GTA 5 - Country Boys - GTA V Cinematic Series

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest episode where Neebs and the Boys are taking on some country adve...
GTA 5 - Country Boys - GTA V Cinematic Series
GTA 5 - Country Boys - GTA V Cinematic Series

GTA 5 - Country Boys - GTA V Cinematic Series

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen that GTA 5 - Country Boys video? It's our masterpiece!

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video is a classic. I mean, who wouldn't want to see us country boys causing chaos in GTA V?

neebs: I know, right? It's the perfect blend of ridiculousness and hilarity. Plus, the music in that video is just top-notch!

appsro: Definitely! And let's not forget about the epic stunts we pulled off in that video. We're like the Dukes of Hazzard of GTA 5!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming enthusiasts! Have you checked out the latest episode where Neebs and the Boys are taking on some country adventures in GTA V? If not, you are definitely missing out on some hilarious moments and epic gameplay.

In this episode, the gang is up to their usual antics, causing chaos and mayhem in the virtual world of GTA V. From crazy stunts to epic showdowns, you never know what to expect when Neebs and the Boys are in action. And let's not forget the hilarious commentary and banter that will have you laughing out loud.

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So grab your snacks, get comfy, and get ready to join Neebs and the Boys on another wild adventure in GTA V. It's gonna be a ride you won't soon forget!

