Noobs vs ALPHA TRIBE - Ark Fjördur

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest video on their channel yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode...
Noobs vs ALPHA TRIBE - Ark Fjördur
Noobs vs ALPHA TRIBE - Ark Fjördur

Noobs vs ALPHA TRIBE - Ark Fjördur

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neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another epic Ark adventure! Today, we're diving into the ultimate showdown between the noobs and the alpha tribe. Who will reign supreme? Let's find out!

simon: Oh man, this video is just too hilarious! Watching the noobs try to survive with nothing while the alpha tribe has all the goodies is pure entertainment. I can't stop laughing!

appsro: Haha, yeah, it's like watching a comedy show unfold in the world of Ark. The noobs are definitely in for a challenge, but hey, maybe they'll surprise us and come out on top. Anything can happen in this crazy game!

neebs: I gotta say, the moment when the noobs tried to take on the alpha tribe head-on was just priceless. The chaos that ensued was epic! This video is definitely going down as one of my all-time favorites.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! If you haven't checked out the latest video on their channel yet, you're in for a treat. In this episode of Ark: Survival Evolved, the boys are divided into two teams - the capable players with no resources, and the incapable players who have everything handed to them. It's a battle of wits and skills to see who will come out on top!

As always, the Neebs Gaming crew brings their trademark humor and camaraderie to the game, making every moment entertaining and engaging. From hilarious mishaps to epic victories, you never know what to expect when watching their Ark adventures.

If you're a fan of the series, you'll love seeing your favorite characters in action, from Thick's hilarious antics to Dora's drool-worthy stories. And let's not forget about the epic dino roster they've built up - there's never a dull moment when these guys are around.

So grab a cup of Neebs Gaming Coffee, settle in, and get ready for some epic gameplay and laughs with the Neebs Gaming crew in Ark: Survival Evolved. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and check out their Patreon and other social media channels to stay up to date on all the latest Neebs Gaming content. It's sure to be a wild ride!

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man look at that look at it i'm jealous9.043.679
i'm not11.6793.84
that was given to them true true this is12.7195.441
a david glass story new spawns versus15.5195.041
alpha tribe yeah but an alpha tribe of18.164.16
dummies let's not let's you know can we20.564.4
really say alpha tribe beta tribe well22.324.0
they're the biggest tribe on the map24.963.44
right now okay so that just makes him26.324.48
the alpha tribe by default yeah okay28.44.719
they're the most privileged tribe on the33.283.92
man it's not even thermal anything what37.25.199
a garbage scope that's cool39.446.48
certainly was cool looking but42.3995.441
should we attack them uh all three of us45.923.2
yeah you want to give up all three i47.842.16
oh crap what was that what was that what50.03.039
was that51.763.52
sorry was that you i did i thought it53.0395.36
was the crouch button what did you do55.284.24
hey hey like that all right we're60.2393.841
obviously gonna i'm i'm attacking him oh62.2393.441
yeah i'm attacking let's do it let's do64.083.84
it here we go this is give us a good65.683.759
idea of the defenses yep what we're67.922.64
gonna have to do to break this place69.4392.321
down who's with me we look for70.563.36
weaknesses uh i'm with you71.764.56
oh god i just pooped myself oh you73.924.0
should you should this is dumb oh no76.323.839
they got plants yep they got that oh god77.924.4
they got the plants oh i'm too slick for80.1594.0
them whoa all right so these these are82.322.88
the plants can't hit you over here85.26.0
wow whose body is that oh god87.283.92
names where are you at i'm right here92.724.079
