GTA 5 - Stealing the Valkyrie (Cinematic Series)

Hey there, fellow gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you can't get enough of Neebs Gaming and their epic GTA V videos. In their...
GTA 5 - Stealing the Valkyrie (Cinematic Series)
GTA 5 - Stealing the Valkyrie (Cinematic Series)

GTA 5 - Stealing the Valkyrie (Cinematic Series)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Let me tell you why this GTA 5 video is my favorite. It's got action, drama, and a whole lot of laughs. Plus, stealing a deadly helicopter? That's just another day in the life of Neebs Gaming!

simon: Simon here, and I gotta say, Neebs, you're right on the money with that one. This video has everything you could want in a cinematic heist. And let's not forget the epic soundtrack that really amps up the excitement. It's like we're in our own action movie!

appsro: Appsro checking in, and I couldn't agree more. Stealing the Valkyrie in GTA 5? It's like a dream come true. And the best part is, we make it look easy. Just another day at the office for the Neebs Gaming crew. Can't wait to see what crazy heist we pull off next!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow gaming enthusiasts! If you're anything like me, you can't get enough of Neebs Gaming and their epic GTA V videos. In their latest installment, they're taking on the Human Labs Heist and attempting to steal a deadly helicopter. Can they pull it off? Well, you'll have to watch to find out!

As a die-hard fan of Neebs Gaming, I always make sure to hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all of their amazing content. And let me tell you, this Human Labs Heist series is shaping up to be one for the books. If you haven't checked out the previous episodes, make sure to do so to get caught up on all the action and mayhem.

And hey, have you seen their Patreon page? Supporting them on there is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the hard work they put into creating such entertaining videos. Plus, you'll get access to some awesome perks and behind-the-scenes content.

Oh, and let's not forget about the music in their videos. From True Love by Silent Partner to The Big Guns by Silent Partner, the soundtrack really sets the mood and adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay. It's details like these that make Neebs Gaming stand out as one of the best gaming channels out there. So, grab some popcorn and get ready for some high-octane action in their latest GTA 5 video!

