Conan Exiles - BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel....
Conan Exiles - BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!
Conan Exiles - BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!

Conan Exiles - BATTLE TO THE DEATH!!!

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neebs: Hey Simon, have you seen the latest Conan Exiles video? It's a battle to the death, and we're beating the juice out of each other!

simon: Oh yeah, I saw it! I couldn't stop laughing when Dora and I decided to turn on each other. It was chaos!

neebs: Haha, that was epic! And poor Thick trying to make a friend while Appsro looks for spooky treasure. Classic!

simon: Definitely one of my favorite videos. The music choices were on point too. Can't wait for the next one!

Why this video rocks!
This post is written mostly by AI and the above audio snippet is a (poorly) generated conversation between members of the Neebs Gaming Crew using OpenAi and ElevenLabs!

This video comes straight from the Neebs Gaming YouTube channel.

Hey there, fellow Neebs Gaming fans! So, have you checked out the latest Conan Exiles video yet? Let me tell you, it's a wild ride from start to finish. Neebs, Simon, and Dora are up to their usual antics, beating the juice out of people left and right. And let's not forget about Thick, who's on a mission to make a new friend. Appsro, on the other hand, is on the hunt for some spooky treasure. The dynamic between these guys is always entertaining to watch.

But things take a hilarious turn when Simon and Dora decide to turn their attention to each other and start beating the juice out of each other instead. It's all in good fun, of course, and the banter between them is just too funny. And let's not forget about the epic music that sets the tone for the whole video. From "Bongo Madness" to "Wingy Dang-Dang," the soundtrack really adds to the excitement of the gameplay.

If you're loving the Conan Exiles series as much as I am, be sure to check out the full playlist on Neebs Gaming's channel. And hey, if you need a pick-me-up while watching, why not grab some Neebs Gaming Coffee? It's the perfect way to fuel your gaming session. And don't forget to subscribe to the channel and hit that notification bell so you never miss a new video. With Neebs Gaming, you know you're always in for a good time.

