GTA 5 Online - The Meth Boat Mission (Grand Theft Auto Gameplay)

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you love watching Grand Theft Auto 5 online missions, then you're in for a treat with the latest vid...
GTA 5 Online - The Meth Boat Mission (Grand Theft Auto Gameplay)
GTA 5 Online - The Meth Boat Mission (Grand Theft Auto Gameplay)

GTA 5 Online - The Meth Boat Mission (Grand Theft Auto Gameplay)

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neebs: Hey guys, have you seen our latest GTA 5 video, 'The Meth Boat Mission'? It's a real thrill ride!

simon: Oh yeah, that one was a blast! I loved the part where we had to chase down the meth boat while dodging explosions left and right.

appsro: Haha, that mission was insane! I couldn't stop laughing when we accidentally blew up our own car trying to take out the bad guys.

neebs: And let's not forget the epic helicopter chase at the end! It was like something out of an action movie.

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This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

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Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you love watching Grand Theft Auto 5 online missions, then you're in for a treat with the latest video from Neebs Gaming. Get ready for an adventure like no other as the team takes on some of the most cinematic gameplay in GTA 5.

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hey guys hey I got a call from Lester7.2795.161
really what he say yeah he's got a job10.7193.08
for us you guys want to go steal a12.444.679
couple of helicopters ooh helicopter13.7995.841
do come on get this guy this guy like17.1194.0
listen he's he's in the fast lane he19.643.399
needs to be going fast somebody shoot21.1193.841
him yeah want to shoot I want to get the23.0393.08
cops on us we're trying to steal a24.963.479
chopper it's not very it'll be fine I26.1194.681
know people you know people I know28.4393.84
people you don't know anybody I know30.83.2
everyone you're broke as [ __ ] you just32.2793.081
moved here and you're the kind of guy34.03.32
that says you know people when you don't35.364.679
listen I logged into the game and for37.325.559
some reason I got like an extra $250,00040.0395.081
I got enough money [ __ ] welfare just42.8794.441
giving money to the got that too and I'm45.124.88
rich I don't know if I got any money47.324.6
look I got some money and I am not going50.03.96
to be homeless by the time we're done51.923.799
with this Mission or at least I'll buy a53.964.599
house after the mission sir damn it yeah55.7194.921
he was going to come into your lane was58.5595.361
no no signal or anything yeah all right60.644.68
now slow up see we got to go to the roof63.923.839
of this building up here yeah yeah and I65.323.64
don't know what we're going to run into67.7593.161
we should do some reconnaissance right68.964.4
yeah I like the sound of that all right70.923.879
you going to get out are we all getting73.363.119
out I mean seems like a thing to do yeah74.7994.041
okay all right I see some cars parked76.4794.921
over there should we hug the78.844.76
left yeah good idea let's let's get81.44.6
let's get get to the Shadows here all83.64.879
right I don't see anybody we should be86.05.92
good let's keep trucking yeah88.4793.441
okay I like that vehicle over there the92.1594.761
big red semi wait a minute wait wait95.0792.841
wait here I'm going to get on top of96.922.76
this truck see if I see anybody I see97.924.199
some guys oh oh yeah I see them over99.685.0
there too oh [ __ ] they see us oh [ __ ] W102.1195.04
we've messed up we've messed up damn it104.684.399
how do we not see those guys are we107.1594.841
going loud yep go loud go Loud come on109.0794.36
Simon you watch that side I'll watch112.03.719
this side all right [ __ ] we're in a bad113.4394.32
spot yeah we are wor spot damn I already115.7196.36
got freaking shot t down all right Nee117.7596.04
Simon I see you122.0796.68
guys reloading oh [ __ ] I got you back123.7998.561
buddy damn it I can't do [ __ ] over here128.7595.521
[ __ ] I think we're good that's132.365.56
it good job fellas A little sloppy yeah134.285.4
I did nothing all right we didn't know137.922.88
where they were we need to know where139.682.72
they are next time guys look at your140.83.36
mini map everybody see that yeah they're142.43.24
up there somewhere I wonder if I could144.162.64
just toss a grenade up there and hit145.645.16
them yeah do it all right watch146.86.88
out ah couldn't go150.85.2
high wait I got a rocket launcher I153.684.68
think no I don't scratch all that about156.04.92
a sniper rifle I have one you guys see158.364.36
