Ark Aberration : 2nd and Last Day

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Ark Aberration : 2nd and Last Day
Ark Aberration : 2nd and Last Day

Ark Aberration : 2nd and Last Day

Neebs Gaming


neebs: Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Ark Aberration! This is our 2nd and last day... no really, we promise this time!

simon: Oh, come on Neebs, we always say it's the last day and then we keep coming back for more. It's like an addiction!

neebs: Haha, you're right Simon! But hey, that's why this is our favorite video, we just can't stay away from the craziness of Ark Aberration.

appsro: I don't know about you guys, but I blame Neebs for dragging us back in every time. But hey, I can't complain, it's always a blast!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! Have you checked out the latest video on the channel? It's all about Ark Aberration on the 2nd and Last Day. And this time, they really mean it! The gang is back at it again, exploring the world of Ark and facing all sorts of challenges and adventures.

If you're a huge fan of Neebs Gaming like me, you know that they always bring the laughs and excitement in every video. And this one is no exception! From building bases to taming dinosaurs, there's never a dull moment with these guys. Plus, they always have the best commentary that keeps you entertained from start to finish.

Don't forget to show your support by subscribing to their channel and helping them reach their goal of 1,000,000,000 subscribers. And if you want to see more epic gaming content, be sure to check out their Patreon and Twitch channel for even more fun and exclusive perks. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on their World's Greatest Stream!