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come on baby2.125.25
Simon yeah what you're doing but yeah3.8998.7
practicing you did yeah oh wow oh it7.378.38
looks as if the goddess approves you12.5994.471
oh I thought I could swing while I15.755.76
jumped right again cool okay no jump but17.076.449
it still looks badass right it does I21.513.029
like that this is kind of like a23.5193.09
training area now yep this is where I24.5394.621
train this is my training you know I26.6094.651
made the training area for all of us I29.163.899
see you're back here see I feel like I31.2637.289
fell asleep for an episode I I could go33.05938.401
for some some God yeah I'll take some of68.5496.11
your God how do I get up to God oh you71.465.07
you got a climb74.6594.0
oh yeah it's like one of those temples76.534.26
in the mountains all right I'm already78.6595.78
not a fan of this God yeah seriously80.797.35
I forget how I take things out of my hey84.4396.731
noobs yeah you seen thicker apps show88.145.58
they've got my my little kitten91.174.949
oh they got your kitten oh hey still93.724.8
getting use of these controls yeah we go96.1193.54
hey all right98.525.22
I've seen them but not in weeks it's99.6596.301
been weeks yeah what are the rules for103.745.15
your God here yeah how do we do this you105.966.869
know be good to each other don't kill108.894.63
sold out my god doesn't work that way113.524.65
either so that's kind of contradictory115.954.14
what do you need mine's kind of want118.174.35
sacrifice right so killing is good120.096.239
healing is fine what about if you drive122.526.62
slow in the left lane that's fine126.3294.641
no no no I'm out of that too that's129.144.23
[ __ ] well it's my god so I don't130.974.44
well driving Sloane the place and I133.373.48
don't agree with that one but I didn't135.413.09
make pencil where you live he lives in136.854.56
England it's okay right yeah it's a138.55.31
case-by-case yeah all right roll it out141.415.88
great service yeah amen amen143.817.89
and that's it a short service that's147.296.0
good oh yeah short and sweet151.74.08
all right mine are really long yep not153.295.01
going there and I also am NOT a big fan155.789.6
of the music yeah a lot of churches you158.38.7
see that just double this tree and slid165.384.53
down oh yeah yeah well you'd want to see167.013.95
this boy yeah all right I'm killing with169.9114.85
my new sword come on baby oh god I'm180.9510.19
gonna die yep sorry I'm sorry184.766.38
come on oh [ __ ] Simon all right Simon193.26911.371
dad needs201.982.66
his place is coming along real nice then208.766.119
this is paradise we should probably211.4595.011
eventually get back to the guys right214.8794.86
and just check out him yeah yeah yeah I216.474.379
got some more stuff to do here219.7393.121
I got addicted to just making stuff and220.8494.11
I'm going kind of nuts well you know222.864.379
what wait to have been making stuff and224.9593.721
I've got some presents for you227.2394.981
oh okay yep you know what Nick whip them228.686.419
out let me see what boom whoo-hoo-hoo232.226.299
look at these boy and you look fantastic235.0995.64
man I know I look good look at oh wow238.5195.58
look at these these are metal yeah check240.7394.051
this out244.0993.091
oh now you got a big you got a big metal244.794.02
sword I got the little metal sword yes247.194.65
call this equalizer and also what I was248.815.429
thinking today look back at that pirate251.845.1
base those dudes respawn and I think we254.2394.891
could find some good candidates for256.944.139
friends that could join us alright you259.134.02
want to go get a friend no yeah but I261.0795.131
did also make one of those it was a a263.155.43
wheel pain yeah I made one of those266.213.57
where should I put it268.583.18
oh well not not inside outside the fits269.783.78
maybe there maybe over there271.766.77
that way oh my god there we go273.564.97
with a pail with the Quinn the play man279.917.32
you know what a good thighs yeah I love291.229.02
you love you too297.223.02
Simon yeah did you want to build your301.235.02
alter yeah I did304.64.74
uh-huh were you at being chased by a Oh306.255.85
lizard hold on I'm trying to give them a309.343.93
keep miss little [ __ ]312.13.75
oho place your loss you're you're I'm313.275.01
getting with my arrows rolling I got315.853.75
arrows I forgot about that318.283.87
come on you son of a [ __ ] come on give319.64.59
this place your altar well where322.154.14
wherever you want to I'm ready to go an324.193.9
adventure damn all right hold on a326.295.55
second wherever I wants to you said you328.095.82
were gonna do it by the beach I think331.844.16
that's a great idea333.914.77
you told me where you're gonna do it I336.07.18
liked it there we go all right yeah338.686.96
that looks beautiful look at it at least343.184.17
with this look at that snake that a345.644.32
snake that snake is looks like it's347.355.52
snake worshiper aren't you I am but it's349.968.9
kind of interesting Church day352.875.99
nobody killed it so oh he was supposed359.1694.801
to kill it he said I'll take care of it361.727.49
just place it there the dead should be363.975.24
like this looks like a snake is wrapped371.435.32
around a skinny Duke what look what's374.654.29
wrong with this picture Dallas you're376.753.75
standing in a blizzard there was an378.942.55
arrow in my arm380.53.479
