Hello Ladies! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 47

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss today's episode of Darkness Falls. Doraleous is taking on some t...
Hello Ladies! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 47
Hello Ladies! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 47

Hello Ladies! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 47

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen the latest episode of 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod?

appsro: Oh, you mean the one where Doraleous goes on some tier 3 trader missions? Yeah, that one was hilarious!

neebs: I love how he always manages to get himself into crazy situations. It's like he's a magnet for trouble!

appsro: Totally! And the way he handles those zombies with such finesse, it's like watching a master at work.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, if you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, you won't want to miss today's episode of Darkness Falls. Doraleous is taking on some tier 3 trader missions and things are about to get intense. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode - trust me, you don't want to miss out on the action.

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As always, the Neebs crew has put together an epic music list for this episode. From Kevin MacLeod to Matt Stewart Evans, the soundtrack is on point and really adds to the excitement of the gameplay. And if you're like me and can't get enough of Neebs content, be sure to check out their playlists for more gaming goodness.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready for another awesome episode of Darkness Falls with Doraleous. It's going to be a wild ride, and I can't wait to see what challenges he faces on these trader missions. Neebs Gaming never disappoints, and I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing community of fans. Let's go on this adventure together!

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ER Joe what is happening we got to do a10.2197.181
job we live so close to you now so close14.0996.121
we're tier three Joel we're tier three17.43.9
yeah well that one is thrown into a21.35.46
clear Zone yeah we'll try that let's see25.083.42
if anyone else wants it I didn't know we26.764.14
were two three I didn't know why am I28.55.579
plugged in here all right hey thank you30.96.36
I won't let you down I'm a little scared34.0795.901
all right37.262.72
hey tap we got uh where were tier three44.2396.281
missions guys tier three wow I thought48.04.26
tier two were pretty hard50.523.539
um hey do you have an auto shotgun Simon52.263.9
uh yes I do with the silencer does54.0593.781
everyone I gotta put my silencer on56.164.44
before this okay hey it's gonna be fun57.844.92
you want to go do a mission with me yes60.64.32
Tim what he's been yelling timber a lot62.763.899
he loves to yell timber yeah but we're64.924.32
not in the Harm's Way of the Timber are66.6594.441
you sure is it gonna Timber on us in69.244.04
um yeah like to hitting us these trees73.55.76
are tall I mean so you think they'll hit76.25.64
us probably not okay so you don't need79.264.38
to do the Timbers I never know where you81.843.959
are you move you have legs so that's83.644.44
true that's very true you're so smart85.7995.281
let's call it safe yeah that's good see88.084.44
he's got an answer for everything and91.083.84
he's right he's right though I mean I92.524.8
could be right there fair enough94.924.44
all right okay that's enough yeah I97.323.72
don't know if you realize but uh trees99.365.18
don't hurt people in this game101.043.5
little head chopper sound oh yeah yep105.926.159
that's pretty cool I don't know if it'll109.24.86
work or if it's stupid let's see please112.0793.961
don't fall please don't fall okay I'll114.064.8
be damned all right yep yep yep yep yep116.044.8
okay and I need to make more of those118.864.74
but uh yeah that should that should do120.844.62
some chopping so when they jump up here123.63.839
that's when it gets them uh yeah if they125.462.84
do jump127.4393.24
it'll chop them there and they'll be128.34.78
electric fencing all over this so I'm130.6793.901
just I'm just trying to make some sort133.083.48
of crazy contraption that may or may not134.583.96
work and will probably fail immediately136.564.08
all right I'm working on a garden today138.543.839
oh get a new Garden going on here yeah140.643.84
I'm gonna try to put down a irrigation142.3795.041
system oh wait what yeah irrigation you144.484.619
can like build an irrigator and put147.423.66
pumps and have you made that yet nope149.0993.481
