Exterminating ENORMOUS Earwigs & Eeyore's EARLY END - Conan Exiles

Hey guys, can we just take a minute to appreciate the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Conan Exiles series? I mean, they built an elevator f...
Exterminating ENORMOUS Earwigs & Eeyore's EARLY END - Conan Exiles
Exterminating ENORMOUS Earwigs & Eeyore's EARLY END - Conan Exiles

Exterminating ENORMOUS Earwigs & Eeyore's EARLY END - Conan Exiles

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest Conan Exiles video? It's got everything from a Purple Gorilla Turtle to Frijoles Rising!

simon: Oh yeah, that video is hilarious! I love how Anthony the Brave Boy faces his fears and Dora Drops His Balls. Classic!

neebs: And don't forget about the Mouth Butt Goo - that part had me in stitches! Definitely my favorite video on our channel.

simon: Agreed! I mean, who wouldn't love watching us stumble over spiders and trying to find iron again? It's comedy gold!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey guys, can we just take a minute to appreciate the latest episode of Neebs Gaming's Conan Exiles series? I mean, they built an elevator for a horse, lost a friend, bagged a dancer, and so much more in just one video! It's like a rollercoaster of emotions and adventures in the world of Conan Exiles.

And let's not forget about Simon's tower - it just keeps getting higher and higher with each episode. Plus, they adopted a ton of pets, faced their fears, beat a boss, and even finished a mountain base. It's like a never-ending saga of epic proportions that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

I love how they always manage to pack so much action and humor into each video. From the sudden tragedies to the hilarious mishaps, every moment is pure entertainment. And let's not forget about the infamous "M O I S T" moments that always crack me up.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the latest episode and join in on the fun. And don't forget to grab some Neebs Gaming Coffee to enjoy while you watch - it's the perfect companion for a gaming marathon. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Simon hey look what I got oh a third oh2.066.88
that's turkey purple that one's cool7.084.26
this one's very weird and cool looking8.944.319
oh heck yeah I think there's a11.344.2
successful the sickest thing to do to13.2594.381
fight off these weird gorilla turtles15.544.62
Right would be have Gorilla Turtles on17.645.76
our side that makes a lot of sense20.165.94
why that entry where are you uh I'm over26.13.9
here at my place just looking over at28.264.2
your uh Island yeah so you making30.04.32
gorilla Turtles gorilla Turtle32.464.14
protection hey you know what if I could34.324.32
remember how to make gruel Dora I think36.65.18
we can boost these gorillas38.645.52
perfect yeah all right yeah I'm getting41.783.939
to work on it gotta remember how to make44.165.0
goo it's grueling45.7193.441
I feel bad about that one that was for49.285.56
knees now there's a floating woman over52.145.939
here in the sky always is oh didn't54.845.01
notice it before58.0795.891
the air is very moist it's too foggy77.645.22
here man it's moist it keeps you nice80.44.44
and not dry oh you're down there oh God82.863.36
can I make this jump where are you oh84.845.4
hey yeah okay so I got the elevator yeah86.225.82
where do you think it should go well how90.243.48
does it function try to put it down I've92.044.619
never seen it or used it okay it looks93.725.34
like it is can you see that I cannot I I96.6594.32
see nothing okay it looks like it's99.065.099
mainly just one square I believe okay100.9794.741
which Square you want to remove a square104.1593.181
I'll try to place it on it I mean in my105.723.899
head we should do the center right uh107.343.84
sure it'd be pretty cool if a horse just109.6193.841
raised up the center right there okay so111.185.219
maybe hmm what's the horse's name do you113.464.56
have any do you remember Frijoles116.3993.18
um he's down there he looks very sad I119.5792.82
don't know what's the front what's the121.324.92
back I'll just pick one okay ready boom122.3996.72
okay how far down does it get say we can126.245.04
fit a horse on this I don't know maybe129.1193.961
you don't know this is science we're131.283.539
doing science do they make bigger133.083.239
elevators do you think Benjamin Franklin134.8193.481
said what's that electricity I don't136.3193.78
know same thing no that's exactly what138.33.06
he did he said I don't know let's find140.0993.421
out yeah try it okay so you coming down141.363.9
with me sure if it works all right yeah143.525.4
let me hit it oh oh my God oh my God oh145.266.18
God oh God whoa whoa did you come from148.925.78