you're both holding bows you got to be381.495.429
careful well well how careful do I need383.9795.461
to be super careful I can't wait to see386.9195.461
them oh come on bring it Simon I'm out389.444.38
there's more metal shield with your name392.383.81
on it I got a brand new sword that I393.823.96
don't know how to use you wanna fight me396.198.46
sir listen you were giving me a hard397.787.139
can I make one rule yes all fights404.9195.041
between us taking place on the flight407.294.26
deck well he never answered I don't409.963.06
think he wants to fight me doesn't sound411.553.75
like I'd really don't okay let's go find413.025.369
thralls that's what well I want to make415.35.82
some set or you know give some gifts to418.3894.59
my god I feel like I haven't been doing421.124.62
my part what's the Thrall that's a slave422.9794.951
yeah yeah I'm down I I think I have a425.744.049
closet a couple kills I need to get427.934.68
there purified flesh to throw into my429.7894.891
pit yeah I got a religious aunt thing432.614.8
too so let's do that I need to cut out434.685.1
hearts with a dagger yeah let's be good437.413.41
to our gods439.784.989
well [ __ ] okay no Tarzan was here [ __ ]445.449.31
you yeah oh there's lots of people up450.0398.151
here oh maybe I should bro okay454.758.4
who keeps yelling at me woo come on yo458.199.069
ha ha ha whoa boy arrows arrows galore463.156.389
oh boy467.2595.041
get get get get469.53913.871
you did yeah I was practicing my magic484.984.93
trick where I leave and then I come out488.383.3
the door here yeah Jeff well hopefully489.913.54
your feet felt nice when he came out the491.686.69
door yep whoa look at this rugs yeah my493.456.69
god this green one feels really good498.372.52
also I died yeah no [ __ ] that's why500.895.4
you're back so I think I'm gonna take502.96.51
hard work out okay and go get my stuff506.294.29
but you my friend have done a fantastic510.584.71
job at this place keep up the good work512.959.87
you notice that you can't have a beach515.299.15
house without life life is a beach sad522.822.4
it's illegal524.443.27
it isn't leave it all to me yeah alright525.224.56
after this I think I'm gonna thought527.713.33
about climbing that mountain over there529.783.18
see that uh that big one right there531.043.69
yeah I just feel like something's at the532.964.62
top okay yeah it's like it's a Jenni534.734.53
something's drawn me to it been staring537.584.44
at an all day I see all right I'm gonna539.267.59
get my [ __ ] okay hey hard work let's go542.026.69
hey you keep that Panther shape all546.8510.98
right so there it is guys548.7111.97
so I have to do something with my my557.835.16
dagger we're gonna kill them and then I560.684.11
think you know whatever we need after562.993.42
the fact like I need to use my bone564.795.31
thing and get some purified flesh or you566.415.58
know that stuff and I gotta use this570.13.09
you're getting hearts571.993.42
so we'll just check out this ooh what do573.194.62
you need nibs I think I've beat the575.414.11
juice out of people beat the juice out577.814.86
of space so well do I have to kill them579.524.68
or can I just do this with like a dead582.673.51
body put your phone on silent well we584.23.12
have to kill them to have a dead body586.184.5
don't we well I know just ask them to587.325.28
but do I have to kill them with this no590.683.42
no no that's what I was just saying use592.62.94
a regular weapon and then maybe you can594.12.79
use it after the fact we're gonna find595.542.88
out real quick let's go over there huh596.895.67
okay regular weapons okay and let's do598.425.26
to Massacre a village and we're gonna be603.686.75
a spiritual event someone's gonna get607.2798.55
hearts I'm a good flash ah man okay610.438.069
there's one right there huh hey hey615.8297.56
buddy wanna go to church yo metal shield618.4996.75
all right take those guys careful623.3899.841
hi guys attention behind ya next victim625.2499.301
all right I want to stab the guy okay633.233.359
here we go yeah maybe lure one down here634.553.539
we'll just separate them from the group636.5894.86
hello look up okay okay oh you one guy638.0897.021
there's one all right hold on oh [ __ ]641.44924.271
I'm gonna take this [ __ ] all right kill645.1122.979
the guy with your magic Church I'm gonna665.727.77
die [ __ ] all right see you later668.08911.94
I'm done he's afraid of my shield nice673.499.86
shot you just gonna die680.0296.74
this is great salmon come in yeah no it683.356.03
doesn't matter it doesn't matter you're686.7694.651
not using Church weapon no I'm not using689.384.68
my church Church weapon was it working691.423.419
get behind me694.065.339
Simon no are you Circuit Church Simon694.8396.211
right now I'm gonna try it and add a699.3994.911
background of metal did you get a heart701.056.149
do I have to point the little stupid704.314.959
white dot all up oh yeah did you get a707.1994.291
heart well guess what I never do get a709.2692.901
yes yeah way you can use it all right712.175.68
Simon's got a heart I need some people716.0193.87
juice there's a there's a poodle over717.854.409
there okay you ready719.8895.19
I got his attention for you all right722.2594.651
I'm just gonna take this guy out go for725.0793.861
fighter good luck to you great oh boy oh731.8612.8
yeah that's right I gotta do this okay739.7797.92