i'm safe oh right there oh boy hey it's94.1594.721
safer over here oh yeah96.7994.241
i'm not used to that not crouching102.323.6
gotcha can we break this wall how long104.04.0
will it take us105.923.28
how long will it take us to break this108.02.96
wall what's it say109.23.599
let's do it wait you're doing great keep110.963.76
it up stone trying off seventy-five112.7993.6
thousand keep chatting double whams114.723.039
that's the name of their tribe double116.3993.921
wham keep jumping it's not going down at117.7593.441
i am chopping it's not going down i121.24.239
don't i'm not doing any damage okay just122.884.72
a glitch nah you got a good star ready125.4393.921
you got to keep chopping it's still at 7127.64.16
500. it's not going down patience129.365.4
simon hey what a castle it's beautiful153.5996.0
what a tree behind you too yeah it's a157.125.04
very nice tree so we know how this is159.5996.881
we're considered the idiots i guess162.166.64
yeah they're out there they're out there166.484.64
plotting their move to eventually take168.84.4
us down yeah which they might no they171.124.399
won't yeah well you know whichever i'm173.24.24
just i'm just here to play yeah we've175.5194.321
been given some stuff we got some dinos177.443.84
down below i'll tell you what this is179.843.039
the last time we're up here because how181.282.8
long did it take to get up here it's182.8793.041
like 15 minutes to get 15 minutes to get184.083.76
up here so for our next time you see us185.923.84
it'll take okay yeah that drop looks187.844.08
the one that looks like191.923.36
that that's a very interesting looking193.364.239
thing like a car esophagus195.285.36
or a butt plug maybe a big old fat butt197.5994.961
plug so we're checking that out first200.643.84
well that and yeah and then we're going202.563.2
to be doing we're going to well we're204.484.08
going to do a scout up the river205.765.039
just to see the lay of the land straight208.564.88
west and back if we see him we see him210.7994.241
if we don't we don't and then we'll just213.443.28
have to make some meat and we can enjoy215.045.36
some time just you and i but for now216.726.799
we we go down we go down [ __ ] and yeah220.45.199
it's okay don't worry just take it happy223.5193.36
breath yeah225.5993.761
i'm gonna get dizzy yeah that'll happen226.8795.36
too good god that's pretty yeah oh it's229.365.28
gorgeous love it yeah i'm full i'm just232.2394.961
gonna vomit oh boy234.644.64
okay excuse me237.23.28
come on come on239.283.039
come on can't figure this out what do240.482.8
you mean242.3193.12
okay here we go let's try to stay243.284.72
this was accessible248.7994.0
damn it i'm gonna fall off this thing a251.044.24
never seen a drop looks like that looks255.283.6
like a totem pole yeah but now we gotta256.7993.521
figure out how to get down to it you258.883.759
don't think you can make this jump260.323.84
do you think you can make this jump i262.6393.761
mean if we hit that rock and slid maybe264.164.8
oh boy that that's that's a gamble oh266.45.68
wait you know what check this out268.964.799
ow okay hurt a little bit there's a rock272.083.04
right down here okay i'm just gonna do273.7592.561
like a little275.122.0
there you go yep okay then uh from here277.126.12
i think i can just go279.63.64
what compy oh god i don't even have a295.122.88
i hope there's just one of you298.03.759
okay get this and run get this and run299.684.48
what are you301.7593.601
all right wait304.164.319
supply crate requires survivor level 25305.366.32
doping more copies oh boy here we go308.4795.361
here we go yeah welcome back to arc311.683.519
welcome back now i'm getting eaten by313.843.359
little copies come on bring it out ding315.1992.961
you tiny little bastards oh i'll show318.164.72
you what for what's that over here was320.83.44
is that a chicken that's a donut with a322.883.759
party hat ooh eat him instead eat this324.244.08
donut with this party hat copies you're326.6393.12
not interested in me look at this328.323.84
delicious donut eat the dodo eat the eat329.7597.561
the dojo eat the dojo don't eat meat332.165.16
