The Great Escape! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 30

Today in Darkness Falls, Dora and Simon try to get some titanium. ► SUBSCRIBE ------- ►SUPPORT us on PATREON https://www.pat...
The Great Escape! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 30
The Great Escape! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 30

The Great Escape! - 7 Days to Die Darkness Falls Mod Ep 30

Neebs Gaming

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there Neebs Gaming fans! Today's episode of Darkness Falls is an exciting one as Dora and Simon set out to get some titanium. I can't wait to see how they navigate the challenges and obstacles in their quest for this valuable resource.

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I'm also loving the music featured in this episode. The playlist is always on point and adds so much to the overall atmosphere of the gameplay. From Clever Girl to The Pirates Are Coming, the tunes are just perfect for setting the mood.

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Thanks for tuning in today, and I can't wait to see what twists and turns Dora and Simon encounter in their hunt for titanium. Stay tuned for more epic gameplay and hilarious moments from Neebs Gaming!

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oh uh I see you but I I get why you're13.46.04
Whispering I'm a bush yeah you are a17.0394.861
bush what's up bushy hey hey here you go19.446.12
uh put this on oh that is a new backpack21.96.44
should increase your inventory slots25.565.52
wheel all right so you guys go you guys28.344.48
want to go try and get titanium today31.083.02
yeah yeah32.823.66
titanium stuff I know you're nervous34.13.88
because we're going to be taking the36.483.239
gyro cops yeah I'm nervous just because37.983.36
they're so they were so expensive to39.7194.321
make ridiculously expensive to make the41.345.399
last thing I want to do is is come back44.044.62
without one that would get me very upset46.7393.961
do you use it or do you just put it on48.664.379
just use it use it click it use it and50.73.78
then like close your inventory then open53.0392.52
it again you should see a big old54.483.599
difference see this is why there you go55.5593.421
oh it's a big deal yeah it's great thank58.984.32
you all right so you guys remember how61.984.139
to fly yeah yeah kind of I'm still63.34.98
learning but by the time I get back man66.1195.461
I'm gonna be a a pilot yeah he's gonna68.285.22
he'll be a pilot I'm gonna go ahead and71.583.96
put this on already oh the Hazmat suit73.53.72
yeah I wouldn't fly the gyrocopters75.544.079
inside the radiated Zone I would park on77.223.96
the outskirts that's what the plan is79.6195.281
yes I'm gonna stop way earlier trust81.188.709
what's going on Bob you know what I'm95.544.36
worried about your eyes they do not look97.9793.541
healthy you look like you do a lot of99.93.0
drugs but you know what hey you do you101.524.559
uh let's see hey can you teach me any102.95.039
new recipes106.0794.08
do it yourself I don't know what that is107.9395.521
200 Dukes okay boom uh all right I guess110.1595.521
I'll have to look that up later but uh I113.463.96
don't want to see you tomorrow we get115.683.96
new Goods daily that's great hey do you117.424.979
have any jobs let's see clear zombies119.645.159
so yeah these are all close by tier ones122.3993.961
and door and then we're getting like124.7993.781
some big ones all right this is only 151126.365.519
meters away bam You're Gonna Love Me Bob128.584.98
now that I'm not crafting a horde base131.8793.0
I'm gonna be your best [ __ ]133.564.319
Dora yes sir how far away are you right138.2397.021
now 800 some meters oh okay all right uh141.367.32
I don't see anything in front of me yeah145.266.54
it's quite foggy yep and I Am 800 meters148.685.58
now I'm 700 meters how much gas do you151.85.159
have I'm like 26 going down quick I'm 12154.265.58
going down quick oh wow okay I would be156.9594.621
panicking more if I were you you got159.844.2
some gas all right yep I do oh [ __ ] I161.584.2
went down way too fast way too fast164.045.1
couldn't hit a tree oh [ __ ] stop turn165.785.58
hold on hold on oh I wish I could see169.144.86
you it all it got it got hairy real171.366.54
quick all right slowing down do it oh174.06.06
