He Smells Fresh Meat - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a real treat! In this one, Neebs makes a new friend out on the lake, and le...
He Smells Fresh Meat - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH
He Smells Fresh Meat - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

He Smells Fresh Meat - The Long Dark: PERMADEATH

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neebs: Oh man, that video where I make a new friend out on the lake is just classic! I mean, who wouldn't want to be friends with me, right?

simon: Ha! Yeah, Neebs, I bet that fresh meat smelled pretty good to your new friend. Maybe they were just hungry and saw you as a walking buffet!

appsro: Guys, guys, let's not forget about the real star of the show here - me! I was the one who found that fresh meat in the first place. You're welcome, Neebs.

neebs: Oh come on, Appsro, don't be jealous of my newfound friendship. Just because you found the meat doesn't mean you get all the credit. It's all about the charisma, baby!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming? It's a real treat! In this one, Neebs makes a new friend out on the lake, and let me tell you, it's a hilarious adventure from start to finish.

I won't give too much away, but let's just say that Neebs' new friend is quite the character. The banter between them is top-notch and had me laughing out loud the whole time. And of course, the stunning visuals and expert editing that we've come to expect from Neebs Gaming are on full display in this video.

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yes okay okay good I got another one14.427.0
oh yeah your sewing kits eventually will18.84.3
be ruined and you can't use them anymore21.423.48
Oh I thought the way they worked was23.14.679
it was head one and you used it no no24.94.68
yeah no you have a sewing kit and you27.7794.201
use that yeah right now I got a sewing29.583.9
kit which I haven't used thank goodness31.983.54
and this ruined one that I will now drop33.484.2
and then just put I don't know35.524.68
here in the corner because it's been bad37.684.14
okay how many40.22.519
how many is walking around oh I got41.823.0
three of42.7192.881
three of them well that would help44.822.88
wouldn't it yeah absolutely okay I'll45.63.42
get rid of a couple of those47.72.4
what are you doing today you're gonna go49.023.48
and explore that damn well I'm here in50.14.139
my little container that I live in now52.55.52
and you know I went in the Dem already54.2395.881
I mean I looked in there58.023.059
okay so I think I might start moving61.0795.161
like there's nothing for me back at the66.243.919
lake right67.742.419
I think I live in this little uh70.744.14
container right now72.2994.981
right now what about your74.883.72
uh I'm back at the lake yeah that's77.283.0
that's what I call moving I gotta go78.64.1
back and get it80.282.42
yeah okay will it cure while I'm83.584.56
carrying it86.15.28
it won't reset it will it I don't88.146.86
okay that would make any damn91.383.62
uh yeah I do some95.1593.6
science you know what I can do some96.843.72
science right now for you okay98.7593.36
okay you don't want to I got a wolf pelt100.563.0
curing right in here oh it's actually102.1193.781
already cured never mind I have one103.563.48
that's not cured do I have anything105.92.24
that's not cured107.044.16
leather everything's cured that's great111.9794.721
I'm happy for you yeah I'm doing good114.2995.28
um let's see what have I got hey I'm a116.75.16
little hungry uh this is the last of my119.5794.441
deer meat that I'm about to eat121.863.539
so I guess I'm gonna try to go out and124.023.72
find another deer more deers huh I mean125.3995.36
yeah can't eat wolves127.743.019
all right baby138.086.46
okay baby okay baby have they ever made140.486.7
a live action Bambi no but they probably144.544.86
will they make a live-action Pinocchio147.185.52
oh yeah that's right live action uh149.45.88
Jungle Book little mermaid mermaid yeah152.75.64
like may as well do Bambi eventually I155.284.8
don't know though if Thumper is Thumper158.343.539
PC now he was a horny little rabbit160.083.9