stand back so I think I shot you back at744.665.799
that still hurts in my chest I was747.6994.26
trying to help you all right750.4596.541
well hurt stand by let me try this out751.95910.94
ooh cable juice yes lingering essence757.09.19
people huh762.8997.161
yeah we're too good that's the problem766.195.459
start you think church is bad for the770.062.21
all right hard work773.865.26
watch my back I'm in bad shape I'll live775.7596.901
any health what's that what's that okay779.126.959
where's it at where's it at [ __ ] all782.666.419
you do is yell leave your beepers out786.0795.55
hard we're old there there's somebody789.0797.291
oh [ __ ] hard work get it stuck in a rock791.6297.89
hard work [ __ ] do something hard work796.376.93
yeah come on kitty yeah no just just799.5196.781
walk beside him that's great do you know803.33.57
put the [ __ ] there we go806.879.329
maybe pounce yep811.6116.099
pounce Oh finally816.19911.51
let's say Emma get down yeah this is836.226.63
gonna be good it's gonna be something up840.783.96
here worth the [ __ ] I don't know it I842.854.88
got a feeling I got a feeling in my butt844.744.89
hey that made you speak with the847.734.06
climbing it may just be yeah just the849.6311.69
tightness all right Oh what the hell851.799.53
okay what you guys you guys pointing at863.58.17
that Island way out there okay well that866.417.14
was a creepy as [ __ ] I've seen all day871.675.28
ghosts I found ghosts okay no treasure873.556.67
but uh no one's gonna believe that all876.955.25
right can I jump down from here let's880.225.4
see oh boy oh boy always enjoyed doing882.25.69
so I think there's more of a settlement899.25.49
just over this little bridge what are we901.634.59
doing this time I already got my heart904.693.24
man I just want to go back home and do906.224.26
it you needed one heart think one heart907.934.02
doesn't sound like a nut doesn't seem910.483.06
like enough it's because I don't know911.953.42
what I'm doing and chances are I didn't913.544.95
pay attention okay so there's a guy's a915.375.01
guy you guys say you don't want to join918.493.45
The Matrix hurt yeah but you still have920.3811.28
to kill him too good oh geez get him son921.9418.56
you got him you doing good I think you931.668.84
should ask for help earlier all right941.7316.18
you want this juicer I know you're with952.756.389
me I'm a survivor957.913.06
okay I guess I'll just take it959.1393.57
everything I guess I should remember960.972.67
what you look like962.7092.791
a little better yeah I'm this guy should963.645.49
we get Simon stuff I see it okay huh you965.55.04
see what no let's move on a little bit969.133.63
further no that's what well I thought970.544.47
like like a bad guy respawn back there972.763.569
you don't worry about your friends at975.013.6
all do you what a friend just died yeah976.3293.901
he's got a bag full of stuff over here978.612.19
not interested at all are you you don't980.83.42
think he wants to come back and grab it983.0193.481
because we're not far from home you984.226.91
ready to learn I'm telling you okay okay986.57.799
okay I'll just fight my guy that's all994.88.019
right oh you got a guy yeah beautiful I998.0197.471
knew we'd make it back1002.8196.39
Oh God Oh Madison [ __ ] seminar in1005.495.6
there scream1009.2094.91
I'll give this one Oh jebin fights on me1015.994.56
well I don't have anything where's my1018.993.599
stuff use your fists that's where you1020.555.07
die I know well you know where you died1022.58911.24
right Oh cold cold oh there it is1025.6210.65
there's no way that's your stuff books1033.8294.931
to loot bag think back to when you died1036.274.769
what was around yet you know what you're1038.768.329
gonna play this game I hope you kill I1041.0396.05
got a shield and it's metal yeah it's1047.4197.151
huge me weren't there bushes around for1052.112.669
I don't remember of course you remember1054.7794.291
it was like two seconds ago1057.453.03
I don't remember what I'm gonna die1059.074.8
again grab he's dead again maybe he'll1060.4814.49
remember this one okay put all the stuff1063.8713.309
I don't want to lose into that chest1074.975.579
think I could swim out this island I1077.1796.781
don't know if my stamina is gonna last1080.5496.401
one way to find out1083.962.99
yeah okay yeah yeah yeah I think I can1088.957.5
do this look further than it was I ain't1091.814.94
gonna be too bad don't worry be happy'1096.4517.07
should have fallen oh goodness whoa what1106.749.87
is this magical business the ghost will1113.526.27
point you towards big barrier is this1116.615.4
the to see edge of the world this is1119.795.85
what I found hey let me talk towards it1122.017.67
Oh God1125.644.04
oh boy you okay Dallas yeah I've just1134.277.47
he's getting closer he's got a got a1139.5410.15
spear wow man1141.7410.2
whoa nice job with that mace just so1149.694.47
much how did you find your stuff yeah I1151.943.66
don't want to come out I don't want to1154.162.37
be out here no more1155.62.76
Simon check it out yeah let's go back to1156.534.17
the house sure and kill each other1158.364.92
repeatedly and then harvest each other1160.74.38
to get what we need for our God's1163.283.84
it sounds like a plan over and over that1165.083.81
sounds like a loophole plan yeah like1167.123.93
the guys are gonna know huh gods are1168.894.25
gonna know the gods will be proud of us1171.054.77
