Ark Aberration A Reaper Ate My House!

Hey everyone, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube? It's all about Ark Survival Evolved Aberration and let me tell yo...
Ark Aberration A Reaper Ate My House!
Ark Aberration A Reaper Ate My House!

Ark Aberration A Reaper Ate My House!

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, Neebs here! Can you believe a Reaper actually ate my house in Ark Aberration? It was hilarious!

simon: Oh man, that video was epic! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that Reaper chomping down on your house, Neebs!

appsro: Haha, yeah, that was definitely one for the books! Neebs, you really need to build stronger houses next time to fend off those hungry Reapers!

neebs: Hey, I like to keep things interesting! Plus, it makes for great content for our viewers. Who wouldn't want to see a Reaper eating a house?

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey everyone, have you seen the latest video from Neebs Gaming on YouTube? It's all about Ark Survival Evolved Aberration and let me tell you, it's hilarious! The title alone, "A Reaper ate my house," had me cracking up before even watching the video.

If you're a fan of Neebs Gaming like I am, make sure you hit that subscribe button and support them on Patreon. They always bring such entertaining content and this video is no exception. Plus, they have a new channel called Neebs Magic Dumpster that you definitely need to check out.

In this video, the Neebs Gaming crew encounters some crazy moments in Ark Survival Evolved Aberration. From reapers eating houses to unexpected surprises, this episode is filled with laughs and excitement. And don't forget to check out their merch and the Xidax PCs that power their gaming adventures. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this epic gameplay. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ride with Neebs Gaming!