come on there's a shell back here151.448.4
oh no he killed Eeyore what Dior is dead154.78.44
you son of a [ __ ] did you get him ah159.844.92
wait was New York kind of a piece of163.144.56
[ __ ] not really he Cuddy or damn clean164.765.04
in half that's rude we're the ones that167.73.66
cut the Ord169.84.32
ERS he's a green arrow Johnson what are171.365.58
you doing well the little uh Eeyore home174.124.5
and then we'll continue the journey can176.943.72
you believe that we moved still and178.624.02
they're sleeping Eeyore I'm getting paid180.664.14
for this right nope no pay at all Who182.644.14
the hell's this came we came in when I184.83.48
was trying to relax he's laying down186.783.42
here too doing good over there Green188.285.82
Arrow Johnson helping out a whole fine190.27.07
Save the Day198.143.36
the Dead Guy come from I don't know you202.25.759
need a shellback army over here too no205.3194.621
kidding yeah that was ridiculous sorry207.9594.801
Eeyore okay I guess I'll loot his stuff209.944.74
uh I feel like we should bury this guy212.763.66
or you know what I'll chop him up I'll214.683.24
feed him to the other guys that's the216.423.72
way to bury it fish and see Fish and217.923.86
look at him where is he never to the225.624.66
right oh hey buddy so we're gonna grab228.363.42
him and see if we can get on huh that230.283.42
was a very patient horse all right do231.783.72
you need a ramp I don't know if I can uh233.73.3
did you bring enough materials I don't235.53.12
know maybe try to build a little horse237.03.299
yeah there should be a ramp but I'm238.623.6
curious if if he can jump up there you240.2995.281
could try if you think okay here goes242.226.019
get up there245.582.659
yeah we need a ramp all right249.687.179
foundation oh you got everything I think253.586.1
so okay I could put a little Foundation256.8595.881
right there and maybe there and there259.686.06
wow hey and you're efficient I do what I262.744.739
can and then you know some steps I might265.743.3
make it look prettier later but that's267.4793.961
deep okay well oh I'm slightly short of269.043.84
enough Rock there's some rock right here271.444.02
on the ground where okay yeah yeah two I272.884.44
don't know how many I need one I don't275.464.38
know man that elevator and this horse277.324.8
they don't match the horse is the size279.844.38
of the elevator yeah that is a people282.124.68
elevator okay let's line this up why284.224.56
can't I build this all right Freehold286.83.42
lace we're just gonna go straight in288.783.54
don't be nervous I just need you to put290.223.9
your feet close together all on the292.323.42
platform what happened their names oh294.123.06
doing this I built a staircase instead295.743.66
all right freeholders here we go a horse297.183.6
going upstairs I don't know if we can299.43.0
all three fit we could try let's not300.783.72
risk it I'll wait okay get in there302.43.66
buddy I think we're doing it you need me304.52.82
to hit the button can I scooch up a306.062.82
touch more is there a button to hit307.324.86
there we go oh we're doing it oh wait308.886.599
let me try yes hop on yes perfect yes312.186.18
okay come over a little I can't um this315.4796.021
is it man get in you State just be still318.366.6
I'm good I'll wait all right you look321.55.08
great we'll send it back down for you324.964.22
thank you326.582.6
Dora how them shellback's going I've got329.824.08
two I was waiting for you oh tell you331.9794.021
what um give me one or do you want both333.94.139
yeah I guess I guess both yeah I'll just336.03.06
give you both you need some security338.0392.581
over here you know yeah you know what339.062.88
actually just give me I'll take one for340.622.46
now because I know these things are341.943.539
heavy they're in a bag okay oh well all343.084.44
right I'll take the whole bag yep that's345.4794.141
what I said these things are heavy all347.523.3
right you want to just give me one back349.622.88
real quick I'll give you one in the back350.823.24
give me one back let me just drop that352.52.94
one yeah you take that one I think I'm354.062.96
still heavy damn it355.444.199
all right well whatever I'll just walk357.024.84
as quick as I can there's a little wimp359.6394.261
over here at least I look sexy when I361.863.96
walk that's true hey horse with no name363.94.139
how you doing today yeah follow me over365.825.879
here Dora oh I oh oh did you leave no I368.0394.981
was putting that other shell back in371.6993.0
there oh okay you might want well damn373.023.619
it you might want to pull them out yeah374.6994.381
I think we gotta keep them in our pocket376.6394.241
because I gotta go into this Alchemist379.085.58