wasn't he I don't know is that not PC161.8793.901
now I don't know just seems like they're163.983.3
trying to remove sex from other movies165.784.94
oh yeah that's why they're boring167.283.44
all right all right baby171.183.68
thank you178.343.119
yeah there we go hot damn two shots but181.4595.86
that'll work that's pretty impressive185.345.1
you got the second shot huh yeah okay on187.3196.721
that looking around all right let's190.446.299
score a little deer meat194.045.279
see 30 minutes nine pounds that's all196.7394.441
right that's all right that'll keep me199.3194.041
cabin yep just crossed the train bridge203.8796.0
uh leaving the Hydro Dam she's gonna go206.784.3
get all your stuff and haul it over209.8793.061
there yeah start I don't know how many211.083.659
trips it'll take be nice if it's one but212.943.24
I mean you never know what you're gonna216.182.66
you better have everything218.845.619
I need a wagon or a sled yeah I think221.45.119
that would be good why don't they have232.564.52
it where we can just update233.943.14
I want to see if he scared me240.2993.481
hey look at me242.222.939
I'm wearing your Mammy245.1596.201
see that look at me wearing your Mammy247.443.92
you know251.8792.541
you better go away boy I ain't even255.2393.9
scared of y'all anymore because I'm257.6992.76
wearing half of you259.1392.88
I remember when I used to be afraid of260.4592.281
not anymore262.745.239
you guys little264.4193.56
see a wolf I don't want to fight a wolf269.043.24
right now I just want to go home and271.022.399
I could have swore I killed every wolf273.4193.921
in this area274.82.54
like you killed every wolf in the area279.063.38
I don't think I have any meat on this282.92.22
here maybe I'm good284.344.2
they names he's a cold-hearted killer290.465.28
he's running293.945.12
he's starting to run at me295.743.32
just uh if you pop a flare keep299.163.9
it I mean you want to waste your players301.683.36
I'd love to not do any of that303.064.38
would you turn on go home this will end305.044.14
up best for both of us if you just leave307.444.14
I'll have my flares and my bullets and309.184.92
you'll get to Live Another Day311.586.08
sounds like a pretty good offer314.13.56
he's still pursuing me319.223.78
did that work for you325.2592.961
maybe I can moon walk out of this330.363.98
for real337.083.959
it's all day baby338.943.3
as long as there's not another wolf341.0393.241
behind me that would not be good what if342.244.86
I run you know what I'll walk all the344.285.22
way back to my cabin this way and that347.13.78
way if I do shoot him he'll be right349.54.699
there in front of the door there you go350.883.319
bad all right I'm eating this tomato358.285.08
soup I think I'm gonna heat it up just a360.5394.741
good cold tomato soup today kind of warm363.363.36
with this jacket on365.284.859
mmm you're hot now huh yeah oh it's nice366.725.12
and toasty370.1394.381
all right cook this cook my reshi371.844.9
mushrooms so I have enough stuff to take374.524.32
care of them parasites now I gotta376.744.08
figure out my next move because bullets378.844.74
are not gonna last forever okay so if380.825.939
I'm gonna go long term I need to make a383.585.28
bow and arrow now I got the arrow I went386.7593.541
all the way out there and I forged those388.863.059
arrows remember390.35.7
so from there391.9197.081
feathers I I got one Arrow shaft but I396.04.86
need to make more air shafts and in399.03.539
order to do that I think I need Birch400.863.48
saplings yeah the only place I know402.5395.1
where Birch is is way back at The404.345.579
Farmhouse here he comes so I might have407.6394.68
to move too I'm at the house all right409.9195.0
you're gonna take him412.3192.6
boom there we go you're an expert news416.4795.261
welcome home wolf419.6393.601
I gave you a better off or you didn't421.743.44
take it423.245.06
Moving Day425.183.12
okay let's check out these uh hides431.0398.461
um 26 on that one jeez 54.435.66.539
that's a cat tail439.57.56
oh 97 that one's close 54 70.442.1397.441
geez these things man I know they take a447.064.5
maybe what I should do is just go get a451.564.34
workbench there yeah downstairs I think463.383.42
