Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA 5 mission flawlessly executed by our favorite gaming crew? They tac...


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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that GTA 5 video where we flawlessly executed the mission? That's definitely my favorite video on our channel.

simon: Oh yeah, that was epic! I mean, who knew we could repo cars and fly helicopters like pros? Definitely a highlight for me.

appsro: Haha, you guys are too much! But seriously, that armored car chase was insane. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Definitely a classic Neebs Gaming moment.

neebs: Totally agree, Appsro! And let's not forget about the hilarious commentary we had throughout the video. I think our fans really enjoyed that too.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA 5 mission flawlessly executed by our favorite gaming crew? They tackled car repos, helicopter missions, and armored cars like pros. It's always a blast watching them take on these challenges with their unique blend of humor and skill.

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all the epic adventures Neebs Gaming has in store for us. And while you're at it, check out the Xidax PCs that power their gaming sessions - those machines are seriously impressive.

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So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the latest GTA video from Neebs Gaming. It's always a wild ride with these guys, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. Thanks for watching, and keep on gaming!

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this is Brian from Allen's reproduction4.514.9
turn that phone off Simon yeah it's true7.254.5
to take a phone call on a car sorry poor9.413.959
when we're eating you don't need to be11.753.389
on your phone where eight and some boats13.3694.861
start with me we don't start with all15.1394.71
the person you know how about when you18.233.6
get phone calls you know what happens19.8492.52
the person I'm with gets only attention22.3693.121
oh really24.712.1
yep but then you will turn off your25.493.15
ringer well I don't answer it do I26.813.719
oh well no you just think use everyone28.644.59
with the ring nope I ignore it cuz I'm30.5297.491
coming good friend you cray all right33.237.79
we got three cars to steal fifteen43.275.07
minutes of doing and not steal I'm sorry46.394.74
repossess okay are they older pretty48.344.86
close proximity yeah Wonderman order51.134.05
we'll do them quick all right who's53.24.02
gonna grab this one thick yeah why not55.184.29
all right dick get in there right but57.223.33
we'll give it a cut you know I'll give59.473.27
them cover you know of course yes these60.555.04
guys gonna start shooting at me right62.746.68
away by my good gun65.597.05
hello oh wait I don't know if we can get69.424.84
can we get to the back gallery this way72.643.9
thick we may miss oh yeah love Amy come74.264.08
back all right all right all right76.543.66
where's my good gun beams you driving78.344.5
yep can you just keep up with us okay go80.24.89
around this one but no I'm going the82.843.57
other way you go around that way85.092.85
all right all right look at these guys86.414.319
hey guys what's up fellas hey what's87.944.53
going on guys I have a gun out but I'm90.7292.941
not looking to use it92.474.41
hey fellas I'm just I'm here to repo a93.675.3
repo in a car no thinking I've got this105.1110.149
okay alright thick you got that car this112.6194.261
thing's a piece of [ __ ] I will take that115.2593.691
piece of [ __ ] back to the dealership all116.888.4
right let's go all right awesome take it118.958.099
right where you going who's marking it125.283.509
I'm marking it all right we're gonna go127.0492.82
for the furthest wall down128.7894.771
all right up yep yep turn around put a129.8696.241
pig dude you've rebuilt the car he's133.564.62
taking it back to the dealership okay I136.114.23
think I should do any of the things that138.183.869
are important yeah but I will just try140.342.85
to you want to just sit there and do142.0492.97
nothing no cover cover I want to cover143.194.019
like I want to shoot things to bed guys145.0194.53
happen I want to protect that's147.2094.351
something no it's not nothing like we149.5493.331
need we need somebody to take the cars151.562.759
back to the dealership we are gonna work152.883.3
together on this I know and that's fine154.3194.561
but do you need me to drive one I mean156.186.54
it you the more drivers we have with the158.886.51
face and the hurry I don't think we need162.724.98
how many more cars do we need to get to165.397.98
Freddie oh this for ya there's four we167.76.48
should split up173.372.73
oh wait where to go take a left take174.183.6
over here yeah take a left tell you what176.12.91
I'm gonna grab me and I'm gonna ride177.783.78
with you guys to see thank you get see179.014.59
and then we'll go get the other one181.564.299
stay right now covered yeah cowboy185.8595.19
and the damn yep - Omar over B yep okay192.5811.86
I don't know I'm gonna be blowing [ __ ]198.655.97
no et so cover I got him I got him204.627.59
okay where are you there you are got it208.437.23
all right hit this car okay here unify212.215.88
us yeah we're gonna hit towards over215.668.36
hits towards C did you - mark seat218.095.93
guys I deliver the vehicle everybody237.0699.741
this is gonna be Simon's right that246.815.5
could be let's say you look around have249.345.61