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they come surprise you're not a gymnast9.754.63
why is that I'm sure it's a good thing12.044.11
for short people to do I wanted to be a14.383.63
gymnast and I got tall I'm not that16.154.08
short dude you have a very small center18.016.359
of gravity 510 oh hey I got us a job we20.235.58
gotta go blow some choppers all right24.3695.0
hey that's my favorite thing to do25.813.559
while we blowing these choppers oh I32.773.82
don't know hebes when they say go blow34.883.3
up a chopper you just do it you don't36.592.28
ask questions38.182.49
yep worked for the Nazis no they had a38.874.26
pretty had a pretty solid structure of40.673.9
what they wanted to do is pretty shitty43.133.21
to some of those guys what a question44.573.63
Hitler thinks might have been a little46.343.63
better over there my employer is far48.23.45
from Hitler he's just a meth addict49.973.69
nutjob you saying no we're not stealing51.654.8
man okay we're just taking out some some53.664.38
guys in the area you know that might be56.453.63
causing problems to the OL operation you58.043.6
know what I mean the old operation you60.086.03
say yeah you know like the game hey you61.645.07
know what66.113.39
what I got a be living in my yard and he66.715.13
loves to fly around your head just one B69.53.75
I don't know where his family went oh71.842.94
you're his family now what if he's like73.253.66
you know reincarnated like he used to be74.787.13
somebody you know grandpappy need yes76.918.849
I've been nice to him so this car up81.915.59
here I want one of these cars up here oh85.7593.331
yeah look at that thing that thing on87.54.05
the left that's a nice ride get a nice89.095.15
ride buddy91.552.69
all right get out of here with that95.976.93
[ __ ] no no match for the [ __ ] wagon99.195.94
alright getting close102.94.06
they better get your game face on yes105.133.45
it's the only face I have106.9611.16
Oh dump that opened up over Oh got one119.389.87
of my left oh you guys see that see that127.4795.461
dude behind the rock I got him good job129.258.88
can I blow up that truck the long throw132.9419.03
though trying to do138.1316.94
come on baby come on baby151.976.69
I'm talking about160.348.24
oh wait I think the laptops up in here175.5810.8
well the guy out there oh I see you177.5311.64
needs alright I got you covered go up to186.383.45
that tower189.175.07
yeah hack that laptop baby oh oh [ __ ] we189.836.75
got a chopper coming in thick oh and do194.244.35
you have anything to take that down yep196.583.9
I got a holding launcher can you cover198.593.54
me yep oh I think we got a vehicle200.484.46
coming in behind us202.132.81
don't know how to hack through force oh206.683.029
how's this work I'm sorry I'm trying to209.7094.92
do a thing man211.515.039
can't baby you all the time I'm dealing214.6294.821
with some heavy [ __ ] over here216.5492.901
all right thick yeah we're still one of242.5793.97
these buzzards you still the other one245.292.13
sounds good246.5494.591
leaves where are you at I'm ready to247.429.26
roll out it's not clear okay coming down251.145.54
motion bought a new house I mean wife's273.4194.841
happy kids seem happy and yeah I mean276.254.34
you know278.262.33
you can drop me off in the next round334.387.26
okay we're not406.8715.61
I didn't have a helicopter did I you461.6314.1
guys with had a low copter told you to474.112.91
shoot the last guy who's running around475.733.18
there in the grass hacked a laptop I477.023.42
would yang collector but I was watching478.913.15
you shoot the guy you're down there just480.442.55
running around on the grass482.062.22
that's all you two needs yeah well I482.993.24
wouldn't a helicopter you guys both had484.283.9
helicopters yeah and you wanted to get486.233.39
the last guy we were like yeah hey you488.182.76
can get the last kind you're like okay489.622.43
then you're just getting shot it's just490.949.75
one guy okay exactly just one dude well492.0510.29
I don't want to stop by my house I got a500.693.81
house out here do ya you guys want to502.344.32
come in of course I've been to this504.54.37
this trailer yeah I like to dress like509.214.68
this when I uh when I come out here yeah512.123.87
man just all comfy yeah exactly get nice513.893.75
and comfy it's like man this is my515.993.9
redneck home yeah do you guys have any517.644.17
good redneck outfits I don't think we519.893.3
got to go dress you up like a redneck521.813.36
buddy I don't have a lot of redneck523.193.87
clothes that's just underwear noobs525.174.41
yeah but rednecks wear underwear yeah527.064.56
they wear underwear but all right let's529.583.24
go get you guys some redneck clothes531.623.62
you look good boys yes yeah see being in549.825.56
the country is all about comfort well553.522.67
your own555.382.19
yeah it's about where you know whatever556.192.85
whatever you feel like that day whatever557.572.97
makes you comfortable some you get dirty559.043.42
in you know I'm saying yeah yeah it's560.544.2
done yeah think I don't know no I'm not562.463.69
sure about their shorts they don't564.743.12
really say I'm living in the country566.153.72
yeah I kind of say I'm up and says I'm567.863.99
living in the country like smacking this569.875.22
guy leave it alone571.8510.4
I'm a country boy sorry sorry all right575.099.51
good as gas station any davila foam582.256.88
snakes I need you some coke and peanuts584.612.3
I need some chalk Simon hey are you589.1310.53
doing try to find you guys right here596.95.48
yeah okay599.662.72
there's gonna hate us okay Hey look hey609.255.76
guys look at this city boy here with613.424.59
this top hat this fancy bow tie is that615.019.21
you like you like a top hat city boy Wow618.017.98
look at this look at his bow with his624.224.35
bow ties look it is look at this you625.995.7
probably you probably have a TV yeah you628.576.32
know you know what I do to City Board631.693.2
you will see the boy see the boy you636.788.53
want some of this city boy all right643.633.18
come on let's get some meteorite what645.313.66
yeah really honestly what tonight yeah646.814.05
so get some candy bars and beer Hey648.973.48