you got465.5393.741
ta yep466.82.48
ah you think I should play it smart okay470.525.7
yeah gotcha all right well uh good thing472.864.86
good thing I killed that wolf because476.223.18
all my other stuff I had laying around477.724.64
is gone you479.42.96
thank you488.0394.761
all right neebs before I leave this area492.84.0
I gotta goal495.242.579
moose hide satchel497.8196.741
of this I'm gonna try to kill a moose501.243.32
revolver again506.224.05
30 rounds511.623.299
take that ought to bring a moose down513.4794.021
right 30 rounds yeah 30 rounds of514.9195.581
revolver ammunition in my mind yeah if I517.54.38
can make a loose Satchel gun I could520.53.36
carry so much more stuff then moving521.883.78
back to that Farmhouse and I could carry523.863.659
all this that'd be great all right525.664.08
I gotta uh yeah cool that's my long-term527.5194.591
goal going529.743.86
thanks I'm gonna need it533.64.02
and storms blew in537.8995.101
my Wolf's out there539.885.88
freeze I want to build a fire but I543.05.18
can't though545.762.42
how long is this going to take to548.823.42
harvest this uh550.265.46
if I quarter it an hour will that freeze552.245.779
in an hour555.722.299
with the snow558.34.2
probably not you should be okay you560.2794.401
for sure should get all the way down you564.723.299
might get a little hypothermia but566.823.079
you're not gonna die doing it568.0195.281
it's all the way down hypothermia risk569.8996.221
it's still going okay get back inside573.36.979
okay so boom576.124.159
okay I don't think I got580.945.8
I didn't get the debuff right583.825.579
what I know586.742.659
hypothermia wrist you still have a risk597.323.34
of hypothermia but it should be going599.3993.241
down if you're in warm climate gotcha600.664.739
okay just gotta get out there and get my602.645.699
meat my meat's out there in the snow605.3995.901
my meat bags608.3392.961
heat up needs heat up614.15.04
move around617.13.96
I don't like the stuff being out there619.145.34
it's probably safe out there though huh621.065.76
what from I don't know someone's624.484.76
stealing it626.822.42
a wolf I've seen a deer walking around629.544.18
who seems nice but you never know632.2793.301
Steve's in the middle of nowhere not633.723.66
Detroit all right I'm gonna go out there635.584.259
and try to grab it637.384.68
so Detroit huh you gotta attack on639.8393.721
there we go yeah take that control643.566.42
cargo all of you all of you everything645.65.64
holes yep in Kentucky651.245.76
the worst of all of them okay got my654.245.159
stuff no need to worry anymore657.05.1
never know some Kentucky's gonna walk by659.3996.601
stormy to go out666.05.22
go out and draw yeah yeah let's see what667.926.08
if I can make a woman671.222.78
yeah I could see that being the waist674.5196.601
yeah nice hair to hair here677.166.84
yeah there's a head okay with some681.124.92
pointy hair on it684.05.64
yeah she's real shapely I'll I'll draw a686.045.16
woman too I wonder if our women are689.643.6
gonna look the same691.24.74
I'm gonna do that I assume that's the693.244.92
best looking waist thing695.944.459
yeah this leg number one702.7795.341
okay okay well I can't paint on the same705.184.88
all right my woman's gonna look weird710.064.26
Barbara Ann you looking good baby she720.926.58
looking good oh yes she is okay uh my723.486.419
woman has727.55.279
some weird legs that's going to be her729.8994.321
there we go734.222.9
oh are we738.124.26
one of our shelters drawing women you740.2793.781
would know better than me about Cabin742.383.54
Fever yeah no I've had it before and I744.063.06
feel like this is the early onset745.922.82
symptoms yeah you know I need wood I'm747.122.84
gonna go get wood748.744.529
this does not look like a woman755.3993.5
God where'd you come from766.5795.981
sneaky little bastard769.744.02
yeah I got eight wolf dude I'm out I'm773.765.66
trying to find a moose776.5792.841
that was my damn ammo783.9593.44
oh yeah no no yeah past two have been789.36.12
fine man I can't eat you so I'm not even791.5795.161
gonna cut you up yep I'm just gonna795.422.88
leave you here to rot796.743.539
maybe you'll bring in a moose798.35.339