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this is where he decided to die Simon21.7793.781
yeah well listen man I don't know what23.763.9
the hell happened I just ran out there25.563.84
and then all of a sudden it was like I27.663.24
got bit by something but nothing was29.43.6
there oh yeah it's those spores can you30.94.08
you see the little glowy things right33.03.66
there they're in the air you see those34.983.72
little blue kind of kind of like stars36.664.079
yeah see the stars yeah yeah that's38.74.379
spores and if you go into that it gives40.7395.521
you uh you're cold until you die yeah43.0795.041
but I was right by a fire it was a real46.263.959
real pain in the dick well this is48.123.779
aberration just one more day just one50.2193.241
more day yeah that's all we got to do51.8994.32
you see that goat out there you know I53.464.98
got the stuff to tame that goat oh but56.2194.141
he's in uh well he's in the Spore region58.443.72
right now yeah I see him at some point60.363.659
and this is the thing in the Spore62.164.08
region you I you know you said oh this64.0193.901
is what it is but those floaty things66.244.68
like that's where I can't go yeah all67.924.98
right I'm really it's very easy to just70.923.9
run into them like they're they're not72.94.02
very obvious to me so we just we don't74.823.839
need to go that way we need to go76.923.6
another way maybe behind the house see78.6595.28
if we can find a goat man Dora does a80.525.279
really good goat everyone says door do83.9392.381
your goat85.7993.611
pretty good goat rallies yeah thank you90.844.2
um I would agree what'd you want to do93.2993.661
today I'll leave it to you I feel like I95.043.24
was running things last time so this is96.962.64
your day you're always running things98.283.839
I'm afraid to be here okay this stego99.65.1
uh-huh not saying I want to tame it but102.1194.68
if we did I had a great name for it okay104.75.52
what's that stego my eggo uh yeah or106.7995.401
Lego my stego that's what it was Lego110.224.98
mystego do they still okay do they still112.24.32
make Eggos do they still do that115.23.059
campaign is Lego mango still their116.523.48
phrase I don't think so but we know what118.2593.54
the best one is right okay well let's120.03.42
see do you want to tame that I don't121.7994.081
it's your day yeah but that's that's123.425.539
lame oh crap is getting a little closer125.886.12
we could use the polymer I don't want to128.9595.321
go anywhere here ever well that's gonna132.04.08
be a boring day sir okay all right well134.283.539
then you decide again there go a crab136.084.44
pick one the crab doesn't that take like137.8195.041
launching Boulders at it and [ __ ] to140.525.1
tame it to kill it no oh we don't yeah142.864.98
screw that I'd rather tame a stego okay145.623.42
because we don't have many things147.844.82
anymore well put the animals on149.043.62
let's do it152.844.86
all right where is it where are you189.264.54
manky where'd he go I don't see him191.5194.201
anymore oh I hear him oh I see him193.83.42
running around the house oh [ __ ] there's195.723.36
more of them oh God197.223.86
oh God yeah199.086.379
oh why are we still here201.087.48
one of the megalosauruses the thing that205.4595.081
was killed us but uh not with all these208.564.86
bankies running about no this is uh it's210.544.44
kind of a nightmare all right actually213.423.36
this might work out for us can we uh214.983.899
where's my stone arrows let me load up216.785.34
oh I have some Stone arrows too let's218.8796.241
start shooting monkeys oh okay maybe we222.124.679
can at least kill a bunch of them there225.123.119
you go there you go how you like that226.7992.761
minky boy228.2392.64
I feel like we're kind of screwed now230.8794.261
yeah I'll be happy if we just kill this232.624.979
one big guy come on come on oh god what235.143.84
the hell is that large ass freaking237.5993.241
thing that's right outside is that like238.984.619
uh oh God T-rex or something whoa what240.845.16
is that I don't know some massive oh my243.5995.041
God I'm gonna shoot it did you just246.04.379
shoot what the hell did you shoot that248.644.019
for I don't know what is that I don't250.3794.461
yeah it was huge all right well listen254.8794.381
if we're gonna die we might as well go257.224.139
out in the blaze of glory right259.263.719
this doesn't feel like a blaze of glory261.3593.421
this feels like we're trapped in a house262.9793.841
surrounded by like evil make yeah but264.784.62
that big thing might come in and and do266.824.5
something pretty cool so you said you269.43.54
shot it yeah I did271.324.76
should be attacking us272.943.14
yeah yeah here we go oh yeah charge all276.363.74
oh yeah here we go you can't yeah this280.15.68