think I'm stealing a country truck sure650.863.83
shotgun sorry656.014.9
yeah you want me to get out neebs no658.313.83
you're good cut your boy that's660.9113.35
something city cool wear top hat yeah672.135.3
bowties the top head674.263.17
I think this is close enough number one684.434.29
to the top now we go to the top real boy686.84.029
come on688.723.399
just like something city boy would say690.8293.48
yeah yeah they got a watery under the692.1194.89
top of the mail I bet you there's a694.3093.96
bunch of girls down there looking at697.0092.37
baddest like I wonder if they're gonna698.2692.37
go to the top of the mountain if they do699.3793.66
come have sex with them yeah watch is700.63915.32
ladies let's write it coming over here703.03912.92
idea thing although we're good we're719.536.83
good maybe not so great for this [ __ ]723.075.55
commercials yeah this thing was built726.364.95
Chevy top728.622.69
there we go all right thanks to the road738.435.17
yeah that's where I'm going742.314.459
Chuck gun hop746.7693.81
got you again man you know what I'm750.923.419
gonna get a car753.1393.12
should I get a Karuma Simon you see if754.3393.091
you can buy that Karuma we'll get back756.2594.791
over to my place you know he's gonna say757.433.62
that truck did cuz I'm a country boy761.7095.531
all right so I have five hundred and765.3793.601
ninety nine thousand how much he's a767.243.839
coruña croon is less than that and get768.984.56
one so how do I get one see and I not771.0794.11
just call it you did I just call it how773.542.489
do I do it though775.1895.431
go to your phone Oh yep got it right776.0296.12
here five hundred twenty-five thousand780.6212.389
yeah boy all right782.14912.601
okay well let me buy it I gotta pick a793.0093.27
color you want black794.753.6
I don't know city boy I probably like a796.2794.5
pink or yellow don't get a bigger yellow798.355.88
city boy you know what I don't give a800.7793.93
[ __ ]804.233.149
city boy I'm buying it boy city boys804.7094.8
like like that city boy you think I807.3793.18
think we like things809.5093.421
oh yeah we're doing they got a rainbow810.5596.301
colors kerubim there yeah I've got it812.936.3
all right sold it should be delivered to816.864.289
your garage shortly yeah all the way819.233.75
back in the city now wait a minute guys821.1494.38
yeah I got to show you something back at822.984.32
the airfield you go there you look825.5293.571
you're a-peein thick you do not look827.33.839
like a like a country boy you're like a829.14.26
French pilot or something right so we831.1393.63
got to go to the airfield thick yeah833.362.699
well that's good because if you want834.7692.581
that canoe but we got to go to Simon's836.0595.0
place to check now all right do it837.353.709
the thing today you can't get shotgun843.676.95
where we going to the airport cuz I got850.624.71
something to show you guys what is it853.024.65
right here to us so the dodo855.335.25
yeah participating in a government857.675.01
program that I found a couple loopholes860.583.54
in and I've been getting a little extra862.686.54
money that thing's awesome in the water864.126.6
with that I still got one of those869.2245.33
phones but yeah I like this here oh and870.7245.51
I'm right in the water you can lay right914.553.51
you can just lay down right the canal916.232.13
you can land at the marina next to some918.366.86
that would be the perfect perfect921.243.98
it's really classes nice you see I know940.5726.73
exactly what happened okay953.7213.58
so you still gotta live in this marina981.475.21
yeah I'm gonna do it983.573.11
we think Simon is good question1006.317.68
hey Simon why didn't you land near your1011.494.659
house what what do you mean when near my1013.997.68
house oh god I didn't think of that I1016.1497.35
was just trying not to freaking kill1021.672.909
what do you mean the first thing you1024.5792.37
think about when you're in a parachute1025.784.139
is where am I gonna land just asking1026.9495.64
worries all right where you at in front1029.9197.831
of the maze bank yeah hey good job Simon1032.5898.7
glad you didn't die usually hey don't1037.755.429
make this about you sir this is Nick's1041.2894.081
moment this room is burst they're1043.1795.61
playing yeah should have seen it Simon 81045.374.77
tell them we're gonna come pick him up1048.7892.491
we'll come pick you up1050.149.779
I don't know why I just punched all1051.2811.49
right so we can either steal a chopper1059.9197.701
over there or we could take fix plane1062.774.85
I don't know it might just be a boat now1073.993.41
I'll get someone to fix it you get by1096.8098.351
one we got to go to an airfield to get1102.853.08
it yeah1105.164.74
please it I don't know it's not mine1115.945.42
those planes are awesome though1118.432.93
you want to fly that yeah alright we'll1121.493.48
take the dodo you can take the Mallory1123.5292.851
whoo I'm out1124.975.939
oh okay I was gonna take you to it it's1126.387.76
alright I'll walk the coach boy alright1130.9095.25
so I'm gonna take you to it1134.144.18
straight ahead the lights are pointing1136.1595.15
okay go that way1138.322.989
contra cheetah1148.093.27
faster faster go faster dance I offer to1154.5519.35
take you back all right apps are you1170.544.63
ready let's get this dodo1173.910.189
my church1243.673.27
you stopped in front of me pretty1272.355.68
quickly we were supposed to stop we were1275.034.89
landing a plane anybody could have made1278.033.42
that mistake anybody could have ran in1279.922.82
the back of anybody yes1281.453.87
flying in a you know late at night on a1282.744.44
bridge it could've been anybody I feel1285.322.67
like I just need a little bit more1287.183.03
practice but like a lot more yeah you1287.993.99
try trailing me you have an easy job1290.218.13
I'll treat the car that's right how do1291.9810.62
you like that huh salmon I gotta say I1298.344.74
like it1302.63.33
hey nice ride when you got new clothes1303.086.45
yeah did you looking sharp yeah I go the1305.935.04
opposite of country that's life though1309.534.7
let us see morning1310.973.26

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