GTA V - DANGER ZONE (Cinematic Series)

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming and let me tell you, it was epic! They were stealing jets in GTA Online and i...
GTA V - DANGER ZONE (Cinematic Series)
GTA V - DANGER ZONE (Cinematic Series)

GTA V - DANGER ZONE (Cinematic Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Neebs Gaming! Today, we're talking about why GTA V - DANGER ZONE is our favorite video. And let me tell you, stealing jets in cinematic style is just pure awesomeness!

simon: Oh yeah, absolutely! I mean, who doesn't love a good adrenaline rush while flying through the danger zone in GTA Online? It's like living out our action movie fantasies!

appsro: Ha, you guys are just a couple of daredevils! But seriously, the music in this video is top-notch. It really sets the tone for all the epic jet stealing shenanigans we get up to. Plus, who can resist a good 'Cinematic Stabs' soundtrack?

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget the sheer thrill of outrunning the cops and pulling off insane stunts in the sky. It's like we're the action heroes of our own blockbuster movie!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, so I just watched the latest video from Neebs Gaming and let me tell you, it was epic! They were stealing jets in GTA Online and it was done in such a cinematic style, you have to see it for yourself.

If you're not already subscribed to their channel, you're seriously missing out. These guys are hands down the best gaming channel in the world. I mean, where else can you find such entertaining and hilarious gameplay videos?

I love how they always use Xidax PCs for their gaming. It really shows in the quality of their videos. And if you want to support them even more, you can check out their Patreon page too.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on all their latest videos and announcements. Trust me, you won't regret it.

The music in this video was on point too. From Kevin MacLeod to TeknoAXE, the soundtrack really added to the excitement of the gameplay. And let's not forget their awesome intro and outro songs by Hank and Jed. They just tie everything together perfectly.

So, if you're a fan of gaming and hilarious commentary, you definitely need to check out Neebs Gaming. Trust me, you'll be hooked from the first video you watch.

