GTA 5 ONLINE - The Nicest Criminals - Episode #1

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
GTA 5 ONLINE - The Nicest Criminals -  Episode #1
GTA 5 ONLINE - The Nicest Criminals - Episode #1

GTA 5 ONLINE - The Nicest Criminals - Episode #1

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of GTA 5 ONLINE - The Nicest Criminals! This video is our favorite because it really shows off our criminal skills with a touch of kindness.

simon: Oh yeah, remember that time when we robbed a bank but then helped an old lady cross the street right after? Classic Nicest Criminals move right there.

appsro: Haha, I still can't believe we pulled off that heist while handing out flowers to pedestrians. This video really captures the essence of our criminal but kind-hearted ways.

neebs: Exactly! It's all about balance, you know? Being ruthless criminals in the virtual world, but also spreading love and joy. That's why this video is our favorite.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

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So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Neebs Gaming's website and dive into their playlists, including Battlefield 4 and Grand Theft Auto 5. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And make sure to listen to their awesome music choices in the video - they always know how to set the mood right.

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pardon me folks I gotta get to the0.033.48
airport my friends been waiting forever2.1293.031
you know how to give you the airport I3.513.18
know the airports in this direction but5.163.57
I don't know exactly which streets keep6.693.6
cruising up here you're gonna need to8.735.22
take a left at some point now yeah now10.2912.03
take right here take a look drifting13.9518.359
you're being a damn fool which terminal22.3211.7
is he in oh no I think it's this one32.3094.351
pretty sure where we told him to be I34.028.42
call him yeah call him okay it's ringing36.665.78
Simon yeah where are you42.534.45
we're at the main terminal where we told44.943.75
you to be come on by these ramps you46.983.78
know these are like ramps that look like48.694.2
their signs and they're on the Sun Road50.763.54
and they have a fake car on them I've52.892.88
one to my left and one to my right54.33.54
that's where I'm at and see maybe this55.774.98
way is he talking about oh yeah gotta57.844.649
love before you cross the street son of60.754.26
a [ __ ] don't you know pedestrians got62.4894.711
the [ __ ] ride away buddy hey can we65.013.359
not get distracted if we're trying to67.25.279
find Simon oh right so Simon yeah can68.3695.911
you just come to the main terminal where72.4794.651
we'd say we pick you up I mean the74.285.07
terminal shaped like a you listen you77.134.11
just go to the bottom of the you I went79.354.47
where I went okay I see you I see you I81.245.57
see this83.822.99
running off stuff shot run Oh God to the88.569.76
dude that was quick Oh I'm dead I'm dead98.323.83
Lister what is this welcome to Los102.1510.24
Santos salmon now patients outpatient106.248.01
it's here on the other side I still112.393.839
don't know why we got killed you started114.253.3
fighting right that you think you can116.2292.731
just get into a fight at the airport no117.555.76
one's gonna say anything well if you and118.966.0
I went to the mall got into a fight you123.312.88
think they'd go they know each other124.962.73
it's cool yeah they might no they126.192.819
wouldn't you wouldn't think they'd just127.693.0
start shooting yeah that's kind of129.0093.211
ridiculous yeah you went start shooting130.693.24
yeah where two fellas132.223.54
uh well I'm new to this world I need133.933.39
stuff don't I you don't even have a135.762.759
house do you nothing137.322.97
how much money do you have what can I do138.5193.811
with 16 grand not much can you buy a140.293.63
house all right it looks like you're142.333.54
gonna need 26 grand at least143.923.87
all right and that buys you a little145.874.589
house with a two-car garage oh let's147.794.08
look at that house where is it grape150.4594.801
seed can you get off on that exit right151.875.369
here yeah right here right there here155.268.25
take a bring it right out of town folks157.2398.431
it's nice humming I want to get out I163.513.84
could see you living here alright let's165.674.409
see we got hang on so that's a like a167.355.01
barn yeah like a barn that's not that's170.0793.391
not where you would live though is it172.363.48
apparently is that it well this is more173.474.35
like a garage but it's a place room to175.844.56
stay oh it's not a house well let's see177.823.66
let's check the place out180.43.51
oh [ __ ] see this sparking neebs yeah181.484.41
yeah leaves this is dangerous now you183.913.329
mean that means you get a discount185.893.48