oh boy339.1992.881
well that was interesting simon did you343.64.319
just see something i felt like i did you345.843.919
know did you because i i kind of wish i347.9193.041
did see it349.7592.801
oh watch out watch out watch out what350.963.36
what what there's something attacking oh352.563.28
it was a compliment i know a little354.323.36
[ __ ] oh i forgot about it and now our355.843.68
guys are flying yeah yeah yeah i need357.683.76
you to there we go359.523.6
all right don't attack my target was361.443.599
that uh was there a body here there363.123.76
should be a body i just saw a person die365.0393.521
just sit down quit it will you quit it366.883.36
will you get down here all right i gotta368.563.52
set this thing time to go are you gonna370.244.72
grab that uh the dildo no right now i'm372.084.8
just trying to get on my damn oh374.963.76
we both have them set to aggressive come376.883.599
on we're learning378.724.16
yeah i said time to go380.4794.641
all right382.884.48
can i just go up to here oh god all385.126.16
right so you saw what is in this thing387.365.76
look inside of it all right so it's all391.284.56
all right now ah one393.124.56
blueprint from metal c we don't need it395.844.16
we've got the world that's fun so listen397.683.92
where did this work we should go and400.04.319
pick up his body yeah i don't [ __ ] on my401.65.2
way i don't see it all right dora when404.3194.241
you say you just saw somebody die i406.83.92
could have sworn i saw someone die close408.564.32
man like right down in this area like410.724.0
right down where we're standing yeah412.883.759
pretty much not below us but right here414.723.84
yep it was up here okay so in other416.6393.921
words they're real close418.565.84
they might be let's get back home420.563.84
back to the basics huh neebs yup we need430.165.12
to start a bed and some sort of hey432.084.72
breakfast yeah we could put a storage435.283.68
box under that waterfall right there is436.83.92
there a cave in there you think no438.963.76
there's never a cave ever have you440.724.64
looked no but i played this game well we442.724.24
haven't played this map but if i'm445.364.239
expecting uh arc design like in the past446.964.48
yeah it's like it's like a hole design449.5993.121
yeah there's no cave behind that451.443.199
waterfall you're right how about this452.724.24
just to start we build a little bed we454.6394.641
put a box under that waterfall and we456.964.0
just start hoarding stuff like squirrels459.283.199
hoarding stuff in a box under a460.964.639
waterfall see man squirrel yeah i i feel462.4794.801
like it's in like an obvious location465.5993.121
you know what i mean because i mean they467.283.12
could come along and go oh a waterfall468.723.28
let's see if there's anything behind it470.42.799
what's your idea i'm just let's get472.02.96
started my idea is like okay473.1993.68
we use the waterfalls like a landmark474.964.16
but actually hide the case kind of off476.8794.32
the side of it okay yeah you have to479.124.079
think like an imbecile yeah that's why i481.1994.4
said waterfall right so obvious483.1994.801
waterfall but maybe okay go left of the485.5994.88
waterfall up into the hills oh yeah and488.04.879
then like behind the tree or yeah you490.4794.241
know what like right on this ridge right492.8792.641
right here right here would be a good495.523.519
simon yep oh yeah buddy i was landing by499.0395.121
what i thought was you oh that wasn't me501.9194.241
then not even close to the castle504.163.759
perspective is like really that was a506.164.879
freaking argentevis507.9193.12
double whams oh double whale okay come511.525.519
in here i'm gonna see you soon i think515.24.8
yeah i mean i just uh yeah lend by uh517.0395.44
cash no wait oh yeah i didn't tell you520.04.399
what's your what's your woburn's name i522.4793.92
didn't name it yet okay you'll figure it524.3995.44
out mine's named 18. a.t yup i'm not526.3995.601
gonna tell you why yet okay that'll be a529.8394.56
fun reveal i see you've named our giga532.05.279
josephine i did not you didn't nope that534.3995.12
