How to Activate Rage Mode!!! - Grounded

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video where Neebs goes into full rage mode under the shed? It's an epic moment...
How to Activate Rage Mode!!! - Grounded
How to Activate Rage Mode!!! - Grounded

How to Activate Rage Mode!!! - Grounded

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neebs: Hey there, Simon! Have you seen our latest video on how to activate rage mode in Grounded?

simon: Oh, you mean the one where you unleashed your inner Hulk under the shed? That was hilarious!

neebs: Yeah, I had to let out all that pent-up frustration somehow! And the team getting trapped underground just added to the chaos!

simon: I couldn't stop laughing when you started smashing everything in sight! And that sponsorship for SOCKS was just the cherry on top!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you seen the latest video where Neebs goes into full rage mode under the shed? It's an epic moment that you absolutely can't miss! The team finds themselves trapped deep underground with no hope in sight, and the intensity of the situation is off the charts. Trust me, you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time!

And hey, don't forget to grab your SOCKS from Freaker USA, because you're going to need them to keep up with all the excitement. Plus, if you want to show your support for the channel, consider becoming a Patreon member for some awesome perks. Neebs Magic Dumpster is also a must-watch, so make sure to check out their new channel for even more hilarious content.

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sock sock sock sock sock sock0.124.4
everybody wait is this a song is that a7.5995.521
real song yeah it's a9.963.16
song do are we going to lose everything13.364.48
we're we don't lose everything oh man15.8393.161
yeah how are we going to get out of here17.843.679
wait we do lose19.06.16
everything zbody got21.5193.641
all right NE Simon I don't think you43.03.32
guys have ever been under the shed yet44.644.88
have you no uh I don't know I thought I46.324.68
remembered seeing something but have49.523.08
been watching an episode it's pretty51.03.6
neat pretty neat gotcha yeah this is52.63.68
definitely going to be a job for all of54.65.4
us let's see if I can put a lean to he56.286.119
here I'll see well we couldn't place the60.04.519
turrets down in here yeah oh yeah it62.3993.201
didn't even let us put it like right64.5192.561
here you know what but let's try it65.64.12
further up ahead we might get lucky all67.085.16
right man I I want to say I thought I69.724.079
was here but who knows yeah it's all72.244.239
invalid surface everywhere in here okay73.7994.081
keep pushing forward yeah what about76.4793.68
actually yeah up here under the shed77.884.599
nothing no I can't do anything yet crap80.1593.201
all right well tell you what yeah just82.4792.521
put it back at the entrance in you got83.364.04
it who what am I stuck on yeah where85.04.28
what are you stuck on why am I stuck do87.44.759
you jump try to jump all right it's a89.286.28
it's an evil evil Place y okay all right92.1595.441
follow me guys well if we don't go back95.564.0
and do that thing right what are you97.63.24
talking about the link to what's the99.562.559
point having it if we don't make it our100.843.279
respawn point oh oh that's right we got102.1194.241
to do that don't we damn it meet back104.1196.6
here in five yeah five no well one one106.365.799
no one says that meet you back here in110.7194.08
one no one says that be back in two yeah112.1595.521
be back here in a minute okay minute114.7994.041
yeah you guys come down here okay come129.724.519
down here to where I'm at yeah I'm131.9594.401
thinking uh this block of wood right134.2394.321
here we can utilize yeah maybe D you up136.365.84
top yeah for range okay that's a138.566.679
4x4 probably oh there's some termites in142.25.319
there too yeah can we like I'm saying145.2394.601
all of us with um bows and arrows can we147.5193.841
take out some of those termites uh the149.843.6
termites for sure take yeah you uh you151.363.8
go range Dora let's take out that153.443.32
termite first see the one I'm talking155.163.24
about the one that you're staring at the156.764.28
little guy that's walking up from right158.44.36
to left door can you hit him with range161.043.04
this one oh wait there's two of them162.763.6
down there aren there yeah I saw two164.084.879
okay we want we want to lure in one at a166.364.0
time here's one off to the left coming168.9594.881
in sweet we we going down uh right down170.365.959
here yep I'm coming down we'll alternate173.844.52
all right once we down can we get back176.3195.161
up okay the other178.365.2