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a chopper huh can I get me a way for you12.615.429
I'll do it17.056.33
let's see I think we should just let's18.0397.5
take it easy right now I'm taking it23.384.02
easy already I know but I think the25.5393.63
driving just needs to relax a little bit27.44.429
and we're fine29.1692.66
people security seriously you should see34.9893.96
how they treat37.673.74
what's a Valkyrie like oh it's a38.9493.27
there's many guns on both sides damn it42.21911.151
just trying to [ __ ] change my view54.7893.361
welcome to the Port of Los Santos73.64.159
okay I don't know is it is it is it I77.75928.211
can't see myself oh oh wait here I got84.0723.339
your block I got your block Simon all105.975.039
right geez covering your salmon thank107.4098.46
you holy [ __ ] oh god there's a choppers111.0096.631
on us I'm shooting at it all right oh115.8693.18
boy all right tell you what tell you117.642.759
what let's get out here hey let's go119.0493.21
find a chopper that take out that120.3995.7
chopper Oh do it oh boy122.2594.551
break into the scope let's kill it132.145.49
Shepard where did you guys go we round133.675.97
the corner through your map well done137.632.49
all right watch out each we see140.126.18
they go down where is he he's over there143.093.63
getting close there he is tango Down146.725.73
good damn snacks can move forward yeah149.594.479
go for it I'm just having a couple ego152.453.42
chase yeah well I need some ego chase154.0692.791
don't know how I made it through this155.876.29
mask damn delicious though oh oh yeah156.865.3
all right I'm moving up behind you oh165.333.19
what do you see needs oh boy oh yeah168.523.75
never I think we got one coming in170.81.91
behind us172.274.06
yeah alright let's move forward why not178.624.229
these places have the loudest damn181.3194.471
alarms I don't know it's a bunch of it182.84913.28
in the hallway dick hold on hold on185.7913.47
that's a really good game alright never196.1295.781
mind another Jean199.265.76
you know it man217.592.6
all right cause more extractions we put220.243.27
well that takers well I shoot it okay223.518.439
yeah yeah235.885.12
alright alright one I can fly again yeah245.2097.991
wake up go to our left oh I bet he's250.144.17
into this tower yeah we got a guy in253.22.36
this tower254.314.32
alright I think we're good Simon you're255.566.7
a passenger I'm the driver the258.635.84
helicopter - OH262.264.4
all right Oh more choppers coming in264.478.61
guys get in let's go those transfers266.6610.31
interchanges you guys let them have it273.083.89
we get better get better you're doing a357.768.11
great job distraction I can do them now360.957.98
on to be the distractor like that to the365.875.43
great dress to be the strap call368.936.27
inspector yeah I see the flare where we371.36.38
gonna grab this375.22.48
freer down soft and money382.45.56
overcome it385.332.63
sit down I'll distract okay388.685.39
hey it's Alan Thicke hey how you doing395.955.4
baby really like to grow in pain yeah399.434.51
you guys enjoy the chopper401.3516.919
hey get back there alright sure I get it428.5096.05
I'm not still that headbang a picnic439.387.15
turn what if I draw I am metal your nose441.975.759
yeah as soon as we got out of this car447.7294.56
I'm gonna blow you up with a rocket450.8494.97
that's an offering to say to anyone452.2893.53
[ __ ] off buddy we should probably focus458.793.96
on fat all right what are we doing461.114.18
would you recommend hello down with the465.864.74
hood call Hill House hell are raised now468.054.68
oh we haven't ridden a train in a while470.64.17
but like it we have yeah we got on top472.733.84
of the tree not too long ago yeah like I474.773.93
like to say the city train the light476.575.07
rail the light rail sucks so slow you478.75.1
may as well run no I just like riding481.643.78
trains when ain't you go to Orlando I483.83.12
tried the monorail just cuz it's free485.424.44
EPS rope yes I do need to get some more486.925.01
like P's and Q's and [ __ ] oh you want to489.865.06
go to a stove yeah491.932.99
here we go working the Ltd hello I'll499.1913.0
have some Pecola I am about to punch out508.40917.101
soon bubblegum out in front impulse buy512.1915.78
back here nobody sees it why can't I buy525.514.11
anything now I can't buy anything now527.973.45
either did somebody pull a gun out does529.623.87
he not let you buy anything no you might531.423.599
have seen what I was doing on a security533.491.92
what were you do we should go everybody535.414.109
get the moon baby we should go frozen537.123.35
who goes to a convenience store for540.4710.809
frozen corn everybody in trouble542.6110.95
yeah we're in trouble we won't be saw me551.2793.721
doing what I was doing what were you553.565.55
doing oh I put a I put sticky bombs on555.05.85
every one of those gas tanks yeah he saw559.116.81
me doing that yeah I got upset no I560.856.51
didn't think he would see me do it565.923.359
that's okay we can go to another I know567.364.18
of another place569.2794.33
it's a good hiding spot after oh yeah573.6096.54
very sneaky as the latter Neves575.9594.19
Oh sir what time is it Oh guys better580.817.79
good sandwich I gotta go gotta go586.065.1
[ __ ] I'm still wanted what'd you say you588.64.45
wants to get a sandwich I'm won anything591.165.64
guys thieves are you wanted what'd you593.056.0
say said oh you want it I don't know596.84.77
well you get slow you can't tell you599.054.17
don't have the huddle oh man I'll live601.572.51
life on the edge603.2224.03
[ __ ] oh god how did you get in I am604.0826.19
literally right behind you627.253.02
no might take one of you686.236.06
yeah sure yeah sure let's do it it688.755.58
increases our chances of survival Simon692.294.98
I don't have a controller all right oh694.336.29
