Don’t Open The Door - Generation Zero

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on Generation Zero yet? It's absolutely epic! Everyone in the gam...
Don’t Open The Door - Generation Zero
Don’t Open The Door - Generation Zero

Don’t Open The Door - Generation Zero

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another ridiculous episode of Generation Zero! Today, we're armed to the teeth with rocket launchers, ready to take on anything that comes our way!

simon: Oh yeah, this is definitely my favorite video. I mean, who doesn't love blowing stuff up with rocket launchers? It's like a dream come true!

appsro: Haha, you guys are crazy! But seriously, the best part of this video is when we accidentally blow up that building and pretend like it was all part of the plan. Classic Neebs Gaming move right there!

neebs: Exactly! And let's not forget the moment when we almost got taken out by a stray rocket. Good thing we're such pros at dodging explosions, right?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on Generation Zero yet? It's absolutely epic! Everyone in the game now has a rocket launcher, and the action is non-stop. But the big question is, will it be enough for our favorite crew to come out on top? I can't wait to see how it all plays out!

And if you haven't already, make sure to watch their new series, Ranch Sim. The gameplay looks hilarious and I know the Neebs crew will have us laughing the whole way through. Plus, there's a 15% off discount at their Spreadshirt Shop for the first two weeks - what a deal!

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So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for another wild ride with Neebs Gaming. I'll see you in the comments section - let's share our favorite moments and theories about what's coming next in the world of Generation Zero!

