Face Dive! Diamond Casino Heist GTA 5 pt.3

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on the channel, you are seriously missing out. The ...
Face Dive! Diamond Casino Heist GTA 5 pt.3
Face Dive! Diamond Casino Heist GTA 5 pt.3

Face Dive! Diamond Casino Heist GTA 5 pt.3

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to Neebs Gaming! Today we're diving face-first into the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA 5. It's gonna be epic!

simon: Oh man, I love this video! The part where we're trying to get the security key cards is just hilarious. And don't even get me started on the helicopter chase!

appsro: Yeah, that helicopter chase was intense! But my favorite part has to be when we're prepping for the heist meeting. The banter between us is just priceless.

neebs: Agreed, Appsro! And let's not forget about the Duggan Shipments. That whole scene had me cracking up. This video is definitely one for the books!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't already checked out the latest video on the channel, you are seriously missing out. The gang is back at it again in GTA 5 with part 3 of the Diamond Casino Heist series, and let me tell you, it's an absolute blast.

In this episode, the Neebs Gaming crew dives headfirst into the heist, facing off against security key cards, navigating the video arcade, and even dealing with some explosive vault action. And let's not forget about the intense helicopter chase and prep heist meeting - the excitement never stops!

One of my favorite parts of this video is watching the team take on the Duggan Shipments, showcasing their strategic skills and teamwork in action. Plus, the hilarious commentary and banter between the guys always keeps me entertained from start to finish.

If you're a fan of GTA 5, roleplay, or just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew tackle crazy heists and missions, this video is a must-watch. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon and merch to show your support for this awesome channel. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