Oh complain about that why it's so damn187.2393.991
cheap I'm gonna be honest with you guys189.373.81
I was really hoping to get a trailer or191.234.349
something that could at least pose as a193.183.99
house okay what's the first thing you195.5793.241
looked at okay so yeah you're gonna need197.173.15
something anywhere from like a hundred198.823.24
twenty to two hundred thousand dollars200.323.1
oh that's a lot202.063.07
would you let's find the place you won't203.423.0
first so we know how much money we got a205.132.64
raise that's a good idea there's a206.422.31
paleto Bay207.772.34
I actually I have a house there but208.732.76
there's a house down the road for sale210.112.82
Oh so we'd be neighbor it could be211.493.15
neighbors man let's go look at it212.933.9
all right the place that uh that I'm214.644.08
gonna show you some Simon yeah it's a216.837.23
cool $165,000 oh [ __ ] but it has a218.728.81
six-car garage oh really224.063.47
look at this nice this is yeah I could227.958.11
see you in this place oh okay oh he's233.274.71
got is that the garage here yeah it's a236.065.28
six-car garage garage I like this so can237.985.31
I go inside check it out I don't think241.344.59
so damn it hey you could have a dog243.295.61
whoa closed area nice and there's245.934.44
security there's like a little digital248.95.339
pad up here noobs really yeah check that250.375.28
out it might be that like ring thing254.2393.12
like it goes to your phone but someone's255.654.11
at the door yeah like can I help you I'm257.3592.791
I came over the door yeah I'm sorry I'm260.158.43
taking a shower with a lady I would love262.017.38
you living here because then I could268.582.58
walk over and visit well I'd like to see269.395.07
your place come on we can walk it yeah271.165.759
we walk it perfect cuz I can drift it274.465.43
see once you drift into it noobs276.9195.011
[ __ ] I spring a car where you at279.895.04
laughter I'm all one block up one more281.935.85
block yeah damn Audi we should what are284.934.44
you doing all right what are you doing287.781.83
all right289.372.22
don't weep who's running the road you're289.613.36
running in the road don't even start291.593.18
with me it's a sidewalk right there oh292.974.56
well hey this place is for sale to Simon294.775.73
oh oh some of the compare let's see you297.533.72
like this better300.54.41
oh no no way look at that [ __ ] attached301.256.21
single car coverage what am i poor304.915.069
please think it looks that bad this307.464.49
isn't as nice how much is it309.9794.831
155 no it's about ten thousand cheaper311.955.11
no comparison okay just saying314.814.98
we got a diva on our hands317.065.52
right here this right here I believe so319.795.43
it's been a while dude damn my potential322.584.89
house is nicer than yours I shouldn't be325.223.75
talking [ __ ] but you don't have a garage327.473.72
dear oh no it's not that one guys it's328.973.35
the one next to it331.193.63
I don't even know your own house hey332.325.8
it's been a while that's true yes I've334.824.89
been here before and there's your garage338.124.8
yeah this is my place so can you get a339.715.07
flag yeah America damn it342.926.09
can we go in yeah of course hey very344.786.96
nice it's uh you know it's cozy349.013.93
what do you have black people when351.742.91
you're in your big game for the photo352.942.85
and I thought they were like a nice354.655.19
[ __ ] couple I like those kind of355.796.18
pictures the candid ones the ones you're359.844.17
not even posing for that's Sam that's361.973.6
the only way people should take pictures364.013.39
right you should never be say cheese or365.573.3
look at this camera no those are the367.42.7
worst especially like the ones you get368.873.84
like Walmart yeah hate those who gets370.14.14
those let's do one right now just act372.712.43
like I'm not even here374.244.65
yeah smoke up okay I'm not here just act375.145.16
like you normally would yeah look that's378.893.69
a good photo yep I'm glad you guys are380.34.29
here this is nice where's your bedroom382.585.01
all right oh nice bedroom thank you384.594.68
nice-sized bathroom you got one and a387.593.51
half bath what's the deal um yeah389.272.46
something like that391.12.97
something like that is it back here it's391.735.82
important you there's my bathroom Oh mom394.075.22
I take a shower go for it take a shower397.553.03
man we're here might as well clean up399.294.17
your mind um I'm gonna grab a beer now400.5810.2
go for it yeah what's up man hey don't403.4611.94
worry about it you'll be fine yeah I410.786.39
know but hey it's just soap just use it415.43.89
I feel like I'm getting worse in here417.174.71
dirtier no you can't be it's water and419.294.03
soap but it doesn't matter if it's421.884.26
[ __ ] hairy dude all right what's next423.324.5
I don't know I changed clothes too I426.143.42