like drop the meat800.2795.281
does that work like decoy meat is there803.6394.26
decoy meat yeah you know what I could805.564.14
Harvest a little bit of meat on him and807.8994.38
just like use it as decoy809.75.579
um oh God Mac I heard is there another812.2795.24
where is he819.743.3
crap you're right right yeah a little835.943.78
blood loss838.324.74
need a better gun don't you839.725.38
let's see babe it's made this bandage843.066.14
come on right leg there we go845.14.1
let's see no that was uh that was just a850.1395.401
Miss on my part completely septic852.185.58
okay I'm good though I'm buying I'm855.543.96
already healed857.764.199
little bastard859.53.779
all day861.9593.601
just liqueur863.2795.821
um it's snowing but it's not that cold865.565.82
maybe I can go out here and catch a fish869.14.859
damn may as well top man there is a wolf871.384.44
it's a wolf right here875.824.86
on the ice what channel you got left877.684.62
um four bullets880.683.3
you get low buddy882.34.2
should I try my other gun883.984.56
what you got your other gun886.54.56
um 20. oh my God okay yeah you can I've888.544.14
never killed a wolf with a with a891.063.98
oh look at this there it is Peaches oh898.14.9
that's right cause you're on peaches901.682.64
hey whoa904.324.56
oh you know what I shouldn't because907.1993.661
remember the last full I was like hey908.884.44
let's be cool about this I'd be a hip910.864.86
nope okay well if he attacks me I'm not913.325.0
a hypocrite915.722.6
yeah but I gave him a chance to get out918.64.64
you know oh920.5792.661
excuse me bless you God bless you you927.984.62
all right931.443.6
being out here in the cold just really932.66.12
gets to me oh he running he running935.043.68
torn clothes I didn't know I had to keep947.723.7
uh it's not good all right951.423.8
infection sprained ankle pain yeah955.867.339
okay where's my gun let's just in case959.044.159
pistol's no good pretty sure I hit him963.245.76
with the knife and then it said keep966.9593.12
fighting I didn't know that part969.03.0
happened I thought I just clicked the970.0794.041
right my hand-to-hand combat is Rusty975.564.98
what if he only shows up like near the981.723.66
evening what's that way up there oh it's983.2794.62
a bear way way out there so I'm not985.384.38
going that direction987.8993.541
look at that989.764.079
I gotta do this in the dark the first991.444.079
thing to focus on is your blood yep993.8393.721
patch up them blood wounds995.5193.541
do I have to go to my inventory for that997.563.24
uh you can999.063.54
it's way to do that is hold space bar go1000.84.5
to your uh like health health and then1002.66.84
yeah bandage Advantage there you go1005.36.539
all right it has been a second1009.444.44
yep sprained ankle1011.8394.881
can I fix that1013.882.84
okay pain I need uh that stuff okay1019.4598.281
that's that one use that one1023.9196.601
I looked all over did not see this moose1030.7993.481
I guess I'm just gonna break down a1032.93.779
pallet since it's warm out get some wood1034.283.539
you know1036.6794.101
16 two hours sure give it to me1037.8196.04
this is names1048.344.6
trying to research my small arms1050.6793.521
handbook but I'm not healthy enough1052.944.979
because of these parasites uh-huh so I1054.26.14
guess uh well let me just drop it1057.9195.221
I guess I can't read any of these books1060.344.36
until I get better1063.143.6
I'm just an hour of fishing oh so yeah1064.73.18
that actually would be good because then1066.742.34
you could go out imagine you might be1067.882.64
able to fish for two hours and catch my1069.083.959
pitch that's right let's see it sounds1070.524.14
really cold out there1073.0393.901
sounds a little blustery yep maybe I'll1074.663.66
read another hour with his books there1076.944.32
you go here we go use it one hour boom1078.327.2
boom ah good read it's Paige Turner ah1081.266.6
never thought of that some great tips in1085.524.74
their episode yeah you're an expert1087.864.319
angler now well two out of five hours1090.264.38
three more hours and I will be1092.1795.101
all right one two do I have any more1094.643.96
antibiotics I am fresh out of1097.284.2
antibiotics but I have one two three1098.66.18