okay wait when you make that let me know151.083.18
I want to see that in action okay or152.583.299
meet me at the farm in a minute are you154.264.5
ready uh yeah pretty much let's go okay155.8794.141
what are you waiting for I thought you158.762.82
were busy building a thing I mean I am160.023.78
but I want to see this okay doesn't need161.583.299
I'm thinking I'm gonna go around there's164.8793.541
a kind of a flat stretch of land right166.143.26
all the way down okay so I'm thinking I169.46.58
turn this towards me so I can operate it173.5196.181
boom what yep then I think I can just175.985.28
run pipes179.74.02
what like this this is amazing this181.265.699
works I think so okay oh crap oh that183.725.76
ain't good nope okay well that's a waste186.9594.981
and then I just plant crops all along189.484.619
the side here okay like this do you have191.943.36
to put water in this thing or something194.0993.06
I don't think so it just sucks it out of195.33.06
the ground sucks it out of the ground197.1594.021
okay if you turn it on can you turn it198.364.44
on like right now I think it's just on201.183.96
it just works I think so I don't see any202.83.48
spray coming out of it I don't see205.142.7
anything this just works take it up with206.283.539
Kane man I'll just work here okay207.843.479
there's nothing on it that says209.8193.481
irrigation system so you have notes for211.3194.14
Kane then oh yeah I mean sounds like213.34.34
well or it is working we'll see once we220.143.84
start planting stuff I guess we will all222.363.48
right I'll do you a favor appreciate it223.982.36
this is uh Victorian I knew what you231.484.86
were gonna say yeah I was gonna say it234.064.2
fixed forever but yeah most of them are236.343.479
so tier three there's gonna be a bunch238.263.72
more uh crap okay yeah and thank you for239.8193.601
this automatic I keep on thinking the241.983.3
pup action shotgun is an automatic shot243.423.48
this is game changer stuff I mean look245.283.06
at that thing look at the bottom look at246.93.24
that I mean it's very nice it's got 16248.343.959
and apparently it shoots faster so I'll250.144.2
take it yeah you're gonna enjoy it we're252.2993.9
gonna shred them all right you got a254.344.679
silencer on that oh no oh can you strip256.1995.061
over a silencer259.0195.661
yeah yeah yeah261.266.219
all right hey this is when we start to264.684.36
clear and you know what I just want to267.4793.421
grab this maybe it'll wake some up all269.043.9
right I gotta re I had a load worth it270.94.56
15 rounds okay yeah you load up all272.944.979
right look at this uh-huh which way do275.464.799
you want to go uh I really I'm a big fan277.9194.021
of the roof tactic even though I got280.2594.341
feels good screwed last time281.946.06
oops all right fell down so front door284.66.4
yeah whatever oh let's sneak we can get288.05.46
some sneaks in all right oh there's a291.05.16
sneak right there if I can see his head293.465.34
easy oh yeah296.164.319
yeah like pardon me watch out don't hit298.84.8
me yep okay try not to stop it okay [ __ ]300.4795.821
this is it was a horrible start yeah oh303.65.159
[ __ ] is there somebody behind me oh you306.35.22
hit me geez I didn't mean to I don't308.7594.741
have that thing neebs has on so all311.524.44
right good sit down [ __ ] start [ __ ]313.54.08
start [ __ ] start but do you know what315.963.42
let's not it's it's it wasn't that I'm317.583.6
not gonna dwell on it no we're not oh319.383.18
you know what I'm gonna do though dwell321.183.78
on it I know I'm gonna eat some medicine322.564.199
because I really did get hurt more than324.964.28
I wanted to326.7592.481
hello oh hold on what nothing330.126.24
oh that's just a prop that's a prop334.53.96
zombie okay336.364.679
give me every time surprise there isn't338.464.579
more action down here football I'm341.0394.081
exploring over here all right football343.0395.021
guy down oh [ __ ]345.126.54
oh fatty boom bats is it a fatty for the348.065.4
come on here we go353.464.679
yeah so yeah we're gonna have to go down356.584.5
below is the real [ __ ] even more I would358.1393.961
think because that's where it came from361.082.64
when you think it's crazy there's stuff362.14.319
here hello oh yeah it's a little room363.725.66
all right here we go366.4192.961
all right in the head for you come on371.284.44
there's some coming from up above yeah374.0394.081
come on guys come on we don't have all375.725.819
day we don't hey Mama come on down Who's378.126.6
down guys don't be shy really381.5396.961
is ahead for you yeah we cleared it Yay384.726.24
good job man yeah that worked out it388.54.38