bench and using bone blood and gruel I380.886.539
can make this stuff called totemic384.665.94
fodder now firecraft little bit of387.4195.28
Potomac fodder and I put it in my pocket390.64.56
and I combine totemic fodder with the392.6994.321
Shale back I think I can make a better395.164.86
Shale back I know it's really boring I397.024.26
mean I've got a purple one over there400.023.6
that's pretty dope yeah hold on let me401.284.74
see if I can craft this in my inventory403.625.579
where is the Shale back I'm gonna check406.025.88
sitting on your table over here oh wait409.1994.681
wait a minute oh you know what damn it I411.94.56
do need a tame one oh I do need a tame413.883.96
one I'm sorry so here I'm gonna drop416.463.0
this little bastard well there's one417.844.38
almost done tamed over in The Taming419.465.1
thing the tamery the tamery yeah I like422.224.74
the tamery yeah let me go check on him I424.563.479
don't think you want to put him down yet426.962.16
because I think when you put them down428.0393.0
then you can't use them okay it's dumb429.124.919
it's dumb well there you go uh let's see431.0395.521
is he done yet no okay yeah he's he's434.0394.021
doing okay I'll wait till he's done436.563.24
doing okay and then I'll show you what I438.064.139
done did okay oh and in the meantime439.85.04
check this out check this out is that442.1996.62
okay ready sure444.843.979
bam yeah look at this uh chessboard no449.7597.141
we can make a Clan Emblem with this that454.2594.321
looks like a chessboard oh it does now456.93.96
but we're gonna use it to design our own458.584.38
emblem Ah that's on you I'm not a good460.864.08
designer okay then yeah I'll do it but462.963.78
then we're gonna have flags and armor464.943.12
and all of the stuff with like our466.743.66
emblem it's gonna be awesome yeah468.064.5
nobody's gonna [ __ ] with us yeah because470.43.54
they'll see our they'll see our emblem472.564.8
be like those guys all right I'm gonna473.945.879
get to work okay I'm gonna go and raid a477.366.92
village again oh okay have fun okay479.8194.461
it seems like a lot of spiders though we493.883.879
don't know anything about them no and a496.023.54
bird and an alligator and there's tiny497.7594.62
red spiders okay oh oh goodness should499.564.859
we get to High Ground uh sure oh God oh502.3793.421
God oh God that is a lot of spiders504.4192.641
they're all over me there's a verb too505.82.519
I'm gonna have to fight these things507.062.88
okay let's just nope we don't fight yet508.3193.0
why not come up here wait they're509.942.94
fighting the birds let's regroup all511.3192.52
right let's see who wins this battle512.883.24
Yeah okay here we go oh yeah this is513.8394.021
more like it alligator I like that one516.123.719
blue one though behind you I got it oh517.864.64
yeah he's awesome519.8392.661
okay we'll sandwich them oh there's524.724.0
another one one's down two more three527.163.48
more okay eight more I'll go around this528.724.1
side do that side yeah530.645.1
ow they like to knock you over okay and532.824.8
one more535.743.84
what you got they're coming back around537.624.48
rolling yep rolling away we want a539.584.02
sandwich we want a sandwich you can look542.12.9
it out thank you543.63.919
yeah I assume the position545.06.279
strike oh sorry I mean how many days547.5195.561
we're doing this listen I'd rather the551.2793.301
spider be dead than you just hurt a553.083.54
little bit I think we do more damage to554.583.48
each other than the spiders do you wanna556.622.94
find out558.062.279
um I'm not sure yes I do560.3396.361
okay super attack we found out I think562.625.94
we do pretty good damage once you566.73.66
harvest this uh Spider right quick oh568.565.04
God what is that up there what up on top570.364.86
of that structure573.65.419
is that like okay575.223.799
don't strike me that's fine okay580.4597.121
I'll jump in I'm out of stamina okay584.66.34
here we go I'm in it okay trying to look587.584.8
at something590.943.839
okay yeah it's like it's like a b it's592.385.28
like an evil evil B fly thing evil B fly594.7795.521
all right well let's uh let's heal up597.664.56
then we'll go take a look why are we600.33.0
taking a look let's just go the other602.223.059
direction forever take a look we're603.33.479
there we go nice and exciting606.7793.74
the base working on something what are615.483.299
you doing I617.044.44
tippity top of the world oh God I see618.7794.201
you up there are you still are you621.483.96
building as you're going yeah622.984.14
yeah I'm adding right now while I'm on625.444.74
the okay I ran out of stone so yeah I've627.126.42
got one I've got one elevator that630.185.099
actually goes the whole way straight up633.544.22
