Don’t Mess With Ladybugs!!! - Grounded

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat because this o...
Don’t Mess With Ladybugs!!! - Grounded
Don’t Mess With Ladybugs!!! - Grounded

Don’t Mess With Ladybugs!!! - Grounded

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Let me tell you why this 'Don’t Mess With Ladybugs!!! - Grounded' video is my favorite. Those ladybugs may be cute, but they pack quite a punch!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs! You're just saying that because you got chased by a swarm of ladybugs in the game. It was hilarious to watch!

appsro: Ha! I have to agree with Simon on this one. Seeing Neebs run for his life from those tiny bugs was priceless. Definitely a classic moment in Neebs Gaming history!

neebs: Alright, alright, you got me! But hey, those ladybugs mean business. You mess with them, you're gonna get grounded!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on their channel yet? If not, you're in for a treat because this one is all about Ladybugs and let me tell you, you do not want to mess with these little critters unless you're looking for trouble!

The video starts off with the Neebs crew diving headfirst into a hilarious adventure with Ladybugs, and let me just say, things take a turn for the unexpected pretty quickly. From battling these tiny bugs to trying to outsmart them, the Neebs team never fails to entertain with their crazy antics and witty commentary.

If you're a die-hard fan like me, you definitely don't want to miss out on this one. And while you're at it, don't forget to hit that subscribe button and show your support on Patreon to help them keep creating awesome content. Plus, have you seen the cool merch they have available? You'll definitely want to check it out and grab yourself some Neebs Gaming swag.

And if you're craving more NEEBS goodness, make sure to check out their other playlists featuring everything from cartoons to games like 7Days to Die, Scrap Mechanic, Minecraft, GTA V, and Subnautica. Trust me, you won't be disappointed! So grab some snacks, get comfy, and get ready to laugh your heart out with the Neebs crew in their latest video. Happy watching!

