GTAV Online - Riding Dirty - Episode #8

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? It's all about GTA 5 Online and they're "Riding Dirty" ...
GTAV Online - Riding Dirty - Episode #8
GTAV Online - Riding Dirty - Episode #8

GTAV Online - Riding Dirty - Episode #8

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of GTAV Online - Riding Dirty! This is definitely one of my favorite videos because we finally get to ride motorcycles with our gang.

simon: Oh yeah, Neebs, I love this one too! It's hilarious watching us attempt the deadliest mission yet on those bikes. Plus, we look so cool doing it!

appsro: Haha, you guys crack me up. Riding Dirty is hands down the best video because it showcases our motorcycle gang in all its glory. And let's be real, who doesn't love a good GTA 5 adventure?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, have you checked out the latest video on the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel? It's all about GTA 5 Online and they're "Riding Dirty" in this one. The team has added motorcycles to their gang and they're taking on what looks to be the deadliest mission yet. If you're a fan of Grand Theft Auto, you definitely don't want to miss this one!

I love how the Neebs Gaming crew always brings their A-game to every video. They never fail to entertain and this GTA 5 Online episode is no exception. The action is intense, the jokes are on point, and the chemistry between the team members is just unbeatable. It's like hanging out with your best friends while watching them play your favorite game.

And can we talk about the music in their videos? It's always spot on and really adds to the overall vibe of the gameplay. From "Wingy Dang-Dang" to "Bustin' Loose," the soundtrack for this GTA 5 Online video is fire. It really gets you pumped up and ready to ride dirty alongside the Neebs Gaming crew.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family. They're on a mission to hit 1,000,000,000 subscribers and with content like this, they definitely deserve it. Plus, don't forget to check out their Twitch stream every Thursday at 8:00 EST for even more gaming goodness. Trust me, you won't regret it. Let's show Neebs Gaming some love and ride dirty together in GTA 5 Online!

