Grand Theft Auto V - SWIM! (GTA V Cinematic)

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA V video from our favorite crew? In this episode, they are gearing up for a ...
Grand Theft Auto V - SWIM!  (GTA V Cinematic)
Grand Theft Auto V - SWIM! (GTA V Cinematic)

Grand Theft Auto V - SWIM! (GTA V Cinematic)

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that hilarious video where Simon can't figure out how to swim in GTA V? It's our favorite!

simon: Oh come on, Neebs! It's not my fault the water physics in that game are wonky. I just wanted to take a dip!

appsro: I gotta admit, Simon flailing around in the water like a fish out of water is pretty entertaining. Definitely a classic Neebs Gaming moment!

neebs: Haha, yeah, and the way Simon keeps yelling 'SWIM!' as if that will magically make him swim better cracks me up every time. It's pure gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest GTA V video from our favorite crew? In this episode, they are gearing up for a new heist and, as always, chaos ensues. Simon, bless his heart, seems to be struggling with the basic physics of water. It's hilarious to watch him try to navigate through the watery obstacles in the game.

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The music in this video is on point, as always. From "Sneaky Snitch" to "Poppers and Prose," the soundtrack adds an extra layer of fun to the gameplay. And of course, we can't forget the iconic Neebs Gaming intro and "Wingy Dang-Dang" by Hank and Jed - they just make every video that much more epic.

So grab some snacks, settle in, and get ready to laugh your way through another epic GTA V adventure with the Neebs crew. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on all the hilarious moments and unexpected twists that this heist has in store. Let's go!