oh wow635.2792.481
all the way to the top like I'm about to638.043.72
change it hold on I'm gonna see if I can639.8993.661
grab it while I'm here I'm gonna take up641.764.5
the existing one I'm gonna see if I can643.565.6
reach it from here646.262.9
I am but hold on I'm coming down when649.263.96
I'm trying to do oh wait a second I651.422.82
don't want to have the hammer anymore653.222.7
dude you should build a high dive up654.244.8
there a high dive yeah oh that's a good655.925.82
idea I don't think I I can't take the659.045.58
elevator up from here okay so yeah I661.744.44
could do that so now what's going on you664.623.18
got to go all the way back down yeah666.183.659
because I need material can you stop it667.83.9
reverse it okay no you gotta get stuck669.8393.841
yeah I need stuff I mean I can reverse671.73.78
it right now do I do that oh sweet okay673.683.659
yeah I saw that that's not bad but yeah675.484.08
no I'm going down going down to get677.3394.44
stuff oh yeah you know what hey a door679.563.899
is not back yet but here I'll go ahead681.7793.361
and bring over a friend683.4594.201
oh the elevator's not over here let me685.144.74
call that by the time this one gets over687.664.739
here yeah are you are you transporting a689.884.38
friend on the elevator uh no I'm not692.3993.421
transporting a friend I'm going over694.264.5
yeah I just swim it's fun to look at but695.824.5
really swimming's more efficient but698.763.3
then by the time this gets here and I700.323.06
get back over there yours will have702.063.839
gotten to the bottom yes it's very true703.384.38
and then we'll meet up it'll be like705.8995.521
it'll be awesome oh wow cut two oh no707.766.24
it's gonna happen yeah all right yeah I711.425.88
know here we go get going see where are714.05.459
you I don't see you on the uh on the717.35.159
tower I'm I'm about halfway down is your719.4595.88
elevator inside uh I have elevators all722.4595.221
over the place so wait you you don't725.3394.141
have one elevator that goes from the727.684.08
ground that's what you need though I do729.484.02
have one elevator that goes from the731.764.139
ground that's the Express Elevator and733.54.5
then I have the five elevators inside735.8993.961
the house that are just there for the738.04.14
third man this thing does not need well739.864.2
no well you know what of course it742.144.86
doesn't need it I mean listen I was just744.065.279
using it as a means to be tall just let747.05.16
me have fun okay thank you speaking of749.3395.841
fun check this out752.167.2
boom hey yeah that's fun look at the755.186.52
spikes on that sucker oh yeah he's got a759.364.38
little bit of armor built into him I761.74.379
love it put some uh put some bold armor763.745.099
there on his wrist oh gave him some766.0794.681
little spiky armor here on the back so768.8393.721
is that what happens when you give them770.763.9
gruel or is no you've made that no I had772.564.079
to make a special concoction to feed774.665.34
this boy and then that stuff grew on him776.6396.0
like the armor yeah I think I might have780.04.8
painted it and done it by making the782.6393.961
gruel okay it doesn't make any damn784.83.839
sense yeah I'm with you what's this786.65.4
one's name spiky spiky sure yeah why not788.6396.121
it's not it's unoriginal like me and a792.05.1
little thick how about spiky Jones spiky794.764.079
Jones is good and this one came out797.13.96
purple so it's like thick little thick798.8395.041
the Dora technically made it but I I I'm801.064.5
gonna think of it as thick all right803.883.06
well we'll get back to it all right you805.562.94
do your thing I'm I'm wasting more806.944.399
materials over here808.52.839
babes it's got wings I don't know if it812.5793.901
flies I know it has wings it's like a814.745.339
wasp B Locust thing yeah we have to move816.485.28
in we have to know more about this all820.0793.601
right let's go slow I gotta be honest821.763.3
with you needs I'm being a real Brave823.683.959
boy right now why I'm not a fan of825.064.74
spiders or just most bugs that's not a827.6393.601
spider that one yeah but it's still829.83.779
gross I'm actually less afraid of that831.245.159
because it's more Fantastical right the833.5794.32
spiders are just something that could836.3993.481
attack me right now where I currently am837.8994.62
they're snaky man they will sneak up on839.884.68
you I know that's why I'm afraid I say842.5194.081
we just run in we run in we see how844.563.959
we're doing and we decide quickly if846.63.72
we're gonna leave or stick with it all848.5193.781
right you take the front I'll uh I'll850.325.04
try not to kill you oh oh he sees us see852.36.3
it oh God look at his mouth oh God it's855.365.84