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so guys as far as i remember it's0.563.84
straight through this door and to the2.564.0
left maybe on the table4.44.0
through the door left on the table all6.563.44
right you ready good luck all right go8.43.119
go yep go i don't know why you're10.03.84
shooting the door it's open11.5194.801
straight in13.842.48
soldier yeah get back in there and grab29.1193.521
that rocket launcher i'm gonna die if i30.883.44
do it right now and i can't because i'm32.643.599
holding e so i obviously have to get34.323.84
closer to it or go on the other side36.2394.961
this isn't fun it is did you guys have38.165.28
any issues with getting it no grab it i41.25.44
hit e let's see43.443.2
there it is50.2392.8
there it is51.523.44
hey listen if you're not standing in the53.0393.761
right place yeah right next to that54.963.759
table it doesn't want you to do it all56.86.04
right are we ready to kill some robots58.7194.121
all right team dora uh simon why don't88.563.919
you guys swing right yep okay maybe you90.563.519
and i will stay here we need a name like92.4794.0
they have team names dabs row yeah but94.0794.241
they're double whams that sounds cool96.4793.921
do we know where we're going uh yeah you98.323.839
see the damn robot i see then we're100.42.88
gonna go straight to it are we gonna102.1592.881
like hide in the bushes i mean103.283.04
there's not much hiding to do it's in105.043.2
the middle of a damn field isn't it106.323.2
but yeah we need to find some cover108.242.559
don't we yeah109.523.12
i tell you what uh doris simon if you110.7993.6
keep uh moving along the road there's112.643.36
like a couple of houses yeah we're114.3993.601
closed out there if you guys get there116.03.84
uh neebs and i'll bunk up kind of in the118.03.2
little little house next to you right119.844.0
now all right so needs follow me okay121.24.64
all right guys we're we're we think123.844.88
we're in position ow now we're close125.844.8
it's fire don't go on the fire i know i128.723.28
don't even see where we're shooting130.643.52
actually guys wow i'm on fire damn it132.04.319
yep i was just saying did not i know but134.163.84
i didn't realize heal up hold on we're136.3194.161
gonna heal up guys all right oh [ __ ]138.04.48
there's two of them what140.483.759
there's two big ones now oh my god there142.483.68
are one one's a boss and one's just a144.2392.961
damn it doesn't look like a regular how147.23.679
the hell do i know which one if i'm149.123.759
looking at the right one or next to us150.8794.321
well i only see one that's far away and152.8794.0
like behind the trees the one with the155.23.28
name no name156.8793.201
what's the plan all right what uh what158.484.08
do you guys see dora the conqueror160.084.799
okay i see the conqueror of vessel 2 is162.563.679
that the one we're going to go for well164.8793.44
this other big one is really close to166.2393.921
needs and i though hey double whams what168.3194.321
if you guys make your way to the west we170.164.24
are we are right now yeah we attack from172.644.08
the ecu tech from the west okay174.44.4
that's not a good plan176.722.879
all right you guys are getting real178.82.48
close to that robot by the way i still179.5993.28
don't see it181.283.76
simon it's straight to our west it's182.8793.041
yeah looking straight to my west i'm185.924.48
looking straight west right now this188.084.56
thing i'm looking straight west190.43.839
still don't see it192.643.04
still don't see it out in this field194.2393.121
straight i don't see it195.685.04
still don't see it i still don't see it197.365.92
still don't see it simon don't200.725.92
still don't see it oh now i do i203.285.039
couldn't [ __ ] see it when i was206.643.76
walking okay are you arguing with208.3193.681
yourself no what i'm saying is you guys210.43.28
are like you're blind and i'm going not212.03.76
[ __ ] whole time i couldn't see it213.683.839
okay nobody said you were blind all215.763.44
right well you certainly had the tone217.5193.521
that insinuated no the only one with the219.24.08
tone is you [ __ ] shut up listen to221.045.199
you listen to your new york jackass all223.284.959
right all right listen you inbred226.2394.241
southern [ __ ] okay about to go ham if we228.2393.841
don't do something come on we gotta do230.483.36
this i can shoot if you want all right232.086.2
you guys start shooting all right233.844.44
at a particular part oh no i got two251.925.2
rockets left i'm going in okay i'm going254.644.879
in with you257.124.16
oh [ __ ]259.5194.4