forty doraleous hearts in here I'll tell1173.144.03
you this much I don't think y'all gives1175.822.07
a [ __ ]1177.173.389
I might not all right okay I'll come1177.896.87
with you let's go put out I have food1180.5597.641
poisoning awesome1184.763.44
you gotta someone out here you think1189.374.92
they were putting this way1191.994.5
hopefully we're pointing towards a wall1194.295.26
they sailed to that they were [ __ ] right1196.4911.31
goddess may not have been this out it1199.559.3
might have been the next island over1207.83.6
it's a bunch of islands out here pace a1208.857.2
little bit give me something anything1211.49.51
cave a chest another ghost come out game1216.0511.4
feed me a little bit feed me I'm gonna1220.917.83
be tangled damn it1227.454.61
want to be diddled with excitement Conan1228.746.29
he'll wear those ghosts pointing at1232.066.43
nothing here there's nothing here damn1235.035.82
it Oh1238.492.36
you know whatever point it's something1243.694.06
where you looking what are you looking1246.016.21
you're looking that way all right I got1247.757.68
that oh I got knit oh I gotta go that1252.225.34
way wait that's it's the [ __ ] pirate1255.432.85
that's where thick is son of a [ __ ] son1258.284.47
of a [ __ ]1261.046.85
hard work your bad kid eating I1269.75.22
understand that you were trying to help1272.964.15
me and then in other points you were1274.923.62
just completely ignoring the danger1277.113.81
which is [ __ ] you need to get better1278.545.23
at your job I'm gonna leave you here I'm1280.924.86
just gonna go out and I'm gonna knock1283.775.04
out the first thrall I see all right1285.785.31
pretty sure there's just a a dude over1288.816.12
here as always hopefully he's not some1291.097.85
[ __ ] that's low level and that's C1294.938.94
nope yep called it sir let me figure out1298.946.82
if you're low level or not I'm gonna1303.875.73
knock you out pop all right come on1305.766.57
buddy you want to swing at me hit in the1309.67.65
face oh you got me all right1312.3313.95
like you though all right tough no range1317.2514.28
good god it really is AB so now yeah1326.287.41
this can take forever maybe Alex should1331.534.59
cut to something else did it they did it1333.697.94
is they dig it dig it dig it dig it1336.128.06
didn't leave1341.639.18
give it a little detail the tea1344.186.63
god you better be worth it you're just1358.094.54
like a poet or something I'm gonna be1361.252.04
almost there you're a worthy opponent1363.298.54
sir almost there baby okay1365.875.96
[ __ ] is what you are de fari fighter1376.217.99
level 2 nope nope don't want to hit you1379.767.89
Jairo Pia hey dick hey going on I just1384.25.19
knocked out this son of a [ __ ] I see1387.652.79
that there we go1389.393.9
eat a drag cool yeah you finally got a1390.444.59
Thrall yeah what you been up to1393.296.42
oh man goes to it go hey I saw a ghost1395.038.64
you did yeah that's not water once ok I1399.716.9
saw I've seen three today three ghosts1403.673.48
that's insane it is insane this place is1407.154.56
[ __ ] haunted i know theres a spooky1409.314.65
[ __ ] right behind me oh that's a1411.716.84
goddess I know yeah this is gonna turn1413.966.24
into that show where they hunt ghosts1418.554.68
yeah I hope not what was that did you go1420.25.28
through that oh my god what with that I1423.235.25
heard it too oh check the meter oh my1425.485.43
god check the meter oh there's a1428.484.62
disturbance oh my god1430.915.34
Oh call the call the school's come1433.15.78
all right fighters ready I think so1451.084.65
Simon are you ready each as raised I'm1453.5093.48
gonna base and we have to do this1455.733.84
several times so um we can't take1456.9893.69
anything personal you know1459.5730.75
no let's just see who wins naturally you1460.67933.531
get the heart or as brow is getting1490.323.89
come on Oh God stamp this out I am1494.8625.949
warrior all right Simon gets a heart yes1517.9297.891
I do hold on suck on that Bubba I don't1520.8097.291
even think I got a heart Simon1525.824.77
yeah good match thank you let me grab1528.14.5
this [ __ ] you get a heart uh I don't1530.594.29
think so no oh great he's close to dead1532.63.99
Riley's alright did you punch me I'll1534.883.929
probably die I'll perfect go for it one1536.596.27
sec oh there we go yeah let's see if I1538.8095.581
get what are you getting around us you1542.864.199
get yeah I got I got what I needed1544.395.159
what's your God like gizzards uh yeah1547.0596.12
it's all gizzards um there we go now you1549.5497.561
just got 50 more times yeah 20 30 501553.1796.681
more times son1557.112.75
okay first ghost was here he led me to1561.955.02
that ghost and that ghost was looking1565.326.78
this way happy anywhere really could be1566.9712.0
anywhere climb up this just a see dark1572.114.1
rainin the worst oh now I can't see a1578.978.04
damn thing1586.24.02
I'm climbing to the dark just prayin to1587.015.43
my god which is uh you get your mirror1590.224.56
no this is dumb this is dumb I can't see1592.443.239
a [ __ ] thing1594.784.47
this is oh boy yep I just felt yes who's1595.6796.781
waiting for daylight this guy this guy's1599.255.429
waiting for daylight in the next episode1602.464.05
yeah wait for the next episode until I1604.6793.711
get diddled I'm gonna find this ghost1606.514.669
and the game is getting dental me I1608.396.659
can't wait to get up1611.1793.87