that but I'm com okay focus on the181.483.44
termite let's get him down so we can183.563.599
focus on the o termite that's on on me184.923.72
come on yep187.1594.321
yep that's oh188.645.72
Ox conversation we just had okay no I191.485.2
was concentrating on something else all194.363.76
right are we tagging the beetle I mean196.682.88
hell how do you how could you not it hit198.123.16
me I didn't know if we falling back or199.563.84
oh [ __ ] hey termite coming in I'll take201.284.879
the termite he did anyone else grab203.44.64
fuzzy like hey W yeah check this out the206.1594.201
termite in the oal I think might be f208.044.479
okay out this is working out yeah Let210.363.72
Them Fight Let Them Fight all right did212.5194.961
anyone grab fuzzy drinks did Dam yeah I214.085.4
didn't see any in there or maybe I217.483.92
didn't look I didn't grab [ __ ] I just219.483.72
have bandages all right you go you go221.43.199
bandage up and let's let this fight play223.24.759
out guys heal up oh yeah get him get him224.5995.961
threw a rock right in that termite face227.9594.801
again I got two meat that about to spoil230.564.44
all right termites down terites down the232.765.319
uh the ox beetle is back in Action okay235.05.48
uh drop drop238.0795.401
the drop the drop eat those thank you240.485.92
yep I'm coming out okay I'll get behind243.484.72
him Bo he's made really hard to get246.43.28
behind him is he all right looking clear248.24.08
across the uh other Ox Bel on the other249.685.279
side Sho oh he's getting back in here252.287.44
deep yep that a big hit oh yeah guys254.9597.281
going to be there dare you do it again259.723.759
here it's almost down yeah keep juming263.4796.761
come on yeah268.044.68
oh he's down man sweet it sucks you only270.245.36
get one Black Ox part [ __ ] I got to272.723.88
get air275.63.439
BOS termite yeah pick up your arrows and276.65.439
then we'll focus on number279.0393.0
two all right out out by the insulation283.085.64
how those black oxes looking oh yeah two287.03.96
of them over there all right Dora yep288.725.28
lure in a Black Ox Beatle looking for290.965.36
one they are out buddies that might both294.04.639
come they might Hey listen I got one of296.324.24
these R things you ever use a rage thing298.6394.0
yeah hit it coming in any ever use a300.564.24
rage juice you know what I don't think I302.6394.601
have I got one well drink it show me304.85.6
what it do uh rage307.243.16
juice what are you screaming about I311.725.08
took a right smoothie those coming at me314.163.879
right yeah Simon yeah let's pull them316.83.8
back back up back Simon come come kind318.0394.16
of more towards me careful those320.63.8
termites though maybe behind spot is322.1994.961
this good should work I'll work for the324.46.68
other one oh yep come on baby yeah there327.167.8
we go surround him oh331.083.88
yeah come on baby this is supposed to335.04.639
increase my melee I think for my337.683.959
fighting oh yeah you think it's working339.6395.12
ow he's halfway down oh God that's a big341.6395.961
hit o know I upgraded this nasty ass344.7594.44
toenail sword it does a good bit of347.64.319
damage now and it also you know I think349.1995.081
it also gives him an infection right351.9193.921
give some yeast and I think that's from354.284.68
you come on oh he's almost down already355.847.04
take it on thing do oh come at oh358.968.239
yeah you fool oh it's done got362.887.36
it that is all right is it oh hey I got367.1994.601
two blackhaw parts on that one there you370.244.6
go good and we got one left yep I'm just371.84.92
getting arrows so yeah but then we got374.842.799
to figure out what we're going to make376.722.52
with these parts because I know Dora you377.6393.84
want the crossbow and you want the chest379.244.76
piece and the leggings care that one's381.4795.16
coming in guys you know me man I'm uh384.04.56
easy going make that crossbow all right386.6393.881
yeah we'll make that crossbow crossw I'm388.564.32
like I'm like golden like forever all390.523.64
right we're going to make we're going to392.883.2
make dor golden this episode are you394.164.8
guys ready hell yeah I'm ready you see396.085.04
the size of my vagina I got it right in398.964.92
the butt good shot look that401.125.799
folks man that get you uh yeah I had my403.885.2
shield up though you better try again406.9194.441
Bubba come on come in how long's this409.083.92
rage juice last I can't tell if it's411.364.36
over or still going sh the bottom left413.06.4
you'll see uh or not butt o I'm getting415.726.28
H you from up here but but ju419.45.479
time oh God he's got like a little swing422.04.919
oh man what that's me you know it's me424.8793.44