anything I don't see him though that's160.924.599
the problem oh [ __ ] get him oh yeah162.723.879
peing got him Nice Shot thick yeah166.5994.64
you're a pretty good sniper you mind169.9592.56
keeping your eye on the tip of that171.2393.601
ladder yep or knes you're already on it172.5193.321
I could watch it if you guys want I'm174.842.56
looking at stuff dud I'm I'm looking at175.843.24
it all right well I'm going to go up177.43.36
just make sure they don't shoot me okay179.083.36
okay why don't you follow abro guys I'll180.763.72
keep an eye on the ladder yeah you got182.445.68
this i got this okay moving184.487.039
in got one careful188.126.759
abro oh [ __ ] got another what's oh [ __ ]191.5195.44
thick someone shooting at me oh I got194.8795.36
guys down here well take them out hey AB196.9596.36
oh hey neebs any enemies up here uh yeah200.2395.201
they're around this corner I believe203.3194.0
watch my back oh hold on let me getting205.444.04
position oh oh oh I'm getting hit oh207.3193.48
crap got209.483.44
this Simon get right in front of me210.7993.881
buddy shut up there's a guy right here212.924.16
oh we got Guys near the214.686.16
chopper tangle down I'm coming up oh I217.085.719
see a Cho there yeah hey we got Choppers220.843.16
but we still have a couple guys on the222.7993.681
other side of this Chopper so be careful224.04.48
oh guy running across he's trying to226.485.52
flank us he's near you neebs or Simon228.485.2
where are you you son of a [ __ ] show232.03.92
yourself how's it looking over here nees233.684.6
I don't see anyone oh235.924.92
[ __ ] diamond238.284.039
what I'm running like ran right in front240.843.479
of me while oh jeez oh I ran right in242.3193.241
front of you yeah you're out of your244.3193.081
mind pick a spot and get to cover dum245.563.759
dum watch out NES you got one to your247.43.759
left oh look at this249.3194.681
nut yeah I just shot him he there you go251.1594.961
good job buddy dude I think we're good254.04.519
let's just hit the Choppers hey sun's256.124.679
coming up good we should get breakfast258.5193.96
after this all right everybody everybody260.7993.361
everybody come on let's go who's flying262.4794.121
what I'll fly one I'll fly one as well264.164.56
Nee Simon hurry up get266.65.76
in we got Choppers after us oh God Simon268.725.08
yeah you got to shoot those Choppers272.363.72
coming after us dude no brainer don't273.85.08
forget thck you have276.082.8
missiles here we281.123.359
go yeah I got it out284.9197.481
baby oh I got a guy oh he's going down I287.86.44
think I shot the driver beautiful all292.43.32
right let's all right we're good let's294.244.399
deliver these Choppers to Lester's295.724.919
here I come baby bring her down abro300.6393.801
nice and302.965.76
easy yes sir well done boys catch money304.445.88
let's go get breakfast so we decided308.723.28
we're doing waffles yeah I'd like to get310.323.08
some waffles think I might do some312.03.12
chicken and waffles you know what I've313.43.799
never had chicken and waffles oh it's315.123.4
good I've always seen it on the menu and317.1993.201
been like I want those two things318.523.48
together no man the sweet and salty I320.43.4
like chicken and waffles now I want to322.03.52
try Chicken and323.84.519
Waffles not bad huh no that was that was325.524.76
pretty good yeah I've had worse I'll328.3193.481
give it that I mean I never thought I'd330.283.12
like the chicken and waffles but that331.84.519
salt and sweet thing that works yeah all333.45.239
right what we get into next fellas well336.3194.16
since I'm not poor anymore I can buy338.6394.641
place so all right house hunting let's340.4794.201
go house shopping we're Going house343.283.479
hunting so what do you think thick I344.684.239
want something by the beach oh I'm going346.7593.681
let's go to the beach so he's going to348.9193.921
live near you Simon probably well we'll350.444.64
find out yeah I think the place that I352.845.799
want to live is here it is delro355.086.0
Are We There Yet close so yeah this is361.087.119
it Ain they yeah we just passed this364.444.759
yeah I was going to the beach I thought368.1992.44
he wanted a place right on the beach369.1993.201
well it's not right on the beach but370.6393.641
it's overlooking the beach right the372.44.16
beach see already no matter how nice374.284.24
your place is I'm thinking my place is376.563.759
going to be better cuz it's it's really378.523.92
really close but look what's across the380.3194.201
street hey382.444.92
Bas bah pajamas oh [ __ ] we can get real384.524.72
damn drunk and crash at Thick's house387.363.44
that's right me right across from the389.243.88
cler all that Los Santos pushy you going390.84.399
