Frighty Night - Halloween Special 2016: Layers of Fear Returns! (plus bonus appetizer)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween treat? Because in this year's Halloween special, our favorit...
Frighty Night - Halloween Special 2016: Layers of Fear Returns! (plus bonus appetizer)
Frighty Night - Halloween Special 2016: Layers of Fear Returns! (plus bonus appetizer)

Frighty Night - Halloween Special 2016: Layers of Fear Returns! (plus bonus appetizer)

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another Frighty Night Halloween special! I'm so excited to dive back into Layers of Fear with you all.

simon: Oh yeah, Layers of Fear is such a spooky game, I can't wait to see you scream like a little baby, Neebs.

appsro: Haha, yeah Neebs, I'm sure this Halloween special will be full of jump scares and hilarious reactions from you.

neebs: Hey, I'm not scared! I just have a healthy appreciation for horror games, that's all. And don't even get me started on that bonus appetizer game we tried, what a disaster.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Are you ready for a spooktacular Halloween treat? Because in this year's Halloween special, our favorite crew is diving back into the terrifying world of Layers of Fear to finally finish the game. I don't know about you, but I've been waiting for this moment ever since they started playing it.

But wait, there's more! Doraleous had another game in mind to kick things off, but let's just say it didn't go as planned. It's all part of the fun and chaos that we love about Neebs Gaming, right? And of course, it wouldn't be a proper Halloween special without a few surprises and scares along the way. I can't wait to see how they handle it all!

If you're a die-hard Neebs Gaming fan like me, you know that this Halloween special is going to be epic. So grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and get ready for a night of laughter, screams, and maybe even a few jump scares. And don't forget to hit that subscribe button to help them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers. Let's show our support for the best gaming channel on YouTube!

The Game

You definitely should check it out!

Layers of Fear is a true horror masterpiece that Neebs Gaming has brought to life in their trademark cinematic style. As soon as the game starts, you feel drawn into the dark and creepy world. The atmosphere is incredibly immersive with the detailed Victorian mansion and eerie soundtrack.

Neebs Gaming perfectly captures the tension and jump scares of the gameplay while adding their humorous commentary. You get totally invested in their journey through the ever-changing halls of the mansion. It's amazing how they piece together the disturbing story of the tortured painter while trying not to lose their minds.

The editing and camera work make it feel like you're watching a movie or TV show, not just another boring playthrough. Close-ups, creepy angles, and quick cuts ramp up the suspense. This is really the next best thing to playing Layers of Fear yourself.

Neebs Gaming is hands down the best way to experience new games short of playing them. Their cinematic approach draws you into the world and their personalities shine through. Layers of Fear is a perfect match for their talents. It's an artistic, psychological thriller brought to life through excellent storytelling and production. I can't recommend this series enough for horror fans. Their content stands out from all the other gaming channels out there.