oh simon what'd you just blow yourself261.287.32
up no he [ __ ] shot at me263.9194.681
okay we need to abandon this mission280.43.359
right now let's kill him281.9194.0
i don't have any more rockets left shoot283.7593.921
him get in there tight285.9194.56
is he dead yeah oh and maybe he's dead287.685.12
he's not290.4792.321
oh boy dead god oh god oh god295.363.92
okay we've got the whole damn robot297.9193.601
already on it we're falling back to the299.284.56
we should take him down we can't oh i'm304.084.559
in the church uh i'm gonna go finish him306.563.76
off okay go for it308.6394.4
i'll be right back310.322.719
i have no idea where the church is316.725.039
[ __ ]320.324.719
there he is he's damaged right yep come321.7594.641
on baby325.0394.561
bam run him come on326.47.04
oh it fell he fell he fell he fell yep329.66.319
okay that's one down right333.445.039
that's one i there's a math335.9194.081
oh name you got a big one right behind338.4794.481
you you know that right340.02.96
yep what should i do fall back get back343.844.639
to the church okay i ran in like 10346.44.72
minutes ago sorry but i took the big guy348.4794.801
down that was pretty awesome christ351.124.0
christ christ christ even the church353.283.919
isn't safe anymore all right simon hey355.124.16
hey he's doing it joy where are you at357.1993.44
i'm just grabbing somebody right there359.283.84
okay names where you at i'm coming i360.6396.041
might not be alone363.123.56
they're not happy hey simon367.524.399
okay get in here shut the door all right369.7593.201
man is there gas in the church uh yeah372.963.76
they're guessing the church a little bit375.123.28
all right good376.724.0
back up back up from the front door378.43.519
hey dora380.724.24
oh god oh [ __ ] this is this does not381.9195.041
feel like a very safe house no not384.963.6
anymore it doesn't okay i think we386.962.959
learned a valuable lesson though rocket388.562.56
hardly do [ __ ] we need way you know a391.124.0
whole lot more rocket launcher ammo yeah393.443.36
but we took one down we took one down395.123.359
yeah great that was pretty cool okay396.83.839
well what we should do now according to398.4793.921
this we need to get to the sorkin bunker400.6394.081
which is way way up there to the north402.44.32
but in order to get entry codes we got404.724.08
to go to the farmlands and kill machines406.723.28
well that's what i do that's my408.82.88
specialty that's true410.03.199
all right so should we just run out of411.684.56
here um it's uh a lot of robots out413.1995.601
there i mean i like running okay all416.246.72
right everybody on me yep let's go418.85.36
oh boy422.962.88
let your uh make sure you stay nope nope424.165.52
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope425.845.52
let's sneak out the back yeah431.3618.629
let's see oh what's the plan464.84.799
uh oh wait let's see robots down here467.444.4
crouch crouch everybody yeah let's see469.5994.641
those guys alive i think only one guy471.844.32
everyone see this one guy yep i'm gonna474.243.28
shoot him yeah let's shoot him on the476.162.879
count of three wait i'm not ready all477.523.679
right get ready baby come on okay come479.0392.961
greg all right and in three let him get482.03.919
still jesus484.6393.84
sorry let him get still three two one485.9193.921
that red one504.165.28
see if we can slide down this hill like509.445.039
pros i'm a pro at it511.1993.28
oh i'm almost dead oh this is a [ __ ]515.125.68
here [ __ ] holy what is it there's a jet517.5994.8
a jet there's a jet here what do you520.83.359
mean a jet i mean it's a jet and it's a522.3993.44
jet it's a jet i mean what does it mean524.1593.521
to do that that's what you mean in it it525.8394.161
is what i mean it's a jet wow full-on527.683.36
they got bikes they got bikes here [ __ ]531.044.0
the bikes i don't care yeah why would i533.363.68
care about bikes i'm not having given up535.044.239
on bikes oh yeah no this is definitely a537.043.2
safe house539.2793.201
yes okay sweet another safehouse540.247.48
unlocked utah i love it jet house542.485.24
what's going on with the price of549.5193.521
cashews it's through the roof tonight550.884.72
two heterolifemates inherit a farm and553.044.56
then the pervy mayor shows up that's555.64.239
right i'm talking about ranch simulator557.64.0
our new show i'll race you to the559.8393.841
join after doraleous and simon for a563.684.719
night of laughs what you doing with that566.883.68
log boy i was trying to install it but568.3994.56
it won't install the log570.563.04
it says install i thought mate i573.63.6
