GTA 5 - New Super Heroes - Cinematic Movie

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest cinematic masterpiece they've created in Grand Theft Auto 5? It's all about new...
GTA 5 - New Super Heroes - Cinematic Movie
GTA 5 - New Super Heroes - Cinematic Movie

GTA 5 - New Super Heroes - Cinematic Movie

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that GTA 5 - New Super Heroes video? It's my absolute favorite, so much action and craziness!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is epic! I love how they turned Grand Theft Auto into a superhero playground. It's like a comic book come to life!

appsro: Haha, you guys are right! Watching that video makes me feel like I can fly and save the city. Who needs Batman when you have GTA superheroes?

neebs: Exactly! And the music they chose for the video is just perfect. It really sets the mood for all the superhero shenanigans going on.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest cinematic masterpiece they've created in Grand Theft Auto 5? It's all about new super heroes taking on the mean streets of Los Santos, and let me tell you, it's epic!

If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button and join the Neebs Gaming family. Their videos are always top-notch and full of hilarious moments that will have you laughing out loud.

I love that Neebs Gaming is powered by Xidax PCs, those machines are seriously impressive. And shoutout to all the amazing Patrons who make these cinematic videos possible, you guys rock!

The GTA 5 playlist on their channel is a treasure trove of entertainment, so if you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out. And don't even get me started on the awesome music they use in their videos - it really sets the mood and adds to the overall experience.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to be blown away by Neebs Gaming's latest GTA V video. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And don't forget to show some love to Rockstar Games for creating such an incredible game that allows for these epic adventures to unfold. Enjoy!