[ __ ] that was that was almost something177.94.8
now I forgot how to do everything uh-huh180.066.42
so how do you uh control this again C it182.76.0
straightens you out C brings your nose186.485.039
down okay oh where are you at how far188.75.22
how close are you now 200 meters me too191.5195.401
exactly almost I'm gonna land oh okay193.926.599
I'm landing I'm uh oh yeah this is the196.927.14
radiation Zone [ __ ] no I don't okay I200.5196.901
landed right on the edge all right oh204.065.88
okay all right a lot of grumpy Grumps207.424.86
are you kind of close to where209.944.799
oh man because I could leave my212.286.42
gyrocopter right here holy [ __ ] man yeah214.7396.961
uh see you on the map so let me see you218.75.64
on the map all right buddy it's just221.74.98
they weren't very friendly uh not some224.345.34
friendly they weren't welcoming me nope226.684.68
all right so I feel like I'm Gonna Leave229.684.5
My J my with my gyrocopter like can I231.364.98
see it I can't see it I'm just gonna234.183.54
have to remember where it is I want to236.344.319
run to you okay unless I should drive to237.724.64
you I'm landing now240.6595.521
okay I'll see you in a bit Simon are you242.366.159
okay I hope so I'll try I'll meet up246.186.74
with you that's the plan yeah all right248.5194.401
all right I already found my supplies253.624.799
and checked these out I found me some256.0794.681
high performance running shoes that give258.4195.581
me a 20 stamina regeneration I can swing260.765.46
this all day look at that stamina goes264.05.16
right back up oh where the zombies at oh266.225.58
oh wow oh wow it's a feral okay but269.164.2
that's okay because I just I don't care271.84.32
all right yeah okay swing all day how do273.364.559
you like that that Monarch swing all day276.123.54
give me that what you can drop anything277.9194.56
good cans you stupid [ __ ] you drop279.664.8
something cans what y'all got back here282.4793.961
I know this is why you keep the good284.464.019
stuff and I'm about to get into good286.443.9
stuff is this house already been picked288.4794.321
or ticked over maybe here on the roof290.344.56
yeah come on come on come on get up here292.83.78
yeah yeah294.94.079
man this house was already thicked over296.584.98
[ __ ] oh well all right back to Bob get298.9796.241
another job oh yeah oh God I broke my301.565.41
all right Simon what's up sweetie you308.584.26
stay back be careful yeah I feel like310.384.379
I'm not really able to do much for you312.843.78
from right here well if I bring a bunch314.7593.72
of zombies I'm a butt back running like316.624.74
a [ __ ] yeah tell me that all right if318.4794.44
that happens I'm going loud yeah yeah321.362.82
there's no need we're not we don't have322.9194.021
to be quiet out here okay let's see324.185.66
what is hmm326.946.78
okay just just looking for titanium329.846.76
don't mind me yeah see you know what it333.725.28
looks like no all right so what are you336.64.62
looking for then uh I think that looks339.04.02
different well like the all the deposits341.224.74
kind of look same-ish is this a let's343.023.78
well there's these what is this uh it's346.83.36
rotting trash348.843.66
these are just piles of that's not350.164.2
titanium what makes you think it's over352.53.78
here oh does it just I've heard it's in354.364.559
the Wasteland okay and the Wasteland is356.285.34
only radiated I it seems so so far358.9195.041
doesn't it well I don't know I mean like361.625.579
next to the radiated area might be what363.965.7
is this Wasteland what is this like367.1994.381
nobody to buy real estate right next to369.663.979
the Wasteland you know it was just Rock371.584.92
God yep I was trying to follow alongside373.6394.78
but I'm scared to get close yeah don't376.54.62
get close there's no need yeah well just378.4194.381
trying to stay in the in the381.123.6
relationship with you feeling connected382.85.22
oh bird stay away [ __ ] oh see that's384.725.099
the kind of thing I could help with yeah388.024.44
I know okay I see you and maybe I'll get389.8195.461
that a shot of a lifetime oh this is392.464.44
gonna be a miracle but I'm gonna try it395.284.32
if it's coming around in a circle396.94.859
yeah right [ __ ] you all right I gotta399.65.539
focus focus titanium401.7593.38
what the hell like a little Oasis on top407.186.16
