll split up for15939.963.06
a second yeah just a second all right15941.526.679
I'm peeking in here okay hello oh15943.025.179
no I'm not okay I'm coming come back in15948.4395.701
right there oh God there's a booby trap15951.3597.141
oh God I'm just joking oh boy I'm in the15954.148.86
factory again oh boy don't follow me15958.56.659
hey Spider-Man down all you gotta do is15966.723.559
Spiderman down15968.1595.58
some [ __ ] Spider-Man is someone15970.2795.681
puking on me I'm already infected leave15973.7394.101
me alone you Cox15975.964.38
okay I'm okay oh God I just gotta get15977.844.8
out of here15980.342.3
oh God there's a hole right here15984.4395.581
oh God I cannot believe I survived that15990.026.1
I'm in the back I gotta walk around to15993.723.9
the front again I'm just gonna go up15996.123.779
that thing nerd pole it's not worth it15997.625.22
I'm almost here I'm gonna do it oh boy15999.8994.981
this is Shady16002.845.3
I'm gonna try it16004.883.26
okay I made it16008.183.559
uh okay got a plan for you16012.8595.34
can you make that16015.9393.821
he didn't make it this could be it this16019.765.939
could be it yeah heads up16023.05.76
it's not it there's two more in there16025.6994.641
more yeah16028.764.08
gotta be this one when I'm hitting this16030.344.18
has gotta fall after this even though16032.843.26
it's connected16034.523.959
it's so much weight in the Middle come16036.15.02
on we got one more I can't even hit it16038.4794.861
my ex broke okay I'm reaching it somehow16041.124.44
ready to run maybe I'm getting a good16043.344.28
shot of this okay16045.564.32
one more hit16047.625.039
here it is16049.882.779
there it goes beautiful yes there it16053.685.28
okay man that was wonderful okay grab16058.968.38
your hood pickaxe and uh let's clean up16064.465.88
I'll let you guys take care of it16067.344.859
man I hope whatever's in here is good16070.344.38
neebs as hard as it's been to get into I16072.1994.381
would imagine it's probably rocket16074.724.679
launchers or corn and peas in hopes hey16076.584.14
I hope it's rocket launchers okay16079.3993.601
something then I broke my sledgehammer16080.723.66
trying to get into this thing watch it16083.04.02
be a sledgehammer one more nope one more16084.385.88
40 44. there we go do the honors man do16087.025.78
the honest okay16090.262.54
we got like a iron helmet some boots an16095.725.88
AK-47 hell yes Knuckles just armor16098.3596.3
bullets oh man all right so I'll take16101.64.62
the other stuff and you take the16104.6593.0
hey man yes sir where you at buddy I'm16107.6594.921
uh just finishing up the last little bit16110.3594.681
for today for my building oh God you're16112.584.14
right here I was yelling I thought wow16115.043.6
you didn't see him I'm like yeah no is16116.723.719
he messing with it I sounded close I was16118.643.24
worried about him here Simon take this16120.4394.561
what's up oh Sledge nice a good16121.885.64
Sledgehammer it's pretty good it's three16125.03.96
um you see how dumb these doors are on16127.523.419
the bridges I made oh yeah those are the16128.963.72
dumbest doors because of the railing uh16130.9394.441
yeah yeah yeah but it's okay yeah that16132.685.28
would be fun to put like six of those16135.384.68
doors in front there it'd be so annoying16137.963.72
yeah no because you leave them all open16140.064.2
except for the one ah until horde night16141.685.0
mm-hmm go for it yeah also we're gonna16146.684.96
need some molotovs but we got to be16149.423.72
careful because that made everything out16151.643.0
of wood well all you got to do is just16153.143.96
throw them out so this is my shit's not16154.644.32
gonna burn down well it's right it's not16157.14.08
we don't want it to burn down it's16158.964.16
Master craftsmanship Master16161.183.96
craftsmanship I like how you can just16163.124.42
slide down here exactly everything will16165.143.54
be able to come up but we could just16167.543.18
kill them it's on our this is our turf16168.684.32
it is our turf yeah we make the rules we16170.724.139
do make the rules16173.03.6
You Really Gonna Make like five doors on16174.8593.491
each side more maybe okay16176.65.44
whoa what's up guys hey hey Grandma's16190.07.3
back what Rihanna's kitchen I learned to16193.886.599
cook some beef stew so everybody's happy16197.35.22
what's going on not much you guys get16200.4794.38
some good loot today yeah I uh was able16202.524.139
to find something that allows me to make16204.8594.261
a crucible so we can do like steel and16206.6595.04
[ __ ] oh man that's nice all right day16209.124.44
Seven's tomorrow so I guess we all know16211.6993.24
what that means we do know what that16213.563.379
means poor night16214.9397.521
night or night or nights16216.9395.521
where are you guys now we're over we're16223.2394.301
over near my place hey neebs I got some16225.85.46
seeds for you oh really potato and yucca16227.546.06
don't you give Oh Nana you see banana16231.263.5
I don't know why you want to cook that16234.764.479
potato or night we already did that16236.4795.76
thank you16245.8998.88
sexy fun taking these bikes into these16254.7794.16
all right I am trained on him me too let16262.65.28
me know all right three two one fire16265.6994.58
I told you we'd find something you were16270.2794.861
I couldn't believe it when I found this16278.7796.361
but this is for you oh really oh chili16280.587.619
dog recipe suck it on chili dog outside16285.146.36
taste the freeze yeah and then I have16288.1996.12
this for Simon what is this for thank16291.56.659
you yeah um yo I've got plenty you want16294.3196.12
to give me some more no uh I know you16298.1594.2
have a crossbow too right yeah but I16300.4393.121
don't think I'm ever gonna use it yeah16302.3592.641
yeah you are you're gonna run out of16303.562.7
ammo you're gonna you're gonna need16305.03.359
those I can make chili dogs now I read16306.264.08
the whole book it was a page Turner we16308.3593.42
have to have a chili dog what do you16310.342.819
need what's the recipe well you gotta16311.7792.941
have like cornbread you gotta find a can16313.1593.421
of chili It's there's a lot involved16314.724.08
what's that noise drop drop drop drop16316.584.92
drop drop drop drop good all right16318.84.139
Somebody's gotta go I got a broken leg16321.54.64
can somebody fix my broken leg16322.9395.941
I'm gonna get the drop I'm gonna get it16326.144.179
because I haven't got to get one there's16328.882.939
three of them there get it you're a good16330.3193.241
man and give me give me the other two16331.8193.84
when you're done okay use a splint chill16333.565.9
chill I gotta go to the drop [ __ ]16335.6593.801
over here16339.6994.96
leaves right in the face there's16342.683.479
probably more coming though so deal with16344.6594.441
them no yeah shut your mouth don't get16346.1594.62
in the drive you do zombies Simon get16349.14.139
the zombies oh zombies I'll get these16350.7799.0
guys oh slam yes that's right man I game16353.23910.141
I game so hard16359.7795.941
that's my stuff right there am I looking16363.386.42
yes thank goodness okay so nope sir16365.727.4
don't ruin this for me ah it's so bad16369.86.359
come on oh there's a deer you see that16373.125.619
deer he needs hey I shot a deer over16376.1595.16
here yeah what's on the crate no you16378.7393.54
don't have to okay you don't have to16381.3192.761
chop it yeah I never get to do that oh16382.2795.1
Hood honey perfect hold on I got16384.084.68
infected just earlier today16387.3793.721
congratulations I caught it early hey do16388.763.66
you have anything to skin this deer over16391.13.48
here yep let's do it I'll make some16392.424.34
chili dogs16394.584.799
please tell me this stupid bearded [ __ ]16396.764.24
has antibiotics you're not going to want16399.3792.601
to hear it16401.04.26
yeah come on nothing not even honey not16401.985.319
even hot God not even honey this guy16405.264.619
I've said it like 60 something percent I16407.2995.16
know and I'm I'm at 51.4 oh you're16409.8794.381
infected too yeah we're gonna eat each16412.4594.381
other later yeah yeah you eating me16414.264.679
first and then if I'm still somewhat16416.843.599
there when you're done and you can16418.9393.42
nibble on me I'll take a bite yeah we'll16420.4393.84
just nibble each other what should I get16422.3595.52
then like oh no ammo there's a table saw16424.2796.961
schematic oh that ain't bad blade traps16427.8795.4
but we don't have a generator bank right16431.244.5
ah let me save the money we'll put in16433.2793.66
our savings account right because we're16435.742.821
gonna be fine tonight you got better16436.9392.881
things to do yeah we're gonna find some16438.5613.599
antibiotics yeah [ __ ] no actually he's a16439.823.66
nice Trader we should be nice to him16442.164.08
he's one of the kind ones gotcha did you16443.484.979
guys go in the well last time I remember16446.243.959
this like from the uh from the you know16448.4593.301
go for it maybe we'll find some16450.1993.481
antibiotics down here good luck down16451.763.32
I'm Gonna Make A Wish while you're down16455.084.119
there too oh yeah look there's a chest16457.164.02
oh it's empty yeah man just been raided16459.1994.401
all right well yeah let's go get some16461.185.4
food more meat and uh a little bit more16463.64.359
fortification tonight's gonna be a16466.582.4
so I just made uh cornbread okay and16474.685.64
then you need chili cornbread uh five16477.685.039
raw meat cook there we go takes 1216480.325.94
seconds yeah chili dog on the way man oh16482.7196.361
man are there onions on there uh if you16486.264.74
want to believe that I believe that16489.084.981
there are some finely chopped onions so16491.06.959
who wants to eat this uh well I gave the16494.0615.699
recipe to you I feel like look it's a16497.9594.141
wallet you should eat it thick yeah here16499.765.699
we go you ready yeah you you taste it16502.15.64
okay but it's so good let me suck on16505.4596.48
this chili dog hmm yes indeed tastes so16507.747.26
different huh yeah it's it's quite good16511.9395.28
can I have one please well we only had16515.03.9
enough for one wow and you give it to16517.2193.121
him yeah because he gave me the recipe16518.94.68
it made sense oh boy I kind of regret16520.345.76
coming oh it was good to see you I mean16523.584.32
it's nice to see you too but I'm I'm16526.14.38
very hungry okay is the base ready we16527.94.319
ready for the horde I mean I'm as ready16530.484.02
as I'm gonna be okay but I said the base16532.2195.342
like is there more fortification uh I've16534.57.199
I've given us some some places to go but16537.5616.298
not fortification not not from myself16541.6995.821
okay well I hope we don't die yep here's16543.8595.881
to open here's to dying16547.525.419
we're gonna die a lot16549.743.199
oh God is that a mountain lion mountain16553.524.679
lion [ __ ] okay hold on let me slide the16555.325.16
bike back down oh God this is dumb give16558.1995.1
me a three two one hold on oh God I16560.484.02
might have I might have just gotten the16563.2993.842
bike stuck I hope not all right three16564.56.02
two one hit him16567.1416.599
he's tall I needed to reload oh so it16570.527.56
was just my shot oh yep okay oh boy16573.744.34
oh okay Bladen oh you got Bad Kitty this16579.6995.68
was your brother okay man we got a lot16582.984.62
of meat today yeah all right oh I hope I16585.3794.262
didn't get this bike stuck oh well we16587.64.14
can dig it out that's true come on come16589.6415.599
on come on get out you know come on16591.746.959
yeah that's a beast of a bike I know we16595.245.5
trying to get an actual motorcycle16598.6993.121
all right let's go a little bit more16600.742.94
south okay I think we're almost at that16601.824.139
town thank God man it's getting late and16603.683.9
I don't know how I feel about this now16605.9594.682
the Looting thing yeah yeah we didn't16607.584.799
have to cross this Wasteland but hey at16610.6414.798
least we got meat I know16612.3795.461
oh oh killer calm down oh boy I'm16615.4395.401
bleeding okay okay hold up this top side16617.845.279
high side hold out damn it hold on I16620.845.301
gotta apply a bandage real fast okay16623.1195.82
stupid bandage I'm cold I'm freezing I'm16626.1414.959
infected I'm gonna eat the rally through16628.9394.741
the legs all right let's go16631.14.92
all right yeah there's the town we're16633.684.5
close Okay okay and it should be like16636.025.359
pretty smooth oh God16638.185.939
easy I'm going down backwards that's16641.3794.021
I gotta turn around this is stupid yeah16645.47.0
[ __ ] taking the mini bikes over a16650.0613.898
mountain milk we're good here we go here16652.42.94
we go yeah16653.9593.5
neebs yeah man I need some glue if I get16657.4595.201
glue I can make a two-time scope I16660.3795.721
brought your glue there it is yeah16662.663.44
yeah Bam16667.45.58
Bam action okay wasn't that cool that16669.166.279
was crazy I mean this is three tiers of16672.984.62
uh craziness I thought you were making a16675.4393.901
scope or something oh I gotta make it at16677.63.779
the uh the thing over there in app store16679.344.98
that's the bench oh gotcha okay now16681.3794.32
let's hope I can see the scope right now16684.322.76
probably wouldn't take me long to make16685.6992.821
it hold on you gotta build that I'm16687.083.779
gonna look at this so uh hey Simon we16688.524.32
just up here this is the whole plan well16690.8593.6
I mean no this isn't the whole plan this16692.843.42
is just something that I came up with as16694.4594.021
a little extra uh you know little little16696.264.32
ground space no I'm just saying there's16698.483.959
mines down there there's Spikes all16700.583.84
around you got a series of doors over16702.4393.241
there and we stay up here and shoot them16704.423.06
that's the best part did you see the16705.684.679
doors uh oh the multiple doors yes yeah16707.484.319
you don't hear you don't listen when I16710.3593.36
talk to you well you said it but then16711.7994.801
you see them all shut yeah did you feel16713.7195.342
it feel it yeah like the get the feeling16716.64.14
of like how hard it's gonna be to get16719.0613.779
through those doors I mean I can imagine16720.744.26
like just take one door in your mind and16722.844.439
multiply it by looks like one two three16725.04.799
five huh five five yeah you can imagine16727.2794.741
that yeah good for you you have a very16729.7993.66
good imagination I feel like anyone16732.023.121
could imagine that like maybe not16733.4593.182
anybody if you're going through a door16735.1413.898
just times five yeah but sometimes it's16736.6414.138
hard to grasp things like that you know16739.0393.301
just like distance you know sometimes16740.7793.121
people are like oh you know it's like 2016742.343.301
feet you know it's not 20 feet that's16743.94.799
like 160 feet you [ __ ] some people just16745.6414.679
can't gauge it that's like that's like16748.6994.141
13 Doors over there what you're crazy16750.325.94
it's five 30 seconds it'll be done in 3016752.846.06
seconds so it's a scope thick yep two16756.265.64
times oh two times yeah so you can shoot16758.97.44
them uh say I don't know 20 feet away or16761.96.959
a thousand not a thousand I mean maybe a16766.344.08
thousand but that's that's kind of a16768.8593.721
tall order I I think probably a good uh16770.424.5
good hundred yards easy how many feet16772.586.24
are in a yard three good guess no that's16774.925.878
that's the answer that's a good guess oh16778.823.84
yeah I can see you yeah you could shoot16780.7983.722
Summit from here it's not a huge16782.665.1
difference two times is not much crap I16784.525.76
feel like two times should be uh a16787.764.92
little bit better one time scope this16790.284.98
feels like a one-time scope is what we16792.684.38
have with our regular eyes gotta get16795.263.42
through those 13 Doors over there it's16797.063.54
like having a two-time zoom on your16798.683.198
waste yeah all right I need to find a16801.8784.722
schematic or be able to make up four16804.685.9
times or eight times that'll be helpful16806.63.98
all right we're going uh over to my16816.163.76
place and we're gonna put it on the pile16818.544.2
yep while it's still light out yeah it's16819.925.16
kind of right out what it's right out16822.744.86
it's not really nice it's dark yeah it16825.084.32
looks still looks nice to me it's very16827.65.94
very nice outside no it's not well yeah16829.47.44
it is yeah it's beautiful out here nice16833.545.64
Sunset I keep hearing Thunder though yep16836.844.26
well you see something different than I16839.184.44
do well you're dumb thanks I love you16841.17.5
I'm kidding 37 grilled meat coming up16843.627.62
yeah I didn't have time to make any more16848.65.1
Minds so before we close them Let's uh16851.245.1
put those last set of spikes you go16853.73.72
ahead and do that if you got them right16856.343.18
get it neebs are we ready I mean it may16857.423.66
as well be yeah I'm making a couple more16859.522.938
torches to light the place up a little16861.084.52
better okay oh there's two three four16862.4586.42
five five on this side Simon got lazy16865.64.54
the other side we'll just do like two16868.8783.362
yeah okay I'm sealing it off no one16870.144.2
doesn't leave right yeah we are good we16872.246.12
are in it's sealed one two just two16874.345.82
that's it just two I mean you think you16878.363.24
would at least bounce it I've got16880.164.5
another one three I mean you would think16881.64.858
you really hung up on this I got16884.663.66
sidetracked and I forgot to do it it16886.4584.802
wasn't me being lazy ah might be a16888.324.44
little lazy I mean no it's more like16891.264.198
sidetracked started to do other things I16892.765.118
expanded more over here16895.4585.642
Alias oops does the beer last a while16897.8784.84
when you drink it not too long anymore16901.13.64
damn it16902.7183.442
all right16906.166.52
here we go let's go baby come on now16914.026.22
suckers come on nobody's dying tonight16918.024.08
oh I got some coming in from the north16920.243.78
all right A lot of them from the16922.14.74
Northwest all right we're just fine come16924.026.24
on in Big Mama oh Big Mama broke through16926.845.9
and not today guys oh I just shot a bird16932.746.78
somebody up here they're trying to16942.1383.802
you did good oh they're trying to get up16954.14.8
here so bad16956.785.518
yeah that was great I need to probably16958.96.818
move oh what's going up here oh boy oh16962.2987.282
God they are up here we've got a breach16965.7183.862
it's a spinner and a [ __ ] oh God come16972.585.32
on baby coming in holy [ __ ] they're16975.684.618
coming up they're coming up we have a16977.94.38
breach it's not easy to go up that16980.2984.742
sidewall so we got some time to pick16982.285.178
them off16985.042.418
oh man wish we had more explosives I16988.485.38
know I don't even know how to use oh God16991.764.44
spit on oh yeah crap I got a Grenade16993.864.26
I've never thrown one though well now's16996.23.258
a good time16998.124.258
right here oh I dropped it oh boy what's16999.4585.92
gonna happen oh [ __ ] did I kill him well17002.3784.982
that was good thing it worked it looked17005.3784.562
good okay it wasn't much to throw still17007.364.2
coming from the Northwest they love it17009.944.62
over there yes they do oh actually we do17011.564.38
have a couple coming from the southeast17014.564.318
all right oh wait leaves watch out we're17015.944.858
down here okay whatever they're trying17018.8784.382
to break into the uh the fort oh yeah17020.7983.84
he's on roof I think these guys are just17023.263.6
jumping over the damn doors see those17024.6384.562
doors are pointless oh God oh God look17026.865.06
at the crawler oh17029.26.3
there you go oh God oh God help who's up17031.926.12
top of me17035.52.54
oh boy I mean abandons need a bandage17038.45.08
they're here and they are queer getting17040.744.478
used to it I don't know how to use these17043.484.02
pipe bombs oh you have to hit the right17045.2183.722
one first17047.54.58
there we go yeah17048.945.698
down in nine bullets in this rifle yeah17052.085.08
I'm down to 18 in mine man my damn gun17054.6384.862
is gonna break we're gonna be fine we're17057.163.96
coming up the hangar again in that17059.53.718
corner Simon you still have that SMG I17061.124.38
gave you it's in the uh there's a17063.2184.08
storage thing up here oh we got a lot of17065.53.718
them coming from the East it's jammed17067.2984.742
the storage thing is jammed is it I17069.2186.382
don't know why it might be I need it17072.043.56
come on you [ __ ]17077.943.72
oh man I have no ammo nine mil no I need17106.625.08
seven six two either that or a pistol17110.023.42
that works is everybody in oh God17111.73.66
they're coming in they are coming in17113.444.92
yeah they are this is not good boys good17115.364.98
job on the spikes there I've got nothing17118.366.08
oh Graham watch out behind you oh boy17120.346.48
oh no we're not gonna survive this17124.445.22
there's no way17126.822.84
here I'm in here17132.523.8
come on one more17140.586.6
jump come on17143.767.24
go out go out go out okay17147.186.34
okay I don't know what to do now uh this17151.04.43
is bad it's not good17153.525.0
all right I'm back in Action I have a17159.8783.722
oh God come on I just spawned back in17166.667.52
Birds [ __ ] leave me alone you [ __ ]17169.369.54
oh God I'm gonna bleed out17174.186.76
yeah sit down17178.94.2
don't you even think about it you17180.945.04
stripping Orange17183.15.48
core damn horse17189.124.32
okay ah this doesn't look like my house17193.666.478
uh nope share my Foods17196.1387.0
should have built another bed well I'm17200.1384.802
moving it17203.1386.022
hey who's that hey hey yeah yeah17204.946.06
crew's up and down the street until17209.165.44
morning Mimi okay you good doralius yeah17211.05.94
I'm gonna start packing them one by one17214.64.08
well hey hey I'm leading them around17216.943.18
with the bike yeah they're all over17218.683.48
aren't they yeah I'm gonna try to get up17220.124.58
there no I'm not17222.164.74
man there's a lot of them still running17224.75.46
around out here yep17226.93.26
I'm getting spit out hey boys hey hey17231.98.14
Simon how you doing hi okay so can I get17236.326.6
it how do I get in uh whatever oh gosh17240.044.8
Simon you better run I know you got a17242.923.958
big boy behind you I'm sure I do you17244.843.84
guys know how is the best way to get in17246.8783.962
uh no I didn't build this place you did17248.685.1
oh geez all right let's do this jumping17250.846.06
over boom look at that you might want to17253.786.3
lay it back down oh God I don't have a17256.96.0
bed I could make a bed come on get up17260.084.44
here you son of a [ __ ]17262.96.478
come on here we go all right hello all17264.528.52
right behind you right behind us oh I17269.3785.34
don't know where my stuff is it should17273.043.78
be on your map it should yeah it's a17274.7183.722
green bag on your mouth of course it is17276.824.38
Simon I'm jammed this thing oh I said17278.445.278
psmg I need the SMG all right chill out17281.25.098
chill out I can't chill out oh I'm17283.7185.0
coming I'm coming17286.2982.42
leave me alone leave me alone leave me17292.3783.462
alone leave me alone just for a minute17294.6382.942
just let me get to the mic come on come17295.844.58
on I'm almost there stamina come on17297.585.218
got him park it I parked it right around17300.426.66
the time I'm right here I'm right here17302.7984.282
I almost made it oh oh really it's17308.347.378
careful I know that was back it up17311.7983.92
I'm screwed I'm screwed where you at oh17316.96.5
punching them punching them17320.023.38
I'm so screwed free help oh I'll be17323.985.22
right there I gotta patch up17327.2184.382
oh the big one there's a big one17329.24.32
oh he's a big one ah I thought I had two17331.64.64
two loaded17333.522.72
my friend oh no how you guys doing over17340.57.718
there terrible that looks like a mess it17344.927.32
do I know I'm infecting you [ __ ] out of17348.2186.062
