We learned SORCERY while Simon's house GOT WORSE - Conan Exiles

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We learned SORCERY while Simon's house GOT WORSE - Conan Exiles
We learned SORCERY while Simon's house GOT WORSE - Conan Exiles

We learned SORCERY while Simon's house GOT WORSE - Conan Exiles

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Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest episode of Conan Exiles Season 2 yet? If not, you're in for a treat! In Episode 15, our favorite gang is back at it again, with Neebs farming in an ashtray, Simon building even higher, and the rest of the crew diving into the world of sorcery. It's always a wild ride with these guys, and this episode is no exception!

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Thanks for tuning in to Conan Exiles Season 2 - Episode 15 with Neebs Gaming. It's always a blast watching these guys in action, and I can't wait to see what adventures they get into next. Keep on gaming, friends! 🎮✨

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remember when you hated getting socks0.044.759
for Christmas yep not anymore Link in1.646.36
the description box nees yep I got some4.7994.601
cool check me out check me out check me8.03.2
out okay what you got all right check9.45.279
this out am I seeing it yet not yet and11.27.159
boom a rash no war paint oh war paint14.6796.68
yeah okay yeah does it itch slightly18.3594.321
it's supposed to be a dragon but it's21.3593.0
covered up by you know stuff gotcha22.684.439
what's up dris hi guys what's up oh and24.3594.32
you know I'm already a queen but I was27.1193.4
thinking man it be cool to be a queen28.6794.08
and a damn sorcerer yeah I found a30.5195.601
sorcerer map okay and uh it leads to a32.7595.721
location I think it's E5 on the regular36.124.16
map I'm going to I'm going to go there38.483.8
and defeat the sorcerer and see what's40.284.119
what well you be careful and I have a42.284.84
sorcerer bag if that comes in handy you44.3994.68
okay now that's fancy have you you47.123.079
always worn that oh yeah no I've been49.0792.841
working on my armor been you know50.1992.961
getting ready for battle I know if51.922.959
that's going to be good for your rash53.162.919
okay so I feel like I can handle54.8793.68
anything yeah all right I'll join you56.0794.0
heck yeah all right you come any anybody58.5592.921
else want to go fight a sorcerer I want60.0793.32
to go fight a sorcerer I don't even know61.483.679
if that's what we're doing but uh hey63.3993.4
let's go check it out NES how's the farm65.1595.361
coming uh we'll check it out oh this is66.7996.081
it that's it so far just these two oh70.524.959
wait these little pots yeah that's the72.884.64
farm farm we're going to need a lot more75.4794.041
than that I mean we need Aloe like I77.524.08
know I have I have plans you worry about79.525.36
sorceron I'll worry about this okay okay81.65.4
hey if you see you say so that's okay oh84.883.599
wow what's up Samurai check this out I'm87.03.64
ready for battle man you're like suim88.4793.761
over here you guys have come a long way90.643.36
both of you yeah that looks really neat92.243.44
yeah we've caught up to you Dora you94.03.52
always look great yeah but you know95.683.28
we're trying we're trying to be as good97.523.12
as you right all right let's Mount up98.964.28
let's get out Adventure green pie hey100.644.079
Bad Dad we're going on an adventure103.244.239
again today I love104.7192.76
you oh crap hey boys we got a sandstorm118.243.839
in are bad we got to hide we got to find122.0795.161
shelter can we is there a place behind124.7195.68
this waterfall per chance uh stop127.244.96
following right stop following no don't130.3993.361
stop following you got to place it132.24.6
otherwise it'll go damn133.763.04
home is usually safe right just right138.644.319
against the edge yeah you want to tell141.684.16
it to stand guard boom stand guard maybe142.9596.0
against the edge it kind of says shelter145.845.6
oh this a good oh little bit of shelter148.9595.321
this a shelter oh no oh noad this is151.444.92
where we live now D are you okay no154.284.72