of a hill out here [ __ ] that come on410.883.3
I was really hoping this was a lot414.184.92
closer to the The Edge but415.85.88
this is the worst I suppose I once I419.14.5
find it I could just fly421.686.84
Chopper in here hmm yeah yeah spooky I423.68.3
get it super Spooks oh428.529.78
oh oh okay oh all right431.911.04
well not life but okay438.34.64
you're like a demon one huh444.246.62
wow you are you are strong446.224.64
don't you spit at me451.1996.06
oh I probably shouldn't oh yeah I453.745.679
probably shouldn't have done that you457.2595.22
are a tough toffee tough all right it's459.4196.78
party time I see [ __ ] I'm an idiot I'm462.4796.181
an idiot hmm466.1994.681
still coming let's do a little bit of468.664.2
over here lucky470.884.98
hmm all right yeah there's we're still472.865.059
coming good for you475.865.58
all right I will go around you maybe477.9195.921
titanium's close to these weird481.445.24
all right you son of a [ __ ] come on I488.0398.301
know I'm gonna catch it oh yeah oh yeah492.068.34
that's right little flying little son of496.347.5
a [ __ ] yes500.43.44
nothing in here okay all right we're513.747.06
gonna remain real sneaky because up oh517.25.579
wow they did you hear me how'd you hear520.85.099
me or maybe you didn't is that a is that522.7794.981
a glowing green zombie on the floor over525.8993.0
oh man so I'm gonna have to hit this528.8994.5
wall I'm gonna have to go noisy530.644.139
here we go533.3994.5
who oh they didn't hear it you guys are534.7796.201
dumb okay537.8996.021
all right540.986.88
there you go oh there you go okay just543.925.8
don't wake up oh wow yeah you guys are547.865.099
all feral all right we're going loud549.725.179
oh boy hey552.9594.741
all right bringing out the big stick oh554.8994.721
that's a biker oh boy yep yep yep yep557.73.54
yep yep here we go going down throwing559.624.14
that ladder ladder oh boy561.244.5
the ladders never work in this game okay563.764.079
just you guys then huh bring it on565.743.98
[ __ ]567.8394.201
well I got the stamina for days come on569.724.38
I got stamina for days572.044.14
all right we're at seven people can come574.14.78
out yeah come on Chase me now Boom come576.184.92
on now [ __ ] run all [ __ ] day578.883.42
actually I can't run all [ __ ] day can581.12.82
I get down this ladder now oh is this a582.32.82
hole oh no it's not a hole it's not a583.923.599
hole I want to be good yeah come on585.123.779
follow me down here [ __ ] see587.5193.481
what happens come on oh yeah you're a588.8993.301
big boy you think you're a big boy with591.03.48
the big toys come out592.24.98
wow [ __ ] oh god that hurt that hurt that594.483.72
hurt all right going outside going597.182.159
outside taking advantage taking598.22.46
come on all right I know you're in there600.665.16
I know you want to come out at me602.945.04
come on all right where's your biker boy605.824.38
what where's your biker boy friend607.984.2
feel like thick right now running610.24.319
getting into [ __ ]612.183.659
is your bike a boyfriend still upstairs614.5192.581
where'd he go did he die617.16.0
whoo all right we cleared it oh and619.3995.801
let's see what kind of prizes do we get623.13.84
oh crowbar by the way I discovered625.24.02
crowbars are amazing for opening crates626.945.16
because map what's in here629.224.98
that's okay okay what's in here good632.14.26
stuff here hey that's what is this634.24.8
vehicle for dumb shits I know how to636.363.9
make all the vehicles I'll give that to639.03.18
the boys or sell it for profit or640.265.579
bandages oh that's nice let's just go642.185.04
nuggets are gonna take all that all645.8392.94
right come on crack a book takes me647.224.08
something I don't know what is this648.7795.161
farming tips hmm I suppose I could use651.35.58
some farming tips yeah knowledge is653.944.56
power all right let's get back to the656.885.42
trader oh you're gonna love me Bob658.57.579
I'm your main mate662.33.779
what ah you're not getting [ __ ] I'm not668.126.459
getting [ __ ] yeah that sucks man it does671.885.579
I'm gonna try one more rock and I oh my674.5795.581
God yeah I hate for this to be a bust677.4594.44
yeah while we're out here is there680.163.299
anything else I mean we're so far away681.8993.18
is there anything else cool we could do683.4593.961
I don't know we could take a wide angle685.0794.981