was named already by one of the our537.2794.401
wonderful oh you son of a [ __ ] what539.5193.921
would you did your dragon just go away541.684.0
yeah it's right there following simon543.444.24
yeah you're gonna have to holy [ __ ] get545.684.56
that sucker back in order you sit still547.684.8
yeah but i was just right there yeah all550.243.76
right anyway552.483.359
we're gonna go just around the554.04.399
horn here josephine and then over here555.8395.68
we've got a bunch of unnamed uh past558.3995.041
rosie which we didn't name a bunch of561.5194.961
unnamed raptors yes but then here's uh563.447.6
this is my t-rex cash money566.484.56
[ __ ]574.083.439
and my t-rex isn't named yet that's all574.884.48
angelo fighting the raptor down down by580.3996.081
the beach who's winning down by the way583.126.48
[ __ ] what doing i keep throwing again586.487.84
like so look hey let me see i'm this way589.64.72
we should probably explain what's going594.644.639
on uh to the audience yeah somebody596.244.56
yeah our buddy think had brain surgery599.2793.041
recently so he's a little he's a little600.84.08
twitchy yeah your right hand's crazy it602.325.12
is so i keep throwing604.884.56
you keep throwing stuff for no reason607.444.32
yeah all right well yeah don't don't609.444.24
throw any spears at any dinosaurs don't611.764.24
stand near me hey i think the raptor613.684.8
lost because the ankle is down there616.05.279
and it's just bloody oh yeah618.484.479
look at him he looks like rambo coming621.2793.12
out from here we might be able to622.9593.601
harvest that yeah624.3994.081
yeah get that height i'm coming all626.564.32
right oh man yeah god the weight the628.484.799
weight is so bad yep we'll put that in630.884.959
our secret box yeah what the hive is633.2794.081
that what she said635.8393.281
put that in my secret box why would she637.363.68
have a secret box i don't know just seem639.123.279
like one of those it's not really secret641.042.72
is it it's out there for everybody to642.3993.12
see i didn't know you had that yeah oh643.763.44
there's my wallet check out my secret645.5192.56
it's right above my secret tape648.0794.801
okay simon652.884.079
oh that's a what is that uh looks like654.483.52
one of those things griffin or griffin658.04.56
yeah oh we're in a griffony area yeah659.764.8
okay well they'd be [ __ ] if they were662.563.76
here yeah there's another griffin i664.563.6
think down there so666.323.12
yeah they're gonna want to be close668.163.04
there's just too much danger669.443.6
it's lovely though it's lovely it is671.23.759
nice kind of heading down to the water673.044.4
more yeah then to make their way up674.9594.0
they'd need a bird677.443.6
wouldn't they well678.9594.0
i don't know i mean where where are they681.043.84
spawn i don't even know i mean where you682.9594.32
thought you saw somebody die was a lot684.885.12
closer it was really close maybe maybe687.2794.0
it wasn't them690.03.839
maybe it wasn't like you thought it was691.2794.56
i i'm not seeing [ __ ] simon if that's693.8393.201
what you're implying i hope they're695.8393.601
having a miserable time i have no doubt697.044.239
they are right now give them a couple699.443.04
weeks though they're they're not the701.2792.721
all right so neebs check it out i've704.03.92
already learned how to make a bed yep705.923.919
the foundations i'm thinking this whole707.923.68
place is gonna have to have a network of709.8394.0
beds for us to spawn on yeah everywhere711.64.56
thousands thousands of beds right so713.8393.68
that way if we die716.163.38
we have options okay717.5195.171
how about you name this can you name725.764.24
this bed secret secret box bed i already727.24.72
named it what did i call it i put bed730.03.92
near first spawn near waterfall sit me731.923.76
secret box bed that says it all we're733.923.12
gonna have 100 we're going to probably735.683.04
have thousands of secret boxes so that's737.043.2
going to be stupid you can't call them738.723.76
all secret box no you can't firm's gonna740.243.599
have a thousand all right first secret742.483.599