that little zappy thing I hate it I426.9193.761
think I think it's pretty awesome oh you428.3195.961
knocked out I get you in the face oh boy430.685.88
there come a long way they're starting434.284.96
to not fear these guys I I still I don't436.564.0
know if I'd want to take on three of439.245.28
them at once also yeah that'd be absurd440.568.199
oh and he dead all right got a okay got444.527.239
two black o Parts on that one too I448.7595.601
think so how many Black Ox parts do I451.7596.041
have in total right now uh yeah four you454.366.08
should have five if you got two two one457.85.16
uh maybe I miscounted yeah you only got460.445.159
four got some termite Parts too anyone462.965.48
pick any up by accident I don't think so465.5995.04
uh I don't think so either I don't have468.443.879
any hey that looks like a science center470.6393.881
there hey we can uh we could unlock a477.8795.121
mutation that'll allow for limber spongy480.3195.521
legs it reduces our fall damage I like483.04.159
that that's good stuff right there I'm485.843.759
doing it boom we got it I mean we have487.1596.401
those Dand things we do but what if uh489.5995.961
you happen to not have one yeah what if493.563.88
Simon thinks it's space bar to activate495.564.639
it okay yeah I guess so what else you497.445.439
got well that was it really oh except uh500.1996.201
can I jump up here then here yeah oh wow502.8795.44
dude this place is huge I might have506.45.6
screwed myself you okay D [ __ ] okay just508.3196.4
hit space bar I'm good I'm512.05.24
good I think this is called514.7196.481
Rox what's called Rox the this tube here517.247.279
this conduit to run electrical wires oh521.25.8
a RX tube yeah hey yeah tell you what524.5194.641
neebs you uh keep an eye on door we're527.03.839
going to follow the roax tube I'm I'm529.163.64
coming up I made my way all right I530.8393.321
think this is how we get to that tooth532.84.56
Simon you still got a torch uh yes sir534.164.28
yeah give us a little bit of light you537.362.56
got it bu yeah let's see I think we538.444.36
could Crouch under here maybe there they539.926.8
go dris yeah I know they're Heroes yeah542.87.0
we all are heroes right I got a new546.725.4
mutation I wanted it sounded it was549.86.24
called Daredevil okay hit it552.127.92
up y little dust M's over here they oh556.046.88
jeez something behind me or oh look at560.045.08
this stay right there Simon I'll be back562.926.32
all right sence yeah science science and565.125.959
then I bet if we went569.244.64
and oh oh I need a light Simon come down571.0793.921
here with your light I'm coming down573.882.76
with my light I got a light I hear575.03.56
things but I don't see him all right to576.644.68
yeah we got a two oh behind you oh yeah578.564.32
okay oh yeah there he is look at this581.324.519
idiot boy booty booty booty little Gummy582.885.32
you are he's a dead little dust M that's585.8394.721
right all right we got a too yeah we do588.24.16
oh there's a dust mite right here just590.563.959
chilling you handle that I am I'm592.368.76
getting up to two mhm boom and boom and594.5196.601
there a words I'm going to oh I need to606.8394.24
hire tool get these these little what608.8394.161
the hell are these like splinters oh611.0793.281
yeah D you want us to get these613.03.04
splinters for your arrows yeah why not614.364.24
I've been grabbing them and plus I'm Mr616.044.359
poison I just put on mom618.65.4
jeans that's a mutation Y and they're620.3996.12
sexy uh so what do you guys think should624.04.64
we push further under the shatter get626.5193.32
I mean why not629.8393.24
uh I heard two very opposing opinions633.365.36
there I mean we've not been here before636.63.799
why wouldn't we want to check it out see638.725.44
where the Rox flow you640.3993.761
know see with the Rox blow yeah no one's644.245.839
ever said that before you no no they647.364.84
haven't all right let's get back to door650.0795.76
and nabes in let's go see where the Rox652.23.639
flow oh man657.564.88
it's like a dark mushroom Forest there's659.6395.561
two rly poliy I saw and where's the I662.445.519
hear spider oh yeah no there's a right665.24.92
there oh he's right there yeah667.9594.401
purp try to get I'm going to try to get670.124.76
him to to chase after me come on oh he's672.365.479
not going after me okay oh oh I see his674.885.92
eyes that is creepy looking oh we got677.8395.321
involved too oh the rly Foy is on him oh680.84.599
no it's on it's on you Simon it's not on683.164.479
me I didn't do685.3995.041
anything me attacking somebody else687.6394.961
really P's all over me okay yeah I690.446.12
didn't even N I can't move mes yep okay692.66.32
I got up this always mad at me a thing696.565.0
