Conan Exiles - Day 1

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel. Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming aficionados! If you haven't checked out the lates...
Conan Exiles - Day 1
Conan Exiles - Day 1

Conan Exiles - Day 1

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neebs: Hey there, Appsro! Have you seen our latest Conan Exiles video, Day 1? It's got everything from hairy pits to goddesses to koala bears. What more could you ask for?

appsro: Oh yeah, Neebs! That video was a riot. I mean, who knew koala bears were such a big deal in Conan Exiles? And those hairy pits, man, they really add some flair to the game.

neebs: I know, right? It's like a hairy paradise out there. I can't get enough of it. Definitely one of my favorite videos we've done.

appsro: Agreed, Neebs. It's ridiculous in all the best ways. Just another day in the wild world of Conan Exiles. Can't wait to see what other hairy adventures await us.

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming aficionados! If you haven't checked out the latest Conan Exiles video yet, you're in for a wild ride. Picture this: hairy pits, goddesses, and koala bears galore as the boys embark on their first official day in the Conan Exiles universe. Trust me, it's a hilarious adventure from start to finish.

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And let's not forget about the awesome music featured in the Conan Exiles video. From "Tribal Affair" by SYBS to "Steel Drum Lullaby" by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. It's like the ultimate gaming playlist that keeps you pumped up throughout the entire video.

Thanks for tuning in to Neebs Gaming and watching the Conan Exiles shenanigans. It's fans like you that make this community so special. So grab your coffee, sit back, and enjoy the adventure with the Neebs Gaming crew.

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look at this yeah it's great climber2.4196.461
yeah all right you know what else what5.857.13
like the world's longest armpit hairs8.886.19
look at us we're gonna hey dick48.226.85
hello thank you Oh like Jason Momoa oh52.524.32
thank you yeah yeah you look like55.074.05
Aquaman yeah you you have the hair of56.846.69
ariana grande Thank You Simon you uh you59.125.87
look like something63.533.96
alright well listen I'm already very64.995.29
thirsty and I've lost half of my food oh67.494.8
well then we should uh we should seek70.284.5
greener pastures yes let's head towards72.2913.2
this mountain range oh well that was74.7813.44
frightening yeah I left a book it was85.496.51
reading a book it looks a guy I've seen88.224.53
this guy before92.02.729
yeah he was the villain in the Ninja92.753.42
Turtle movie shredder94.7293.541
yeah it's shredder he was writing a96.173.839
journal alright so wait we're still98.273.0
worried about food and water right yeah100.0095.61
we gotta go by shredder101.275.91
hey guys if you see sticks and rocks105.6193.811
pick them up okay I need them oh by the107.182.76
I see green trees there's got to be one109.945.13
when I got somewhere hey whoa who's this111.597.56
who's ooh oh wow that's something right115.075.28
oh boy it's a guys it is a goddess it's120.355.55
the goddess a to hop looking at its Mun123.925.099
hi that's your couch yeah cover up mate125.96.51
a hop yes oh oh man yeah the nice took129.0196.241
us that nice took us belongs to the132.414.859
spectator cam whose footage we lost for135.263.39
this episode so that's always good137.2693.541
always fun the new spectator footage138.654.89
here in a pilot all right water guys140.815.28
focus water water on from here you see143.545.82
what all these have all right okay sir I146.096.45
can't see it but okay there's oh what's149.365.67
this what's this looks like a fetus152.544.9
craft yourself155.038.44
an ax craft myself an X you say that157.447.11
like it's nothing163.478.22
Oh God I'm coming oh Jesus do it I164.559.48
killed it for you I think it exploded in171.694.02