box bed first secret box bin yeah that743.8394.56
makes you [ __ ] happy okay kinda does746.0794.241
was there more more what you call me748.3993.68
over here was there more no i just750.323.28
wanted to show you my idea i like it752.0792.961
yeah are you guys ready to travel by the753.63.6
way yeah yeah yeah look what i got a bow755.044.479
bow and arrow757.25.199
i might shoot you759.5192.88
all right simon yeah so from what i've762.485.919
seen that one hill to our south that one765.365.919
hill here they can get there and then768.3994.321
everything to our north which where you771.2793.201
were just looking that's like kind of772.723.52
wide open plains there's a lot of774.483.84
options from that way776.242.96
if you were to attack us what would you779.23.92
do would you go for that like hill781.444.079
approach because this is like wide open783.124.48
we can see everywhere it'd be it'd be785.5195.76
very ballsy yeah i i have no strategy787.66.16
yeah because we don't need one no but i791.2795.601
mean i when you say like what should793.765.04
what should what would you do796.884.16
i don't have any strategy in any way i798.84.08
don't i'm not i don't have a strategic801.043.599
mind okay802.884.399
i really i really don't know yeah well i804.6394.32
tell you what i just want to look down807.2793.68
this hill i'm feeling i'm going to be808.9593.68
like a hermit i'm just going to stay810.9593.68
inside the whole time we could easily812.6394.721
win that way oh the hill814.6394.801
man that's what i would do i would take817.363.599
the hill route819.443.199
because if you're not you're not seen820.9593.601
until the last minute i would do the hat822.6393.76
that's what i would do simon you do the824.563.839
hill i would do the hill if i were them826.3992.721
well we might have a couple surprises830.3996.481
for him there that's all i'm saying okay832.566.399
okay that's great i look forward to836.885.199
hearing about your surprises838.9594.161
right now i'm just like okay yeah keep843.125.04
that door shut yeah i'm gonna try to845.8393.68
that's the thing i'm gonna i'm gonna848.162.88
screw up the whole thing with leaving849.5193.841
the giant front door open that's what851.044.88
they're counting on yeah trust me it'll853.364.96
not on my watch you won't be watching858.6394.32
that'll be the problem cash money will860.9594.161
oh [ __ ] oh god you guys on the beach oh866.86.64
crap i ran into some character869.923.52
dick yep we'll have to go back to his873.5194.961
back to the bed yep back to okay i876.04.16
wonder if he had good stuff on him ah878.483.599
man should we just it could it can't be880.164.0
that good okay it's just starting out882.0795.041
just write it off all right oh i see him884.165.039
oh yeah yeah887.123.76
god you get off the beach and i swear to889.1993.2
god they just chomp you hmm you know890.884.16
what we need what bolas can i i can make892.3994.161
a bowler yeah i had made some bolas895.042.96
they're back there on my stuff i see the896.562.959
green light but oh god i know there's898.03.199
terra birds around so it's pointless if899.5193.041
we can make bolas i think we can take901.1992.801
them all right take the terror merge902.563.279
lead the way up sir okay my stuff's up904.03.92
here yeah terra birds905.8393.841
who's gonna get ready with ebola i'm907.923.52
ready with ebola all right let's see909.683.12
maybe we're going to get lucky and911.443.44
they'll be gone yeah yeah yeah yeah912.83.48
that's kind of what i'm hoping914.882.8
okay you know what i'm getting sneaky920.163.359
all right right behind you i think yep921.765.36
there you are okay yeah i'm ready923.5194.88
that's a terrible that's a terrible all927.123.12
right you got him come on see him no he928.3993.281
jumped oh he jumped down930.242.64
he jumped up i'm running towards the931.683.92
beach nope oh crap baby932.884.319
all right935.65.08
help help937.1993.481
can't catch me if i'm swimming949.2793.281
[ __ ]952.82.399
yeah it's been a day962.724.72
i didn't get enough sleep last night or965.364.64