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everyone come upstairs okay upstairs22.6999.281
oh wow we're trying well okay hey what27.266.94
if we should redesign that damn it all31.985.3
right check this out34.23.08
oh my goodness all right so everybody's37.825.739
got like an uh an armored dummy Simon40.924.68
I've made you a brand new set of armor I43.5593.421
want you to come over here you look at45.65.22
it this thing and hold e okay hold on46.986.84
I forget how I see myself oh my God56.465.4
don't worry about it don't worry about60.0594.021
it oh damn I want to see it and Dora61.864.439
I've made you this that is a uh that64.083.78
camp that'll make you a better Marksman66.2993.0
I know you're enjoying the old bow and67.863.48
arrow thing yeah memes you already got69.2994.14
armor on so yeah put your old armor on71.343.959
this or whatever okay well let me show73.4393.0
you guys this I didn't realize we could75.2996.68
do this so since this is Simon's uh side76.4395.54
yeah oh you made it pink yeah82.16.64
so this would be mined customize it make85.346.76
it kind of bluish yeah oh boy that's88.745.82
crazy you think that's crazy check this92.14.92
out you can even customize the dummy94.565.519
let's say it's doing air guitar oh97.024.38
I mean you can actually scrub along the100.0792.831
timeline yeah101.42.759
that's awesome so yeah we can customize104.1593.121
the hell out of this room these are105.94.02
great that's crazy yeah leaves I was107.284.799
thinking you know that gas thing we've109.923.96
been seeing out there yeah go out and112.0793.54
see if there's a way to patch it all113.883.239
right because if we could turn that gas115.6192.941
off we don't117.1193.36
gas mask for that area that's what she118.563.419
said which one you gonna pick Dora120.4794.14
probably applaud just for now121.9794.861
just for now just looks like a filming124.6193.661
with no damn hands I didn't see where to126.842.52
change the colors but I can do that128.282.819
another time you're already yellow yeah129.363.84
this one I didn't see that it's blue boy131.0994.441
you look dumb yeah I wish I could see133.24.14
myself yeah you don't need to yeah you135.543.66
don't you don't want to really I know I137.345.22
love looking dumb I really do need to139.25.399
see this cool all right in the morning142.565.759
Adventure yeah144.5993.72
Dallas yeah oh all right so we're going166.26.899
over there right to that gas can170.585.46
apparently so yeah there's a crow on it173.0994.261
you guys see that176.041.94
so that sure thinks we can figure this177.987.839
out whoa yeah yeah I think we can yeah I181.0196.0
don't know I mean it looks like it's185.8193.241
leaking gas out of the other side yeah187.0194.741
it does but uh yeah I don't know how to189.064.14
do it hopefully it's just like a simple191.764.14
switch of some sort but um yeah okay193.25.7
let's make our way man like this didn't195.94.74
really help me at all like I don't know198.93.119
any more than I did before no I know200.644.76
nothing more okay202.0193.381
yeah baby yeah that armor is going to209.44.199
come in real handy because we're hunting211.7395.22
spiders and I'm feeling good like I know213.5995.761
I might die but I feel like a new man I216.9594.5
got this like new ax here that's like219.365.28
been upgraded yeah new armor oh [ __ ]221.4595.34
look what I see straight ahead yep you224.643.72
do all right so is this a good weapon226.7993.541
the one that we have like I copied you228.363.42
with the ax oh yeah you know what hold230.344.44
on real quick let me peep these guys uh231.785.7
yeah wolf spider their weakness is234.785.22
chopping and [ __ ] yeah we got an ax all237.483.839
right so yeah we need to chop these240.03.84
idiots chop and then I gotta remember to241.3193.961
use this Shield because I've never used243.843.539
a shield before right hold your [ __ ] up245.283.84
honestly it's like okay here's the thing247.3793.481
if the spider looks at you hold the249.123.3
shield up right if it ain't looking at250.863.959
you start swinging all right I like it252.424.439
okay Shield up when it's looking at you254.8194.14
it's simple I'm gonna bring it in ready256.8593.181
all right258.9593.421
ah come on baby you're looking at me so260.043.78
my Shield's up262.384.44
I'm not looking down263.825.72
yeah come on266.822.72
criminal oh he is poisonous so watch out271.167.539
okay not looking at it okay273.545.159
oh good you killed it while I was gonna299.124.96
bandage myself all right baited yourself302.043.42
up we're going for that other one all304.082.94
right hold on oh boy I think my health305.463.12
should be up but yeah man did yourself307.024.58
out okay well I did308.583.02
it was crazy314.282.54
I'll peep him hold on319.826.18
his weakness is uh slashing322.6998.761
oh no Grandma's slashing326.05.46
where is it hold on guys get off me a333.86.64
little ship oh you're so good I don't337.743.899
know if there's the right weapon but I'm340.441.88
doing it341.6399.281
all right you're so good oh man I just351.745.32
happened to do the blocks there we go355.1393.9
grab this stuff you want to make bombs357.065.16
right for sure nope that's a tree this359.0396.181
way I'm coming362.223.76
oh God okay I gotta run you run400.56.06
gotta get yeah oh God jeez all right I403.1996.241
gotta put on a a bandage there you go is406.564.8
a bandage come on you're running right409.444.74
to the Spider Man but there's no spiders411.364.559
in there right now and what's with this414.183.72
freaking ladybug going after you I don't415.9193.661
know I think yeah she was mad at the417.94.079
spider without a provider come on you419.584.619
want to come you wanna come at me still421.9794.621