front of my face am I covered in blood174.034.59
no what the hell just happened I saved175.713.59
his life178.623.51
welcome okay I can't just you can't just179.34.96
say Crafton except I I don't know how to182.134.83
do anything Jesus is there she is again184.2610.56
yeah not going away Kalas you're doing186.9610.38
pretty good already huh yeah you know194.823.93
it's not that hard to put things197.342.01
you got pants a sword a shirt yep I've199.355.97
got a bow no arrows I've got this what I202.25.79
got this what you got there it's a we205.323.99
mean you don't you got to know what that207.992.94
is there's one of these when you got one209.314.26
see what do you plays yeah yeah all of210.933.99
these what do you know I'm one of those213.573.48
roll better roll I got a turtle you know214.924.77
that turtle oh hey I like that these217.056.0
guys are sweet yeah it's nice but I I219.695.73
like killing them too well why223.055.01
whoa peaceful what else do you kill baby225.424.5
seals no but sometimes these things it's228.063.81
all about survival go grab one there's229.924.08
eggs over there I know how that works231.873.87
I'm not gonna fall for that [ __ ] how did234.02.58
you do that already235.744.98
I just know huh I do see a native you236.586.24
see a native yeah follow me okay should240.723.42
we take him out well I don't have new242.823.12
weapons yeah I just got here oh okay but244.143.69
you use that I'll just tell mom with you245.943.45
maybe he's friendly cuz we can just hang247.832.85
out in this place tonight if we want249.395.79
yeah hey buddy how are you sir my name's250.684.98
this is doraleous I have a sword neebs255.666.21
doesn't yep I just got here um oh what a258.516.659
nice guy yep you mind if we just crash261.875.34
in your lean-to for the evening you265.1693.541
don't mind I might I might put my267.212.85
bedroll down I didn't expect them to be268.713.18
so nice oh yeah yeah I'm gonna do that270.063.48
have a bedroll yeah I made a bed roll271.894.05
good look at you I can trust you you273.544.17
have it doesn't allow me to build here275.942.79
cuz it's not ours277.715.31
yeah you can't be a squatter this world278.736.749
well I feel like this guy doesn't know283.023.8
what he's going to do285.4793.351
well he lives here hell we move on286.824.41
should we go build us a place yeah yeah288.833.78
cuz I have a better rule to put down291.232.46
maybe on this island292.613.18
this looks pretty nice yeah grab one293.6911.63
there's eggs that's a pretty sunset um295.7911.94
yeah what are you guys uh we should305.323.52
probably bed down for the night307.733.74
somewhere huh yep are you hitting on me308.846.81
no okay maybe we should Jesus there she311.474.69
is again315.653.75
Oh God yeah she's in a different pose316.164.86
though this time I like it she's like319.45.07
more of a come to me get out of my head321.024.05
listen I like her you go on you get if325.074.2
you're gonna have if you're gonna have327.953.39
like a God in this fantasy world that's329.274.23
a pretty tight one to have yeah it's not331.342.46
she's keeping in shape I'd worship that333.85.46
why not yeah you doing all right and336.594.89
even if she put on 50 I'd be cool with339.262.97
that too341.482.85
BFD all worked there she goes there she342.234.5
goes huh I said she could put on 50 and344.333.75
all of a sudden she's getting ready to346.735.04
eat some ice cream come on all right348.085.43
Oh guys I see a fire over there you guys351.774.26
see that hey I like fire let's go what353.514.8
do we do um we kill them and take their356.033.81
fire is that what we're supposed to do358.313.3
for real I don't know that's what that359.843.45
you do that just sounds fun though361.614.08
well fine let's go act some people you363.294.2
got act some let's go pack some howdy365.694.02
during all righty oh just look at this367.494.89
it looks like just one chump he's a369.713.63
couple of chumps372.382.49
all right well hold on let's say hello373.347.62