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dick yeah man we started a motorcycle17.246.1
gang I heard yeah you aren't here I20.885.21
wasn't in drought isn't here today so23.344.65
you're in Oh26.095.199
so all right I don't have a motorcycle I27.993.779
don't either31.2891.741
yeah we yeah none of us have motorcycles31.7692.97
how'd you start a motorcycle gang33.034.32
without motorcycle car because I mean34.7393.781
that's the most badass thing of all37.352.58
right starting a motorcycle gang without38.523.18
motorcycles yeah it does that yeah39.933.809
nobody does that but we could get41.73.51
motorcycles I kind of feel like we43.7393.84
should get motorcycles I'm on the same45.214.5
page stick here yep come on let's do it47.5795.521
all right needs yeah you should be able49.715.279
to go to your like appearance menu wait53.13.779
wait wait we're going man54.9894.14
look energy not gonna shut again you56.8794.261
want to talk about a Peter hey Mel for59.1294.41
what I say president I want to know we61.144.89
have to say you can change our outfits63.5394.08
I don't want me to changing my damn66.033.87
outfit well this is cool actually67.6195.311
no it wasn't oh oh oh this is cool now69.94.649
you guys look ridiculous72.933.81
yeah I don't like this give me something74.5495.43
else yes right there new yeah yeah huh76.744.8
yeah it was dizzy Lou yeah79.9797.081
No Oh always liked it now might be my81.548.49
favorite we look like a damn clogging87.065.07
team well or not that's cool all right90.034.5
that's it that's it that's the one after92.134.08
I already got a motorcycle well I stole94.533.69
this one like earlier before we all met96.213.6
okay yeah I don't know I don't know if I98.222.969
can go claim it oh here comes a99.813.78
motorcycle right there hold on these I101.1894.401
thought I saw Oh103.595.72
come on baby get that with you guys in a105.596.0
minute we're catching em in bow sorry109.314.68
damn guy just Lotus I'll write their111.592.76
yep perfect there we go knock em off all114.353.99
right let's kind of know he's got a good117.026.33
knees shoot it up 50 etiquette you take118.346.389
that one either flipping us off or123.352.339
shooting at it124.7293.54
there you go up I didn't set him in the125.6895.55
leg perfect okay I found it looks like128.2694.621
it might be a good time with Mike oh we131.2393.511
got a wanted level oh boy132.893.9
head to the beach what we'll meet back134.754.31
in the club down okay136.799.509
never catch me on this ramp okay doing139.0610.02
oh crap oh crap uh bad because that's152.9311.4
row yeah what's up you accidentally162.295.19
drove the bike in the ocean yep that was164.337.14
pretty dumb everybody short uh yep for167.486.06
fast appear come pick you up171.473.9
I need the guy caps on my six to be173.543.33
ready to go oh really175.373.33
well I'm not wanted I kind of want to be176.877.26
wanted again I'm wanted oh boy I don't178.78.759
see you my god really me there you give184.137.31
me [ __ ] he'll kill all right okay it187.4598.731
going guys we wearing a helmet191.448.89
wait for a jump yep oh really is amazing196.199.21
oh my god hey seven hey oh you got a200.336.48
bite we have found you a bike but Neves205.43.3
drove it into the ocean yeah no that's206.814.17
the same one actually I think it looks208.72.94
good on that210.983.24
alright we're sick hello I call him211.643.81
where is he they're gonna take a call214.226.93
with hell is he oh and I guess dick215.458.099
where are you I'm on my way back I'm221.154.92
disappointed why I found a bike a really223.5494.171
nice one just parked outside of a club226.074.199
and guess what what it's too high end227.725.43
for me to take to the Chop Shop Oh call230.2695.101
my own should we try to take Simon's233.153.929
bike to the Chop Shop to see if he can235.373.57
claim that one yes yeah yeah diamond237.0793.69
follow me guys we're biker gang that's238.944.32
all right together right all right like240.7697.291
I fix like this yeah not yet over the243.266.96
world if you [ __ ]248.063.87
there we go I won't like one of those250.223.72
Harley bike you can always buy one251.933.179
they're not they're not that expensive253.943.93
they are what you are when you're me or255.1094.921
when you don't have a home yeah257.874.47
shut up for man all right seven go take260.033.93
your bike inside that auto repair shop262.346.329
all right dude all right back up so the263.967.95
garage door can open Simon okay back up268.6695.041
a little bit all right back up to the271.914.83
garage no no come on something's wrong273.715.13
with you sometimes my brain stops276.742.61
I'm out279.352.499
I'm out at the same [ __ ] thing I280.113.869