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what's up lady I need some superhero0.8294.45
clothes all right you guys pick your3.6293.181
outfits out where's the superhero5.2793.65
section there's no superhero section6.814.02
just pick something you think it'd look8.92916.061
good with your masks I just want to10.8316.439
thank you you had a doll in a good way24.993.93
yeah yeah you know I'm not trying to be27.2693.991
derogatory in any sort of fashion yeah28.924.409
like you're not a sex right I'm not a31.264.049
sex doll you've just been a nice person33.3294.561
you've been good and he would have he35.3094.081
would have sex with you oh yeah no I37.892.579
mean if it came down to are you39.392.28
interested he's not saying you're ugly40.4693.36
no no not at all you've got a cute butt41.674.74
also you're not just an object no yeah43.8295.491
you're not a doll that I bought from46.416.41
China no no you know that I named Sarah49.329.45
you're not her good talking to you don't52.827.48
tell anybody that we bought this stuff58.775.429
here you'll see why I think that you60.36.63
could have said nothing you shouldn't64.1993.99
have said anything because now she's66.931.95
gonna be like what are they talking68.1892.761
about well she's the only person that68.883.63
knew what we bought today70.953.36
well then we should kill her she might72.513.69
be alive yeah yeah we should kill her74.313.87
yeah or we bring her in bring her in for76.25.37
what bring her into the group yeah yeah78.185.579
no no don't listen listen stay their81.574.2
names no really it's just this whole83.7594.141
reason I'm doing this is to be a hero85.774.5
yay but but she's a liability you're87.95.13
right she protects listen it's kill one90.275.01
to save many because we're gonna save93.033.11
I don't like that I know but Apsara what96.145.339
we could just threaten her life okay I98.873.89
can live with that101.4793.991
listen lady you better be quiet102.764.719
you understand get this is the warning105.473.84
don't tell anyone what you saw here107.4793.841
today will come back to burn this whole109.315.0
place to the [ __ ] ground111.322.99
our first day as vigilantes yeah125.275.459
you guys get a good vigilante suit oh128.844.619
man I'm happy with mine I think mine's130.7295.101
okay including this town up so tonight133.4593.75
you have to wait till night to be135.833.09
vigilant can we do it Newsday I mean we137.2093.571
could do it I I feel weird doing it here138.924.47
the day that man do it during the no140.784.53
Batman doesn't do it near the day okay143.392.31
well then what are our alter egos gonna145.74.59
make right is that what it is we out we147.55.97
are our alter egos yeah Mel 3 goes needs150.296.419
right no Simon but what do we do for a153.473.93
oh I am the journalist okay that's new157.48.04
I'm a garbage man I work at the golf162.299.6
course listen we happen to see any crime165.447.92
we can I think you can do it when it's171.893.45
raining you see any gang fights yeah173.364.67
take a right take a right175.342.69
hey it work out at all no banana but182.55.38
ready to serve your banana bot185.785.01
yeah alright I am deaf man yes man and187.885.7
bug boy all right bug boy let's find190.795.27
these criminals193.582.48
all right I see you you little [ __ ]199.64.33
don't jump in front of me you're gonna201.942.8
get killed203.932.43
what's your get around what's your name204.744.53
again banana my banana boy that's really206.363.63
your name209.279.32
it's a dumb name I should say that yes209.998.6
yeah I got em on the run baby whoa boy225.568.68
getting shot in the back [ __ ] stay231.363.3
oh [ __ ]234.667.49
these guys oh boy I got it wet boy all242.426.61
right there's only five of them left oh247.358.78
boy you got this three no four huh249.0311.03
telephone Anna bot was here256.133.93
you left264.662.63
there we go272.1312.98
got something nice do I use your bike288.484.78
different than the best different than292.186.66
ours faster what the hell man I guess293.267.11
for the middle of Road we are in the298.845.3
middle of Road hold on back up300.3711.73
get out timing like this we're good all304.149.43
right we're over there all right so312.13.09
we're counting down all right ready313.576.99
yep three two one go god damn315.1912.09
I jammed it all right hey listen this is327.286.94
a fun yeah I've been doing this329.657.56
not for long334.222.99
stickhandle good yeah337.3193.541
oh boy I await time340.8896.351
I'm coming for you see up there365.344.17
all right you ever took me some now381.1293.68
that's right396.873.479
I see salmon come on that's the turn the401.399.12
catch a salmon oh listen I can't wait to419.095.1
watch out421.82.39
jackets a straightaway425.83.66
all right good job Simon haha that was436.934.6
we're gonna fight some crime boys I'm450.965.32
ready to fight some crimes death man454.36.42
death man seems not that original about456.287.88
puck boy [ __ ] boys better than [ __ ] man460.726.36
so [ __ ] boy still it's just a thing with464.165.71
banana-bot just think of it but ain't467.084.53
about you I mean nothing about you looks469.873.81
like a robot except for the face right471.613.72
and nothing what do you mean robot face473.683.45
but banana colors475.333.99
yeah but banana colors yeah but I feel477.133.96
like your whole outfit should be like479.323.75
robotic or should the whole outfit day481.095.94
banana banana I don't know how this483.076.12
turned against my suit your death man487.034.53
your putt boy of mine um I need some489.194.74
color I need work yeah you ready wear491.564.5
your outfit is very generic I'm open for493.934.29
suggestions well like your tongues pink496.064.41
maybe use the pink as an accent like the498.225.43
pink pug pink pug I can't see anything I500.474.59
know I don't know how Batman does this503.653.6