ladies all right come on baby come on374.876.96
I'll give you some of that380.965.18
Oh what got here oh I'm sorry get her381.834.31
alright I am wide crafted a chapter in386.1818.639
easy easy is this person is that one of404.8196.81
them I am getting some human flesh there408.963.209
you go411.6292.88
who is that an illusion a guy got ooh412.1693.891
Airways thieves414.5094.261
that's you son you will fight me what's416.065.319
fighting you damn it I thought you were418.774.679
one of the ladies no we were just421.3794.29
fighting each other we were I apologize423.4492.791
alright I'm super sorry are you though426.244.139
I've got some human flesh on me for some428.435.09
reason alright so let's eat430.3793.141
hey doraleous various yeah yeah um oh438.759.43
that's looking nice that's all I could444.6995.611
it's like a lean-to well not a lean-to448.184.079
it's a well it's you know I don't know450.313.0
if you heard there's a turtle that's452.2595.37
really angry is he mad at you what'd you453.316.87
do to him nothing he doesn't seem to457.6295.25
mind me I did not take any eggs or460.185.43
anything oh you took it you sure took462.8795.07
turkey no drug I didn't take any any465.613.839
stay out of my lean - sir I don't think467.9492.94
you understand I didn't take any eggs469.4495.881
Hey do not hit this again tell him hello470.8898.761
you [ __ ] wouldn't see yeah I see and475.336.149
that hurt very much but guess who's got479.652.759
I saw ward481.4796.15
Oh oops buddy all right all right easy482.4097.711
hey you started this noobs no I didn't487.6294.59
do anything I didn't take an egg all the490.125.06
deal walking around the island looking492.2196.591
okay I can't495.183.63
are you sure you can win this fight498.9693.63
drown no I'm not at all well the point500.1393.96
you started that you're ignoring now I502.5992.521
didn't start it504.0993.841
my help is not good right now noobs well505.125.22
it's fight or flight situation what you507.945.039
gonna do stand up here oh that works for510.347.249
me so uh he's after you512.9794.61
you're doing good thank you you're doing518.493.78
great you're doing great too520.894.38
stay right there all right oh I'm really522.275.49
hurt oh yeah oh yeah you're doing great525.274.83
almost dad take one of those eggs almost527.764.08
dead grab the eggs while I'm fighting530.13.18
them be a good distraction531.846.0
well I've got plenty of Buzzbee give me533.286.39
some like okay he's dead537.844.98
whoop hand thank you for the help thanks539.674.47
for starting it and then not giving me542.822.76
help well I just started I haven't made544.142.88
a sword yet I just wanted to thank you545.582.6
for it all547.023.0
can I sit can I stay at your place548.184.69
tonight yeah yeah that's fine okay thank550.023.0
my boys there's a little bit of human561.186.63
flesh in the fire grab some eat it or563.618.01
tried human flesh I am I'm interested oh567.815.79
they mm-hmm571.624.11
can you get it out of there I'm gonna573.67.89
open it oh can i it's good it dehydrates575.737.77
you a little bit tell you what kind581.493.63
tastes like pork when it really gets583.54.35
down to it I've had worse day that585.127.26
cooked human flesh I'm taking 13 hey six587.855.85
filled me up it's all I want592.383.24
I had the I had the cap the caps my593.74.26
favorite let me try this I think I have595.625.22
a forearm not too shabby597.965.13
for them good meat yeah that little600.844.62
tough probably be what yeah it'd be nice603.094.47
and tough some dark meat well605.464.77
Suns coming up we should explore let's607.564.98
go this way okay follow me boys610.235.33
following you612.543.02
what do you wanna go in heaps I don't623.614.89
know man I want some adventure how'd you626.375.339
sleep good have a sword now oh cool I628.54.649
got some arrows now oh yeah631.7094.081
look what else BAM oh you just one-up me633.1493.361
she made steaks last night you made636.515.31
steaks I've got eight steaks okay who's638.856.51