think where you're at Simon I'm in the281.8494.591
front oh I see you hey I think it's a283.9793.87
little different I don't even know so286.443.569
did you paint it from black to black I287.8494.231
don't know yeah you went in there it was290.0093.75
black it was it so good to have the292.083.57
silver like chrome thing here it's like293.7594.201
no different look whatever you pay for295.654.5
that I don't think I don't even know if297.964.019
I paid anything for it I take her just300.153.989
blew up all right guys we wanted know301.9795.731
your water wanted it right over a gang304.1396.301
if I wanted your wanted or not307.714.44
let me get a hooky thick put a marker310.444.74
there behind a seven yeah I'm here I312.155.16
noticed she called very fast315.185.459
I'll slow up that's okay it's like old317.315.759
thick filament I hear siren but they320.6395.071
behind us hell yeah they find you hey323.0699.69
Vic whoo whoo turn left here you go325.7111.07
yes there we go I don't know some fat332.7596.15
dick Oh Gavin Simon vehicon I'm wanted336.783.08
by the police338.9094.56
no [ __ ] I'm following thick that's the339.864.089
no it's not because I have the weight343.9494.411
point now where are you going to stay on346.5293.51
the highway you're on the highway now348.363.869
just go into you get to hook e police350.0394.111
officers are still under your ass huh I352.2296.021
guess that's ridiculous354.154.1
alright guys hey hey Nick yeah man hey362.477.09
how you doing doing well I'm not the366.535.37
last one here I'm impressed with myself369.563.99
you should be where's the Helen Eve's an371.93.54
extra I don't know I thought there with373.556.21
you no no I blazed past them uh give him375.4410.98
a call all right hold on pick up hello379.7610.95
beeps yeah Rick we're at the Lido Bay386.426.93
Hospital yeah we um I kind of drove our390.716.66
motorcycle into a cement truck they did393.356.99
[ __ ] no they're not man there's a little397.374.98
bit had an accident we're fine we're but400.343.45
we're in paleto Bay where are you guys402.354.59
at okay yeah okay yeah I don't where403.794.77
we're supposed to go are their bikes406.944.77
there uh yeah we there's one other bike408.565.07
here I think you want us to pick you up411.713.48
are you coming here we'll come to you413.632.22
all right415.193.09
be there a minute all right now all415.854.8
right neebs no do we need to find a bike418.284.38
that car looks fast doesn't it car looks420.653.42
really fast take that one422.662.94
all right you driving you want me drive424.076.51
huh you drive okay no cement trucks well425.66.6
I want to worry about it we're on in a430.583.69
vehicle like this okay well still don't432.23.8
hit a cement truck434.275.5
well let me Hotwire it there we go436.06.09
yep that was my bad about some interim439.774.51
people well they certainly went mine yep442.094.05
read right into it out of caught under444.283.36
the tires it happen446.143.63
hey guys hey we go to hoodies we'll find447.644.41
us some bike and truck you have to449.773.54
remind me every time this is the men452.054.44
truck are capilla men truck I know I see453.315.85
it mentor I know it's just the men truck456.494.53
that drives the [ __ ] is a bunch of459.163.78
cement trucks out here exactly you see461.026.2
what a headline yeah chanting okay462.944.28
mentor [ __ ] off all right there Hellboy469.593.64
hey whoo Oh dick that's a nice one yeah473.237.44
that's up there oh it's red white stripe477.644.23
yeah man480.674.14
look like a candy striper yeah this one481.874.26
what's up buddy484.814.5
take this oh now I got to be careful if486.136.03
we take these you know locals may get489.314.08
angry we got to run492.163.6
take it run all right yeah and let's493.393.69
take it to paleto Bay there's a place495.763.09
with paleto Bay we can try to take it497.084.86
nugget make it yours ready all right so498.854.56
make it one to bleed okay you guys ready501.947.79
really do it one two all right503.416.32
wasn't anyone else going mr. nagging510.396.58
thought of me yeah now look at oh I513.225.129
thought I thought someone's been like516.973.6
cactus yeah I thought so too you never518.3494.111
know no one saw it so we were very520.572.61
yeah probably good we waited Oh cement523.184.14
truck that's right525.856.93
Oh yellow one don't hit it whoa laughs527.328.67
our should we stop and help put it532.785.49
really yeah [ __ ]535.995.73
hold on y'all hold on you okay oh yeah538.274.89
check make sure he's all right541.723.3
oh yeah he just got out you're right sir543.164.5
yeah hey where you going oh he's running545.024.02
he's running in the middle of the road547.664.44
he's tripping balls boy gripping balls549.046.03