[ __ ] is he bring binoculars he has to I505.063.69
mean otherwise you were up here just507.253.69
waiting for what a citizen to yell I508.753.81
mean I all I see is traffic510.943.63
we're Batman year one over here you512.563.81
can't see anything we got to get down in514.574.46
there all right shall we parachute to a516.3712.86
smaller roof yeah I don't have a519.0310.2
it's time that's like something you and530.867.0
I would do yeah that was pretty stupid535.855.909
so you want to go or do you want me to537.865.43
go I'm starting to second guess if I541.7598.851
have one yeah you go ready yeah yeah543.2911.219
okay come on come on baby they're gonna550.616.659
bake it away make it away come on554.5094.531
all right I can't make it to that557.2694.981
building okay gasps OH oh [ __ ] I pulled559.045.849
out my gun and I'm shot things yeah562.254.74
that's not good I don't know where I'm564.8894.471
going I thought you were going the566.994.5
problem I was gonna try but I couldn't569.362.669
make it571.494.889
hold on a second I got this I got this572.0296.54
right here damn it576.3799.351
oh damn it you're [ __ ] dick [ __ ]578.5697.161
would they say pug boy they said that I594.077.21
need to make better choices and I'm598.945.73
having wearing too much black they even601.286.33
they said it right yeah you got to put604.674.98
some pink in there I know but how do you607.613.93
do accents if I gonna have pink gloves609.655.16
in a pink scarf and maybe a pink belt611.545.79
that would be good anything pink boots614.817.07
pink gloves or a death man617.337.68
hey guys doing good we are not very good621.885.38
superhero it's our first day I know and625.013.87
we need a lot of practice627.263.3
listen I was thinking when I was on the628.883.87
roof we need to be in a rougher630.564.5
neighborhood uh you know what there's a632.753.3
rough neighborhood right around the635.062.7
corner but the sun's coming up so if636.053.09
we're gonna do vigilante stuff we need637.763.6
to do it now ah we better hurry and you639.143.99
only have a two seater yeah well I mean641.363.45
I can call in the van the fans not very643.133.72
it doesn't look super hero II so what644.813.96
kind of super vehicle can we get well646.853.36
you get if you get the bike and then uh648.773.51
you know two of us can sit in this yeah650.214.7
get a bike652.282.63
got a bike names hurry up before the Sun685.715.34
comes up yeah I know you're limping but688.264.69
trust me we're doing this for justice691.052.7
right behind you net man all right now697.576.77
Bubble Boy what was your name banana boy699.914.43
all right this is a good height crime710.194.079
area to be able to look out criminal711.8394.29
yeah we gotta find a crime before the714.2699.481
Sun comes up things banana-bot let me716.12915.261
know and I'm deaf man yeah better crime723.757.86
we gotta call it man it's it's like732.7694.99
full-blown daytime all right yeah let's735.8393.48
go let's go back to our lair should I737.7594.38
keep this bike as my bana bike Oh nope739.3194.651
not unless you can pay in it I can paint742.1394.82
it yeah yeah do it743.972.989
my buddy Simon's in there we're gonna776.254.27
he's uh he's gonna superhero or779.112.91
vigilante at night goes by the name of780.523.6
pug boy he's picking out his new uh his782.024.56
new outfit you into superheroes you kind784.124.29
of got those big goofy ass glasses okay786.584.02
you know kind of superhero ish like788.416.18
spied oh hey yeah yeah yeah what do you790.66.06
think I like it794.595.46
yeah hey lady you have a sponsor uh yeah796.666.54
not gonna sucky not a sake that's your800.055.79
sponsor huh well I mean they're not yet803.24.41
but they're gonna be once I start805.843.15
kicking All Right see you later lady807.614.14
okay maybe I should change this is kind808.994.05
of weird that I'm like this during this811.752.91
ya know yeah it's a weird thing to do813.043.12
during the day so we're meeting up with814.663.51
needs or what yeah I mean we'll hit this816.164.83
way where is he what is the plan I don't818.1712.36
know call him just I was born it for820.9911.31
some reason all right you got that fight830.532.82
going up832.32.55
Mike is looking good I was going to the833.355.57
store to buy some snacks now834.854.07
yellow robot right banana buddy839.214.95
okay ladies yeah you here yeah what's up844.979.79
man oh yeah get on that bike let me see852.363.87
I need to see you on the bike well I was854.762.76
getting ready to go to the store I know856.233.06
what I want to sell let me buy some857.523.12
stuff I'll show you in a minute859.293.18
you're trying to buy P's and Q's for a860.644.14
while welcome hello sir862.473.99
taking your bike for a spin babes all864.785.03
right be careful whether it's brand new866.463.35
this is my friend Simon hello need some870.937.26
ego chasers I need some Ecola meteorites873.666.63
those are my favorite I mean you can buy878.195.28
anything a couple of ego chasers a880.295.19
couple of P's and Q's you know I never883.473.99
eat them though I should probably know885.484.38
how to eat them yeah whenever you get887.464.26
hurt you eat them they help you heal up889.863.36
all right sir I think that does it for891.722.07
me today893.222.76
thanks for your help hey if you see any893.796.33
crime let me know names banana-bot come895.986.78
on Simon well how is he supposed to let900.124.8
you know an enemy oh banana male902.768.76
nanogram good thing hello what's going904.929.09
on not much just got some snacks man you911.524.86
already dropped my bike oh don't worry914.015.19
it's fine it's kind of slow though yeah916.385.61
yeah well eats up a little faster faster919.24.89
well I'll put my upgraded the motor okay921.993.69
well you know you ought to save up what924.092.79
are those bikes with a rocket on the925.683.45
back of it like a real superhero bike926.885.46