junk turd ammo grip17352.244.68
sorry dorelius17354.285.48
you think I'd learn to make a bed17356.926.9
ah what a dummy anyway how far is this17359.765.198
we'll see I got all night17364.9585.062
oh oh no oh no I've got the bike stuck17371.264.14
no no no no no no no no no no no no no17374.1383.5
no no no that might have been bad17375.44.5
I hear junk turrets sounds like they're17377.6384.542
working great uh it's me holding it oh17379.94.8
cool shoot them from above where the17382.185.82
other guys at hey Hope hey seven that's17384.76.66
right I'm back and I'm black baby what17388.06.0
the hell what was that I don't know he's17391.364.74
here he's queer he's back he's black how17394.04.798
do I get back in this Junt you built it17396.15.58
I didn't build [ __ ] talking about the17398.7985.222
perimeter it's so damn dark and I've got17401.684.198
nothing on me I don't know you know the17404.024.38
mines I don't know where anything is can17405.8786.142
I jump over these spikes yes17408.43.62
I don't know17412.2983.84
got very hurt hey you guys see that one17413.864.018
behind me only one left I'm trying to17416.1382.942
get them from here but there's not good17417.8783.84
range on this keep going in circles till17419.084.86
she uh she dies how about that are you17421.7184.442
in my backpack Simon yes I am get the17423.944.8
[ __ ] out of it damn you get out and put17426.165.7
my stuff back I just took one thing of17428.745.76
bullets can I have some shotgun shells17431.865.7
fine oh my god did we do it I think we17434.54.86
did it no yeah no that was a master17437.563.658
failure we gotta put way much more into17439.364.2
defense next tour tonight is it over uh17441.2183.602
it's about to be at four o'clock right17443.564.2
yeah we have any lingerers I don't see17444.824.25
any good God17447.763.98
hey we made it ah hey I'm back what I17451.747.3
miss hey uh why did my bag disappear17455.925.038
from the map oh I think I took your17459.045.16
stuff dick come on here where are you at17460.9585.582
um arriving from the north thick did you17464.24.86
just give me [ __ ] for going into your17466.544.918
bag and you stole his [ __ ] it was in the17469.064.62
same direction you knew it wasn't yours17471.4584.382
and you took it anyway I didn't know I'm17473.684.618
gonna switch it out all of it you are17475.844.85
scumbag I am17478.2986.542
all right yeah thanks for the wheels17484.844.44
guys because already look at this17486.524.618
screamer right over there17489.283.84
enough with the screamers we need to get17491.1383.66
out everyone got what they need I saw a17493.123.06
mansion down the road it might be a17494.7982.882
decent place to set up for the night17496.184.74
Simon what I guess I'll go by foot slam17497.684.98
which honestly I mean he should walk I17500.923.958
mean those fat legs listen you need to17502.664.44
exercise stop with the legs it's some17504.8784.022
just big bone they might be pure muscle17507.14.08
yeah no they're not you have no idea17508.94.44
I've walked behind him it's like a17511.184.68
cellulite parade uh lead the way I'm17513.344.378
throw I'm just gonna be falling behind17515.865.42
you I'll catch up do it17517.7183.562
um guys is this is this what it does17521.983.84
when there's no gas it's because of your17524.1383.842
fat ass legs Simon hop off let me gas it17525.824.76
up take ass17527.982.6
thank you17538.683.06
bunk up here for seven days didn't you17552.665.02
say something about a mansion what do17555.943.54
you consider a mansion is this a mansion17557.683.9
I grew up in a tiny house this is nice17559.483.84
all right nothing nothing about this17561.583.6
screams Mansion oh God got off the bike17563.324.318
it nailed me I hurt what nailed you oh17565.184.98
it's a bike it landed on my foot uh no17567.6384.262
one's ever looted this house huh so17570.163.6
we're gonna have to figure it out shall17571.95.76
I start yes you shall go for it I'll go17573.766.18
around back I will I will assist you17577.666.0
doralius fair enough hey there's a swing17579.946.48
set in the back for Simon and a picnic17583.665.7
table this ain't so bad stand back Simon17586.424.92
all right hey dude you jump turret17589.365.42
always good for you kid watch out17591.346.48
and leave a spike so if the uh oh okay17594.787.08
Zombies come out okay yeah yeah17597.824.04
what the17605.344.958
[ __ ] what it hit you the joke turret was17607.065.88
well it was armed I didn't realize it17610.2985.102
was gonna oh okay you gotta warn a fella17612.944.62
you saw me put it down I know I guess I17615.43.84
just forgot that you know the thing17617.563.658
could hurt me too yeah it shoots it17619.243.898
shoots ammo it does all right we broke17621.2184.682
in the bag how you guys doing how are17623.1384.32
you guys doing all right well we're17625.93.3
tearing down some spikes you want to17627.4584.082
take Point knees I'm going upstairs oh I17629.24.32
just saw some fat legs go by17631.543.24
right behind you17637.243.558
oh yeah just let him fight Jimmy's17640.7984.08
around here17643.64.038
oh crap17644.8784.84
how we doing17647.6384.782
great let's see what's in this shotgun17649.7186.722
Messiah oh come on oh man some seven six17652.425.458
two there's I know you said something17656.442.82
about repair kits there's two of them in17657.8783.42
there for you uh Simon needs that I'm up17659.264.68
oh please please and thank you stop17661.2987.802
Jesus you scared me too oh okay oh17663.948.58
ready yep come on nobody's in here17669.16.42
nothing we're good to go this is17672.524.68
probably safe right here what are you17675.523.96
looking at I was hoping there was a safe17677.24.678
behind oh you call a painting a safe yes17679.485.6
that's right you're from Long Island17681.8783.202
it doesn't mean it mean a thing17685.63.32
we're seeing this in the garage there17698.045.8
Dallas uh it's pretty tame got it from17700.785.4
cement There's a Zombie trying to clap17703.845.22
oh he just can't do it he just can't do17706.185.458
it you're not huh you can do that there17709.065.28
you go ah so close17711.6384.382
you gotta Lean Forward17714.343.5
just lean forward pop over17716.025.61
come on I'm sure he's gonna get that one17717.845.14
he's definitely got it this time darling17730.64.98
there's a bird on you oh he made it17732.784.66
thank you you're welcome all right17737.444.56
keep coming down the street17739.783.858
clear clear17742.03.718
all right yeah this place is a17743.6383.882
fixer-upper isn't it yeah it is maybe17745.7184.142
too much so I'm not a big fan of the17747.524.38
structural Integrity all right well you17749.863.54
guys we can get on the bike and go into17751.94.62
town the first solid Place sure more17753.44.86
solid that is17756.523.84
follow New Hampshire17758.265.16
all right let's play17760.364.8
all right guys we should talk about this17763.423.78
right now what we need someone in charge17765.164.02
of defenses every week who's doing this17767.23.72
week I'll do it neebs you're doing this17769.183.9
week good man good neebs you're gonna be17770.924.76
my Sensei yep17773.085.34
City where you want to go I like that17775.684.42
trailer this little one over here don't17778.423.66
we want to pick a place that might be a17780.14.08
little bit bigger it's up to neebs up to17782.083.36
neebs you're absolutely yeah that's true17784.183.0
names if you're gonna be uh fortifying17785.443.3
I'm not fortifying anything I'm building17787.183.118
something scratch oh well then where you17788.743.24
want to build hey pick where you want to17790.2983.182
live I'll build wherever we'll pick17791.983.06
where you want to build and then we'll17793.483.658
live around yeah as long as we're here17795.043.838
in town we got plenty of places around17797.1383.542
us all on needs a flat piece of land17798.8783.482
look right here look at that what about17800.683.06
this this is a flat piece of land right17802.362.34
here don't worry about where I'm17803.742.04
building you pick where you want to live17804.73.9
we want to know I wanna build right17805.784.26
beside where you live well then we're17808.63.18
gonna live around here we'll pick where17810.044.52
you want to live in17811.782.78
everybody calm down let's do it in17814.683.94
reverse order you pick where you want to17817.065.18
build and we live around it nope17818.623.62
spotted for dinner and lunch all right17826.844.44
I'll live in this Beetlejuice house damn17829.243.66
it that was just about to change my17831.283.12
house to that one you wouldn't have that17832.93.42
one Simon I'll be over here17834.44.558
I'll be there in 15 minutes17836.325.398
so this corner right here yep I think17838.9584.382
this would be a good place to build if17841.7183.66
you live in a berserk Mills sure yeah17843.344.44
I'm up for that all right so good I like17845.3784.322
that has anyone claimed this right here17847.784.62
I I did the house that I'm backing up to17849.74.98
oh son of a okay yeah you can live with17852.43.78
me if you wanted but it's a big place17854.683.958
yeah let's live here okay me and you17856.184.44
together okay17858.6383.902
there's a lot to clear here man there is17860.625.04
oh my God this is a mansion apps bro man17862.544.678
you know what that is big enough can I17865.663.36
live with you guys too yeah front door's17867.2183.782
open and the front door is open because17869.023.778
it's already trying to welcome Us in17871.04.28
damn good deal clear17875.7985.042
all right so dorelli's these things are17878.3784.562
dangerous man if you walk in front of17880.844.56
them I know but I never even came close17882.943.9
to getting killed and they were at the17885.43.18
other place now I just don't want to put17886.843.958
one down scared it's gonna kill me oh17888.584.44
get back on the horse let it shoot you17890.7984.402
is it programmed to shoot us it's17901.064.1
programmed to shoot me17903.14.98
that's why this has been happening I17905.165.5
didn't do that yeah something's17908.086.138
happening it's never done it before17910.663.558
oh he didn't have a bed down he's gonna17915.246.898
be mad17919.2985.482
[ __ ] I'm gonna build a bed right away17922.1386.432
you son of a [ __ ] I'm stuck inside of17934.1386.362
where the hell am I17937.363.14
if you do is see17943.9582.602
ing [ __ ]17946.9585.602
okay there's a17949.445.018
[ __ ] what do you call these damn17952.564.3
Birds buzzards17954.4584.082
say he's gonna kill me there's no way17956.863.12
I'm gonna make it17958.545.24
freaking junk turrets17959.983.8
look at this little trailer this is cute17963.822.94
you know what I'm gonna live here17965.683.0
because if I live with doralius I might17966.764.92
get junk turreted oh it's unlocked look17968.684.44
at that these are these things are17971.683.0
locked hello17973.125.72
oh hey hey trailer lady17974.684.16
two ladies living together huh17982.845.64
there you go there you go17985.55.62
put it down buddy good17988.486.238
okay I'll let down this is comfy cold17991.127.258
beer here I got a kitchen yep ah this is17994.7187.462
this is Astros trailer17998.3783.802
bad dog18011.2985.462
oh damn18013.683.08
bad dog18016.982.72
here we go18021.3786.522
what's up yeah hello anything ooh solar18023.947.26
panels that's cool low power bill I see18027.95.22
a box of stuff18031.24.92
ooh baby what we got here I don't even18033.126.48
have to break it yes okay my first18036.125.4
pistol some nine millimeter a dumb18039.64.26
looking Hood a double barrel shotgun18041.526.118
love it and18043.866.358
since I own a restaurant18047.6386.552
food and Bam18050.2185.102
bam you got this whole box from one18055.323.898
thing of spam18057.63.96
all right are we open for business18059.2184.822
thank you18064.982.658
help Simon yes somebody please tell me18069.1385.5
where my stuff is to maybe put it away18072.9584.562
it's right here I put it in the chest oh18074.6384.982
you are amazing18077.524.38
hey I'm sorry about this the junk turret18079.623.66
I don't wait so does that mean you kind18081.92.94
of want to try it one more time yeah now18083.283.24
put it down again18084.844.44
oh boy wow18086.525.58
uh about a bang a little slam and then18089.284.38
pick it up and start shooting you ready18092.13.358
uh put it right click let go of it then18093.664.138
yeah yeah pick it up pick it up please18095.4585.18
pick it up pick it up okay hold on18097.7986.0
hey you killed me I know but you didn't18100.6386.342
pick it up okay oh let's let's move I'm18103.7985.34
gonna watch it clear in the house hold18106.983.54
on a second18109.1385.522
make me watch you make me watch it18110.527.16
oh sorry18114.663.02
the rallies yes sir all right so what18118.983.478
are we gonna do for real we're gonna18121.322.818
clear the house clear the house probably18122.4583.18
without our junk turrets all right no18124.1383.182
junk turrets I'm right here take a left18125.6384.922
and all right take it a left18127.326.35
going upstairs okay18130.565.158
push it up here okay18135.7184.202
who's boss I'm gonna show you who's Boss18137.44.68
Buddy for them not me I'm gonna show18139.928.06
this person here who's boss one shot18142.085.9
I was waiting for that what's going on18152.95.76
with the turret thing18156.484.738
shoot each other are you guys not18158.664.66
friends or Allied we might not be allies18161.2184.022
did you not accept my thing I thought I18163.325.88
did Simon hit I okay I uh-huh yeah18165.246.66
doralia find doralius his name I clicked18169.25.518
on the damn envelope earlier there now18171.94.26
you probably won't shoot each other with18174.7184.142
your damn turrets Let's Do Science fools18176.164.26
science it up let's make it official18178.863.54
here we go18180.424.82
all safe18182.42.84
all safe18186.364.83
good man you're good man18187.7985.042
oh we got a big boy oh boy18192.848.36
look over there18197.843.36
man that didn't sound good did it no18205.444.88
so let's see new place I'm gonna need18213.184.5
Supply how do I do this oh here we go I18217.683.958
don't even know you but I have to share18220.263.36
my thoughts blah blah how do I just get18221.6383.24
to the thing18223.624.38
um okay except and then claude's18224.8785.76
treasure map locate treasure18228.07.2
and on the map or huh oh back near my18230.6387.262
old house okay so18235.26.258
yep all right here we go18237.93.558
and I can grab some stuff from my house18242.766.118
like my pots and pans and my grill and18246.124.98
my my blender18248.8785.642
my whisker boy my kitchen vocabulary is18251.15.038
how big was this freaking building it18256.1383.302
didn't feel like it was this time I18258.242.398
didn't feel like it was this tall at all18259.443.0
all right hold on hold on obviously18260.6383.362
there's got to be a way for us to go up18262.444.38
well yeah nerd pole nerd pull I'll be18264.05.1
doing the nerd that nerd hole18266.824.978
all right I'll wait here18269.15.278
you okay18271.7984.142
to try to go a different way yeah maybe18274.3783.062
bottom cover the bottom18277.446.3
okay he's a little organized time to go18280.565.28
meet my neighbors18283.745.0
good to meet you18285.842.9
let's see were you hiding anything oh I18290.05.94
see a box up there18292.743.2
what you got in the Box oh oh this is18296.785.16
actually made of cookies18300.04.5
ooh great alcohol18301.945.198
you drunk [ __ ]18304.54.378
okay let's go see what the other18307.1384.462
neighbors have18308.8782.722
oh these look like some nice neighbors18312.065.28
they're already dead buried sometimes18314.44.558
they're buried with the math stuff like18317.343.48
golden bullet18318.9584.442
sir you're standing where my treasure is18320.825.16
one more I got a club it's got unlimited18325.985.76
I think that was it for you shovel time18331.745.1
says right here18335.044.56
it's blinking so it's18336.845.038
Abraham Lincoln18339.63.72
it's for you drellies18341.8783.122
Wherever You Are18343.324.558
all right little jump here little go18345.06.42
here oh I just fell right inside of what18347.8785.822
appears to be like what I thought was an18351.424.98
elevator and I am probably not in a good18353.74.2
position right now because it looks like18356.44.62
I'm underground okay this might be a18357.95.34
good place to be I bet it is18361.024.438
maybe they were bringing stuff up from a18363.244.26
mine or something18365.4583.962
let's go oh boy okay okay okay18369.426.63
all right18374.064.26
okay are we good18380.128.518
what is that oh it's a duffel bag huh18383.285.358
how are you this is scary18390.3785.522
you little sneaky boy oh18395.99.6
[ __ ] he's sneaky sneaky neighbor18399.565.94
all right what's in the devil's legs18406.74.42
totally worth it hello you [ __ ]18411.123.86
all right then let's see18417.846.42
it's not too much here18420.65.22
I mean this just feels bad18425.824.978
would you be mine could you be mine18433.687.278
won't you be my neighbor oh wow18437.946.3
oh man oh this place is cool man I18440.9585.982
should move here oh God yeah now I want18444.244.08
to move out of the trailer18446.943.12
tomb this18450.063.6
is bullets18451.686.48
I knew it last yard gun platter sweet18453.669.2
okay oh where where oh God hoodie18458.167.4
[ __ ]18462.865.32
Bad Neighbor lucky for you I found18465.564.84
bullets oh they're hiding in the walls18468.183.84
of course they are who would pair18470.44.818
anybody with a hoodie though18472.023.198
who gets buried like a casual shirt18478.025.118
starting to wish hadn't done this now18484.265.64
watch it be this one18489.94.23
this is the treasure18491.825.818
you guys here18501.94.62
um oh my god dude there's a lot of stuff18503.945.64
going on here man this is insane yeah I18506.526.118
know wow18509.585.4
I don't see you you see me your voice is18512.6384.802
getting getting closer yep I'm in18514.984.2
trouble I'm gonna run out of bullets18517.443.6
here and there's there's more guys here18519.184.86
than probably my bullets18521.046.838
least that I need oh there you are hey18524.046.12
all right okay and there's a couple18527.8784.742
there's at least one more watch out I18530.163.718
haven't found anything down here yeah18532.624.258
we're getting we are we must be you know18533.8785.782
we are all right18536.8782.782
oh did you not hear that oh your18559.825.62
friend's head blow off next to you18562.864.64
there we go18567.53.7
anything behind me that's what I need to18569.583.84
keep an eye on six18571.25.64
found some 762 just for you guys I got18573.426.538
some seven six two just for you18576.844.4
yes ma'am medical supplies come on oh a18581.246.58
first aid kit that's actually really18586.024.56
sweet oh it's gonna be bullets oh18587.825.76
there's gonna be bullets yeah it's18590.585.46
shotgun shells three repair kits iron18593.585.46
chest armor oh and a shotgun this is all18596.044.08
that's right weapons back come on18600.124.86
there's gonna be bullet oh seven six two18602.164.86
shotgun I knew they was gonna be18604.984.44
bulletsy people are always married with18607.024.32
boats I don't know why I'm talking like18609.425.218
this holy [ __ ] more bullets more chest18611.344.32
some shotgun Messiah foxy what do we got18615.667.38
we got both bullets Hachi Machi no armor18619.1386.0
plating oh another stunt baton that's18623.044.74
better than my first stun baton man this18625.1384.802
was a I still think I might move in here18627.784.16
what a cool spot18629.945.46
this chest this one lock picking it do18631.946.358
it I'm lock picking yeah18635.48.16
four three two one do it uh-huh it18638.2989.042
worked there you go oh my God nope I18643.565.7
don't believe you no we got good stuff18647.344.378
two repair kits you thought nothing was18649.264.44
gonna be here what do you got all all18651.7183.302
types of things I can't wait to go to18653.73.0
the trader got some diamonds and gold18655.023.66
come on come on tell me what you got18656.73.72
you're going up I will let's just get18658.684.14
out of here tell me now18660.424.98
I am about to give up on this one oh18662.823.898
wait what's that18665.42.46
wait wait there it is18667.865.82
I did not just dig all this time for18670.027.26
some Casino tokens and a baton18673.686.6
all right head back home18685.8784.08
oh God18693.747.78
oh no oh wait no back out come on if I18696.2986.5
get back out of here18701.525.34
please back out of here okay you can do18702.7986.062
it neebs18706.863.68
okay let's put a sign here18710.546.16
all right18714.1384.872
I'll put a sign right here18716.710.849
hello good morning fellas18728.426.34
hey hey neebs yeah what's the plan bud18731.764.8
it's day one man I ain't worried about18734.762.76
it what do you mean you ain't worried18736.562.578
about it day one you start building18737.523.9
bases at like day six no you don't you18739.1384.5
go oh crap you saw what just that's what18741.423.66
we usually do that's the plan that's18743.6382.82
tradition no we can't do it that way18745.082.878
this time y'all said that I could build18746.4582.882
the base so that's how I do it whatever18747.9583.542
you want to do you're in charge yeah I18749.344.618
agree with that one hundy okay nah18751.53.78
you're not gonna do that that's unlike18753.9583.962
memes to not prepare I like to cram oh18755.284.74
crap it's Friday oh you don't I got an18757.923.78
example like a crab you don't like to do18760.023.118
that at all yeah he ain't gonna do that18761.73.84
so he's pulling our legs he's yanking18763.1384.262
our little dicks just a sign of good18765.545.46
faith and uh you're welcome nibs oh a18767.45.818
door yeah thank you look at that yeah18771.04.62
that's friendship yeah we're friends18773.2186.0
friendship love family dare I say yeah18775.625.338
we know we're family nibs could you just18779.2183.842
maybe could you do it two days out might18780.9584.802
do it post post hoard night yep yanking18783.064.738
her dicks keep digging it big old dick18785.763.72
anchor you like yanking that dick don't18787.7983.722
you the eggs just keep your dick out of18789.484.52
the ass thanks18791.522.48
works for me that's what you want to do18802.022.938
man you're the guy in charge yeah I'm18803.4582.702
just going to clear like clear all the18804.9583.18
grass out of here and stuff and then uh18806.164.68
you know uh Y'all Gonna gather stuff we18808.1384.74
all gather stuff I've got to forge a18810.843.48
workbench and I'm about to make a cement18812.8783.782
mixer okay perfect you want to put it18814.325.28
over there in the uh Berserker bills18816.665.88
yeah that I mean this is closer yeah it18819.64.5
doesn't matter I mean yeah as long as18822.543.96
neebs has access to it whatever hello18824.14.32
hey hey18826.54.5
all right I'm pretty heavy because I'm18828.424.5
transporting stuff from my old place to18831.04.02
wherever we are here well you're not as18832.925.28
heavy as Simon's lag so yeah hey my legs18835.025.04
are ready to go to work for you Cap all18838.23.42
right so neebs you need something you18840.063.6
asked me okay so here's what I want I18841.625.338
want paint I want cement steel spikes18843.664.978
let's just start with that I'm gonna go18846.9583.42
places Forge and stuff get that cement18848.6384.382
mixer going all right cement paint steel18850.3785.102
traps spikes get it done18853.024.858
I'm feeling this18855.485.76
is sacred Indian burial ground18857.8786.962
so thick I got 10 points what but I had18861.245.58
10 that I have to spend I haven't been18864.844.98
disbending it okay so I'm thinking about18866.825.398
doing back view and potentially Master18869.824.68
Chef master Chef would be great you18872.2183.602
could be the mayor of flavor town you18874.53.54
know hello Papa listen I'm gonna be a18875.824.138
chef did you hear yeah remember we had18878.043.72
the talk but I was going to be Chef you18879.9583.722
you really being a chef too we had a we18881.763.24
had a long discussion about who was18883.682.64
gonna do what oh it could be like Iron18885.02.82
Chef you guys could have a cook-off we18886.323.72
get random ingredients that's true uh I18887.823.42
think it was gonna be weapons I was18890.043.418