Neebs Gaming
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boogy boo boogo what is this please tell0.044.04
me I'm not playing the game right now2.723.88
it's our Halloween special hey hey4.084.24
Friday night we have an appetizer6.64.44
haunted house e a childhood favorite8.325.08
from the Atari 2600 hit11.045.36
wow I knew this was going to suck so I24.1995.521
had a lot of beers already okay to27.484.88
prepare me for this thank God I'm into29.724.72
my second 40 right now so can you move32.364.28
around I can look that's what I couldn't34.443.639
figure out Anthony pulled up this36.643.399
emulator and like when I played this as38.0793.8
a kid I could move around are you tell40.0393.921
me you don't even know if this works41.8793.641
why Anthony was saying that that you45.523.8
could move around and then you could48.0394.84
find a a a torch I reject this hit every49.326.32
button on the keyboard is mindblowing it52.8796.041
really is absolutely mind blowing true55.646.04
the confidence is the only thing that58.924.92
that's making this good right now how61.684.24
scary is this huh super scary that you63.845.08
would show this to us I had uh medium65.925.12
hopes for Friday night so I reached out68.924.4
to the uh the Friday the 13th guys that71.043.64
have that new game but apparently I73.323.159
can't have that in time for this and74.683.24
there's another game that I can't have76.4794.041
in time for this so I came up with this77.926.0
appetizer before we do the main event80.524.52
which it looks like we're going to come83.923.44
to now we're going to put something to85.044.2
bed okay go ahead and click on layers of87.364.92
fear do you guys remember this no I do I89.246.12
do I do I had I had repressed this92.286.28
slobber team is that BL blubber I looks95.366.799
like blubber to me ASP asper this one98.565.44
looked good yeah it's visually102.1593.401
stimulating was this the one when you104.03.479
looked at the roof it went like way up105.565.04
yep step five we've done everything but107.4795.121
the final two so we're in this world110.63.44
what were we doing I forgot what we were112.64.04
doing ah I should have watched the video114.044.759
that we did already you believe you116.644.28
didn't even refresh yourself what were118.7994.96
you doing hey Friday night hey hey120.924.559
Friday night man listen these are great123.7593.561
videos what you got there bone who puts125.4794.441
a bone in a127.324.68
doesn't lock yeah these are our final129.923.44
two that we have to do and then we beat132.04.0
the game oh really guys uh we did a133.364.76
bunch of Friday nights in the past and136.03.84
they were all awesome what do I do let's138.122.759
leave this room let's get the hell out139.842.679
of here that's a good [ __ ] start yeah140.8794.0
we are gone baby that's called Shadow142.5195.0
Boxing by the way what that carpentry in144.8793.36
lower shadow box I like that decorative148.2395.08
scon those scones are very nice scon is150.925.679
a fun word window look at this do the153.3195.681
curtains match the carpet oh look at156.5993.521
that there's159.04.519
a all right boogy [ __ ] boo oh160.127.36
treasure oh treasure treasure L man what163.5195.481
why why is it getting dark something oh167.484.52
oh I saw a [ __ ] that's creepy as [ __ ]169.04.4
all right172.04.68
good hey that's oh173.45.36
hey time flies right that's180.484.759
spooky okay you're paying for that sir182.724.799
he owns it it's in his house oh you paid185.2394.72
for that sir put the sweater on did that187.5194.0
look like a sweater to you that was like189.9593.721
a handkerchief that's a handkerchief no191.5194.761
that's a that's a Blazer a very thin193.684.639
Blazer Blazer looks like a child's196.284.28
Blazer then yeah maybe or a thick 44198.3194.401
Blazer all right here we go here we go200.566.599
on somewhere new Friday night God we're202.727.84
just trying to take your teeth out oh207.1596.08
hey look at you hey go give her a210.565.399
kiss I like that that's the first creepy213.2394.041
thing we've215.9593.241
seen remember217.283.84
hey a little scarier hey buddy how you221.124.28
bucko oh I see you yeah follow your225.45.16
little rat friend he he's leing the228.2395.321
right way over here sir where is it my230.565.56
friend hey buddy I like this part this233.564.519
part's fun let's call them squeakers236.124.52
squeakers MC whiskers oh hey little guy238.0793.72