feel nice we leaving yeah let's get out427.823.54
of here can I crash at somebody else's429.563.72
house if I don't have a new house this431.363.0
episode I guess you're gonna have to433.282.43
there's no way you're gonna make enough434.363.39
money today no no no well let's see what435.714.29
we can get into man let's rob a store uh437.754.11
huh see how much money there gets us all440.02.25
then we'll know if that's a feasible way442.254.56
to make money Park yeah where's your car443.934.44
needs a park right here446.814.189
someone steal your shirt steal my car448.374.49
Simon yeah what's up buddy this might be450.9994.59
another good way to make money steal car452.865.069
we steal cars yes since apparently no455.5894.08
one here respects my car and then we457.9293.9
sell it we need to get at least a good459.6694.83
SUV SUV huh yeah so we gotta go stake461.8295.27
out the town464.4992.6
well I already see a truck is that472.964.269
considered an SUV you think that would475.3093.63
make some good money though there's only477.2293.69
one way to find out please just walk478.9393.45
over here and act like we're just on our480.91914.881
shoe or something right behind though482.38914.791
SUV good one495.83.899
Oh grab it Simon I am Oh I act like I'm497.185.609
hurt oh come on so hurt I thought my bag499.6996.47
in in would go okay502.7898.731
oops I'm in alright yeah we did that506.16912.941
real coy like really yeah I mean you'll511.528.819
have to repair it but it's only like519.113.179
four bucks yeah look we're not wanted520.3392.911
just slow down522.2893.511
bunny shops over here yep yeah I got I523.254.8
got to go up here is it right here525.84.56
yep yep see that as garages over there528.0511.37
on the left yes open parking lot all530.3610.02
right we're good539.424.349
cilix yet so vehicle 2,900 is that a540.384.769
good news that's all right yeah543.7692.611
that's good I could have been better all545.1493.24
right we made money like it all right546.383.78
it's a salmon yeah what do you think is548.3893.45
this a feasible way for you to make550.163.39
enough money to buy a house dude if we551.8394.081
could steal car after car it would be553.553.659
wouldn't be that bad you got to wait555.923.3
like what six hours I think we should557.2093.56
rob a store I want to experience that559.223.96
all right Simon our targets up here on560.7695.711
the left okay shitty gas station I want563.184.95
to go scope it out let's go scope it up566.484.049
hey after I you'd be driver oh I'll be568.133.899
the driver you get the car ready570.5293.99
all right cars ready all uh leaves you572.0294.231
come let me back up yeah thank you574.5193.18
I need I need backup you go in first576.263.449
I'll come in behind you or should I go577.6992.551
in first579.7092.641
okay first yeah going first you act like580.253.69
you don't even know me yeah exactly582.355.549
oh hello sir just uh looking for cereal583.947.44
any cereal oh right in front of me would587.8995.541
a bit me591.385.96
hello sir how are you today I was593.446.81
wondering if you sold nudie magazines597.345.55
yes you do very good let me see if I can600.253.51
get a drink602.893.81
hello sir I don't know hello others sir603.764.23
I don't know yes606.73.27
oh just gonna get cereal then i started607.995.28
looking at these salsas salsas huh did609.975.37
they sell chips you're mighty chatty613.274.92
stranger what should we do just go point615.344.35
your gun and aiming at him its own give618.196.23
your money and that's it okay Stu ik619.699.15
SOPA I got soap mmm give me all the624.427.27
freaking money you son of a [ __ ] come628.849.69
on I would call ya you better not or631.699.0
I'll kill you dead I'm just gonna go I638.534.32
didn't see any cereal or salsa likes640.694.47
thank you get out of here frosty or642.854.53
please oh dear okay now I'm good that's645.162.61
yeah run okay running you got the money647.775.42
I think you get the money to open okay650.148.46
all right we're out of here oh you took653.196.66
over that me658.65.54
Peyman copter here Kobzar here come on659.857.29
you son of a [ __ ] damn it that was cool664.145.73
here they cut there quick all right now667.144.68
we need to go their own 'its hurry up669.874.05
after you to give the export driver here671.823.96
we need an escape route got it man I got673.923.69
it yeah you got take him to the country675.785.07
Oh God fine it's fine don't worry about677.615.04
it I don't want to [ __ ] go to jail680.853.27
did I know I'm gonna take him off road682.652.73
don't worry about it all right I thought684.122.7
you'd better jail in this game that's685.388.67
right according to you Speer get to the686.828.58
beach and just hide they won't find us694.055.22
you sure about this plan yeah there's a695.45.31
cop right in front of us on the beach699.272.7
maybe he won't see us700.713.39
are you serious now maybe he won't see701.973.6