to be getting yeah man I didn't even393.123.04
think of that you're going to be rolling395.1994.321
in vagina uh excuse me ma'am is this a396.165.319
nice place to live my friend thick is399.524.36
thinking about moving here hello I am401.4795.16
not creepy I'm not weird either how you403.885.039
doing I'm going to buy it guys do it man406.6394.081
do it come on I'm not poor anymore I'm408.9192.881
homeless yeah and I still have 91,000411.86.0
left there you go excited man yeah uh414.7595.241
let me go in god check your placees I417.85.56
can't wait to judge it oh my God what420.06.52
you got here baby hey this place looks a423.365.6
lot like my this is my place it's your426.524.88
place be the same architect this place428.965.679
is nice Swanky although I will say this431.45.28
uh the the placement of this telescope434.6393.521
looking at these Hotel buildings is a436.683.6
little weird thick is it weird or438.165.2
strategic uh weird ooh I'm going to get440.287.12
one drunk hell yeah man do your thing443.366.16
I'm not drinking today I th447.44.0
congratulations on your new apartment449.523.72
thank you yeah what should we do next451.43.76
boys uh we should probably make some453.245.079
more money cuz thick has a morgage now455.164.8
oh no wait he paid cash he paid cash458.3194.041
money but the taxes are a [ __ ] yeah459.963.88
you're going to have some mean property462.364.0
taxes do you have a car thick that you463.844.88
own uh I don't know that I own any cars466.364.08
we can steal a car he yeah now that he468.724.199
has a uh a garage we should get like a470.443.8
an armored car if we're going to keep472.9194.081
doing jobs something big and mean yeah I474.245.44
decided to drink boys since uh someone477.04.72
moved away from the bottle yeah that was479.683.239
the only thing stopping you wasn't it481.722.879
pretty much guys I think I found a482.9193.161
vehicle that's in my price range that I484.5994.121
could buy yeah yeah I could see myself486.085.239
driving it this says thick44 all over it488.724.68
all right so let's do that you guys want491.3194.72
to steal some crystal meth I do I'm glad493.44.32
you asked cuz I was just thinking about496.0393.681
that I mean I don't like Crystal myth497.723.759
can we sell it resell it or what's the499.723.12
deal no we're we're going to steal it501.4793.521
for a guy but we're not going to do it502.844.56
afterwards going to do crystal my you505.03.759
your [ __ ] mind okay well I didn't507.44.04
know what your purpose was hey guys let508.7594.321
Let's uh see if my new vehicle's here511.443.039
let's do it let's go out to the road513.082.72
we'll meet thick514.4793.761
there what is this person doing I don't515.86.239
know what's going on here to hey hey518.245.96
hello hey you all right there pal what522.0395.041
you doing buddy oh man I think he's524.24.84
trying to parallel park right but no527.084.879
he's not I think he's on crystal meth529.045.0
yeah yeah he looks like a meth guy531.9594.841
what's up methhead this is insane right534.045.64
yeah no it's nuts sir turn to the right536.84.68
should we show him yeah take it right539.684.56
take it right just turn anyway I'm going541.486.479
to show him come on all right yeah now544.246.76
watch watch going turn B see how easy547.9597.12
that was very easy hey come back hey551.07.399
guys hey thick thick is this what you555.0795.361
bought that's what I bought this is558.3994.44
pretty cool man oh I have one of these I560.445.0
dig it it's great for off-roading I like562.8395.081
off-roading hey baby don't you want you565.444.639
want to go off-roading babe hey hey babe567.924.12
hey little offroading baby get in Simon570.0794.521
huh little Offroad Simon quit get the572.045.4
car all right jeez what's wrong with you574.64.32
all right so do we want to go steal some577.444.6
meth yeah I don't want to do it though578.925.479
do we're not going going to do the582.044.039
[ __ ] idiot all right hey I got a few584.3993.401
details about the job we got to go steal586.0794.32
a boat boat huh yeah we got to steal587.84.08
this meth boat and then take the meth590.3993.481
boat to a guy who wants the meth boat591.883.639
that's not normal is it that meths on593.884.199
boats well yeah you got to transport it595.5194.44
somehow right right and on the water is598.0793.961
a lot less cops on the water you think599.9594.12
no when I think of meth I think of like602.044.68
uh dumpy trailer I'm not positive but604.0793.88
I'm sure I'm pretty sure we got to take606.722.559
it to the Alamos sea well that's where607.9593.961
the trailer parks are all right see all609.2794.361
right might be on to something I know a611.924.88
girl there where's it at did I pass it613.644.8