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I guess he's staying at a hotel enter24.4394.361
the hotel room and take out the security26.885.239
guard okay okay28.83.319
let's get out here and take a look it38.5793.181
should be right here looks like my guy's40.0793.781
in the hotel room getting a little pinky41.764.34
on I'm gonna43.862.24
get a key card don't mind me doesn't48.7193.781
that look like the security like the51.03.66
target's like right here yeah is it this52.54.199
lady is it the lady or is it this drunk54.664.14
guy oh is it the drunk guy I don't know56.6993.84
he seems like he's drunk he doesn't look58.83.599
like a security guard to me when you get60.5393.121
close to him to say anything that62.3993.361
doesn't say anything just says steal the63.663.9
key card from the security guard are you65.765.3
dealing with a drunk guy up sure no I'm67.563.5
man I don't know I just know he's in75.1193.901
this hotel room over here David I guess77.1594.081
I'll just go over ours just looks like a79.024.86
drunk bomb81.244.8
all right83.884.559
there you go we just hit him I just hit86.044.02
him and knocked him down Simon just88.4393.241
kicked the defenseless lady up security90.064.08
guards fighting back now go ahead oh91.686.54
yeah come on buddy huh get it Simon is94.146.18
crushing his guy I need to find the98.224.14
security he just knocked him down yep100.325.159
steal the card the doesn't say can you102.365.82
take it right here oh wait press the105.4796.14
search I'm searching108.183.439
all right I'm gonna go uh talk to my guy113.644.519
hey [ __ ] you gotta well do118.683.719
something about it then you want to send120.843.54
your [ __ ] after me you better sit down122.3993.661
you better sit down right now I'm Gonna124.383.419
Pop That kneecap126.063.72
that's right127.7994.501
hey what are you doing are you still129.786.2
fighting check this out132.33.68
let's see where is this a good game boom142.524.54
take that yeah mine was just a guy in a147.064.74
hotel room trying to get his hanky-panky149.74.619
on all right so you got it huh151.85.24
got it so hard and no one heard anything154.3196.801
I'm getting away scot-free157.044.08
that was too easy man these guys were162.365.04
too good yeah uh Simon just had to uh164.45.58
just smack somebody down yeah I shot a167.43.9
couple in their hotel room I don't know169.982.94
if he was paying for it or not probably171.34.26
no in this world the hotel room yes the172.923.78
hotel room leaves that's what I'm175.562.7
talking about yeah well she didn't need176.74.259
to die so Vault explosives that's the178.265.04
only required thing we have left but we180.9593.42
should probably do some of those183.32.939
optionals huh maybe at least the Duggan184.3793.0
shipments I know like that's that's186.2393.241
their security we can knock out some of187.3793.36
their security stuff should make our189.482.7
entry into the casino a little easier190.7393.541
okay we'll do dugging shipments but192.183.36
let's knock out the fault explosives194.284.08
first we'll do that right Simon yeah as195.544.68
long as uh I'm not gonna be in charge of198.364.019
the exposes am I no all right so perfect200.224.62
vote explosives vote explosives let's do202.3793.78
do you know how hard it is to Source206.1594.141
high quality plastic explosives these208.24.02
days the last batch from my usual210.34.019
supplier got picked up by some Salvage212.223.96
Crews working shipwrecks off the coast214.3195.601
the Silver Lining is216.183.74
known as crazy or stupid enough to222.05.4
did he say bottom of the ocean it225.363.54
sounded like he said bottom of the ocean227.44.919
uh I would rather not swim if I don't228.94.979
need to232.3193.121
why are you even here233.8793.301
um because you asked me to be yeah I235.443.54
guess we did we like your company yeah237.183.779
but it's weird sometimes where you don't238.983.78
want to participate well it's not that I240.9593.481
don't want to participate with swimming242.763.839
I've had bad luck like I'm not saying I244.443.359
don't want to run around and shoot246.5992.7
people you're just scared of the water247.7993.961
yeah I've drowned several times in this249.2994.14
game where I'm like going I shouldn't251.763.179
have drowned you just can't get to the253.4393.901
surface for some reason sometimes okay254.9394.08
well Simon you can wait in the car or257.344.459
wait in the boat okay259.0192.78
shoot them feed them to the Sharks I265.864.26
don't care I've arranged for some scuba267.94.2
gear to be left nearby there you go270.124.139
Simon we got scuba gear all right I like272.14.8
scuba gear now can we split up maybe get274.2595.341
uh different you know angles on these276.95.64
bad guys uh yeah let me pull out yeah I279.64.92
got a suppressor on this one Marksman282.543.78