couldn't pick it up watch him feed575.64.0
chickens tear down an old house and flip577.24.8
a car579.62.4
let's wait till the morning classic582.644.08
doraleous oh yeah that isn't it that's584.484.64
two eggs you got two eggs already586.724.32
you don't want to break those be careful589.124.96
well simon's stepping on it sorry591.046.32
hilarious but [ __ ] cashews right594.085.92
oh [ __ ]597.362.64
brand simulator tonight on ngtv and by601.445.519
tonight i mean whenever the [ __ ] you605.046.2
want the future's great606.9594.281
oh yeah this is nice621.5195.201
yeah it definitely is fast here we go623.444.8
all right i'm starting to like the bikes626.723.359
now at least in this situation this is628.244.96
fine here yeah so to get these barcodes630.0795.521
can we kill any robot in this region i'm633.24.16
not sure it just says kill robots in the635.63.359
farmlands region and we're in the637.364.159
farmlands region all right all right oh638.9594.241
there's a log here641.5195.281
sorry sorry good job643.25.199
i'm glad we got these still i don't646.83.68
regret it a bit i don't yet648.3994.0
but i hate it i'm getting spotted going650.483.52
hop off oh it's probably in there it's652.3993.201
straight ahead straight ahead654.04.399
okay okay sorry where is he655.64.56
uh straight ahead let's down the road658.3993.361
there's one straight ahead wait i got a660.163.28
heat sensor thing on my661.764.0
you know yeah fired up predator what do663.444.8
you see uh that just looks like lights665.765.6
oh nope we don't want that is it a bacon668.244.48
yep [ __ ]671.362.8
now why are they getting so big but i672.722.799
haven't had the little guys yeah we want674.163.28
some little guys675.5194.801
no oh god i got spotted yeah that nope677.445.36
can we get into this house uh maybe hold680.324.88
up into the house i want my barcode i682.83.92
want my barcode685.23.759
we gotta686.722.239
hey can i shoot a missile through this695.8394.56
window try it697.2793.12
do it again maybe you guys flank him and701.363.68
i'm missing through the window703.042.88
all right how are you guys in the barn707.764.56
we're okay all right we got a big guy to709.5195.12
the south southeast there we go all712.323.04
right sailing with the missiles how many714.6393.281
missiles you got i've got 12 more oh715.363.84
[ __ ] good job717.922.64
all right i'm flaking here we go720.565.68
and i'll hit him all right you ready723.124.88
we're going around we're playing726.244.64
oh boy yep728.02.88
oh god he's got a lot of buddies [ __ ]741.2793.68
why are you looking at me743.2793.921
oh [ __ ] come on baby744.9594.481
hit his buddy747.24.0
is this working749.444.32
not really i'm going outside oh boy we751.24.639
got one coming right now we do753.763.46
[ __ ]755.8392.881
oh [ __ ]758.722.16
damn it759.922.96
hey there's a bunch of these762.883.6
all right we should probably abandon764.884.079
this situation running head north out to766.483.76
the fields768.9593.261
all right770.245.08
there's a long tunnel over here all784.03.2
right crouch everyone crouch we need to785.684.48
i'm in this little bunker787.22.96
oh god i got four first aid kits left791.8394.161
i've just been eating and running it was794.164.16
really long that's crazy well i wonder796.03.92
if this is uh let me look at the map798.323.12
this is going to take us potentially799.924.0
below the airport oh801.444.8
okay oh803.923.84
air base806.243.839
can we make armor807.763.759
maybe i don't think we found the811.5192.161
schematics although it looks like812.563.12
there's a schematic here somewhere maybe813.684.159
it'll be an armor schematic big opening815.684.88
oh wow oh yeah yeah it is a good bunker817.8395.44
yeah okay all right let's not get lost820.565.519
let's see holy [ __ ] this is a big one823.2794.401
oh wait is this a sign pointing to the826.0794.481
generator maybe maybe827.684.56
uh damn that's an exit sign we gotta830.564.16
find a generator sign another plane832.244.08
let's see all right let's head north a834.723.919
little bit836.322.319
all i'm seeing is exit838.726.64
signs and that looks promising840.6394.721
god this847.5192.241
is huge848.563.76
just a few more signs right the place849.765.199
isn't big right yeah you think852.324.72
like at least through every like854.9594.481
yeah like main throw way through like857.044.72
the rotunda you know what they call that859.443.77
but they don't i wish they would861.762.56
hold on i think i see an exit over here864.323.68
yeah that's outside it is it's a tunnel868.03.199
so wait is this the air bait yeah i871.1993.521