winning now I got eggs because no one oh641.826.75
you got eggs well afterwards and right645.365.099
right I'm sure that's how that went down648.574.53
yeah okay I want to try my bow and arrow650.4594.081
out real quick maybe I'll try it on this653.13.27
floating woman you think so you'd like654.544.289
to get hit with an arrow could I hit her656.375.07
I doubt it I don't know are you good at658.8295.731
archery I don't know how to wait with661.449.75
her moving yeah I don't shoot that yes664.567.2
you did671.193.0
no but it shouldn't wow at at some point671.766.569
how about weird this got him oh you're674.196.959
fighting the turtle again okay all right678.3295.01
little help you got a sword right well I681.1494.111
didn't start the fight I didn't last683.3395.071
time yeah yeah you wanted action and685.264.44
adventure go ahead and acquaint the688.413.06
turtle well I wanted to learn too we've689.73.27
already done that I want to go look up691.474.44
the hill all right thanks for the help692.975.64
see welcome well if you had a friend695.918.01
that kept starting fights 11 yeah you're698.617.32
the worst dude you're the friend that703.923.6
always starts bar fights and says you705.934.94
got my back I didn't do anything707.5212.09
is he dead all right I'm going on all710.8710.9
right guys let's be care oh nice big719.615.789
statue oh and a gator it is - oh all721.775.37
right weapons now we can take this Gator725.3993.69
right both oh yeah727.146.06
let's do it come on ha ha hold on729.0896.961
you're punching them I'm gonna end up733.24.46
dabbing this boy all right736.055.279
I'm mad job baby whoo all right I just737.665.89
crippled it oh there's our goddess we741.3294.651
worship our God it's a to hop as she743.554.349
floats around watch out Oh745.9810.969
okay up fine you're stabbing me okay oh747.89910.591
I'm bleeding756.9494.301
are you okay Simon I don't think so cuz758.494.02
things are getting worse761.253.69
oh god don't let me take a good look at762.516.12
you Oh No please please please help me764.947.199
help me Lord help me Lord radish goddess768.636.389
please give me strength pray to the cold772.1395.221
goddess give me what I need to do to775.0194.531
survive I walk out of you hey get in the777.364.469
water I will get to the water I will779.556.18
crawl to the water I will go to you I'll781.8294.62
come with you785.735.03
please friend ah yes be with me786.44914.281
underwater Dam is going down alright oh790.7613.99
yeah look you're hurt I know what really800.7314.299
yeah that's so funny I didn't know yeah804.7514.16
yeah it's great climber yeah alright you815.0294.541
know what else818.913.33
what Oh like the world's longest armpit819.577.949
hairs awesome oh don't forget here the822.248.37
world's worst friend that's not true it827.5196.0
is you you started the fight okay830.617.729
okay this is what I don't give a [ __ ]833.5196.991
remember when I killed the thing that838.3395.891
was trying to attack you well I didn't840.516.72
do anything I don't care but I saved you844.235.849
right right you remember that part I847.237.229
gave used help yeah your hands okay I850.0798.221
climbed the rock awesome I could okay854.4597.38
who cares but seriously you started that858.35.469
fight with that Tom though didn't you861.8393.91
honestly yes I did so that was the863.7693.3
difference I didn't start the first865.7494.02
fight uh-huh can you see my armpit hairs867.0694.981
from there no I don't care about that869.7694.41
either come on back down but it might872.053.75
not your friend yeah874.1793.931
was that thing your friend can you see875.84.379
my armpit hairs all right I'm done with878.112.909
this conversation880.1792.16
hold on I'll come down you get a better881.0192.73
night don't worry about it I'm gonna go882.3392.521
over here I'll be right there883.7493.06
hold on how do I put the arms down I884.866.449
can't put my arms down now okay okay but886.8099.69
it's it's gonna get tiring arms are891.3099.99
