Getting a TRIDENT and MORE Diamonds! (Minecraft Ep 24)

Minecraft - Today Appsro's recruited two of his friends to go all-out building his castle. Thick and Dora are still out in search of a trident, Appsro...
Getting a TRIDENT and MORE Diamonds! (Minecraft Ep 24)
Getting a TRIDENT and MORE Diamonds! (Minecraft Ep 24)

Getting a TRIDENT and MORE Diamonds! (Minecraft Ep 24)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, Minecraft fans! If you love watching Appsro and the gang on Neebs Gaming, then you're in for a treat with this latest video. Appsro has recruited Thick and Dora to help him build his epic castle, while Simon goes diamond hunting and Neebs just dinks around at home - classic Neebs antics!

And hey, if you're a die-hard fan like me, you can even grab yourself a Super Simon Defense Squadron shirt to show your support for the crew. How cool is that? Plus, if you're curious about the mods they're using in this video, they've got you covered with a link to copy their setup - talk about making things easy for us fans!

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As always, the music in this Minecraft video is on point, setting the perfect tone for Appsro, Thick, Dora, Simon, and Neebs' adventures. From Kevin MacLeod's tracks to the original tunes by Hank and Jed, the music adds an extra layer of fun to the gameplay. And let's not forget the hilarious moments and epic builds that keep us coming back for more. Thank you, Neebs Gaming, for always delivering top-notch entertainment for us fans to enjoy! 🚀

So, grab your pickaxe and get ready for some Minecraft madness with Appsro and the gang. Whether they're building castles, hunting for diamonds, or just goofing around, you know you're in for a good time. And hey, if you want to support Neebs Gaming even more, check out their Patreon, Twitch, and merch store - every little bit helps keep the fun going. Thanks for watching, fellow Minecraft enthusiasts! #Minecraft #Raytracing #Neebs