four herbal or reschi T's left that1101.484.74
should be enough to cure the parasites1104.784.5
right uh yeah I only need two more doses1106.225.16
and then I've never eaten wolf again I'm1109.285.46
swearing off wolf forever1111.386.78
never never eat wolf again okay we'll1114.745.66
all right take two uh there's my blood1120.645.62
all over the ground1123.626.24
I did hit that wolf right I wonder1126.265.48
I feel like I did1129.866.179
peaches peaches Lake pretty nice day1131.748.4
Blue Sky Bingo use it1136.0394.101
I guess this day was a bus for me huh1140.1794.86
but let's see still got plenty of food1142.524.56
all right I'm going to bed hunting more1145.0394.701
moose in the morning1147.082.66
here we go which one of these fishing1150.265.7
houses is the best this one has no door1153.623.95
it could be a problem1155.963.62
maybe here yep I see a door over here1159.586.76
okay no wolves1163.944.02
but that wolf went somewhere to die1166.344.1
let's probably look for him later1167.965.28
you know what I don't think he had a1170.444.18
blood trail does that mean I'm missed1173.242.16
we got an aurora neebs another one yeah1175.45.34
the radio's old I'm dancing1177.9194.801
I don't know just started having a lot1180.743.72
of Roars I guess1182.724.319
yeah this is great radio came on it's1184.465.48
all festive in here1187.0392.901
I don't care for hip-hop1195.264.26
a lot of it's just Basin hi-hat you know1197.666.66
is that your Icebreaker huh oh hip-hop1199.526.6
oh you're listening to hip-hop yeah Hip1204.323.42
Hop's on the radio I thought that was1206.123.12
like your eyes break like hey you see a1207.742.4
stranger at the bar like you know I1209.242.16
don't care for that hip-hop no that's1210.142.7
not it's a weird icebreak1211.43.659
it's a nice breaker okay because they1212.844.44
might like hip-hop well then you've1215.0596.141
saved yourself some time yeah same time1217.283.92
but would you marry them1224.5395.701
caught a fish already1227.984.78
caught a fish1230.246.299
I must wait am I still fishing yeah1232.767.56
okay there we go hmm I might go ahead1236.5396.421
and cook this but no look look you guys1240.324.2
go on say you going to Florida you're1242.963.42
gonna be in the car for eight to ten1244.523.72
hours and she wants to listen to music1246.383.72
you don't like the whole way do you like1248.243.78
my ex-wife is that is that what happened1250.13.72
why do you think I got divorced the1252.023.5
the four things you have in common the1255.525.82
better I would say but it's not a secret1257.65.9
no not at all1261.344.48
oh yeah here we go that's much better1263.54.179
that's more your style huh oh yeah this1265.824.55
is my jam right here1267.6795.481
come on newsprint boom got it all right1277.16.02
that Doom installed on this computer1281.124.08
yeah yep1283.124.059
dude that's the first that's one of the1285.23.42
first first person shooters isn't it1287.1793.961
yeah this one's mod it's just a brutal1288.625.66
dude it's really good1291.143.14
oh damn it1295.584.68
Aurora's done1297.6794.321
I was enjoying that that's how you spent1300.264.5
your Aurora time yeah that's going on I1302.04.74
gotta wait till morning I slept all I1304.763.419
can sleep well actually now I've1306.743.24
exhausted you know I danced a little bit1308.1794.021
I played Doom see if I can find my way1309.984.38
back to my uh1312.25.4
my bed which should be right over here1314.366.24
oh yes right there all right good night1317.66.54
Barbara Ann I'll see you in the morning1320.65.71
they'll pop all night1324.149.8
you know what1333.945.38
birds yeah those birds over this wolf I1336.225.92
killed are you dropping feathers1339.324.2
I need to start collecting feathers1342.143.36
because if I'm gonna make arrows gonna1343.524.58
need feathers1345.52.6
I think I'm gonna make arrows over the1349.763.36
Dreamcatcher names right1351.25.7
so hey look thank you buddy you are1353.126.539
actually helpful I do have a risk of uh1356.94.5
cabin fever so I'm gonna sleep in the1359.6593.961
car tonight but until then I guess I'm1361.43.779
gonna go out on this foggy day and hunt1363.625.939