[ __ ] I don't have a control697.273.35
hello this is names708.8893.7
hey where the hell you at man oh listen710.613.779
I wasn't hurt that bad so they released712.5893.661
me early and I decided to take a train714.3893.601
ride okay so you're finally on the train716.255.49
if you just pay to get on you can just717.996.45
ride all day really yeah how fascinating721.744.709
listen you can't get off you have to get724.444.139
off the stop you paid for okay but if726.44919.38
you keep doing all day get up ground I'm728.57919.111
not driving them a passenger okay well745.8293.69
once you pass it to above ground let us747.693.629
know we just lost the cops oh really749.5193.151
yeah so I was flying to Trevor by the751.3192.7
way he's right in front of me Savan752.672.339
you're doing great buddy754.0193.44
thanks I still mad at control with this755.0094.38
we're gonna stop right now757.4593.19
you know I'll get off at this stop and759.3894.021
go upstairs well I didn't pay for this760.6496.511
stuff and they have to jump off jump off763.415.88
no in between stops if I stay if I'm767.163.63
gonna get out of here I gotta pay to get769.299.27
out of the thing okay into the city770.799.989
let's just land in your land I would778.564.19
think right780.7794.131
all right am I going down yes you are782.753.779
going down all right that's what I'm784.913.539
doing of landing I need we're landing786.5293.211
I'm gonna pick up Simon and then let me788.4492.341
know where you're at I'll come pick you789.743.539
up okay I think you really could call790.794.26
see where he's at he got he got murdered793.2794.951
okay stand by five seven take it down795.057.349
yeah take it down easier said than done798.235.82
oh yeah I know to drop straight down so802.3993.81
I don't stand that that's not great is804.055.729
it looks pretty good I'm going way806.2095.341
backwards but you're headed right on a809.7794.261
tree now you're going backwards all811.556.839
right okay okay all right yeah there's814.045.909
something wrong no just kill the engine818.3893.271
kill the it you just go down kill the819.9492.611
engine in swamp821.662.58
we're gonna go how to kill the engine I822.563.509
mean firefight hitting the bus to go824.244.92
down there you go yeah even know what826.0695.25
that is to go down do you know I don't829.166.289
know the [ __ ] keyboard mistake I831.3196.361
don't wait the plate all right hop in835.4494.771
let's go pick up ticket beep837.684.34
like an waving your hands railing if any840.223.87
I don't know why it's doing it but just842.024.46
good to have you here stuff yeah it's847.95912.641
good to be here alright alright yeah I850.39912.391
got the Moonbeam yeah I know that's how860.63.57
I was able to find you I gotta track her862.794.489
in that sub [ __ ] yeah864.173.109
yeah okay leave the movie in there I867.447.51
called my mechanic you pick it up I know873.129.62
but still it's a shitty thing to do good874.957.79
strands it lo Santos transit dear macho883.496.1
Burton I'm at the Burton location I887.343.69
don't know where the perfect location is889.593.87
why let me look at my fam okay I know891.033.78
we're perfect then get off it893.465.94
I didn't pay for Burton I can't get off894.818.88
here you pay for um read something green899.46.72
something you can get off whatever you903.694.77
want you don't just pay to get to a906.125.49
place you know early Noah already past908.465.94
my place but just get off no cuz they'll911.615.1
charge me extra won't charge you extra914.44.05
cause nobody's collecti they listen916.713.18
we're going up now it might be going918.453.39
outside let me know what the next up is919.894.92
that you get in okay Simon you want to921.845.07
have some fun yeah you can jump under924.814.389
this train well let's prove it926.916.729
yeah what side of you right side is the929.1995.88
right yes may as well have some fun933.6393.651
just walked out of the tunnel where am I968.1810.27
Oh Mila Templar hotel between the temple973.178.33
Hotel and the aqueduct978.453.05
see what's happening we're raiding this1034.663.21
lab right uh-huh1036.734.62
so we stole the EMP off the the jet1037.875.4
remember we stole the jet where they're1041.354.56
loading that EMP onto this insurgent so1043.275.189
we need to plant this insurgent into the1045.915.97
lab that we need to rock okay because1048.4594.831
it's gonna have to hold the whole plan1051.883.06
is gonna culminate with us blow that EMP1053.293.48
shutting everything down and going in1054.944.59
there all sneaky insurgents the car yes1056.775.13
is no one gonna say what's this car1059.535.88
doing you aim it big can I Drive No is1061.94.74
that gonna look suspicious1065.413.69
just a random military vehicle shows up1066.644.17
in their lab no that's why that's what1069.12.97
we're doing now we're gonna sneak in1070.813.09
there and plant it yeah I'm saying1072.074.74
tomorrow they come in where this1073.94.62
insurgent comes from I don't worry we're1076.813.18
gonna hide you we should look into it we1078.523.42
have a hiding spot for it yeah it's a1079.994.32
garage we gotta hide a car in a place1081.944.59
that is leaning on the garage and then1084.314.14
do what pop out like in Trojan horse1086.533.84
surprise no but then we need the1088.453.6
helicopter because we go all surprise1090.373.3
then they go okay and then shoot us oh1092.053.54
yeah we go in there and then go surprise1093.673.81
and we have a helicopter with us on1095.593.57
machine guns it'll be good1097.484.05
yeah I'm confused but I'm always good1099.163.87
yeah I've got to say it Sparkle course1101.533.3
right right all right right here right1103.033.83
been here before1107.453.97
of course yeah this is where we dropped1109.444.23
off the insurgent oh yeah why'd we drop1111.423.75
it off if we knew we were gonna move it1113.672.79