where where where' you go waterfall to156.364.159
waterfall Dora coming D I'm coming D I160.5195.881
can't see you I'm coming you coming to164.562.959
the waterfall Dora coming to the166.43.64
waterfall D Waterfall oh there you are167.5194.961
where's your horse uh standing guard170.044.36
where oh there's a damn Gator here172.483.479
where's he going I think I'm a better174.43.919
father just in comparison to Dora I mean175.9594.56
he might be yeah what's aist178.3194.041
where's your son where's my shelter I180.5193.161
thought there was shelter hide under182.362.439
that alligator right there you'll be183.683.4
fine yeah there oh boy that that's a184.7995.241
gator like right all my187.082.96
good I told him to hide there I didn't191.2393.961
think he really would he kill that we193.44.119
got to kill his alligator all right all195.23.319
right back in the shelter back the sh197.5193.72
back the shelter oh look at him if we198.5194.44
get cold we can cut him open and hide201.2393.64
him oh he's so cute and warm it's true204.8795.08
his body's like a little fire under here208.2393.121
yeah he's like a little209.9593.56
tonon Simon you got to come out of the211.364.68
sandstorms when the sandstorm I well no213.5194.8
I I I stayed and what you just said was216.044.64
it really that didn't make sense what' I218.3195.12
say I don't know cut back to it Simon220.684.199
you got to come out of the sandstorms223.4393.72
when the sandstorm yeah that that that224.8795.241
sounded ridiculous okay what's it mean I227.1595.321
not I don't know all right but I230.124.88
basically I'm going back up because I'm232.485.24
on a mission today and I survived that235.04.879
Sandstorm without having cre true237.724.599
shelter what's your mission my mission's239.8794.881
to get high uh-huh you've done that like242.3195.76
real high like even higher because I was244.765.319
I was at a stopping point uhhuh how's248.0793.72
that working for you it's working great250.0793.641
actually I'm about to break the record251.7995.081
that was last week right now okay yeah253.724.88
so that's what I'm working on and you're256.883.84
working on that really fancy farmer her258.64.36
we got going can you believe it I can't260.723.68
I heard that they're going to make a TV262.963.84
show out of it yeah yeah called nee's264.45.0
farming I won't forget about you I know266.85.08
you won't buddy come visit me at the top269.45.56
will you let me sleep in your garage I271.884.879
probably won't have a garage I'll have a274.964.48
driver oh can I sleep with your driver276.7595.321
sure thank you at least I can do I'm279.446.36
officially higher yes oh and by the way282.085.559
I found a setting that made it so that I285.84.119
could build a lot easier and farther out287.6395.801
and by I I mean aah so building is going289.9195.201
to get crazy we're going to do like293.443.44
Minecraft type stuff but even more295.123.72
beautiful all right if you could believe296.883.879
it don't forget forget the little people298.844.68
I won't I will I will forget the little300.7594.361
people they're so little it's hard to303.523.88
them yeah I didn't even know I could316.524.2
juggle yeah I didn't know I could juggle319.082.8
either I think I'm pretty good at you're320.722.52
pretty good at it too yeah we're both321.883.599
really good a juggling yeah purple red323.244.56
blue purple red blue purple red blue325.4794.121
it's all about the colors M all right327.84.16
right shall we we shall keep juggling no329.64.52
we're uh we're going to move up I don't331.963.799
know how far we can take the horses so334.123.76
let's just peek up this waterfall cuz335.7593.601
I'm pretty sure according to the337.883.439
sorcerer map that apparently I can't339.364.04
look at on Horseback how dumb is that341.3194.241
pretty dumb it's a map yeah well your343.44.0
hands are occupied by the rain yeah but345.564.32
I keep it's a map keep it in your pocket347.45.88
yeah well not on your guns from horses H349.885.68
that's so much from horses yeah but you353.284.639
got to be really skilled and are we yes355.564.52
it's debatable so what are we doing357.9194.361