coming at you it's very very tame coming424.1994.141
after you all right I got a hammer426.64.819
Ladybug hey cameras428.343.079
hammer in the face431.582.959
come on now hammer in the face Hammer to436.025.459
face I don't like that hammer in your438.665.159
face it does feel bad if I feel like441.4794.56
it's not nice beating the [ __ ] that is443.8194.88
ladybug such a pretty bug I know oh446.0396.681
spider's coming oh my God448.6994.021
you need to die hello I'm running I'm453.1394.541
running getting away from you you little456.243.299
[ __ ] take a check you Simon yeah it457.683.6
probably is but you know what I'm fasted459.5393.541
no I'm not I'm not faster I'm not faster461.283.84
at all hammer in the face are you dead463.084.22
yet oh my god there you go there you go465.125.16
in the face camera in the face hammer in467.34.959
the face come on just die camera in the470.284.46
face hammer in the face472.2595.041
yeah it didn't sound like it worked well474.743.7
for you477.34.5
yeah fine YouTube just going be friends478.445.039
and make love481.84.679
[ __ ]483.4793.0
do you see it486.5995.1
oh there it is I see it okay let's try488.4794.961
to stay away from all the bugs yeah I491.6993.541
would love I like it just get there493.445.22
quick you know uh-huh and back a lot of495.244.98
movements okay498.663.539
you going I'm just running yeah I'm500.224.379
running around with you okay we're at502.1995.72
the bottom of the can all right504.5993.32
all right you still running yeah they512.584.92
are bombing away okay mutation detected515.2194.56
all right that's cool oh juicy I'll517.54.08
figure out what that means later yeah519.7793.481
now there's something right there see521.584.199
that a handle your windows there's a523.263.72
knock down the handle kind of thing525.7792.941
maybe or just climb the handle maybe526.984.44
yeah maybe we can just climb it maybe528.725.64
we just jumping in ah jumping you got531.424.5
one of those things oh yeah I forgot534.363.24
about those things I hope I do okay you535.923.3
ready is that a whole ship thing hold537.64.02
shift when you jump okay on three okay539.225.1
guess not oh you don't have it I guess541.626.32
not oh my God I got it up544.326.24
okay oh do you have an explosive I found547.944.18
a little thing down there oh yeah I550.565.0
don't have an explosive okay552.123.44
well look at this gum how do you get563.4594.201
this I don't know565.745.4
yep digging tool it says digging I only567.665.88
got a regular uh shovel hey it looks571.145.46
like we can get up yeah okay there's a573.545.1
stick to get up on this table okay yeah576.65.34
baby oh there it is sweet nice ah I'd578.646.48
rallies okay this is a table581.947.68
oh crap no ah look at me okay this is585.126.839
just great Oh no you're like me just589.625.88
fell into a thing oh no beeps hold on591.9596.06
man I can't even switch to my toe I595.54.019
can't switch them all right you need598.0193.721
help oh okay oh I had to get rid of my599.5195.181
thing there you go601.742.96
look out for any threats okay also good611.944.98
advice yeah you don't get the top just615.125.339
get knocked off no never okay616.924.08
we're up we are up gas leak's over here621.07.56
oh yeah it's just got a big cut in it oh624.57.2
so yep gum gum you don't have to shovel628.565.64
[ __ ] we know where the gum is we don't631.75.139
have the shovel we don't have a shum gum634.25.28
shovel that's right we know we got to do636.8397.821
yes we do jumping no no I'm not639.485.18
a cave Simon I don't think he's in here646.323.78
I think that they're gonna show up oh647.943.6
wait yeah but hey while we're here we650.12.52
should get this stuff hey do you have a651.542.88
torch you can pull out yeah652.623.48
yeah this is good stuff we can use this654.422.88
to upgrade our armor you pull out the656.13.32
torch oh wait I guess I can pull it out657.35.039
torch and a thing yeah no it's great659.425.08
you're doing them both yeah upgrade662.3394.321
stuff yeah we need this brittle664.53.48
quartzite so we can make something666.665.34
something good I like it oh hold on now667.987.52
stay back Simon all right672.03.5
oh wow that actually hit me what's in676.3997.541
here you spoke yes what gold tooth oh680.2795.701
how'd you know to do that um well I just683.943.42
saw a crack in the wall if you've played685.982.88
games since you know like the 80s with687.363.84
Zelda can you see like a crack in a wall688.865.84
you know to throw a bomb at it691.23.5
thank you706.262.72
have you heard of gozintas sorry it709.2796.401
gives no what's that it's like math you712.325.34
never learn gozintas oh God I don't want715.683.839
to know it yeah well I mean I'm just not717.664.679
a math guy like four goes into eight two719.5195.121
that's really funny [ __ ] I know right724.645.8
not really these trash bags there's got727.384.86
to be different stuff in trash right730.443.66
going to the trash732.244.62
little Trash hordes that's right I hope734.14.859
I have that oh736.863.599
there we go738.9593.781
all right trash bags maybe they want to740.4594.081
be tore open or something get some scrap742.746.0
materials so stinky how long you think744.545.4
this has been out here748.746.18
you hope it oh hey ants inside these are749.947.38
hey these ants are different they're754.924.38
black black worker air oh no are they757.323.959
friendly well they're stuck so we don't759.32.88
where'd they go hmm it's like they were762.183.779
here and then disappeared oh there's one764.224.919
oh yeah oh yeah uh let's see let's see765.9596.661
what is that okay hey you seem nice do769.1396.361
you think we need like amp parts for772.624.86
what for the shovel a lot of those775.54.68