rifle let's try to take these guys out284.525.0
quiet yeah yeah286.323.2
I got a pretty good position over here293.94.6
I'm just gonna give him hell right here296.343.48
all right298.53.0
this guy without alerting the others let299.823.92
me see301.52.24
I'm shooting explosives I guess they're312.863.279
not getting314.883.24
anything my God we got a chopper I got I316.1393.361
got the chopper I got the chopper keep318.123.359
me covered seven oh no I'm not keeping319.54.34
you covered321.4792.361
here let me let me try to get this324.04.139
Chopper guy too I got him oh you did you325.9793.541
did get him all right I'm pushing328.1394.4
forward oh yeah there they are329.523.019
uh me too332.582.899
all right I think we got one more up I335.585.78
don't see him where is he337.863.5
is he in the water342.02.78
what are you uh what are you doing346.865.58
all right he's down he's down good God I349.624.62
didn't do anything over here is that you352.443.72
yeah that's you so what'd you do uh your354.243.72
grenade launcher shot and just didn't356.163.9
make it I guess it went in the water I357.963.12
don't know I was trying to blow these360.062.46
Jeeps up I thought I'd take them all out361.083.66
okay all right we gotta find a boat or362.524.32
something uh we need to search the364.743.66
wreckage looks like the wreckage is out366.843.24
there I see the lights from Merryweather368.44.079
I bet we can get scuba gear maybe on the370.083.66
boats man how are you supposed to get372.4793.181
over there well how do you think bucko373.744.739
we're gonna swim and Simon I know I'm375.664.5
gonna swim we're swimming over to what378.4794.321
that freighter or what wreckage where380.164.2
are we supposed are they shooting at us382.83.899
hang out let me let me see let me look384.364.44
at this with my sniper rifle386.6994.201
oh yeah they're shooting at us here I'll388.84.2
take them out from here390.94.5
we go393.03.78
enough of that good thing we didn't395.44.16
start swimming already396.782.78
we get them up400.563.96
yeah I think we got him all right easy401.945.4
should we do it uh yeah may as well404.525.899
let's hit it yeah407.343.079
I'm trying not to so are we gonna be411.63.539
getting onto those little boats that we413.6393.12
just shot at yeah I think if we get all415.1392.821
these little boats we can acquire some416.7592.94
scuba gear417.963.299
we should have brought like a seaplane419.6993.301
or something for what the trip to the421.2594.56
docks to the boat yeah a seaplane look423.04.68
how long is this taking it's been taking425.8194.32
that long we're almost there aren't we427.685.1
though yes yeah we're close like right430.1395.521
down here seaplane yeah but the plane432.784.56
would have been nice right for our boat435.663.84
we could have flew it here and then we437.344.979
could have let's see can we get439.56.78
toss this guy over let's see maybe top442.3196.361
that guy there it is okay hang on Simon446.284.319
all right let's see so if I were to jump448.683.9
out now do I have scuba gear oh wait is450.5993.6
this stuff in the other boat there might452.583.3
be another boat in it oh yeah I got a I454.1993.241
got a scooper mask on just jump out oh455.883.659
you do yeah all you gotta yeah you jump457.443.659
in this boat and it equips you okay so459.5392.94
we don't need to jump out you should461.0993.361
have a mask on oh it looks like a dude462.4794.261
do I have a mask on Simon you do not464.463.66
because you did not actually enter a466.743.84
driver's seat oh I I think it's dumb but468.124.079
yeah you got to enter a driver's seat of470.583.42
the boat and then you'll have a mask472.1993.961
okay just jumped into the boat and then474.03.66
out of it I know I did and now I'm476.163.18
swimming underneath the water when I'm477.664.86
running trying to swim up479.345.4
and now in order to go up482.524.2
I have to hit the down button and this484.743.959
is where I'm going to drown I forgot how486.724.5
to uh don't know how to swim up488.6996.241
oh back okay yeah you kind of Point your491.225.879
way up right I'm trying to how would you494.943.599
point your way upwards so immediately497.0994.021
going down when I'm pointing up so I'm498.5393.72
gonna get ready to drown again probably501.122.94
I'm gonna drown502.2594.261
you wasn't kidding no he wasn't he is504.063.9
not a good swimmer I wonder where he's506.523.739
gonna end up I'm on the dock507.965.1
can you just sit tight let me go shoot510.2594.9
this thing wait I wish for somebody to513.064.32
teach me how to swim these uh the scuba515.1593.841
gear does not last as long as I want it517.382.64
God oh God oh God oh God oh God ugh man520.024.56
I almost drowned522.8395.041
absolutely I don't know how to go down524.585.879
how do you go down and I can only go527.886.0