think we're actually inside the air base873.2793.36
right now hold on yeah this is the air874.723.44
base that's it876.6392.961
man is there a safe house here how878.163.6
awesome would that be he's super awesome879.64.32
um apparently there's six weapons here881.765.68
uh-huh well it could take a year to find883.925.44
still no power though yeah maybe we just887.443.519
used that bunker to get into the air889.362.4
okay oh man891.764.0
uh big red building to the northeast893.8393.041
let's go895.764.079
oh god big robot in the middle of the899.8394.081
airfield crouch901.763.759
holy [ __ ]903.923.04
lights up905.5192.721
he looks like he's sleeping908.245.599
keep him sleeping910.483.359
they're so cute when they're sleeping920.884.04
guys it's snowing yeah this is beautiful949.684.159
oh bonus rock there's two953.8395.201
at least two okay oh yeah956.324.319
lightning is that lightning yeah it959.045.28
might be a snow storm hey neeps yeah hey960.6397.12
do you like my gold chain i can't see it964.326.24
lift your neck up967.7592.801
oh yeah sweet isn't it i've been getting970.84.8
a lot of apparel that today it's it's973.5194.24
been fun guys you look so good stay975.65.039
crowded keep your lights off follow me977.7594.481
we're coming from the northeast right980.6393.521
here right there right there that's a982.243.36
don't see me don't985.64.4
okay shoot it yep987.1995.44
that was loud990.04.88
sorry about that oh god right behind me992.6394.721
seeing me follow me do not do not run994.885.519
stay crap no running997.363.039
okay [ __ ] more robots we got to get1000.6393.921
around this fence and out entered combat1002.565.12
what who saw what i i didn't see that i1004.565.44
didn't see it oh wow there's a big ass1007.684.959
robot yeah yeah yeah to the northeast1010.04.639
yeah or east we're gonna sneak around1012.6394.481
this fence1014.6392.481
and then what and then we head north to1018.723.6
the bunker1021.042.56
this there's definitely a safe house at1023.63.04
that bunker1025.282.639
there's a foot there's a robot there's a1026.643.439
robot you want to go in this house1027.9193.92
can you oh wait you can get out right1030.0793.681
here okay yes yes yes yes perfect don't1031.8393.441
go in the house don't go in the house1033.762.48
yeah i don't think anything's in there1035.282.799
we got to get the hell out of here i bet1036.243.599
there's good stuff there's probably good1038.0793.041
stuff everywhere but i think our1039.8393.281
priority is to find a safe house if you1041.123.679
don't find a safe place1043.124.0
save your breath i got it let's do it1044.7994.561
there's good stuff here i just wishful1047.124.48
thinking you know okay stay crowded keep1049.364.35
sneaking to the north yeah1051.65.28
all right it's a cluster of buildings uh1061.764.0
to our northwest guys maybe there'll be1063.65.8
a safe house there1065.763.64
oh crap1088.084.24
guys yeah i don't think this is a safe1089.845.44
house no it's it might have been at one1092.325.84
point jesus look at this this place has1095.284.88
been nuked yeah that place is still got1098.163.84
a roof on it oh yeah look there's1100.163.92
electricity still going in that building1102.04.4
right there that's on fire yeah i've1104.084.4
listened i've been in several buildings1106.44.159
on fire here and felt safe yeah some1108.484.64
houses it's a feature okay oh we'll1110.5595.921
check it out maybe we'll get lucky1113.123.36
this feels this went from like this nice1118.05.52
forested thing to like a wasteland1120.644.24
holy crap1123.523.2
oh there's a gun in here oh four by1124.884.56
eight rifle scope good god nice oh can1126.724.319
you get in this barn neebs these doors1129.443.599
are boarded that's not a good sign1131.0394.161
that's not a good sign um it doesn't1133.0394.971
mean it's what what was that1135.23.839
the [ __ ] was that what's that turn your1139.0393.52
light off i don't know1140.44.08
it sounded like like a1142.5595.48
growl right1144.483.559
if we find a wounded puppy we're keeping1152.324.32
it no matter what1154.644.08
i think this may be a say follow me i'm1156.644.08
seeing like the hi the house icon in my1158.724.72
compass it is a safe house oh maybe come1160.725.28
on i don't see your way in the barn okay1163.444.56
then uh [ __ ] the barn but something's in1166.04.32
the barn i i would never want to [ __ ] a1168.04.08
come on give me your way in let's see a1172.083.2
that's gotta be it this is1175.284.12
i don't know why i spell1224.1593.561

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