hold on okay yeah he's running where you552.15.79
got weird like ass call him on huh it555.074.23
may not have been my fault need see557.892.85
these cement truck drivers it might have559.34.65
been hawked up on PCP yeah let me see560.745.04
where he's going I don't know give the563.953.22
[ __ ] where he's going565.783.16
service you require yeah there's a567.173.93
cement truck it's a it's fallen over on568.945.19
the missus highway called a little Civic571.15.489
our Civic highway just just Pat okie574.133.48
please send help576.5893.68
thank you like a target eat of the day577.614.229
yes sure your why not yeah crazy man581.8395.281
slipped over here to tweak her off yeah585.0196.32
good job oh boy Oh587.129.0
MIBs oh [ __ ] damn it591.3396.161
alright we're just going to play the596.124.76
truck yeah yeah please yeah men truck597.57.23
the truck needs a metro that jumper600.885.889
Dmytryk name a good point604.734.979
whoo they're deadly I told you as one606.7695.971
watch out you look badass right now long609.7094.921
as we're not running into [ __ ] cement612.743.99
truck yeah we're pretty badass biker614.634.73
gang don't let a fan of my leather pants616.735.34
I'm still a fan of you ridin [ __ ] in619.364.24
the back of my bike it starts a little622.073.569
cool looking like this now gently with623.64.229
his heart on going into your back my625.6399.51
nice little erection no we can't just627.8298.431
take those bikes huh635.1494.711
let's head back to the clubhouse and he636.265.88
let's do a mission thank God alright639.864.86
cool with that yeah all right magnetars642.144.29
love house oh we all need to get644.724.26
together and form a B and like do like646.435.19
some cool slow-mo or to make is either648.984.68
for people but we can try I think you651.625.25
get like like points for driving653.665.28
together like that yeah believes dude656.874.529
president you get up front okay I think658.944.139
means you have to put like formation661.3993.69
driving on or something we talking about663.0794.291
no it's like an option what allows you665.0893.661
to do it I don't know where to do that667.373.42
are you doing your menus hold on pull668.752.49
why to pull over lead okay so you're671.247.32
you're gonna lead okay alright alright675.1994.801
let's do it all right now we're in678.563.779
formation what just stay in this gas680.03.36
stay in the circle682.3392.73
yeah and that means what we're giving683.364.02
everybody like it needs everyone's going685.0694.361
to go as fast as you687.384.0
okay look if you stay behind you you689.434.17
won't go you know you want to pass each691.386.17
other this repair is health vehicle and693.65.91
warmer there you go697.554.9
hi yeah I see that I see it going up and699.515.7
oh yeah man oh yeah the armor is filling702.455.36
up beautiful705.212.6
I'm his good you can just park your bike716.315.1
right in here oh it's great oh wait no719.224.14
this is my bike hey there's the bike out721.415.339
ball guys yeah nice oh I like the red723.365.909
man so this is good now we know that we726.7494.921
can bring everyone's bike in here yeah729.2696.151
we just got to get sick one oh that's731.675.099
true baby735.423.18
glad you can make it I had to pee sorry736.7693.601
okay have a seat738.64.95
take a seat man okay so we are going to740.376.06
find us a motorcycle mission for the nut743.555.519
sex I like it what are you doing mr.746.434.529
president again I'll figure this out the749.0693.63
one on the right has a picture of750.9593.781
motorcycles on it which makes me want to752.6994.471
do that one torched is wanted arsonist754.744.819
or people generally willing to destroy757.176.719
warehouse experience Plus as you'll be759.5597.181
torching crate client takes no763.8895.07
responsibility for injuries suffered766.744.68
that's basically setting boxes on fire768.9595.911
boring wanted crew to bust up a major771.425.459
arms deal and bring the shipment to a774.874.259
buyer not for the faint of heart that's776.8792.94
cash on delivery now there that sounds779.8194.531
way interesting the lighting of boxes on782.3395.161
yeah right that one yeah yes grab your784.355.099
bikes let's do this alright alright787.54.019
looking at the map oh man we got this789.4494.14
weapon it's all the way in grapeseed791.5194.11
great ski huh great the grapeseed793.5893.661
Airport oh we got a hell of a ride ahead795.6295.121
of us we're going to go let's do it797.253.5
all right we're gonna we're getting809.454.93
close now yeah we are from the weapon it811.24.32
looks like it's going to be at the end814.381.86
of the airport815.523.81
according to the map okay we go in there816.244.5