gonna be farming chef and science well I18891.245.52
got 10 points baby yeah hey just put put18893.4584.92
them in what you want to man we didn't18896.763.06
put you on that list because we knew18898.3782.942
probably wasn't gonna matter well it's18899.823.42
it is gonna matter this is the day that18901.323.96
we all realize that it matters you don't18903.243.24
remember the last conversation and18905.282.28
you're not gonna remember this one next18906.483.36
time listen I remember a lot of things18907.563.72
there's a lot of things I don't need to18909.843.118
remember okay you act like I don't18911.283.54
remember anything I'm not acting I'm18912.9584.382
selective all right yeah my brain18914.824.08
remembers that you're a douche not18917.344.94
tomorrow oh every day18918.95.72
don't worry about it18922.285.018
you're gonna forget I don't need the18924.624.66
reminding of that okay okay do y'all18927.2984.442
have the cement ready yet or not well18929.284.018
I'm doing things I'm getting ready I'm18931.743.898
I'm prepping yeah needs is this your18933.2984.08
place yeah hey I'm gonna put a chest in18935.6383.0
here because I'm encumbered I need18937.3783.0
somewhere to store my stuff before I18938.6383.182
find somewhere to live this could be18940.3782.882
your little room back here my little18941.823.84
room a little Nook little thick Nook put18943.263.66
a chest down that can be your chest18945.662.218
right that's what I'm gonna do okay18946.923.298
right in here yep okay so you need18947.8784.5
forged iron right because it wasn't I18950.2183.362
was supposed to be doing something for18952.3782.76
you I forgot remember what I asked did18953.583.96
you uh spikes I guess that's right18955.1384.802
Ford's dying I was right though so I'm18957.544.62
gonna work on that okay I'm on my way18959.943.9
because you are my master and I'm your18962.163.84
servant I'm gonna make a safe this18963.843.84
[ __ ] gonna be great do you like do18966.05.1
you like being my master no no it feels18967.685.278
creepy can I leave Master get out of18971.13.9
here may I leave Master please Master18972.9583.84
get out of here you're weird you're18975.04.08
being weird Go Master I'm going to go18976.7986.602
and get you things now Master goodbye18979.085.54
oh there's some yeah he is18987.267.92
try Santa monk what was it chrysanthe18991.7986.482
chrysanthemum chrysanthemum whatever18995.185.68
anyway it's the stuff used to make paint18998.284.92
and that's what I'm doing today I'm19000.864.858
gonna make Nev some paint so I never19003.25.28
have to do it again let's see anymore19005.7184.682
yeah a little bit here a little bit19008.484.62
there oh yeah that's some cross anthemum19010.44.44
what's this Golden Rod may as well take19013.14.618
some of that make some tea okay19014.846.36
okay rock and roll rock and roll rock19017.7187.022
and roll keep rock and roll rock and19021.26.0
roll [ __ ] yourself19024.743.78
hey nibs yes sir you want to meet me at19028.525.76
the lot oh do I I'll bird no more oh19030.625.518
good chat thank you ah they was up there19034.284.438
too he was he was so up there okay so19036.1384.142
obviously I didn't have much cement mix19038.7184.382
but the mixer's down the forge is down19040.285.22
the workstation work workbench I have an19043.14.198
anvil do you need that uh that'll help19045.53.6
the uh yeah okay I'll give you these19047.2984.08
there's only nine concrete but it's a19049.13.42
start and they're wet when you lay them19051.3783.0
down they're gonna dry so I just placed19052.523.42
this like a regular block like a regular19054.3784.202
block I just bam and it's a damn okay19055.944.08
cool here's what I want to do Dallas19058.582.76
okay I want to get those little wood19060.023.358
frames and block it out okay and then19061.343.9
y'all can see kind of my plan and then19063.3783.902
we replace that with concrete I'm saying19065.243.898
we're building it twice well just so you19067.283.72
can see my plan y'all can critique it19069.1383.542
say yeah that's gonna work neebs that's19071.03.298
brilliant there's a bird is that another19072.683.6
bird yep a lot of birds a day oh there19074.2985.282
it is oh son of ah19076.287.438
that is frustrating yeah19079.586.0
yeah cool that's the plan I'll show you19083.7183.24
thanks for the blocks you're welcome19085.584.86
thanks for the Anvil uh yep it's in my19086.9584.982
house I'll get it to you later I'll go19090.443.6
get it okay and thank you for being19091.945.04
friends yep we traveled down the road19094.045.94
and back again the heart is true we're19096.985.52
all friends and confidants isn't it pal19099.984.8
Pals I don't know but it was still19102.54.76
pretty good19104.782.48
all right I need bullets I have shotgun19107.2985.882
shells but I need other bullets and this19110.425.218
place looks interesting oh a crafting19113.184.26
bench that'll be handy19115.6384.442
oh okay JJ Abrams I'm gonna follow the19117.445.278
lights yep follow the lens flares what19120.085.46
is it has this house been looted man I19122.7183.962
feel like these guys have looted19125.542.72
you [ __ ]19128.265.698
any more of you oh God19130.585.58
all right all right here back up back up19133.9584.782
back up back up do I need to reload yeah19136.166.2
yeah yeah yeah here we go19138.743.62
enough oh no crawler I just smack you I19142.547.2
don't want to waste all my bullets19147.624.82
nice all right let me clear this place19149.746.16
ooh how do I all right I bet you there19152.445.74
might be a way through there to there19155.93.898
from here19158.185.698
possibly let's see oh there you are just19159.7986.182
just come on through right let you do19163.8783.42
the work okay so there's two of you19165.983.898
Chileans as we say in the in the South19167.2986.742
boom switch to back19169.8784.162
good night losers19174.945.14
neebs yeah what's the best way for me to19180.084.558
get metal around here there should be19183.084.798
like rocks metal rocks yeah I hit the19184.6385.102
metal rocks and I got lead it was wrong19187.8783.122
that was the wrong rock yeah that was a19189.743.0
lead Rock I showed you I showed you what19191.03.06
they looked like I know and I haven't19192.743.0
seen any around here there's one right19194.063.06
back on the other side of this house I'm19195.743.36
looking all right good I'll go over19197.124.08
there I'll see you guys later hey Doral19199.14.02
can you make a chemistry station dude I19201.24.32
was on it already and I'm shy to beakers19203.124.678
and I asked neebs if he had two beakers19205.524.1
yeah I put them in this bike right here19207.7984.382
yeah Beaker bike yeah that way I don't19209.623.94
have to run a run all the way back to19212.183.6
town to make some uh some some stuff for19213.565.158
neebs I'll give you in return five more19215.785.598
wet concrete blocks19218.7185.702
MVP today dude I am today I am let's not19221.3784.482
forget that Simon will forget it but19224.423.78
let's not I won't forget it doralis I19225.864.018
want to see this chemistry station yeah19228.23.96
I've got to move your bed bro Simon19229.8784.022
because that's where it's going you have19232.163.6
permission I love you oh don't forget to19233.93.66
put another one down I'm breaking it19235.764.02
okay well start building this first it's19237.563.6
going to take a minute guys I don't know19239.783.0
where you're coming to watch I haven't19241.163.478
seen this room so you got a nice set up19242.784.858
here you got a floor table Yeah claim19244.6385.102
block a sleeping man oh this is gonna be19247.6383.962
quick half hey someone uh beat down19249.743.36
Simon's bed roll so I can place this19251.62.94
immediately gotcha I'm gonna go ahead19253.13.84
and give you some uh smelt some iron for19254.543.598
you what are you putting the chemistry19256.944.5
oh and the freaking uh cement thing yep19258.1385.522
Love It One Stop Shop all right I'm19261.443.96
gonna get back to clearing that field do19263.663.24
it man do it this is the place to go19265.43.058
yeah next Fortnight we're gonna we're19266.93.42
gonna kick some butt yeah I like that19268.4583.122
last time all right so this is gonna19270.323.0
take a minute yeah no it's ready now19271.583.42
what all right I want to see you put19273.323.24
this down I've never seen a chemistry19275.05.42
station be put down my first time19276.563.86
I never want to move this is great this19282.13.4
is awesome this is awesome this is a19284.362.34
good little uh good little room here oh19285.53.12
wait hold on you put it down yep okay19286.73.9
can we try to make paint I want to see19288.624.5
how paint work man I am one step ahead19290.64.26
of you baby well I'm mixing some paint19293.124.258
for you baby okay uh you got a brush19294.864.56
it's only 1 800 yes I have a brush19297.3784.26
what's a 10 800 what's that mean with19299.424.56
paint That's How many uh I think so that19301.6383.602
sounds like a lot of pain right oh man19303.983.238
I've already made 200 paint this is19305.243.718
goes quick guys I gotta go loot19307.2183.42
something I've done a lot for the19308.9582.882
morning you know what yeah you deserve19310.6385.16
thank you thank you find something nice19311.846.06
all right let's try this pain out grab a19315.7985.282
brush and a paint no look hey Simon okay19317.95.58
I got a brush what you want to paint I19321.084.32
don't know maybe just this Archway here19323.483.54
huh pick a different color for just that19325.43.84
Archway oh why is it that okay hold on19327.025.698
do I have to hold our materials oh I19329.244.5
guess you don't have to learn stuff19332.7183.062
anymore you just got all the paint yeah19333.744.44
I got it all well that's cool okay19335.785.04
that's cool now I'm happy19338.184.74
now our Fork19340.825.1
Fork so we can Boop cold beer here cold19342.926.9
beer here love it oh man this day just19345.926.48
got better yep cold beer here cold beer19349.826.12
here lots of cold beer19352.46.0
okay let's see what's up here19355.946.9
ooh duffel bag Don't Mind If I Do padded19358.48.7
gloves nice and a jar not nice all right19362.848.58
junk turret yeah and a weighted head mod19367.16.84
huh that's all that was up here is no19371.426.6
real danger okay uh take a look uh take19373.946.6
a look around down here maybe19378.027.02
I haven't been through oh oh jackpot all19380.547.44
right clear clear toilet clear and19385.045.64
medical supplies more medical supplies19387.986.18
ammo two shotguns Messiah boxes and a19390.686.24
chest I gotta check the chest first yo19394.165.638
did I get some Moon boots oh impact19396.924.68
bracing these look like those uh Light19399.7984.92
Up Sketchers man this is awesome all19401.65.038
right uh I'm gonna loot this take it19404.7184.142
back to neeb's house and then lose some19406.6383.362
hey Simon yeah I want uh come here a19410.03.958
second what's up let me show you19412.6382.942
something now that we have this uh the19413.9584.082
cement mixer uh-huh yeah we need19415.585.52
concrete so you see these blue bags uh19418.045.52
blue bags or like a big blue box I see19421.14.32
the blue box all right we need to smack19423.564.38
these and that way we get what is it19425.424.798
called Cobblestone rocks and I think we19427.943.778
use that to make concrete all right so19430.2183.482
anything blue anytime you see one of19431.7183.66
these uh these little blue bags yeah19433.73.36
it's Maggie all right I'm gonna let you19435.3783.84
do these yeah hey you want to loot this19437.063.898
house with me oh I mean I can let's do19439.2183.182
it let's see what's in here all right19440.9583.18
now we're making we're securing the19442.43.898
place first right yes of course of19444.1383.902
course you know how this game's played I19446.2983.962
know oh there we go all right oh you got19448.044.08
another one oh yeah back it up are you19450.263.92
in my way yeah back it out19452.124.14
are you still in my way why can't I back19454.184.778
out I'm not in your way I don't think19456.265.458
huh beautiful all right all right come19458.9584.882
on in yeah19461.7185.042
hey this is a gym what is going on here19463.844.298
there's like gym equipment there's19466.763.48
concrete bags everywhere I like it I19468.1383.782
like concrete bags and I like gym19470.243.898
equipment oh I found a suitcase behind a19471.924.02
painting anything in the suitcase yeah I19474.1384.32
got a beef ration see that ain't bad oh19475.946.84
no listen food food is good yep okay oh19478.4587.822
that's a scary little [ __ ]19482.786.66
Gary scary scary little [ __ ]19486.286.78
man she got me there19489.443.62
that was real okay yeah I mean I don't19494.084.84
know if I broke it at the same time she19496.944.018
was just right there or she broke it19498.925.34
jeez it's a creepy place it is creepy19500.9585.522
like so creepy I got a little bit19504.264.32
excited did you pay yourself maybe yeah19506.483.84
you know just a little dribble a little19508.584.378
little drip drip okay all right get19510.324.8
sneaky all right sneaky this is the19512.9583.382
I bet there's gonna be something behind19516.344.538
that picture Simon oh look at that face19518.9584.442
my God a face if there's any face I19520.8784.682
could kiss it'd be that one yeah what in19523.43.6
the hell oh there's a little baby right19525.562.818
here on the right oh yeah I see all19527.03.24
right uh uh you see the cheerleader if19528.3783.902
that's a cheerleader yeah all right well19530.243.898
is that a kitchen I think I can get her19532.284.018
yes I'm just going for it don't step in19534.1383.202
front of me you're right in front of me19536.2983.84
you're right in front of me I'm nowhere19537.344.86
yep sorry bud you didn't have a chance19557.687.92
you didn't either sorry nor did you19560.427.92
are you dead is this a glitch thing19565.65.198
you're just your dad but okay moving on19568.344.56
this is what I'm talking about this19570.7983.602
house is pretty sweet maybe we should19572.94.02
have come over here excuse me even19574.46.0
though you're not there okay anybody19576.925.878
come on come on come on come on we need19580.44.86
a quick clears I don't have time of19582.7985.702
course oh boy yep oh that was a poorly19585.266.24
placed poorly placed I'm just trying to19588.56.12
get past the slowpoke19591.55.52
dude where are you going where's she19594.624.98
going what are you doing she had19597.023.778
somewhere to go she had to go a bathroom19599.65.0
she's still there coming now19600.7983.802
man I am messing up and reload you're19606.746.42
the slow poke that saved my life two19611.065.898
loot bags it's a great day19613.163.798
oh wow look at what neebs has got going19617.125.16
on over here hey man what's up okay you19618.985.398
like it um I like it so far I don't know19622.283.66
what it's gonna turn into I mean this is19624.3784.08
gonna be a big place huh yeah it's kind19625.944.74
of based on Simon's idea last time of19628.4584.382
bringing them up to an upper level yeah19630.684.32
but we funnel them and we're ready for19632.846.298
them up top so a strategy I love it they19635.06.06
gotta climb it and climb into the death19639.1384.32
you know the death Runway gotcha we just19641.063.96
need to make sure we are protected from19643.4583.84
birds and spitters yeah and they have to19645.023.72
kind of go through our Gauntlet of death19647.2983.362
before they get to us yes I like all19648.744.2
this very nice yeah keep on trucking man19650.664.92
I'm on it yep so far I've not got one19652.946.92
Ingot for you perfect you're welcome19655.584.28
all right I hear things in here oh I'm19660.1385.762
getting into cold region uh let's see19663.445.64
I've never used Dynamite before until19665.96.0
now oh boy I don't think I did this19669.086.138
right oh maybe I did come here come here19671.97.38
come here is it lit looks like it's lit19675.2186.942
oh I just shot it come on are you19679.284.34
what the [ __ ] are you kidding me oh19683.625.08
oh [ __ ] come on didn't reload son of a19694.4586.0
[ __ ] oh no I don't because I don't have19698.64.68
any more damn it I'm not prepared come19700.4584.862
on come on come on just go down there we19703.282.96
all right what do I have I need a19706.245.62
pistola is what I need damn it oh I do19708.925.52
have a pistol this whole time this is19711.864.74
what I've wanted you all right let's do19714.444.68
this you ready chompo I don't know why I19716.64.26
called you chompo but that's your name19719.124.2
now you're still there right come on I19720.866.2
have to reload of course here come here19723.323.74
shooting you in the dick hello you dead19731.026.46
still alive you gotta be kidding me and19734.667.2
you what the hell man what where what is19737.488.58
going on here what is it gonna take19741.866.62
what is it okay we'll do this19746.066.38
oh you two damn it reload19748.487.898
this house this house oh there's four19752.446.88
look at you anyone else I get I don't19756.3784.022
have enough coordination to get19759.322.58
abandoned so I'm praying that I'm gonna19760.43.96
stop bleeding before anything really19761.95.7
keeps on going thank you19764.365.22
seriously I think that's enough oh yo19769.588.28
okay okay you're the last one you gotta19773.67.22
found this pistols19777.862.96
doralius Simon Hey listen do me a favor19784.344.68
you busy well no I just kind of unloaded19786.924.5
a bunch of uh what's up come with me19789.024.858
I've been having a hard time and uh if19791.423.958
you could just back me up I'm not just19793.8783.482
up the road oh hey guys what's up thick19795.3783.84
nothing what are you doing you busy you19797.363.3
want to come along I want to come along19799.2184.142
on a clear house uh I just got to get my19800.664.74
stuff on the second floor it would turn19803.364.8
into a [ __ ] show and it's close by for19805.44.318
some reason I got it in my head that I'm19808.162.94
gonna get a really good gun out of this19809.7183.122
a good pistol okay I'll give you a19811.14.14
pistol I know and if I get a number four19812.846.18
pistol three back all right I'm always19815.245.58
sure and some bullets I like some nine19819.023.3
Mills that's what I need is this house19820.823.54
close this house is very close you know19822.326.12
where it is no do you I do it is right19824.366.72
here Simon you can make your own bullets19828.444.74
you know that listen I am the way this19831.084.2
game you know hands them out yeah loot's19833.183.24
been a lot better in this game I don't19835.283.42
even bother making my bullets exactly19836.424.56
all right so we're going upstairs give19838.74.14
me the loot give me the loot give me the19840.984.5
loot so you need us I need you to19842.844.2
because my stuff is up here you went19845.483.72
upstairs here yep I died up there pretty19847.044.38
sure I hear a lot there's things coming19849.24.62
to Alice where thank God wait a sec did19851.424.32
I die up here we don't know yeah you're19853.824.5
gonna need to know I know oh my God what19855.747.8
happened this is heaven cement heaven19858.327.318
what's cement to Heaven all this I was19863.544.678
certain this was cocaine dude this is19865.6385.282
wonderful oh there's also uh duffel bags19868.2184.202
here with stuff in it yeah look I'm19870.922.94
Simon I'm gonna let you have all this19872.423.18
stuff uh thank you I don't even know19873.864.8
where you don't yep I'm not telling us19875.65.82
now okay Simon come upstairs I'm trying19878.665.78
to man trust me top floor bam19881.426.24
[ __ ] murder this this ladder does not19884.447.24
work oh I'll shot you good let me get up19887.665.58
here show me the things that are up here19891.683.778
come on come on come on Boo Boo come on19893.243.898
boo boo where is this cement you guys19895.4584.322
are freaking right now he's almost got19897.1385.042
all of it holy [ __ ] it was a lot and19899.784.678
we've got some bags and goodies of stuff19902.189.24
in here holy yes and yes holy crap baby19904.4589.122
yeah it is a jackpot thank you Simon19911.424.26
you're welcome I'll get the rest of the19913.584.02
cement and be on my way that had scrap19915.683.84
polymer is great uh this one had paper19917.64.92
in it great uh that's yeah Fantastic19919.526.3
look at this I'm so happy right now very19922.525.278
nice all right I'm too full I gotta I19925.824.38
gotta get rid of stuff seriously cement19927.7985.16
score yeah that I have not seen norvi19930.24.92
that much cement since you know what19932.9584.562
since cement Fest dude what a blast19935.124.28
cement Fest what a blast19937.525.698
oh God all the cement they had they had19939.45.8
so much cement the different scented19943.2184.022
cements yep lavender was my favorite19945.25.16
what was that lavender oh gotcha no that19947.246.24
whole festival cement a whole lot to me19950.365.82
let's see here19953.485.1
all right I bet it's uh I bet it's this19956.185.88
way it's gotta be this way come on19958.587.138
come on stairs oh all right found the19962.064.76
food box19965.7185.58
ah food and stairs sweet all right well19966.826.58
we got in here shamway it's gonna be19971.2984.08
something good there's so much food it's19973.44.26
gonna be so much food please be so much19975.3783.322
non-paper wow now I'm depressed19978.76.938
all right moving up19983.63.118
all right it's gonna be some good up19985.6383.422
here oh I got the bug I got the Looting19986.7184.522
anybody up here19991.2984.84
you kidding me I could have just come up19994.165.6
this way oh God19996.1383.622
okay this is how I get down all right20000.784.358
good stuff's up here where is it where20003.524.38
is it where is it anybody else anybody20005.1384.982
else in here want to mess with me huh20007.93.8
get sneaky20010.125.58
oh oh look at him he's so sweepy I'm20011.76.518
gonna I'm gonna come over here so I can20015.76.5
get a good shot at Mr sweepy man's head20018.2183.982
sneaky fat mama20028.745.62
all right six seven bullets left oh no20030.765.28
no no no no no no20034.363.778
come on20036.044.04
down come on fat mama20038.1383.842
fat mama20040.084.42
are you down you're down let's see20041.985.52
anything behind nope oh okay God I bet20044.55.4
they're all over the ceiling just what I20047.54.798
wanted oop this looks weird right this20049.95.52
looks strange oh yeah an ammo pile20052.2987.142
hidden in the wall gun choke mod I like20055.425.23
to be choked20059.444.39
wait hey wait wait what's up20067.1387.122
yeah stop okay see this20070.7987.182
iron oh Iron's good you need it yeah you20074.267.74
do that I keep guard in my kick ass new20077.985.1
huh it's got a lot of Barb on it I know20083.087.558
I like it I had leather crappy armor20085.787.26
before oh yeah I got desire and stuff20090.6384.562
man this is the real deal oh yeah yeah20093.043.72
that's neat will it save you from the20095.23.92
so you know what what I mean I I would20100.925.44
have hoped maybe you could have said hey20104.444.62
watch out I did no you didn't all right20106.364.62
there's more iron down below and uh we20109.063.06
had a lot of stuff to do today today's20110.983.658
gonna be a hoot oh really yeah hunting20112.124.678
and looting a hoot starting off you with20114.6384.382
you being a real good friend yeah what a20116.7984.462
like Trader tokens found some not many20129.65.8
though how many got like 4 000 or20132.8784.862
something what 4 000 or something what20135.46.54
four thousand that or a lot of tokens20137.746.54
that's a lot of tokens is it though20141.944.8
you're crazy big money like GTA here20144.284.018
it's like four thousand dollars for20146.743.898
t-shirt okay can I have the tokens for20148.2984.382
uh like feeding you all the supplies20150.6383.66
that we need for this20152.683.118
um yeah I mean like we're a community20154.2983.542
right yeah and I'm gonna yeah I'm gonna20155.7984.08
get stuff for all of us okay so yeah as20157.843.118
long as we're sharing everything we're20159.8783.182
sharing everything yeah it's in my uh20160.9583.962
what do you call this place20163.064.14
um berserk bills Bill's not my name you20164.923.84
knew that right I know that but you20167.23.178