worse it's so much worse neebs oh yeah858.64.979
okay yep that's a gross looking mouth861.24.36
all right oh that made it so much worse863.5793.781
where are you I thought we were doing it865.565.519
together it's suspicious on me I saw the867.367.099
damage I think we can do this okay now871.0793.38
oh good I'm glad it's dead what was this880.884.3
did you even know883.743.12
god um885.184.86
Harvest corpse it's a corpse it's a886.865.76
corpse it's a harvest corpse yeah it's a890.044.26
harvest corpse it's of the Dead variety892.623.719
maybe did you get anything did you get894.34.74
like a head I got [ __ ] and I got896.3396.0
sand Reaper toxin glands sand Reaper is899.044.979
that what it was so you that it must be902.3394.68
a sand Reaper sand Reaper okay it wasn't904.0195.581
as tough as it looked907.0196.06
yeah I don't like it909.66.859
hello everyone I913.0793.38
want arts or something but hey this920.5793.541
should be fun I made these out of your922.443.44
yeah hey easy buddy925.887.24
easy just come to radio hey come on help929.3996.361
me help me spider help me spider help933.124.38
help me spider935.764.68
tell me try to help helping the spider937.56.3
help me get this Blood gonna get a940.446.24
Gollum that wasn't too bad oh [ __ ] I'm943.86.12
getting hit crap you little [ __ ]946.688.64
easy oh oh no oh949.927.34
the [ __ ] you doing spider955.324.86
you're a little late all the time now957.264.96
you're dead great960.184.88
that was fun oh that was dramatic962.225.46
anyway happy to be back you guys are965.065.68
great let me get this Blood thank you967.687.099
thank you thank you970.744.039
he thinks neebs I see is that another975.244.56
one of those creatures to our right978.663.84
right right the reaper thing979.85.099
um oh it's a green one yep it sees us982.54.32
it's two of them there's two of them all984.8993.18
right they're weak they're just gross986.823.24
all right I guess let's murder it fight988.0795.461
it real quick yep oh it grows up it just990.065.1
threw it was that out of its mouth or993.543.06
the other side you take that one I'll995.164.56
take this one okay yep that's mouth okay996.64.56
assuming that's a mouth it looks like it999.724.1
could have been cut because all right1001.166.78
oh god oh it's near me all right all1003.826.28
right dead yeah that is a nasty mouth1007.945.699
man uh nope got it okay is there another1010.15.299
I heard a noise1013.6394.14
what's happening I'm joking what's up1015.3995.321
why are you choking how do I see PR how1017.7797.401
do I CPR how do I put the sword away1020.724.46
all right Simon look at this oh another1027.527.12
table yeah this game's absurd right now1031.8194.02
like we're running out of space quick1034.643.36
now I'm looking ridiculous these tools1035.8394.62
here this is good chiseling tools this1038.05.339
is an improved armors workbench all1040.4594.86
right so we can make better armors with1043.3393.12
this I don't know if I don't know who's1045.3193.48
going down the armor tree but uh yeah1046.4593.84
yeah we can make some really cool stuff1048.7993.0
with this one that's good but do you1050.2992.701
know what there's a lot of materials1051.7993.601
made I'm fine with my my stuff now1053.04.38
because otherwise people can yell at me1055.43.54
for taking all the materials oh yeah I1057.382.88
understand that speaking of materials1058.944.979
guess what we're out of iron again ugh1060.265.64
all right well I'd be happy to go out1063.9193.841
with you and get iron or do you want me1065.93.84
to just be the one because yeah we can1067.763.779
we can go get iron and you know what I1069.744.08
also need well I need you know we got1071.5393.961
all these tables we can actually put1073.824.08
people on these tables oh working yeah1075.55.039
working let's get let's get some free1077.94.98
labor yeah so I I need to go out and1080.5394.14
actually get a crafter so I got my1082.884.08
trunching somewhere in here all right1084.6794.62
but what do I need to help you uh tell1086.963.48
you what yeah if you just want to go1089.2992.941
with me and help beat the hell out of1090.443.42
people I can do and smack the hell out1092.242.939
of people with this club there you go1093.862.88
and then oh that's right because we1095.1793.36
gotta beat them with something yes you1096.743.42
know what I don't have anything I just1098.5393.0
have tools I'll make something to beat1100.163.18
them and then we'll beat them together1101.5395.721
get ready we'll head out at morning1103.343.92
you know you left me in a nightmare1108.5596.061
scenario oh really I mean this is an1111.5595.641
evil spider Forest okay but you're okay1114.625.22
aren't you yeah thankfully I lit up as1117.24.38