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okay so one more day one more day yeah I4.2795.32
mean why not we should be acknowledged7.9193.241
aspyn oh right outside of our base yeah9.5993.061
swimming around right I already don't11.163.42
feel comfortable here and I just got my12.662.46
new pet14.583.36
Melinda so don't don't get her killed15.124.739
all right I'll try that - yeah well17.943.63
listen I wanted to build a little place19.8594.59
over there on that side of the thing21.577.01
over there I'm gonna throw this Ayers24.4497.441
weapons okay anyway so who wants to come28.585.77
with me anybody me my hand up we're hey31.893.81
listen we're gonna be neighbors we're34.352.79
gonna go over there we're gonna build a35.73.78
hut and then we'll put a raffle37.143.96
Neil them fair you back and forth all39.483.09
right let's go we'll split up41.12.7
we're grew up a little bit all right42.573.39
what do you want to do things let's43.82.88
let's gather resources at the same time46.687.109
and fortify I like your plan I hope you48.876.119
don't mind me tagging along53.7893.991
I don't what do you need listen I just54.9895.611
need to be a supportive partner where I57.784.96
apply Steven everything60.611.33
all right look at this look at these71.935.24
guys these guys are all friendly all74.994.26
that thing I don't know about that thing77.174.12
though you see that EPS red is that a79.254.26
kitty cat and I've never seen one of81.294.29
those is he oh he's digging himself in83.515.01
the ground what it's like a mole he's85.584.86
back out oh there's a bunch of dangerous88.522.46
oh yeah there's something getting chased90.983.81
by a raptor up there yeah no that's a92.154.2
that's a Paris or being chased94.793.69
oh crap by a raptor the raptor coming96.355.67
this way no maybe not yet what should we98.488.4
do well up here sores down with a pair102.027.68
of sores down okay here comes mole guy106.884.17
we should see if that guy's friendly109.73.06
because we honestly don't know right um111.053.27
oh yeah I'm more worried about up there112.763.15
all right oh okay yeah maybe yeah maybe114.322.61
they'll kill each other maybe the killer115.912.7
you know the hang back hang back hanging116.932.97
back but tell you what if the Raptor118.612.46
wins that's great because then we can119.92.4
follow the Raptor we can get around the121.073.21
Raptor who's gonna win I think the ball122.34.95
is gonna win and lo did win oh sweet I124.284.589
bet we can run past that mold then right127.253.81
he looks slow you ready yep after you128.86910.921
all right here we go hey around - he's131.0610.59
jumping out you jump out if he did I139.793.6
didn't see it what's happening I cannot141.653.57
get up it's tough to get up this hill143.393.3
you got a counter run sideways might be145.223.33
Tuesday are you doing it oh yeah I did146.694.17
it run side right yeah just ran sideways148.555.37
got update here we go oh yeah all right150.866.17
now oh yeah we have climbed the hill hey153.927.05
got a good view up here love it157.036.74
another Dodos straight ahead did I kill160.976.24
this guy in third person yeah oh yeah163.777.29
that's a third person kill yep come on167.217.09
Oh Simon look at this what a beehive171.066.39
you've messed with these before yes so174.34.74
we got to worry about bees177.455.04
but we need honey you need honey no we I179.046.83
know I'm fine without it182.493.38
no I was not supposed to happen198.25.85
man would you look at there's like a big205.314.63
building across the way see that like207.693.3
there used to be a bridge there or209.942.85
something looks awesome that doesn't210.993.33
look pretty well right so now where do212.792.73
you were you thinking about building a214.323.57
place well Simon and thicker living on215.523.87
that beach so we could just live right217.892.16
down there219.393.3
and that point right there then we can220.053.39
wave at them Oh222.693.06
I mean like Oh Oh God oh oh that's how I223.446.87
get to bed oh you okay out here225.756.48
can we get get back up well I guess we230.313.27
can build ramps and get up right get232.234.41
build yeah build stuff yeah so that crab233.585.82
out there though he's just slamming on236.644.23
something yep239.44.02
it's like doraleous in his drums we live240.875.85
right here waterfront condo yep seems243.426.29
like a beautiful location246.722.99
okay they can't go that way giant crab268.514.84
monster going this way Oh what Sam what271.015.05
Sam is that a car to soar Oh God273.355.42
Simon yes sir we learned a lesson today278.775.29
a valuable lesson yeah well I actually281.814.859
knew that lesson I didn't know that they284.064.35
were gonna slow me down normally when I286.6694.291
mess with bees I'm on a wyvern oh I'm288.413.72
turning purple290.964.98
I'm sorry hold on I'm dying to thirst oh292.134.8
it's fine see the water any threats you296.9312.63
save yourself Oh God come after me Oh307.193.27
I know my stamina Simon310.4612.619
okay go that way goes up nope nope nope323.9496.571
nope nope nope nope nope327.4393.081
yeah run away you can't swim330.6396.43
freakin mongrel don't stay away from me333.3797.651
grab manta ray with the men okay out of337.0696.511
all this stuff to handle the manta ray341.034.889
me is this crab still over here one day343.589.29
they'd need probably all right screw it345.9199.93
really like this manta ray all the way352.879.18
around alright man - right355.8496.201
let's do this let's do it's just uh crab362.519.5
you stay there what's that what is it366.415.6
come on come on bring it on bring it374.56.06
bring it378.085.24
rock rock383.325.02
better a flood of rappers playing is385.487.51
[ __ ] [ __ ] you do you see where388.346.6
your stuff is that I should be able to392.994.23
just go right around here394.944.71
there's the Beehive as long as I don't397.228.07
hit anything I'm good right hold on hold399.6510.74
on I'm getting an eye on the board405.2910.77
oh that thing can shoot things it was410.398.33