decided to move in here it's it's still20168.763.9
called berserk bills okay but I'd rather20170.3785.402
be called berserk memes all right tokens20172.666.78
okay tokens thank you 4 288 oh God I20175.785.7
wish there were more oh there's about to20179.443.96
be some good medicine in here seven yeah20181.484.38
I need it because you know my friend let20183.43.84
a zombie come and hit me and now I've20185.864.14
had to wait taste uh you know honey and20187.244.92
other things honey and I'm not even got20190.04.138
hit by one zombie you didn't need to eat20192.163.96
honey listen I like to be a hundred20194.1384.142
percent I'd like to be at least at full20196.123.78
and you took me down from being like20198.284.74
full of Health to 80 out of 104. if I20199.94.26
give you a bandage will it make up for20203.023.66
it maybe look here look how nice I have20204.164.26
two advantages two whole bandage I20206.683.84
forgot all about bandages so this guy is20208.423.84
coming out maybe there's two of them man20210.522.88
I feel like they usually break the door20212.262.34
a whole lot faster than this I know I20213.44.04
mean what's what's up20214.62.84
I was going for a head shot so figures I20225.184.24
hit him in the gut20227.924.218
YouTube mama20235.263.36
yep nice20249.04.26
all right20251.2185.08
oh seven what found the good stuff come20253.264.958
up here oh well okay there's stuck down20256.2984.382
here oh [ __ ]20258.2185.102
I fell okay but I'm fine I just got a20260.684.98
bandage by the way are you upstairs no20263.324.5
you want me to go up there uh no the20265.663.478
good stuff's up there I'll be up there20267.823.78
you do this I have found a safe okay you20269.1384.622
do this safe and later on we can do each20271.64.08
other oh yeah I'm gonna brag about what20273.764.44
I got I got some green alcohol20275.685.22
shoes I got oh that's a nice stun baton20278.25.64
some chest armor a pocket mod what do20280.94.62
you got and what's in your safe I don't20283.843.298
know I haven't picked it yet oh you're20285.523.778
trying to lock pick it I'm gonna20287.1384.262
there was no fail for me a lucky looter20289.2984.802
book oh now now my loot's better don't20291.44.558
you wish you come up here Simon what's20294.14.32
oh it's locked still I told you they20295.9584.322
never worked no they have worked before20298.425.218
here look search I'm in20300.287.26
bam I got uh yeah not really much Simon20303.6386.962
what what that looks like a traitor I am20307.544.8
upstairs are you in the roof I'm on the20310.63.66
road okay do I need to go up there no20312.343.42
I'm driving away I'm gonna check this20314.265.76
out all right what hey rallies hi thick20315.766.36
What's Happening Here I made a chest for20320.024.38
neebs's goodies yeah that he can use to20322.123.96
make the the base I know it's not my20324.43.3
responsibility to make the base uh-huh20326.083.36
but I'm a little concerned after the20327.73.9
last horde yeah so I'm just kind of20329.444.32
keeping an eye but from a distance okay20331.63.42
you know I don't want to make things20333.763.0
weird my biggest concern that he's20335.024.5
making his own freestanding building and20336.764.56
it's out of wood yeah but that's just20339.524.38
his template just his template so it's20341.324.62
gonna be like rebar uh well I've got20343.94.44
like 66 Concrete in there like okay I'm20345.943.84
I'm doing that stuff but I really want20348.343.06
to go to the trader because I want to do20349.783.54
a Trader thing I got I found some gold20351.44.28
and silver20353.322.36
that's how I feel when it just happens20360.4585.462
it's what happens when I get all the TR20362.925.1
it's the trailer feels man the trader20365.926.08
the trader feels oh20368.023.98
how many junk turrets you think we can20372.2184.262
have ready by horde night junk turrets20374.1384.08
yeah you can only each have one unless20376.483.238
you raise your perks up to where you can20378.2184.382
carry two okay yeah you have to be20379.7184.442
within you know certain proximity of20382.63.68
them unless you've upped that skill20384.165.34
further and load up more okay I need to20386.284.5
learn that20389.53.958
all right 21 still spikes keep those20390.784.3
coming junk turrets do I have to make my20393.4583.542
own can you make mine what jump turd20395.083.48
yeah I don't know if I can you know I20397.03.66
maybe I don't know I've got one you want20398.564.02
it yeah give me one put it in this box20400.663.6
or just drop it well I don't have it on20402.583.48
me I gotta go get it but I'll get you20404.263.3
whatever I'm gonna go with thick and I'm20406.062.94
gonna grab that uh silver and gold or20407.562.818
whatever the heck and I'm getting ready20409.03.12
to go on a little uh little trailer run20410.3783.662
for for the benefit of all of us okay20412.126.018
yes cool reminder Alias okay20414.044.098
oh salmon I got something I think you're20420.45.7
gonna like really yeah here let's come20424.123.66
inside where it's warm all right20426.14.83
that's for you man really yep20427.786.72
what is that20434.56.12
what did you give me you should see it20438.165.82
but there's all of these things here and20440.625.22
I don't20443.984.5
remember what20445.845.34
the helmet light mod20448.485.64
helmet light yeah for your helmet you're20451.184.5
kidding all right so now here's what I20454.122.94
want you to do I want you to hit still20455.683.42
don't even see it what really I gave it20457.064.5
to you you picked it up there it is good20459.15.278
God and what do I do with it all right20461.564.8
so you want to go to your clothing20464.3784.022
and go to your helmet20466.364.5
got it now you might have to take your20468.43.96
helmet off and then click on your helmet20470.864.14
all right hold on taking it off click it20472.364.32
on the helmet look at that hair I love20475.04.92
it click modify yeah click modify modify20476.686.0
I clicked you should have some modifier20479.925.34
slots on the left stick that bad boy in20482.683.19
yeah all right put the helmet back on oh20488.564.92
oh yeah baby I don't know how to put my20490.544.44
back going there it is hey we took it20493.483.54
off oh yeah20494.984.86
come on huh that's a completely20497.024.56
different helmet it is it's a football20499.844.798
helmet all right it was not the helmet20501.585.58
you had on earlier no it's not ready but20504.6383.962
is that the one you applied yeah right20507.163.6
no it's not okay20508.66.3
that's the one now hit F bam you got a20510.766.78
lot on your helmet Simon you are one20514.94.44
wonderful man I know how much you like20517.544.62
that I love it see I'm mean to you but20519.344.44
sometimes I'm a good boy sometimes you20522.164.138
are sometimes I'm a good boy I like it I20523.784.82
like it20526.2982.302
yeah yeah boys20537.425.68
what is going on I got some stuff for20540.65.44
the porch hello and dudes Trader right20543.14.74
up the road shut it what what what what20546.043.9
what what what yeah well we went out to20547.843.72
dorelli's way out there don't need to go20549.942.82
to that one anymore there's literally20551.563.15
one like directly north of us20552.763.02
he gets really he gets20555.784.84
yeah I know you got that Trader perk so20558.73.598
uh go get us something nice I will which20560.624.14
one where which way just North as soon20562.2984.682
as you get to the cold region oh dude20564.764.02
you seriously you need to go pee before20566.984.318
you go I'm gonna be on the way there's20568.784.32
no time I got some potty pads for him20571.2983.42
it'll be all right no need20573.14.08
soak into the wood20574.7185.702
um yeah walking walking distance oh yeah20577.185.52
absolutely oh because I'm pretty uh I'm20580.423.84
full you know what I mean I'm full well20582.72.88
then take the bike don't you need the20584.264.02
bikes uh yes I would like a mic where's20585.584.378
the third one I mean's been going back20588.284.2
and forth from his uh place to oh gotcha20589.9583.722
but that's such a little walk I'm gonna20592.482.7
go steal the mic20593.683.56
thank you20595.182.06
all right so sick of this food thing20599.4587.602
I spent the last hour eating and all my20603.8787.562
food ate one egg got sick hello I'm20607.067.68
coming in y'all got food in here oh yeah20611.447.82
I saw some movement are you a big guy20614.744.52
aren't you oh boy okay oh boy20622.848.94
come on why are you so tough holy crap20626.827.238
probably because you ate good all right20631.783.8
what's in the fridge20634.0585.042
quick yeah don't have the money for it20635.585.86
but guess what's in his special loot is20639.16.358
it a sniper rifle it's a 4x4 truck20641.447.88
how much 42 000 I've got20645.4587.022
9593. we are a long ways I know I know20649.324.6
that there's this drink you can make20652.483.96
some reason you drink it yeah and the20653.924.798
trader like sells you stuff like for20656.444.74
half as much wow maybe just grab some20658.7184.442
ammo for everybody yeah I'm gonna take20661.184.618
one of his jobs and um get one of his20663.164.978
buried Treasures as soon as I buy some20665.7983.84
ammo I'm doing buried treasure with you20668.1383.782
oh do your own20669.6384.08
anybody here20673.7184.462
got food20675.4582.722
oh perfect20678.43.5
right shut the door ma'am we're gonna20685.546.08
have dinner pull up a seat20688.666.84
oh come on baby what do you think you do20691.628.56
huh you got some action for me huh20695.57.2
what do you think what do you think I'm20700.184.14
not messing around20702.73.858
I'm not messing around20704.324.38
geez man how many times I gotta shoot20706.5583.602
Maron right he's you know what I'm20710.165.08
saying like Maron20712.94.318
I think that means oh my God I should20715.245.1
know I'm at Battalion all right I hope20717.2184.92
I'm not breaking my way out to the back20720.344.86
of the house I really hope I'm not oh20722.1384.92
Jesus that's exactly what I'm doing I'm20725.24.62
breaking my this complete waste of time20727.0585.642
all right back here this is outside all20729.825.818
right here huh20732.76.24
right locking this up20735.6386.302
flashlight treat you oh man where are20738.944.858
you I just came in the front door man20741.943.96
you didn't search these bookcases no20743.7984.742
listen shoes I got stuff I was working20745.95.46
my way through I can't find you I I I20748.545.88
came in the front door right here20751.365.698
through the kitchen hey here we go hey I20754.424.74
found a motorcycle chassis really yeah20757.0584.5
Oh that's oh man you know what I might20759.163.78
be able to make one you mean already20761.5583.362
like right now maybe because I have a20762.944.26
chassis that's that's huge I I know it's20764.924.2
the frame let's rock and roll man let's20767.24.08
rock I do it and I found it right here20769.124.5
like right by your place see this this20771.284.5
thing over here on the left the small20773.623.42
trailer yeah20775.783.42
that you found it there you found it20777.044.258
there I was in there you were in there20779.23.54
and you didn't find it where'd you find20781.2983.302
them I got Eagle I'll show you20782.744.74
this left chest here was jammed I hit it20784.64.56
with the ax popped it right in there you20787.483.06
know what what that's the motorcycle20789.164.08
chassis I found what that I brought from20790.544.74
uh the old place I thought you needed it20793.244.2
well I did but I had left one way back20795.283.84
at the old place all right so I guess20797.443.6
I'm not a hero yeah this was originally20799.123.24
gonna be my spot so can I have my20801.043.258
motorcycle chassis back20802.365.278
yeah all right yeah drop it drop it you20804.2985.862
[ __ ] thief whoa20807.6386.602
found the stash let's see Grandpa's20810.167.92
awesome sauce recipe and uh wow salmon20814.247.558
chili lots of food good stuff I just20818.085.16
took all20821.7983.802
what's that noise20823.247.26
hello oh I don't think so20825.66.698
I don't think so you ready for the power20830.54.92
up my name's dick 44.20832.2985.42
there's a silent one for you ma'am20838.985.02
silent but violent20841.245.34
you guys are idiots I'm on YouTube you20844.04.76
this is not a good spot for one it's20849.166.24
weird oh Jesus come on20851.866.9
right here come on come on come on20855.45.36
come on come on20858.765.36
where are you20860.763.36
that's wrong I was fiddling about I got20866.685.82
some zombies after me and they started20870.74.98
messing up deep is uh his his beginnings20872.55.94
of a base here oh he could be man when20875.685.16
he gets home I know where is he though I20878.445.4
have no idea it doesn't look too messed20880.844.56
up it's not maybe I should get a little20883.843.24
bit more messed up no well we don't want20885.43.0
to do that where'd all these guys come20887.083.298
from I'm just kidding uh they were20888.44.44
actually on the second floor over here20890.3784.622
because I figured I would meet things20892.844.798
just in case maybe somebody missed20895.04.798
something okay you find anything other20897.6384.32
than a pile of zombies no I just found a20899.7984.08
pile of zombies okay you got that girl20901.9585.042
yeah all right so we good we're good you20903.8784.562
so sure and here it goes20908.448.46
what have we Foods Blackstrap coffee the20912.286.66
supplies and once I take it they're20916.95.12
gonna come at me probably20918.943.08
or that's what it looks like planning's20926.683.9
called planet20929.023.42
there you go who else20930.584.138
who has we got20932.445.278
just come come toward me sir20938.585.2
you're gonna get something up your ass20942.2184.08
real quick20943.784.8
like that you like that yeah you did20946.2985.282
okay just got down and uh20953.324.558
stuff okay okay whatever XP moving on20957.8787.68
thank you for participating today you20963.284.42
did great20965.5587.962
oh come on20975.66.698
no that one thing where I really gotta20978.365.858
learn how this structure stuff works20982.2987.34
okay this isn't too bad we can rebuild20984.2185.42
let's first see how much he'll give20991.05.28
you sir I am just going to sip on this20996.285.76
beverage it will certainly do nothing to20999.045.3
is it good it wasn't bad okay hello Hugh21004.829.58
let me sell a few things to you21010.086.92
um let's see21014.45.46
Diamond do you like the diamond yes you21017.04.36
do how much she's gonna give you for the21019.863.598
diamond I don't know what he gave me I'm21021.363.84
just oh there's 10 there's a there's a21023.4583.302
price when you look that it's in the21025.23.12
corner oh yeah that's why I was asking21026.764.198
you to see what it was first before Oh21028.325.58
and but you're like yeah I didn't do it21030.9584.562
that way did I no you didn't so you21033.93.12
didn't science you just kind of blinded21035.523.358
I didn't do it like what a waste of time21037.024.438
for everyone right here I messed up big21038.8786.382
you did real big thick21041.4583.802
almost there21045.94.459
I'm not I'll go oh you'll go okay I'll21050.943.778
go too hey neighbors I was looking at21053.343.06
your bike here uh-huh can I have this21054.7183.84
battery sure awesome hey do you have21056.45.04
coal uh yeah uh how much coal are we21058.5584.262
doing drops while we were doing drops21061.443.118
like yeah I want to do drops but I I was21062.822.76
doing I was doing a thing that's really21064.5582.762
important you have cold listen I'll grab21065.583.36
the drops you go to my house you look at21067.323.3
my stove I got Coke we're all diamond21068.944.38
you got diamond diamond raw diamond all21070.624.758
in fact yeah you have coal no no coal21076.745.28
really nothing what about an engine nope21080.045.16
no engine no coal no engine no coal what21082.025.938
good are you I don't know sorry man yeah21085.24.5
yeah you have coal21087.9585.882
um little black rock I don't think so no21089.77.08
what what about it an engine21093.845.94
engine nope ah I need just like three21096.784.98
pieces of coal and an engine deck I21099.783.96
don't have that damn it slamming this21101.765.18
door because I'm mad21103.743.2
of a crybaby today21108.183.14
okay here we go what we got here oh some21112.865.64
food look at all this food it has a bomb21115.985.7
thing yep shotgun shells and mold nine21118.55.04
we got stuff21123.542.9
yes sir hey do you have coal or an21127.44.558
I have an engine I think let me see on21131.9584.662
the coal oh man if you have coal in an21134.524.16
engine because I use coal to make some21136.626.12
ammo to be the hero of the day well I21138.686.16
tell you what I've got one of the two21142.744.86
which is it the engine that's a start it21144.844.56
is a great start right so where can we21147.63.48
get some quick coal man only need like a21149.43.12
couple pieces or how about a wheel I21151.082.7
need the coal to make a wheel some21152.523.538
mention a wheel thick do you have a21153.783.778
wheel yeah why didn't you ask for a21156.0582.942
wheel in the first place oh God because21157.5582.942
I didn't know I figured that's such a21159.03.36
rare thing hand me the wheel21160.53.958
oh there's your wheel I might actually21162.363.9
be able to do this come on what what are21164.4583.362
you doing gonna take two minutes did21166.263.6
y'all see how I'm uh switching these out21167.825.88
for uh concrete oh nice needs especially21169.865.938
along the bottom you know yeah it's21173.74.5
gonna help good man make it stronger oh21175.7984.222
that looks great21178.25.098
oh boys I think it's ready oh come on21180.025.46
oh it doesn't have gas in it right right21190.265.4
gotta gas it up gotta gas it up okay me21192.3787.062
it does oh man on a horde night just21195.666.6
just ride around21199.446.42
I mean that's gonna be fun21202.267.02
oh this bad boy slides man21205.864.74
man this is awesome yes21210.66.6
go hit a zombie I want to I gotta find21214.525.698
one here I go here I go21217.23.018
real visual let's see him21220.444.34
oh you missed them21232.923.32
did I do it I think that did it good21236.548.28
stuff yep all right boys I'm riding off21240.7184.102
that was crazy don't die21246.447.38
he's gonna die yeah21249.983.84
where'd you go21255.085.558
oh I see you oh21258.0584.82
oh you're here21260.6386.962
boom all right we are having kitty cat21262.8788.622
for supper tonight and that rhyme sorry21267.65.038
had to do it oh it's getting dark better21272.6384.682
get home21275.8783.902
boys are gonna love this21277.323.36
hey man hi I know I was collecting stone21294.087.12
for you where's it at I put 100 in here21297.96.0
yeah but I need it oh that's not me this21301.24.678
is a forge I'm gonna need the stone on21303.93.96
my person to do the things I need to do21305.8783.722
with the stone so I made a mistake and21307.863.358
another thing Simon you got to turn21309.63.6
these things on are off I mean when21311.2184.322
you're done using them oh do you yeah21313.23.78
otherwise it just keeps burning that21315.544.918
wood turn off say I'm learning two21316.984.8
things right there in the matter of21320.4583.84
moments unbelievable so now I still need21321.784.56
that stone yeah well I'm Gonna Get You21324.2985.102
More Stone by the end of the day my goal21326.345.7
is to get you at least a hundred Stone21329.45.1
that's not a lot of stuff but it's for21332.044.44
me let's go for a thousand Stones21334.54.138
thousand a thousand Stones I think21336.483.78
you're going a little crazy no it's not21338.6383.122
crazy guys21340.265.16
hello yeah what's up everyone hey I21341.765.52
found something that looks kind of weird21345.424.2
I haven't seen anything like it okay I21347.283.42
have a feeling I'm gonna need some21349.623.9
backup before you came to backup Central21350.75.64
oh yeah let's do this back up Central21353.525.52
well you got the finest Duo backup you21356.344.68
could possibly get in this area so21359.044.918
what's weird about it uh I guess you'll21361.025.4
just have to see no you can subscribe21363.9584.68
what's up with your words what's strange21366.424.08
about it I don't wanna you don't want to21368.6384.202
what spoil it spoil it give me a tease21370.55.958
give me a little nibble okay Grace Grace21372.848.64
really Grace Grace Grace interesting21376.4588.082
hmm I can't wait to make fun of your21381.484.738
stupid clue21384.542.95
and that's gonna change a lot you know21392.8784.862
because zombies don't like spikes yes21394.924.5
but with a zombie go you know zombies21397.743.24
like a jump they're like ah I bet I can21399.424.02
make that jump right you know they're21400.984.38
always doing this stuff yep yep yep yep21403.444.018
there's a ladder right here I'm curious21405.365.04
how much they like ladders hmm see any21407.4585.942
zombies I see actually two okay see if I21410.44.76
can get one of them's attention21413.45.42
hey dummy21415.163.66
oh yeah I got the one but here comes the21419.045.58
yeah here comes his brother okay now21422.345.34
where's he gonna go I wonder21424.624.98
he doesn't like the concrete I know that21427.683.48
oh he knows where he's going doesn't he21429.62.76
oh yeah he's got21431.161.978
the ladder do you see21434.44.28
that ladder yep21436.082.6
you know how you get like sometimes you21438.842.64
gotta run21440.4583.42
fall back oh you killed him yeah killed21441.484.92
him he was up here okay I thought that21443.8783.982
science was done21446.43.72
I want you to see what is it something21447.865.92
good uh holy man okay two Ford Steel21450.126.598
Casino tokens all right okay nice okay21453.784.74
now imagine I'm a Zombie right right21456.7183.902
right right and I'm chasing you I just21458.524.02
did what he did that was a good test by21460.623.66
the way and he runs around here and21462.543.598
you're like oh crap it's a name zombie21464.283.778
huh you run right usually you get21466.1384.382
cornered not here you can go this way21468.0584.442
yep you run around all day you run all21470.524.92
day if it's just one yeah we're coming21472.55.1
in okay well listen it's better than21475.444.08
just let's don't downplay this it's a21477.63.778
good idea no no hey that worked pretty21479.523.3
well except he went straight up the21481.3782.34
ladder I didn't even know they could21482.822.1
clog like that's what we want because21483.7183.542
there's gonna be barbed wire and spikes21484.924.56
and look we're gonna slow them down and21487.263.24
we're going to be right here just21489.482.578
picking them off instead of making them21490.52.82
climb up the ladder why not make them21492.0582.702
climb up the ramp so it takes them21493.324.08
longer he didn't like the ramp so make21494.764.378
him like the rain yeah he didn't like21497.44.738
the ramp him like can I make you like21499.1384.622
something you don't like no well what21502.1383.66
happens if you take out the ladder and21503.764.02
there's only the option of the ramp all21505.7983.722
right that's my question let's do it21507.784.018
test number two take that ladder out21509.525.938
so this is weird yeah the orange thing21511.7988.822
the cage oh yeah that is very strange21515.4588.042
yeah what's even weirder21520.624.758
that's gotta be a bear got a bear or a21525.3785.5
I don't know uh oh wait a second a man21530.8787.08
bear pig I think if we find Grace we21534.126.48
will apparently eat very well am I21537.9584.202
remembering that correctly does anyone21540.63.72
else does that ring a bell man you don't21542.164.62
remember a lot of things it doesn't ring21544.324.92
a bell to me okay well I think there21546.784.26
might be a pig named Grace are we doing21549.244.62
this down yeah we should go down yes21551.046.3
all right this is open hold on21553.865.518
okay there's cages in here but let me21557.344.98
hold up hold up all these cages21559.3785.34
that there's a pig there's one hold on21562.324.8
is it big no there's a normal Pig here21564.7186.962
in a cage okay oh there's a fish21567.127.38
shot him all right so that's me hey I21571.683.958
thought we said we're gonna clear it out21574.52.54
it was a joke out of my mouth we got21577.044.54