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The Game

You definitely should check it out

Neebs Gaming has done it again with their hilarious playthrough of Conan Exiles! Their unique brand of zany roleplaying and improvised storytelling brings the brutal world of Conan to life in a way that is both entertaining and engaging.

In the first few episodes, we meet the excitable Neebs, the goofy Thick, the chaotic Simon and Dora, and the ever-serious Appsro as they set out to explore the exiled lands. Their contrasting personalities bounce off each other perfectly as they alternately work together and betray one another in pursuit of survival and power.

One of the best parts is seeing how they each approach the game world differently. Neebs wants to build and create, Thick just wants a friend, Simon and Dora want to dominate, and Appsro searches methodically for ancient secrets. Their goals and playstyles collide in unpredictable and hilarious ways.

By a few episodes in, Simon and Dora have become power-hungry tyrants, Thick is haplessly enslaved, and Neebs and Appsro are scheming to overthrow the cruel regime that has emerged. The epic battle that ensues had me literally laughing out loud!

While the Conan Exiles gameplay itself provides an immersive survival experience, Neebs Gaming's cinematic editing and narrative approach enhances it tremendously. Getting to see these characters develop over time, going on adventures and constantly sabotaging each other, creates a viewing experience that is engaging on another level.

For anyone interested in Conan Exiles, watching Neebs Gaming play it is the next best thing to playing it yourself. Their funny and creative approach brings so much additional joy and entertainment to the game. I couldn't recommend their Conan Exiles series highly enough!

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