wasn't bad let's um let's go ahead and390.964.67
uh loot up looted looty Pebbles392.885.939
that's true yo what's up you see any398.8195.22
corn like around here yeah no I'm in the401.6993.601
middle of a damn City I don't see any404.0393.66
corn yeah I don't know why my old Farms405.35.1
aren't growing so I mean let's go to the407.6994.381
outskirts of any of these little towns410.43.18
and find the Farms I'm sure there's corn412.083.3
there okay it's gonna fly around and413.584.32
gather corn I planted one got one corn415.386.96
going so oh yeah right yeah can't make417.96.66
stew what's going on there422.344.079
um it's gonna be a place for these424.564.259
electric traps oh great I got an idea426.4194.021
for a little grid that may or may not428.8192.641
work and we'll probably get us all430.442.819
killed well um this is where I am431.463.48
forever now right here433.2594.741
um yeah got it back yeah it's a spot yep434.945.699
never mind I'll go on foot no no pick it438.04.259
up and just move the damn okay better440.6393.68
idea yep442.2594.321
and grab it you might have to get all444.3193.28
the inventory oh I didn't have any446.583.059
inventory in it so you're good okay all447.5993.66
right I'll see you in a bit with some449.6394.381
corn yeah sounds good451.2595.78
zombie out there454.023.019
that was mine we'll go for that other460.946.18
one nope [ __ ] forget it463.2595.581
do it467.124.8
I'm like the Beatles468.847.04
oh yeah see if we're gonna get something477.4796.181
more wild we did it okay uh I don't know479.287.38
man what a pistol a lever action a SWAT483.666.96
helmet nah yeah I'll grab the AP9 mil486.666.9
okay wait is there an option to like490.626.479
what to argue no to get like better [ __ ]493.565.759
like [ __ ] I'll take ammo let's do one497.0993.961
more clear today huh you take the ammo499.3193.901
ammo's good no no I want ammo I'm taking501.063.78
a pistol all right whatever one more503.224.52
clear zombies please504.842.9
yeah right oh man this is uh this is513.746.7
gonna be interesting518.3394.801
here we go all right straight in like520.445.339
yeah I guess okay523.145.58
hey buddy this might be the manager all525.7795.401
right listen we tip well we do and and528.725.52
the popcorn stale this might be those531.184.44
individual rooms where you just kind of534.242.64
go spank it and I don't know I've never535.623.3
understood that but to each their own oh536.884.5
yeah oh man my my brother-in-law used to538.924.2
work at one of those theaters in 42nd541.383.899
Street before they cleaned it out543.124.98
yeah well he he uh he worked for the he545.2795.641
worked for the gentleman who548.14.98
I guess he maintained it so when there550.924.76
were problems he had to go and fix them553.084.62
maintained and yeah what kind of a555.684.839
construction company uh-huh so yeah he557.75.28
would maintain things anyway it was very560.5194.021
interesting from what I hear every every562.984.44
bit of it sounds like oh yeah we're564.544.2
register in here I'm gonna take that567.424.5
okay hey moving forward yeah ladies room568.746.24
I see there how you doing yeah maybe we571.924.68
have to keep an eye on the uh the574.983.24
scientist ladies sometimes if they drop576.63.06
a bag they might have the thing that we578.224.82
need listen sir we booked a private show579.665.64
[ __ ] off583.044.78
there you go same to you what he said585.35.219
well that was an employee oh this one587.825.22
are you sure I don't know there's no590.5194.44
Talent maybe trying to sneak in you ever593.043.299
do that when you were kids sneaking in594.9594.981
the movies ah I didn't I neither did I I596.3395.521
do you bring it up like everyone does it599.943.66
because it was a thing and I knew601.863.479
friends that did it but I never did it603.64.2
man I tell you what605.3396.06
um I was a good kid oh so so says the607.85.88
kid well yeah you were good I guess with611.3994.021
that I mean I did other things that were613.684.44
not good like I definitely stole things615.425.7
but I never like I was too scared to try618.124.62
to sneak in the back door and get caught621.124.98
you know project a room right here oh622.745.34
this is some protector and this is nice626.13.72
it is all right hold on hold on don't628.084.439
move all right oh that wasn't a sneak629.824.92
come on that was a snake it was a snake632.5194.141
that was such a snake he can't sneak634.745.46
more yeah guys clean up your stains636.666.48
we've got a private show coming yep good640.25.1
thing we have red carpet for obvious643.144.58
oh boy okay oh hey names hey how's this649.0795.82
looking from up there it looks uh pretty652.384.98