much as I could and just kind of sat1119.844.68
here for a while okay so what's the big1121.585.82
deal well it's the potential right of1124.525.039
disaster all right I didn't mean to1127.44.139
leave you Anthony I know were you1129.5595.821
poisoned I think I got threw up on so ah1131.5395.941
by the poison the butt goop yeah the1135.383.48
mouth Coop now you know what I think1137.483.18
this purple stuff is purple is that1138.864.86
purple yeah yeah more pink okay yeah1140.665.04
what is it what do you think oh now1143.722.94
we're talking about the important part1145.74.44
of it yeah corruption oh is that what is1146.664.92
corruption it sounds bad because the1150.143.539
name is you know corruption yeah I think1151.584.32
in this game you walk into there and it1153.6793.601
drains your bar or something1157.286.18
you know what I'm saying oh God every1160.346.42
time they're so sneaky okay oh I gained1163.464.74
corruption you're right neighbors yeah I1166.762.64
don't I don't think you can get rid of1168.23.3
that oh God you should have started with1169.44.019
that part like don't even screw around1171.54.679
with it yeah I figured you'd be more1173.4195.041
worried about what color that is but1176.1793.421
it's like you were telling me about a1178.462.52
curse like oh don't go in there you'll1179.63.0
be cursed by the way what'd you do you1180.983.78
walked in there okay1182.64.86
um yeah I seem okay is it going away I1184.764.74
mean yeah everything looks great so I1187.463.839
think I think what you got to do is uh1189.54.74
we can find a dancer what I think if you1191.2995.101
tame a dancer oh yep I gain crop oh1194.244.38
we're too close back up okay yeah you1196.43.42
become friends with a dancer and she1198.622.64
danced and your corruption goes away I1199.822.46
don't hang out with those types of1201.262.52
people okay then you're corrupted1202.283.12
forever I want to look at this ant hill1203.784.2
all right is that what this is it looks1205.44.68
like it oh there's eggs oh really1207.983.72
there's eggs inside let's murder it so1210.083.66
they no longer exists we're gonna hatch1211.75.339
into disgusting mouth having evil evil1213.745.1
things so that's what this thing lays1217.0394.26
huh that thing that's through a bonus1218.844.199
yeah did you get anything out of that oh1221.2994.38
my God I collected an egg okay oh can we1223.0395.341
hatch these yeah do you want to no if I1225.6794.981
in fact let's eat these for breakfast1228.384.74
I don't even want to do that yeah what1230.664.62
are you talking about1233.124.439
all right Simon I know there's a village1235.284.62
up here all right yeah and we're gonna1237.5594.5
be friendly to them avoid them well no1239.93.3
we're probably gonna have to kill a lot1242.0592.761
of them but there's gonna be one We're1243.23.3
not gonna kill we're looking for a1244.825.28
specific type of guy a crafter okay I1246.54.86
don't know if there are any Crafters1250.14.02
here but I'm gonna oh all right so just1251.365.1
tell me not tell me who to kill like oh1254.124.2
and should I Arrow these Jammer jams1256.463.839
yeah you know what I'll start bringing1258.323.78
them in and then once I have them close1260.2994.021
I can tell you what they are all right1262.15.06
hold on let me hit this guy1264.325.16
all right let him come over here let him1267.164.54
come over here okay oh he's got uh he's1269.484.199
got that oh wow he crippled me little1271.74.14
jerk let's see what are you he's an1273.6794.201
artist he's an Archer and a fighter1275.843.719
let's kill these guys all right I'm1277.884.02
doing it uh kind of sort of all right1279.5595.101
come up out moving moving stay up there1281.95.06
you go1284.662.3
oh cut his throat look at him oh what1287.9196.061
happened what happened did I Nick you1291.7995.341
all right slowly go in man I hope1293.985.199
there's even Crafters here look how1297.144.62
these people live disgusting well I mean1299.1794.681
what's so disgusting about it I mean1301.764.38
look they're hanging damn skulls from1303.865.16
trees yeah that's that's not their fence1306.145.1
is just damn sticks with skulls on it1309.025.1
yeah but I mean if you like skulls it's1311.245.52
pretty nice so far yeah oh they do have1314.124.919
a dancer we could use a dancer yeah of1316.763.72
course who doesn't want to be1319.0393.181
entertained be great to have a dancer1320.483.36
okay so then you know what to do in1322.224.74
order to get her well or him yeah go in1323.844.44
and knock them out man I wish I had like1326.962.88
a telescope or something all right let1328.283.06
me let me introduce myself all right1329.842.94
here comes the guy all right I'll get1331.343.18
i'll get to kill him no no hang back for1332.783.24