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we are going to borrow something off the1.076.28
Navy an e/m pea they're not gonna mind3.876.39
thing is kept on a plane the plane is7.355.579
kept on a boat the boat is kept in the10.266.689
ocean I still don't really know what's12.9295.371
going on we're gonna jump onto this16.9493.391
aircraft carrier out here so we gotta18.34.2
get I can't stay on the boat to shoot20.345.179
for the boat nope that sucks22.54.769
we're under cover though we're25.5193.25
undercover we're on the car how do they27.2693.871
not see us here because it's dark28.7693.51
they're not looking down they don't31.142.7
expect this they don't respect you know32.2794.291
it's covert guys going in oh I see a33.844.41
perfect place to go in there's a full36.575.93
moon pretty sure easy to see yeah38.254.25
yep right there yellowed I like it there45.34.95
anybody isn't anybody in there no no48.693.42
going it slow hold on well back up a50.253.09
little bit doesn't look like do I need52.113.24
to pull out the gun yeah we're good53.342.63
we're good55.353.78
all right boys slow and steady wins the55.973.67
soft what you ask on G here we go59.646.63
skeleton mask hey if you see a skeleton64.54.31
guys me66.272.54
all right yeah let's run up let's grab71.424.14
cover and let's start opening fire not73.584.05
the only way upstairs all right yeah75.564.11
needs you come up and go immediately to77.634.38
the left take cover behind there's a box79.674.53
up here okay what should I do great you82.014.23
do the same thing our fall needs left84.23.9
the boxes are mine yeah86.243.54
I'm going straight and get behind those88.13.45
with Braille boxes straight ahead I'll89.783.39
get behind the green boxes straining all91.554.37
right one two three93.172.75
all right start wrapping the boys98.994.14
one for the left don't turn this dad on107.6596.791
yeah you guys take the lip covered okay111.065.4
just don't put yourself out in the open114.453.45
try to move from cover to cover cover116.463.81
cover yeah how do you cover again is it117.93.78
how to take cover something standing131.585.01
here we push forward yeah push forward133.087.59
okay I'm jumping rope okay God roll let136.596.41
me go140.672.33
oh god what just blew up fuel things145.915.04
you'll think did you shoot a feel thing149.065.69
yes okay so it was you150.953.8
you look at the top I don't see anybody155.554.3
at the moment will come out into the158.441.89
we're not the hangar but yeah come back160.333.72
out here you want to come down yeah come162.13.33
down how do i slide down the stairs164.057.59
again come on slide didn't work what are165.4310.32
you doing no it's not stairs it's a171.645.76
ladder for one slide175.753.87
you hold a I'm not all the same177.43.78
controllers you have on PlayStation179.622.97
controller well then I don't know what181.183.48
it is feel like it was square wasn't it182.593.99
that's not working hey we'll do it we'll184.663.36
do it on a bigger ladder later don't186.585.34
worry about it all right hey neaps yeah188.026.21
follow me go come this way okay quit191.925.88
going up to that ladders no oh I got it194.234.71
okay awesome197.83.3
you ready yeah I'm ready up go ahead do198.943.72
it think you leading the way yeah I201.13.419
guess all right be careful in these uh202.665.82
these these tight spaces I am really204.5196.841
slow for some reason208.485.88
you see Vic one enemy he's down211.365.73
okay which into my other gun it was like214.364.98
Skeletor in this mass don't a little bit217.098.16
big all green oh you guys got one behind219.346.27
we must cuz I just got shot in the back225.614.32
twice loves dead oh I think keep there's227.297.17
a med pack saved your ass229.936.14
you need alright let's get out of here234.463.93
you should all be in these tight spaces236.073.49
anyway Vic what do you see down here238.394.77
buddy a bunch of planes no enemies yes239.568.39
this one guy who is dead by my hand okay243.164.79
first things first why am i running so248.314.69
slow I don't know did you equip heavy251.023.39
armor before we started the mission253.03.51
course I did it sound like the best well254.413.42
then that's why you're running slow256.512.579
all right got a guy all right I'm taking262.184.769
point let me switch the machette gun I'm265.033.3
gonna shotgun all right nope266.9493.03
yeah don't blow my head off please all268.335.01
right oh Jesus Christ Simon you must269.9795.011
walk proud of me all right what a day273.344.859
behind you right behind me okay that's274.997.08
not all right I get it I was right278.1995.551
behind him I want to be close to the282.074.129
all right we made it up top thick on the287.463.75
left you go right let's clear them out289.563.66
then we can steal the plague go little291.215.87
salmon an odd dude just hang back there293.223.86
all right good job boys now let's move304.975.92
it all right I'm about to steal this jet307.624.74
you guys need to get to the other jets310.8913.41
now music oh hey Jesse which one any one312.3614.21
of them324.32.27
wheels okay got it345.425.32
all right I'm on yeah all right you guys348.644.32
spider catch off my ass they're going to350.744.79