next up the241.7994.921
ramp oh244.8795.761
sh whiskers a you stupid [ __ ] rat cat246.726.76
dog rat 1 2 3 5 n oh God I'm going to go250.644.84
piss oh look at that to get back out we253.484.319
need to fill in oh God there's a cat255.484.4
right so maybe we should follow cat257.7993.601
because there's a cat on the picture so259.884.96
we're the cat chasing the rat three four261.49.32
four 1 3 4 1 come on baby that yeah264.849.68
come baby this is it come270.726.8
on we have [ __ ]274.525.119
yeah oh what's that279.6395.441
oh go towards the light Caroline toward282.325.159
the light Caroline grab me a beer285.086.399
Caroline look up yeah yeah look at that287.4796.72
[ __ ] good291.4794.801
oh oh There was a thick Blazer on the294.1996.321
floor down there was there yeah296.287.24
yeah we're tra oh you're tra we [ __ ]303.524.32
dead look306.444.08
yeah make a310.523.36
wish who oh something316.1998.881
something ooh oh hey oh that's what I320.128.359
yeah that's kind of fun ooh that was325.086.399
that's his eyeball turn around it's332.365.6
going to get weird no oh [ __ ] oh no oh334.289.56
[ __ ] all right then oh boy oh oh337.965.88
oh you cute [ __ ] that was345.84.839
whiskers MC348.6394.56
whiskers hey goodness what was that well350.6396.041
the bookk sneezed or had an orgasm oh oh353.1997.44
is that squeak squeakers no let's take a356.688.48
moment no don't look back do360.6394.521
it yes oh I remember this you remember365.728.96
this the hell I like370.5994.081
yeah listen to378.1996.041
that there we go could just open it that381.245.16
was you might not had to do oh wait384.244.16
there's a switch on the wall sorry386.44.56
squeaker where is he squeakers where is391.84.56
he is squeaker still alive show yourself393.84.6
sque that might have been whiskers come396.363.48
back baby you didn't want to check out398.43.519
that painting of The Upside Down [ __ ]399.843.16
that yeah SS great403.06.759
ancestor I like this room around seems407.43.84
like a good place to masturbate you409.7593.88
remember this I don't the game glitched411.244.48
out when we did this oh the first time413.6396.0
we played it y ooh hey nice a remember415.726.159
this room yes I do oh there's a book419.6395.24
your book hold the to the book and421.8794.521
oh not ready for that are we look at the426.45.12
numbers there it428.9196.201
is 363431.526.44
roll what type of phone you just dbed oh435.125.359
there it is437.962.519
again ooh look at this there's a442.4798.16
perspective jump oh this is cool446.1996.921
W hey hello450.6394.641
ohy down here455.283.68
oh right wait numbers oh hey hey number459.4797.961
853 all we had to do is wait for a465.244.12
[ __ ] bookshelf to fall out of the sky467.443.68
I could stand here and wait like I did469.363.399
last time that paid471.127.519
off [ __ ] four yeah get that phone hello472.7597.4
and then478.6395.56
oh CH of intimacy oh this looks480.1597.121
cool okay all right all right all right484.1995.921
easy hey another [ __ ] phone great oh487.286.759
easy oh we need490.123.919
that are we in another layer of fear now495.566.24
how fun is this guys super fun we have498.684.959
to answer any more [ __ ]501.84.799
phones a finger so did we just pick up a503.6395.24
finger [ __ ] this room sick of this let's506.5993.241
go out here508.8793.84
there we good job fing look509.846.8
up a nice looking fan oh we're back okay512.7196.12
awesome one more layer Jesus and then516.644.48
we'll be done oh God I don't know want518.8394.32
to sit through any more of this hey521.124.24
finger so now we got hair we got bone523.1593.601
with are we just collecting all this525.363.479
[ __ ] from are these parts of the lady526.764.16
this is going to be who knows so we're528.8394.161
[ __ ] so we're [ __ ] crazy all right530.923.44
let's go out let's collect that tit533.03.959
speedrun Speed Run Hey Oh I like that534.364.44
floor it's a good floor a good looking536.9593.081
oh bunch of apples Monas oh look at that540.046.96
remember this yes I do this was the544.24.28
thumbnail for the first layers of fear547.03.8
we did548.485.68
oh I remember that animation yep very550.85.479
Wiggly it's a bunch of rats it's like a554.163.56
rat orgy on the back of every one of556.2793.521
these you got any numbers for me I sure557.723.16
numbers rats rats560.885.32
sers oh look oh yeah all right that's563.364.76
easy there we go bug566.23.639
look we really don't have time trying to569.8395.761