oh yeah there that is the wrong tactic698.923.919
all right I'm going to stab with the701.564.12
light fight the ter okay spiders fight702.8394.601
the termite roll ping he's get in there705.683.92
too oh there he goes yeah get in there707.445.56
you that love it I love it love it yeah709.64.72
look at them fighting in the dark they713.02.399
don't even know what they're fighting714.323.12
I'm going to get a little closer just to715.3994.401
yeah help them out get the light man we717.444.72
is the three719.85.599
yeah spider just got knocked I got to go722.165.52
check out the spider's butt oh he just725.3995.321
ohly poy with the hits to the termite727.688.24
yeah oh Simon gets knocked out as a730.7210.0
cameraman oh God turn my there there735.927.599
nice man is hard to see down here thank740.725.32
you Dora how you doing there's a termite743.5193.841
F me over746.044.52
here oh take that baby and I was happy747.365.719
just watching yeah guys are getting twoo750.564.2
close oh wow I feel like your electric753.0793.361
thing is going off a whole bunch yeah so754.763.4
I think it it kind of charges energy as756.444.68
you block and then it spals it oh yeah758.167.32
this exciting [ __ ] oh oh oh God okay I'm761.126.68
getting involved I'm just I'm not here765.485.68
yeah pull out pull out ringside love it767.87.479
oh SPID down a dude I love you termite771.166.52
still up though termite up Roly poy775.2793.841
versus termite kind of feel feel like I777.683.44
know who's going to win this one oh I779.124.399
can't see him he's he's in there781.125.68
somewhere did he get him go there he is783.5194.68
right here that's a tough little damn786.84.92
termite yeah no they are they tough come788.1996.88
on Ry py get him mess him up mess him up791.726.559
mess him mess him up yeah I'm in the795.0795.44
cheap seats I got to use my798.2795.24
binoculars oh he getting ready was that800.5194.12
it like a803.5193.801
headbutt and804.6396.521
boom that's makes me want to get a poke807.325.56
get a poke and get a poke yeah poke him811.164.64
door yeah do it do812.882.92
Victor mCP818.64.4
yeah the Victory Parade824.2794.92
afterward all right do we want to kill827.326.16
this rly poly oh I don't no we829.19911.481
can't game oh uhoh riding the ball wo ow833.488.24
yeah you don't want to be on top of him840.683.12
when he does that no all right tell you841.724.2
what guys follow uh follow me all right843.85.0
my torch broke so your torch Bearer stay845.927.68
on my ass uh yep I'm going to848.84.8
try all right it looks like it's Philips859.046.08
head oh yeah yeah easily a Phillips head862.484.44
the head of heads oh man what's down865.124.2
this damn crack well866.923.8
s we're getting close to the uh the869.324.92
copper piping looks like yep that is a870.725.08
is that a patina is that what they call874.244.279
when it turns green uh you got me yeah875.84.24
I've never I don't know if I've heard878.5193.281
that word in my life patina Turner880.044.12
patina yeah patina like when copper881.84.56
turns green from exposure I think884.164.16
oxidation of the metal I don't know it's886.364.76
all patina potato to me yep all right so888.325.16
look at this we got a lot of uh oh what891.125.24
are those threaded pipe mosquitoes893.484.919
mosquitoes up to the right down on the896.364.719
ground oh yeah off to the right oh yeah898.3994.761
those are are they tiger mosquitoes I901.0794.56
don't know I can't tell [ __ ] oh what's903.166.2
on you uh termite termite we can get it905.6395.64
you mess with the wrong team what is909.363.76
that a little spider here too spider you911.2793.841
little son of a b spider looks different913.123.68
yeah was that what is it green or it was915.123.6
a little translucent kind of yeah916.83.76
bastard there's another termite up top918.725.76
if it sees us it'll uh and a ox Beetle920.565.719
across the way Ox beetles yeah I don't924.483.2
know about this guys it's getting more926.2793.92
dangerous and dangerous as it goes yeah927.684.719
man there's like a god I want to see930.1994.401
where that pipe goes down there so bad932.3996.12
that's that's what she said coming in y934.66.799
oh what the heck whoa okay good y I938.5195.8
think we should uh Retreat I mean not we941.3995.0
can't beat him but no we probably can944.3194.52
the plan though oh boy hey I'm beating946.3994.36
you with your948.8394.44
relatives I can't see [ __ ] baby what you950.7594.281
get there we go oh these guys are953.2794.321
nothing okay nothing it's just wussy955.045.88
mosquitoes [ __ ] ass [ __ ] I'm beating957.65.28
you with your cooler cousin all right960.924.719
they do go quick don't they no mercy to962.885.519
babies no mercy the babies see well if965.6394.2