little Hill Way guys the best thing in283.9194.34
the world isn't it yeah oh my goodness285.786.38
don't you go anywhere we got plans today288.2598.021
oh stego my Lego my step which way I292.166.099
think Lego mustango that to me is the296.284.02
best one yeah that's the one I didn't298.2593.961
look up how to tame these so let's hope300.33.54
this is right yeah I don't remember good302.224.68
Lord come on baby I might run out I'm303.844.62
just excited that none of our dinos have306.93.359
been attacked yet and they're not308.463.36
attacking we're professionals man yeah310.2592.88
we're really good at this three years311.823.659
ago we got everything killed yeah no313.1394.321
you're right can you get up here no I315.4794.621
feel like I'm cheating oh wait I just317.464.679
shot it with a stone Arrow what do you320.13.96
mean just now or the whole time322.1393.481
it might have been the whole time this324.063.06
is three years later man we're supposed325.623.859
to be better327.122.359
damn it sorry about that sorry I thought329.585.399
we were gonna look good this time God333.33.54
that's so many arrows in you I'm so334.9793.301
oh I'm a fool and see I get dragged into338.284.32
this when the comments go they haven't341.223.78
learned anything yeah you do it I get it342.65.46
right right we're a unit man you were345.05.1
really bloody sorry we're gonna kill348.065.359
this thing aren't we no we're fine350.16.14
that was knockout right not death353.4195.861
wow all right all right I got tracks I356.244.6
don't have any berries yet okay we'll359.283.3
let him get hungry for a bit then we'll360.844.26
feed him oh buddy I'm so sorry I'm so362.585.399
dumb Lego mystego365.14.26
what's that noise I don't know it didn't369.364.26
sound friendly371.43.66
oh God373.626.72
oh no oh no oh God what what375.067.759
see that in the ceiling380.345.1
he says Christ I don't see anything in382.8194.901
the ceiling except it's a Prevail Jesus385.445.28
I didn't even see that I see like let me387.725.22
light him up now do you see it390.725.94
no I just see like Justin things392.946.479
oh no I don't see that but you see I396.663.96
don't see399.4194.34
what is it where is he going400.623.139
yeah yep and now you're you're blowing404.526.299
up green goo that looks weird well I407.15.46
don't think he's hitting me but I don't410.8193.181
know how much longer this building has412.564.259
Simon I am looking forward to seeing it414.05.52
go down oh God things just got dark what416.8194.741
is it yeah well I I put the torch away419.523.84
okay good well I might as well keep the421.563.3
torch out tell you what you're in charge423.363.3
of shooting what the hell am I shooting424.863.839
these I can't even I can't kill anything426.663.84
with these arrows and I'm practically428.6993.84
out of them this is uh and I would love430.53.6
to drink this thing but this thing looks432.5394.561
like extreme like oh no that ain't good434.15.219
hey that ain't good I can't even see437.15.46
what the thing no that ain't good oh439.3194.32
hey no no no no no no no no no no443.6394.521
yeah I'm here where you at all right449.8195.1
down the way oh boy now our place does452.344.979
not look good those monkeys are very454.9194.981
attracted to what's inside of there all457.3194.621
right leave the monkeys away uh lead459.94.44
them away yeah oh God I don't I didn't461.943.78
have to lead him away one of them found464.343.18
me right hey guys hey monkeys hey465.724.68
monkeys hey monkeys467.524.86
got it470.45.1
oh there you are what you doing did you472.385.7
eat my buddy oh okay you're falling huh475.54.199
all right well that's good at least he's478.084.22
away from the house479.6992.601
I'm not waiting for this Dallas it takes482.7594.38
so long here's what we do we just484.864.5
completely load him up on narcotics yeah487.1394.861
we just force feed this okay get his489.364.2
torpidity all the way up and we go away492.03.479
where do we go what do you want to do I493.563.539
don't know we let's go get into495.4794.921
something go die nah we go conquer you497.0995.701
ever been on this map before yeah we500.43.84
conquered last time didn't we didn't we502.84.679
yeah I mean yeah no well no it was it504.245.7
was very scary I almost lost Spina I507.4796.3
almost lost you yes I did so um I'll509.946.959
follow you on spino and I don't know I513.7794.14
don't know516.8993.361
all right whatever yeah it's getting517.9194.261
dark too perfect I'll be on foot I'll520.263.42
just love this guy with more narcotics522.183.3
and we'll come back I love it all right523.684.56
getting my uh saddle all torched up525.487.4
today we conquer we don't528.244.64
oh [ __ ] what was that what was that well538.4596.841
God cocoon I've been cocoon542.3395.18
what is that545.35.94