down right bumper right bumper oh there530.4595.041
we go where are we going okay let's go533.883.42
we're going down I'm guessing those red535.54.08
things got down grab and go up537.33.36
uh is that it is that it540.664.56
I'm searching the wreckage oh I see543.424.32
something okay God did I search it I545.224.559
don't see a prompt to search547.744.68
yeah I saw those red things hold on I549.7795.521
see something that's gotta be it all552.424.859
right I got one it's like a flashing uh555.35.18
flashing green oh hey guys Choppers557.2795.581
Choppers are shooting come when you hold560.483.76
off to Trappers we're still searching562.863.78
for this stuff I'm gonna attempt to uh564.244.38
try to get some cover It's gotta be down566.644.02
here somewhere568.625.04
shoot back all right579.363.32
not that easy for me who doesn't shoot583.085.34
very well to shoot down a chopper I584.946.42
don't have a missile launcher with ammo588.425.34
got it okay all right I'm gonna grab a591.364.02
boat I'll try to fight the Choppers from593.763.72
the boat595.384.44
all right I'm gonna try to shoot the597.486.68
chopper Guy come on can I nope599.824.34
[ __ ] bullets604.4593.421
we got two more choppers coming in611.3993.5
one Chopper coming in616.0194.671
you found that thing yet oh I see are622.084.74
boxes that are blinking red nothing624.726.26
green I can't go in a green arrow626.824.16
nothing easy to see here and I'm out of632.944.62
air again do I mini gun this Chopper I635.4595.161
bet I do yeah there you go send the637.565.399
Choppers down to your needs thank you640.624.88
great James you found that thing yet I646.4596.161
know I can't find it man this this Mass649.0195.341
thing is worthless yeah I wish we had652.623.959
proper scuba gear seven words you end up654.364.5
I'm on the ship just shooting the656.5794.921
Choppers and missing oh hey you wanna I658.864.44
can pick you up in the boat okay you661.53.6
want to jump off the ship jumping in663.34.14
there you go oh you went right in front665.13.32
of me667.444.38
I got knocked out how do you go up again668.426.58
I I don't know I'm in the controller and671.824.8
I'm trying to go up and I'm hitting675.03.839
bumpers if you hold a and pull back on676.624.26
the left George tank678.8394.44
there you go holding a and hitting up on680.884.5
the joystick are you dead you died683.2795.761
didn't you all right I'm gonna swim and685.386.0
get in the vehicle I'm telling you guys689.045.359
there is nothing down here nothing691.386.78
what's this way over here oh it's a gun694.3995.44
not a body armor this is taking way too698.164.7
damn long I'm coming in neebs699.8396.961
I've been down there so many times I702.865.68
can't find it I see it I see it706.83.12
oh wait no that's not it is that a gun709.924.859
that's a gun I'm gonna get out and grab711.984.18
the thing that's just kind of in the714.7793.12
water I probably shouldn't do that but716.163.9
here can I hit this all right I717.8994.62
delivered the Explorer I mean I have the720.064.14
explosive okay you got the one you got722.5193.481
the ones I dropped I'm gonna help neebs724.23.9
find the other one I did and these guys726.03.48
are shooting me so I'm gonna run away728.14.52
for a second and come back729.483.14
I'm looking around again did you check733.144.92
inside the plane it's really hard to get735.8994.88
down there and get inside738.062.719
yep and I'm taking damage now [ __ ] and742.985.96
I'm I'm about to die that745.83.14
I'm back in752.222.72
search the wreckage for Vault explosives755.045.28
you gotta be in here I'm going to try to758.73.13
get in this plane760.324.139
oh you can't get in the plane so yeah764.4593.721
that's pointless isn't it yeah I mean766.53.12
you see what I'm saying I'm just seeing768.183.12
a bunch of boxes that you can't grab and769.623.12
the question mark on the map is right771.33.3
here yeah no it's got to be somewhere oh772.743.599
wait oh wait there over there right774.63.359
under me oh God I'm running out of air776.3393.861
that was not there a second ago I swear777.9594.921
okay we got them both oh wait no we got780.24.66
one we gotta get the one Simon drop yep782.883.66
Simon you got a boat I don't have a boat784.863.479
I've been hiding they're shooting me I'm786.543.539
practically dead788.3393.601
the ones out of the water I'm going790.0793.241
through it it won't let you pick it up791.943.839
neebs oh it's floating yep I got it yeah793.323.959
because Simon drop it now we just gotta795.7794.021
get oh God we got Shoppers on us we797.2794.021
gotta get the land oh I see a boat799.85.0
follow me leaves right behind you801.33.5
can go over those Shoppers names810.424.74
okay we gotta get these explosives back812.724.6
to the arcade right okay oh my God I'm815.164.2
gonna die again817.324.86
me they're laser eye I got one of the819.365.099