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first got a couple things to take care6.085.83
of get the humane labs key coats and the8.824.859
armored four-by-fours like the ones11.914.74
guarding place you'll do the keycode13.6796.151
exchange just off elegant Avenue you're16.654.59
gonna be meeting with somebody who's had19.832.939
a bit of trouble with the bureau so21.249.359
please use caution we're gonna meet a22.7699.391
lady she's gonna give us some key codes30.5993.631
to the humane labs and we got to break32.163.48
into we're breaking into a lab by the34.233.72
way can she just send that no no this is35.643.87
this is like high-security [ __ ] you37.954.59
didn't have email no it's in Caicos a39.516.72
key card not a key code is on the card42.546.51
oh okay so we'll send them to the mail46.234.2
now she can send through the mail this49.052.759
is high security [ __ ] it's gotta be done50.433.12
a person boys you just hire a bike51.8095.761
messenger to do this yeah this is a high53.556.09
security key card for a lab well I57.573.66
always thought that'd be a fun job I59.643.45
think being a cook as a courier courier61.234.8
yes yeah shut up shut up shut up it's63.094.98
raining what am i raining no the rain66.033.96
would kind of make my days off all right68.074.38
so guys needs you and Simon get up in69.994.379
the roofs Vic you and I'll be on the72.453.74
ground we'll wait for the74.3695.841
okay roots yes76.195.88
you guys get different rooms to go to80.217.56
come on your mini-map then turn your82.076.66
mini-map off yeah87.773.09
iced all right you know what you don't88.734.32
have to call him an idiot you could say90.864.35
you know hey man please turn on your93.054.53
mini-map so we can do this right and not95.213.51
be confused about where we're supposed97.583.899
to go he's [ __ ] missions yes yeah98.723.24
thank you101.4792.041
then you saying [ __ ] didn't wasn't101.9613.799
necessary maaan saying over here yeah103.5213.65
you both have different you have115.7595.211
different dots one is north one south117.176.059
feel like I need to be explained120.974.36
something very basic dot some and you123.2293.871
have a very you have a dot that you need125.334.319
to go to it's it's a it's a yellow dot127.114.22
yes great should I use my rifle sniper I129.64912.991
would probably be good yeah all right141.324.979
all right out of get back into position142.646.18
yeah stay in position Simon this is it146.2994.47
chill out all right we got the buyers148.823.51
gonna be here any minute thing when she150.7692.911
gets here if she tries to talk to you152.332.909
just play cool Simon you should go to153.684.74
the top of the roof right no snow Simon155.2393.81
take cover158.424.17
I would okay wait taking cover oh [ __ ]159.0497.021
there's here you here for the access162.596.28
codes humane laughs166.075.23
all right when I get the all-clear we'll168.875.19
give you the coats can I get sign-off we171.35.18
need to be sure174.062.42
that bank that was you right or someone177.426.819
associated to you181.994.24
what you're getting into right now is a184.2395.261
whole different ballgame my friends you186.237.91
got the go-ahead we got it189.54.64
coming from that alleyway alright let's240.81910.331
collect the briefcase I got the248.724.859
briefcase gonna shoot you sorry all251.153.839
right we got the briefcase yeah let's253.5792.101
get out of here254.9892.791
where do we go you guys you guys just255.683.33
stay there try to get out of here dick257.782.88
and I are gonna take the briefcase to259.013.3
the planning room heeds I feel like this260.663.84
is a bad position to be in262.3112.569
I think I think we lost him I think we282.855.41
lost all right we got here all right286.613.42
hopefully needs it's I'm gonna be okay288.264.87
bug hit it coming get it I really want295.485.53
to slide down this ladder though dude299.663.45
you got to get in come on come on301.016.03
I don't even know come on Jude it's303.115.4
warmer on the ground come on I'm getting307.044.08
shot at okay just gotta get this cowboy308.513.51
get this guy311.124.14
thank you ah moon why can't that lady312.024.29
just man something315.262.79
all right hard is that how do i how do I316.313.18
know where to go let's go to Astros318.054.369
place I'll do it319.492.929
me get my hand gonna need disinfectant330.455.95
or what do you call that you get shot334.694.53
the hand I think I failed off the roof336.44.74
that's what I did this is why it's tough339.223.03
doing anything with you341.142.31
well because you do [ __ ] like fall off342.252.55
roofs well that was pretty dangerous343.453.48
what I was doing and I was confused but344.84.02
you know what needs yeah you shouldn't346.935.16
try to slide down the ladder well I did348.824.65
it and it was awesome352.093.72
so listen that was sloppy but overall at353.473.87
least you did a sloppy because someone355.813.33
can't use mail I told you I explained to357.343.87
you these are these are cards for a lab359.143.33
that we're gonna break into how would361.213.09
they even know it was the post office362.473.33
look at our man listen this had to be a364.33.39
super-secret deal and obviously we365.83.87
almost got busted cuz the FIB showed up367.695.1
so who's the rat Simon it kind of looked369.674.5
like a rat don't ya you look a little372.793.09
bit like a rat but listen tonight we got374.173.09