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Simon don't hello came here hello hi how0.297.54
are you I'm in the corner5.735.67
I live in life dangerously me too I'm in7.835.88
a corner oh you're in the corner no I'm11.44.85
leaving now13.712.54
he's all grown up EPS true yeah now he160.987.81
became a what book worm a book worm yeah164.325.64
I don't know when I think it's a168.793.75
librarian in it librarian maybe but we169.964.02
have to go trade with him so he locks172.543.66
that in what we named him fluky fluky173.984.02
because he is Fletcher and uh what's176.25.43
cookie cookies child hey cookie just178.06.93
saying hi me someone all right so fluky181.636.03
jr. I'm gonna he can make a enchanted184.934.65
book of channeling you know what that187.662.31
no have no idea yeah neither wait I189.976.69
gotta have a book - you have a book yeah194.053.33
yeah we can make books right you have197.383.69
paper a paper not on me198.794.59
crap all right look you move back we201.074.41
don't bring up stuff yeah me try yeah I203.384.26
want to trade with kookie kookie deals205.484.229
in Lenna let's see I got plenty of207.644.29
leather six leather one emerald man look209.7094.561
man I'm making all kinds of money I211.934.32
might even get next time you trade let214.274.11
me know i'ma stand beside you man I got216.254.59
ten emeralds oh wait what is this how218.385.94
much leather G trade ya bunch sixty220.846.33
sixty yeah okay man I'm rich ten224.323.84
emeralds yep227.173.36
good what you do don't have money put it228.164.29
in the pocket whoa bought these books230.533.39
uh-huh don't can we get make a book real232.453.69
quick Kuki is an apprentice now oh233.924.11
there's more stuff she can make a cap on236.144.2
if you give her 26 Flint's she'll give238.033.63
you an emerald I don't know why I'm240.343.48
saying she I still think these things241.663.63
are asexual I'm not really sure what243.822.76
they are call them whatever you want245.293.12
it's got to be weird if we bein kooky246.584.11
and Dookie which one what we name that248.414.44
one fluff looky yeah because they're250.694.109
like kind of mom and dad I don't know252.853.569
man they don't really bang you saw what254.7993.511
they did yeah but it still feels like256.4194.56
incestuous right I don't know I don't258.316.24
know how they work yeah just rub rub260.9795.791
nubs yep264.5517.31
yeah I see it it's hard to miss in281.866.24
it right I don't see it drowns or285.734.53
anything but is it well is it just a288.14.59
part of a ship or is it buried it looks290.263.42
buried doesn't it292.693.15
I'm here sign check it out here what am293.685.04
i hearing here are you hearing what am i295.843.48
that's something - this is just a good299.325.22
tree talking to you303.4913.5
going in okay I mean oh yeah I killed304.5414.82
things what were they I don't know proud316.9910.38
of you thank you I gotta try yeah yeah319.3610.59
okay um let me light this place up a327.374.68
little bit Wow329.955.13
let me see equip it hey yeah I mean I332.054.23
know you want this so show me you're335.083.51
trying to show it to me tried and true336.287.41
yes nice I'll be strong I don't know go338.596.15
ahead go ahead try it343.693.48
try it on me try it on me try it on you344.745.91
oh oh wait can you get back if you throw347.176.12
it I would hope yeah I don't know you350.654.65
want this yeah let's go in the face353.293.36
right in the face355.34.8
here we go buddy yep Oh God356.657.56
I got it back sweet how much area took360.18.03
off heart and a half huh okay I'm in now364.217.17
yeah I just have to find one you want368.136.07
this one and then no no no man it's been371.385.01
painstaking going through all this374.24.71
agreed you have earned it all right now376.399.18
we got to get to yeah okay I'm in it's378.919.3
getting dark so fast I wasn't ready not385.576.36
ready okay I'll just I'll make a quick a388.216.33
quick fourth I know they're already391.935.49
they're already they're already here394.545.94
come on okay I just need to you know397.426.3
what what maybe I can get a little nope400.485.73
go away crafter the thing under here403.723.96
this isn't good406.214.95
this is not working out my favor all407.685.49
right you know what just doesn't have to411.163.69
be pretty it just needs to be a concept413.174.22
for tonight414.852.54
stop it I'm not ready for you yet okay418.084.33
here we go421.4210.44
roof roof okay okay gutter okay eight422.4112.08
names nope get in the hole get in hope431.868.31
okay a little bit of this stake I see up434.498.02
there you think I don't see up there cuz440.176.87
it do nope442.517.44
I saw you I saw you okay health is up447.044.65
got a bill got a bill here we go449.957.68
underneath you can't get me here we go451.697.01
their corners a little bit of corners oh461.0915.699
hi you're sneaky wait give me some472.7895.38
string for that it's the least you could476.7893.961
do all right I got some string478.1695.701
spiders are able to get in because it480.757.349
needs to be skinnier hold on or skinny483.878.34
what the word mmm step up and then my488.0997.081
safe a little bit on the corner here in492.215.85
this corner I'll be with you in a second495.1810.799
need some more dirt ingenuity all right498.0611.099
hey Simon yep come over here come on boy505.9796.48
come over oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I don't509.1596.661
even know where he is oh yeah well uh512.4596.721
alright so check this out let's see you515.824.8
dig on this side I'll dig on the other519.183.299
side alright so over here so yeah check520.623.45
this out you take this side I'll take522.4793.211
the side that you pop this yeah let's524.073.09
kind of want to show you what my pickaxe525.694.8
of efficiency does ready yeah ready much527.166.21
