Huge Jumping Spiders!!! - Grounded

Hey guys, have you ever had a run-in with a spider that just ruined your day? Well, imagine how much worse it would be if you were tiny! Tha...
Huge Jumping Spiders!!! - Grounded
Huge Jumping Spiders!!! - Grounded

Huge Jumping Spiders!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! So, let me tell you why this video of huge jumping spiders is my absolute favorite. I mean, who wouldn't want to watch giant spiders terrorize a tiny world? It's like a horror movie, but with a hilarious twist!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, you know I can't stand spiders! But I have to admit, watching them jump around in this video is pretty entertaining. It's like a mix of creepy and funny at the same time. I can't look away!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up! I love this video because it's so ridiculous. I mean, who knew that watching jumping spiders could be so entertaining? It's like a trainwreck - you can't help but watch!

neebs: Exactly, Appsro! It's like a guilty pleasure. You know it's silly, but you just can't resist watching those huge jumping spiders causing chaos. Plus, it's a great way to get over any fear of spiders, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you ever had a run-in with a spider that just ruined your day? Well, imagine how much worse it would be if you were tiny! That's the premise of the latest video from Neebs Gaming, and let me tell you, it's hilarious.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew find themselves shrunk down to miniature size and face off against a horde of creepy spiders. As a huge fan of the channel, I love seeing the gang tackle new challenges and this one is no exception. The banter between the guys as they try to navigate their tiny world and avoid getting squished by spiders had me in stitches.

If you're looking for a good laugh, I highly recommend checking out this video. And while you're at it, why not grab yourself a Christmas shirt from their merch store? It's the perfect way to show your support for Neebs Gaming and look festive at the same time.

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and follow them on social media to stay up to date on all their latest videos and announcements. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on the fun and excitement that Neebs Gaming brings to the table. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show!