a really important job we're gonna be375.883.03
stealing a couple of vehicles so in377.263.03
between that and now I want to have a378.913.63
little fun okay it's a nice day you guys380.293.9
want to go to the beach no beach sounds382.542.64
I'm sorry I feel like we should have all389.714.17
rode together why because of resources391.5393.931
and environment but I mean thick got393.882.94
that new-car back there he wants to395.4729.759
drive it you that like roll call yes is396.8230.3
exactly like roll call and and not and425.2293.69
not where you modify your truck so it427.123.84
just fuse out of an obnoxious amount of428.9193.901
smoke no Co huh yeah430.963.6
Oh cold Matthew Lee first is not heard432.825.18
of that yeah but a roll call on this guy434.563.44
you guys wanna park at the pier442.163.96
it's a nice evening down here yeah magic456.074.86
our look this is beautiful459.374.65
see I I can't I don't think I'm gonna be460.935.82
able to avoid not taking those jet skis464.024.29
out why just because they're there466.752.85
they're looking at us I mean oh there468.313.09
there's four of us there's four jet skis469.63.72
come on471.48.749
yeah jump summon my bad Sammy all right490.2610.54
hurry up bring it eaten by a shark Simon498.942.91
damn it500.83.57
[ __ ] [ __ ] how the [ __ ] do I501.854.68
go up again I have no idea how to do it504.373.78
on a mouse and keyboard I'm on the506.533.42
controller can't do it they're evil to508.153.33
hold down home down on the joystick go509.953.12
let's go a pic and then hold on hold511.4812.38
hold a not coming up coming up nah man I513.0714.81
don't know why we bring in the water523.864.02
there is yep537.975.8
Simon yes sir we're gonna do swim541.215.38
lessons I really don't feel like it yeah543.774.65
you need swim lessons yeah we need to546.594.08
give you like life lessons and swimming548.423.57
is part of those life lessons I feel550.673.78
like the lessons have happened I feel551.994.23
like things just don't work the way that554.453.87
they're supposed to like your brain you556.224.02
have anything doesn't work right it's my558.324.11
brain sorry for hitting you with the jet560.244.35
ski Simon guys what uh you guys want to562.435.72
pick her up over here pick you up oh564.596.18
lady of the night makes you want to568.154.65
squeeze in the back570.775.21
paying good money I feel like you're583.013.99
starting to cross the line here a little585.1436.15
bit one day okay no she's not okay fine587.036.63
punch her in the jaw I'm gonna get her621.294.98
some medical attention needs yeah how623.634.5
does it make you feel if somebody's626.274.62
gonna take a picture I know right like628.135.67
yeah that's just rude yeah my friend who630.895.31
will remain unnamed because he may want633.85.22
to run for office someday has injured a636.24.92
lady she's on the street here this this639.024.41
man has just murdered this prostitute641.125.76
yep he was like give me my money ho yep643.435.43
there I'll kill you who the saw him two646.883.63
of us saw two of us saw this man648.863.27
murdered the prostitute and now he's650.512.64
trying to walk away from his652.132.67
responsibilities yeah I'm on periscope653.153.69
right now with this yes you see you654.83.93
should try to be better people sir why656.843.99
did you kill that prostitute why are you658.733.42
getting in the car third you're gonna660.833.59
well here they are the paramedics664.423.96
finally arrived yeah all right they'll666.793.45
take care of her Simon get out the car668.384.47
hold on he's right here guys come on670.246.51
don't don't turn around guys sir she's672.854.71
over here676.752.49
you're good Simon show these paramedics677.563.0
who's boss oh [ __ ]679.244.47
I wanted you want it yeah get the moon680.564.67
everybody get the moon683.713.47
I can't wait to you run for political690.884.19
office hey I got video I can't believe692.415.4
yeah what are you thinking needs yeah we695.074.45
got to our witnesses you're gonna like697.813.72
try to run to the school board someday699.523.99
and they're gonna say wow killed a701.532.37
this is the nicest guy that could ever703.93.81
run for school board till I release that705.853.99
video of you killing that hooker video707.716.96
at you standing over the body709.846.72
smiling calling a paramedic you're714.673.45
through needs doesn't matter if you did716.562.85
it or not all that matters is the718.122.7
opposition pretend to be talking719.413.63
gibberish sir I'm not I know how these720.824.71
things work I decide to try to get to my723.044.64
all right well guess what730.414.1
good [ __ ] all right sorry734.5115.93
even it tried to go in the garage we748.065.5
could make it well I'm gonna get away we750.446.03
must think [ __ ] because Timothy sorry753.565.79
Vic Becca Hospital gonna need to lose756.474.44
the cops yeah you need to lose the cops759.355.55
why would you do that real quick do it760.916.38
right now764.92.39
going onto the golf course Simon yeah768.924.469
well I did not realize that this was770.933.99
going to happen but look there's cops on773.3892.76
that you don't see that every day774.924.109
company golf course I don't know go jump776.1495.19
in the sand shut up God you gotta get us779.0292.731
out of here781.3392.221
alright golf course listen just slow781.764.68
down relax quit being a nut before we783.564.62
end up in a pond get out could I point786.443.329