guns blazing or a little bit more819.334.83
tactile tactile I think all right start820.745.1
slowing down fellas hey this is the824.162.82
airport right here see this little825.844.58
hangar alright we head over here yeah826.986.0
alright how are we looking guys looking830.424.69
pretty good good yeah I only have832.984.77
bullets for my pistol we nearly got835.114.41
bullets missed yeah I didn't think about837.754.2
ammo sorry chrissakes for a motorcycle839.524.08
gang yeah well darting terrain841.955.13
alright [ __ ] alright I got my gun so843.65.1
let's see one of us should be a sniper847.083.63
guy thick yep would you like to be848.74.59
sniper guy I would love to all right850.714.2
Simon obviously your close quarters you853.293.51
got a pistol yeah weapon deals going854.914.71
down at the western end of the airport856.84.8
all right thing yeah see that hangar859.624.02
over there you head that way kind of861.64.74
into those hangers and then peak down863.644.14
the runway okay866.343.15
the needs you and I you and I'll go down867.783.21
the runway this way and all right Simon869.494.86
and with me yeah yes one time all right870.995.4
I see a guy on a bike we should surround874.354.52
them hey what I'm gonna sneak over here876.394.74
what should I do could I shoot them with878.873.76
I can't even deal won't you go with apps881.133.81
right okay882.633.78
I'm gonna flank around the other way oh884.943.57
man I can take you guys out one smokes886.413.15
on the left-hand side888.512.82
what's the bikes right now okay I just889.562.91
wanna make sure we take the guys on the891.332.49
bikes out cuz I don't want them running892.474.92
around all right I'm going ready not yet893.826.15
these want you in position hi guys hey897.396.17
alright ready ready three two899.977.75
two one go903.566.35
oh my beautiful guy beautiful and have914.29.2
it so easy921.286.63
wait they take the case to the back of923.48.14
the van right those cases to the back of927.916.48
the van but it doesn't say okay get more931.544.68
pick it up loading the van934.394.05
I'm watching us making sure none of936.225.28
these [ __ ] show up load them up open938.444.41
it in the van guys okay941.52.97
all right God the drop-off in the city942.854.08
so we got a ways to go we've only got 17944.474.77
minutes up on Simon all right you need a946.934.11
gun guy at your hand if you want to949.242.97
round me in beer gun guys that'd be951.042.67
great dick love to keep that bike but952.213.36
I'm afraid they won't let me all right953.714.17
I'm in the bed be on keep me covered cut955.579.81
sex no one else yeah yeah we we did this957.889.36
really smoothly I thought come on wait965.384.77
you're smooth Wow does not match beam967.244.32
right I think something's gonna get970.152.31
is going going really really smooth now972.467.38
I only have to go about 2.6 miles all975.614.68
formation activated you would think that980.294.74
we'd make more money on this last one982.995.19
feed 24 grand look if I make 24 grand on985.036.12
this I'm buying a place we made two988.184.36
clicks granted approval991.153.45
yeah you're not going to get elected me992.544.35
Danny not good994.64.06
now you're talking about like a piece996.893.06
all right998.663.42
oh all right what happened I ran it oh999.955.37
okay given us some entrance are you1002.086.68
kidding Gandhi a cement truck man1005.325.94
Glover away from it I was enjoying the1008.765.02
scenery are there gonna be enemies1011.264.38
waiting for us or what I have no idea I1013.782.91
don't know what to expect1015.645.28
hold on what's going on here just coat1016.697.92
this out like we just pull in there yeah1020.927.56
leave looking all right up on it here1024.614.89
hey we did it1028.486.15
eyes $20,000 oh geez yeah yeah well that1029.58.339
was that was stupid easy yeah well it1034.634.38
probably not used to people being this1037.8393.091
professional right yeah1039.013.96
up here we go and a phone call right1040.934.32
confirmation came through you're kidding1042.974.83
hey we're gonna paid people's it's about1045.254.29
depositing my money where did everyone1047.82.49
I'm right here maybe right here there1050.295.31
Simon's disappeared some oh yeah he's1053.83.6
out in the middle of the road ramming a1055.63.63
car you know so you what are you doing1057.42.88
this whole time coming1059.233.96
I went over here this is where I went in1060.285.46
and I went here and it said mission pass1063.195.4
and we're all here you missed it1065.745.1
you're over there goofing off okay all1068.593.09
right let's head back1070.843.24
I'll Drive and hold on I'm gonna call my1071.684.26
mechanic see if I get my bike back I'll1074.082.46
damn it1075.942.55