sturdy I think oh well we're gonna see654.8994.44
they can head in this cage on top might657.364.08
protect us from the birds but I feel659.3394.5
like I'm gonna leave it open there we go661.445.1
I need to make some switches Yeah Boy663.8396.481
And perfect okay here we go I'm like I'm666.545.28
scared you know I'm not even scared I670.322.94
just I want to make up for my last time671.823.3
the last thing I tried to do was just an673.263.36
utter failure this is your second base675.123.48
huh it's my second base and I want to do676.623.659
good but you know I mean I know I could678.63.9
make a base that works but I you know I680.2795.161
like making experimental stuff oh I get682.54.98
it yeah this is this gonna work it might685.444.2
it might not just trying to figure out687.483.78
how they're gonna get in here I want to689.643.18
try to figure out a way once I wire691.263.6
these all up I want to try to cover692.824.139
these electric traps you should you694.863.3
should build blocks around them yeah696.9593.06
exactly so yeah build them up and then698.164.08
they're locked in maybe a hatch on top700.0194.56
so you can access it and kind of that's702.244.2
not a bad idea what if you think704.5794.161
Hatchery Hatchery might be perfect okay706.445.1
yeah I'll uh cover them up put a hatch708.745.32
on top so yeah that's good I need one711.544.68
two three four more blade traps there714.063.719
actually I want to make more than that716.223.6
but okay it's getting late I think I'm717.7793.24
gonna go back over to the gas station719.824.56
start making more traps and stuff and uh721.0195.76
yeah need switches need this cool did724.384.699
you get your corn man if I a ton of corn726.7795.461
not many potatoes though let's see corn729.0796.76
100 and like like boy yeah one two three732.245.64
like four five hundred corn cool all735.8393.481
right so go plant yeah plant that corn737.883.36
do whatever you need to and uh yeah Emma739.323.84
we're gonna need ammo yeah we need lots741.243.12
of ammo they don't make any more of743.162.64
those regular bullet tips because I'm744.363.479
making uh high-powered ammo now you know745.84.92
what I will I will look completely pass747.8395.281
on ammo production to you oh thanks so750.724.2
it's your job now okay I have a lot you753.124.14
know I'm doing a lot well so am I yeah I754.925.4
just want to say that okay Cafe I got a757.264.92
cafe to run760.324.38
Blitz yep farmer762.183.899
I get it we're busy we're all busy we're764.73.86
doing great766.0792.481
beside me right not really all right you769.623.54
go in the bottom floor I'm going top771.663.78
nope not doing it that way I didn't work773.163.84
that way that worked out really good all775.442.88
right let's yeah let's stick together777.03.12
man I really don't feel like get I don't778.323.54
want to die again I don't ever want to780.123.98
I care a little bit more I just died785.065.92
that's kinky they were on fire yeah [ __ ]787.746.3
damn it damn it but nothing just a790.983.919
[ __ ]794.044.02
oh here come a bunch all right there's794.8996.581
the ladies hello ladies ladies oh from798.066.06
outside [ __ ] that's no good yep no it's801.484.2
not it's gonna be fine it's gonna be804.124.8
fine yep okay we're fine we are okay oh805.684.98
Governor from outside it's really808.924.38
awesome oh yeah [ __ ] all right all right810.664.799
all right turn my light on yeah it was813.35.339
my light yeah yeah yeah all right let me815.4595.341
grab some cash for the strippers none818.6394.2
there all right looking this way820.83.92
checking this way I'm gonna eat a pill822.8394.321
oh good I'm glad they didn't see me they824.724.179
ran right by be careful watch your back827.164.919
watch your back buddy oh hey oh I get828.8994.981
you see I'm gonna be the sneaker guy832.0793.601
right here they're coming in I feel like833.883.6
outside right by you and you just you835.684.459
lay it on to them837.482.659
oh [ __ ] I didn't know I didn't mean to840.684.54
let you guys in oh we got a guy over843.04.44
here sir I like the fact that you're not845.223.78
very good at what you do thank you for847.443.12
being dumb849.05.94
there we go oh all right so clear the850.567.44
area return to trainer we did it hey we854.944.079
did it858.03.42
yeah that worked out okay it did but now859.0194.201
I want the main Loop all right well I861.424.2
just got 57 bucks and I'm leaving that863.224.32
you get in the main loot yeah I think865.624.339
it's right here867.542.419
yeah what are you doing over there I872.8994.961
wanted to change this hotel you know no875.3994.201
I don't that's why I was asking oh yeah877.864.44