a controller see all right you know what252.314.29
Simon this one's yours look at this ride254.953.599
that's a sabotage right there let me let256.63.78
me let me plug in the controller Jesus258.5494.471
sure why wouldn't you do this when we260.384.23
start it because I didn't know I was263.023.48
doing this now all right oh you didn't264.613.96
know no we had dinner and we talked266.54.02
about going to Los Santos today268.575.34
slamma-jamma are you hate her name's not270.525.07
hate me trying to be someone that helps273.913.36
you think ahead oh yeah275.593.509
now we need to take it to the deal one277.273.51
let's go yeah let's go grab G leaves you279.0993.361
can drive that one yep all right follow280.783.449
me follow me Simon - hi Marie I'm on282.463.15
your bottom284.2294.91
Stuart I'll meet you inside285.613.529
all right take it 11 yep hey you're291.0112.58
right we're gonna make a candy maybe so298.286.22
take a left303.599.419
fine sorry316.5995.691
just in that a little bit I don't stick318.3497.121
really it was it is a blind corner good326.1495.23
lord alright hey come over here cars329.4295.79
down here huh I don't see anybody garden331.3796.861
it okay alright needs grab those wheels335.2195.641
right oh oh we leave the van here338.244.12
yeah leave the van here okay look guys340.863.359
pick up the bed don't want the van meet342.363.569
us here who's not here yet344.2193.57
okay we gotta get these cars down to the345.9294.8
docks dick come in this is a 44347.7894.5
we're good without just so we'll beat350.7295.73
you back all right well I'm close by I352.2898.52
can give you an escort all right ready356.4597.11
that's not the car oh it's not the one360.8095.46
who label deal the middie but Jesus why363.5694.8
why in the world is this still a thing366.2694.73
with you know368.3695.22
one that looks fancier but one that370.9993.85
would probably be the one we have to373.5894.741
steal yeah that's a nice car too big374.8499.65
all right it will be yeah is it blue378.339.839
[ __ ] race car okay I got a hot wire384.4995.741
all right easy up sir it's okay I'm388.1693.21
sorry it's okay390.244.669
hey I'm sorry391.3793.53
there we go396.983.659
oh [ __ ] you see that red one it was nice407.045.94
you with that one did you try to steal410.827.37
the wrong Carney Amy yeah412.985.21
I'm gonna be just fine424.7193.62
speed is my friend okay I'm here oh we432.2710.42
turn right okay we're good babes436.849.68
yeah got it okay that man442.696.02
your name's yeah pull yourself together446.526.949
man see what it see what the D car was448.717.759
that's squeeze it in right here jam it476.6696.78
all in there do it479.8496.03
steal a target vehicle it says hey oh483.4494.83
wait there's more last minute requests485.8795.76
boy oh my god we each got to go for one488.2795.491
three and a half minutes there's no way491.6393.661
what do you mean look at their tail sue493.774.489
me to kiss my ass495.32.959
there's a helicopter up here huh should506.434.44
be okay we'll take the helicopter and508.384.289
that I think we need to assassinate four510.874.71
people wall on the helicopter or to get512.6695.161
the helicopter we get to them with the515.583.75
helicopter kill them517.832.94
get away with the helicopter we don't519.332.94
have these helicopter it's just quicker520.773.81
and yeah the helicopter there might be522.273.9
guys guarding this helicopter so you524.582.88
know everybody everybody be on their526.171.8
all right they don't see helicopter and527.978.25
one up here we'd see it big right no533.016.03
they're not that big oh yeah you see536.224.02
neebs you don't know you know how to use539.048.85
a mini-map oh yeah yeah is everybody540.249.67
comfortable with their weapons547.898.08
all right Simon I need you to shoot555.974.199
these guys I can't because when I go to557.8594.44
look we also need you to speak in560.1694.29
complete sentences exactly how do I562.2994.2
change my view are you look controller564.4594.08
because it's like the start big buddies566.4994.17
select things I can't I don't see what568.5394.65
I'm just like thick do it useless yeah570.6694.83
but so not I wanted a one what do you573.1897.47
see oh wait that's a I need this higher575.4996.981
I'm going to try aiming down sight oh582.486.15
those guys are yes yes I can cite but I584.0714.28
just have a scope scope switch weapons588.6312.649
no I can't598.352.929
alright now we're getting out that's605.0294.571
great fun yeah it's alright this is the607.114.529
first the first guy let's take out all609.611.19
his men yeah okay am I in danger get in611.63914.01
danger he's not here we gotta get to the620.796.18
next one [ __ ] I can't I don't know if I625.6493.721
can jump back up to the roof noobs626.974.59
yeah I might need you I might need you629.373.719
to land the helicopter beside the pool631.564.62
what you've already chosen to do it633.0894.471
sobbing you're the only one left up636.185.399
there yeah we've got six minutes look at637.567.11
a timer now salmon jumping helicopter oh641.5795.401
wait hold on timing let me uh I'd like644.673.99
to change my view hold on I might be646.983.51
able to get up there yeah although David648.663.45
don't get that wait [ __ ] do you guys650.493.12
want to take a chopper I'll take the car652.114.05
no let's all get ready chopper sounds653.615.25
anymore since liftoff yes i'ma just Park656.164.59
it right here beside the pool mark it658.863.269
right beside the pool you got five660.751.949
you came down think we got this make it662.6993.381