stuck well I see someone well over here896.4997.351
what are they unfriendly doesn't look901.2994.681
like an NBC's looks like he's just kind903.854.649
of [ __ ] around hello hello is that an905.985.279
MPC who are you looking at thick this908.4995.58
guy right here you see him around the911.2594.471
campfire oh yeah914.0795.88
hello sir hello hello sir what are you915.737.469
doing man hey he's just acting weird919.9595.581
you know what he's acting a little too923.1994.23
weird yeah I agree Simon can't trust925.543.959
this son of a baby would meet time yeah927.4294.89
human mate come on I was talking to him929.4995.31
I'm talking to him are you oh yeah I'm932.3194.38
just talking to him oh I just stabbed934.8093.421
him in the chest with my ax936.6999.95
he's friendly hey oh hey what's up man938.2311.219
hold on let me swim over to you I don't946.6494.091
know if you've seen my armpit hairs949.4495.63
madam that is some nice armpit here950.744.339
don't trust neebs955.745.019
he'll let you die by the hands of957.7594.5
something else he's got his hands up960.7594.38
though I trust him okay well okay look962.2594.2
at this hair just stays that way the965.1393.091
entire time was well yeah let's go that966.4593.391
needs these are crazy long hairs right968.233.68
oh god yeah969.854.22
you got your arms up put them down or971.914.2
stop talking about it yeah otherwise974.073.99
give me your money I'm gonna show you976.114.5
put him down get him up in the first978.064.83
pass I raise don't jump the water ran980.614.5
out grab a wetter net water there change982.894.5
up animation oh hey come back985.115.13
she's beautiful you're dying there we go987.3914.76
she is beautiful that's right really so990.2412.9
that's how this works huh1002.154.49
yeah what are you shooting Elias nothing1003.146.93
okay hey can we start a tribe do you do1006.645.71
that in this game I think I can yeah I1010.073.99
can start a clan what do we want to call1012.355.73
a the crispy boys what a turtle friends1014.065.55
I could give a [ __ ]1018.087.53
clam chowder clam chowder clam chowder1019.6116.08
that's great when chowder it is all1025.6111.61
right so what should we do now we should1035.693.84
go fun just like explore for me more1037.225.58
yeah no need to slow down maybe a couple1039.534.62
of us go one way a couple of us go1042.83.12
another then meet back here I like bass1044.154.29
yeah well if I were to look at the map1045.925.55
I'd want to go more east where it looks1048.445.1
like you guys came from because it gets1051.474.11
brainer that it does and I like that1053.544.17
well say what Simon why don't you and I1055.584.62
go with doraleous yeah yeah you and Eve1057.714.92
you guys go go somewhere else I like1060.24.05
that I like that because I don't want to1062.633.27
be my name's right now lead the way1064.256.27
probably following you think no actually1065.95.67
I want to follow you Neves1070.522.85
okay this way you have a good sense of1071.5711.97
smell smells good this way they look1073.3712.409
dangerous and look our mother1083.545.119
Lord is here geez maybe show certain oh1085.7794.44
boy these things are tough do they kill1088.6592.37
both of you1090.2193.66
oh [ __ ] they're after me so I get to1091.0295.1
follow this save me save me gotta say to1093.8796.62
hop and all your mind and wisdom wait1096.1294.37
seven take all seven yeah thank you1105.6093.9
you're welcome1108.6092.341
all right it's cooked which way well we1109.5093.24
were going this way right yeah it looks1110.952.849
like there's some sort of crater over1112.7493.571
there a critter yeah see this critter1113.7996.12
yeah it looks like a UH dog oh oh that1116.325.669
dog oh you got your do you have anything1119.9193.781
out where you have got a sword and a1121.9894.65
shield just in case is he gonna attack1123.75.309
oh he's just a puppy that's a koala bear1126.6393.87
it's not a koala bear1129.0094.441
oh it's not yours you've seen koala that1130.5094.86