it's up here it's on the lake the lake616.83.12
to columia yeah you're good we got about618.444.44
another uh one and a half miles to go619.924.8
all right this is fun what should we do622.885.76
in the meantime uh we could play a game624.725.679
okay so I'm a celebrity ask me questions630.3996.12
uh are you dead uh no what color is your633.325.04
hair uh636.5195.681
grayish blackish are you a man yes would638.366.88
you bang you if if you were into dudes642.25.28
uh I don't think I would I've never645.243.56
played this game I'm not sure what647.483.96
questions to ask uh do you act mostly in648.86.0
comedies I have before but no do you651.446.639
have any siblings in the film industry654.84.96
hold up guys we're here not that know of658.0793.44
let's finish the game first right oh I659.763.56
don't know um hey hey hey thick turn up661.5192.681
the lights663.323.68
Park we got finish this game H right on664.24.0
the dpad turn the [ __ ] lights off667.03.519
dude turn the lights off is is this man668.26.04
over 50 yes I would say so is he over 60670.5196.12
maybe is he tall or short it's hard to674.245.12
say with actors isn't it I would assume676.6394.841
he's viewed as tall in the movies but he679.363.44
met in person he could be short I don't681.484.039
know is thisam niss why are you guessing682.84.2
so early you haven't asked any good685.5194.44
questions is he mostly in action movies687.06.12
uh has he been in a boxing movie M I689.9595.041
don't think so okay693.124.0
damn why aren't y'all asking more695.05.12
question is he American no okay is he697.126.24
European yes is he from England no is he700.126.24
from Germany or Austria place like that703.365.479
maybe oh who's a guy from in glorious706.364.599
bastards come on was he an Eng glorious708.8394.56
bastards this is a huge actor what would710.9595.88
be a good question so easy to me does it713.3996.481
action probably over 60716.8396.321
grayish dark hair okay so not American719.885.759
oh Sean connory come723.165.76
on come on what Arnold Schwarzenegger oh725.6397.041
oh yes oh arold grayish dark hair gray728.926.44
he doesn't have gray hair he he got like732.685.44
light brown I haven't735.364.839
seen I have no idea what he looks like738.124.0
thick don't go run in there the [ __ ] are740.1993.08
you doing all right well what are we742.122.959
doing doing the mission yeah we all743.2793.641
right all right everybody everyone stop745.0793.161
stop the [ __ ] car let's get out and746.923.359
let's let's do okay let's do this slow748.243.32
time oh there's a car up there we see751.565.04
this yeah I'm on the right side guys I754.9592.801
got a good view over here I'm I'm756.62.799
getting behind these rocks me too I'm757.763.92
coming with you Abra don't run not759.3994.481
running I'm going to go up high get a761.685.04
and get a view up top okay go up high763.884.759
nees I'll go with you all right don't766.724.0
get a scene don't do anything stupid I'm768.6396.361
not going to guys I see one two got two770.727.72
three four four five on the pier oh775.05.68
they're on the pier and then a six one778.444.399
right at the top of the stairs now I've780.684.519
got a suppressor on my sniper rifle I782.8394.761
wonder if I can just start taking people785.1994.041
out we should coordinate this where787.63.2
we're all shooting someone different789.244.52
yeah I agree I could shoot the guy790.86.039
closest to the van okay I can shoot the793.766.519
guy right behind the van wait I think my796.8395.36
guy's behind the van okay that's that's800.2795.641
my guy sh the same behind the the guy802.1995.32
behind the boxes behind the van right805.922.719
yeah I want to take him out I want to807.5192.201
that's the only shot I have that's the809.724.04
only shot I have all right listen I got811.724.84
a shot on one guy is it the guy behind813.765.8
the box in behind the van yeah well816.565.399
where are the other guys they're on the819.563.76
that's what I'm trying to tell you if I821.9593.961
take out the guy with my suppressor on823.324.199
the other guys on the pier shouldn't825.923.88
know I want to science this hey neebs827.5194.361
I'm up here I got a sniper rifle if if829.83.44
the guys on the pier start running this831.883.959
way thick and I can drop them okay snip833.244.8
snipe the one guy oh he's out he's down835.8393.8
oh and the other guys didn't know838.044.4
suppressor that's beautiful in it worked839.6394.401
let's move in think and I got pretty842.443.6
good shots from up here yeah well let me844.044.0
Mo let me move in closer all right this846.044.28
is neebs over yeah what's up neebs U I'm848.044.56
in place I've got a shot all right are850.324.079
we ready yep we should pick out who852.63.28