a second let me see what he is okay what1334.524.08
are you oh it's a fighter kill him all1336.023.84
right watch out you can watch your back1338.63.54
whoop what is that oh that's a sorcerer1339.865.88
yeah and that is a performer oh God okay1342.145.88
tell you what I'm about to fall and I'm1345.744.62
about to kill this some [ __ ] in this1348.025.82
one oh no running running we want to1350.365.28
take the performer with us so let's kill1353.843.36
the Sorcerer And The Fighter all right1355.645.24
hold on I need to I need a bandage1357.23.68
oh boy yeah well I need a bandage too1361.1794.421
that sorcerer is tough oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]1363.5593.661
this one's out good1365.63.959
that's not good no no don't die I'm1367.224.92
gonna die I'm gonna pull it after that1369.5595.1
careful okay I'm running away listen1372.144.44
that was my friend he's still over there1374.6593.961
if you want to get him just leave me1376.584.02
alone please because I'm running like1378.623.78
very scared person1380.63.42
I've had more advantages and when I put1382.42.94
them on I don't know how to get out of1384.023.6
the animation1385.344.8
all right I'll just run then I'll run1387.623.96
and I'll put it on Advantage then I'll1390.144.56
come back and it'll be fun just come on1391.585.52
go back home please1394.74.68
eventually you will1397.15.12
cause I'm running1399.382.84
it's a big head a big head yeah I mean a1404.2996.24
large oh yeah good God yeah okay yeah1407.1794.86
that's that's something cool but if I1410.5392.88
line it up right here kind of looks like1412.0393.841
it's eating the log if you think we can1413.4194.201
go inside there I don't know the mouth1415.883.48
kind of looks a gape hey what do you say1417.623.36
we just run for it and try to avoid all1419.362.939
this stuff Run for the mouth let's hope1420.982.52
there's a door there you ready all right1422.2994.441
let's go hit it all right yeah did you1423.54.679
know video games used to have cool East1426.743.72
uh cool cheat codes like big head mode1428.1794.561
oh for like all the characters had big1430.463.839
heads it was really silly just keep1432.743.62
what's happening am I getting oh God1439.2994.901
okay please this is there a game1442.643.06
recently that you haven't had big head1444.23.479
mode I don't know man now let's focus on1445.75.04
what's important big head mode yeah okay1447.6794.5
some of the games you play have that1450.744.38
I'll tell you what nothing Anthony I1452.1794.38
don't know you're the one who wanted to1455.122.7
avoid all the bugs and ignore them and1456.5592.821
you're doing a horrible job this one to1457.822.94
get in this cave I didn't want to talk1459.382.52
dirt stuff man we're playing video games1461.94.38
on a YouTube channel about video games1464.5394.561
man this is a very basic bro you're a1466.285.639
nerd you're right God it's like the end1469.15.16
of Sixth Sense I've been in there the1471.9194.14
whole time1474.263.6
all right all right what's in this cave1476.0593.12
you want to look you want to explore1477.865.64
okay uh yeah let's do it1479.1796.781
now this okay this looks like something1483.58.34
big oh God we can climb down oh1485.969.42
yep yep we can all right let's think1491.845.459
about this though no thank you just do1495.382.9
okay yeah1498.284.84
there's nothing here it's just rocks I1500.844.74
Got Crystal okay awesome1503.125.36
coming down1505.582.9
oh zath my God zath your super Neato1508.5397.441
slayed the village and I couldn't get1517.825.52
any Gollum Parts but for Yousef Venom1519.7996.841
purified blood I know you dig it let's1523.346.54
just offer that there you go Zach1526.646.06
I know just like old Barbie marketing I1529.885.039
want to grow up to be just like you1532.74.92
death I'm gonna be a big creepy creepy1534.9196.481
spider underwitness of my hounds of hell1537.627.679
and gorilla Turtle Army you're pretty1541.47.74
dope zath enjoy your blood Jeff1545.2995.521
all right so at least the first ones1549.143.659
didn't come back right yeah it looks1550.824.44
like it which makes sense yeah so don't1552.7994.441
don't respawn that quick right all right1555.263.48
so good we got it all right this1557.242.819
sorcerer is what we got to really worry1558.743.9
about okay moving yes1560.0594.441
oh God yeah all right well let me learn1562.644.08
your move set you dumb [ __ ] okay here1564.54.32
and then you can do it again come on now1566.724.199
how do you do that come on now good God1568.824.26
he hit so [ __ ] hard all right my1570.9194.981
guy's gone yeah there you go you stupid1573.084.8
[ __ ] good job all right is that [ __ ]1575.94.08
over there dancing I think I do see her1577.884.02