I called the wrong vehicle but uh that's1076.544.05
all right nothing's awesome yeah I love1078.493.63
this thing all right let's head to the1080.592.31
bike and bar1082.123.92
all right recedes away baby1082.93.14
so the nutsacks1095.115.34
today we did a commission we stole some1097.555.76
armored cases yeah it was really easy it1100.454.36
was easy like compared to breaking1103.313.24
people out of prison like break out of1104.813.15
people out of prison was tough1106.552.43
big stealing what don't have a bike1107.963.48
right now yeah I have a bike answer has1108.985.01
a bike I have a bike silence bike I just1111.444.74
don't know why when it comes down to the1113.994.56
bike we need to do signs get him a bike1116.184.53
that's cheap that he could try to put it1118.554.14
in here without having a house okay so1120.713.48
we should go try to find you a bike yeah1122.694.02
we should do a little yeah that's we're1124.195.19
doing run up yeah sure let's do it okay1126.719.3
Oh dick oh I met on the highway I found1129.387.47
the bike for you1136.014.44
well okay you guys come to me alright1136.854.32
alright stalking a guy right now yeah1141.178.69
you see him thick yep there you go1145.047.91
wanted that's okay1149.866.19
alright see you guys I don't know where1152.953.76
you're at1156.053.57
well that's not that bike huh yeah very1156.714.95
sort of Simon oh hey it's the bike all1159.623.0
right we need to go to the Chop Shop1161.663.45
right Nick yeah chop chop1162.624.38
cops are coming yes go down this road1165.114.26
don't gotta slow down huh let's the1167.04.41
activating nation thing man follow me1169.374.59
boy guys we're in trouble I'm shot from1171.414.86
cops dick get into the auto repair shop1173.964.86
hahaha hey I did it1176.276.45
oh sweet good luck Castro you got1178.825.79
choppers and everything out of you1182.725.76
oh you're screwed he is screwed some and1184.615.28
you're never gonna make it out of there1188.483.87
alright guys I got a tracker on it all1189.895.22
right go back to the base yeah back to1192.353.9
the base see if you can put it inside1195.113.6
alright are you ready yeah ready to roll1196.257.38
one out team all right Nick there you1198.718.42
are can you go in you see1203.633.5
yeah very nice not a fan of that bike be1207.2697.451
honest with you but we did science and1212.4093.841
you can get a bike without having a1214.722.97
house yeah oh man1216.253.6
hey we have bikes in our biker club now1217.694.079
good feelings like a real biker club1219.853.63
engine well if we change our style back1221.7692.91
to normal so we're not wearing this1223.482.1
biker [ __ ] anymore1224.6792.58
yep I could do that yeah any weird1225.583.27
undoing biker stuff right yeah yeah yeah1227.2594.321
I'm sick of weird ass [ __ ] okay oh there1228.856.179
we go yeah now we're back to north REE Z1231.586.03
sorry didn't seem like an accident1235.0295.461
thanks very intentional ah yeah I kind1237.613.99
of think we should all get our own biker1240.493.36
style and just change into it I don't1241.63.689
like someone else having control over my1243.853.779
style yeah pretty good though we're1245.2894.171
settled Nydia next time to come back1247.6295.13
we'll get our own clothes good to me all1249.466.38
right yeah1252.7593.081

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Man, the latest GTA 5 Online video from Neebs Gaming is an absolute blast! Riding Dirty shows the gang finally getting their motorcycle club up and running, and the chaos that ensues is hilarious.

The cinematic storytelling that Neebs Gaming weaves together in their GTA videos makes you feel like you're watching a bonafide action movie or crime caper unfold. Even though it's just a bunch of friends messing around in GTA Online, the way they edit the footage and add narrative context makes it so entertaining.

There are so many funny and outrageous moments packed into this 20 minute video. Like when Thick44 takes way too many shots trying to snipe someone off a motorcycle, or the epic ramp jump attempt gone wrong by Appsro. Dora and Neebs' bickering old couple dynamic also never disappoints.

Overall, Riding Dirty captures the spirit of what makes GTA Online so fun - the freedom to get into all sorts of mayhem with your friends. But Neebs Gaming takes that raw gameplay and elevates it to a cinematic experience that's enjoyable whether you play GTA or not.

These guys clearly have a blast making these videos, and their passion shines through. I always look forward to their next wild misadventure in GTA Online! Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to experience GTA 5 short of playing it yourself.

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