we want to be really crazy you guys just968.3992.68
want to jump down there and run into969.8393.401
that pipe that's you really want to do971.0794.721
that don't you uh I mean I'm curious but973.244.2
I mean that could be suicide well now975.83.399
the audience wants us to yeah I mean I977.444.28
don't mind but dandelion right into it979.1994.241
all right so dandel line and we all run981.723.2
into the pipe and pray there's nothing983.443.48
in there that kills us immediately yeah984.923.719
we're talking about the the pipe986.923.32
straight ahead of us there's threats at988.6394.44
the all right oh man try it I mean may990.244.48
as well right I'm not sure I know what993.0793.481
you're talking about all right so the994.723.559
are we going to lose996.563.56
everything we're losing everything we998.2794.601
got uh maybe we don't lose everything oh1000.123.8
man yeah how are we going to get out of1002.884.48
here oh [ __ ] we do lose1003.927.479
everything got hit I'm in the water oh1007.365.8
God they stretch in the water go through1011.3994.961
the PIP I'm going to try1013.165.88
to oh no1016.365.959
don't s me don't me God there's so many1019.045.84
things in the water this was the1022.3196.24
worst the best I didn't even get St I1024.886.079
didn't make it all right I'm on no no no1028.5595.801
don't die don't die get1030.9595.72
on there's a little island over here I1034.363.959
managed to crawl up on where is1036.6793.601
everybody get attacked that's mosquito1038.3194.561
on your butt you're over there okay okay1040.285.519
I'm on an island as well or not an1042.886.159
island I'm going you after okay I'm here1045.7995.201
too present there's there's bad1049.0394.441
mosquitoes here Simon come to us you see1051.04.559
where we're at I'm I'm jumping the other1053.484.88
way um okay I'm just going to run cuz I1055.5594.401
can't Beed1058.365.28
them I'm broke okay I see you guys on1059.965.8
the map oh yeah I see you Simon oh my1063.644.039
God there's so many of those things1065.764.84
chasing you that is absurd those are1067.6795.12
okay okay all right I think we might1072.7995.321
have a mosquito that we pissed here yeah1075.0394.561
yeah yeah yeah this is what you wanted1078.125.4
oh yeah he's back up where'd he go he's1079.66.24
over in his mushrooms there he goes we1083.524.8
got him be sucker oh [ __ ] what this1085.844.839
spider doing just watching what is this1088.326.28
a friendly spider oh yep he what was1090.6796.761
friendly what that was weird wait a1094.64.959
friendly spider you just sit there then1097.443.76
someone did someone just stab it is that1099.5593.441
a mutation one of us has do it spawn1101.23.56
friendly spiders I hope it's me is it1103.03.799
cuz of my my face did someone attack1104.765.159
that spider I did not hit it huh I1106.7995.521
didn't I didn't attack it I saw someone1109.9195.12
hit it I thought it was you Simon no I1112.324.28
swear it look like someone hit it too1115.0394.601
yeah I know it did I I didn't click1116.64.72
anything you see my footage would have1119.642.22
great okay well yeah maybe just died1128.124.72
maybe it like spawns help helps out and1131.124.439
dies I don't know okay refocus how do we1132.844.48
get out of1135.5593.661
sock sock sock sock sock1141.283.96

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In this episode, the crew finds themselves trapped deep underground in some mysterious caverns. The tension builds as they scramble to find a way out, culminating in an epic rage mode from Neebs that is not to be missed! His emotional outbursts are always comedy gold.

The way Neebs Gaming weaves narrative into their gaming videos makes you feel like you're right there with the crew, living out these adventures. Even though I've never played this game myself, I feel like I have after watching their videos. It's the next best thing to actually playing it.

Neebs Gaming clearly puts so much passion into these videos. From the custom sets they build to the hours of editing, you can tell how much love goes into each episode. I'm constantly impressed with the cinematic techniques they utilize - camera angles, sound design, comedic timing. It elevates gaming content into a truly cinematic experience.

So if you're looking for gaming videos that are as entertaining as they are beautifully produced, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Their unique brand of humor and dedication to their craft makes their channel a must-watch for any gaming fan. Their videos are the perfect way to experience and enjoy games without having to play them yourself. Neebs Gaming is simply the best at what they do!

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