Giant Black Widow Spider!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video on the channel about Black Widows? It's insane how evil they are, right? ...
Giant Black Widow Spider!!! - Grounded
Giant Black Widow Spider!!! - Grounded

Giant Black Widow Spider!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, have you seen that video of the Giant Black Widow Spider? It's hilarious!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is classic! Those Black Widows are pure evil, no weaknesses at all.

appsro: I love how they act all tough and menacing, but then they get grounded like little kids. It's too funny!

neebs: Exactly! They think they're so tough, but a little time-out puts them in their place.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you seen the latest video on the channel about Black Widows? It's insane how evil they are, right? But hey, that's what makes them such interesting enemies in the game.

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yeah I'm gonna call it one two three oh0.4395.081
well you were a little off on that one3.783.72
but uh but yeah watch this Cube think5.524.16
all right I think we got enough stuff so25.147.2
oh yeah oh wow oh you're in I'm in wow28.0397.001
okay I don't want you to shoot me but I32.344.8
know you want to oh wow that's really35.044.14
cool he rounds on me right now but let's37.144.32
see Can I exit so okay right click to39.184.379
exit and then look we can just move this41.464.5
thing wherever we want that's a lot43.5593.481
cooler than I thought it was gonna be45.963.779
yeah now here's the million dollar47.045.1
question is how will it do against black49.7394.98
oxes well here's a ladybird down here I52.145.64
saw as I came in earlier well now I54.7194.881
don't see it okay57.784.98
I could use one of my lure arrows to see59.66.04
if it would come this way a lure Arrow62.764.56
yeah I made some just to see how they65.643.12
work I could have sworn was right up67.323.72
there damn I'll wait wait are you trying68.764.679
to pull in the ladybird right now well71.044.38
should we try it on Black Ox and not73.4393.141
something else75.424.86
yes I kind of feel that way but hey your76.585.44
call dude all right yeah now let's go80.283.24
find us out here we'll take it with us82.023.0
we'll go find a Black Ox all right83.523.18
straight to that let me change my arrows85.023.48
ah all right let's take let's take care89.365.619
of this lady bird okay but you want to92.1595.521
try that or what oh yeah oh wow this ax94.9794.081
is actually doing a good number on her97.684.439
yeah I don't feel bad about the uh the99.068.54
tiger I gave uh Simon a tiger Rapier too102.1195.481
all right get my stamina up what's dead109.525.4
you got a little behind you I know115.345.86
one thing it's another oh yeah that118.565.66
reindeer's doing all right121.23.02
hey we got her124.5793.54
well it's coming back no he's running141.85.74
okay all right thanks so much so why in144.784.92
the world it won't let me move it147.544.26
anymore oh wow look this thing took a149.74.38
ton of damage hold on let me repair it151.84.2
no if I repair it all the way then can I154.085.159
relocate it are you at home relocate156.04.98
why come on159.2393.301
come on160.983.979
all right162.542.419
yeah that killed you I got you buddy165.126.02
so there should already be another171.9595.881
anchor that way and at some point Simon174.845.46
what if we put one way over there177.846.6
at the picnic table yeah yeah the picnic180.36.36
table that would be nice so this is like184.444.379
you can go to the lake base you can go186.664.32
to the castle Yeah you got the triangle188.8194.861
right yeah let's go ahead and uh okay190.986.179
I'm in this menu now boom boom nope I193.686.419
don't want to go there or there nope197.1594.921
is there more what is that is that what200.0993.901
I want yes that's what you want oh wait202.084.26
what's that no there's way over there oh204.03.599
you know what that is that's the hedges206.343.479
all right well is there anything near207.5994.441
the hedges that we care about209.8194.681
yeah and then we want to do that brood212.043.9
mother fight or something at some point214.54.5
yeah let's get going to The Brood mother215.946.659
okay we should be preparing for boom219.06.0
all right that's connected okay so now222.5994.441
you just got to make the route right uh225.03.84
yep and then we'll be able to go over227.045.36
there right now I think so sweet228.847.38
crap all right I've only got nine okay232.45.86
how many do you need236.226.079
right or is it do I have238.264.039
no man you know what you should just242.344.8