us Wow that'd be interesting if they704.16.05
didn't see us I hope you see this705.574.58
criminal plan I've ever seen aah sirens710.816.61
have stopped beautiful get away boys715.25.72
all right so how'd you make 1,600 bucks717.426.09
1,600 and you made 2,000 something on720.923.1
the car723.512.85
I made 2,900 that and we can just keep724.024.35
on robbing places yeah the more we726.363.63
robbed the harder it gets to get away we728.373.15
can like go up to people and rob them729.994.08
right yeah you only get like 20 bucks731.524.14
oh that's it sometimes you can get a lot734.073.03
of money if you catch somebody at an ATM735.665.49
machine it's one of these up here on the737.16.03
right well now we think we gotta find741.154.86
parking all right you tell me where to743.134.02
park needs I'll do it left right746.014.13
straight left take a left747.152.99
so you see you parking up here right I751.076.55
see right here right here that part this755.973.54
parking there you park there I'm not757.623.63
here you're in a lot you're in the lines759.513.3
you need to move up so there's a meter761.252.97
here it's gotta be it right can't762.813.24
believe a meter here but yeah there you764.223.15
go this hold on you know what I want to766.053.03
parallel park can i parallel park yeah767.375.79
go for it hold on hello miss my friend769.086.51
is to parallel park hopper wait talented773.165.67
[ __ ] at parking some people don't write775.594.5
the car low because it's too difficult778.834.02
but my friend no [ __ ] parallel park780.095.13
like a champion I am good let me get782.854.32
this figured out here ok never done it785.223.9
in a game before I'm really good at it787.173.81
mill I've actually lost her to teaching789.124.35
yeah that's my friend parallel parking790.987.77
he's really good at it just know usually793.477.41
he is good at yeah usually a train on it798.759.21
not working in yeah just today hold on800.8812.93
right here hey wait bringing bringing807.967.29
clothes listen we're gonna start being813.813.27
keep this on the down-low right here815.253.57
okay yeah we don't know I get two we817.082.85
don't want people know what we're doing818.825.06
but there's check the same machines okay819.936.75
you gotta keep it quiet yeah got you823.886.04
some good here's plan you sit closest to826.684.62
it and pull your phone out like you're829.923.51
just checking through numbers and then831.34.65
we will watch you a little further away833.435.07
we'll go across the street maybe okay835.953.54
hold on838.52.67
there's a sister right here she's839.493.81
walking tight to the building you see841.173.69
her let's see here she's kind of tight843.33.78
to the more tight than usual yeah I see844.865.28
her come on you [ __ ] I probably wouldn't847.084.35
pull that out I'm sure that's gonna850.144.26
raise suspicion now I'm just using it as851.433.51
a telescope854.42.34
I know but no if someone just looks over854.944.02
here like this that looks conspicuous856.745.61
that's America a mess there's a ATM up858.965.22
here in case you need any cash right862.354.56
over here you see it to your left864.184.17
let me in case you need something you866.912.55
never know when you're gonna need money868.353.51
tell her there's no fee Simon there's no869.464.32
fee so your fees to actually cash back871.863.03
they give you cash back873.783.9
this guy's got a suit this would be this874.894.41
could be a payday right here all right877.683.54
see him yeah I see him come on you879.34.05
little [ __ ] all right Simon come on if881.223.51
he doesn't go to the ATM I'll blow his883.352.52
head off and you steal his money will884.734.38
run I love it please and that's more885.876.18
than ya know all right ready sad when889.114.29
you take his money I've got some more892.052.46
than what we should do that'll mean we893.44.17
start yes there you go there's money how894.514.8
do I get it just go dear897.574.98
that's it all right we got a run BAM we899.315.13
should go that far oh [ __ ] we should be902.554.86
shooting people in Simon's house okay so904.444.92
guys this afford it's just a gimmick907.417.17
I don't need a two-door dude stop no all909.368.76
right no V let's get a big man make a914.586.96
rum cake man guys this whole thing went918.124.11
then go south come on Simon you get any922.236.29
money off the dude I mean 20 bucks that924.873.65
was poorly executed guys really well931.3396.531
and we're wanted okay we can outrun935.715.43
these [ __ ] you're good I still hear937.875.19
sirens over these you're still looking941.143.93
I think we've got two stars over the943.066.0
tunnel yeah there we go oh we're good to945.075.54
go now949.064.59
nice jump apps right yeah I think we got950.613.7
away from them953.652.73
this vehicle is wanted by Simeon in954.314.29
every Sun and deliver it to him at the956.384.68