a moose hey Whitefish is cooked take a1365.1797.321
net how's my food how's my water I want1369.5594.62
to make sure this fire doesn't go out so1372.53.84
I'm gonna add some fuel1374.1794.201
here we go how long is that getting me1376.344.199
oh it's only 55 minutes I'm gonna fish1378.384.02
for an hour1380.5394.14
we go add fuel1382.45.7
hour 27 let's get to it okay break the1384.6794.62
let's fish for one hour go1389.2993.921
10 fish one hour there we go we got a1393.765.98
small amount of baths that's pretty good1397.643.84
take that come on one more up there's1399.744.76
one fish anyway1401.483.02
foggy for me today I'm just staying on1408.0393.88
this path man I want to run into this1410.363.3
that's I mean that's why I named the1415.342.819
little town mooseburg right because1416.6593.421
there was a moose there he's charged at1418.1594.5
me one time1420.084.68
it's been a minute so1422.6593.601
oh God yeah I mean there's no telling he1424.763.779
could have gone miles from here1426.264.919
yeah moose have four legs yeah they can1428.5394.561
Venture aways they're huge1431.1794.521
sometimes I1433.12.6
wish yeah it'd be interesting deer have1438.984.14
four legs just running like a just just1441.144.08
mad just going you just wonder what's1443.123.24
going through their head like how much1445.224.579
are they just running on pure instinct1446.363.439
here I'm going back this way hey why1452.1795.24
not I can't no no well see there's1457.583.719
nothing I don't know what I can make1460.222.939
with a bear I know there's Bears getting1461.2993.541
coat but I already have a coat I got1463.1594.161
wolf coat1464.842.48
uh yeah well the Moose actually I could1467.363.66
get the Satchel that's what I really1469.74.859
want oh yeah I told you about it earlier1471.025.639
right I was probably not listening all1474.5593.421
right well at least I know how to get1476.6592.461
follow the feet print1479.125.029
I'll check on my uh belts here1489.984.76
75 this one's cured1494.745.319
75 karat1497.845.16
that's a 19. I mean I need three or four1500.0594.761
four four four1503.07.08
so 75 75 done oh wait here's one 91.1504.828.02
okay so these four that's my ones right1510.084.32
there yeah so you're still just waiting1512.843.9
around I mean I was fishing all day1514.45.82
cook some bass gotcha yeah1516.745.819
I've looked around for this moose can't1520.224.68
seem to find it yeah I'm actually out I1522.5593.36
was gonna do a little fishing myself1524.95.22
okay so it's night time I've never drank1525.9196.541
a tea before going to bed does that help1530.124.679
can't hurt like herbal tea yeah oh yeah1532.463.06
you only1534.7992.161
really need to drink herbal tea if like1535.523.6
you're hurt I think it heals you faster1536.964.74
really like when you sleep let's see1539.126.14
what's fishing does it say what it does1541.78.16
oh no my fishing line snap ah crap1545.268.38
bomber damn it I didn't catch one fish1549.865.699
all right heading back to mooseburg1553.644.74
maybe I'll see the Moose at least it's a1555.5594.98
pretty evening out here gorgeous sunset1558.384.56
wait I think it just had improved rest1560.5394.02
on my screen1562.943.06
that's what I have with the tea yeah1564.5592.941
yeah that might have helped maybe it'll1566.03.1
drain your food and water less1567.54.74
safe improved rest this will help you1577.344.079
rest more deeply or recover more1579.9195.0
condition per hour of rest1581.4193.5
maybe maybe you're asleep1589.463.62
maybe you can sleep less hours and get a1594.024.639
full night's sleep1596.02.659
oh good night good night all right moose1602.365.1
where you at where you at yeah1604.584.38
just don't want to come back to town do1607.463.66
you do you moose because you know you1608.964.74
know you're gonna get shot1611.123.72
I can't wait1613.73.0
too much longer for you I'm gonna go get1614.845.48
another deer deer meets dwindling1616.73.62
oh yeah I need to sleep in the car1621.083.02
tonight because let's see yeah1622.44.74
Cabin Fever risk oh tomorrow I'll be1624.14.84
able to get rid of these parasites oh1627.143.96
excited about that1628.945.16
you could do 48 minutes with the fishing1648.884.84