some stairs over here wish I could jump21579.843.92
off there's a pig staring up21581.585.4
Jesus Simon you gotta accept my invite I21583.766.22
sent it to you what the hell except my21586.984.38
invite we've already gone through this21589.984.02
God I've done it so what do I do accept21591.365.31
my invite21594.09.279
I'm stepping outside okay21603.9585.282
going around uh where we couldn't see up21606.485.28
here okay21609.244.558
so much concrete I'll have to remember21611.764.798
that here we go21613.7984.122
oh boy21616.5582.642
what do you got corn corn21619.24.62
really corn corn and the zombie21624.245.94
according to the zombie21627.845.06
really what the hell is Grace this is21634.7984.202
this is very strange I'll bet Grace is21639.04.138
right down here21641.44.86
what's that noise Grace it's a big mama21643.1385.342
that's Grace21646.264.22
the big mama yeah21648.486.14
this whole this is Grace's house21650.484.14
suck on that all right it's gonna be one21655.24.258
behind this door that's Grace's little21657.663.66
side piece of ass hey hey hold tight21659.4583.542
hold tight behind this door right here21661.322.96
zombie behind this door hey like we're21664.284.3
acting like it's something I know but we21666.664.08
want to take care of it we do don't we21668.585.94
don't we thick oh look at this what's up21670.747.138
thanks guys more corn yes you know what21674.525.64
I think this is what21677.8783.982
super corn21680.165.18
super corn21681.863.48
we've done it21687.424.86
we've broken the game21689.045.24
super corn21692.285.098
no I swear to God it's super corn oh21694.286.04
watch out girls what21697.3786.442
got him sucker21700.323.5
it says it's super corn21704.2184.74
so this is a good thing21706.684.5
I don't know let's find out can't be bad21708.9586.302
okay super corn neebs is a bit of a corn21711.186.9
expert yep he'll be excited to ask him21715.265.9
corny ass21718.083.08
yeah I got a nurse over there by your21721.925.218
place uh yep I See Your Shadow Warden21724.7986.862
shot yep here we go hey over here21727.1384.522
all right oh no this guy though yeah21760.284.0
he's not doing her you're not doing it21762.9583.482
right sir but if that was made of21764.283.54
concrete he wouldn't go for that yeah21766.444.38
yeah I think he would go uh yep okay hey21767.825.818
oh how's he gonna jump oh yeah now he21770.824.68
wants to go yeah go for them spikes21773.6384.802
Bubba going up there get on up there21775.54.76
come on use your legs21778.445.16
yeah plain Dummy Man21780.267.06
okay well you get the point I do that's21783.65.4
how it works I think it's gonna work21787.325.46
absolutely hey it's a pretty good start21789.06.84
all right guys down here down down yep21792.784.92
we're over we're following you yeah come21795.844.378
on go ahead buddy come on go ahead you21797.75.518
go ahead buddy hey their eyes more corn21800.2187.802
more corn so much it's crazy is this all21803.2187.262
that that type of corn that you said was21808.024.5
what no I don't think this is super corn21810.483.54
I think there's only the one super corn21812.524.14
that I got I think it's normal corn what21814.025.1
is super corn even well I don't know it21816.664.44
just sounds different it sounds great21819.125.22
yeah it does so definitely not super21821.15.16
corn oh this is super corn that's super21824.344.02
corn too it's all super corn okay so it21826.264.14
makes me do some super coins not as21828.363.9
valuable as I thought it might be well I21830.43.0
mean they're growing some sweet ass21832.262.64
Corner it'd be nice to be able to grow21833.44.2
God what what well I just got hit it was21834.94.978
probably probably somebody harvesting21837.64.98
corn corn damn it oh please you don't21839.8784.92
want any super corn no thank you okay21842.583.66
I'll do the Super Bowl I'm fine thank21844.7983.022
you for the injury though21846.244.38
I'll bandage myself yeah I'm sorry about21847.825.02
that look at all this freaking cement21850.625.758
look at this this is a lot we have to uh21852.845.16
yeah we definitely have to come back21856.3784.862
here okay guys21858.04.07
oh boy this door's unlocked okay grace21864.928.56
couldn't oh boy you know you know what21869.76.74
do you know oh my God21873.485.64
oh my God21876.445.018
oh my god oh wait a minute oh wait a21879.124.08
second oh my God21881.4583.362
okay so there's a big hole something21884.825.398
went horribly wrong here see that21887.15.34
you guys getting that same feeling yeah21890.2184.022
so all right who was who's taking point21892.444.68
doralis I'm gonna grab the uh seem to be21894.244.62
doing it well I mean because of the21897.123.72
juncture it's like a natural thing it's21898.865.16
fun take it really as soon as you see21900.845.218
something Susie see anything just drop21904.024.02
it oh yeah21906.0586.602
come on oh this is gonna fall it looks21908.046.48
like this is gonna fall there's a bag in21912.664.2
the corner you see that yeah yeah should21914.523.49
I but is it21916.863.358
nothing except for that yeah oh I saw it21922.3786.202
coming watch out21925.862.72
nothing of note there let's just make it21928.7984.642
all right I'm gonna drop the turret okay21933.847.378
it has landed landed down there I'm far21937.984.26
okay yes what do you see uh more cave21942.245.94
but um the way my turret's facing is the21945.485.36
right way so21948.182.66
what right behind us right behind us oh21956.046.44
boy what do you see God it's a green pig21959.18.06
this thing's gonna Jack us up21962.484.68
nope back up I want to throw Dynamite at21967.824.84
it hold on21970.444.82
you doing21972.662.6
that didn't go well should I shoot him21980.524.74
oh oh he's gone now no he can come21982.54.74
should I shoot him yeah there he goes21985.265.0
come on [ __ ]21987.243.02
come on baby did that do it is he dead21990.95.64
I think it was supposed to come through21994.625.518
this right here oh yeah it didn't21996.547.98
but I'm guessing that's a Grace22000.1386.482
that was Grace22004.525.4
let's get that food I think that was22006.626.06
green and mutated and probably should22009.924.62
not be eaten but we'll check it out22012.683.958
let's see maybe there's more than one22014.544.5
Grace let me see oh my god oh that's22016.6384.382
real meat [ __ ]22019.043.44
meat yep there's the loot boys22022.486.22
Grace was protecting yep just clear22025.785.14
clear it clear and then away and then a22028.77.858
way up iron helmet iron gloves oh three22030.926.84
[ __ ]22041.843.66
[ __ ] German what happened22043.15.64
my leg you broke your leg yes I did I22045.55.76
have a splint I have a splint too but22048.745.16
damn it they suck22051.265.52
all right is there any anything up here22053.94.26
put it up there except for me going up22056.783.12
there and then falling off the [ __ ]22058.164.08
ladder let's put it out of here well22059.94.2
this might get us out of here it might22062.244.74
huh yeah then it was for something I did22064.14.1
it for something22066.984.52
there we go22068.23.3
we ended up in Grace's cage on the22072.765.798
outside oh we should have done that from22076.583.9
the beginning huh but we didn't know22078.5584.462
nope looky there22080.484.73
yeah why even bother right yeah I feel22088.484.78
like why even bother with food man I got22091.6382.942
food poisoning from eating the steak22093.265.22
Yeah boiled eggs I mean it's how hard is22094.586.478
it to boil an egg right it's not take22098.485.28
the egg put it in the pot yeah the float22101.0585.342
test it's a good egg eat it right low22103.765.34
risk yeah so how hard is it to cook a22106.46.0
cat never cooked one it's not hard skim22109.14.618
the meat you put the meat on the grill22112.43.54
you cook it you eat it yeah you don't22113.7184.322
get sick from it cook it a little longer22115.944.76
if you're worried22118.042.66
yeah all right anyway what do you need22127.123.938
what do you need I need I'm gonna go out22129.683.118
on the motorcycle go get some stuff22131.0584.922
uh-huh I need steel spikes I need Barbed22132.7987.202
wires I need uh concrete so iron iron's22135.987.14
on your list food food always I saw an22140.04.44
apartment complex and I think an22143.122.58
apartment complex might have a lot of22144.442.82
kitchens so maybe a lot of canned food22145.73.178
yeah canned food you don't get food22147.263.18
poisoning from canned foods I just want22148.8783.122
more of that yeah that's the healthy22150.444.74
stuff right uh no okay you would think22152.05.52
delicious grilled cat would be the22155.185.42
healthy stuff but yeah22157.523.08
okay and [ __ ] food all right good22167.444.48
bring back a kid22171.923.99
M60 machine gun22179.3783.302
I guess oh I gotta try this thing out22187.425.62
who's around22190.766.958
around oh yeah level three hunting knife22193.049.3
I'm unstoppable you're stoppable what I22197.7187.022
got an M60 who's talking to me oh what's22202.346.6
that oh there's something the bird22204.748.218
ah time to use it where's the bird22208.945.698
there it is22212.9583.84
oh I gotta load it God this thing takes22214.6383.24
forever to load it's just like22216.7983.42
Battlefield all right I gotta I gotta22217.8784.562
heal I'm freaking out22220.2186.302
oh it's gonna come at me again come here22222.446.84
I was almost stopped22229.283.84
for the record22231.323.54
Pistol Pete volume Five Unstoppable22234.864.74
Simon you look at this thing what's that22239.66.24
it's an M60 that looks like a badass22242.9586.84
weapon you say M60 M60 oh wow look at22245.847.92
this thing that is a ammo sucking hog I22249.7986.602
know but I at least want a most just22253.764.98
some group of zombies down of course22256.45.22
great yeah we want to gather some let's22258.746.18
find a screamer and taunt her to bring22261.628.518
it on and then you will tear them down22264.928.32
okay is that a plan plan22270.1386.411
hey Simon just real quick I know you22276.983.96
guys want to go do that I was just22279.443.778
trying to did you get me any stone22280.944.08
like you said22283.2184.262
hey you're really just breaking up that22285.024.14
we were just flowing we were like hey22287.483.658
let's go and then you're like hey did22289.163.96
you do this and that kind of just kind22291.1383.542
of you know I'm gonna go get stolen and22293.123.24
stay on the uh yeah you guys have fun22294.683.48
with that okay all right we'll have fun22296.364.438
me and you thick oh yeah22298.168.78
slow down I'm very slow why big legs22300.7986.142
hey yeah22309.944.6
there's absolo's motorcycle oh is he in22312.266.86
here [ __ ] yeah okay hold on hey22314.548.22
hello big news got something to show you22319.126.64
where you at got a lot of zombies in22322.764.798
here yeah I've got something that can22325.763.538
take care of a lot of zombies at once oh22327.5583.542
hey yeah I see you guys down there hey22329.2983.602
you know what don't kill any more22331.12.94
okay all right how do we get to the roof22336.4584.722
from here I don't know gotta be away22339.55.76
wait It's gotta be one of these rooms oh22341.186.778
yeah oh you found it yep all right all22345.264.14
right all right oh22347.9583.42
guys oh get up here we're good come on22351.3785.942
baby here we go oh wow wow you got some22355.165.058
runners hold on22357.322.898
oh yeah22360.746.08
eat a dick like that right there22362.927.66
fortnite you could have 20 zombies22366.825.978
coming at you it's like yeah whatever22370.583.96
you know what that one that's a great22372.7983.84
like backup like I would I think I would22374.544.44
still use shotgun you guys don't look up22376.6383.782
here I think I'm still using shotgun22378.983.96
rifle everything else don't look over22380.424.138
here I'm looking over there look over22382.944.698
here look over here22384.5585.642
come on me coming here was to get the22387.6385.5
stuff now you're here hey come on you22390.24.438
leave this alone this is mine what is22393.1383.24
that it's not what is it there what is22394.6383.722
in there I got a car air filter and an22396.3783.782
iron shovel with this weapons bag an22398.363.48
iron spear your [ __ ] an iron shovel22400.164.32
that's black no okay I'll give you I'll22401.844.32
give you the other show what's in this22404.483.898
sandwich box I I want to find neap some22406.164.86
food hell yeah two cans of sham they'll22408.3785.242
need some food22411.022.6
good morning everyone hello morning beep22420.26.72
beep watch out hey thick yeah I just22423.1385.882
wanted to give you this okay I know22426.924.62
you've got history so uh this is a good22429.024.8
way to face it good way to face history22431.545.16
what is that well to face his demons uh22433.824.558
Kill the Wabbit challenge you and22436.73.84
rabbits man yeah so go kill some rabbits22438.3783.482
actually we could use the food that's22440.543.838
not a bad idea not bad kill some rabbits22441.864.32
with a shotgun easy you're gonna come22444.3783.902
back a new man yep you're not going to22446.184.02
urinate yourself whenever you see a22448.283.3
rabbit nope you're not gonna do that22450.23.42
anymore yeah I think have fun with that22451.583.24
guys I love you all right all right22453.623.678
sure all right grab uh grab all those22458.3784.302
cute little bicycles I mean like this22460.763.36
little thing like that little thing wait22462.682.82
wait can I go with you too you're going22464.122.78
to kill rabbits22465.53.958
he might kill me right away on the way22466.94.18
does your quest have an objective like a22469.4583.302
marker I don't see a marker anywhere22471.083.12
okay well then yeah come with us grab22472.763.798
one of those cute little bicycles um22474.24.38
let's head over to the uh maybe the22476.5583.642
colder region I'll leave it a little bit22478.584.82
there let's go a little bit more22480.23.2
let me know if you see a rabbit22483.5583.202
thank you22499.365.74
Church yep yep Sunday morning see let's22501.6384.902
do the church which way should we22505.13.8
hey we can start at the bottom how's22509.03.78
that there's a door down here you guys22510.983.54
have an extra code I'll be happy to take22512.783.358
it well you got like a you got a big22514.526.06
duster on Simon okay all right okay good22516.1386.902
what is this beer barrels yeah the22520.583.78
priests have been drinking when they22523.047.678
diddle kids easy bad memories oh God22524.368.22
oh God hold on22530.7184.282
a big screen what was that22532.586.378
I'm trying to help you sick22535.03.958
Simon can you move forward so I can help22539.663.478
too no because then I'm gonna fall you22541.344.32
can't jump over there let's see22543.1383.982
okay yeah22545.664.74
yeah this might need a new change of22547.126.28
drawers that's all all right we got some22550.44.34
I think we're ready22553.43.84
okay I fell too that's all right that's22554.745.38
all right noobs all right neebs yeah22557.245.1
since I'm your loyal servant I don't say22560.124.8
it like that well we're Partners loyal22562.345.9
partner yep those22564.927.2
uh-huh concrete iron yep that's what we22568.245.68
need baby I know I know I'm Gonna Keep22572.123.42
It Coming are you doing any kind of like22573.924.378
blade traps or any kind of trap traps or22575.544.32
you want me to do everything huh well22578.2983.062
I'm the Builder you're the supplier22579.863.358
right yeah but I mean I can't Supply22581.364.8
everything okay so the answer is no but22583.2184.74
maybe one of the other guys know how to22586.164.02
I don't know okay well listen concrete22587.9584.022
and spikes I mean that's that's the big22590.183.36
thing yeah I know that's what I'm doing22591.983.6
hey and if you see any zombies just lead22593.544.44
them over here I need tests you know oh22595.584.32
anytime you see a zombie yell at me I22597.983.72
can make that happen okay I'll go get22599.93.36
one now all right okay I'll see you in a22601.72.6
few yep okay22603.263.72
right to the left oh we got coffins22606.984.56
coffins oh backpack we're not searching22609.024.618
anything right yep not yet backpack22611.544.86
plenty of coffins I feel like Yep this22613.6384.762
guy popped out22616.44.738
getting thick oh they're hiding in the22618.44.42
walls of course they are all right22621.1383.362
search these coffins real quick nothing22622.823.42
in this coffin uh it's gonna be22624.53.36
something good in this one hey some nine22626.243.24
millimeter I'll take that boy oh22627.864.14
fireman's Almanac volume four read it is22629.484.26
that good okay reading it actually we22632.02.82
probably shouldn't have wasted the22633.744.02
Intelligence on you nope you22634.825.638
anything anything good good piece of22637.764.798
paper it's like a uh one of those quests22640.4583.962
like drallies gave me oh yeah the22642.5583.512
rabbits are we gonna get rabbits22644.425.74
touch it man you guys opened up hello22653.184.878
all right so we're above where we were22658.0583.702
earlier that's good that's good we're22660.323.0
moving on up now does this look like22661.765.878
this floor oh man oh boy hi Howard how22663.325.7
are you guys that's a crawler well22667.6383.24
that's a frog okay that looks like it's22669.023.42
something that could break22670.8783.84
that little patch of floor down there22672.444.438
that right there I'll step up a little22674.7185.482
bit like where he's standing yeah22676.8786.482
maybe not maybe it seems to be okay all22680.24.3
right thick you go that way I'll go this22683.361.33
no there's nothing that way God I'm an22686.123.0
pull this way oh oh you say oh he's yeah22689.126.48
oh dick and then some stairs to the22692.845.038
right here always dim stays these days22695.64.618
there's some stairs there who saw me22697.8785.042
steak failed some stairs I'm not talking22700.2187.322
like that oh Daily Double Diamonds come22702.926.798
oh God run run22713.26.04
whoa that's a big boy22716.684.06
look at this there's a lot of them in22719.243.68
no it's a troller on the ground you Noob22725.864.598
making sure22730.4582.902
it was it was22733.785.858
what are you doing anything but oh God22737.244.04
there's still a lot of them22739.6384.202
holy crap yep yep oh spinner now he's22741.283.84
just spit at me22743.843.36
what do you guys kill your light it's22745.124.438
really bright mind probably22747.24.678
all right well whatever I'm just here22749.5584.802
all right neebs yeah I found these uh22755.665.7
three business gentlemen oh perfect they22758.784.32
didn't seem too busy and they don't seem22761.363.66
to be bothered by this so um they'd be22763.14.26
happy to help beautiful Yep this is this22765.024.56
is Phillip hey Phillip behind him is22767.365.098
Gerard Gerard yeah and I believe22769.584.978
um last guy's name is Moses or Atlas22772.4584.022
something no is this mucho gusto right22774.5584.022
this way sirs22776.483.96
Morales you come with me okay yeah22778.583.78
what's up you come with me oh yeah yeah22780.443.48
you tell me what to do all right we're22782.364.938
gonna go up here oh okay yeah22783.926.48
yes yes yes22787.2985.742
oh yes so we come up here hopefully they22790.45.58
will be enticed by the uh stairs because22793.045.098
what better way to elevate yourself they22795.983.84
at least remember that stairs are are22798.1383.722
functional and helpful and then I want22799.824.44
to take them back to the old uh platform22801.864.8
little fighting platform and see what22804.265.038
they do over there oh say oh okay got it22806.664.558
that's what you mean by stairs22809.2984.682
yeah oh that guy went straight to the22811.2185.762
you didn't see those sir go to the22817.165.46
stairs uh we lost one wow we might lose22819.5587.08
two up oh wow what a dummy well22822.626.42
I tell you what next time I'll bring22826.6385.902
them from the other way great idea22829.043.5
this is cool I'm going for the coffin22832.763.72
I'm going to the coffin in the middle22835.2183.122
Jesus Miracle it's gonna be something22836.485.88
good a rich schematic I'm using it now I22838.346.718
know how to make a wrench look at me22842.365.58
looks like a chemistry set up here22845.0585.4
they was making drugs in church oh the22847.946.66
priest was making drugs okay okay22850.4586.242
oh is this the priest or fish is this22854.63.9
where the methamphetamines are you in22856.73.72
the kitty porn all right let's let's22858.53.48
sorry I'll do that don't level up22861.986.0
I can make uh blade traps ooh there's a22865.344.2
lot of the attic let's go this is where22867.984.38
he hid the children I thought we were22869.546.418
gonna cut that stuff yeah22872.366.24
stay better up volume22875.9584.982
uh drunken disorderly challenge it's my22878.65.4
middle name thick drunken disorderly 44.22880.946.54
yep another ladder all right be careful22884.06.298
traps here let's get to the top and make22887.484.318
it so that we know that this was all22890.2982.76
worth it now see if I'm going to church22891.7982.942
this is where I want to sit so I can22893.0582.942
yell down at the preacher and be like22894.743.54
shut the [ __ ] up22896.03.9
anything good over here oh I'm on the22898.284.5
roof roof who says we're up here nobody22899.94.738
says nobody ever I've never caught a22902.783.9
roof a rough something I heard nobody22904.6383.962
here that's all yeah we're gonna make22906.684.14
this jump22908.65.94
Fick hey this is where you want to go oh22910.826.318
oh you [ __ ] thank you all right that22918.6386.282
was nice I think I'm okay22922.8784.982
oh okay do this22924.925.84
should we go that way I'm going up here22930.765.76
I mean I'm going to the top you know22933.23.32
you're not probably got an old Hunchback22936.983.42
they keep all the Jesus crackers up22938.484.8
there oh here we go22940.46.058
quasi are you in here22943.284.5
come on baby22946.4584.022
oh yeah careful I'm gonna chill here I'm22947.783.96
gonna let you do that in there because22950.483.478
that's a small space come on get on the22951.745.66
ladder you get up there22953.9583.442
I saw that hey I found the jackpot Boys22957.946.16
Hey steroids I can't wait to take those22961.584.92
later I love steroids I need medical22964.14.56
supplies okay you got any lock picks22966.53.9
there's a chest up here that's locked I22968.663.18
do I've got a bunch of them bring them22970.43.3
up here Barbara all right all right all22971.842.94
right here I come22973.73.84
boom Simon are you okay down there I'm22974.785.88
just chilling praying to the Lord Jesus22977.545.338
well why why don't you uh make some uh22980.664.44
what nerd poles come back up here oh22982.8784.142
really yeah really I don't think I have22985.13.358
enough wood because I cleared up my22987.025.538
inventory for like some of the pews22988.4586.982
there's wood everywhere down there22992.5586.642
all right all right Ranger's guide to22995.445.8
archery got some gold nuggets silver22999.24.8
nuggets what's uh splitter mod the23001.245.16
Hunter MOD I don't even know okay uh23004.04.86
laser sight mod water pure purifier and23006.44.318
brass knuckles oh tell you what let's go23008.863.18
back down that's kind of like let's23010.7183.122
rummage through what we didn't rubbish23012.043.418
through before do we want to try to go23013.843.42
into that big building we nerd pull up23015.4583.122
to the top and just get the good stuff23017.263.6
Simon you down here I was just gonna23018.584.2
wait here you told me to nerd pull up23020.864.26
well now we're coming down oh well maybe23022.783.598
you should have thought of that before23025.123.0
you told me well I thought you could get23026.3783.84
up here pretty quickly you know23028.123.9
better than that23030.2185.102
what are you doing uh look at her yeah23032.025.4
she was on her way to CrossFit meet Lisa23035.323.36
I told her it wasn't going to take long23037.422.94
and now she's just look at her give her23038.683.118
a good smack in the face with your fist23040.362.76
yeah but I already did that once when23041.7983.42
she started to like hold on this is why23043.123.598
you called me over here are you really23045.2182.942
complaining about you've seen these23046.7183.542