later we should just kept it hold it1115.173.0
because they had to put the damn EMP in1116.464.92
it he's in it yes yes you that was part1118.176.54
of why were you at the labs get a word1121.385.4
you weren't paying any attention before1124.714.74
you there's an EMP in the back of this1126.784.14
there is an EMP in the back of this1129.455.16
insurgent yes should we test it to see1130.926.57
if it works no not testing it now we're1134.614.17
gonna blow it when we break into the1137.492.39
approaching the target amount sign1146.055.19
Amador's logistics is it this is it I1148.04.56
just turned the lights off1151.244.22
cell phone1152.562.9
feel like never already guys let's do1155.65.94
this need to be sneaky we got to do this1158.755.28
in under nine minutes ten minutes of1161.543.66
them not nine minutes and forty three1164.033.47
forty two okay we got time we got time1165.24.41
so there's two guys right there right1167.53.28
it's got their let's let's take these1169.613.57
guys out yeah the guy see the guy1170.783.96
walking away but yeah he's walking away1173.183.99
noobs can you get the guard I got the1174.743.81
guard all right somebody get the guard1177.172.94
there was a guy walking I'll take him1178.554.17
out got the guard1180.115.91
oh Jesus ding you said to somebody take1182.7210.44
out the guard you heard the first part1186.0210.68
of a sentence that was said all right1193.165.37
and it's the next part alright alright1196.74.38
see you got there he's dead all right1198.534.86
everyone get on me let's go1201.085.509
good job good job now what let's keep1212.533.39
we're going to take out these lights1214.993.51
this place pick some iced out take some1215.926.27
lights out I think good job yep in their1218.58.85
hands I'm going good look I see a couple1222.197.05
guards on a couple sizes and you take1227.353.87
them down against the ground let's take1229.244.14
them down it's be safe I think you and I1231.223.69
are on the guards there's a guy welding1233.383.06
and another guys standing up1234.913.51
all right neebs Simon you guys roll the1236.443.63
scientists pick you and I are on these1238.424.11
other guys all right the count of three1240.075.84
hit one two three1242.5312.14
nicely done great job guys we gotta move1245.9113.38
monkeys eat Apple need apples bananas1254.677.09
monkeys eat bananas I bet they eat1259.295.05
apples here these guy down there on the1261.764.87
come on you need some stairs to our left1273.937.93
keep ground the stairs since there's two1278.295.76
more scientists coming in there's also a1281.864.23
guard there's also another guard and1284.053.63
another scientist Vic can you take up1286.093.15
this yellow dozen yellow light over my1287.686.84
hands wait all right it's done1289.247.44
do you have aisles all those are them1294.523.45
there's the pile of scientists over1296.687.29
there but you get eyes on there we1297.9710.11
really are all right on the count of1303.975.22
three just let him have it1308.083.25
one two three go1309.198.74
oh [ __ ] there's somebody up there1311.338.4
get them wait a second are there people1317.934.41
up on top of over all coming down to us1319.736.03
who is that shoot I don't know if that's1322.345.19
one of us or not I don't see anyone bet1325.763.69
there's somebody on the stairs well1327.533.3
guess what I didn't know where you were1329.452.6
you idiot1330.834.5
all right I'm ready I'm just trying to1332.0522.81
keep it on hold on I'm gonna keep trying1335.3321.03
to climb atop this take him see if I see1354.863.18
him they get in this car and stretch1356.367.23
them now secure place down yeah see the1358.0410.1
guy upstairs Chuck is the other dude1363.594.55
we should look these monkeys go should1373.26.45
we take him out natural yeah I guess so1376.24.92
when he's like that he's when he's at1379.657.08
the tip of the stairs all right you1381.126.3
ready yeah1386.736.15
three two let him stop take it I can1387.426.81
feel good good deal good deal that's1392.881.8
lights in three two one good thing goes1394.687.98
down it might be on the other side of1399.664.17
the building yeah that's what I'm1402.661.8
Nick you focus on taking that guy out1404.463.12
guys I'm gonna run back and get the1406.293.89
no I'm looking in the direction oh wait1440.8099.94
I do find a sign what I couldn't see him1445.7997.23
you did it no it was it1450.7493.81
I wasn't Jesus Christ in you is Jesus1453.0295.13
Christ in the situation okay this is a1454.5595.19
good thing all right I've got the1458.1594.1
out of my way don't get in my way boys1466.715.39
come on through1468.623.48
get the insertion God we got a heck the1475.5593.161
garage door1478.0295.27
I'm [ __ ] Gary oh god is that away okay1478.727.4
come on1483.2995.73
I'll get in the insurgent oh Jesus what1486.124.47
is this oh I think I know how to do this1489.0293.78
you can do it run well c'mon do it come1490.596.9
on come on focus1492.8098.101
let it 20-lap getting the earth needs to1504.277.33
be oh god what do we got to do now oh we1507.15.46
gotta leave we gotta leave the facility1511.62.55
everybody get in the van1512.564.47
get the bag kiss me that's the one that1514.157.44
you were just looking to ban I can't fit1517.035.67
us all there's something really [ __ ]1521.591.89
wrong all right I mean1522.73.819
it's not quiet1528.24.59
[ __ ] it1530.594.92
yep I'm in1532.792.72
damn boys I think we did it go national1539.7911.85
the MP has been planted okay yep yep1544.238.58
there's a team inbound they have no1551.644.35
reason to just play cool yeah but it's1552.817.7
not no the timer's still we're gonna1555.9910.91
read fine fine fine don't worry about it1560.516.39
Parrish oh shut up everybody shut up1567.414.92
okay I'd be cool be cool1570.546.999
I know1577.53910.321

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