uh I don't know I have a sorcerer map360.084.28
and I'm heading to the location on it362.283.88
that's it I know nothing past that okay364.364.8
so look for magic look for sorcery yeah366.165.319
something sorcery related all right hold369.164.52
on let me check let me check the map and371.4793.681
see where we're at this kind of feels373.682.959
like red dead right now doesn't it a375.163.319
little bit little bit yeah let's see376.6393.881
yeah it's a further up River so uh yeah378.4793.401
just follow me we got to go up River a380.523.959
minute up River yeah now this is pretty381.885.439
look at this yeah man pretty brown384.4795.44
sometimes Brown's pretty sometimes m387.3195.16
brown sugar go to Brown town why do you389.9196.0
taste so good cuz it's sugar oh God oh392.4795.041
my God oh my God that's a lot of hyena395.9193.761
that's a lot of hyena all right run run397.523.56
you uh is everybody does everybody see399.683.72
me uh-huh yes all right let's just run401.083.72
past the hyenas I'm trying but I'm stuck403.44.04
in a cactus oh my God are you kidding me404.84.2
are you kidding me right now407.443.84
turn around we got to help got me stuck409.04.0
on a bunch of taces we're coming we're411.283.8
coming Anon holy all right oh God413.05.639
are you out you out yes oh man wo okay I415.085.559
feel like taking the the horses up here418.6393.56
is going to be dangerous yep and there's420.6393.0
more and the horses get stuck on these422.1993.4
small oh wow yeah they do oh no now Bean423.6393.721
stuck they should just trample these425.5993.201
things yeah because it's a horse versus427.363.679
a cactus oh my god oh wait can we get428.84.16
this way I meant the hyenas but yeah431.0394.081
there's so many I know keep going all432.963.6
right are you guys behind me I don't435.123.519
know where I'm at anymore following Dora436.563.759
go the direction you were going before438.6393.56
you turned around to come and get me I440.3193.761
think this other direction may be easier442.1994.44
I'm sorry is that an ostrich chasing you444.086.76
Dora yes is that a tiny ostrich446.6395.96
all right I lost abstra I don't know450.843.919
where he is I'm with you abro come find452.5994.0
us no I'm back down by the river we need454.7593.321
to go up River we don't need to go the456.5993.681
way you guys went all right you let us458.083.36
no I didn't I said turn around we're460.282.319
helping Anthony then I went across the461.443.28
briad all right d turn around let's go462.5994.521
emu smon you want to see me come plant467.124.919
these seeds yeah but I'm on top of the469.4795.761
world baby okay we'll come home um hold472.0396.401
on I think if I jump you'll probably hit475.245.48
the water I should should you ready go478.444.28
for it all right I got my torch out so480.725.64
I'm doing it woo come on baby come on482.726.319
please reach please reach I think you486.365.519
could have reach the boy yeah you made489.0397.321
it yes oh boy come on that was nice that491.8797.241
was good okay so you're uh at my place496.365.36
you're at your place honestly I know499.125.0
abor's place and Anthony's don't don't501.724.28
give me that we've been living together504.125.88
for months living together yeah working506.06.36
yeah but we're not together like you're510.05.279
you're across the river my God okay hold512.366.479
on anon's is right wait wait anony is515.2795.281
the big one so you're this little guy518.8394.68
yeah yeah I got the boat house okay it's520.565.0
it's beautiful you ready yes please I523.5195.481
would like to uh mark this day the day525.566.76
of planting stuff and I'm adding compost529.06.399
there we go so that's making uh I guess532.325.28
I'm just making fiber is there a is535.3994.321
there a thing here I I don't know what's537.64.239
going on I'm hoping there'll be like uh539.724.52
something Sprout out of there oh my God541.8393.841
are you telling me that these are your544.243.52
SE these this is it this is the farm545.684.8
they look like like two ashtrays you547.764.0
remember like back in the day that550.482.68
that's would be like in front of551.764.72