home maybe see a new biome if we're687.424.8
lucky okay well maybe maybe another690.065.1
Wasteland like we're uh Lois and Clark692.226.42
remember yes which ones uh can I be Lois695.166.72
no it's Lewis right yeah could I still698.645.58
be Lois though I hope so I like that701.883.959
it's a nice name oh my God I just704.223.619
repaired this705.8396.361
auger trouble right ogre trouble damn it707.8398.141
we had to try yep I give us an a I never712.25.699
understood an a for effort it doesn't715.983.479
work that way it should be an a for717.8993.841
effort yeah that's why our kids are so719.4594.801
dumb right so [ __ ] dumb really hate721.745.159
the kids I really hate them now they can724.265.0
go to hell726.8992.361
what's going on buddy just building baby731.9595.261
how's it yeah I came to see how this was735.04.56
coming yeah pretty good nice also I737.223.72
brought you something uh well what level739.563.36
is that nail gun you're rocking my nail740.944.98
gun is a three uh well how would you742.925.7
like a level 38 nail gun boom what does745.923.599
that mean748.624.26
um it's better how is it 38 it's video749.5195.161
games okay I mean it's just boom one752.883.36
shot right yeah but maybe it lasts like754.683.24
it doesn't degrade as fast okay cool756.243.599
It's gotta have some better stat I mean757.923.78
why are they even have it and have a759.8393.661
higher level version of it exactly you761.73.6
know what I really need uh electric763.54.8
fence post anyone up there okay electric765.34.56
fence post I think I can go make you768.33.479
some of those okay anything else you769.863.36
need while I'm out in the mail771.7793.721
I don't think so I'm gonna try this773.224.5
video camera out later though a video775.54.98
camera yep security cam that's weird man777.724.5
you're one of those like peeping pervs780.483.659
yep I'm gonna see what these zombies do782.222.94
at night784.1392.461
okay all right I'm gonna go make you785.163.34
some traps786.613.199
leaves yeah I feel like you're uh your810.445.32
traps are short now should I take813.664.14
something off of it I don't know maybe815.763.66
take the camera off I think that's weird817.83.24
though like why is it doing that is it819.423.659
too much stuff on it it shouldn't be or821.044.26
is it damaged I don't know let's see can823.0793.781
I look at your uh let me look in your825.32.94
generator Bank826.863.779
all the stuff no you should have uh yeah828.244.32
your max output is a 150 watt you're830.6394.081
only using 31 Watts well let's see let832.563.779
me turn this off why in the hell aren't834.723.359
they doing that here I'm gonna I'm gonna836.3393.721
pop out just to grab these bags that is838.0794.44
off right should be off uh it's off now840.065.16
yeah yep yep yeah it's off now yeah this842.5194.861
needs it damaged doesn't look damaged I845.223.66
mean oh you should be able to like hover847.383.959
over it right like uh maybe with a nail848.884.92
gun 49 or 200 yeah it took a lot of851.3395.461
damage okay how did it take damage is it853.85.219
just them walking over it damages these856.84.2
things uh maybe I don't know maybe that859.0193.361
sucks a butt doesn't it could have been861.02.94
the malt of I don't know you know what862.385.34
else sucks a butt oh hello the titanium863.946.3
mission was a was a bust oh what I mean867.723.9
I know it's out there I couldn't find it870.243.899
and I looked so hard what in the world871.624.44
is okay I have not seen this giant874.1393.901
vehicle oh that's the marauder how did876.063.24
you not see it was right behind the878.043.84
gyrocopters this morning well Eva just I879.34.74
don't know Blended in but obviously it881.883.48
didn't hey you want to try to get884.042.28
another one of these zombies over here885.363.68
neebs um886.322.72
we build your traps although that's that892.563.899
broke quick that broke with just a894.8993.361
little horde so I'll protect it I'll896.4593.601
have to build something over it yeah I898.264.579
would recommend that yep science science900.065.7
how wacky is that all right let me get902.8395.021
back home I'm gonna follow you I just905.764.259
wanted to say hi and that I failed oh907.864.62
that was a hell of a shot yeah Simon910.0194.38
doesn't fail though yeah I'm gonna go912.482.86