more efficient I am of course I would530.494.5
run into dirt trying to be efficient533.372.94
learning the dirt you're not that534.993.78
farther away from me oh I'm about to be536.315.16
alright Mad Max pickaxe is awesome oh I538.774.65
found some metal Mad Max pickaxe can the541.474.23
bar over this metal quick okay this543.423.6
really doesn't seem like it's that545.73.66
impressive oh man oh wait ahead are you547.024.35
your ghosts I'm going see this think you549.363.96
see them right next to me no wait look551.374.32
at this much faster than you is yeah but553.324.259
I'm gonna this is an iron pickaxe and555.693.42
you've got one a diamond and I have a557.5793.691
diamond pickaxe with efficiency on it559.114.5
yeah so in other words it's probably not561.274.559
worth it to get the diamond no it563.616.36
actually what some son of a gun is he565.8294.561
done it569.974.53
come on come on I'll get hit with this570.395.51
a lot of get a lot of errors in your575.94.23
yeah I like it like that but I felt one580.135.88
diamond of you nope geez just want to583.254.92
test this out on Diamond just drop my586.0118.51
knife what you do with fire588.1724.96
yeah sorry but that's okay hold on okay604.5214.069
yep okay my best dang it I I saw that uh613.138.7
yeah let some ahead yeah I felt it618.5896.421
yeah you did you yeah okay didn't feel621.835.55
good I'm just going to top side that's625.014.8
all okay whatever you like627.384.29
no that's you get all the chests thick629.814.17
I'm looking for him I'm just keeping an631.673.87
eye out pardon633.985.43
lazy digging hard dig all hard it's635.546.36
gotta be a song right dig hard I don't639.415.97
know if it is dig hard yeah thick I641.95.16
wonder a pure and Hangtown are doing645.384.829
oh you mean Simon yeah I thought I was647.064.35
the only one that called him Hangtown I650.2093.541
thought everyone did I bet he knows some651.414.71
songs that we could sing from like the653.755.37
early 1300s because he was like 19 then656.125.7
act before they knew how to make noise659.1211.0
with their mouth he was kind of niche661.8213.44
old Hangtown oh wow this thing's670.127.089
probably gonna go up in flames675.263.28
I'll shoot can I get out sure look sad678.5415.63
yeah found some no mood hold on Bubba691.056.57
alright I'm at the little crafting table694.174.68
there yeah well we're over here697.623.54
there you are alright what sexy beast698.854.08
see if this thing's worth its weight in701.163.42
diamond it's about time702.933.09
alright that's what it looks like damn704.583.78
you got three right here it's for ya706.024.23
you're gonna get eight and maybe even708.363.66
more maybe I've never used this710.253.54
enchantment so I don't know if it does712.023.33
it every time we're just a couple time713.795.88
let's say let's see alright so oh so715.356.3
right holy crap I think I just got three719.677.65
because I had one of my pocket okay so721.657.29
when I did that I got 11 diamond727.325.25
yes sweet yes much better than four728.946.51
diamond that is much better than four so732.574.95
wait alright yeah will you add one so735.453.6
you ended up getting ten out of four737.525.189
that's interesting math let's see here739.055.159
we go my friend742.7094.861
these are your Oh God oh my goodness you744.2094.471
didn't have to give me that man I would747.572.91
have been happy with - I know but I'm748.683.72
gonna give you four you're so nice oh I750.483.479
can't even pick them up so okay I'm752.43.21
probably a careful no I got a dumpster753.9593.211
cops told that's what I'm doing that's755.615.07
what I'm doing a pick it up that already757.175.25
got enough to repair mad man's pickaxe760.685.99
I'm just keep going you're a good man762.424.25
come on catch fire alright766.77.27
away from me all right Fletcher how you773.975.669
guys doing778.8892.521
how do you get chicken my mom thing779.6393.45
again are they after me now they're781.414.619
burning too busy burning everybody okay783.0895.61
um looks like we're still getting786.0295.941
zombies in here where's everybody up788.6995.76
Fletcher there you are okay where's a791.975.45
cookie and a fluky are they in here oh794.4595.971
this is good this was here maybe keep797.426.149
some safe this is a new block fantastic800.434.32
there you are kooky where's fluky maybe804.756.99
yeah hey buddy buh-buh-buh-buh might807.665.909
need more lights in Pennsylvania because811.744.17
I saw them like up at the top of the813.5697.46
barn ah fluky you are so lazy815.918.4
everybody's up okay come on821.0296.79
and not sure what's happening here but824.316.05
maybe cuz another's lights all right827.8196.991
back in a little bit somebody my pants830.369.47
all right Dre Elias yes let's try the846.236.13
old salmon trick with the dolphin times848.945.459
we've done that more you see him over852.362.52
Rep I mean I don't see you oh there you854.883.149
hello yeah get that license on me858.0295.851
he's right I'm going straight towards861.114.39
him let him know I have a trident in863.886.03
case he tries to mess around I can't do865.54.829
it right now869.916.51
really I got a visual got a visual870.3297.891
all right going to my belt I'm locked in876.426.029
block Michael oh it's like GPS dolphin878.226.9
Scott I got you on your six882.4495.971
I was also poisoned like when it tells885.124.88
you to take a turn over to the left888.4210.409
it'd be great all right let's see let's890.09.899
yep that's a ship right part of one so899.89910.12
are you pick yeah okay hold on and go in906.246.18
here going in going I'm gonna try it910.0195.221
okay all right all right whoops912.425.159
and that one too oh it's a big boat okay915.243.99
there's a really big boat all right hold917.5798.911
on getting my breath oh let's go Oh TNT919.2311.159
okay that's suspicious steel yeah work926.496.089