the night before i had an allergy issue967.444.88
really yeah i had like the draining snot970.04.8
just like just just draining out you972.324.879
know and that's that's a pain when974.84.88
you're sleeping especially yeah and it's977.1995.121
weird how you can sleep uh through a lot979.684.079
of it and then wake up and it happens982.324.56
immediately yeah as if but but i didn't983.7595.44
know if the the moisture that was on the986.884.16
side of my face on the pillow was from989.1994.481
my drool or the snot you know the drool991.046.159
thing you still do that yeah yeah yeah i993.685.04
guess once you do it997.1993.361
when i pre-drool998.723.52
i used to do that as a kid1000.563.36
really lay down a little pre-drool1002.243.12
puddle and it would be it would come1003.923.279
from me laying on my pillow already1005.363.599
having some drool there i just spit out1007.1994.961
a little bit did it really1008.9595.041
i can imagine that being some dumbass1012.163.44
thing a kid would do yeah that's what i1014.03.759
do so like that's great my drool puddle1015.64.239
comforts me it's also a good tracking1017.7593.76
like where were you comfy on your pillow1019.8393.761
clearly right here where your lips touch1021.5194.32
the drool so did everyone like did you1023.64.4
wake up scared like i like every time i1025.8394.161
i would feel that wet1028.04.319
no no no i embraced it yeah you did you1030.05.439
probably nuzzled in more yeah yeah yeah1032.3195.12
oh you're a wonderful kind of weird i'm1035.4393.681
already drooling1037.4393.921
can you spit some some drizzle1039.124.48
for me no you want your own i think i1041.364.0
might want yours it's got to be your own1043.63.12
i think your problem why you're afraid1045.362.88
of all those wet spots is they weren't1046.724.52
good question not my problem1054.243.88
oh father ted1056.324.93
praise b yeah1061.283.04
hey look we really need to set up a base1065.283.68
even if you know if it doesn't work out1067.0394.081
we should try to set up a base okay1068.964.32
where should we go i'm i'm up wherever1071.124.08
you think well we went that way last1073.284.0
time there's terror birds that way let's1075.24.0
go this way okay okay look at that1077.283.279
piercer out there with an arrow in his1079.23.839
head yeah remember argent davis out1080.5594.561
there argent tavis out there oh yeah1083.0394.481
across the beach yeah yeah oh yeah i1085.124.08
should show you [ __ ]1087.524.08
something everywhere damn it nowhere to1089.24.4
all right here's the plan all right the1093.64.16
architavis is moving left1095.364.8
and uh when he gets far enough away oh1097.764.0
where you going where are you going1100.163.04
for you he's not coming for you is he i1101.762.72
don't know i'll get i'm getting locked1103.22.719
don't go for abstro don't go for1104.484.319
absolutely no no no1105.9192.88
this might be our this might be our1109.123.2
opportunity come on so we get near the1110.483.68
waterfall we're going for the waterfall1112.323.92
going high going high going high oh yeah1114.163.84
now he's going high all right following1116.243.679
you neebs okay we're thick this might be1118.04.08
thick okay yep i'm by the waterfall1119.9194.081
what's up all right yep i see you okay1122.084.16
i'm gonna cross the river1124.03.52
i like it's cold1126.242.96
all right hugging the wall all right i'm1129.23.76
crossing and hugging the wall too1130.484.48
that's chilly warm up1132.964.56
i'm not hugging a wall he is he's dive1134.966.0
bombing he's dive bombing leave me alone1137.525.2
hug the wall hug the wall i'm just gonna1140.963.28
walk y'all behind me yep i see your1142.724.24
light keep that light out yep thick yep1144.244.48
your mind is okay1146.964.0
oh yeah oh wait names you passed a1148.724.88
pretty good cave did i yeah come back1150.964.88
huh holy [ __ ]1153.64.48
where we're at i'm looking for y'all oh1155.844.48
oh glitch now oh yeah okay all right1158.084.16
what you got i'm frozen that's what i oh1160.322.96
i'm back1162.242.319
this this right over here right over1163.282.88
here hey guys come on get this look at1164.5592.641