oh that does look like I'm sort of a1133.456.019
fire all right you see can we feed it1135.3694.1
all right let's move on1140.8793.55
we need pets in this game that's for1142.7795.541
sure you ready let's see what you see1144.4293.891
[ __ ] son of a [ __ ] son of a [ __ ]1150.1498.71
really [ __ ] son of a Simon Simon yep1154.59910.94
hey alright well I'll see you in a bit1158.8596.68
Confucius say do not run off with1166.445.649
doraleous and get eaten by dog stay here1168.7295.101
and build house yes1172.0894.14
bill dwelling and you may stay in for1173.835.88
wrong time here we go got a bed roll1176.2296.87
down putting up a little house yeah this1179.715.639
is much better than getting eaten by1183.0993.0
well you [ __ ] off hey oh hi what you1186.09910.62
doing I'm building a little Hut why uh1192.946.809
that's just a pate a place to stay yeah1196.7194.65
I know but we were on a mission we were1199.7494.201
oh I got lost from me well we were like1201.3694.86
I can see where we died from here that's1203.953.719
what you guys died I didn't die so I1206.2293.33
don't know because you ran away what I1207.6694.86
can see where we die from here okay1209.5594.86
is this a why wouldn't we oh you just1212.5293.48
want to state your you're happy here for1214.4192.551
the rest of your life you're just gonna1216.0092.711
settle here no no I was waiting1216.974.12
for we're simon it's good question what1218.723.81
the [ __ ] is going on here I don't know1221.094.01
is this a sandstorm what is this miss1222.534.2
need shelter1225.13.76
oh no I'm taking damage how do we get1226.734.23
the shelter I don't know I don't know1228.864.88
can you build something1230.962.78
where are you yeah we came back put your1235.925.73
torch at heart keep an eye on the area1239.523.51
my torch broke1241.654.69
okay boy1243.037.889
avenge me beeps man1246.347.0
what is this1250.9192.421
I'm supposed to be right here it's right1256.384.9
here it's getting bloody1259.27.98
Oh guys yeah I think it's going away1271.99.03
okay yeah1279.456.55
that was rough oh hey oh yeah it's1280.936.6
cleared out clear now it's cleared out1286.05.309
so back to the initial plan all right1287.534.74
yeah you want to head to greener1291.3092.701
pastures yes I want to get yeah all1292.274.14
right initial plan going to greener1294.014.02
pastures yeah what are you doing after1296.413.84
we find Simon I'll probably go try to1298.035.55
get my stuff back okay and then I should1300.258.309
build a house on this island I guess did1303.5812.51
you guys see that across the way hey you1308.5599.12
want to still do that one mission Simon1316.094.5
I want to do something you can join me1317.6794.611
anyone can join me I just want to go now1320.594.86
I want to find my stuff1322.294.93
yeah it's by your dead body that is1325.4510.35
protected we're coming with you I'm1327.2210.65
gonna be on run though I can run1335.83.0
whatever I want1337.873.809
running tell me what to do let's head on1338.86.2
the hill the new animal1341.6793.321
Oh up there okay hold on1363.319.03
coming through the Disney tree nope1368.58.4
oh wait a minute that's you again did1372.347.05
you die twice doesn't matter I got most1376.95.04
of my stuff back I'm got everything I1379.396.78
need right now yeah I look there and I1381.9411.25
saw you instead of me yep there's new1386.1711.76
tree on top of the thing see me no I1393.196.87
just want to explore a new area but1397.933.23
never been up here before1400.064.05
hold on I'm coming to you coming to you1401.166.13
I saw a gator oh you did but not like a1404.114.92
normal Gator this one was much bigger1407.294.2
than my knee Gator I've seen like1409.034.38
another couple five feet or like a1411.494.05
hundred times bigger probably like twice1413.412.79
as big1415.543.33
look at this place hey that's pretty1416.25.49
yeah let's go top this rock see if we1418.874.95
can see can we get on top of this rock1421.696.42
howdy oh we can climb on you got a climb1423.829.24
hold spacebar oh oh my god in this cool1428.117.86