talk to yourself yep I got nine okay244.445.28
can't build it right now all right let's247.144.739
go to the um let's go to the lake base249.725.6
all right how many do you need uh 25251.8799.08
25. if I'm reading it right okie dokie255.325.639
whoa okay you're gonna get in that turn270.564.18
um I would like to hold on yeah he came274.744.019
at me too fast shall I get in the turret276.64.74
uh you don't have the ammo in my pocket278.7595.16
all right well I'm trying to get281.345.04
him all right come to me okay he's not283.9194.441
liking these arrows so okay maybe you286.383.3
yeah okay come on you mess with him here289.685.94
we go uh-huh yeah yeah yeah292.1396.481
oh oh305.6397.161
yeah oh yeah baby308.244.56
come at me don't mess with that turret328.45.859
no yeah it's us we're right here oh he's330.665.46
going for it yeah that was like a little334.2595.481
symbol he's going for he wants it336.123.62
oh God over there oh god oh no the357.246.239
turret no360.664.68
all right well hey at least we got a365.343.6
little bit of Blackhawks part only one367.444.28
Black Ox part that's368.945.099
okay well hey at least we got some of371.725.62
the resources back but okay turret374.0396.421
turret Works uh okay I think if we could377.344.859
position over put them in a place where380.463.299
like those guys couldn't reach them well382.1993.301
like what if we put spikes around it too383.7593.78
yeah that's true too yeah there's all385.53.66
sorts of little defenses we have assets387.5393.541
okay so yeah you remember those three389.164.259
Blackhawks beetles yeah under the shed391.084.559
yep yeah maybe we can put some turrets393.4193.601
there all right let's go make a maybe395.6393.601
two more turrets yeah two or at least397.024.38
one more yeah two of us on turn two of399.243.899
us on the ground two or three on turrets401.43.12
I'll be shooting with my bow and arrow403.1393.56
okay let's see407.724.72
laser Tower410.524.739
oh there he is what's up man you see me412.446.72
yep I see you okay so I think if I build415.2596.181
this line now we can come to each other419.165.22
okay oh that sounds good you know what421.445.099
we should do I got an idea once you get424.384.74
that line going oh boy what's that well426.5394.321
I'm gonna come to you you're gonna come429.124.139
to me and then I'm gonna hit uh like430.864.32
reverse just at the right time and then433.2594.021
I'm gonna come back it's gonna be cool435.184.2
okay I won't reverse okay I'm gonna come437.283.84
your way you ready hold on a second let439.383.2
me stop peeping441.125.519
and yeah let's start coming go going all442.585.8
right I'm coming your way all right446.6393.84
that's fine and this reverse is pretty448.384.08
quick doesn't it no it takes a minute450.4794.741
because of momentum okay well but I452.464.32
thought when I did it I mean it doesn't455.224.62
like reverse all right well we'll see I456.784.56
would like soon as you see me hit it459.843.54
well I see you but I'm not hitting it oh461.344.139
you see me uh well I mean yeah you're463.384.62
small but I'll see you there still going465.4795.961
I'm gonna turn around now468.03.44
look at that yeah that was fun time to474.2598.44
perfect yeah all right well I kind of478.865.52
wanted can we reverse now let's reverse482.6992.821
again I want to go back to where you484.382.64
were okay you call it yeah I'm gonna485.525.0
call it one two three487.023.5
and one more one two three490.587.42
that was crap yeah it was trash but yeah495.385.099
watch this498.02.479
all right I'll meet you at the top of503.963.88
the tower all right I'll see you over505.9792.701
is the Queen's the only female bee or520.0994.601
they're like the normal bees are also522.7193.901
female and male man I forget that it524.73.72
works with the ants too526.623.899
um yeah when the workers they're they're528.423.66
like drones like they're kind of like530.5195.341
nothing right asexual weirdos that's the532.088.1
big oh is she oh oh can you I feel bad535.867.38
yeah okay540.184.86
all right hey uh all right let's go back545.045.52
inside real quick yep547.85.219
got enough to make another toy so we got550.566.02
two uh no there's one I mean553.0195.76
but at the same time I have enough to556.585.14
make another one so hold up hold up wait558.7794.261
a minute561.723.48
and Bam we got two turrets yeah two563.044.919
turrets yes so tell you what do you know565.24.98
how to relocate stuff yep all right so567.9594.201
I'll grab one and you grab one and we570.184.2
gotta take it out to the uh what you572.163.96
call it oh we're gonna we're making the574.383.0