be coming for me352.962.57
[ __ ] this guy's just passed me gonna be366.0396.08
behind shoot him Simon369.0993.02
I'm behind384.463.69
gonna be jets off of my ass you will be388.345.21
golden can't tell390.592.96
oh boy399.936.659
all right we have two of them left let's435.224.669
take these guys down437.473.979
okay I took out the first one who has439.8894.31
the second441.4492.75
the Jets out yeah Oh God the Hydra is453.095.11
not doing good though I need to get it456.942.7
to the airport as soon as I can458.23.36
I've lost you guys go into the desert459.643.99
just stay just stay in the air Simon all461.564.25
all right bring the hydrate470.116.49
please engines last473.433.17
alright the hydrants on the ground478.555.94
permission granted to do flyby480.5393.951
Simon how many guys you take out zero505.3094.59
I've did actually nothing in that last507.4094.47
round I wouldn't say nothing probably509.8993.63
confused the enemy a little bit probably511.8793.09
is there a guy over there we talked513.5294.38
about yeah like I commissioned in the514.9693.961
mission I thought you've been like is517.9093.06
there a guy over there yeah like it like518.933.989
with his plane the other planes are520.9693.271
probably worried about his plane hey522.9193.751
guys I just got a weird email I've got a524.247.289
treasure hunt treasure tree yeah I got a526.676.3
photograph in my email use the531.5293.331
photograph in this email to identify the532.975.15
location of the treasure534.863.26
it's a mountain with a bunch of signs538.9595.05
it's like maybe there's a dirt trail but541.3894.361
there's a there's a question mark on my544.0093.45
map with the yellow circle well you you545.753.6
Mark you mark it no I can drive us there547.4594.831
alright I marked it on the map looks549.354.08
like it's all the way at the top of552.292.27
Mount chiliad553.437.58
all right we'll go to the we'll go to561.013.28
the top of the mountain first and then563.065.79
uh get a helicopter nearby no not unless564.296.18
we go back to the airport we're kind of568.852.61
out of here in the middle of nowhere570.475.06
right now all right just enjoy nature571.4613.47
nature yes me stay behind me thick575.5311.08
all right oh wait here's another one584.933.27
Simon right in front of you okay hold on586.613.88
guy get that guy Oh588.25.47
get off lady Simon's driving alright590.497.1
follow me boys yeah593.673.92
dirty dick hold on I backed into this597.954.42
God you even try to leave you're already602.373.57
off your damn vehicle know what once you604.265.12
start Vietnam oh this605.943.44
you'll never get revenge thick no612.295.79
revenge just get on the damn ATVs what's614.534.99
taking you so long know what it's618.083.27
apparently not that easy for me to get619.524.34
all this [ __ ]621.352.51
oh hey think you get revenge626.356.21
possibly I don't know right follow me ah630.256.06
and of jealousy guys Lee ATVs for it632.565.4
these are fine when you're not being run636.315.06
over by a vehicle curve sobbing alright637.966.39
seatbelts and I love a good Mill Road641.374.69
your headlights not working oh no I644.353.89
think my headlights have been busted out646.065.46
oh boy oh there's a gang fight right648.245.77
here who's that running I don't know but651.524.05
I don't think he's a good guy huh he's654.013.75
an enemy yep655.574.95
there's a gang fight the total boys mark657.765.9
the subways using the shield660.523.14
I'm behind there668.873.93
think about savage doing it are we so680.064.91
we've been looking for this treasure all730.3994.63
damn morning is it up here I don't know732.425.63
maybe let me look around this thing735.0295.67
we got some people up here too I think738.054.029
you search for the treasure I'm gonna740.6993.18
talk to these people okay I'll go with742.0795.971
you hey guys what's up I'm having a good743.8796.27
day yeah it's nice out here and it is748.054.199
nice these two ladies I can't tell ya750.1495.94
yeah okay sorry the guy on the right was752.2494.38
a dude756.0892.31
ask him where they're from leave that's756.6292.971
my buddy names back there he wants to758.3994.74
know where you're from leaves here we're759.65.64
on YouTube check it out oh she's got a763.1392.76
phone down765.242.459
no we're gonna subscribe see if she765.8994.591
plays art I'm sure she doesn't play part767.6996.99
you find the treasure oh no I found a770.499.389
note Simon well sorry listen they're774.68914.94
right on the edge looking at her down779.87911.52
pretty sure she's dead no no she's789.6293.51
walking away [ __ ] down there oh yeah her791.3993.15
friends walking away I might as well793.1399.87
take care of her okay hey guys I found a794.54910.58
note all right what does it say803.0094.32
investigate all clues to find the805.1294.361
treasure okay I bet closer on the807.3293.841
mini-map I really don't want to do my809.498.909
treasure hunt now where they at over811.179.089
here that looks like that's down there818.3994.201
in grapeseed a helicopter can we820.2594.26
parachute yeah we can parachute down to822.64.04
grapeseed yeah824.5198.13
all right we're gonna evil Knievel the842.284.11
[ __ ] out of this you guys ready my844.384.55