you to where to go yeah all right788.184.31
you know the highway789.7692.721
it's probably out of the hospital by now794.543.18
you might be able to catch up to us796.733.12
catch up to his cold yeah give him a797.725.19
call oh yeah we're gonna have to do wait799.853.81
your turn802.911.98
no no not you sir need to go straight803.663.72
okay under that bridge straight ahead of804.894.07
us on the left side there's a tunnel807.386.08
right here this is the tunnel808.964.5
yeah all's I hear is yelling what [ __ ]826.3622.57
we just go in here the tunnels a little841.7310.59
bit why is it that the this [ __ ] van848.935.849
keeps on getting stuck in there I mean852.323.99
it's not made for off-roading but it854.7794.881
slow down you can slow down Simon okay856.313.35
let me call thick861.373.54
hello all right Simon yeah we're867.2933.64
supposed to go to the rock quarry but I898.893.78
think it might be easiest to go into the900.933.54
mountains above the rock quarry all902.673.6
right so we can slowly make our way down904.473.9
we got us still two vehicles boys my the906.273.99
only one that's wondering why Simon's908.373.75
driving after what just happened no well910.264.74
well he's got this car and it's fast I'm912.125.49
gonna be much more careful now I'm not915.04.89
much more aware of the fact that I need917.615.76
to be more careful a chance me yeah he919.895.16
just had a chance right and hey guys I923.373.48
was getting stuck like if I'm hitting925.054.95
the gas for 15-20 seconds and nothing's926.855.45
happening and I'm in somebody's driveway930.04.98
there's something wrong no it's probably932.34.99
cuz you'd run over a body of a body934.984.29
lodged underneath the car that's not how937.294.2
it works on your other cars when you're939.273.99
in a bush you're just trapped you're941.494.29
distracting me from driving nicely all943.264.11
right you take this exit Simon take take945.783.57
the six alright well excuse me blinker947.374.47
there you go no blink do you want to949.353.45
turn right up here951.844.28
Hey look how nice and driving952.83.32
flip your mask boys equipped I got the957.664.81
rainbow mask right right here right here960.824.17
should be good right here yeah sham it962.476.99
side dude I just easy our easy thing964.997.04
Vic you're in purple I'm in purple I969.464.89
know did you put it on yeah hit the972.032.98
I dare we go yeah you look good all975.016.06
right he needs to be spelled out to me979.03.54
here what exactly are we doing here981.074.31
we're stealing vehicles982.542.84
your health is full all right hurry up1053.623.039
guys hurry up1055.823.39
it's go time I'm going get in Simon go1056.6594.051
Simon go get in the car with neeps I1059.213.36
don't need the other car Simon she's1060.713.27
driving the other car I don't know where1062.575.819
a car this one gets that one that one am1063.988.1
in all right come and get the coming in1068.3896.091
boys let's go dick you're on that gun1072.083.15
yeah man1074.483.26
waste them1075.232.51
all right you guys1127.76.779
back there only gonna be in the back1130.7598.42
because I'm so fast oh wait1134.4794.7
don't shoot them so much to where the1145.413.84
deep blow up right beside itself there1146.645.84
we go there we go now light them up1149.253.23
I don't know yeah I got a horn yeah go1162.510.67
Jeep right in front of it stick1170.123.05
I have not hit [ __ ] knees okay1188.939.56
watch the passenger trying1194.513.98
I'll means follow us yeah please follow1211.35.91
I was1231.2993.911
you got guys coming in from behind all1233.623.419
right take them out we got to take out1235.214.55
these guys out dick let him have it1237.0394.951
what should we do all right well right1239.765.08
here just guys shoot this guy suck on1241.993.86
that [ __ ]1244.844.14
we're good we're good we got it1276.213.65

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Man, I just love watching the Neebs Gaming crew play GTA V. Their cinematic style really brings the game to life in a way that's hilarious and entertaining. In this latest video, they're setting up plans for an epic heist, which is always comedy gold with this group.

Simon struggles to understand basic physics when it comes to operating a boat, and his frustration is so relatable and funny. The Neebs team has such great on-screen chemistry that makes every misadventure they find themselves in pure comedic joy to watch.

The cinematography and editing they do for these videos is really impressive too. They manage to capture so many funny moments, and the music choices always enhance the humor perfectly. It really feels like you're watching a slickly produced show rather than just some gameplay footage.

Honestly, watching Neebs Gaming play GTA V is the next best thing to playing it yourself. You get all the hilarity and wild moments without having to personally control the chaos. It's just such an entertaining way to experience everything this awesome game has to offer.

Whether they're unleashing epic rampages, screwing up impossible stunts, or bickering during tense heist moments, the Neebs crew makes GTA V into some of the funniest content out there. I could gush about this series all day, but suffice to say if you're looking for gaming videos that are cinematic, hilarious, and downright enjoyable to watch, Neebs Gaming's GTA V playthrough is absolute must-see material.

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