Trek I mean we should go ahead and make576.122.7
the Trek and just set it up577.3812.51
thank you590.125.98
uh I do now I got it all right mine's up615.986.1
here okay here we go all right it618.8995.161
doesn't let me why is it not let me do622.084.8
this thing again it's the thing I624.063.899
wonder if it's like when you're under626.882.76
attack or if there's a bug you're my627.9593.301
best friend well if like oh maybe if629.643.54
there's a bug near you best friend in631.263.96
the whole world oh yeah let's do this633.185.0
that's a good idea635.222.96
will actually do it660.564.24
yep I'm invested in this fight now let's662.763.42
see where this goes yeah I know it's fun664.84.32
it's yeah we got good seats666.185.64
come on a little Harvest I don't really669.124.74
you just don't want to kill one and come671.824.5
kill that thing so we don't have to come673.864.02
on little larva you can do this I676.323.3
believe in The larva all right two677.882.959
little lovers679.623.8
oh yeah okay680.8395.5
yeah but it doesn't oh god oh he's683.425.32
running you can't run no no no no no I686.3393.921
think how this works688.743.719
all right we're about to see let's see690.265.259
roly-polies rollatories got a ton692.4594.921
of them now really yeah it's not gonna695.5194.26
touch it oh yeah there you go buddy697.384.019
thank you so much though that helped a699.7792.521
all right pick up your turret let's see702.33.539
if we can do it it didn't let me still704.165.04
no no yes okay so that's the trick once705.8395.341
you get in a fight it makes you drop it709.23.96
interesting all right hey we're learning711.185.0
I guess713.163.02
all right now let's pick him up I don't717.744.36
think we got far to go I think it's like720.724.859
right over here okay and under the722.17.28
yes right here right here725.5793.801
no land rights what we can't build it in734.165.82
video games huh right why do they suck739.984.14
we need land now we're dealing land744.126.899
rights yeah exactly we're tiny746.045.98
ing dumb751.0194.211
hey what's up fellas what's up what is757.5195.56
that all right uh oh that's the turn one760.624.44
oh we got another one too yeah just back763.0794.44
there they're pretty cool oh this is765.064.92
awesome they really hurt here's the bad767.5194.201
news is they don't work under the shed769.983.44
where we wanted to kill those black oxes771.725.1
why not uh real estate land rights land773.425.02
rights land rights I know land rights776.824.079
yeah yeah we don't know yeah do the ants778.446.079
have land rights no apparently they do780.8995.88
you don't784.5193.341
English yeah okay all right all right787.864.2
how's your zipline thing coming good I789.8394.321
got one we just got one that goes to the792.063.66
Hedge I was trying to go to the picnic794.164.02
table man if you go to the Hedge and we795.724.2
go fight The Brood mother798.185.099
yes man I want better armor I think we799.925.039
could do it well okay if you want better803.2793.18
armor then we need to go fight we gotta804.9593.0
go fight stuff yeah you think we can806.4593.301
take it with the armor we have ah The807.9593.361
Brood mother probably because I think809.762.759
that's like a you know what I think811.324.34
that's like a level one boss812.5195.94
three gear you know we need to learn and815.664.72
do science what is up with your leg818.4594.141
Elvis yeah you're a little Twitchy McGee820.383.199
I'm twitching823.5793.541
enough salmon I should be the one doing829.6395.26
it guys okay my leg's the one I get it832.624.38
we just all like it right okay all right834.8993.841
well let's at least get some more stuff837.04.04
to heal up with and then uh yeah I'm in838.744.8
food mother all right yeah how's your841.045.02
garden neebs uh horrible all right guys843.545.16
I'll go to the pond okay I'll get the846.064.8
other turret you ready nothing about a848.76.5
ham though right now at a time850.864.34
oh God you guys suck oh864.745.92
I mean it kind of goes to the hedges916.044.9
this isn't close enough I mean it's yeah918.364.2
it's close to the hedges but the920.944.32
broodmother's over there oh wait did922.565.279
anybody grab the brood mother BLT no925.265.879
okay God we're idiots uh but oh man tell927.8395.221
you what let's shift gears931.1394.26
um names remember over here there's a933.064.68
black widow black widow is that harder935.3995.581
yeah I could just go get the BLT let's937.744.8
try the Black Widow we're here we're940.983.539
geared up look I think all four of us942.543.659
look there's nothing all four of us944.5193.601
can't do together there is a lot of946.1993.181