zombies she's probably already dead I23048.163.298
wonder if she's dead she just died23050.262.76
standing up for something all right23051.4583.122
excuse me hey go back to the little23053.024.26
stairs okay okay she's not dead ready23054.587.32
yeah hey here she comes okay sometimes23057.286.6
you just gotta smack a hoe yep23061.93.8
forgive me Father I've sinned uh that's23065.75.858
all right we all do it what'd you do I23069.4584.5
called a lot of people mean names I'm23071.5584.682
very impatient with people that I'm that23073.9584.202
I work with in particular am I not23076.243.54
supposed to know you yeah like is that23078.162.82
how the priest things work like it's23079.783.06
Anonymous yeah but they know yeah of23080.983.6
course they know you know me but you're23082.843.6
supposed to shut the [ __ ] up okay you23084.583.478
understand is that how it works let's23086.443.42
[ __ ] role play can we do this please23088.0583.9
all right I'll be yes23089.864.56
any father I have sinned23091.9584.742
um I am sorry it's okay my child you're23094.424.08
forgiven yeah but I gotta be able to23096.73.12
tell you all the things that I've done23098.52.94
oh fine go ahead tell me what you've23099.824.62
done so I lose my temper right and23101.446.358
sometimes like uh yeah how are you to go23104.446.06
on we shut the [ __ ] up oh you son of a23107.7986.182
what the what dude come on do it you23110.55.28
want to do this no don't come in the23113.984.02
yeah do it don't do it you want to23115.784.2
you're just trying to put down a bed put23118.02.98
down a bed23119.984.25
father we could call it a day I don't23127.363.358
have to do the Hail Mary all right I'll23129.285.3
do that do a helmet all right23130.7183.862
I'm sorry Lord I'm sorry23137.984.2
coming up23142.185.64
excuse me excuse me is she doing it I23144.584.5
don't know23147.823.058
it looked like it I saw a little oh23149.083.9
she's jumping okay I run back running23150.8783.722
all the way around you when you get to23152.983.238
the big straightaway you're gonna see a23154.64.92
hole jump over that hole all right we're23156.2184.862
gonna test this hole out23159.524.4
there it is23161.082.84
it works okay yeah23164.2185.5
I'm jumping it oh god oh I got scared23169.7187.08
that's a good noise okay23173.445.16
I don't know what the hell I'm doing all23176.7984.92
right so you guys coming up or what I am23178.67.14
right here hello sir23181.7186.322
how are you oh23185.745.58
here you got a frog on you savage oh boy23188.047.838
you got a frog boy boy get off my butt23191.328.058
get off my butt crack boy23195.8786.242
let me help him out you good you're good23199.3784.542
oh look at this guys look at this guy's23202.124.258
booty just jiggling23203.925.48
just a jiggling all right23206.3785.162
you okay you need antibiotics or23209.43.7
something um I got painkillers they23211.543.24
don't do anything do they yeah they'll23213.13.118
uh they'll get your help back up a23214.783.9
little bit okay okay I swear sometimes23216.2184.862
they don't work safe do this23218.683.6
look at that23221.084.02
nothing nothing not yet we can drink23222.283.96
some water too23225.15.0
maybe that's it thick where'd you go23226.243.86
here she goes big moment23232.684.02
you're gonna be late and by late I mean23243.425.038
you know23246.12.358
not coming oh wow oh guys be really care23248.8786.462
this thing is loaded with mines holy23252.524.98
crap Simon you keep you're not using23255.344.038
these as stairs23257.55.7
no nerd pulling dip [ __ ] no but I'm23259.3785.742
behind you stupid we I don't care if23263.23.598
you've been behind me I've been nerd23265.123.24
pulling by myself this whole time don't23266.7983.122
tell me what I'm doing and not doing23268.365.3
here we go here we go there we go what23269.926.18
how are we all gonna get up there you23273.665.32
could do you not have wood yeah go23276.17.34
straight up oh boy we're in trouble23278.984.46
I'm stupid23293.6384.962
okay I got him I'm waiting on Simon23295.627.0
because he's uh go ahead go ahead23298.67.08
go ahead oh no oh great job oh [ __ ]23302.625.82
great job great glad you did that glad I23305.684.618
walked away from that all right yep yep23308.444.64
because Simon Simon23310.2985.882
all right four pipe bombs that's gonna23313.084.478
be fun23316.182.82
come up here and get this uh there's23317.5584.522
another one of those lock chest23319.03.08
man yeah I just had to deal with the23324.843.458
Frog he broke my leg though you're a big23326.744.92
boy yeah all right ooh what four times23328.2987.26
scope mod that's mine bird23331.665.6
bird bird23335.5585.492
Birds oh God watch out23337.265.08
Birds uh Little Birds23342.345.82
stop it watch out for the birds zombies23344.946.24
all the way down below23348.163.02
all right that gun sounds badass thick23352.746.058
yeah watch out is she still alive23355.363.438
all right we get her23361.7184.682
running zombie running zombie run a23364.0584.382
come on down I'm getting lonely23369.583.42
how you do you like that Hill how you do23373.05.878
yeah okay hey see what you got anything23376.05.638
new anything new Hue everything rhymes23378.8786.902
with you Hugh uh I'm really looking for23381.6385.942
some blade traps that seems to be what23385.783.12
everyone's wanting I see you have some23387.583.78
SMG Auto turrets but that's an ammo23388.96.26
thing ammo we're not quite there yeah23391.363.8
son of them okay I'm reluctant but I'm23395.7983.84
gonna do it here I'm gonna do it because23398.083.96
you sell a hard bargain you and your23399.6384.5
your words can't even get away without23402.044.62
buying something just one of these Hugh23404.1385.402
I'm not buying them all there's a lot of23406.665.82
money one SMG auto turret those damn23409.545.098
things are selling like hotcakes are23412.485.88
they to who exactly get some [ __ ]23414.6386.182
blade traps Hugh your inventory is old23418.366.0
and stale but I love you later's you23420.825.88
[ __ ]23424.365.46
that's how you use a door23426.75.598
wow so I thought we would uh try some23434.683.778
zombies out tonight since it's night23437.023.96
time it's a good idea yeah a little23438.4584.742
early test day sure all right tell you23440.983.658
what let me dump some stuff off in the23443.23.06
Forge and I'm with you we have some food23444.6384.202
grab some ammo come on up neeb's my boy23446.265.1
some of my boy I need to tell you I'm23448.844.798
proud of you I'm proud of you you know23451.364.198
you've really you're really taking this23453.6384.442
challenge seriously and I know that23455.5584.862
everyone here doubted you very much well23458.088.36
listen but I always believed in you okay23460.426.02
to me that was funny and then but I23474.184.42
didn't I didn't do it it's like you went23476.923.538
Simon like it was just no real there was23478.63.48
no reaction no reaction anyway carry on23480.4582.76
with the conversation sorry about that23482.083.0
guys what was I saying oh this is you're23483.2184.462
doing great23485.082.6
up I see him another business gentleman23492.044.14
ah where you going sir you know where23494.024.438
he's going go for the stairs oh here he23496.183.72
he jumping this is like uh what's that23499.93.54
uh American Ninja yeah like one of those23503.445.72
yeah from a Wipeout can I shoot him23505.7186.302
we want to see what he does yeah like23509.165.92
see if they just kill themselves well we23512.024.38
did test this earlier he's probably23515.083.24
gonna okay it's gonna slow him up there23516.46.0
slow it down okay23518.326.84
oh boy23522.45.1
there's more coming oh23525.165.218
okay oh all right it's on23527.54.92
I'm gonna get around to this side we're23530.3783.602
letting them all pass and to see what23532.423.0
happens oh that's a big one there23533.983.3
probably should be some more23535.424.92
um I don't know like barbed wire stuff23537.284.26
it's not going to be hard for them to23540.342.58
get past that guy just went right23541.543.0
through man if there was barbed wire on23542.923.298
both sides of these it slows them down a23544.542.58
little bit let's put another one there23546.2182.942
okay now23547.123.258
come on fall right through no problem23550.3785.742
is it down nope23557.1384.382
it is now23559.93.54
right good science guys maybe they're23561.524.5
going too fast and hold does not work it23563.444.438
worked the first time and then that's it23566.025.0
that's what she said23567.8783.142
like sometimes I think they're far away23573.944.198
and then they're no check yeah check the23575.924.2
map they're in the neighborhood right in23578.1383.66
the neighborhood yeah it's very23580.124.08
convenient yeah super close I want to23581.7984.08
know who's flying those planes I know23584.23.9
maybe they should come down and you know23585.8785.162
say hey hey you guys want to party yeah23588.16.66
oh I think I see one okay I'll wait a23591.044.49
one of them disappear probably so no23596.864.38
they're both on my map they won't well I23599.3783.18
got one this way you want to go over23601.243.3
there I'm going over here okay I'm23602.5584.382
getting this one then all right what do23604.544.58
we got I got some bullets okay23606.945.278
mine's not that great it's because I got23609.124.598
the good one23612.2183.302
oh it's just untouched I don't need to23613.7183.84
hit it with anything uh all right hey23615.524.14
you know what first aid kit and some23617.5584.142
food we could always use some food23619.665.58
uh leather chest yeah that's BS anyway23621.76.42
all right you got it yep except for the23625.246.08
fact that watch out boom23628.125.64
all right I forgot how to grab this23631.325.02
stuff again tell me again please R like23633.763.958
I really really wanted in my inventory23636.344.02
all right good my compass is gone well23637.7183.962
when I don't have the interact options23640.362.58
here it's gonna be a weird day for me23641.683.778
it's gonna be weirder later on when you23642.944.5
wake up and I'm there next to you23645.4584.082
holding on to your stomach trying to23647.444.198
stick my finger in your belly button23649.545.04
wow that sounds like a normal day salmon23651.6384.802
yeah but I'm going to be soaking wet and23654.583.9
you're gonna not have any idea why well23656.443.9
that's fine just bring the grease23658.483.78
grease and water don't mix though I23660.344.14
don't know where I'm going I put my my23662.263.9
compass has gone that's okay don't worry23664.483.898
about it this is where we ended23666.165.218
do you need a hole or a trench dug23678.0586.16
anywhere uh no I need some orange paint23681.45.04
okay I I've got to do a lot of digging23684.2183.66
I'm gonna make a crucible but I need a23686.443.72
lot of clay so that's why I was asking23687.8784.802
you sure you don't need any trench or23690.164.5
hole nope if you're digging a ditch dig23692.683.958
it outside of town man don't make a big23694.664.08
nasty hole around here I made a I went23696.6383.782
over there like right behind me and I23698.743.18
started digging looks like a bunch of23700.423.958
moles have been in the backyard but uh23701.924.86
yeah I'll go a little further back I'm23704.3783.722
sorry orange paint23706.782.938
I don't think you can make a specific23708.14.14
color paint I need this carrot to be23709.7185.102
orange oh so this is going to be you23712.243.898
want me to paint this entire thing23714.823.12
orange so it looks like a carrot yeah23716.1384.862
sure I'm on it baby okay all right I'm23717.946.118
out thank you leaves anything I could do23721.05.1
for you just go Harvest stuff man we23724.0586.482
still need metal boring wood boring food23726.17.26
oh food go kill something go cook some23730.544.74
meat I can go I can give you some food23733.364.56
right now no go kill meat all right go23735.284.8
kill meat yeah you mean animals right23737.924.5
kill me and meat's not meat's not alive23740.087.08
okay okay I'll go kill stuff add a boy23742.426.66
remember how I said you go thank you up23747.164.2
and you said you don't you do it yeah23749.084.2
but I didn't you do it in the way I know23751.363.42
you switched it up yeah isn't that23753.284.018
interesting because it's a word23754.785.96
hang up thank you23757.2983.442
all right we're gonna make a right okay23762.186.458
oh right here immediately a vehicle a23764.447.5
vehicle yep and do you have a wrench I23768.6384.622
do do you want me to you want me to get23771.943.358
out and do this yeah we both do it I23773.264.08
know makes it faster I don't usually do23775.2983.902
the wrench23777.344.14
usually a wrench guy you know you know23779.25.758
why isn't it supposed to like twist or23781.484.978
am I supposed to be it's different now23784.9583.862
it is different now23786.4586.722
beeswax yep bees indeed yeah bees you23788.825.558
know the bees right you got to be23793.183.24
careful about the bees you know they're23794.3784.022
dying I saw that B movie with Jerry23796.424.86
Seinfeld okay that was about that yeah23798.46.058
and I'm dying Yep they're dying but be23801.285.16
careful don't kill the bees man enough23804.4584.622
another car oh more look at all these23806.444.92
cars yeah cars but damn I need a deer23809.084.978
you know sure we'll find one all right23811.364.68
just be patient I'm gonna be patient I'm23814.0584.562
the most patient person there is you23816.044.82
sound like it be an [ __ ]23818.624.74
oh it's doing the twisty thing I thought23820.865.438
I think you're fixing it oh23823.365.0
boy names Yep this is the only color23828.365.68
that said orange okay and I wouldn't23831.764.02
even I would call that a peach nothing23834.044.14
darker oh hold on let me look let me23835.783.598
uh there's a concrete yellow a metal red23839.3783.962
a concrete red23841.365.518
maybe a metal red hmm do a splash of23843.344.798
that let's see see what does that look23846.8784.822
like yes we think two red23848.1386.542
let's see what else we got okay but23851.74.24
that's that's the best that's the best23854.683.778
so far right right see there's concrete23855.944.08
yeah we don't like that at all so far23860.026.18
the red is the best yep the red um let's23863.085.218
try concrete yellow just to see nope23866.23.78
yeah let's go all right we're going red23868.2984.5
got it and uh well there's orange metal23869.984.38
roof just to see what that looks like23872.7984.16
now now23874.365.938
it actually kind of has a carrot texture23876.9585.322
too a little bit if it were23880.2984.802
you know what yeah that's the one I like23882.285.16
the one yeah we got some carrots going23885.14.68
should the very top be green or just be23887.444.38
orange I know I don't know how this tree23889.783.72
is gonna work out I'm hoping it's like23891.824.38
the what do you call it the plumage of23893.55.218
the carrot yeah the tree on top yep it's23896.24.98
gonna be a big big pluage listen I made23898.7184.802
a little stair thing over here uh like23901.184.92
this yeah yeah is this uh maybe I should23903.524.92
do another uh what it's an Escape Route23906.13.9
see where I jumped on the roof of this23908.444.5
house oh yeah so yeah yeah go to there23910.05.28
uh-huh and you escape23912.944.32
right maybe I should do one more box so23915.283.598
that's our like oh screamer guys23917.263.42
screamer we got a screamer oh boy here23918.8784.68
we go there she is where bring her to23920.686.48
the base oh wow okay well I mean there's23923.5585.102
stuff coming she got him there's someone23927.163.42
right off the side of your door yeah I23928.663.36
see him over there you'll see what they23930.583.42
do see what they do I don't know why you23932.024.08
want to wear down the base before we23934.03.78
turn it down is it there's all these23936.13.42
guys and look tomorrow night's horde23937.784.14
night let them come yeah let them come23939.524.08
let them come right fine I I just kind23941.923.78
of want to okay you know match for the23943.63.6
carrot base sir23945.73.178
that's what you're calling this carrot23947.24.758
base you know it23948.8783.08
all right door's open over here I like23953.685.22
it already got some corn let's see23955.9585.522
watched the things falling from the23958.94.44
ceiling I'm looking for action man there23961.483.658
hasn't I haven't done much killing oh23963.344.378
there's a there's a gentleman hello23965.1384.74
hello sir23967.7186.062
you have any friends here oh pigs pigs I23969.8784.982
gotta load up23973.783.178
yeah I guess we just we can get some23974.865.88
meat because I'm hot yeah that's right23976.9586.662
look at that Bubba I almost forgot I was23980.745.18
oh repair kits four23986.25.58
oh hey guess score take a sucker and I23988.545.338
eat it for lunch23991.784.98
you don't need to eat that for lunch and23993.8784.5
then I'll spread some mayonnaise on it23996.764.378
and then have it for dinner repair kits23998.3785.402
you say yeah okay that's not gonna24001.1384.202
that's not gonna work out I'm excited24003.784.74
though okay good oh suitcase all right24005.345.58
you get that I get the I get the three24008.525.18
safes in here24010.922.78
come on baby24017.185.378
[ __ ]24019.5583.0
you're good24032.9585.862
oh [ __ ] I fell all right that's normally24034.947.24
your job we got concrete all over24038.826.478
let's be good you're gonna24042.185.038
I'm not gonna fall because I'm a king24045.2984.92
what happened uh there's just more24052.285.92
people up here I'm kicking ass by the24055.3785.822
way all right just saying there's a24058.25.16
ladder that goes up there too24061.23.96
yeah you know what's gonna be up there24063.365.04
what good things probably more blue [ __ ]24065.165.7
oh man blue [ __ ] here he comes here it24068.44.64
good man gone all right bring us bring24073.685.52
us some following you now kid don't fall24076.865.48
don't be a noob24079.23.14
what's that24082.584.478
I don't know it's like a Jewish thing24085.444.04
isn't it24087.0582.422
I think it's Jewish yes all right you go24089.524.74
do your thing I'm waiting for this guy24091.983.72
to come and24094.265.298
kill me they're just concrete every oh24095.77.678
just found the jackpot yeah24099.5585.562
those hats are good too because when24103.3785.302
you're going bald it covers it up24105.123.56
so cars cars I need Springs because my24110.45.88
level three junk turret is about to get24114.184.56
upgraded to a level five when I get24116.285.34
enough Springs and then if I go up one24118.746.0
more level on my turrets syndrome I can24121.625.88
have two junk turrets Wherever I Go24124.744.62
I don't need the other guys24127.55.4
I'm a solo operation24129.364.62
um but I'll probably stay around them24132.92.52
it's lonely up there this one's24135.423.06
definitely got Springs right here24137.42.818
untouched search24140.2184.74
um okay here we go watch watch this down24142.445.04
here this is exciting [ __ ] down there24144.9583.722
you're just waiting we're getting into24147.483.0
spring territory it's usually second24148.683.42
stage right around here is when the one24150.483.238
you end up Spring24153.7183.262
two Springs24157.1384.982
another spring I think maybe three24159.0584.882
this is quality entertainment for people24162.123.78
um I think Simon's cutting this one24165.95.398
maybe he'll do like a special feature24168.64.14
like a behind the scenes cut of me just24171.2982.822
get Springs24172.743.78
if he's nice24174.124.38
that'd be cool huh you'll watch that for24176.524.14
about an hour look at this watch this24178.54.74
watch just watch everyone this is good24180.665.82
this is good oh gotta24183.246.28
who's a who's a spring uh what's the24191.2985.92
your spring chicken I'm gonna call you24195.0584.202
that I was gonna say spring apologist24197.2184.282
they don't need your help here we go24199.264.86
watch this everyone it's been music here24201.54.6
oh one spring24206.13.26
two spring24209.42.94
yep it doesn't get better24212.346.6
maybe I'm the spring chicken and that24216.63.88
guy was just a little [ __ ]24218.944.438
something about putting These Bars like24223.3783.542
right here24225.783.358
right way yeah24226.924.5
these bars are kind of expensive okay24229.1384.5
well one here oh I just went and got a24231.424.798
ton of iron not a ton but a a good load24233.6384.5
okay we have a whole wall here we're24236.2183.0
just shooting through the bars at them24238.1382.58
can you shoot through those bars pretty24239.2183.362
sure pretty sure get on the other side24240.7184.682
let me shoot you all right hold on here24242.586.058
we go so I got a bow and arrow and24245.44.978
you're over there I'm a Zombie I'm24248.6383.482
coming in and I'm gonna aim through the24250.3784.982
bars and right in the leg right bam24252.125.7
how'd that hurt I think it hurt do it24255.365.04
again do it again one more yeah and then24257.825.04
right in the legs oh yep okay that did24260.45.158
hurt okay okay you got these bars to24262.864.018
have behind yeah and we'll have another24265.5584.562
one here in the middle right yep yep no24266.8784.982
need to do we did the science just24270.123.36
making sure just making sure it went24271.864.018
both ways geez that was a gun science24273.484.68
both ways it's half my house today which24275.8783.962
it takes up some sandwiches or something24278.163.36
they're just sandwiches everywhere yeah24279.843.24
there's sandwiches all over the place24281.523.778
they just grow on trees we'll fight I'll24283.083.9
go hunting I'll go find you some food24285.2983.602
God knows Simon's not gonna find [ __ ]24286.983.96
while he's out all right24288.95.478
run everyone with your bike24290.943.438
hello hello hello hello24294.665.7
hey boys how are you today getting it24296.366.22
done getting it done more signs tonight24300.364.018
yeah I don't know this is the last night24302.583.96
too science neebs how you feeling well24304.3784.142
we're gonna do one last thing of spikes24306.544.08
and uh what do you call it turrets and24308.523.42
all that stuff24310.622.518
all right so what do you need for24311.943.24
tomorrow what do you need as far as24313.1384.142
supplies everyone needs a turret we need24315.184.198
tons of turret ammo we're gonna need24317.284.08
tons of metal spikes I assume we're24319.3783.962
gonna align the whole pathway with24321.364.5
barbed wire and spikes yes uh so all24323.346.06
that's a last minute thing oh God hope24325.864.56
you're ready to test this thing out24329.43.978
names what you got okay everybody24330.425.52
stations all right the stations I don't24333.3783.942
know where they are but I'm following24335.942.82
you so they should be climbing the thing24337.323.72
over there24338.764.02
and then uh24341.044.5
oh boy it's cold out here baby I'm gonna24342.783.96
pick this up so they can't make that24345.542.82
jump there we go24346.743.898
but we're letting them go as far as that24348.364.198
right we're gonna let them go all the24350.6383.542
way up to here yeah24352.5585.042
Nice Shot take his head out yep there he24354.185.64
goes he's at it24357.64.08
so now that guy went after the concrete24359.823.12
that's not good well they're gonna be24361.683.72
spikes there oh yeah24362.944.56
this guy doing I run into spikes you24365.44.318
know doing what zombies do okay getting24367.55.638
up now and then now he's gonna Mosey in24369.7185.642
these spikes24373.1383.902
carrot base works24375.364.08
yeah yeah oh here comes the hoodie boy24377.045.758
yep oh yeah now let's see if he falls in24379.445.84
this hole24382.7982.482
not through the gate you can try to24387.183.36
shoot through that Simon there you go24389.4582.282
all right24390.544.32
okay so that works and then I think you24391.744.68
killed him before uh oh here's another24394.864.198
one coming uh soccer mom all right okay24396.424.138
well soccer mom I want to test this24399.0583.66
thing out let's let her come on up24400.5583.42
all right here she comes let's see what24402.7182.58
happens see what happens come on baby24403.9784.82
come on you can do it come on burp oh24405.2986.242
boy wow24408.7985.5
all right so you're gonna make that24414.2982.222