mother yeah846.392.54
no yeah you have your parachute I don't862.7698.531
think peeps are Simon had one ah well867.0095.911
I'm sure there's a hospital close by871.33.269
yeah alright hey you should leave the872.923.24
way you know where we're going oh yeah874.5693.57
I'll work on finding us a vehicle you876.165.51
search for that stupid treasure878.1393.531
but I'm gonna need to set UV thank you893.02911.861
man I'm still looking forward [ __ ]897.4510.91
think it's everybody's tree though oh904.895.93
it's right here how'd you find it oh908.366.039
it's an empty box that looks like it910.825.34
held a gun with some bullets ooh914.3995.37
treasure okay I got one clue all right916.165.23
where's the next one I marked it on the919.7693.361
map oh good its insanity sure so921.393.27
hopefully Simon and Yves will be at the923.135.88
sandy shore hospital I thought my924.666.09
parachute would be there929.013.84
yeah me too and I passed parachutes like930.753.93
several times when we were going up the932.853.63
mountain yeah and I could have just934.683.27
grabbed one but I just thought I have936.483.27
lesson learned son let's learn still937.954.199
don't know what button hello boys939.756.18
hey guys except we had an amazing942.1496.12
parachute ride oh man I'm so jealous945.934.17
I really would pair of shoes did you948.2693.541
guys just not do not have a pair of950.13.42
shoes I do in the plane I guess when951.812.85
you're not in a plane though you pick953.523.0
one up ya know we need to we need to go954.663.179
to an abbey nation to actually buy you956.523.74
guys a parachute957.8394.711
checked off now I don't know maybe give962.555.35
you the one REE packable shoots look965.415.19
into it one time you shoot put a waste967.93.24
of money970.62.34
come on thick we're leaving all right971.144.47
you hear something yeah out you going972.944.41
out already huh I do because I'm pissed975.614.37
off Oh977.352.63
all right my bad where'd you get this985.494.49
thing Airport987.5294.221
all right dick mini-map we're going baby989.984.37
right here991.752.6
hey ABS row yep it's near the runway1003.236.42
here's the sandy shores airfield well1006.945.7
there's the airport all right this time1009.656.14
let's go1012.643.15
hey seven yeah you pulled the shirt1017.177.06
Hasse's that's so bad yeah just not sure1021.196.33
how to steer it very well1024.233.29
all right he's amazing1031.017.62
we gonna shut it I'm not getting shot at1038.639.52
yeah cops were shooting really yeah yeah1043.0796.241
why are they shooting at me1048.153.72
Oh goddamn I wanted Nick did you get the1049.323.03
no not yeah hey you get that treasure up1052.354.49
in trouble oh boy1054.65.16
hey guys hey sorry but I think your cops1056.843.52
are after us1059.763.57
alright they get the treasure quickly we1060.365.04
can hop on a tree and get out of here it1063.336.45
won't maybe some reason you want it yeah1065.46.63
it's an old pistol oh cool all right1069.785.19
oh yeah all right we got cops on us1072.034.32
everybody to the train tracks to the1074.974.26
train tracks on which I said okay I'll1076.356.45
see you a tram all right you're drinking1079.236.17
what you get thing1082.85.72
this stuff sir incoming yeah coming1085.46.26
boys it's up on this train1088.523.14
you will survive I got the cop car1120.128.94
you better move you gotta you got a1139.325.949
chopper on you oh man this sucks lost1141.5196.41
all my friends1145.2692.66
Oh after watch out oh yeah1179.867.73
oh wait are you gonna make it yeah I'm1190.263.87
gonna try to jump your car you ready you1192.365.54
have to be an action hero1194.133.77

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Neebs Gaming has done it again with their latest cinematic escapade in GTA Online. Their ability to tell an engaging story while showcasing the most exciting elements of gameplay is unparalleled.

In their latest video "We steal jets, cinematic style, in GTA Online", Neebs Gaming grabs viewers' attention right from the start. The opening scene sets up the central conflict masterfully - a group of friends planning an epic heist to steal fighter jets.

As the video progresses, the cinematic shots and edits make you feel like you're watching a Hollywood blockbuster. The camera work captures the grand sense of scale and tension. Close-ups draw you into the emotions of the characters. And the seamless transitions between gameplay and cutscenes keep the momentum building.

No detail is overlooked in creating an immersive experience. The customized costumes match each character's personality. The music choices enhance the mood of every moment. And the voice-over commentary adds humor and humanity.

Watching the gang sneak onto a military base, strategically take out guards, and escape in a fighter jet made me feel like I was right there with them. It was a thrill ride from start to finish.

Neebs Gaming has a gift for showing players the most exhilarating possibilities within games. Their videos motivate you to jump back into the game world yourself. But their cinematic style brings such polish that simply watching their adventures can be just as entertaining.

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