line and hook for 30 minutes with the1651.5593.72
sewing kit oh really1653.723.18
I did not know that but that's good to1655.2793.481
know what if I can catch a fish with a1656.94.399
sewing kit1658.762.539
failed what am I doing wrong I need to1662.7794.461
read a book on sewing1664.825.16
probably when you failed with a basic1667.246.34
sewing kit yep it's like the third time1669.984.74
yeah there we go1673.584.68
99 sweet1674.723.54
s what is going on though with the1679.343.9
weather it's like sun's coming up1680.94.32
it's like black smoke blowing around or1683.243.299
yeah it just looks weird1686.5394.441
like a black smoky blowy day1688.224.319
maybe it's just the Shadows I don't know1690.984.199
just looks I don't know looks strange1692.5394.321
yeah it's super early1695.1794.801
like I just woke up oh hold on is it too1696.865.88
early to take my my tea I might be able1699.985.76
to hear this parasite right now1702.744.679
I bet it's still too dark in here to1705.743.48
actually see yeah I can't see a damn1707.4194.201
thing in here1709.226.26
match to find my way over there1711.623.86
all right rushy T where are you at this1715.525.84
should be my last one oh wait no no no1717.986.66
oh it's I don't think that worked on it1721.366.28
yet oh yeah he'll yes1724.645.039
more parasite no more intestinal1727.644.139
parasites they are gone1729.6794.201
oh now my sleep meter can go all the way1731.7793.541
up my health meter could go all the way1733.882.58
back up1735.323.06
Bob Marana kind of see you there in the1736.463.24
darkness all right I'm gonna go to sleep1738.383.36
for at least three hours1739.75.04
oh get that all the way back up man let1741.744.74
me throw a party that show has no1744.744.16
parasites party hell yeah1746.485.1
oh baby1748.94.96
yeah finally my health can climb back up1751.584.38
my sleep can climb back up food and1753.863.059
I think I'll have a little Jamie venison1756.9194.401
for breakfast1758.7792.541
okay I only got one piece of venison1762.023.539
left so if I don't see it moves today I1763.3994.38
better go get another deer1765.5595.581
okay let's see man do you think that1767.7796.241
wolf I don't know if I Shot The Wolf1771.144.919
because the only blood I see goes back1774.024.58
to my cabin1776.0592.541
so yeah the wolf could have ran off I1778.643.84
mean when you didn't stab him right I1780.6793.901
mean I clicked it once1782.483.78
and then I saw I was like oh crap I1784.583.719
gotta keep clicking it I'm not my1786.265.48
reading comprehension is very slow1788.2993.441
still no damn moose in mooseburg all1794.144.0
the temperature's good out here I guess1798.143.48
uh yeah I'm gonna get out and about1799.764.08
try to at least find a deer shoot a deer1801.623.36
in the face1803.842.699
maybe I'll see him moves while hunting a1804.982.88
deer who knows1806.5393.5
oh I see one1807.864.38
no a deer1810.0394.36
maybe you got to do a call can you do a1812.244.34
I think it'd be probably deeper than1817.0392.821
like more like guttural1819.863.62
are you curious if that wolf out there1824.244.34
is the one that bit me1825.622.96
oh by the way I read that whole book the1828.625.88
whole book about what fishing oh okay1831.7994.38
I'm interested to see how many you catch1834.54.5
in an hour I recommend it1836.1794.62
good okay we're gonna do one hour1839.04.86
efficient start fishing1840.7996.061
read a whole book I got nothing1848.05.88
that's man all right all right1851.06.059
okay I need you to get still don't see1853.885.36
yeah write your damn eye1859.5394.481
two hours of fishing here we go1865.344.559
I swear if I don't catch any fish in1868.343.42
this two hours I am taking that book1869.8993.061
I got a white fish take it come on one1872.964.98
up there we go smallmouth bass1877.945.16
one more sprain Affliction yeah that1880.584.26
means you're uh you're heavy which I'm1883.13.78
probably about to be after I harvest uh1884.844.5
13 pounds of deer Mark man if that's not1886.884.56
the best fish bragging story I don't1889.344.98
know what is what caught a fish so big1891.445.219
it gave me a1894.323.32
thank you1909.446.83

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