guys out of this Chopper what am I doing822.184.68
just waiting here824.4595.18
all right826.862.779
I gotta do good job the only way I'm829.924.26
gonna survive this uh boy hard to shoot831.8994.081
on this boat we can at least get the834.184.02
gunman's taken out oh I just took a guy835.985.039
down nice job for smoking838.24.34
we might be okay841.0195.041
this is some crazy [ __ ] what are you up842.546.16
to I'm just hanging out on the dock with846.065.12
no action848.72.48
this is when you would call a sea plane851.663.46
I don't know I just thought it'd be cool853.982.52
for everyone I don't think I own one oh855.122.88
my God that Chopper is like right behind856.52.7
us yeah I think they don't have any858.02.459
Gunners any left so they're just859.24.02
following us we're good oh nice okay860.4594.981
let's see we gotta get uh we gotta get863.223.9
back on land hold on I might know a865.442.88
I jumped in the Water by accident868.327.079
[ __ ] hey and then the up button871.684.86
yep swim875.3992.88
Ming I'm trying to switch swimming876.544.099
lesson for you878.2792.36
you do882.242.539
this might be dumb names hit it fast888.8394.101
we're giving it a shot let's do it okay890.5196.0
yeah oh my God we did it the chopper892.945.22
just hit a bridge896.5194.38
okay where's the arcade from here I898.164.0
think it's near this bridge isn't it900.8992.94
it's not too far from the aqueducts I902.163.6
know that oh God oh God here we go sorry903.8393.721
it's getting a little shallow yep oh905.763.84
just keep going fast oh no I can't nope907.563.24
all right all right I'm gonna get out of909.61.799
oh here's some cars let's do some Grand911.3993.961
Theft Auto how's that swimming going913.684.5
Simon I'm I'm out of the water now and915.364.86
I'm gonna stay out918.183.779
I'll try920.223.299
you know I wish I looked at the mini map921.9593.06
because I think there was actual scuba923.5193.361
gear we could have actually put on we925.0193.241
weren't wearing scuba gear no we weren't926.884.079
wearing no we had a like a a breather or928.264.68
a rebreather yeah like a gas mask or930.9593.361
something yeah we didn't have no damn932.944.139
scuba gear man why are we so dumb uh I934.324.019
don't know are weed them yeah we're937.0793.481
really dumb okay hey we're here938.3396.201
good God what a nightmare940.563.98
so what are we doing done in Garth and947.163.84
Brooks Brooks and Dunn what in the world949.52.639
did you just say to me I don't know what951.03.18
this mission's called uh well if we want952.1395.281
to we can do the Duggan supplies um I954.185.7
think yeah again Duggan there we go I957.424.26
think if we activate this Mission though959.883.48
we're gonna have you know we're gonna961.683.24
have a timer so we'll only have a963.363.0
limited amount of time to go up there964.924.5
and destroy some supplies so we probably966.365.4
need a plan so we got to move quick yeah969.424.14
okay you got a plan971.766.5
no you got a plan yeah I got a plan973.564.7
all right Faster by air right oh yeah983.823.9
what the hell are you gonna do with that986.3992.94
I don't know it just seemed like a good987.723.54
idea for the last mission okay we got989.3393.781
two enemy teams down on the ground right991.263.72
in front of us so I'm breaking up to the993.123.12
left okay994.984.279
um moving in to a Target996.243.019
side my left side uh left but I have no999.64.919
way to jump on a gun but I do have a way1002.423.9
to shoot kinda if you have a way to1004.5193.301
shoot counter then yeah you can help me1006.323.72
shoot these guys all right there it is I1007.823.78
can't see where you're shooting oh yeah1010.043.859
no he's right1011.62.299
he's writing a lot of chaos he's right1015.2595.101
there you see him oh boy well okay1016.2795.401
all right1020.364.26
now this [ __ ] good1021.685.399
girl oh got it I I think I jumped out I1024.624.86
jumped out I don't want to jump out do I1027.0794.201
okay hold on I'm trying to get1029.484.079
oh God I just got right over by a car1031.284.98
that's okay all right hold on1033.5595.581
hold on let me get back in oh god oh1036.264.919
that sounds bad what happened Simon oh1039.144.26
that was him dying that wasn't good well1041.1794.681
hold on Buddy you're dead am I supposed1043.44.32
to be jumping in this vehicle maybe I1045.863.24
all right so this security ship it looks1049.14.079
like it already got destroyed salmon I'm1051.263.659
coming in I uh I've called in my car1053.1794.101
okay I'm landing I thought it was1064.163.24
crashing but I landed well that's good1065.843.78
I'll be taking out anybody yet no but if1067.44.139
I see somebody can I shoot in this plane1069.623.059
time and we got three Choppers Dead1072.6794.38
Ahead I see them so I have limited1074.664.86