yeah it's like 28 days but we're not1433.065.34
gonna have to what is it 28 days 1001435.978.28
days whatever about 36 days oh [ __ ] what1438.48.88
is that I've never seen one of those it1444.255.94
looks like a like a bony Chihuahua like1447.284.35
a giant bony Chihuahua1450.194.05
it doesn't look friendly I think we1451.636.65
should be ready yeah1454.244.04
holy crap did you see that move you okay1465.0395.35
where you at huh coming to me hold you1467.695.219
fall yeah it came down oh you're you're1470.3896.15
up there yeah I'm a cliffhanger so Wow1472.9095.64
look at their eyeballs we'll get a1476.5392.87
closer look1478.5494.891
nope look at this try to come at me you1479.4095.681
can't raise me thick it's trying to come1483.442.489
at me bro1485.092.189
is it on the ground with you know you1485.9293.6
sprite come down here too it's pretty1487.2792.97
cool though1489.5293.691
yeah you look great I doubt what oh come1490.2494.89
on noobs he's afraid of heights down I'm1493.225.75
coming come on down easy1495.1398.451
there he's right the butt up there we go1498.975.74
oh oh there's a koala bear behind you1504.716.74
so those aren't Gators1512.0596.761
oh you're right like Komodo dragons or1515.5195.581
Ghia monsters is so they might be worse1518.824.799
to fight big Gators might be but you1521.14.439
know what they also might be friendly1523.6194.351
what doraleous yeah well shoot he's shot1525.5393.96
what are you doing1527.973.839
why don't you communicate you wanted to1529.4994.351
kill everything all right I'm gonna get1531.8093.57
in there on the action doraleous keep it1533.859.269
covered all right yo oh [ __ ] Oh Oh hmm1535.3799.561
load it for you doraleous yeah I know1543.11913.351
are you hurting at all oh yeah he didn't1544.9412.4
see that coming1556.473.179
it was a little Komodo beat he's about1557.344.559
halfway on health got some more work to1559.6495.551
do watch the arrows I'm trying damming1561.8996.09
us down get it back yep bring them back1565.26.99
this way bring it back Oh Gemma can I1567.9894.53
yeah get in there seven all right tag it1572.5196.561
out check it out oh it's bloody yeah1574.8897.561
boys that's right1579.086.52
Oh Simon finish it off right1582.459.3
taste of my axe don't you oh you do Oh1585.69.069
bro run away start with tap out tap out1591.757.049
I'm coming in I'll finish this guy Oh1594.6694.13
guys guys what let's make this our base1599.887.99
uh yeah I could see this being a nice1604.574.8
little base for now you know what I mean1607.873.84
yes just better than the [ __ ] we1609.374.169
were at what about this Beach over here1611.712.49
yeah I mean look at that oh come on look1614.25.04
at this I saw some Lightning come oh1616.29913.561
yeah yes this is this is heaven Oh neebs1619.2413.98
yeah man it's looking good yeah like the1629.864.65
place around the water what a bit of1633.222.13
deck out there later1634.514.02
who would deck yeah can we fish I don't1635.355.25
know how many things my first day okay1638.535.7
mine too Hey I built a furnace over here1640.67.77
furnace you know like a Forge okay hey I1644.235.64
have a little something for you to1648.374.679
spruce up your place you do yeah is it a1649.875.28
deck yeah I want a deck I got you some1653.0496.301
wind chimes holy moly clang clang are1655.157.35
you playing oh there's no wind okay well1659.355.699
it looks good okay yeah we don't have1662.54.08
these counter decorations where I'm from1665.0494.161
well hey thick YUM I just want to say1666.586.329
congratulations on your first day and1669.216.969
Conan exhales and uh or wicked this1672.9094.711
could be a high-five if you did it oh1676.1793.261
here we go1677.627.97
at 10:00 okay yeah yep well we're coming1679.449.18
jumpin Huckle oh wait yeah yep one two1685.596.87
three yeah yeah kind of worked1688.626.36
kinda what a dumb-looking jump yeah1692.467.17
there are mares are long I know the1694.986.95

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