restaurants that's like two like big ass553.164.52
trays like this where you put your556.483.24
cigarettes this is the farm you how long557.683.2
you've been working on those are huge559.722.72
how is anybody from your hometown still560.883.92
alive that is ridiculous no it's not562.444.04
there were a lot of smokers though564.83.44
listen we used to give cigarettes to566.483.76
babies just to make them shut up all568.243.8
right well playing with fire is fun when570.244.0
you're a toddler yeah you're a miracle572.043.84
yes all right I'll just keep waiting for574.243.92
this to sprout yep y that's great thank575.886.199
you so much a waste of578.168.6
time salz any over there sorcer yeah if582.0796.32
you yell sorcery they tend to show586.764.4
themselves sorcery sorcery sorcery588.3996.321
sounds like it is oh I see an591.165.919
opening yeah this is this a cave you594.724.04
guys got something where'd you go oh597.0794.041
yeah down here abro the cave this will598.764.48
probably be it this looks like the right601.124.48
location right inside there's a creature603.245.279
of some sort really what is it know I605.64.679
got I don't think I've seen that before608.5193.921
oh it's just a turtle but it's like a610.2794.56
white turtle it's a creepy turtle that612.444.44
is a creepy turtle yeah this is614.8394.44
shaleback hollow sorcerer hang around616.883.56
there's going to be a lot of shalebacks619.2793.56
I would imagine all right wow this one's620.444.36
he is something there he goes let see622.8394.44
how see how hard he is Bam wow he bleeds624.85.479
black oh wow nice nice hit so627.2795.081
something's going on with this guy super630.2793.961
accurate this one oh sorry Anthony get632.365.4
him get him get him God yeah watch all634.245.159
right a little stronger than the others637.763.84
but that was pathetic really yeah wait639.3993.761
what does he give us I want to know now641.65.28
that wow that said he was Undead oh we643.166.44
got this is an undead shell bag oh yeah646.884.32
there's definitely some weird sorcery649.63.88
going on here I bet you all right651.23.6
all right d are you going to be torch653.484.0
Bearer I suppose I'll be Katana right654.86.24
back behind you Warrior657.483.56
yes you with me yes sir okay you662.485.88
remember these guys over here no I don't666.23.92
yeah I don't remember their names uh I'm668.362.84
bad about that do you know all your670.123.44
neighbors names no not even close but I671.25.48
think one of them is Sam Sam yep all673.564.92
right well they're real jerks and I've676.683.76
got these new uh well these aren't new678.483.76
they're kind of new but I added Reaper680.443.72
poison all right so I'll let you take682.243.92
care of these guys toot sweet yourself684.164.359
and see how the poison does the and I'll686.164.28
just keep be here to watch yeah you be688.5194.801
ready in case I need it oh yeah come on690.443.92
I don't think I'm going to why don't you693.323.319
try it on the bunny ah I'm going to try694.365.479
it on Sam and all right hey Sam and Miss696.6395.88
I forgot your name I miss the bunny okay699.8395.081
I hit her once okay all right that took702.5195.401
her like 304 well she's about half now704.925.359
boom okay that was big that was one hit707.925.159
one hit got him one hit but he's not oh710.2795.281
right now he's dead okay very good don't713.0794.401
come after me you want that business715.565.76
okay here we go nope there it is she oh717.486.88
yeah that was magical that head popped721.324.959
off like it was uh peanut butter and724.364.4
jelly yeah I don't know what that means726.2794.401
but nothing from what I can tell there's728.763.4
a rabbit around here let's kill the730.682.8
rabbit hey you know what we should call732.163.72
these two what peanut butter and jelly733.485.2
yeah this rabbit's Invincible by the way735.884.399
okay oh no it's not it's dead let's738.683.12
don't forget their names though peanut740.2793.041
butter and jelly we should do this again741.83.36
sometime yeah we should which one's743.324.36
jelly uh probably the girl yeah cuz her745.165.72
head popped off747.683.2