weapons while I'm in this vehicle you1077.0594.86
got sticky bombs I do have sticky bombs1079.523.779
this might be an opportunity for a1081.9193.181
sticky [ __ ] I only have one sticky bomb1083.2994.801
remember toss and then ignite okay how1085.15.64
do you ignite uh left on the d-pad got1088.15.28
it buddy left on the d-pad and they1090.746.72
ignite toss ignite oh yeah that's it got1093.388.179
a good one you did baby yay1097.464.099
okay well you never know a grenade1103.94.659
grenade that's risk if you give it a1106.584.44
shot toss and a good night how about1108.5594.801
toss and ignite no not even close stop1111.024.76
and ignite damnity stuff1113.364.86
I'm just tossing grenades but they're1115.783.84
not igniting1118.224.64
sticky bombs1119.623.24
oh when I was swimming oh [ __ ] my health1127.75.16
is really bad okay I'm jumping out1130.0394.38
um but I need to get down so I can eat1132.862.939
snacks all right yeah let's land any1134.4193.541
snacks yeah yeah yeah yeah hey I'm on1135.7993.301
their boat1137.963.24
yeah I got one of them okay uh yep I got1141.26.42
one nice Simon and I are nicer we're on1145.223.839
the mountain top we're eating snacks1147.623.419
beautiful beautiful day look we see the1149.0593.961
observatory from here oh my God I gotta1151.0393.721
destroy this boat but I can't do it from1153.022.76
the water1154.762.76
um this is not okay I'm gonna try to1155.783.48
throw a grenade1157.524.38
wish me luck uh good luck1159.266.96
jump jump names come on1161.96.96
you got me with it oh good well hey at1166.224.5
least we took a couple of them out uh so1168.863.84
there's no chance of us doing this uh no1170.723.24
no there's no chance of us doing them1172.73.479
all but we did some does that count does1173.964.5
some count some absolutely counts oh1176.1795.221
Simon get your sticky bombs ready I1178.464.86
think I told you I didn't have sticky1181.44.019
[ __ ]1185.4193.361
yeah okay you don't have ticket bombs1186.743.66
that's fine that's fine I got these guys1188.783.24
look I'm a damn Pro all right I'm1190.43.72
jumping in the Osiris maybe I can find1192.023.96
one see we got a minute left we can get1194.123.919
these guys in a minute1195.986.18
what come on what God that should have1198.0395.801
hit that should have hit that [ __ ]1202.163.48
come on1203.844.68
right there right there I know I think1205.648.34
I'm out okay I got him oh nice yeah baby1208.528.76
what have I got left ball Toms revolvers1213.986.42
oh I got a flare gun that ought to do it1217.285.34
uh I'm trying it's got a little crazy1220.44.26
all right Sammy you gotta get him we got1222.623.66
30 seconds to get this guy I don't even1224.663.3
see him I know he's running oh right1226.283.0
above it's okay1227.963.719
come on your [ __ ] he's close we could do1229.284.58
just keep doing that thing over here1233.94.019
which is nothing seems like it come on1235.464.38
come on trying to fly and shoot Savage1237.9195.341
13 Seconds come on bring him down bring1239.845.04
him down oh man we're not gonna be able1243.263.96
to do this yeah damn squirrely1244.885.52
oh is he going down he's going down1247.225.94
he's going down oh he might three two1250.44.56
one come on hit the ground oh come on1253.164.46
come on1254.962.66
susceptible yeah it's acceptable let's1264.825.34
rob a casino1267.52.66
thank you1276.5598.95

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The production quality is top-notch, with great camera work, editing, and voice acting that brings the characters to life. It's clear a lot of thought and effort goes into crafting an engaging narrative around their gameplay. Even in this episode, the prep missions have a purpose and move the heist plot forward in an entertaining way.

And the action sequences are fantastic! The helicopter chase after stealing the explosives had me on the edge of my seat. The way they mix humor and excitement so seamlessly is fantastic. Like when Simon was panicking about losing the cops and Neebs calmly says "I'm eating P's and Q's over here." Classic Neebs Gaming joke in the middle of a tense getaway!

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play GTA is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Except you don't have to grind missions or get frustrated when random online players mess up your plans. You just get to sit back and enjoy the hilarious personalities and cinematic stories this crew comes up with.

If you're a GTA fan but don't always have the time to play, I couldn't recommend Neebs Gaming's series enough. Their ability to roleplay and improvise within the open world creates such a rich and entertaining experience. I'm excited to see where the Diamond Casino Heist goes next! This is definitely one of their best GTA cinematic series yet.

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