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oh God he's right above us yeah oh God1.8795.321
is he in the face oh my god wow5.045.0
everybody out everybody7.22.84
is that ant going after our Weevil meet22.084.5
I don't did he just eat some of it all24.1194.5
right well I just ate some for the first26.584.439
time should we get him yeah he just did28.6193.48
no don't leave him alone leave him alone31.0192.88
no he's gonna kill you you stabbed that32.0993.001
in he might go and tell his buddies33.8992.581
about it I don't want to do that but35.13.42
he's just hungry man okay I tell you36.483.66
what today Simon why don't you and I38.522.879
will work on a little protection around40.144.14
this fire yeah you yay we took it you41.3994.68
took it you little bastard he wants more44.284.2
well he's not gonna get it to those46.0793.721
friends I hope he didn't tell his48.482.399
friends there's plenty of evil food yeah49.83.239
go chase that green thing yeah aphid50.8794.741
idiot so yeah we're gonna be chopping53.0394.081
grass today55.623.06
oh that's part of it yeah I'm thinking57.122.82
you and I have been a little protection58.683.12
like get a little base started I don't59.943.18
think it's going to be main base but at61.82.52
least Outpost around here that's63.123.359
protected all right from ants our64.324.339
friends back Hey listen answer nice66.4794.381
unless you mess with them oh there's a68.6593.701
weevil over here I need to get some food70.864.079
okay I get it uh neeb's door you guys72.364.619
gonna go check out that tree taking the74.9394.201
tree out you got it it's a big tree it's76.9793.96
right that way yeah tree yeah you can't79.144.08
miss it follow me yeah good luck guys80.9394.441
thank you good luck let us know what you83.224.8
find a tree did you get that Weevil85.385.66
Simon yep88.023.02
all right we're we're gonna probably see91.525.02
some new a bunch of new [ __ ] huh yeah94.385.16
yeah this is like the like Star Trek96.546.6
guys yeah exploring just like that yep99.545.399
we just don't need any more spiders in103.143.0
my life you know what I mean I know what104.9392.161
you mean106.142.159
I like that one107.13.559
right there108.2992.36
nope okay so let's just keep going you113.525.16
can see the tree right see it yeah I117.04.74
mean it's a huge tree yeah yeah I think118.684.56
we'll have to find more of these science121.744.379
things okay I was just double checking123.245.579
right here okay what are you looking at126.1195.901
I don't know oh spider spider spider128.8197.021
we should run yeah yeah I I want to uh132.026.04
see USC spider oh I'm running up the135.845.1
hill okay I'm gonna try to lose them in138.065.46
this little Nook holy sucks throwing140.945.04
webs out did he yeah143.525.04
okay I think I lost oh there's a big one145.984.619
up there yeah there's spiders everywhere148.564.92
oh spiders everywhere oh well I've150.5995.761
beaten up safe okay I'll bring the153.485.96
spiders to you okay156.366.06
all right Simon can you see the uh the159.444.9
layout I can and by the way I learned162.423.84
something about chopping what'd you164.344.38
learn if you hold down the right click166.265.28
it gives you a more powerful swing168.725.4
oh yeah so basically it chops things171.545.699
down faster if you hold the left click174.125.339
oh gotcha hey we also want to clean up177.2394.621
these things smack there yeah get those179.4594.801
out of there give us more room matter of181.863.959
fact I might even expand it because I I184.263.6
don't like the shape of this because the185.8193.841
door's up here you know it's just uh187.864.98
it's not what I want hey guys oh189.665.28
but that was quick yeah a bunch of192.844.259
spiders uh listen we'll be back okay194.944.74
okay good luck thank you thank you a197.0994.681
little sneakier all right yeah uh-huh199.684.62
that's what we forgot great advice so201.784.08
yeah once we chop down all this stuff204.33.299
yeah so do you know how to do you know205.865.58
how to apply the building Simon uh no so207.5996.0
do I pick up a bunch of planks yeah pick211.444.439
up the planks okay and then come up to213.5993.841
one of these blue walls yeah and then215.8793.481
it'll probably just like there you go217.443.54
right there you go yeah pops right on219.363.54
there easy peasy yeah now that one's220.983.119
gonna be a door so I think we're gonna222.93.0
need extra materials but yeah that's how224.0994.021
it's done all right I do not like that225.93.419
the door's like halfway through the228.123.179
ground yeah and we might have to move229.3193.78
but but at least we'll just have a wall231.2994.86
to protect our fire pit with damn ants I233.0994.56
don't know what your problem is with236.1593.901
these ants they're nice he ate our237.6594.921
Weevil meat look at him over there I see240.064.56
him he's a wild ant you can't blame him242.583.9
you'd probably feed him like you'd feed244.624.44
a cat wouldn't you yeah but I didn't ask246.484.619
him to take my Weeble meat do you let249.064.02
your cat go into your oven and eat your251.0996.441
pies I mean if I had a cat I might253.084.46
you see him I saw a little spider off259.945.74
the left but there's my bag wait what's262.84.86
all this purple see that purple glowing265.685.16
stuff isn't that science that's not look267.666.12
at that you see that right no all this270.845.1
big glow in purple I don't see it you273.784.859
don't see big blue and purple oh what oh275.944.38
yeah now I do I didn't know to look up278.6394.261