that corruption really affects you in a752.485.159
weird wayy hit my brain it's purple you754.2795.281
want to fight about it no all right we757.6393.76
want to go fight Sorcerers about it no759.564.16
fight me about it no let's go back in we761.3994.12
just yeah we got bed rolls out here now763.724.919
so we can deal with the corruption as it765.5195.081
yeah what how do we get rid of it oh we768.6395.481
got to go look at danc oh yeah really I770.65.08
think Dora's got a dancer over at his774.123.2
place I don't know if I do I think there775.683.32
was a dancer unless it was murder that777.324.199
corruption's going I hate that uh779.04.16
yeah I don't care for it either but uh781.5192.841
yeah we'll just try to push through as783.162.96
quick as we can there's got to be a784.363.88
sorcerer cave right oh boy here comes786.124.64
another one yeah with all this undy come788.245.64
on let's get him nothing up here wa790.765.68
bones around here double dead that's not793.884.0
a great place yeah what do you think796.443.12
Undead shellbacks797.884.639
eat Souls maybe I mean you think you799.566.32
know they're zombies kind of alive shbs802.5195.721
maybe like sh back brains yeah like they805.884.68
chase the shell backs and yeah all right808.244.64
spider web ahead spider web all right810.564.12
spiders come on there's got to be812.883.68
something sorcerer related in here oh814.683.44
yeah that looks very816.564.56
sorcerous oh yeah he worships that818.125.68
could this be the source of my power I821.125.68
hope so oh wow yeah look at this oh boy823.85.479
Cave of kurak it's down there I wonder826.84.64
oh crap yeah don't fall man you think he829.2793.68
built these little little Bridges he831.443.56
built them so let's see oh we get to832.9594.761
read uh press X to interact here I go835.05.04
all right tell us story abro tell us a837.725.52
story um basic sorcery I've learned840.045.32
basic sorcery I want to learn that oh843.243.959
it's not a great story honest can you845.364.44
read it you interact yeah I did oh good847.1994.32
look at all of us learned sorcery I want849.82.959
to learn sorcery let going TR learn851.5193.201
sorcery see is there anything out here852.7594.88
basic sorcery sorcery okay all right854.725.64
tell you what let's uh let's bail is857.6394.801
this anything almost looks like it could860.363.599
be like a teleporter or something or a862.443.72
time travel machine yeah Sorcerers are863.9593.8
time traveling all over the place it's866.163.2
probably in the past screwing with867.7594.121
things yeah he's probably banking Hill869.364.24
and Killer maybe I shouldn't have done871.883.24
this all right yeah let's go on that873.63.4
yeah what have you done Dora I went down875.123.6
a little bit oh like forward like down877.04.72
the waterfall yeah well I'm down in here878.724.84
now might as well we'll help you Dora881.723.16
I'm not going down883.563.48
there going down there I don't want to884.884.079
there's nothing down here it's a lovely887.044.76
um lovely swim oh wait I do see a chest888.9594.56
though where on the other on the other891.83.719
side underneath the water no not893.5194.361
underneath so climb up the waterfall895.5193.841
yeah I'm going to okay okay see what's897.883.079
in that chest something good I hope899.363.56
Anthony you stay your butt out no I'm900.9593.68
going up I didn't even say a word you902.924.24
can get the chest enjoy it all right oh904.6395.601
fell you get no chest it's uh it's got907.165.52
coins in it coins yeah four gold three910.246.32
silver now we can go shopping oh my912.685.719
torch broke oh it's all right we'll get916.564.199
more torches right a only he gets the918.3993.88
coins can I have some of those coins920.7593.2
there it's not that great of a chest I922.2793.641
let let's get out of here okay there's923.9594.041
one more chest is there yeah I got an925.924.76
iron bowl sweet I can eat soup okay and928.04.0
another what's in that one what's in930.683.92
that one silver932.02.6
coin yeah he hey yeah he hey guess what941.1997.12
what free holay is level 10 oh that's945.2795.92
nice oh and that's that's it I see you948.3195.561