get that bad914.3994.021
yeah I only think this holds two oh you927.325.62
hop in Dora oh it's locked that thing's930.723.419
pretty good hold on let me see if I can932.944.019
unlock it it might be how about now oh934.1396.181
yeah all right Simon can you hop in uh936.9596.12
I'm guessing not no okay I might be able940.324.5
to make a mod for this where you can but943.0793.361
uh it's gonna take me a minute good so944.823.78
I'll take the dirt bike there you go all946.444.579
right good948.62.419
are we going loud uh we can why not I952.264.319
mean you know what this is electronics955.383.54
neebs needs uh electrical parts so this956.5794.5
works yeah okay I'm gonna I'm gonna958.923.779
throw this in like as soon as we see him961.0794.081
throw what in that's a pipe bomb oh yeah962.6994.32
do it we'll establish the going loud965.164.859
immediately yeah we'll go loud967.0195.781
come on now970.0192.781
hit him with that pipe bomb Dora up974.6994.26
through another window you know what I976.54.62
don't usually do is grenades as well so978.9593.841
I feel like I want to do a grenade yeah981.123.0
let's do it let's uh let's bring them982.82.7
all a bunch of them to the front come on984.124.62
grenade their asses hey hello yeah hold985.56.12
on remember this computer yeah oh [ __ ]988.744.86
getting hit getting hit oh it might have991.623.48
been my wrench [ __ ] all right watch out993.64.28
behind you oh God these guys995.17.2
we're gonna throw it uh inside oh boy oh997.887.48
boy we got him we got him we got him all1002.35.42
right good1005.362.36
oh nice Dora all right look at this1009.4594.8
[ __ ]1012.0192.24
man there are so many that are feral1014.324.78
yeah like these Finch quests they're uh1016.6995.301
all right who else anybody else oh yeah1022.7795.8
I'm gonna make me so happy when I show1026.8393.181
up I'm gonna have so many electrical1028.5792.691
parts yeah you are1030.024.349
knees now attempt the first time ever1036.0797.62
here he goes folks he's coming in hot1040.725.26
he's gonna hit the stairs at 100 miles1043.6995.36
an hour yeah come on1045.985.699
climb it yeah1049.0595.021
never mind nothing to see here folks1051.6793.551
what he's doing1054.083.479
it find it fast okay yeah [ __ ] we're up1057.5594.681
[ __ ]1060.983.0
um oh God she must have screamed I'm1062.244.439
seeing a horde to the east oh [ __ ] and1063.985.579
you don't see her yet all right we gotta1066.6796.12
find her yep where is she where is she1069.5596.0
oh God that's a she called in a zombie1072.7995.101
bear oh no boy there's a bird there's1075.5594.921
bird there's like three birds oh God oh1077.95.399
God okay yep yep yep I don't feel uh1080.485.46
good right now sorry sorry Simon I just1083.2994.681
hit you oh God you was my bad oh there's1085.943.38
demons too1087.984.92
get to the car get to the car okay oh1089.325.58
boy okay in the car1092.93.96
all right we gotta Circle the building1094.93.88
oh yeah come on I think it'll attack you1096.865.16
in The Purge in here oh my God look at1098.786.12
this this is gonna be fun this is fun oh1102.028.82
[ __ ] oh God oh my God yeah you did that1104.99.06
was insane yes oh my God yes get out of1110.844.44
here please where's the screamer where's1113.963.3
the screamer we see around back you know1115.284.019
what can we just leave this screamer1117.263.659
bait because it's nowhere near where we1119.2994.26
want to go uh well we have to turn in1120.9194.38
the mission to the trader yes let's just1123.5593.601
do that like Oh you mean right here yeah1125.2993.361
right here [ __ ] because it's no we don't1127.163.0
want to do that1128.663.78
um I think we can do it real fast go in1130.164.94
go in and say Here's what's up1132.446.08
four Birds1135.13.42
I'll take um oh boy uh I'll take that1139.844.6
schematic that's yeah that's great yeah1143.03.96
all right see you Bob see you Bob okay1144.444.56
complete yep all right great wonderful1146.963.42
huh good stuff I know I need to get out1149.03.0
of here no no no never mind never mind1150.382.78
never mind1152.04.08
[ __ ] all right come on I'm coming back1153.164.6
to you Simon come on move I had to move1156.083.9
all right get it get it get it give me a1157.766.919
Chase you in I'm in yeah1159.984.699
let's get out of here1165.643.539

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