yeah well that's probably what we're280.325.4
looking for yeah all right that yeah282.94.32
let's hope there's no more spiders in285.722.9
pattern cave spider cave yep what just288.624.72
run past it I wanted to get my stuff291.65.52
yeah leave it we'll make more what oh293.347.22
yeah look at this it's all burnt297.123.44
look at here looky looky looky a retina301.886.52
scan uh names reporting for science Duty305.525.459
those are investigate the oak tree we're308.46.18
doing it all right oh oh yeah things310.9796.78
went awry in here I would guess a rye314.587.58
bread all right Brad exactly317.7594.401
what the [ __ ] is this super build means325.442.88
you build it all at once instead of327.123.48
doing the tap tap tap tap I don't think328.324.68
I can though I think I'm gonna go tap I330.64.26
just I just did some tapping I put stuff333.03.84
in that tap okay yeah it's done yeah we334.863.42
can put sticks in there that'd be great336.843.84
oh okay all right uh is there an ant out338.284.74
here uh I don't know I was just gonna340.684.5
get close the damn door I did because343.024.2
I'm responsible and an ant could have345.183.959
jumped in you know wrong I didn't know347.223.12
that you were like right behind me I'm349.1392.641
sorry but I need this water I need water350.343.48
now I want this ant over here to smell351.784.02
the Weevil meat you smell that Weevil353.825.159
meat you can't have it you can't get to355.85.839
it can you358.9792.66
good God yeah this place is crazy spider361.747.679
shits yep and I just realized I'm about365.467.26
to dehydrate oh no well maybe there's369.4195.161
something in here maybe maybe man please372.723.419
be a drink374.583.26
what we got here there's a coffee cup376.1394.861
resource surveyor oh resource analyzer377.845.44
we've seen those we're gonna power this381.05.28
thing oh can I push this button yep oh383.287.139
there we go oh nice okay oh look at all386.287.919
these these drinks saps okay I'll sap on390.4196.72
up man say nothing to drink look at this394.1995.34
what's this news we're watching it okay397.1394.62
air contamination critical it's no good399.5395.28
all right weird glowy purpley bubble is401.7595.101
that science that's not gonna that's not404.8194.801
gonna help here nope I'm glad to have it406.866.54
though I've been a robot what oh look he409.627.26
moved what he's moving it's burgled oh413.46.44
[ __ ] look at you416.882.96
oh salmon yeah hey baby it's getting421.3195.701
dark but check this out oh I was about424.624.32
to kill some weevils what's up427.024.2
um I got enough material to make yeah428.945.96
watch this all right and then431.226.02
look at that434.95.98
oh nice it's a tour it's a nice look no437.246.459
that's a Scots oh it's a skunk yeah440.884.98
that's a sconce that's a fancy word for443.6994.861
light on the wall okay well you could445.864.7
put a torch on the wall too right448.564.62
maybe I mean put a torch on the wall450.564.72
just becomes a sconce doesn't it I I453.184.079
guess so you're you're dead set in the455.284.02
sconce thing I get it well it's what457.2594.44
it's called yeah on the wall light on459.34.56
the wall what's a sconce461.6993.9
they say you got a torch you can put it463.863.119
on a wall that doesn't change it to465.5993.361
Wisconsin it kind of does because it's a466.9794.141
blight on the wall with the sconce okay468.964.4
gone's torch on the wall would be a475.744.859
sconce so I got like an L bracket right477.365.64
like heavy duty L bracket I screw that480.5994.861
into the wall and then I put a candle on483.05.16
that I like that little candle candle485.466.179
sconce sconce boom wow okay488.167.159
I agree I'll just agree491.6393.68
surge has Thursday massive raw science496.684.38
containment explosion499.1995.461
slab as you can see is a disaster that501.067.759
was us Dallas yeah and what's worse504.664.159
worse flower my memory banks are509.525.579
corrupted oops that's probably our fault512.0397.201
yeah on the bad news my new friend how515.0996.06
can I be of service519.244.08
what you want to know Dallas uh where's521.1594.081
water and food for us I suppose okay523.323.84
it's not an option uh how come I can't525.243.659
remember anything there we go527.164.739
give it my best calculations your532.945.14
biomass has been subject to covalent535.984.34
spacing reduction via internet538.085.879
you can be worded yeah no I I was going540.325.32
to have you ask him why they always make543.9594.261
robots sound the same but uh gotcha yep545.644.57
all right let's wrap this up buddy548.225.379
oh my God553.743.84
come on it's so bad I know they do and I555.364.08
don't trust them like I feel like I feel557.583.54
like they're they're like breaking down559.444.32
the grass even though we don't see it no561.125.1
they don't know what no wow that one563.764.199
almost clad over didn't they I know oh566.223.42
God we gotta protect the Weeble meat567.9593.721
yeah take that sweet sweet we will meet569.644.5
yeah go uh do yourself a favor let's571.684.2
make it a little bit taller too we see574.144.28
that one almost575.882.54
okay come on here we go yeah that one's578.75.1
built a little wonky yeah so maybe we581.3394.56
need to make things taller and and eat a583.83.599
piece of meat while you can oh yeah now585.8993.541
I'm gonna eat a piece of Weevil meat I587.3993.481
need water I've been trying to find it589.443.3
water yep590.884.62
um it's everywhere yeah no I actually uh592.744.92
it isn't everywhere because I've been595.53.959
looking for the last 10 minutes I was597.663.78