I wanted to rename it to what that's879.64.32
pretty clever you want me just tell you882.33.36
you just want to see it happen uh I'll883.925.58
see it happen Okay D there's a d there885.666.419
yep yep there we go we're gonna do a b889.53.6
you ever stay at hotels893.14.32
um yeah of course all right we need an895.1994.681
eye that's looking good okay and then897.424.62
we'll get rid of that one looking good899.885.459
so far huh maybe I902.044.799
I don't know what you're after here it's905.3393.841
pretty classy you're gonna love it one906.8395.701
of that all the bidet in the days in get909.186.3
it like like days in right but but days912.545.52
but days in yeah I think there's an S915.484.26
did I spell this right yeah are you918.063.959
making ammo yeah okay it's cooking right919.743.539
now okay just want to make sure that's922.0193.301
happening I do a lot you know I know you923.2794.56
do a lot I got Farm growing right I got925.325.04
seven six two cooking you're right hobo927.8394.201
stew yeah but you're also taking time to930.362.7
come over here and just change the damn932.043.299
sign I'm also an Innkeeper are you gonna933.064.26
fix this whole place up uh probably yeah935.3393.901
the whole place probably that's a big937.323.36
place neebs well there's a lot of us939.243.779
yeah but that's a lot of work okay well940.684.38
look at that and I'm not gonna work on943.0193.541
it you know door and Simon ain't gonna945.065.219
work on it yeah but it'll be worth it946.567.56
thank you Sam we've done so damn good we950.2795.461
made it through the night well that we954.124.079
did and here we go955.744.14
um okay we just got to get one of those958.1994.921
satchels again Kai okay okay okay okay959.885.899
you did that seamlessly I know966.243.779
oh boy I almost fell back down970.0194.68
seamlessly we can get it without messing972.124.68
with a soul I'll bet yeah okay well then974.6993.421
I'm gonna have to nerd pull because it's976.82.64
probably not but it'd be cool wouldn't978.122.24
oh I found it nice is yours in a980.365.68
different spot is that where is that984.722.76
what we've learned I don't know how how986.043.599
uh how high up did you go just one floor987.485.34
oh see I wouldn't know where where I989.6394.621
should go I mean even though it's992.824.5
telling me Oh okay here you are hey mine994.264.68
was in this room to the left right here997.324.439
okay is yours there on the upper map998.945.819
thing Crouch yeah the upper map thing is1001.7594.281
that got it oh man goodness really1006.046.82
nothing thank god1009.984.859
um okay okay makes me just kind of want1012.864.08
to look at the roof real quick okay yeah1014.8393.961
yeah and then we'll take it back you1016.945.24
know I know the drills1018.83.38
you want me to come up top I said I'm on1023.024.48
the top one okay good for you I'm just1025.524.7
hanging out here1027.52.72
dude Auto shotgun's where it's at all1034.0595.081
day always good I'm just gonna1036.9195.42
concentrate on staying alive1039.143.199
abstract yo anyone better than this1045.4394.021
building over here yeah I haven't been1047.723.06
in there I don't know if anyone else has1049.463.24
though yeah I'm gonna take a look oh1050.785.22
okay I can keep an eye on you there we1052.75.04
go going straight in the front door huh1056.04.74
yeah I'll put a new door here um this1057.745.52
will be the lobby oh yep we got enemies1060.745.16
hold on oh boy there's three of them1063.264.02
yeah why don't you just wake the whole1065.93.72
building up1067.284.44
I should probably heal up though yep I1069.624.2
don't have side of you you good head to1071.724.8
the second floor oh wait okay1073.824.859
there we go there you go and I'll pop in1076.524.26
one okay go for good measure oh green1078.6794.081
guy oh boy oh man I thought I killed1080.783.66
them already oh wait grab that bag that1082.763.36
might have been one of those doctors oh1084.443.72
really maybe I couldn't tell I didn't1086.123.54
see a white coat1088.165.1
um money uh machete vitamins all right1089.665.22
nope can't use any of that [ __ ] okay1093.264.2
going in all right where are we at now1094.883.96
see if you can get to the second floor1097.463.42
like I got real good eyes on the second1098.843.839
floor and the third1100.884.5
here we go all right hey there you see1102.6794.86
me yeah I'm covering you oh well1105.384.14
lift out the building I knocked him out1107.5393.901
the building oh you did yeah all right1109.523.96
well I cleaned them up here we go oh boy1111.444.859
dude yeah you got a guy come on people1113.484.8
there you go Nice Shot episode1118.284.5