what did I just hit547.5193.721
oh God oh God the monkeys are chasing me563.124.54
okay well good for you I don't know565.983.96
what's chasing me all right well oh damn567.664.98
it this is hell yeah no I think we just569.944.86
got to abandon this place this was a572.644.199
good view574.83.96
I'm gonna die right now but this was576.8394.221
I'm alive581.545.32
I'm alive in the water oh god oh is that583.745.659
I'm not gonna lie man I don't remember593.35.08
anything good ever happening up here595.985.64
yeah yeah probably not yeah or like598.385.04
anywhere again I can't say that enough601.623.6
but if we're going to conquer things you603.423.9
wouldn't go for a nice would you look at605.224.08
this guy oh yeah those things what'd607.323.24
they eat do you remember we could use609.33.18
one for light yeah of course we could610.564.26
and also not go it at night okay I'm612.484.14
thinking out Allosaurus out over there614.824.8
oh you see an Allosaurus yeah where I616.624.26
think that's what it is I try to619.623.54
remember these things the big thing no620.884.019
to the right of it to the right of it623.164.56
yeah you got the back right huh you got624.8995.581
my back doing what if we gotta fight627.724.739
this Allosaurus we're Justice around630.485.039
here me and you with a law man I tell632.4594.681
you what yeah you'd be you'd be great in635.5193.361
the military what are we doing this for637.144.98
sir I don't know you got a spino I know638.885.28
but why would I want it killed for no642.123.839
reason I think we can take it we can644.162.82
find that thing in front of me is that645.9592.581
what you're calling Allosaurus what is646.983.84
that you really just don't even make an648.544.02
effort do you what is it it's a650.822.84
yeah you ready for what if I did we're653.664.84
gonna fight this thing right yeah657.363.84
because we're Justice yeah you go right658.55.76
behind me all right and yeah boom there661.27.199
we go all right hey we don't up I think664.265.94
I hit you like your kind around here668.3994.801
that's right talk trash670.26.36
oh man that was easy for you yeah I what673.26.18
are you afraid of I nothing because we676.565.279
are Justice that's right we are Justice679.385.28
ready high five uh one second and three681.8396.541
two one high five three two one yeah684.665.29
okay that hurt688.383.86
Ah that's dumb as hell692.245.68
okay hey how you doing I'm doing good697.925.46
I'm back where I want to be in this map701.4593.961
have my little my little home here oh703.384.32
look at this and you've got a carport oh705.424.08
yeah it was for uh it was one of the707.73.12
dinosaurs I had back in the day I think709.53.0
it was for the ravager I parked him in710.824.32
there oh very nice it was nice until I712.54.56
you know you died tragically I could715.143.78
just chill here because this That Monkey717.064.14
Business was awful yeah I'm done with718.924.32
the monkey business so uh I I do like it721.23.54
here but occasionally we do get723.243.599
stragglers but I think I think this I'm724.743.96
retiring from aberration and I'm726.8394.44
retiring here oh this is my retirement728.74.98
community I like it do you mind if I731.2795.161
just visit with you for the weekend not733.684.26
at all you know what matter of fact if736.443.06
you want to build uh you can build your737.943.54
own little place over here really yeah739.53.66
you know what like right here I'll I'll741.483.78
lend you this piece of property oh that743.164.5
sounds nice if I only had an ax I can745.264.139
hook you up with an ax damn all right747.663.48
good you didn't follow me follow me I'll749.3993.601
help you lay the foundation I love it751.143.96
I'm gonna be neighbors and I'm not going753.04.14
to be that neighbor that bothers you all755.13.96
the time by knocking on your door and757.144.5
offering you cake yeah we'll see I do759.065.6
have good cakes though761.643.02
Justice keep an eye out I do see a769.744.14
little Injustice in the form of a772.384.74
Scorpio oh really oh where is he two773.886.54
Scorpio hey go up and uh do your Spiel I777.126.6
see a raptor too hey guys what are you780.426.24
picking on that guy for there you go783.725.52
here I am with some justice up your butt786.666.299
but justice but Justice yep that's where789.245.399
I put it all right we got some Raptors792.9594.68
see the Raptor in the Triceratops yep I794.6394.801
don't want to hit the Triceratops on797.6393.901
accident hey back off I'll uh we'll know799.444.38
the Triceratops is probably sending out801.544.44
some justice oh he's got this man we803.824.98
should recruit that guy805.986.359
um you got 24 hours no and we'll let him808.85.719
listen our base is just beyond that big815.884.259