you're gonna have to make that higher24415.325.28
yep two bars aside two bars High24416.527.98
gonna eat a pie two bars High carrot24420.66.48
base live or die oh24424.54.378
that's almost good enough to do a music24427.084.558
video no it isn't nope24428.8786.962
The Way You Make Me Feel24431.6388.16
You Really Turn Me On24435.847.798
he knocked me off of my feet now baby24439.7988.702
my lonely days of God oh24443.6388.102
ain't nobody oh [ __ ]24448.55.82
I gotta do another five thousand24451.744.92
I thought it was like one more smack24456.663.56
give me entertain me oh24461.48.72
man that was going to be a great cut24465.324.8
I need to get home it's dark it's scary24470.44.5
out here we go here we go oh you can sir24472.3784.142
what am I doing you can search it I24474.94.14
could have searched it the whole time24476.524.92
what the [ __ ] is wrong with me24479.045.22
oh yeah great24481.444.56
except it's a level five iron24484.264.798
Sledgehammer that is kind of great and a24486.05.04
hunting knife wow24489.0584.202
let's go home turret24491.043.78
I'm gonna be like a black chicken24493.263.78
Walking Dead with the two zombies24494.826.36
except um this is a good show24497.047.2
oh Simon I got a trail you do yeah oh24501.186.0
what I see you on my compass I see a24504.245.818
rabbit a rabbit yeah okay I trust you24507.184.74
it's moving this way I trust you it's24510.0583.062
gonna be so hard to see him in the dark24511.922.82
and in this grass hold on a second let24513.123.72
me give you some light bub all right all24514.744.26
right hey get sneaky get sneaky that's24516.846.24
that's Crouch right you oh yeah oh yeah24519.05.638
I know it is but I wasn't sure if I had24523.082.878
to hold it and you're moving so much24524.6383.42
faster than me all right you're so fast24525.9583.542
all right yeah I'm taking it slow take24528.0582.642
it slow all right oh because you could24529.53.54
shift Crouch don't want to scare this24530.74.38
rabbit I don't want to sneak up I'm24533.043.36
gonna scare it24535.085.24
scare right God it's so dark24536.43.92
oh oh oh [ __ ] I saw it damn it oh this24542.665.5
is gonna be really tough is it yeah24546.0585.102
because it's dark I know24548.164.86
but I think I see a zombie right24551.163.66
straight ahead of us too you could lick24553.024.438
my balls oh did the zombie I think the24554.824.08
zombie may have just taken a swipe at24557.4583.772
the rabbit no leave a rabbit alone24558.94.46
there you go that probably scared the24563.365.38
rabbit might have all right stay sneaky24566.14.97
I'm sneaking24568.744.738
there it is24573.4782.842
the hell is that noise I don't know shut24578.04.84
the [ __ ] up let's get this rabbit what24580.685.34
is what are you doing I was being24582.845.34
murdered almost24586.024.14
oh rabbits this way oh it's right here24588.184.458
in front of me24590.162.478
I almost got it I think you may have it24593.584.92
disappeared off my my radar they might24595.684.56
have killed him maybe24598.53.78
we're hitting me where is he there's a24600.244.318
rabbit right here is it dead there's24602.284.4
something dead it's24604.5586.842
a rabbit oh oh boy oh boy oh boy and24606.687.118
we'll never okay oh sorry was I stabbing24611.44.5
you oh this was I was I was aiming at24613.7984.742
the rabbit oh I'm almost dead bandage me24615.95.12
up baby24618.542.48
oh guys what get out here it's beautiful24624.29.34
oh wow that's good man I know it looks24630.126.598
good but it's gonna obstruct our view ah24633.545.16
what do you mean what do you mean what24636.7183.542
do you what does he mean pardon me fix24638.73.54
all right oh I mean but it's gonna be24640.264.5
fine because first of all it's gorgeous24642.244.68
horde night we put all the bikes right24644.764.44
here with the lights on like this yep24646.924.138
that way we can see it all night long oh24649.23.66
I like that that's a good call yeah yeah24651.0583.962
it's the Beacon of Hope it's like our24652.863.54
flag you know in the Star-Spangled24655.022.82
Banner they'll be singing about this24656.43.6
carrot in the future no what about24657.844.7
oh Dad what's up doc24675.1388.022
something like that yeah something like24687.264.18
we'll work on that I'll do it the purple24689.583.478
junkie I got here24691.442.84
is it purple24693.0586.362
yeah it's a level five oh nice yeah you24694.286.58
know I know you were excited about that24699.423.84
but that singing was the way to no I24700.864.88
know right you know24703.265.76
so it started with the the turret yeah24705.745.318
and that ended with the song all right24709.024.52
let's move on24711.0582.482
give me the run down here24719.4784.9
this bridge is gonna come out this is24721.924.34
just us to get over before the night24724.3784.92
this should be just close enough to that24726.265.56
bridge where we can replace Barbed Wire24729.2984.562
yeah I like that and then they're gonna24731.824.08
walk right by us hopefully they'll climb24733.863.18
those stairs we're just picking them off24735.92.84
uh this is our fallback point you still24738.744.898
got to make a roof so the birds don't24741.64.98
eat us so we sit in here unless they24743.6385.282
breach until we get breached we fall24746.585.04
back I put fencing up because you know24748.924.558
somebody's gonna fall you know it I left24751.623.24
this open in case you want to get to the24753.4783.302
carrot tree yeah carrot tree's Last24754.863.54
Resort well there's also this over here24756.784.438
it's an Escape Route oh yeah tape to the24758.45.94
roof so many options yep I love it we're24761.2184.622
Sans thick you know that right don't24764.343.06
talk about friendly fire tonight good24765.843.78
point all right I'm Gonna Keep at it24767.44.8
fortnite hard night24769.626.26
we suppose he's mad at that light pole24795.242.58
I don't know man24797.825.638
oh well now he's not he's oh24799.686.18
is that just one shot oh yeah this is a24803.4584.92
mean shotgun level three yeah I say you24805.864.74
lead the way because I need nine mil and24808.3784.142
level three shotgun I might even have24810.63.24
one of those wait a second wait a second24812.522.88
brother what am I waiting for what am I24813.842.7
waiting for here we're gonna be the24815.42.94
we're gonna be the the shotgun Brothers24816.544.5
I like it okay all right let's let's24818.345.82
break into this fire station yeah say24821.046.32
they open eh are ya24824.165.76
that's officially it now if you ever24827.364.48
yell at me and you say I thought you had24829.923.84
me covered it will be it will actually24831.843.84
be my fault because I got you back so24833.763.84
that's your job my job always have my24835.684.86
back all day today oh hey you're gonna24837.66.118
jump down and say hello hey oh I wasted24840.544.86
my that was a win oh yeah we should call24843.7183.962
out yes we should well you know shotgun24845.44.26
so it's two weeks so boom boom look at24847.683.36
somebody else boom boom I could do this24849.663.298
one one24851.043.54
and then you do the other one I think24852.9583.42
she's dead oh really so yeah hit R24854.584.2
reload go ahead all right are you gonna24856.3784.022
come down I'm gonna hit him in mid jump24858.786.9
do it come on look at him hold on jump24860.47.8
you can jump well you did for me no he24865.684.198
didn't he did for me he wanted to jump24868.22.82
over the thing here he comes here he24869.8782.58
comes come on jump24871.025.6
spazzing out Oh you mean like jump over24872.4584.162
God I thought you had my back24877.8785.562
you doing oh now we jump now he's missed24880.865.698
it Simon yep sorry here come here come24883.443.96
wow [ __ ] don't have your bag sorry24887.411.52
somebody's got to do it though24898.924.32
Somebody's gotta care enough to Keep Us24900.426.12
Alive and that's what it takes24903.244.738
a little uh24906.543.78
iron grabs where's that other there's24907.9784.382
like two other look at this what a great24910.325.7
little Trifecta of iron Nooks24912.366.5
oops okay you know what I don't do this24918.866.4
enough but24922.54.62
there you go buddy look at my little24925.264.94
buddy how was your weekend24927.126.598
that's funny watch my back okay it's24930.24.84
important that we watch each other's24933.7182.222
some people don't like back over there I24935.943.9
see that zombie back there if that comes24938.163.54
over here I bet you got it I know some24939.843.24
people in our team that wouldn't got it24941.73.82
you know what I'm saying all right24943.083.66
what number are you on 290 oh yeah and I24949.585.44
really love that I'm infected now oh are24953.043.48
you infected yeah I'm infected because24955.023.538
somebody didn't have my back oh god24956.524.74
listen I'm sorry but I think I might24958.5584.202
have stuff that'll help you I'm having24961.263.718
honey I bet you I do and I'm giving it24962.764.08
to you man if you got honey I'll make up24964.9783.542
for it because yeah my infection just24966.843.36
going up when we go home I don't have24968.523.24
honey on me probably let's see what we24970.23.3
get in the safe okay if it's honey it's24971.763.9
mine don't ever believe what I say got24973.55.7
it I got a a 10.1 structure brace I got24975.666.478
an iron crossbow five crossbolt ammo a24979.26.96
number six hunting knife nice 25 762s 2824982.1386.062
9 mils oh yeah that's not bad that's not24986.166.84
bad here we go shotgun shotgun nine24988.27.2
millimeter and a blade mod not bad not24993.04.978
bad not bad all right what now I don't24995.45.3
know I got you back24997.9782.722
quick raid before I go home quick little25001.343.84
loot before I go home just a quickie25003.264.98
okay here we go you ready bud25005.185.94
wait a second [ __ ] I left my little body25008.245.88
out there I left my little body out all25011.126.0
alone oh no I didn't watch my buddies25014.125.098
back that's what I didn't do where the25017.124.88
hell is it [ __ ]25019.2187.682
oh [ __ ] where are you where was I get25022.07.24
what's this connect to I'll connect to25029.244.68
that okay wood bars over top25031.165.52
the birds out keep them coming doesn't25033.925.36
look that good but25036.684.64
come on25039.284.0
ah crap25041.326.18
all this oh no25043.284.22
here we go we can do this super quick25051.17.32
quickest house we've ever looted hello25053.544.88
let's just do a quick clear25060.4586.222
oh you're right there hey buddy25063.587.718
he didn't quite hit him okay oh25066.686.5
this place is great25071.2985.882
all right let's get their attention oh25073.187.06
excuse me sorry everything's in the way25077.186.26
everything's in the way25080.243.2
oh look at you guys that's fun25085.526.66
you got a plan man this is the last25095.64.68
house before horde night so I mean I25098.123.42
just hope there's something good in here25100.283.12
I hope so too because uh my favorite25101.544.8
weapon I have no bullets for oh yeah no25103.45.04
but I remember oh here we go back up but25106.343.298
I remember seeing this in the church and25108.443.5
you're just like25109.6382.302
I know like you don't aim before you25112.0585.382
fire I was was I not shooting things and25114.624.32
doing well well no you were shooting25117.443.778
around things and shooting things really25118.944.56
there's no aim before you pull didn't I25121.2185.282
mostly shoot things though no God all25123.55.04
over the place hitting walls don't you25126.54.02
think maybe I did it I shot at least25128.545.58
half the time maybe three quarters maybe25130.525.82
yeah three yeah it's getting closer it's25134.125.758
a nice place it is a nice Square table25136.346.56
is underrated I agree25139.8785.462
rods not many zombies though which is25142.95.078
working too well25145.344.26
you've done that one one shot that one25150.586.16
scared me I know but it didn't scare me25155.0584.382
because I'm a man25156.744.68
this guy out here he's dead even though25159.444.018
men get scared of course they do I know25161.424.08
all right I'm gonna I'm going to search25163.4584.92
uh oh I'm going into the basement25165.55.04
you have a multi pipe bomb anything fun25168.3784.022
I've never used one before but I picked25170.543.54
some up I've never done this but hello25172.44.68
how are you let's try that25174.084.86
nice go well25178.943.858
oh wow he got me too25184.247.058
jeez yeah the molotovs are kind of25188.54.54
useless aren't they they kind of are I25191.2983.302
mean I guess they do some damage but25193.043.838
damn all right so now what's back here25194.65.878
oh jackpot this is a good jackpot we25196.8785.462
share in the in the riches we share in25200.4783.422
the riches what are you pick first I'm25202.343.298
picking the chest you got the chest all25203.94.02
right I'm going for the weapons okay I25205.6384.5
got an iron spear I got that nine25207.923.66
millimeter you wanted but it's mine now25210.1383.962
[ __ ] and a four pistol [ __ ] all right25211.584.558
I'm gonna pick the ammo pile you got the25214.13.9
ammo pile okay right it's in the ammo25216.1384.402
pile yeah25218.02.54
go blasting that around like a male25221.265.58
[ __ ] listen I'm gonna try to aim more25223.8786.92
okay I'll clear up here25226.843.958
thank you25231.325.638
some lucky goggles I can sell those and25232.945.29
you okay yep there is a nurse upstairs25251.2985.642
she snuck up on me25253.766.48
big math guys down you need help no I25256.944.858
think I'm good you found anything decent25260.243.84
I found freaking uh food poisoning or25261.7983.84
whatever it is because I'm flashing red25264.083.36
now oh really which is wonderful because25265.6383.302
I ate three charred meat apparently25267.443.24
that's not good oh yeah charred meat25268.943.6
that's bad for you yeah all right we25270.684.4
should probably head back25272.546.32
and here we go25275.083.78
yeah it's whatever going home25279.684.52
run seven run I am so I'm gonna die25285.5585.4
right I'm trying to run but I'm flashing25288.7984.022
red in two places all right you got a25290.9585.18
buzzard audio buddy he's distracted25292.823.318
go I know I need to go home I need to25297.3784.622
get saved25299.545.178
follow me25302.02.718
thank you25350.9784.712
boys ready for this25365.7985.622
I mean you may as well be right yeah I25368.924.058
wouldn't have much of a choice can I go25371.423.0
and remove these yeah I think we'll just25372.9783.24
do it yeah pick them up last chance I25374.422.7
don't need to go to the bathroom or25376.2182.58
anything no okay good if I do I'm just25377.124.14
gonna piss on the floor yep so yeah our25378.7983.482
biggest threats are going to be the25381.262.64
birds and the spitters so if anybody25382.283.24
sees birds and spitters those are25383.93.238
priority I would imagine and also the25385.523.48
other zombies I forgot to ask if someone25387.1383.542
had better armor I guess I'm wearing25389.03.42
this leather one25390.683.9
okay it's happening25392.425.218
neebs yeah I'm doing this baby oh we're25394.584.558
all doing it every single one of us hey25397.6382.882
and matter of fact we're doing it right25399.1384.622
now we are it's on 22 let's go eyes open25400.525.64
they're coming from back here here they25403.763.83
come give me directions25406.164.1
uh from the uh that was from the uh25410.265.74
Southeast oh I got one down already25412.6386.42
we got green ones already yep25416.04.86
I've got green ones already they don't25419.0584.08
have a very good question and the demon25420.863.68
those green ones first you know what I25424.543.4
mean yep I see there's a great guy25426.623.178
coming in right now man he's fast as25427.944.198
hell I probably have the least ammo of25429.7983.722
anybody I've been building the last25432.1385.402
whole week since right yep just saying25433.525.88
y'all do some shooting all right not a25437.543.12
lot of birds25439.43.478
oh they're going after the carrot man25440.665.28
what they're going up to the carrot no25442.8785.522
stay away from that candy the carrot's a25445.943.96
good distraction oh look at this all25448.42.398
right I'm gonna give a little bit of25449.93.68
that ah they're getting up the steps25450.7984.982
losing their carrot now all right hold25453.585.02
on hold on what what's wrong25455.785.24
I don't know how else they would have25476.024.118
got up unless did they climb the wall I25477.865.48
don't know I didn't break my ax25480.1383.202
oh two birds watch out I'm lagging big25484.2184.462
a lot of a lot of stuff here all right25488.684.42
they're trying to cross not a lag25491.244.138
they're trying to cross a lot of lag a25493.15.76
lot of zombies you know a lot of lag25495.3785.34
let's take them out they're Congo lining25498.864.88
all right hold on25500.7183.022
fun it is fun25505.4583.68
yeah I don't think a carrots an issue25511.364.18
anymore good deal25513.443.33
get that big boy25515.544.41
want that big guy up front there he goes25532.8785.18
come on25535.043.018
I like this neighborhood25540.743.3
you got the ball tops they're all pumped25544.046.3
up listen I have one hold on Mile top25546.325.76
bottom of the stairs yeah bottle25550.344.1
oh boy wow he's got the bottom of the25554.57.5
stairs up man hold on25556.825.18
all right25564.13.118
babes is working pretty damn well so far25567.687.4
buddy let's hope it keeps it up oh yeah25569.7185.362
damn they're fast here's the kicker I25576.283.778
should be able to replace25578.845.458
uh things here we go oh yeah replacing25580.0588.022
come on baby good job good job oh I25584.2985.882
almost got you bro25588.084.5
taking care of these fools25590.185.698
there is a bunch of fools25592.586.02
it's a lot of fools it is a lot of food25595.8786.202
no foolish25598.63.48
whoa another jumper another jumper yep25602.425.218
oh boy what I'm just uh25615.927.4
I got him I got him I got him25619.2984.022
oh wait did somebody just not turn the25626.543.66
tree oh yeah let's go25628.2183.722
um all right I think I just shot that25630.22.96
look at you I know it's going great25633.164.42
anyone out anyone got some nine mil for25635.784.26
me I burned through almost 100 taking my25637.585.058
damn numbness25640.042.598
how about this I hit most things because25643.94.72
you inspired me stop being such a meanie25646.4584.622
this is my nine millimeter all right all25648.625.24
400 of it25651.082.78
damn this couple over here they're going25662.24.06
into the house next to us you see that25664.6384.682
that's the new plan hold on ah Come on25666.265.58
[ __ ] wow I see this sneaky [ __ ] up25669.324.86
here oh yeah I see him too I got him25671.844.44
I'll get him up spitters we gotta25674.183.36
spinner somewhere25676.284.58
oh there's a bunch of them25677.543.32
killing machine oh yeah they're all25682.0584.542
coming out of the house next to us oh25684.7984.742
the rail's gone oh boy you know I'm25686.64.32
falling you know what this is a perfect25689.544.2
time for my do it high five do it that25690.924.798
is a great spot hold on here we go come25693.743.78
on God I gotta light it first okay25695.7184.282
forget how this works like throw it25697.524.8
right bomb watch out25700.05.08
whoa fighting again another pipe bomb25702.326.38
birds and that could really hold on25705.085.878
another bird up there another shadow25708.73.09
fight Bob25710.9584.622
I wasn't just on birds there's like25726.764.538
three birds I know and I'm trying guess25729.625.518
what it's hard they spit I hate that got25731.2986.602
it climbing to do [ __ ] me baby damn it25735.1384.382
got two birds well I don't give you25737.94.44
bullets hey [ __ ] off buddy you [ __ ] off25739.526.198
hey I came pretty close25742.343.378
together replay give it a replay25746.686.76
wait a minute the reason they're not25761.663.24
jumping because one of the stairs is25763.284.018
gone oh that's not good someone's got to25764.94.318
go down fix it Simon does it Simon damn25767.2984.08
you guys I can't do a damn thing no I've25769.2183.542
been shooting birds and doing good don't25771.3782.942
make it like it's my fault we need that25772.763.118
stairs well then go ahead and get25774.324.62
able-bodied somebody to do it oh God25775.8786.0
that's it son's a [ __ ] what happened25778.946.538
where are you okay never mind are they25781.8785.222
attacking our base now someone's got to25785.4783.302
fix that stand I know I'm gonna go down25787.13.118
you're probably the most equipped aren't25788.783.06
you no I have I'm gonna go to someone25790.2183.42
that just died it can just do a thing25791.844.82
right Simon just died25793.6383.022
right above you I got him okay thank you25800.264.06
I'm trying to heal up so I can go down25802.8783.42
got more birds coming in all right I'm25804.323.738
coming come here what now oh boy oh that25808.0587.482
came down Sunday what I need you to take25813.083.78
this hold on one second going down25815.542.46
you're going down what do you mean25816.862.58
you're going down I'm I'm making the25818.02.7
stairs oh you're my hitting never mind25819.443.118
he's doing oh watch out door he got a25820.74.14
bird all right I need money I got him I25822.5583.362
got it25824.842.48
the moment25827.324.42
yeah let's run25829.283.54
I know all right stairs are back in25832.825.72
business yeah25835.4583.082
oh God hair spinner25839.024.08
dude this is not looking good I need my25843.524.3
I'm just running around I'm gonna die25847.827.638
out here I know it oh my God guys guys25849.6210.46
how do you get back up with your balls25855.4584.622
how are you alive I don't know oh I'm25861.047.12
not gonna be damn it oh boy oh no my25864.326.02
teach how we do it I'm trying to rebuild25873.083.478
man do it man do it I got you covered25874.73.358
you keep fighting I'll keep rebuilding25876.5583.182
this thing they're all following me the25878.0586.802
dumb sons of [ __ ] take them out boys25879.745.12
hey if you run back to the base I stuff25887.264.78
the motorbikes right down below me okay25889.825.22
hop on the motorcycle go nuts uh below25892.045.22
you yeah see me take a hard left hard25895.044.018
left hard left foot all the way down to25897.264.32
the end of the base yeah get on it slam25899.0585.882
[ __ ] run those [ __ ] oh here we25901.585.54
okay oh but okay this isn't gonna work25908.0583.482
for me25910.6383.562
uh oh25911.542.66
I'm trying to help you doralius oh my25915.46.22
gun's about to break though follow me25918.445.17
no no25926.842.36
there's so many crane gas I don't know25929.687.92
get em salmon25933.8783.722
come on brother man stop nice Simon nice25937.7186.302
all right yeah bring God down good job25944.64.82
needs good job25946.944.92
there's a down again we need a steer25949.426.34
repair Alice what are you down there I25951.865.938
already did it the first time down it25955.763.24
needs to be somebody that's down there25957.7983.482
we're doing good things down here it25959.03.9
can't be us you can't hit anybody on25961.284.26
that mini bike damn hit them I know you25962.95.0
guys are doing riding but uh25965.545.04
listen we can kill a lot more effective25967.94.12
if those stairs are up well then fix25970.584.378
them we're distracting the zombies oh25972.026.84
boy wow nice Simon that was insurgent25974.9586.162
leaves where are we running26016.543.2
oh the bike26021.9583.42
oh my God26026.1383.602
found a bike yeah but you should work on26029.745.04
those stairs oh you guys are don't say26031.94.738
you guys how'd you fixed the stairs we26034.783.42
wouldn't be in this man you could have26036.6383.24
sacrificed yourself they would have26038.23.84
continued jumping stairs instead of26039.8783.782
killing the base I don't know if you26042.043.48
sacrificed yourself I sacrificed myself26043.663.96
okay I'm talking to a freaking wall the26045.524.08
guy down by the stairs could have fixed26047.623.48
it yeah26049.65.458
oh I got a bike too there you go yeah so26051.15.35
what we just ride around until morning26055.0581.672
oh oh that that could have been my head26073.025.618
this used to be our face what the hell26076.0585.382
oh he's gonna blow he's gonna blow oh26078.6384.92