chills or insect parts then maybe I mean777.484.44
the thing is we don't have any black ant780.183.3
Parts at all do we so we've never781.923.479
researched that no we should probably783.485.28
get some this is rude which part the785.3995.161
killing of the ant yeah we came to their788.764.44
place man we've been killing [ __ ] since790.565.839
we started I just don't like it793.23.199
so bad about it oh my god let's go ahead798.184.38
and chop one up I guess I'm gonna chop800.73.3
this guy all right here there we go802.565.06
ready get the one that drifted off yeah804.06.62
I know I know811.166.479
we're so good814.223.419
you're a couple of guys817.866.24
oh no no no you do not no you do not let819.746.399
him down Dallas I'm running I think I824.14.02
have the Avid slippers good Lord come826.1395.341
here he's so fast oh man this makes it828.126.54
worse I really hate we're doing this831.486.96
come on come on hold up I'm sorry man834.666.0
this is not fun838.444.94
there we go okay840.667.56
yeah oh man oh we are a real piece of843.386.639
work aren't we we did what we had to do848.224.619
we didn't do it hey we nothing he blew850.0195.301
up on his own852.8392.481
oh someone getting a nap chopping yeah855.8994.261
well we're gonna have to wake him up858.64.02
from then yeah boy well that's what's860.164.739
that's coming in a little orb weaver man862.624.14
get out of here no one likes you okay864.8993.18
hopefully he won't mess with us you866.763.42
ready yeah868.0795.641
all right come on baby870.187.92
yeah I get in there yeah that's a that's873.728.9
a block hey yeah oh yeah oh my God878.14.52
yeah we need to883.744.159
oh something you get a little deep in887.942.899
that hole buddy yeah889.383.019
[ __ ]890.8395.8
sorry oh boy man every plan I have you892.3996.661
love it I love that every blend you have899.947.16
I ruined okay all right guys903.485.94
okay there you go idiot that little907.16.4
thing I mean come on oh [ __ ] okay you're909.425.52
being surprised oh God this is getting913.53.839
intense all right I just gave myself914.944.8
some food I feel a little bit better are917.3394.68
you still helping me919.744.86
oh you useless mule is it me that you're922.0195.481
strong useless924.62.9
I just had a good spark right there929.3993.861
okay let's run okay I'm gonna revive you934.325.3
and we're gonna oh God936.63.02
useless meal it's what'd you get for940.043.92
being an [ __ ]942.8394.86
in this direction947.6993.061
I think we're oh we're there yeah some950.765.879
science oh hell yeah here we go oh it's953.5194.62
been a long time I don't even remember956.6393.541
the last time I grabbed one yeah there's958.1395.361
a mic hey Mike960.183.32
affected mice965.245.019
don't collect 200 is that a thing980.7795.74
okay it don't fall down there all this983.944.44
advice you were just top-notch advice986.5195.521
yeah I am like the Oracle yeah okay are988.386.24
we still are we safe yep uh black and992.043.5
analyzing I'll keep an eye out black and995.546.64
shield little black Helm black ant999.245.76
shield and Helm a Helm like another hat1002.185.219
nothing about a shovel nothing about a1005.06.06
shovel ah crap I know okay I guess we go1007.3997.201
back and search for more stuff I guess I1011.066.24
did see like open trash in that area I1014.65.22
don't know we're up back this way I1017.35.12
guess okay1019.822.6
little one first all right here hold on1023.543.72
because I want to shoot an arrow out if1026.03.78
that has gas on it oh okay is that cool1027.264.679
yeah go for it I don't have a gas man1029.785.7
that's all right yeah it's a thing1031.9397.041
all right I'm stuck in a weed1035.483.5
style you little [ __ ]1039.45.439
come on come on oh God I hate these1041.7994.061
little these little ones are tougher1044.8393.061
than the bigger ones sometimes oh I got1045.865.36
a spark for a good block come on1047.95.76
little one's down so now we can focus on1051.225.26
Danny all right okay let's see health is1053.665.3
up can I shoot again with that gas yeah1056.485.699
if you've made a gas Arrow go for it why1058.965.68
not all right good job1062.1796.86
there you go yeah he's already out of it1064.644.399
every plant every plant I have you tried1074.084.959
to [ __ ] today and that's why I do it I1076.584.32
try to do this because I'm it's an1079.0394.5
expectation that I'm meeting1080.95.279
yep I got a spark there all right yeah1083.5395.0
you keep getting Sparks1086.1796.731
oh I should probably heal it1088.5397.44
come on1097.762.539
that's right that's right oh come on I1102.863.12
have the spark I had to spark you should1104.63.92
be able to hit me1105.982.54
oh why are you hitting me1120.465.74
you just hit me you don't want to revive1123.647.36
me you just get up okay good I helped by1126.28.4
the way okay yay we did it we did it1131.05.16
hopefully we got the thing I need all1134.64.14
right let's get back to the house yeah1136.164.98
you like it when I shoot gas arrows I1138.744.46
would have had a gas mask1141.144.44
all right real quick I should have all1143.24.18
the stuff yeah I slam the door on your1145.583.24
face deal with it all right jump over1147.383.299
this [ __ ] fence yes four spider1148.824.56
Venoms we're making a spider Fang dagger1150.6794.401
yeah baby1153.384.4
I want to see what this thing looks like1155.085.14
yeah look at this1157.784.6
if you could stab me in the nuts you1160.225.16
would would say oh look you can kill me1162.385.22
yeah it deals poison damage oh nice so1165.384.32
yeah I'm gonna die any second it's gonna1167.64.68
be fine I think is getting hit1169.73.859
hey poison works yeah it does1173.55927.191

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