metal thing right there oh off to the818.4594.32
left yeah oh yeah we did do it low so we820.1394.32
could uh maybe go check on that stego822.7793.481
yeah I kind of want to where do you824.4593.961
think it's at we can take bets where826.264.319
it's at oh what number yeah not where it828.423.84
is physically ah we know where it is830.5796.38
unless it's eaten I'm gonna say 55 60832.268.879
okay I'm gonna give it a solid 63. okay836.9598.5
I'll uh I'll race you there go okay841.1396.0
you might win this because I gotta find845.4593.541
some High Ground first like I'm I'm847.1393.601
pretty much there849.03.779
yeah I'm here850.744.5
yes no852.7794.021
no I am are you855.245.46
yes really yes why would I lie about it856.85.82
that seems faster than I would think it860.75.28
was right around the corner the stego862.626.659
it just seems impossible crap it's 42.7865.985.4
you're really there I don't know how869.2794.321
that's blowing your mind it seems so far871.384.32
I had to go through the water right I873.63.479
went just over that little piece of875.73.3
metal and I was here what are you doing877.0794.44
I'm so far behind you just walk around879.04.079
the piece of metal881.5194.62
you know I'm a flyer right here we go my883.0795.281
mind is blown it's like you teleported886.1395.041
and what'd you say the number was 42.7888.365.64
wow jeez makes you not want to tame891.185.279
anything ever again kind of me too or be894.04.199
here well this is probably the last day896.4594.94
this is our last one898.1993.2
yes sir I'm getting902.04.66
how are you yeah uh we're gonna go find904.1994.561
meat yeah I'm actually pretty close to906.663.66
starving too why don't we head down to908.762.759
the water we'll get water and then maybe910.323.3
kill a Dodo or something yeah matter of911.5193.781
fact we come up here we see that uh that913.624.019
bulb dog the bulb dog yeah the little915.34.14
doggy little doggy with a light on its917.6394.921
head oh okay that's a goat yeah oh that919.444.8
that yeah that is all right that's good922.563.6
meat yeah I wonder how easy it is to get924.246.74
this meat let's see come on there we go926.164.82
that was quick oh what am I I thought I931.2794.3
was purple oh yeah it's because I'm934.263.9
starving hold on I'll eat my two berries935.5795.161
oh that actually gives us raw mutton I938.164.679
like me some mutton yeah we should go940.743.599
down uh go down to the river make a942.8393.421
campfire yeah hold on you know what I944.3394.261
need to do I need to you pick a lot more946.264.98
mushrooms okay yeah do that I'll drag948.64.26
this sheep down to the water all right951.245.039
hold on holy crap look at this mole I'm952.865.64
too busy trying to get mushrooms focus956.2793.661
on the mushrooms we got food I'm958.52.76
dragging it let's get it down to the959.943.42
water I know but I'm starving like961.264.56
glowing purple starving I know all right963.365.279
I'm trying to feed you okay do you have965.823.84
enough stuff to make a campfire968.6394.2
assignment no I don't think so I'm not969.665.1
sure I'll have to wait and see I'm972.8394.381
following you by walking oh wait and I974.764.379
think I see one of them Bulldogs good977.224.08
for you taking my time sorry I tell you979.1393.541
what I'm gonna leave our uh our kill981.32.88
right there I'm gonna try to get this982.684.32
bulb dog all right or maybe I can just984.185.279
walk with them you know all right hey987.05.94
know hey Bubba oh you're pretty989.4596.781
and okay I gotta wait till he's hungry992.945.819
again why can't I drag him I don't know996.245.099
doesn't say drag it just says it's dead998.7594.38
and it's gonna decompose in four minutes1001.3394.201
so see I can build a campfire I gotta go1003.1393.601
and I'll do all the work it's okay you1005.544.02
relax all right and let's see a little1006.744.92
bit of wood actually I got more thatch1009.564.32
than wood we're gonna light it up oh1011.664.799
we're cooking some mud there you go man1013.883.899
I don't think I've ever had cooked1016.4594.32
mutton in this game well get ready to be1017.7795.961
blown away1020.7792.961
but the food is gonna be nice I'm1025.543.759
looking forward to it it is nice yes oh1027.5593.78
wait are you hungry again okay there you1029.2994.461
go okay1031.3392.421
here we go what what this is the problem1035.0595.4
what you know what the problem is I1038.0594.561
don't we can't make any progress right1040.4594.081
you know because we got the boat but the1042.624.62
boat is limited to the lake isn't it1044.544.44
yeah it's a boat this is where we need1047.244.679
to be oh yeah this is the perfect place1048.985.4
to be no matter except for on aberration1051.9195.461
I mean yeah wow okay because there's no1054.384.32
flyers I mean we could have been1057.382.76