cool that was great I'm glitching26083.5586.252
I'm glitching no you're a glitchy mess26087.15.849
all right hold on one second26108.526.509
okay I'm back in the base nice back in26115.787.34
the game baby coming back to that base26119.084.04
is he blowing nope nope why didn't he26133.363.84
blow his thing turned red26135.43.78
well that was anticlimactic26137.27.8
okay hey we did it we did do it yeah wow26139.189.24
and the base looks great26145.06.798
I hear I hear something26148.423.378
you guys hear that I do they're below us26159.2184.5
so from that tunnel did you say they26161.324.138
totaled out there yeah they tunneled now26163.7183.902
they're below and now we need to we need26165.4584.68
to investigate I'm opening this I'll put26167.624.258
a door here later I didn't know it was a26170.1382.942
basement here there's a basement here26171.8783.42
look at this it's an entire huge26173.083.96
basement here very big house Simon26175.2983.0
you're gonna put your clothes back on I26177.043.06
don't have to now right this second it's26178.2983.242
a little warm you guys coming up26180.13.3
screamer screamer oh I don't have any26181.544.14
[ __ ]26183.44.738
yeah me I'm a man just didn't waste any26185.683.9
of those shots26188.1383.802
you got him I would think26189.584.798
yes or no how do you get the basement oh26191.945.038
behind us26194.3782.6
lady what are you doing here ma'am oh26197.744.92
Boy's over why don't we get down there26201.13.958
again you live here I don't remember we26202.664.74
might have got there from upstairs which26205.0585.4
is weird look oh nice shot memes don't26207.44.68
you kill man oh there's more coming oh26210.4583.0
really look at this this is probably26212.083.6
from the screamer yeah yeah there's26213.4584.802
still stuff in the bank26215.685.16
s two of them oh man where are we26218.263.718
it just got crazy oh God yep okay oh boy26221.9786.48
is that it anybody else don't sound like26226.4783.24
it sounds like they're everywhere in26228.4582.642
here man this is one hell of an26229.7183.962
infestation wrap up put some Salve on it26231.14.8
do you Sav I don't is that still a thing26233.683.778
no I found this helmet though you like26235.93.058
this look how shiny this thing is how26237.4583.242
could you look today I know oh my26238.9583.242
goodness look at these colors listen26240.73.12
once I get some blue dye I can dye my26242.23.3
pants blue I'll be looking real good you26243.823.478
already look good man I'm only gonna be26245.53.42
looking better okay let's find the26247.2983.08
others and find this basement26248.923.84
I remember how to check it out guys26250.3784.662
follow me Simon you won't remember this26252.764.98
but I did all right oh yeah down below I26255.044.678
do remember it oh awesome now I do26257.743.6
because you've remembered it first yep26259.7183.122
so we can get down below because there's26261.343.538
a trap door like uh goes all the way26262.843.9
down yep that's our answer there it is26264.8784.5
ah little Crouch key get your weapons26266.744.92
ready ready going down tell me when you26269.3783.782
guys are on me come on you like potato26271.664.26
skins on a potato I'm on you as well26273.165.818
like potato on a potato oh but there's26275.924.2
one right there there's a guy right26278.9784.82
there oh all right watch out I'll get26280.123.678
all right missed that window26284.4585.622
watch out26287.2185.862
get up ah Jesus what the hell's going on26290.086.298
here yeah someone's shooting the guy you26293.085.878
guys get him yep almost you just know26296.3784.322
when it says okay clear all clear clear26298.9586.26
all clear oh no it's not oh26300.74.518
is it just me I was on your like white26308.527.08
on rice for the record26312.2183.382
all right that was awful that was26315.94.12
horrible this is already a miss all26318.43.0
right we gotta get our crap back yeah I26320.023.18
know all right neebs yeah you got to26321.43.18
take point this time you're the only one26323.23.42
with a gun oh yeah well that place26324.583.42
should be clear there's a big mama26326.623.78
behind you okay I'm just doing it do it26328.04.558
okay oh no there's a Greenie down there26330.44.26
hey neebs you're going first Simon go up26332.5584.022
okay going up are we going up because26334.663.36
it's got to go first gotta clear the26336.583.718
area there's three zombies or maybe two26338.025.278
I don't know good luck names oh look oh26340.2984.802
there's a green one you didn't tell me26343.2983.722
there was green I just did I just set it26345.13.6
out of my mouth he did I heard it out of26347.023.72
his mouth we got any bombs hold on maybe26348.74.438
I can get a shot from here I don't quite26350.744.5
have a shot oh wait I'm gonna have a26353.1384.882
shot here here we go26355.242.78
I know but they do oh boy oh he's26365.045.08
rearing up at me okay let me try the26368.325.36
shotgun hurry up down there um26370.123.56
ah reload it's all right standby oh boy26373.785.098
he's on you there you go yeah yeah that26376.2984.26
sounded better it sounded like something26378.8786.022
died I think we might have it okay26380.5586.842
come on down all right coming down all26384.93.7
right there's a bag I don't know which26387.43.238
ones yeah don't accidentally take I26388.64.68
don't want to so my that mine okay I got26390.6383.902
the right one I'm still here at noise26393.283.24
all right neeb's cover us I'm looking26394.543.9
what is in here oh this place is crazy26396.525.038
oh this is the door okay careful now hmm26398.445.58
careful you like that advice very good26401.5584.682
advice where's my bag it says it's right26404.025.538
here but I don't see it whoa26406.243.318
oh man it's a miracle I didn't kill you26421.444.96
neebs Miracle oh wait my bag's up top26424.03.958
for some reason how the hell does that26426.43.84
even help oh we got a screamer out front26427.9584.742
that's right yep you need help out here26430.243.78
yeah I think I think I got these guys26432.73.0
they're behind you too be careful oh boy26434.024.32
thanks for the warning yeah I got you26435.74.8
we're a team we got a team and that's26438.344.458
our cheerleader go abstra with names26440.55.218
nice easy peasy I wish I could have26442.7984.482
reloaded in that moment that looks so26445.7184.442
cool you never remembered to reload how26447.285.098
cool is this well now it's not cool now26450.164.02
it's lame damn26452.3784.022
all right Simon it's our job to safify26454.184.02
this place right we're just clearing it26456.43.18
out we're gonna have to do something26458.23.358
though besides like we're gonna have to26459.583.66
close stuff off here man I remember when26461.5583.482
I saved you here once you always26463.244.398
remember those moments26465.044.5
care about this this takes some26467.6383.702
platforming skills right there yeah oh26469.544.258
well please I'm such a damn gamer I'm a26471.344.378
platformer how'd you ever become such a26473.7984.382
gamer I just jumped into the world and I26475.7185.58
said hey look at me yeah look at me I I26478.186.538
game yep smell my nuts all clear so far26481.2987.802
so far so gamey looking super great oh26484.7187.022
wait not clear look at her oh you're not26489.14.32
making any noise you gotta go for the26491.742.84
head shots26493.424.44
it's a shotgun okay you're a gamer I did26494.585.52
I game26497.864.618
all right that looks pretty good all26500.14.358
clear uh yeah I mean there's a couple26502.4783.66
patches but uh yeah it's a decent enough26504.4583.542
space I'll be in charge of the base this26506.1386.122
time uh neebs yep I grant you my bike oh26508.06.9
the motorcycle yeah yeah okay just to26512.264.32
ride around in yeah was it because he26514.93.96
whined the most on the Hornet no it was26516.585.218
no okay don't get me started on the26518.864.38
stairs I just know he'll be responsible26521.7983.602
with it too okay okay yeah it makes26523.243.6
sense the guy I guess this anybody's use26525.44.2
but just nobody get it lost okay Simon26526.844.798
yes sir I want to go for a little loot a26529.63.84
little what a little little a little26531.6383.42
little I want to go for a little loot oh26533.444.5
yeah Lugo yes yes yeah well I'm gonna26535.0584.382
need concrete so if you guys can make26537.943.06
concrete okay you're going to take it26539.444.98
off Dave hey whoa yeah that he was the26541.08.25
horn X whoa okay good luck on that face26544.426.74
yeah baby I feel like I'm moving oh oh26551.165.798
wow water and a pig okay I'm stronger26554.1385.522
now I can take out this pig reload am I26556.9584.92
reloaded here got two guns get me some26559.664.978
food baby hey big man what a sneaky Pig26561.8785.902
he was just here oh there he is26564.6386.302
one shot I'm not building this week it's26567.785.858
up to abstro I'm on vacay26570.945.46
it was a tempting car I'm at one percent26573.6387.562
what 100 gas oh you got gas all right26576.47.02
like you have to at least we're not26581.24.32
gonna get home that's a problem because26583.423.42
the Lord knows I didn't know we were26585.522.88
going all the way out here I didn't26586.844.618
either yeah here you go so we're gonna26588.46.0
need to find gas uh out here oh look at26591.4584.742
that no but that's not gonna get us far26594.43.478
what are you talking about I'm talking26596.23.0
about it's not gonna get us far I'm at26597.8783.902
45 what are you at now it's like 61 all26599.24.018
right I'm at 45 so we're probably gonna26601.782.88
need some to get home no we're not gonna26603.2183.722
need [ __ ] why why why wouldn't we need26604.664.74
it you can get really far off 32 you can26606.944.198
also run out of gas yeah we'll see it26609.43.36
depends on where you go26611.1384.08
all right we're gonna make yeah easy26612.764.618
this isn't friendly terrain no it's not26615.2184.08
like everything about where we're going26617.3784.68
like there we go there it is is where26619.2985.122
where straight ahead26622.0584.982
where Straight Ahead what Straight Ahead26624.424.958
oh is there a house something do I see a26627.044.38
big place gotta get through this gonna26629.3785.1
get through the Jesus all right there is26631.425.4
a big house though yeah I see that and26634.4784.442
you know that if oh damn it you know one26636.824.398
of these damn bikes26638.925.1
[ __ ] man this is not good yeah but we're26641.2185.562
doing it we are doing it26644.025.458
oh come on26646.786.178
oh no so what no all right can I maybe26649.4785.282
we should just find our own we should26652.9583.6
stay together yeah but I don't can we26654.763.18
stay together26656.5583.9
you're just snorting over there oh no I26657.945.518
just put myself in a credit oh26660.4584.862
no okay26663.4585.222
oh this isn't Fun for anyone to watch no26665.325.28
they they're enjoying this are they what26668.683.18
they're doing is they're like pulling26670.63.42
for us like you got this guy you got it26671.863.68
you got my butt26674.025.1
you're right I see a building and I'm26675.545.56
going into it what which building I26679.123.78
found a building the one that we passed26681.13.24
is it the building that we passed26682.95.1
probably maybe Lazy H I don't know this26684.346.24
is lazy all right I found the building I26688.04.32
got a building too well good luck in26690.583.96
your building I'll meet you at home what26692.324.138
teammate I'll get I guess I'll go in26694.545.4
here it's locked damn it all right26696.4585.542
Sledge it up26699.944.08
maybe there's something in here maybe26702.04.718
we'll get lucky huh hello hopefully26704.025.22
nobody's here let there be something26706.7185.522
aside from you you know damn it missed26709.244.978
his head no I'm out of freaking bullets26712.245.218
son of a [ __ ] all right that's the26714.2185.522
that's how you do it I need nine26717.4584.622
millimeter all right anyone else in here26719.745.638
huh maybe there's stuff stuff up here26722.087.218
anything good all right ladder something26725.3787.142
come on anything oh there's something26729.2986.282
how about reloading huh how about you26732.526.08
learn to reload Simon damn you26735.584.7
here's a little something here's a26740.285.14
little nitrate powder yeah well let's26743.3783.782
just hope that that's that's the26745.424.138
shittiest that we find here come on baby26747.166.66
let's get some good stuff come on papa26749.5587.622
wants a lock pick eat my dick all right26753.827.38
over here a little salt oh come on come26757.185.58
on make it worthwhile26761.25.22
a switch what the hell's a switch I'll26762.765.82
pretend it's good to make me feel better26766.428.18
I gotta switch oh and I found 111 gas26768.586.02
oh yeah one of these things because that26775.5585.262
okay I remember this place good Lord26778.426.36
what a weird mirror come on26780.825.52
you're lucky I don't have both of my26784.783.178
junk turrets I didn't have the ammo for26786.344.92
it yeah yeah all right going up the26787.9587.68
thing who's up here hello hello how you26791.267.02
do how you do nothing okay great hey26795.6385.062
look at that oh26798.285.22
what did I do I hit a what am I doing I26800.74.778
just sent a message to everyone saying I26803.55.718
hope they understand what that means26805.4783.74
code for I got this26810.4587.862
all right coal perfect I like it oh yeah26813.546.838
level five iron gloves26818.325.34
and a little bit of that okay all right26820.3785.68
and I will just go ahead and look at26823.663.84
that convenience26826.0583.962
at its finest26827.56.12
are you at swiggum serum no oh hey are26830.025.64
hey I was just about to yeah I want to26833.623.178
see if there's some gas down here all26835.663.18
right I got a 111 gas give me the gas26836.7984.742
why what do you mean why you're fine you26838.844.32
got enough gas don't worry about it give26841.543.598
me the gas I can give you gas there's26843.163.66
gas thank you don't say I don't do26845.1383.602
nothing for you I'll say that half the26846.823.15
time you better not26848.743.558
vacation baby here we go now this is far26852.2985.382
out surely no one's been here before26855.944.92
look at all these structures ah they're26857.685.1
crappy though look at them they're all26860.864.8
falling down prowling Pete's oh wait26862.784.74
here's a place oh and Cates are still26865.664.26
together in a pawn shop what is that26867.525.22
over there okay Park the bike right here26869.926.36
okay pawn and Lawn yep that place what26872.745.58
is that this looks like a store is this26876.285.278
like a shotgun place or a food okay you26878.325.94
know what pawn shop oh hey ma'am I got a26881.5584.262
new club26884.264.68
how did that Miss kidding me26885.825.94
urges okay level up you were here for my26888.946.06
level up let's celebrate okay pawn shop26891.765.94
that's where it's at I'm full of weapons26895.07.1
now folks I'm leveling up hello26897.74.4
I heard you I heard you fall oh they're26903.65.34
awesome now he's running26907.05.16
you know what time it is okay all right26908.946.34
shotgun is that reloaded nope look at26912.165.84
you I remember to reload26915.287.198
all right this guy he is26918.07.78
you down stay down reload now while I'm26922.4787.32
thinking about it ah there's more26925.786.92
jumper he's a jumper26929.7982.902
jumper I got this and shoot him early26933.944.8
that's how I do it I'm reloading all I26936.2183.902
want to do is trade some stuff at the26938.743.3
pawn shop26940.124.4
you down26942.042.48
there we go got your head26946.024.08
let's see all right this might be a26950.9786.062
decent concept instead of one stairway26954.4585.582
up two stairways up that might be crazy26957.045.82
you could give them more room to sneak26960.044.56
up on us but man if this thing is lined26962.863.358
with traps and booby traps and we're26964.63.118
just hitting them all that'll funnel26966.2183.062
them right into where they need to be26967.7184.08
come up here and they'll walk down here26969.283.96
and then they'll like that they'll jump26971.7983.242
up here and then we'll all be stationed26973.243.718
right here bang bang oh we can shoot26975.043.36
them on that side we can shoot them on26976.9582.702
that yeah you know what I'm going with26978.43.42
this design it might be crazy might be26979.663.54
letting too many in at once but you know26981.822.94
what gotta risk it for the biscuit maybe26983.22.82
I'll line one of these places with26984.763.18
explosives no just blow all the hell I26986.023.858
don't know not as young26987.945.1
oh the rallies yes Simon my health is26989.8785.202
going down oh you went inside I went26993.043.9
inside everything seems empty in here26995.083.898
there's doors that are open well have26996.943.9
you searched the coffins doors are open26998.9783.48
have you searched the coffee blood going27000.843.6
down oh I think this is despite this has27002.4583.542
been looted this might be it I think27004.443.3
there's been what do you do oh this27006.06.058
might be it oh boy watch out oh boy [ __ ]27007.746.238
I think we should go home no let's go27012.0584.682
let's go home please go home yeah27013.9784.562
everything's like empty and stuff yeah27016.743.96
everything's empty things have been oh27018.545.4
God bandages I yeah I forgot I had some27020.75.758
yeah this was already looted this was27023.944.08
dumb did you come in the front yes you27026.4583.242
did yes let's go yeah we're going home27028.023.6
going homes going home we're going to go27029.73.98
we are we're going27035.545.74
anybody in there Pilon Pete's I wonder27041.285.16
what kind of business this is is uh is27044.14.44
it a bar you know this is a date hello27046.443.3
probably should have went in the window27048.543.12
it's a lot of work man I thought some27049.743.96
zombies to come out by now oh I'll see27051.664.08
what hey help me with oh he's a crawler27053.74.438
that's the problem all right I'm gonna27055.743.78
work on this door you take out the27058.1383.84
spikes okay it was there all right now27059.525.038
but you know what my pistol's broke I'm27061.9785.042
down the shotgun and uh the other thing27064.5585.522
the club oh and yeah I have a um uh what27067.026.42
do you call this a rifle so do this and27070.086.78
reload hello oh wow oh there's stuff on27073.444.858
the floor I was like why can't I walk27076.864.68
okay hey Miss I cannot get past this uh27078.2986.962
we call it trash you gotta do it that27081.545.22
was it that was a head shot you should27085.264.44
be gone right okay I'm in traveling27086.763.958
um let's see they got chilled drinks27090.7183.902
oh this is probably a restaurant up27092.764.68
hello oh boy are you the same lady I27094.626.24
shot jeez that was 762. that should do27097.445.82
it to the brain all right I'll be27100.863.54
looking back here27103.263.84
hello where you going sir party's over27104.44.62
here it's unlocked I'll even lock it for27107.14.44
you wow this guy's a nut there we go27109.025.22
slow down I'm a warrior what is the27111.545.16
bathroom did I interrupt you hmm you got27114.244.92
a flush and wash your hands a lot of27116.76.14
people don't do that it's nasty27119.163.68
that's row yeah what's with the hole I'm27123.0586.9
getting stowed oh well I've actually got27126.95.04
my Pitchfork I would not Pitchfork what27129.9584.5
do you call the pickaxe yeah listen to27131.944.438
you I know but do you want me to help27134.4584.622
you ah I mean if you want to uh I'm27136.3784.5
doing pretty well right now I got a27139.084.138
really nice pickaxe like a Primo quality27140.8784.68
pickaxe level four yeah I've got a level27143.2184.562
one leader level one yeah what good can27145.5584.08
you do me with a level one I'm gonna be27147.783.778
a friend and just help can't do [ __ ]27149.6384.5
with a level one pickaxe no I just did I27151.5584.142
got a stone well hey all right well all27154.1382.942
right you have one to get stoned if you27155.73.06
want to excuse me well I don't really27157.083.78
don't ruin like my exit and entrance27158.763.66
here oh is that what I did I would I27160.863.0
would have ruined it yeah you possibly27162.422.94
could have and I get stuck down there27163.863.118
and I can't get out oh will you please27165.364.14
you're being like dramatic just what you27166.9783.722
want to make sure this is done but yeah27169.52.458
if you want to go in there and mine27170.72.82
Stone go in there and mine Stone but27171.9583.0
it's boring and you'll get tired of it27173.523.3
after a minute of course I will but I'll27174.9584.802
do anything for you hey guys yo how are27176.823.78
I'm digging how are you uh great I um27180.65.16
maxed out all my bartering skills oh so27183.424.62
I'm gonna go say hi to um to Hugh just27185.763.718
to see what's different in his secret27188.043.96
stash okay all right well hey food what27189.4784.08
food would be nice you know I need like27192.03.058
a neeb's chest like he had everybody27193.5584.262
gave food and stuff because yeah he was27195.0584.5
like you get my own food but now Simon's27197.822.818
got you covered there I think no no no27199.5582.702
we'll be good how about I go with you27200.6383.602
because you don't appreciate when I was27202.264.02
gonna say to dig for you and you know I27204.243.54
don't need your salmon oh damn get him27206.283.12
food yeah damn it all right get the27207.783.778
digging boy all right man I really got27209.46.978
screwed on that one in the whole I go27211.5584.82
you surprise27220.683.538
for some reason I get better deals from27221.944.14
you now and you have no choice in the27224.2183.362
matter okay let me sell a bunch of27226.083.42
things real quick uh we don't need that27227.584.5
we don't need that oh you're not buying27229.54.08
machine guns anymore got too many in27232.083.96
stock copy two machines really you don't27233.584.62
they're pretty good machine guns you27236.046.54
barely used barely barely used27238.25.82
secret stash solar Bank generate a bank27244.025.4
we're gonna need those you know what I27247.623.24
already know we're gonna need that I'm27249.423.48
taking it pump shotgun schematic yeah27250.863.9
we're gonna want that that's good for27252.94.318
all of us steel glove steel boots solar27254.766.5
cell 4x4 truck chassis uh-huh27257.2189.84
gyrocopter chassis oh boy okay this27261.268.798
opened up a whole new world here thank27267.0586.302
you it's very exciting do the math what27270.0585.4
the [ __ ] did you say Hugh I was talking27273.363.96
when you talked wait till someone27275.4584.02
finishes talking before you never mind27277.324.88
Hugh have a good one27279.4782.722
hello hello hello oh we got me some27287.364.42
Stone baby how about hold on one second27290.283.84
oh hello hello uh App Store I've got to27291.784.8
do one thing first they're Alice yeah so27294.123.96
you know what here you go buddy better27296.584.2
late than never right I don't know look27298.086.18
at that yeah 1115 small stone that was27300.785.4
it's not listen oh you gave him all the27304.264.5
stones no I did not because I'm a good27306.185.24
person you still have27308.765.58
467 stuff heck yeah awesome so this is27311.424.66
going to benefit you anyway because I'm27314.343.78
gonna be putting it toward you know uh27316.084.2
cement yeah okay but technically I paid27318.124.858
you I I gave it to you27320.285.58
but appreciate it sure thank you thank27322.9786.802
you but I mean a week that sucks27325.863.92
making a man wait a week let's say hey27330.265.5
no motorcycles I found so much stuff27333.185.52
today it's crazy I mean I'm just loaded27335.765.038
down big time good I know you wanted to27338.74.258
get out looting yeah man I'm gonna be in27340.7984.26
the same boat or no you know it thank27342.9583.382
there's not a lot of room in there to27346.343.58
park a bike oh did you move the bike27348.543.0
nobody's on it right yeah it's weird27349.923.298
you're off the bike and it's moving on27351.546.62
its own what about right now oh yes27353.2184.942
video games are stupid yeah27359.9584.742

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