docks for cash Simeon wants this car you958.64.2
paid good money for it it's money you961.063.33
think we'll get uh yeah I think you962.82.58
might get a good chunk they like964.393.39
downside of these Simeon things you see965.384.59
what's the car in pristine condition all967.783.57
right we'll fix it up do they give more969.973.39
money than than the chop shops do I971.354.05
don't know how Simeon pain he called us973.363.54
we should be able to bargain with him975.43.78
yeah I want to see how much he's gonna976.94.41
offer us yeah just see if I were to sell979.183.84
this vehicle right now he will give me981.313.63
five grand for this vehicle whoa no less983.023.78
than five grand no less man seemed you984.942.88
better not come unless I was like four986.82.25
that'd be stupid987.823.66
we're walking sucker all right now I989.053.96
just got to get it there without banging991.483.0
the thing up that's how men you want to993.018.1
drive sure no why no names so we can get994.487.92
a hat we're not gonna make anything you1001.112.97
were making it for Sam he's making I1002.43.54
want him to have a house I think I could1004.0813.23
do it this I'm usually fine driving I1005.9413.14
swear you swore you were good at1017.314.29
parallel parking dinya it's true I think1019.083.84
you'll have to let you in so you'll have1021.62.88
to like wheel up don't run through that1022.923.18
guard thing yeah you have to go up1024.483.45
you'll have to stop the guy I'll lift it1026.12.91
up then you can go through all right1027.932.81
come on bucko1029.014.829
dude it's like I'm always in the I'm1030.745.29
always in the wrong lane at the grocery1033.8394.681
store yeah and this is the same [ __ ]1036.034.2
thing this is ridiculous you're like oh1038.523.18
this lady's got two items she pulls out1040.233.81
a check what the hell happened back it1041.74.11
up well wait look behind you first okay1044.044.29
go to the left get a left gonna hold on1045.815.04
hold on hold on where's it that does it1048.334.62
looks like it so yeah just pull slowly1050.854.43
up there that was really bad1052.955.6
slowly slowly yeah there you go all1055.285.25
right take your in Simon hit it babe I'm1058.555.15
a good job man thank you1060.536.57
all right five more than ten grand and1063.75.83
we walk away yeah how much he gonna give1067.13.0
you Simon1069.534.35
I don't know I'm out oh I got cash I got1070.16.18
cash what would you get because we were1073.884.47
all in there he gave us all cash did you1076.285.1
get cash hold on I got it like 3,700 how1078.354.74
much do you get you're like 4,000 he1081.382.34
meant sour1083.093.27
what'd I get 37 you know what I got I1083.725.34
got nothing i got the $28 from the1086.364.74
[ __ ] person that we robbed that's all1089.066.3
I had so you guys got out of the car and1091.18.22
I got [ __ ] just funny side check this1095.366.21
out man I can share the money I made1099.324.77
from my last job so the the $4,000 I1101.576.05
just made boom cheers now baby oh yeah1104.096.03
money yes thirty seven hundred and fifty1107.624.18
dollars an app store gave me four1110.1216.32
thousand and forty four dollars alright1111.815.99
folks hope you enjoyed this adventure1126.446.29
GTA see you next time in lo Santos1127.794.94

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Dude, have you seen Neebs Gaming's GTA 5 series on YouTube? It's honestly the most hilarious and entertaining GTA content out there. Their cinematic storytelling and characters like Thick44, Apples, and Ghost bring the game to life in a way that's even better than playing it yourself.

I'm telling you, their chaotic shenanigans in GTA Online with the whole Neebs Gaming crew is comedy gold. The way they play off each other's personalities and improvise scenarios had me cracking up nonstop. And the high production value with custom animations and music makes it feel like you're watching a GTA TV show or movie.

But it's not just laughs - their storylines have compelling drama too. Remember when Thick44 got amnesia and Ghost had to help him piece together his criminal past? Or how about the tense rivalry between Apples and Mayor Racc? Neebs Gaming takes you on a wild ride from start to finish.

And you can tell how much passion and heart they put into these videos. It's clear they have a blast making each chaotic episode. Their chemistry and improv skills are top-notch.

So if you're looking for the definitive way to experience GTA 5 without actually playing, look no further than Neebs Gaming. Their cinematic approach brings Los Santos to life in a way that needs to be seen to be believed. I'd go so far as to say their GTA 5 series is a must-watch for any fan of the game or comedy videos in general. Take my word for it and go binge those crazy episodes! You won't regret it.

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