have a saddle uh yeah you horses need951.1995.12
Saddles yeah well I mean not always I953.884.24
didn't know I mean I I forgot that I956.3193.401
rode this puppy I was trying to figure958.123.44
out why I couldn't get on it and I think959.723.96
Anthony stole my freaking saddle oh did961.564.32
he steal your saddle and give it to his963.684.599
baby he left to die yeah and you know965.884.0
what you know what would be a really968.2793.761
good repercussion for him what's that is969.884.48
if we destroy his entire972.047.0
home jeez that's yeah I think I think N974.366.2
I don't know about that I don't know979.043.44
about that you don't steal man's saddle980.563.519
well that's between you and Anthony but982.484.599
uh well it doesn't have to be okay could984.0795.481
be it could be an us thing I don't know987.0794.401
that makes me an accomplice I know I989.563.839
like that I like it when when the when991.485.24
the blame gets spread about gotcha so I993.3995.601
think isn't there a way to like level up996.725.359
your horse is there I'm not sure but999.04.8
listen I'll start on the front of the1002.0793.841
foundation all we need to do is take out1003.84.32
the bottom level hey you start that and1005.923.44
give me one second I'm going try to1008.123.44
figure this out okay son of a is1009.364.76
going to learn don't mess with a man's1011.564.32
saddle that's on his horse is it a1014.123.92
horse's saddle that's mine don't mess on1015.884.28
that that that's saying don't do that1018.045.039
damn it you broke my axe hey s for is1020.166.0
level 10 he owes me an axe a pickaxe too1023.0794.801
that's son of a it's a big day for1026.165.039
fres let's focus the big day for revenge1027.885.959
is frees is those aren't freeh holes1031.1994.401
aren't those beans that's right it can1033.8393.84
mitigate incoming damage by moving with1035.64.8
the blow I love baked beans but I'm not1037.6794.76
a big fan of pinto maybe if it was1040.45.0
cooked right maybe well Pinos are good I1042.4394.6
happen to eat a lot of beans yesterday1045.43.56
and and and I happen to have lot of gas1047.0393.441
and I never noticed that before and I'm1048.963.56
an old man they're good for your heart1050.483.96
and you know they make you fart hey my1052.522.72
sprouted what good got him oh boy that's1055.246.319
that's in the way of my door okay well1058.844.48
I'm still happy it's been a good day1061.5594.281
good now come on let's destroy this home1063.324.8
together as friends you break one wall1065.844.76
by yourself then I'll think about it all1068.125.48
right all right stand back boys what1070.66.48
what what back o that's what that does1073.65.4
you got one of those two let's we all1077.085.24
got one shape the raw forces of nature1079.05.44
and reality itself I'm picking that one1082.324.64
shape the raw forces yeah all right o so1084.444.76
these are different spells ooh summon a1086.965.12
frozen bridge to Traverse a gap oh that1089.26.64
seems handy wa look at this W1092.086.49
Frozen Frozen Bridges Frozen1095.844.28
Bridge thr is that the limit of the1100.124.679
bridge yeah wow honestly I I could jump1102.365.16
that that's a really lame Frozen Bridge1104.7994.441
we can conjure how about can we get to1107.523.36
that entire Village over there let's try1109.243.48
this again oh yeah give me a Frozen1110.883.56
Anthony yeah one at a time right oh1114.443.92
sorry Sor right no Dory you go for it1116.844.48
you cast your SP oh my bad I all right1118.366.6
yes and Frozen Bridge do it Traverse and1121.326.08
we shall be there1124.966.44
shortly wow oo oh hey wo now that's1127.45.68
doing pretty good look at this all right1131.44.639
okay yeah all right all right now that1133.084.959
ain't bad that was convenient that's1136.0393.601
some good good sorcery ooh and the1138.0394.76
water's a little chill now yeah oh hey1139.644.84
guys oh oh they're mad all right let's1142.7992.921
uh you know what let's deal with these1144.483.199
idiots okay cuz I'm already kind of mad1145.723.079
because I was trying to go down the1147.6793.521
sorcerer path and the game wants me to1148.7994.721