rocket bike huh yeah um listen it's929.135.07
daytime still yeah I don't know why you932.343.72
have that stupid outfit on well I didn't934.23.68
have a place to change that was discrete936.064.86
well I mean you could totally Biebs oh937.884.66
yeah there's some going on there's a940.923.93
criminal behind you942.546.859
what's the dude dude did he really yes944.854.549
hey guys walk it away and the victim is950.134.98
laying in the room go get him Neves Oh953.13.24
God done955.113.77
whoa save the day it was a little956.344.95
violent for you well the villain though958.884.42
right right but are you know I was961.294.32
expecting you to try to catch him catch963.34.65
him yeah I didn't expect you to uh you965.614.26
know no just shoot right away that is967.954.86
judge Jerry I'm banana boy okay Galante969.876.63
good god you're you're uh okay see972.815.79
what's not oh yeah yeah let's smoke yep976.54.65
pretty cool Sam a little worried about978.64.92
him I think that dad seemed violent for981.154.59
needs yeah well yeah but I mean I don't983.523.96
know if I like this alter ego he's got985.744.47
going on he's normally not one to just987.485.13
shoot right a guy in the middle of the990.214.41
street right there just like BAM took me992.6115.32
by surprise it honestly did a good spot994.6213.31
here stay here in a bike yeah hey we're1008.9216.419
trying to do a chit here keeping your1023.065.46
city safe you're welcome1025.3395.891
this thing is cool I know it's the dead1028.5210.659
machine it was worth every penny this is1031.239.599
where I drop Simon off well yeah there1039.1794.89
is all right Lorna being sneaky Oh bug1040.8293.96
let's check me out yep yep I guess1044.7896.541
that'll do this will do banana-bot he1048.6594.081
said to wait a second he said that in a1051.333.0
way that made it sound like he didn't1052.743.809
like I don't love it but I like that you1054.334.079
added some color all right what do you1056.5496.5
see banana-bot what are we looking at1058.40911.551
some guys - yeah how should we approach1063.0498.951
this lets me be sneaky and we should1069.965.579
move in let's snipe let's move in all1072.016.799
right let's move in you are yeah you are1075.53916.801
clear can I get closer let's see I only1088.7996.51
see two your sniper rifles ready I'm1092.344.439
going in all right are you gonna go to1095.3092.25
that trash can1096.7795.101
trying well there's a guard all right I1097.5596.451
got my eye on the two that we saw let1101.884.049
you know if they move I go closer1104.018.93
I may be damn you're right there dude1105.9299.301
yeah you're getting really close really1112.946.76
alums okay move in I'm ready to do this1115.237.53
sure I mean I got you covered throw in1119.75.449
some tear gas1122.762.389
over fire yep opening fire1126.334.31
you pick them out I'll take the death1131.494.0
machine I'll raise hell from the skies1133.94.37
all right1135.492.78
thank you there guys1147.53.93
clock's ticking bomb hit men strikes1154.2310.7
again all right1161.553.38
see anybody uh no I think we're clear1185.3795.05
steal that cocaine oh we're taking1188.217.919
cocaine off the street yes sir oh we got1190.4298.391
some coming in1196.1292.691
alive maybe oh no he's burning alive1209.683.0
that's good1212.023.21
hey you do it I gotta grab a bike and1212.685.3
then I'll be ready to go1215.232.75
so we're vigilantes like Batman right1219.624.62
like Batman like flash like a great1222.0495.13
planner right all that did they do they1224.247.71
usually steal coke right and then what1227.1798.221
do we do with coke again boy gotta take1231.955.31
it to Lamar yeah what's a little more1235.43.81
gonna do with it I'm burning it's gonna1237.264.62
burn it like smoke it oh I can get it1239.214.38
off the street now I think he's gonna1241.885.31
smoke it Wow look at that you guys are1243.595.339
already here oh I gotta get a flying1247.196.57
bike I'm telling you there we go we've1248.9297.261
saved the day we've made things safer1253.764.26
Lamar make sure you destroy this cokes1256.193.989
and no one gets ahold of it and don't1258.024.74
tell anyone my true identity or I might1260.1795.421
have to erase you sounded tough neebs1262.764.73
yeah we're getting really good at this1265.67.519

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Wow, I just watched the latest Neebs Gaming video "New Super Heroes" in GTA 5 and it was awesome! The production quality of their cinematic videos is always top-notch. The way they take gameplay footage and turn it into an entertaining movie-like experience is so impressive.

In this video, the Neebs crew play as hilarious homemade superheroes trying to save Los Santos from evil. The banter between the characters and the absurd situations they get themselves into had me laughing out loud. Neebs Gaming really has a talent for comedic storytelling.

The cinematography is excellent as well. The camera angles, editing, and music all come together to build suspense and draw you into this zany superhero world. I love how they mix in action scenes with more cinematic emotional moments between the characters. It feels like you're watching a big-budget superhero film!

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming's videos is the closest you can get to playing GTA 5 yourself without actually picking up the controller. Their skits and adventures make the game world come alive in a way that normal gameplay can't match. I always look forward to their new videos because I know I'll get to experience GTA from a fresh, entertaining perspective.

If you're a fan of GTA 5 and like immersive, cinematic stories, do yourself a favor and check out the Neebs Gaming channel. Their videos are a blast and provide some of the very best GTA content out there today. I can't recommend them highly enough!

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