there are a lot of things if we work948.123.48
harder like it we focus we can949.383.84
absolutely kill this black widow we have951.63.419
10 years of video proof that we can fill953.223.84
things together for true yeah but we955.0193.421
always succeed eventually you remember957.062.82
that boss you remember that boss we958.442.759
fought that we failed at the first time959.883.0
but then the second time we got it it961.1994.44
seems out of order no we could take it I962.883.84
don't want to go all the way back for965.6392.88
that damn sandwich let's try Black Widow966.723.78
it's gonna take three minutes okay let's968.5195.641
do it we're doing it yeah we're doing it970.55.399
because app store wants to and I'm I'm974.163.359
fine with it so come on we got whatever975.8993.481
man we977.5194.021
standard operating procedure we'll979.383.3
surround this little oh yeah981.544.14
watch out these are ticks yep watch982.684.8
yourself that we're looking to985.684.68
fight black widows you mean nothing987.486.719
yes Banks yeah we're on fire we got this990.367.339
black widow okay994.1993.5
all right all right I'd set my respawn1000.1395.88
point it's super big all right these are1002.8394.981
the babies all right yeah we should lure1006.0193.06
in yeah yeah let's take care of the1007.825.04
babies first of course of course1009.0795.661
no mercy for babies1012.865.58
I never thought there was oh man there's1014.745.459
a lot of little babies1018.445.78
just keep responding man1020.1994.021
yeah can I peep her let me see if I can1027.164.24
peep her1030.4393.98
oh I see some black widow1031.46.6
wow resistant to everything weakness1034.4197.721
nothing wow okay shall I shoot fire at1038.05.76
fired she coming all right1043.765.58
if she's looking at you Shields up1046.484.84
Shields up you know me Shields up1049.344.26
surrounder oh my God what was that that1051.325.099
was me I got his thing okay there we go1053.65.699
that's a lot of Health we can wear that1056.4194.88
fish down1059.2996.24
all right baby there you go all right on1061.2996.88
me go ahead sweetie I like this yeah1065.5394.621
come on sweetheart I'm liking this too1068.1795.521
oh yeah look yeah oh yeah we got this we1070.166.18
got this team oh where's he going covers1073.74.859
are going coming to me he's coming to me1076.344.079
I got my Shields up moving in all right1078.5594.681
oh she knocked me she'd take a little1080.4194.921
nips from me come on baby nibble to me1083.245.16
baby okay come on people with me baby oh1085.345.459
yeah but I tell you we work as a team1088.46.139
you're right it's going pretty good okay1090.7993.74
I need wet for my thing she ain't so Tom1095.866.52
yeah keep it on your stamina yep oh yeah1099.326.38
I got an arrow in me1102.383.32
see it again1112.365.62
she likes you salmon she does oh excuse1115.15.52
me she's me no oh in the face I1117.984.079
just nailed it I think I can cause some1120.623.48
bleeding damage for this yeah oh yeah1122.0593.801
look at that1124.14.14
all right we gotta surround her again1125.864.059
yeah there we go lure out she's trying1128.245.42
to record it Simon right1129.9193.741
come on come on she's not gonna present1133.784.48
any new moves1136.343.839
it now she got me there yeah watch you1138.263.9
stay with us stay with us you got me and1140.1794.201
my stone is good she just beating a snot1142.164.8
out of me you're the cutest yeah she1144.386.24
likes that cute little Simon took us1146.966.36
oh God I took him I took it oh no oh God1150.625.12
there you go get her we got almost1158.744.24
halfway down1161.483.66
watch out you're shooting grounds uh oh1162.983.48
that might have been some gas1165.142.94
coming out I don't know it's pink I've1166.464.219
never seen that before1168.082.599
damn I didn't mean to do that bringing1171.164.3
more enemies I don't want to shoot1173.664.74
the gas I'm almost out of them come on1175.464.44
we got this team we don't know if the1178.43.0
gas hurts us or not we never confirmed1179.94.519
that did we oh god oh what the hell well1181.46.12
I don't think I'm getting hurt oh yeah1184.4195.921
oh God I took another hit all right1187.526.019
so that doesn't hurt us that's good1190.345.339
I'll come fight with you guys here1193.5394.0
shortly I'm almost out of arrows I got1195.6794.641
some if you want them1197.5392.781
oh yeah you found Mama come1257.624.26
that's a big deal and now I'm a little1282.744.62
less concerned about the broodmother to1285.6795.961
be honest but yeah your mother's a1287.364.28
thank you1316.2993.181

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