find and defeat a sorcerer so I can find1151.24.24
the map I already did it I already1153.524.639
did it what you just did it no I1155.444.56
I I saw that episode after you did it oh1158.1593.441
I should have I did it so I'm hoping1160.03.0
there's a sorcerer here and if there is1161.63.16
please let me kill him I mean I we all1163.03.76
kind this is just a tribe of idiots oh1164.763.56
but this guy's got look look he's dead1166.763.799
stranding or something look he got back1168.324.08
he got like a whole back on him oh boy1170.5593.561
you see this guy uh I don't I'm1172.42.96
murdering these idiots hold on I'll1174.122.32
bring him over here look at this guy1175.362.64
with all this junk on his back I know I1176.443.68
see him he's amazing I want that1178.04.84
backpack oh all right hey idiots1180.123.96
about to die these guys don't know1182.844.12
nothing about magic no1184.085.32
all right not one sorcerer in the1186.964.24
bunch huh no I guess not should we go on1189.43.6
a rampage till we find a sorcerer I mean1191.23.28
I feel like I'm going to have to all1193.02.799
right let's go burn down some Villages1194.482.88
let's go yeah hold on let me do a test1195.7993.0
though what else can we do with this1197.364.96
nonsense Boog boogy boo Boog see part1198.7995.521
the veil of time and space let me see1202.325.08
what this does so this reveal nearby1204.325.28
corrupted objects and those with Arcane1207.45.08
reveal sounds evils1213.247.12
oo so I can see corrupted objects me too1216.9195.12
I don't don't understand the purpose of1220.364.439
this m just reveal corruption we should1222.0394.281
just be revealing ourselves right cuz1224.7993.721
we're corrupt right now looks corrupt we1226.323.88
oh wait there's someone still over here1228.523.84
is it a sorcerer oh I don't know o sir1230.24.64
are you a sorcerer no you're not is kill1232.364.0
him an1234.844.04
idiot all right this Spell's worthless1236.364.64
sorcerer hunt hey we just started with1238.885.32
our spelly so give it time yeah battle1241.04.799
that's going to impress friends and1244.22.88
we're going to get laid honestly1245.7992.961
floating rocks Every Time come on all1247.082.88
right see if we can make our way back to1248.763.6
the damn1249.962.4
gets bigger every time1261.7997.921
Jesus hey where you at Bubba I am on my1264.967.959
front staircase which one there yeah God1269.726.16
I you have a front staircase yes this is1272.9196.0
a new one wow so oh I see you over there1275.884.919
yeah I think are there any is there a1278.9193.841
railing yes you're getting a little1280.7994.721
invasive buddy I just did you see I did1282.764.84
a turn I was going to go all the way1285.523.56
down and and then I realized it was1287.63.319
going to go over your roof and I said1289.083.88
that's not very neighborly where's the1290.9194.441
property line you're bringing like shade1292.964.56
when I don't want it like come on man1295.364.559
yeah this is why HOAs exist yeah you're1297.525.56
right yeah yeah HOAs suck height limits1299.9195.12
wish I had one right now yeah well we1303.083.52
can start one let's start one you're a1305.0394.12
part of the problem Dora you are the1306.65.959
problem uh that's what y whatever see1309.1595.241
Simon what see we could make you a1312.5594.321
bridge now check this out boogy boogy1314.46.12
boo ah I want a bridge for1316.886.919
salmon right1320.523.279
what this like some kind of devil1326.967.36
magic I would like one right here and I1330.445.119
would like one to know where I'm going1334.324.839
home this is crazy there we go there we1335.5595.521
are oh yeah yeah right up there that's1339.1594.681
better yeah okay so is this going to be1341.084.92
oh so now is this going to be difficult1343.844.4
to get rid of it's permanent it's going1346.03.64
it's going to melt all right no1348.243.84
permanent take it up with XA hey I don't1349.643.919
mind I'm not going to be one of those1352.084.52
people complaining yo you got a weed you1353.5595.881
m just got weed to HOAs are important to1356.65.28
buildings hey Tower I'm back I love you1359.443.93

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