just just tap W are you wnat Laos baby666.088.42
bounce maybe leave for only one670.014.49
okay drop it slowly drop it slow you677.256.81
know what go drive silly just drop it682.563.3
just drop it oh good now back it up back684.064.16
it up first person I don't want to base685.865.49
I'm first person I don't want to say oh688.226.309
that's it dick go get a car and you're691.355.31
our back-up plan you can do it son am i694.5294.23
close to you just live any weird sweat696.663.45
again spot the land will come to you698.7593.921
just land700.112.57
begin further away summon why are you705.425.63
going so far away708.332.72
alright come back this way711.265.86
so straight it's 11 it's left dumb crap713.015.43
right you're hitting right towards us717.125.39
you're heading right towards us Street718.447.27
oh wow see that still rolling725.7796.56
we're targets in that helicopter okay742.794.34
kind of weapons can I can I choose my748.015.67
weapon again751.643.99
native alive my weight how do i do753.684.46
weapon again755.632.51
we got two minutes786.635.83
I need this car ma'am excuse me sorry789.675.19
babies right behind you yes sir hey I'll792.463.75
break off and do a different one than794.864.86
you guys all right Simon and I are going796.217.8
for the target furthest away to the it799.726.18
looks like the West right listen Nick804.014.58
you gonna put the target on my left side805.95.01
your right now this isn't gonna be in808.594.42
the air again I didn't know I don't know810.914.92
all right I'm here to try813.014.92
oh is it that guy there see that guy on815.833.72
the balcony got the balcony817.934.71
hold on yeah yeah Simon Simon awesome819.556.659
got him oh baby that was quick sometimes822.649.6
I got it close to my target I think he826.2098.82
should be cramp Rizzy oh he's in a blue832.245.789
car blue car spotted he looks faster835.0295.271
than me838.0292.271
this car's way faster than mine sooner851.856.549
sitting in a faster car held on Simon we855.045.43
gotta find this guy right as soon as858.3994.321
somebody knows what color the car is now860.474.799
go help beeps all right yeah I think our862.724.49
guys on top865.2699.821
35 seconds okay the top of this building867.217.88
where do you go900.254.559
all you had to do was kill one guy I911.754.57
know but let's move on no we are gonna914.13.989
move on but let's face it though I did916.324.139
well so this I would killed three guys I918.0894.141
think great yeah great you flew a920.4593.931
helicopter Simon you're new right I'm922.234.02
gonna try to do even better this time924.395.16
yeah and look I learned my lesson926.255.37
I needed to always steal fast cars yeah929.553.9
yes I mean that should be obvious931.624.32
all right and this we have to kill four933.454.68
different guys yeah I got the Moonbeam935.944.41
the moonbeams fast not be fastest fix938.134.16
behind us on a fast motorcycle I hear940.354.29
this I feel like this marker that you've942.294.96
given me is completely wrong oh it's a944.6415.12
moving thing yeah I'm going from behind947.2513.35
going after Delta960.63.02
oh the hell was that alright alright you974.667.26
got me there we're gonna need get the978.085.22
Norman vehicle it's gonna be more than981.922.76
one yeah all right983.33.24
so in other words my pony was nothing984.684.52
but nice take about986.544.549
that's - alright bullets are doing989.24.47
nothing yet - the armored car I know but991.0898.071
sometimes bullets do something and993.677.14
that's not a govern alright yeah it's999.163.859
that's like a bunch of one I know1003.583.99
it's a lot it's a lot jeez wait oh no we1009.1895.89
may have got the target they may be in1013.733.359
the pit at the back of the truck oh yeah1015.0795.12
that's not targeting yeah1017.0893.11
are gonna be envied here we go watch out1029.1697.26
of this man they are don't live here1031.5098.54
fight fight vadas we're in gunfire1036.4293.62
alright we got that guy whoa easy with1041.155.09
those boys that's not one1043.013.23
all right now we gotta lose the cops1050.133.78
lose accounts okay1052.34.44
bang you know it's a good way to lose1053.917.72
the cops total kill cops know we always1056.746.98
do the tunnel we're gonna try to do this1061.635.57
what's playing joke apps these cups oh1063.725.95
oh yeah of course they all just falling1067.27.69
right we held one up to a dead end this1069.677.17
is a video out of here can we get an1074.893.0
airlift out of here somehow1076.843.78
chopper if I was a I wasn't driving I1077.895.16
could call in my airlift it needs them1080.623.92
at the airport or1083.0510.19
I lost the cops if I go to the hospital1084.5412.51
get you a chopper then pick us up in1093.2413.35
here oh good one knees we are not we are1097.0511.73
three stars thick we're gonna need that1106.595.07
chopper I'm looking for the for a1108.785.07
chopper I have sir start getting sneaky1111.664.8
with you driving what playing man but to1113.854.41
sneak over to a helicopter all right1116.463.54
that's far but money I my concern as the1118.263.45
helicopters not there because sometimes1120.03.18
when the owner missions the games like1121.716.51
no no helicopter today which is there's1123.188.72
no helicopters here Wow1128.223.68
you drive okay I'm the driver I'm a1132.814.68
better driver and that's why right no I1135.094.65
need to call in a vehicle okay1137.494.77
I'm going this way a little of the same1139.745.57
see I can't gotta get1142.263.05
that's how you win okay1150.0619.71

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