take and swim yeah kids swim oh boy420.997.89
alright Simon go back to your stuff I'm426.515.67
already what yeah oh god it's still428.889.26
chasing me go back to my stuff Oh432.185.96
oh my god it's still right here it's453.157.22
just hanging out at our house457.293.08
dick yeah how y'all doing over there I'm479.668.46
waiting for Simon it seems that we483.566.93
actually can't spawn in our house some488.123.84
wondering what he's gonna do490.492.96
what's wrong with your house again491.963.87
there's a giant dragon snake that is493.454.39
buried itself over there it's a good495.834.23
ragged snake out of that dragon snake497.845.13
get in our house it chased us I'm sorry500.064.71
I think we moved at the right time I do502.973.48
almost have enough supplies to build a504.7710.95
raft though [ __ ] I won't come up you get506.4514.279
out of my house you stay Oh God where is515.7211.16
it all right I'm running running yeah520.7297.561
it's just eating the house man come526.884.83
towards me where's you right here on the528.295.1
Terkel water look at the water water531.713.66
look at the metal things sticking out of533.392.34
the water535.376.78
mouth big stick it up hey how you doing535.7310.05
I look that's the water - yeah cause I542.155.67
watch out what is there something behind545.784.74
me leaving it's leaving you son of a547.825.25
[ __ ] don't know don't taunt it I will550.525.15
taught you553.072.6
I'm sorry can you come grab some things568.224.02
yeah where you're at my throw them up to569.965.01
you oh hey hello what are you doing over572.245.55
here we need maybe some help with that574.975.58
whole big snake thing and thick it seems577.794.89
to think we can kill it no I didn't say580.554.65
that we could use some supplies y'all582.683.45
trying to make something in particular585.23.48
I'm gonna make a raft now wow that586.133.81
actually weather that will help a lot588.683.18
out here what else you need wooden fiber589.943.54
we got a lot of fiber out there in the591.863.45
box needs just wouldn't go would these593.485.04
ball sack moles they seem very docile I595.314.8
don't trust them we need to get this598.523.63
boat in the water before we all die yep600.113.72
yeah these guys are friendlier now let602.155.67
me check hey you good oh yeah they seem603.8313.23
good okay all right making progress607.8211.85
who's driving I'm driving let's go for a617.067.32
spin just jumping out oh yeah watch out619.677.13
for those crabs they're uh they're jerks624.385.67
this is awesome we're mobile you can go626.86.04
anywhere except towards us by now or the630.055.69
crabs whoever there632.842.9
keep on further away from me jump and655.526.66
get out of the seat659.312.87
what oh that was something the hooks665.1298.26
were on either side of us there's671.115.279
nowhere safe to go that's why we're only673.3895.76
here for this is the last episode we676.3894.291
just go back to our first beach we were679.1493.651
okay back where we started yep and back684.725.4
we've got to take our place back take688.023.3
your PO you want to fight that thing690.123.57
yeah yeah so now what is it it's like a691.324.38
snake it's like a dragon snake it looks693.693.87
like to me can handle that thing I mean695.75.13
listen we can't but we got to go out and697.566.5
try yeah what weapons do y'all have700.835.67
Spears I've got a boat I'm gonna get a704.064.48
pie ground look at you do that aye I706.54.38
also have a foe how many do you have708.545.52
arrows yeah how many arrows forty here710.885.82
give me 20 and we'll hit it high they714.064.41
hit it low okay here you go716.73.87
only the two of us down well that's it718.473.57
we're gonna get demolished right all720.575.43
right away time it's no good at climbing722.046.57
we don't have enough stuff just don't726.03.69
die let's kill it728.613.36
all right ready hold on we're getting729.693.63
high ground going with you731.973.66
this is ridiculous absolutely I know733.323.27
this is insane735.632.64
I thought all four of us would go up and736.593.27
that'd be something different but you738.272.73
know we're gonna die immediately739.863.24
immediately maybe we should watch them741.04.83
do it hey you guys start it off yes sir743.15.07
maybe we can watch them die yeah well I745.833.78
mean maybe they'll be able to snipe it748.172.55
you know maybe it'll get stuck and won't749.612.55
be able to get to him oh wait I got an750.725.92
idea can anybody make wooden spikes752.167.0
you don't want to think I can do' needs756.645.55
it's coming oh crap run away run away759.166.96
thank you spikes after yeah are you762.194.41
uh okay oh yeah I only have two spiked766.65.669
walls hope that'll do it's gonna have to769.694.26
do all right where do you want me to put772.2693.661
them Biebs snake retreated back into773.953.54
those trees we should probably get close775.933.27
to him huh yeah we should777.494.92
oh no I'm coming down oh I see his779.25.879
little antlers over there you will just782.414.07
go put them like right in front of him785.0793.63
as close as you can get right you guys786.483.609
want to get some high ground so you can788.7092.07
start shooting790.0892.161
yeah all right can high ground one790.7793.361
second I - I'm taking high ground792.253.24
all right I'm waiting for you guys his794.144.139
word Oh oh crap where's he going where's795.493.81
he going where's he going798.2792.731
you better throw in between you and him799.35.159
are you sure to me is he coming oh it's801.015.78
coming up here804.4592.331
oh victim still despite Sydney hey yes814.3518.9
come on baby go down leaves if you do829.86.15
this oh god my self is right there833.254.71
should I go over there and get it you835.958.74
can man come on837.969.82
I'm out getting close to being out you847.7819.17
have to go Spears thick okay stay on the850.0319.44
spikes stay on the spikes oh crap866.955.64
you mustn't you mister no get get that869.475.45
don't trip882.195.28
oh crap Oh No883.8793.591

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