oh perfect oh wait a minute whoa whoa1169.524.32
oh god it's full of damn snakes1173.844.36
this was our place all right hey idea1182.164.56
look this this is kind of coming he's1184.645.12
coming who's coming tonight1186.723.04
huh why did you aggro the snake let's1189.843.6
just run oh let's don't turn out why i1191.523.68
did something let's just run frozen1193.443.359
frozen frozen we just got out of a cave1195.24.64
like that's a real cave1196.7993.041
oh god1200.03.84
still frozen there we go1201.25.599
come on come on come on come1203.842.959
no [ __ ] neebs is the steak still left1208.45.04
you um ah it's nick's still after you1210.645.919
i'm sorry dave no no leave me okay of1213.445.359
course i'm leaving yourself1216.5595.681
i'll find you just stay alive1218.7995.12
oh [ __ ] he's still after me how is he1222.242.72
how are you still at how do you know1223.9193.76
where i am okay come to me oh god that's1224.965.12
an argentinian cartosaur okay is that a1227.6796.561
t-rex that's a t-rex in the distance1230.086.24
what's that raptors chasing this this1234.244.64
place is hell why did we spot here this1236.324.479
place is absolute hell1238.883.279
it didn't say easy it's just [ __ ]1242.1595.441
okay jump down oh no raptor oh no that1245.284.08
wasn't the lava sword okay i'm looking1247.63.68
for you okay i'm on the beach and i'm1249.364.16
just running up the beach that's all i1251.283.519
got right now1253.523.44
is anything chasing me1254.7994.321
yeah a t-rex is chasing me but he turned1256.964.079
around he turned around1259.125.12
go around the rocks go around the roads1261.0395.921
okay get to a safe spot found a cave1264.244.64
found a cave by the waterfall that's1266.963.76
good to know i'm never going in there1268.883.12
it's probably an artifact in there which1270.722.72
i don't give a [ __ ] about1272.05.84
i'm here to kill simon simon's lair1273.444.4
you ready simon yeah1279.6793.201
hey do you know any foo fighters with1291.126.0
with two sticks and these yeah1293.525.12
all right we'll do what you were doing1299.844.68
you're a drummer1308.1595.201
yeah and i am your i'm your groupie1309.764.56
yeah but i ain't touching you1314.324.08
no finger business1316.723.76
you hear me1318.43.279
what's that1320.483.679
all right finger business you got me1324.43.36
i'll give it to you i don't know what1326.484.72
you're saying i'm a groupie1327.763.44
all right1331.843.36
going out of my new home and taking a1332.963.839
look around1335.23.04
because there's some [ __ ] down at1336.7992.481
the beach1338.243.04
i don't see it but i'll go looking for1339.284.56
the boys show them the new house1341.284.08
don't [ __ ] you1343.844.48
raptor he can't get me right bucky oh my1345.363.84
oh boy can you get me1349.26.88
oh [ __ ] oh dead1356.085.64
don't want to lose this stuff1366.1597.4
oh yeah he's coming he's coming okay1367.9195.64
oh is that a t-rex that's a t-rex1383.524.88
fighting a bruno1386.084.32
oh man that's this could be a good1388.43.519
source of hide1390.43.279
all right come on t-rex1391.9195.441
come on kill the bruno1393.6795.921
i'm just gonna hang back and watch money1397.364.24
is gonna win1399.64.8
footsteps i hear footsteps [ __ ]1401.64.24
what is that noise1404.44.159
i heard growling1405.844.56
oh it sees me1408.5593.6
can't catch me though1410.43.44
like a cheetah1412.1594.0
okay so he's just guarding my [ __ ] this1413.843.28
is for1416.1593.441
everything i've done bad in life1417.124.64
he's just gonna guard my [ __ ] but i'll1419.65.92
wait i'll bide my time friend abide my1421.767.68
time and maybe rename my bed to there's1425.527.12
a raptor guarding my [ __ ] bed1429.445.599
no one's gonna want to spawn there1432.643.76
how do you lose a t-rex and a1435.0393.441
brontosaurus two of the biggest damn1436.43.44
creatures in this game and i've lost1438.483.12
them is that t-rex just gonna eat that1439.844.16
bronzo oh man this is this is kind of an1441.63.39
epic fight1444.02.24
server's stopping any second now wow1446.244.84

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