over there dancing yeah oh it might be a1579.984.92
him yeah maybe but I got some purified1581.95.519
water I'm thirsty let's see I don't know1584.94.44
if there's anybody else over here might1587.4193.601
just be the damn yeah I see you dancing1589.345.339
[ __ ] yeah let's uh let's start whacking1591.025.58
okay oh he does have a friend back there1594.6793.98
I see him back there praying oh1596.64.86
that's a bad dude like a sorcerer's dude1598.6594.481
yeah hold on let's uh oh yeah you1601.463.719
triggered the guy come back to me come1603.144.32
back to me come back to me you hey no1605.1793.661
don't kill him don't kill him we don't1607.462.339
want to kill him no we don't want to1608.843.24
kill that one that's right yeah boom1609.7994.86
yeah don't fall okay he's falling away1612.084.32
come on come on all right hold on let me1614.6594.02
uh yeah now let me get my uh ropes out1616.44.8
here we go got the rope and we'll let1618.6795.051
that dumb dick over there keep1621.25.28
yeah all right we got a dancer hey I1626.483.24
didn't get a crafter like I wanted but1628.224.38
yeah dancer's not bad dancer dancer will1629.725.699
do we can use a dancer always I don't1632.64.439
think anyone's ever said no we don't1635.4193.841
want to dance sir all right now we gotta1637.0394.62
try to get him home this is gonna be the1639.263.84
hard part you think he can survive this1641.6592.301
100 come on1643.966.099
did he fall don't really know I survived1646.585.219
he's still up there where'd he go oh1650.0594.081
yeah he's right here huh hey idiot come1651.7994.62
on come on come on come on with me we1654.144.56
promise it'll be fun come on1656.4196.301
oh can I ride my horse and drag a guy so1658.75.64
if you if1662.724.26
the game is broken oh I could absolutely1664.345.88
ride my horse and drag a guy yeah1666.986.42
dragon guy through water that's the next1670.224.98
question see I'm trying to come over1673.43.3
here where it's shallow hopefully he1675.24.38
doesn't drown come out come on beam is1676.75.52
he coming yes he's coming yeah you can1679.584.38
drag her got through water oh that's1682.226.24
great just swim swim horsey swim swim1683.966.12
I don't think I've ever seen a more1688.463.86
beautiful day in this world1690.085.76
look at that it's gorgeous1692.325.62
let's see hopefully he's not gonna drown1695.844.26
oh you know we can get safely with this1697.944.5
Shore we can get him home come out come1700.14.579
on down1702.442.239
all right yep all right we got him some1705.646.15
Dancing Yeah1708.7994.26
bones in here there's bones in the1716.1794.561
ground everywhere bones and crystals1718.464.319
it's Fighters I hear more spiders noises1720.745.039
yeah oh yep there is spider I had a boat1722.7795.101
that looks like what used to be a boat1725.7795.461
terrible yeah okay1727.885.22
um I don't know it probably used to be1731.243.12
more water1733.13.54
I'm guessing more water I get a desert1734.364.559
being an ocean that makes sense I don't1736.645.419
get all these spiders hate me1738.9193.14
I got it all right oh I see I see the1742.96.04
bones any cool stuff man spiders even1746.485.819
eat meat uh they I mean there's a fly1748.945.7
considered meat yes it is yeah1752.2993.841
but I don't think it would Devour the1754.643.899
bones off of a human where's the1756.143.72
huh right in front of us big big thorac1759.864.74
no big butt what's different isn't it1762.7995.581
what's the back of us of a insect but1764.65.88
oh God that looks like the little things1768.385.24
I think's bigger in in my bedroom what1770.485.28
oh there's little in the summer little1773.623.82
bugs come in doesn't that just look just1775.764.88
like them are those earrings1777.443.2
all right are you ready are we doing1782.55.399
this yeah all right1784.763.139
I don't have a shield I just have okay1792.265.039
he does a double tail Anthony you are1794.365.4
getting hurt man I know I know1797.2995.341
fall back and heal up all right1799.765.159
of course okay I don't gotta start the1802.644.019
wrong way I'll get his attention get his1804.9194.14
attention he's stealing you still wants1806.6595.481
me okay okay1809.0593.081
yep we got this oh1814.765.84
you spit the wrong way1816.823.78
okay run needs I got it okay this is it1821.745.64
you got it let's do this1824.363.02
man that's gross what a gross nasty1830.55.02
gross face why are we doing this1834.142.759
adventure let's just go home to our1835.522.94
Mansion because there's got to be1836.8993.541
treasure in here1838.463.959
there we go oh look at this what do we1840.443.9
get out of it it's your I'm sure I'm1842.4194.461
saying that wrong1844.342.54

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