we're going to shoot though I'm going to854.3993.321
shoot the guy at the end of the pier on855.883.84
the left hand side I'm going to try to857.723.679
shoot the two guys at the front of the859.723.559
pier around the white what I can only861.3993.481
assumer myth crates I'm lined up with863.2792.881
them too so I'm going to shoot at them864.882.319
at the same time are you going to take866.162.52
the guy on the left or the right s the867.1994.56
guy on on the left we ready I'm ready868.687.2
all right in three 2871.7598.08
1 angle down tangle down there a guy875.886.56
left on the end of the pier took him out879.8395.68
good job Sam all right all right I see882.445.04
one at the front of the pier get it885.5195.161
tangle down good job are we clear oh we887.486.44
got more got one oh wait hold on I'm890.684.839
going to toss a pipe893.924.12
bomb got him oh you got him I want895.5194.281
really use that pipe bomb oh there's a898.043.28
guy in the water that's you nees that's899.83.92
me nees are shooting at you whoa where901.325.48
are they oh that's you man don't do that903.725.88
to me thick sorry did we get them all I906.84.44
think so let's go steal that909.63.919
boat oh hey whoa whoa whoa watch out911.243.959
catching on fire yeah I can't I caught913.5193.801
the pier on fire with my pipe bomb okay915.1993.841
it's okay it'll go out hold on I might917.324.319
have a fire extinguisher FU oh [ __ ] it's919.044.799
all right theall hop in the water hop in921.6393.921
the water all right here we go you can923.8393.56
run through it swim to the boat can run925.563.12
through it no it's going out don't run927.3992.92
through it you [ __ ] idiot I just did928.684.92
you [ __ ] idiot hey I found the boat930.3195.561
we're good we're coming all right we got933.64.239
to take this to to the meth lab on the935.884.879
lake okay you guys just sit back and937.8394.56
enjoy the940.7596.361
ride this is not wait how much is meth942.3996.761
what are you doing enemies oh oh [ __ ]947.123.719
Are we getting shot at Yep they're after949.164.2
us okay take them out boys turn their950.8395.321
brains into sauce keep them office all953.365.12
right oh see one up ahead they're on956.164.76
take that come on come961.85.44
on oh there's a guys on the bridge watch964.564.88
out there's guys on the bridge on the967.244.92
bridge wait how we going to get a oh I969.444.0
got it to the left yeah it's going to972.164.039
get a little Buffy so hold on embracing973.445.28
hang on folks here we go Full Throttle976.1996.841
outro got it man don't you worry woo978.726.52
nice yeah there's our destination983.046.12
Straight Ahead nice destination meth lab985.245.399
man I feel like I'm I'm already hungry989.163.28
again what from all the chicken and990.6393.76
waffles we ate well I that was that was992.444.6
like a while back we should go back get994.3994.041
more chicken want go way back there997.042.68
let's uh we're in the we're in the998.443.04
country let's eat some good country food999.723.64
yeah all right but after this we're1001.484.68
going to eat right oh [ __ ] they're on us1003.364.76
oh [ __ ] I got out the boat take out the1006.164.679
Lost what does that mean they oh god1008.124.959
guys are trying to Ambush us what do you1010.8393.56
mean they're trying to what do you mean1013.0792.56
what I mean they're trying to Ambush us1014.3993.44
they're coming up the1015.6397.401
pier got one got another1017.8395.201
one got another one got another one got1023.365.959
another one stay on the map right we're1027.284.24
rooting for you oh there's some more1029.3194.88
coming in guys be careful th keep an eye1031.524.559
on that van man you see them yeah1034.1994.0
they're trying to park or something guys1036.0794.801
I can't find anyone R to the top of the1038.1995.6
pier Simon [ __ ] is that driver down he's1040.887.28
down yeah nice job fellas damn yeah good1043.7997.081
stuff get some food yeah let's go eat1048.165.12
baby so these candy bars are not bad1050.885.48
right no no Beer's pretty good too yeah1053.284.72
that's a good ass country food we look1056.364.319
good guys we look good we had a good day1058.06.52
hey AB yo that's all beer man I know man1060.6795.401
I'm having I'm having beer for breakfast1064.524.48
I thought we were eating yeah hold on1066.086.12
I'm going to rob this guy no what's that1069.04.96
we don't I thought we were done robbing1072.23.88
today give yourone1073.964.16
[ __ ] oh [ __ ] why did you shoot1076.085.719
him because oh [ __ ] run run run hop in1078.127.2
let's go boy damn it oh [ __ ] I shot1081.7998.401
Simon it's okay sorry salmon we love you1085.328.12
salmon kind1090.23.24

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