collecting so much stuff have we just1058.73.54
had this God how fast do you think that1060.144.74
thing's gonna die though he's uh 1641062.245.16
plus we're Justice what could go wrong1064.884.919
have you seen the nightmares out there1067.45.34
hey who's the nightmare here we're the1069.7995.521
nightmare we're the nightmare we are1072.745.22
good job thanks here we go aberration1075.324.68
has just been tamed I thought this was1077.965.28
our last day it is just in time yeah1080.04.799
it's about time we did that you're1083.244.559
welcome aberration you are welcome I'm1084.7997.041
gonna go check on uh okay1087.7994.041
oops what you don't see that in the1100.464.38
ground to our right ground to the right1103.14.199
ah it's a basilisk yeah how did he not1104.844.57
come up I don't know but1107.2993.421
what should we do on the count of three1110.724.8
run forward run forward and attack it no1113.05.58
forward away I'll run from it yeah but1115.525.1
we're Justice let me take a look rallies1118.586.86
oh peeps damn it oh there he goes okay1120.624.82
Justice me and you baby me and you just1126.945.14
listen I swear to God what's what's even1129.744.38
happening right now nothing can I hurt1132.083.719
him it's hiding in the ground it's1134.124.08
apparently afraid of Justice wow never1135.7994.201
had this happen before have you no I1138.23.24
don't think so let's act like we're1140.03.96
leaving you ready okay all right I guess1141.445.099
we're going yep just gonna head on up1143.965.94
the hill here Burpee Derpy derps no1146.5396.301
crying back that way not at all seems1149.96.659
all clear huh no okay well as you were1152.847.38
as you were that's a first huh yes by1156.5595.881
far usually there's death involved on1160.224.44
our end created Justice without violence1162.444.68
the best kind of Justice there is yeah1164.664.98
so true1167.124.38
what you think of this guy Simon I named1169.644.32
him stanky Panky I love it beautiful1171.54.86
color yeah exactly like yeah I should1173.963.54
probably give them to you because of the1176.362.699
color no no I think it really1177.53.84
complements your shoulder and beautiful1179.0594.98
breasts all right hey the um the1181.344.199
mutton's good but we can only cook one1184.0393.061
at a time so we're gonna need more meat1185.5393.181
Let's see we can either get that pair1187.14.199
sir or we could go down to the river see1188.723.959
if there's something more dangerous or1191.2993.421
this guy how easy is this guy to kill oh1192.6793.421
there we go yeah all right sweet1194.725.339
goodness oh whoa we got a spider uh yeah1196.16.3
yeah we do yeah I'd love to tame one of1200.0594.021
those guys we don't yeah we don't have1202.43.72
the equipment to do it right now this is1204.084.92
our last day yeah that's true so you1206.125.64
know so yeah let him live yeah1209.06.78
oh who's calling you I don't [ __ ]1211.766.659
know somebody somebody trying to sell me1215.784.38
something should I answer it yeah go for1218.4193.841
it hello are you trying to sell me1220.164.34
it's a scam telling me I've been charged1226.44.74
400 and something dollars and I need to1229.0394.081
call someone and give them my banking1231.144.68
information oh Jesus it's crazy that1233.125.88
that must work on some people I know my1235.826.3
goodness lucky for you spino yeah lucky1239.05.039
for you spider let's head back to the1242.124.5
retirement home yes1244.0395.281
The Umbrellas I see him you know I think1246.624.26
the problem is is they see all this1249.323.719
Firepower and they start acting normally1250.884.02
you know it's seeming like that yeah all1253.0393.361
of a sudden they're compliant I'm gonna1254.93.6
walk over there on the cover yeah and1256.44.86
see how they act okay you ready yeah1258.54.559
keep an eye on me I'm watching him1261.265.159
looking good just a regular guy not a1263.0595.281
part of a Justice Force at all just1266.4194.161
walking around doing regular guy stuff1268.345.579
nothing uh just picking berries you know1270.585.02
no big deal what you doing come there1273.9193.321
they come yep1275.65.18
yeah you guys1277.243.54
couldn't resist the evil were you a part1284.384.779
of this yeah you're not going anywhere1287.244.74
right because of Justice You're Gonna1289.1594.621
Leave one alive and tell the friends or1291.983.78
just kill them off nope nope because1293.784.8
it'll just have evil kids there you go1295.764.5
all right you done playing make believe1298.584.32
we go home anyone that saw this let it1300.265.159
be known Justice lives here we are the1302.95.87
justice of aberration1305.4197.341
thank you1312.763.06
yeah we get it yeah wait Lego1315.946.58
thank you1331.2993.0

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