more of these poison potatoes oh they930.3894.051
sound wonderful you know we're gonna eat932.5792.971
one yeah934.443.53
all right get my breath935.554.849
going back down have some AIDS while937.973.719
you're at it yeah940.3995.071
wait how can air here fantastic yeah941.6896.66
yeah that's a great way to go on compass945.474.769
treasure map any of these things worth948.3492.58
not to me not to me either bring doors950.92914.67
with us huh yeah right that's fire which954.19913.44
we don't need we got plenty that form965.59913.71
the red chest in this game is it no oh967.63915.9
it's nice to be outside beautiful as a979.3097.2
successful run yes it was I mean for you983.5394.35
with the diamonds I was happy to get986.5093.03
some iron and I got a hell of a lot of987.8893.57
coal yeah and you got a few diamonds too989.5395.19
yes from you yeah oh man this Mad Max991.4596.62
pick accident harvest cold nothing else994.7296.27
fantastic I survived the night in my998.0794.96
little dirt for it beautiful here you go1000.9995.221
man sixty-four cold just for you love it1003.0394.98
am i full nope I'm not full hey we're1006.223.089
gonna check it again you ready yeah1008.0191.89
let's do it1009.3093.39
the tile is hungry nope I'll check this1009.9093.18
yep hello this is a crampy mob tower I1013.0897.41
was about to say you look think sucks1016.8696.21
neat hello what makes a good one I don't1020.4994.65
know I just figured as dark in there1023.0793.48
they would spawn and we can take them1025.1493.15
out I thought we knew people who knew1026.5595.07
things about this game yeah I mean I'm1028.2996.0
gonna go in there I'm going in go in do1031.6297.19
something behind you buddy hello hello1034.2997.77
come on get up get up there don't be so1038.8194.661
scared need some torches1042.0693.39
I got a torch right here buddy look1043.485.1
really really nothing nothing to my mom1045.4595.72
tower anything in there no it's empty1048.586.27
lame stupid mob town you know what maybe1051.1796.321
I'll baby I'll live in here it's so lame1054.854.809
now let's put a bed up here I don't know1057.54.559
I want to I'll keep making changes I'm1059.6595.841
not sure what's wrong with it anyway1062.0595.071
where's the exit1065.53.61
I'll block it off yeah one of your mom's1067.135.779
getting out poor Simon let me out1069.113.799
all right so yeah clear some more vines1073.196.06
yeah no enough with the vines you know1077.783.75
this is gonna be maybe you could look at1079.254.799
the profile of this of what this thing1081.534.95
you're building yeah and the bottom is1084.0494.38
the is the balls and it's gonna be a1086.485.79
long shaft with the patio on the head1088.4298.88
okay and that's the plan you gonna make1092.276.06
it out something different other than1097.3092.581
just cobblestone no just cobblestone1098.334.5
just okay no no variation the penis the1099.897.44
penis tower Oh dad the penis patio with1102.8310.14
just a little flair to it different1107.3311.099
materials something big blonde a big but1112.977.41
it's just a big blob I gotta start1118.4292.821
use the cobblestone cook the card use1121.255.96
the stone to make like some nice like1125.394.35
brick stone no yes1127.214.54
yeah baby steps make it out of safety1129.749.929
steps do you have other skills I'll just1131.759.659
build you see baby steps should have1139.6692.971
been this first thing you build this1141.4093.211
piece you're regressing that should have1142.642.85
been baby steps1144.622.1
you don't even know what this is gonna1145.493.33
be I just heard you say it was gonna be1146.729.449
a dingdong but it's gonna look good like1148.829.69
anything this is just a really nice1156.1694.021
piece of art why don't you tear it down1158.517.68
no just asking you build something nicer1160.198.81
how about that how about you guys are1169.03.58
just happy that I'm building and trying1171.233.059
to participate I just want you to step1172.583.39
forward oh I just want you to move1174.2893.27
forward in life so I can't this is1175.973.66
participating stepping forward moving on1177.5593.691
in life oh that's not like that's not1179.634.049
just it's not just participating it's1181.254.59
trying to know better I think also build1183.6793.341
you know what I'll do you know what I'll1187.023.24
do this is it1188.854.83
um I'll move I'll move that sound good1190.265.28
I'll take all this down and I'll move1193.684.62
make a Simon topia somewhere I mean I'll1195.544.53
just wherever I am I'll do whatever I1198.33.21
want to do and I won't have to hear you1200.073.24
guys saying how it's not good enough1201.513.72
yeah it's great okay yeah that's great1203.314.11
you're not gonna miss me no you're not1205.234.23
gonna move or just just out of sight so1207.423.66
we can walk over yeah move out of sight1209.463.0
I'm not gonna be around you know like my1211.082.97
castle my castles off in the distance1212.462.76
where nobody has to see it1214.053.63
do the same thing find a spot make it1215.225.04
make it Simon spot yeah just just the1217.684.83
block over I wanted to be close to you1220.264.26
guys I felt but now I guess not look we1222.513.18
can't look I can help you make a1224.523.21
minecart to take you back and forth real1225.694.29
easy it's no big deal just move all this1227.734.95
data here look at this right fine I'm1229.984.44
moving out all right start shopping1232.684.17
don't worry I will you're not gonna are1234.423.99
you I'm gonna move out take your1236.853.9
dingdong structure with you yep Oh trust1238.415.55
me yeah and that big sand whatever1240.755.7
whatever no that stays as a reminder1243.964.53
that you could all go to hell well at1246.453.81
least take the big runway in the sky out1248.496.38
no it looks awful that's the best part1250.264.61

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