finding it everywhere before now I can't599.4594.32
freaking find it close the door all601.444.32
right I didn't leave yet603.7794.941
unfortunately my readings indicate it is609.445.7
inoperable all right612.366.3
we gotta reactivate Dr Tully's spacer615.146.46
platform okay oh my God shut up right618.664.34
come on wrap it up Jesus yes okay626.06.24
those memories634.645.879
yes auxiliary chips okay637.3397.141
no way you can talk as long640.5193.961
come on649.3996.101
oh my God okay651.184.32
I swear it's like doing taxes663.664.04
all right Simon you uh you in there yep668.2794.441
just buy it on some meat all right check670.743.779
it out I'm gonna throw some stuff to you672.724.859
out and boom damn it they go over the674.5195.281
wall hold on this is gonna work this is677.5793.481
gonna work all right I'm looking at it679.85.159
all right ready yeah oh [ __ ] okay okay I681.066.06
Gotta Throw a little harder yeah I guess684.9593.901
I gotta be here is that wall high enough687.125.52
and boom yeah yeah there we go all right688.864.919
so that's what I'm gonna do I'll throw692.642.52
this stuff over the wall and then you693.7793.901
use this stuff to build the wall okay695.165.46
yeah I'm gonna grab this stuff on the697.684.8
outside oh we've run out of grass700.623.36
already I mean we are using a lot of702.482.94
grass it makes sense I'm gonna have to703.983.479
chop more grass all right here comes705.425.039
some more all right but it's so tall do707.4594.5
I have to build something in order to710.4593.721
lay it no you have to jump jump up and711.9596.661
then lay it okay that's it boom oh oh714.186.899
wow what is all this yeah there you go718.625.0
whoa hey hey721.0795.341
whoa this is nice this is really nice723.625.56
that's what I said oh welcome back yeah726.424.859
we found the fast way home729.185.76
uh spiders yeah yeah spiders at night no731.2795.401
way yeah you'd think they'd be sleeping734.944.2
right you wouldn't you would not huh no736.684.26
all right well739.144.08
I got my bag we found a robot he talks740.943.42
too much but I feel like we've743.225.64
progressed things incoming nice744.364.5
oh why is this door open Jesus what is773.04.72
wrong with you people we can open this776.3993.24
door oh here you go spider out there oh777.726.02
my God yes oh my God oh my God oh my God779.6394.101
do not lock the doors785.35.56
yeah there's two doors oh there you are787.985.7
oh boy everyone's stay in everyone's790.865.06
y'all think we can kill this thing maybe795.985.38
okay I'm thirsty so I don't think I want798.724.5
to do that when I'm thirsty yeah you do801.363.24
you don't want to kill a spider when803.222.76
you're thirsty I mean come on everyone804.64.22
everyone be quiet805.982.84
is it going812.162.6
no of course not815.03.6
I'll find out with me right buy it hello819.07910.541
I do not see him Jesus oh yes I do yes I823.4598.38
do get back in here Simon okay I'm gonna829.624.019
be able to jump into this place baby831.8394.321
right all right I'm inside the other833.6394.76
all right since it's coming back maybe I846.925.52
should do the hook oh who just sucked it849.425.599
all right and now I'm I'm852.445.76
hurtful all right all right855.0195.861
I love it oh God he's right above us858.24.02
oh my God whoa everybody out now862.225.22
I'm by the door in the base if you can873.325.079
get me I'm helping you about it let me875.824.56
helpful you two stay here I want to see878.3993.841
if we can uh if I can rescue neebs there880.383.959
you go wait are they afraid of like fire882.245.08
maybe yeah they're afraid of Fire884.3396.54
boy what if it just stays on our [ __ ]909.443.54
Jesus Christ912.984.84
oh this sucks you know there's a space915.1394.181
here he might be able to reach in917.824.1
everybody Crouch I'm doing The Rook I922.3995.321
hate this place oh I hit him oh yeah we925.563.0
might be able to hit him from here927.722.4
you're right son yeah I did I hit him928.563.42
does it hurt him does it hurt him can930.123.24
you see his Heller if it's green Goose931.983.539
if it's green goo can you see his help I933.365.339
cannot see his health no okay [ __ ]935.5195.611
yeah yeah yeah938.6993.601
oh I see his legs942.34.279
yeah come on now you're here I'm gonna947.06.3
play this game yeah950.2793.021
well don't jump in front of me yeah oh953.664.9
yeah oh boy see me oh yeah he's out956.2795.781
front see if you can order him in okay958.563.5
right there by that hole all right966.0194.921
everybody start poking the hole okay968.166.08
the legs970.943.3
all your legs977.9593.361
oh man995.3394.401
keep working him keep working him oh999.745.399
we're killing a spider today boy yeah1002.666.239
we are gonna fudge this game so hard1005.1394.961
okay I'm gonna run out of the exact same1008.8993.841
time yeah yeah okay all right this is1010.14.5
really stupid by the way yeah it's the1012.744.76
dumbest [ __ ] ever oh it's going down1014.67.22
you're like 20 all right1017.54.32
I can't even get out of here1031.8394.141
do we chop it all right I gathered it oh1036.764.84
you did good for you we got some1039.863.059
spider Fang in a spider chunk yeah all1042.9196.181
right we need to we need to build up the1047.124.5
walls on that side uh listen learn we1049.14.74
need a roof yeah a roof would be nice we1051.623.66
don't even know how to make a damn roof1053.843.6
all right eventually hey that other1055.284.139
spider's still here1057.444.33
back in the hole1059.41926.56

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