be careful not to hit me you know1120.74.719
because yes I know I am keenly aware1122.785.7
there we go doing pretty good yep oh you1125.4194.921
got a guy at the door1128.483.38
he down1130.344.14
oh this is like a penthouse it's a1131.864.66
penthouse over there there's a Billiards1134.483.78
at the table [ __ ] I'm moving in there1136.523.779
see I'm gonna fix you know what I'm1138.263.779
gonna fix that room up the top floor1140.2993.421
uh-huh yeah that's where I'm gonna live1142.0393.481
oh right here yeah that's gonna be1143.726.44
absolute past okay oh miss come on now1145.524.64
so did you call somebody all right what1153.984.38
do you mean call someone like it looks1156.862.939
like there's a little party going on and1158.362.58
I didn't know we were having a party1159.7993.481
dude no this sucks oh one of them just1160.944.02
started running and one lady just1163.283.6
randomly ran probably to the snake bonus1164.963.54
is gonna be nice so we can take some1166.883.419
down without the others finding out1168.53.72
about it oh yeah oh [ __ ] hold on I gotta1170.2994.021
have to change my ammo because exploding1172.224.5
wouldn't be good well oh they're1174.325.88
checking our [ __ ] they are dude no ain't1176.726.6
taking this nope nope and then hopefully1180.25.04
those little metal spikes will do1183.323.96
something all right I assume someone's1185.243.54
waiting right here1187.283.3
[ __ ] all right I'm just going for it1188.784.58
yeah me too oh gotta charge1190.585.52
oh damn you got some action down there1193.365.62
oh they're all coming out that way these1196.15.28
guys are fat yeah yeah I'm taking them1198.984.92
away mud okay all right that's good you1201.383.919
take them away1203.95.34
smart move and then I'll miss them with1205.2995.981
my arrows1209.244.86
I think we're pretty good good job there1211.285.02
we go that was exciting1214.14.38
oh yep you just pissed everybody off did1218.484.079
I make it oh here we are a lot of1220.884.14
vultures oh vultures uh yeah oh wow a1222.5594.321
couple of them coming at me yep there's1225.025.7
a uh holy moly whoa yeah they are Yep1226.885.28
they're coming to you too huh yeah I1230.722.88
think I'm good though yeah this is1232.163.42
pretty nice hey I got a good view of the1233.65.04
your balcony from here oh yeah yeah over1235.585.64
there looks pretty awesome okay I'll try1238.644.62
to help you out I'm switching to uh1241.223.36
arrows I didn't want to waste any more1243.264.56
ammo you know yeah plus it's loud and1244.588.4
hello gotcha yep here we go fat boy yep1247.826.54
was that it1252.982.12
okay there you go and1255.18.079
you did it man okay yeah this place is1258.646.88
pretty cool nice like you can Grill up1263.1794.62
here oh [ __ ] oh I'm absolutely moving1265.523.96
over there yeah it is nice yeah that's1267.7993.961
my hangout I like it I'll paint that up1269.483.6
a little bit I mean screw the floors1271.763.48
below but yeah you have the hotel I got1273.083.599
that place yep1275.246.04
okay up here I'm up on the next level1276.6797.711
I can't really hit him from here neebs1288.266.539
nope standby oh boy oh yeah oh I see up1290.486.96
there super low right now okay we're not1294.7994.38
batoning right now it's time to shoot1297.443.06
you got a shot1299.1793.48
um I'll try I'll try oh man oh they're1300.53.6
all over here oh you don't have a shot1302.6593.301
maybe they'll come back around uh yeah1304.13.18
maybe we can stand on the other side I1305.962.82
can see a few there you go you got a1307.283.3
shot uh that's kind of hard to get a1308.783.96
shot here there we go1310.584.68
there's one and the left got it all1312.744.38
right yeah hold on hold on all right I1315.263.539
can't see the lady I I don't have a shot1317.123.6
I think she's the last one come on ma'am1318.7994.26
there you go bring her out bring her out1320.724.079
for me bring her out I'm gonna Robin1323.0594.021
Hood this [ __ ] hey what y'all doing I1324.7994.141
jump down oh yeah there you are there we1327.084.82
go gotcha1328.942.96
oh man blue or bottom off all right1334.345.1
here's what the loot is sweet get it1337.14.38
anything good yeah man there's a big box1339.444.44
and little boxes and everything okay we1341.485.46
need ammo get the ammo yeah come on1343.886.919
something good m-o-m-o-m-o-m-o yep 98.1346.947.26
uh 1039 millimeter man I'm ammo maker1350.7995.141
you don't need ammo anymore I'll make it1354.23.12
I know you're making it but we could1355.944.2
also use it Rod diamond oh hey that1357.324.62
might be good for something1360.145.12
right good score names1361.943.32

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