do a speed run guys after this we get a572.246.839
whole year off we have to do this again575.65.16
I'm not playing Friday night oh that's a579.0794.0
squeaker uh shadow on the left look at580.765.04
the left wall is that a shadow or here's583.0795.841
the light source right and then squeers585.85.719
is that's his tail oh we got it now we588.925.52
know that's really cool that's I like591.5195.681
that they took a lot of time on that and594.444.639
very few people will appreciate it597.23.079
especially since you don't see your own599.0793.32
shadow which is weird right right right600.2793.601
oh look at this I like the colors door602.3993.801
on the ground yeah well let's learn from603.885.76
our mistakes into the pitfall here we606.25.319
go like there was something in the609.645.52
corner there go in that corner no no611.5196.681
yeah we're speed speed speed got a boob615.166.16
to find it looks like some type of a a618.28.319
winch wiench winch grab it come621.329.68
along titty tit yeah come here baby oh626.5196.0
boy oh I'm going to have to approach you631.05.68
to bed early boy oh [ __ ] door pit let's632.5196.76
try the door first door yeah or door636.685.399
door door door door door it is we should639.2794.841
have done that first I don't know why642.0794.121
they're they're painting here so oh it's644.123.839
a Ouija board Ouija oh let's play with a646.23.079
Ouija board let's see if there's a ghost647.9592.841
in this house ask her if she wants to649.2795.161
[ __ ] us go d650.87.44
d o and then do f u k do you want [ __ ]654.446.6
you'll know what it means658.242.8
now go to yes yes you can't answer you661.444.839
can't answer the question wait our664.6394.081
number is 363 853 might want to write666.2794.761
that one668.722.32
down [ __ ] wow that was kind chair is a672.24.48
big deal yeah don't touch675.0795.161
that o Alo all right oh look at that676.687.08
bathtub okay680.243.52
yes wow oh all right this oh hey there's686.485.2
cutie hey can you grab my face689.8394.641
underwater please hey come on let's do691.685.32
it she doesn't see us we're going to694.484.72
surprise hey I wonder if she got our697.04.0
Ouija board message now we're on the699.23.879
Titanic there was plenty of room for701.04.32
Jack on the door there really was it703.0795.801
really was [ __ ] stupid oh this feels705.324.759
like the708.883.84
end because there's music please just710.0794.801
let him drown himself please God let712.724.64
this end oh wait no I think we made it714.884.519
guys damn it we're still alive scooped717.367.279
it up like ice cream yum like a ice719.3995.24
cream hey check725.446.36
Checkers here we go729.485.12
Checkers hell731.85.88
wa Checkers in734.66.88
space look thick it's a737.683.8
jacket oh they're playing they're741.683.56
playing oh wait look at them look at744.03.56
them what are they doing oh look oh hey745.245.33
it's a whole new I that room747.566.089
remix oh shut up there it is765.885.04
yeah okay all right oh oh771.245.76
check hey go back to the board go back774.166.679
to the bo we're going to the board777.03.839
oh big things780.885.16
happening there we783.0795.601
go that's not a real move you can't do786.044.159
that nope nobody can oh that was788.683.519
nonsense when you cheat you only cheat790.1994.44
yourself yep oh what the hell is this792.1994.64
man now it's poker oh hey this is794.6395.481
different uh-huh and right right where796.8394.401
is this800.123.959
banana hear it yeah yeah here it's801.246.52
freaking me out look up panan804.0796.681
oh oh now812.566.279
we're okay thank goodness oh wait are we815.6398.231
done we're back W wo w Wait a ey818.8396.161
wa guys did we do it cross thy fingers825.06.04
oh God no there's no828.925.599
way oh it's her831.049.68
Manion oh boy what what is this834.5198.041
I don't understand that actually looks840.723.84
really cool you understood everything842.564.24
else it's really good artwork the way844.566.24
they did that that looks great artworks846.84.0
great G oh oh added to850.926.8
again I'm still861.563.56
playing so we've clearly gone in saying866.564.32
we've gone to every room and just torn869.0795.281
[ __ ] up because we're crazy oh yes870.888.28
yes an empty wait what it was blank oh874.367.2
my God that's it very879.164.96
good happy Friday night everybody see881.565.05
you next year884.125.559
boogo remix897.684.079

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